February 15, 2004
Theresa and Fox's romantic carriage ride continues, and they kiss and enjoy strawberries. The carriage stops near Whitney and Chad. Chad thinks Fox made him look bad, but Theresa says what Chad did for Whitney was way romantic. Fox tells them to hop in because the surprises have not yet ended. Whitney and Chad join them in the carriage, which takes off. Fox takes them to the Crane pool to enjoy a dip. Whitney says they can't swim because they don't have bathing suits. Fox says they can skinny dip, but Whitney says no way. Theresa says they can do this, and Fox agrees. Chad however doesn't want Whitney to do this, but in the end the clothes come off and they all go skinny dipping! Later the gang, wrapped in towels, share a toast and some champagne. They end up being caught by Rebecca, who asks what is going on here? Rebecca is not pleased and holds a purple brazier in her hands. Rebecca tells them all that this is private property and they have no right to parade around here naked! She looks at Chad and says she'll make an exception in his case. Rebecca plans to have them all arrested, but they say Fox invited them here. Rebecca says very well, this is his home, but Theresa has been banned from here so she wants her gone. Fox says no way, now that they are dating she needs to get used to seeing her more often. Rebecca thinks Theresa is just working her way through all the Crane men, and she says Julian will see to it that Fox dumps Theresa. Fox says that will not happen, he's not going to listen to anything Julian has to say. Theresa suggests Rebecca is just jealous because Rebecca knows she'll always have a Crane man in her life, Little Ethan. Rebecca says Little Ethan will always have a place here at the mansion, as soon as Gwen and Ethan have a child Little Ethan will be his or her servant! Theresa says her son will never be a servant, he is Julian's son and will always be more important in this house than any child Ethan and Gwen could ever have. They get into a nasty argument. Rebecca continues to accuse Theresa of killing Ethan and Gwen's child, and when they have another Little Ethan will be their servant. Theresa says Ethan loves her son and would never let her or anyone else mistreat Little Ethan. Theresa continues to say that she will never let her son be anyone's servant, but Rebecca says she has custody of Little Ethan now and he will do what she tells him to. She also says Little Ethan will become less and less important to Ethan when he and Gwen have their own child. She says it will be a privilege for Little Ethan to shine Gwen and Ethan's child's shoes and to pick up his or her things.  Rebecca says in this house Little Ethan will only be the ex-housekeeper's grandson, and will be Ethan and Gwen's child servant. Theresa says than she hopes Gwen can never have another child! 

At the hospital, Eve asks Sheridan to choose between Luis and Antonio. Sheridan says she knows she needs to do this. She looks at both men and tells them that they have both been so wonderful to her. She says she loves them both. Luis tells Sheridan that she doesn't have to be diplomatic, just tell Antonio that she chooses him. Alistair and Ackland spy on them, and Alistair says she better choose the right man or there will be hell to pay. Sheridan doesn't know how she can hurt a man who has been so good and kind to her. Luis says he knows this is hard, but she can't give hope where there is none. Antonio tells Luis to stop badgering Sheridan and let her choose. Sheridan thanks Antonio, and she tells Luis that Antonio is her husband and they were married in a church before God, so she can never leave him. Luis says she can't mean this, but she says she does. Luis says she loves him not Antonio, and asks her what she is doing. Sheridan says she loves her husband. Luis tells Sheridan that he knows she can feel the connection they have. He begs her to feel it, but Antonio tells him to leave her alone. Sheridan tells Luis she knows what they once shared, but she has thought it through and the man she loves is Antonio. Meanwhile, Alistair thanks Ackland for what he has done, and he walks off. Ackland just hopes nobody learns what he has done. Back in the room, Luis asks Sheridan what happened to make her change her mind about being with him. He says he knows she loves him and she loved him before he met Antonio. ANtonio says she made her decision so leave her alone. Luis and Antonio almost come to blows. Pilar tells them to stop this, but Luis says something is wrong with Sheridan. He tells Pilar to look into her eyes, they have changed. Antonio says her eyes are only for him now! Luis says that is not it, and he sees Dr. Ackland has come into the room. Luis attacks Ackland and asks what he has done to her? Sheridan says Ackland did nothing to her but give her time and space to think. She says she realized she loves her husband and needs to be with him. SHe tells Lis that she knows he believes in the sanctity of marriage as much as she does. Luis says no, you don't love Anotnio you love me! Sheridan says what she needs is her husband. Luis says she isn't thinking clearly, but Sheridan says for the first time in a long time she is. Pilar tells Luis they should leave, but Luis refuses. Antonio tells Luis that he needs to get it through his head, Sheridan loves him! Luis begs Sheridan to tell him that she hasn't forgotten him. Sheridan says she hasn't forgotten, but what they had was in the past. She says Antonio is her present and her future. Eve and Pilar both tell Luis that he should leave, but he continues to say no. He won't believe Sheridan's choice, and he thinks Alistair and his so called shrink  has done something to her. Luis asks Eve to fix what they have done to Sheridan. Eve tells Luis that is impossible for Ackland to do anything to Sheridan to make her lose the memory of her love for him. Luis says Sheridan has been brainwashed, they have made her forget she loves him. Luis tries to attack Ackland again, but Sheridan stops him. Sheridan swears Dr. Ackland only helped her make up her own mind, he did nothing more to her. Luis says he won't accept this. Pilar says she doesn't understand this either, but Luis must accept it. Luis says never and tells Ackland to turn her back or he'll kill him!

