January 26th
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Fox and Whitney help Theresa secretly spend time with Little Ethan at Sheridan's cottage. MEanwhile, Whitney tells Fox what a great guy he is. Fox ends up saying no he's not, he's a bastard just like his father. Whitney says Julian isn't all that bad, and he seems to have changed, except for the times she's seen him with her mom. Fox says he thought she understood what was going on, Eve was just thanking him for acknowledging her hard work at the hospital. Whitney says that must be it because her mom would never cheat on her dad. Fox tries to admit his true feelings for Whitney, who is continuing to fall for him. Later, Fox takes Little Ethan outside to play. Inside, Theresa and Whitney talk. When Theresa thinks Whitney might have a thing for Fox, she encourages her to work things out with Chad. Whitney is convinced she and Chad are over. Outside, Fox thinks about his conversation with his father about love and sacrifice. He wonders if he has what it takes to give Whitney up. He calls Chad up and asks him to come to the cottage because Whitney needs to see him.

Julian calls up Eve's house and asks her to meet him at the mansion because he has news for her, something to show her. He won't tell her what over the phone just in case someone is listening in. Someone is listening. Liz! Eve hears a noise and suspects Liz of eavesdropping, but she can't prove it. She leaves a note for TC saying she has to go to the hospital, but will be back in time for their date tonight. Later, TC returns home to Liz. Liz tells him that Eve went out but left him a note. TC is upset that Eve went out one the night of their date. Liz tries to work to convince TC that Eve has gone to be with Julian, but he refuses to believe that until Hank shows up and says he saw Eve's car at the Crane Estate. Liz is ecstatic and thinks this will make it all the more easier for them to catch Julian and Eve together. At the mansion, Eve and Julian meet, and Eve is delighted when Julian reveals that he has found a photo of their son.

Miguel and Jessica are horrified to catch Charity and Reese in bed together. Miguel attacks Reese, and Charity begs him to stop. Jessica asks how Reese and Charity could do this to her? Reese says one minute he was asleep, the next Charity was on top of him. Charity cannot explain why she did what she did. Kay lashes out and says Charity is a slut and now they have all seen the real Charity. Simone sticks up for Charity and says evil must be at work here. Miguel hopes evil is behind Charity's wild behavior, and the girls decide to test Charity by asking her to hold a bible. The test proves no evil is at work, and Miguel is heartbroken. Kay is delighted and tries to comfort him.HE asks her to just leave him be because he has a lot of thinking to do. MEanwhile, Jessica slaps Reese for his betrayal and says she never wants to see him again. Elsewhere, Kay lashes out at Charity and tells her to just leave Miguel alone to be with her and Maria.


January 27, 2004
At the lodge, Kay tells herself that if Charity doesnt give up Miguel, than she will make her pay. Meanwhile, Miguel asks Charity to explain what is going on and maybe they can work things out. Charity remembers Kay asking her to stop jerking Miguel around, to leave him to be with Maria. Charity tells Miguel that she has no explanation, and it is pointless for them to keep going over this. Charity tells Miguel that it is over between them, they are done. She tells Miguel to go and leave her alone. Miguel refuses to leave without answers. Charity says she cant give him any answers. She says she saw Reese and had an overwhelming desire to be with him. Miguel thinks if she is ready to make love than she should make love with him. Charity remembers her bargain with Death, and she tells Miguel that they can never be together, and he has to forget about her. Miguel says he could never forget about her. Miguel asks her not to make any hasty decisions about breaking up. Charity says they have been breaking up with one another ever sense Kay got pregnant. She says at least she didnt go through with it with Reese, unlike him and Kay. Miguel tries to convince Charity that they can make it work, but Charity says she doesnt want to hear this. She says he cannot put him first because of Kay and Maria, and she is young and can still find someone who will love her and put her first. Charity ends up racing off and out of the lodge. Meanwhile, Reese tries to explain what is going on to Jessica, but she refuses to listen to him. She walks off, and Reese is puzzled about how this has happened. Kay tells Jessica that Charity is just a bitch and a slut. Jessica says it is hard to believe, but Kay is right about Charity! After Charity races out, Kay goes to Miguel to try and comfort him. She suggests they go back home to Maria. Miguel agrees, and he says Maria is the only woman in his life now. Outside, Charity cries and says she wants to die. She says she hasnt felt this empty since her mom died. Charity wonders how many more people she is supposed to lose. She says all she ever wanted was to be good. She says if it feels this terrible to be good, than perhaps she should be bad! 

