February 2, 2004
At the Bennetts, Ivy and Sam discuss Luis and Sheridan's predicament. Ivy agrees with Luis on this one. She says Sheridan shouldnt be in the hospital and Alistair is the one behind her being there. Sam says it is Antonio who committed Sheridan. She says Alistair must have convinced Antonio to admit Sheridan to the psych ward. She says she hopes Luis can do something before it is too late for Sheridan. They continue talking about Sheridan, and Ivy once again tells Sam that she believes Alistair blames Sheridan for his wifes death. She says she thinks Alistair could rationalize killing Sheridan as a way of avenging Katherines death. She says at the very least keeping Sheridan committed will keep Luis out of Sheridan's life. She says Alistair doesnt want a Lopez-Fitzgerald in the Crane inner-sanctum. Sam says Alistair doesnt seem to mind Antonio. Ivy says she thinks Luis was right, that Alistair is playing Antonio in order to achieve his own goals. They talk about Luis and Sheridans passion and love for one another. Ivy asks if her father had kidnapped her and threw her is a padded room to keep her away from him, would he have saved her? Sam says he would have done anything to save her. Ivy and Sam get caught up in the past and share a passionate kiss. Their kiss is interrupted by a call. Sam has to head off to work. Ivy says she understands and she would never stand in the way of his job. She also says they shouldnt rush into anything. As Sam is leaving, Ivy says they do need to find a way to help Luis and Sheridan. She says she knows Alistair is trying to destroy Sheridan and Luis. She says she doesnt want Luis to spend his life without Sheridan the way she spent her life without him. Sam says hell do what he can, and Ivy thanks him with a hug. 

At the Russells, Eve is having dinner with TC, but she is a nervous wreck. TC asks if she is expecting someone because she keeps looking out the window. Eve says no, who would she be expecting? Suddenly, Whitney bursts in and shouts out to her father Daddy, I need to talk to you! Fox and Whitney head into the house, and they run into Liz. Liz asks Whitney if something is wrong because she looks upset? Whitney says something is wrong, and Liz doesnt know how upset she is. Liz smiles and tells herself that she has a pretty good idea she does. Fox tries to convince Whitney to wait and think about this before telling her dad anything. Fox says she is a too upset right now, and she doesnt even know what is really going on. Whitney says she knows what is going on, and her father deserves to know the truth. Meanwhile, Eve and TC apparently havent heard Whitneys outburst, as they continue their romantic evening. Back in the living room, Fox asks her to think about this. He says what if this turns out not to be what she thinks it is. Whitney says she knows what is going on, her mother and his father are sneaking around together. Liz pretends she is shocked to hear this. Whitney asks Liz where her father is. Liz says he is in the kitchen. Fox asks her to think about this, but Whitney says she wants to tell her father everything. Liz agrees with Whitney and says she should tell her father everything. Whitney walks into the kitchen and finds her parents kissing. Whitney pushes her dad away from her mom and says No dad, get away from her! Whitney says they need to talk about where mom was tonight, but TC says he knows. HE says they have no secrets. Whitney doesnt understand how he can stand there so calmly and not want to kill someone! TC asks why she would think he would want to kill anyone? Meanwhile, Liz confronts Fox about his noble actions regarding Whitney. She tells him that he is a Crane, and eventually hell do what all Cranes do, hell go after what he wants, Whitney! Fox tells Liz that isn't going to happen, he cannot be with Whitney. Whitney comes out and tells Fox that he can go, everything is okay. She says Theresa probably needs him anyways. Fox says okay and he heads out. Later, Whitney learns what TC was referring to about knowing everything. He says he knows that she is back with Chad. TC says that he and her mother have discussed it and believe she should not be with Chad. TC says they know he is back in Harmony, and they know he is divorced, but he was married when they got together and that is wrong. Whitney laughs and says she cant believe her mom thinks a married man is not right for her. Whitney lashes out at her mom about how she has no right to pass judgment on her. TC says she has no right talking to her mother that way. He says her mother is a pillar in this community and has been a perfect role model to her and her sister. Whitney tells her dad that he knows nothing about his own wife! Eve asks Whitney to come talk with her in private, but Whitney says no way. She says Daddy needs to hear this and he needs to hear it now. Whitney tells TC that mom is not the woman he thinks she is!

