August 9, 2004
At the hospital, Kay looks at a photo of Miguel, and then tells herself to forget about Miguel because he is gone. She then puts on some Mark cosmetics Jessica sold her and says Jessica is going to be a billionaire in no time selling them. Tabitha shows up for a visit, and she has champagne with her. Tabitha says the kids are at home with the baby sitter, and they are going to celebrate. Kay wonders what they have to celebrate? Tabitha says Charity leaving town of course. Kay says yes she is gone, but Miguel is gone too. She says Miguel left to find Charity, so she has nothing to celebrate. Tabitha says she cant believe this! Kay tells Tabitha the whole story, and Tabitha says she thought they had succeeded this time. She says shell have to come up with a spell to keep Miguel from finding Charity, which will hopefully cause Miguel to come back to Harmony. Kay asks if she can do that as her powers havent been impressive lately. Tabitha says shell find a way to pull it off, she still has Endora. Suddenly, Simone comes in in tears, and she tells Kay that her family has been destroyed. Tabitha mumbles its about bloody time, and she says there is reason for her to celebrate after all. Tabitha downs the champagne as Simone tells Kay the story of Liz, Julian and her mom; as well as about Chad and Whitneys engagement. Simone tells Kay that shes sorry she was mean towards her about Miguel because she knows how she feels now. Tabitha says Chad and Whitneys union will bring so much pain to Harmony, and they dont even know it. After Simone steps out, Tabitha tells Kay that instead of commiserating with Simone, she should show some spunk like another single mother in Harmony, Theresa! Kay thinks Theresa should be more miserable than her, but Tabitha says Theresa has a backbone and a plan to make Gwen suffer! Tabitha says shes going to leave now and get to work on that spell to bring Miguel back. After Tabitha leaves, Simone returns. Simone and Kay talk to one another about what they will do with their lives now. Simone says at least things cant possibly get worse, but Kay says she has learned the hard way that things can and do get worse!

Tabitha returns home, and the babysitter is glad she is back. The babysitter is terrified because Endora is causing blankets, toys and other things to fly around the room. Tabitha acts like she sees nothing and accuses the babysitter of drinking. The babysitter ends up running out of the house, and Tabitha tells Endora that she has been a naughty little girl. She says theyll have to cast spell to keep the sitters mouth shut, but first they have other work to do. They look into the magic bowl and see what other heartache is going on in Harmony. 

Eve and Julian arrive at the mansion, and Ethan and Gwen ask if Eve is here because of Theresa? She says no, and Julian says Eve is staying here this evening. Gwen and Ethan see she is upset, so they offer to help Eve in any way, but she says there is nothing they can do. Eve tells them why she is staying here, she says she is a liar and a whore, and she has destroyed her family. They are shocked at her statement, and Eve tells Julian that everyone will soon know everything anyways. She tells Ethan and Gwen the whole story. Afterwards, Gwen offers to help Eve get settled, and they head upstairs. Ethan talks to Julian, who hates seeing Eve going through such pain. He asks Ethan if he has any questions? Ethan says it isnt his business. Julian says he behaved badly in his youth, and he blames himself and his father for Eves pain. Julian tells Ethan that Alistair forced him to walk away from Eve, when he should have stood up to his father and stood by Eve. Ethan says he knows he has brought pain to Gwen and Theresa. Julian cant imagine what it is like to love two women. Ethan says it is confusing. Ethan says at least things have worked out for him and Gwen, and what is important is that they are together. He says he wont let anyone or anything stand between him and Gwen again.

Upstairs, Gwen helps Eve get settled. Eve thanks Gwen for being so kind, and she decides to give Gwen some advice. She tells Gwen that she will soon have a healthy baby, and she already has a loving husband; so she shouldnt let anything or anyone come between them. Gwen says that is good advice, and she wont let anyone, not even Theresa, come between them again. Gwen admits her fears to Eve that Theresa may not give up the baby after it is born. Eve doesnt think that will happen, but Gwen says she wishes she could be so sure.

Later, Ethan and Gwen meet up in their room, and Gwen tells Ethan that she feels once their baby is born and they have him or her, that they should leave Harmony forever. She says they need to get away from temptations and put Theresa behind them. She says they need to protect their family, they need to leave. Ethan says if it is that important to her, they will leave Harmony as soon as the baby is born. She thanks him and says he will see, they will start a new life that will be wonderful.

Meanwhile, Julian goes to check on Eve to see if she needs everything. Eve says she had everything when this day started, and now she has nothing. Julian hates that she is blaming herself for this when it is all his fault. She says the blame is theirs to share. Julian says he is here for her, and he will take whatever part of her life she is willing to share with him. He tells Eve that she is not alone. She thanks him for being so good to her. He says he wasnt always, but having her in his life again has made him a better man. He says he cant lose her again, and she says hell always be a part of her life. They then share a kiss.

Down in Mexico, Katherine and Martin are outside sipping wine and thinking about their children. Martin vows to find a way to make Alistair pay. Adrianna, a singer who is apparently living in the hotel, returns from work. She talks to the Wheelers about her day, and they tell her about their stressful day. Adrianna thinks they needs some nice soothing music, so she plays and sings for them. They listen to the song, and Martin is reminded about Pilar and how she loved this song. Katherine says theyve all lost so much, and she wonders how much more they can endure. Martin and Katherine try to reassure one another that they can keep their children safe from Alistair, and that one day they will forgive them. 

