April 19, 2004
At the hospital, Ethan and Gwen wait for news on their surrogate. Gwen is excited and can hardly wait for the procedure to begin. Gwen says she wants to go in and see Heather because she told Heather that she would be there for the procedure. Ethan says Eve told them to wait, but  Gwen says she doesnt care and that she is going in.

Whitney shows up at the hospital, and she runs into Fox. Fox explains Theresas scheme to Whitney, who is shocked. Whitney asks if Theresa is nuts? Fox says yes, and hes helping her along with her scheme. Whitney says if Theresa is caught than she is dead! Fox says she is probably right.

In the room, Theresa asks the doctor how long this procedure takes? The doctor says it shouldnt take long. Someone is about to come in, we think it is Gwen, but  it turns out to be Fox. Fox pretends to be Heathers husband. When the doctor steps out he warns Theresa that Gwen almost walked in but was delayed by a nurse who asked her and Ethan to fill out some papers. Fox tells Theresa to abandon this scheme and get out of here, but she refuses. Fox wishes her luck, gives her a kiss, and leaves.

Back outside, Ethan and Gwen run into Fox and Whitney. They talk to Ethan and Gwen, who rave about their surrogate Heather. They decide to go in an see their surrogate, and Fox tries to stop them once again. Gwen wonders why he cares so much about Heather's privacy? She says if they want to see their surrogate than they will! Gwen knocks on the door, enters, and exclaims Oh my God! The surrogate is gone, and Gwen fears Heather has changed her mind. The doctor says they can relax, she is next door in the implantation room and is waiting for the doctor. Gwen says they really wanted to see her before the procedure, and the doctor says they can go in and see her themselves. She says shell just go in and let her know they are coming in to see her. Fox fears Theresa is busted, and Whitney agrees.

Back in the implantation room, Theresa is told the biological parents want to see her. Theresa tries to make excuses as to why she doesnt want to see them. The nurse begins to wonder why she doesnt want to see them. Theresa says she is just nervous, and the nurse says this is a nervous and emotional time for them all. Meanwhile, in the other room, Heather wakes up and finds herself gagged and bound in the closet. She begins to bang around, and Gwen hears the noises. Before they discover Heather in the closet, Gwen and Ethan are told they can see their surrogate. Ethan asks about the strange noises they heard, but the nurse says this place is old and just creaks sometimes. They head into the room, and Theresa is behind a curtain. Theresa fakes some whiney voice and says she looks awful and doesnt want anyone to see her. Gwen says Heathers voice sounds different, and she asks if that is her in there? Theresa claims she is Heather, and she is just such a mess right now. Ethan tells Gwen not to push it, so Gwen talks to her from the other side of the curtain. Gwen thanks heather for everything she is doing for them. Gwen says she has hopes that one day she will be able to hold her very own baby in her arms. Gwen leaves in tears, and Ethan thanks Heather for doing this. He says Gwen is a good woman and deserves to be happy. Theresa mutters shes not good, she stole her child. Ethan asks what she said, and Theresa says she is just clearing his throat. Ethan thanks her for what she is doing, and he says she is saving his marriage. He begins to speak about Sarahs death and how he couldnt get an old flame out of his head. Ethan says he loved this woman very much, but they always seemed to get stopped from getting married. He says he just doesnt know how to thank her for what he is doing for him and his wife. Ethan says hes sorry for talking to her about this, and he isnt sure why he is doing it. He says perhaps it is because this baby will make an unbreakable bond between him and Gwen. He says he married Gwen while he was still in love with this other woman. HE says he tried to be a good husband, but he couldnt help it when this other woman came around. He says he lost control and hurt Gwen badly. Ethan says he is telling her all of this so that she knows how important what she is doing is. Ethan says shell never know how many lives she is changing by doing this. Theresa says she knows just how many lives she is changing. Theresa begins to cry, and Ethan says Theresa?

