February 24, 2004
At the Russells, TC and Eve are in their bedroom and getting dressed. TC says he had a lousy nights sleep. TC says he is worried about Whitney and Chad getting together, and he says they must put a stop to this. He refuses to let Whitney fall into that league of people, and he asks Eve to talk to Whitney. Eve thinks that is not a good idea and she asks TC to talk to Whitney. TC says Whitney will listen to her before him. He says Whitney thinks she is an overprotective father, and the two of them (Eve and Whitney) have always had a wonderful relationship. Eve says it hasnt been that wonderful lately. TC asks Eve to talk to her because Whitney respects her. In Whitney's room, Whitney remembers catching her mom with Julian once again. She says her mom is a tramp and she cant let this go on any longer. Suddenly, Eve shows up to talk to Whitney. Eve knocks on the door and tells Whitney to open up. Whitney ignores her mother's request. Eve says if she wants to be treated like an adult she has to act like one. Eve says she cant ignore her, shes not leaving until they talk. Whitney finally opens up the door. Whitney lets her mom in, and she says she really doesnt want to talk to her mom. Eve says she has never explained about her and Julian. Whitney thinks her mom is going to give her more lies. Eve asks for just two minutes, as well as some respect. Whitney doesnt think she deserves respect because she isnt showing any to daddy by cheating on him. Eve says she is not cheating on her father with Julian. Eve says she loves TC and their family. Whitney asks then why she is sneaking around with Julian. Whitney tells her mom that she saw her in Julians arms last night. Eve says she can explain, but Whitney doesnt want to hear Eves lies anymore, and she tells her mom that she is a liar and a whore! Whitney then shows her mom the door! Eve refuses to leave, and Whitney shuts the door. Whitney tells her mom that she disgusts her, and she can sees the wheels turning in her head to explain how to explain what she saw last night. Eve says Julian was worried about her seeing them together and wanted to know how things were. She says Julian is a decent man. Whitney says she must really like Julian because everyone in town hates Julian. Eve reminds Whitney that she once said Julian was a good man when they were trapped in that elevator. Whitney says that was before she know her mom was Julian's whore! Whitney says she hates her for what she has done to her family and to her father. Eve says she doesnt know how she can make her understand. Whitney says fine, make her understand why she is always with Julian if she isnt having an affair. When Eve cant answer Whitney, Whitney becomes more convinced that Eve is cheating. Whitney says she cant deal with the weight crushing her, and she shouldnt have to deal with it. Eve says she is right, and she asks Whitney what she will do. Whitney says she doesnt know what to do, but she will never let her mom how to live her life. Whitney says her mom is nothing but a hypocrite, and she tells her mom to get out of her room. Later, Eve calls Julian to talk to him about what went on between her and Whitney. She says she wishes she could tell Whitney the truth, but she knows if she does it will make things worse than they are now. Later, Whitney decides to go out, but TC tells her no way. She says her mother needs to talk to her about getting involved with Chad again. TC says they will not have it! Whitney warns her mom not to dare speak to her!

At the mansion, Theresa has a nightmare about the accident. She wakes up to find Fox by her side. He settles her down, and is touched that he has stayed with her all night because he was worried about her. Fox doesnt understand why Theresa isnt blaming Gwen. He says if she wasnt so forgiving, Gwen would be in jail right now. Theresa says Gwen has been through a lot lately, she lost her baby and cant have another one. Theresa says she understands what Gwen is going through, having Little Ethan taken from her is torture. Fox says she will get her boy back. Theresa says that is the only thing that keeps her going, but nothing will keep Gwen going because nothing will ever give Sarah back to Gwen. Theresa says she just hopes she can help Gwen get pregnant again because then maybe she will stop hating her, and then there will be peace. Fox hopes she isnt thinking they will be friends. Theresa says she knows that wont happen, she just hopes she will can help Gwen get pregnant. Fox says he doesnt think that is possible. Fox says he contacted the Crane medical research facility, and they have reviewed Gwens case and agree with Dr. Culver in this case. Fox says there is nothing anyone can do for Gwen. Theresa feels terrible for both Ethan and Gwen. Fox says maybe someday Ethan can have children of his own, maybe hell eventually marry someone else, someone like her. Theresa says that will never happen, she will never be with Ethan again. She says Ethan believes in the sanctity of marriage, so he will never leave Gwen. She also says she will not forgive Ethan for helping Rebecca take Little Ethan from her, so they are over and she is moving on with her life with him. Fox says he gets it, no more Ethan. Theresa says she could never be with Ethan again. Fox gives Theresa kiss, and then he goes to tell Ethan what the Crane doctors told him. Fox leaves, and Theresa continues to feel bad for Gwen.

