January 5, 2003
Pilar and Woody visit with Theresa in jail, and a guard says she is a friend of Luis so they can take all the time that they want. Theresa asks Woody when she will see her son again? Woody tells her that considering her actions, maybe never! Theresa asks him to get bail, but Woody says Judge Reilly wouldnt set bail. Theresa asks how he can do that? Woody tells her that her actions brought this on, and the Judge has every right not to set bail if he sees fit. Woody says he has found a judge who would be willing to set bail (which is enormous) for a bribe (which is equally enormous). Pilar and Theresa gasp at the figures Woody shows them on paper, and Theresa says this amount of money is impossible for her to get! Woody tells her that orange is not her color, but she may have to get used to it. 

At the mansion, Fox and Whitney are spending time with Little Ethan. Fox tells Theresa that they need to help give Little Ethan as normal of a life as possible right now. Meanwhile, Rebecca  is telling Julian how perfect everything is, and she thinks in honor of the Latino Loser they should play jail house rock! Julian decides to take a walk first. Rebecca warns Julian to lose this love for Eve Russell if he wants Eves secrets to stay a secret! Whitney and Fox see the tension between Julian and Rebecca, and Whitney thinks they dont look very happy together. She says that is a shame because she has seen how a marriage is supposed to work thanks to her parents. Fox says there are regular people, and then there are the Cranes. Fox comments how Rebecca is his third mommy. Whitney says she cant think about her mother with any other man. Fox says in his head that he hopes she never finds out about her mom and Julian. Meanwhile, Eve shows up and looks in the window and sees Julian there. She feels bad for him because he married Rebecca for her. Julian sees Eve outside, and Rebecca asks why he is ignoring her? Julian tells her to go upstairs and set up whatever game she wants to play. He says hell be up there after he takes some pills to get his blood flowing. Julian walks outside and follows Eve, and Rebecca tries to see where he is going (I believe she saw him running after Eve). Outside, Julian follows Eve and pulls her into a passionate kiss! Eve stops him and says they cant do this, she wants to be faithful to TC. Julian says he knows, but seeing her makes her realize how much he loves her. They discuss the sacrifice he has made for her. Julian says he wishes he had married her back when he had the chance, because they could have had a life with their son and could have given him brothers and sisters. Eve asks if there is any news on their son, but Julian says no. However he says he promised to find him by the years end, and he will. Eve says she needs to go check on Sheridan, and Julian asks to see her after he is done checking on his sister. Eve says they must be careful, they cant let Rebecca know they are still seeing one another. 

Meanwhile, Luis stops off at the Wallace house to pick up the baby and take him over to the cottage so Sheridan can feed him. Beth asks how much longer this has to go on? Luis says as long as it takes to make their baby healthy again. Luis leaves with the baby, and Beth cries to her mom how she hates this. Mrs. Wallace tells her to get used to it or everyone will learn that she kidnapped that baby.

At the cottage, Sheridan has nightmares about her baby, and Luis wakes her up. He is holding the baby, and Sheridan says she dreamed that the couldn't find their baby. Sheridan takes the baby and says he is hungry, so she feeds him. Luis tries to tell her that he is not her baby, but she isnt listening. She says the baby is alive and she will never lose him again. Later, Eve shows up to check on Sheridan. Sheridan says she and her baby are just fine. Eve says the baby is Beths baby, but Sheridan doesnt seem to listen to her. Eve asks to speak with Luis outside, so they leave. Eve tells Luis not to be too concerned about Sheridan, eventually she will accept the truth. Eve tells Luis try not to worry too much because Sheridan is strong.

Back at the mansion, Rebecca finds Fox, Whitney and Little Ethan horsing around, and she tells them not to break anything. Whitney thinks Rebecca is more worried about things than her family. She says she is glad her parents have such a strong marriage, and she says when she marries she will have a marriage like her parents, a strong and faithful marriage. She says she has decided not to let recent events with Chad get her down. Fox says he heard Chad tried to call her, but she says she refused to speak to him. Later, they all run into Rebecca, who dressed up like Britney Spears, snake and all. Little Ethan asks if it is Halloween? Fox says no, and asks Little Ethan to go to the nursery and wait for him and Whitney. Fox jokes with Britney and asks if father will dress up like Justin or Madonna? Rebecca sends them all off, and later says she knows Julian is using Eve to arouse himself in order to make love to her. She says if Julian doesnt get Eve out of his life than she will destroy him and doctor feel good. Back in Little Ethans room, Whitney and Fox continue laugh at Rebecca. Whitney continues to say that Rebecca and Julian obviously dont love one another. She says her parents taught her and Simone what love was, and she will never disrespect her husband by stepping out on him the way Julian stepped out on Rebecca. Fox excuses himself to check his messages, and then Whitney looks out the window and says mom?

Down on the Crane Estate, Eve and Julian meet up, and Julian questions her about Sheridan. Eve tells Julian what Sheridan is going through, and how she thinks of the baby as hers. Julian knows Eve identifies with Sheridan's loss, and Eve says she also feels for Theresa right now. She asks Julian if anything can be done for Theresa? Julian says Rebecca has made it clear that she will destroy them if he does anything to help Theresa. Eve asks if they can at least get Theresa out of jail? Julian gets an idea and decides to call Woody and make him an offer. Later, Julian and Eve continue to share passionate kisses with one another! Whitney , from the nursery is stunned to see her mom and Julian kissing. 