Meanwhile, Whitney tells Fox what Theresa is doing isnt right, she is playing God. Fox says she cant talk Theresa out of this because she feels justified in what she is doing. Whitney says she may not be able to talk Theresa out of this, but she can tell Ethan and Gwen. Fox tells her not to do this because she may never forgive her. Fox says he's done horrible things in his past, but his best friend never rated him out. Whitney asks when she draws the line between friendship and doing the right thing. Fox reminds Whitney what Gwen and Rebecca have done to Theresa, but Whitney says it doesnt make it right. Fox tells her that Theresa is not going to back down, she will do whatever it takes to get back at them. Still, Whitney says she cant live with knowing this. She says maybe she can at least stop Gwen from killing Theresa, which is what will happen when Gwen finds out what has happened. Whitney then approaches Gwen and says they need to talk about Theresa. Gwen says that is not her favorite subject, and Gwen says she knows. Whitney says this is about Theresa and the surrogate.

At the hospital, Ethan is sitting with Theresa in the implantation room, Outside the cottage, Luis tries to convince Sheridan that he is the man she loves and that Alistair and Doctor Ackland brainwashed her. Luis says he will prove that they did this to her and nothing will stop him. Meanwhile, an enraged Antonio is egged on by Alistair to shoot Luis. Antonio says he will keep Luis away from Sheridan forever, and he shoots at Luis! Luis collapses, and Antonio wonders what he has done. Sheridan rushes to Luis and asks if he can hear her? Sheridan yells for Antonio and asks him to come quick because Luis has been shot. Antonio races out to check on Luis, and Sheridan tells Antonio to call 911. Antonio just stands there, and she asks why he isnt doing anything. She sees he has a gun in his hand and asks where it came from. Antonio says he didnt mean to, he didnt want to kill him. Sheridan tells Antonio that he has shot Luis, he could have killed his own brother! Luis comes too, and he is okay. Sheridan helps him up, and Antonio warns Luis to get away from Sheridan. Luis asks what hes going to do, shoot him again? Antonio points the gun at Luis. Luis says Sheridan may be married to him, but he is the man she loves. Luis then attacks Antonio and they begin to fight, causing the gun to fly out of Antonio's hand.. Sheridan yells at them to stop fighting, which they do. Luis says he will prove to Sheridan that she was brainwashed. Antonio claims the CDs are faked. Luis says they arent fake, and he wonders how he knows about them. Luis accuses Antonio of being afraid, which is why he shot at him. Luis sees Antonio looking around, and he asks if he is looking for his gun, or is it Alistairs gun. Luis knows Alistair put Antonio up to this. Antonio tells Luis to shut up and get out of here. Sheridan asks Antonio if this is true, did her father put him up to this? Luis says it is true, Alistair tried to shoot him earlier and missed. Luis asks Antonio where the gun is? Alistair has the gun, and he is in the bushes. He is pointing it at Luis and says if Antonio wont finish the job than he will! However, when he goes to shoot, he finds the gun is jammed. Antonio tells Luis to get out of here, and he says he only took a shot to scare him away. Sheridan actually returns to the cottage with Antonio as Luis yells at Sheridan that he will get proof, he will show her that he is the man she should be with. Luis then discovers Alistair in the bushes, and he tells him that he will pay for this! Alistair says he will not bring the house of Crane down, but Luis says he will and then he and Sheridan will be together forever! Back in the cottage, Sheridan begins to worry what if Luis is right about the brain washing. Antonio says he would never let anyone hurt her, and he says Luis is just crazy. He says Luis has lost touch with reality, and the two of them are meant to be together. HE says they will be together forever.

