January 12, 2004
Typed well after I saw the show, so shorter than normal
At the Russell House, Fox and Whitney have a discussion about Chad. Whitney says he left a message on her voicemail, but she deleted it before she could find out what he had to say. She tells Fox that she has to move on, and that she has to find someone who believes marriage is a serious commitment. She says she wants a marriage like her parents. She says she knows they are truly committed to one another, and that is why her thinking she saw her mother kissing Julian is so ridiculous. She says that isnt the first time shes jumped to the wrong conclusion. She tells Fox for a moment, a slight moment, she thought she was the woman he was in love with, not Theresa. She says she knows now that she was wrong. Fox tries to get a word in, and it appears he wants to tell her, but she never gives him a chance to do so. She tells Fox she has to run some errands, but shell catch up with him later.

At the Book Caf, Theresa is stunned when Chad walks in. Chad has some short twists in his hair, and he has a scruffy five-o-clock shadow look going on. Theresa asks if Whitney knows hes back. Chad says no, and he doesnt know if shell be happy to see him since she hasnt returned any of his calls. They sit and talk, and Chad goes over the story about Latoya, their marriage, their supposed divorce, and why he didnt tell Whitney about her. Chad honestly felt that part of his life was over. Theresa says regardless, he should have told Whitney that he was married before. Chad asks her why she is working here, and she explains her entire story to him, including how she believes Ethan has betrayed her and how Fox was the one who really came through for her. Chad tells Theresa that Fox is in love with her. She doesnt believe him, but he says it is true. He says Fox didnt tell her because she was always in love with Ethan, and he probably thought he couldnt compete with the love she was always saying was fated. Theresa is shocked. Chad says Fox is a good guy and worth giving a chance. Chad has to go, but before leaving, Theresa asks him if he ever found out anything on his parents? Chad says no, and he doubts hell ever know who they really were. Chad heads out, and then Fox shows up. Fox wants to ask Theresa for some advice about the woman he loves. He says he really wants to tell the woman he loves how he feels about her. Fox says before he couldnt because there was always this other guy in her life, but hes gone now and she seems ready to move on. Theresa tells Fox that she knows how he feels about her. Fox is shocked and tries to get a word in, but Theresa wont let him. She says she thinks he is a great guy and maybe they should give them a chance.

On the Docks, Eve and Julian meet up. Eve tells Julian that they cant keep doing this. Julian says he knows that. He says he doesnt mean to cause her any trouble, he is not the Julian he once was. He says he has Timmy to thank for that. They discuss how special Timmy was for awhile, and Julian says thanks to Timmy he understands what living and loving is about, and that is why he knows she must stay with TC. He says the reason he called to meet her was because he has news on their son. Julian tells Eve that his team of investigators have found out that their son is alive. He says that their son was taken from the hospital and placed in a foster home. He doesnt know much more than that, but he promises to return him to her by the end of the year. Eve is overjoyed and hugs Julian, which Whitney witnesses. Whitney becomes upset and runs off, and right into Chad! 

At the hospital, Luis pays a visit to Sheridan in the psych ward. She tells Luis that he must get her out of here. Luis says that is why he is here. He says he knows how to get her out. Sheridan asks how. Luis tells her that she must convince everyone that she believes their baby is dead, and Beths baby is not hers. Sheridan says no because that baby is hers. She says a mother knows her child, and that is her child. Luis plays along and says fine, but if she wants to get out of here she must lie to the doctors and make them think that she no longer believes that. Sheridan agrees to do so if it means she can leave. Luis says he needs to go do some things, but hell be back. Elsewhere, Alistair has been spying on them through his closed circuit TV network, and he is furious. He says he wont let this happen, and makes a call. When Luis returns to visit Sheridan again, he finds out he has been forbidden to do so by Dr. Ackland. Sheridan watches through the window in her door as the guards drags a kicking and screaming Luis off!


