April 26, 2004
At the Bennetts, Ivy tells Sam how excited she is about going to the dance with him. He says hes glad she is happy. Ivy says he has it easy because all he has to do is put on a tux, but she needs to wear a spectacular dress. She looks through her outfits and says she has worn all of these dresses, and she cant be seen wearing the same dress twice, she needs a new dress. Sam says all he has is 100 dollars to give her. She says she is sorry for being so selfish. She says she doesnt need a new dress, she would be happy going in a burlap sack as long as she could go with him. He says really? She says yes. She says she loves him and has never stopped. As Ivy tells him about all the other horrible dances she attended with Julian, Sam promises her this one will be a night she wont forget.

Charity is outside and is thinking about Ivy telling her not to give up on Miguel. Charity wishes she could be with Miguel, but she doesnt think it is possible because of her deal with death. Charity also remembers Father Lonigan said God wouldnt punish a baby like that. She considers going inside to talk, but before she can, Kay comes home from the cannery. Charity sees that Kay is all wet and smelling like fish. Charity thinks she shouldnt bother Miguel now. Inside Tabithas, Miguel tells Kay that she looks and smells awful. Kay says she knows but she has the best news. She says she wants to take a shower first. She heads up to take a shower, and ends up being attacked by Fluffy.

Charity returns to the house, and Ivy pushes Charity to ask Miguel to the dance. She says shell never know if he will say yes if she doesnt ask him. Charity isnt sure because he is with Kay now, but Ivy says he loves her and not Kay. Ivy says she wont be happy until she asks him, so Charity agrees to go give it a shot.

Back at Tabithas, Tabitha talks to Miguel about how much work kids are these days. She says it was never this much work back in the good old days of Salem. Miguel says he thought she grew up in Harmony? She says yes she did, and she was speaking metaphorically. Kay returns and asks Tabitha to keep her cat in control, but Tabitha says she cant control Fluffy and as long as she comes home smelling like fish than Fluffy will be here to greet him. Kay then tells Miguel her news that she won tickets to the Founders Day Dance so they can go. Miguel thinks maybe she should go with someone else, but she says she wants to go with him. Miguel says he doesnt have money to pay for a sitter, but Tabitha says she can sit. Kay explains what she did to get these tickets so she could go with him, diving into a tank of fish guts, so he says hell go with her. As Kay celebrates, Charity shows up and asks what they are celebrating? Kay says she and Miguel are going to the Founders Day Dance. Kay asks Charity why she is here? Charity says she just wanted to check on her to see if she was okay as she was all wet when she came home earlier. Kay says it was just fish guts. She ask Charity if she wants to stay and celebrate. Charity says now, but Miguel asks her to stay. Charity decides to leave, and she runs out.

Charity returns home broken hearted, and she tells Ivy that Miguel is going to the dane with Kay, she is too late. Ivy tells Charity not to give up on Miguel because there is still hope for them. Charity says shes not so sure about that.

Sheridan is lying next to Antonio in bed. She cant stop thinking about Luis telling her about the CD. She says she needs to go do something very important. 

At Hanks place, the computer cracks another one of Alistairs codes. Luis finds information about his and Sheridans boat trip and details on how to construct a bomb. Luis says this proves Alistair tried to kill him and Sheridan on that boat trip. Later they hear someone snooping outside the apartment, so they turn off the lights and wait for the person to show themselves. When the door opens and someone walks in, Luis grabs them! It turns out to be Sheridan, and he apologizes. He says he thought she was one of Alistairs henchmen coming to get the CDs. Hes glad shes come back to him, but she says that is not why she came here. She says she came to tell him that shes going back to St. Lisas with Antonio. Luis tells Sheridan that she is not leaving! Sheridan says she is leaving and he cant force her to stay. Luis says he will prove to her that her father brainwashed her, but she says as of yet he has not proven it. She says she cant stand the fighting between him and his brother and she doesnt want one of them to end up dead because of her. He says this is not her fault it is her fathers, and he shows her the info from the latest CD he cracked. Sheridan is stunned by what is on the CD. Sheridan doesnt understand why her father and brother would want to kill her. Luis says it isnt that they hate her, they are just scared that if they got together that he would find out the family secrets. Luis says it is only a matter of time before he cracks the rest of the CDs and proves what her father and Ackland did to her. He says she cant leave Harmony now when he is so close. Sheridan says she just needs some time and space, and she runs off.