Gwen is in bed and is taking her temperature. Ethan walks in, and Gwen asks where he has been? Ethan thinks about his little scene with Theresa earlier at SHeridan's cottage. Ethan says he was out for a walk because he needed some air. Gwen says it is cold outside, so she hopes he is ready to get warmed up because her temperature is up. She tells him they should make a baby, so they make love. After they make love they hold one another. Ethan says he dreams about having another child with her, a little Gwen or Ethan. Gwen says that is Theresas boy's name, and she rants about why Theresa had to take his name? Ethan says they shouldnt talk about Theresa now, and they should discuss names until they know they are having another baby. When Ethan hears something, he says it sounds like the radio in Little Ethans room is on, so he decides to go check on it. Later, Rebecca shows up to pay a visit to Gwen. She asks where her husband is? Gwen says he went to check on Little Ethan. Rebecca urges Gwen to get pregnant again because Ethan shouldnt be bonding with Theresas brat. Gwen says he is not a brat, and she is trying to get pregnant again. Rebecca is glad, and finally leaves. Gwen tells herself that she seriously needs to start locking that door.

Elsewhere, Theresa walks into Little Ethan's  room and finds Little Ethan in bed. Little Ethan is glad to see his mom, and he says he cant sleep. Theresa reads him a story in order to put him to bed, and they are discovered by Ethan. Ethan is not pleased that Theresa is here. She begs him not to tell anyone that she is here. Ethan says he wont tell, he would never hurt her or Little Ethan. Theresa thanks Ethan ,who leaves. She says goodbye to Little Ethan and puts a present under his pillow. 

Back out in the hall, the maid tells Rebecca that Theresa has come to visit Little Ethan. Rebecca confronts Theresa and threatens to call the police and have her arrested. Theresa says she only wanted to see her son one more time. Rebecca says she is not allowed to see him or be in this house. Ethan shows up, and Theresa thinks Ethan told Rebecca. Fox and Gwen soon show up and ask what is going on? Rebecca says Theresa was here trespassing, so she is calling the police. Gwen thinks Ethan has lied to her and went to go be with Ethan. Theresa is devastated because she thinks Ethan told Rebecca on her, and she slaps him. Rebecca ends up not calling the police, and Fox takes Theresa off. Rebecca asks Ethan how he could do this? Ethan says he didnt know she was here until he found her in the room. He says he doesnt think it is a big deal though.

Fox walks Theresa out, and he comforts her as she tells Fox about finding Little Ethan all alone and scared, and how Ethan betrayed her and told Rebecca she was in the mansion. Theresa says she feels so alone right now. Fox tells her that she isnt alone. He says he is right here and wont be going anywhere. He also promises to help her see her son as often as he can. Theresa tells Fox that he is a wonderful man, and she doesnt know why she wasted so much time being in love with Ethan when he was here all along.

Back at the mansion, Ethan and Gwen argue about Theresa and Rebecca's actions. Ethan thinks Rebecca was too harsh. Gwen says Theresa was breaking the law, and she had no right to slap him. She hopes he sees the person Theresa really is, a vengeful and spiteful woman. Ethan looks out the window and sees Theresa in Foxs arms.


February 3, 2004
Kay and Miguel are driving home from the ski lodge. Kay says it will be so good to see Maria. Kay is also talking about Charity and what she has done. Miguel says Charity would never sleep with his best friend behind his back. Kay says perhaps Charity has changed, but Miguel says no way. Kay suggests that Charity is young and wants to have fun, she doesnt want to be with a guy who is tied down with a baby. Kay says it has taken her awhile, but Charity has finally decided to let loose and have a good time. Kay says she thinks it will be a long time before Charity decides to settle down with anyone. Kay continues to try and convince Miguel that Charity is just having fun and was in bed with Reese because she wanted to be. However, Miguel refuses to believe that, he says Charity isnt the party type. They end up hitting a roadblock and are told to turn back because of the snow. Miguel says there was a coffee shop up the road, but Kay says she doesnt want to spend the night there. They decide to head back to the lodge and see if they have any rooms available. They return to the lodge, and when Miguel goes to ask for two rooms, she convinces him to just ask for one room because they need to save every penny they can to pay for Marias hospital bill.

Meanwhile, Simone talks to Charity. She says she doesnt know what happened with Reese and her, but she knows it is not like her and it must have been a mistake. Charity says it was no mistake. She says tonight she realized you get no where by being good, so shes going to be as bad as she can be! Simone says she cant believe this, but Charity says it is true. She says being good sweet Charity has gotten her no where. She says she doesnt have the man she loves, Kay does. Charity says Kay doesnt even pretend to be good, yet she gets everything she wants. Simone says Kay tricked Miguel to being with her. Charity says she may have tricked him, but the trick worked. Simone tells Charity that she has not lost Miguel to Kay, he is only trying to do the right thing. Simone says she can still have Miguel Charity remembers her deal with death, and she tells Simone she can never have Miguel. When Charity says if she breaks her word, Maria will die; Simone asks Charity what she is talking about? Charity tells her to drop it. She says it isnt important. Charity tells Simone that shes tired of being good, shes going to do what she wants, shes going to get what she wants, shes going to be bad! Simone says she is scaring her. Charity asks why, because she is looking for the real her? Simone says the real her is a nice person and she is worried about her. Charity says worry about other people because she doesnt give a damn.

