April 12, 2004
Whitney and TC spot Julian and Eve kissing in the barn. Chad sees that TC is coming, and he says TC will kill them if he finds them. Whitney says good because that is exactly what she deserves! Whitney bursts in and tells her mom that her dad is coming and is about to catch her for the lying, cheating whore she is! Eve says they need to hide, but Julian thinks perhaps it is best the truth come out. TC shows up, walks into the barn, and exclaims Oh my god! Eve and Julian are no where to be seen, and TCs excitement was about seeing a classic car. Eve and Julian are hiding, and Eve convinces Julian that hiding is for the best. She says TC would kill him, he would go to jail, and shed lose both of the men she loves. Whitney finds Eve and Julian, and she says she cant wait until her father finds them! Chad tells Whitney that it isnt her place to judge her parents or interfere; she needs to let her parents deal with this herself. Whitney says he is wrong, and she is going to make sure her dad finds out what is going on. When Eves cell phone rings, TC hears it and wonders if Eve is here. Eve pretends to be asleep, and Julian hides. TC finds Eve, and she says she came here to get out of the rain. TC says that accident looks bad, and he asks if she is sure she is fine. Eve says she is just fine, just a little wet. Eve goes to see who called, but TC tells her to forget about it. TC says he will go get Chads car and bring it closer so she doesnt have to walk in the rain. Whitney lashes out at her mother, Julian and even Chad. Whitney says her father will learn about this sooner or later, and she storms off. Eve fears her and Whitneys relationship will never be fixed after this. 

Ethan and Gwen return to the mansion, and Gwen says thanks to Theresa being an unfit mother they are finally a family. Gwen thinks they should tell little Ethan. Ethan says they need to do it carefully because this could be a shock. Gwen tells Little Ethan that they have some good news, from now on he will be living with them. Ethan thinks to himself that hopefully one day hell be able to give the boy back to Theresa. Little Ethan seems to take the news well, as he ends up going upstairs to his nanny and shows no signs of tears. Gwen tells Ethan how happy she is, they have Little Ethan and soon they will have their own child. Gwen tells Ethan that he doesnt look happy, and she asks if he is thinking of Theresa? Ethan insists he is only thinking of her. Gwen tells Ethan to show her by making love to her right now. They kiss, and then Ethan carries Gwen upstairs. As they make love, Gwen vows to make Ethan forget all about Theresa.

At Hanks, Hank asks Pilar why her nose is bleeding, is she sick? Pilar insists she is fine. She says the dry air at the B&B has just dried up her nasal passages. She says she just needs to get back to the B&B. Suddenly, Pilar collapses! 

Theresa returns to the Russell house with Fox. Theresa is devastated and says what has happened isnt right, it isnt fair. Fox helps Theresa pack up Little Ethans things. Theresa fears that there is nothing she can give Little Ethan that Gwen and Ethan can, and she fears her son is going to forget all about her. Later, Eve, Whitney and TC return home to find Theresa packing up Little Ethans things. She explains to them about losing her son. Eve says she is sorry, and she says perhaps one day when Ethan and Gwen have their own child with the surrogate than they will give hers back. TC goes to make some hot chocolate, and Eve goes to change. Theresa asks Whitney why she looks upset? Whitney explains about finding her mother and Julian together, and how Chad told her it wasnt her place to interfere. Theresa agrees with Chad. Theresa says she cant let this come in between her and Chad, or her and her mom. Theresa says she doesnt know what shed do without her mom right now. Meanwhile, Eve gets a call from the hospital and learns Pilar has been admitted to the ER. Eve has to run off again, and she asks Whitney to tell her father that shes going to the hospital. Whitney thinks her mom has gone off to be with her lover. Theresa tells Whitney that her mom may not be perfect, but she loves her. Whitney asks how she knows that? Theresa says she is a mother and she knows the love a mother has for a child. Later, Theresa continues packing up things and rants about how Gwen has destroyed her life. TC says no offense to Fox, but this is what the Cranes do. TC says the Cranes destroy everything they touch.