Later, Luis drops by the Bennetts to see Sam and shows him some of the secrets hes decoded from the CDs. He says he needs Sams help with something. Luis says hes going to expose Alistair at the dance, and he needs him to have enough cops to there to arrest Alistair and Julian. Sam isnt sure and warns Luis that he better have enough proof and documentation to back up his accusations. Luis says he does, and soon he will have Sheridan back in his arms.

Sheridan returns to the cottage and Antonio asks why she is up and dressed? Sheridan says she just came back from seeing Luis. She says she wanted to tell him that they were leaving and not to follow them. However, she says Luis showed her some things that have opened up her eyes. She tells Antonio about how her father and brother were behind the boat explosion that almost killed her. Antonio tells her not to believe it, but Sheridan obviously does. Sheridan says Luis also says he has proof that her father and Dr. Ackland brainwashed her into thinking she no longer loved Luis. Antonio tells Sheridan that she loves him not Luis. Antonio says Luis made those CDs up, but Sheridan says the CDs looked real to her. Antonio tells her to think about what is in her heart. He says Luis is desperate and is grasping at straws. He says there is nothing to prove that they arent meant to be together for the rest of their lives. 

At the Russells, Pilar heads off back to the B&B. Theresa asks the others if her mom looked okay because she seemed a little pale to her. Whitney and Fox say that she is probably just worried about her. Theresa decides to talk to her mom tomorrow about seeing Eve for a checkup. Theresa is feeling good and she thinks she is holding all the cards. She says her plan will work and there is nothing they can do to stop her. Fox and Whitney still dont think this plan will work, and Whitney says there are also the legal ramifications of her plan. Fox also says there is no guarantee that the implant worked. Theresa says she knows it worked. Fox says even if she is pregnant, she still has nine months before she gives birth and a lot could happen. Theresa says she will be fine and nothing will harm or hurt her. Fox and Whitney cant help but worry, but Theresa says Ethan and Gwen cannot do anything to her now that she is pregnant with their child.

At the hospital, Gwen asks Ethan to go to the court and force Theresa to have an abortion. She says there is no way she will let Theresa give birth to their child. Ethan says there must be another way, but Gwen says she doesnt trust Theresa. She says Theresa could be drinking or taking drugs. Ethan says Theresa wouldnt harm a child. Gwen reminds Ethan that she killed Sarah and now he wants to give her a chance to do that to their second child! She asks Ethan what kind of a man he is? Ethan says when Theresa was pregnant before she was very careful to protect the baby. Gwen says of course she wanted to protect the baby because she wanted to milk Julian for money. She also reminds him that Theresa did try and kill herself when she was pregnant, but Ethan says she was depressed. Ethan assures Gwen that Theresa wouldnt take any chances with this baby because it is her only chance to get her son back. Gwen says she doesnt want Theresa using their child as a bargaining chip! Rebecca shows up and asks what they are fighting about? Gwen says Ethan is defending Theresa yet again. Ethan says he is not, and he says he cant believe Gwen wants to do this. Rebecca learns Gwen wants Theresa to have an abortion, and she understands and agrees with Gwen. Ethan says if she insists Theresa have an abortion than she will be killing their second child! She says she knows what this means. She says she has accepted that she will not be able to have a baby, and she has accepted having a strangers body become attached to their child, but she would rather die than have Theresa carry their child. She says if he wont help her than shell fine a lawyer who will! She asks Ethan not to let her down this time.

Rebecca tales Gwen home and Rebecca says shell talk to Judge Reilly and make him see things there way. Gwen says she will cut that baby out of Theresa if she has to. Over at the Russells, Ethan shows up to see Theresa. He gives her a court summons which informs her of Gwens plans. Theresa says they cant do this! Fox asks what they are doing? Theresa says they want to force her to have an abortion!


April 27, 2004
Not proofed! Today was my long day, and I for some reason decided to do a long summary!
Whitney kisses Chad and she tells him how happy she is. She tells Chad that she loves him with all her heart and is so glad he is in her life. She says he is the one person who will never let her down, and she knows her mother can never do anything to hurt their relationship. Chad says no one can and he loves her. Chad and Whitney make love and then cuddle. Whitney says when they make love it is like all the problems disappear. Chad says he wishes they could stay like this all day, but she has to go to Theresas hearing and he has to set up the Founders Day Dance. Whitney is going to be signing at the dance, and they talk about how they can really use this money. Whitney says their lives use to be so simple but now everything is going wrong for everyone. Whitney says the one thing she can count on, the one thing that will never cause her pain is her relationship with him. Chad says nothing will ever tear them apart. 

