December 6, 2004

Outside the hospital, Lucas tries to assure Sheridan that they will be fine and there is nothing Alistair can do to hurt them. Sheridan says they both know how powerful he is, but Luis says he isnt as powerful as their love. Sheridan thinks they should take Katherines advice and elope, but Luis says he wont take advice from his fathers whore. He says running off in the middle of the night is their MO, and he wont do that. He says he has to check on something and asks Sheridan to wait right here. Sheridan waits for Luis to return, and continues to think about Mrs. Wheeler and who she is. Luis returns with a surprise for Sheridan and asks her to close her eyes. She does and he leads her to a romantic picnic he has set up for them. She is surprised he was able to do this so quickly, and she gives him a kiss. They enjoy their picnic, and Luis promises her they will get married and name their first little girl Katherine after her mother. Sheridan says they already had their first little girl. Luis says yes and theyll always miss her, but they will have others. Luis and Sheridan also remember the time they delivered  little girl up at the cabin, and we see flashbacks of that time. Sheridan didn't think she was fit to be a mother, but Luis looked at her holding the baby and thought she'd make a wonderful mother. Luis promises Sheridan that their lives will only be filled with joy and happiness, and the pitter patter of lots of little feet. Sheridan tells Luis to tell her again that everything will be all right, that they will be happy and nothing bad will ever happen again. Luis proposes a toast to Sheridan his soul mate, and he says from now on their lives will be filled with nothing but joy, love and happiness. Suddenly Sheridan gets a chill and drops her glass. He asks what is wrong? She says she just had the overwhelming sensation something bad would happen. Luis says it wont, and they are not going to elope. He says they will have the wedding she always dreamed of and Alistair cant stop it. Sheridan hugs Luis and just hopes he is right.

At the hospital, Pilar slaps Katherine and tells her how dare she pretend to care about her and her family. Pilar says the reason Theresa went into labor is because she found out the truth about her father. Pilar says her actions have hurt her children and now that innocent baby. Pilar says if that baby dies then her blood will be on her hands. Katherine says she is sorry and will go, but Pilar says no way. Pilar tells Katherine she started it, so they are about to have it out. Katherine refuses to fight with Pilar. Pilar says of course she wont fight, she is an up scale woman who never loses her composure, whereas she (Pilar) is a hot-blooded Latino maid. Katherine says she has never thought or said such things. Pilar says she doesnt have to think or say it; she has worked for her type her whole like. Pilar says she stands there looking down her wasp nose at her as she loses her cool. Pilar says well this is human (pointing to herself), and she is the monster for taking her husband and children. Pilar wonders if Katherine would be able to keep her cool if she was in her situation. Katherine admits she has lost something precious to her, but Pilar says shes not talking about a piece of jewelers. Pilar asks if she knows how she feels? Katherine says she does. Katherine says she has lost something she loves desperately. Pilar asks then how she could take Martin from her and their children? Katherine says it was never supposed to turn out this way, but Pilar says it did. She says because Martin abandoned them both she and her children suffered. Katherine says she knows and they always planned to come home again one day. Pilar realizes Katherine is also from Harmony. Pilar says Sheridan was right about her, and she asks who she is? Pilar says not only did she know her husband before she left, but she knows so much about the Cranes. Pilar demands Katherine tell her who she is. Katherine says she cant tell her. Pilar says cant or wont? Katherine says whether she believes her or not, she is sorry for what happened. Pilar asks her then if she admits she is from Harmony. Katherine says she is. Pilar asks Katherine if she knew of her? Katherine says yes. Pilar says that means she knew all of her children too, not just Paloma. Pilar says she knew and she still took Martin from them. Pilar says this was no accident, she knowingly stole her husband! Katherine says she wishes she could explain. Pilar tells her that she damns both of them for what they have done to her family. Katherine asks her not to blame Martin because it wasnt his fault. Katherine says they had to leave and it was never Martins choice, there was no choice. Pilar asks if Martins leaving had something to do with her? Katherine says yes. Pilar asks her what gave her the right to think she was more important than Martins family. Pilar asks what kind of woman she is, how could she put herself above a family she? Pilar tells Katherine that she is just as despicable as Alistair Crane, she is a monster. Katherine says she is not a monster, and she is not like Alistair Crane. Pilar says she is worse because she is a woman, and she expects more from women. She says Katherine is a disgrace to their entire sex, what kind of woman does what she did. Pilar says the whole time Katherine was enjoying herself in her husbands bed, she was crying herself to sleep not knowing where he was. Pilar says she still honored her wedding vows and prayed for him to come home to her safely. Pilar says how dare you come to me and show sympathy for Theresa and her baby, how dare you pretend you care. Pilar says if she cared she wouldnt have taken Martin from her in the first place. Katherine continues to say they had no choice, but Pilar says they always have a choice. Pilar says if they had chosen the other way, Paloma wouldnt have to be sent away, and Antonio may still be here. She says her children needed her father and they still do. Katherine says her children needed their mother and she wished she never left. Katherine says she is a monster, and she abandoned her own children. Pilar is stunned to learn Katherine has children in Harmony, and she asks who they are.