Pilar is at the hospital with Hank, and Pilar insists to him that she is okay. Hank tells her that she needs to let Eve examine her. Eve shows up and examines Pilar. Hank steps out, and returns after Eve leaves to look at Pilars latest test results. Hank wants to call Luis, but Pilar begs him not to tell anyone about tonight, especially not her children. 
Meanwhile, Eve has a nurse get her Pilars test results, and she calls Julian, who is still at the barn, to thank him for taking such good care of her tonight. Julian says he just wishes they found there son. Julian says he has a feeling that their son is very close, closer than they think (behind Julian, Chad has shown up). Later, Eve looks at the results and realizes Pilars treatement isnt working. She thinks the family has suffered so much, and she doesnt think they will be able to get over the tragedy of losing Pilar.

Back at the barn, Chad stayed behind with Eves car and with Julian. Julian thanks Chad for helping him tonight, and he says he treats Whitney with such respect. Julian tells Chad that he is very impressed with him, and he tells him that he is a noble young man. Julian tells Chad that he hopes he finds his parents because any man would be proud to have him as his son. The tow truck shows up, and Chad thanks Julian for what he said earlier. Chad tells Julian that he doesnt know what kind of father he was to Ethan and Fox, but right now, he would be a good father. To himself, Julian hopes when he finds his son, his son feels the same way about him that Chad does.

Antonio arrives at Crane Industries to pick up Sheridan. He runs into Alistair, who asks how he and Sheridan are doing these days? He says they are doing great, and he insists that Sheridan loves him and not Luis. Alistair says Sheridan said the same thing. Antonio wonders why Alistair is asking Sheridan about them? Antonio is suspicious of Alistairs motives for having Sheridan committed in the first place. He asks Alistair if he and Dr. Ackland had Sheridan brainwashed as Luis claims? Alistair says that is what Luis wants him to believe. He says the best way to get Luis out of their lives and make their marriage solid is to give Sheridan another baby because that is what she wants. Antonio says Sheridan isnt ready yet. They argue about Sheridan and her baby. Alistair says in order to cement his relationship with Sheridan, they need their own baby. He says Antonio should be thankful Sheridan doesnt have Luis baby because shed be with him now. Antonio wonders if Alistair had something to do with the disappearance of the baby. Alistair asks how he could say such a thing? Antonio says he knows him and he knows he would do anything to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. He says he also knows he is afraid Luis will find out his secrets. Antonio asks Alistair if he had something to do with the babys disappearance? Alistair is furious and turns the tables on Antonio. He says perhaps he was wrong about Antonio, perhaps Antonio isnt as much of a man as he thought he was. Alistair jokes that some men lift weights or race cars to make up for their shortcomings, and Antonio does both! Alistair says perhaps he isnt man enough to father a child. Antonio goes into a rage and attacks Alistair! Antonio asks who he is to question him? Alistair says he is Sheridans father and he wants what is best for her!

In her office, Sheridan hears the tango come on the radio, and she is reminded of the times she dances it with Luis. Sheridan says so many things, so many places make her think of Luis. She thinks perhaps she just needs more time to get over Luis. Sheridan reads some business papers, but is confused by something. She decides to call her father, but he doesnt answer. She wonders what her father is doing, so she decides to go see her father in person. 

In Alistairs office, Luis hits the switch that reveals Alistairs safe, and he uses the key to open it. Luis gets his hands on all kinds of evidence, but is disrupted when Sheridan knocks on the door. Sheridan calls out to her father, and when he doesnt answer, she opens the door to the office. Luis hides under Alistairs desk, and when Sheridan finds the office empty, she leaves. Luis returns to the safe and continues to pilfer its secrets.

Sheridan runs into Antonio with her father, and she asks if everything is all right? Alistair says fine, and he says Antonio came to check on her. Sheridan says that is so sweet. Sheridan says she has a question to ask her father about Crane charities. He suggests that they all go to his office where they will be more comfortable. They head there and Alistair wonders why the light in his office, which he can see under the door, is on? Before Alistair goes in, he gets a call from one of his floozies. Alistair says something has come up, so Sheridans question will have to wait. He tells Sheridan to go home with her husband. Alistair leaves, and Antonio tells Sheridan that he is going to take her home for a nice romantic desert in bed. As they are leaving, Luis walks out of Alistairs office with a bucket. He drops the bucket when he runs into them. Antonio asks if they have met before? Luis says no. Sheridan picks up his bucket, and she asks what is inside? Luis grabs it and says just dirt and bugs. He says he doesnt want a pretty thing like her to touch it. He says he needs to go empty the bucket, and he walks off. Sheridan has a funny feeling and tells Antonio that she feels like something huge is about to happen, but she doesnt know what. She says she feels like huge changes are about to happen very soon!