Later, Simone finds Miguel and Kay have returned. When she learns Kay is scheming to get a room with Miguel, she thinks Kay is up to something. Simone thinks Kay has done something to Charity to make her act the way she is. Simone says she knows she did something to trick Miguel into thinking she was Charity in order to sleep with him, so for all she knows she has done something to Charity to make her act this way. Kay says perhaps Charity is just being herself. Simone says that isnt it. When Simone says Charity has decided to be bad, Kay says she cant wait to see what Charity does next! Unfortunately there are no rooms currently available. Suddenly, everyone hears dance music, and they go to see what is going on. They find Charity dancing with a group of boys. Charity begins taking off her clothes and starts kissing the boys! Miguel refuses to believe this is the Charity he knows. He says something is very wrong here. Kay says Charity obviously isnt the good girl he once knew.

On the pier, Julian thinks about Whitney threatening to tell her father the truth about Eve. Suddenly, Luis attacks Julian for what he and his father are doing to Sheridan. Luis demands to know what they are doing to Sheridan. When Luis says Sheridan is in the psych ward, Julian says he had nothing to do with that. Julian says he thought Antonio had her admitted to help her get well after thinking Beths baby was hers. He swears he has no idea what is happening to Sheridan and that is the truth. Luis explains what is going on with Sheridan to Julian, and Julian is shocked and says he had no idea. Luis says he wont let him or his father hurt Sheridan, he will protect her and get her out of that hell hole. Julian realizes how much Luis loves his sister. Luis says he wouldnt expect Julian to understand love because it means nothing in his world. Luis tells Julian that he is incapable of experiencing love! Julian thinks about Eve, and he tells Luis that he is wrong. Julian says he had that love once, but he lost it. Luis doubts that he ever had real love, but Julian says he did and he understands how he feels about Sheridan. Julian says he knows Luis thinks he is a bastard, and maybe he is, but he doesnt know what his father is up to. Julian tells Luis that whatever his father is up to it is no good. HE tells Luis that Alistair comes up with a plan, and the people involved are nothing but objects to him. Julian tells Luis to fight him, do whatever he has to do. Julian urges him to get Sheridan out of the psych ward before it is too late. Luis wonders how Alistair could do anything like this to his own flesh and blood. Julian says Alistair doesnt love anyone. Luis wonders if Alistair did something to Julian to cause him to lose his great love. Luis asks Julian who the woman was? Julian says he just didnt have the courage to stand up to his father, he let Alistair win. Julian says that is why Luis needs to fight for Sheridan, otherwise he may never see her again. Julian tells himself that his father is a monster and took away the one thing in life he loved.

At the Russells, Whitney tells her father that her mom is not the woman he thinks she is. Liz spies on them and thinks Eve is finally going to be exposed for the slut she is. TC says Eve is a good person, but Whitney says mom has him all fooled. She says she will tell him all about mom, about her lies, and about her betrayals! TC thinks he knows what is going on. TC thinks Whitney feels betrayed because her mom has changed her mind about Chad, and now she agrees with him and thinks Chad is not good for her. Whitney says this is not about Chad, this is about mom. Whitney says he needs to know the truth about mom. TC says he knows the truth about her mother, they have no secrets. Eve says Whitney is very upset, and she asks TC to give her some mother daughter time with Whitney. TC says he wants to be involved in this too. Whitney tells him not to worry, he will hear everything she has to say. They go off to talk, and Liz talks to TC about what is going on. TC is confused about what is going on. He says Eve has never done anything wrong, and that is why he doesnt understand what is going on with Whitney. He says that is also why he doesnt get this thing with Chad. He says he and Eve have had the perfect relationship, so why is Whitney not following in their footsteps. Liz tells TC perhaps things havent been as perfect as he would like to believe. TC thinks she is right, he has been in denial, the answer has been there all along. TC thinks that Whitney knows about their kissing, but then he says Whitney was in LA when that happened. TC still blames himself, and he says Eve would never have broken their marriage vows the way he did. He thinks Whitney somehow knows what he did, he is to blame for Whitneys unhappiness.

