August 2, 2004
At the hospital, Gwen and Ethan are stunned when they overhear Theresa tell her mother that she wouldn't give them their child. Gwen lashes out at Theresa, and Ethan is stunned. Pilar becomes upset, and she asks Theresa not to do this. Theresa yells at them both to get out of her mother's room because she is not supposed to have any stress. They agree to leave, but Ethan says they will wait for her in the hallway. Theresa goes out to face the music, and Gwen is furious. Gwen says they actually came here to make peace, to tell her that they were going to give her her son back. Theresa is stunned. Ethan says he wanted to ask her to stay at the mansion until the baby was born, and he told Gwen she wouldn't want to keep a baby that didn't have her DNA. Theresa says Ethan is right, she doesn't want a baby that doesn't have her DNA. Gwen tells her that she is a liar. Ethan talks to Gwen in private and says the best way to get what they want and to keep an eye on her is to let her live with Little Ethan at the mansion. Gwen doesn't know, but finally agrees. Ethan tells Theresa that they will return Little Ethan to her when she delivers and gives them their child, but until the time being, would she accept to living at the mansion with them. Theresa agrees because it means she gets to be with Little Ethan. Theresa, Ethan and Gwen all shake on it. Ethan decides to go talk to the doctors and see if she can be released. Gwen doesn't think they can trust Theresa, but Ethan says it is the only way they will get through this. Gwen tells Ethan if he is wrong, this is just going to lead to more heartache. Theresa then goes back in to see her mom and tells her of the latest development. Pilar asks Theresa how she can do this? Theresa reminds her mother what Gwen and Rebecca have done to them. Theresa says she will get her son back, she will keep the baby she is carrying, and no one will stop her. Pilar warns her that she should know what damage lies can do, she is purposely destroying Ethan  and Gwen's family. Theresa says it is time for payback considering what they did to their family.

At the Russell's, Julian continues to comfort Eve, and TC says he can't take this anymore, so he is moving out. Simone wonders what next, first she found out about Whitney and Chad, then mom, and now dad is moving out. TC and Eve ask what she is talking about, what is going on with Whitney and Chad? Simone says they are getting married. Whitney and Chad stand up and confirm they are getting married, which shocks everyone. She asks if they aren't going to congratulate her. Liz says they are happy for her, and Sam says it is just so fast. Simone refuses to be happy for them because Whitney stole Chad from her. Whitney says she did not steal Chad from her, she needs to face the reality that Chad was never hers! Meanwhile, Ivy asks Liz if she is pleased with herself? Liz is, and she tells Ivy that she can't wait until Sam learns all about Ivy's lies and starts screaming at her. Liz later tells Ivy that she hasn't seen anything yet, she still has more plans up her sleeve. Ivy tells Liz to stop threatening her, but Liz says she's not. Ivy begins to wonder if Liz has more secrets about Eve. Liz remembers finding out that it was Eve who was driving the car that hit TC. 

MEanwhile, Eve tells Whitney that this is a mistake, she is too young to get married. Whitney tells her mom to mind her own business. Eve says she is her business, she and Simone are her life. Whitney says she and Chad are getting married and there is nothing she can do about it. Whitney says she and Chad are getting married and there is nothing she can do about it!  Eve says she forbids it! Whitney tells her mother that she is a whore and drug addict! Eve tells TC that no matter how he feels about her, he can't let Whitney rush into marriage. TC asks what he should say, how can he give advice on marriage when he married the wrong woman? TC says he doesn't know a damn thing about love because the woman he married was a liar and a whore. Eve asks TC if they didn't have a good life, wasn't she a good wife to him, before he found out about her past wasn't he happy? TC says he was happy, he was a happy and stupid fool! TC says he was so proud when she agreed to marry him because he thought she was a fine and upstanding doctor. He tells her their marriage was a lie, the whole thing. Eve says not all of it, she loves him and always has. TC says that might just be another one of her lies for all he knows. He asks Eve if there are anymore lies, are there any more bustards out there? Ivy hopes Liz keeps her mouth shut, but Liz doesn't. Liz says she has something to say, and Ivy warns Eve what is coming her way.