At the Bennetts, Sam finds Ivy, who is pacing around. HE asks what is wrong? She fills him in on Ethan and Gwens implantation procedure. She says they could be grandparents soon! She says she never thought shed be excited to be a grandmother but she is. Sam says she will be the prettiest grandmother in Harmony. Ivy says Gwen really wants this, and after what Theresa did she disserves this. Ivy rants about THeresa killing Ethan and Gwen's child, but Sam says they dont know Theresa is at fault.Ivy thinks she is at fault, and then begins to worry what if Theresa finds out about the surrogate and goes and pulls some scheme to stop the procedure. Sam says that wont happen, but Ivy gets a chill and feels like Theresa is walking over her grave. Sam says she is over reacting, but Ivy says maybe not. Ivy decides to go to the hospital to make sure Theresa isnt there. Sam tells her to stay here because everything will be just fine. Later, Ivy decides to make sure everything is okay. She says she wont let Theresa interfere in Ethan and Gwens happiness. Ivy gives Gwen a call and tells her that she has a feeling, a premonition that Theresa is going to interfere, Gwen jokes that is Charitys thing, and she assures Ivy that Theresa is not here and she would kill her if she showed up and tried to interfere.


April 20, 2004
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the curtain still separates them. He is holding her hand through the curtain, and when he hears her cry, he calls out Theresa's name. Theresa thinks she is done for, but it turns out Ethan just found himself thinking of Theresa. He says he knows it is wrong, and he has to stop doing it. He says that is why this baby is so important, it will bond him and Gwen together forever. Theresa thinks to herself that she will never forgive Ethan for helping Rebecca and Gwen take away her son.

Meanwhile, Whitney decides to tell Gwen everything Theresa is up to. Fox tries to stop her, but she says her mind is made up. She says what Theresa's doing is wrong and illegal, and if she doesn't stop this she will end up in jail or worse, dead! Gwen asks Whitney if she has something to tell her to just spit it out because she doesn't have time for this. Whitney says she's trying to talk to her about Theresa and the surrogate. Whitney tries to ask Gwen to give Theresa Little Ethan back now that she is having her own child, but Gwen refuses. Whitney says it is in her best interest to do this, to just return the boy now before anyone else gets hurt. Gwen flips out, and Ethan shows up at this point and tries to calm her down. Gwen lashes out at Whitney saying that Theresa is a bitch, a bitch who ruined her life, and she won't give Little Ethan back to her. Whitney tells Gwen that Theresa is a good mother and giving him back is the right thing to do. Gwen says Theresa is not a good mother, the courts determined that, and she says Theresa is also insane. Whitney tells Gwen the reason the courts took Little Ethan is because of what she and her mother did to Theresa and their family. Gwen reminds everyone that Theresa killed her child, but Whitney says Theresa never meant for Sarah to die. Gwen continues to scream at Whitney that she will never give Little Ethan back, and there is nothing Theresa can ever do to hurt her again. Whitney says that is what she is trying to tell her, she is trying to warn her about Theresa. Gwen won't listen, and Ethan ends up taking Gwen off to cool down. Whitney tells Fox that she can't believe Gwen flipped out like that, but it seems there is nothing she can do to help Gwen at this point. 

BAck in implantation room, Theresa continues to wait implantation. When she is told there is a chance that the invitro may not take the first time, she flips out and says it has to because this is her only chance. The doctors think she is acting very strange and ask if something is wrong? She says no, she just really wants to give the Winthrops this baby, a lot is depending on it. HEather begins to awaken again, and she starts kicking things in the closet to get out. The nurse and the doctor hear this, but dismiss it as the pipes. MEanwhile, Ethan and Gwen arrive in the adjoining room, and they hear the knocking sound too. They eventually discover HEather bound and gagged in the closet. They free her, and she tries to explain what happened to her. They realize if Heather is here, than who is in the other room being implanted with their embryo? 

At Hank's place, Luis is continuing to work on the CDs when Sheridan shows up. She says she was beginning to think about what he said about having proof that Alistair brainwashed her. HE says he does, and he shows her the CDs. Suddenly one of them decrypts, and it details Alistair's plan to brainwash her. She is stunned, and suddenly memories of Luis flood back. She tells him that she remembers, and they kiss. However, she pulls away and fears he may have made all this up as Antonio claimed. Luis says he didn't and can prove it. They head to the hospital where they confront Ackland with the CD. Under pressure, Ackland finally breaks and says it is all true. Sheridan can't believe this, and she can't believe how much time they have lost together. They return to the cottage to make love . . . and yep, the entire thing, the entire show of them has been a dream in Luis' head. Luis is still at the PC decoding the secrets, and he vows to make his dream happen.


