November 29, 2004
Tabithas Thanksgiving from Hell continues. Luis is calling his father a coward and a low-life bastard. Martin says he doesnt understand, but Luis says he does. He says he was living the high life in Mexico with his mistress while mama was struggling to raise them. Sheridan asks Luis to calm down, and Katherine asks him to listen to Sheridan. Pilar tells Katherine not to talk to his son and she calls her a whore. Paloma says Tia is a good woman! Pilar says a good woman wouldnt allow a man to abandon his family. Paloma asks what that makes her, she abandoned her! Meanwhile, Beth comforts Martin, who is crying. Tabitha spies on Beth and is pleased that Beth is trying to find out who Mrs. Wheeler is and to break up Sheridan and Luis. Kay and Simone take care of Maria, and Tabitha has Endora. Tabitha and Endora are enjoying all of this. Kay confronts Tabitha and knows this is what she wanted to happen. Kay ends up yelling at everyone to stop this because it is Thanksgiving. She gets them all to be quiet, and Kay tells them all that this was supposed to be Palomas first Thanksgiving in Harmony. Kay says loving her is the one thing they all have in common, but they have turned this dinner into World War 3. She tells them to think of the little ones and the example they are setting for them. Luis takes Marty and comforts him, and Pilar holds Maria to comfort her. Katherine asks Martin if he is all right, and he says he never would have come if he had known Pilar would be here. Martin feels bad because of the bad things that have been said to her, but Katherine says Pilar has every right to be angry with her. Katherine is hurt by the look of anger in Sheridans eyes. Katherine says shes no longer the kind and caring Mrs. Wheeler, she is the whore who took him away. Martin tells her not to say that. Katherine wishes she could tell her the truth, but she cant. Martin says if Sheridan took her side it would tear Luis and Sheridan apart. Katherine says she cant ruin Sheridans chances of happiness with Luis. Meanwhile, Marty wont stop crying, and Beth says sometimes it takes ten or fifteen minutes for him to settle down. When Sheridan takes Marty he settles down immediately. Luis says that is amazing, every time Sheridan holds him he stops crying. Luis says its like they have a connection. Beths mom calls Beth to ask if Sheridan has seen the baby? Beth says yes, and nothing has happened. Beth tells her mom Sheridan wont find the truth after she exposes Mrs. Wheelers past. Beth says there is a connection between them and even Sheridan doesnt know what it is. Beth says Luis will be hers, and she tells her mom to leave her alone! Beth continues to wonder how Mrs. Wheeler knows Sheridan, and why she tried to kill Alistair. Later, Pilar thanks Tabitha for inviting them and trying to give them a good Thanksgiving. Tabitha says all she did was cause misery and heartache, but Pilar thanks her anyways. Kay tells her she did this on purpose. Tabitha is not pleased with Kay for calming everyone down, and she calls Kay a party pooper. Pilar goes to apologize to Paloma, and she asks her to come to the book caf for coffee or to talk. Martin watches as Paloma says she doesnt want coffee or to talk. Pilar asks if they can try to work this out after all she is her mother, but Paloma says Mrs. Wheeler has been more of a mother to her. Paloma runs to Martin, and Sheridan tries to comfort Pilar. Pilar says her daughter hates her, and to see a look of hate from your own daughter is like a knife in your heart. Katherine asks Paloma to make amends with her mother, but Paloma says she will never forgive her. Everyone begins to get ready to take off, and Kay invites Paloma to go with her, Simone and Maria for a walk and coffee. Paloma looks at her mother and then tells Kay that shed love to get some coffee. Pilar offers to stay behind and help Tabitha clean. Tabitha says she can manage, but Pilar insists. Luis thinks Pilar should go home and rest, but Pilar says all shell do is think about what happened tonight. Everyone leaves, and Pilar begins clearing the table. Tabitha tells Endora that tonight was a great success, and much more hatred and pain will come thanks to Beths search for information on Mrs. Wheeler. As Tabitha cleans she sings This is the way we clean the house, without a magic spell. Pilar tells Tabitha that her girl is so beautiful, and they grow up so fast. She hopes Tabitha and Endora dont grow apart because it is a sad thing when it happens. Pilar ends up leaving, and Tabitha feels a bit bad for Pilar, and she says what an odd feeling. She says she cant let personal feelings get in the way of her job.

Martin and Katherine walk along the pier, and Katherine is still talking about how Sheridan can never know who she is. Still, Katherine worries Sheridan could still find out the truth, but Martin thinks she wont. Elsewhere Sheridan and Luis are on the pier. Luis says mama got everything she always prayed for, and look what happened. Sheridan says she used to pray for her mom to come back to her, if she got her prayer answered she doesnt know how it would affect her life. Luis talks to Sheridan about their future and wedding. Sheridan says she wants to marry him so much, but she is still legally married to Antonio. Luis says as soon as they declare him dead then nothing can keep them apart. As they hug, Katherine and Martin watch them. Luis promises Sheridan that nothing bad will happen to stop them from being together this time. 

Beth returns home and begins surfing the net to find information on Mrs. Wheeler. Beth comes up with dead end after dead end. She wonders if Luis father was having an affair with Mrs. Wheeler. She decides to search for Martins disappearance, and she realizes the same time Martin disappeared, Sheridans mother died. Beth says Oh my God . . . yeah! Beth ends up searching for Mrs. Wheeler, but runs into another dead end. She refuses to give up though.

Simone, Kay, Paloma and Maria are walking to the java caf when they run into the Avon lady (Jessica). They invite her to come with them, but Jessica says shes on her way to meet some of her Mark customers. Jessica pitches some of her products to them before running off. Paloma doesnt know how Kay can be a single mom. Kay says somehow she doesnt know how she does it herself, she works two jobs and is always exhausted. She says her love for Maria keeps her going. Paloma thinks her mother never felt that kind of love for her and that is why it was so easy for her to send her away. Paloma says she will never get married or have children so she doesnt hurt them the way her mother hurt her. Simone says she doesnt want to repeat her mothers sins, but its no reason not to have kids, it is just a reason to learn from their mistakes. Paloma says yes, she was a mistake, her mother couldnt have an abortion so she sent her away. Kay says she shouldnt let the way she feels about her mom keep her from finding someone to fall in love with. Paloma says love only causes heartache and pain, so shes never going to fall in love. 