Elsewhere in Harmony, Antonio is feeling guilt over what he did, and he says that it is the only way. Antonio tells himself that he cant put this off any longer, as he looks at a photo of Sheridan, and then he walks off. Antonio goes to see Beth, and he tells her that hes not going to fight for Sheridan anymore, he has let her go. Beth tells him that he cant give up, and she asks him what the chance to get Sheridan back he mentioned was? Antonio tells her about Alistairs plan to commit Sheridan to the psych ward again, and Beth agrees with Alistairs plan and she tells him to do it. Antonio says he is not sure he can (huh? He already did?) Antonio says it sounds like Beth only cares about Luis, but Beth says that is not true. Beth says Sheridan is delusional right now and having her committed is the right thing to do. Beth says Sheridan could try and steal her baby, or even hurt herself. She says having Sheridan committed is the right thing to do. Antonio thanks her for trying to make him feel better about this. Antonio says he has to go, and he leaves. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that was quiet a performance, and she is the wicked witch of the entire eastern seaboard. Beth says she did what she had to do, and with Sheridan in the loony bin, she Luis and the baby will finally be a family.

Dr. Ackland stops in to see Alistair Crane, who is with a beautiful brunette. Alistair tells Dr. Ackland that Antonio signed commitment papers because he thinks it will help his wife. Alistair says once Sheridan is back in the psych ward, he will make certain Sheridan and her lover Luis are no longer a threat to the Cranes. Alistair tells Dr. Ackland to get his daughter and lock her away! Dr. Ackland says okay, and he leaves. Alistair laughs that the Sheridan who goes into the psych ward wont be the one who comes out, and that his daughter wont be a threat to him or the Crane Empire again! 

Back at the cottage, Luis gets a call from his mom at the station. He learns that Theresa has been arrested for attempted kidnapping, and she asks Luis to come down to headquarters. Sheridan tells Luis to go and help Theresa. Luis says hell be back as soon as he can. Luis heads to jail, and he cant believe Theresa did this. Pilar asks if there is anything he can do to help her, but Luis says not if the judge wont set bail. Woody says he has been contacted by Julian and offered a deal. Woody says they are willing to let Theresa go free if she agrees not to go for custody of Little Ethan. Woody says once Theresa is out she can petition the court for custody, and he says in the long run Rebecca might turn her head and let Little Ethan live with her. Woody asks her to accept Julians offer, but Theresa says no way. Theresa says she should have custody of her son and will stay in jail and fight for it. Luis says he can ask Sheridan for some money for bail and legal fees, but Woody says she really should accept the offer. He asks for a moment alone with his client, so Pilar and Luis leave. Luis and Pilar discuss Theresa predicament, as well as Sheridan and Antonio. Luis tells his mom that Eve thinks Sheridan will move on and accept her child's death eventually, and for now he and Sheridan can be together. He says Antonio will accept that he and Sheridan will be together, as will Beth. Pilar tells Luis that shes glad he is happy, and she just prays Antonio will accept losing Sheridan to him. Luis says he doesn't blame Antonio for being with Sheridan, but it never should have happened in the first place. Luis says he used to think someone or something was trying to keep him and Sheridan apart, but he thinks that thing is gone and now he and Sheridan have a chance. Meanwhile, Woody asks Theresa to accept Julians offer because it will the only way she will get out. Theresa says no, she will stay in jail and fight for her freedom and to get her son back, or she will die trying. Woody tells her that she just might die if she has to stay in here.

Back at the cottage, Dr. Ackland arrives with two thugs. They see Sheridan inside the cottage, and the goons think that Sheridan doesnt look crazy to them. Inside,  there is a knock at the cottage door. Sheridan opens it only to see Dr. Ackland. She asks what he is doing here. Dr. Ackland says he has come to take her back to the psych ward!


January 6, 2003
On the Crane grounds, Eve tells Julian that someone might see them. Julian says he cant help it because he just loves her so much. Eve once again says this is dangerous, but Julian professes his love for her. She says she is married, she loves her husband and her family. Julian says he knows, and all he can do is make sure she stays happy. Eve says she loves him for that, and she says she should go before the do something they both regret. Eve walks off, leaving Julian alone with his regrets.