April 13, 2004
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At the mansion, Theresa arrives to drop some thing off for Little Ethan and say goodbye to him. Fox is with her for support. Inside, Gwen already has Little Ethan calling her mommy! Rebecca whines that she doesn't understand why Theresa has to come over as she's not even related to the boy! Ethan tells Rebecca not to say anything in front of Little Ethan or Theresa because the boy does know who his mother is. When Theresa arrives, she is overcome by emotion. Little Ethan wants her to play, but she says she can't. She tries to say goodbye, and says he is going to be staying with his Aunt Gwen and Uncle Ethan. Rebecca says he calls them mommy and daddy now! Ethan says this has got to stop. Theresa thinks Ethan has changed his mind, but he says no. He says what he meant is that Little Ethan will call him and Gwen what he wants when he wants. Theresa gives Little Ethan a locket with a photo of her. She asks him to look at it every morning and night to know she loves him. She says one day when he is older she will explain to him why she has to leave. Rebecca thinks it is time for Theresa to leave, and Gwen says she has hurt and upset the boy enough as is. Theresa says no, Gwen is the one hurting her son! Ethan and Gwen take the boy off, and Rebecca tells Theresa she has an offer to make her that will change her life.

At the hospital, Eve is giving Pilar a new treatment, and says this medication will be more effective giving the results from her latest tests. Pilar continues to insist on keeping her illness a secret, and Eve continues to keep how serious Pilar's illness is from her. Whitney shows up, with Chad, and bangs on her mom's office door. Eve answers, but won't let Whitney inside. Whitney is convinced her mom has Julian in there. Eve says she doesn't, so Whitney demands to be let in to see who she is with. Eve says she is with a patient, and she tells Whitney to leave now and call her if she wants to talk to her. Chad tells Whitney they should go, and Whitney is furious. Eve returns to Pilar, and she explains about how she had a car accident and Whitney discovered her and Julian together yet again and is more convinced she and Julian are having an affair.

At the studio, Whitney is furious about her mom, and she is convinced she and Julian are having an affair. She is also angry with Chad for not taking her side. Chad says he loves her and supports her, but she may not know the whole story. Whitney is convinced that Julian has convinced her mom to have an affair with him. Chad doesn't think so, and he says Julian was really nice to him tonight. He also reminds Whitney about how she thought Julian was kind as well when he saved her in the elevator. Chad suggests maybe the love of a good woman has changed Julian. Whitney asks if he is so good, then why is he letting Rebecca take Little Ethan from Theresa? Chad can't answer that, and he tells her to focus on something else because this will just drive her insane. Chad says he loves her and he promises that he will never cheat on her.

At Crane Industries, Julian arrives to confront his father. Julian demands to know where his son is. Alistair laughs and says he'll never find out where his son is. He makes comments about Eve and how she is a whore. Alistair's comments enrage Julian, who attacks Alistair. Alistair tells Julian that he made the mistake of hitting him once, a mistake he shouldn't repeat if he knows what is good for him! Julian tells his father that one day he will find his son, and he thinks right now someone out there is working to bring them down? Alistair laughs and asks who? Eve? The Lopez-Fitzgeralds? He calls them bottom feeders and says everything they have done to get where they are is survival of the fittest. Julian says when he inherits this company he will reveal all their secrets. Alistair laughs and says he will go to jail if he does! Julian storms out, and Alistair discovers his safe has been broken into. Julian returns to tells his father off again. Alistair demands Julian tell him what he did with the family files. Julian says he doesn't have them, if he did why would he be here begging for info? Alistair says they are ruined! Julian is glad someone has the files, and he says perhaps now Eve will find out who her son is. Alistair says it doesn't matter because they will both end up in jail! 

