December 13, 2004
At the hospital, Gwen tells Ivy and her mom she is with them, they cant let Theresa get away with this. Gwen says as soon as the papers are filed shell have no right to touch her baby ever again. Gwen asks where Ethan is? Rebecca says hes keeping an eye on Theresa and the baby, and hes trying to get the papers filed tonight. Gwen decides to wash her face and shake off the sedative. She hopes Ethan will have good news when she returns. Rebecca and Ivy talk about why Theresa is doing this, why would she risk getting Little Ethan back? Ivy knows the truth that Theresa drugged Ethan and now Theresa thinks the baby is hers. She doesnt share this with Rebecca though. Ivy just says who knows why Theresa does anything, she is a vindictive little bitch who wants to hurt Gwen anytime she can. Rebecca says no, she is trying to pull something here. Rebecca goes to check on Gwen, and Ivy fears Theresa may really think she can get Ethan back if the baby is theirs. Later, Gwen insists they go and see her baby, and she swears she can handle seeing Theresa. Ivy begs God that if there is any justice in the world then not to let Theresa have this child.

At the NICU, Sam and Ethan continue to talk about what Theresa did, and whose baby could be in there. Sam suggests they have another DNA test. Ethan says Theresa wants another test, but he doesnt. He says legally the baby belongs to him and Gwen, and it will just be more painful for Theresa to let go if she knows the baby is hers. He also says if Gwen finds out what happened it will destroy her, and his marriage will be over. Sam has to head off, and Ethan thanks him for being here. Sam wishes he could have been a bigger help. They hug, and Sam walks off. Theresa comes out while the doctor checks on the baby. Ethan says he just wants her to live, and Theresa wonders why this is happening. Theresa says it is so painful to stand there and hold her tiny little fingers and watch her struggle to live. Theresa says she blames her father for this, he caused her to go into labor. She damns her father for doing this to her baby. Ethan tells her that she needs to stop believing and thinking this baby is hers because they had a deal. Theresa asks how he can talk about a deal when their little girl is in there fighting for her life? He says because she made a deal and she will honor it. He says Gwen needs that baby, its the only thing that has been keeping her going since she lost Sarah. Theresa says he cant ask her to give Gwen her baby because she cant have one. Ethan says they have caused her enough grief as is. Theresa asks what about her grief? She says they were supposed to spend their lives together, she felt betrayed. She says he loved her but married someone else. He says he loved them both. She says this isnt about who he loves, if Gwen wants a baby then let her adopt one. Theresa says Gwen will never have her child. Ethan reminds her of the papers she signed, and if she fights she will lose. Theresa says no court will force her to give up her own flesh and blood. Ethan says Gwen would be a wonderful mother. Theresa says not to her baby. Ethan asks what if the baby is Gwens? Theresa says that wont happen. Ethan says he cant stand to hurt Gwen anymore. Theresa asks if he really loves her that much? She reminds him what happened in California. She says if this baby is theirs, is he going to stay married to Gwen? Ethan says it doesnt matter because shell be forced to give up the baby when the papers are filed. Ethan says she signed a contract. Theresa says she signed a contract to give him and Gwen the baby created from their embryo, and this baby has nothing to do with that contract. Ethan says theyll fight her, and she says then fight her. Suddenly Theresa collapses. He catches her, and she tells him to stop fighting his feelings for her. She says he loves her and always has. Ivy, Gwen and Rebecca show up and ask what is going on here? Ethan explains she was weak, fell, and he caught her. Gwen thinks Theresa should be in her room resting. Gwen tells Ethan to take her to her room, and shell stay with her baby. Theresa says that is her baby and she will stay with her. Gwen asks Theresa what makes her think if she will take her baby, and she asks Ethan why he is not doing something about her. Gwen is furious with Ethan for defending and helping Theresa. Gwen tells Theresa all she was a vessel for her DNA and that is all. Rebecca tells the little tramp (Theresa) to give it up because shell never win. Gwen says once the papers are filed shell never get near her baby again, and shell never get little Ethan back. Theresa says she will have them both, but Gwen says never! Theresa says she will never let her take her baby, and shell never forgive her or her whore of a mother for taking Little Ethan. Theresa tells Gwen she will always be her sworn enemy for taking her son. Gwen says she doesnt care, and once the papers are filed she will never give Little Ethan back to her. Theresa says he is her son, but Gwen says not anymore. The doctor comes out and scolds them all for fighting outside of the NICU. They ask how the baby is doing? The doctor says her condition is unchanged, and if they keep this up her condition may get worse. Theresa asks to see the baby, but Gwen says she is the mother. The doctor says only the birth mother can see the baby right now. Rebecca threats to have the doctors license, and the doctor says shell have them all removed if there are any more raised voices. Rebecca tells Gwen not to worry because theyll get her baby back even if it is over Gwens dead body. Meanwhile, Ivy wonders what Ethan will do if the baby is Theresas. 