At the hospital, Fox and Chad argue over the baby and who the daddy is. Julian shows up and asks what is going on? He asks Chad if he is okay? Chad says he is fine. Fox says hes fine too thanks for asking. Ivy realizes Julian is here to see Eve, and Ivy says Eve is a bit busy right now with Whitney. Ivy tells Julian that Whitney is pregnant. Julian learns both of his sons could be the father, but Fox insists the baby is his. Ivy drags Julian off and tells him that she thinks Whitney is purposely being deceptive. Ivy says she is hiding something, she became so upset at the thought of an examination. Ivy finds it odd that a doctors daughter has not had any prenatal work done. Julian doesnt see what the problem is, if Whitney says Fox is the father then he is. Ivy says she didnt tell him, not until Fox found her pregnancy test and confronted her. Ivy says if Fox is the father then why is she hiding this from him? Julian says if Fox isnt the father then Chad is. Ivy says she wont let Whitney get away with passing this child off as Foxs. Julian asks if Fox is her only concern in all of this? Ivy says if not her then who, him? Ivy says he has disowned Fox and couldnt care less about him. Julian says that is not true, and he says Fox wouldnt be in this mess if he had listened to him and stayed away from Whitney. Ivy tells Julian that he created this mess because of his and Eves little secret! Julian says he and Eve didnt know their son was live, let alone he was Chad. Julian says Chad must be a wreck right now. Ivy asks what about Fox? She says he loves Whitney and if he finds out Whitney has been lying to him than it will kill him. Julian says theyll know the truth soon, and hes going to go talk to Chad. Ivy says Fox needs him too, but Julian says Chad needs him more. Ivy takes Foxs side, and Fox says at least hes consistent. Fox says hes always put someone ahead of him, first it was Ethan, now it is Chad. Meanwhile, Julian talks to Chad about how hes doing. Chad says he always thought the day he found out Whitney was pregnant would be the happiest day of his life, boy was he wrong. Chad says if he is the father than hell be there for the baby and for Whitney. Julian says he cant, but Chad says hell be there for Whitney as a friend. He says he wants to make sure this child will grow up with the love and support of two parents. Fox says that shouldnt concern him, hes going to marry Whitney and theyll have a fine life. Chad asks Fox he gives them six months before he begins wandering. Fox says not this time, and he tells Chad to remember his place. Chad asks what that is supposed to mean white boy? Fox says it means he is her brother not her lover! Julian scolds Fox for treating his brother this way. Fox blasts his dad for not supporting him, and he says he never had it before so why should he expect it now. Chad and Fox both walk off, and Ivy tells Julian to stop ignoring Fox just because he is her child and not Eves. She says he is making the same mistake she did, she favored Ethan because Sam was his father. Julian says he has a lifetime to make up to Chad, this has nothing to do with him being Eves child. Still, Ivy says Fox loves Whitney and it will break his heart to find out she has been lying to him.

In the exam room, Whitney tells Eve that she is pregnant with Chads baby, and this is all her moms fault because of her lies. Whitney says her life is ruined and now because of her mom, her child will be a freak! Eve says she never knew her baby was alive, and there was no reason to tell anyone. Whitney tells her mom to save it because her lies have ruined her life, Chads life, and now her grandchilds life. Eve says maybe the baby isnt Chads, but Whitney says she knows who she slept with and when, shes not a slut like her mom is. Whitney says she found out she was pregnant the same day she found out Chad was her brother, so what should have been the happiest day of her life was the worst. Eve cant believe shes been dealing with this alone all this time. She asks Whitney why she didnt come to her? Whitney asks her mom if she really needs to ask that question? Eve says she is her mother, but Whitney says after all that has happened she doesnt feel like she has a mom anymore. Whitney says she cant talk to Simone about this, and besides she still thinks she stole Chad. Whitney says Dad would go nuts, and Theresa has problem of her own. Whitney says besides, how do you tell someone something like this? Eve tries to comfort Whitney, but Whitney tells her mom not to touch her! Whitney says this is her fault anyways! Eve asks why she is trying to pass the baby off as Foxs? Whitney says shes trying to protect her child from everyone knowing. Eve says she knows what keeping secrets does, but Whitney says she had to do something. Whitney says she almost had an abortion, but she couldnt go through with it. She then found out what could be wrong with her child. Eve says they arent certain, and the complications can be dealt with. Whitney says this is far beyond complications, and she cant let anyone know Chad is the father. Eve asks how she can do this to Fox? She says Fox loves her, and shes always had feelings for him, she just pushed them aside while she was with Chad. She says she wants to be with Fox, and he will be a wonderful father. She says she slept with him and tried to pass the baby off as his. Eve says this explains why she got involved with Fox so quickly. Eve tells Whitney that she cant do this to Fox, to the baby or to herself. She tells her not to start with the secrets and lies because they always come out, she knows. Whitney says that is the chance shes willing to take. Whitney says shell do everything she can to protect this baby and no one can stop her. Eve says Ivy will stop her, shell insists on a DNA test. Whitney says she will think of something. Eve says Fox and Chad have a right to know, and she tells Whitney not to do this because of her anger towards her. Whitney says this is about protecting her child. Eve says she has to tell the truth, think about the child. She says if there are any complications then theyll have to know the truth about his parents. Whitney says shes going to be the best mother she can be, everything her own wasnt. Eve says she has to tell the truth, but Whitney says she cant and she wont. Eve says if she doesnt than she will! 


November 30, 2004
Beth finds very little info on Mrs. Wheeler on the net, and she says its almost as if the woman never existed before coming to Harmony. She knows she is the key and wonders how she finds out more about her. Beth then realizes the reason she cant find out any information on Mrs. Wheeler is because of Alistair. She says Alistair must know who this woman is, why else would she have tried to kill him?

