February 9, 2004
At the B&B, Grace thinks about Christmas past with Sam. David walks into the room Grace is in, and he sees her staring at her old house. He comes up with an idea, and says he has an assignment in Italy and he thinks she should go with him. As he describes Italy and the trip he has planned for them in his mind, Grace says it sounds wonderful. John shows up, and they wonder why he is home from the ski lodge so early. John says he decided to come home early. Grace goes to get them all some hot chocolate, and David asks John if something is bothering him? John says he needs his advice about how to tell mom something that will upset her. David thinks Kay has done something, but John says it is Charity! John explains everything Charity did at the ski lodge. David doesnt understand why Charity would act this way. John says none of them could figure out her actions. As they talk, Grace shows up and overhears them. Grace, who has hot chocolate, walks into the room and asks what he just said? John tells her what is going on with Charity, and Grace thinks is all her fault. She says she has destroyed her family! David tries to convince Grace that none of this is her fault, but Grace feels it is because she left Sam. John leaves his parents to talk. Grace continues to blame herself for Kay, Jessica and Charitys behavior as of late. David says she has been a wonderful mother and cannot blame herself. Grace says she does, she deserted her family to be with him. Grace says she has caused so much pain, and she says none of this would have happened if her family was still in tact. Grace says she needs some fresh air, so she goes for a walk alone. David wonders to himself what he and Ivy have done.

At the Bennetts, Ivy is in the kitchen trying to prepare dinner. She is working on a salad and thinks the preparations are way too much trouble for a simple salad. Sam walks in and thinks something smells great. Ivy says she made dinner. He is shocked that she tried to cook again. She says she found something in the freezer this time and just heated it up. Sam says he is impressed. They discuss Sheridan's predicament. Ivy asks Sam to try and help Luis get her out. Sam says all he can do is try, Antonio is her husband and has the final say. Sam offers to help Ivy with the salad she was making. They reminisce about the old days and how Ivy used to always burn their hot dogs when they went to the beach for picnics. Has admits to her that when she wasnt looking he used to throw them away. Ivy just hopes they dont have to throw this dinner away. Sam says it smells and looks delicious, and he appreciates her going to the trouble. She says she likes doing this for him. As they eat dinner, Sam is reminded of a time when Grace made the same casserole for him. Ivy says it seems that Grace has moved out of the house, but not out of his heart. He says he is sorry, but she says dont be. She says she has been in a loveless marriage for so long that she never thought about how long it would take to get someone out of ones heart. Ivy says he has never been out of her heart, and she says shell clean this up later. Ivy then leaves the table. Later, Sam comes to Ivys room (shes at the B&B now) to see her. She is wearing a black negligee. Sam tells Ivy that he knows it is late. Ivy invites him in, and she apologizes for earlier. Sam just looks at her and says she is as beautiful now as she was back then, and the two kiss. They then begin taking off one anothers clothes! Their passions is witnessed by Grace, who happened to be walking by! 

At the hospital, everyone wonders why the lights keep flickering. They also try and convince Antonio to let Eve see Sheridan, but Antonio says no. He says they have all turned against him. Antonio says he is the only one who can make decisions here, and as Sheridan's husband hell make decisions for her. Luis asks Eve for help, but she says she cannot interfere with her treatment without just cause. She also says she can't see Sheridan if Antonio won't let her. Eve leaves them, and Luis and Antonio get into a fight over Sheridan. Antonio ends up telling Luis the only way hell see Sheridan is over his dead body, and he punches Luis! Pilar stand between them, and she tries to talk some sense into Antonio. She says Luis is concerned for Sheridan and thinks she may be being mistreated. Pilar says if he loves his wife than let Eve and Luis check in on her. Antonio says no way because theyve all turned against him. He says even his mom is supporting Luis in stealing Sheridan away from him. He tells his mom that she made her choice, so he has made his. He says he no longer has a family aside from Sheridan. He tells them both that they are out of his life. Antonio walks off, and Pilar is left in tears. Pilar fears she has lost her son once again, and this time it may be forever. Luis says he is sorry she is hurting, but Antonio is wrong and he is angry. Pilar says he feels that she has chosen Luis over him, just like Sheridan did. Luis says they never meant to hurt Antonio, and this is about Sheridan now. Luis says Sheridan is in danger and Antonio is standing in the way of them helping her.