At Tabithas place, Tabitha and Endora continue to watch Magic TV. They watch the events unfold at the mansion, and Tabitha continues to recap what has been happening. Tabiotha says while it was fun to watch Alistair be poisoned, she now realizes he has to live to utter the one word. She says he has to live for the good of evil everywhere. They watch as Alistair is saved, and she says thank Hades. As Tabitha drinks her MarTimmy, cute little Endora reaches for the glass. Tabitha says no, she is too young. Tabitha suggests they get to the hospital to check on her grandfather. 

At the mansion, Tina tells Julian and Sheridan to help their father. They do nothing. She asks if they all hate him so much that theyll just stand around and watch him die? Martin says Alistair said his cigar was poisoned, did he say who did it. Tina says no, he didnt say anything. She asks one of them to do something, and she asks Eve to do something. Eve says its too late, she checked his pulse. Tina asks them to do CPR. Sheridan calls the EMS and has an ambulance sent over. She says Of COURSE its an emergency, someones been poisoned. Eve finally goes to do CPR on Alistair, and Julian asks if she wants to do this? Eve says shes a doctor, she has to do something. Luis tells Sheridan he knows hes her father, but he finally got what he deserved. Sheridan says no one cares if he dies, including her. Later the paramedics arrive with a defibrillator, and Eve uses it on Alistair. Eve says shes got a pulse. They then bag Alistair and take him to the hospital. Tina thanks Dr. Russell. Sam arrives after learning what happened, and he questions Luis about what is going on. Luis explains that Alistair brought them here to destroy them all with one word. Luis says he never got a chance to say it. Luis explains how someone poisoned his drink, and he knew it, so he threw it out. He then says Alistair lit up his cigar and said it was poisoned, which he didnt know. He says after announcing it was also poisoned he passed out. The paramedics ask if anyone want to go to the hospital with Alistair? Nobody volunteers. Tina tells Fox that he is his grandson. Fox says not anymore, he was disowned. Chad says him to, and besides Alistair would want him to ride in the back of the ambulance. Tina says they called Alistair a monster, but they are the monsters. She says shell ride with Alistair. Sam asks her not to leave town because he has questions for her later. Julian says the party is over so they can all go. Sam says not so fast, one of them attempted to murder Alistair and hell find out who it was. Sam says hes going to have to question them all, and this could take awhile. He starts with Luis and Sheridan. They tell him about Alistair trying to tell them who poisoned them, but he couldnt. Luis says it could have been anyone in this room. Sam asks if anyone would like to confess. Pilar knows who did it and points to that woman (Katherine). Martin says that is not true, and Luis tells Martin to shut up. Sam talk to Pilar, and Martin comforts Katherine. Katherine says shes a little shaky. Martin says everything will be all right. Katherine asks will it? She asks Martin if he did it? Martin says whoever did it did the world a favor. Meanwhile, Chad, Whitney and Fox discuss who may have done it. Fox and Chad both claim they didnt, and Whitney says if she had access to poison she might have. Fox suggests she not tell Sam that. Elsewhere, Liz tries to get TC to sober up before Sam questions him, and she brings him coffee. She asks TC if he did it? Liz eventually says she doesnt want to know, and she says shell give him an alibi. TC cant believe shed do that for him. She says of course she would, she loves him. And elsewhere Beth and Sheridan tell Eve that she saved Alistair. Eve says she does hate the man, but he survived. Beth says he could still die, and everyone would be glad. Sheridan asks Beth why she hates him, what did he do to her. Beth says Alistair did take the Book Caf from her, and they all have their reasons. Beth suggests they not share too much about their reasons with Sam. Sheridan asks Luis if he . . . Luis says no, he wouldnt start their marriage out by killing him. Sheridan says she hated him too, and she doesnt care if he dies. Luis tells her not to tell Sam anything like that. Meanwhile, Pilar continues to accuses Katherine. Sam asks why she is convinced she did it, did she see him put the poison in his drink or cigar. Pilar says no she didnt. She says she did try and kill Alistair before. Sam says she is a suspect, but not to make accusations unless she has proof. Sam finally announces someone is lying here, and hell figure out who that someone is. Later Sam gets a call form the hospital, and he relays that Alistair is barely alive. He says if Alistair dies, the charge will be murder one. He says if convicted they will get the death penalty.

At the hospital, Tabitha and Endora arrive just as Alistair is brought in. Alistair flatlines, and Tabitha says theyre too late! The doctors try everything, but nothing is working. The doctor says hes gone and no one will shed a tear. Tabitha says this wont do at all. She asks Endora to make them invisible. Endora creates an invisibility cloak, and they go into Alistairs room and help Alistair. Endora zaps Alistair with a bolt, and she brings Alistair back. One of the nurses say she cant believe heaven sent a miracle to save Alistair. Tabitha says heaven had nothing to do with this. 