At the Crane Mansion, Whitney looks out the window and sees her mom kissing Julian Crane, and she is stunned. Fox returns, and Whitney cries to him that this cant be happening! Fox asks her what she saw? What is wrong? When Whitney looks back outside, Julian and Eve are gone. Fox brings Whitney a drink of sherry to try and calm her down, and he looks outside and sees nothing. Fox asks Whitney what she saw? Whitney says she doesnt know what she saw. She says she thinks she knows, but what she saw makes no sense. Fox asks what she saw? Whitney says it was the worst thing she could ever imagine. She says she saw his father kissing another woman. Fox asks if that is it? He says that is not big news to him, it happens all the time. Fox says his father is a cheat. Whitney says that just makes this even more terrible. He asks why? She says it just does. Julian walks in, and he asks Whitney why she seems upset? Whitney says she is upset because of him. Julian asks what he did? She tells him not to ask all innocent, she knows what he did! He thinks about kissing Eve, and he says Oh Whitney, no Julian plays innocent and claims he doesnt know why shes mad at her. Fox, who returns with a sandwich for Whitney, says perhaps she is mad because of what he is doing to Theresa. Julian says Theresa brought this on herself with her actions. He says he is not a monster, and hes even trying to help Theresa. He says hes offered Theresa a deal to get out of jail if she gives up rights to custody. Fox says that is a little too humane for him, and he wonders who conned him into it. Julian says he wasnt conned, he was trying to be helpful. Fox asks to talk to Julian outside, and Julian tells Fox to be good, kind and gentle to Whitney. Fox knows he is concerned about Whitney because he is still in love with her mother. Julian says Whitney can never know about him and her mother. Fox says hed never tell her because she thinks her parents are perfect. Julian says that is what she must continue to believe, and he must protect her. Fox says he loves Whitney too much to hurt her by telling her the truth. He says it would destroy her whole family, and he doesnt want that. Julian says he agrees with him there. Back in the nursery, Whitney remembers seeing her mom kissing Julian and wonders how her mom could do this.

At the Russell house, Liz has made mimosas and gives one to TC. She says they never got to share a New Years Eve toast, and she says a few of these and who knows where the day will lead! TC tells Liz that she is wasting her time because nothing will happen between them again. Liz tells him not to deny that he finds her attractive. He says of course she is attractive, but he is married and loves his wife. Liz tells him that she refuses to believe hell spend his life with a woman who is too busy for him, and she begins talking about the kiss they shared. She says that kiss was hot, and he wanted her! TC says he was drinking that night, and he loves Eve and wont leave her. Liz says shes not asking him to leave Eve. They continue to talk, and Liz says she bet Sam and Grace never thought anyone would come between them. TC says they arent Sam and Grace, and there is no one in Eves or his past to come between them. TC walks off, and Eve walks in. She asks Liz what is wrong, did she fail to seduce her husband again? Eve tells Liz that TC loves her and is dedicated to her and their marriage. Liz says if TC finds out about Julian and their love child than her marriage will be ruined. Eve says she, Julian, and Rebecca wont tell anyone. Eve says the only way TC will find out is if she (Liz) tells him, and she wont do that because then he will know she has been lying to him ever sense she met him. As Eve is telling Liz that TC will never find out, TC walks in and asks what he wont find out? Eve says she has a surprised planned for him, and she doesnt want him to find out. He asks what it is, but she says hell just have to wait to find out. TC leaves to head off to the school to work with the track team, and Eve tells Liz to face the facts that her revenge will never happen. Eve says she and TC will be together forever.

At the police station, Luis is glad that Theresa didnt accept the Cranes offer. He says they will fight them in court, and he says perhaps Sheridan will lend them the money. Pilar says he is a good son and good brother. Luis feels guilty that he and Sheridan are so happy when Theresa is having such a hard time. They both continue to talk about Sheridan and Antonio, and what has happened between them. Pilar tells Luis there is nothing more he can do for Theresa tonight, so he should go back to the cottage. Luis tells her that she should go home too. He promises her that they will get Theresa out of here. Pilar is just glad one of her children has found happiness. Luis says they will all be happy in time. He says Theresa will get out of here; Miguel, Kay and Charity will work things out; and now Antonio can find someone else to love. 

Antonio is walking on the pier, and he tells a photo of Sheridan that he did what he did because he loves her, and he hopes he did the right thing. Pilar runs into Antonio on the pier, and they talk. Pilar says her heart breaks for him, but she knows hell find love again some day. Antonio doesnt want to talk about this, so he changes the subject to Theresa and Little Ethan. Pilar realizes Antonio doesnt know what has happened, so she fills him on on Theresas predicament. Antonio wants to help, but Pilar says Luis was going to see Sheridan and ask her for some money for Theresa. Later, pilar tells Antonio how important family is, and how she knows they will stick together and help Theresa. Pilar sings Antonios praises, and he says she may not be so proud of him when she learns what he has done. He tells her that he has had Sheridan committed to the psych ward. Pilar asks him what drove him to do this? Please tell her that he did not do this? Antonio says he did it for Sheridans own good, but she says he did it to punish her for rejecting him. Pilar says Sheridan does not belong in that place. Antonio says he did what is best for Sheridan. He says he loves her, and she is still his wife. Antonio says he did what was what is best for Sheridan, and he is not alone in thinking this.

At the cottage, Dr. Ackland tells Sheridan that hes come to take her back to the hospital. Sheridan says she wont go, but he says she has no choice because her husband has signed the necessary papers. A nurse shows up, and Dr. Ackland takes the baby from Sheridan and gives it to the nurse. Sheridan tells him to give her back her baby, but Dr. Ackland says that is not her baby, it is Beth Wallaces. He asks the nurse to call Beth and have her pick her child up at the hospital. Sheridan watches the nurse leave with her child, and she struggles to get away from the two goons holding her back. Dr. Ackland says they are only trying to help her, but she tells him to go to hell. Sheridan is drug outside, and Dr. Ackland says she leaves him no choice and he puts her into a straight jacket. Sheridan begs them not to put her in the jacket, and she says she wont fight them. They let her out of the jacket, and she runs to her cottage and locks the door. She tries to call Luis for help, but only gets voice mail. Dr. Ackland and his thugs break in, and they put her back in the jacket. As she begs them not to do this to her, Dr. Ackland tells Sheridan that hell remember that she cant be trusted. Later, Luis arrives and find Sheridan missing and the has been cottage broken into.