Meanwhile, Whitney lashes out at her mother for what she has done. She tells her mom that she is a hypocrite for telling her that Chad is not right for her for lying to her about his marriage. She says she cant believe all those times she sat her and Simone down and preached the gospel according to Saint Eve. She asks her mom how she could possibly do this to her husband and her family? She says she believed she was perfect, that she had the perfect marriage. Whitney says she wanted that too, but it doesnt exist, the perfect love isnt real. Eve ends up in tears and says she loves her and her father and just wants to explain, but Whitney wont give her the chance. Whitney says the mother she thought was perfect in every way is having an affair! Whitney asks her mom what she gets out of this affair? She asks if she loves Julian, is she in it for the money, or is she just a tramp and a whore? Eve says how dare you call me those filthy names, but Whitney says the names fit. Whitney says what kind of woman goes up to the crane mansion and cheats with her lover! Eve says she has never betrayed TC, she has never had relations with another man since marrying TC. Eve says she is not with Julian, and it is complicated. Whitney says that is not an answer! She says daddy needs to know the truth, he needs to know what kind of woman he is married to. TC returns, and he tells Whitney that they need to sit down and talk. Whitney thinks that is a good idea, they do need to talk.


February 4, 2003
At the ski lodge, Simone, Kay and Miguel are shocked to see Charity dirty dancing on a table for a bunch of boys. Miguel says he cant let this go on any longer. Kay tells Miguel maybe this is what she wants to be doing, maybe he doesnt know Charity as well as he thinks he does. Jessica and John show up, and they are shocked to see Charity acting this way as well. Jessica says it is enough that Charity wanted to have sex with her boyfriend, now it seems she wants to have sex with every boy here! Some of the guys begin taking their clothes off and throwing them at her. The kids cant believe Charity is acting like this, but Kay says she always told them that Charity wasnt the goody goody she claimed to be. Miguel refuses to believe this is the Charity he knows, and he thinks one of these guys must have spiked her drink. Miguel tries to pull her off the table, but she tells him to stop. Miguel says the party is over and drags Charity off. Simone hopes Miguel can get through to Charity because she is not herself. Jessica says she doesnt care who Charity is, because she doesnt like her anymore and she doesnt want to talk about her. Jessica leaves to get a drink. Simone says she is not condoning Charitys behavior, but who can blame her for acting out after all shes been through. Kay cant believe they are making excuses for Charity, but when she does something they say it has to do with evil. Simone says that is because it usually does. John says whatever is going on, he thinks Charity and Miguel will be back together sooner or later. Kay says that cant happen, and she runs after them.

Meanwhile, Miguel asks Charity what has gotten into her. She says she was just having fun. Miguel wonders what happened to the sweet innocent girl he loves. He says he still loves her, so talk to him. She wonders if he still loves her after seeing her in bed with Reese? Miguel says even after that because he knows this isnt her. He asks her what is going on, why is she distancing herself from him. She remembers her pact with death, but says nothing to Miguel about it. Kay spies on Miguel and Charity, and Miguel thinks Charity must be drunk. He says hes going to get some coffee so they can talk this out. Miguel leaves, and Kay swoops in and tells Charity to stop teasing Miguel. She asks Charity if she is going to torture Miguel for the rest of his life? Kay tells Charity that she is the selfish one, she is playing with Miguels emotions. Charity says she is not playing any games, she wants Miguel to be happy. Kay says then leave him alone, let him be with her and Maria. Charity says she knows shes always wanted to be with Miguel. Kay says she has always loved Miguel, and she will love him for the rest of her life. Kay tells Charity to leave Miguel alone, let him be happy with his family. Charity says she will leave Miguel alone, she will leave him alone and never talk to him again. Charity then walks away. Miguel returns and asks where Charity is? Kay says she went back into the other room. Miguel looks back into the other room and sees Charity dirty dancing with the boys again.