December 14, 2004

At Beths place, Mrs. Wallace refuses to eat her oatmeal when she learns Beth Lizzie Borden made it for her. She refuses to let Precious eat hers either because Beth may have poisoned them both. Beth tells her mother to quit it, but Mrs. Wallace says she knows she poisoned Alistair. Beth says that she wouldnt try to kill Alistair at his own party. Mrs. Wallace thinks she would. Beth swears she doesnt want Alistair dead as he has done nothing to her, and they both want the same thing. Beth says they both want Luis and Sheridan broken up, and Alistair needs to stay alive long enough to spit out that word. She says he can croak afterwards for all she cares. Later, when Beth returns from another room, Mrs. Wallace says shes back and to be afraid! Beth says right now she doesnt have any reason to harm the two of them, and she doesnt want Alistair to die until he reveals his secret. Mrs. Wallace asks Beth when she will face facts and realize she will never get Luis. Beth says she will get Luis because she is the mother of his little boy. Mrs. Wallace says they both know that is a lie, and one day that lie will come out and explode in her face. Mrs. Wallace hopes shell be around when that day comes. Beth says she wont if she keeps acting this way. Mrs. Wallace says she has run out of tricks, she has nothing left! Beth says shell find out what Alistair knows and shell use it to tear Luis and Sheridan apart. She asks how? Beth says shell think of something. Beth browses the net for ideas, and she learns the police are watching Alistair like a hawk and not letting anyone in to see him. She says she should have known. Mrs. Wallace says even she cant be that dumb to think theyd let anyone see him when someone just tried to poison him. Mrs. Wallace gloats at Beth how shell never marry Luis, and she can wear her wedding dress shes been saving to their wedding but dye it black. She also says she can give them Marty as a wedding present. Beth says shell never give that boy back, she is his mother. Mrs. Wallace says Beth may believe shell keep that baby, but she believes that Luis and Sheridan will find out the truth about that baby. Mrs. Wallace says when that happens and then shell find out what hell on earth is really like. Later they play with the baby as he plays some learning game. Beth says he is mommys smart little boy, and Mrs. Wallace says to bad Beth isnt his mommy. Beth has Precious teach Marty how to build with blocks which she yells at her mom. Beth and her mom argue over whether or not people will find the truth out about Marty. Beth thinks no one will find out as Marty is her ticket to reuniting with Luis. Beth says her mother, Precious and Alistair are the only ones who know the truth, and none of them will talk. Mrs. Wallace says once Luis and Sheridan marry they will spend more time with Marty, and Luis will figure it all out! Beth says no, shell learn Alistair secret before then and stop them from getting married if it is the last thing she does. Beth then storms out of her house. 

At the cottage, Luis kisses Sheridan and tells her to wake up. Sheridan says she loves waking up next to the man she loves, and Luis says get used to it because theyll have a lifetime of these mornings. She says she cant imagine anything more perfect. Luis can, and they make love. Later, as Luis gets out of the shower, Sheridan calls to check on her father and asks if she can visit him. The nurse says hes stable, but the police are baring all visitors. Sheridan sees Luis and thinks he probably thinks shes an idiot. He says no. She knows she shouldnt care about her father at all given what hes tried to do to them. Sheridan says maybe she called to see how he was because as long as hes still breathing he can hurt them. Luis says he wont let Alistair hurt them ever again. Sheridan wonders what the big secret her father has. Luis thinks he is bluffing. Sheridan wishes he would die because then all their pain and suffering could be buried with him. She suggests they change the subject and think about their wedding. Sheridan hopes Julian can get Antonio declared dead before her father regains consciousness. Luis says theyll get married no matter what happens to her father. Sheridan t hanks Luis for staying by her, and he says he loves her so much. He says he loves her so much hell help her plan the wedding. She says she loves him so much that she wont put him through that. They decide to head to the hospital to check up on Gwen, Theresa and the baby. Sheridan is happy for Gwen, but she cant help but think about her baby. Sheridan has flashbacks of the baby. Luis says theyll have more babies, lots of then. 

At the hospital, Gwen wakes up and asks Ethan why shes still at the hospital? Ethan says he wanted her to stay here till the sedative wore off completely. Ethan says overnight the baby was weaned from the respirator, so shes doing better. Gwen thinks she should be with their baby, and she lashes out at Theresa for thinking she has some right to this child. Ethan says there is something they need to discuss, but Gwen says not now as she just wants to be wit the baby. 

In the NICU, Theresa has fallen asleep next to the baby. She wakes up when a nurse shows up to check the babys vitals. Theresa asks how the baby is, and the nurse says shes holding her own right now. However she says shes still critical. Theresa vows to stay by the babys side until shes strong enough to come home to her and her big brother. Theresa also says her daddy will also come back to her, and theyll be the family she always dreamed of. 

