December 20, 2004
At the hospital, Beth asks how the word mother can break up Luis and Sheridan? Alistair says he will, but first take off that uniform as his temperature is rising! She says they dont have time for that, and wants to know what the word has to do with breaking them up. He tells her to come close and hell whisper it. She leans in, and he kisses her! He then screams rideem cowgirls as he grabs her to go for a ride! Beth breaks free and says he needs to tell her what the word has to do with Sheridan and Luis. He says okay, but then his nurse has to give him a sponge bath! He says the word mother refers to . . . . .Alistair then codes, and Beth shakes him and says he has to tell her what the word means! She begins shaking him, and doctor and nurse walk in as shes once again on top of him trying to shake him awake. The doctor asks who is she and what is she doing to Mr. Crane? The doctor asks the nurse to call security. Beth claims she is a nurse and was trying to help, but the other nurse says she hasnt seen her here. Beth ends up running off as they work to save Alistair.

At Seascape, Chad and Valerie talk about how they will be a great team. Chad says she has to know a lot of the skeletons the Cranes have been hiding in the closet, and they will work to bring them out. As they think about what they are ordering for dinner, Valerie asks if that isnt his ex-girlfriend with his half-brother? Chad says yes, and hes going to have to get used to seeing her around town with Fox. Meanwhile, Fox tells Whitney that it looks like Chad found himself a new girlfriend. Whitney says she is an administrative assistant; it is probably a business meeting. Fox says it looks like a pleasure meeting to him. Fox says she is very pretty. Whitney says if you like that type. Fox says it seems Chad likes that type. She says it is probably just a luncheon thing. Fox asks if it bothers her to see Chad with another woman. Whitney says of course not, and they are supposed to be celebrating his job and their baby. They order dinner, and Fox talks about his big plans for Crane Industries, and for them. Whitney says he never struck her as the settling down type. He says he wasnt until he met her. He says he loves her and the baby they are having together. Chad and Valerie head off, and run into Fox and Whitney on their way out. Valerie introduces herself as Chads assistant. Chad says hell see Fox back at Carne Industries. Fox says he cant wait, and to himself says he cant wait to destroy him. Fox thinks if Chad is busy with Valerie, hell be distracted and he can move in for the kill. Meanwhile, Valerie says Whitney gave her a look that could kill, and that is one jealous lady! Chad says no, not Whitney.

At the ice rink, Tabitha is with Endora telling her that this time of year makes her ill too. She also says she hates this time of year because that wacko Norma is always trying to track her down. However she says not to worry as she wont let Norma get near her. Luis and Sheridan show up at the rink, and Luis tries to convince Sheridan that everything will be okay. They run into Tabitha and Endora, and Sheridan says Endora looks adorable in her Christmas outfit (shes wearing a red and white snow suit). Endora growls, and Tabitha says she is just a bit fussy. Luis and Sheridan go to put their skates on, and Tabitha tells Endora to be good or shell make the mortals suspicious. Endora ends up bringing a fake reindeer to life. Tabitha tells her to stop it, even though shes so proud of her little witchling. 

Julian brings Eve to the rink, and Eve is worried. He asks what is bothering her? She says everyone will know soon enough, and she tells Julian the whole Theresa baby saga. Later they get ready to skate, and Eve feels funny about being in public with him. She says she thinks like everyone is looking at her with a Scarlet A on her chest. Simone and Jessica the Avon Lady show up, and Simone says seeing her mother with Julian Crane makes her sick. Simone gives her mom the cold shoulder, and Julian says it will take her awhile to get used to seeing them together.

TC and Liz show up, and TC is steamed to see Eve and Julian. Liz tells him not to think about it, they have every right to be here, and those two should be ashamed to be seen in public. TC says she is right. Liz says besides, this gives him the chance to tell Eve that their divorce has been scheduled. He says he was going to call her, but Liz says why wait? TC tells Eve the news, and she is shocked and says she didnt know it would be so soon. They head off, and Eve shakes her head.

Meanwhile, Tabitha continues to be spooked that Norma is hiding in the bushes. She tries to pull herself together and says there is no way Norma can be here. Tabitha decides to call the psych ward and check on Norma, and they say she is still locked up tight,

In the psych ward, Norma sings how Santa Norma is coming to kill Tabitha, and she puts on her Santa suit! After getting dresses she uses a hair pin to pick the lock to her door.

At the hospital, Rebecca tells Theresa that what she has done to her and her family before will seem like a day at the beach if this baby turns out to be hers! Ethan tells Rebecca to cool it. Theresa says she will get everything, and Gwen will lose everything. Theresa tells Ethan to deny it all he wants, but he loves her and wants to be with her. Theresa says he admitted that the night they made love was the best sex he ever had. Gwen says she tricked him, but Theresa says he wanted to be fooled and knew it was her. Theresa says their faces and bodies are nothing alike Ethan says they may have had sex, but he loves Gwen. Theresa reminds him of who he was going to marry before Gwen got pregnant. Theresa says there is nothing they can do to keep her and Ethan apart, and they all know it. Theresa tells Gwen that is why she is upset, because she knows she is about to lose big-time. Gwen calls Theresa a whore and says she is only thinking of herself. Theresa says she wasnt thinking of herself originally, she was thinking of getting Little Ethan back. She says if they want to blame someone then blame themselves for taking Little Ethan from her. Gwen refuses to talk about this anymore and she demands the DNA test be done so she can spend Christmas with her little girl. Ethan thinks they all need to be sensitive about this. Gwen tells Ethan not to defend Theresa because she deserves to be stuck home alone on Christmas with no man, no nothing! Gwen says that will be the best Christmas present she can get. Theresa reminds Gwen about all the horrible things they did to her. Ivy says this mess started by her stealing their embryo, but Theresa says this started when they took her son. Ivy says Ethan loves Gwen and she wont let her come between them again. Theresa says right, Grace and Sam were Harmonys perfect couple until David appeared out of no where. Theresa says its so odd that she ran off with David and left Sam all to her. Theresa says maybe she should look into see what really happened. Ivy says nothing, and Theresa says she thought that would shut her up! Later the nurse comes to take buckle swabs from their mouths to do a DNA test. Gwen asks when they will get the results back, and the nurse says in a day or two. Gwen says then they will know the truth.