On the pier, Paloma runs into Martin and Katherine. Katherine asks where her friends are? She says the baby got tired so they went home. Paloma says she is going to see Theresa in the hospital. Martin is shocked and asks why Theresa is in the hospital, is something wrong with the baby. Paloma fills Martin in on Theresas problems, which she says she found out from a friend of Kays who works at the hospital. Paloma says she is okay, and they are keeping her over night as a safety precaution. Martin asks Paloma to try and make peace with her mother, but she says no way. Martin says okay, and Katherine says they wont push her to do something she doesnt want to. Martin offers to walk her to the hospital. She says its not necessary, shell be fine. Paloma heads off, and Martin and Katherine talk about Palomas anger towards Pilar, and Sheridans anger towards her. Katherine says at least Sheridan still has Luis to love. Alistair shows up and says yes, but no one knows how long that love will last though. Alistair taunts them about revealing the truth about Katherines Identity and how it will destroy Sheridan and Luis. He jokes about calling Sam and tell him who Mrs. Wheeler is. Martin says if he wants to see Sheridan and Luis torn apart so badly then why doesnt he call Sam and reveal Katherines identity? Alistair says he doesnt need have his name smeared by the news. Katherine thinks this is all about his male pride being tarnished. She says he doesnt want people to know she left him to save her own life. Alistair tells her to shut up. He says this is all about the Crane name and business. He says the media will paint the two of the victims of the Crane machine, and he wont have his stocks plummet because of them. Alistair tells them to leave town now or else. He says if they think suffering Luis and Pilars hatred is painful then they havent seen anything yet. 

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis are still on the pier talking about getting legally married. Sheridan comments while she loved the wedding in Mexico (we see flashbacks), they still arent legally married. Luis says they will be. Sheridan asks what about Antonio? Luis says hell have him declared dead. Sheridan says that takes years when there is no body. Luis says there must be a way to speed it up, and Sam will know what to do. Later they walk off, and Alistair says whatever they are up to, he will keep them apart. He says hell even reveal the truth about Katherine and suffer the humiliation and the stock prices if that is what it takes.

Sheridan and Luis head to the police station where they talk to Sam about how to have Antonio declared dead and getting a death certificate. Sam says they have a bit of a problem, and he suggests they sit down. Sam says without a body the state cant issue a death certificate. Sheridan says so theyll never be legally married? She says she knew something would come between them! Luis says there must be something they can do, but Sam says not for seven years, that is how long it takes for someone missing to be declared dead. Sam says that is the law, and everyone he has talked to says there is no way around it. Sheridan cries that this isnt far. Luis realizes how they can have Antonio declared dead, theyll use the Crane influence to manipulate the law. Sheridan says she isnt good at that kind of thing as she isnt her father or her brother. Luis says that who hes talking about asking. Sheridan asks if hes going to ask Alistair to help them?

Martin and Katherine return to the cottage, and Martin is reminded the reason he came to Harmony was to kill Alistair. Katherine tells Martin he cant think about that now. Martin says hes not, every time theyve tried to kill him it has failed. He says the only thing they can do now is leave Harmony. Martin makes a call for an appointment to get them out of town.

Alistair returns to his office and learns he has several messages from Beth. He wonders what she wants. Beth storms into Alistairs office and says she needs to know everything he knows about Mrs. Wheeler! Alistair excuses his secretary, Gina. Beth says she knows that he knows the truth about Mrs. Wheeler, and she wants to know her connection to Sheridan. Beth says he has to know who she is, and she wants to know now. Beth tells him that she is the key to breaking up Luis and Sheridan. Alistair asks why she believes Mrs. Wheeler has a connection to Luis and Sheridan? Beth says Sheridan has a bond with her, and this bond has been causing problems between her and Luis. Beth tells him that Sheridan has defended this woman, which angers Luis given she is his fathers mistress. Beth says if she can find out why Mrs. Wheeler affects Sheridan then she can break them up for good. Beth says she knows Alistair has a connection to Mrs. Wheeler and she asks what he knows. He says he always knew she was a smart girl, and he says her mother doesnt give her enough credit. He tells her to be patient; Sheridan and Luis will never last as long as Alistair is pulling the strings.

Pilar arrives at the hospital to find out about Theresa. A nurse says she is fine and the baby is holding her own. The nurse tells Pilar that she can see Theresa, but her daughter cant tolerate any bad news as any upset could harm the baby. Pilar realizes she cannot tell Theresa about her father just yet as that could kill her and the baby. Pilar goes in to see Theresa, and she asks why Theresa didnt call her to tell her that she was here? Theresa says she is fine and so is the baby, so not to worry. Theresa says she guesses she made a mess out of Thanksgiving dinner. She asks where her mama went for dinner? Pilar says she went to Tabithas for dinner as she was kind enough to invite them. Theresa asks if it was weird? Pilar says it was okay, and Paloma was there. Theresa remembers her dreams about having the whole family together for Thanksgiving, and she rants about papa deserting them. She says she knows if Papa did come home it would have made this the Thanksgiving of her dreams. Paloma walks in and says papa was there, didnt mama tell her? Theresa asks what she just said, did she just say papa is here and had dinner at Tabithas with them? Pilar says she needs to talk to Paloma right now, and she grabs Paloma by t he arm! Theresa wants answers, and Pilar says they just spoke about how their father was in their hearts and prayers, and it was as if he was with there with them. Pilar excuses them and drags Paloma outside to scold her. Pilar tells Paloma she cant tell her sister about her father, but Paloma says she deserves to know. Pilar says it could kill her and the baby, is that what she wants? Paloma says she still deserves to know, but Pilar says if Theresa finds out the truth it could kill her, and for Paloma not to take her anger for her out on her sister. Theresa is standing right behind Pilar as she tells this to Paloma, and Theresa is stunned to hear that Mr. Wheeler is her father. Pilar tells her to go back to bed and rest, but Theresa refuses. Theresa asks her mom if it is true, is Mr Wheeler her father? Pilar cries that she didnt want her to find out this way, and she confirms it. Theresa cries after all these years! Suddenly, Theresa is hit with pains and doubles over!