Later, Gwen and Ethan arrive and Gwen once again fumes when she sees Theresa with the baby. Gwen wants to know why Theresa is doing this to her when she has been so nice to her all these months. Gwen says she even promised to give Little Ethan back! Gwen wonders if her mother was right about Theresa this whole time. She asks Ethan why Theresa is doing this too them? Ethan tells her to calm down, and he says hell file the papers as soon as the courthouse opens. He says Gwen will have her whole life to be this babys mother, the few hours Theresa has spent with the baby wont matter. Gwen thinks finally for the first time she doesnt have to ask Ethan if he has feelings for Theresa because she knows after what Theresa has done to their child that he couldnt possibly still have feelings for her. Gwen wants to go in there and take Theresa apart, but Ethan says no, shes not going to do that. Theresa eventually comes out of the NICU, and Gwen is ready to rumble. Ethan asks for a moment to talk to Theresa alone, and he begs Theresa to just surrender the baby over to Gwen and they wont make this a legal matter. Suddenly monitors beep, and Dr. Carlyle is called to the NICU stat. As they wait to find out what has happened, Luis and Sheridan show up, and neither of them understand why Theresa feels so connected to the baby. A nurse informs them that the babys lungs arent functioning, and no one is permitted to see the baby until she is stable. Luis drags Theresa off and asks what is going on here, why is she keeping Gwen from the baby. Theresa says she is the one who should be with her. Luis says Gwen is the mother, but Theresa says no she is. Luis asks what she is talking about. Theresa says she and Ethan slept together, and she would bet her life that she is that babys mother! She says no one, not Gwen and not God will take that baby from her. Luis cant believe this, and he asks what is going on? Theresa says the details arent important. Luis asks if Ethan is aware of this? She says yes, but Gwen doesnt know. However, Theresa says shell find out sooner or later. Luis says Gwen has been through enough as is, and this will kill Gwen. Theresa asks whose side he is on? He says what she is doing is wrong. Theresa asks why is it wrong for her to want to be with her little girl? She says what is wrong is that Rebecca and Gwen stole her son. Theresa asks what hed do if someone else had his son, wouldnt he move heaven and earth to get Marty back? He says yes. She says that is all she is doing; she is moving heaven and earth to get her children and Ethan back. Luis says now she has lost it, she thinks shes going to get Ethan back too. He says Ethan is married to Gwen. Theresa says Gwen stole Ethan from her, he only married her because she was pregnant. Theresa says that Ethan is the love of her life. She says he of all people should understand what its like to fight for the one you love. Luis says this isnt the same thing. Theresa refuses to give up what she wants. Luis says hes worried as to where this is headed. She says it is headed to her and Ethan living happily ever after. She tells Luis he doesnt now how lucky he is to have worked this all out with Sheridan, and soon theyll have their first baby. She quickly apologizes and says shes not forgetting about the other baby, the one they lost. She says maybe it would be easier to except the baby gone if the body had been found. Luis says hes not so sure, without the body they still have some hope even though it would be a miracle for that baby to still be alive. She tells him to always believe in miracles. Meanwhile, Sheridan talks to Ethan and Gwen about why Theresa is doing this. Gwen vents about how much she has already lost to Theresa as is. Sheridan says maybe Luis can talk some sense into her. Gwen says theyve all tried to reason with Theresa, but shes acting like she (Gwen) is taking Theresas baby from her. Theresa and Luis go back to the NICU, and Gwen begs Theresa not to take this out on her baby girl. Theresa says she would not do that, unlike her who thought nothing of taking her child! Theresa says she now needs to go to her baby. Gwen begs Ethan to do something. Ethan says hell go to the courthouse right now. Gwen continues to watch Theresa with the baby and vows shell rot in hell. Luis and Sheridan are elsewhere, and Sheridan doesnt understand why Theresa is doing this. Luis admits to Sheridan what Theresa told him about sleeping with Ethan and possibly being the mother to the baby.

Elsewhere, Beth arrives disguised in a platinum blond wig and a nurses outfit. She convinces the cop outside of Alistairs to let her in to see Alistair, even though shes not on the list. She promises she wont report him, and he says okay. Beth goes to Alistair, shakes him, and says wake up old man I have to talk to you! She says she needs to know his secret to break up Sheridan and Luis. She calls him a rich old kook and says open your eyes! She says if he doesnt then everything hes worked to protect will go up in smoke as Luis and Sheridan will get married! She says Luis will air all his dirty laundry if he doesnt help her. She asks what the one magic word is! Alistair wakes up and tries to talk to BEth.


December 15, 2004
At the hospital, Julian shows up at Eves office to see Eve. He says he missed her when she didnt come home last night. Eve says she had to work late, so she just stayed on. He says he came here to check on Ethan and Gwens baby, and he also hears his father is still holding onto life. He says it will take more than a poisoned cigar to kill him. Eve says it would take the devil himself to get rid of Alistair. They discuss who may have tried to kill Alistair. Eve swears she didnt try and kill him. Julian knows that and says she isnt capable of hurting another human being. Eve says she is not sure, last night she didnt even call 911. She says she wanted him dead, and she is a doctor and that is unforgivable. He says she didnt try to kill him and neither did he. Eve asks really? Julian asks if she thinks he tried to do it? She says she doesnt mean to sound suspicious or accusing, and he says its okay. He says if anyone had a reason to do it, it would be him. She says the same goes for her, or anyone at that party. Julian returns to asking how she is. She says she is worried about Whitney and Fox, and their future. Eve asks how Fox will take care of Whitney and the baby when Fox has no job and has been cut out of the will. Eve says theyll have to leave town to find work, so Julian tells her not to worry as hell take care it.