Back at Tabithas, Tabitha celebrates the end of Charity and Miguel with Endora. She ends up having a fantasy of living like royalty, with servants and all. Charity and Miguel are drug in in chains, and Miguel begs Tabitha to spare Charitys life. Tabitha tells him absolutely not, they will both be thrown to fluffy! They beg for mercy. but  they are thrown to fluffy, who mauls them. Back in the real world, Tabitha and Endora watch what is going on between Miguel and Charity through her bowl. When she watches Charity vow to be bad, she thinks this night is just getting better.

At the Russells, Hank swears to TC that he saw Eves car drive up to the Crane Estate. TC decides to head over there and find out what Eve is up to, and Liz goes with him of course. TC and Liz show up at the Crane Estate, but they dont seem to find Eves car. TC wants to leave, but Liz convinces him to look a little more. She eventually finds Eves car hidden in the woods! TC wonders why Eve is here. He says he wont believe she is here for a romantic fling with Julian. Liz asks why he thinks she is here then? TC thinks maybe a servant got sick, but Liz says she thinks Eve came here to play doctor with Julian. TC says even if Eve was involved with another man, it wouldnt be Julian. Liz says fine, than they should find Eve and let her explain why she is here.

At the Crane mansion, Eve and Julian look at a baby photo of their son. Eve thanks Julian for doing this for her. Julian ends up admitting that he feels closer to this child, one he doesnt know, than to the ones he does. She tells him not to say that, but Julian says this child was the product of a great love, unlike his other children. They look at the photo, and Eve says he is just as he remembered him. She also says she sees a little of Julian in him. Julian and Eve hear footsteps, and TC and Liz burst in! TC calls Julian a bastard. Eve is hiding, and she hears TC and Liz demand to know where Eve is. Julian says Eve is not here. TC calls him a liar and begins to beat Julian! Liz catches Eve hiding around the corner, and she smiles.

At Sheridans cottage, Theresa asks Whitney to give Chad another chance. Whitney looks out the window at Fox, who is on the phone telling Chad to come to the cottage and be with Whitney. Fox tells himself that he has lost Whitney, the only woman he has ever loved. Little Ethan asks Fox what he is doing? He says he is doing the right thing for the woman he loves. Back in the cottage, Whitney tells Theresa right now she needs time to think. Whitney decides to go because shes feeling like a third wheel. Theresa asks her not to go, but Whitney says she should. Whitney and Theresa walk outside, and they hear Fox telling Little Ethan about the sacrifice hes made for the woman he loves. Fox tells Little Ethan that if anyone deserves to be happy, it is Whitney. Theresa is crushed, and asks Whitney to watch Little Ethan while she talks to Fox. Theresa tells Fox that she heard what he said, so how could she lead her on like this. She says she has been through enough with Ethan, and she wont go through this again. She tells Fox that she knows it is Whitney he really loves. Meanwhile, Whitney wonders if she really is the one Fox loves. Theresa asks Whitney if she knew about this, has she been lying? Fox says Whitney had nothing to do with this. Suddenly, Chad shows up and reveals Fox called him. Theresa realizes she totally misunderstood, and that he must have been talking about Chad and Whitney. Theresa apologizes and tells Fox that he is a wonderful man for doing this. She asks him to forgive her, but Fox tells her that there is nothing to forgive. Fox, Theresa and Little Ethan head inside and let Chad and Whitney talk. Whitney tells Chad that she doesnt know why Fox called her. Chad says Fox could see that she needed him. He begs her to give them another chance. He promises there will never be another secret between them. Whitney says she wants to believe in true love again, but she doesnt know. She then looks inside at Theresa and Fox. Inside, Theresa thanks Fox for being so wonderful to Little Ethan. She also apologizes once again for coming on so strong out there. Fox tells Theresa that he really wants to be in a committed relationship with her. He says he can't promise her that it will happen tomorrow, or the next day. Theresa understands, and they both agree to give their relationship a shot. As Fox holds her, he looks out at Whitney, who is looking in at him.

