December 27, 2004

At the church, Theresa and Gwen get envelopes from the hospital, only to learn the DNA test results are in but they have to wait to learn who the mother is. This won't do, so they decide to go to the hospital. Katherine and Martin overhear this, and they decide to go as well in case the baby is Martin's. Meanwhile, Beth is delighted that she has the proof she needs to stop Luis and Sheridan's wedding. Luis gets a call from Sam about Norma, so he has to go. Sheridan asks him to meet her at the hospital. He asks why? She says she wants to check on her dad. She knows she shouldn't care, but it's Christmas and he is alone. 

At the hospital, Gwen, Ethan and Theresa show up and find the DNA lab is closed. Ethan makes calls to try and get the manager come in, but the man refuses as it is Christmas. Ethan tells Gwen she'll just have to wait. Gwen and Ethan go out to the park, and Gwen makes a wish by the tree. Ethan knows what she is wishing for. 

Sheridan goes to see her father, and Katherine listens in. She is hurt when she overhears Sheridan talking to her father about how horrible he was to her growing up by making her know she was the reason her mother was dead. Katherine goes to Sheridan and tells her not to believe her father's stories. She also has a gift for her, a small bible that belonged to her mother. Katherine says her mother carried it on her wedding day and would want Sheridan to do the same. Sheridan says if she wants to give her a wedding gift then just tell her who she is. Katherine says she can't, so Sheridan says then don't ever talk to her again. Sheridan says she loves her husband to be and she can't have anything to do with her. Luis shows up, and he asks what Sheridan was doing with "her." Sheridan explains how she told her not to contact her anymore, which pleases Luis. They go home and make love.

At the mansion, Eve and Julian are alone, and Eve is sad as this isn't what a home should be like for Christmas. She just hopes her children are happy. Chad shows up and has decided to accept Julian's invitation, which makes Eve happy. Fox and Whitney show up to drop off Little Ethan's gift from Theresa. They are asked to stay, but Whitney says no. Julian convinces them to stay to talk business. Eve tries to talk to Whitney, but Whitney won't talk to her mother. She says Liz is more like a mother to her now, and if she needs to talk then she'll talk to Liz. Fox and Whitney later leave, and Chad sees them kissing under the mistletoe. Chad leaves, and Julian tells Eve that dinner was pretty civilized. She says yes, but Whitney still hates her.

At Tabitha's, the gang hides in the closet, which Tabitha insists has been reinforced since Norma's last visit. Norma still chops through the door, and chases them all around. Sam and Luis arrive in time, and Sam tranquilizes Norma. Rebecca says he is her hero and he can come hunting her at the Crane mansion anytime. Sam says maybe some other time. They drag Norma off, and later Tabitha spends time with Rebecca. Tabitha drugs Rebecca's drink with a potion so they can talk frankly. Tabitha knows Rebecca came here to find a way to kill Eve. Rebecca asks how she knew? Tabitha says because she's a witch. Tabitha gives her the idea to use the same poison that was used to poison Alistair on Eve. Tabitha says that way the authorities will think the same person who killed Eve tried to kill Alistair and to shoot Julian. rebecca loves the idea. Tabitha informs her that it's time for her to go, and she won't remember any of this conversation except the bit about the poison. She shoes Rebecca out, and Rebecca forgets ever talking to or getting the idea from Tabitha.

At Pilar's, Theresa informs her mother they have to wait for the DNA test till tomorrow, but she will get everything Gwen and Rebecca stole from her back. Pilar is just happy to have her house back, which she thanks God for.

At Beth's, Edna and Precious return home and tells Beth about Norma. Beth doesn't believe them, and she's currently fixated on stopping the wedding with the new information she has. 