Back on the pier in Harmony, Luis returns to get his gloves, which he left behind. He sees Julian is still thinking about the woman he loves. Luis offers Julian some advice, and he tells Julian if he loves this woman, than he should go to her and be there for her. Luis says there is nothing more important than the woman you love. Julian says it is too late for them. Luis says it is never to late, and not a lot of women would turn down his money and power. Julian says this woman has a husband and family now. Luis says that changes things, he cant break up the marriage. Julian says he would never try to. Luis is shocked that Julian suddenly regards the sanctity of marriage, and he wonders what makes this womans marriage different than others? Julian says he respects this woman and doesnt want to make her unhappy. Luis says those are noble words, he just doesnt know if he buys them. Julian says it is too late for him, but Luis should do what he can to save his love. Luis tells Julian that he feels sorry for him, but he has nobody to blame but himself for not standing up to Alistair. Julian says that is why Luis needs to stand up to Alistair. Luis says he will. Luis tells Julian there could still be a chance for him to be with the woman he loves, but Julian says there isnt. Luis says this woman could get a divorce, and if that happened, there could be a chance for them. Julian says that is a possibility, and he says there are certain people who know about their past together. Julian says one of this womans children knows the truth and thinks her mother betrayed her father. Julian says nothing is going on between them, but the daughter doesnt know that. Luis cant believe Julian cares about another human being as much as he does for this woman. Julian says he does care about this woman, and he hates that hes caused her this pain. Luis asks if hes tried talking to the daughter? He says he has, but she wont listen because she is too emotional. Luis feels sorry for all of them, and he says it sounds like the situation is out of his hands. Luis says this womans life could be falling apart as they speak. Julian thinks Luis could be right, and that he should go to be there for her in case she needs him. Luis decides to head back to the hospital, but then realizes someone who can help him, Eve. Luis decides to head to see Eve. Julian says he will go with him. Luis says he thought he was going to see the woman he loved, is she at Eves house? Julian says he just meant he was going because of Sheridan, because she is his sister and he loves her. They end up heading to Eves together.

At the Russells, TC asks Whitney to tell him what these secrets are. Whitney says it is horrible, but she needs to tell him everything. Liz tells Eve that her life is over! TC asks Whitney to tell him what she has to tell him. Whitney looks at a photo of their family together, and she remembers times when their family was happy. Whitney tells her dad that she cant believe this is happening to them, she cant believe this betrayal is happening to their family. TC thinks about kissing Liz, and he says if he hurt her than he is sorry. Whitney says this doesnt have to do with him. TC thinks it must be Chad. Eve asks to try talking to Whitney once more, so TC goes back into the kitchen. Liz tells Eve that shes not going to dodge the bullet, she has just given herself a stay of execution. Liz goes into the kitchen with TC, and Eve once again asks Whitney to hear her out. Whitney says she doesnt want to hear anything she has to say, she is a liar and a whore! In the kitchen, TC and Liz talk about what is going on. Liz continues to badmouth Eve, and TC tells her to stop it. He thinks she is trying to come between him and Eve. Liz tells TC that he is mistaken about Eve, he is mistaken about a lot of things. Liz tells TC that Whitneys anger has nothing to do with Chad or her sister. Liz says she knows about a sisters betrayal first hand. TC wonders how he could have been so blind! Liz thinks TC has finally figured it out. TC says her sister and Eve are the same person! Liz says yes, you finally have gotten it! Unfortunately he hasnt, TC thinks Liz has projected her sister onto Eve. TC tells Liz that Eve is not her sister. Liz says he is so wrong, he does not get it. TC says he does, and she is transferring her feelings about her sister to Eve. Liz tells TC that Eve is exactly like her sister. TC asks how? They continue to hear Eve and Whitney yelling at one another, and Liz ends up telling TC to go talk to his wife and daughter and get the answers he deserves. Suddenly, TC hears something he doesnt believe. He decides to go out there.

Back in the living room, Eve says she has never cheated on her father. Whitney says she saw her kissing Julian! Whitney says she will tell her father the truth and nothing can stop her. Eve says she cannot tell him the truth because she doesnt know the whole story. Whitney wonders why her mother is lying to daddy and trying to get her to lie for her. Whitney asks her mom why she is doing this to daddy, why is she doing this to their family? Eve says she has done nothing wrong, and Julian has just been supportive lately. Whitney asks why she kissed Julian? Eve says it is complicated, but Whitney says that wont work. Whitney says she always told her that love was simple, and when she found the right man she would know it. Whitney says she always wanted to be like her mom, but now she doesnt want to be anything like her. Whitney says shed rather be dead. Whitney tells her mom that she is a liar and a cheat, and she doesnt want to be anything like her. Whitney says her mom is nothing but a whore! TC shows up, and Liz is following. He asks Whitney what is going on, tell him he heard wrong about someone being unfaithful. Whitney says he has heard right. Whitney tells her mother that she will never get over this. TC says he gets it, he thinks Whitney is upset because Chad was unfaithful. Liz wonders why TC keeps jumping to the wrong conclusion. Eve tells Whitney that she loves her and only wants her to be happy. She says she always wanted to be a good role model for her. TC says she was always a good role model. Whitney tells her dad that shes going to tell him what kind of role model mom has been. Eve tells Whitney that she loves her. Eve talks about Whitney and her sister and how much they loved one another. TC says Chad came between them, and he will never forgive him for that. Whitney says she never thought a man could cause her the love of her own sister. Liz remembers confronting Eve about her choosing Julian over her own family and how shed never forgive her for that. Whitney hopes she can work things out with Simone because at least the truth is out in the open between them. Whitney says for a problem to be resolved the truth must be known. Whitney tells her dad that it is time for all the lies to be out in the open. 