Meanwhile, Julian apologizes to his father for attacking him, and he says he is sorry. Alistair says not as sorry as he will be. He says his love for Eve will cost him dearly! Eve shows up and asks what has happened here? Eve wants to help Alistair, but he tells her not to touch her. He says if he needs help than  hell go to a real doctor, not a drugged out slut masquerading as a doctor. Julian says he won't have Alistair talk about Eve like that. Alistair says he can do nothing to stop him! Alistair says his love for this woman has already cost him dearly, will he let it cost him everything? Eve lashes out at Alistair for what he has done to them, and she says they know their child is alive. Alistair says he knows they think their child is alive, and he knows about their search for him. Alistair says he knows everything they are up to. He says nobody keeps secrets from him, and hes been in on their little search from the beginning. Alistair tells them that there son is alive, and he knows where he is! Alistair says he could produce him for them anytime he wishes. Eve begs him to tell them where he is, take her to her son. Julian tells his father to let Eve have their son. Eve begs Alistair to take them to their son, but Julian says he wont. Eve asks why not, what pleasure could he get from keeping their son from them. Alistair asks if she really wants to see her son? Eve says yes, she would give anything to see him. Alistair asks how he would explain this to TC? Eve says shell tell him to truth, and she just wants her son. Alistair says he could take her to her son, but he wont! Alistair says he will never take them to their son! Alistair says he kept that bastard from her for twenty years and he will continue to do so. Eve breaks down in tears. Julian wonders how his father can be so heartless! Eve asks if he has any feelings for his own grandson? Alistair tells her to think of him as dead because she will never find him. Eve asks what right he has? Alistair says he has every right! Eve says he is a heartless monster! Alistair says unlike others he is not ruled by emotions. Eve says if he would do this to his own son, then she knows he would be horrible to his own daughter as well. She realizes Sheridan is in danger and Alistair is doing something to hurt her. Eve says she wont let him do it! Eve attacks Alistair and says shell kill him! Julian pulls her off of Alistair and says she will only make things worse. Eve tells Alistair that he is evil! Alistair says he doesnt know how evil he is, but when he gets through with her, she will know! 

In the room Sheridan is in, Dr. Ackland continues to chock Sheridan. He asks her, between shocks, who she loves. When she keeps saying Luis, he continues to shock her. Later, Sheridan finally answers she doesnt know who she loves. He shows her a picture of Luis and asks if she recognizes him. Sheridan remembers Luis, and she names him. Dr. Ackland is not pleased, and shocks her again. Later, Dr. Ackland once again tests Sheridan by showing her the picture of Luis. This time, Sheridan shakes her head and cannot identify the photo of Luis.  Meanwhile, Luis decides to break into the area where Sheridan is kept, and Luis begins firing the gun at the door to break the lock. Luis then goes searching for Sheridan. Back in her room, Sheridan hears Luis calling to her, and she remembers Luis! 


February 10, 2004
A little shorter than normal, sorry!
At the B&B in Ivys Room, Ivy begs Sam to make love to her as he throws her to the bed. Outside, Grace sees them together and wonders what she has done! She says she has lost Sam, she is too late. David shows up and asks Grace what is wrong, why is she so upset? Grace says she has made a terrible mess of things. David sees Ivy and Sam, and he says they should go. Meanwhile, Sam gets a call from the station and hes forced to go to the hospital psych ward to arrest Luis for firing shots! Sam speeds off, and Grace goes and confronts Ivy. She calls Ivy a tramp and tells her to stay away from Sam! Ivy says it is none of Graces business if she is with Sam. Grace says she is no good for Sam. Ivy says that is for Sam to decide. She reminds Grace that she has made her decision, so let Sam make his. Ivy tells Grace she was the one who walked out on Sam and her family, so what did she think would happen? Did she think Sam would waste away pining for her? Ivy tells Grace that sam is moving on with his life with her, he has realized the love they shared has always been there. Ivy thanks Grace for sending Sam back into her arms, though she says he would have ended up there eventually. However, she tells Grace she helped speed things along. David shows up, and Grace cries about how she has ruined everything. Ivy tells David to stop this because she hasnt come this far to lose Sam now! She orders David to pack her up and take her far away from Sam.

At the Crane Mansion, Ethan is still in Little Ethans room. Little Ethan is asleep, and Ethan continues to talk to him about how he will keep working to make sure he is reunited with Theresa. He also talks about having another child with Gwen and never letting anything come between them again. Ethan sees the picture of Theresa that is under Little Ethans pillow. He admits he still has feelings for Theresa, and he doesnt know how to get rid of them so that he can be the husband to Gwen that she deserves. As he is confessing his love for Theresa, he is unaware that Rebecca is spying on him! Ethan says he wants to be a good husband to Gwen, but he cannot stop loving Theresa. He says he loves Theresa so deeply and cant turn those feelings off. Ethan goes to leave, and is confronted by Rebecca in the hall way. She tells Ethan that she cannot believe he still has feelings for the woman who murdered his baby! Ethan says Theresa is not responsible for Sarahs death, he is. He also says she had no business listening to him. Rebecca says she is glad she did because now she can protect Gwen. Ethan says he would never hurt Gwen, and then walks away from Rebecca to check on Gwen. Rebecca thinks Gwen must get pregnant immediately otherwise she will lose Ethan to Theresa. 