December 28, 2004

Today's Summary was written by Michelle C

Luis and Sheridan make love by the fire and then fall asleep. Sheridan wakes Luis up, covers his eyes and tells him he must leave and not see her because it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she walks down the aisle. She makes him go outside in just his briefs and her pink scarf. She then throws his clothes and shoes out the door and tells him to dress in the car. He exclaims that it is a wonderful day - he is marrying Sheridan. Gwen knocks on the door and Sheridan peeks out from the curtains to make sure that it is not Luis again. She invites her in and they talk about how wonderful it is she is marrying her love Luis. Sheridan apologizes for not asking about the DNA test results. Gwen tells her they cannot get them due to the storm the lab techs cannot get in. ( I guess there is no mandatory staff reporting at this hospital wish I had worked there) Sheridan shows Gwen the  tux outfit she bought for Little Marty so he can be a ring bearer if only Beth will say okay. It is a surprise for Luis. Gwen reminds Sheridan she does not trust Beth and that she might do something to stop the wedding. Sheridan tells Gwen how sweet and helpful Beth has been through all the wedding planning and how helpful. They go over to Beths to ask if they can take Marty to get dressed in the suit for the wedding. Beth tells them Marty has a runny nose and does want to take any chances but Mrs. Wallace comes out carrying Marty and says how fine he is and of course he could go. Beth reluctantly agrees and Sheridan gets him ready to go. Meanwhile Gwen finds Beth wedding dress and asks what is this about???? Beth covers and says that whenever she gets invited to a wedding she gets dreamy about her own wedding someday. Sheridan and Gwen tell her she will meet her special one someday. Mrs. Wallace says to herself on death row maybe. Sheridan takes Marty with her to the church. 

Gwen and Ethan are getting ready for the wedding and find out the lab guys cannot get into the lab. Ethan tells her he will call her with any news, but he has to go to Luis house to get ready since he is the best man. Gwen decides to go to see Sheridan. Ethan heads to Lopez-Fitzgerald home. Therese answers the door and freaks out did they get in is she the mother??? What is he doing here?? He tells her that he is the best man and they still dont know who is the mother. Ethan says will get a call when they get into the lab. Luis is getting his tie tied by Pilar and he thanks Ethan for being there through this difficult time for them and he knows how hard it is and that he hopes it works out. Theresa agrees and hope it works out. They all look at her like she is a nutter. Then the phone rings and Ethan says the lab techs will not tell him the results over the phone so he has to dash and apologizes to Luis but he may not make it to the wedding - Luis says it is okay Sam can stand in and to go to the hospital. Ethan calls Gwen who runs out of Beth's and heads for the hospital saying she has to be the mother. Theresa runs out of the house saying she must be the mother. 

Beth and Mrs. Wallace discuss how Mrs. Wheeler can be Katherine Crane since she has been dead since disco. Beth tells her she has the proof and will tell Luis and Sheridan before they marry and they will split apart. Mrs Wallace tells Beth that once she tells them Luis will hate her forever cause she ruined his wedding to Sheridan. Beth freaks and realizes that it is true she cannot tell either one or he will shoot the messenger. Beth says she will lose him - Precious agrees. Sheridan and Gwen show up and Beth does not tell her anything, Gwen tells Sheridan look Precious has curlers on Sheridan says it must be so she can be pretty for the wedding and Gwen freaks out that they are all coming she says that she agrees with Ivy that Precious gives her the creeps. After they leave Beth tells her mother that there must be a way to let Sheridan know about her mother without giving herself away. And she will come up with something before they walk down the isle. She heads upstairs to get dressed. Mrs Wallace tells Precious if Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane it will surely split up Luis and Sheridan and Luis will lose and Beth will win. 

Julian and Eve head over to TC house to give Simone and Whitney their gifts and they see through the window TC asking Liz to marry him in front of Simone. Eve freaks and they go inside and then is saying that Liz is a cancer and she wishes she was never born, she is evil and she should just die, and that Eve would kill her herself. Liz tells everyone to look and see the real Eve not the nice person she always acted like but her true nasty self then Eve calls her a bitch and Julian has to drag her out of there. She has quite a few choice nasty tidbits to say to Liz but I forgot the rest of them but she let her have it! t is about time!!!!! 

Julian and Rebecca were talking in the morning in their pajamas (everyone was in pjs today - easy wardrobe day) and he asked her for an uncontested divorce and he will see that she is overly rewarded. She agrees and tells Pookey (Julian) that of course she just wants him to be happy. He looks amazed and thanks her for saying that and she has made him so happy. He leaves to tell Eve and she says to herself just wait Pookey and see what Becky-Wecky does and how she will kill Eve and is not letting his wonderful money or him go. She dresses to go find out what the poison was. Rebecca goes to see Sam who tells her they are working around the clock to find the person responsible for Alistair poisoning and the shots at Julian. He tells her he cannot reveal anything due to confidential info to trap the killer. He gets a call and leaves with the folder on his desk of course she peeks and gets caught by a hottie cop with whom she flirts with. She was checking his bum out when she first arrived. She gets him to leave her again and she peeks and finds out the poison name and that it will kill in 15 seconds and then talking out loud - see how Eve likes this in her next cocktail. She speaks into a recorder the name of the poison. 