February 5, 2004
At the ski lodge, Miguel is stunned to find Charity once again dirty dancing with the boys. He doesnt understand why she is doing this again, what changed her mind? Kay knows she did, but she tells Miguel that perhaps Charity wants to be where she is. She says Charity seems to be enjoying herself. Charity sees Miguel watching her and she tells herself that she doesnt know any other way to drive Miguel away from her because if they stay together, Maria will die. Miguel refuses to believe this is the Charity he knows and loves, but Kay says Charity has obviously moved on from him. Kay tells Miguel that Charity is not the person he thought she was. Miguel says he doesnt buy it, and he wants answers. Kay wonders what it will take to get her out of his system. Miguel demands Charity stop this and go. She says no, she is having a good time. She tells Miguel that maybe he should go. Miguel says he loves her and wants to be with her, but Charity says she is tired of waiting for this fantasy life he talks about. Charity says it is time for her to let loose. Miguel says these guys think she wants to have sex with them. Charity says so what, he had sex with Kay when he supposedly loved her. Miguel says he thought Kay was her. Charity says well maybe she'll pretend one of these guys is him! Charity says claiming the devil made him do it is a lame excuse. The other guys laugh at Miguel. Simone doesnt understand what is going on, it is like Charity wants Miguel to see her acting all crazy. She thinks maybe Charity is putting on an act. Kay says maybe this is the real Charity. Meanwhile, Miguel asks Charity to take a walk with him and talk. She tells Miguel if he wants to take a walk, there is the door. Miguel grabs Charity and tries to drag her off, only to end in a fight with the guys. The guys hold Miguel down and begin beating him up while Charity screams at them to stop. Some guys working at the lodge threaten to throw Miguel out. Miguel thinks Charity still cares about him by the way she begged them to stop, but Charity says she just didnt want his blood everywhere. Miguel gets thrown out, and Charity continues to dance with the boys. Miguel is somehow able to return, and he continues to watch Charity dance with the other guys. He begins to remember his romance with Charity through flashbacks. Back in the real world, Charity ends up being really bad, and takes it all off for the guys! 

Luis and Julian are racing to Eves house to get her help in freeing Sheridan. They arrive at the house, and Luis is delayed because Ethan call about the motion he has filed to help Sheridan. Julian looks into the house and hears TC yelling. He thinks Eve must be terrified, and he cant let her face this alone.  Inside, Eve continues to try and keep Whitney from revealing the truth to TC. Liz tells Eve that she is going to get it this time, Whitney is not going to keep quiet for her any longer. TC begs Whitney to tell him what is going on and tell him now. Before she can say anything, Julian Crane shows up at the door! Liz answers and she tells Julian that he is here just in time to see Whitneys life go up in flames! She also says now TC wont have to drive across town to kill him! TC sees Julian and he asks what he is doing in his house? Julian says they need to talk this out, fighting wont help. TC tells Julian how dare he comes here after what hes done. Julian thinks TC knows, but Eve slyly lets him know that Whitney hasnt told TC yet. TC orders Julian to get out of his house now, but Julian says hes not leaving because he came for Eve. Luis walks in and tells TC to calm down, but TC refuses. Luis says he can explain, they both came to see Eve to get her help in springing Sheridan out of the psych ward. Liz realizes Eve could squirm out of this again. TC also doesnt believe that Julian is out to help his sister, and he wanrts Julian gone. Julian says hes not leaving. TC says that is a bad answer, and he attacks Julian! TC ends up throwing Julian out, and Luis tells TC that he cant beat the hell out of people he doesnt like! Luis tells TC he doesn't want to have to arrest him for beating up Julian. Luis then asks Eve to come with them to the hospital. TC says he cant believe Julian cares for his sister. Luis says he does, and believe it or not there is something different about Julian. Luis says he told him about a woman he loves but can never be with. Luis says he doesnt know who this woman is, but he wants to help him with Sheridan because he never got over the love he lost. TC says Julian is as phony as they get, and Julian is just after something. TC goes off on one of his rants about Julian. Whitney tells her dad that he needs to listen to her. TC says he forgot she wanted to tell him something. She says she does, and it is very important. Whitney says right now what is important is for mom to go with Luis and Mr. Crane to help Sheridan. TC thinks Whitney is a wonderful girl for putting someone else above her. As they are getting ready to leave, Eve and Liz exchange nasty words with one another. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Julian she will do what she needs to do when the time is right. He tries to talk hero ut of it, but she says her mind is made up. Liz then gloats to Julian about how his and Eves lives will be destroyed soon. Julian cant believe Liz hates her sister so much, he thinks she must have love for Eve someone inside her. Liz tells Julian that he wouldnt know what love was if it walked up and smacked him in the face! Liz, Whitney and TC remain behind, and TC goes to make them hot chocolate. Liz tries to talk Whitney into telling her father everything, 