January 14, 2003
Sorry this is so late! It's just been one of those days. Anyways, due to the late hour, this has not been proofed! It's also once again a little shorter than normal.
At the Book Cafe,  Theresa tells Fox that she doesn't love him yet, but she thinks they have a shot at a good relationship. Theresa then tells Fox that Chad is back in town and wants to fix things between him and Whitney. Theresa talks on and on about Chad and Whitney and how she thinks they do stand a chance, and she tells Fox that she also thinks they have a shot at being a couple to. Theresa has to go back to her customers, and Fox wonders how he will get out of this mess. Later, Fox tells Theresa they need to talk about Whitney. He says he can't let this go on any longer. Theresa misunderstands what he wants to talk about. She thinks he wants to talk about Chad and Whitney, but he says that is not it. Before he can tell her the truth, Theresa once again has to take off to deal with customers.

Chad and Whitney run into one another on the pier. Chad asks Whitney to forgive him and give him another chance. HE says they can have the marriage her parents have, but she says only fools believe in fairy tales like that. Chad asks what has happened to the Whitney he knew? HE tells her that before she says anything else, he is sorry about the whole Latoya deal. He tells Whitney that she is the only girl he ever truly loved. Whitney says Love is nothing but a stupid four letter word used to sell greeting cards. Chad doesn't believe that, but Whitney doesn't care. She says if people loved one another than they wouldn't cheat or break their respective other's hearts. Chad pleads with Whitney to forgive him. He tries to  get to Whitney by using her parents as an example, but Whitney lashes out and says he doesn't know her mom at all. Whitney ends up running off and into the Book Cafe, right into Fox's arms. Chad follows her and sees her in Fox's arms, and he thinks she is with Fox now and that is why she is pushing her away. Chad demands Fox explain what is going on between the two of them.

Elsewhere, Eve and Julian discuss their son. Julian tells her that he has something that will change their lives forever. Julian gets a call, and he lets them know where he is. Eve thinks Julian has found their son and is bringing him here. Julian says that is not who is coming, but the person does have important information about their son. Julian says for all they know their son could be in Harmony right now! They discuss how their son was taken, and both suspect Alistair could have been behind it. Eve doesn't understand how Alistair could be so cruel. Julian explains how Alistair will resort to anything to protect the family from outsiders, and he goes into detail about Alistairs plots to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. He even confides in Eve that Alistair has tried to have Sheridan killed! Julian says that is why it is important they be careful in the search for their son. Eve thinks that is one of the reasons he wants to keep their relationship a secret. He says of course it is. She can't help but wonder if he is more like Alistair than he wants to admit, and maybe he broke up with her because she is black. Julian says she doesn't care that she is black. Later, the man meeting them shows up and gives Julian a password to use to hack into the adoption agency's computer. Julian and Eve head off to the hospital to begin searching for what happened to their son. They begin running a search online and are stunned by the results. 

Antonio is still struggling with his guilty conscience over committing Sheridan. He makes a call to someone about meeting them. We learn it is Alistair that he wants to talk to. Alistair is in his office and is telling his beautiful assistant how he will use one brother against the other to. Antonio comes to see Alistair, and Alistair manipulates him into letting SHeridan stay in the psych ward. Alistair tells him that Luis is the one in the wrong, and that Sheridan will choose him once she has time to think things through. Antonio wonders if Alistair is the one trying to manipulate him. Alistair says now he is sounding like his brother. Alistair says if he wants to release his wife than go ahead, but if he does he will lose his wife to Luis' brainwashing. Alistair ends up telling Antonio how much he likes him because Sheridan fell in love with him, she wasn't brainwashed into loving him like with his brother. He tells Antonio that he's bored with this conversation, he needs to make a decision about what to do. Antonio thinks Sheridan could get doctors to visit her at the cottage, but Alistair says Luis wouldn't leave her alone there. Antonio says he'll think about it, and he leaves. Alistair laughs and knows what Antonio will decide.