Beth remains with Alistair and begs him to tell her his secret. He comes to, struggles, but then passes back out. She ends up getting on top of Alistair, shakes him, and tells him to spit the word out (shes straddling him and shaking him to the point where the scene takes on an obscene, but funny nature)! He begins to say Mmm Mmm Mmm She says spit it out, what is the word, she thinks it starts with and M! Luis then calls Beth and tells her that he and Sheridan have set a wedding date. She says or really, when? He says the 26th. He says they want her to be in the wedding and they want her to come over to help plan it. She says okay, she wouldnt miss it for the world. She has to fight to choke back the tears. She hangs up and then she tells Alistair they have set a date, they are getting married! She asks what he will do about it? He says nothing, and she realizes she has to do it all herself. Beth then runs off. 

At the NICU, Theresa remains with the baby inside the NICU. Gwen and Rebecca watch from outside and fume. Ethan returns with the court order. Gwen says she is going to throw that crazy bitch out on her butt and take her baby back! A nurse ends up telling Gwen to calm down as this is the NICU. Theresa comes out, and she insists that she is the babys mother. Gwen says she is the babys mother and she has the court order to prove it! Theresa looks at the court order, cant believe any judge would sign it, and refuses to acknowledge it. Gwen and Rebecca tell her that she signed a document which she must honor. Rebecca tells Theresa to back off and get the hell out of here. Ethan tells Theresa that the court has ordered her to stop laying claim to this baby. Theresa cant believe Ethan is trying to make her give up her baby. Gwen says it isnt her baby, and she is not going to see the baby ever again. Gwen says because of what she has done she also wont get Little Ethan back! Theresa says they had an agreement and now she is the one backing out, but Gwen says she didnt keep her half of their bargain. Rebecca tells them that they cant make agreements with Theresa, she tried to tell them this! Theresa tells Ethan that he cannot let his wife keep taking her babies! Gwen says this is her baby! Rebecca tells Ethan to tell Theresa that this is a legal document and now that shes given birth its time for her to go. Rebecca tells Theresa to go, and she grabs her and tries to drag Theresa off. Suddenly, Woody Stumper shows up to defend Theresa. Gwen asks who he is? Woody says he is Theresas attorney, and that he is here to represent her. He tells Gwen that her document would be legal and binding IF this was her baby, but its not. Woody says that baby belongs to his client; Theresa Lopez-Hyphen-Fitzgerald is the biological mother of that child!

At the Bennett house, Fox is searching the want ads for a job, but cant find anything. Whitney says hell find something, and its not right that his father fired him and his grandfather cut him out of the will. Fox says it doesnt matter; he has no one to blame but himself. He says he blew off college because the thought hed just ride the easy wave with his familys company. He tells Whitney he feels like a looser, hes not able to take care of the woman carrying his baby. She tells him not to think that way, and he will find a job. Fox says yeah, he just found one. He says ex-playboy wanted: must have experience spending daddys money and drinking heavily. Whitney tells him to come on. She says stop blaming himself. She says its not like he had great role models growing up. Fox says true, and he was shipped off so his parents didnt have to be bothered raising him. She thinks them being shipped off to boarding school was a blessing, it taught him to stand on his own two feet. She also says he is willing to change and has changed, and he is a good man. She says he worked hard at Crane Industries. Fox says maybe shes right, and maybe they will be fine. Whitney says she will help; shell get a job too. Fox says no way, she needs to focus on the baby and finish school. He says one of them needs an education. He also says they need to think about where to live, but for her not to worry about it. He says they can stay here as long as then need. He tells her to just concentrate on their bundle of joy. He says he never thought hed be this excited over having a baby, but he is. Later, Fox get a call from Julian asking him to come back to Crane Industries. He tells Whitney that his father probably just wants him to clean out his desk. She offers to go with him, even though he says its not necessary.

Whitney and Fox go to Crane Industries, and Fox meets with his father. Julian says he was wrong to fire him, so hes going to give him his job back immediately. Fox is stunned, but asks what about Grandfather? Julian says Alistair is in no position to fight him, and hes bringing Chad back too. He understands why hed want to bring the favored Chad, but why him? Julian says Eve is worried about Whitney and the baby. Fox realizes this job is all about Eve as usual. They argue, and Fox wants his job to be equal to Chad, not under him as Julian is probably planning. He says if Julian favors Chad over him then hell take Whitney out of here, maybe out of the country. Chad says Dr. Eve will never see her daughter or the baby again!

Chad is also in Crane Industries, and hes at his desk packing up. He looks at the newspaper article on his grandfather and he wishes he had died. As he rants about Alistair, he looks up and sees Whitney is standing there. She says she didnt mean to interrupt. He says he was just packing up his stuff. Chad says he wont take this sitting down, and he will get back at his grandfather. Whitney asks who he thinks tries to kill Alistair? He asks who didnt want to kill him. She says good point, nobody there wanted him alive. Whitney decides to go, but he asks her not to. He asks about the baby and how it is? She says its okay. He has done research and knows a lot about having a kid, so if she has any questions or concerns then he is here to talk. She says okay, and then becomes upset. She runs out of the room and feels guilty for not being able to tell Chad the truth about the baby.