Alistair watches and listens to Martin and Katherine (on his TV monitors), and he dares Martin to come and get him. Alistair gets a call from his henchman, who is outside of Palomas bedroom. Alistair says Paloma is the key to destroying them all, and he tells the henchman to take care of Paloma and not to get caught! The henchman says he wont. He then looks in on Paloma through the window and says hes going to enjoy this very much! Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan decide to check in on Paloma, and they open her door. They look in on her, and she is fine. Luis sees a family photo, and Sheridan says she doesnt hate him or any of them, she is just angry she grew up without them. Luis says Paloma acts tough, but she is vulnerable. He says he will protect her whether she likes it or not. Back in Harmony, Alistair watches on his TVs and laughs. He says Luis, Sheridan and Paloma will all die right in front of his eyes. Luis and Sheridan eventually leave Palomas room, and the henchman comes out of hiding and gets to work. 

Sheridan and Luis go up to their room, and they hear the singer from their balcony. Luis recognizes the song as one of his mothers favorites. He says it is a song about two lovers who are separated through circumstances, but then reunited. He tells Sheridan that now that they are back together he will never let anyone come between them again. Sheridan says she never thought she would feel as loved as he makes her feel. Luis says he loves her, he will never stop, and they will be together forever and ever. Luis kisses Sheridan, and neither are aware Alistair is spying on them and on Martin and Katherine. Alistair tells them all to enjoy their bliss while they can because it is soon going to be interrupted by an unspeakable tragedy! As Luis and Sheridan make love, they are unaware that the henchman is chloroforming Paloma in the next room!


August 10, 2004
At the mansion, Fox is swimming in the Crane pool to try and forget about Whitney. Ethan comes in to swim as well, and he asks Fox why he looks like he is in pain. Fox says he is in love. Fox tells Ethan that if he knew love was like this than he would have avoided it for a few more years. He says this is the worse feelings he has ever had. Ethan asks if it is Theresa, and Fox says no and he doesnt have to worry. Ethan says hes not in love with Theresa, and Fox says he really doesnt care. Fox says that is between him, Theresa, Gwen and Father Lonigan. Ethan asks who it is then, so Fox decides to confide in Ethan. Fox tells Ethan that hes in love with Whitney Russell. Ethan asks how he can do this, he thought the four of them (Fox, Theresa, Chad and Whitney) were best friends. Fox says he didnt want this to happen, and he tried to fight it for months. Fox says now Whitney has found out, and things have been tense between them. Ethan asks if Chad knows? Fox says no. Ethan warns him to be careful, this could destroy his friendship with Chad. Fox says he wont take Whitney from Chad, if she wants to spend her life with Chad than hell spend his life getting over her. Fox says hes started working at Crane Industries, and if he keeps working 24/7 maybe hell forget about Whitney. Ethan says maybe hell even replace Alistair. Fox says he might as well now that he has nothing to live for. He says hell let the Crane gene send him to the top of the business world. Ethan warns him not to turn into another Alistair, but Fox says he wont. Fox says running the company is his birthright. Ethan says it was, remember they found out tonight that Julian has another son. Ethan warns him that this brother could come out of the woodworks and be competition for him. Fox says it doesnt help him to compete with some mythical half brother out there, and he has been a Crane all his life. Ethan says this son is a Crane too, but Fox reminds him that Alistair is a racist and this half-brother is also half African-American. Ethan says true, but the color Alistair loves most is green, and if he can use this heir to his advantage in some way, he will. Fox says he also has to deal with Rebecca, who would probably shoot him if he had designs on the family business. Ethan says that is true, she isnt one who likes to share. Fox mumbles to himself that he wont let Julians bastard come between him and what is rightfully his!

Meanwhile, Eve and Julian share a kiss, and Julian says he hopes the two of them and their son can be a family one day. He asks if he is crazy to hope for that? Eve says she cant think about that right now, she cant think about anything. Julian says he is sorry, and he just wants her to be happy. Eve says that isnt even on the horizon anymore. Julian says one day hell find joy again, and he hopes it might be with him. Julian says one good thing can come of tonight, they can search for the son out in the open now. Eve hopes he is right, as finding her son is the only dream she has left. Eve says her son could be the one thing to bringing Whitney and Simone back to her. Eve thinks they will welcome him into their lives, and the hatred they have for her will soften. She says she hopes this isnt just another one of her dreams though. Eve gets ready for bed, and then she remembers she and TC promised to never go to bed angry. Julian said he and Ivy were the opposite, they would spit out one more fight before bed. Eve thinks if she doesnt talk this out with TC than it will just get worse. She says Liz is going to move in on TC, and move into her bed. Eve begins packing her stuff up to return home and work things through with TC. She says she has to fight for her marriage before it is too late! Julian asks her not to go because TC is angry and she could get hurt given his temper. Eve says she thinks TC has cooled down by now, and they can talk. She says hell understand. She asks to borrow Julians car, so he gives her a car to take. He offers to drive her, but she says she needs to do this herself. 