Elsewhere in the hospital, Julian continues to stand by Chads side and do everything he can for him. Chad tells Julian there is nothing he can do if this baby is his, and this baby will be a product of incest because of his and Eves lies. Fox asks his dad if he will be there for him if it is his son? Julian says Chad is facing something completely different here. Fox is furious with his father for choosing sides once again and making Chad the favored son. Later, Chad does some research in the hospital library about incest babies. Chad talks to Fox about what hes found, and he wonders what they will do if it is his. Fox says the baby could be his too, and Chad lashes out at him for only carrying about himself. Chad says he knows his history, he doesnt stay committed to anyone for long. Fox says that was before Whitney, but Chad says a leopard doesnt change its spots. Meanwhile, Ivy talks to Julian about the baby. Julian admits this is as much as his fault as anyones, he should have stood up to father and not walked out on Eve. Ivy thinks Alistair is behind all the pain and heartache in Harmony. Julian says he wont argue with that.

Whitney tells her mother that she wont let her tell everyone that she is carrying her brothers baby! Eve says the only way to help the baby is to tell everyone the truth, that she is carrying Chads baby. Ivy walks in at this point and it appears she has heard everything, but she hasnt. Ivy just wants to know how hard it is for them to do an exam and blood test to find out who the father is. Whitney says she knows Fox is the father of her child, so all of this is pointless and insulting. Ivy says she doesnt mean to insult Whitney, but she does have a right to know who the father is because she may be the babys grandmother. Eve asks her to please wait outside and shell tell her and the others what she has found out. Ivy leaves, and Eve continues to insist she tell them the truth. Whitney tells her mom that if she loves her than she wont tell them her secret. She begs her mom not to tell them. She says if she is lucky her child wont be born with serious birth defects, but if the truth is known then children will be so cruel to him. She begs her mom not to do this to her innocent little baby! Whitney says she cant believe shed do this to her and her baby, but it does go along with every other selfish thing shes done. She wishes she had a mother like Ivy. Eve gasps Ivy? Whitney says Ivy has her faults, but the only thing she cares about is her sons happiness. Whitney says but not her mom, Eve is ready to sell her down the river as fast as she can. She says she doesnt know why she expected more, and calls her mom a self righteous bitch! Eve says secrets always have a way of coming out. Eve says the reason she is carrying this baby is because she wasnt brave enough to tell the truth long ago, so she owes it to her and Chad now to make sure everyone knows the truth. Whitney says fine, go ahead as everyone will find out anyways. Whitney says her life and her babys lives are ruined! Whitney tells her mother that she hates her! Eve goes out to deliver the news to everyone about the baby, and Whitney is with her. She is crying, and Fox asks if she is okay. Whitney says she is. Ivy asks who the father is?


December 1, 2004
At the station, Sheridan says her father will not use the Crane power to help them. Luis says hes not talking about Alistair, hes talking about Julian. Sheridan isnt so sure, but Luis says Julian has changed. Sheridan says true, but if her father found out that Julian helped them then hell do something terrible to him. However, Sheridan agrees to try and contact Julian and see if theyll help him. She calls his office to find out where he is.

At the hospital, Gwen and Ethan have shown up as Theresa is cramping. Pilar helps her back into bed, and Paloma thinks this is her fault. Ethan asks what happened, and Paloma informs them that Theresa learned their father was back in town. Ethan and Gwen are stunned to learn Mr. Wheeler is Theresas father and her husband. The nurse comes to check on her, and Theresa insists she is feeling better. Theresa says she cant believe this news. The nurse is afraid Theresa has started labor. Theresa says its not labor, her stomach is just in knots. The nurse says she doesnt want to take chances and shell have to come have Eve look at her. Theresa questions her mom about Martin as to why didnt he tell Paloma and Tia Maria who he was. Pilar says they just dont have the answers to those questions. Theresa tells her mother how sorry she is for her and the guilt she felt at sending Paloma away, and she damns their father for doing this to her and to her mother. The nurse says once again Theresa must be kept calm, and they all understand. Theresa still wants to know about her father, and who is the woman he is with. 

Elsewhere, Eve is ready to make an announcement about the baby to everyone. Whitney tells her mom not to do this, but Eve says she has to. Ivy says hello, they are still here and still waiting to learn who the father is! Before Eve can reveal the truth she is beeped to help Theresa. Ivy tells her that she cannot leave until she tells them the truth! Eve says this is an emergency and she has to go. Eve leaves, and Ivy says Whitneys child will be in preschool before they find out who its father is! Fox tells his mother to lay off of Eve and Whitney and for once in her life just butt out. Ivy tells herself that if Chad isnt her babys father then why she is she having such a hard time with Whitney keeping this secret. She also wonders what is more important then Eves daughters child.

Eve goes to check on Theresa, and she learns Theresas upset was caused about Mr. Wheeler. Eve says she heard the news, and she tells Pilar how sorry she is. She says she never would have recognized him. Pilar says he had plastic surgery. Eve cant believe hed show up with this Mrs. Wheeler while hes still married to her, and who could this woman be. Theresa says she wants to know the same thing. Eve suggests they not say anything that will upset Theresa, and that everything will be fine as long as Theresa stays calm. Eve leaves, and Theresa continues to get worked up over her father and Mrs. Wheeler. She asks if Mrs. Wheeler knew papa was married, and Pilar says yes. When Theresa calls Mrs. Wheeler a slut, Paloma lashes out and says she is a good woman and has been better to her than mama ever was. Paloma says Mrs. Wheeler was always loving towards her, and mama probably pushed papa away and into her arms. Ethan and Gwen ask them all to calm down, but Theresa says Mama loved Papa and she didnt drive him away. Theresa says they had nothing when papa left. Paloma says they had each other, and she was the one who was sent away. Theresa tells her that she was sent away for her own good, she was sent away to have a better life! Suddenly, Theresa is hit with another pain. Paloma cries that shes so sorry and that this is all her fault! A nurse comes in and Theresa says she is now in labor and is having the baby! 