At Hank's, Luis works to open the CDs, but they are encrypted. He has Hank go to the station and messenger over a disk of decryption software. Luis uses it and it works, but suddenly it says the CD is being erased. With a few key strokes Luis saves the day, and all the files open. Luis looks at the Crane secrets and says he has won!


April 14, 2004
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At the Crane mansion, Little Ethan is asleep in Gwens arms. Ethan says he is exhausted over all the crying for his mother. Gwen says it is for the best. Ethan says he doesnt believe that! Ethan says taking him away from Theresa is not for the best. Gwen says they didnt take him away, the judge did. She says all they did was adopt him. She says they will help him adjust, and eventually Theresa will realize how much better off he is with them. Gwen decides to take him up to bed and tuck him in. Gwen says she wants to know how loved he is. Gwen leaves with Little Ethan, and he says he will never believe that boy is better off with them. He says as soon as he can he will make sure he is returned to Theresa. Gwen returns and reminds Ethan that they are meeting with Heather again. Ethan remembers, and they talk about how tomorrow is the big day. Gwen says they are so close, and she wants to be at the hospital when Heather goes through the invitro. Ethan says they will both be there. Gwen says she just hopes Heather will be able to give the baby up, what if she changes her mind? Ethan says she wont do that and she made that very clear. Ethan says hes also drawn up an iron clad contract. Gwen says she just doesnt want anything to go wrong. Ethan says that is why they are talking all the precautions. Later, Ethan and Gwen meet with Heather, who signs the contracts and says shell meet them at the hospital tomorrow. Heather also tells them not to worry, even without the contract she would never take a child away from its biological parents. She says that is a bond that should never be broken. Later, Gwen worries that Ethan is disappointed that she cant give birth to their child. Ethan says he isnt disappointed in her. He says she means everything to her. Gwen says ever since she was a little girl she has dreamed of having baby. She says now that she cant give birth she feels like part of her is lacking. Ethan says she is not lacking anything, and the surrogate will be carrying their biological baby. Ethan says it doesnt matter that she is not the one who is pregnant because hes going to treat her like she is the one who is pregnant. Gwen tells him that she loves him, and he says he loves her too. Ethan gives Gwen a surprise, a journal that she can record down all her thoughts as their baby is getting ready to come into the world, and she can keep up on Heathers appointments and her ultrasounds. Ethan has another surprise, and he says they have a formal engagement to go to tonight. Ethan heads upstairs to get ready, and Gwen says Theresa didnt win and she doesnt feel a bit sorry for her. 

Fox, Theresa and Rebecca head to Julians study. Rebecca has a proposition for Theresa, and Fox tells Theresa to hear her out. Theresa says the only thing she wants to talk about is the return of her son. Rebecca tells her that if she keeps talking that way then she will have to call security. Fox suggests they all calm down, and Rebecca says that is a good idea. Rebecca says as she was saying she has an offer to make Theresa. Theresa says she doesnt make deals with the devil. Fox tells her to hold on, and he asks what this deal is. Rebecca says it will make Theresa very happy and a deal she wont be able to refuse. Theresa asks if she is going to give her her son back? Rebecca says no, Little Ethan is Ethan and Gwens son now. Theresa says that is only because she and her daughter are out for revenge on her. Rebecca says once again she is blaming everyone else, nobody forced her to kidnap Little Ethan. Rebecca says she has lost custody and nothing she can do will change that. She tells Theresa to face the facts and move on. Fox asks Rebecca what this deal is? Rebecca gives Theresa an envelope and tells her to take it. Theresa opens the envelope, which contains a check for ten thousand dollars. Rebecca says that is just a down payment. Rebecca says she intends to pay her enough to take care of her for the rest of her life. Fox says he should have seen this coming because this is exactly how his family operates. Rebecca says it is a very generous offer. Fox asks what it is going to cost Theresa? What does Theresa have to do? Rebecca says it is very simple, she has to leave town with her family forever. Theresa says she cant move away and leave her son for money. Rebecca says it is a good offer, and she says he is not her child anymore. Rebecca tells Theresa to become acquainted with reality, it is over and she has nothing left here in Harmony. Fox says Ethan isnt thinks cold, he may just chose to give the child back to Theresa. Rebecca says even if he wanted to he couldnt because of Gwen. Rebecca says Gwens signature would be required, and that will never happen. Rebecca says Gwen would never give Little Ethan back after Theresa killed her child. Rebecca says it really is an eye for an eye, a child for a child. Rebecca tells Theresa that her leaving town is doing her a favor because then she wont have to see her son happy with Ethan and Gwen. She also tells Theresa that there really is nothing left here for her or her family. She says they have all crossed too many paths, and one day one of them could end up crossing someone who could cost one of them their lives. Rebecca leaves Theresa to think about the offer. Fox tells Theresa not to listen to Rebecca, but Theresa says maybe it would be best if she left and helped her family start over. She says she could buy her family a new home, send Miguel to college and even bring her sister back. Fox says it could work, and he says he would go with her. Theresa is touched that he would go with her. Rebecca spies on them, and she says she doesnt care what she has to do, she wants them gone!