At the Russell house, TC sits in the dark living room and continues to think about Eve telling him that she had a baby boy. He throws the old baby booties onto the table. Liz comes out to check on him. He says Eve told him so many lies, and now the story about the baby makes sense. He says now he knows why Eve kept the truth about the baby from him. Liz goes to comfort TC and she says he deserves so much better than this. TC says he loves his daughters, but he does want a son. Liz says he should have one, but TC says Eve says shes too old for another child. A shocked Liz asks him if he is thinking of taking Eve back? TC says of course not, it will just take him time to adjust to all of this. He says you just dont forget about your marriage in a week. He says he supposes his dreams of having a son are dead as well. Liz says he can make new dreams. TC says it would have been so wonderful, he could have passed on the love of Tennis to his son. He says his son could go on to achieve the goals he didnt achieve. Liz says that sounds a bit sexist, Whitney was pretty good herself. TC says yes but Whitney did everything for him, not for herself. He says when Chad came along it ruined everything, Whitney wants to sing, that is her passions. He says he cant blame her for it, and she must get it from her mother. TC says a son would be nice to have. Liz says his son would be incredible, and she tells TC not to give up on the dream. TC says he has to, Eve is gone. Liz says Eve isnt the only woman out there, he can still have the son hes always wanted. She says he can have a son with another woman. TC says he doesnt have time to date, and this is a small town. Liz says she is here, what about her? She says he doesnt have to go anywhere looking for a woman, she is right here. TC thinks she is just trying to make him feel better, but she says she is attracted to him and she knows he is attracted to her. TC ends up deciding to go back to his room, and Liz tells him before he goes that she is here for him. Later, Liz sneaks up into TCs bed and begins kissing on him. TC, who was asleep, kisses Liz back. He eventually asks her what she is doing here? She tells him not to fight it, but he says this isnt right. She says they arent doing anything wrong, but he says he is still married. She asks where his wife is now? He says he doesnt know. She tells him that Eve is probably right back in Julians bed. He refuses to believe that, but Liz says she has been sneaking around with Julian for months, and Whitney knew and kept her dirty little secret. TC says two wrongs still dont make a right. Liz says she called Eves cell phone to find out where she was, and the message gave the Crane Mansions number. She says Eve is gone, and she is here, and she once again begins kissing on TC. TC finally gives in and kisses Liz back. Liz asks TC to let her make love to him. As they begin to do the dirty deed, Eve walks in on them! Liz sees Eve in the doorway, and she says Oh TC, I cant wait, I want you so much! TC says he wants her too! 

Down in Mexico, the henchman chloroforms Paloma, and they have a struggle. Paloma begins kicking things, and next door Luis hears a crash. Luis says that noise came from Palomas room! Back in Palomas room, Paloma finally passes out, and the henchman says she is his now! The henchman carries Paloma off as Luis and Sheridan arrive to check on her. Tia Maria shows up, as does Martin and Katherine. Paloma is asleep in the bed, and they think she just knocked the lamp over while sleeping. They all leave her, but Luis looks back and exclaims Oh my God, look at this! The henchman is in the closet hiding, and Luis sees a necklace on the ground with the Crane Industry logo on it. Tia Maria suggests they head outside and discuss it, and Martin explains some stranger gave it to her a few weeks ago. Luis says this must have come from Alistair, and he says Paloma is in danger. Martin agrees, and Luis wonders why since he doesnt know Alistair. Martin says hes going on his reputation. Tia Maria decides to go back in and lock all of Palomas windows. The henchman remains hidden in the closet as she does this, and the others all talk about Alistair and the horrible things hes done. Luis says he wont let Alistair hurt his sister.  Later, Sheridan and Katherine have a heart to heart, and Sheridan admits to Katherine that her father has tried to kill her several times. Katherine says her father is a monster from hell! She tells Sheridan that she should be grateful that she has a good man to protect her. Sheridan says what is happening to Luis family is her fault. Katherine tries to convince her that none of this is her fault. Meanwhile, Luis and Martin stand guard outside Palomas room. Luis talks with Martin about Alistair, and Luis vows to keep his family safe from Alistair. Martin says he will help Luis, but Luis tells him not to get involved because he doesnt deserve Alistairs wrath. Martin tells himself if Luis only knew the truth, and if anyones going to stop Alistair it will be him. Inside, the henchman picks Paloma up and says once Mr. Crane is finished with her, no one will ever see her again.


August 11, 2004
Not yet proofed! Sorry for any mistakes!
At the Crane mansion, Fox thanks Ethan for talking to him tonight, he was a real brother to him tonight. Ethan says if he ever needs to talk about Chad and Whitney then he is here. Fox says the same goes for him, if he ever needs to talk about that triangle he is in . . . Ethan says there is no triangle, he loves Gwen. Fox says yeah. Ethan goes in to see Gwen, and Fox says denial thy name is Ethan! Ethan goes in to pamper Gwen by feeding her some strawberries. Later, they look through the baby book and discuss various baby names. Ethan asks what Gwen means, and she says it means Fair. She says she looked up Ethan, and it means firm! Ethan says son of a gun, and begins making love to her.