Luis and Sheridan show up to talk to Julian, and he asks what is wrong? Sheridan says he looks tense as well, and he says it is nothing to bother them with, just family stuff. Luis says he has his own family problems right now, and Julian says hes heard and hes sorry. Luis and Sheridan tell them about their problem, they cant get married with Antonio not legally dead. Julian knows it takes seven years for someone to be declared dead. Julian suggests Sheridan divorce Antonio. Sheridan says an annulment through the church could take years. Luis says that is why they came to him for help. Sheridan says they know father could hurt him for helping them, but is he willing to help them? Julian says he is willing to help them, and as much as they think they know about how ruthless Alistair can be, they really know nothing. Julian says hell call Judge Reilly and bribe him to speed up the death certificate. Luis thanks him and says hes become a real stand-up guy. He says he has a lot to make up for, and he cant wait to dance with her at their wedding. Julian tells Sheridan that he loves her, and she says she loves him to. Luis shakes Julians hand, and they leave. Julian ends up saying a prayer to allow Sheridan to find happiness, and to help Eve, Chad and Whitney through this time if Eve has the horrible news he thinks she does.

Eve returns to the others, and Ivy tells her not to keep them in suspense any longer. Eve looks at Whitney and remembers carrying for a young Whitney when she was stung by a bee. She also remembers comforting Whitney when she lost a tennis match and telling her that shed always be a winner in her book. Whitney told her mom she always made things better, and Eve said shed always be there for her. Eve ends up saying the father of Whitneys baby is Fox. Whitney smiles at her mom, and Eve smiles back at her. Ivy asks Eve if she is sure, and Whitney says yes. Fox and Whitney hug, and Chad says he is glad things turned out this way. He says he would have been there for her and the baby, and hell still be there for her as a friend. She says shed love that. Fox tells Whitney that they need to start making plans for the future and the baby. Eve says she knows, and she just wants to talk to her mom quickly. Eve and Whitney go off to talk, and Ivy tells Julian that she guesses she was wrong. Whitney thanks her mom and says she appreciates what she has done for her. Eve says she told that lie because she doesnt want to let her down anymore. However, she says she hasnt done her a favor, all shes given her a short term fix for a long term problem. Whitney says she cant think about that now. Eve says she used to say the same thing. Eve prays that her baby will be able to deal with the problems her lie is bound to cause. Whitney and Fox head off, and Ivy says she is happy for them. Julian tells Eve who ever thought theyd be grandparents. Eve tells herself it isnt the son he thinks making him a grandfather. Julian heads to the mansion to take care of something for Luis and Sheridan, and Eve wonders what she has done. Suddenly a nurse tells Eve that Theresa has gone into labor. Eve says no, its too soon!

At B&B, Martin tells Katherine that the pain they have caused their children has to stop. Martin has made an appointment with his lawyer to compensate his wife and children, and then he says they will leave town. Katherine says she thought about Harmony so often and how it would be fore them to come back and be with their children. Martin says he thought about it too, but not this way. Katherine tells Martin about her dream of telling Julian and Sheridan the truth up on Raven Hill, and how they weeped when they learned the truth about what Alistair did to her and why she had to leave. She says she imagined that the moment would be loving and healing for them, not this horrible thanksgiving they just had. Martin says he just hopes that when they leave, their loved ones will be safe from Alistair. Katherine thinks it is a pity that Pilar will never know how truly noble he really is and what he did for her. Martin says they were fools to think theyd ever be welcomed back with open arms, and it is better that they leave now before the truth about her comes out. Martin says there is no way this will ever end happily and they have Alistair to thank for that. 

In the Crane study, Beth is frustrated that Alistair wont tell her who Mrs. Wheeler is. Alistair says it is not in her best interest to know just yet. Beth thinks she is going to lose Luis to Sheridan, but Alistair says he will keep Luis and Sheridan apart and anyone who tries to stop him will die! Alistair crushes his brandy glass in his hand, and Beth says he cut himself. She gives him a towel to help him, and he jokes for a violent psychotic she can be gentile. Beth says being a mother has changed her, but Alistair reminds her that shes not a mother. He says she tricked Luis into thinking the child was hers with Luis. Beth says with his help as Charlie. Alistair says yes, and he begins to remember when he kissed Beth as Charlie. Beth says she loves Marty, but she still wants Luis to be a full-time father and husband to her. Alistair sees her obsession with Luis is still as strong as ever. Beth asks him to help her them, help her use Mrs. Wheeler. Alistair says he can help her, but what will she do for him? He comes onto her, but she wont play his game. Instead, Beth lashes out at him and tells him off. She thinks he is nothing, he is supposed to be the all powerful Alistair Crane but he cant even keep Sheridan away from Luis. She says she wants answers old man, and she demands to know when he will tear Luis and Sheridan apart and stop letting Martin making a fool out of him. Alistair grabs Beth and tells her that if she doesnt shut her mouth Martin, Luis and Sheridan wont be the only ones torn apart! Beth says she is sorry, and shes just frustrated because nothing seems to stop Sheridan. Beth recounts everything that has been done to try and keep Luis and Sheridan apart, and she says nothing has worked so far. Beth says this Mrs. Wheeler is obviously way more powerful than bombs, shock therapy and poisons snakes. Alistair apologizes for his lapse in manners, but he says this is a complicated situation. He says if she is patient than she will get Luis. Beth says he must know something, and he says he does. He says eventually they will both get what they want, but Beth says eventually doesnt work for her. She says she wants Luis now and she demands Alistair tell her what hes doing to tear Luis and Sheridan apart! He once again says it will happen if she is patient, but she says she is sick of waiting. Beth says she will destroy Luis and Sheridan with or without his help.

Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan go back to the cottage and make love. 


December 2, 2004
At the hospital, Eve tells Theresa that she is in labor and shell try and stop the contractions, but she doesnt know if she can. Gwen says she must, and Theresa begs Eve to save the baby. Pilar tells her that she can do this, but Theresa says it is too early! Eve gives Theresa drugs and tells her to resist the urge to push. The nurse says the drip doesnt seem to be stopping the contractions. Theresa says she has to push! Theresa cries in agony, and Gwen continues to beg Eve to stop the labor. Eve says they all need to leave, and she has the room cleared. Pilar runs to call Luis to tell him what has happened. Paloma thinks her papa will want to know too, and she runs to call him. Ethan yells to Paloma thats a bad idea, but he cant stop her.