At the Wallace house, Precious is hanging decorations, and Mrs. Wallace tells her good work. Precious puts the star on the tree, and Mrs. Wallace says Beth never got that thing on straight. Beth comes home, and she begins taking her clothes off. Mrs. Wallace says she usually doesnt get undressed that fast unless a man is in the room. She also asks where she got that nurses uniform, did she steal it from Precious? Precious growls at Beth. Beth says she just get back from seeing Alistair, and she has to figure out what the word mommy means. Mrs. Wallace says it means nothing to her given the way she treats her, as well as the way she stole Marty from Sheridan. Beth tells her mom not to say that in front of Marty. Beth explains to her mom that the word mother was the key to breaking up Luis and Sheridan. Beth says she just has to figure out what he means. Mrs. Wallace says Precious knows, and Precious throws a dictionary at Beth. Beth starts rambling Mother of God, Mother of Theresa? Mrs. Wallace says shes going to take Little Marty for a walk, but Beth says no it is too cold. She says it is his bedtime anyways. Mrs. Wallace says fine, shell put him to bed. Beth tells her to put herself to bed while shes at it as shes sick of her yammering. Beth says mommy loves you! Mrs. Wallace tells Marty that his real mommy does love her, and shell take him to see her right now. Latter, Beth sees Sheridan skating with Marty on TV and she is furious! She realizes what her mom did, she took her to the park to bond with Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace shows up at the skating rink with Marty to see Sheridan and Luis. She says he saw them skating on the TV and wanted to come see his daddy. Luis and Sheridan end up taking Marty skating (they take his stroller out onto the ice). Mrs. Wallace watches and cant wait until the day Sheridan realizes the boy is hers. 


December 21, 2004

Julian and Eve board the Crane jet, and Eve wants to know where they are going on this brand new Crane jet. He says it is surprise. She says she didnt even get to say goodbye to her girls, not that it matters. Julian says no sad thoughts today. He says today is about leaving their troubles behind. Eve doesnt know if she can do that, but shell try. As they get close to their destination, he asks to blindfold Eve to keep the surprise fun. She says fine, if it would make him happy. He says she makes him happy. The land and get into a limo, and he finally surprises Eve with where they are, Rodeo Drive baby! Julian takes Eve on a romantic shopping spree. As they shop, Bonnie Tylers version of Pretty Woman plays. Julian and Eve basically reenact scenes from the movie as Eve tries things on for Julian. Afterwards Eve tells Julian that he makes her feel like a movie star. Julian says he wants her to feel like a princess. Eve cant believe all these clothes and jewels, and says it doesnt seem real. He says this is the life she deserves. After their shopping spree, they fly back to Harmony.

At Tabithas place, Kay, Simone and Jessica the Avon Lady are decorating a Christmas tree. Tabitha tells Endora not to look, and she says this is the price they have to pay for living with muggles. Kay scolds Tabitha for raising her little girl to be as big of a witch as she is. Tabitha tells Kay she joined up with her side, but Kay says she doesnt want to give up Christmas. Kay says besides, she doesnt see what joining up with Tabitha has gotten her, and she talks about all the messes the families in Harmony are in. Tabitha says she knows and its so wonderful. Meanwhile, Jessica finds the angel, and Endora hisses and growls. Jessica asks what that was? Simone says it was the baby! Simone says the baby sounds like feeding time at the zoo, and she is freaking her out! Tabitha tells her baby to can it. Endora does, and Tabitha says its just a childhood malady. Jessica says Maria never sounds like that, and that baby sounds like the kid in the exorcist. Tabitha says thank you, but that is just a movie. Later a delivery man brings a huge box in, which is a gift for Tabitha. Simone says it is huge, and whoever it is from must really like her. Kay is down as its not to her from Miguel. Jessica tells Kay to cheer up, perhaps Miguel will send her a Christmas email. Kay just hopes next year Miguel will be home. 

At the mansion, Theresa and Pilar find their stuff in boxes on the front lawn. Rebecca yells at Theresa and Pilar, from the window, to get off the grounds as it is private property. Theresa says they live here, but Rebecca says wrong! Rebecca throws a garbage bag of things out, and Gwen tells her mom that she missed Theresa. Theresa says they cant do this, but Rebecca says watch them. Rebecca throws more stuff out at them and says good riddens to bad rubbish! Ethan, who is down with Pilar and Theresa, tell Rebecca enough. He also tells Theresa to get out of here before it gets worse. She refuses to go anywhere without her son. Gwen shows up and says he is never going anywhere with her again. Theresa says shes going in to see her son, and Gwen says over her dead body! Gwen grabs Theresa, throws her onto the garbage bags of things and begins choking her! Little Ethan runs out and calls out Mommy Mommy! Gwen grabs him and says its okay. (Little Ethan is older now, probably 6 or 7). The Crane guards hold Theresa back, and Gwen orders them to drag her away. Theresa yells she loves Little Ethan, and he yells mommy back. As Theresa is taken off, Rebecca says Feliz Navidad! 