Elsewhere, Dr. Culver meet with Gwen and Ethan as Beth, Mrs. Wallace and Precious spy on them. MRs. Wallace says it is only a matter of minutes before Gwen puts all the pieces together and figures out what she has done. Meanwhile, Gwen begins to question Dr. Culver about Beth's behavior. Gwen says she knows this is not ethical, but there are things they need to know about BEth. Dr. Culver says Doctor-Patient confidentiality is no longer an issue, so he'll tell her everything he knows. Mrs. Wallace convinces Beth that they need to get the hell out of here, so they run for it. Back in Dr. Culver's office, Gwen asks if Beth was ever . . . before Gwen can ask, Dr. Culver's nurse says there is a patient who must see him immediately and it can't wait. Culver goes to see this patient, who turns out to be Alistair Crane. Alistair warns Culver that they have a huge problems on their hands. Alistair orders Dr. Culver not tell Gwen and Ethan what he knows about BEth Wallace. Dr. Culver says he will not do what he wants. He says Alistair is as crazy as Beth Wallace, so not only will he tell the Winthrops what he knows, he will tell the police. Alistair says he doesn't think so, but Culver says nothing he can do will make him change his mind. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan wait for Dr. Culver to return. Gwen is hoping Culver will tell them that BEth was never pregnant, and then she can prove Beth's baby is Sheridan's. Ethan says this won't bring back Sarah. Gwen says this is not about Sarah, this is not why she is focusing on Sheridan's baby. She says well, maybe it has something to do with Sarah, but it doesn't mean she is wrong about BEth. Ethan says he thinks they should just focus on their baby, the one they want to have. Ethan says they have been trying for awhile now and she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. Gwen says last time she got pregnant without trying. She says perhaps she just is too stressed out right now. She says maybe  after Beth has been caught, she can be more relaxed and conceive a baby. Ethan tells Gwen that she needs to calm down because this fixation she has with Beth is not healthy. Gwen says this is not a fixation, and she knows she is right about Beth. Later, Dr. Culver returns and ends up telling Gwen that Beth had an uneventful pregnancy and a normal birth. Gwen doesn't understand, she thought he was going to tell her that Beth wasn't pregnant. We see Culver remember Alistair showing Culver some photos of his kinky past times, which involve whips and chains! Gwen thinks Dr. Culver has something more to tell them, and Culver says he does. Gwen asks him what he has to tell them about Beth. Dr. Culver says this isn't about Beth, it is news for them. Dr. Culver ends up telling Gwen and Ethan that Gwen will never be able to have another child again. 

Beth and company return home where Cindy was babysitting the baby and watching Days of Our Lives. Cindy heads off, and Beth begins packing. Mrs. Wallace already has her bag packed just in case such a situation occurred. Beth asks where they should go? Mrs. Wallace says as far away as possible! Precious fantasizes about them returning to the jungle and Beth sinking in a bunch of quicksand! Meanwhile, Beth looks at a photo of Luis and cries that she can't believe she has to leave Harmony and will never see Luis again. Suddenly, Precious throws a banana at Beth! They finish packing up their things when the doorbell rings. Mrs. Wallace fears it is it he cops and that they are too late. They head out the backdoor, only to find Alistair waiting for them. He tells them not so fast! He tells them that they are acting like hysterical women, and they have no reason to run or to fear from Gwen. Alistair says he has taken care of Culver, Culver will never reveal the truth to Gwen or anyone. Beth asks how Alistair stopped Culver? Alistair says that is none of her business. He says he has also arranged for Sheridan to choose Antonio over Luis, so the way is clear for her to be with Luis! Alistair says his grandson will never know his birthright, he will never know who he is or who his real mother is. Alistair tells BEth to go find Luis and console him in his time of need. Beth cries "I've won!"