Previews show Ethan, Gwen and Theresa on their way to the hospital for the results and Theresa telling Whitney the results are in. 


December 29, 2004

At the B&B, Martin and Katherine are discussing the wedding and how they wish they could see it. Paloma shows up and says they must come  to the wedding, and she has a way that they can watch the wedding but not be seen.

At the hospital, Eve has shown up to check on a patient before heading to the wedding. Julian is with her, and he's trying to calm her down. She's still threatening to kill Liz, and Julian asks her to watch what she says. He says if something happens to Liz then she will be the prime suspect. Rebecca shows up, spies on them, and says nothing will happen to Liz, but to Eve. Eve runs off to check on her patient, and she leaves her badge behind. Rebecca swoops in and gets the badge, which she plans to use to get into the locked pharmacy at the hospital. Julian warns Rebecca not to try anything to hurt him or Eve. She says she has agreed to a divorce and has wished them well. Julian says he'll be watching her.

Meanwhile, Theresa has shown up to get the results of the DNA test, and Whitney arrives to support her. Ethan, Gwen and Ivy also show up. Whitney excuses herself for a moment and ends up running into Eve. Eve wants to talk about gene therapy for the baby, but Whitney doesn't. Whitney gets a buzz on her phone and she says it is Liz confirming their coffee date. Whitney gloats how wonderful and caring Liz is. Eve says Liz is a snake and only came to town to tear their family apart. Whitney says all she did was expose her lies. Whitney storms off and goes back to Theresa. Theresa wants to talk to Ethan about naming their daughter, which annoys Gwen. Theresa pushes Gwen's buttons by claiming the baby is hers and she will get back everything Gwen stole from her. Gwen eventually attacks Theresa, and Ethan stops the fight. Ivy tells gwen not to bother, it would take a stake through the heart to get rid of Theresa. Whitney warns Theresa that she is making Ethan furious and this is no way to get him back. A nurse shows up and gives them the results. Theresa and Gwen open the envelopes and says "oh my God!"

At the church, Sheridan arrives and is greeted by Pilar, Kay, and Jessica; all of whom are her brides maids. Beth is not yet here. Luis and Sam show up, and Pilar refuses to let Luis see Sheridan and orders him to go down to the basement to wait. Sheridan goes to the brides room to get ready, and Beth, Precious and Mrs. Wallace show up. Precious is all dressed up and runs to Luis. Edna tells her to let Luis go, he's marrying Sheridan. Luis says it wouldn't have worked out between them anyways. Pilar tells Luis to scram, so he and Sam leave. 

Beth goes to the office in the church and uses a computer to print out an anonymous card revealing the truth about Katherine. She plans to put it in a bouquet of flowers she ordered for Sheridan. Meanwhile, Jessica is doing Sheridan's make-up, Mark of course. Beth finally arrives, as do the flowers. Beth slips the card in the flowers and Sheridan thinks they are beautiful and wonders who they are from. Beth says there is a card! Before Sheridan can read it, Eve and Julian show up to wish Sheridan well. Next Paloma shows up, and Pilar tells Paloma one day soon she'll be helping her on her wedding day. Paloma says no, Tia Ellie will be helping her. BEth keeps pushing Sheridan to read the card,  but friends keep showing up to congratulate Sheridan. When Sheridan finally opens a card, it turns out it is from Luis. BEth is confused, and it turns out the card from Luis was on the desk and she hasn't yet opened the planted card. BEth finally hands it to Sheridan and asks her to open it.

Paloma and the Wheelers arrive, and Paloma has made arrangements for them to watch the wedding from the sacristy.  They are nearly caught by Luis, but Paloma stalls Luis so that they can run off and hide.

Eve and Julian run into Liz and TC. Eve yells at Liz to stay away from her girls! TC tells Julian to restrain his lover or he'll let Liz go after her! Eve vows to make sure Liz dies, and she says she could kill her! Rebecca walks in at this point and smiles. In her purse is the poison.