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is evil for convincing Antonio to lock Sheridan up in the loony bin. Beth says if Sheridan thinks she is going to take her baby, then she is nuts. Beth says with Sheridan locked up, she will get everything she ever wanted. Mrs. Wallace asks when enough is enough? Hasnt she caused Sheridan enough pain? Beth asks what about her pain? She says Luis has played her like a yo-yo. Mrs. Wallace says she was a mad hatter long before any of this happened, and she says she wishes she had blown the whistle on her plans long ago. Beth tells her mom to shut up, and she threatens her with violence. Suddenly, Beth gets a call about her baby being at the hospital. Mrs. Wallace asks where Sheridan is? Beth says she doesnt know, but hopefully on her way to the psych ward!

At the hospital, Beth arrives to get her baby and she sees Sheridan being dragged off to the psych ward. She says she cant believe Antonio really did it, and she says Luis will be hers forever! Beth spies on Sheridan as she is dragged off and thrown in solitary. The nurse shows up and gives Beth her baby. When the baby starts crying, the nurse asks if she brought the right child? Beth says she did, and that little Martin is just fussy because he is hungry. Back in solitary, Sheridan says she can hear her baby crying, and she asks where he is! Dr. Ackland tells her that her baby is dead, and they are here to help her realize the reality of her situation. Sheridan says no, and screams for Luis to help her. 

Luis arrives at the Wallace house to see if Sheridan is here. Mrs. Wallace says she isnt, but Beth got a call that the baby was at the hospital so she went there. Luis thinks something must have happened to Sheridan, and he rushes off to the hospital. Luis arrives and finds Beth feeding Martin. He asks if Martin is okay, and she says hes fine. He asks where Sheridan is? Beth says Sheridan is back in the psych ward, shes been committed!


January 7, 2004
I developed a headache during the show (no connection!) and thus got a bit lazy with the details as the show progressed. Sorry for any errors!
At the Russell house, Fox questions Whitney why she is upset over seeing his father kissing some other woman. She says it wasnt just some woman. Fox asks her who she saw his father kissing? Whitney says it was horrible, and that it was her mom she saw kissing Julian. Fox says this cant be, not Eve (even though he knows it very well could be). Eve and TC walk in, and TC asks Fox why he is talking about Eve? Fox makes up an excuse (I didn't catch it), and TC and Eve leave the room, but not before Eve gets a cold look from Whitney. Fox tells Whitney that perhaps she didnt see what she thought she did. Whitney says it looked like her mom, and she doesnt understand how her mother could do this to her father. Fox tells her that she has great and trustworthy parents, and then he takes off to visit Theresa in jail because he has to do something for her. Whitney goes into the kitchen to see her mom and dad. She asks her how her day was. Eve says it was just like any other day, she saw patients and dealt with HMOs. Whitney asks Eve if she saw anyone she knows? Eve says she saw Sheridan. Whitney asks so you were at the Crane Estate? Eve says yes, and wonders why Whitney cares. Whitney asks if she happened to see Julian while she was there? ( I missed a few seconds, and didn't hear Eve's answer. When the show came back TC had made breakfast or something). When Eve goes to try something TC made for breakfast, Whitney says she didnt know she liked those. Eve says there are few things she still doesn't know about her. Whitney says there are a lot of things they dont know about her, and asks what they might be? Eve wonders why Whitney is being so hostile. Whitney ends up storming out of the kitchen, and TC tells Eve hell go talk to Whitney and find out what she is upset about. Eve worries that Whitney could have seen her kissing Julian. TC goes to talk to Whitney, and he says he knows shes been under a lot of stress with Chad and everything. He apologizes to her for making her choose between Chad and her family. Whitney tells her that he is not the one who should be apologizing. TC asks her what she means? Whitney doesnt want to talk about it, but TC says she didnt lash out at her mom over nothing. Whitney says it wasnt nothing, it was something, and it was huge. Eve listens in as Whitney tells TC that what is upsetting her is about mom, and she owes it to him to tell him everything.

