April 5, 2004
My cable went out the last fifteen minutes of the show, so I dont know how todays episode ended. Sorry!
Pilar continues to work at the B&B. Her illness is making her tired, and she vows to be strong for her familys sake. On the TV a commercial comes on for Harmony Hospitals Hospice care. The commercial says those dealing with a deadly illness don't need to deal with it alone, and that they can help through support, medication, and prayer.. Pilar prays to God not to take her from her children. She says they need her so much, especially Theresa. Pilar lights a candle for her husband Martin. She says she has faith that he will come home just like Antonio did, but she is afraid she may not be here when he finally comes home. She says she is not afraid to die, but without him, she is all the children have. She begins talking about all the problems their children are having, and she says she also wants to bring Paloma home because shes been gone for so long. She then prays to God once more for strength.

Woody visits Theresa in jail. Theresa asks Woody how they fix this? Woody says hes not sure they can, she slapped Ethan with the news cameras rolling! Theresa says she always thought she could count on Ethan, but he has betrayed her by not only by helping Rebecca take her son from her, but now he is adopting him! Woody says things look bad for her, and he doesnt know if she will ever get her boy back. Theresa says she might as well not live if she cant have her son. Later, Pilar shows up to be there for Theresa. Theresa asks her mom to tell her that everything will be okay, that she will be here for her. Pilar hugs Theresa, and then Theresa sees her mothers nose is bleeding. Pilar wipes it, and Theresa asks her mother why her nose is bleeding? Theresa calls a guard to bring some towels, and she asks her mother what is causing this because she never gets nose bleeds?

At the Crane mansion, Ethan checks on Little Ethan. The boy is sleeping, and Ethan continues to talk about how he is working on a way to get him back to Theresa. He says hes hoping once Gwen has her own baby then he will be able to give him back to Theresa. Downstairs, Rebecca and Gwen watch Theresa slapping Ethan on the news over and over. Rebecca says Theresa has just slapped away her last chance to get Little Ethan back. Rebecca says everything is going so well, nothing can go wrong. Gwen tells her that she is tempting fate. Rebecca says she is beginning to sound like Theresa, besides she doesnt believe in fate, she believes in reality. Rebecca says they have taken Theresas child and there is nothing she can do about it. Rebecca thinks that they are untouchable, nothing will happen. Gwen says she is worried something could happen to mess this up, something like Ethan finding out they were the ones who sent the story to the tabloids about him not being a Crane. Rebecca says they sent it from Theresas computer, so he will never find out that they sent it. They change the subject to Ethan and Gwen having their own child. Rebecca says she, Gwen, will have everything and Theresa will end up with nothing! Rebecca says when she does have her child her only request is that she be called Granbec, and not Grandma. Later, Rebecca councils Gwen not to lash out at Ethan anymore until she has her own child, then she can have his head on a platter. Gwen doesn't know if she can because it makes her so angry when he defends Theresa. Rebecca just asks her to try and keep it together, which she says she will. Ethan comes downstairs, and he says he just checked on Little Ethan. Gwen tells him how glad she is they are adopting him because now their baby will have a big brother. Ethan sees Rebecca watching Theresa on the news, and he can't believed Rebecca taped this. Rebecca says it was on the news, and she taped it from the news. Ethan looks at the tape says this is just too much for Theresa to take. Gwen says Theresa slapped him! Ethan says they are taking her child from her, so he doesnt blame her. Gwen asks why is it that Theresa can do no wrong in his eyes? Is he ever going to be over her? Will they ever have a future without Theresa? Ethan tells Gwen that she has no reason to be upset. He says he wants to be with her, and he only feels sorry for Theresa because she is losing her son. Gwen says they are doing her a favor by not letting him be raised by Julian, and nobody made Theresa sleep with Julian. Gwen says Theresa is her own worst enemy. As Gwen begins to talk about Theresas part in Sarahs death, Ethan says she never meant for that to happen. Gwen lashes out at Ethan and asks him why cant he take her side for just once? Ethan tells her not to be upset. He says he wants a life and family with her, so she should be happy. Gwen calms down, and Ethan goes upstairs to check on Little Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen that she deserves a gold star for using her anger to draw Ethan to her. Gwen says she learned a few things from her, and she will make sure Theresa never gets her hooks into Ethan again.