December 30, 2004

At the hospital, Theresa and Gwen read the results of the DNA test. Ethan asks who the mother is? Gwen says see for yourself, and she hands the paper to Ethan. Ethan says Oh my God! Ethan says he doesnt know what to say. Theresa says she told them that the baby was hers. Ivy yells No! Ethan tells Gwen that hes sorry. Theresa says the baby is hers . . . the baby is theirs. Gwen cries God please no! Theresa says she is so happy, she has given Ethan a daughter. As Ethan is telling Gwen how sorry he is, Theresa is pulling on his arm saying Lets go see our daughter! Ethan says Gwen needs him now. Theresa says but their little girl wants to meet her daddy. Ivy says this is shameless! Ethan says he has to talk to Gwen right now. Theresa bangs on the door to the NICU, gives the nurse the test results, and asks for her and Ethan to be let in to see their daughter. Theresa tells Ethan that it will be good for their daughter to see her mommy and daddy. Gwen sees Ethan being pulled away by Theresa and she cries Please God dont do this to me right now! She says it is bad enough that Theresa couldnt carry both of the babies, but to have the surviving one be Theresas with him? She tells Ethan that if he hadnt have slept with Theresa then shed have a son right now! Theresa says they can always adopt. Gwen tells Theresa to shut up. Gwen tells Ethan to stay away from her (Gwen). She then tells Theresa that she lost her Sarah, her son and any chance of having a child of her own because of her! The nurse once again asks Gwen to control herself. Theresa says Gwen is upsetting her and Ethans baby. Ivy tells Theresa that she is a shameless hussy for kicking Gwen while she is down. Theresa says she has got what she deserves. Whitney asks Theresa if she doesnt feel sorry at all for Gwen given she has lost everything? Theresa says she knows what Gwen is feeling, the pain that she is in. Theresa says it is like what Whitney once told her, what goes around comes around. Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca stole her son, and then Gween cheered her mother on when she took everything from her family. Theresa says this is her payback. Gwen tells Ethan that is supposed to be their girl in there. Gwen then passes out in Ethans arms. Ivy tells Theresa that this is all her fault. Theresa says Gwen started it, but Ivy says because Rebecca killed her daughter. Ethan tells them to stop this because its not helping Gwen. The doctor arrives and Gwen is taken off. Ivy decides to stay with Gwen and tells Ethan to stay here because seeing him might upset Gwen. Ethan asks his mom to let him know when Gwen wants to see him. Theresa tells Ethan that they should go see their daughter now. Ethan asks if she doesnt care about Gwen? Theresa says their daughter is fighting for her life and she needs their love to survive. Ethan says okay, and she takes him in there. Whitney says she cant believe this. Whitney says Theresa is getting everything she wanted. 

Elsewhere, Gwen is sedated, and the doctor suggests Ivy watch Gwen closely. Gwen listens as the doctor tells Ivy Gwen is not only grieving for the baby she lost, but at losing the only shot at having a baby of her own. Ivy says shell stay with Gwen until her mother comes. The doctor says Gwen needs her mother right now. Ivy thinks whatever Rebecca is up to cant be more important than her own daughter. Later, Gwen tells Ivy that Ethan will leave her to marry Theresa. Ivy says that is not true, he will stay with her. Gwen says Ethan only married her because she was pregnant. Ivy says she knows her son and he adores her. Gwen thinks Ethan is with the baby and Theresa now, but Ivy says she asked him not to come be with her because she thought it might upset her to see him. Ivy reminds Gwen that Ethan wanted to have a baby with her, and they can adopt. She says they can have the family they always wanted. Gwen says she wants to believe that. Ivy suggests they go see Ethan and shell see he wont leave her for Theresa. 

Ethan and Theresa visit with their little girl. Theresa says she has his eyes, and he says she has Theresas nose. Theresa tells Ethan congratulations daddy. Meanwhile, Ivy and Gwen return and see Theresa rubbing Ethans back as they look at the baby.