Mrs. Wallace, Beth, Marty and Precious are at the park, and Beth is furious with her mom for bringing Marty to be with Luis and Sheridan yesterday (Its obviously a new day). Luis and Sheridan show up and Luis holds Marty. Sheridan asks Beth if she is okay as she looks tired. Beth, who has been wracking her brains all night over the one word, says its just a little cold. Sheridan tells her not to get sick because she needs to be part of the wedding. Beth says she wont stop their big day, and she has a huge present for them, one might even call it a showstopper. 

At the park, Katherine and Martin arrive for the tree lighting. Katherine says its been such a long time since shes been here, and she used to bring Sheridan here as a little girl. Paloma meets up with them, and she says she will light the tree this year and wants them to be here. Katherine says she cant, and shes sorry. Katherine and Martin both think they should go in case Luis and Pilar show up, but Paloma begs them to stay for her. She says she needs them here. They both agree to stay, and Paloma says this means so much to her. 

Meanwhile, one of the strings of lights has come unplugged, and he asks someone tall to help. Precious ends up climbing the tree to plug them back in. Luis asks Sam for the word on Alistair. Sam says Alistair has taken a turn for the worse, so he doubts Alistair will stop them from being married. He also says finding out who tried to kill Alistair is his highest priority, nobody gets away with attempted murder in Harmony (um, Katherine did!). Later, Sam goes to see Paloma and tells her that hell walk her through the ceremony because it can be tricky. Paloma runs off to the tree, and Sam tells the Wheelers that Alistair has taken a turn for the worse and may not come out of the coma. Martin thinks then no one will take the fall for poisoning Alistair since he cant accuse anyone. Sam says hes a cop and hell figure it out. Katherine tells Martin that Sam still suspects them.

Luis meets up with Paloma, and he says so this is her first tree lighting ceremony. The Wheelers show up, and Luis asks what they are doing here? Paloma says they are here for her. Luis says he has some nerve showing up here with his mistress. Sheridan says not tonight. Luis says yes tonight, mama looks forward to this event every year and he wont have Martin ruin it for her. Luis says Martin can leave on his own, or he can help him. Sam comes between them and tells them to stop this now! Tabitha and Endora arrive and say it looks like Luis is already all lit up. Tabitha ask Precious if Beth has figured out the truth about Madam Wheeler. Precious shakes her head, and Tabitha says that girl is as dumb as a post!

Meanwhile, Martin gives Katherine a kiss while under the mistletoe. Pilar arrives and sees them making out, and she slaps them both! She tells Martin that its not enough he came back with his mistress in toe, but he comes here and kisses her in front of everyone she knows? She says damn you Martin, damn you and that whore of yours straight to hell. Martin asks Katherine if she is all right, and she says yes. Pilar cant believe Martin asked her if she was all right. Paloma rushes to her fathers defense, and she asks what mama did to him now. Pilar says its more like what he did to her. Paloma tells her mom if it was up to her, she would have been left in a ditch. Luis asks if that is what he told her? They once again get into the argument about why she was sent to Mexico. Paloma says yes they were so poor and suffering, she has seen the mansion where they live. Theresa jumps to her mothers defense and they have been thrown out on their behinds for Christmas. Martin says maybe there is another room at the B&B, but Theresa says they will take care of themselves as they have managed to so far. Sheridan asks them to all stop fighting as it is almost Christmas. Tabitha tells Endora it looks like the Forth of July with all those fireworks. Gwen and Rebecca show up with Little Ethan, and Little Ethan wants to see his mom. Theresa runs to him, and Gwen tells Theresa to stay away from her son! Gwen and Theresa begin arguing about Little Ethan and the baby, and Theresa says they are both hers. Theresa says she wont let her do this, and Theresa attacks Gwen. Sam once again butts in and tells them to back off, if not for themselves then for the children. He tells Gwen and Ethan that in the spirit of Christmas it would be nice to let Theresa spend time with Little Ethan. Gwen says she doesnt deserve it. Sam thinks Gwen would think otherwise if the tables were turned. He then tells the others to back of the Wheelers. Little Ethan runs to Theresa, and they hug. Theresa says she loves her so much, and she cant wait until he meets his sister. Theresa tells Little Ethan thar they will be the family she always promised him.

Sam welcomes everyone to coming, and thanks all the volunteers who took their time to help. He also applauds precious for helping with the lights. Sam says they have been doing this for many years, and it was started by a gracious and generous woman who is no longer with them, Katherine Crane. Sam says before Katherine died, Katherine and Sheridan lit the tree every year. Katherine has a flashback to those times. Tabitha goes to Mrs. Wheeler and says Katherine was generous and gracious to the core, no wonder her son and daughter never got over her death. Tabitha says there are rumors that Katherine ran off one night, but she doesnt believe them. She says what kind of woman would abandon a little girl as fragile as Sheridan? Tabitha says she couldnt imagine leaving her own daughter, and she knows Katherine feels the same. Meanwhile, Sam announces Paloma will light the tree this year, and he has her come up. He gives her a bouquet of flowers and tells her per tradition, to give them to her mother and ask her to help her light the tree (Charity never did this). Paloma then gives them to Katherine! She says Katherine has been more of a mother to her than her own mother. Paloma asks her to light the tree with her. Katherine says she is honored, but she should do this with her mother. Paloma says shes never been a mother to her, and asks her to do it with her. Katherine says of course. They go to the tree together and light it as Pilar fights her tears. Katherine tells Jessica and Simone how much she misses her mom. Jessica says her too, and Simone says ditto. Meanwhile, Gwen asks Sheridan how things have come to this? Sheridan says she is so sorry and cant imagine how she is dealing with all of this. Gwen says right now shes trying to focus on her daughter. At the tree, Katherine asks Paloma to make peace with her mother, but Paloma says she hates her. Later Katherine tells Martin that this is so hard for Pilar, and she knows how Pilar is feeling because she is separated form her daughter Meanwhile Sheridan hopes Luis isnt angry with her talking to Gwen. Luis says no, and its not like when she sided with a no-one like Mrs. Wheeler. Paloma and Katherine finally light the tree, and everyone applauds.