At the cottage, Fox and Theresa continue to confide in one another about what they want. Fox thinks they both want real love. Theresa asks Fox what else he wants, what drives his dreams? Fox says no mystery there, a beautiful woman. She says she meant things like a little house with a white picket fence. Fox tells Theresa that hes sorry to disappoint her, but he has no subsistence whatsoever. He says what she sees it what he gets. Theresa doesnt believe that, and she asks what he secretly desires? Fox says hes never told anyone this, but he wants his family to take him seriously as a Crane, and as the Crane heir. He says Ethan was always the golden boy, he was the heir and Fox was the spare. Fox says he wants his grandfather to acknowledge his existence, he wants his approval. Theresa says Alistair will never approve as long as he is with her. Theresa tells Fox that they cant pursue this, they need to stop this relationship before it gets started. Fox says shes getting a little ahead of herself. He says it will be years, more like decades before he inherits the Crane Empire, so it is pointless to speculate right now. He suggest they take their relationship one day at a time and see where things go. Fox says now that that is settled, he wants her to open up to him about her dreams. He says he knows what they used to be, but what are they now? Theresa says her dream is to have Little Ethan back, and shell stop at nothing to get Little Ethan back. Fox tells her that shell have her dream, and hell have his. He said theyll fight side by side and win. As they kiss, Ethan shows up and sees them. They end up catch Ethan outside, and Fox and Theresa confront him. Ethan says he was only looking for Gwen, she went to the garage and never came back. Fox and Theresa decide to help Ethan look for Gwen.

In the garage at the Crane mansion, Beth cant find a pulse and thinks she has killed Gwen. Beth says this is her own fault for snooping around in things that werent her business. Beth goes to leave, but Gwen grabs her leg! Gwen calls Beth a bitch and she says she knows everything! Gwen says she know she tried to kill her and she knows she tried to kidnap Sheridans baby! It all ends up being a dream in Beths head, and and Beth tells herself that Gwen cant hurt her because she is dead! Beth then runs off. Later, Ethan, Fox and Theresa discover Gwens body in the garage. Ethan says he cant get a pulse and shes not breathing. Theresa says Gwen is dead!

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace and Precious are playing poker when Beth returns home and reveals that Gwen wont be causing her anymore problems. Mrs. Wallace says you didnt, you couldnt! Beth says could and did. She says curiosity killed the cat, and Gwen got a little too curious. Mrs. Wallace cries you killed poor Gwen! Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is like the serial killer on Days of Our Lives! Beth says she had to kill Gwen, she had no other option. Beth tells her to look on the bright side, she did Gwen a favor reuniting her with her dead daughter. Beth says she is home free, there is nothing to connect her to Gwens murder. MRs. Wallace then points out the oil stain on her shirt! Beth refuses to get rid of the shirt because it is her favorite shirt. Beth says Gwens death will look like an accident, the police will just think an old shelf gave way and fell on Gwen. She says nothing will stand in her way of having Luis, and she owes a lot of thanks to Alistair for his help keeping Sheridan locked up! Mrs. Wallace wonders what kind of father does this to her own child. Beth says she wouldnt know because she never had a father! Mrs. Wallace says she had uncles, and Beth say she had a whole slew of uncles who came and went. Beth says she doesnt know how it is with most fathers and daughters, but Alistair would rather have Sheridan dead than her be with Luis. 

At the hospital, Luis shoots the lock off the door to the psych ward and rushes to find Sheridan. Antonio comes running and goes after Luis. In the treatment room, Ackland says if he lets Luis find Sheridan than Alistair will kill him. Ackland calls the police. Before Luis can find Sheridan, Antonio tackles Luis! They fight, and a gunshot goes off! Nobody is hurt, and the orderlies break up their fight. Luis says he wont leave until Sheridan is safe, kicks down the door to her room, and is reunited with Sheridan. Luis promises no one will ever hurt her again. Unfortunately, the reunion was only in Sheridans head. Luis is trying to break into the room, but Sam arrives and orders Luis to stop. Ackland comes out and orders Luis to be arrested. Luis says all he wants to do is see Sheridan. Antonio says he is not Sheridans husband! Ackland refuses to allow Luis to see Sheridan because it would disrupt her treatment. Luis says her treatment is causing Sheridan to look like hell. Ackland once again demands Sam arrest Luis. Luis swears to Sam that Sheridan is in danger. Antonio says Sheridan is not in danger, Luis is only trying to take advantage of Sheridan and make her convince she is in love with him. Antonio says he is Sheridans husband and he wants Luis out of here now! Sam says he has no choice, and he arrests Luis! 


February 11, 2004
At the Bennetts, David tries to comfort Grace, who is hurting. Grace says choosing him and John has cost her everything! She says she has hurt Sam and the girls so much. Grace says Ivy is taking her family away from her and she cant do anything about it. David says she followed her heart in choosing him, and she knew it would be difficult. Grace says it has been hell! David says she needs to move on and put this behind her. He once again asks her to come to Italy with him. She says she would love to, but she has made a mess of things here. She says Sam has turned to Ivy for all the wrong reasons, and her kids need her whether they will admit it or not. Later, the kids return home. Kay and Miguel are the first ones we see. Grace asks how the trip was? Kay says her slut cousin broke her sister and Miguels heart! Kay  recounts what happened, and Davbid says John already told them. Grace says she still cant believe Charity did this, but Kay and Miguel says it is all true. Miguel tells Grace about finding Charity in bed with Reese, and then later doing a strip tease for the whole hotel. Grace says she doesnt believe this because CHarity is a good girl. Kay says Charity is nothing but a slut! Jessica shows up, and Grace still doesnt want to believe Charity acted this way. Kay tells Jessica that it is like she has always said, Grace always take Charitys side. John has shown up, and he assures Grace Charity everything they have said. Grace tries to comfort Jessica, but Jessica tells Grace not to touch her. She says she walked out on her, and Charity has betrayed her, so she doesnt want her or her slut niece to ever come near her again! Later, Charity arrives home, she got a ride home with some boys she hardly knows. Grace scolds her for hitchhiking, but Charity says it beats walking. Grace is stunned by Charitys behavior, and she asks her about what happened at the lodge. Grace asks if what the others have said about her is trye? Charity says she is guilty as charged. She says she didnt get into bed with Reese to hurt Jessica, but she found out anyways. Grace asks why she is acting this way? Charity says she realized being good got her no where, so she is going to be bad and have fun. Kay says Charity obviously took a page out of Graces book and decided to be a very bad girl. Kay says she guesses the slut doesnt fall far from the family tree! Later, David asks Grace not to take what Kay said to heart, but Grace says she cant help but do that. David tries to convince her that she is not a bad person, mother or wife. He says he loves her, and he asks her to come away with him. Ivy spies on them and hopes Grace will go away with David.