At the church, Eve tells Liz that shell kill her before she lets her ruin her relationship with her daughters! Eve goes to attack Liz, but Julian holds Eve back. Father Lonigan and Sam show up. Father Lonigan says he will not have this kind of talk in his church, it is outrageous and unholy! Julian apologizes for Eve and says shes been under a lot of stress lately. Father Lonigan says Eve should join a gym, mediate or pray for peace. However, he says he wont let her defile Gods church by breaking his commandments. Eve says she is sorry. Liz tells Eve that she can keep blaming her for ruining her life, but if she keeps acting like this shell have only herself to blame. Meanwhile, Rebecca says shed love to play this out and see Eve locked up with Norma, but there isnt enough time. Rebecca says shell have to kill Eve so that she doesnt marry Julian. Father Lonigan suggest Eve keep her distance from her sister as he wont tolerate anymore outbursts. He then tells Sam they should take their place at the altar. Liz and TC take their seats, as do Julian and Eve. Eve continues to watch her sister with TC, and she says she hates that everyone saw her lose control but she hates Liz more. Julian tells Eve that she has to try and control herself. Eve doesnt know if she can. She says Liz stealing TC is one thing, but trying to turn her daughters against her is too much. Eve says shed strangle her with her own hands rather than have that happen. Meanwhile, Rebecca sits next to TC and talks about Eves shocking behavior. TC asks why she is sitting next to them? Rebecca says she is a drama junkie; she always has to be near the action! Meanwhile, Eve assures Julian that shell be okay and she doesnt want to ruin Luis and Sheridans wedding. She says Alistair has done enough to ruin their happiness. Julian says he helped, but Eve says he has changed and everyone knows that now. Julian says Luis and Sheridan are proof positive that true loves survives, and he likes to think they will follow in Luis and Sheridans footsteps. Eve says someday when Liz is in her place, hopefully six feet under, someday soon they will be together. Eve continues to vow she wont forget what Liz has done and that she will pay. 

At the altar, Sam tells Luis not to worry, hell keep the peace and Sheridan need not know about the fight. Sam says he hates seeing all this heartache between Eve and TC. Luis says its been a hard year for them all, Grace left him and his father turned up. Luis says hes glad his father and her whore didnt come; if he sees his father here hed kill him! 

Paloma checks on Martin and Katherine and lets them know everything is okay, the fight was between Eve and Liz. Katherine and Martin are glad and hope nothing happens to stop Sheridan and Luis at the last minute. Paloma leaves to return to the wedding, and Katherine gets a feeling something has happened.

In the brides room, Sheridan continually is interrupted from reading the card. Mrs. Wallace shows up with Precious to see if Sheridan has read the card. Sheridan cries out Oh No! Beth thinks mission accomplished, Sheridan finally knows the truth. Sheridan cries that this is awful! She says she cant marry Luis now! Beth asks what has happened? Pilar, Kay and Jessica show up and they ask what is wrong? Jessica tells her not to cry, shell ruin her make-up. Sheridan says that is the least of her problems, and she cant believe this is happening. She says this is impossible. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth she will go straight to hell for this! Beth says she doesnt care. Beth then sees Sheridan hasnt opened the card, and she wonders what is going on. Sheridan is crying because of the spot on her dress, she hasnt read the card. Jessica and Kay say this can be fixed; they brought everything they need to fix spots on dresses. Beth continues to push Sheridan to read the card, but the music plays and Sheridan says the ceremony is about to start. Julian shows up to get Sheridan and walk her down the aisle. Sheridan thanks him for helping her dreams come true. He regrets what he did in the pats. She says he has made up for it and is back to the brother she knew growing up. The wedding begins, and Beths card is left behind! Beth wont give up and she says shell stop them from getting married somehow. 

Julian and Sheridan stand at the end of the aisle, and Sheridan wishes mother was here to see this. Julian says he is sure she is watching right now. Meanwhile, TC tells Liz how he doesnt think Eve will hurt her, but hes never seen her so angry before. Rebecca tells herself that Eve wont be angry much longer, shell be dead soon. Precious wanders down the aisle to Luis, and he tells her that hes marrying Sheridan. Father Lonigan tells Precious sometimes loving someone means letting go. Luis takes Precious to Mrs. Wallace, and Mrs. Wallace says if she cant have Luis at least Sheridan is getting him and not Bongo-Bethy! The bridesmaids come down the aisle, and Beth carries little Marty. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she failed, but Beth says something could still happen. Mrs. Wallace says she forgot Beth lives in a Soap Opera. The wedding march plays, and Julian walks Sheridan down the aisle. Katherine and Martin watch from their hiding place. Julian wishes them both all the happiness in the world. Father Lonigan begins speaking about Sheridan and Luis love, and how it has endured. He says this is the second time they have come to be married, and now all the impediments to their happiness are behind them. He says given history of unforeseen events tearing them apart at the last moment, he will break with tradition and marry them before they have the mass. Father Lonigan begins the vows, when suddenly a woman bursts in and screams stop! Father Lonigan asks if that is Madeline? She says yes. She says her father has suffered a terrible accident on the boat and is dying. She begs Father Lonigan to give her father his last rites. Sheridan urges Father Lonigan to go, and he says hell be back as soon as he can. Luis thinks this is Alistairs doing and no accident. Julian says his father is still in a coma, this is just a terrible accident.