At Crane Industries, Alistair is furious that someone has taken his secret files. Julian thinks it is finally all over, but Alistair says it is anything but over. He says it is only the beginning, they will go to hell and back before it is over. Alistair says this is the end of the empire, the end of them both! Julian says hes never seen anyone put fear in him. Alistair says hes glad he is amused, but he will be going down with him. Julian says at least one good thing will come of this, he will finally be able to give Eve her child back. Alistair says that wont profit him at all, once Eve learns what he has done she wont want to be involved in him. Alistair says there are things in those files Julian doesnt know hes done! Alistair says he has protected himself and has made sure Julian will take the fall for almost everything! Julian says theyll see what the courts have to say, once that information comes out he wont be able to blackmail anyone! Alistair says no one will take him down. He says hell find who took those file and make him pay with his life! Alistair retraces his steps and realizes the cocktail waitress is the one who stole his key. Julian doubts she stole his files, but Alistair thinks she was working for someone. He makes some calls and has the waitress brought in. Alistair has his henchman hold a knife to Lolas throat as he questions her about stealing his key and who she stole it for. He makes her look at photos to ID who bribed her. She looks at photos and says she doesnt see the person who stole it. However, when she sees a newspaper clipping of Luis and Sheridan, she IDs Luis as the man. He thanks her, and then tells her to leave town and never show her face again or he will see to it that an accident befalls her poor mother who is in a nursing home. Alistair says he should have known! Alistair pulls a gun out of his desk drawer and says he should have dealt with Luis a long time ago. 

At Hanks place, Luis looks through all the secret files. He says he has enough information to keep Alistair away from him and his family. He says Alistair will never be able to hurt him or his family again. Luis says Alistair will rot in a cell, hell be penniless and powerless! Hank returns and asks Luis what he found? Luis says he hit pay dirt, he has enough to finish Alistair. Hank says it will take time for him to break open all the files. Luis says he doesnt care how long it takes, he isnt stopping now. Luis ends up finding a CD which acts as a catalogue for all the others, and he says there are files on Ivy and Sam, on his father, and even on Sheridan. Luis puts the right disk in for the information on Sheridan. Luis realizes he is very close to finding out what Alistair did to Sheridan. Hank warns Luis that Alistair is not going to like this and he wont let Luis just come forward with all of this. Hank says Alistair will do whatever it takes to stop him. Luis says Alistair doesnt even know he has these disks, and even if he did, there is nothing he could do. Hank says he could have him killed. Hank is worried about Luis and he thinks maybe he could get Sam to arrest Alistair to buy Luis some time to look through the disks. Luis says Sam wont arrest Alistair without evidence, and even if he did he would buy his way out of jail. Hank asks Luis to give the disks to Sam then. Luis says he cant do that either, he is going to bring Alistair down because he has a score to settle. Hank ends up having to return to work, and Luis continues going through the files on Sheridan. He finds one on the boating accident, on Sheridans baby, and on Sheridan and doctor Ackland. However, Luis is unable to open any of these files, and he doesnt know why. Later, Alistair arrives to see Luis. Alistair tells Luis to give them back, but Luis says no way. Luis says the only way hell get these files is over his dead body. Alistair says he thought it might come to that, and reaches for his gun!