At the hospital, Antonio orders Dr. Ackland to speed up the process of removing all memories of Luis from Sheridans brain, and to do it now. Dr. Ackland says he doesnt understand. Alistair says he doesnt want his daughter to remember Sheridan at all. Dr. Ackland says that even if he agreed to do this, it could take months to do so, and access to psychotropic drugs he doesn't have. Alistair says he doesnt have months, he has days or maybe even hours. Dr. Ackland says he cant do this, it would risk his patients life. Alistair doesnt care and blackmails him into doing it by saying he will make sure he never practices medicine again, at least not in America. Dr. Ackland says he doesnt know how else to erase her memory in a short period of time aside from electroshock therapy. Alistair tells him to do that, and do it now! 

Meanwhile, Luis arrives at the hospital to check on Sheridan. He sees Alistair in with the doctor, and he wonders what they are doing. Luis is caught by an orderly. Luis tries to claim police business to see Sheridan, but the orderly says hell have to get permission from the doctor first. When the orderly continues to refuse to let Luis in, Luis threatens to get rough! The orderly asks if that is a promise? It is obvious the orderly is hitting on Luis. Luis says he is not gay. The orderly says that is what they all say. He tells Luis he didnt get that great haircut in a barber shop. Hank shows up, and the orderly asks if this is his roommate? Later, Luis sees Alistair wheeling Sheridan away somewhere. Luis continues to try and get the orderly to let him in to see Sheridan, but the orderly won't. Luis tells the orderly that Hank is having problems with his hair, and Gary (the orderly) has great hair, so he asks him to help Hank with his hair. As the orderly talks to Hank about his hair, Luis steals the orderlies keys. Gary says he is due for a break, and offers to take Hank hair product shopping! Gary and Hank leave, and Luis lets himself into the psych ward. He asks a woman if he knows where Sheridan is. She says she can tell him, if he will give her a kiss! Elsewhere, Alistair watches as Dr. Ackland prepares to give Sheridan the electroshock therapy. Alistair sets the voltage extremely to high. Dr. Ackland cant believe he is doing this to his own daughter. Dr. Ackland hits the switch, and Sheridan is given shock. Meanwhile, Luis hears Sheridans cries.


January 28, 2004
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At Sheridans cottage, Theresa and Fox agree to give their relationship a chance. Whitney comes in, and Fox leaves so that they can talk. Theresa asks if she will get back together with Chad? Whitney says she doesnt know, she doesnt know if she can trust him. Theresa tells her not to give up on Chads love, not to give up on the power of love. Whitney says she means the power to hurt. Whitney ends up lashing out about her mom and Julian, and how if her mom can throw away her relationship with her dad than how is she supposed to believe in love? Theresa says she thought they had been through that, Eve was just grateful to the amount of money Julian donated to the hospital. Suddenly, Phyllis shows up to get little Ethan. Phyllis seems nervous, and she says Coach Russell and Julian are having a terrible fight. Whitney, Fox, and Theresa decide to head over there.

At the Crane mansion, TC attacks Julian as Eve hides. Liz sees Eve hiding and smiles. Julian continues to insist that Eve is not here, but TC says she is a liar! Eve realizes she cant let TC kill Julian, so she comes out of hiding. When Julian continues to insists that Eve is not here, Eve hides again. Eve tells Liz to get away from her. Liz says she thinks TC might kill Julian tonight, and if he does, it will be all her fault! Whitney and the others show up, and Whitney tries to calm her dad down. She asks him what is going on. He says he doesnt want to say this, but something is going on between her mother and Julian. He says he doesnt blame Eve, he blames Julian. He says Julian must have persuaded her to come here. Fox asks where Eve is? TC says he doesnt know, but he will find her. Whitney ends up covering and says she took the car, mom is not here. He asks her why? She says she came up here to meet Chad. Chad shows up, and TC goes to attack him. Whitney tells her dad no. She says Chad and her are back together. Eve hears all of this and realizes she has her own daughter lying for her. TC asks her if she has lost her mind? As they argue, Fox asks Julian what is going on because he knows Whitney is lying. Julian says Eve is here, and he needs his help getting Eve out of here. Fox goes to Eve to try and help get her out of here, but Eve says she cant leave now because Whitney knows she is here. Fox says what is important is if TC doesnt see her, because that will just make things worse for Whitney. Eve agrees to go with Fox. Meanwhile, TC tells Whitney they should go home, but she says she wants to stay with Chad. TC says she cant have a relationship with someone who lies to her, with someone she cant trust. Whitney wont leave, so TC says they will talk about this later. Liz and TC leave, and Theresa asks what is going on? Whitney says her mom was here with Julian, and she runs out. Chad asks Theresa what is going on here? Theresa says shes not sure. 

