All summaries this week are from due to Dustin being on vacation!

Monday, January 19 

Having set up a romantic dinner at Tabitha's, Kay tries to slip Miguel an aphrodisiac-laced appetizer. Endora turns Reese into a hunk to catch Charity's eye. After Luis sneaks into the psych ward, he and Sheridan make love. Beth evades Dr. Culver's questions and warns him to stop contacting her. A suspicious Gwen tries to pry information about Beth's "pregnancy" out of Dr. Culver and his staff.

Tuesday, January 20 

Whitney tells a disbelieving Theresa all about her mother and Julian. A devastated Miguel believes Charity has moved on with Reese after seeing a picture of the two of them at the ski lodge. Pilar's unexpected visit ruins Kay's plans to seduce Miguel and allows Miguel to go confront Reese. Ethan and Luis worry about Sheridan being locked up in the psych ward, while Alistair demands Dr. Ackland administer a dangerous injection to his daughter. Beth runs Gwen over with her car in an effort to silence her! 

Wednesday, January 21 

While an upset Kay uses the magic bowl to watch Charity and Miguel reunite at the ski lodge, Simone and Jessica work to keep the couple together for good. While Gwen tells a skeptical Ethan how Beth tried to kill her, Luis tends to a "seriously ill" Beth. At the hospital, Dr. Culver is sent to check on Gwen -- will Gwen finally get the answers she's been looking for? 

Thursday, January 22 

Endora's handiwork causes sparks to fly between Charity and Reese, and they share a steamy kiss in the hot tub. Kay shows up at the ski lodge determined to win Miguel. Even though Luis brings a "sick" Beth to the hospital, Gwen remains convinced that Beth tried to kill her. Beth runs into trouble when a livid Dr. Culver is assigned to treat her. In the psych ward, Alistair injects his daughter with a lethal drug. 

Friday, January 23 

Whitney finds herself to be surprisingly jealous as Theresa happily talks about the possibility of marrying Fox. Meanwhile, Julian urges Fox to be selfless and not pursue Whitney. An emotional Kay pleads with Miguel to forget Charity and be with her and Maria instead. Under the influence of Endora's spell, Charity seduces a bewildered Reese as Miguel makes his way to his friend's room. Gwen and Beth battle it out as Gwen accuses Beth of running her over and stealing Sheridan's baby.