Ethan Finds Gwen packing up some baby things. Gwen has decided to send them to charity. Ethan is called away by the baby nurse, who says Little Ethan has a new computer game and is excited to show Ethan what he can do. Rebecca says this is wonderful, Little Ethan is bonding with Ethan. Gwen doesnt see any bright side to this because she still cant give Ethan a son. She says she wished Theresa would have died last night. Rebecca says death would have been too merciful for her. Rebecca says they will make Theresa pay ever day for the rest of her life! Gwen still wishes Theresa would have died. Rebecca says shed like Theresa dead too, but if she had died Gwen would be in jail. Gwen says no jury would convict her, theyd say she was a hero for getting rid of that bitch. Rebecca says even so, there are things much worse than death. Rebecca says by the time she is finished with Theresa, she will wish she was dead. Rebecca pushes Gwen to adopt Little Ethan in order to satisfy Ethans need for a child. Gwen thinks there is still hope for her. She says Dr. Culver has to be wrong. Rebecca asks Gwen how long she thinks she will be able to hold onto Ethan without giving him a child, especially a son to carry on his name. Rebecca says what better son to give Ethan than Little Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen that this is a golden opportunity to get rid of Theresa and give Ethan what he wants, she has to adopt Little Ethan. Gwen says she just doesnt think she has the heart to take the boy from Theresa, and she says Julian wont just let her and Ethan adopt his son. Rebecca says she will handle Julian, and when she is through with Theresa no judge will deny taking Little Ethan from Theresa. Still, Gwen says Ethan wont take Little Ethan from Theresa. Rebecca says he will if he thinks it is the best thing for Little Ethan. Gwen still isnt sure, and she says Little Ethan is the real innocent in this. Rebecca says he is, which is why he deserves a good mommy and daddy. Gwen asks Rebecca if she really thinks they can do this? Rebecca says yes, and she has the perfect plan! 

Meanwhile, Fox finds Ethan and gives him the news about Gwen from the Crane doctors. Ethan finally faces the fact that Gwen cannot get pregnant and theyll never have children. Ethan thanks Fox for going through the trouble. Fox says this was Theresa ideas, and she was adamant about helping Gwen get pregnant. Ethan says he was thinking about calling specialists as well, but now it seems there is no point. Fox says all the top doctors agree with Culver, Gwen can never have children. Gwen walks in after hearing everything, and she is devastated. She says she was hoping there would be some hope, but now she knows there is no chance. Fox leaves them, and Rebecca asks Ethan to get Rebecca glass of water. Gwen ends up telling her mother to do what she has to do, she will take Little Ethan from Theresa. Gwen says she doesnt care what her mother has to do, Theresa will pay! Later, Gwen and Ethan discuss the possibility of adopting. Gwen tells Ethan that she thinks she is now ready to adopt. She says she wants a child so badly, and she knows he does to. 

Later, Rebecca checks on Theresa, who is sleeping. Rebecca says she is right where she wants her. Rebecca then goes to check on Little Ethan, who is playing on the computer. Rebecca suggests Little Ethan go outside and get some fresh air. She tells him that he could build a snowman. Little Ethan likes that idea. He goes outside, after giving Rebecca a hug, and then Rebecca puts her plan into action. Rebecca begins shouting loud enough for Theresa to hear. She makes sure Theresa can hear Rebecca calling Little Ethan a brat and threatening to smack him. She tells him to stop his crying now, and makes slapping sounds. Theresa creams she is coming, and Rebecca is pleased Theresa is taking the bait.


February 24, 2004
At the cottage, Antonio and Sheridan are sharing tea. Sheridan says Pilar called and left him a message, but Antonio says he erased it and is not interested in anything his mother has to say. She wants to know what is going on between them. Sheridan says his mother loves him so much, and Pilar is like a second mother to her. She says she can't stand any tension between them. Antonio says he is not talking to his mother because she asked him to step aside and let her and Luis be together. Antonio says he cannot forgive his mother for siding with Luis. Sheridan thinks this is her fault for not making up her mind months ago. She says she was just so confused. Antonio says that was not her fault, that was Luis fault for hounding her for months and confusing her. Sheridan says she knows what she is doing now, but she cant bare the thought of him being estranged from his family. She says they missed him so much when he was away all those years. HE says he missed them to, but if they cant support their marriage than he doesnt want to be around any of them. Antonio says as long as he has her, he will be fine. Antonio then leaves to run some errands. Sheridan blames herself for this, no matter what Antonio says, and she says she will fix this.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, Luis continues to think about Sheridan and what has been done to her. Meanwhile, Sheridan shows up to see Pilar, only Luis answers the door in a towel. Apparently he just got out of the shower Luis thinks she has come to her senses and returned to him, but she says she has only come to see his mother. Luis says she is at work. Sheridan says she doesnt want to bother her there, so she will come back later. Luis asks Sheridan to come in for a minute because there is something he wants to show her. Sheridan comes in, and she seems a little troubled by something. Luis asks her what is wrong, what is bothering her? Sheridan says she is upset that Antonio and Pilar are fighting over her. Luis says Pilar was on his side, everyone was because they all thought she would choose him. Sheridan says she just doesnt want Pilar and Antonio to be estranged. Luis tells Sheridan that he knows how Antonio feels, because he wouldnt want to give her up either. Luis once again tells Sheridan that they did something to her in that hospital, they made her forget their love. Luis shows her a picture of them together, and Sheridan says she looks so happy in that photo. However, she says things change. She tells Luis that once again he is placing the blame on everyone else, but she knows what she is doing. Sheridan insists this was her choice. Luis asks if she remembers making love in the psych ward the other day? Sheridan says she was confused. Luis refuses to believe she would change her mind so quickly, and she thinks someone else has made this choice for her. Sheridan tells Luis that she once cared for him deeply, but it is over between them. She says she loves Antonio now and that is final. Luis refuses to accept that.