TC and Liz return home, and Eve is there. Eve says she went to the hospital, and she didnt need her medical bag fortunately because it was in the back of the car, which Whitney borrowed. Liz cant believe Eve got away with it again, but she knows she will be caught one of these days.

Back at the cottage, Whitney tells Theresa that her mom was there, she was hiding so her dad wouldnt find her. Whitney says she knows something is going on between her mom and Julian, she just knows it. Outside the cottage, Chad tells Fox that he has no idea what is going on between him and Whitney. Fox says Whitney does need him now more than ever, and he should just be good to her.

At the hospital, Hank return with a whole new hairdo. Luis tells Hank nice hair. He says that hes heard Sheridans screams, and they have to get to her before it is too late. They find the room where they think Sheridan is in, but the door is bolted. Luis says theyll need to break it down. Hank says he cant do that, so Luis picks the lock. Unfortunately, it is just another corridor behind the door. They continue searching for Sheridan. 

In the electroshock therapy room, Sheridan screams as she is shocked a second time. Alistair asks if her memories have been erased? Dr. Ackland says that they cant make this happen over night, but Alistair says he wants it done now. He tells Dr. Ackland to shock Sheridan again right now. Dr. Ackland says if he hits her again it could kill her. Alistair says that would take care of the problem all together. Dr. Ackland says this is her daughter. He says it is a daughter who poses a threat to his empire, and he orders the doctor to shock her again. Sheridan screams once more. Dr. Ackland cant believe she is still alive. Alistair wants her shocked again, but Dr. Ackland says no way, he wont do it. Alistair says fine, but Sheridan is to remain in this room. He thinks nobody will find Sheridan here, especially not Luis. Dr. Ackland takes the equipment away, and he fears the last jolt may have been too much for Sheridan. Alistair says if so than their work is finished. Dr. Ackland asks how he can be so cold to his daughter? He says Sheridans relationship with Luis threatens his empire. Dr. Ackland and Alistair take a back elevator so they are not seen leaving. After they leave, Luis and Hank finally find the room Sheridan is in. They break into the room and find Sheridan laying on a table. Luis runs to her, and Hank wonders if they are too late? Luis says she is still alive, but he doesnt know what happened to her. She finally comes to, looks at Luis, and asks if she knows him? Luis doesnt understand what has been done to Sheridan. Hank goes to keep an eye on the door while Luis spends time with Sheridan. Luis tries to get Sheridan to remember him, and she begins to remember making love to him in the hot tub. Sheridan finally remembers him, but is worried. She says for awhile he was gone from her completely, she didnt know who he was. Later, Hank says someone is on there way, so they have to leave. Luis wants to take Sheridan with them, but Hank says there is no way they can get her out of here. Luis asks how he is supposed to leave her? Hank says if he is arrested he wont do her any good from jail. Luis ends up finding the electroshock machine, but hes not sure what it is. Hank convinces Luis to leave Sheridan and work to free her legally, otherwise Sheridan will just be put right back in here. Luis tells Sheridan that he has to go now, but he will get her out of here. Sheridan ends up passing out, and Hank and Luis leave. 

Back up in Dr. Acklands office, Dr. Ackland is feeling guilty about what he has done. Alistair says he knew there would be a price to pay for him being named chief of psychiatry. Dr. Ackland says he took an oath to heel people, not torture them. Alistair says he owns him now, so he will do whatever he wants him to! Alistair looks at a photo of Dr. Acklands family, and he says it would be a pitty if something happened to them. Dr. Ackland begins to pour whiskey, but Alistair tells him to lay off the whiskey. When Alistair worries about Luis possibly finding Sheridan, Dr. Ackland says if he does get to Sheridan than everything they have done will be for nothing. He says until the process is one hundred percent complete, seeing Luis could trigger memories in her. Alistair says he wont let this happen, and calls security and orders no one in to see Sheridan.