At the hospital, Eve tells Pilar that she thinks she may find out her sons identity very soon. She informs Pilar about the evidence Luis took from Alistairs safe, and how one of the CDs has info about her and Julians son. Eve says while she is happy about finding her son, there is info on those CDs that could send Julian to prison for life. Pilar says Julian has hurt people badly and must be made to pay. Eve says Julian has changed and is a better person now. Eve says Julian reminds her of the man she loved. Eve says she doesnt think she could bare it if he could went to prison. Pilar realizes that Eve is still in love with Julian. Eve admits that it is true, she does still love Julian. She says he loves her so deeply and is willing to sacrifice anything, even jail for her. Eve says Julian is willing to let his life be destroyed for her. She says she also loves TC. Pilar says that is what worries her, she is caught between loving two men. Pilar says she is not judging her, she is just concerned for her marriage. Eve says she has not cheated on TC and is committed to her marriage. Pilar says she is still in love with another man, and she is afraid she wont be able to fight the temptation to go to bed with him. Eve says she loves TC, and she wont cheat on him. Pilar realizes it is getting late and she has to head to courthouse and be there for Theresa. Eve reminds Pilar not to put herself under too much stress. Pilar warns Eve to be careful of her love for Julian because it is dangerous and can destroy her life and family forever.

At the courthouse, Ethan and Gwen arrive. Gwen says this has been such a nightmare and thank god it is almost over. She says this is a new low for Theresa, she has gone above and beyond what she ever thought she was capable of. She says she will not let Theresa get away with this, they have to force that judge to make Theresa have an abortion. Meanwhile, Fox and Theresa show up together, and Theresa cant believe Ethan and Gwen are doing this. Theresa says she will fight them on this as it is the only way she can get her son back. The two couples end up running into one another in the hall. Theresa calls Gwen a sick bitch. Gwen says she can call her all the names in the book, but they all know she is a classless lunatic, including Judge Reilly. Gwen tells Theresa that shell be lucky if the judge only forces her to have an abortion because she should be locked up in a mental institution. Theresa asks Gwen how she sleeps at night, how she looks herself in the face. Theresa tells her that she pushed her to this and Judge Reilly will understand that. Gwen says that will never happen just like she will never give birth to their child! A bailiff comes out and says there has been a change in todays hearing, and that is all he says. Gwen gloats that the judge probably has no need to have this hearing and has already ruled in their favor. Theresa says the judge will not rule against her. Gwen says he already did when he let them adopt Little Ethan, so she is sure he will rule in their favor again. Whitney and Chad show up later and Theresa informs them that there has been a change in the hearing. Whitney asks what she means? Theresa says she doesnt know. The balif returns and says Judge Reily is ill and they will have a different Judge, Judge Ellis. He says they can come inside now. Gwen worries that the new Judge may rule against them, and Theresa is hopeful. Fox and Whitney both council Theresa to control her temper. The hearing begins, and Pilar worries as to why her mom is not yet here. The new judge takes his seat, and he says he has never seen a case like this one and he doesnt know where to begin. Ethan is allowed to present her case, but Theresa interrupts and says she is here representing herself and wants to question Ethan first. The judge says he will allow it. Gwen wonders what that bitch is up to. Theresa asks Ethan what has happened to him, what has become of the man who was always looking out for others and believed in doing the right thing. She says he changed when he turned his back on her and her son, and then he went and adopted her son. She says she thought he couldnt get any worse, but now he is forcing her to abort his own child! Theresa asks how he can want her to abort his baby? How? Ethan says she crossed a moral and ethical line by taking their child. Theresa says she has done all of this to get her son back! Ethan finally admits to Theresa that he was going to give her back her son after he and Gwen had a child of their own. Theresa says that never would have happen because Gwen would never agree to give her son back. Ethan says of course she would, but Theresa says she wouldnt. Rebecca already told her that Gwen would also have to agree to give her son back, and that is something she would never do. 