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace, Precious and Martin return. Precious takes the baby upstairs, and Mrs. Wallace asks what Luis is looking at? Luis says they are blueprints of Crane Industries, hes trying to find out where Alistair hides his secrets. He thinks if he can bring Alistair down, he can then get Ackland to admit to what he did to Sheridan, and then Sheridan will remember that she loves him and not Antonio. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Beth is on the phone with Alistair and is about to tell him what Luis is up to! Before she can, MRs. Wallace interferes and tries to stop her. Mrs. Wallace realizes she is talking to Alistair, and she wont let this happen. As they argue, Luis walks in and asks why her mother is so upset, and who is she talking to? When Beth doesn't answer, Luis takes the phone and asks who this is? Alistair says nothing, so Luis asks Beth who she is talking to? Luis says he can hear someone breathing and it sounds like a man. Alistair hangs up, and Luis asks Beth who she was talking to? She claims she was going to call the pharmacy to renew a prescription for her mother. Beth says these prescriptions are the only thing keeping her mother somewhat sane and out of the nursing home (a veiled threat to her mother) She says before the pharmacy answered, she saw her call waiting bling. She says she got a call from a telemarketer, it was one of those recorded messages. Beth tells Luis before she knew it she was wrapped up in what they were offering.  She says that is why her mother grabbed the phone from her, because she knows they cant afford to buy anything after Precious shopping spree. Beth says by time he took the phone the message must have ran out. Luis believes Beths story, and he decides to call Hank. Mrs. Wallace ends up arguing with Beth about what she is doing, and she says Luis will eventually figure out that she is betraying him. She asks Beth if she will really rat out the one man she claims to love? Beth says nothing, so Mrs. Wallace tells her that she is doomed because Luis will succeed and he will get Sheridan back. She tells her daughter that she is done for! Hank shows up and he and Luis begin to plan. Beth says she has to find a way to stop them from finding Alistairs secrets. Luis asks Beth if she can bring them some coffee, and she say sure. Beth then gets an idea, and she tells her mom that she knows how to stop Luis from finding out where Alistair hides his secrets! As she brings them their pot of coffee, she spills it all over the plans!

At Crane Industries, Alistair tells his secretary that he knows Senior Lo-Fitzs is out to discovers his secrets, but he says the Lopez-Fitzgeralds will die before he allows that to happen!


April 6, 2004
Pilar arrives at the hospital for her first treatment. Eve has set the IV up in her office so Pilar can continue to keep her illness a secret. Eve tells Pilar that she wishes she would have come to her earlier with this. Pilar says after she was fired she had no health insurance. Eve says she wouldnt have charged her for treating her. Pilar says she is going to bring Paloma home to be there for Theresa, and so she can see her one last time. Eve tells her not to talk like that. Eve tells Pilar that she is going to live. Pilar says she believes that too, she has to live for the sake of her children. Later, as Pilar calls Paloma, Eve looks over Pilars test results. She realizes Pilars disease is further along than she thought and she doesnt have much time. When Pilar says Paloma is going to be coming home in a few weeks, Eve tells her not to wait and to bring her home now. Pilar asks what is wrong, is she going to die? Eve says no, she just thinks Theresa could use her sister right away. Pilar asks Eve if she is telling her the truth? Pilar says she saw her on the PC, and she asks if this disease is worse than she originally thought? Eve tells her that she will pull through this, she promises. Pilar thanks Eve and says she feels better already. Eve says the medicine may nauseate her, so shes written her a prescription that may help. Pilar heads out, and Eve wonders why this is happening to Pilar. She says Pilar is such a good person, why does she have to die so young? Meanwhile, Pilar knows Eve is lying to her. She asks God not to let her die just yet. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha is downstairs with Endora, while Miguel is upstairs with  Maria who is screaming her head off. Tabitha tells Endora that she is such a wonderful baby. Fluffy goes nuts around the house, and Tabitha says that cat goes nuts when Kay returns from the cannery. Kay is outside and is approaching Tabithas house. Simone is with Kay, and there are cats galore following Kay home. Simone doesnt think it is fair that Kay is getting stuck with all the late night shifts. Kay says she is the low-man on the totem pole, and she needs this job to pay the hospital bills. When Kay enters the house, Fully attacks Kay! Tabitha is unable to get Fluffy off of Kay, so Endora zaps the cat. Simone comes in right after and asks Kay if she is all right, and how did she get that big cat off of her? Tabitha says they threw a bucket of water on it. Miguel and Maria walk down stairs, and Miguel is glad Kay is home because he says he was up all night with Maria and neither one got sleep. Miguel says he has to go, his computer is down so he has to go to school and finish a paper. He hands Maria to Kay and runs. Later, Kay vents to Simone and Tabitha about not having time to be with Miguel, and about the women at the cannery tormenting her about Miguel going off to be with Charity. She says Miguel only has time for her and school, he wont have time for Charity. Tabitha suggests they all take a walk, and Kay agrees and goes to get the stroller. Tabitha tells Endora that she is afraid Kays life is about to be turned upside down just like her tea leaves predicted.

Miguel heads to the Book Caf to use their PCs because the ones at the school are down. Charity is on the only usable PC. He doesnt want to ask her to stop what she is doing, but she says it is okay and he should use the computer. Charity tells Miguel that she knows things havent been great between them, but he can always count on her for help. He says she can always count on him too. Charity thanks him. Outside, Kay, Tabitha, Simon and the kids show up. Kay sees Miguel inside with Charity. Some of the girls from the cannery see Kay looking in at Miguel and another woman. They say that must be Charity, and she says that they all warned her that eventually the fish smell drives them all away.