On the pier, Pilar tells Antonio that committing Sheridan is not the right thing to do. She tells him to forgive Sheridan, forgive his brother, and let Sheridan out! Later, Antonio bursts into Alistair's office to see Alistair. Antonio says he has changed his mind and wants Sheridan out of the psych ward. Alistair cracks his knuckles as he clenches his fist. Alistair asks what this is about, he thought they had discussed this and it was settled? Antonio says hes going to go have Sheridan released and wanted him to know before he did it, since Alistair seems to care so much about Sheridan. Alistair asks him to sit, and he says he is a little surprised that he has changed his mind. Alistair manipulates Antonio and tells him that he believes Sheridan does love him and not Luis, but she needs time to heal and realize this. Alistair says she is someplace where that can happen, and if he leaves her there, it will not only be what is best for her, but for him as well. Antonio tells Alistair that his mom made him question his motives, and made him see maybe he is doing this out of jealousy. Alistair suggests that perhaps Pilar hasnt completely forgiven him for leaving when his father died, perhaps she still feels he abandoned them. Antonio says that isnt true, but Alistair says to Pilar he was the son who left, and Luis is the one who stayed. Alistair continues to manipulate Antonio and tells him that it is best if Sheridan stays where she is because he can visit her whenever he wants, and decide if Luis should be able to visit her. Antonio eventually agrees to leave Sheridan in the psych ward, and later Alistair's female friend applauds Alistair for turning one brother against another. Alistair says it is easy when a woman Is involved.  The woman and Alistair discuss Alistairs plan, and they compare Luis and Antonio to Cain and Able.

At the jail, Woody tries to convince Theresa to accept the offer, but she refuses. She says she will not stop fighting for her son. Woody says if she wont take his advice, than he must remove himself from her case. He says he can no longer be her attorney, and heads off. Theresa wonders who will help her get her son back now? Woody runs into Ethan outside, and he asks why Ethan is here? Ethan says he is here to bail Theresa out. Ethan says he wont let Theresa stay in this god forsaken place. Ethan walks off, and Pilar shows up and learns from Woody that he has taken himself off of Theresas case. Pilar goes to see Theresa, and Theresa cries to her about how she doesn't know what to do now, especially since Ethan has abandoned her.  Pilar says Ethan has not abandoned her, but Theresa says he is working with the enemy against her. As ask they are talking, Theresa is informed that her bail has been posted by a man who claimed to be her special friend. Theresa thinks it must have been Ethan, and he hasnt abandoned her after all Later, Ethan and Woody meet up again, and Ethan says someone else has paid Theresas bail, and he doesnt know who. Woody says someone else must be bewitched by the beautiful Theresa. Fox heads into jail to see Theresa, who is getting ready to leave, and reveals he is the one who bailed her out. She is shocked, but thanks him. Pilar asks where he got that money? Fox tells her not to worry about it. Pilar realizes Fox used his trust fund, all of it. She also makes a comment about how Julian and Ivy set some kind of regulations on his trust fund to prevent him from withdrawing a large amount at a time, and since he has, he has lost it all. Theresa cant believe he did this for her. She is worried how Fox will deal without money. Fox says hell get by, hell figure something out. He says hell get a job or something. Fox just worries what Alistair will do and say when he learns what he has done. Later , Theresa discusses her plans with Fox. She says she needs a new lawyer and will have to get a job at the Book Caf to pay for her legal expenses.

Later, Ethan goes to the Crane Cannery and runs into Pilar. He is here to sign some Crane Industry documents, and Pilar reveals she is going to be working here now. Ethan feels bad for Pilar, and he offers to try and get her her job at the mansion back. Pilar doubts that will happen with Rebecca there. Ethan asks about Theresa, and Pilar realizes he still cares about her. Ethan says he does care about Theresa, but not to misunderstand him because he still loves Gwen. Pilar says she knows, and that he is in an awkward position with Gwen still blaming Theresa for Sarah's death. Ethan says he doesn't blame Theresa. Ethan says he accepts full responsibility for what happened, he hurt the women he cares about and he is not going to let that happen again.

At the hospital, Luis arrives and is stunned to learn Sheridan has been committed. He ask who did this, but Beth says he doesnt know. In solitary, Sheridan screams for help. Dr, Ackland comes in with a syringe and tells her that she has to stop this. He says hes going to have to sedate her. Sheridan says she has to feed her baby. Dr. Ackland says the baby is Beths, and the drugs wont affect her breast milk. He then inject Sheridan. Sheridan says, before falling unconscious, that Luis will save her. Dr. Ackland calls Alistair to let him know that he has drugged Sheridan. Alistair says that is good, but they have another problem. He says Luis is at the hospital, and for Dr. Ackland to handle him as he told him to. Meanwhile, Luis asks to see Sheridan, but two goons tell him that hes not allowed to, Dr. Ackland's orders. Luis pushes his way past them and searches for Sheridan. He finds her locked in a room crying for him. The goons tell him to get away from that door, but Luis says he will get her out of her. The two guys end up dragging Luis off, but he punches one of them and goes in to get Sheridan. Dr. Ackland arrives and asks what is going on here. Luis tells Dr. Ackland that he is taking Sheridan, but Dr. Ackland says he has a court order to keep her here. Beth shows up, and she pleads with Luis not to do this because he could lose his job. Luis says he doesnt care! Beth tells him to think about their baby. She asks how they will care for him without insurance? Sheridan begins to feel the affects of the drug, and Luis wonders what Dr. Ackland has done to her. Dr. Ackland says he has sedated her, which anger Luis. Luis ends up more angry when he learns from Dr. Ackland that Antonio committed Sheridan, so he has every legal right to keep her here. Luis cant believe this is happening, but Dr. Ackland says it is, and the court documents are real. He tells Luis to get out of here now or he will have him arrested. Beth begs Luis to thinks about Martin and not get into any trouble. Luis tells Sheridan, who is fast fading, that he loves her and will get her out of here. Later, Antonio arrives, and Luis is furious with Antonio. He tells her to get Sheridan out of here, but Antonio refuses. Luis ends up decking Antonio ,and they two get into a huge fight.