At the hospital, Alistair watches as Luis is dragged away. Sam and Hank show up, and Dr. Ackland called them. He tells Sam that Luis is causing quiet a ruckus here. Luis says Sheridan shouldn't be here, and he is going to get her out. Dr. Ackland says he has told Luis that the only person who can get Sheridan out is her husband. Sam tells Luis that the doctor is correct. Dr. Ackland asks Sam to get Luis out of here. Sam says he'll talk to Luis. Sam and Hank try and calm Luis down, and try to make him realize he has no power to make a decision about Sheridan's mental health or her course of treatment. Luis refuses to accept that, and he runs to Sheridan's room and bangs on her door. Sam and Hank tell Luis that he's only going to make things worse for Sheridan. Luis says the only reason Sheridan is in there is because Antonio is angry that Sheridan chose him. As they argue about whether Sheridan should be in here, Antonio shows up and he says Sheridan will stay here until he decides she is well! Luis tells Antonio if he thinks locking Sheridan up will make her love him, than he doesn't know what is best for Sheridan. Antonio says he does. He says Sheridan is his wife and she will stay his wife! Dr. Ackland returns and has had it with Luis. He orders Sam to remove him! Before leaving, Luis vows to get Sheridan out of here!

Back at Alistair's office, Alistair's beautiful woman tells Alistair he is like the snake in the garden of Eden. Alistair  says he will do whatever it takes to keep Sheridan away from Luis. Alistair watches everything unfold


January 14, 2004
TC arrives at the Russell house to help TC fix his snow blower. Sam tells TC that he just came from the hospital where Sheridan is. As they discuss what is going on with Luis and Sheridan, TC says he is grateful that he and Eve have no problems. TC asks Sam how he is doing because he cant imagine him without Grace. Sam says he never thought Grace would chose David over him. TC says the past has a strange way of popping out of nowhere and sinking its hooks into people. TC asks Sam about Ivy, and Sam admits he likes having Ivy around because hed be lonely if she wasnt there. TC asks if they are getting tight? Sam says it isnt hot and heavy, but it is nice having someone care about him and put him first. Sam says Ivy is even getting along with Kay. Sam admits that one never gets their first love out of their system. Sam says if David wasnt Grace's first love, than she wouldnt be with him now. TC says Grace doesnt remember David, which Sam says makes his point all the more valid. He says most people reconcile with their first loves, but Grace never had that chance with David. He thinks that is why she is with him now. Sam says even when people cam reconcile with their first love, he  thinks people never really get over the first person they were in love with. TC thanks God he is the only man Eve ever loved. Sam asks TC what if Eve did have an old boyfriend who came back to take her. He asks TC what he would do? TC sayts he wont even entertain that question because Eve was a good girl when he met her. Sam says that is not fair, what would he do? TC goes off the deep end and says if some jerk showed up and tried to break up his family, he would kill them! 

At the hospital, Julian and Eve are stunned to find that they have been blocked from searching online through the adoption agency website for their son. Julian thinks this has Alistair written all over it. Julian thinks maybe they can locate the parents names who adopted him, perhaps Alistair only blocked them from searching for the child. Unfortunately that has been blocked too. Julian tells her not to despair, hell see if the hacker has anymore ideas. Eve thanks him trying. He says hes doing this for both of them. Eve says now she has time to explain things to TC. She knows her family will be angry, but she thinks they will get over it. Julian says only a fool like he used to be to throw her love away. Julian and Eve soon begin to have a what if fantasy about their lives if Julian hadnt given up on her. In their fantasy, Whitney and Simone are their children. Whitney is still a tennis star, and their older brother is studying to be a lawyer (they don't give him a name, just refer to him as the older brother). After they snap out of fantasy land, Eve tells Julian that she loves her family and she wont give up on her marriage. Julian tells her that he understands that completely.