Liz and Eve continue to taunt one another. Liz tells Eve about her message from Whitney, and asks Eve if Whitney called her to tell her about dinner with Fox? Eve tells Liz not to start with her. TC asks Eve if she is threatening Liz again? Eve says shes a hateful home wrecker who deserves to die! Julian tells Eve to stop this. Eve says Liz started it. Julian drags Eve off and says he doesnt care. He suggests they go to the basement and have a drink to relax. Rebecca hears this and thinks she can go kill Eve now once she laces Eves drink with poison. They head to the church basement where the reception is set up. Julian gives Eve some punch to drink. Eve says shed like to punch Liz. Julian asks Eve to stop going off on Liz because shes helping Liz look like the victim. As Julian talks to Eve, Rebecca laces her punch which is sitting on the table. Julian hands her the punch again and tells her to have a sip and calm down. Rebecca waits for Eve to take a sip, and she raises the glass to her lips. Meanwhile, TC apologizes to Liz for Eve attacking her. Liz says it doesnt bother her, she believes in Karma and sooner or later Eve will get what is coming to her. 

Meanwhile, everyone waits for Father Lonigan to return. Beth says she needs to get the card to Sheridan so she can read it. Precious motions and points to Sheridan. Sheridan has the card in her hand! Luis notices the card, and he asks what it is. She says it was the card in the flowers he sent her. He says he didnt send her any flowers. She wonders who did then. Luis suggests she reads the card. Sheridan opens the card and is stunned by what it says. Katherine and Martin continue to watch, and Katherine says Sheridan looks upset. Martin says only on thing could stop this wedding, so how could she find out? Luis asks Sheridan what is wrong? Beth joins Luis and asks Sheridan what is wrong? MRs. Wallace thinks her sneak of a daughter has finally done it. Luis asks what the cards says? Sheridan says the card says her mother isnt dead, and that Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane! 


December 31, 2004

At Tabithas place, Tabitha is having a New Years party with a bunch of ghouls. Tabitha welcomes the denizens of the dark side to her and Endoras party. One of the guests is not a creature of the night per say, but a mime! Endora and Tabitha look in the bowl and see what is going on in Harmony. Later everyone is dancing to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes theme song. Tabitha and Endora continue to watch what evil is happening in Harmony through the bowl. 

At the hospital, Ivy and Gwen see Theresa and Ethan in with the baby. Ivy tells Gwen not to be upset, Ethan doesnt love Theresa she is just using the baby to get to Ethan. Gwen says she has lost everything, and Theresa will take Ethan from her just like she took any chance she had to have a baby. 

In the nursery, Ethan tells Theresa this is wrong and he cant turn his back on Gwen. He sees Gwen looking at them, and he says he has to go to her. Theresa says and what, give him false hope? 

Back outside, Ivy tries to make Gwen realize Ethan wont leave her. Gwen says she wants to take a walk and think. Gwen leaves and Ethan comes out to see Gwen. Ivy says Gwen went for a walk and told her to tell him not to worry about her. Ivy is upset with Ethan and tells him not to prove her wrong to Gwen and get drawn in by Theresa! Ivy then confronts Theresa and says she has something for her. Theresa says what? Ivy says this, and slaps her! Ivy tells Theresa to stay away from her son! Theresa says that was nice to do to her granddaughters mother. Ivy says she deserves it. They argue over what Theresa has done to Gwen, and basically recap Sarahs death and Theresas seduction of Ethan. Theresa ends up telling Ivy to back off or shell make sure Ivy never sees her grandchild! Ivy says Ethan will never keep her from her granddaughter. Theresa says Ethan will marry her and will want her to be happy. Ivy says she is delusional, Ethan will never marry her! 