January 8, 2004
Shorter than usual, typed after I saw the show
At the Russell's, Eve panics when she fears Whitney saw her kissing Julian and is going to tell TC. TC asks Whitney what she has to tell him about her mother? Whitney says it is about trust. TC asks if she is saying her mom doesn't trust him? Whitney says that is not it. Whitney basically chickens out and doesn't tell her father what she saw, which relieves Eve, who thinks Whitney saw nothing. Later, Fox and Theresa show up, and they are glad to see her out of jail. When asked how she got out, Theresa says Fox used his trust fund, at a major loss to himself, to bail her out. TC is stunned and asks Fox if he is really Julian's son? Later, when Eve and TC have left the room, Whitney confides in Theresa what she saw. Theresa agrees with Fox (who we know is lying) and says her mother would never do something like that, and she must have just thought she saw her mother with Julian. Whitney says maybe they are right, maybe she didn't see her mother doing what she thought she did, and she can't imagine she would. TC walks in and asks what she is talking about? Theresa quickly covers for Whitney and says Whitney was just saying how when she was in LA and was living without her family how she couldn't imagine she would ever be without them. TC tells her that she'll never have to go through that again. Later on, Theresa decides to leave to go for an interview at the Book Cafe. Fox takes off as well, and Whitney is left alone with her mom. Eve gives Whitney a hug and thinks everything is fine, but Whitney can't get the picture of her mom kissing Julian out of her head.

At the Crane Cannery, Miguel tries to call Charity, but she isn't taking his calls. His supervisor ends up writing him up for using his cell phone on company time, and warns him if he doesn't again he will be fired. After his shift ends, Miguel decides to visit Maria and then find and talk to Charity. 

At Tabitha's, Kay is annoyed that Charity is spending so much time with Maria. Tabitha informs Kay that there is something she should know. She tells Kay about Charity making a deal with Death to save Maria. Kay is touched and thinks she should go thank Charity for what she's done, but Tabitha tells her not so fast. Tabitha tells her that Charity made the same deal when Maria was in the hospital, but because she broke her deal and got back together with Miguel, Death came back for Maria the other day. Kay realizes that her baby could still die if Charity is unable to keep her bargain with Death this time. Charity decides to head out, because she knows Miguel will be here soon. Before she can leave, Simone, Jessica, John and Reese show up. They are heading out on a ski trip and ask Kay to borrow her snowboard and skis. She says sure, and is down that she can't go with them because of Maria. Simone lectures her and tells her that she warned her what would happen if she got pregnant to try and snare Miguel. She says while Kay has a beautiful baby, she has had to give up so much to care for her. They ask Charity to come, but she says she has a test to study for. Charity ends up being stalled from leaving by Jessica, who needs help with her poly-sci class. Miguel eventually arrives, and they ask him to come, but he says he has school and work. Simone tells Kay to look how miserable Miguel is. She says her plan has not only destroyed her own life, but Miguel's as well! Charity tries to sneak out when Miguel is with Maria, but he follows her to talk to her. She tells him that she can't talk to him or see him, but he won't take no for an answer. As they talk, Kay spies on them and worries.

At Alistair's place, Alistair and his lovely female friend continue to watch the drama at the hospital unfold on Alistair's TVs. One is monitoring Sheridan, the other the ongoing brawl between Luis and Antonio. At the hospital, BEth screams for help as the boys fight. Dr. Ackland has his goons break them up, and he is furious with them. He says he has had it, and he is going to ban them both from seeing Sheridan. Dr. Ackland is beeped, and excuses himself to take a call. It is Alistair, who is not happy with him. He says Antonio must still be allowed to see Sheridan! Dr. Ackland returns to the boys and says he is sorry for his outburst, and Antonio can of course continue to see his wife. However, he says Luis cannot, and demands he be dragged off. Luis begins screaming, but agrees to calm down if he can talk to Dr. Ackland. Dr. Ackland allows Luis to stay, and Luis wants to know about the care Sheridan will be getting. Dr. Ackland assures him that it will be the best care. When a nurse shows up and says it is time for Sheridan's medicine, both Antonio and Luis are worried, but Dr. Ackland says it is part of her treatment. Beth's baby begins to fuss, and a nurse says she tried giving him formula but he wouldn't take it. Luis says he needs Sheridan, but Beth is worried about the drugs. Dr. Ackland says the drugs won't affect the breast milk, and he can have Sheridan express some for the baby. Luis says that is not necessary because Sheridan has some bottled at the cottage. Luis offers to have someone bring it over, but Antonio says he is Sheridan's husband so he will do that. Luis begins to question Antonio ask to why he's doing this, who put him up to it. Antonio says no one did, and he is doing this because Sheridan needs help. Antonio says he loves Sheridan, and she is his wife. Luis says not for long she isn't when Sheridan gets out of here, she will divorce him! Later, Beth counsels Antonio and tells him that in spite of Luis' words, he is doing the right thing. Back at Alistair's place, Alistair tells Antonio not to worry because Sheridan won't divorce him when she gets out, because she's never getting out!