April 21, 2004
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At the cannery Dort and the others are still teasing Kay about how her guy is still interested in his ex-girlfriend. Kay continues to insist that Miguel is devoted to her and Maria and he is not interested in Charity. Kay thinks they are all just jealous because they dont have a man like Miguel in their lives. Dort says sure, we are all dying to have a man who doesnt work, has no place to live and wont marry us! Kay says Miguel is working hard to graduate so he can take care of her and Maria. Fed up, Kay leaves to take her break. Simone shows up to visit Kay on her break. She sees Kay is up set and asks what is wrong? Kay says her life is what is wrong, and she complains about her life and how she has no romance with Miguel. Simone says that is what she came to talk to her about. Simone says they should go to the Founders Day Dance. Simone says they are finally old enough to go. Kay tells Simone that she cant go because she cant afford it. Simone says she can lend her a dress to wear, and she can do her hair. Kay says the tickets are a hundred dollars a piece, so they still cant go. She says her life sucks! Simone says she told her from the beginning that this was all a mistake. Kay thanks Simone for telling her just what she needs to hear right now. Simone says she needs to go to this dance now more than ever, they have to find a way. Simone asks Kay to ask her dad for a loan, but Kay says she cant do that. Kay thanks Simone for wanting to help her, but she says it is hopeless. She says her life is over and she might as well die. Simone tells her not to talk like that. Kay suddenly sees a flyer on a bulletin board, and she says her luck has just changed! The flyer says Crane Industries is raffling off tickets to the dance, and she plans to win the tickets. Simone wonders what Kay has up her sleeve.

At Tabithas, Miguel is working on the now repaired laptop writing a term paper for school. He is tired and is trying to keep himself awake. As he looks through his papers he finds a photo of Charity. He looks at it and misses Charity. Miguel thinks about all the good times he spent with Charity.

Over at the Bennetts, Charity looks over at Miguel and feels bad for him. Ivy shows up and tells Charity that she has good news. She says Rebecca is finally doing something good for once and is brining Charlie Lapson to the Founders Day Dance. Ivy says Charlie wants to do a nautical theme for his new catalogue and is coming to Harmony for inspiration. Ivy tells Charity that the two of them will wow him with her portfolio. Charity says she doesnt have one, she has a few drawings and that is all. Ivy says they still have a few days to pull it together and she will help her. Charity says okay, but really this all feels kind of empty. Charity says even if he does like her designs and she becomes rich and famous, the problem is she has no one to share that with. Ivy tells Charity that she understands what she is going through, and she has to keep herself busy and think of other things. Ivy says sitting around here pinning after Miguel wont help her. She says she will be happy again. Ivy tells Charity to make herself so successful that Miguel cant say no to her. Charity says that is not what her and Miguel are about, they love one another for who they are. Charity worries about Miguel because hes falling asleep at his computer. She says shes going to make Miguel something to eat because he probably hasn't eaten all day.

Charity brings Miguel some dinner, and she finds he has passed out in his chair. She leaves the food on the table for him, and places a rose on his book. She then runs out, and he wakes up to find his surprise. He wonders where it came from. He tries to find out who did this for him, and Charity hides as to not get caught. Miguel goes to his dinner, and finds the rose left for him. When he smells it he thinks of Charity. Back at the Bennetts, Ivy doesnt understand why Charity didnt want Miguel to know what she did. Charity says she doesnt want Miguel to feel obligated to her, she just wanted to do something nice for him. Ivy says she remembers feeling that way about Sam when she was Charitys age. As they talk, Ivy tries to give Charity hope. She says one day she could be back with Miguel just like she is back with Sam. Charity asks if she and Sam are really back together. Ivy says well not yet, but it will happen. She tells Charity that they both disserve to be happy with their first loves.