At the Russells, TC tells Whitney that she thinks she is all grown up, but as long as she lives in their house, they make the rules. TC tells her that she will listen to what they have to say to her. Whitney tells her mother not to dare tell her how she can live her life. TC says if she was younger he would wash her mouth out with soap. He demands Whitney apologize to her mother and explain herself. Whitney refuses to apologize. Liz and Simone show up and witness the fight between Whitney and TC. TC thinks Whitneys anger and fresh mouth is coming from Chad. Simone is a little miffed to learn Chad and Whitney are back together. TC says now that Chad wears nice suits and uses forks at dinner she thinks that he is acceptable. TC says that is not the case, he is still a street punk who hurt her. Whitney says Chad didn't hurt her, his ex-wife did. Whitney also says perhaps this isn't about Chad, perhaps this is moms fault. TC says she has been making accusations against her mother for awhile now, and he wants to know what is going on. He demands an explanation from Whitney, but then says he knows what is going on here, he knows why she is so upset with her mother. He says it all started the night she took the car to the Cranes, the night he thought Eve went there to see Julian. TC says she is obviously hooked on drugs, and this is Chads doing. He wonders when this happened, did they start using in LA? Simone is stunned and says she cant believe Chad or Whitney would do drugs. TC says the way she is speaking to her mother, and the changes in her attitude are signs of drug use. Eve tries to say Whitney is not on drugs, but Whitney tells her mom that she does not need her help. TC says he is glad they found out about this early on, and he will put an end to this now. He demands to know where Chad is so he can go beat him up. Whitney says he has to stop these wild accusations because he is wrong. TC says something is going on with her and he wants to know what is going on with her. Whitney tells her dad that he deserves to know the truth, and it is not right to betray someone you love no matter how much the truth hurts. Before Whitney can tell TC, the phone rings and it is the hospital for Eve. Eve has to go to the hospital because of an emergency. Whitney insists on telling her dad what she knows, but  TC says they will hold this conversation until her mom returns. TC says Eve should be here to hear what she has to say. Whitney says that may be for the best and she goes back to his room. Liz tells Eve that she has more lives than a cat, but her time is up and she doesnt think TC is going to like being married to a whore! Later, Whitney goes to leave and finds her mom outside. Eve says she is too upset to drive, and she tries to talk to Whitney. Whitney says TC loves her so much, so why is she doing this? Why cant she stay away from Julian? Eve says she doesnt understand/ Whitney says she understands that dad is angry with her because he thinks she is the one doing something wrong. Whitney says she is doing something wrong, she is covering for her. Whitney says she doesnt want to hurt her father, but protecting her is breaking her heart! Back inside, Simone asks TC why Whitney is going after mom the way she is? TC says he doesnt know, but he vows to find out.

Antonio runs into Liz on the pier, and they play catch-up. Liz admits she was shocked that Sheridan choose him over Luis, but she also remembered how they were when they fell in love back on the island. Antonio says he doesnt know what they did to Sheridan in the hospital, but it helped clear her mind and it made her remember what they meant to one another, and obviously she doesnt want to lose that. They talk about old times, and Liz remembers how she was a jealous witch when he and Sheridan first started dating. Liz knows now that some things werent meant to be. Antonio asks Liz about the guy she mentioned a few months ago. Liz says it is complicated as there is someone else involved, but she was meant to be with this man. Liz says she thinks thinks are about to change for her. Antonio wonders why love and relationships cant be easier than this. Liz says she has always had to fight for what she wants. Antonio says in this case he is fighting with his brother for what he wants.