At the cottage, Sheridan and Antonio wait for Luis to arrive with his proof. Antonio thinks this is a total waste of time and Luis is grasping at straws. Luis shows up and says he can think whatever he wants, but he has all the proof to nail Alistair. Alistair walks in with Julian, and Luis says he is glad he is here when to see him be brought down. Luis says he has proof that he tried to kill Sheridan on the boat, and he has proof that Alistair had Sheridan brainwashed. Sheridan looks at the proof, and is stunned. She says it is true, and she tells her father that he did it all! She asked how he could do such horrible things to her? Antonio tells her that she cant believe the CDs, Luis made them up. Antonio tells Sheridan that he is her husband and she loves him. Luis says Antonio is the desperate one and the proof is all here. Antonio continues to try and convince Sheridan that the CDs have been faked, and he says he will prove that Luis is a liar. Sheridan tells them to stop this, and she asks her father for the truth. Suddenly, Sheridan wakes up from her dream, yes it was all a dream. Antonio asks her what is wrong? Sheridan says she has to know the truth and she has to know it now. Sheridan tells Antonio that she has to do something, she has to find the truth. Antonio tells her that it is all a fraud, but Sheridan says what if it isnt? She says that CD looked real and she has to confront her father about it. Sheridan says if Luis is right than this means her father has tried to kill her. Antonio asks if she believes what Luis is telling her, does she think she is in love with Luis and not him? Sheridan says she does love him (Antonio), she just doesnt know what to think about this anymore. She says she needs to talk to her father, so he says hes coming with her. She says no, she needs to do this herself. She asks him to please understand.

Julian shows up at Crane Industries to see his father. Julian says the walls are closing in on them. He says he has come to accept his fate and is just happy that Eve will be reunited with her son. Alistair says he will have to sit in his lonely little cell and think about Eve making love to TC. Julian says at least shell be happy. Alistair cant believe his new selfless attitude, he didnt raise him this way. Julian says he was a weakling and he should have stood up to him sooner. Suddenly, Sam shows up and tells Julian and Alistair that he is here to speak to them about their arrests. Sam tells them that he knows everything Luis has found, and hell soon have enough information to put them away for a long time. Alistair says unless he has a warrant for his arrest to leave. Sam tells him not to plan to escape, and he orders them both hand over their passports. He says he will make sure neither of them leave the country. Julian hands his over, as does Alistair. Alistair also warns Sam that he may be smug, but he still holds the power in this state. HE tells Sam that hes making a dreadful mistake. Sam says hes been waiting for this for a long time and so has his father. Sam says finally there will be an end to the stronghold hes had on this town. Alistair says his father was a failure and so is he, even his own wife saw that and that is why she left him. Alistair says Europe is lovely this time of year, and so romantic. He says Grace must be having a great time with David, she must have finally realized how boring her life was stuck in his kitchen cooking those wretched tomato soup cakes. HE says now she is off making love to David in all the most beautiful cities in Europe! Sam almost comes to blows with Alistair, but stops and says he wont play his game because the game is over and he will enjoy watching him go down! Sam warns them that all airports, bus and train stations are being watched, so dont even try to leave town. Julian tells his father that they are going down, and Alistair shatters his glass. Julian says their empire is coming crashing down, and he asks where all the pain they caused has got him. Alistair says everything he has done has been to protect their family. He begins ranting about Sheridan, calling her a stupid nave girl. Julian says Sheridan is the only member of this family that didnt set out, she didnt devote her life to the pursuit of money and power. Julian says Sheridan is the smart one for following her heart, and he wonders how his life would be different if he had followed his heart. Alistair says he is spewing sentimental crap, and he is the one that has caused all these problems. Alistair says if he hadnt bungled the boat explosion that Sheridan would be dead and Luis wouldnt be a problem. Suddenly, Sheridan shows up and realizes Luis was right about him!

Julian is at Hanks place having some nice clean Brita water and decoding the CDs on about four or five different laptops. Hank wakes up and cant believe Luis is still at the computer. He realizes Luis didnt sleep at all. Luis says too much is riding on him exposing Alistair tonight at the dance. Luis says Sheridan didnt believe the evidence he showed her earlier, so he needs more proof to show her. Luis says he wont let Alistair slip away from him this time. Hank has reservations that Luis may not succeed because Alistair will do everything in his power to stop him. Luis says there is nothing he can do to stop him.