At the Book Caf, Chad asks his woman is going in Foxs arms? Theresa has a similar question, she asks Whitney what she is doing with her boyfriend? Fox says they are only friends hugging hello, but Chad doesnt buy it. Fox says if they would wait just one second than he would explain everything. Theresa says shed like to hear his explanation since she is giving their relationship a chance. Before Fox can explain, Whitney is stunned by Theresa's statement and asks when they became a couple? Theresa says she finally realized what a great guy Fox is, and shes glad she did before it was too late. Theresa then jumps to the conclusion that is why they were hugging, because Fox told her the news. She wonders why Whitney doesnt look happy for them? Whitney says she is happy, and she says congratulations. Theresa say it took her awhile, but she finally realized Fox was the right man for her, not Ethan. When she says who says love doesnt conquer all, Chad says Whitney does. Theresa asks since when? Whitney thinks about her mom and Julian, and she tells them all to grow up because there is no such thing as love. Theresa has a talk with Whitney one on one about what is going on. Theresa says Chad got his divorce from Latoya and came back to make things right between them. Theresa says Chad still loves her, and she  believes Whitney  still loves him. Whitney says she doesnt know what she is feeling right now. Theresa says she loves him, that men make mistakes, and they have to forgive them when they realize this and apologize. Whitney tells Theresa that she isnt like her, she cant fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat. Whitney says she meant what she said, she doesnt believe in love anymore. Later, Theresa begins talking about how great Fox is, and it is obvious Whitney seems a little jealous. Theresa tries to convince Whitney not to give up on love and marriage. Theresa says she can have a marriage like her parents. When she pushes her to give Chad a chance, Whitney blows up and says her father is a fool because her mother is having an affair with Julian Crane! She says her mother is a hypocrite and a tramp! Meanwhile, Chad thanks Fox for taking care of Whitney, and he thinks the news about him and Theresa is great. Chad then asks Fox to help him get Whitney back. Fox says he cant do that! Chad asks him why? Fox says that the ball is really in Chads court, and he needs to be the one to get her back on his own. Later they discuss Fox's relationship with Theresa and how Ethan still may factor into things (missed most of this discussion, sorry!) 

At the hospital, Antonio asks Beth if she thinks he is doing the right thing by keeping Sheridan in here? Beth tells him to stop second guessing himself. She says Sheridan is mentally unstable and will get the help she needs here. Antonio says Sheridan hates it here, but Beth says the doctor says every new patient reacts that way. Dr. Ackland meets with Beth and Antonio, and Beth has brought the baby to see Sheridan. Dr. Ackland asks if the nurses aren't expressing enough milk for the baby? Beth says they are, but the baby seems to do better when he feeds from Sheridan. Dr. Ackland says it is okay because the baby seems to help Sheridan as well. The Dr. lets Antonio in to see Sheridan, and Sheridan thinks Antonio has come to get her out. She them sees Beth with the baby, and she thinks they have brought her baby to her. Dr. Ackland says this is not her baby, and the baby is only here to be nursed. Sheridan says of course shell nurse her son. She takes the baby and begins nursing him. Antonio thinks it is incredible seeing Sheridan with the baby. He says it is almost like he is her baby. Beth asks him if he is saying he thinks her baby is Sheridans? He says no, but anyone looking at them might think that they are mother and son. Dr. Ackland tells SHeridan that it is time to return the baby to Beth, which causes Sheridan to throw a fit. She begs Antonio not to let them take her baby, tell them that he is here to take her home so she can be with her baby! Antonio says that is not her baby, but Sheridan says a mother knows her own child. She begs Antonio to get her out of here. Antonio asks Dr. Ackland if this is the right place for Sheridan, and he says it is. Beth tells Antonio that he cant release Sheridan and let her go through life with such a shaky hold on reality. Dr. Ackland agrees and says Sheridan could sink deeper into this fantasy scenario and eventually become permanently insane. Antonio agrees to leave Sheridan here for now. When Sheridan learns Antonio is going to keep her here, she begs him not to do this to her. Dr. Ackland order Sheridan to hand over the baby, but Sheridan says she wont let them take Martin. Beth asks for the baby, but Sheridan says no, she is his mother! Dr. Ackland asks Sheridan to hand over the baby for his own safety. Sheridan doesn't want him hurt, so she hands him over. The orderlies give the baby to Beth, and Sheridan begs Antonio to do something. Antonio says he is sorry, and he leaves Sheridan in the psych ward screaming at him to let her out.