In the Crane Garage, Ethan begs Gwen to hold on and not to leave him. Fox says help is on its way, and we hear sirens in the background.

At the hospital, Sam says he has no choice, and places Luis under arrest. Pilar begs Sam not to do this because Luis is only doing what is best for Sheridan. Pilar doesnt understand why Dr. Ackland wont let anyone see Sheridan. Ackland says he has made a breakthrough with Sheridan and letting anyone, especially Luis, see Sheridan right now would cause a setback. Luis thinks Ackland is working for Alistair. Alistair shows up, and Luis a handcuffed lunges at Alistair! Luis says if he hurts Sheridan than he will kill him! Sam pulls Luis off Alistair, and he asks what is the matter with him? Luis says he doesnt care what they do to them because he will protect Sheridan. Luis tells Antonio to stop being Alistair little do-boy and let Eve in to see Sheridan. Luis says it should be no big deal. Ackland looks at Alistair, which Luis catches. Luis thinks Ackland and Alistair are up to something. Alistair says he is sick of these accusations, does he really think he would hurt his own child? Luis says he does. Eve and Julian  arrive, and Eve asks Antonio to just let her see Sheridan. She says he can use her to prove Luis is wrong, and that Sheridan is just fine. Alistair tries to manipulate Antonio and says Ackland has pointed out Sheridan shouldnt be interrupted during this critical juncture, but if he wants to let Eve in and cause a set back . . . Luis says "Subtle!". Eve is suddenly paged because Gwen has arrived in the ER with a concussion. Eve says she has to go, but she hopes Antonio will reconsider letting her see Sheridan. Beth arrives and finds Luis in handcuffs, and she asks what is going on? Luis explains everything to BEth. Antonio continues to refuse to let anyone see Sheridan, and he tells Sam to arrest Luis. Luis says Sheridan is in danger, and they have taken an oath to protect those in need. Antonio says Sheridan is not in any danger, and he is obsessed with his wife. Antonio tells Luis that he is the one who needs help! Sam tells Luis that he cannot bust in there without just cause, but Luis says they have just cause. As they argue, Pilar begs Antonio to reconsider and let someone see Sheridan. Pilar says if Sheridan is okay than they will all leave and allow the doctor to treat her in peace. Pilar goes to Ackland and begs him to let Eve or Sam see Sheridan. Ackland says he is just here to treat Sheridan, that decision is up to Antonio. Meanwhile, Beth tells Antonio if he lets anyone in to see Sheridan than Luis will take advantage of that situation. Pilar tells Antonio he is being cruel not letting anyone see Sheridan, but Antonio says she is the cruel one. He says he already made his decision, he no longer has a family. He says nobody will see Sheridan, especially not Luis, not now and not ever! Pilar tells Antonio now he is the one being cruel! Luis tells Antonio that Alistair is the one using her, he is using him to take advantage of Sheridan. Antonio says he doesnt want to hear this anymore, and he tells Sam to take him out of here because Luis is no longer his brother. Pilar pleads with Sam not to take Luis to jail, but Sam says he has to get Luis out of here. Luis says if Antonio wants to press charges than fine, but let him wait here until Eve returns. Sam says okay, but tells Luis not to do anything stupid. Sam takes off Luis hand cuffs. Meanwhile, Beth thinks Sheridan will be even more devastated to learn Gwen was killed during a freak accident. Pilar says Gwen wasnt killed, she is just fine and is here. She says Eve is checking on her right now. 

Julian drags Alistair off to talk, and he asks why he is doing all of this to him and Sheridan? Alistair lashes out at Julian and says he is never going to inherit his empire, he doesnt deserve it. Julian damns his father and demands to know where his son is, but Alistair says he has made sure he and Eve would never find his mixed-breed love child. Julian says he could kill him! Alistair says he tried that and failed, but his deed will not go unpunished. Alistair says hell never know who his son is! Julian says Dont be so sure father! 