At the hospital, we see a replay of Sheridan receiving all her electroshock treatments. Sheridan is in her bed and wonders why they are doing this to her. Alistair and Dr. Ackland spy on her, and Dr. Ackland cant believe she is still alive. Alistair wants to do more treatments, but Dr. Ackland says it could kill her. Alistair says he doesnt care how they remove Luis from her memory, even if it means she has to die. Alistair orders Dr. Ackland to take her back to the shock therapy room. Dr. Ackland cant believe Alistair is making him do this. Alistair says there is a silver lining, if she does die, she will join her mother in heaven. Dr. Ackland goes in to see Sheridan, and she tells him to stay away from him. Dr. Ackland says he just wants to talk to her, and he questions her about why she is here. Sheridan says she shouldnt be here, and people who love her will try and get her out. Dr. Ackland asks who is trying to get her out? Sheridan says it is Luis, she loves him and he loves her. She demands to see Luis. Dr. Ackland leaves, and Alistair demands she be given more shock therapy. Alistair says they will rid Sheridan's mind of Luis tonight! Dr. Ackland lies to Sheridan and says he will take her to Luis. Instead, he takes her to the shock therapy room. Sheridan realizes she has been lied to, and that this is where he hurt her. He says he wont let him do this to her again. she tries to run, but Dr. Ackland grabs her and straps her down. Alistair orders Dr. Ackland to start zapping her, and this time if he doesnt erase Luis from her memory than Sheridan will have to die!  Elsewhere, Julian, Eve and Luis arrive to try and save Sheridan. As they arrive, Dr. Ackland is once again shocking Sheridan! The others hear Sheridans screams and they search for her. Dr. Ackland refuses to shock Sheridan anymore. Alistair says if he doesnt do it, than he will do it himself! Dr. Ackland shocks Sheridan again.


February 6
At Sheridans cottage, Fox and Theresa spend time together. Theresa is still ranting about Ethan ratting her out to Rebecca. She wonders how Ethan could do this to her? She ends up in tears, and she apologizes to Fox. Fox says it is okay. He says she loved Ethan, but he betrayed her. Theresa says she should be over Ethan as he is over her, but she wonders what if she is still in love with Ethan? She asks Fox if he thinks she is in love with Ethan? He says it would be wrong to think she doesnt have some feelings for him left, but unless he still loves her, nothing is going to change their situation. Theresa says Ethan loves only Gwen now, and she is cursed when it comes to men. She asks Fox if he is sure he wants to be with her? Fox says he thinks they do have a future together, and giving their relationship a go is a step in the right direction. He does admit he thought the mystery woman he was completely in love with was the one. He says he isnt trying to hurt her, he just wants them to have no secrets. Theresa says she understands as she felt the same about Ethan. 

At the Russells, Liz urges Whitney to tell her father what shes been wanting to tell him. Before Whitney can, Simone returns home from her ski trip. Whitney asks why she is home so soon? Simone says the ski trip was a disaster, and she tells them about Charity being a bad little girl. She says Charity used sex to try and get Reese into bed and away from Jessica, much like Whitney used sex to steal Chad from her! Whitney says she was hurt by Chads lies too. When she says Chad is back in Harmony, Simone is stunned. Whitney says Chad wants to get back together, but she doesnt want to be with him. Simone thanks Whitney for throwing that in her face. Whitney says she thought she was with John now? Simone says she doesnt know where this thing with John is going. Whitney asks Simone to try and put this behind them and be sisters again, but Simone says she cant. Simone says shell never forgive her. Whitney says they need one another now more than ever. Simone asks why, what has changed? Before Whitney can say anything, TC walks in and sees Simone is back, and is once again upset with her sister. Simone says Chad is back in town and he still wants Whitney. TC says he knows. Simone says it is just like last time, Whitney is throwing Chad in her face and making her feel second best. TC asks Simone to calm down, and he says no man is worth coming between her and her sister. Later, Liz once again tries to convince Whitney to tell her father what she knows right now! 