Ethan and Gwen meet with Luis at the mansion. Luis asks them to help him get Sheridan out of the psych ward. Ethan says Luis cant kidnap her again if that is what he is thinking. Luis knows that and he says he wants to do this legally. Ethan agrees to try and help Sheridan. However, he says as long as Sheridans doctor and husband want her there, they dont have much say in the matter. Luis asks what if they can prove Antonio doesnt have Sheridans best interests at heart? Gwen doubts that is true, but Luis thinks Antonio is locking Sheridan up to keep her away from him. Luis says Sheridan is not a threat to herself or anyone else, so she shouldn't be locked up. Ethan says she has been confused about the baby lately. Gwen says it is odd that the baby stops fussing when he is in her arms, and she begins to wonder if maybe Sheridan is right about the baby. Luis says he wishes that the baby was Sheridan's, but there is just no way. Luis explains how he was searching the sea for Sheridan when he got the call about Beth giving birth. When Gwen learns Luis wasnt there when Martin was delivered, she becomes more suspicious of Beth. Ethan and Luis ask Gwen what she is thinking. Gwen thinks it is just suspicious that nobody was there to witness the birth. Luis says Beths mother, Precious, and the doctor where there. Suddenly, Ethan gets a call, and he thinks it is what they are waiting for. Unfortunately Ethan learns there is no way to get Sheridan out. Gwen continues to dwell on Beth and the baby, and she questions Luis about Beths doctor. She decides to look Beths doctor up on the web for information. Gwen finds Dr. Culver is very well respected and is one of the top OGBYNs in the country. Ethan gets yet another call, and Gwen continues to do research on Dr. Culver. Ethan ends up saying that the situation is hopeless, they are legally up against a brick wall here. Luis refuses to accept this and says he will get Sheridan out of there.


January 15, 2004
Very short! I just got into the hotel right as the show started, and I honestly was doing tons of stuff while trying to pay attention.

At the cannery, Miguel and Pilar are both working. Miguel is a bit sad because Charity is still ignoring him. Pilar urges Miguel to go talk to her, but he says he is uncertain. Later, JEssica calls Miguel and tries to convince him to go on the ski trip. She says Charity has agreed to come, and she thinks it would be a nice surprise if he showed up. Miguel doesn't know if he can get away long enough. Pilar tells her son that she agrees with Jessica, he should go and be with Charity.

At Tabitha's, Kay finds Charity hanging around, and she lashes into her. She tells her to go get a life that doesn't involve her baby's father! Charity once again tells Kay that she knows nothing of the sacrifices she has made for her and her child. Kay's verbal attack on Charity convinces her to go on the ski trip. She was still uncertain about going, but has decided to. Tabitha tells Kay that she can be very wicked when she wants to! Charity and the gang leave right as Miguel shows up. He calls out for them to stop so he can talk to Charity, but they don't hear him. KAy sees Miguel calling out, and she says he shouldn't worry because she will be here for him. Kay has spent the day planning an elaborate dinner for herself and Miguel.

At the mansion, Luis decides to go to the hospital and free Sheridan. Ethan talks to him and tells him that he shouldn't do anything rash. Gwen returns, after checking on Dr. Culver some more, and she says she is going to make an appointment with him. Ethan and Luis ask why, and she says Dr. Culver has a very good reputation as an OBGYN, and she wants to see him because she wants to try and have another child. After Luis takes off, Ethan asks Gwen what she is really up to. He says he knows she has never trusted Beth. Gwen admits that is true, she is skeptical about Beth's at home birth. However, she says she really is doing this for them, and what's the harm in also checking out Beth's story? Ethan tells her to do what she must. Later, Gwen calls to make an appointment, and she says her good friend Beth Wallace recommended her to Dr. Culver!