December 22, 2004
At the station, Julian shows up and finds Sheridan and Sam waiting . Luis is in the back, and Julian asks Luis to come out. Sam calls Luis, and he comes out. Luis and Sheridan wonder what this is about, why are they all here. Julian gives Luis a letter, and he tells them that he has his job back with a promotion to detective. Sam says the promotion also includes a raise. Luis asks why? Julian says to apologize for letting Rebecca get away with what she did. Sheridan hugs her brother and thanks him for this wonderful gift. Rebecca shows up and is furious. She tells Julian that he cannot do this! She says if he gives Luis job back then she will destroy him. Julian asks what she will do? If she thinks this through there is nothing more she can threaten him with. Rebecca says Alistair will kill him. Julian says Alistair may not live through this night, but if he does hell deal with him. He says he will reverse everything she has done to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Sheridan says Gwen never wanted to punish the family, that was all Rebeccas doing. Julian says he is divorcing her and he will throw her off the estate for good once Eve agrees to marry him! Julian congratulates Luis and then heads back to the office. Rebecca sulks as she watches Luis welcomed back. Sheridan thinks they should all go celebrate, but then realizes Ivy wants her to come over. She asks Sam if he knows what it is about. Sam and Luis say no, and they smile. Sheridan knows something is up and heads off. Later, Sam and Luis work on the case about Alistairs murder. Luis thinks whoever went after Alistair could have also went after Julian. Sam and Luis talk about Rebecca right in front of her face, and how she could be a suspect. Rebecca looks at a photo of Eve, and decides to try and frame Eve for trying to kill Alistair. Rebecca leaves, and Sam thinks maybe if they find out who tried to kill Alistair, theyll find the person who tried to kill Julian. Luis knows why his father hated Alistair, but why his mistress? Sam suggests they deal with this tomorrow and go join the party at his house. He also gives Luis his first paycheck. Luis says he hasnt started work. Luis looks at the check, which is huge. Luis asks what is this for? Sam says Julian arranged for retroactive pay since hes been on suspension. Sam says he cant take this Crane blood money. Sam says he would have earned it all if Rebecca hadnt had him suspended. Luis says Sam is right, and he cant believe Julian is doing this. Sam says perhaps with Julian in charge of Crane Industries they will be more about helping people rather than making a buck.

At Crane Industries, Valerie checks on Fox because his assistant is on vacation. She asks if there is anything she can help him with. Fox says no. She says just let her know if there is. Valerie then goes to see Chad to ask how the project hes been working on is going. Chad has finished the project, which Valerie finds suspicious because Fox is at his desk working on the same file. Chad thinks maybe hes just reading over the report, but Valerie thinks Fox is trying to take it from him. Valerie says the Cranes are nasty when it comes to this company. Valerie says Fox would do anything to get ahead, including stepping all over him. Fox shows up and asks what they are talking about? Chad asks what he is reading on the project for, and he says he was just catching up. He gives Valerie her gift, and then gives other their gifts. Valerie ends up telling Chad that Fox is building a camaraderie with the employees to get information and call in favors. Chad thinks he could just be being nice, and Chad says Fox will be thrown out if he doesnt stay on the straight and narrow. Valerie warns Chad that Fox will use those employees to destroy him. Later, Julian shows up and sees Fox spreading the Christmas cheer. He has to go meet with Chad about the project, and Fox says he read over the file and thinks Chad is going to make it a total and complete failure. Julian tells Fox not to try and undermine Chad. Fox says hes not, and hes just concerned about Chad and Crane Industries. Fox says he thinks if they compared notes theyd come up with the same problems and solutions. Julian tells him to go on. Fox says he doesnt think Chad has the expertise to handle this project, and that someone with a clear vision needs to head up this project. Julian asks who that would be. Fox says me of course. Julian says perhaps he will help Chad with the project. Fox says that is an idea, if he can spare the time from Dr. Eve. Julian tells Fox not to climb up the ladder at Chads expense. Fox says Chad can be vice president for all he cares, but he wants the keys to the building. Julian and Fox go in to see Chad about the project, and Julian says hes done good work on it but is going to put him on the record label project. Julian says Fox will take over this project. Fox says Chad he will need his help, so theyll be in touch. Julian hopes Chad understands business is all about the bottom line, and he doesnt want him spending all his time on one project. Fox and Julian leave, and Chad is furious. Valerie tells him she told him this was coming. Chad says he cant play these games, he wont. Valerie says that is why he has her, shell help them and theyll rise to the top together! She holds out her hand, and Chad shakes it.