At NICU, Theresa says she is the one going in to see the baby because that is her baby in there, she gave birth to that baby and she needs her mother. Gwen says that is why she is going in there, she is the babys mother. Gwen wonders if this is some post-partum delusion. Theresa says she is going in there to be with her baby, but Gwen says the hell you are! They argue over who is going in to see the baby. Gwen says she knows Theresa cares for the baby and bonded with her, but she also knows this isnt her child. Gwen reminds Theresa about the agreement she signed, and Gwen says this baby is and always will be her baby. Theresa says the chart says she gave birth to her and she is the mother. Gwen says that is a technicality, the baby is her and Ethans and she has no right to go in there. Gwen becomes fed up and wants security called. They begin to fight with one another, and Theresa rips off Gwens hospital gown. Gwen asks Theresa if she is crazy? Eve finally appears and breaks them up. Eve asks what is going on here? Gwen explains Theresa is claiming to be the babys mother. Theresa says the baby is sick and needs to be with her mother. Gwen says but she isnt Theresas child, she has her DNA and is bonded with her. Theresa says Gwen is wrong and the baby is bonded with her. Ethan tells Theresa to please stop doing this. Gwen tells Eve to talk to Theresa about this, and if Theresa won listen then sedate her. Eve announces right now neither of them will go into the NICU like this. Gwen thinks Theresa has flipped out completely and she wants to know why Theresa is doing this to her. Gwen says her mother knew something like this would happen, and she wishes they had listened to her. Gwen asks Ethan to do something. She asks about the papers Theresa signed, but Ethan says the papers havent been filed yet because the baby came so early. Gwen begs Ethan to do something, so he says hell call Reilly and try and have the papers filed. Later, Ethan says it is late so he couldnt get hold of Reilly. Gwen wonders why Theresa is doing this to them. Ethan says maybe she just thinks it is hers because she carried the child. Ethan gets a call back and the person says nothing can be done tonight. Ethan says he understands and will do something about it first thing in the morning. Ethan says hes sorry, but tonight they are out of options. Gwen says that she has to be in there with that baby, and they wont let her in as long as Theresa claims she is the mother. Meanwhile, Eve lectures Theresa and tells her that she knows that baby is theirs. Theresa says she doesnt know and neither does she. Theresa says they both know one of those babies was hers, and she knows the baby that survived is her baby. Eve says Gwen doesnt know this and she thinks both of those babys were hers and Ethans. Theresa says maybe it is time to enlighten Gwen, maybe she should tell her the truth. Eve begs Theresa not to do this, Gwen is in no condition to hear this right now. Eve asks Theresa to put herself in Gwens shoes, the only hope she has of having a biological child of her own is in intensive care struggling for its life. She asks Theresa to have compassion for Gwens emotions. Theresa asks why Gwens emotions are more important than hers? Eve says she isnt saying that, but everyone involved thinks she is just the surrogate .Eve says they dont know if the baby is even hers, but Theresa feels the baby is hers. She says she knows it in her heart and feels it in her gut. Theresa asks Eve how she would feel if that was her child. Theresa says she is her mother and needs to be with her. Eve says Gwen is feeling the same way. Theresa says she doesnt care as it is not Gwens place to be in there bonding with that baby. Theresa says her baby needs her and nothing will stop her from being there for her. Gwen comes to Theresa and begs her to let her go see the baby. Theresa says no, and tells Gwen to stop interfering. Gwen cant believe this, and she begs Eve to let her go see the baby. Eve says she cant do anything, hospital policy says the woman who gives birth is the mother until the papers are filed. Eve says Theresa is the only person she can allow in. Gwen screams but I am her mother!

Alistair warns Julian that he can have Antonio declared dead, but it wont stop him from tearing Sheridan and Luis apart. Alistair says when he reveals his secret not only will they not get married, but they wont speak to one another ever again. Julian asks what the secret is, but Alistair says all in good time. Alistair says things are about to get nasty in Harmony for a lot of people, including him. Julian says he wont be bullied; he will stand by his sister. He also thinks his father is bluffing and he has no secret, its just a cover to try and kill Luis and Sheridan again. Julian says theyll be prepared for him this time. Alistair says he has no intention of killing them, he wont hurt anyone physically. He says he will break them up and not even have to leave this desk, all he has to do is say one word. Julian asks what word could tear them apart. Alistair says hell know it when he hears it, but for now to just know it is a word with more power than magic. Julian thinks Alistair is lying and says no word could tear them apart. Alistair tells him to guess again. Julian says Luis and Sheridan have survived more than any couple could. Alistair says he knows he doesnt make idle threats, it is as good as done, and Sheridan and Luis are as good as finished. Alistair says all hell will break lose in Harmony. Julian continues to press his father to tell him what this word is then. Alistair wont, and he calls his secretary in. He says hes planning a party, and he says he has an important announcement to make. He begins telling her who the guest list is, and he names Sheridan, Luis, Julian, Eve, Pilar, Mrs. Wheeler, Martin, and Beth Wallace. Julian wonders what his father is up to. Alistair says in due time. Alistair asks his assistant to send the invitations out, and to spare no expense for the dinner menu. Alistair then tells Julian that tonight is going to be a very special occasional Alistair says when he reveals his secret tonight, Sheridan and Luis will be finished forever! Julian asks if that is the purpose of the party? Alistair says yes, and it is worth celebrating.


December 7, 2004
In Alistairs study, Julian asks Alistair if he hasnt tortured Sheridan enough already? Alistair says he hasnt even begun.Julian asks why he cant let her be happy with Luis? Alistair says he knows the reasons, and besides it just isnt in his nature. Alistair says Luis and Sheridan will never find the sappy happiness they yearn for. He says they will never get married after he says the one word. Julian says bastard! Alistair says wrong word, that is the word for the son he had with Eve! Alistair says he needs an emery board because he is due for a manicure. Julian says he is due for a heart! Julian begins to feel guilty for not honoring his promise to his mother to watch after Sheridan. Alistair tells him to shut up! Julian sees hes once again hit a nerve by mentioning his mother. Alistair tells him if he wants to be a born again human being then fine. Alistair tells him that as far as hes concerned Julians become a bleeding heart Nancy boy! Julian tells his father that he will not let him hurt Sheridan and Luis again. Alistair tells Julian that he will stop Sheridan and Luis from marrying! Julian storms out, and Alistair orders his secretary to hand deliver all the invitations. He says he especially wants Mrs. Wheeler here. He says he wants to see the look on his two-timing slut of a wifes face when he reveals her secret. Alistair says his children are such fools, and no one, including Julian and Sheridan can get the best of him. He says they are just like their mother who thought she could get away from him too.