Meanwhile, Theresa sits with her son as he sleeps, and she talks to him. Later, Pilar calls Theresa to ask if anything is wrong with her or the baby? Theresa says no, and she asks why? Pilar says she had a terrible dream that something was wrong with her daughter. She says she thought it was Paloma, but she called Mexico and Sheridan says she was fine. Theresa assures her mom that she is fine, but Pilar worries about her and her plans. Theresa says her plan will work, not only will Gwen not want this baby when she learns the truth, she probably wont want Ethan. Pilar cant believe this and she tells Theresa that shes going to pray for her, shes going to pray long and hard! Theresa says goodnight to her mom, and then she gets into bed. Suddenly, Theresa is hit with pains, and she cries out The baby! 

Back in Ethan and Gwens room, Ethan and Gwen have finished making love. Suddenly, they hear Theresa cry out, and they run to her room to check on her. Theresa says she is having pains, and she suggests they get Little Ethan out of the room so he doesnt see her like this. Gwen says Theresa has a fever, and she runs to get Eve. Suddenly, Rebecca shows up and asks what Theresa is doing here? Gwen explains why Theresa is here, and Rebecca thinks this is insane. When she learns they are going to give Little Ethan back, she says Little Evita is pulling the wool over her eyes! Gwen tells her mom that they dont have time for this, and she suggests Rebecca go find her husband because a lot has happened while shes been gone. Rebecca wonders if he sold her donkey, and she runs off. Gwen tells Ethan to get Theresa to the car, and he'll tell Eve what is happening.

Chad and Whitney head back to the studio apartment where Chad is living. Whitneys mind is on her family troubles, so Chad tells her to let him take her mind off of it and make love to her. As they go to make love, Whitney pulls away and finds herself thinking about Fox. Chad asks what is wrong, doesnt she want to be with him? She says of course, she is just upset about what is happening with her parents that is all. Chad says what happened to their parents wont happen to them because it is different for them, they love one another. Afterwards, they lay in bed, and Simone walks in. Simone cant believe this. She says she came here to try and talk about fixing things with mom and dad, but she was a fool to think her slut sister could fix the mess her slut mother made with daddy! Whitney asks Simone not to leave because she wants to talk. Simone says she doesnt want to talk to her, she is a whore just like their mother. Chad tells her not to say such things, she is not a whore. Chad says Whitney loves her and they should work things out. Simone says Whitney only loves winning, that is why she stole him away from her. Whitney tells Simone right now they need one another more than ever. Chad shows up with some food and realizes this is a bad time. He says he came by to bring comfort food, which hell just leave for them. Chad thanks Fox and suggests he stays and eats with them. Chad thanks Fox for doing this. Whitney says it really is a small world, since she, Simone and Fox share a brother somewhere.

At the Russell house, Eve is stunned to see Liz and TC in bed together telling one another that they want each other. Eve realizes she is too late, Liz has won! Eve goes to leave, and she finds Julian outside. He says he knows she didnt want him to come, but he was worried. He asks if things didnt go well with TC? Eve says TC and Liz are upstairs making love in her bed! Upstairs, TC pulls away from Liz and says this isnt right, they have to stop. Liz says she can give him the son she always wanted. TC says he is still a married man! Liz says Eve doesnt care about him, so why should he care about her? She convinces TC to forget about Eve and continue making love to her. Afterwards, TC and Liz lay in bed. Liz thinks she made TC feel better, but he says she didnt. TC says he only did this to get back at Eve, and he is still married to Eve. Liz says he can get a divorce in the morning. TC says he hates that Eve had a child with Julian, but he has twenty years and a life with Eve. TC gets out of bed, and she asks where he is going? He says hes going to find his wife. He says if she is in bed with Julian than it will be over between then. Liz tells herself that it is over between them, Eve is out and she is in.

Eve and Julian return to the mansion, and Julian comforts Eve. Julian gives her a bit of sherry to calm her down, puts her to bed, and tells her goodnight. Julian turns out the light and goes to leave, but she tells him not to leave. She says she doesnt want to be alone tonight. Julian gets into bed with Eve, and the two begin kissing passionately! Eve takes off Julians shirt, and the two make love. Later they lay in one another's arms. Julian says he loves her and always will. Eve tells Julian that she loves him too. Julian knows she still loves TC too, and he says it is what makes her her. He says he just wants her to know that hell always be here for her. Suddenly, TC storms in and says Liz was right, she told him she would run here. Eve tells TC that Liz set him up, she told him that he was evil. TC says she is just what Liz said she was, she is a slut. Eve says he is one to talk, she came home to fix things and caught him in bed with Liz! TC says so she slept with Julian to get back at him? She says no! Julian tells TC not to blame Eve, blame him. TC says he does blame him! They all argue, and TC decides to leave and tells Eve to save it because hes heard and have enough. Suddenly, Rebecca shows up, and she realizes the secret is out and TC knows the truth about Eve. Julian drags Rebecca out of the room. Rebecca says she goes out of town for some lipo and some botox and she returns to find two whores in the house, and she tells Julian that she wants them out! Julian says or what? She says or she'll tell TC everything . . . Julian says TC already knows, and the whole town knows by now. He says he and Eve also have a son, and he tells Rebecca "Welcome home my dear!" He says he's going back to be with the woman he loves, and it is not her! Back in the other room, TC and Eve talk about how their lives have been turned upside down. He asks if she really doesn't know where her son is, and she says no. 