Ivy decides to throw a surprise shower for Sheridan. Gwen thinks this is a nice thing, and Ivy says they needed something to take their minds off of the baby. The first guests show up, and its Beth, Mrs. Wallace and Precious. Ivy cant believe Beth brought the monkey. Gwen says she doesnt even trust Beth, why did they have to invite her? Ivy says she is the mother of Luis child. Gwen says it is unfortunate that Beth will be a part of their lives forever. Beth tells Ivy not to worry about Precious sitting on the furniture as she wears a diaper. Ivy looks at Mrs. Wallace and says she wasnt worried about Precious. Gwen continues to be suspicious of Beth, and talks about how nice it is that Sheridan and Luis are finally getting married. Beth says it is. Beth is still working on finding out what the one word mother means, and she goes over it in her head. Kay and Jessica show up, and Gwen tells Kay she hopes she didnt mention this to Tabitha because she didnt invite her. Tabitha shows up and says her invitation must have been lost, but Kay was positive that shed be welcome. Tabitha then goes over to join Precious and Mrs. Wallace. When Mrs. Wallace goes to get them drinks, Tabitha chats it up with Precious. Tabitha decides to make Beth realize the connection. Kay asks Tabitha why she wanted to come here? Tabitha says to watch the pain. Kay says she doesnt see anyone in pain. Pilar and Theresa show up, as do Katherine and Paloma. Tabitha says round one and two! Eve then shows up, followed Whitney. Tabitha says they have a full card tonight, let the pain and games begin. Whitney tells her mom nice bling bling, did her sugar daddy buy that for her? Eve says Julian loves her. Whitney says daddy loves her, and she betrayed him. Meanwhile, Gwen blasts Theresa for showing up. Theresa says she has every right to be here. They then begin arguing about the babies. Ivy asks Theresa what she is doing here, who invited her. Pilar then asks Paloma how dare she bring her fathers whore. Paloma says she invited her Tia, and she wants her to be here. Pilar says it wasnt enough that she embarrassed her in front of the whole town at the tree lighting, but how could she invite her? Sheridan walks in and asks what is going on here? Tabitha says surprise, its your bridal shower! Kay and Jessica try and ease things over and point out Sheridan is here, and they all yell surprise. Sheridan says so this is a surprise shower for her. Ivy says shes sorry, she wanted this too be fun for her. Gwen says they have a few party crashers, but congratulations. Sheridan thanks them, but says she feels like shes had a thousand of these over the years so it wasnt necessary. Tabitha says to herself no kidding. Mrs. Wheeler and Paloma decide to leave. Pilar asks Paloma not to go, but Paloma says they are going because they are not wanted here. Sheridan tells Pilar she could ask Mrs. Wheeler to leave, but Pilar says no as she doesnt want Paloma to leave. Pilar says she wants them both to stay, she has to mend her relationship with Paloma. Sheridan says some day Paloma will realize how lucky she is to have her, and she only wishes her own mother was here. Elsewhere, Theresa and Gwen both call the hospital for the DNA test results. Meanwhile, Eve tries to talk to Whitney about the baby and gene therapy. Whitney says not here, does she want someone to hear? Theresa overhears Whitney talking about her baby, and she realizes Whitney is pregnant. Theresa says it isnt . . . Whitney says it is Foxs baby, and Theresa hugs her. Neither Theresa nor Gwen gets the results as they arent in. Gwen tells Ivy that this is all Theresas fault, and Pilar tells Gwen that she and Rebecca drove Theresa to this. Kay asks them all to cool it for now, this is Sheridans party. Tabitha tells Kay that all this tension and anger makes the Christmas rubbish bearable. Meanwhile, Beth looks at Mrs. Wheeler and wonders who she is and what is her connection to Sheridan. Tabitha says Beth is as dumb as dirt! She takes matters into her own hands, and she decides to make a speech. She decides to tell Sheridan a story about her mother and where she is today. Katherine fears Tabitha is going to expose her. Tabitha tells Sheridan a story about how there was a wedding going on at the church, and Katherine came by with her in her stroller. Tabitha says they talked about how Katherine wanted to so watch her walk down the isle one day. To herself, Katherine doesnt remember this at all. Tabitha says she is sure Katherine watched from heaven as she married Antonio, but this time she feels her mother will be at this wedding. Sheridan says her mother is dead, but Tabitha says this town is famous for its miracles. Tabitha suggests they next miracle will be her mother at her wedding. Sheridan says thanks as that was a nice story. Katherine is relieved Tabitha didnt out her, but she is convinced Tabitha knows the truth. Tabitha hopes that Beth finally figures it out, and if she doesnt, she is as dumb as a post. Later, Rebecca shows up and pretends to be civil to Eve. She admires her beautiful bobbles. Eve says Julian went shopping on Rodeo Drive. Rebecca says they are fabulous, and she looks fabulous. Eve wonders what Rebecca wants. Rebecca says she is just trying to be adult and burry the hatchet. Eve says shes not ready to bury the hatchet just yet. Eve checks on Whitney, who is crying. Eve wants to help her, but Whitney says no one can help her. Meanwhile, Theresa gives her mother the news about Whitney, but Pilar is down about Paloma hugging Katherine. Theresa drags Paloma off and decides to stop her from being a little bitch (Theresas words). She orders Paloma to stop dragging papas mistress around with her. She tells Paloma papa is the reason that she didnt grow up with them, not mama. Theresa says mama loves her, even though she doesnt deserve it. In another part of the house, Pilar tells Katherine that she may have stole her husband, but she wont let her have her daughter too, so leave Paloma alone. Sheridan then asks Mrs. Wheeler if she is okay? She says she is, and walks off. Elsewhere, Beth questions her mom about the time when Katherine died and when Martin disappeared. She finally puts it all together, much to Tabithas delight. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is looney, and Katherine Crane is dead. She says if that is the best she can do then Luis and Sheridan will walk down the isle before she can say cuckoo! Beth tells herself she is sure of this. Luis and Sam finally show up, and Sheridan knows they knew. She tells Luis she was surprised and it was wonderful. Meanwhile Tabitha talks to precious about how Beth finally knows the truth, which means Luis and Sheridan are caput!