At the hospital, Dr. Simons and his assistant begin the implantation. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan discover Heather bound and gagged, and they wonder if Heather is here than who is in the implantation room? Before Heather can explain what happened she passes out. Back in the implantation room, the implantation is finished. The doctor says now they have to hope the implantation takes. Theresa says she knows it will, and she says I am pregnant with Ethan and Gwens baby! The doctor says for her not to get her hopes up because this thing rarely takes on the first try. Theresa says she knows she is pregnant and she has a little baby growing inside. The nurse says it could be more than just one, this procedure often results in twins. Theresa says this could be her lucky day! Whitney and Fox show up to see Theresa, and Whitney realizes she is too late to stop Theresa. Whitney cant believe this, but Theresa says this is her only chance to get her son back. Whitney says she is crazy and she hopes it doesnt work. Theresa says no it worked, she is pregnant, she can feel it. Whitney tells her that is wishful thinking and it is probably just indigestion. Whitney says if she is than what is she going to do? She says shes going to play hardball, Ethan and Gwen will have to play by her rules if they want to see this baby. Whitney asks her if she has thought how Gwen and Rebecca will feel about this? Theresa says she has and maybe theyll know what she felt like when they took Little Ethan from her. Fox reminds her who she is dealing with, they wont take this sitting down. Theresa says she is carrying their baby, they cant do anything to her, not even Rebecca. Whitney says what she has done is very illegal, but Theresa says they wont send her to prison to give birth to the child. Theresa is positive that Gwen wont take any chances with her child. Fox suggests they should get out of here now, but Theresa says she is not running and she is not afraid. Whitney says she should be afraid, especially of Rebecca. Theresa begins to worry and agrees to leave the hospital. Meanwhile, Ethan brings Eve to check on Heather, and they explain what has happened. Eve is confused as Heather is supposed to be in the procedure room. Heather finally comes too again, and she tries to explain what happened to her. She explains how a woman chloroformed her, and that is all she remembered. Eve says shes starting to get a very bad feeling about this. Eve pages the nurse who helped Dr. Simons, and Eve wants answers about what happened to the surrogate. The nurse says that isnt the woman they just implanted. Gwen and Ethan are stunned to learn the hospital has implanted their embryo in another woman. Gwen asks who this could have happened? The nurse says she checked her ID bracelet and everything. Eve ends up calling and putting the hospital into lockdown. Gwen and Ethan wonder who could have done this, and they go to the implantation room to find this monster!

Fox, Theresa and Whitney attempt to leave the hospital, and as they make their way through the halls, they have near misses with Gwen and Ethan. Gwen and Ethan think someone has deliberately done this to kidnap their child. Ethan and Gwen run off to look for the doctor who did this to question him, and when the nurse describes the woman to one of the guards, Eve realizes it is Theresa! Meanwhile, as Fox and the others try to leave, they hear the alarm go off and see the guards locking the doors. Ethan ends up finding Fox and Whitney, and Theresa hides behind them. Ethan asks Fox in helping him find some nutcase who stole his and Gwens baby. Gwen shows up and asks Ethan if he found her. Ethan says not yet, but he will. Gwen says she cant believe this is happening. Theresa finally reveals herself, and the nurse sees Theresa and names her as the woman. Gwen loses it and screams No!


April 22, 2004

At the cannery, Kay tells Simone that she has found a way for her and Miguel to go to the dance for free, the Crane Industry ticket raffle. Simone asks her what makes her so sure that she will win? Kay says she will win and she will go to that dance with Miguel. Kay stuffs the ballot box with her entries and throws away all the others. Kays boss, Chuck, shows up and tells Kay to get back to work. He takes a liking to Simone and says they are going to raffle off tickets to the big dance, and if he wins hed like to take her! Kay returns to work, and someone chops yet another one of her fingers off. Dort jokes that she still has six more. Simone says these women are tough and she warns Kay that if they find out what she has done they will tear her to pieces! Chuck announces that this is the last chance to enter the raffle as hes about to pull the winner out. All the women want to win the tickets. They all talk about the dance, how it is such a rich and fancy affair, and how theyve all dreamed about going for years. Chuck pulls the winning ticket, and surprise surprise, Kay wins. Kay says this is a miracle. Dort says or it is a scam because this is her first time entering and she won, whereas her and the others have entered for years and never won. Kay says it was a miracle.  The others dont believe Kay just happened to win by chance, and they look in the box and find out that Kay cheated. The girls are furious at Kay. Dort takes the tickets away from Kay and throws them into the vat of fish guts! Kay cant believe what Dort has done, and ends up jumping into the fish tank after the tickets! Dort and the girls are shocked, and when Kay doesnt come up, Dort jokes so the kids in America will have a little something extra with their tuna fish. Kay surfaces with the tickets in hand, and she says she is going to that dance and nothing will stop her!