At the mansion, Ethan gives Gwen her next Hormone shot. Gwen is glad he is giving them to her so the nurse doesnt have to come over. Gwen says she cant wait until they have their baby. Little Ethan runs in and asks Ethan if he can see his mommy today? Gwen asks Ethan if he told him that he could see Theresa today? Ethan asks the nanny to take the boy, and Gwen asks Ethan what he told Little Ethan? Ethan says he didnt tell him anything, and the boy obviously just misses Theresa. He says he thought they werent going to talk about Theresa. Gwen says they do have a lot to do, they have to get the nursery ready for the surrogate. Gwen doesnt know if she can go in there, but she says she has to. Ethan says they can have the staff do this, but Gwen says Sarah disserves to have her parents go through her things. Gwen wonders if it will ever stop hurting this much. Ethan says he doesnt know, but he thinks the pain will lessen. Ethan hugs her, and Gwen damns Theresa for killing her child. Ethan and Gwen go into the nursery they set up for Sarah. Gwen is hit hard by the things she sees, the changing table, stuffed animals, the crib. Gwen finds a pillow she made for Sarah before she knew if she was having a boy or a girl. Gwen cries that their baby never got to spend one night in this room, not one night in this world. She wonders why they had to lose their little girl. She says she misses Sarah so much. Ethan says he does too. Ethan leaves to get Gwen a glass of water, and Gwen imagines she sees Sarah in her crib. Gwen ends up breaking down and once again blames Theresa for the loss of her child. Gwen says she will have her revenge on Theresa, she will adopt her boy and Theresa will know this pain. Ethan returns with some water for Gwen, and she breaks down in his arms.

In jail, Theresa is looking at a photo of her son and missing him. The guard asks what is wrong with her? Theresa cries that she has lost her son and is afraid she wont get custody of him, but she says she has to have hope. The guard tells her that judges never give kids to jailbird moms, so hoping is a waste of time. The guard says she heard she killed a Crane baby, and she has been charged for kidnapping. Theresa says she didnt kill the baby, it was an accident, and the person she took was her son. The guard says it is still called kidnapping. She says she knows a girl who got 40 years for kidnapping her own kid. The guard taunts Theresa and says she may never see daylight again. Theresa begins to lose hope that shell ever see her son again.

Luis and Hank sneak into Crane Industries. Luis is in disguise again, and Hank is in a Crane Industries uniform as well. They search around the place for Alistairs secret hiding place. As they leave to search, Sheridan shows up. Sheridan is on her way to her fathers office to look into some of the Crane charitys her father has put her in charge of. Meanwhile, Someone sneaks into Alistairs office and begins looking through his desk drawer. The person is caught by Sheridan, and she says :Its you! It turns out it is Fox. She asks what he is doing here? Fox says he was looking for money. He says he needs to post Theresas bail and get her out. He says he was hoping Alistair had some cash lying around, but Sheridan says Alistair never leaves cash lying around. Fox says he has to do something to help her. Sheridan says she knows how frustrated he must be. Fox wonders what kind of family they belong to, and he rants about his family. Sheridan tells Fox that she never got to know him very well, but right now he doesnt sound like any of the Crane men. Fox says maybe not, but if he cant get Theresa out of jail then he will start acting like a Crane in the worst way. Sheridan asks Fox if he sees a future with Theresa? Fox says maybe, he could see it happening. He says he likes her a lot. Sheridan asks just like, not love? Fox says he does love her, but there was a girl he loved before Theresa. He says she is with someone else now, but it is okay because he wants her to be happy. Sheridan says it sounds like he is not over this other woman. Fox says he is working on it. Fox says Theresa is wonderful, and he has to find a way to help Theresa. Sheridan says she may know of a way. Sheridan says father put her in charge of the Crane charities, and she thinks they can use the charitys money to pay for the bail. They work to come up with a name for this fund and a purpose. She says they will make it a charity dedicated to reuniting mothers with their children, and she writes Fox a check for Theresas bail. They get a laugh out of pulling a fast one on Alistair. Sheridan asks Fox if it the love he has for this other woman that has made him change? He says he doesnt know, but being in love has made him want to be a better person. Fox says since they are talking about love, what made her choose Antonio over Luis? He says he doesnt get it, everyone thought she and Luis belonged together forever. He says he wonders what happened. Sheridan says she is in love with Antonio, and she tells Fox to stop asking her all these questions. Fox says Luis thinks Alistair and Dr. Ackland may have done something to her in the psych ward to make her forget Luis. Sheridan says that is not what happened, so Fox lets it go. He decides to head down to jail to spring Theresa.

Out in the hall, Luis finds a wall which he believes is hiding and empty room. He begins flipping some wall switches and ends up finding a secret panel. The wall slides open and they find a door with an electronic lock. Luis ends up breaking the panel off and has brought a electronic lock decoder so that they can get into the room. Luis and Hank discover a huge safe, and Luis is positive that it holds all of Alistairs secrets. They open the safe, which contains millions of dollars. They then hear a security guard coming, and they rush to hide. The guard doesnt find them, and they have to leave. Luis vows to returns and find all of Alistairs secrets.