Down in MExico, Luis and Sheridan search for Paloma, who has been snatched by Alistair's henchman. Alistair's henchman agrees to let Paloma go (he has his hand over her mouth) if she doesn't scream. He lets her go, and she asks how dare he touch her? She says she will tell her brother about him and he will arrest her. The henchman says no he won't, Luis isn't a cop anymore. He says Luis has been lying to her. He says he was sent by a friend to look out for her, and he has to warn her about his brother's lies. Paloma hears her brother calling out to her, and the henchman says she needs to decide if she wants to know the truth or not. Paloma says fine, why is her brother here, what lies is he telling her? The man says he was next to her brother and that woman on the plane, they aren't here because they love her. He says her brother doesn't love her and neither does any of her family, that is why they sent her away. She asks why he is telling her this. He says because his friend cares about her. HE tells her not to let her family manipulate her, and then he runs off. Luis and Sheridan finally find Paloma. Luis apologizes to Paloma and tells her that he's sorry they got of on the wrong foot, but he loves her. He says the whole family loves her, and that is why he came to get her and bring her home. Paloma says she knows exactly what he thinks of her, why he is here, and what he wants her to do. Paloma tells Luis she will never go back to Harmony with him!


August 3, 2004
At the hospital, Gwen continues to worry that Theresa may change her mind at the last minute. Gwen is convinced that Theresa will try and keep their baby. Ethan asks why? She replies why does she do anything? Ethan says this baby is not hers, it is theirs, so why would she want to keep it? In Pilars room, Theresa tells her mom that she is not giving Gwen and Ethan this baby. Pilar says she has agreed to, but Theresa says she only agreed to give Ethan and Gwen their baby, the baby inside her is her baby. She says she is not giving them this baby. Pilar asks Theresa why she has done this, why did she trick Ethan and sleep with her. She says to have a baby to trade for Little Ethan. Pilar says shes not giving this baby up though, and she asks Theresa if she did this to get back together with Ethan? Pilar says she doesnt want Ethan back, she just wants her family. She also says she wants revenge on Rebecca and Gwen for what they have done to her and their whole family. Theresa says she cant wait to see the pain on Gwen and Rebeccas faces after this. Pilar wishes Theresa would not do this, and she thinks her lies and what she has done will come back to haunt her. Theresa says it wont. Ethan and Gwen show up, and Ethan says everything is set, so is she ready to move to the mansion? Theresa says she has never been more ready for anything in her life.

Ethan, Gwen and Theresa arrive at the mansion, and Theresa wants to go see her son. Little Ethan runs down the steps, and he is reunited with Theresa. She takes him up to bed, and Ethan says that he allowed Little Ethan to stay up because he was having problems sleeping and he knew she would soon be home. As Theresa tucks Little Ethan in, Gwen tells Ethan that she has a bad feeling about all of this. Gwen and Ethan head to their room, and Ethan tries to reassure Gwen that Theresa will deliver their baby, and they will have the family they have always dreamed about. Gwen admits to Ethan that she's been worried about this plan, but perhaps it will work out. She says perhaps they finally will be parents. Back in Little Ethan's room, Theresa tells a sleeping Little Ethan that soon he will have a baby brother or sister, and then all three of them will go live someplace and be a happy family. Theresa says Gwen will never take him or this baby from her again.

At the Russells, Liz is poised to make another announcement. TC asks Liz if she has more information on Eve? Eve wonders what else Liz has to tell? Julian says who knows what else she has discovered. Liz says they have all been through so much tonight, perhaps it would be best if they all took a little time out. Eve tells Liz that she did this to them, she is responsible for what they have gone through. TC says Eve did this, not Liz. TC says if she hadnt lied than their would have been nothing to expose! TC says he doesnt know her anymore and doesnt care to know her. Meanwhile, Ivy asks Liz why she didnt divulge her next secret? Liz says she is saving it to enjoy it. Ivy wonders how she could hurt Eve anymore. Liz says she will be surprised, there is a lot more pain coming to Eve, and to her too. Liz says she doesnt know what is going on with her, Sam and Grace or how Eve is connected to it, but the both of them will end up losing everything! Ivy tells her to go to hell! Ivy then turns around and finds Sam standing there, and she asks how long he has been there? Sam hasnt heard anything, he just saw that she looked worried. Ivy says its just been an emotional night. Sam asks what they were talking about? Liz says they were talking about life and how funny it can be. She says Eve did some terrible things and thought she got away with it, but now it is coming back to haunt her. Sam says he feels bad for Eve, but Liz says the truth always comes out. Sam says she is right, the guilty parties always end up paying in the end. Meanwhile, Chad decides Whitney needs to eat, so he asks Fox to look after Whitney while he makes her food. Fox tells Whitney that he feels horrible for her, but she doesnt want to hear it. Fox ends up telling Whitney that she is marrying Chad for the wrong reasons, and deep down she loves him. Whitney says she doesnt, and for the last time leave her alone. Whitney runs off, and Julian asks Fox what is going on? Fox says Whitney is trying to convince him that she doesnt love him, but he doesnt buy it. Julian says Whitney is still choosing to stay with Chad, just as Eve chooses to be with TC. Fox wonders why their love hurts them so much.