February 18, 2004
At the hospital, Gwen and Ethan are devastated to learn they will never have another child. Gwen is furious and lashes out at Culver. She accuses him of lying to her, but he says he wishes he was. Gwen says he is a terrible doctor and should have his license revoked. Ethan apologizes to the doctor, but Culver says given the situation her reaction is normal and understandable. Ethan asks if more tests can be run, but Culver says he ran them several times and the tests are conclusive. Gwen continues to cry that he is lying. Culver says they are welcomed to see another doctor, but the conclusion will be the same, Gwen cannot have another child. He leaves them alone for awhile, and Gwen tells Ethan she'll never feel another first kick, she'll never hold her child in her arms. She says she feels like her heart has been ripped out, that her life is over. As Ethan comforts her, he feels like he is to blame. Later, Dr. Culver returns and Gwen asks how she is unable to have a child when she got pregnant once before? He says the fight that caused her to lose her child also caused damage to her that won't allow her to get pregnant again. Gwen goes into a rage and says this is all that bitch Theresa's fault!

Meanwhile, Luis continues to refuse to accept Sheridan's choice. In her room, Antonio is thrilled by her choice and tells Sheridan that now they can finally start their lives together. Sheridan gets dressed and prepares to leave. She looks at Luis, who is in the hall way and is devastated. She feels horrible that his heart is breaking because of her. Antonio says she made a choice that had to be made, so they should go. Meanwhile Beth shows up to comfort Luis. Luis tells BEth that something is wrong, the doctors have done something to Sheridan to make her forget their love. BEth asks Luis to come with her and talk, but Luis says he wants to be alone right now. He says he is in a bad place and would not be good company. Beth tells Luis that she knows someone who could cheer him up, so she asks him to come with her. 

BEth and Luis return to the Wallace house, and Luis spends time with baby MArtin. The baby cheers Luis up, and Beth smiles. She tells her mom that it is over, that she has won Sheridan's baby and Luis. Mrs. Wallace says whatever has been done to Sheridan won't last forever, her love for Luis is too strong. BEth tells her mom that as usual she doesn't know what she is talking about. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth one day Sheridan will remember her love for Luis and Beth will be left out in the cold . . . or better yet in a nice warm place known as H E Double L! Later, Luis tells BEth that he has to go. He says it was nice spending time with Martin and it did make him feel better. However, he says he wants to spend some time alone, so he's just going to go home. Beth tries to convince him not to leave, and she says she hates he is going through this and would do anything to help him get through this.

Antonio and Sheridan return to the cottage, and she is so glad to be home. Once home, Sheridan is hit with a few memories of happy times spent here with Luis. Antonio tells her that he'd like to make her a nice dinner tonight and relax with her, but SHeridan says no. She says she doesn't want to stay in, she wants to go out and be amongst people. Antonio says okay and says they can go out to dinner.

Beth somehow convinces Luis to go to dinner with her and talk about things. Luis still refuses to believe Sheridan has decided to be with Antonio. Beth says maybe this is her decision, maybe she really did decided to be with ANtonio. Luis says no, Sheridan loves him and something has made her forget that. Luis says she'll remember, she just has to. Meanwhile, Antonio and Sheridan show up at the same place for dinner, and they are dancing together. Antonio tells Sheridan he's glad they decided to come out as it feels right they celebrate this way. When they sit down at their table, Sheridan looks across the room and sees Luis sitting with BEth! Luis sees Sheridan as well, and Beth frets. Sheridan decides to go speak to Luis. Antonio asks her why? SHe says "Please, I won't be long." Sheridan comes over to Luis and Beth's table, and Luis hopes this means she has remembered. Sheridan tells Luis that she was hoping they could talk, she has something important to say to him.

At the Crane mansion, Chad and Whitney have left, and Rebecca and Theresa are still going at it over Theresa's words. Rebecca ends up attacking Theresa and calling her a murderous and evil little slut. Fox steps in to protect Theresa. Rebecca asks how he can defend this monster let alone have a relationship with her? Theresa says she didn't mean what she said, but Rebecca says of course she did. She calls Theresa a snake in the grass waiting to strike, and that she will do anything to get Ethan back including cursing her daughter. Rebecca tells Theresa that she will never see Little Ethan again, and she will never cause her daughter any more pain because she will see her dead first. Rebecca storms off, stops, and says Ethan and Gwen will have lots of children and all the wishing and praying won't stop it from happening!  Rebecca leaves, and Theresa cries and feels remorse over her words. She says the words just came out of her mouth, and she would never wish that upon anyone, but Rebecca just kept saying such harsh things about her son and his future. Theresa cries that what she said was horrible, but Fox says she didn't mean it. He says she'd never wish that upon Gwen. Theresa says she'd never wish it upon anyone. Fox says Rebecca knew how she would react when she said those thing about Little Ethan being Ethan and Gwen's child servant. 