April 7, 2004
In jail, Theresa is told she has been bailed out. Theresa is shocked, and learns that bail was posted this morning so she is free to go. Theresa wonders who came up with bail for her. Fox walks in , and Theresa hugs and kisses him. Theresa asks how he did it? He says actually . . . Sheridan walks in behind Fox, and Theresa doesnt understand. Sheridan says this is a little gift from the Cranes, a gift the rest of the family doesnt know about yet. They explain how they made up a charity to help her and other woman in jail who are working to be reunited with their sons. She thanks them both for helping her out, and Fox tells her that she has to stay out of trouble. Theresa says she will. Sheridan decides to leave, but before she goes, Fox thanks her and says he loves her. Fox then tells Theresa to get dressed because he has a surprise for her.

At the mansion, Rebecca learns Theresa has made bail and she is furious. She doesnt know who paid her bail, but orders it to be found out. Rebecca tells Gwen the news that someone posted Theresas bail. Gwen cant believe this. Ethan walks in with some food for Gwen, some crackers a tea to settle her stomach. It seems the shots are making Gwen a little nauseous. Gwen tells Ethan someone bailed Theresa out, and she asks if it was him. Ethan says that is ridiculous. Gwen wants an answer. Ethan says he had nothing to do with this, but hes glad she did. Rebecca cant believe him and thinks he did bail her out. Ethan says he didnt, but as far as hes concerned Theresa has suffered enough. Gwen cant believe this and says no matter what they are doing or going through, Theresa always has him under her spell. Ethan says he doesnt want to fight with her about this. Gwen says she doesnt feel well, and this is making her feel worse. She asks if they will ever be free of Theresa? Ethan says they are free of her, he loves her and she is his wife. He says it is her constant suspicions of his love for Theresa that make her present in their lives. Ethan says he doesnt want to see Theresa suffer because that is they kind of person he is. He also says Theresa wouldnt be in their lives if she was happy. He says if she cant understand that then she doesnt know him as well as she claims. Gwen apologizes and says the hormones are just getting to her. Ethan says he understand she gets upset, but she needs to know that he loves her and only her. Gwen promises Ethan that she wont bring up Theresa again.

Eve pays a visit to Julian in his studio. Eve says she came by to check on Gwen to see how she was doing. Julian says there is something he needs to tell her, he has gotten a new lead and he thinks he has found their son. Eve is overjoyed and thinks they are finally going to get their son back. Later after Eve leaves, Ethan pays a visit to Julian. They talk about Little Ethan, and Julian admits to Ethan that he feels Little Ethan should be with Theresa, but he is not in a position to make it happen. Ethan then confesses to Julian that he is only adopting Little Ethan to keep Rebecca from filing charges against Theresa and so he can give the boy back to Theresa. Gwen overhears this and is stunned. Later, Ethan sees some papers on Julians desk, and he sees that Julian is searching for a child. Ethan realizes that Julian has another child out there, and he lashes out at Julian for not being faithful to his mother. He says it is interesting that when he finally thinks he might have a heart something happens to make him think otherwise. Ethan tells Julian that he is a selfish bastard, 100% crane. Ethan leaves, and Julian says hes trying to make up for being a bastard for Eves sake.

In another part of the mansion, Eve gets off the phone after getting Gwens lab results. Rebecca finds Eve in her house, and she warns her to stay away from Julian. She says Julian is hers now, and there is no way in hell shes giving him back to his former hoochie mama! Eve says she is only here because of Gwen. Gwen shows up, and Eve tells her all the test results are normal. Eve says she looks upset and asks if she is okay? Gwen says she is fine, so Eve leaves. Rebecca sees her daughter is upset, and she asks what is wrong? Gwen tells her mom what she has found out about Ethans motive for adopting Little Ethan, and she tells her mom what she overheard. Gwen says there is no way she will let Ethan give the boy back to Theresa. She is furious that the only reason Ethan has agreed to adopt him is to help Theresa. Rebecca says she has made sure that Theresa and her family cant survive in Harmony, and eventually they will have to leave or perish! She says once that happens they will never have to deal with Theresa or her inbred clan again! Rebecca tells Gwen to let Ethan think he can give Theresa her son back. Rebecca says one they have adopted Little Ethan, he becomes both of their child, so they both have to decide to give him back to Theresa. Gwen says she wont agree to that. Rebecca tells her to let him think he will be able to give the boy back until they adopt the boy. She tells her when the right time comes then she will stand her ground. Gwen says she will because there is no way she will give Little Ethan back to Theresa.

Meanwhile, Eve returns to Julians office, and Julian says they have found him. Julian says their son is at Sally Chinns Chinese restaurant right now!

Elsewhere, Chad and Whitney decide to go out for a late lunch. They head to Sally Chinns Chinese restaurant. She presents them with the love noodle test before their food arrives, but Whitney doesnt want to take it. She reminds Chad what happened with Ethan and Theresa, their love noodle broke. Sally tells them to give it a try, and she explains the story of the love noodle. The man starts at one end, and the woman at the other. If they meet in the middle with a kiss than their relationship is meant to be. However, she says if the love noodle breaks than the relationship is doomed. Chad says they will try it, and he assures Whitney that it will take much more than a noodle to come between them. Chad convinces her to take the test, and the noodle breaks in two places. Sally says this is very bad, and in all of her years of giving the test she has never seen the noodle break twice! Whitney asks her what it means? She doesnt want to say, but they force her to tell them. Sally says it means their relationship is not only doomed, but a big tragedy will result from their relationship that neither of them will ever recover from. Whitney gets a cold chill, and she says she feels like that woman on the talk show the other day. Chad tells her they were brother and sister, and something like that will never happen to them. Outside, Eve and Julian arrive to find their long lost son . . .