Outside, Simone confronts her mother about her past. Eve admits it is all true, and she is sorry. Simone says they thought she was perfect. Eve says she never said that, that was her father. Simone says she let them believe it, and she asks why Eve would lie to them? Eve says she loved her father (TC) and she thought they could have a normal life. She says she should have trusted in her fathers love, but she was afraid so she hid the truth. Simone doesnt know what to believe anymore. Eve says she loves her, Whitney and her father, and she hopes one day they will forgive her. Whitney walks out and tells her mother that she will never forgive her! Whitney tells her mother that she is a liar and a hypocrite, not to mention a whore. Simone tells Whitney who is she to judge mom, she lied to her about Chad! Everyone begins arguing, and TC comes out and tells Eve that she has done all this. He says he can't believe he thought she was such a good role model for their girls. He says hed rather have their girls be dead than end up whore like her! TC says he cannot stay here because this place is infected by her lies! Whitney says shes not staying here either. Liz gloats that she has ruined her sisters life. Sam tries to convince TC to stay here tonight and decide what to do or where to go tomorrow. TC agrees to stay for the night, and everyone heads back inside. Ivy and Sam decide to leave for the night. On their way home, Sam can't believe this happened to the Russell's. He says they were the perfect families. He says then again he never thought anything would happen to his family. Ivy says they all have a past, but Sam says the past isn't the problem, it is the secrets. Ivy worries about what will happen when her past comes out. Sam tells Ivy he doesn't mean to get into the past again with her. He says he is glad to have her back in his life again. He says they are building something special, and this time there are no lies or secrets. Sam is then called by the station. Ivy begins to worry that her life will collapse just like Eve's. 

Back at the Russell's, TC is still set on leaving, but Eve says no. She says she is the one who has caused all this, so she will leave. Whitney tells her goodbye and good riddens! Simone tells Whitney that she is no saint! Liz asks Eve where she will stay? TC says at the Crane Mansion with Julian, she is nothing but a whore!

Down in Mexico, Katherine and Martin are walking around and looking for Sheridan, Luis and Paloma. They discuss how much their children have grown, and how they have missed their childrens entire lives. Katherine says at least he got to see Paloma grow up, but Martin says he never got to tell her the truth. Martin says they needs to go find their children. Meanwhile, Paloma tells Luis that she is not going to Harmony with him or anyone else. Luis says she has to, mama is sick and with Antonio gone it is more important than ever to reunite the family. Paloma remember the lies the man told her, that they dont love her and only want her to come home to make their mother better. Katherine and Martin show up, and they are glad to see everyone is safe. Katherine asks what is going on here? Paloma says they want her to go back to Harmony, but shes not going anywhere with them. She says they arent her family, and she says she wasnt wanted. Luis says that is not true, they wanted her to stay. Paloma says if mama loved her than she would have tried to bring her home. Luis tries to reason with Paloma, but Paloma says she was the only one mama decided to send away. Luis says mama did love her and she did want her to stay, but after papa disappeared there was no joy and not enough money. Paloma says there was enough money for the rest of them. Luis says barely, and they went many nights without food. Luis says mama knew if she sent her away that she would have a better life. Luis says he offered to go in her place, but mama thought Paloma wouldnt miss what she had never knows. Martin and Katherine try and help Paloma see reason, but she refuses to listen to any of them. She says she will not go back to Harmony, and she runs off. Meanwhile, the henchman watches and laughs. He says Paloma is the key to destroying all of them. 

Paloma runs back to the inn, and the others follow her. Luis tells Paloma that she is right, he doesnt know what it is like to be the one who was sent away. However, he says she wasnt abandoned, she was sent to live with a loving aunt. Luis says mamas decision wasnt easy, and what she did was out of love. Martin says Luis is right, her mother loves her very much. Paloma asks how he knows? Katherine says her mother called here all the time, and she sent cards and gifts. Sheridan says Pilars home is filled with her pictures, and as much as it hurts her to be here, it hurts Pilar even more. Luis says mama thought sending her here was best for her, and she even has a photo of her by her bed and one with her at the hospital. Luis says theyve waited a long time for her to come home, and he begs her to come home with them. Paloma seems to be warming up to the idea of returning home, but then she remembers what Alistairs henchman told her. Paloma once again lashes out at Luis. She thinks if mama wasnt dying and Antonio was still alive, they wouldnt be here to bring her home. Paloma tells Luis to go back to Harmony, she doesnt need him or anyone one else from her so called family. Paloma refuses to go, and she runs off again. She runs upstairs this time, and everyone chases after her yet again. Luis tells Paloma that they wanted to bring her home but they never had the money. She asks what about when Theresa was married to Julian? Luis says it turns out they weren't married after all. Paloma asks what about Sheridan's money? Luis says that is Sheridan's money, not theirs. Paloma says if they wanted her to come home they would have brought her home a long time ago. She tells them that it is too late, and she locks herself in her room.  Sheridan tells Luis to give Paloma time to figure things out for herself. Luis storms off, and Sheridan tells Martin and Katherine that they never expected Paloma to react like this. She asks them if they could talk to Paloma, and they say they'll do what they can. She thanks them and calls them their guarding angels ever since they arrived in Mexico. Sheridan goes after Luis, and MArtin feels guilt ridden over what has happened.