At the Bennetts, Charity continue to look over at Tabithas to watch Miguel. She hopes he liked his dinner. Ivy cant believe she cooked that dinner anonymously. Charity says she doesnt want Miguel to know it is from her. Miguel shows up to see Charity, and he asks her if she brought him this great dinner? Ivy thinks Charity should tell him that it was her, but Charity says it wasnt her. Miguel says it was the kind of thing she used to do, so it must have been his mother. Charity says whoever did it for him loves him very much. He says hes sorry to bother her, and he leaves. After Miguel leaves, Ivy asks why she didnt tell him the truth? Charity says Miguel has too much in his life right now, and if he knew it was her than it would make things harder for him. Charity says she has lost Miguel forever and now that he is living next door she is tortured by seeing him every day. Ivy says Charitys pessimism is rubbing off on her, and shes afraid she has been kidding herself about having a future with Sam. She says maybe what happened on New Years Eve, when Sam told her he wanted to try again, was just the champagne talking. She talks about Sam when he was younger and how he loved her. She says she never stopped loving Sam, and she begins to worry Sam doesn't think about their love anymore. She wonders if perhaps she is too late, and if she has destroyed others lives for nothing. However, Ivy picks herself back up. She says she wont give up on Sam, and Charity cant give up on Miguel She tells Charity to grab Miguel and not to let go before it is too late. She tells Charity to look at her, after all these years she is living in the same house with Sam. She says they may not be a couple, but she isnt giving up! Sam returns home from work and asks why they look thick as thieves? Ivy says they are just doing a little girl talk. She says he  is home early, hes been working late so often lately. She has dinner ready, but Sam says he needs to talk to her. She asks if this is about work? Sam says he has been doing a lot of work because the Founders Day Dance is coming up. Ivy says she knows. Sam talks about how Luis always took care of security in the past, but now he's not there to do that. Sam also remembers how he and Grace went to the dance every year. Charity asks if the dance is fun? Ivy says she never got to go with Sam because they were dating in secret, and then when she married Julian they had to go and she always hated it because Julian would get drunk. Sam says oh, he got two tickets to the dance and thought it would be fun. Ivy tells her that he should go, but he says he wanted to go with her, but that was before he knew she hated it. She says she didnt hate the dance, she hated going with Julian and seeing him go every year with Grace. Sam says this could be their second chance to go. He asks her if she will be his date to the dance? Ivy asks Sam why he wants to take her? Sam says she does so much for him and the kids, and he wanted to thank her. She thinks this is all about thanking her, but he says there is another reason. Sam says he wants to see if there is another chance for them to find the love they lost all those years ago. Ivy cries and tells Sam that she is so happy and she has waited so long to hear those words. She says she would love to go to the dance with him. She tells Sam that she loves him and has never stopped, and she pulls Sam into a kiss.

Meanwhile, at Tabithas Charity and Miguel find themselves drawn back together, and they profess their love to one another and their desire to be with one another forever. They then share a kiss. Miguel says as long as they love one another there is nothing they cant work out. However, it all turns out to be a dream in Miguels head. Later, Charity actually drops by to see Miguel for real. She says she stopped by to return his plate, which he left when he dropped by earlier. Charity thinks she should go, and she does.