Outside of the hospital, Luis continues to tell Sheridan not to worry about her father, but Sheridan thinks maybe Mrs. Wheeler is right and they should leave town and elope once they hear from Julian. She begs Luis to do this for her. Luis says they shouldnt run away and hide. He says that is no way to start their lives together. Luis says she deserves the wedding of her dreams, here in Harmony with their friends in attendance. Julian shows up and says hes been looking all over for them. They ask if he heard back from Reilly? Julian says Reilly is working on it. However, another problem has come up. Julian says father has found out what they are doing. Sheridan says hes going to stop them. Julian says father is claiming he can break them up by saying just one word. Julian says father claims his one word will split them up and destroy them all. Sheridan wonders what he means, but Julian says he doesnt know. Luis vows to stop whatever hes planning. Julian says Alistair is planning a party to reveal this one word. Luis says they wont go. Julian says it wont stop Alistair if they dont go, so they should go and they should face him. Luis says fine theyll go. Sheridan doesnt want to go as her father scares her. Luis says he cant do anything to them. Suddenly, Alistairs secretary shows up and delivers their invitations. Luis says Alistair doesnt scare him, and Julian says Luis is the only one he doesnt scare.

At the hospital, Pilar continues to verbally attack Katherine. Katherine ends up revealing she had children too and she wished she never left. Katherine says Pilar is right, she is a monster, she abandoned her own children. Pilar realizes Katherine has children in Harmony, and she asks who they are. Katherine says she didnt mean for it to come out. Pilar wants to know who her children are, and if she is married too. Pilar realizes she is and that Katherine abandoned her husband too, and she wants to know who her husband is. Katherine says it doesnt matter, and it is better if nobody knows. Katherine tells Pilar to trust her. Pilar says she doesnt trust her at all. She says she is not only a woman who stole another womans husband, but she abandoned her own husband and children. Pilar asks if she stayed in touch with her family? Pilar says no, and thinks Katherine has ice water in her veins. Pilar asks if her children know she is alive and here? Katherine says no, and it would only make matters worse. She says shes ruined their lives enough as is. Pilar says she almost feels sorry for her. Rebecca walks in on the confrontation, and gets a laugh off of Pilar giving Mrs. Wheeler the third degree. Rebecca laughs because they all think she is the town tramp. Rebecca makes a comment about Katherine, and Pilar tells Rebecca that she and Rebecca finally agree on something. However, Rebecca says this woman obviously had to have a reason to steal another womans husband. Rebecca can tell Katherine comes from money as it is written all over her face. She says the doctor who did the work on her face is very good. Pilar asks what work? Rebecca says this woman has had a lot of plastic surgery. Pilar says so both she and Martin both had plastic surgery. Pilar wonders what this woman is hiding. Katherine says shes not hiding anything. Rebecca runs off when she sees what is happening with Gwen, and Pilar follows. Katherine wonders what she will do? Martin shows up and asks if there is any word on the baby? She says she doesnt know but something happened with Gwen. Martin says his family doesnt want him here, but he cant leave Theresa. He sees a mark on her face, and he asks if someone has slapped her? He thinks it was Alistair. Katherine says it wasnt Alistair, it was Pilar. Martin cant believe this and says hes going to go talk to her. Katherine says no, but Martin says she shouldnt be taking her anger out on Katherine. Katherine says Pilar believes she stole her husband, and if they could only tell her the truth as to why they left. Martin says he doubts she will believe him anyways. He wonders what he has done to the two women he loves. Martin ends up punching the wall and injuring his hand. Martin thinks if anyone should be hitting anyone, Pilar should be hitting him. They talk about leaving Harmony, and as the hug, Alistair shows up and says they arent going anywhere after Katherines secret comes out.

At the NICU, Gwen is furious that Theresa has permission to go visit her baby. Gwen says Theresa is just the surrogate, that she has no biological connection to that child. Theresa says she carried her and gave birth to her, that is a connection. Gwen says but she is the mother! Theresa says there are things she doesnt know! Ethan tells her to stop this, but Gwen wants to know what Theresa was going to say. Theresa says she was just going to say she was the one who made the decision to save that baby by sacrificing the other. Theresa also says it is her voice and her smell the little girl knows. Gwen doesnt understand how Theresa has rights given what she did to get pregnant with their child. Theresa says that little girl in there is hers until Gwen can prove otherwise. Gwen says there is no way she is going in, and she begins to strangle Theresa! Ethan pulls Gwen off of her and he says she has to calm down. He says he will file the papers in the morning, but Gwen says her baby needs her right now. Gwen tells Ethan he knows how hard this has been for her, and on top of everything Theresa has done she is now pretending to be the mother. Gwen says she doesnt want Theresa to be with their baby because she may end up kidnapping her for all then! Ethan says that wont happen. Ethan says the hospital has good security. Gwen says her mother was right all along, and they should have listened to her. Gwen says Theresa wants to keep the baby from her. Ethan says Theresa just wants to be with the baby tonight to say goodbye, but Gwen says this is wrong and she should be the one with the baby. Meanwhile, Eve orders a sedative for Gwen, but Gwen says she doesnt want a sedative. Gwen grabs the syringe and goes after Theresa! Ethan stops Gwen, and Eve gives her an injection. Eve tells Ethan that she wont be fully unconscious, just groggy. Ethan takes Gwen to a room to rest, but warns Theresa that this isnt over. Theresa thanks Eve because Gwen was going to kill her. Eve tells her not to exaggerate the situation. Theresa says Gwen is unstable and shouldnt have a little girl. Eve says that is unfair given the circumstances. Theresa wants to go to her baby now. Eve warns Theresa that if she bonds with that baby then it will make it that much harder when it comes time to leave her. Theresa says her baby needs her.

Theresa goes in to see the baby, which is in an incubator. She tells the baby how her big brother will be happy to meet her. She says they will be a family with her daddy and they will live happily ever after. Eve watches Theresa with the baby and says Ethan and Gwen wont let her get away with this, she is in for the fight of her life. Theresa sings to the baby, and she ends up in tears. She tells the baby not to worry as everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Eve watches and Theresa fantasizes about her life with Ethan. Ethan is hard at work when Theresa, Little Ethan and the baby show up to see him. Theresa vows she wont let anyone take her baby from her. 