Elsewhere in the inn, Luis refers to Paloma as a little brat. He says their mother is sick and that is all she should care about. Luis thinks if they took her back to Harmony earlier than she probably would have whined that they were taking her away from school and her friends. Sheridan says probably, she is a teenager, that is what teens do. She says he needs to get a hold of his anger because it is just feeding Paloma's. Luis says he knows, and then he begins to blame his father for all of the pain Paloma and his family have suffered. Little does Luis know that Martin is listening to his every word! MArtin feels terrible about what he's done. Katherine says one day when they can be honest with their families, he will understand. MArtin says no he won't. Sheridan talks to Luis about his father and how her father may be responsible for his father leaving. Luis says if his father is dead than at least he is a martyr and not a cowards. Luis says if his father is still alive and he ever meets up with him, he will kill him himself! BAck in her room, Paloma deletes family photos and newspaper clippings from her computer. She says she doesn't car if she ever sees them again!


August 4, 2004 At the Russell house, a devastated Eve says goodbye to her family. She tells Whitney that all the times she saw her with Julian wasnt about her having an affair, it was about their son. Whitney says that doesnt make her feel any better, and she tells her mom to go to hell and not to come back! Meanwhile, Irma tells Liz that she was right, this was better than going to the casino. Liz says they sure did hit the jackpot! Eve then goes upstairs to pack her things. TC tells the girls he just hopes they know this is not their faults. Irma says just hope those girls turn out like their father and not their slut of a mother. TC tells her enough! Liz decides to take Aunt Irma to the kitchen as TC and the girls comfort one another. TC says this is the last day and night he will ever be played for a fool! He says once their mother leaves this house she is never coming back here again! Whitney says she hates her mother for what shes done. TC just cant believe Eve has been involved with the man who destroyed his life all these years and she never told him. Whitney tells TC that none of this is his fault. Simone says it is like her mother has died, and she runs off. Whitney leaves goes after Simone, and Liz tells TC to give the girls time by themselves to sort all of this out. She says their perfect role model has been shattered in their eyes. 

Whitney goes to find Simone and to try and comfort her. Whitney says she isnt alone, but Simone says it feels like she is. She asks Whitney how long shes known about Mom and Julian? Why didnt she tell her? Whitney says she didnt want to upset her. Simone says to stop lying because she knows Whitney doesn't care about her because she stole her boyfriend! Whitney tells Simone to stop saying that, Chad wasn't her boyfriend. Simone wonders what kind of genes run in this family, and she alludes to Whitney being a tramp just like their mom. Simone runs off in tears, and Fox shows up to talk to Whitney. Whitney says if it wasnt for his father none of this would have happened. She says her mom was a nice girl before Julian came along and turned her into a whore and a drug addict. Fox says she can blame his father all he wants, but ease up on her mom, she is still the same loving woman who raised her. Whitney refuses to ease up on anyone, and she says the Cranes are to blame for all of this. Chad shows up, and he asks what is going on? Fox says he  is sorry and that he didnt mean to upset Whitney. Whitney asks if that is all his Cranes say when they mess up peoples lives? Chad asks why she is taking this out on Fox, he has been their friend. She asks if he really thinks Fox has been their friend? He asks Whitney what that is supposed to mean? Fox quickly says perhaps he should talk to Whitney in private. Fox tries to reason with her, but she says a Crane man being in love with a Russell woman brings nothing but pain. She tells him to go and not to come back! Chad says perhaps Fox should go. Fox says hes sorry, and he hopes Whitney does feel better. Chad comforts Whitney, which Fox sees through the window. 

Meanwhile, Eve is upstairs packing up her things. She asks how she is supposed to pack up a life and walk away? She ends up collapsing into tears on her bed. Eve says she knew she couldnt keep this secret forever. She damns Liz for outing her, but realizes she has no one to blame for this but herself. Later, Eve says goodbye to TC and she says shell let him know where shell be. TC really doesnt care, and he tells her this. She asks him to give the girls her love. TC says all he wants is for her to leave her keys and go. Liz says she will see Eve out, and then drags Eve to the door. Eve tells Liz that she will never forgive her for this! Liz says she doesnt give a damn, and she tells Eve that its not over! Liz says she has not finished destroying her life! Liz tells Eve to hand over her key and go! Eve gives Liz her house key and she leaves. Liz then goes to TC and pretends to be sorry, claiming this is all her fault. TC says Eve has no one to blame but herself, and he hugs Liz.