April 28, 2004
At the courthouse, we see a replay from yesterday of Theresa tells Ethan that Gwen would never give her child back, Rebecca told her as much. Ethan asks Gwen if this is true? Would she give Little Ethan back once they had their own child? Gwen says she will never give Little Ethan back to Theresa! Theresa says this is why she had to do this, she had no choice! Pilar shows up at this point, and Whitney fills her in on what is going on. Gwen says Theresas son is now their son, she lost her child and they adopted him. Gwen tells the judge that the courts ruled her an unfit mother, and her latest stunt proves it. Gwen says Theresa had a choice here and she made the wrong one. Ethan agrees that Theresa made the wrong choice. Gwen refuses to let Theresa destroy everything thing in their life. She says if they let Theresa carry this baby than she will never be out of their lives. Gwen says she will always be the one who gave birth to their child and she will always use this to worm her way into his life again. Ethan says he won't let that happen, but Gwen says he has blinders on when it comes to this girl. Gwen says they have to stop this now! Theresa asks Ethan not to do this, not to force her to abort his child. Ethan says Gwen is his wife and he loves her, so he will stand by her. Ethan then presents his case, and he says given that the embryo belongs to him and his wife they should decide whether the pregnancy should continue, and they want Theresa to have an abortion. He says it was Theresas plan to use this baby as leverage to force them to give her back her child. Ethan wraps up his case, and Theresa says she has no more to say. She only says she wants this baby to live, even if the parents dont. Pilar cries, and Fox and Whitney worry about her because she looks pale. Pilar says she is just worried. The judge retires to his chambers to consider the case. As they wait for the judge to return, Pilar decides to go to the restroom. She ends up dizzy when she stands, and Theresa asks what is wrong. Pilar says she just stood up too fast and she insists she is fine. In the ladies room, Pilar is hit with a nose bleed and ends up passing out. Back in the courtroom, the judge returns and says he has made his decision. 

Sam is outside somewhere and cant get Alistairs words out of his head. He wonders if Alistair is right and Grace is happy with David. At Hanks place, Hank gets dressed and tells Luis to watch his back because Alistair wont think twice about killing him. Luis says Alistair is done for, he will expose him tonight and then get Sheridan back. Sam shows up, and he talks to Luis and Hank. He asks Luis if he has rock solid proof against Alistair, and Luis says he does. Sam says once he has all the proof he will arrest Alistair and Julian. Hank says he is afraid Alistair could try something, and Sam agrees. Sam says hes already taken their passports so he cant leave the country. Luis takes off, and Hank runs down to the deli to get some coffee. Hanks phone rings and Sam answers it. It is Grace calling! Grace is in Italy and she says the station house said she should try him at hanks. He asks how she is doing, and she says she is well. He asks how she likes Italy. Grace says Italy and Europe is fabulous. He asks about David, and she says he is busy with his photography. It seems Grace wants to say something more, but she just asks about the girls and to have Sam tell the girls that she misses them. Grace realizes the Founders Day Dance is coming up. Sam says it is tonight. Grace says she always loved that dance. Grace says she hasnt missed a Founders Day Dance since he brought her to Harmony. He says he remembers. She asks if he is going, and he says yes. Grace asks if he is going with Ivy, and Sam says yes. Grace says she hopes he really enjoys tonight. Sam thanks her and says hes sure they will. Grace says she really should be going, she just wanted to check in. Grace says she should go get ready for dinner with David, and they say goodbye. Hank returns later with coffee, and he can see Sam is a bit upset. Sam says Grace just called from Italy. Hank asks how she is doing? Sam says she said she was doing fine, and he said the same. Sam says she called to check on the girls, but he feels like when they were talking they were both feeling like each other was waiting for the other to say they missed them. Hank says he thinks Grace still loves him, and he still loves her, so he shouldnt let stubborn pride cost him Grace. Sam says Grace made her choice and chose David. Hank says Grace is deeply religious and felt she had to honor her vows. Sam thinks Grace is having a real good time and maybe he just imagined that she wanted to say more than she wanted. He says tonight is the Founders Day Dance and he will take Ivy and try and make things work with her again; Sam says his life with Grace is in the past and it is time with him to move on, perhaps with Ivy.

At Crane Industries, Sheridan walks in and hears her father telling Julian if he hadnt bungled the boat explosion than Sheridan would be dead and they wouldnt be in this situation. Sheridan asks her father how he could do this? Julian is stunned, but it turns out that Sheridan is just upset because her office is now his assistants office. Alistair says he was having the conference room turned into her office because he thought she could use a bigger office. He says it wont be ready for a few days so she should take some time off. Sheridan says she needs to talk to him about what Luis showed her. Sheridan questions her father about the boat explosion and whether he tried to kill her. Alistair asks what he is supposed to say? Julian tells Sheridan if she thinks Alistair would admit it even if it was true? Alistair swears he didnt try and kill her, and as they talk, Antonio shows up and listens in on them. Alistair insists he loves her and that is the truth. Sheridan says she saw all this evidence on Luis computer. Alistair says Luis is twisting everything in his files. He says he had information on the boat and the bomb, but they were part of an investigation to find her. He swears he was trying to help her, not hurt her. He says Luis is trying to make her doubt her own family and turn her against everyone that cares about her. Alistair says he never thought Luis was good enough for her, but hed never try to kill Luis or her. He says Luis is playing games with her life. He tells her not to be a fool, not to let Luis do this to her. Alistair says he is her father and she should trust him. Sheridan cries that she is confused and doesn't know what to think anymore. She runs off, and Antonio runs after her. Alistair asks Julian why he didnt blow the whistle? He says it was his instinct to survive and his hope they will somehow come out of this unscathed. Alistair says he was wise not to say anything. He says he should have killed that Damn Luis years ago. Julian drinks because he says they dont serve brandy in prison. As Julian talks about how they are finished, Alistair refuses to admit defeat. He says they have to continue with the dance as planned and both of them must appear there. When Julian leaves, Alistair makes a call and orders someone in his office right away. Alistairs pilot shows up, and he asks him to have a hangar fueled and ready for take off. He says this is a one way trip out of the country and they wont be coming back. The pilot says hell need his passport, so Alistair gives him a foreign passport. When asked about Julian, Alistair says Julian wont be coming. He tells himself that someone has to take the fall, and that someone will be Julian.