Rebecca and Pilar find Ethan with a knocked out Gwen. Gwen is in bed and is basically out cold. They ask what happened, and Ethan tells them the whole story. Rebecca fumes and says Theresa has no right! Rebecca tells Pilar that her slut of her daughter did this to Gwen, and she thinks Pilar has been in on the plan from the begining. Rebecca says she knew Theresa was going to do something and she wont let her get away with it. Ethan tells Rebecca not to do this in front of Gwen. Rebecca wonders who side Ethan is on? She says he should be happy someone is defending Gwen. Ethan tells Pilar to go check on Theresa. Rebecca adds for Pilar to tell her slut of a daughter to keep away from her grandchild or else. Pilar leaves and Rebecca tells Ethan that she doesnt want to say told him so. Ethan tells her who she is kidding, she loves saying it. Ethan says if Theresa tries to do anything then he and Gwen will fight her. Rebecca says he and Gwen will have to fight her to the death. Gwen mumbles to Ethan to stop Theresa. Ethan kisses her and says everything will work out. Rebecca tells Ethan not to make promises he cant keep. Rebecca thinks Ethan knows something he isnt sharing. She says one would think hed be more freaked out by what Theresa is doing. Rebecca wonders where Theresa gets off bonding with a child that is not biologically hers. Rebecca asks Ethan why Theresa is acting like she has rights to this child.

Pilar arrives to sees Theresa inside the NICU. She asks Eve how bad it is? Eve says there has been no change, and if the baby survives 48 hours then they should be passed the crisis point. Pilar says this isnt right, Gwen should be in there. She also is afraid Theresa will bond with the baby and she wont be able to give her up when it is time. Eve fears Theresa isnt planning on giving the baby up. Pilar thinks if she had been a better mother then Theresa wouldnt be acting this way. Eve says she was a wonderful mother, but Pilar says Paloma wouldnt agree. Pilar says she tried to raise Theresa right and look how she has turned out, look at what she has done. Eve decides to go try and talk some sense into Theresa again. Eve goes in to see Theresa, but Theresa says her baby needs her. Eve says the baby needs Gwen, and it will be easier to let go now than later. Theresa says this baby is hers, she knows. Eve says she couldnt possibly know, but Theresa says she can tell just by being close to her. Eve says Theresa cannot take this girl from Gwen. Eve says Gwen already blames her for the death of her first child. Theresa says that wasnt her fault, and Ethan admitted he still loves her and only married Gwen because she was pregnant. Theresa says their daughter will make him realize they belong together. Eve says if she loves Ethan she has to know this will break Gwens heart, and Ethan is married to Gwen. Theresa says Rebecca and Gwen shouldnt have taken her child then, and she wont let them take another one of her children. Eve says to Gwen this is her baby and has no idea she could be the mother. Theresa says then she is in for a big surprise. Theresa says this is her baby girl and she needs her mother. Theresa tells Eve to leave them alone. From the window Pilar watches and asks God not to let Theresa go through with this.


December 8, 2004
At the hospital, Ethan remains with Gwen, who is out cold. Rebecca is also with them, and she wants an answer from Ethan. She wants to know why Theresa thinks she has rights to this child? Sam and Ivy show up after hearing the news about the baby, and they ask why Gwen is out cold? Rebecca fills them in, and then returns to questioning Ethan as to why Theresa thinks she has rights to the baby? Ethan explains that Gwen has no rights right now and Theresa is still the mother until he can file the papers in the morning. Ethan also makes up an excuse about Theresa just being concerned for the baby as she feels connected to it. Rebecca wonders why they have judges on the payroll if they cant do anything. She says this is outrageous, Gwen is knocked out while Theresa is with the baby. Gwen moans Theresas name. Rebecca is furious and says Theresa is like a sleazy bake oven with the off button broken off! Ivy tells Ethan he should go file the papers tonight, and Ethan says he could try calling the courthouse again. Rebecca thinks they should get a swat team to force the courthouse to open. Ethan says his father is not going to call the swat team in. Ivy says it might be a good idea to have them on standby, but Sam says Ivy! She says she can dream. Ethan says hell see what he can do, but Sam realizes something else is going on here. Sam tells himself that whatever is bothering Ethan, he hopes he can help him.

Elsewhere, Martin and Katherine are given their invitations, and they wonder what he is up to. Tina, Alistairs assistant, meets with Alistair and says Julian, Luis and Sheridan have also been invited. She says she has three more invitations to hand out. Alistair is glad and says when he reveals the truth about his wife he will destroy all of their miserable lives.

At the NICU Dr. Carlyle shows up and meets Theresa, who is with Eve. Dr. Carlyle says shes never seen a woman so attentive to another womans baby. Eve says Dr. Carlyle needs to examine the baby. Theresa and Eve go out to the waiting area, and Pilar tells Theresa that she has to stop mothering this baby. Pilar tells her that she shouldnt get attached as she doesnt even know if the baby is hers. Theresa says she is positive the baby is hers. Theresa sees Eve with a file, and Theresa asks what that is? Eve says what if the information in this file proves that Gwen is the babys mother? Theresa thinks Eve is implying that the baby isnt hers, and she is devastated. Eve says blood tests were done. Theresa is heartbroken and says she was so sure the baby was hers. Pilar tells Theresa that she must let Ethan and Gwen have the baby. Theresa says if she loses this baby then she loses Ethan. Theresa mourns for the baby that was lost in the procedure, as she realizes that was her child. Theresa asks Eve so the test was conclusive? Eve said there was no blood test, and she doesnt know whose baby it is. Theresa thinks Eve lied to her. Eve says no, she just asked what she would do if she told her the baby was Gwens. Eve says she was only trying to show her that even she couldnt know if the baby was hers. Pilar tells Theresa she wants this baby to be hers because she thinks it will bring Ethan back to her. Eve tells Theresa that she will drive Gwen to madness if she takes this baby from her. Theresa reminds them both that Gwen and Rebecca took her child and didnt care about her pain. Pilar says they all know, but Ethan and Gwen agreed to give her back the boy. Pilar says she even signed papers. Theresa says she doesnt care, and if there is a chance that the baby is hers then she will keep her. Dr. Carlyle comes out and says the baby is stable, but she will remain critical for the next 48 hours. Theresa returns to her child, and Dr. Carlyle says shell continue to monitor the child. Tina shows up and serves Dr. Russell and Pilar with invites to Alistairs party, and issues them a veiled threat to attend the party. She tells them to dress formally.