At the Wallace house, Beth catches her mom up to something, and she realizes that she and Precious are planning to skip town. Mrs. Wallace says if she and Precious leave now than they wont be called to testify on her later on. Beth tells her mom that she wont be caught, she has everything under control. Beth says she will still get Gwen. Mrs. Wallace says Gwen is onto her, but Beth says Luis thinks she was sick in bed when Gwen was hit, and she will make sure Gwen never gets back to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace asks how she is going to stop Gwen from exposing her? Beth tells her mom not to worry, Gwen and Sheridan are both as good as gone! Later, Beth calls the hospital to find out about Sheridans condition, and she learns Sheridan is still under lock and key. She also asks about Gwen, and is shocked to learn Gwen was released! Beth hatches a new plan and says Gwens dead daughter wont be alone at the cemetery for much longer. Beth then heads out.

At the Crane mansion, Ethan is talking to Little Ethan about why he is here. He tells Little Ethan that if he has anything to say about it, hell be back with his mom very soon. Ethan tells Little Ethan a secret, hes working to try and help get him back with his mommy. He says he wont rest until he is back with Theresa. Ethan begins daydreaming about the day when Little Ethan and Theresa are reunited. She thanks Ethan for what he did, apologizes for doubting him, and they share a passionate kiss! Back in Ethan and Gwens room, Gwen waits for Ethan to return. She looks for a book to read, and realizes she must have left it in the car. She says shell go get it after she checks on Ethan. She finds Ethan in his daydream, and she wakes him up. She asks where he was just now? He says he must have dozed off. He says hell come back to bed with her, but she says no rush. Gwen says she left something in the car and wants to head down to get it. Gwen leaves, and Ethan tells a sleeping Little Ethan that his mom can never know he is the one helping her. 

Down in the Crane garage, Beth breaks in and finds Gwens car. She begins tampering with the engine. When Beth hears someone coming, she hides. Gwen gets the book out of her car, and then hears a noise. She thinks someone is in the garage. Beth realizes she cant run and she cant hide. Beth ends up knocking a bunch of paint cans off a shelf, and they fall onto Gwen. Gwen falls unconscious, and Beth thinks she has done Gwen in.

At the hospital, Eve, Julian and Luis hear Sheridans screams. In the electroshock therapy room, Alistair wants Sheridan to suffer for the way she made her mother suffer an early death. He then turns up the voltage all the way! Meanwhile, Antonio shows up with Pilar, and they run into the others. Antonio assures them that Sheridan is okay, and she is just undergoing intense psycho therapy. Still, Eve is worried about the screams they are hearing and Alistairs involvement. She fears something could be terrible wrong. Luis begs Antonio to let Eve see Sheridan. Antonio says Sheridan is just going through some intense therapy, and he asks if he thinks Alistair would really approve of therapy that would hurt his own daughter. Alistair shows up, and Luis asks where Sheridan is and what is he doing to her. Alistair says he owes him no explanation, and he should leave before he is thrown out of here yet again. Luis says he just wants what is best for Sheridan. Alistair says Dr. Ackland is a very good Dr., just like Eve is, so unless there is drug or alcohol abuse in his past, he doesnt see why they should question his methods. Julian and Eve know Alistair is threatening them. Julian asks to talk to Alistair in private, and then he demands to know what is going on with Sheridan? Alistair claims he is working to help Sheridan recover, but Julian tells him to cut the crap. Julian says he knows he hates Sheridan and blames her for mothers death. Alistair tells Julian not to say such things in public! Julian says mother knew he hated Sheridan too, and that is why she made him promise to look after Sheridan. Julian says it is time he kept that promise, and he demands to see Sheridan now! Julian finally stands up to this father. He says he will never bow down to him again, he forbids him to cause his sister with anymore harm! Alistair says he is confusing having a spine with a temper tantrum. Julian says he found his strength in Eve. Alistair calls Eve a whore. Julian says Eve is a good woman, and he will keep his promise to his mother. He says he will protect Sheridan from him! Alistair ends up angry when Julian talks about Eve in the same sentence as his mother. Alistair says Katherine was a saint, and Eve is a drug addicted slut! Julian decks his father, and Alistair tells Julian that he will pay for that! He will pay for the rest of his life! Meanwhile, Luis and Antonio end up getting into an argument over Eve allowing to see Sheridan. Antonio says he will let Eve see Sheridan if Pilar will answer him a question, who does she thinks Sheridan should be with? Pilar asks God to forgive her, but she says Luis. Antonio thinks his mom doesnt believe in him, and that the only person who believes in his and Sheridans love is Alistair. Antonio feels like they have all played the fool, and he says he wont let any of them see Sheridan! Back in the therapy room, Ackland apologizes to Sheridan for doing this to her. He says if she can give him the answer he needs then he can stop this. He asks who she loves, and she says Luis! Ackland says he is sorry, and shocks Sheridan again.

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