April 15, 2004
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Ethan gives Gwen a romantic evening, but she can't stop worrying if he really loves her.

Meanwhile, Rebecca ups her offer to Theresa to make sure her rival leaves town for good. Whitney hopes Theresa takes the offer and plans to go with her so she won't have to deal with her mother.

While on the other side of Harmony and desperate to get his files back, a gun-toting Alistair faces off with Luis.


April 16, 2004Ethan and Gwen get the news that the surrogate is ready to be implanted with their embryo. They hug, and Gwen thinks there is nothing Theresa can do to stop her from having this child. Gwen is just so happy, and she calls the hospital to check up on what is going on. Gwen talks to Eve, who assures Gwen that they wont start the implantation procedure until she and Ethan arrive. However, Eve says there is no need for them to come just yet. Gwen passes the news onto Ethan. She says she knows this baby wont replace Sarah, but she is happy to be having another child of their own. She also says that this doesnt mean she loves Little Ethan any less because he is adopted. Ethan says he knows, and he says medical science is a miracle. He says who thought after losing Sarah they could be this happy. Gwen thinks to herself that they did not lose Sarah, Theresa took her from them. Later, Gwen tells Ethan that she know Eve told them to wait before coming down, but she cant, she wants to go now. Ethan says okay, and they leave.

At the church, Chad and Whitney have gone, and Theresa continues to tell Fox about her plan. Theresa tells Fox that shes going to be the surrogate for Ethan and Gwens baby, and then she will trade that baby for hers. She says that is how she will get her son back. Fox asks her how she will pull this off? Theresa says she saw a note at the Russells that Eve was going to have the eggs implanted in the surrogate tonight. Theresa says she will replace the surrogate, she doesnt know how yet, but she will find a way. Fox thinks she is kidding, but Theresa says shes not. She says this is the only chance she has. Fox tells Theresa that hes pretty sure this is illegal, and even if it isnt, than Rebecca will frame her and make sure she spends her life in prison. Fox asks her to think about this first. Theresa says she has, and if her plan fails, than at least Little Ethan will know she did everything to be with him and he wont feel abandoned. Fox realizes trying to talk her out of this is just a waste of time. Theresa says she has no other choice, and she leaves to go ahead with her plan. Before she leaves, Fox kisses her. He says hes not going to let her do this on her own. Theresa thanks him and says shell never forget this.

Theresa and Fox arrive at the hospital and they find the room the surrogate candidate is in. Theresa thinks they need to find a way to keep her occupied, and she says she knows how to do just that. Before she can explain it to Fox, Eve shows up. Theresa asks Fox to find a way to distract Eve while she takes care of the surrogate. Theresa goes into Heathers room, and Heather asks who she is? Theresa claims she is a nurse and her shift just started. Heather believes Theresa. Theresa says there is one test she has to do before they can begin implanting the eggs. Theresa looks on one of the medical carts and says this is exactly what she needs. Theresa ends up chloroforming Heather! Theresa hides Heather in the closet and puts on a gown. Suddenly, the specialist shows up and asks what is in the closet? Theresa says she forgot to turn her cell phone off and she knows they arent allowed in hospital. The specialist believes her, and she says they can begin just as soon as she sees her ID bracelet to verify she is the surrogate. Theresa shows her the bracelet, and the woman says they should get started then.

Meanwhile, Fox distracts Eve. He says he came to talk to her about whats going on between her and Whitney. Eve thinks something else is going on, but before they can get into it, Ethan and Gwen show up. Eve suggests they all go in and check on Heather, and Fox tries to delay them. He thinks they should respect their surrogates privacy, but Ethan says that Heather knows they wanted to be there for the procedure. Gwen asks why he doesnt want them to see their surrogate. Fox says he just means he wouldnt want a bunch of people parading around him. Eve says shell peak in and make sure everything is okay. Fox worries Theresa is about to be blown out of the water. BAck in the room, as Theresa is about to undergo the procedure, the doorknob turns . . . 