Later, Ethan shows up at the NICU and sees Theresa with the baby. He wonders if she is the mother of his baby. Inside, Theresa talks to the baby, and nurse tells her to keep talking because studies show it helps them. Theresa asks what she should say? The nurse says if she is the babys mother then shell know what to say. Meanwhile, Ethan continues to look in and wonders who the babys mother is. He says all he knows is that he is the father. Sam shows up and asks what he just said?

Outside the hospital, Luis says he doesnt care what Alistair has planned, he and Sheridan will be married. Julian tells him not to count on that. Alistair shows up and tells them all to make sure they attend his party tonight, consider it a matter of life and death! Luis tells Alistair he doesnt frighten him, and neither does his one word. Alistair laughs and tells Luis to just show up at the party. Alistair says hed be a fool to pass up free food and drink considering no one in his family has worked for awhile. Luis says thats thanks to him. Alistair says it was his pleasure. Alistair heads off, and Julian warns them that whatever Alistair has planned for them tonight it is bound to be horrific. 

Back inside the hospital, Martin and Mrs. Wheeler are run into Sheridan, Julian and Luis. They see that the others have invitations to Alistairs party as well. Martin tries to start conversation and says he wonders what Alistair has planned. Luis says who cares as he refuses to go to any party with them. Martin and Katherine walk off, but they spy on them as Sheridan talks about the one word that will destroy their lives. Katherine realizes Alistair is planning on telling everyone who she really is, and Alistair can destroy them all with just one word. 

Later, Eve and Pilar meet up with Julian, Luis and Sheridan. Eve informs them what has happened with the baby, and then they discuss Alistairs party. They all discuss how much they hate Alistair, and Pilar wonders why the party? Julian says his father wants to split Luis and Sheridan up. Pilar says not again. Luis says he cant do anything to hurt them, but Pilar tells him never to say never when Alistair is involved. Pilar lists all the things Alistair has done to their family. Luis says he could kill the man for everything he has done to his family. Pilar says she could kill him too. Eve says they could all kill Alistair. Luis says there is nothing Alistair can do to them, and he and Sheridan are getting married. Luis reveals to Pilar Julian is helping them have Antonio declared dead. Sheridan says they dont mean to disrespect Antonio. Pilar says she understands, and she wishes she hadnt waited twenty years for her husband to come back. Pilar thanks Julian for helping Luis and Sheridan. Pilar then gives Luis and Sheridan a hug and says shes so happy for them. Eve says they all are. They discuss what this one word Alistair can use to break them up is. Luis doesnt know, but vows to kill Alistair one of these days. Pilar says she doesnt think that heaven would consider it a sin as the world would be a better place without him. 

Meanwhile, off in a corner Katherine tells Martin that the scorn of being revealed as a wife beater pales in comparison to him losing his entire empire, which could happen if Luis marries Sheridan. Katherine says it is true, Alistair is going to reveal who she is tonight. Mrs. Wheeler ends up going back to Sheridan and tells her that she cannot go to this party, she must leave town and never come back! Luis tells her to stop telling what Sheridan what to do, and Pilar calls her a home wrecking whore. Pilar says Katherine may have been like a mother to Paloma, but she has been a mother to Sheridan, so leave her alone. Martin and Katherine leave, and they discuss how to stop Alistair. Katherine thinks they need to kill Alistair. Martin says they do need to protect their loved ones, but killing him shouldnt be the first plan of action. Martin thinks they should get the proof they have that she was abused in order to try and convince their family why they left Harmony in hopes they will believe them and forgive them. Martin says hell go get the papers from the B&B. He leaves, and Katherine decides to go stop Alistair one way or another. Meanwhile, Eve and Julian talk about how they have all suffered at Alistairs hands, and how they all have a reason to kill him. Julian says if his father was to be murdered, they would all be suspects.

Alistair spies on Katherine and the others from his office, thanks to his handy dandy video cameras he has everywhere. He says Katherine knows him so well, and not only will he out her, but his revelation will ruin all their pathetic lives. Later he spies on Julian and Eve and says while they all want him dead, which one has the courage to do it? Katherine shows up and says she does! She has a letter opener and says hell be late to his own party, as in the late Alistair Crane!

At the Book Caf, Jessica is on the phone with a friend talking about Mark. Meanwhile, Precious is playing with the cosmetics. Jessica tells her that the cosmetics are only for humans. Jessica heads off, and Beth tells Precious not to get comfy because she is only on a break (Precious is now working at the caf, she has a uniform on and everything). Mrs. Wallace shows up and asks Beth what she is doing on the web, shopping for a man? Beth says shes still searching for clues about Mrs. Wheeler. She says Alistair said her identity could break Luis and Sheridan up. Tabitha shows up and tells MRs. Wallace that shes sorry she couldnt join them for Thanksgiving. Mrs. Wallace says she wasnt invited! Tabitha then sees what Beth is up to, and she asks why shes looking for information on Mrs. Wheeler? Mrs. Wallace tells Beth to tell her! Beth says it is because of Marty, she wanted to find out more about her for Martys sake given shes involved with his grandfather. Tabitha says yes, and then goes over to see Precious. 

Tabitha introduces Endora to Precious, and she asks Precious for the real scoop on Beth and Mrs. Wheeler. Precious tells Tabitha what is really going on. Precious wants to know who Mrs. Wheeler really is, so Tabitha tells Precious who she really is. Meanwhile, Beth cant find anything on Mrs. Wheeler. Mrs. Wallace says and she wont because Alistair doesnt want her to. Mrs. Wallace tries to teach Marty to say looser because that is what his fake mommy is. Mrs. Wallace then sees Tabitha talking to Precious, and she says it looks like they are really talking. Beth says well Tabitha is a strange one. Mrs. Wallace remembers when she was a little girl Tabitha looked exactly the same as she does now. She thinks Tabitha must have a great plastic surgeon. Beth gives up on the internet, and she says she could kill Alistair for knowing how to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Beth then realizes she knows how to keep them apart, and she says shell kill Alistair! She thinks if Alistair is dead then the wedding will be delayed. 