Theresa and Fox go out to eat. They have lunch outside, and Theresa hears a little boy call out mommy. She thinks it is Little Ethan, and she calls to him .She soon realizes it isnt him, and she cries to Fox about how she doesnt think shell ever get her son back. Fox tells Theresa not to give up on hope just yet, things have happened since shes been in jail. Fox explains about how Gwen using a surrogate to have her own child, and perhaps once they have a child . . Theresa jumps to the conclusion that either they wont go through with the adoption or they will eventually give him back to her. However, the good news soon wears off as Theresa begins to loose hope and says even if Gwen does have a child of her own, she wont give her Little Ethan back. She says keeping Little Ethan is Gwens revenge on her. Theresa says Gwen blames her for Sarahs death and now Gwen is making her suffer. Fox tells her that she cant keep doing this to herself, she has to keep Hope. A storm suddenly comes in, and Theresa thinks it is a sign. Later, Theresa receives papers from a messenger. Theresa asks Fox to open this for her because she is afraid. He says sure. Fox reads the letter, and it indicates Gwen and Ethans intention to adopt her son tomorrow!

Luis returns to Crane Industries and once again searches Alistairs office. Luis snoops around and eventually finds the trigger that reveals Alistairs safe. As he tries to break into it he realizes it is locked. Suddenly, Sheridan walks into the office and asks what he is doing here? Luis talks his way out of the situation, and Sheridan doesnt seem to recognize Luis. She says the heat in her office doesnt work and asks him to look at it. Luis says okay and heads out. He vows to get the key to Alistairs safe and return to open it. Luis goes with Sheridan and tries to make sure Sheridan doesnt recognize him. Sheridan thinks Luis seems familiar. He says she has probably just seen him around the building. Sheridan says that is not it, and she asks if she knows his wife? He says no, he lost the woman he loves. She says she is sorry, and she asks if she died? Luis says no, he just isnt with her. She says that must be so hard. He says it is, but they have a special love, a love that never dies. As Luis says he knows they will be together again as there are soul mates, Sheridan ends up in tears and asks him to excuse her. Luis thinks she is remembering the love they shared. Luis once again says the key to getting Sheridan back must be in Alistairs safe. Later, Luis spies on Alistair, who isr making arrangements for a good time with a lady at the regency casino on the outskirts of town. He also sees Alistair has taken a file from the safe, and he has used a key. Luis comes up with a plan to get Alistairs key from him


April 8, 2004
At the Regency Casino, Luis meets up with Hank and Beth. He thanks them for coming here at the last minute. They ask why they are here? Luis says he found out where Alistair keeps all his secrets at Crane Industries! He tells them about locating Alistair's secret safe, but he says he was unable to crack the safe. Luis tells them that he heard Alistair make arrangements to come here tonight, which gave him an idea. He says if he can get the key from him, then he can open the safe and bring Alistair down. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Antonio show up for a romantic evening at the Regency, and they run into the others. They say hello, and then head off to be with one another. Beth and Hank ask Luis how he plans to get the key? Luis has a plan, but he asks if he can borrow some cash from them for tonight? They say of course and give him some money. He says he will use it to buy a pair of sticky fingers. Later, Alistair shows up and is shown to his normal table. Alistair watches Sheridan with Antonio and he says she is with her husband, so she will live to see another day. Alistair then gets a call which makes him laugh. He then calls Julian to gloat about him never finding his son. After he finishes tormenting Julian, he tells himself that Julian was so close to finding his son, but yet so far. Meanwhile, Beth and Hank try to stop Luis from going after Alistair saying theres no telling what he could do to him. Luis says he has nothing else to lose, so he will bring Alistair down if it is the last thing he does. Beth is afraid it just might be the last thing he does! Luis says this is something he has to do. Luis approaches a waitress and offers her a job for a hundred dollars. She asks what he wants her to do. He whispers his plan in her ear. She says shell do it. Luis goes to tell Beth and Hank that his plan is a go. Beth worries to herself that Alistair will kill her for not warning him about this. The waitress goes to serve Alistair, and she slyly tries to get his keys from his pocket. However, Alistair catches her and asks what she is doing? She claims that she was just trying to give him her phone number because she finds him attractive. He laughs and says she should have just told him her number, and he says he thinks they can arrange a get together. After giving Alistair her number the waitress goes over and gives the key to Luis. Luis thinks now he can blow Alistair sky high. Luis says Alistair is going down, and Beth fears she will go down with Alistair. Meanwhile, Sheridan dances with Antonio and cant help but think about Luis. She doesnt understand why, and she says she loves Antonio not Luis. Antonio can see she is upset about something, and he asks what is wrong? Sheridan continues to remember being with Luis, but claims she is having a wonderful time and nothing is wrong. However, she eventually says she is tired and suggests they go home.