At the B&B, Martin and Katherine are continuing to talk about leaving town so their families can be happy and safe. Martin says he loves her and doesnt know what hed do without her. She says she does, and that his life would have been so much better without her. He says that is not true, and if anyone is to blame for what happened Alistair is to blame. Martin says in a way he is grateful to Alistair for introducing him to the greatest love of his life. He says he would run away with her all over again if given the chance. He talks about how when they ran away they did find paradise for awhile Martin says once they make amends with their families then they can leave and find paradise again. They then kiss. They get into bed, and Paloma calls and tells Martin about Theresa and the baby. She says they dont know if the baby will survive. He asks where she is, and she tells him at the hospital, 3rd floor. Martin asks her to stay put and stay calm. Martin tells Katherine what is going on and that he has to go. Martin says he was not there for his kids when they were growing up, but he will be there for them now. Katherine wants to go, but he says that isnt a good idea. She says they may never be legally married, but she will live her life like they are. He says he loves her and says lets go.

At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan have finished making love. They discuss the wedding, and Sheridan wants to have a Christmas wedding. Luis suggests they wait until they hear fro Julian before making plans. Sheridan says shes a bit afraid to get her hopes up, but Luis says nothing will stop them from being married. They then kiss. The phone rings, and Luis tells her to ignore it. Pilars voice plays over the answering machine and tells them to pick up. Sheridan picks up and asks what is wrong? Pilar fills her in and says Theresa is in labor and the baby is coming. Luis and Sheridan say theyll be right there. Pilar asks they to say a prayer, and she says one herself asking God to save the baby.

Back at the hospital, Gwen tells Ethan she cant handle this, and she wonders if she did something wrong. Ethan says she didnt do anything wrong. Gwen says she has lost so much as is, she lost Sarah and this babys brother. She says if they lose this baby then she might die. Ethan tells Gwen not to talk like that. Ethan suggests they pray for the baby, and Gwen says okay. Ethan and Gwen begin to say the Lord s Prayer.

Elsewhere, Luis and Sheridan arrive, and Luis is furious to see Martin and Kathrine arrive right after them. Luis says they dont need him, but Paloma says she called him and she needs them. Luis tells him to leave, but Pilar says stop this. She says this is a time for them to work together, so if Paloma wants them here then let them stay. Luis continues to lash out at his father in private, he says they dont need him now. Martin says his sister needs him now and he will be here for her. Luis says too little too late. Martin says all these years he couldnt be here for them, but Luis says no he chose not to be here. Martin says he had reasons, but Luis says save it because hes sick of his lies. Martin says that is his little girl in there and he is not budging till she is out of trouble. He says he knows he hurt them all, but he remembers another time they were together in this hospital. He remembers when Pilar was in labor with Theresa and how Pilar had a difficult time, but he had to be out in the waiting room watching him and Antonio rather than in there with his wife. He says later they all went to see Theresa, and they were all a family then. Martin says he wasnt here for Theresa when she was growing up, so he wont abandon her now. Luis says he doesnt have a choice. Pilar tells them both to stop it!

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Katherine talk. Sheridan doesnt want to talk to her, but Katherine asks her to just listen. She says Martin is seeing a lawyer to give Pilar a divorce and then they will leave Harmony. She also wishes her and Luis the very best. Sheridan thanks her, and she tells her of her and Luis plans to marry. Katherine asks if they dont have to wait for Antonio to be declared dead. Sheridan says yes, and Julian is secretly working to help them. Katherine begs Sheridan not to let Alistair find out what they are planning because he will try and stop them. Sheridan asks how she knows? Katherine says trust her, she knows. Sheridan says there she goes again; she speaks of her father as if how she knows him. Katherine asks her not to let Alistair find out what she is planning, run away and elope before he finds out! Sheridan knows Katherine is keeping something from her and demands to know what her secret is.

Back in the delivery room, Eve tells Theresa not to push until she says so. The monitors beep, and the nurse says the baby is in fetal distress. Eve tells Theresa to push! The nurse says the baby is coming, and Eve tells Theresa to give her one more push. Theresa says she cant, but she says she can. The baby is born, but it isnt crying. Theresa asks how the baby is, how her daughter is? Theresa says she is so quiet. She asks what is wrong with the baby? Eve looks very grim, and Theresa asks to see her baby. Gwen walks in and hears Theresa asking to hold her baby. Gwen says it is her baby. Eve asks a nurse to get the neonatal specialist. The women demand to know what is wrong. Eve says the vitals are week, and she has stopped breathing. Eve says they will have to ventilate the baby. Gwen tells Eve not to let her baby die! Eve works on the baby and says her mother is right here waiting for her. Theresa and Gwen both watch as Eve works to save the baby and get her to breath.