Alistair is in his office and is watching the gang down in Mexico on his TV sets. Down in Mexico, Luis tries to check on Paloma, but the door is locked. When he and Martin break the door down, they find Paloma is gone and the window is open. Luis wonders if she ran away, but Sheridan finds a Crane card on the bed. She says her father had Paloma kidnapped! Luis cant believe this, and he and Martin decide to go out and search for Paloma. Sheridan wants to go with them, but Luis says she would only put herself in danger. He says he cant worry about her and Paloma, so she should stay with Mrs. Wheeler. Sheridan says shell stay. In the hospital in Harmony, Pilar has a nightmare that something has happened to Paloma, so she calls the inn. Sheridan answers the phone, and Pilar asks if something has happened to Paloma? Sheridan says the last time she saw her she was asleep. Pilar asks if she can speak to Paloma? Sheridan doesnt want to wake her or to trouble her with her worries. Pilar says perhaps Sheridan is right, and is Sheridan says she is okay than shell trust her. Sheridan suggests Pilar relax, and Pilar says shell try. Sheridan feels guilty lying to Pilar, but Katherine says it was the best thing for her to do.

Luis and Martin head into the jungle, and they hear someone in the jungle screaming. Luis says he is taking her further into the jungle. Luis wants to follow, but Martin says they cant go into the jungle without the proper supplies. They return to the Inn to get the proper supplies before heading back out. Martin thinks they should rest up and head out in the morning when they have a real chance to find her. Sheridan says he has a point, so Luis agrees to wait till sun up. Back in the jungle, the henchman has Paloma tied up. He calls Alistair and says he has them right where they want her. Alistair says good, they will use Paloma to lure the others into the trap where they will all pay the price. 


August 12, 2004
At the Russell house, TC looks at photos of him and Eve and remembers when the lies all came out, and finding Eve in bed with Julian. He also remembers himself making love to Liz. TC wonders what happened to them. Liz spies on him and thinks TC is ready for some company. She goes to him and acts like she is his wife. She hangs on him and offers to make him a nice big breakfast after last night. TC says they need to talk about last night, but before they can, Sam shows up to talk to TC about him breaking his marriage vows. Sam says Eve is still her wife, and he took vows in church before God. Sam says he knows he still loves Eve. TC says he loved her, past tense. Sam says he knows he still loves Eve, and he knows how much his marriage means to him. Sam tells TC to take it from someone who has lost their marriage, dont throw it away. Father Lonigan shows up to speak with TC. Liz says TC knows what he is doing, he doesnt need this. Sam and Father Lonigan say they just want what is best for TC. Liz says Father Lonigan doesnt know what Eve did, but he says he does. Father Lonigan says Eve did everything in the past before TC knew her, she never broke her vows. Liz says Eve lied to him for years! Father Lonigan says Sam told him about her (Liz), and he says what happened to her was horrible. Liz says it was and she will never forgive Eve for abandoning her, and Liz tells TC that he should never forgive Eve either. Liz ends up running out of the room, and Sam and Father Lonigan try to talk to TC. TC says not everything Eve did was in the past, last night he found her in Julians bed! He says he went to try and save his marriage and found them together. He says he felt so guilty because he slept with Liz out of anger. HE says he was just so angry, but Father Lonigan says that is no reason for him to break his vows. TC says Eve lied to him, and if he had known the truth he never would have made her his wife. Father asks TC if he is saying he wouldnt have married her if she was honest about her past in spite of the fine woman she had become? Father Lonigan tells TC to think about the wife Eve has been since they said their vows. Sam and Father Lonigan leave, and TC tells Liz that they were right, what Eve did was in the past. Liz reminds him that she ran back to Julian, but TC says that was after he threw her out. He says marriage is sacred, it is a commitment that he cant throw away. TC says he has to find a way to save his marriage. TC asks how he can do this given what he knows about her? He says he doesnt know, but if he is going to make it work than she (Liz) has to leave this house, leave Harmony, and never come back!

At the mansion, Eve wakes up and Julian is by her side. He asks her how she is doing? Eve says that old saying about things looking better in the light of day is a big lie. She cant believe it all really happened, all her lies are out and her family hates her. Julian wishes he could make the pain go away. He says if there is anything he can do to tell him. Eve says she dreamed that their son was crying and calling out to her. She asks Julian if he can find her son. She wants to see who hes grown up to be and tell him that she didnt mean to intentionally give him away and hurt him. She thinks if she could find her son than Whitney might stop hating her, and she might even get close with her half-brother. Eve realizes she has to go to work, and she says as hard is it might be she will go do it. She asks Julian to find their son, and he says he will.