Dr. Ackland goes to check on Sheridan later. She is agitated. She begs him to let her go. Dr. Ackland says that isnt possible. He tells her to close her eyes and rest. Alistair catches Dr. Ackland with Sheridan, and he orders the doctor to give her another treatment. Dr. Ackland says she wont be able to take it, so Alistair threatens his family in order to get Dr. Ackland to shock her. Meanwhile, Luis refuses to leave Sheridan and wants to go back. Suddenly, a bunch of security guards show up to patrol the halls. Luis knows something is going on here, and Hank agrees. Luis thinks Alistair is behind all of this. Hank says if he is right, and he is caught, than Alistair will have him locked up forever. Back in the room, Dr. Ackland shocks Sheridan once more. 


January 29, 2004
Luis goes to the mansion to see Ethan. Ethan says he may have found a way to get Sheridan out of the hospital without Antonio or the doctors permission. Luis says he hopes so because they have to get her out of that place before they kill her. Luis says Sheridan is being given some horrible treatment, so they have to save her. Ethan explains what he has found to Luis. Ethan says they need to file a review of procedure with the hospital, which will make them review Sheridans case and determine if her treatment is appropriate. Luis offers to drive him to the courthouse so he can file the paperwork right now. 

Luis and Ethan arrive at the courthouse, and Ethan takes care of filing the motion. Luis decides to head back to the hospital to check on Sheridan. Ethan learns how worried Luis is about Sheridan. Luis tells Ethan about where he found Sheridan, and her condition. Ethan wishes Luis luck, and warns him to be careful if he sees Antonio. Later, Ethan runs into Woody, who thinks Ethan is here because of Theresa. Ethan says he is not here because of Theresa, he is here about someone else he cares about. Woody doesnt believe him, so Ethan explains why he is here. Woody still thinks Ethan has the hots for Theresa and is still in love with her.

At Sheridans cottage, Whitney tells Theresa that it is true, her mother is having an affair with Julian. Theresa says that is not true, but Whitney says it is. Theresa is confused and asks why Whitney claimed she took the car to see Chad? Whitney says she didnt want her dad to find out what was really going on and kill Julian, because then he would go to jail. Theresa says she just cant see Julian and her mom together, but Whitney says all the pieces fit. She says her mother is having an affair with Julian. Theresa says her mom loves her dad and would never betray him, so it couldnt have been her mom. Fox walks in and says it was Dr. Russell. Theresa asks how he knows? Fox says he just drove her home. Whitney says there is only one reason her mom was here hiding, she is having an affair with Julian and didnt want her dad to find out. Fox says he doesnt know what is going on, but maybe they should let her mom explain what she was doing. Whitney says if nothing bad was going on than she would have come out and explained what she was doing there, but instead she hid and let her own daughter lie to save her own skin. Whitney says her mom must be guilty as hell to do this! Whitney decides she needs time alone, and she decides to go for a walk. Whitney leaves and decides to find out how long her mother has been cheating on her father, and to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Theresa suggests to Fox that they make a promise to one another to always be honest with each other. She says not being honest with Ethan is how she got in trouble with Ethan. She decides to make the most of this evening, so she gets some champagne from the fridge and puts some Jazz music on. She thanks Fox for not giving up on her when most guys would have. Fox wonders how he will give this thing with Theresa a fare shake when he still loves Whitney. Fox and Theresa spend an evening together, and they dance. Theresa says hes an incredible dancer, and she says she should have known they were meant to be when they won that dance contest together. Fox says she is an amazing woman, and hes going to be honest with her and say she is incredibly sexy. HE says any guy would be crazy not to want her. Theresa says this is his lucky night because it is him who is going to have her. They share a kiss, which Ethan, who is walking by, witnesses. Ethan is not pleased to see Fox and Theresa kissing.

Up at the mansion, Whitney slaps Julian and tells him to leave her mother alone! Julian asks for a chance to explain. Whitney says explain what, explain that her mother is a common slut? Julian tells her not to talk about her mother that way. Whitney says he is not one to explain anything to her because he has no morals. She says she used to think everyone was wrong about him, but she is the one who was wrong. Julian says she owes him a chance to explain, but Whitney says she wont listen to a word out of his lying mouth. She punches Julian, calls him a bastard, and says her mother is nothing but a whore! Julian grabs Whitney, who is beating him up, and tells her to stop. Whitney ends up breaking down in tears and asks what her mother did to deserve this. Julian wants to explain, but Whitney says she doesnt want to hear his lies. She only asks why he did this to her family? When did her mom first come onto him, and why couldnt he just push her away? Julian says none of this is her mothers fault! Whitney says she saw them kissing and she wasnt doing something against her will. Whitney says when she gets home she will tell her father everything, that her mother and him have been having an affair. She says the next time her father tries to kill him, she wont stop him.