Fox takes Theresa to the Harmony Country Club for dinner. Theresa thanks him for bringing her here to cheer her up, but she says neither of them can afford this place. Fox says his family has a lifetime membership here so all he has to do is sign his name on the tab. Theresa thanks him and asks how she can repay him for all hes done. He asks her to let him show her a good time tonight. She says absolutely and kisses him. She says she wishes Ethan was as caring as him, she will never forgive Ethan for taking her son from her. Fox says Gwen and Rebecca are behind this, not Ethan. However, Theresa says Ethan is going along, and she will never forgive him. She says one days she will pay Ethan , Gwen and Rebecca back. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen show up for dinner, and Gwen is still upset about Theresa. Ethan tells her not to worry because Theresa is the last person shell see here. Theresa spots Ethan and Gwen, but they do not see her, and Fox also does not see they are here. 

Gwen excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Theresa watches Gwen go to the bathroom and decides to follow her. She excuses herself, and in the ladies room, she confronts Gwen with a steak knife she took from the table! Gwen asks what she is doing, shes already stabbed her in the back once! Gwen says killing her will solve nothing! Theresa says she is not going to hurt her. Gwen asks what she is doing with the knife then? Theresa says she brought it in case the lock on the door jams, she locked it so they could talk in private, mother to mother. She tries to plead her case to Gwen and begs her not to take her away from her. Gwen says she is not taking her son, the courts already did that! Theresa says Rebecca was behind that, but Gwen says the court did not make a mistake and that Theresa needs to stop blaming others for all her problems. Gwen tells Theresa that she is not fit to raise the boy, that is why he was taken from her. Gwen tells Theresa that she has lost her son and there is nothing she can do. Gwen says Theresa should be thanking her for adopting Little Ethan because otherwise Julian and Rebecca would raise him. She says they are already planning to ship him off to boarding school. Gwen says she and Ethan will be better parents than they will. Gwen storms off, but Theresa tells her to stop. Theresa says she is the best parent for her child, and soon Gwen will have her own child so she doesnt need to take her son. Gwen says this is about what is best for Little Ethan, not what she wants. Theresa says this is about her mother getting revenge on her because she blames her for Sarah's death. Gwen tells Theresa she is in this bind for trying to kidnap Little Ethan twice and getting caught. Theresa says she knows she has made some mistakes, but she thinks she can get custody of her son back with her help. Theresa asks Gwen to think about how she felt when she lost her child. She begs Gwen to help her. Theresa gets down on her knees to beg and grovel. Gwen refuses to listen to this and tells Theresa to get up! Theresa continues to beg for her boy back. Theresa says if Gwen gives her her child back than she will never come near her and Ethan again. Gwen says she almost sounds sincere, and she almost had her with her begging and pleading. Gwen says Theresa actually sounds like she believes what she is saying. Gwen tells Theresa that she knows how she works, the minute she gets what she wants she will go back on her word. Gwen says she wont give Theresa the chance to rise up and attack her again. Gwen tells Theresa that she has ruined her life for the last time. Gwen says Little Ethan is her son now! Gwen goes to leave, but Theresa grabs her and says she wont let her. Gwen begins screaming for help.

Back out in the restaurant, Ethan worries about where Gwen is, so he goes to look for her. He runs into Fox, and they talk about Ethan and Gwen using a surrogate, and Theresas reaction to the news of the adoption. Fox says Theresa is devastated  because he and Gwen are taking her son. Ethan says he isnt doing this to hurt Theresa. Fox tells him to give Theresa her son back then! Ethan says it isnt that simple. Fox wonders what it is with Cranes and love, it only seems to cause them and the ones they love pain. Ethan says he hopes to make things better for Theresa one day. Fox asks Ethan what he plans on doing? Before he can answer, the guys hear Gwens screams. When Ethan learns Theresa is here, he realizes this isnt good. Back in the ladies room, Theresa attacks Gwen! The boys break up the fight, and Gwen claims Theresa tried to attack her with a knife. Theresa says that isnt true, and she says Gwen is just as hateful as her mom. Gwen yells that Theresa will never get her child back after killed hers! Fox takes Theresa outside, and Ethan tries to calm Gwen