Back at the other table, Tabitha suggests Precious complain to her union because she is a highly qualified caregiver and Beth isnt paying her enough. Precious just wants Luis, and Tabitha says she knows. Tabitha says anything is possible in this town. Beth comes over to refresh Tabithas coffee. Tabitha is reading a book on poisons, and Beth ends up questioning Tabitha about it. Tabitha says she has a rat problem. Beth says she has a rat to deal with too, a big one. Tabitha lends her the book, and tells herself Watch out Alistair!


December 9, 2004
At the Book Caf, Beth reads Tabithas book about poison as Tabitha and Endora watch. Tabitha tells her the recipe shes looking at is a good one for rats. Beth says she knows a two legged rat she needs to deal with. Tina shows up and invites Beth to Alistairs party tonight. Tabitha wonders why he invited her? She says who cares as long as it gets her into the mansion. Tabitha asks so she can get rid of that rat? Beth says no, because the Cranes are a part of many charitable organizations which could help her (or some silly answer like that). Tabitha, however, knows better. Tabitha goes to talk t Precious again, and she gives her a bit of information. Tabitha says this party tonight will be much more of a humdinger than she thought. Tabitha says Beth is planning to poison Alistair! Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace sees what Beth is reading, and that she has an invitation to Alistairs party. Mrs. Wallace realizes what Beth is up to, and she says she cant be thinking about killing Alistair! 

Whitney and Fox go to the Russells to tell TC the truth about the baby. Whitney is afraid how her father will take this. Fox says it isnt like shes a teenager, she is a grown woman. As they talk, TC overhears and is furious. He says she is pregnant by a Crane? Dammit all to hell! He says its bad enough that her mother left him for a Crane, but now this? He says everything hes wanted is gone! Fox says hes sorry to hear he feels that way. TC apologizes to Fox and says he is a decent enough of a guy. TC says its just nothing turned out the way he wanted, and he damns Julian. Fox says in Julians defense it is Alistair pulling the strings. TC says Alistair should die! Fox tells TC about Alistair loaning Chad money to give Whitney the Valentines Day of her dreams. TC says that sick bastard and he cant believe his grandchild will be related to that man. He asks her why she didnt use protection. She says they always did before, and they made a mistake and she is sorry. He says he is sorry too, and they hug. Liz tells TC that hes going to be a grandpa, so he should congratulate them. TC says this isnt what he had planned for her, but if it makes her happy. She thanks him and says theyll go now. Liz asks TC if he is hungry because she can make him something. He says he just wants to be alone. She says she understands and shell go for a walk. TC damns the Cranes for destroying his life. He looks at a photo of Alistair in the paper and says Fox was right; Alistair is responsible for all of this. TC says Alistair should burn in hell, and he throws his glass across the room. He crumples the paper up and says it all stops tonight. TC then takes a swig of alcohol out of the bottle.

Outside, Whitney is in tears. She says she hates upsetting her father like that. Fox says he just needs a little time. Fox says this may not be the time, but she said something in there that kind of struck him. Fox says that she had told her dad in there they always used protection before, but it was the first time they made love they didnt use protection. He asks why she said that? Whitney says she is sorry and didnt know what she was saying. He says its okay. He suggests they go out somewhere. Fox then gets a call and learns he has been disinherited and will get nothing. Fox says to the person on the phone to tell his grandfather that this isnt over! Whitney asks what is going on? Fox says he was just cut out of his grandfathers will. Fox says he thought his grandfather would be the one to reinstate him. Whitney says he is the devil. Fox says he wont take this lying down. Fox says he has to go run an errand and then he has to go to the mansion to get his stuff. Whitney says she has something to do anyways, and shell meet him at the mansion. Fox walks off, and he says he has had it and this ends tonight. Meanwhile, Whitney says she is pregnant with her half brothers baby because of Alistair, and he has to pay.

At the Crane mansion, Alistair takes the letter opener from Katherine and mocks her. HE says she cant kill him with this, and next thing he knows shell be trying to suffocate him with a teddy bear. She slaps Alistair, and she says he can laugh at her all she wants, but she will not let him tell Luis and Sheridan who she is. Alistair says she cant stop him. Suddenly Martin bursts in, attacks Alistair, and says he wont let him hurt Sheridan and Lusi! Martin begins to chock Alistair, but his goons come in and save Alistair. Martin says his goons cant save him, but Alistair says they just did. The goons ask if they should take care of him, but, Alistair says no as he wants them here tonight. Martin says this isnt over, and he and Katherine leave. 

At the hospital, Luis says whatever Alistair is planning he cant stop them from getting married. Sheridan says maybe that is what the party is for, maybe he has given up and the party is a celebration. Luis doubts that as the man is evil. Sheridan says Luis is right, and no matter how much he wants her father to love her, it wont happen. Pilar says that is not her fault, and she also says the man is just evil. Luis says the world would be better without Alistair, and Sheridan says she hates to admit it but he is right. Later the Wheelers show up, and Katherine tries to warn Sheridan not to go to Alistairs party because its a trap. Luis and Pilar catch her talking to Sheridan and are furious. Katherine says she was just warning Sheridan not to go to the party. Luis asks why she cares so much? Martin says they just want to help them because they care about them. Luis says he lost that right when he walked out on them. Luis and Sheridan leave, and Martin and Katherine discuss trying to stop Alistair somehow. Katherine says she needs to freshen up before they go, and he says he could use some coffee. They go their separate ways and look suspicious.

Later, Beth shows up to return one of her mothers prescriptions, so she says. She runs into Luis and Sheridan and see they too have invitations to the party. Pilar excuses herself to go check on the baby, and Luis says hell go to the gift shop. Sheridan says shell go leave a note for Gwen. They go their separate ways, and look suspicious about it . . . .