In the Crane Living room, Ethan and Gwen return home, and Rebecca rushes over to Gwen and says she has to hear what Theresa has done now. Ethan tells Rebecca not now, they just got terrible news. Rebecca says Gwen won't feel any better when she hears this, and she says Theresa says she is hoping and praying Gwen will never be able to have another child. Ethan is stunned, and Rebecca continues to rant about how hideous Theresa is. Rebecca says she walked in on Theresa and Fox in the pool house and they were naked! Ethan is incredibly upset, and tells Gwen to stay here and he asks Rebecca to watch after Gwen. Ethan leaves, and Rebecca tells Gwen to get pregnant immediately in order to hold onto Ethan and to get back at Theresa. Gwen tells her mom to stop it, but Rebecca doesn't. Gwen tells her mom to shut up, did she not hear what Ethan said? Gwen says they just received horrible news. Rebecca asks what the bad news is? Gwen tells Rebecca that she was told she can't have any more children. Gwen says she'll never have another baby again. Rebecca asks why, how? Gwen says it was the fight with Theresa that caused this. Rebecca says this is all that bitches fault! Gwen says she lost her baby and now can't have another one. Gwen says on the car ride home Ethan was talking about adoption, but that is not something she can thing about now. That gives Rebecca an idea, and she says it is so obvious, it is the perfect solution! Rebecca tells Gwen that she has to adopt Little Ethan right now! Rebecca tells Gwen that she will adopt Little Ethan! Gwen says she can't think about this right now, but Rebecca tells Gwen she has to stop Theresa before she takes her husband as well. She pushes Gwen into agreeing to adopt Little Ethan and take him away from Theresa. Gwen says she will destroy Theresa's life the same way she destroyed hers!

Back out in the pool house, Theresa is still upset about what she said. Fox says Rebecca said awful things too, and they were only words said in anger. Suddenly, Ethan bursts in and lashes out at Theresa. He demands to know if Theresa said what Rebecca says she did. Fox says he doesn't know the whole story, but Ethan wants to know if she said it? Theresa says she did. He asks how she could say that? Theresa wants to explain, but he says she can't explain something so sick! He asks what the hell is wrong with her? Theresa says it meant nothing, and she lost her temper. Ethan says she has no idea what these words mean, her prayers have been answered, Gwen cannot have children again. Ethan explains the fight she and Gwen had damaged Gwen, and he asks her to stay away from him, Gwen, and stay out of their lives. Ethan walks off, and Theresa tells Fox that she's never seen Ethan like this. She says his heart is broken. Fox says it has to be tough news to hear. Theresa says she does know what it is like having a child taken from her, and she says the only thing that keeps her going is knowing she'll be with her child again. Theresa says Ethan and Gwen can't even hold onto that hope anymore.  She says they lost Sarah and now can't have anymore children, it is just horrible.


February 18, 2004
Due to a long day, a shorter summary . . . 

At the pool house, Theresa continues to feel horrible about wishing Gwen would not have anymore children. Fox tells her that Rebecca pushed her into saying that. Theresa thinks they should try and help Gwen, perhaps there is a treatment out there that her doctor doesn't know about. She decides to help Gwen, and also to go visit Little Ethan.

In Little Ethan's room, Ethan says goodnight to the boy, and thinks about how he will never have his own children. Ethan heads out, and runs into Theresa outside Little Ethan's room. He does not want to see her right now and warns her to get out of here before Gwen sees her. Ethan won't allow Theresa to explain anything, and later smells flowers. He realizes he didn't stop a flower delivery and needs to stop Gwen from reading the card. He takes off, and Theresa visits with Little Ethan before being pulled away by a concerned Fox. As they are leaving, Theresa remembers the photo of her by Little Ethan's bed was gone, and she insists on going upstairs and putting a photo of her there so he can wake up to her face.