Outside, Julian is sitting in his car. He says he should be dancing in the streets because this is his chance to get Eve back, but instead he feels so lousy. Later, Eve shows up, and she is devastated. She realizes she doesnt have her car keys, but she cant go back in and get them right now. Julian offers to drive her anywhere she wants to go.  As she goes to get in his car, she sees look in through the living room window and sees Liz comforting TC.

Down in Mexico, Luis continues to tell Sheridan that his father is a low life bum for running out on his family, and he better be dead because if he ever ran into him, he would kill him! Sheridan tells Luis not to talk like that. Sheridan says that she doesnt think his father is a bum because he created such wonderful children. She says shell never believe his father ran out on them, she is convince something happened to him. Little does Luis know, Martin and Katherine are listening in. Sheridan and Luis decide to go to bed, and they head up to their room. Martin is devastated that his son hates him, and he says he cant blame any of his children if they never forgive him for what he did.

Sheridan and Luis head to their room, and they continue to discuss the situation with Paloma. Luis says he thought Paloma would understand why she was sent away. Luis begins blaming himself and says if he worked harder and made more money than he could have brought Paloma home. She tells him this isnt his fault. Luis says it isnt mamas fault either, so it all goes back to his father. Luis says the not knowing what happened to his father is what is so frustrating. Luis heads to bed, but Sheridan says she is too wired to sleep and decides to go for a walk. Luis ends up dreaming about a time when he was small and went fishing with his father. Martin told Luis how much he loved Luis, and Luis said he loved him too. Luis ended up being pulled into the water by the fish, and Martin had to jump in and save him. Luis came to and told his dad how scared he was and how he forgot his swimming lessons. He also says the fish got away, but Martin says it doesnt matter. Martin said they should get home, but Luis insisted he could get home on his own because Martin had to go to work. Luis told his dad he was a big boy and could get home, and that his father shouldnt be late for work. Martin said okay, and he left to go to work. We get the feeling that this was the last time Luis ever saw his father.

Meanwhile, Maritn and Katherine are outside, and Katherine assure Martin that some day they will return to Harmony, and their families will understand. Martin says no, he says their children will never understand, so they must remain dead to their children. Katherine says that she must believe Sheridan will forgive her. Martin says it is better that they remain dead to their children than tell them the truth and be hated for it. Martin decides he still needs to return to Harmony to finish things with Alistair. He tells Katherine not to worry about him as he will be fine. Martin walks off, and Katherine prays that Sheridan doesnt hate her because she loves her daughter. Sheridan shows up and is shocked by what she heard, but she didnt hear it all, just that Katherine was talking about her daughter. Sheridan talks to Katherine about the daughter that she lost. Katherine says her daughter isnt dead, she just hasnt seen her for a long time. Sheridan asks where she is, and why she hasnt seen her? Katherine says it is complicated, and her daughter was raised by her father, and if she showed up it would confuse her daughter. Sheridan says she doesnt know how she does it, but if she had a child she wouldnt let anyone come between her and her child. Katherine says it is complicated, as she said. She says her first husband was a cruel man, he abused her verbally and physically. Sheridan says she is so sorry, and she understand why she left him. Sheridan asks why she didnt take her daughter? Katherine says she was afraid he would act out in anger and not only punish her, nut their daughter as well. Sheridan says she is so sorry for her past, and Sheridan tells Katherine how close she feels to her. Sheridan talks about how shed love it if Katherine could come to Harmony one day and meet Luis family, given how she has cared for Paloma for so many years. Sheridan begins talking about Luis family, and Katherine accidentally drops the name Martin when Sheridan mentions Luis father. Sheridan asks Katherine if she knows Luis father? She asks if Martin is here? Elsewhere, Martin says he does love his son, so much that he will go to Harmony to get revenge on Alistair for what he has done to them all. 


August 5, 2004
 A little shorter than normal due to my long day.
Fox returns to the Russell house as he's realizes that he and Whitney have a  brother out there. Whitney says she cant think about that right now. Chad says theyll talk more later, and they leave. Fox begins to wonder where the guy is now. Whitney and Chad go for a walk, and Chad tells her that things will get better for her. She isnt so sure. She says he is the one thing that their mothers past cant destroy. Chad realizes she is tired, so he says they should go back to the studio. Whitney says no, she wants to go to the Blue Note and sing without feeling guilty about it. 