Outside of Sallys Chinese restaurant, Julian asks Eve if she is sure he wants to go through with this? Eve says she does, she wants to meet their son. Julian says once they walk through that door there is no turning back, everyone will find out about their past. Eve says she knows, and she is ready. She says she has been kept from their son for far too long. Inside, Whitney continues to worry about the love noodle breaking. Chad tells her that she cant believe this silly superstition. Whitney knows it is silly, but she says she is worried and she doesnt know why. She says maybe it was that talk show they watched the other day. She says something about that show really bothers her. Chad says their situation is nothing like those people on that show, they found out they were siblings, and that could never happen to them. Eve and Julian walk in and Julian thinks he spots their son. Eve says that cant be him, there is no way! Meanwhile, Whitney feels like something horrible is about to happen, but she doesnt know what. Eve tells Julian that cant be their son, but Julian says he is the only one here young enough. Julian approaches a young Asian man and asks him if he is adopted? He says he is, and Julian explains his situation, that he is searching for his son. Julian realizes this man cant be his son because he is Asian, and the young man suggests Julian get a new detective. Julian apologizes to Eve for getting her hopes up. Eve says she doesnt know how many more of these disappointments she can take. Suddenly, Julian gets a call from Alistair, who asks if he has found his son? Julian realizes his father was behind this. Alistair gloats and says he will never find his son! Julian says he will pay for this, but Alistair says it is time to face reality. He tells Julian to go home to his wife Rebecca. He says she may not be the professional whore that Eve was, but she will keep him entertained. Eve is a wreck, and Julian comforts her. As they hug, Whitney and Chad are headed for the door. Whitney spots her mom outside with Julian, and she is once again upset. When she tells Chad what she saw, Chad says she must have been mistaken because Julian Crane does not eat in places like this. Elsewhere, Eve and Julian are driving away in Eves car, and an upset Eve isnt watching the road and ends up swerving off the road and crashing the car! 


April 9, 2004
Pilar is at the B&B. Outside it is pouring down rain. Pilar wonders how she will tell her children that she may be dying. She doesnt want to burden them with this news, but in case something unexpected happen she would want them to know why she kept it a secret. Pilar decides to right her children a letter to explain.

Luis and Hank return to Hanks place after dropping Beth off. Luis and Hank change out of their tuxes, and they discuss how nervous Beth was. Luis thinks shes just upset about what hes planning to do tonight. Luis says once he gets the goods on Alistair he will bring down Alistair and get Ackland to admit what he did to Sheridan, then he will finally get Sheridan back. Hank tells Luis to be careful because there is no telling what Alistair will do to him if he finds out. Luis says hes not worried about Alistair, and he thinks Alistair will be at the Casino the rest of the night. Later Pilar drops by and she has a letter in her hand. Hank asks what brings her by? Pilar says she came by to see Luis and give him something. Hank says Luis just headed out . . .  Luis appears from the bedroom in his old man outfit, and Pilar doesn't recognize him until he speaks. She says if it wasnt for his voice he wouldnt have recognized him. He says that is good. She asks what is he doing in this disguise? Luis explains to Pilar what he is up to in regards to Alistair. Piar says this is too dangerous for him to be doing. Luis says he has to do this for the family. Luis says he could even find information in the safe that indicates what happened to papa. Pilar says she would like to know what happened to his father, but this is still too dangerous. Luis says it will be fine, and he says he will get in and out before Alistair knows he was there. After Luis leaves, Pilar gets a nosebleed which Hank notices. He asks her if something is wrong?

At the casino, Alistair decides to call it a night. He decides to speak to Sheridan before she leaves. Alistair says they need to go to his office and talk about her in-laws. Sheridan asks what about them? Alistair says he will tell her in the office where she wont be disturbed. Sheridan and Alistair go to the office, and Sheridan asks what is this about? Alistair knows Sheridan worked together with Fox to help bail Theresa out of jail. Sheridan admits she did, and she defends her actions and the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. She says Rebecca is on a crusade against them and it is not fair. Alistair says she has used Crane money for personal reasons. Sheridan says that Rebecca did the same thing! Alistair says if she wants to squander the Crane Foundations money than she will be out of a job. He tells her not to do something this rash again without consulting him first! Sheridan asks if that is all? He says for now. Alistair says Theresa is not a threat to the Cranes. Sheridan asks what that means, he thinks Luis is? Alistair asks where that came from? Sheridan says she remembers Luis used to tell her that he (Alistair) didnt want them together because he was afraid it would lead to Luis learning secrets that would bring down the entire Crane Empire. Alistair says that is preposterous! He says that Luis filled her head with nonsense, he never loved her. Alistair says he is glad Luis is out of her life and if he knows what is good for him than he will stay out. Sheridan assures her father that she isnt getting back with Luis, but she is curious about the secrets this family has. Alistair tells Sheridan that it is late and she should go home to her husband. Sheridan says she wont be dismissed, and she thinks their secrets should be out in the open so they dont haunt her or the family anymore. Sheridan still remembers having blood on her hands as a little girl. Alistair says Luis manipulated her and her memory to serve his own purposes. He says Luis has influenced her and brainwashed her to think ill of him. Sheridan says she believes Luis, she trusts his instincts. Outside the office, Luis listen. He says he wont let Sheridan down, he will find out everything Alistair is hiding and expose it. Alistair swears on his love for Sheridan that Luis is wrong and that they have no secrets. He tells her that it is late, and he will take her home. After hey leave, Luis sneaks into Alistairs office and heads for the safe.

Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen arrive at court for the custody hearing, which has been scheduled for tonight. Fox and Theresa also show up, as does Woody. Gwen smiles and says her mom was right, revenge is sweet. Fox tells Theresa to control herself, but she says it is not easy when such hateful people are taking her son from her. The hearing begins, and the parties take their places in court. The hearing begins, and Gwen takes the stand and gushes about how much she and her husband love and care for Little Ethan. Judge Reilly asks Gwen why she and her husband are adopting the boy instead of letting his natural father and her mother raise him. Gwen says her and her husband are of a better age to raise him, and she says her step father is a very powerful man and is always traveling for business. Ethan takes the stand next, and he says he loves Little Ethan and wants what is best for him. Gwen tells herself, as she listens to Ethan, that she will never let Ethan give the boy back to Theresa. Julian is supposed to testify next, but he is absent and no one knows where he is. Rebecca wonders what her pookie is up to now, but claims her husband couldnt be here because of a prior engagement, and because they didn't expect the hearing to be pushed up to today. She also has his power of attorney with her. She produces it, from within her bra. She says she and Julian do care about Little Ethan, and they also feel Ethan and Gwen would back far better parents. As she approaches the judge to give him the power of attorney, she asks if he would like cash or bonds this month? Reilly tells them to surprise him, and he says he really loves the beach. Rebecca flirts with the judge and says a man with his physique really should summer at the beach. She strokes his hand and talks about him oiled up like a Greek god. She says she doesnt think she can control herself! He tells her to meet him in his chambers to find out! He then quickly concludes the hearing, giving full and permanent custody of the child to Ethan and Gwen. He also says from henceforth the child will be known as Ethan Winthrop Jr. Gwen is pleased and hugs both Ethan and her mother. Ethan tells Rebecca that he and Gwen should be the ones to tell Little Ethan what is going on. Rebecca says okay, and she says she will go thank the judge. Ethan tells Theresa that he is sorry. She calls him a lying bastard and tells him to get out of her sight. Gwen says with pleasure, and she suggests they go home to their son. Woody says hell still attempt to appeal this somehow. Theresa thanks Woody for everything hes done. Theresa tells Fox that she no longer has anything else to lose, so she is going to get revenge on Ethan, Rebecca and Gwen. She says she is going to ruin their lives!

  Whitney and Chad return home to the Russell house. Whitney is still ranting and raving about how she swears she saw her mom with Julian tonight. Chad doesnt think so and says she is probably upstairs with her dad. Whitney hopes he is right, but cant find her anywhere. TC comes down thinking it was Eve, but it isnt. TC thinks she is probably still at the hospital, but Whitney isnt sure. Later, TC gets the news that there has been a car accident and Eve was involved. Whitney and Chad go with them, and Chad says he will drive. After they leave, the phone rings.

Eve and Julian have crashed the car they were in, and Eves automated dashboard emergency system (They call it SkyCom) is triggered. A woman's voice asks if anyone is there and says they have received a signal that their airbag deployed. The womans voice asks if they need help? Both Julian and Eve are out cold and do not answer. The woman says that she will notify emergency services in the area of their location and will check back with them. Julian finally comes too and wonders what happened. He looks over and sees that Eve is still passed out. Julian worries about her, and he examines her. He tells her to wake up! He says he cant lose her and he loves her more than his life. Julian pulls Eve out of the car, and she begins to regain consciousness. Eve asks what happened? Julian says she was pulling off the road when the car skidded. Eve says TC will be so upset with her because he loves this car. Julian says hell take care of it, but Eve says she will handle it because she cant have TC or anyone else finding them together. She remembers last time they had an accident and TC caught them together in that diner. She continues to feel guilty about ruining TCs car, but Julian says it is all right. Julian says hell call the toe truck. Eve says he cant be here when they come. Just then the emergency lady notifies them that police, paramedics, and the cars owner are en route to them now. Eve says this cant happen! Eve tries to call TC and tell him that she is fine and for him not to come, but by then TC has left the house with the others. Julian tells Eve to call his cell phone. Eve tries, and TC answers. Eve lets TC know that she is okay and there is no need for him to come. She says she swerved to avoid and animal, but she is fine. She says there is no sense in him worrying. She says shell have the car towed and she will pay for it. TC says he doesnt care about the car, and he insists on taking her to the hospital to see if she is okay. Eve says no and she asks him to go home and wait for her there. TC says okay he will. Meanwhile, Julian has SkyCom (HArmony's version of OnStar) call for a tow truck and stop the police and paramedics from coming. When it begins to rain again, they take refuge in a nearby barn. The barns owner allows them to stay in it for awhile, and Julian pays him for the trouble. Meanwhile, TC refuses to go home and tells Chad to continue to the accident. Back at the barn, Eve thanks Julian for taking such good care of her. He says he is sorry they didnt find their son tonight. She says it isnt her fault, it is Alistairs. Eve coughs, and Julian holds her and says his body heat will keep her warm. Eve says the sound of the rain is so nice. Julian says it is very peaceful. Julian ends up pulling Eve into a kiss, but she pulls away and says it isnt right. Julian apologizes, and he says he loves her and is very happy with her right here and now. Outside, TC and the others find the car, and he says this is more than no big deal. HE wonders where Eve could be. Whitney fears she is up to no good. She convinces her dad to wait with the car incase Eve comes back, and she and Chad go looking for her mom. They find them in the bard right as Eve and Julian are sharing a kiss. Whitney says her dad will kill them both when he sees this, and she cant wait! Back at the car, TC gives up on moving the car and goes off looking for Whitney and Chad, as well as Eve. HE sees the barn and heads there

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