At the Crane Mansion, Ethan and Gwen begin to discuss the possibility of adoption. Gwen thinks about what her mom said and she thinks her mother is right, Theresa deservers to lose her child for what she has done. Suddenly, Ethan and everyone else hear Theresa screaming at Rebecca. Upstairs, Theresa hears Rebecca yelling at and smacking Little Ethan (she is not really, she is setting her up) Theresa yells that she is coming! Rebecca hears Theresa cry out, and she says this is like taking candy from a baby. Theresa confronts Rebecca in the hallway outside of Little Ethan's room. Theresa  says she heard her yelling at and hitting Little Ethan. Fox, who was in the shower, has shown up, as have Gwen and Ethan. Theresa tells them all what she heard, and she says Rebecca doesnt deserve to live for hurting her child! Rebecca says she doesnt know what Theresa is rambling on about, but Theresa assures them all that she heard Rebecca hitting and screaming at Little Ethan. Gwen says her mother has always been sweet to Little Ethan. Theresa thinks Rebecca is trying to make her seem crazy, but she heard her. She asks the others if they heard Rebecca yelling. Ethan says they didnt hear anything, so Theresa asks Fox to tell them that he heard it. However, Fox says he didnt hear anything. Rebecca says she has had quiet enough of this. She says it is bad enough they had Theresa as a house guest, but now she is accusing her of these heinous crimes. Theresa swears she is not lying about this, she would not lying about her son. Theresa says if they go in there they will see she is telling the truth. Ethan and Gwen suggests they go check on the child. Rebecca says they are wasting their time, Little Ethan isnt even in there. She says Little Ethan is outside with his nanny. Theresa bursts into the room, and it is empty just like Rebecca said it was. Theresa says she knows what she heard! Gwen asks her mom what she is doing? Rebecca says she is gas lighting Theresa, and she should really rent an old movie. The nanny and Little Ethan return, and the nanny assures them that Rebecca did not hurt Little Ethan at all. She says all Mrs. Crane did was give Little Ethan a hug before they went out. Theresa asks if she is being paid to say this, but the nurse says no. When Theresa says she heard Rebecca hit Little Ethan, Little Ethan begins to cry. Theresa thinks Little Ethan is crying because of Rebecca, but Rebecca says he is crying because her hysteria is upsetting him. Ethan asks the nanny to take the boy back out to play, and Rebecca orders Theresa to go home because she is the one upsetting the boy. Fox says hell get dressed and hell drive her home. Fox and Theresa leave, and Gwen and Rebecca smile. Theresa wants to walk home, but Fox insists on driving her after the spill she took last night. Theresa hates having to leave Rebecca alone with her son because she knows what she heard. Fox says he will be here to look after him. As they leave, Theresa warns an on looking Rebecca that she will be sorry if she hurts one hair on her son's head. Ethan leaves to help Fox get Theresa into the car, and Rebecca says now it is on to step two. Rebecca says by the time shes finished with Therosita, Gwen and Ethan will have no problem adopting Little Ethan.


February 25, 2004
Whitney talks to Chad about her problems. She says she is unable to play tennis anymore because she cant concentrate on her game. Chad says her heart is not in tennis, not like it was into singing. Chad tries to convince her to go with him and record a demo. He says they can send it to LA and before she knows it she will have a record deal. Whitney says he makes it sound so simple. He says it is hard work, but she can either fight for her dreams or lay down and die. He tells Whitney that she can give up singing and take up tennis, or she can do what she wants to do deep down inside. Whitney admits being a singer is all she ever wanted to do, so Chad suggests they head to the studio. Chad says he wrote a new song and would love to hear her sing it. They head to the studio, and Whitney sings Chad's song. Chad  is stunned by her voice, and he says it is better than it was before. He says it is like she is singing from down deep inside, like she has been affected by the troubles of the past few months. Chad apologizes for hurting her, but she says this is not about him and Latoya. She says this is about what her mom and Julian are doing. She swears that she will never keep a secret from him or from their kids. Chad is given hope by this statement because that is the first time since he came back from LA that she has talked about them having a future. Whitney asks if he still wants one? Chad says he does. He says he wants to be married and have kids, and he wants to do it all with her. Chad and Whitney then share a kiss. Later, Chad begins to think about his mother and says maybe if they found her she could make up for what Whitneys mom has done to her. Whitney says she can't be as bad as her mom, and she bets bets his mother never had an affair with Julian Crane.

Eve is in her car and is crying. Ethan finds her on the road and asks if she is all right? Eve says she isnt. Ethan asks her what is wrong? Eve says it is bad, it is really bad. She says a patient of hers isnt doing very well, and she has let it get to her. Ethan doesnt want to leave her like this, but she says she will be fine. She says she is just going to sit her and compose herself. She thanks him for stopping but insists she will be fine. Back at the mansion, Julian looks at a photo of Eve and worries about her. He knows he cant call her, so he calls her cell phone. Eve tells Julian about her latest problems with Whitney. Julian thinks Eve should tell Whitney the truth, but Eve says she is afraid TC would try and kill him before he heard the whole story. Julian tells her to forget about him, too many people are involved now, so she should tell TC. Eve says she cant for so many reasons. Julian realizes she is crying, but she says she isnt. She says she has to go and hangs up.