Luis and Sheridan go ring shopping, and she finds a ring she loves. He doesnt think it is fancy enough, but she says it is perfect. She says she just wants to marry him. They kiss, and the jeweler returns. The jeweler says she likes seeing people truly in love with one another. Luis asks if they can have the inside of the ring engraved. She says yes, and he says he wants it to say To Sheridan, the love of my life, Luis. The jeweler asks when the big day is, and Luis says the 26th. Sheridan is shocked, and Luis says he talked to Father Lonigan and it is all set. 

Luis and Sheridan go back to their cottage, and they begin to get it on. Beth shows up and interrupts them on purpose after she peers through the window as sees them going at it. She agrees to help them with their wedding and says shell do whatever it takes . . . . She then tells herself shell do whatever it takes to see they dont get married. Later, Beth tells Sheridan that shes glad her father wasnt able to say that word, and Sheridan says her to. Beth asks if she knows what it is, but Sheridan says no. Sheridan also hopes he doesnt recover before the wedding. Beth tells herself that he will if she has anything to say about it. 


December 16, 2004
At Crane Industries in Chads office, Chad wonders what he did to upset Whitney? Why did she run out like that? Whitney is in the hall feeling guilty about what she has done to Chad. She damns Alistair and wonders why he didnt die last night. She says it is his fault she is pregnant with Chads baby. Whitney decides she and Fox must leave town before Chad realizes the baby is his.

In Julians office, Fox tells his dad that if he doesnt get a job equal with Chads then hell take Whitney out of Harmony and Eve will never see her again. Julian cant believe he would do that to a woman he loves. Fox says he would, and to spare him the crocodile tears. Fox says he never cared about his own family, so dont pretend he cares about Eves. Julian says that is not true, so Fox asks where his sisters are? Julian says nothing, and Fox says he rests his case. Fox says he is back in the ballgame now, and he will do whatever it takes to get his chance at bat. Fox says he wants the same chance Chad is getting, or he and Whitney are out of here. Julian says Fox wins; hell give him and Chad even chances at Crane Industries. He just hopes they can get passed this and get back to being brothers and friends. Whitney shows up and finds out Fox got his job back. Whitney wants to leave Harmony and start anew, but Fox says he never finished college and he has great job and medical coverage here. Fox says he wont find that elsewhere, and they cant afford the medical bills on their own. Whitney realizes the baby might have birth defects, so she agrees to stay. Julian says hes glad they are staying and hopes Whitney will be able to forgive her mother. Chad shows up to give Julian the keys to the office, but Julian says he has his job back, no strings attached. Julian says from now on he and Fox are equals. Chad and Fox shake hands and claim they are looking forward to working together. Julian has a project for them to work on, but Fox says he promised to take Whitney out for lunch so hell be back afterwards. Julian talks to Chad about the project, and Valerie shows up. Julian introduces Val to Chad, and they get back to work.

Back in Chads office, Val tells Chad that shes glad he is staying here, and they need more minorities here. Chad hopes they can change that. She says he treats everyone like equals, unlike Alistair the pig. She apologizes for saying that about his grandfather, but he says its okay. She says Julian used to be a lot like Alistair, but hes changed and she thinks Chad has a lot to do with it. Valerie talks about how shes worked here since high school, and her mom worked for the Cranes on the loading docks. Chad decides they should go out for lunch and continue discussing business. She says shed like that.

Whitney and Fox go out for lunch at the Seascape. As they eat, Whitney hopes both he and Chad will be able to become friends again. Fox tells himself never, and there is only room for one Crane at the top, which will be him. Fox talks about finding their own place and being married before the baby comes. Whitney hadnt thought about marriage, but Fox says he doesnt want the baby to be illegitimate. Whitney hasnt thought about marriage since Chad, and she just hopes Chad will be okay. Fox says he will be, hell find someone and move on with his life. Later, Chad and Valerie show up, and Fox says it seems like Chad has already moved on with his life.

At the cottage, Sheridan is looking at the wedding rings and cant wait until Luis puts it in her finger. Luis gets a call from Father Lonigan and they have to go meet with him now because of a scheduling conflict. Sheridan apologizes for asking Beth to come over and help them, as it seems they have to go. Beth says its okay, and she asks why they arent asking Gwen to help plan the wedding? Luis explains Gwen is at the hospital where Theresa gave birth to the baby. Luis says its all very complicated as Theresa thinks shes the mother and is fighting with Gwen over it. Beth says Theresa was just the surrogate, why does she think the baby is hers? Luis says its a complicated situation. Beth eventually asks Luis and Sheridan since they are going to the church, shed like to tag along to talk to Father Lonigan about having Marty baptized. Luis says he was already baptized in the hospital, but Beth says she wants it done in the church. Sheridan thinks it is a good idea, so Luis says okay. Beth says shes just going to call her mom and let her know what happens.