January 9
Ethan and Gwen wake up in bed together, and Ethan tells her how lucky he is to wake up in the morning and see her. Gwen tells Ethan that he makes her so happy. They discuss little Sarah, and Ethan tells Gwen that they are young and healthy and can have another child. Gwen says she would like that very much, so they make love. After making love, Ethan turns on the TV to check the markets. There is a news report about Theresa being released. Gwen doesnt know how she got out with bail set so high. The news reports that an unknown man posted her bail, and Gwen asks Ethan if he did this, did he break his promise to her? Suddenly, Rebecca shows up and tells them about that little slut getting out of jail. She says they will have to watch Little Ethan more carefully, and she has instructed security to shoot if they see Theresa on the grounds.. Gwen says she was just asking Ethan if he did this, but Rebecca says it was Fox who bailed Theresa out. Ethan asks how Fox got the money? Rebecca says he used his trust fund. Ethan says it must have cost him a lot because there were heavy restrictions on early withdrawal from that fund. Ethan eventually asks Rebecca to excuse them so they can get dressed. She wonders why because he has nothing she hasnt seen. Gwen tells her mother! So she leaves. Gwen apologizes to Ethan for jumping to conclusions. Ethan says it is okay. He does admit that he thinks Little Ethan should be with Theresa, and he would have bailed her out if he still had a trust fund. Later they learn on the news that Sheridan has been committed again, so they rush to the hospital.

Miguel is on the docks doing some work. His boss tells him that he doesnt know where Miguel finds all the hours to work and go to college. Kay, who has Maria with her, spies on Miguel and says if they can only get him away from Charity than he will be all theirs. Meanwhile, Charity is walking along the docks, and when she sees Miguel, she leaves. Miguel sees her and chases after her. He yells at her to stop avoiding him. Kay chases after them to make sure Charity doesnt go back on her promise to Death. Miguel asks Charity why she is avoiding him? Charity says he needs to be with his child and with Kay. Miguel says he can still make time for her, and he says he loves her. Kay damns her cousin and thinks she and the baby will always come second with Charity around. Miguel continues to tell Charity that he loves her and he wants to spend his life with her. He says he thought she wanted that to. Charity says she should go, but Miguel wont let her leave until she agrees to meet him at the Book Caf later and talk. Miguel has to get back to work, and he says hell see her later. After Miguel leaves, Kay confronts Charity about not staying away from Miguel. Charity says she is trying, but he wont leave her alone. She asks what she is supposed to do. Kay tells her that she just agreed to meet her at the Book Caf, so shes not trying very hard. Charity tells Kay that she knows nothing about the sacrifices she has made for her and her baby, so leave her alone.

Sam and Ivy are taking a walk, and Sam says he is very proud of her. Ivy says she wanted to get out of that chair for him, for herself and for them. They see Charity, Miguel and Kay, and they realize none of them look very happy. Ivy feels for Kay and says she knows how painful this must be for Kay. Sam says he wishes he could help Kay. He says they used to be so close, but she wont talk to him now. He thinks what Kay needs now is her mother, but she wont talk to Grace. Ivy says shell talk to Kay and see if she can help. Ivy goes to talk to Kay, and she says she has some advice for her. Kay knows Ivy is just trying to suck up to win points with her dad. Kay says she doesnt want a mothers advice on how to be a good girl, she wants a bitches advice how to keep the man she loves. Ivy says that is very rude! Kay says she knows who she really is. Kay says she helped Ivy get her hooks into her dad, so now Ivy has to help her get Miguel. Kay asks Ivy to talk to Charity and convince her to leave Miguel alone. Ivy asks how she will do that? Kay tells Ivy to tell her about how hard it was raising Ethan without his father around. Kay warns Ivy that if she doesnt convince Charity to stay away from Miguel, than she will tell her parents everything! Ivy says shell talk to Charity. Ivy goes over to see Charity, and she asks if there is anything she can do because she doesnt seem very happy. Charity says there is nothing she can do. Charity opens up to Ivy and says she and Miguel really arent a couple anymore. She says he still wants to make it work, but she doesnt see how it is possible with Kay and the baby. Ivy says she is no big fan of Kays, but she does feel for her because she knows what it was like to raise a child without his father. Ivy says Ethan still had Julian, but Ivy says Julian was never a father to any of his children, and a fathers influence is very important. Charity says Miguel will be there for Maria, but Ivy says it will be difficult for him to balance his time between her and the baby. Ivy tells Charity that she should do everything she can to make herself unavailable to Miguel. She suggest she go on this ski trip. Charity says she cant afford it, plus she has a test. Ivy says she is a smart girl and can study later. Ivy gives Charity money and tells her to go and have a good day. Charity thanks Ivy and says she will. Charity leaves, and Kay tells Ivy that she was brilliant. Ivy says Charity is a nice kid and doesnt deserve this pain. Kay tells her she didnt have any guilt about doing what she did to Grace and her family. Ivy says that was different, she and Sam were in love long before Grace came along. Ivy says anyone can clearly see Miguel loves Charity, and she loves him. She asks Kay how she got Miguel to make love to her, did she use magic like Jessica is always saying. Kay says no, she just used the magic of feminine charms. Ivy still isnt happy she made Charity miserable, but Kay could care less. Ivy says she doesnt believe Kay should be with Miguel, but she does believe a child should be raised by both parents. Kay says Maria will now. Ivy says poor Miguel, and Kay returns with Go to hell Ivy! Kay takes off, and Sam is glad to see Kay happy again. HE thinks all she needed was some womanly advice.