Elsewhere at the Crane Mansion, Gwen thinks this plan of her mothers is too cruel. Rebecca tells Gwen to keep her eyes on the prize, and she reveals the second part of her plan to Gwen. She gives her a piece of paper, which Gwen reads. Gwen says this is horrible! Rebecca says she is bringing Theresa down she will never see her son again! Gwen says this is too much, this will hurt Pilar and the other members of Theresas family. Rebecca says they are Theresas blood relatives, and they will fight her tooth and nail for Little Ethan. Gwen says she didnt think about that, but she doesnt want others to be hurt. Rebecca says you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet, and she is going to break as many eggs as it takes to make sure she becomes Little Ethans mother. Rebecca convinces Gwen adopting Little Ethan is the only way she will save her marriage, so Gwen agrees to do it. Rebecca says first things first, she needs to talk to Julian. Rebecca goes to see Julian and asks him to sign a form. Julian asks if he has wielded enough power for one day, the last thing he wanted was to get Luis suspended. Rebecca says sign it, and when he looks at it, he says he will not do this to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Rebecca tells him that if he doesnt, she will go to TC and tell him everything! He says he wont do it, so Rebecca says he will only sign his death warrant and destroy Eves life. Suddenly, Ethan returns and tells Gwen about seeing Eve pulled over on a rest stop on Route 9, and how she was very upset. Rebecca knows this news is killing Julian. She tells him that he is free to go see her and do what he wants, as long as he signs her document.

  Julian shows up at the rest stop to comfort Eve. He asks why she didnt tell him where she was? She says she didnt want him to see how upset she was. Julian says that is what he is here for. Eve cries on his shoulder that his daughter hates her. Julian tells her that in time Whitney will sort things out and realizes she misjudged her. Eve doesnt thinks so, but Julian says things change. He said if someone told him twenty-five years ago that hed be holding her in his arms again he would say they were joking, but here they are. Suddenly, Eve gets an idea. She says she thinks she knows a way she can tell Whitney, a way she will understand. Eve says if they could find their son, they could introduce him to Whitney and then she would understand they were searching for their son.

Luis shows up at the station to see Sam. Luis apologizes for being late, and explains Sheridan came to visit. Sam doesnt look pleased, and finally tells Luis that he needs his gun and badge because as of right now he is suspended from the force. Luis asks why? Sam reminds him what he did at the hospital. Luis says he was out of his mind with grief, but Sam says the board wouldnt buy that as an excuse. Sam says they wanted him fired, but he talked them down to suspension. Sam tells Luis that he has to learn how to control his emotions. Sam orders Luis to give him his gun and badge because as of now he is suspended without pay.

Miguel and Pilar are working at the Crane Cannery, and Miguel is furious with the working conditions here, the poor pay, and how he has lost Charity. Miguel says he has nothing to be grateful for right now. Back at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Theresa continues to remember hearing Rebecca hurt Little Ethan (at least what she thinks she heard), and she says she needs to get Little Ethan away from Rebecca. Pilar and Miguel comes home, and Theresa asks her mom what is wrong with Miguel? She says he is down, and he has given up hope and thinks he has nothing to be grateful for. Theresa understands how he feels, and she tells her mom about Rebecca abusing Little Ethan and how no one believes her. Pilar tells her children that wherever there is life, there is hope. She says they cannot give up. Luis walks in and says that is easier said than done. Pilar tells Luis she knows he is upset over losing Sheridan, but he still should be thankful for his job. Luis says he just lost his job. Miguel wonders how they will pay the bills? Theresa asks her mom what she was just saying about the brighter side? The Lopez-Fitzgerald children all sit around and commiserate. Pilar says nobody said life was easy. Luis tells Pilar that shes always talking about seeing the silver lining, but that is what the three of them have done their whole life and look where it got them all. Miguel says the only thing being positive gets you is a quick kick in the teeth! Pilar says they are all very blessed, and if they do not believe that than she is disappointed in all of them! Pilar says they all need to realize God has given them gifts and they are blessed. She says yes she may have lost her job at the mansion, but she is lucky to have the job at the cannery. She also says yes Luis lost Sheridan, but they should be thankful that Antonio is home and healthy. Theresa says Antonio doesnt even want to talk to them. Pilar says that will change in time. She says they have each other and their home. She says it will be tight for awhile, but they will survive. Theresa begins to cheer up, as do the other Lopez-Fitzgerald children. Luis puts on some happy music, and they all dance and try and cheer up.

Rebecca heads to the cannery and meets with the foremen. She thinks he is hot and says as revolting as this place is, he can fillet her fish any day! She tells him that she is here about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. He says they are very good workers. She says yeah whatever. She tells the man that she wants to decimate the entire family, and he will help her! Rebecca and the foreman head to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and she spies on them dancing in their house. Rebecca says they should enjoy themselves for now, tomorrow they will be crying in their soup. Rebecca then tells the foreman if he wants to keep working at the cannery to go do what she has told him to do. The foreman rings the doorbell at the Lopez-Fitzgerald, and Pilar answers. She asks what she can do for him? Carlos says hes really sorry, but Miguel and Pilar are fired!