At the mansion, Rebecca catches Julian in his office talking to Judge Reilly on the phone. Julian promises him a lavish Caribbean vacation. Rebecca asks what he needs that crook for? He says he is helping his sister have Antonio declared dead. Rebecca says it is a pity the hunky Antonio died before she got to know him. Rebecca asks why he is doing this? He says so Sheridan can marry Luis. Rebecca says usually he is trying to kill Luis. Julian says he has changed, and Rebecca says she knows. Julian says there is more to life than money and power, such as family and loyalty. Rebecca says family and loyalty wont keep him warm at night, but cold hard cash will pay the heating bill. Rebecca says that is why she loves him. Julian and Rebecca begin arguing over Eve, who Rebecca calls Dr. Love. She wonders if Dr. Love is waiting upstairs for him. Julian says Eve as at the hospital saving lives. Rebecca says if he doesnt watch it then she will have to save his. Rebecca reminds him that she knows all sorts of dirt on him, and she cant testify against him as long as they are married. Julian says the only thing she loves about their marriage is the money, and not to worry she will receive a generous settlement. She realizes he wants a divorce. She says there is no need for a divorce; he can do what he wants with Eve as long as he is quiet about it. However, she does want Eve out of the mansion today. Julian says he wont treat Eve like a mistress; he wants to be with her because he loves her. Rebecca says they dont always get what they want in life; she is the mistress of this manor so get used to it. Julian says she can talk all she wants about his crimes, but justice is for sale if you have enough money, and he has the money. He says they are getting divorced, and tells her to go to bed or go watch a Dorris Day movie. Alistair listens in and thinks Rebecca is going to give Julian a run for his (Alistairs) money. Rebecca reminds Julian of all the fun they have had together, and we see flashbacks of all their sex games and costumes, including when they were father time and baby new year and ran into the Crane New Years party dressed that way. We se their Sonny and Cher moments, Rudolph and Santas elf, the pilgrim and the turkey, Aladdin and the genie, and school master and school girl. Julian says she got what she wanted out of this marriage, but Rebecca says not all of them can afford to turn goody-goody. Julian says she will be well paid, and its not as if she came from a poor background. Rebecca says she was wealthy, but she was not Richie-Rich like he was. Rebecca admits this is all about the money, and she reminds him that he dumped Eve over money. She says Alistair didnt want an African American heir, and he wanted to keep him happy, so he dumped Eve. Julian says everything Alistair did to keep his family lily white have led to two black Cranes, Chad and the child Whitney is carrying. Rebecca asks if Chad and Whitney are having a baby? He says no, Fox and Whitney. A spying Alistair says thats not what his informants say. Julian ends up yelling at Rebecca to get out because hes had it with her. She leaves and runs into Alistair, who is coming in. She tells Alistair to talk to his son or she will make things very hot for both of them. Alistair wonders what he said to Rebecca to anger her so, and Julian says it doesnt matter. Julian says he will live his life as he sees fit now, and soon he will be dead and will have no say. Alistair tells Julian that he is not dead yet, and he has power to control Julian from beyond the grave and not to forget it. They begin to argue over Julians black hip-hop son Chad and his namby-pamby son Fox inheriting the company. Alistair says neither will get the company, and Julian wont either. Julian says he doesnt want it, but asks who will get it? Julian says Little Ethan is a Lopez-Fitzgerald, so he wont get it. Julian says there is Foxs grandchild with Whitney, but he wont get it. Alistair says the apple doesnt fall far from the tree with Fox, and perhaps he will send Fox to Europe. Julian says he is running out of heirs, and there are black Cranes that the world knows about it, and soon he will marry Eve and they will be on the cover of magazines all over the world. Julian says maybe they will even be on Oprah! Alistair yells at him to shut up! Alistair reminds Julian that he is still married to Rebecca, but Julian says that is being taken care of. Julian says Alistair has kept him from Eve long enough, so as long as they are breathing they will be together. This time Rebecca is spying, and she says that sounds like a dare. Rebecca says she wont be thrown out with the garbage, she will have to kill Eve. 


December 3, 2004
At the hospital Luis tells Martin to get the hell out of here. Pilar steps between Luis and his father and says this isnt the place. Martin says hes not leaving until he knows Theresa is all right. Luis says he didnt give a damn when he abandoned them before, and Theresa needs her real family now. Luis tells him to take his guilty conscience and get out. Martin says hes still Theresas father and he is still his father. Luis says no he isnt, so he should just get out. Luis says he is ashamed to carry his name, no good man walks out on his family. Martin says he has a right to be here. Luis says he lost that right when he walked out on his family. Luis tells Martin to take his whore and leave. Martin refuses, and Luis goes to throw him out. Pilar tells Luis to let it go, all that matters now is his sister and the baby. Luis says fine. They then see a bunch of equipment taken into Theresas room, and Pilar cries "The baby!"

In the ladies room, Katherine urges Sheridan to leave Harmony and elope with Luis, and to tell no one of her plans. Sheridan says they need to have Antonio declared dead first, and besides Luis and her want to get married at Christmas. Katherine says that will be too late. Sheridan asks why is that too late, and she asks why Katherine is so upset? Katherine says she cant explain it, but she is terrified that something will keep them from being married. She begs Sheridan to leave tonight with Luis and marry him before Alistair tears them apart forever! Katherine says if Alistair learns what she is up to then he wont allow this wedding to happen. She says they both know what Alistair is capable of. Sheridan says she wont run from her father, and she wont marry Luis is secret. She says she wants to get married at Christmas in front of their family and friends at Saint Mary Margarets. Katherine says she knows that is what she wants, but Alistair wont allow it. Sheridan says she knows her father hates her and the lengths he has gone to in order to break her and Luis up. Sheridan says everything he has done has failed, and she doesnt think he will try again. She says if he does try again then Luis will get him. Katherine tells her that she is naive. Sheridan says there is nothing anyone can do to stop them, but Katherine says there is always something Alistair can do to get his way. Sheridan asks why she is so afraid of her father? Sheridan says she seems to hate her father, and she wants to know why. Katherine says because of what happened in Mexico, but Sheridan doesnt believe her. Katherine asks her to trust her. Sheridan says she did trust her and she betrayed that trust, she lied to her about everything. Sheridan asks how she could take a man from his wife and children. Katherine says there is so much more. Sheridan asks her to tell her what it is, but Katherine says she cant. Sheridan says if she wont be honest with her then there is no reason for her to listen to what she has to say. 

In Theresas room, Eve continues to work on the baby. Gwen asks why she isnt breathing? Eve says because her lungs arent fully developed. Gwen and Theresa beg her to save the baby. Eve is working as hard as she can. Gwen says they cant lose this baby. Theresa says please dont let my baby die. Ethan tells Gwen that she will make it, she will. Theresa gets out of bed to go to the babys side. A neonatal cart is brought in and they put the baby inside. Eve tells them that the baby is 26 weeks old. The baby is taken to NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit, and Eve tells a nurse that it doesnt look good for the baby. They take the baby to NICU, and Luis, Pilar and Martin see the baby being wheeled out. Gwen races off to be with the baby, and Theresa wants to go too. The nurse says she has to stay in bed for now. Ethan says hell go, hell find out what is happening. Theresa begs Ethan to save their daughter. Back outside the room, Pilar and the others are informed about Theresas condition. Pilar is sent in as the first visitor. Luis asks Pilar to tell Theresa he is here and is praying for her, and Martin asks the same. Luis says it is a little late for him to be here for her. Pilar asks Luis to let it go, and he says fine. Pilar goes in to see Theresa, and Luis walks off before Martin can talk to him.