Liz comforts TC, and she says she knows how he feels, she is the only person who does. Irma shows up and askd where everyone went? Liz says everyone left. Irma says she wants to go too, she has wasted enough of her life in this whorehouse! Liz says Eve is gone, and Irma tells TC to look on the bright side, at least he got it for free for so many years. Liz and TC decide to take Irma back to the home together. They take her back to the home, and TC pushes her wheelchair down the hall when she complains that she has to go to the bathroom and he should hurry up. Meanwhile, Liz makes a call to Fox and asks him to lockup the Blue Note for her. Fox tells her that he knows she is a liar and has set out to destroy Eve, he isn't falling for her nice and innocent act, but he eventually agrees to close the club in order to get some free booze. Later, Liz gets a call from someone at the Blue Note and she has to stop by and pick up some cash receipts. TC offers to take her, so they head off.

At the Russell House, Eve sees Liz in TCs arms, and realizes Liz did what she threatened to do. She (Liz) is going to try and replace her in TCs heart and bed. Julian and Eve take off in his car, and Julian makes calls to find find her a place to stay, but every hotel is booked. Eve says shell stay at the on call room at the hospital. Julian offers to take her to the mansion, but Eve says no, people would gossip even more. Eve doesnt know what she wants to do, she says she is just so numb. Julian says hell stay with her this time, he wont abandon her. Eve says it is too late, there is nothing anyone can do. Eve begins to have a panic attack, and she says she cant breath and for him to stop the car. Julian yells at her to stop this, and she breaks into tears. She asks him to please help her, she doesnt know what to do. Julian says he will take her some place no one will bother them, and he takes her to the Blue Note. Eve says this is where it all went wrong. Julian thinks maybe this was a bad idea, but Eve says she needs to stay and find out who she really is. Eve realizes she needs to face who she really is, because Dr. Eve Russell is an alias. She says she is and always will be Eve Johnson. She also decides Eve Johnson needs to make a comeback, and she goes to the stage. Fox shows up and runs into his dad, and Fox tells his dad that hes sorry about how things turned out. Julian says he has cost Eve everything once before, and he wont do that again. Fox asks about his half-brother, and Julian tells him the whole story. Later, Whitney and Chad show up just as Eve takes to the stage and begins to sing. Whitney appears stunned by her mothers performance, and insists on staying to see this side of her mother. Soon TC and Liz arrive, and they are equally stunned. TC says he cant believe this, hes never heard her sing. HE says there is so much he didnt know about his wife, and Liz tells herself there is even more about his wife that he doesn't know.

Down in Mexico, Sheridan questions Kath erine about her knowing Martin. Sheridan asks if Martin is here? Katherine says she misunderstood, she doesnt know him. Sheridan says but she just said he was a wonderful man? Katherine says she meant he must be cause his children are wonderful people. Katherine asks what if there was a reasons Luis' father left, would Luis forgive his father? Sheridan doesnt know, and she thinks Luis would be extremely upset to see his father again. Sheridan says Luis is in love with the memory of his father, which has been tainted by his leaving. She then begins talking about her own father who was so cruel, heartless and unloving to her. She says it has taken her years to realize her father doesnt know how to love. Katherine asks about Sheridans brother, and Sheridan says he has a reputation of being a heartless bastard just like her father. Katherine says no! Sheridan asks why she cares, and Katherine says it is just troubling. Sheridan says she was ignored by her brother growing up, and Katherine says she is sorry. Sheridan says her mother was the only one who loved her growing up. Sheridan says her brother grew up to be just like her father, but lately hes started to change and she says he is really just another victim of their father. Katherine is happy that Julian is being more loving towards her, and she asks if Julian has anyone special in his life? Sheridan tells him about the women in Julians life, and when Katherine says too much when Sheridan brings up Ivy. Sheridan asks how she knows so much about Julian and Ivy? Katherine says she saw it on a documentary on the Cranes. Sheridan continues to talk about the Cranes and how they destroy everyone, and she says she is afraid the family curse will destroy Luis life. Sheridan says sometimes she thinks she should leave Luis before the curse gets to him. Katherine tells Sheridan to promise her that she wont leave Luis! 