Eve and Julian talk about the party and decide to go. They dont know what Alistair is planning either, but talk about all the evil thing Alistairs has done. Julian says Pilar the saintliest person he knows even said God would forgive them for Later, Chad shows up and tells Julian that Alistair just delivered a letter to him telling him that he is fired and disinherited. Chad says there was also a personal note from Alistair saying he was black and a bastard, thats two strikes against him. He says the note went on to say Crane Industries will never fall into the hands of his kind. Eve says that racist bastard! Eve says Chad deserves his inheritance. Chad tells the family of the year he doesnt need their help and support, he can stick up for himself. Chad says he wont let Alistair get away with any of this, and he walks off. Eve says he is so angry, and Julian says thats the Crane temper. Eve wonders if they should go after him? Julian says hell calm down, after all hes only half Crane, he inherited some good sense from her. Both Eve and vow Alistair must be stopped. Julian says hell go get the car so they can head home, but Eve says shell meet him there. He says okay, and to herself Eve thinks there may be a way to stop Alistair. 

Chad goes to the Book Caf, where he runs into Liz. Chad vents to Liz about Alistair, and Liz says that old man needs killing. Tabitha listens in as they talk. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace thinks if Beth is successful, Beth will go to prison or get the chair, Alistair will be out of the picture, and Luis and Sheridan will be together forever. Precious yells out, and Mrs. Wallace says she knows she wants Luis. 

At the mansion, Tina has the party all set up. Alistair tells her excellent, but ads a special touch. He asks her to go to the vault and get a painting out for him. He also says now would be a good time to make that call they talked about (she called Fox). She leaves to do his tasks, and Alistair says he will rock Harmony to its core tonight. Later some men hang a painting of a woman, with a veiled hat on, holding a baby. Tina says this is a creepy painting. HE says it will all be made known later. He says this painting was commission after his wife died that is why the womans face is covered by a veil. He says it represents a mothers separation from her child.

Tabitha and Endora go home, and they watch Magic TV and see all the people who hate Alistair sneaking about the hospital looking for something to kill him with. Tabitha then realizes this is Endoras first murder, and shell have to write it down in the baby book. Tabitha instructs Endora in the family business and how the evil seeds they sew burst into guilt one day. Tabitha says one of these people is about to pay her grandfather back for all the pain he has caused. They see a mysterious person get some poison out of a cabinet from the hospital. Tabitha says all the person has to do is add that to Alistair cocktail and they have a recipe for murder! 

Back at the mansion, someone rings the doorbell. Alistair and Tina go to answer, but no one is there. Meanwhile we see someone sneak in and pour poison in Alistairs cognac, and then sneak out the back door. Julian shows up later, followed by Eve. Alistair tells Eve to make herself at home, oh he forgot, she already has. Luis shows up and asks what this is about? Alistair says patience, and please try the free food and drink. Julian asks where Sheridan is? Luis says she and Pilar are at the cottage getting a shawl. Sheridan shows up next, and she says Pilar forgot her purse and went back to the car. Alistair tells her that she looks lovely. Pilar comes next, and Alistair welcomes her. Beth finally shows up, and Tina shows everyone into the parlor. Tina tells them all to help themselves to the buffet. Sheridan sees the painting and says something is so compelling about it, and she wonders why this one has been put out. Katherine shows up next, and Alistair says Mrs. Wheeler, the guest of honor! Katherine tells Alistair that she will stop him. Martin shows up and tells him to stay away from his wife. Alistair asks when they had the honor of clergy, unless hes speaking of Pilar. Alistair tells them to join the others, and they do. Katherine sees the painting over the fireplace, and she realizes she is the mother in the painting. She says Alistair is setting the stage, and she is the prop. Alistair welcomes them all here, and he says tonight will be a night none of them ever forget. Before he can announce anything, a drunk TC shows up with Liz in tow, followed by Chad, Whitney and Fox. Alistairs men have TC, and Luis asks TC to calm down. Alistair says he didnt think he invted them, but they might as well stay. He tells them all to join him for a drink. Nobody wants to join him, and he asks no one? Luis says they dont want to drink with him and to just tell them why they are here. Alistair says first he wants to savor some of his drink. As he goes to drink it he says one sip of this elixir is to die for. Everyone watches as he lifts the drink to his lips. 


December 10, 2004

At the hospital, Rebecca stays with Gwen, who is still sedated. Gwen is mumbling about Theresa and the baby. Rebecca tells Ivy that she cant believe she is here with Gwen while Theresa is with Gwens baby calling it hers. Rebecca wonders where Theresa gtes off calling that baby hers. Ivy remembers Ethan talking to her how there was a chance that Theresa slept with someone else when she was implanted with Gwens embryo. Rebecca knows Theresa is up to something and vows to find out what. She also wonders where Ethan is while his wife lays here. Ivy says he is making phone calls about the papers and she knows that, so stop making trouble. Rebecca says she is just upset because as far as Theresa is concerned, Ethan is suspect able. Ivy says yes, and she uses his feelings for her to her advantage. Ivy calls her a bitch. Ivy says but whatever he feels for Theresa, he loves Gwen and he married her. Ivy says she wont let Theresa come between Ethan and Gwen ever again. 

At the NICU, Theresa talks to the baby. She asks God for a sign to know this baby is hers. She feels in her hearth that the baby is hers. The baby begins to come around, and the nurse says she told her talking would help, and that she would be able to find the right words to say.