Fox is working hard at Crane Industries, but still cant stop thinking about Whitney. Julian shows up and finds Fox is here early. Fox says he has his sights set on running this place one day, so he has to show Alistair he is the rightful heir. Julian says this is a heavy crown, is he sure he wants it? Fox says yes, so Julian says he has his blessing, Julian also says he is proud of him. Fox then asks Julian if he has had any luck finding his son with Eve? Julian says not yet, but he is heading to see his father and demand he tell him who his son is and where he is. Fox asks what he will do then, make him a Crane and bring him into the family business? Julian says he hasnt thought that through. Fox says they need to be clear about something, he has no intention of letting any bastard half-brother take what is rightfully his! Julian tells Fox not to turn into his grandfather and see everyone as a threat. Julian says his brother could turn into an ally and be a good friend, as good a friend as Chad. Fox says they can be friends, but hes not sharing his birthright with him. Julian says he doesnt have a choice, he will have a claim. Fox says he has already lost Whitney, he wont lose his inheritance. Julian warns Fox not to become bitter like he became after he lost Eve. Julian says he wants him to be happy, be careful of the choices he makes, and dont end up living your life with regrets. Julian leaves to find his father, and Fox says he wont have any regrets. He decides he needs to go see Whitney. 

At the studio, Whitney is getting close with Chad, the two make out. Whitney asks Chad to make love to her. After they make love they cuddle. Chad wants to talk about her mom, but Whitney doesnt. Chad says she is lucky to have a mom, hed give anything to know who his mother is. Whitney says she is not part of her family anymore. She says he is her family now that they are getting married. Chad begins talking about starting a family, but Whitney says she doesnt want to have a baby until she is ready. Suddenly, Whitney has a pain in her stomach, which she dismisses as nerves and being upset over last night. Whitney wants to grab a shower and then head to the hospital to see Theresa. Whitney heads to the bathroom, where she gets sick. She wonders why she is so sick all of the sudden. 

Whitney and Chad head to the hospital to see Theresa, and they run into Eve. Whitney ends up giving her mom a hearty slap across the face when Eve tries to talk to her. Whitney tells her that she never wants to talk to her again, she ruined her life! Eve says she just wants to talk, and she talks about her getting married to Chad. Whitney says that is none of her business. Eve says she just thinks she is a little young, and wouldnt she rather live life? She says live like her, become a whore? Chad tells her to stop this. Whitney tells Chad not to defend her because her mom has never liked him. Eve says that is not true, she just doesnt see why they are rushing into this. Whitney says she (Eve) is just trying to ruin her life, well she has news for her, she already has! Whitney tells her mother she not only is a whore, she is a hypocrite. Whitney says she lectured her not to be like Kay and become a teenage mother, but at least she is raising her kid. Whitney asks what her mom did with her son, did she throw him in a dumpster because he was too high! She says she loved that boy and her child was stolen from her by Alistair Crane, but she and Julian will find him. She says no matter what Whitney thinks of her, she hopes Whitney would get to know him. Whitney says she doesnt want to know or see her moms bastard son! Whitney says she cant mean that, she cant take this out on her half-brother. Whitney says she didnt do anything wrong, and neither did daddy, but they are all paying for her sins! Whitney is hit with another pain, refuses to allow her mom to help her, and runs off. Chad says Whitney just has an upset stomach after tonight. Chad then talks to Eve about her missing son, and Eve tells him the story. She says she was told her baby died, but she recently came to realize he is alive and Alistair took him from her. Eve says she would give anything to hold her son in her arms again. Chad says he hopes she finds her son, and she thanks him. Julian calls Eve and says hes about to go see his father. Eve begs him to find her son because she needs something positive to look forward too. After she hangs up, Chad says Julian will find him. Eve says she wants to believe that, but she is afraid she will never get her son or daughters back again.

Meanwhile, Whitney heads to the womens room where she is once again sick. She wonders what is wrong with her. As she leaves the restroom she runs into Fox, who says they need to talk. Fox refuses to spend his life wondering what might have been.

Down in Mexico, Luis and Martin prepare to head into the jungle. Martin has hired them a guide to help them make it through the jungle Luis wonders why Alistair has such a vendetta against his family. Martin introduces the guide, Raoul, to Luis. Sheridan insists on going with them, but Luis says no way, it is too dangerous. Katherine says Luis is right, and she tells Sheridan she would like her to stay here with her. Sheridan agrees to stay with Mrs. Wheeler. Martin gives Katherine a kiss, and Luis asks Katherine to watch after Sheridan while they are gone. Katherine says shell look after her like shes her own daughter. Martin, Luis and the guide walk off, and Sheridan worries that shell never see Luis again. Later, Sheridan heads up to her room to read, and Katherine decides to fix her something to eat. Sheridan then gets a call from Alistair, who tells Sheridan that the jungle is a dangerous place and who knows what evil will befall Luis! Sheridan asks what he is going to do to Luis? How did he know where they are? Alistair says he is aware of everything, and no one crosses him and gets away with it. Alistair hangs up, and Sheridan realizes Alistair has lured Luis to his death! Alistair then calls Katherine, and she asks what he has done with Paloma? He says she cares more for her lovers child than her own! She says that is not true! She asks how he could be so cruel to his own children? He says a father does what he needs to, and she is the one who left him and their children. She says he abused her and would have killed her. He says that is a husbands prerogative. She says he knows nothing about marriage or love, all he is capable of is hate. She says he disgusted her! Alistair says she has made what he is about to do all the more easier. He says he will kill Sheridan and she has only herself to blame! Meanwhile, Sheridan leaves a note that shes gone into the jungle to help Luis, and she takes off. 