Eve goes to the ER to check on Gwen. Another doctor gives Eve information on Gwens condition. Ethan also tells Eve that they have been trying to start a family and Gwen could be pregnant. Eve says shell check on that. When Theresa and Fox hear this, Fox says that must have been hard for her to hear. Theresa says she knew they were trying to move on and have a family. She admits it is hard for her to let go of Ethan some times, but he must understand that too because of the woman he loved. Fox says he does. Later, Gwen comes too, and she remembers what happened. When Ethan says it was a terrible accident, she says it was no accident and accuses Theresa of pushing the shelf over on her. Gwen looks over and sees Theresa and Fox looking in her room through the curtains, and she accuses Theresa of trying to kill her! Theresa says she didnt try and kill her, and Fox vouches for Theresas whereabouts. Gwen says all Theresa would have needed a moment alone to do her in, but Theresa says even if she wanted to she wouldnt have known she would be in the garage at this time of night. Gwen says she knows she heard someone else in that garage. She feels that shelf was pushed on her. Eve asks her to stay calm and shell come back to se her later. She then fills Fox and Theresa on Antonio and Luis predicament, and she hopes she will come with them to talk sense into them. They say they will. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Ethan that she really wants to see Dr. Culver, but Ethan thinks it is not a good idea. He suggests they not talk about any of this anymore and just concentrate on her getting better. Beth spies on them and cant believe Gwen and Sheridan wont die. She says she could strangle them with her own hands!

Fox and Theresa head to the psych ward, and Pilar asks Theresa if she had anything to do with Gwens accident? Theresa says of course not! Theresa goes to talk to Antonio, and he asks him to let Eve see Sheridan. Antonio thinks Theresa is taking Pilar and Luis side. Theresa reminds him that before he left he told her to do the right thing no matter what the consequences. She says she is asking him to do that now. Antonio finally agrees to let Eve see Sheridan. Eve goes in to check on Sheridan, and Eve is stunned by what she sees. She asks Dr. Ackland what he has done?

Whitney takes a walk on the pier and is venting about her hypocritical mother. As she vents, someone grabs her from behind! It turns out it is just Chad. He says he was taking a walk and heard her yelling, so he came over to see if she was okay. Whitney cant believe he snuck up on her, and she asks if he is crazy? Chad says he is, he is crazy in love with her. Chad begs Whitney not to push him away, to give him another chance. Whitney says she needs time alone to think. Chad says he came here to be with her, to make things right. He asks her not to run out on him now. Later, Alistair sees them together and says this will teach Julian and Eve to play with him, hell destroy those two love birds with one stone! Alistair interprets them and tells them that it is so wonderful to see young love, and he tells them not to let anything tear them apart. He urges them to marry one another because they wont want to look back and wonder what might have been. Alistair walks away, and Whitney feels like Alistair just walked over her grave. Alistair says Julian and Eve will pay dearly for trying to find their child, and Chad and Whitneys union will be the price! 


February 12, 2004
On the pier, Whitney shivers because of what happened with Alistair Crane, as if a ghost walked over her grave. Chad suggests they go get some hot chocolate to warm her up. They walk off, and Alistair laughs. He says he knows where Julian and Eves long lost son is, but that tidbit stays with him until he decimates everyone who has crossed him. Meanwhile, Whitney talks to Chad about finding her mom with Julian, and how she thought she and her mom were becoming friends again. She says now they will never be friends, and she doesnt know what she would do if she ever caught them together again. She says she wouldnt be responsible for her actions if she did. A spying Alistair says if she doesnt run into them by accident, than hell make sure she does so purposefully! Later, Chad goes to the car to get a blanket to warm Whitney up. Whitney begins thinking about finding her mother at the mansion with Julian. Meanwhile, Chad runs into Alistair. Alistair gives him a boatload of cash with which to wine and dine Whitney. He asks why he is doing this? Alistair says it is for Eve, she has done so much good for this community and he knows she wants to see her daughter treated well. Chad agrees to take the money, but he says he will pay him back. 

At the hospital, Gwen tells Ethan how much she is looking forward to her appointment with doctor Culver tomorrow. She says not only for the two of them, but to ask him about Beth Wallace. She says she knows Beth is up to something. Ethan asks if seeing Dr Culver is really about getting pregnant, or more about digging up dirt on Beth? Gwen says she will be killing two birds with one stone, and she thinks Dr. Culver will prove all her suspicions about Beth. She says she wouldnt be surprised if Beth was lying and was never pregnant. Later, a nurse tells Gwen that she is free to go home. Gwen is thrilled, and tells Ethan on the way home she wants to make a stop. Ethan says okay, as long as it doesnt have to do with Beth. Gwen says it doesnt, but he has to admit Beth is strange. Gwen is positive that Beth tried to kill her, more than once. Ethan says she has no proof, but Gwen says she will get it. Gwen says it all makes sense if Sheridan is right about Beths baby being hers. Ethan says he doesnt buy Sheridans delusions, and neither does Luis. Gwen says if Beth is hiding something about her baby than she will find out what it is, which is why her appointment with Dr. Culver is so important. 