Ethan finds Gwen wandering the halls. He tells her how sorry he is that she saw him with Theresa. He says he went in to see his daughter, which upsets Gwen. Gwen says she understands what she saw. Gwen is acting like she is drugged out, and Ethan says she is acting strange. Gwen says she is fine and she is just going to take a walk. Ethan says Theresa is the babys mother, but he loves her. She says yeah she knows. She says shes going to go be by herself now, but everything will be fine. Gwen walks off and finds a cart of surgical instruments (not very sanitary to leave them lying about in the hall way, or safe!). She ends up grabbing a scalpel. 

Ethan returns to Theresa and Ivy, and Ethan says he told Gwen he loves her but she insisted on being by herself. Ivy tells Ethan to go reassure Gwen and make her understand everything will be all right. Ethan is afraid Gwen has been pushed over the deep end and says she may need counseling or some psychiatric help. Meanwhile, Gwen shows up with the scalpel and says to herself everything will be all right, shell make sure Ethan does not leave her for Theresa. Gwen appears with the scalpel behind Theresa, and she raises it. Ivy sees Gwen and says Oh my God! Ethan asks what is wrong? Ivy says Gwen no! Gwen stabs Theresa in the back, and Ethan catches Theresa. Gwen stands there with a blank look on her face. Theresa screams for help, and Gwen says no one can help her now. Ethan says Theresa isnt breathing, and Ivy says Oh my God Gwen, you murdered Theresa, you killed her!

At the church, Sam talks to Liz about the tension between her and Eve. He says he hates to think she is provoking Eve. Liz says she is just living her life. Sam says uh-huh. Sam walks off, and Liz says she is living her life to destroy her sisters! TC asks Liz what Sam was talking to her about? Liz says Sam thinks she is provoking Eve, but not to worry because Eve will get what is coming to her. TC confronts Sam and tells him to stay away from Liz and go after Eve for threatening her life. Sam tells TC to calm down as he just didnt want things to escalate between Eve and Liz.

In the basement of the church, Rebecca waits for Eve to drink the poisoned punch. Eve ends up putting the punch down to rant and rave about her evil sister. Meanwhile, Liz shows up and Julian begs Eve to calm down before she goes back upstairs. Julian says she cant keep ranting about Liz in this way. Julian tells her to finish her punch and hell go upstairs and see if Father Lonigan is back. Julian leaves, and Rebecca continues to spy on Eve. Liz then decides to confront Eve, and she stops Eve from drinking the punch. Liz tells Eve threatening to kill her is only adding to her tarnished reputation. Liz tells Eve to keep it up as she has nothing left to lose but her medical license. Eve says it is bad enough that she has taken her husband and daughters, but now she wants to take her license? Liz says there she goes accusing her of ruining her life again, but she did this all to herself. Eve says she made mistakes in her past, but never meant to hurt anyone. She says she tried to make up for it by becoming a doctor. Liz says yes, a doctor who has lied and hurt so many people. Eve says Liz is the one who brought on the heartache by exposing her past via Aunt Irma. Liz says she has had to live with her past all her life, now it is time for Eve to live with hers. Liz says this is payback for abandoning her at the hands of her molesting father. Eve says not that again! Eve says she has apologized for that a million times, and that she would not have left her behind if she knew she was going to be molested. Liz says well she was molested. Eve says for someone so badly scarred she hasnt let it stop her from sweating up the sheets with TC. Eve walks off, and Liz shatters the poisoned punch drink out of anger. Liz is furious and chases after Liz to confront her about the molesting remark. Eve says she cant have it both ways, if she cant accept her apology for what happened with her father then how can she accept TC into her bed? Liz says one has nothing to do with the other. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets rid of other guests by saying the wedding is about to begin, and she makes another poisoned drink and sets it down on the table in hopes Eve will drink it. Liz and Eve continue to argue, and Eve begins to cough. She picks up the drink to drink it, but doesnt. Rebecca thinks the bitch will die of dehydration before she can poison her. Liz ends up getting herself some punch, but puts her glass down next to Eves. Rebecca says this isnt good, she might kill the wrong sister! 