Meanwhile, Luis walks down from his room and finds Martin gazing at the stars. They have a heart-to-heart, and Martin opens up and tells Luis that he is his father. Martin explains his plastic surgery, and Luis lashes out at him. Martin explains he had to leave because of Alistair, and Luis thinks that is the reason the Cranes hate their family. Of course it is all in Martins head, and eventually Luis does come down looking for Sheridan. Martin almost says she is out in the garden with Katherine, but says Mrs. Wheeler. They discuss Sheridan and her mother, and how much her death has hurt Sheridan. Later Luis talks about his father and how he was like a hero to him when he was younger. Luis tells his father a story about his father teaching him how to use a saw when they were building the gazebo on the Crane estate, and Luis messed up and cut his dads arm bad. Luis says his dad had to get stitches and everything. However, Luis says he dad wasn't mad and that he said the scar was a reminder of their time together. Martin looks at the scar on his arm, and then remembers a meeting with Alistair about the gazebo. Alistair ordered him to keep quiet about what was buried under the gazebo or his family would pay with their lives. Luis says it looks like Martin is afraid of something. Luis grabs Martin by the arm and asks what he is afraid of? 


August 6, 2004
At the Blue Note, Eves family is stunned by Eves voice. TC says he never knew this side of Eve, and Liz drops hints that there are lots of things he still doesnt know about Eve. Meanwhile, Chad says Eve is amazing, but Whitney says she is a hypocrite! Fox tells his dad that Eve is wonderful. Julian says she memorized him back in Boston and she still does. He says he loves her with all his heart and soul, but he made many mistakes. Julian says Eve was a good person, and he led her astray. He says he cost her everything back then, and he wont let that happen again. Julian says he will start helping Eve by finding their child. He says now that the truth is out, he hopes it will be easier to find their child. Fox tells his dad that he thought hed be pretty busy with Eve and searching for his half-brother, so he will run the business for him, if he trusts him. Julian says of course he trusts him, but burying his head in work wont solve his problems, he has to sort out his feelings for Whitney. Fox says he loves her, and he thinks she loves him. Julian says that is something Whitney will have to figure out on her own, and he needs to let Whitney sort out her own feelings. Julian says he believes Whitney loves him, but she also loves Chad. Fox says he hopes she figures out who she loves more before she marries Chad. 

Meanwhile, Liz tells TC that perhaps Julian has given Eve some pills to get her on that stage? TCs anger boils and says That bastard! Whitney and Chad soon see TC is here with Liz, and Whitney sees the pain on her fathers face. She then sees Julian is here, and she thinks her father came here to work things out with her mom, but she is acting like a tramp with Julian! Fox runs into Whitney and Chad. He explains why he is here, and Chad asks Fox to wait with Whitney while he tries to convince TC to leave before he kills Julian. Fox and Whitney leave the club and wait outside, and Liz approaches Julian to gloat. She asks what is next for him and Eve, drugs in the back room, sex in the parking lot? Julian calls her a disgusting bitch! Liz says she has won, she destroyed Eves life. Julian says Eve made mistakes, but she never set out to destroy peoples lives the way she did. Liz says Eve destroyed her life, but Julian says she should blame her father not Eve! Julian says compared to the evil, bitter bitch she is, Eve is a saint and one day TC will discover that! Julian says what goes around comes around, she will get hers. Liz says he is right about one thing, what goes around does come around, and this time it has come back to make Eve suffer!  Julian says Eve has suffered enough, she doesnt need this. Liz says Eve hasnt suffered enough, and she has more in store for her.

Meanwhile, Eve gets off stage, and woman tells Eve how wonderful she was and she shouldnt ever stop singing. TC confronts Eve and says she hasnt wasted any time. He asks her how she can shut the door on the past 20 years and go back to her old lifestyle so quickly. TC says once a whore always a whore huh! He says it must seem like old days for her: shes singing, she has her rich boyfriend, all she needs is drugs. He says he forgot, she can write her own prescriptions. He asks how she got her drugs back then, did she sell her body to her dealers? She slaps him, and quickly apologizes and says she didnt mean to do that. TC says yes she did because this is her real self, a tramp.

Outside, Whitney tells Fox that she doesnt need him to wait out here with her. Fox says Chad asked her to, but she says Chad doesnt know that he cant trust him. She lashes out at Fox about how she cant deal with this now. Fox says her life isnt the only one who has had their life messed up, he just found out he has another half-brother. Whitney asks if he knew nothing about this, and he says he didnt. Whitney begins talking about her mother lying to her and her whole family, and the idea that she had a baby with the man her father hates most in this world. Whitney says somewhere in Harmony the two of them share a half-brother. Whitney says shes going to start wondering about every 20 something guy she sees. Fox says his father is committed to finding his son, so theyll know who he is soon. Fox says if there is anything he can do to help her, just as friends, to let him know. She says no because she cant trust him because he lied to her. She says all those times they were together he was just waiting to make his move. Fox says he never made a move on her all these months, he has always respected her. She says if he respected her than he would have told her the truth. Fox asks why telling her that he loves her is such a bad things. She says because she hurts and love isnt supposed to her. She blurts out that she is torn, and then gasps. Fox asks Whitney if she is in love with him? Fox says he doesnt want to push her, but he loves her and needs to know how she feels about him. He says he has sensed something from her, little signs, but he doesnt know if they are real or wishful thinking. He asks if they are real? He asks if she is in love with him? Before she answers, Chad comes out and says her father was busy, so they should go. They head off, and Fox is left behind alone.