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace baby sits Marty and she decides to change him and then go visit his mommy, his real one.

Luis and Sheridan arrive at the church, and Beth is in tow. Luis thanks Father Lonigan for agreeing to marrying them after Christmas. Suddenly, Mrs. Wallace and Marty show up, and Mrs. Wallace says theres your mother! Luis ends up picking up the baby. Beth asks why he isnt down for his nap? She says he kept asking for his momma, and he was pointing at all these blond women on TV, Heather Locklear, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson . . . . Mrs. Wallace suggests Sheridan hold him, and she says shed love to. Sheridan holds the baby and tells him that Santa is coming soon. Sheridan once again feels close and connected to the baby. Beth says that is because she nursed him in the hospital, so it is natural they have a bond. Luis tells Sheridan theyll have another baby, dozens if she wants. Luis then asks Father Lonigan about having the baby baptized again, and Mrs. Wallace suggests Sheridan be the Godmother! Beth drags her mom off and yells at her for what she is doing. Beth says she knows what she is doing, and she wont let Sheridan bond with Marty. Beth says Marty is hers and nothing will change that. Mrs. Wallace tells her to tell that to her son! Beth looks back at Sheridan and Marty. Marty is happy in her arms and calling her mamma. Beth says its time for the baby to go home and sleep. Mrs. Wallace thinks its funny that Marty thinks Sheridan is his mommy. Beth takes the baby and she heads off as Sheridan and Luis go with Father Lonigan to discuss their wedding. Later, the statue of Mary comes alive and takes Beths baby from her! Beth yells give me my baby back! Mrs. Wallace asks what is wrong, what is she yelling about? Beth says she was just thinking about something. She looks at the statue of Mary, which is glowing red! Beth says she is more determined than ever to get Alistair to spit out that one word. She says he was trying to say it before, and it starts with an M. Meanwhile, the statue of Mary continues to glow!

Sheridan and Luis arrive back at the cottage, and Sheridan tells Luis that sometimes she wakes up in the night and cant go back to sleep. She says she hears something calling out to her. Sheridan says she feels like their baby is alive, and shell stay up all night praying for a miracle. Luis says she knows its not possible, their baby couldnt have survived the icy waters. Sheridan says her mind knows that, but her heart feels otherwise. Her heart feels the baby is still out there.

At the hospital, Gwen asks Woody what he is talking about, that baby is hers. Woody says no mam, that is not her baby! Ivy shows up and asks what is going on? Gwen informs Ivy that Theresas lawyer is claiming the baby is Theresas. Rebecca tells Woody that he will be sorry he is doing this. Ethan tells Theresa not to do this, but Theresa says she has no choice. She says they cant hide the truth forever, and that baby is hers. Gwen says no it isnt, and she tries to attack Theresa. Ethan holds her back. Gwen tells Ethan to let her go because she wants Theresa out of the hospital. She says Theresa signed papers giving the child up. Woody says only if the baby is hers and Ethans. Eve eventually shows up and asks what is going on here? Gwen says Theresa needs to be put in a straight jacket as she thinks the baby is hers. Eve asks if it has come out? Gwen asks what she means? Rebecca asks Dr. Love what she knows? Eve says not here, they need to go somewhere private so Theresa can explain.

Eve drags them to a private room and leaves them to talk. Eve says shell let Theresa tell them, shes going back to check on the baby. Ethan tells Gwen there is something he has to tell her, but she says not now. Gwen asks Theresa what she has to tell them. Theresa says she only did what she did because she took Little Ethan from her. Theresa begins to explain what happen, starting with the miscarriage she thought she had. Gwen ask Theresa if she lost her baby? Theresa says she thought she miscarried, and she panicked. She says without her embryo she didnt have a bargaining chip, so she did the only thing she could do. Rebecca thinks she just grabbed the first guy on the street and slept with him. Rebecca says she knew she was up to something, and she calls Theresa a vicious baby killing tramp! Gwen asks if she put her baby in danger for a roll in the hay? Theresa says no, and she ended up pregnant with two babies and she didnt know whose babies she was carrying. Theresa says Dr. Russell did a test and one was Gwens child and the other was hers. Rebecca attacks Theresa, and Woody protects her. Theresa tells Woody that shell be okay, and he can go. He says okay, and to be careful. Rebecca tells Theresa to listen and listen good. Gwen says no, let her handle this. Ethan tells Gwen that they need to talk, but Gwen says not now. Gwen tells Theresa she is vile and selfish. She says she not only killed her Sarah, but she has damaged her other babys life forever. Gwen demands to know who Theresa slept with. Theresa tells Gwen she knows who it is. Rebecca says she knew it! Gwen looks at Ethan and says she wants to hear it from Theresa. Theresa says she knows who it is! Gwen asks Ethan to please tell her this isnt true, tell her that he isnt the father of her baby. 