At the hospital, Sheridan begs Antonio to let her out of here, but he tells her that she should stay here until she gets better. Sheridan says nothing is wrong with her, all she needs is to be out of here and with her child. Antonio and the doctor tell her that it is not her child, but she doesn't listen to them. Later, Pilar shows up and talks to Antonio about his decision to leave Sheridan here. Antonio becomes upset with his mother when she once again thinks he is doing this to punish Sheridan. Antonio says everyone seems to be forgetting that Sheridan is his wife, not Luis', and at one time Sheridan did love him. Antonio lashes out at his mother and says it is becoming very obvious to him whose side she is on, and he accuses her of loving and caring about Luis more than him! Later, Luis sneaks in to see Sheridan dressed as an orderly. He promises to do his best to get her out of here. He says he has to go, but he will be back as soon as he can. 


January 16
This has not been proofed! Please excuse any errors!
Kay continues planning her seductive dinner for Miguel, and has put some hot-n-horny herbs in his appetizers. She says Miguel soon wont be worried about Charity because hell be too busy doing her! Miguel eventually shows up, and Kay invites him in out of the cold. She tells him not to worry about Charity. Kay says Charity will have fun at the lodge, and they will have fun here. Kay says Maria is doing so well now, she is even sleeping through the night. Kay says she has prepared some food, which he can have some of. She brings him the spiked appetizers, and Tabitha leaves them. Miguel talks about spending time with Maria. He thinks they should bring her down and have dinner with her, but she says maybe later because Maria is napping. Kay leaves to get the rest of the dinner. Suddenly, Reese calls Miguel and tells him that he better get up here because all these people are trying to get with Charity. He sends him a picture phone message to prove his point. Miguel thinks Charity is moving on fast. He knows she has a right to, but he didnt think she would. He says he still wishes he could be there with her. Kay returns and asks how he likes the phone she gave him, so he could see Maria when hes away. He says he likes it. Miguel excuses himself to go get Maria, and Kay realizes Reese must have called and interrupted Miguel from eating his appetizer. She looks at Miguels phone, and she says two people can play this game. Kay snaps a photo of Miguel with Maria, and she sends it to Reese!

Meanwhile, Tabitha updates Endoras baby book, and she looks at a photo of her Timmy. She is glad that Kay is being successful keeping Miguel and Charity apart because she wont have to kill Charity, who has her Timmys heart. She says even if Kay gets Miguel away from Charity, they have to keep Charity distracted. Tabitha decides to conjure up a new boy toy for Charity. She looks through some magazines to find a man to conjure up for Charity. She says Charity wont remember Miguel when she meets her perfect man. Tabitha beings cutting out and pasting together body parts out of the magazine to create the ideal man. Tabitha then goes to her cauldron and prepares the spell. Endora ends up lending a hand to Tabithas spell, and drops a photo of her own into the spell. Tabitha tells that is the last person they want to cozy up with Charity! Endora disobeys her mommy and drops the unknown photo into the cauldron!

Up at the ski lodge, everyone arrives, and there are some guys in the background totally checking Charity out. Charity is missing Miguel so much, and she says the last time they were here she had a vision she lost Miguel to Kay, and now he has. John and Reese talk and think they should get Miguel up here before one of these guys makes a move on Charity. Reese says one already does, and they better do something. Reese calls Miguel and sends him a picture message and tells him to get up here. Later, Charity decides to go get in the hot tub, which worries John and Reese. Before Charity leaves, Reeses phone gets a photo of Miguel holding Maria. Charity sees the photo and is saddened. Later, Charity goes and gets into the hot tub all by herself. Charity wishes Miguel was with her, and then says she needs to stop thinking about Miguel and move on. A hunk comes in to join Charity, and Charity is stunned by who it is! 

At the mansion, Ethan seems to be a bit frisky himself, and wants to make love to Gwen. Gwen says shed love to make love to him, but she will be late for her doctors appointment. Ethan wont take no for an answer and carries Gwen to bed. They make love, and Gwen says she really has to go now. Ethan asks why she wants to go see this specialist because they havent been trying again that long. Gwen says it wasnt until later in her pregnancy that things got hectic, so she wants to be careful this time. Ethan still thinks her appointment is more about Beth than getting pregnant. Gwen assures him that nothing is more important than getting pregnant again, and she will be killing two birds in one stone. Ethan says she wont find out much because of Doc-Patient confidentiality. He also says for her suspicions about Beth to be true, Beth would have had to kidnap the baby, Dr. Culver would have to be in on it, and Edna would have had to lie for Beth the whole time. Gwen says she knows that. Ethan asks if she really thinks Beth is capable of all that? Gwen says first of all, Mrs. Wallace is not just a sweet old lady, and she still doesnt trust Beth. Ethan says fine, where did Beth keep Sheridan prisoner? He says if there is a pit in her basement, wouldnt Luis have found it? Gwen says she knows it seems impossible, but her instinct tells her Dr. Culver played a part in all of this and may have a clue. Ethan offers to go with her, but she says shell get more out of the doctor if she goes alone. Ethan tells her to be careful, and Gwen says she will. 