Back at the mansion, Gwen finds Ethan researching adoption. Ethan says it can take a long time to adopt a child. Gwen says especially when you want a newborn. Gwen suggests to Ethan they not adopt a baby, they adopt a child who is a bit older. She says it might be easier, but the only problem is bonding with the child. Ethan says it will take time, but eventually theyll begin feeling like a family. Suddenly, Little Ethan runs in and tells him that he should see the snowman he built. Ethan says he bets it is very big, and hes sorry he couldnt help him build it. Gwen smiles and thinks about her mothers plan. She says they won't have to worry about bonding with their son, he already loves them.


February 26, 2004
Outside the Russell House, Liz continues to blast Eve about how her secrets are hurting Whitney. Eve says Whitney may be angry with her, but TC is once again coaching Whitney at Tennis, her life is getting back on track. Liz tells Eve that she could see Whitney following in her moms footsteps, but Eve says that will never happen. Eve says she is going inside to spend time with her husband. After Eve leaves, Liz gets a brilliant idea on how to destroy Eves life sooner rather than later. Inside, TC and Eve continue talking about Whitney. TC says he has gone on-line to find out why Whitney could be acting this way if she isnt on drugs. TC says he thinks has found out what has caused Whitney to act this way. He says someone who had Whitneys love and trust has shattered it, and that is why she is acting this way. TC says she knows who this person is, it is Chad. TC says Whitney feels she has lost her career and her man, and she is lashing out at her mother because Eve has everything Whitney doesnt have. TC says Whitney is angry and disappointed with Chad, and she feels bad because Eve has supported her up until now. TC hopes that Whitney is back on track with tennis, and this music dream was just a phase that is over. However, Eve fears Whitney could be tempted to go back into the music business because she is back with Chad. She fears Whitney will be lured into that world of drugs, alcohol and casual sex. She tells TC that they cant let Whitney go back into the music business.

Whitney and Chad continue recording the demo, and Whitney continues to rail against her mom. She says she will be a singer no matter what her mom has to say! Chad tells her to be a singer because she wants to, not because her mom would disapprove. Whitney says she has secretly dreamed about this her whole life, she is doing this for her. Later, Whitney takes another shot singing Chads song. Suddenly, Liz shows up and tells Whitney that was amazing. Whitney thanks her, and asks what brings her by? Liz says she has rebuilt the Blue Note and was hoping they would do something for her there. She asks them to come with her, and they do.

Liz brings them to the rebuilt Blue Note, which looks exactly like it did before the fire. Chad asks Liz what she needs their help for? Liz says she wants to hire Whitney as a singer, she needs a replacement for a singer who canceled on her at the last minute. She reveals a poster with Whitneys face and name on it, and she asks Whitney if she will sing at her club? Whitney says shell take the job. Liz is pleased and envisions Whitney following in her mothers footsteps.

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca gloats to Gwen about what she has done to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. She says she has gotten Julian to get Luis fired, and now she has convinced the foreman to fire Miguel and Pilar! 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa and Luis believe Rebecca and the Cranes are behind Pilar and Miguel losing their jobs, as well as Luis being suspended. Miguel wonders now that none of them have jobs, how will they pay the bills? Pilar says they have to have faith, but Miguel says faith doesnt pay the bills. He says if Theresa is right and this is the Cranes doing, they could lose everything. Miguel says he should probably drop out of college, but Pilar and Luis refuse to let him do that. Miguel decides to go check on Kay and let her know what has happened. He leaves, and Luis decides to go make some calls and  find another job, that is if he hasnt been blacklisted. Theresa checks on the computer to look at Little Ethan, and she sees Rebecca telling Little Ethan to wake up because he has work to do. She beats the person in Little Ethans bed, and he starts crying. She tells him not to start crying. She says she needs firewood and he should get to it! She even slaps the little boy, who is under a blanket. She then throws a lit firecracker at him to make him move faster! Theresa is stunned by what she sees.

Miguel heads over to Tabithas to see Kay. He informs her that he and his mom were both fired, and Theresa and Luis think Rebecca or Alistair is behind this. Kay tells him that she is sorry. Miguel thinks he has let her down, but Kay says he hasnt. She says he is a wonderful man and wonderful father, and as long as they have each other and Maria they will be fine. Kay says until he gets another job he can take care of Maria while she works. Miguel tells Kay that she is amazing, she is being exactly what he needed. Kay says shes always been here for him, he has just never noticed it until now. Miguel says he is sorry. A spying Tabitha says Kay is one step closer to marrying Miguel. When Maria wakes up and cries, Miguel goes to take care of her. Tabitha swoops in and tells her good work! 