Luis arrives at Crane Industries to check out the preparations for the dance. As he looks around Sheridan runs into him. She is in tears and doesnt know who to believe. She asks Luis if he is lying to her? She says she needs to hear the truth. Luis says he would never lie to her, but Sheridan says both Antonio and Alistair are saying he is lying. Luis says she is the only woman he has ever loved and she needs to know the truth, even if it hurts her. Sheridan tells Luis Alistairs explanation. Luis says he never expected Alistair to admit to it, and he says she cant trust him. Luis says he will be able to show her more and more proof as he decodes more of the CDs. Sheridan says she just doesnt know, she just doesnt want to imagine that her father could do this. Luis says he will be here for her, he always will. As he comforts her, Antonio shows up and tells Luis to get his hands off his wife! Antonio says hes sick of telling him to leave his wife alone and he has had it. Luis says he is sick of him as well, and he knows his brother is scared. Antonio says they have been over this and that is why they are leaving. Luis says he wants to take her away before he can prove Sheridan loves him. Antonio says that is not true, but Luis says he will prove everything at the dance and asks Sheridan not to go before the dance. Luis begs her to wait till tomorrow, and if she still wants to leave than he wont stop her. Sheridan thinks she should wait and see if Luis does have the proof. Antonio says no way, Luis is just trying to turn her against everyone. Antonio ends up dragging Sheridan off by the arm, and Luis says to himself that he will prove to Sheridan and everyone that he is right about Alistair.


April 29, 2004
Shorter than normal due to a long day, and a presidential news conference which interrupted the show in my area
At the Seacape, Luis calls Julian and asks him to come meet him, which Julian does. They talk about Luis' decoding the CD-roms and bringing down the Crane Empire. Julian thinks Luis must be very pleased because he's getting what he's always wanted. Luis says he is glad to be sending Alistair in jail, but he takes no pleasure sending Julian to jail. Julian is stunned. Luis says Julian showed him that he had a heart that day they talked on the pier, unfortunately it was just too late for him. Luis tells him about the CD-roms, including the one labeled Julian's bastard. Julian tells Luis that is the silver lining in all of this, he will finally learn who and where his son with. Luis realizes this son is with the woman Julian loves. Luis asks who the woman is, but Julian won't say. After Luis leaves, Julian calls Eve.

At the Courthouse, Pilar passes out in the bathroom and is discovered by Rebecca, who is late for the hearing. She thinks that Pilar is dead and walks out of the bathroom all full of joy. However, she steps in the puddle of blood, which she tracks out into the hall, and is spotted by an officer. He tells her to halt, looks in ladies' room and notices Pilar on the floor. He recognizes her and thinks she has killed Luis. The commotion disrupts the court preceding as the judge was about to make his ruling. Theresa is not allowed to see what is happening as she is involved in the court case, so Ethan checks on what is going on and finds Pilar on the ground. HE wants to call the paramedics, but she insists he doesn't. He asks what is wrong, is she sick. She tries to claim she fell, but Ethan doesn't believe her. She admits she is sick but asks him not to tell any of her children. Theresa walks in at this point, having been given permission to check on her mom. She hears her mom ask Ethan not to tell her children. She asks what her mom doesn't want them to know. Pilar claims she doesn't want them to know she slipped and hurt herself. Theresa says this is her second nosebleed, but Pilar insists that she is just clumsy. Pilar clears Rebecca of any wrongdoing, and they all head back into court. The judge makes his ruling and rules in Theresa's favor. Gwen is stunned and refuses to let this happen. She lunges at Theresa and begins to choke her! 