In the hall, Dr. Culver confronts Beth about her so-called-pregnancy. Dr. Culver wants to know what is going on with her? What is she trying to pull? Beth tries to claim that his nurse has her confused with another patient, but he doesnt believe her. Beth says she has to go and runs off . Ethan shows up and asks Dr. Culver to please meet with his wife. Dr. Culver says he would be delighted, and he'll be in to see her soon. Dr. Culver finds Beth hiding and says hes about to speak to a friend of hers, Gwen Winthrop, and he wouldnt be surprised if her name comes up! Dr. Culver says it is too bad she cant stick around for this conversation. Suddenly, Gwen and Ethan find Beth with Dr. Culver, and Gwen says she was just going to ask Dr. Culver about Beth! Dr. Culver ends up getting paged and has to go because a patient is in distress. Gwen confronts Beth and says she has a big list of things she plans on doing, and at the top of the list is getting Sheridan out of the psych ward. Beth doubts that will happen because she is pretty delusional, but Gwen says they'll see about that. Later, Ethan and Gwen stop by the nursery to see the babies. They talk about the future, and about Sarah. Gwen says Sarah is why she has to help Sheridan, if there is a one in a million chance that Sheridans baby is still alive than they have to make sure they are reunited. She says she hates seeing people who should be together separated, like mothers and their babys and Luis and Sheridan (I guess Theresa and Little Ethan dont count here!) 

Elsewhere, Beth begins to wonder how to deal with Gwen. She thinks maybe she doesnt have to kill her, Dr. Culver never saw her with the bag of sugar, and therefore he cant prove she didnt have a baby. Meanwhile, Dr. Culver learns from a nurse that Beth actually does have a baby. The nurse tells him that her baby almost died from dehydration. Dr. Culver is shocked that Beth actually has a baby. He doesn't understand how this can be.

In the psych ward, Eve is stunned by Sheridans looks. Eve asks why she looks half dead, and why is she restrained to the table? She asks Ackland what therapy he is subjecting her to? Dr. Ackland says he owes her no explanation, his methods are sound and proven, and he has not received a complaint from the family or husband. Luis is concerned about Sheridans paleness, and Antonio is furious that Sheridan has been restrained. Eve says she wants Sheridan transferred out of here immediately. Ackland says that is impossible without the next of kins approval. Luis tells Antonio that if he loves Sheridan than he will get her out of this torture chamber! Antonio says hell take care of Sheridan from now on, but Luis thinks hes done a lousy job so far. Luis tells Antonio to get Sheridan out of here! Eve says she will oversee Sheridans care once she is released. Ackland says Sheridan is still his patient and she needs his help getting back to reality. Eve says her loved ones will help her cope with reality. Antonio wants to know what kind of treatment Sheridan is getting. Luis says that doesnt matter, just get her out of here. Antonio says Sheridan looks far worse than when he admitted her. Ackland says that is why he didnt want anyone to see her, and he swears her therapy is progressing well. He says if her therapy is interrupted than she can suffer a relapse. Eve doesnt buy that for a second. Ackland continues to try and manipulate Antonio, and he says if Sheridan is taken out of here now than she may not only continue to be confused about her baby, she may not even know who she is married to. Antonio ends up saying that Sheridan will remain in Dr. Acklands care, which shocks everyone. Luis and Eve try and talk some sense into Antonio. Antonio says in spite of what they think, he knows Sheridan loves him. Eve says that could be, and that part of Sheridan's breakdown may be because she is in love with two men. Eve says that being in love with two men must be terribly draining on her. She says that people who say you cant love more than one person at a time are wrong. Julian overhears Eve say this, and Eve is on the verge of tears. Sheridan begins to wake up, and Eve begs Antonio to reconsider and let Sheridan out of here. Eve asks Antonio that if Luis wasnt part of this, and if he wasnt concerned about who Sheridan would choose, what choice would he make? Antonio finally agrees to release Sheridan. Luis says he is doing the right thing. Antonio says he is doing this for Sheridan, not Luis. Ackland says he is going to file a complaint with the medical review board. Eve tells him to do that because she intends to take photos of Sheridan in her current state! Eve says once Sheridan wakes up she will put an end to this situation. She says once Sheridan wakes up she will ask her to make a choice between them, and thus ending this terrible situation between them. Antonio says he is her husband. Eve says a womans heart is a delicate thing, and sometimes she has to hope her decision is the right thing. Meanwhile, Ackland calls Alistair to inform him what is going on. Alistair tells Ackland not to worry about Sheridan, he has things in play that will stop anyone who gets in his way. 

Sheridan is taken to a regular room, and Antonio asks how soon she will be able to go home. Eve says they will have to see how strong she is when she wakes up. Antonio says he cant wait until Sheridan makes her decision and ends this once and for all. Antonio goes to get Sheridan some of her clothes, and Eve allows Luis to see Sheridan. Luis says Antonio is going to have to get used to him being with Sheridan, and the sooner Antonio accepts that the sooner their lives will be back to normal. Eve asks Luis to just not argue with Antonio because she is sure Sheridan can sense it. Later, Julian tells Eve that he heard her talking about a woman loving more than one man. He wonders if she was talking about the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers and Sheridan, or herself him and TC? Eve says she thinks she needs some air.