At Hanks, we see a replay of Alistair shooting Luis. However, he only grazes Luis arm. Luis tells Alistair that he is a lousy shot. Alistair says that was a warning shot, the next time he wont miss. Luis ends up knocking a bookshelf over to knock Alistair down before he can shoot him, and this knocks the gun out of Alistair's hand. Luis tells Alistair that he is going down. Luis, who has Alistairs gun, gets rid of the bullets and gives him his gun back. He tells Alistair to get out of here because he is finished! He then pushes Alistair out the door! Outside, Alistair realizes what he has to do to stop Luis dead! Later, Luis continues to decode the CDs and then decides to head to the cottage and see Sheridan to tell her what is going on.

  At the cottage, Antonio is watching a replay of a baseball game while he makes dinner. She begins talking about the Red Sox and how Luis used to love watching the game as well. She says there were nights they were making love and she could have sworn he was looking over her shoulder to catch the score. Sheridan realizes what she has said, and she apologizes. Antonio asks Sheridan if she is sure he is the brother she wants to be with. Sheridan assures Antonio that he is the only man she loves, she only wants to be with him. Antonio knows she has been distracted lately. He asks her if it isnt Luis she is always thinking about, then why has she been distracted? She says she has been missing her baby lately. Antonio remembers Alistair telling him to get Sheridan pregnant. Antonio tells Sheridan they cant bring her baby back, but they could have another baby if she is ready. Sheridan says she is ready, and she would like that. Antonio tells Sheridan that he will always be there for her and their child. As they hug, Sheridan thinks about telling Luis she wanted him to be the father of her baby. Later, Sheridan steps out to get air, and Alistair shows up and warns Antonio that Luis is going to take Sheridan away from him and hes the only one who can stop him. Antonio asks what he is talking about now? Alistair tells Antonio to look outside. HE does, and he sees Luis with Sheridan. Alistair tells Antonio that he has to stop him. Antonio decides to go throw Luis off the grounds, but Alistair says that wont be a permanent solution. Alistair gives Antonio his gun and tells him to kill Luis! Antonio cant believe Alistair is telling him to do this. Alistair says if he doesnt than he will lose his wife! Antonio says he doesnt have to kill his brother to keep him away from his wife. Alistair says he will have to stand guard over her twenty four hours a day to keep him away from Sheridan. Alistair asks how many times he has warned him to stay away from Sheridan? Has Luis done so? No! Alistair tells Antonio that he must kill Luis, it is the only way. Antonio tells Alistair that he is crazy, and he thinks that this is more about his problems with Luis. Antonio thinks Alistair wants him to do his dirty work. Alistair says things have changed, and Luis made up fake CDs with accusations against him to make Sheridan believe he has done things to her. HE says Sheridan may just believe them, but Antonio says Sheridan loves him. Alistair tells Antonio to look out the window. Antonio does, and sees Luis kissing Sheridan. Antonio goes into a rage, but says he cant kill his own brother. Alistair says maybe he isnt man enough to save his marriage, maybe he doesnt like women at all! Antonio says no one will take Sheridan from him, and he points the gun at Luis!

Out on the Crane grounds, Sheridan cant stop thinking about being with Luis. She wonders why she keeps thinking about Luis. Luis shows up and he says she cant stop thinking about him because she loves him and knows in her heart that he is the man she is supposed to be with. Luis says soon she will know it as well as feel it. HE tells her about breaking into her fathers office and getting details on all her fathers crimes, including crimes hes committed against her. Sheridan says she has a hard time believing something bad was done to her in the psych ward, and the only one who says something bad happened to her is him. Luis knows she doesnt believe it, but he says soon he will have the proof. Sheridan says she does remember that they were in love once. Luis begins speaking about the walks they used to take on the grounds together, down to the pond and over to the gazebo where he proposed to her. Sheridan continues to remember the good times with Luis, and how romantic they were. Luis says it was always romantic when they were together, and they share a kiss. Sheridan pulls away from Luis and says this isnt right, she is married. MEanwhile, from the cottage, Antonio aims the gun at Luis!

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