At the Russell's, Liz walks into the kitchen and Eve is glad to see her as she has something to give her. Eve slaps Liz and tells her to get out of her house now! The show was interrupted at this point, and when it returned TC was with Eve and they were discussing how it might be best for Liz to sell her club and return to Saint Lisa's. Eve gets a call from Julian who asks to meet her in the park to discuss their son. She claims she has to go to the hospital and heads off. Liz asks TC if he really wants her to leave, if there is no reason he can think for her to stay. He says it is best she leave. Later, TC heads to the attic to get something, but his knee gives way and he falls of the ladder!

In the park, Eve meets up with Julian. HE fills her in about the CD-roms and his impeding arrest. She tells him that she won't accept this. She says she can't find her son only to lose him. Julian says there is nothing he can do, but he does have a plan to protect her when the truth comes out and make sure her marriage to TC stays intact. Eve tells Julian no, she cannot ask him to sacrifice any more for her. 

Outside the Bennett's, Charity is working on her fashion project when Miguel shows up. HE tells her that her drawings are very good. She says thanks, but she doesn't know if she has what it takes to make it. She says sure she might be able to make great clothes, but she doesn't know a thing about business. Miguel says that is what he is studying in school, and he agrees to help her out. He says together they will make a great team.

At Tabitha's, Kay talks to Tabitha about how life is grand. Tabitha asks Kay if she's not worried about Charity's plans to become a big fashion designer. Kay says she isn't, and she hopes Charity makes it big and moves to New York, LA, or better yet Paris. Kay says Charity will be gone and she'll be left with Miguel and Maria. Tabitha looks outside and says it looks Charity isn't going anywhere right now. Kay sees Miguel with Charity and throws a fit. She says she'll come up with a way to get rid of Charity for good. Tabitha asks what she's going to do, kill her? Kay says no, she has a better idea.


April 30, 2004
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At Tabithas place Kay is complaining about how she thought things would turn around for her. Tabitha says not anytime soon, shes done a reading for her and things dont look good. Kay knows what the cards say, she wont get Miguel and he will get back together with Charity. Tabitha says she is afraid so. Kay says she overheard Miguel and Charity and they are teaming up to work on Charitys design business. Tabitha says she thought she was just making one dress? Kay says she has bigger plans, and they were talking about forming a company with Miguel handling the business end. Kay says this is not how things were supposed to work out, Charity was supposed to be a designer and move away. Kay says instead the two of them will move off to Paris or London together and leave her here to raise Maria alone. She has a vision of her future in which she is now working on the fishing boats instead of the cannery. Miguel walks in wearing a suit and tie, and he is cold to Kay. Maria is a little older, shes about 4 now, and she is with Charity. Maria is cold to her mom as well and tells her to take a shower because the smell is grossing her out! Kay learns that Charity and Miguel are headed to Paris for fashion week and they are taking Maria with them. Miguel tells Kay that it really was best that he and Charity raised Maria because they can give her what Kay never could have. They then leave for Paris. Kay refuses to let that vision happen, she says she will keep Charity and Miguel apart no matter what she has to do! Kay tells Tabitha her plan, and Tabitha says that is extreme even for her. Kay says Charity hasnt left her a choice. Kay goes to head out, and she says when she comes back Charitys chances of ever being with Miguel will be finished!

Meanwhile, Miguel and Charity continue to work on the business. Miguel tells Charity that she should wear one of the dresses to the dance tonight to advertise her designs. Miguel asks Charity if she knows what she wants to do with her business, does she want her own store or sell her stuff to chains? Charity says she knows what she wants, shes always known. Miguel asks her what she wants? She says she just wants them to do what is necessary to make this all happen. He asks if that is all, and she says yes why. Miguel says he just thought, never mind. They return to working on their business, and secretly they both wish they were really together and not just working together. Miguel draws up a few different business plans for Charity and they discuss them. He continues to tell her that she really should wear a dress she designed to the dance tonight because he really likes it. He also asks to see more of her designs to give him an idea how to market them. He tells her to think about the future, and she giggles. She decides to go get them in order to show him. They head into the Bennett house and continue talking about how they could make this business a huge success. Charity says theyve always made a good team. Kay spies on them from the kitchen window, and then finds Charitys sketchbook outside. She sees the dress Charity is planning on wearing to the dance, and she decides to make some alterations to the measurements! 