Pilar is at the hospital undergoing another treatment. She remembers Eve telling her that she needs to stay calm, have plenty of rest, and avoid stress. Pilar doesnt see how she can avoid stress when her childrens lives are falling to pieces. Meanwhile, Gwen realizes Theresa has implanted herself with her baby. She says this has to be some sick joke. Gwen begs Whitney and Fox to tell her that it is a joke, but they cant. Gwen says she better be dreaming. Eve asks Theresa to please tell them that she hasnt done this. Gwen says even Theresa wouldnt do something this horrible. Gwen says this has to be a mistake, Theresa couldnt just take her baby. Gwen begins screaming this is unacceptable, but the nurse says this is the woman they implanted. She says this woman claimed to be her surrogate and she even had her bracelet. Ethan says this must have been a horrible accident, but Gwen thinks Theresa deliberately stole her baby. Gwen calls her a crazy bitch and goes after Theresa! Pilar shows up and tells Gwen to stay away from Theresa. Rebecca shows up and asks what is going on? Gwen tells her mom that Theresa stole her baby! Rebecca assumes that Theresa has tried to go after Little Ethan again. Heather shows up and IDs Theresa as the woman who drugged her and tied her up. Gwen explains what happened to her mother, who finally realizes what Theresa has done. One of the nurses tell Heather that she has to be examined. Ethan tells Heather that he is sorry, but she says she doesnt want to know them and for them to leave her alone! Rebecca tells Theresa that she is going to kill her! Ethan says this isnt the way to solve things, but Rebecca says she has sentenced that baby to nine months in a Mexican prison! She says Theresa deserves the death penalty, and it's too bad she wasn't really executed last time. Ethan says this is as low as she has ever sunk, and Eve says she has put this hospital and its reputation at risk. Gwen wants Theresa arrested. Theresa asks Gwen if she really wants her to be put in jail and give birth to their child there? Pilar asks Theresa how she could steal their baby? Theresa says because they stole hers! Rebecca thinks this is about revenge, but Theresa says it isnt. Theresa says his is about getting her child back. She says she will only give Gwen and Ethan their child if they give her Little Ethan first! Theresa says she knows they all think she is a monster and that her main goal in life is to torture Gwen. She says this is not about what has been done to her or her family, it is about her little boy. She says she didnt plan on having him, and the way she got pregnant wasnt admirable, but he is the one right thing she has ever done. She tells Gwen that she stole him from her, but her heart is so filled with hate that she wouldnt listen to her. Theresa says she knows they all think that she doesnt feel for Gwen or sympathize what Gwen is going through, but Theresa says she does. She says her child was taken from her first, and as a mother you would do anything to get her child back. Theresa tells Gwen that she pushed her to do this, what mother wouldnt be driven to the extremes to get their child back. She says the worst thing is that her child doesnt know what happened and they are teaching him that she deserted him. She says Gwen took her child first, so she is doing this to get him back. Theresa tells Gwen that she is the monster! Theresa says she stole the best part of him, and now maybe she will start listening to her and just give her her child back. Pilar tells Teresa that she does not approve of what she has done, but she understands why she did it. Fox and Whitney support Theresa, and Gwen cant believe they are all buying this whole "Theresa the victim spiel yet again. Gwen says Little Ethan is back at the mansion playing videogames on his new computer, and he has new ponies arriving as well. Gwen says Little Ethan is fine, but her little Sarah will never get to be tucked in or get a pony. Gwen says that is because Theresa killed her! Theresa says Gwen has convinced herself that she killed Sarah, but deep down she must know that she didnt kill Sarah. Theresa says she knows how much Gwen wants a baby and shell be happy to hand the baby over if they just give her her son back. Theresa says that is the deal, one child for the other. Gwen wants her eggs removed from Theresa immediately! Eve says it cant be done. Gwen shatters a bottle, and threatens to cut Theresa open herself if they dont do this!