In Sheridans room, Sheridan stirs as Luis sits by her side. Pilar tells Luis that they should leave because Antonio could be back any minute. Luis doesnt care, and he says he will stay here for Sheridan. Pilar sees Antonio coming down the hall, and she says it is too late! Pilar begs Luis to leave, and Luis eventually leaves to appease his mother. They leave and Antonio goes back into Sheridans room. Antonio sits with her and hopes when she wakes up they will put everything behind them and begin their lives together. Luis spies on them and wonders where Antonio gets off thinking his (Antonio's) love for Sheridan is stronger than his. Antonio turns his head and sees Luis watching him. 

Eve and Julian take a walk, and Julian asks his question again, was she talking about her own situation earlier, does she really still love him? Eve tells Julian that she does love him, but she also loves TC. They talk about their son, and about Alistair. Eve wonders how Alistair will punish them next. Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad run into Eve and Julian, and Whitney asks her mom if she hasnt cheated on her father with Julian for one night? Eve says she doesnt understand, but Whitney says she doesnt want to hear their lies. She tells her mom that she is nothing but a common whore! Whitney storms off, and Eve thinks someone is setting them up on purpose. Alistair, who suddenly appears, laughs and says perhaps if Eve would stay home with their family she wouldnt have this problem. Eve accuses Alistair of doing this, but he says he doesn't have time to send Whitney all over harmony to run into them. HE says he has bigger plans for the two of them, and by time hes through with them they will wish they had never been born, let alone fallen in love! 


February 12
Chad and Fox are walking down the street with bunches of Balloons for their women. Fox says he feels like a fool, but Chad says this days is about making fools of themselves for the women they love. Meanwhile, Theresa and Whitney are all dressed up in red outfits. Whitney has a nice dress which wraps around her, but Theresa's outfit looks like a red shiny plastic raincoat!  Theresa thinks Chad and Fox must have something planned for them today. Whitney could care less and says she doesnt believe in love anymore, not after catching her mom with Julian so many times. She says she doesnt believe in true love anymore. Whitney begins lashing out about her hypocritical mom once more, but is interrupted by the doorbell. Theresa thinks it is Chad and Fox here to pick them up. Whitney says she has not given Chad the indication that that they are a couple again, she just let him buy her some hot chocolate! Theresa answers the door, and it is Chad and Fox. Theresa is ready for her special day, but Whitney says she is going no where. Theresa tells Whitney that she cant give up on love and happiness. Chad asks Whitney to just come with them, and if she doesnt like it, shell bring her back. Whitney agrees, and they take off. They blindfold the girls and take them downtown somewhere. Theresa begs to be told where they are taking her, but the boys refuse. They eventually let them see what they have planned for them. The boys have decorated a park up with flowers; red, white and pink balloons; swings; bicycles and more Theresa and Whitney are floored. Theresa and Fox share a kiss, and Whitney is in tears. Whitney says she cant believe he remembered all of this. Theresa doesnt understand what all the stuff is. Whitney says it is out of a silly romantic movie she saw when she was a kid, and she told Chad about it. She said in this movie the man took a woman to a park to set up all the fun things she loved to do like ride bikes, swing on the swings, and play games. Whitney says the man told her that he loved her as much as she loved these things, but that these things couldnt love her back, but the man could. Chad says he promises to love her every day of her life, and they kiss. Theresa is glad to see them back together because Whit deserves to be with the man she loves. Fox says she does. Fox gives Theresa her gifts, which he thinks pale in comparison to Chad's (She gets some flowers, a T-shirt that says "Hopeless Romantic," and some chocolate. She says she still loves them and couldnt ask for a better Valentines Day. Fox says even not one with Ethan. She says she doesnt think about Ethan, but then says okay she does a little, but she is ready to move on with him. Theresa asks Fox if he thinks about his mystery woman? HE says he does, but she is with another guy now. Fox asks Theresa to open up the chocolates, and she says hes got it. She opens them up, and then Fox surprises Theresa with a horse drawn carriage. Theresa cries that is so romantic. On their carriage ride, Fox says the look on her face when she thought all she got was a rose, a box of chocolates, and t-shirt was priceless. He tells her that he is not that cheap, and he says their day is not over yet. The carriage stops, and a romantic dinner and champagne is brought to them. Theresa says she feels like she is in a movie! Fox says she is, Fox and Theresas excellent adventure! Fox and Theresa share a kiss. 

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca catches Julian mooning over a picture of Eve Russell. Rebecca tells Julian that he is married to her, and she will never let him go be with Eve Russell! Julian says that is noted. Rebecca wishes Julian happy Valentines Day. Julian says he didnt get her anything, but Rebecca says he did. She has bought a diamond necklace from Harry Winston, and she gives him the bill. He is stunned by the cost of her present. Rebecca says you cant put a price on love. She warns him not to go near Eve today because TC will kill him if he does.  Meanwhile, Ethan surprises Gwen with a Valentines Day gift, a gold locket/necklace. She loves it, and they kiss. Gwen is planning to see Culver, and she is excited. Ethan thinks he knows how to make sure she gets some good news, and they make love.