Back upstairs, Julian finds TC and Sam arguing, and Julian defends Eve to TC. He says Liz is the evil one here. Julian also says TC betrayed Eve with Liz long before Eve betrayed him. Sam tells them to stop fighting especially in church. Sam suggests they let go of the past and move on. Sam says hell also talk to Eve about her threats, and if need be hell issue restraining orders to them all.

Back in the basement, Eve and Liz grabs their cups of punch, and Rebecca thinks she needs to go stop them from drinking. She makes a plan to run into them and knock the glasses out of their hands. However she is too late, and they both take sips. Both Liz and Eve begin to cough. One of the women falls to the floor, and we see her hand spasm. Rebecca runs back upstairs to where Julian, Eve and TC are. She cries out Shes dead!

From the sacristy, Martin and Katherine watch Luis and Sheridan and wonder why Sheridan is upset. Martin tries to convince Katherine that Sheridan wont ever find out the truth as Alistair is the only one who knows it.

At the altar, Sheridan tells Luis what the note says, and Pilar is stunned to overhear. Sheridan asks how this could be? Her mother is dead? Beth says perhaps the death was a lie to cover up her running off with Martin? Pilar says Mrs. Wheeler seems to know a lot about the Cranes, but she finds this hard to believe. Luis says if this true then she knows what this means. Beth tells her mom it means Luis will dump Sheridan! Luis begins ranting about Mrs. Wheeler, and he says if Sheridan forgives Mrs. Wheeler even if she is her mother, then he wont be able to forgive her and they wont have a wedding. Sheridan thinks this is a lie, that this is her fathers doing. Sheridan says she wants to freshen up, and they decide to go to the sacristy. Paloma learns where they are heading, and she fears Luis will find Martin and Tia Ellie. Paloma tells Beth what she has done, and she runs off to try to stop them. Plaoma suggests they go to the brides room where the light is better. Beth decides to do something and rushes forward. She begs Luis not to be mad at Paloma, she was just trying to help. Beth blows the whistle on Paloma hiding Martin and Katherine in the sacristy. Luis goes to confront his father, and Pilar sees he has his whore with him as well. Luis is furious with his father and says hes a coward and a traitor he is hiding here like he hid in Mexico. Katherine says they stayed in here out of respect. Luius says if they had any respect they would leave. Pilar and Sheridan both wonder to themselves if she is Katherine. Martin says they will leave now out of respect, but they love him and Sheridan. Pilar thinks to herself that Mrs. Wheeler could have had surgery like Martin, and Sheridan remembers thinking Mrs. Wheeler was her mother more than once. Sheridan drops the card, and Katherine picks it up and reads the card. She freaks out, and Martin looks at it. Luis tells them that they know this is a trick of Alistairs, so they should leave. Sheridan stops Katherine and asks why she is so upset, is this true, is she her mother? Katherine says she isnt her mother and Luis is right, this is just a trick. Paloma says if they leave then she is leaving too. Katherine says no, Paloma has to stay as shes a bridesmaid. She asks Paloma to stay for her, and Paloma says okay. Beth fears Martin and Katherine are going to leave, but Pialr stops them this time. Pilar thinks Mrs. Wheeler is lying and she is Katherine Crane. Katharine says it is ridiculous, but Pilar says it isnt. Pilar says both Sheridan and Julian felt a connection to her, and she tried to kill Alistair twice. Pilar says shes also admitted to knowing both Katherine and Alistair. Sheridan remembers seeing Katherine at Rachels grave. Pilar says Rebecca thought she was a woman of means, and she says her face is different but her eyes, voice and body are just like Katherines. Martin says they are leaving, but Pialr says no. Pilar says when Martin disappeared; Katherine hadnt been seen for days. A few days later Alistair said she was dead, but he wouldnt have an open casket. Pilar tells Mrs. Wheeler to admit she is Katherine Crane! Luis says this isnt Katherine, but Pilar says it is. Martin asks Pilar to back off, but Luis says he started this whole mess by running off with her. Martin says they didnt run off to be together . . . . Paloma asks her father what he was going to say? Pilar says they both knew Alistair was cruel to Katherine and they both feared for her safety. Pilar says Katherine tried to love Alistair but never measured up to Rachel. Pilar says Katherine feared for herself and for her children, and she could not protect them from Alistair. Sheridan says Mother? Is Pilar Right? Are you my mother? Katherine tells Sheridan that she is Katherine Crane. Katherine cries I am your mother!

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