April 22, 2004
Shorter due to my long day of research
At the cottage, Sheridan and Antonio are in bed. Antonio asks SHeridan what is wrong? Sheridan is afraid that Luis could be right about her father and doctor Ackland brainwashing her, but ANtonio says Luis is wrong. Antonio says Luis is lying to her because he can't stand that she chose to be with him. Sheridan feels guilty for the rift between Antonio and his family. She says she loves his family and misses talking to them, especially Pilar, so she can't imagine what he's going through. Antonio says he doesn't miss being stabbed in the back. Sheridan tells Antonio that she can't stand he feels that way, and it is because of her. She tells Antonio that she's going to have to leave him and Harmony. Antonio says if she is leaving Harmony than he is going with her. She asks what about his family? He says she is his family, and he says they can go back to Saint Lisa's and return to the life they had when they first met. She says he will be estranged from his family if they go to Saint Lisa's, but he says he was estranged from them when they first met so it doesn't matter.

At Hanks, Luis continues to decode the CDs and he plans how to reveal Alistair's secrets for the maximum affect. HE tells Hank that he would love to unveil them in front of a huge crowd with Alistair present just to see the look on everyone's faces when they learn what Alistair and the Cranes have done to the citizens of HArmony, and to see Alistair's reaction to their anger. When he reads the paper, he realizes his dream scenario can be a reality. Luis tells Hank that he's going to expose Alistair at the Founder's Day dance! HE says they always have TV's set up everywhere to show all the people arriving in their limos and walking down the carpet. He says it will be the perfect place to bring Alistair down. 

At Crane Industries, Alistair is worried about Luis bringing down his empire. Julian is glad their secrets will be exposed as Eve will finally be with  her son. Alistair tells Julian that he may find his son, but he will go down with him so not only will Julian never get to know his son, he'll never have a life with his whore Eve Russell. Julian says he'd gladly go to prison if Eve could be happy with her son. Alistair says if they get a prison sentence they will be lucky, they are more likely to get the death sentence for the things they've done! 

  At the hospital, Gwen and Rebecca go to attack Theresa, threatening to rip her open and remove the embryo from within her. Pilar stands up for her daughter. She says she might not agree with what she's done, but she understands why she did it, and she won't let them harm her. Rebecca tells Eve to get the embryo out of Theresa otherwise this hospital will be facing a lawsuit. Eve gleefully tells Rebecca that Theresa deceived the hospital on her own, so there is no negligence on the hospital's part. Gwen screams at Theresa to give her her baby back! Theresa yells back give me mine back! Ethan says they pushed Theresa to do this and now there is nothing they can do. Gwen lashes out at Ethan and asks whose side is he on because it sounds like he is defending her. Ethan says he's not and he thinks what she did is wrong, but he understands why she did it. Rebecca can't believe Ethan is saying he can understand how her twisted mind works. Theresa eventually leaves with Fox and Whitney as there really is nothing Gwen or anyone can do at the moment. Eve asks to speak with Pilar, and she gives her a warning. She tells Pilar that any amount of stress could kill her given her condition, so she cannot get mixed up with Theresa and her crazy scheme. Pilar agrees not to, and later Julian stops in to tell Eve. He tells her that he is about to keep her promise. He says Luis is going to expose Alistair's secrets, so she will soon have her son back. She is thrilled, but then Alistair walks in and tells Eve that it will come at a price. He tells her not only will Julian end up going to jail, but everyone will learn of her past with him!

At the Russell's, Whitney and Fox try and convince Theresa to eat and rest as she is pregnant and needs to take care of herself. Theresa ends up calling her mom and asks her to come over because she needs her. Against Eve's advice, Pilar comes to see Theresa. Theresa tells her mom that Rebecca and Gwen will put up a fight against her, and she's not sure she's strong enough to fight them off alone. She asks her mother to fight with her, to stand by her. Pilar once again goes against Eve's advice and says she will help her daughter, she will stand with her until the very end.

Back at the hospital, Gwen tells Ethan that if he loves her, if he wants this marriage to work than he has to do something. He asks what he wants her to do? She says she wants him to take Theresa to court and force them to make Theresa give up their baby. Ethan asks if she realizes what she is asking? Gwen says yes, she wants the courts to force Theresa to have an abortion. She says she cannot live knowing Theresa could give birth to their child.

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