Julian arrives at the hospital to check on Eve. Eve is glad to see him, and Julian has news. Julian says hes hired both Chad and Fox to come back to Crane Industries. Eve says that is marvelous, and she asks if he did this for her? He says yes, with Whitney close by he hopes they can repair their relationship. Eve isnt so sure, but Julian says a girl needs her mother when shes pregnant. Eve remembers the fight she and Whitney had over the baby and who the father was. Julian also tells Eve to be glad that Fox is the father, and Fox will take good care of Whitney. He thinks Whitney will move on with her life and put Chad behind her. Eve says she hopes so. 


December 17, 2004

At the cottage, Sheridan and Luis get the news that Antonios death has been made official. Luis calls Pilar to tell her, and she feels they need to have a proper memorial. She says shes had his headstone waiting for the time, and they should go to the cemetery.

At the B&B, Paloma talks with Martin and Katherine. They try and convince her to forgive her mother, but Paloma says she hates her and will never forgive her. Pilar calls to ask Paloma to come to Antonios memorial, and she says only if papa can come. Pilar finally says fine, bring your father.

At the cemetery, Father Lonigan is about to start the memorial service when Martin and Paloma show up. Luis demands Martin leave, but Pilar says he can stay. Father Lonigan says some prayers, and ends with learning to forgive everyone. Sheridan thanks him and says they will certainly try. She excuses herself to visit her mothers grave. Paloma lashes out at Luis for telling her father to leave, and she says he is as bad as mama, she drove Papa away. Pilar says she did no such thing, and she demands Martin tell her. Luis asks his mom to just tell him the truth as to why he left. Martin says he will tell them, but he warned them first. However, he chickens out and says he cant tell them, he cant ever make them understand. Martin does tell Paloma that he did abandon his family and doesnt deserve to mourn for his son. Luis tells him to leave, and he does. Paloma lashes out at Pilar and says all she does is run people off, in spite of claiming she wants her family together. Paloma leaves, and Pilar says this is not how she imagined things would go when Paloma was back. She says she never thought shed lose her little girl again.

Katherine goes to her sisters grave where she finds a rose. She knows it is from Alistair and says he still loves her after all these years. Katherine says she hopes Alistair dies because then he can never expose her secret. As she talks about Sheridan, Sheridan shows up. Sheridan asks her who she is and why she feels a bond with her. Katherine says she cant explain, but she wants Sheridan to know that she wants her to be happy with Luis. Katherine runs off, and Sheridan sees Katherine was at her aunts grave. She wonders what the connection between the three of them is.

At the hospital, Ethan admits to Gwen that he slept with Theresa. She slaps him, and he tells her she doesnt understand. He explains Theresa got him drunk, had on a blond wig, and ever wore her perfume. He swears he thought it was her. Gwen says oh my God, you raped my husband! Gwen goes to attack Theresa, and Ethan stops her. A nurse comes in and tells them to settle down or they will be out of here. Gwen calls Theresa a tramp, but Theresa says Gwen is the tramp for sleeping with someone who never loved her. She says this baby is hers with Ethan and Ethan will come back to her. She says Gwen will be barren, butter and all alone. Theresa says shell get back everything Gwen stole from her. Theresa also points out if Ethan was so drunk when he slept with her, how did he rise to the occasions three times? Gwen cant believe it and thinks Ethan had to have known it was Theresa. She remembers they talked about that night when her sorority sisters tried to fool him. She also remembers how that night he was drunk he talked about having sex with her and how it was the best hed ever had. Theresa says of course it was because he was with the woman he loved. Gwen demands to know how long he has known he could be the father, and he says since before the procedure. She asks which baby survived? Theresa says hers did, but Ethan says they dont know that. Gwen realizes they dont have proof and the baby could be hers. Theresa says she feels a connection to the child, it is hers. Rebecca tells Gwen not to worry they will find out whose baby it is. Rebecca says theyll find out that this is Gwens daughter and shell raise the baby with Ethan and Little Ethan, Theresa will be the one left all alone.

Beth visits with Alistair to get the one word from him, but he wont speak. She then goes to a pharmacist at the hospital to question him. Hes a total geek and flirts with Beth. She says shes working on a criminal justice paper and needs to know if there is a drug that can make someone who is unconscious from an attack name their attacker. He says yes, but after they say the name it will kill them. Beth finds out what the name of the drug is, sneaks a kiss from the pharmacists to distract him, and swipes the drug. He thinks they are now involved, so Beth says as long as her husband doesnt find out its okay. She says hes in prison right now, but her boyfriend just got out. She says her boyfriend killed a man and framed her husband. The pharmacist decides shes nuts and wants nothing to do with her after all.

Beth goes back to Alistair and gives him the drug. He sits up, is completely lucid, and wants beth to hop on and take a ride! She says not before he tells her the word. He says pleasure first, let him show her why they call him the man of steal. She says hell be riding solo if he doesnt speak. He says fine, the word is mother. She asks huh? He begins talking about the painting and how it was of a mother and child separated. She still doesnt get it, and he says pretty but dumb, the way he likes them. He tells her time for the ride, but she says not until he spits out the whole truth.

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