Meanwhile, Gwen flip flops on whether to adopt little Ethan. She thinks she can't do that to Theresa or any woman, she can't take another woman's child from them. Rebecca gets her all riled up about what Theresa did to her. Gwen says she will make Theresa pay, and she hopes she doesn't see Theresa tonight because she would kill her and no jury in the world would convict her. Later, Ethan rushes in as Gwen gets her flowers and reads the card. Ethan apologizes and says it was arranged before they got the news. Rebecca looks a the card which reads "To my wife and the mother of my children." Ethan says he's sorry, and Gwen suggests they go to bed because it has been a long and hard day. Rebecca suggests they give Little Ethan a good night kiss before going to bed. 

Back upstairs, Ethan tells Gwen that Little Ethan is probably asleep by now, still Gwen decides to go check on him as Ethan heads to their room. Gwen walks in and catches Theresa in with Little Ethan. Theresa tries to apologize, but Gwen tells Theresa to shut up because she's going to kill her!

At the restaurant, Beth and Antonio worry why Sheridan and Luis have not returned yet. Outside the restaurant, Sheridan tells Luis there is something important she needs to tell him. Luis thinks that she has remembered, and pulls her into a kiss. Meanwhile, an assassin targets Sheridan and is ordered, by Alistair, to kill her if she remembers anything. The assassin is about to shoot Sheridan, but stops when Sheridan pushes Luis away. She tells him that he is mistaken, she only wanted to tell him that their love is in the past and she is committed to Antonio. Back in the restaurant, Alistair arrives and assures Beth and Antonio they have nothing to worry about, Dr. Ackland's treatment was amazing and Sheridan will not change her mind about her choice. He walks off, and Antonio begins to worry that perhaps Luis is right and Alistair did do something to make Sheridan chose him. Beth tries to boost his confidence and tell him not to think that way. However, she soon realizes there is a problem, her baby. She fears her baby could bring back all of Sheridan's memories and love for Luis, so she urges ANtonio to take Sheridan back to the islands. Outside, Luis gets the same idea as Beth and shows Sheridan a photo of Martin. Sheridan looks at it and says Beth's baby . . . my baby! Luis says yes, and he thinks Martin is the key to returning sheridan's memory.

At the hospital, Alistair comes to give Dr. Ackland a bonus for a job well done, but Ackland is worried, and Alistair sees that. He demands to know what is wrong. Ackland says he didn't have enough time with Sheridan. He says he erased her love for Luis, but he never got around to Beth's baby. He says if Sheridan sees Beth's baby, it could be the trigger that undoes all his work so far. Alistair is furious and says this cannot happen.


February 19, 2004
At Tabithas place, Tabitha tells Kay that it appears all her years of scheming are paying off as Miguel is being drawn to her and Maria. Kay says she just wants them to be a real family. Meanwhile, Miguel looks over at the Bennett's and sees Charity in her room with a boy! Kay witnesses the look on Miguel's face after he sees this, and she conspires to get Miguel in bed with her later tonight to comfort him. Kay serves Miguel dinner, and later Miguel asks to borrow Kays laptop so he can type up his paper and email it to his paper. Kay tells Miguel that he doesnt have to, but he says he does. He says this is important to him, he needs to get a good grade, graduate, and get a good job. Kay says she meant that he doesn't have to because she already typed his paper into the computer, proofed it, and spell checked it. He is stunned she did that for him. She says she knew he was short on time with school and work. Miguel thanks her and says he is really touched. Kay says they are a team, ands she wants to do what she can to make his life easier. HE says that means a lot to her. Tabitha spies on them and thinks if Kay can get Miguel into bed, she will finally seal the deal with him. Kay convinces Miguel to lay down and rest, which he does. Kay begins to think Miguels not pulling away means he is ready to make love to her, and she thinks Miguel will make love to her tonight. Unfortunately, Miguel isnt pulling away because he is exhausted and has passed out! Tabitha comes in and she discusses the turn of events with Kay, she wonders if Miguel could finally be over Charity. Kay says she is the woman in Miguels life now, Charity is his past. Kay and Tabitha head off to check on Endora, and Miguel dreams of Charity. 