Back at the mansion, we learn the little person under the blanket posing as Ethan is actually a little person, Wally who works with a circus. Rebecca pays Wally off, and she thanks him for helping her out. Rebecca then heads back into the room and pretends to find the camera, as if she didnt know it was there. She thinks it is Alistairs doing, and then she realizes it is Theresa's. Rebecca tells Theresa that she hopes she saw what just happened. She says things will get much worse for Little Ethan, and she wont be able to stop her! Rebecca then disconnects the camera.

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Pilar finds Theresa crying at the computer. Theresa explains to her mom what she saw on the computer hookup. Pilar says she should have buried Rebecca alive when she had the chance. Theresa asks what she should do? Rebecca tells her to call child protective services and have them go and check on Little Ethan. She calls them and explains what has happened, and they agree to send someone to check on Little Ethan. Luis returns after making some calls, he has found nothing. Pilar says Theresa still has her job at the Book Caf, so there is still hope. Luis cant help but think that someone else is pulling the strings, like things are out of their control.

Back at the mansion, Rebecca tells Gwen she has driven another nail in Theresas coffin, but now she needs Ethans help. She asks Gwen to take Little Ethan up to the nursery so she can speak to Ethan. Gwen and Little Ethan leave, and Rebecca asks Ethan to do a favor for her. Ethan asks what he has to do? Rebecca says she needs to knock down a house on Crane property to build a park. Ethan doesnt want to kick anyone out of their house, but Rebecca says they are squatters. She says this house is not even theirs, Crane Industries owns it, and two of these people have been in trouble with the law. Ethan asks where this house is? Rebecca gives him the address, and Ethan says this is Pilars house! Rebecca says Pilar is a squatter, and she wants her thrown out of that house! Ethan says no way, but Rebecca says that house and all of its contents belong to Crane Industries unless the Lopez-Fitzgeralds can pay off their lease immediately. Ethan says they dont have that money, so Rebecca tells him to evict them or he is fired! Rebecca says not only will she have to fire his ass (yes she says ass), she will have to tell Gwen it is because he has chosen Theresa over her! Ethan says that is not fair. Rebecca says what is not fair is that his child with Gwen is dead because of Theresa. Ethan says he is to blame for that as well. Rebecca says that is all the more reason for him to atone for his discretions. Rebecca tells Ethan to either prove his love for Gwen, or prove he is still in love with Theresa? Gwen and Little Ethan return, and Gwen asks what is going on here? Rebecca says she and Ethan were discussing a job for Crane business. Ethan tells Rebecca that hell take care of it, and heads off. Ethan hopes him being the one to tell them that they have been evicted will soften the blow. Ethan leaves, and Gwen asks what is going on? Rebecca fills Gwen in on how she has gotten Ethan to go evict the Lopez-Fitzgeralds! 

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Theresa learns Child protective services thinks she has lied about Little Ethan, and they hang up on her! Luis pays the last of the bills with his last paycheck, and he hopes he has bought them some time. Suddenly, Ethan shows up. Pilar invites him in. Rebecca spies on Ethan as he prepares to evict the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Theresa asks if he is here about her son? Ethan says no, and he says he is here for this. He gives them the eviction notice, and says he is so sorry about this. He says if they dont come up with the money to pay the lean on their house than they will be evicted!


February 27, 2004
At the Blue Note, Whitney and Chad rehearse as Liz watches. Liz cant wait until Eve sees Whitney singing because she wont like Whitney following in her footsteps. Liz feels a sense of guilt that she is using Whitney to pay back Eve. Liz has a fantasy of Whitney strung out on stage while men ogle her. Eve tries to stop her but Whitney wont get off the stage. After she is done singing, Whitney takes drugs from a patron while Eve cries. Liz says if she could punish Eve without hurting her daughter she would, but she knows this will cause her the deepest pain. Later, they talk about how great Whitney is. Chad is sure that when Eve sees how happy singing makes her, she will come around to accepting her dream. Liz knows that will never happen, and she excuses herself to call Eve and let her know what is going on.

At the hospital, Eve takes care of a suicidal patient. The patient is high on drugs, so Eve orders a tox-screen. They try to hold the woman down to get a blood sample, but the woman breaks free and threatens to kill Eve when she grabs a hold of a scalpel. Fortunately for Eve, Julian sweeps in and rescues her! The sedate the woman, and Eve is shaking. Julian thinks the woman really scared Eve, but Eve says she is shaking because seeing that woman reminded her of herself when she was younger. Eve says she remembers a few bad trips of her own. Julian feels guilty for that, but Eve says he didnt twist her arm. Eve says she never should have gotten involved in music. She says if she wasnt making a living in nightclubs than she wouldnt have come into contact with that world. Eve says that is why she is concerned about Whitney, Whitney wants to sing and she needs to protect her from making the same mistakes she did at that age. Eve then gets a call from Liz, and she lets Eve know that she is at the Blue Note and she might want to come down. Eve is furious, and she thinks Liz is up to something with Whitney.