Liz finds TC at the bottom of the attic steps. TC ends up having an out-of-body experience and looks down on Liz tending to him. TCs father appears to him and tells him that he slipped because of his knee. He says it is time for TC to take revenge on that bastard! TCs father says while he does beat the hell out of Julian every chance he gets he has done nothing to settle the score between them. His father tells him to settle the score because Julian has taken everything from both of them! TC tells his dad that he will make TC pay. TCs father disappears, and TC returns to his body. TC wakes up, and he asks Liz if she saw his father. She says no she didnt. TC says there is something he has to do. Liz thinks he needs rest because hit his head and his knee is bothering him, but TC says he has to find Julian and make him pay. Liz says she doesnt understand. TC says she doesnt need to understand. TC heads out, and Liz follows him. TC heads to a door an opens it.

In the park, Eve asks Julian how hes going to protect her? Julian says when Luis reveals the Cranes secrets her family wont find out the truth about their past. Eve asks how he is going to protect her? Julian says Luis will make sure she is protected, they talked about it. Julian informs Eve that the consequences for the two of them will be staggering. He says they will learn who their son is, but he will be arrested and sent to prison for a very long time. Julian says everyone will learn about their past, including TC and her daughters. However, Julian says he has made sure that she wont lose her family. Eve asks how he can be so sure? Julian gives Eve an envelope and says it is all in here. Eve opens the envelope, and she tells Julian absolutely not, she will not let him do this! Julian has written a confession in which he claims raped her years ago and that is the reason she got pregnant. Julian says if he doesnt let her do this than she will lose anything. She says she cant let him do this. She says if TC thinks he raped her than he will kill him first! Julian says TC wont be able to get near him, hell be in jail. Eve says she still wont allow anyone to think he raped her. He says it was rape in a way, she was innocent and he corrupted her. Eve says she was a woman and made her own choices. She says he made her happy and she wanted to be with him. He says he loved her and still does. She says she loves him to and that is why she wont let him confess to this. She says that he would think making this sacrifice for her is just so . . . She says she cant let him sit in jail for the rest of his life for this. Julian tells her how he used to dream they would be together, and she says she used to dream the same thing. They talk about the green fog vision and how happy they were in it. Julian says they could have had that life if he wasnt such a coward. Eve realizes it is late and she should go. Julian asks for one last kiss before he goes, and they kiss. Julian says he wants her so much, and she says she wants him to. She tells him to come with her. They head to Eves office where they begin to remove one anothers clothes! 

In court, Gwen begins chocking Theresa! The judge orders the bailiffs to do something to stop this. Ethan finally stops Gwen and apologizes to the judge saying that she is under a lot of stress. Gwen wants to know how the judge can let Theresa get away with this! The judge orders everyone to sit down, but Gwen continues to ask how he can reward Theresas criminal behavior! The judge says he understands her frustration, but he will not order an abortion. He says he has done research into invitro and it could turn out that Theresa could not be pregnant. Gwen realizes that the judge is right. However, the judge says if Theresa is pregnant he will not order her to have an abortion. He then tells Theresa that he does not approve of her behavior and he finds it immoral. He warns her to watch herself because the court will be watching her. Afetr the court is adjourned Gwen once again tells Theresa that she will never get Little Ethan back, never! Gwen says what she has done has been a big waste of time. Theresa insists she is pregnant, but Gwen doesnt believe her. Gwen gloats to Theresa that she has Little Ethan and there is nothing she can do to get him back! Theresa says she will stop her, she will get her son back Pilar becomes dizzy as she goes to leave, and Ethan worries about her. She tells Ethan that she is seeing a doctor and she doesnt want her children to know. Ethan says he wont say anything, but he is worried about her. He says Theresa depends on her and he doesnt know what shed do without her. Pilar says she knows and she loves and needs her children as well. Later, Pilar asks God not to let her die because her children need her. Etha, Gwen and Rebecca leave, and Theresa worries what if she isnt pregnant. Fox says he has an idea, he thinks he knows how she can get her son back today. 

Rebecca, Gwen and Ethan return to the mansion, and Gwen and Ethan continue to fight over Theresa and what she has done. Ethan says he isnt happy that Theresa may be pregnant, but if she is he doesnt want her to have an abortion. Gwen says yet again he is siding with Theresa. Gwen ends up saying she doesnt know why they are talking about this because Theresa probably isnt pregnant. Suddenly, Fox and Theresa walk in. Theresa is smiling and tells Gwen that she is here to settle everything between them once and for all. Gwen asks what the smug smile is for. Theresa says she is happy because shes going to get her son back. Gwen says she is wasting her time. Theresa tells Gwen to listen to her good, she better give her her son back now! Gwen calls her a crazy bitch and says they dont know if she is pregnant. Theresa says she is, and shows them the pregnancy test she just took. Theresa says if she ever wants to see this kid than hand hers over!

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