Over at the Bennetts, Charity is caught by Ivy with a boy in her room. Ivy decides it is time they had a talk about Charity's behavior. Ivy says Charity's uncle is the chief of police and she doesnt want Charity doing anything under this roof to embarrass him. Charity tells Ivy to mind her own business. Ivy says what goes on here is her business, and what is with the parade of boys going in and out of her room every night? Charity says she is one to talk, and Charity lashes out at Ivy for her behavior. Charity tells Ivy that she was the one who for months threw herself at Sam. She says she is just glad her aunt Grace had a real husband to turn to. Charity then thinks about David and she and she threatens Ivy to leave her alone or maybe shell think long an hard about her, her uncle Sam, and her aunt Grace, and perhaps shell have a vision that will rock Ivy's perfect little world with Sam! Charity runs back into her room, and Jessica shows up. Jessica asks how many guys Charity has in there tonight? Ivy knows Jessica is hurting. so she tries to give Jessica some motherly advice about Reese. She thinks Jessica still loves Reese, so she should talk to him. Jessica says Reese is supposed to be stopping by today. Ivy says Reese is probably coming to say she is sorry, and she urges him to take him back. Later, Reese finally shows up. Unfortunately, he is not here to see Jessica, he has come to see Charity! Charity reminds Jessica that she broke up with Reese. Charity suggests they practice their French. Reese says he doesn't take French, he takes Latin? Charity tells him to be quiet and she pulls Reese into her room. Jessica is heartbroken. She tells Ivy not to try and give her any more advice, and runs off. In Charity's room, Charity begins to come onto Reese. Reese tries to open a window because it is hot in here, and he sees Miguel at Tabithas with Kay. Charity asks if he came here to look out a window? He says no, so she pulls him into a kiss.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa and Gwen get into a huge fight, and Gwen threatens to kill Theresa is she doesn't get out of her face! Theresa tells Gwen that she wants to help her, she wants to help her find a doctor to get her pregnant. Gwen thinks Theresa is nuts, but Theresa says they have made amazing advances in medical technologies. She says she can help them find a doctor who can help them. Gwen tells her to shut up, but Theresa says she wants to help her give Ethan a child. Theresa asks Gwen not to let her anger for her stand in her way of having a child. Gwen thinks Theresa is just trying to get herself back into Ethans good graces, and she is taking advantage of her condition to do so. Theresa says she isnt, and she is sorry for what she said. She explained why she said what she did, and she says she will never forgive Ethan for what he did to her. Besides, Theresa says she is with Fox now. When Gwen asks why she should believe any of this. Theresa says because this is her fault. Gwen says she cant believe Theresa is admitting her guilt, but Theresa says she is not. She says she meant that this was Gwen's fault. Theresa tells Gwen she has nobody to blame for this but herself. Gwen says no, it is Theresas fault she cannot have another child. Theresa says she knows she blames her, but in her heart she has to know it is her fault she cant have a baby. She reminds Gwen that she is the one who left the hospital, she is the one who started the fight, her falling was an accident and nothing more. Gwen goes into a rage because of Theresas words. Theresa insists she never meant for anything to happen to her and her baby, she never meant for Sarah to die. Gwen says it is not fair that she lost her daughter and cannot have another baby, it is not fair! Gwen breaks down, and Theresa tells her that maybe this is all Gods will. Gwen asks Theresa what she is saying? Theresa says Ethan only married her because she was pregnant, maybe that wasnt right and it was sacrilegious and now God is punishing her. Gwen once again becomes furious and says God is not to blame for this, she is to blame for trying to pursing her husband relentlessly. Gwen says her daughter died, and it is her fault. She tells Theresa that she will pay for what she has done to her life! Gwen calls Theresa sick bitch, and wonders what kind of monster she is. She tells Theresa to get out of her house and out of her sight! Theresa wont go, so Gwen grabs her and they begin fighting. The fight escalates, and Gwen ends up throwing Theresa out of the window! Theresa lays motionless in the snow, blood is coming from her head!

At the hospital, Alistair is furious when Ackland reveals that if Sheridan sees Beths baby than she could remember everything. Alistair says he knows what he has to do, he will do what it takes to prevent Sheridan from ever being happy after she cost him his happiness with his wife. Alistair walks out, and Ackland says Sheridan is a dead woman. 

At the restaurant, Beth urges Antonio to take Sheridan and go back to the island before Sheridan sees her baby and brings up old feelings for her. Antonio doesn't understand why seeing her baby will bring up feelings for Sheridan. Suddenly, Luis and Sheridan show up, and Luis says they need to go to BEth's house right away because Sheridan needs to hold Martin. He says Martin could be the key to unlocking Sheridan's memories! Luis explains to them his theory about Ackland brainwashing Sheridan and how seeing the baby could unlock all of Sheridans memories. Antonio thinks this is a waste of time, but Sheridan says she wants to see this baby, she wants to know why his picture affected her so much. She tells Antonio she must do this, and if nothing happens than perhaps Luis will come to terms that she has made her choice and is with him now. Antonio tells Luis that he knows what is going on here, he is trying to trick Sheridan into thinking she is in love with him. Luis says if Sheridan doesnt respond to the baby than he will accept she has chosen to be with him (Antonio). 