At the hospital, Alistair and Dr Ackland spy on Sheridan. Dr. Ackland says she doesnt belong here, but Alistair says it is exactly where she belongs because with her in here and away from Luis, the Crane family secrets are safe. Dr. Ackland says he cant keep her here forever because people will get suspicious. Alistair says she will stay here as long as he tells her to keep her here. When Sheridan comes too and begins screaming for her baby, Alistair orders Dr Ackland get in their and drug her. Dr. Ackland says it is too soon, but Alistair tells him to get in there and shut her up. Dr. Ackland goes in and asks Sheridan to calm down or he will have to sedate her again. Sheridan wont calm down, so Dr. Ackland pulls out the syringe. Ethan and Gwen arrive at the hospital and hear Sheridan screaming. They also see Alistair, who says he is checking on his daughter. Ethan doesnt think Sheridan should be here, but Alistair says the doctors should make that judgment. Gwen agrees with Ethan and says Sheridan should be at home, not locked up like an animal. The peer in Sheridans room and see Dr. Ackland trying to tell Sheridan that her child is dead. Alistair feels bad for Sheridan, so he says, and he says her mind has obviously cracked. Gwen asks to speak with Sheridan, and Alistair permits it. Ethan and Gwen go in to speak with Sheridan. Sheridan hugs them and says she is not crazy, so they need to get her out of here. She says if she doesnt feed her baby than he will die. Gwen and Ethan understand how heartbroken she is, but they tell her that she has to face reality and move on. Sheridan tells them that they are wrong. She says she knows everyone thinks she is crazy for thinking Beths baby is hers, but they are wrong. She says that baby is hers, she knows it, and he knows it too because he wont take food from anyone but her. Gwen admits that is strange, and it is like the baby prefers her over his own mother. Sheridan says that is because she is his mother. Gwen begins to wonder if Sheridan is right. Ethan tells Gwen that he knows she has always doubted Beth, but to think about what she is saying. He says even Luis believes the baby died, but Gwen says something strange is going on. Ethan says Sheridan is in such grief that she has deluded herself into thinking Beths baby is hers. Sheridan hears them talking and says Beths baby is her baby. 

Theresa shows up at the Book Caf and meets with Beth to apply for a job. Beth tells Theresa that she does not need to apply, the job is hers. Theresa is glad, but Beth says she can only pay her minimum wage and whatever tips she makes. Theresa says that is fine with her. Theresa begins work, and there is a mother and her son there. The son is a little down, so Theresa brings him a book on the alphabet and asks him if he could help her read it. Theresa manages to cheer the little boy up. The mother thanks Theresa and says she must be a mother because she is so good at this. Theresa thanks her, and says she is a good mother. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace calls Beth and tells her that the baby is hungry and wont take the formula. Mrs. Wallace says they have to get the baby to Sheridan, but Beth says no way. Mrs. Wallace says the baby will die if they dont get him food. Beth says fine, take the baby to the psych ward and she will meet them there. Beth asks Theresa to watch over the store because she has to go. After Beth leaves, Rebecca shows up and gets a laugh when she says the housekeepers daughter is finally what she was meant to do, serve. Rebecca then calls Clarice and tells her how well Little Ethan is doing, and how he is bonding with her daughter and her husband. Rebecca says it is only a matter of time before he is calling them mommy and daddy. She says she looks forward to seeing Clarice in court when they make this arrangement final. Miguel heads to the book Caf to meet Charity, only to run into Theresa. Theresa informs him about her new job, and she says she hasnt seen Charity. Charity is outside the Book Caf looking at Miguel. She says she loves him so much, but she has to keep her deal with Death in order to save her baby. Charity doesnt know how shell live without him. She then walks off. Later, Gwen and Ethan walk in as Theresa is on the phone with Mrs. Robbins, who tells her that Ethan and Gwen are raising her child now and will probably call them mommy and daddy soon. Theresa feels betrayed and thinks Ethan is trying to steal her son. She says she wont let him get away with this. Theresa confronts Ethan and throws water all over him! 

Back at the hospital, Beth, Mrs. Wallace, and Precious shows up with he baby, and Dr. Ackland says they dont let animals in the hospital. Mrs. Wallace says Precious is her nurse, and Beth says she is a trained caregiver. Beth explains why they are here, and Dr. Ackland says he knows. Dr. Ackland takes the baby into see Sheridan, and Ethan and Gwen leave her. Sheridan nurses the baby, and Dr. Ackland tells them that they can see she is very delusional. As Sheridan feeds the baby, Beth damns her for not having a normal baby who likes formula.

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