December 23, 2004
At Crane Industries, Valerie continues to try to convince Chad that Fox purposely stole the project from him. Chad says this is just round one, and hes a fast learner. Valerie says shell help navigate the corporate world. Chad sees Whitney in the hall, and he goes to see her and wish her a Merry Christmas. He thinks it doesnt feel like Christmas though given that her parents are getting divorced. Whitney says she never thought her mom, their mom, would actually go through with it. Whitney says she doesnt want to be there to see it, but she has to be there for her father. Chad thinks at least shell have Fox. Whitney says he was coming, but now he has a new project to work on. Chad says he will go with her if shell let him. Whitney isnt so sure. Chad says he thought they agreed to be friends. He asks to be there as a friend and a brother. He says its the only way he can be a part of her life anymore. Whitney eventually agrees to let him come with her. Whitney cries that Christmas always used to be such a happy time for her and her family, but now this will be her Christmas memory.

Julian and Eve arrive at the courthouse, as do Liz and TC. Eve says so this is how it all ends. She says years of marriage, two children, and a warm loving home. She says till death do us part, that is the cows she and TC made to one another and to God. Eve says she knows she made mistakes and that she should have told TC about the past and the baby. Julian says she kept quiet out of love. She says it was still misplaced. Eve says for some reason she was still hoping that theyd get through this, that it wouldnt come to this. She says this is all thanks to Liz, she poisoned TCs mind against her. Julian says TC has made his choice. Eve so now they just sound here and wait for a judge to sign a decree ending their marriage. Simone shows up and she tells her mom that she is only here to support daddy. Simone goes to her father and gives him a hug, Eve says she really has lost everything. Whitney and Chad show up, and they sit with TC. The judge shows up to dissolve the marriage, and he says that he must ask them both if this is their wish. He asks if they are completely convinced there is no way to save the marriage? TC says he is sure, and Eve hesitates. She eventually says she is in complete agreement. The judge then dissolves their marriage. Liz tells TC that he is free, and Eve cries it is really over. Later, Whitney thanks Chad for coming her today. Chad says hell always be here as a friend no matter what the problem is. Meanwhile, Eve tells Julian Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Julian tries to convince her not to give up hoping, and she says she wont. They leave and run into Liz and TC in the hall. Eve tells Julian that she has to accept that her marriage is over, but shell never accept seeing Liz with TC. 

Ethan, Gwen and Little Ethan decorate the tree, and Little Ethan says he and mommy made all the decorations themselves. Gwen thinks they should take him to see Santa. He gets excited and runs off to get his list. Ethan asks what she wants for Christmas, and she says those DNA tests and Theresa out of their lives forever. Gwen gets all riled up, and Ethan tries to calm her down.

Theresa talks to Pilar about how her son should be with her, and she refuses to let Gwen take her little girl too. Theresa says shell keep her and get Little Ethan back. Pilar says the DNA tests may say otherwise, and she fears it could cost her her son. Theresa rants about what Gwen and Rebecca did. She says she tried to beg for her son back, and they laughed. She says she tried to fight in court, but they own the court. She says she did what any mother would. She refuses to back down ever again. She says she wants Little Ethan back, she wants Ethan back and she wants the baby she and Ethan made. She says she wants everything Gwen took from her and God as her witness shell get them back.

Pilar and Theresa arrive at the mansion grounds, and Theresa is planning on breaking in to see her son. Pilar doesnt like this, and tries to talk Theresa out of it. Theresa says it is Christmas and she will se her son. She begins climbing up the trellis. Inside, Gwen and Ethan look at Little Ethans list. Ethan tells Little Ethan its time for him to take a nap, and later theyll go to the park and see Santa. As they are leaving, Ehan spots Theresa in the window looking in at Little Ethan. Theresa sees that Ethan has seen her. Ethan lets Theresa visit with Little Ethan. Later Gwen goes to check on him, and Ethan says he can do it. She says she knows, but she wants to check on their son. 

At Tabithas house, Tabitha pushes her giant present around the house, complaining it is so heavy. She then tells Endora how dumb Beth is, but she seems to have finally grasped the obvious. Tabitha thinks when Beth spills the beans a big ole wedge will be put between Harmonys favorite lovers. She thinks it will only get wider and wider and wider. She says when the truth comes finally out, Sheridan and Luis wont be speaking to one another. Meanwhile, the present begins to move. Tabitha begins to think this present is from Endoras daddy. The cuckoo clock rings, and Tabitha says soon Kay will be by to pick her up. She reminds Endora what to do if she is taken to see Santa Claus. Endora shoots lighting, and Tabitha says very good! However, she says Endora must be careful not to arise any suspicions. Tabitha then says shes never liked Christmas, but this year she cant wait to see what is in that box.

Luis and Sheridan are at the park, and they discuss him getting his job back and the two of them getting married. Luis thinks hell finally be able to find his family a place to live. He begins ranting and raving about his father and Mrs. Wheeler, and he talks about what kind of woman she is. He says he wants nothing to do with her and hes glad she feels the same way. Sheridan says she means nothing to him and he means everything. 