At the Wallace house, Luis places baby martin into Sheridans arms, and Sheridan says she remembers everything! Alistair is hiding at the house and spying on them. HE says if Sheridan remembers than she must be eliminated. Luis is pleased Sheridan has remembered everything. Alistair thinks there is no end to the trouble that Sheridan has caused him. HE says if she remembers her love for Luis than he will kill her here and now! Beth asks Sheridan what she remembers? Sheridan tells Beth not to worry, she doesnt think she is still in love with Luis, and holding this baby makes her realize it is just another baby. She says this isnt her child, and she remembered the pain of losing her own child. Beth and Antonio tell Sheridan how sorry they are for her having to relive her pain. Antonio tells Luis that this is enough and he needs to accept Sheridan loves him and has decided to be with him. Beth tells Luis that Antonio is right. Sheridan asks Antonio to take her home, which he does. Luis decides to head home, and he leaves. Suddenly, Alistair shows up with a baby, the real Martin. Alistair says the baby she has is on loan from the orphanage! Beth cant believe what Alistair has done. Alistair says he could not take the chance that seeing her baby would bring back SHeridan's memories. .

Antonio and Sheridan return to the cottage, and Sheridan assures Antonio that she loves him and only him, and they will share a long life together. Meanwhile Luis, taking a walk, vows to prove Alistair and Ackland have done something to Sheridan


February 20, 2004
At the Bennetts, Charity and Reese are going at it hot and heavy. Jessica bangs on the door and tells Charity to turn her music down because she is trying to study. Charity opens the door and tells Jessica that she and Reese are tired of being interrupted. Jessica asks Charity how she could do this to her in her own house? Charity says this is her house too, and Jessica should be thanking her. Charity says if Reese could be taken from her so easily, than he really didnt love her all that much. She says Reese is a pig, and Jessica should just look at him. Jessica looks in and sees Reese in Charitys bed almost naked. Jessica is furious with Reese. Reese says he is so sorry, but Charity tells him to simmer down. She says he hasnt done anything to be sorry about yet. When Reese tries to explain what he is doing, Jessica tells him to stay away from her and decks him! Jessica lashes out at both Reese and Charity. She asks Charity what happened to her, she used to be so nice. Charity says nice girls get no where, the guys always go for the bad girls. Reese admits that Charity does bring out the raw animal magnetism in him. Jessica ends up screaming at Reese that she hates him.

Downstairs, Ivy is stuck cleaning and ironing, and she ends up burning Sams best shirt. Sam comes home from work, and the place is a mess. She apologizes and says she's tried to keep it clean, but he says it is okay. Ivy says if she knew how hard the servants worked she would have appreciated them much more. Sam says he needs a good shirt to wear tomorrow to a meeting, and Ivy says could be a problem. She shows him the shirt he burnt, but he says he has other ones. Ivy says not anymore, shes burn them all! Ivy feels terrible, but Sam says it is okay. He says hell wear the one that is burned on the back and he wont take his jacket off. Ivy thinks they should send his shirts out from now on, but he says he cant afford that. She says maybe a maid then, but Sam says he just doesnt have that kind of money. He says hes already paying for the house, the girls, giving Grace money as well as giving Kay and the baby money. He says he cant afford another obligation. Suddenly, Ivy and Sam hear Jessica screaming. Tabitha and Kay can hear her screaming, as can David and Grace. They all go running to see what Jessica is screaming about. 