Alistairs henchman has Paloma tied up in an old shack in the jungle. He calls Alistair to let him know that everything is going according to schedule. Alistair says he really should thank little Paloma because of her, Martin, Katherine, Luis and Sheridan will soon all be dead! Alistair tells the henchman to start preparing for the next stage. Paloma finally wakes up, and the henchman tells her that he is going to kill her brother, Sheridan Crane, and the Wheelers! Paloma, who is gagged, tries to scream. The henchman laughs and says when he returns the two of them will get to know one another much better.

Meanwhile, Luis, Martin and the guide are trekking through the jungle, and none are aware the henchman is following them! Alistair spies on them as they trek through the jungle, apparently he has cameras in the trees! Elsewhere, Sheridan heads through the jungle looking for Luis. She calls out to Luis, but nobody answers. Back at the inn, Mrs. Wheeler finds Sheridans note, and she realizes Sheridan is falling into Alistairs trap. Back at the shack, Paloma breaks her bonds, goes to leave the shack to warn Luis, only to find a snake outside the door! 


August 13, 2004

At the hospital, Pilar, Ethan and Gwen are huddled around Theresa, who is being examined by the doctor. The doctor has ordered another ultrasound and would rather not say anything until he sees the new ultrasound. Ethan and Gwen wait outside to try and help Theresa remain calm. Theresa worries about the baby, and Pilar worries that Ethan and Gwen may find out the truth about the baby. Theresa says that cannot happen! She also says she cannot lose this baby because she wont get Little Ethan back. Pilar tells her that she agreed to give this baby to Ethan and Gwen, so she has to stop thinking about keeping this baby. Theresa says this baby is hers! Pilar says Gwen doesnt know that. Theresa says she feels sorry for Gwen, but Gwen and Rebecca did steal her child. Pilar says if she keeps this child than she will cause pain for many years to come. Theresa just doesnt understand why this is happening. Pilar says maybe God is trying to tell her something, but Theresa says God is not trying to punish her! Theresa says God knows what Gwen and Rebecca did to her. The doctor returns with the ultrasound equipment, and he asks Ethan and Gwen, who have returned, to wait outside because there isnt enough room in here for the equipment. Gwen wants to stay, but Ethan says theyll wait outside. The doctor starts the test, and afterwards tells Theresa there is nothing wrong, and she is pregnant with twins! Outside the cubicle, Gwen and Ethan wait for the news. Ethan suggests they go get something to drink while they wait. Back inside, Theresa asks why she was in pain? He says it may have just been pain, and there are two embryonic sacks which causes discomfort. He says she is carrying fraternal twins rather than identical. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about, and he thinks hell call the Winthrops in now to tell them. She says no, shell tell them herself. The doctor leaves, and Theresa wonders if she is carrying both Ethan and Gwens baby as well as her and Ethans? Or is she pregnant with two of her own eggs? Pilar says she doesnt know and she should ask the doctor, but Theresa says she cant let him know how she got pregnant again. Pilar tells Theresa she may have to give Gwen both of these babies, but she says these babies are hers! 

Elsewhere, Fox confronts Whitney and asks her what she will do five years from now when she wakes up and realizes she really loves him. She calls him arrogant and thinks he is just expecting her to fall all over him because he is a Crane. Fox says she is only angry with him for not telling her about his feelings earlier. He says he is doing this now because he knows she has feelings for him, and he can prove it. He then pulls her into a kiss! She eventually pulls away and says he cant do this, she wont let him use her like his father used his mother. Fox says his father loves her mother, but she refuses to believe that. She says she will not be another notch on his belt. As she lashes out at Fox, she becomes ill again and runs into the bathroom. Fox asks if he can do anything, and she says no and for him to just leave her alone. He shouts, through the door, that hes sorry and hell go. Whitney cleans herself up, and she soon realizes what could be wrong with her, she may be pregnant! 

In another part of the hospital, Eve talks with Chad about the mess her life has become. Chad says things will work out, and in time Whitney will come around. Eve wonders how Julian is doing. She says she hates having a son out there and not knowing who he is. She says for all she knows her son could be standing in front of her and she wouldnt know. Eve talks to Chad about his relationship with Whitney, and she says she knows Whitney loves her and that is good. Chad promises Eve that he and Whitney will have a long and happy marriage. Eve continues to talk to Chad about her belief that Whitney and Simone both hate her. Chad thinks they will come around, as will TC. Eve says she doesnt think so, there isnt enough time in the world for TC to forgive her. Eve then gets a call from TC!

Whitney meets up with Chad later, and Chad tells her that Whitney has gone home to talk to her father. He says TC called and they are going to talk. Chad then thinks Whitney should see a doctor, but she says she is fine. She says she just wants to make a stop at the pharmacy first, and she tells Chad to go ahead and shell meet him back at the studio. Chad leaves, and Whitney begins wondering if she really could be pregnant.  Later at the studio, Whitney heads into the bathroom to take the pregnancy test she bought at the pharmacy. She waits for the results of the test, and hopes she isnt pregnant. She looks at the test and then says Im pregnant, what am I going to do?