At Dr. Culvers office, Dr. Culver asks the nurse to send Miss Wallace another email because he wants to know what she is up to. He says he wants to know why she claimed to be pregnant but was really wearing a sugar pouch.

Beth has a fantasy in which she is in a French maids outfit and is dusting her mothers urn. Luis walks in and begs Beths forgiveness for not marrying her when he had the chance. Beth says of course she forgives him. Luis says he now knows Sheridan is a whack job, and she is locked away forever. Edna snaps Beth out of her fantasy. Beth says she doesnt want to hear her moms doom and gloom talk. Edna tells her to bad. She says Luis is going to find out that she convinced Antonio to keep Sheridan locked up. Beth says Antonio didnt tell him about alistairs part in this, so he wont tell him about her part. She says Luis is now banned from seeing Sheridan, and eventually he will come to her for some good luvin! Beth says when he does, she will give it to him good. Edna begins to talk about how cuckoo Beth is, and that this will all blow up in her face one of these days. Beth says nobody will ever learn the truth! Edna says the bond between the baby and Sheridan continues to grow stronger, and eventually she will demand a DNA test. Beth says Sheridan isnt in a position to demand anything. Suddenly, Mrs. Wallace gets an email She hopes it is from the internet singles profile she put out, but it turns out to be Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace says she got another email from the doctor. Beth reads the email, and Beth panics when she reads it. The email begins asking questions about the sugar-sack incident in the office. She says it is none of Dr. Culvers business what she was doing that day, but Edna says the doctor is afraid she is running an insurance scam and using his name, so if Beth doesnt contact him, he is contacting the authorities! Beth calls up Dr. Culvers office and tells them to leave her the hell alone or she will sue them for harassment. She also says she is insulted that they are accusing her of being a criminal, so she will no longer be his patient. She tells Dr. Culvers nurse that they should both just agree to have nothing more to do with the other. Beth hangs up on the nurse, and thinks she has nipped the situation in the bud. She then deletes Culvers email. 

Back at Dr. Culvers office, Gwen arrives with her appointment with the doctor. The nurse decides to question Gwen about Beth because she remembers Gwen claimed to be a friend of Beths. Gwen and the nurse then begin to exchange info about Beth. The nurse says Beth is not as sweet as people think she is! 

At the hospital, Luis promises Sheridan that he will get her out of here, and they will be together. Luis and Sheridan kiss, and then make love! Afterwards they laugh and Sheridan says she never thought shed ever make love in a psych ward. Luis once again promises to get her out of here. Sheridan wonders if maybe she should be here, maybe she does need help. Luis tells her that is crazy, and then laughs at the statement. Sheridan says everyone thinks she is crazy, and she asks Luis what he thinks. He says he thinks she is confused. Sheridan says she doesnt just think the baby is hers, she knows it in her heart and soul. Luis assures Sheridan that she has not lost her mind. He says she has been through hell and just needs some rest. Luis says they need to get her out of here and someplace she could really rest and get some perspective on things. Luis says when he finally gets her out of here, the two of them will go away. Sheridan says they cant leave their baby, Martin needs her! Sheridan says he needs to go to Beth and get the baby so they can take him. She says that baby is not Beths child, he is theirs, and she is sure of it! Luis tells Sheridan that she is confused about the baby. He says he would give his right arm to make what she believes to be true. He says it would solve all of their problems, she would be able to walk out that door. 

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