Beth, Mrs. Wallace and Marty show up. Beth is still talking about Katherine, but Mrs. Wallace thinks Katherine is very much dead. Beth isnt so sure, and she says Tabitha didnt seem sure either. They meet up with Luis and Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace says its Martys daddy and step-mom to be. Mrs. Wallace talks about how happy she is that they are getting married, and she encourages them to take Marty with them for the day. Beth and Mrs. Wallace plan to meet up with them in a few hours. Luis and Sheridan leave with the baby, and Mrs. Wallace says they are such a loving family. Beth tells her mom to drop it and tell her everything she knows about Katherine Crane. Mrs. Wallace says she is dead and buried! Beth says Tabitha alluded to Katherine still being alive. Mrs. Wallace says maybe Santa can help her with the one word, but Beth says Santa cant help her but Tabitha can. Meanwhile, Precious is there and is thinning about kissing Luis under the mistletoe. Mrs. Wallace says she wishes she could found Luis under her tree too, but it wont happen. 

Luis and Sheridan take Marty to see Santa, and the elf takes their picture. They pick up the picture from the elf, and the elf says Marty has his mommys eyes. She says shes not his mother, but the elf says you could have fooled him. Luis takes Marty to get cocoa and Sheridan waits for the photo to come out. The Elf gives her photo and once again cant believe she isnt his mom. Sheridan looks at the photo and says the elf is right; they do have the same eyes. Sheridan goes back to Luis and Marty, and she tells Luis about the connection she feels. Luis explains it as the nursing bond, but Sheridan feels it is so much more. 

Beth drops in to check on Tabitha, and Tabitha invites her in. They head into the living room, and Tabitha swears the giant present has moved. Beth says maybe shes just had too much Christmas cheer. Tabitha asks what brings her by. Beth says she wants to find the perfect gift for Sheridan and Luis, and she wants to bring a bit of Sheridans mother into their lives. She asks Tabitha to tell her about Katherine. Tabitha says she and Katherine were friends, and she would recognize Katherine in a heartbeat unless she has had as much surgery as Martin Fitzgerald. Beth wonders about Mrs. Wheeler and the possibility that she has had surgery. Tabitha says Mrs. Wheelers body is a lot like Katherines. Beth wonders how a person would know if someone has had plastic surgery. Tabitha says Katherine had a heart shape birth mark on the back of her neck, so if she finds the birthmark she finds Katherine. Beth ends up running off, and Tabitha asks what about the present? Beth says she knows just what shes going to get them. Tabitha says Beths little heart shaped gift will rock Luis and Sheridans world. Tabitha then decides to sneak a peak at the gift she has waiting. Tabitha just decides to open it, and Norma pops out and says Merry Christmas! Norma screams shes home for the holidays, and Tabitha faints.

Beth returns to the park and talks about finding Mrs. Wheeler and looking for her birthmark. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis are with Mart. Marty is out cold, and Sheridan talks about how much she misses her own mother and their little baby. She wishes they could be with her this year. Luis says he cant grant those wishes, but he can try and be the best husband and father. She says she knows he will. Luis says theyll have a wonderful life and perfect marriage. Beth sees them as they kiss.


December 24, 2004

At the courthouse, Julian tells Eve that hes so sorry she had to go through this. Eve says seeing Liz go on with TC is unbearable. Julian asks her to forget about it and try and be happy as it is almost Christmas. Meanwhile, Chad gives Whitney a gift, a baby book. She thanks him and says this is very wonderful. She says she didnt get him anything. Chad says she can give him a present still, let him be a father to her baby. She is stunned, but he says he meant godfather. He says hed like to feel connected to the baby. Whitney tells herself that he is. Fox shows up to be with Chad, and Chad says he should be going. Chad wishes them both Merry Christmas and then heads off. 

At the mansion, Gwen tells Ethan she wants to check on Little Ethan, and if Theresa happened to sneak in today shell have her arrested and Merry Christmas to her. Ethan asks her not to go in, but Gwen thinks hes trying to protect Theresa. She goes in and Theresa is gone (shes outside on the ledge). Little Ethan has laid out his outfit for Santa and mass. She apologizes to Ethan for jumping to conclusions about him protecting Theresa. She says she should know by now that Ethan is over Theresa and her games.

At the park, Sheridan tells Luis that from here on out nothing will stand between them. Beth spies on them and says wrong, she will stop Sheridan from marrying Luis! She says Sheridan is going to get her mother back, but it will cost her marrying Luis. Martin, Katherine and Paloma show up, and Beth tries to see if she has a birthmark like Tabitha said, but she is unable to see. Beth goes to see Luis and Sheridan and asks them if they think the Wheelers will be there. Luis says he hopes not, but they probably will be. Beth says good because they need to ask for forgiveness for what they did. Luis says God may forgive them, but he wont. Beth says she just doesnt know how anyone could want anything to do with either of them.

Julian brings Eve to the park to try and cheer Eve up. Eve thanks him for trying, and she wishes everyone could be happy. She sees Pilar with Luis, Sheridan and Marty. She wishes they could do something to make Pilars Christmas a little brighter. Julian says perhaps there is. Eve asks how? Julian says hell explain on the way. 

Rebecca shows up with all her bags of Gucci, Prada ,Spade, Channel and Fredricks. Eve and Julian walk by her hand-in-hand, and she says who is she kidding. She says shed give them all back if she could keep Julian. She says if she is going to have a merry Christmas then shes going to have to work harder at getting rid of Eve. Rebecca thinks Tabitha can help her as maybe the rumors about her being a witch are true. 