Back at the Blue Note, Liz asks Whitney and Chad to try that last number again while she does some sound checks. Later, Eve shows up and she is stunned to learn from Liz that Whitney is the opening act. She walks in and sees Whitney on stage singing.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Alistair shows up and meets with Dr. Ackland. He wants Dr. Ackland to check on Sheridan and give him a progress report on Sheridan. He wants to know if Sheridan has regained her memories. He orders Dr. Ackland to go see her at home. Dr. Ackland suggests he visit her, but Alistair says they arent close. Alistair orders Ackland to go visit Sheridan if he wants to continue his career and maintain a healthy, happy family life. Dr. Ackland calls him a bastard. Alistair says he is a concerned father looking out for his interests, that is where he got where he is.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Ethan gives the family the eviction notice. Luis is furious with Ethan for doing this to them, and he asks Ethan if he is sure he is not a Crane? Ethan says this is not his idea, he is just the messenger. Theresa knows who is behind this, that bitch Rebecca. Theresa says she is not going to let her get away with this! A spying Rebecca says Pilar brought this on herself. Pilar asks how they can do this? Ethan says this house sits on Crane property, and Rebecca wants to tear the house down and turn it into a park. Luis asks how this house and land is owned by the Cranes? Theresa says when she was married to Julian she had this house rebuilt, and she made sure her mom got the best. Theresa scolds herself for being such a show-off. She says it will be impossible for them to repay this loan. Theresa says this is all her fault, and Rebecca is doing this because she blames her for Gwens situation. Theresa says this isnt fair, when Gwen fought with her in LA she brought this on herself. Pilar says there must be some way they can raise the money. Ethan suggests they get a loan, but Pilar says they have all been fired from their jobs. Theresa says she still has her job, but then Beth calls to fire her! Luis says he can go talk to Beth, but Theresa says Rebecca ordered Beth to fire her or else, and Beth had to because the Cranes own the Book Caf. Theresa blames herself for all of this. Theresa asks Ethan if he can talk to Gwen or Rebecca, but Ethan thinks that will do no good. They discuss the fights between Theresa and Gwen at the mansion earlier, and when Pilar learns Theresa told Gwen God was the one who took her baby because of her actions, Pilar says her mouth is her own worst enemy! Luis suddenly gets an idea, he says he will ask Sheridan for the money. Pilar isnt sure that is a good idea considering Antonios feelings about them right now. Theresa thinks it is worth a try, but Pilar worries this will only make things worse between Luis and Antonio.

Back at the mansion, Rebecca returns and finds Gwen playing with Little Ethan. Gwen and Little Ethan exchange I Love Yous, and Little Ethan runs off. Gwen tells her mom how Little Ethan is such a sweet heart. Rebecca says it will be so great when she is finally his mother. Gwen says she really is falling in love with Little Ethan. Rebecca then fills Gwen in on how all her plans are going great, and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds were crushed when Ethan evicted them. She says this will drive Theresa stark raving mad, and after the next performance she has staged for Theresa, Theresa will want to kidnap the little boy. Rebecca convinces Gwen that what they are doing is right, that Theresa deserves to suffer for what she has done to Gwen. Gwen dreams of the day Little Ethan is her son.

At the cottage, Sheridan tells Antonio that she hopes she can help Luis out somehow because she hurt him so deeply. Antonio says Luis did this to himself, he took advantage of her in her weakened state, and for that he will never forgive Luis. Sheridan tells Antonio not to be hard on Luis. She says Luis had hoped she would choose him, that is why he did what he did. She tells him that he and Luis are brothers, and she doesnt want them to be estranged from one another forever. Sheridan says he should be mad at her, she gave him false hope. She says she did love Luis at one time, and she owes it to Luis to make things right in his life. She says she has to make Luis know he will be all right without her. Sheridan apologizes to Antonio for what she put him through as well, and she assures him that he is the man she loves and she will spend the rest of her life with him. There is a knock at the door, and it is Ackland coming to check on Sheridan. Ackland says he came by to check up on Sheridan, and Antonio invites him in. outside, Alistair spies on them and says if Sheridan has remembered her love for Luis than she will wind up dead! Sheridan is a bit startled by the sight of Ackland. HE apologizes for bothering her, but he wanted to see if she is adjusting to life again. She says she is fine, and she thanks him for helping her out, for helping her sort out her life. Ackland says she is welcomed, and he says he will leave them now. Ackland asks if Sheridan could come see him soon, hed like to do a more thorough exam. Ackland leaves, and Alistair tells him good work. Alistair says it seems Sheridan will live to see another day. Ackland still isnt convinced Sheridan wont remember, and he says that is why he asked her to make a follow-up appointment with him. Alistair says he better hope Sheridan doesnt remember, otherwise it will cost her her life! Back in the cottage, Antonio steps outside, and Luis shows up to see Sheridan.


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