Pilar finds Theresa trying to get out of bed and go to her baby. Pilar says she has to rest, Gwen is with her child now. Theresa says it is not Gwens child it is hers and shes not giving her to Gwen. Pilar says this will devastate Gwen. Theresa says this is her child and she wont give it up. Pilar reminds her of the papers she signed. Theresa says Gwen didnt feel sorry for her pain when she ripped her son from her. Pilar says that was Rebeccas doing, but Theresa says Gwen went along with it and adopted her son. Theresa says she will get her son back and will keep this baby because it is hers. Pilar asks her not now, not while the baby is fighting for her life. Theresa says she needs to go to the baby and let her know her mother is her for her. Pilar says the baby is with her mother and Theresa needs to stay away. Theresa asks how she can ask her to give her up? Pilar says it means getting Little Ethan back. Theresa says she wants both her children, and she knows that baby is hers. Pilar tells her once again not while the baby is fighting to stay alive.

Sheridan returns to Luis side, and she learns what is going on. Sheridan says her heart is breaking for Gwen and Ethan right now. Luis asks if everything all right, she was gone for awhile. Sheridan says Mrs. Wheeler followed her into the ladies room to talk to her. Sheridan says she is concerned for her and their plans. Luis thinks she needs to be told to mind her own business. Sheridan asks him not to go talk to her, and she suggests they go somewhere and talk in private. They go outside, and Sheridan tells Luis what Mrs. Wheeler told her. Luis tells her not to listen to that whore and not to talk to her anymore. Sheridan gets a chill like someone walked over her grave, and she thinks maybe they should elope. Luis says hes not going to listen to what Mrs. Wheeler says. He says Alistair wont ruin their lives, not anymore. Sheridan just wishes she knew what Mrs. Wheeler was hiding. Luis says hes not afraid of Alistair, he will stand up to him and end this once and for all. He tells her nothing can come between them, not even her father. 

Meanwhile, Martin finds Katherine and asks if she is okay? Katherine says no. She tells him about Sheridan and how she wishes she could tell her the truth so she would believe that Alistair wont leave her and Luis alone. Martin tells Katherine she cant tell Sheridan the truth. Katherine says she knows, but she is so afraid for Sheridan. Martin says they wont let Alistair do anything to stop Luis and Sheridan from marrying, but she says he cant stop it. Martin says he is terrified of what Alistair might try next. Martin doesnt think he will try to kill them, instead he will do something that will haunt them every day of their lives.

In NICU, Gwen and Ethan watch as the doctors work on the baby. Gwen says this cant happen again, she doesnt know what shell do if she loses this baby too. Ethan says the doctors are doing everything they can for her. Gwen says this little girl is her last chance to have her own biological child, and being a mother is all shes ever wanted in this world. Ethan reminds her to have faith, and Gwen says he is right and they have to believe with all their heart she will be okay. Eve comes out, and they ask how she is. Eve says she is on a respirator, and they are doing everything they can to help her survive. Eve says she is so premature and cant breath without the respirator. Eve says the next 48 hours are critical, if she pulls through her chances improve. However, Eve says even if they make it through that time, the baby has to be kept in intensive care for awhile. Gwen says that is okay, as long as the baby is fine. Gwen asks Eve if she can go in and be with her baby, and Eve says yes and studies have shown it is good for the baby. Eve says only one person can go in at a time, so Ethan says Gwen should go first. Gwen says shell tell her that her daddy is out here watching and that he loves her. Gwen leaves to put on a gown, and Ethan talks to Eve about losing this baby and how it might push Gwen over the edge. Eve says shell do everything she can for the baby. Ethan says he knows and he thanks her. Ethan just hopes Theresa doesnt do anything crazy. 

Eve heads off to check on Theresa, and Martin heads to NICU to check on the baby. Katherine insists on staying in the waiting area to spare Martins family from seeing her. Unfortunately Pilar runs into Katherine. Katherine tells Pilar how sorry she is for what her and her family are going through. She says her heart goes out to her. Pilar looks at her and then slaps her!  Back at NICU, Gwen is in her hospital gown and she prepares to go see the baby. She says that she will be here 24/7 by her side, and Ethan says they both will. Gwen decides to go in, but the nurse says she cant go in and see the baby as the mother is the only person allowed to see her. Gwen says she is the babys mother, but Theresa arrives and says no she is! 

In Alistairs study, Alistair and Julian get into an argument over Julians plans to divorce Rebecca and marry Eve. Alistair says he will not allow him to marry a black woman. Julian says he cant stop him, but Alistair says Julian is weak and he always will be. Alistair tells him to go ahead and marry her, he hears in some segments of society mixed marriages are acceptable nowadays. Julian calls his father a racist bastard and says even if society didnt approve he would still want to be with the woman he loved. Alistair says he doesnt give a damn what he does, he destroyed any future he had at Crane Industries long ago. Alistair tells him to marry his whore, but Rebecca wont let him throw her out like yesterdays garbage. Julian says he can handle her, but Alistair says he doesnt think so. He says he knows Rebecca in every sense of the word, and hed put his money on Rebecca any day. Julian says he and Eve will marry, and he walks out. Later Alistair takes a call from Reilly meant for Julian, and he plays along with Reilly to find out what Julian is up to. He claims he knows what is going on and will take a message for Julian. Alistair learns Julian is helping his sister to have Antonio declared dead so she can marry Luis. Julian returns later, and Julian cant believe his father is still here. He says he was going to make some calls, but hell come back later. Alistair asks if one of his calls is to Judge Reilly? Julian says no, why would he call him. Alistair says indeed why would you. Alistair says Judge Reilly must be confused, he called and left a message, but it must be a mistake since he hasnt spoken to him. Alistair says he thinks he got the message wrong, it was something about declaring Antonio dead. Julian tells his father to leave it alone it is nothing. Alistair says Judge Reilly is busy and expensive, so this must be important. Alistair knows exactly why he is doing this, hes doing it so Sheridan can marry Luis. Alistair tells Julian that he wont be able to defeat him, and not to underestimate him. Alistair says he can and will stop Sheridan from marrying Luis, and hell do it tonight. Alistair says on his word that Luis and Sheridan wont get married. He says when hes finished with them then they wont speak to one another again. Julian asks why he cares so much, what worries him so. Alistair says he doesnt want Luis discovering their secrets. However Alistair says hes not worried, hes feeling generous actually. Alistair says hell reveal a secret tonight that even he doesnt know about. Alistair says when the secret comes out things will be nasty.

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