Theresa arrives at the park and finds the Santa is drunk. She is upset with him for doing this to the children. He says shed drink too if she had to put up with the kids. Santa says he is all the kids have, but Theresa says until now! Theresa dresses up as Santa, and Little Ethan sits on her lap. She lets him know who it really is, and he promises not to tell. Ethan realizes who it is as well, and he convinces Gwen to go off and get some coca.

Fox and Whitney arrive at the park, and they see Gwen and Ethan. Whitney says Gwen must be on pins and needles waiting for the DNA tests. Fox says at least they dont have that problem.

Meanwhile, Pilar finds Luis and Sheridan and says a messenger delivered her a note asking the Lopez-Fitzgeralds to come to the house they lost. Sheridan suggests the new owners found something they left behind. Luis suggests they head off to see. Theresa soon shows up at the old home with them as she was asked to come here as well. Pilar finds this very strange, but says whoever moved in has made it a home again. Luis thinks the wreath on the door looks like their old one. Eve and Julian arrive, and Julian tells them Merry Christmas. Eve hands them the key to their house. Eve says it is their home again and for good. Pilar hugs Julian and says thank you so much. Eve thanks Julian for doing this and says this is what Christmas is all about. They go inside, and everything is theirs and back in its place. Julian says he had the things they were keeping in storage brought over. Pilar thanks them for making this perfect. Paloma soon shows up with the Wheelers. The Wheelers stay outside and Paloma goes inside. She says she was told to come here. Pilar says this is their house, it is theirs again. Paloma says this is the shack, the home without enough room for her? Pilar says it wasnt like this always, Theresa had it rebuilt when she was married to Julian. Paloma says so they spent the money on the house and not her? Theresa says they wanted to bring her home but they thought it was selfish to pull her out of school. She also says mama and Luis worked long and hard to provide them with what little they had. Theresa tells Paloma that she doesnt know how anyone so selfish could be mamas daughter. Paloma storms out, and Luis tells Pilar not to let Paloma upset her. Luis suggests hey get ready for mass. Outside, Martin tells Paloma that it was his fault she was sent away. Katherine tells Paloma not to shut her family out at Christmas, especially her mother. Beth arrives and wonders what Mrs. Wheeler knows about a mothers love, is she Katherine Crane? Katherine ends up looking in on Sheridan with Luis. 

At Tabithas house, Norma pops out of the box and says Thats right Tabby, Normas home for the holidays! Tabitha faints, and Norma says Twas the night before Christmas, and here in this room, lies dear sweet Tabby, awaiting her doom! Norma says now to open her present! Tabitha wakes up in time to dodge Normas axe, and Norma chases her around the house. Tabitha thinks Norma is even crazier than ever. Tabitha tries to call the police, but Norma cuts the line. Norma continues chasing Tabitha around her house, and they break all sorts of stuff. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace and Precious show up looking for Beth. Tabitha thinks it is the police, but Norma answers the door and invites them in. Mrs. Wallace asks Tabitha what is going on? Tabitha says run and get the swat team! Norma says shes going to have to axe them to leave! Norma chases them around the kitchen, and Precious throws bananas at her. Rebecca soon shows up and she ends up being chased around by Norma as well. She corners the three women and begins playing iny meeny miny moe. Precious knocks Norma out and saves the day. Rebecca thinks they should run, but Tabitha says no! She says the horror movie genre doesnt allow it, if they try and step over her then shell grab their legs. Edna says they have to hide, so Tabitha suggests the closet. They hide in the closet, and Norma comes to. Norma continues singing Christmas carols with murderous lyrics. Mrs. Wallace and Precious hit the bottle, and Tabitha thinks she smells fear. Mrs. Wallace says close! Norma soon begins chopping down the door as the women scream.

At the church, everyone begins arriving for mass. Fox goes to give Father Lonigan a donation, and Whitney prays to the Virgin Mary to help her baby. Julian asks Chad if he wants to join him and Eve, and he does. This makes Eve very happy. Ethan, Gwen and Little Ethan show up, and Theresa doesnt like seeing her son with Gwen. Theresa tells her mother next year she will have her baby, Little Ethan, and she will have Ethan back. Pilar says this is a time for miracles; she needs to be careful what she wishes for. Pilar says she prayed for her fathers return, and now she wished she had stayed away. Pilar says she has lost her husband but her little girl too. Luis tells Sheridan that next time they are here they will be getting married. Sheridan says the only thing that will make their wedding better is their baby. Luis says there isnt anything they can do, their child is gone. Beth and Marty show up and says she doesnt smell her mother or see Precious, so now she can find out about Mrs. Wheelers birthmark. Beth takes Marty to see Luis and she sits with them. She is upset because her attempt to find out about Mrs. Wheeler has been ruined again. Father Lonigan begins the services, and everyone sings Hark The Herald Angels. Pilar looks back at Paloma, and Paloma blows her mom a kiss. Mass ends, and Father Lonigan tells them to go in peace. Julian invites Chad over to the mansion for dinner. Meanwhile Theresa wishes Whitney and Fox all the best. Little Ethan runs to see Theresa, and Theresa hugs him. Gwen comes and gets Little Ethan and says they needs to get home. He says okay and goes with them. The man from the hospital shows up and has the results. Theresa says once they open these their lives will be changed forever. Meanwhile, as everyone else is leaving, Beth finally sees the birthmark on Mrs. Wheelers neck. Beth says she is Katherine Crane! Beth looks at Luis and Sheridan and says once the truth comes out the wedding will be dead in the water, shes going to get her Christmas wish. Beth says she will get Luis!

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