Everyone runs to see what Jessica is screaming about. Jessica, who is now downstairs, tells them all about finding Reese in bed with Charity, and that Charity is the town slut. Grace says there must be another explanation, Charity would never hurt her intentionally. Jessica says she did, and Kay points out that Grace is once again siding with Charity over her own daughter. Kay calls Grace a bitch, and Grace says she won't be talked to that way! Jessica lashes out at her mom and says she has no right to even be here after leaving them. Grace says she wanted to help, but Jessica says she is the last person shed ask for for help. She says shed rather go to Ivy for help and advice than her. Sam demands Jessica apologize, but Jessica says no way. Jessica says it is time they face the truth, this family is totally dysfunctional. She says once upon a time they were the family everyone looked up to, but now they are the most screwed up family in town! Jessica lashes out at the whole family, basically recapping the events f the last years, and she says it is no wonder Noah stays away. She says he is the only one with brains in his head. Jessica cries maybe it is time for her to leave as well, so she tells her family that she hates them all and wants nothing more to do with them! Jessica ends up breaking an ornament that was on top of Grace and Sams wedding cake. Grace is hurt, but Jessica says it is not like the marriage was valid. Charity says this is just boring her, so she decides to go back to bed. Ivy suggests Sam send Jessica to boarding school, but he says he cant afford that. Jessica thanks her dad because he can afford to send Noah to college, but not her to school. She says she is beginning to see where she falls in the pecking order. Sam says Noah is on a soccer scholarship, that is a little different than sending her to boarding school. .Jessica lashes out at David and Grace and tells them to get out, so they leave. Charity and Miguel decide to leave, and Sam tells Charity they need to have a talk about curfew and boys staying here. Sam says his family seems to be coming apart at his seems. Ivy says she is sorry, and she says she still thinks boarding school is a good idea for Jessica and Charity. Outside, David tries to comfort Grace. Grace has the broken cake ornament, and she says she doesn't know why shes hanging onto this. She says her entire family hates her and it is all her fault. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Kay are getting enjoyment out of this. Tabitha reminds Kay that they have little Endora to thank for this all. Tabitha says she was thinking about leaving Harmony, but Endora has spiced things up here.

Whitney and Chad are walking on the pier, and Whitney cant get over Theresas harsh words about Rebecca. She wonders why everything has to be so messed up. Chad asks her if they are messed up? She says she was speaking of Theresas life, and her mothers affair. Chad asks if she is right about her mom? Whitney says she know what she saw, and shes tired of listening to her mom try and lie her way out of it. Whitney says she grew up wanting to be like her mom, but now she wants to have nothing to do with her. Chad gets a call asking him to fill in for a DJ at a hotel, and he agrees to do it when Whitney tells him that it is okay. Suddenly, Whitney gets a call from Fox who says Theresa suffered an accident and she needs to come to the Crane estate. Chad wants to cancel his gig to go with her, but Whitney says its okay, just drop her off at the Crane Estate on his way to work.

At the Crane Mansion, we see a replay of Gwen throwing Theresa out the window. Ethan and Fox find Theresa on the ground, and Gwen shouts down Is she dead? Fox says no, he has a pulse. Gwen says under her breath too bad! Rebecca comes running and learns what happened. Rebecca asks if she is dead, but Gwen says no. Rebecca also says too bad. Eve is called, and she checks on Theresa. Eve says Theresa is just bruised and banged up, its not serious enough for her to go to the hospital. However, she should be watched tonight, and her mother is not home right now. Eve asks if she can stay here, and Julian says she can. Fox says hell look after her. Gwen and Rebecca are not pleased to hear that Theresa will be staying here. Theresa comes to and asks what happened. Rebecca says that is a good question, and she asks Gwen if she pushed Theresa? Gwen explains what happened, but Rebecca worries Theresa will use this against them and accuses Gwen of murder. Meanwhile, Theresa is taken to a room, and she says she does remember what happened. Ethan asks what happened, and she tells them all to ask Gwen what happened! Ethan asks if she is saying Gwen pushed her? Gwen and Rebecca say that it isnt true. Theresa says she just means Gwen knows what happens. She says they were arguing and struggling, and she fell backwards. Ethan asks what they were arguing about, and Gwen and Theresa both give their sides. Ethan and Rebecca counsel Gwen not to argue with Theresa anymore because Theresa could easily accuse her of pushing her out that window. Ethan says they should be glad Theresa told the truth. Gwen says she isnt going to be thankful to Theresa. Later, Rebecca is furious with Julian for letting Theresa stay, and she thinks hes only doing it because Eve asked him to. Julian says this is still his house, and Theresa could sue. Rebecca says fine, but warns Julian that he is still married to her, so he is to watch his step or he will be in a whole lot of trouble! Eve finally leaves Theresa, after ordering her to rest. Theresa worries about Eve and Julian and hopes nothing is going on between them for Whitneys sake. Elsewhere, Julian pulls Eve into his study, and into a passionate kiss! Eve stops the kiss and says Whitney is on her way here, so she needs to be careful they are not seen. Unfortunately, Whitney shows up and finds them hugging! Elsewhere, Little Ethan loves that his mom is staying over, while Gwen and Rebecca are furious. Gwen refuses to sleep under the same roof as her, but Rebecca comes up with a new plan. Rebecca hatches a new scheme, and she tells Gwen that she will want to stick around for the show! 

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