At the Russells, TC asks Liz to leave town because he has to work things out with Eve. Liz asks how he can forgive her for what she did? He says that is because everything Eve did was in the past, and he cant judge Eve for sleeping with Julian last night when he slept with her. Liz tells TC that she loves him and she can give him a wonderful life. She says she will never lie to him or betray him with another man. She tells him that he cannot take Eve back, shell just betray him again. She says Eve still has so many secrets. TC says all her secrets have been exposed, but she says what if they havent? TC says he has to find a way to do the right thing. Liz asks if he can really just pretend that none of this happened? HE says no, but he has to try and see his way through this problem. She says he is making a big mistake. TC says if she cannot forgive Eve for her past than she has to go. TC picks up the phone and calls Eve. Eve asks TC why he is calling her? TC says they need to talk about them getting back together, he wants to try and pick up the pieces of their marriage. Later, TC tells Liz that she should start packing because Eve is on her way home. He says he and Eve wont have a chance to start fresh if she is here. Liz asks TC to come to the shed with him because there is another secret, one that will change his mind about Eve forever! Liz takes TC out to the garage and says she cant let TC take Eve back before he knows the truth about the accident. She says she was able to see some of the CD-ROMS before Luis returned them to Alistair, she saw who was driving the car the night of his accident and it wasnt Julian! TC asks who is was? Meanwhile, Eve returns home and thanks God for giving her another chance with TC. Back in the shed, Liz tells Eve that Julian was in the car, but Eve was driving it! Suddenly, Eve walks into the shed and she says she is here to talk. TC is fuming over Lizs new reveal. She sees Liz, and realizes something is going on. She asks TC what is the matter? TC says nothing, so Liz asks what have she done now? TC says it is what shes done, and he says damn you to hell Eve! 

Julian walks into his fathers office, and he wonders what is going on. He sees his mothers photo out, and he sees the TV screens has been shot out. Alistair asks Julian what he is doing here? Julian says he wants to know the name of his son. Alistair says to be careful what you wish for. Julian says to know who her son is will bring Eve happiness. Alistair says it will bring her something, but not happiness! Julian threatens to go to the police and tell them what is hidden in the gazebo. Alistair says hell be signing his own arrest warrant, and Julian says he knows. Alistair says if he feels that strongly than hell tell him. Fox shows up and listens at the door as Alistair is about to tell Julian the truth. Alistair says hell soon know why he was keeping his sons name a secret. Julian tells him to just tell him his sons name! Alistair says sometimes he does things to protect people, and to reveal his sons name will destroy lives! Julian tells him to spit it out, so Alistair says all right. He says that Chad Harris is his and Eves son! Fox hears this and is just as stunned as Julian is. Julian cant believe this. Alistair says this isnt much of a gift to give Eve, but it is great material for a Larry Winger show! Fox wonders what this all means, and then he says Oh my God!

Down in Mexico, Katherine finds Sheridans note that shes run after Luis. Katherine says she cant let Alistair kill Sheridan, so she runs after Sheridan. In the jungle, Sheridan searches for Luis and Martin. She yells at to Luis, but he doesnt answer. Elsewhere, the henchman spies on Luis and Martin and aims a gun at them. Alistair, over the phone, tells the henchman that he knows what to do! The henchman aims his gun at Luis, but then realizes this gun might be traceable to Mr. Crane. He decides to go to plan B instead. Meanwhile, Luis realizes they are being followed by someone. He decides the should just keep going and try and find his sister. At the cabin where Paloma is being held, she escapes from her bonds, but a deadly snake in the door of the cabin keeps her from leaving. Paloma screams, which Luis and Martin hear. Paloma uses a stick to swat the snake away, and then she runs out into the jungle. The henchman returns and finds Paloma is gone, so he runs out to find her. Elsewhere, Sheridan finds herself walking in circles. The henchman soon spots Sheridan, and he decides to take care of Sheridan right now. Suddenly, Sheridan is grabbed by someone, who turns out to be Katherine! Katherine stopped Sheridan from walking into a tree which had a huge snake in it. Katherine asks Sheridan why she came here? Sheridan says her father called and made threats against Luis. Katherine says she could be in danger too. She wants Sheridan to come with her back to the inn, but Sheridan says not before she finds Luis! Elsewhere, Luis, Martin and the guide stumble on the cabin in the jungle. They see the snake on the ground, as well as one of Palomas bracelets in the dirt. Martin says she must have been here. Luis wonders where she is now, and says she couldnt have gotten far. Paloma is still running through the jungle, and she ends up at an ancient temple which the henchman is rigging to explode. He says Paloma is leading Luis right to him. Meanwhile, Luis hears Paloma calling out, and they search for her. They stumble upon the Aztec temple, as do Sheridan and Katherine. Katherine and Sheridan meet up with MAritn, and he asks what they are doing here? Sheridan explains Luis is being lead to his death, and she asks where he is?. Martin says Luis went ahead of them when they heard Paloma. Up at the temple, the henchman grabs Paloma, muffles her screams, and tells her that she has just lured her brother to his death! Luis heads to the temple thinking Paloma is in it. The others also head to the temple try try and find Luis. Sheridan sees Luis heading into the temple, and she runs after him. Paloma and the henchman see him go into the temple as well. Luis crosses a laser line the henchman set up. Suddenly, the temple explodes! The temple walls and entrance come crashing down as Sheridan screams.

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