Beth is at her house worried about Gwens meeting with Culver. Beth says if Gwen voices her concerns about Sheridans baby, and if Culver voices his concerns about her faking her pregnancy, Gwen could connect the dots. Beth says there must be a way to keep Culver quiet, and she comes up with a way to scare him into keeping quiet.

At the hospital, Pilar talks to Luis about Sheridans choice. She is afraid the choice will cause a rift between him and Antonio. Luis says as long as Antonio accept Sheridans choice than everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Ackland meets with Alistair, and Alistair says if frying Sheridans brain didnt work, than hell have to kill his own daughter. Alistair tells Ackland to stay here and out of sight, hes going to go see Eve before she speaks to Sheridan about Luis and Antonio. Alistair once again says if Sheridan's love for Luis isnt dead, she will be! Back in Sheridans room, Sheridan sits up in her bed and says Luis! Later, Luis and Antonio go to see Sheridan now that she is awake, and  both have flowers for Sheridan. They give her the roses, and she thanks them both. Luis asks how she is. She says she is tired, but confused. She asks why they are looking at her like that. They both tell Sheridan that they love her. Pilar tells them that they are making Sheridan uneasy. Pilar ends up telling Sheridan that the time has come for her to make a decision, a decision which will affect her life and the lives of her sons. Suddenly, a nurse comes in and says they must wait outside because Dr. Russell has instructed Sheridan have no visitors without her present.

In Eves office, Eve receives dozens of roses from Julian, and she loves them. Suddenly, TC walks in with some flowers which pale in comparison, and he asks who sent her roses? She wont tell him, so he says hell read the card. The card says To the one I love, Julian Julian has shown up, and we learn the card isnt signed, he said Julian because he saw Julian. The card is unsigned, and Eve says the flowers are for Sheridan of course. TC asks why Julian is here, and he says he came to see Sheridan. TC give her his roses, which he hopes don't look wimpy compared to these. TC leaves for a moment, and Eve thanks Julian for the roses, but says he should have. Julian and Eve decide to go to check of Sheridan, but are caught by Alistair. Alistair says he has a proposition for Eve, not as the whore she once was but as the doctor she is now. Eve asks him what the proposition is? Alistair wants Ackland one to have one last visit with Sheridan, but Eve says no. Alistair says she will allow it if she ever wants to see her son. TC walks in and says what is he talking about, they dont have a son. Alistair says he would be glad to explain everything to TC. TC says they have two daughters, not a son. Alistair says yes, he learned Simone won the science contest at Harmony College, and he mistake Simone for Simon. He says he is sorry. He also tells Julian that about that mail (male) he is looking for, hes sure it is lost forever. Eve is beeped that Sheridan is awake, so she decides to go check on her. Eve leaves, and Julian goes with her to see Sheridan. Julian wants to talk about what Alistair said, but Eve doesnt. She asks him to go ahead and shell meet him there. Julian heads off, and Eve smells the flowers he sent her.

Eve meets up with Julian and the others outside of Sheridan's toom. She is not happy that the boys went in and saw Sheridan without her present. Pilar says she told Sheridan that she would have to make a choice, but she wasnt specific. Eve goes in to check on Sheridan, and Luis fantasizes about being with Sheridan once again after she chooses him. Later, Eve says they can come in. Antonio says as her husband he should be able to talk to her first. Luis says no way, and Eve tells them to stop fighting. Pilar begs them not to let Sheridan come between their relationship as brothers. Eve says it is time, so they all go into Sheridans room so she can choose. Ackland and Alistair watch, and Alistair says it seems Sheridan doesnt remember her therapy. Ackland is glad because if she does Luis and Antonio would kill them. Alistair says no, they would kill him because he is the one who treated her. Alistair says if Sheridan remembers than she will die, and he may kill her himself!  In Sheridans room, Eve asks Sheridan to choose between Antonio and Luis.

Ethan and Gwen arrive at Dr. Culvers office, and Gwen is thrilled to be seeing him. She thinks not only will Dr. Culver help them get pregnant, but he will verify Beth was not pregnant and her baby is really Sheridans. Gwen says she just wishes the other nurse was here because that nurse was going to tell her something. Ethan just cant see it, and he says Gwen is making Beth out to be a one woman menace.  In Dr. Culvers office, Beth arrives and warns the doctor not to open his mouth that she was not pregnant, or else shell take care of him! Dr. Culver tells her not to threaten him because he will tell Gwen everything when he meets with her. Beth tells him that if he wont keep quiet, than they will. She yells Posse Attack! Mrs. Wallace and Precious show up, dressed up like ninjas and wielding Samurai Swords! Dr. Culver says of course he wont tell anyone, until he realizes that the swords are plastic. He says they are all certifiable, and he tells Beth that hell send her to jail, hell have Previous sent to the zoo, and hes sending Mrs. Wallace to the old folks home! Beth and the gang all run out, and Gwen sees them and thinks that was Beth and her mother dressed up like Ninja rejects. Ethan says he didnt see a thing. They go in to see Dr. Culver, and Beth and her mom spy on them. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that it is too late for her! In Dr. Culvers office, Dr. Culver asks Gwen and Ethan what he an do for them. Gwen says first shed like to ask him a few questions about Beth Wallace and her baby.

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