Outside the NICU, Sam brings Ethan some coffee and says it will be a long night, and he could use this. Sam asks Ethan about his statement that he was only sure that he was the babys father. Sam says whatever has happened wont change the fact that he is his father and that he loves him. Ethan says he slept with Theresa and that little girl might not be Gwens. Ethan explains the whole story to a shocked Sam. Sam thinks Theresas whole scheme was ridiculous, and Ethan says Theresa doesnt think things through before she acts. Sam thinks what Ethan is saying is that both babies were Theresas and his, but Ethan says no. He explains Theresa never miscarried, and she was pregnant with his baby by both women. He says a DNA test confirmed this, and he and Eve convinced Theresa to let the doctors and God decide which baby was taken rather than Theresa choose to save her baby. He says they dont know who the mother of this baby is, but Theresa signed her rights to the baby over. However he says she has changed her mind and wants the baby now. Ethan says eventually the truth is bound to come out. Ethan says Gwen will be hurt when Gwen learns she slept with Theresa, but shell be devastated to learn that the baby could be Theresas. Sam clears his throat, and Ethan turns around and sees Ivy and Rebecca standing there. As usual they didnt hear anything. Ivy looks in at the baby and says she is beautiful Ethan says she has her nose, grandma. Rebecca asks about the papers, and Ethan says it is too late to make anymore calls. Rebecca and Ivy discuss how beautiful the baby is, and how they will have so much fun shopping for her. A doctor walks by, and Rebecca asks how Gwen is. He says shell be fine. Rebecca tells Ethan to go be with Gwen so she doesnt wake up alone. He says he does want to be with her, but he wants to stay with the baby because one of the calls can get him into the NICU. She says if that means he can kick Theresa out, then by all means stay. Rebecca and Ivy leave to go be with Gwen, and Sam and Ethan continue their talk. Ethan is glad they didnt hear his statement. Sam says as he said the secret will come out eventually. Sam tells Ethan he has a big decision on his hands if the baby is Theresas, will he stay with Gwen or be with Theresa and the baby? He admits he does love them both, and he talks to Sam about what he would have done if he knew about him while he was in love with Grace? Sam says he probably would have broken it off with Grace to be with Ivy and the baby. Sam says he loved Grace and the life they had together, and he doesnt want to pressure Ethan into making a choice. Sam tells Ethan he has to decide which woman he loves more. Ethan says he married Gwen. Sam says that isnt an answer. He says if it turns out Theresa is the mother of this child then hell have to look deep into his heart to find the answer and make a choice.

Ivy and Rebecca go back to the Gwen, and they discuss how they both have a common bond in keeping Theresa from hurting their children and granddaughter. She says she thought they would have had all the basis covered by having Theresa sign those papers. Rebecca says she cant fight Theresa alone, so she asks Ivy to help protect their children and grand daughter from Theresa. Ivy says with her dying breath, and they shake. Gwen wakes up and she says she is in too, and she puts her hand on top of Ivy and Gwens ala the Three Musketeers. Gwen says she wont let Theresa hurt her or Ethan again, or take her baby from her. Rebecca says Theresa doesnt stand a chance, and they will destroy her.

Tabitha and Endora continue to watch Magic TV. They watch the party at the mansion. Suddenly the reception is lost, so Endora brings it back. Tabitha and Endora look at all the suspects, and Tabitha talks about all their motives for murder while recapping the back stories. Later a pizza delivery girl shows up, and the pizzas float out of her hands over to the table, thanks to Endora. The girl freaks out when she realizes shes in that house with that baby. She says her friend babysat here once and told her all about it. Endora makes the money float to the girl. She cries out Oh My God! Tabitha says around here its Oh My Devil. The girl runs screaming, and Tabitha says there is nothing like free Pizza. They return to watching TV, and they see Alistair poisoned. Tabitha celebrates, but then realizes Alistair was her grandfather. She says well he didnt welcome her into the family, and she has her. Tabitha says with a mix of her genes and Alistairs she will be a powerful being.

At the mansion Alistair raises his glass and asks everyone if they will make him drink alone. He says this is a party and they act as if it is a wake. They all star at him, and he says there is champagne and food. Julian says they were brought here to be told something, and Luis tells him to get on with it. Julian tells him to utter his one word. Alistair says very well, and he says it has to do with the painting. Katherine tells Martin that she was right, Alistair set this up to reveal she is Sheridans mother. Julian cant believe he invited them here for a painting. Alistair says there is a story behind the painting, and he thinks Julian will care very much about it when he hears it. Fox hopes he didnt buy that silly thing with the money he saved by writing him out. Chad says he cut him out too, and he tries to attack him. Julian tells Chad to stop it and holds him back. Fox is shocked Alistair cut Chad out as well Whitney says Alistair said there was a story behind the painting, so get on with it. Alistair says Sheridan can probably explain. He says the painting is a mother and child, and even though they are together, they are separated by pain and secrets. He says the separation, the pain and secrets are illustrated by the veil which hides the mothers face. Pilar says she cant believe she didnt realize it before, and she knows exactly what hes about to tell them. Alistair tells her to enlighten the rest of the guests. Pilar thinks the painting is about her and her being separated from Paloma. She thinks Alistair has enjoyed destroying her family, and she calls him an evil man. She says Martin may have run off with Mrs. Wheeler, but she knows he had something to do with it. She says he has brought pain to her family and has enjoyed every single minute of it. Alistair says her family causes its own pain. Luis stands by his mother, and he tells Alistair he has tried to kill him and Sheridan, he brainwashed Sheridan, he killed Antonio, and he had Paloma kidnapped. He says hell see Alistair dead before he can hurt them again. Luis tells Alistair to bring on his one word and see if it breaks him and Sheridan up. Alistair says such a touching soliloquy, much like one a Greek hero would give in a tragedy before he is slain. Alistair says he does relish in the Lopez-Fitzgeralds pain for many reasons, and it is partially his fault for Martin leaving .He then asks Martin if hed like to explain how he is partly to blame for his leaving? Tell them why he is to blame for his leaving and enjoying the services of Mrs. Wheeler? Martin calls him a bastard and goes to attack Alistair. He is stopped, and Julian tells Alistair to get on with it and tell them why they are here. Alistair says first he needs a drink. He goes to raise the drink to his lips, and once again everyone watches. However, before he drinks he stops and laughs. He says he knows someone has poisoned his cognac. He says the person who poisoned his drink is still here, and their plan failed. He throws his drink into the fire and says they cant keep him from revealing his secret. Alistair lights up a cigar and laughs. He says now then, the reason he asked them here. Alistair begins to cough, and he cant catch his breath. Julian asks what is wrong. Alistair says the cigar has been poisoned as well! Alistair is chocking, and he says hes going to die. Everyone stands around and watches him. Tina is the only one who runs to his aid. She asks Alistair to speak to him, but he cant. Everyone else sits around and watches. Tina asks who did this to him so he can make them pay. Alistair tries to say who the killer is, but he cant speak. Tina tells them to call 911, but nobody does. They all watch Alistair die. Alistair tries to point to someone, but he cant. Tina asks them to do something, what kind of monsters are they. Eve finally steps forward to check on Alistair. She takes his vitals, and she looks at Julian and shakes her head. Pilar says he is really dead! 

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