Down in Mexico, Katherine begs Sheridan to promise her that she wont leave Luis. Sheridan says she doesnt want to subject Luis to the Crane Curse. Katherine says if she walks away from Luis than she is letting her father win! Sheridan asks why this means so much to her? Katherine says she knows what it is like to run away from a problem, and when the past catches up to you, the pain is so much worse. Sheridan asks what she is running from? Sheridan says she can see the pain in her eyes, and she asks Katherine if this is about her daughter? Katherine remembers her past with Alistair, and she begins to tear up. Sheridan apologizes for upsetting her. She says she just feels so connected to her, both her and her husband. Sheridan says she and her husband have treated her and Luis like family. Katherine says that is because she is her family! Sheridan asks what she means? Katherine says she means she is family to Paloma, so she is family to her and Luis. Sheridan says she feels close to her, and that must be why she called her mother. Sheridan talks about her mother and how sometimes she thinks maybe she didnt die. Sheridan says she knows her mom isnt alive, because that would mean she deserted her and left her to live a life of hell with her father. She thinks her mother would never have done something selfish.

Alistair talks to his henchman, via the phone, and says he has a secret on Martin, and he doesnt think even Katherine knows this secret. He says this secret has kept Martin away from Harmony for so many years. Alistair says if Martin tells Luis the truth it will be his biggest mistake of his life! Alistair says he needs to hear what they are saying, and he orders his man to plant the bugs. The henchman plants the bugs, and Alistair says he will teach Martin and Katherine a lesson they wont forget, he will make them pay for thinking they could escape his wrath! 

Meanwhile, Luis asks Martin what he is so afraid of? Luis grabs Martin by the arm and comes so close to seeing the scar on his arm. Martin begins telling Luis about making certain sacrifices to protect the people you love, even if it results in the people you love hating you. Luis says takes a strong man to make that kind of sacrifice, and he asks Martin if he made such a sacrifice? Martin says yes, and Luis says that he thinks the people he love will forgive him. Martin says he doesnt know if he deserves forgiveness, and he asks Luis for forgiveness. Luis wonders why he is asking him? Luis assumes he's asking about forgiveness in general. Luis says he believes everyone deserves forgiveness, everyone bus his lousy bastard of a father. Luis says his father ran out on them, so as far as he is concerned he can keep on running! Suddenly, Pilar calls the inn. Luis answers and he talks to Pilar, who says she is feeling much better. Pilar asks about Paloma. Luis says he has seen her. Pilar says "Oh my sweet angel," and she asks him to tell her about her sweet, innocent young angel. Luis remembers seeing sweet little Paloma dirty dancing, and he feels conflicted about what to tell his mother. He says she is doing good in school, is pretty, and is popular. Pilar asks if she is a good catholic girl, and Luis says she goes to mass every morning. Pilar asks he has met the couple looking after  Paloma? Luis says yes he has met the Wheelers, and Mr. Wheeler is here right now. Pilar asks to talk to him, so Luis says hell put Mr. Wheeler on the phone! However, when he turns around, Mr. Wheeler is gone! Pilar says shell talk to him another time, and she asks when he and Paloma will come home? Luis says hell let her know. Luis tells his mom that he loves her, and she thanks him for bringing Paloma home. She says maybe this is a sign, maybe his father will come home soon. Luis says goodbye, and rioght after he hangs up Martin returns with a cold beer. Martin says he heard what Luis told his mother mother about her sister. Luis says he didnt want to lie to her, but he couldnt tell her the truth about Paloma. He says the truth would kill her mother, and he says she thinks Pplomas home coming is a sign that his father will also come home. Luis says his mother stayed true to that bastard even though other men, good men, where interested to her. Martin asks if she couldnt have declared him dead? Luis says no, her vows were sacred to her. He says she wouldnt declare him dead without proof. He says his mother remains faithful, which is more than his father probably did. Sheridan and Katherine show up, and Sheridan and Luis decide to head up to bed. As they walk to their room, they dicuss how sad the Wheelers seem to be. They both get the feeling something more is going on with them. Katherine says in a strange way she feels connected to Mrs. Wheelers pain. Meanwhile, Katherine talks to Martin about what Sheridan said about her mother never deserting her. She says Sheridan will hate her when she learns the truth. Martin says Luis already hates him, and hes vowed to kill him. Katherine asks what they will do? He says they will get ready for the truth to come out, and a lot more pain. 

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