At the Russells, Liz cant believe Eve has gotten away with it again. Eve asks TC where he was? He says he was at the Crane mansion. He explains why he went there, and everything that happened. He says he owes her a huge apology for thinking she was there. He says he is also mad at Whitney for not coming to her senses about Chad. Eve suggest they not talk about Chad tonight. She says they were going to go out on a dinner date, and they still can. TC suggests instead of going out, they should stay home and hell make her a home cooked meal. She says great. The phone rings, and Eve answers it. It is Julian, and he wants to know if everything is okay. TC and Liz ask who is on the phone? Eve says it is the hospital. TC leaves to start dinner, and he asks to speak to Liz in the kitchen. Liz goes with TC, and Eve tells Julian that he cant call her here. Julian says he is worried about her. She says she is all right. She says she doesnt know where Whitney is, and she thinks Whitney only lied to protect her father. Julian says he is sorry this happened, he only wanted to show her the picture. Eve says she is glad she saw it, but it kills her to know that she may have lost her daughter in order to see her son. Julian asks what she will tell Whitney? Eve says she is more worried about what Whitney will say to her and T.C. In the kitchen, T.C. lectures Liz. He tells her to stop casting doubt on Eves fidelity and to back of putting the moves on him. She says she understands and leaves. Liz goes out into the living room and torments Eve. She tells Eve that she wouldnt be surprised if Whitney came home tonight and told T.C. everything! Liz continues to torment Eve and says any minute now everything will fall apart for her. Eve tells Liz to shut up! T.C. comes out of the kitchen and asks what is going on here, are they fighting? Liz says Eve is just stressed out about Whitney. T.C. says he understands, but she needs to do what she told him not to do, stress over Whitney and Chad. T.C. says they should concentrate on their dinner together. He tells Liz that hes sorry, but shes not included. Liz says she understands, and shell just keep Eve company until dinner is ready. T.C. leaves, and Liz continues to torture Eve. Liz says Whitney will expose her, she will not keep lying for her!

At the hospital, Dr. Ackland continues to give Sheridan electrical shocks when Alistair orders him to do so. Alistair threatens Dr. Acklands wife and children if he doesnt continue to shock Sheridan. Meanwhile, Antonio shows up and looks for Sheridan, who is not in his room. Alistair is alerted to Antonios presence by Gina, his new assistant. Alistair says he will take care of Antonio. Alistair orders Dr. Ackland to continue with Sheridans treatment while he is gone taking care of Antonio. Sheridan begs the doctor no more, but Dr. Ackland says he cant let Alistair hurt his family. Meanwhile, Alistair intercepts Antonio and tells him that Sheridan is having therapy with her doctor. He says Antonio needs to calm down. Antonio says he wants to see his wife and know she is getting better. Alistair says of course she is getting better, and he needs to let the doctor do his job and clear Sheridans head. Antonio hears Sheridan screaming, and he wonders what they are doing to her. Antonio says that is not Sheridan screaming because he heard the woman screaming earlier and investigated. He says that woman is suffering from severe migraines. He tells Antonio to just let Dr. Ackland finish his session with Sheridan. Antonio notices the lights flickering, and Antonio says it is just faulty wiring. Alistair continues to manipulate Antonio into leaving Sheridan alone to get the treatment she needs. Back in the electroshock therapy room, Dr. Ackland fears he has killed Sheridan! 

Later, Luis shows up and has a confrontation with Antonio. He tells Antonio something weird is going on with Sheridans therapy. Antonio says he was worried about her at first, but he isnt anymore. He tells Luis to stop trying to be a knight in shining armor to his wife. He accuses Luis of being afraid Sheridan will want to be with him when she is let out of here. Luis says that wont happen, but Antonio thinks Luis is afraid it will. He tells Luis to give Sheridan space so she can make an honest choice. Luis says all he wants is for Sheridan to be well, and he says Antonio is just mad because Sheridan chose to be with him. Luis tells Antonio that he is sorry he was hurt during this whole thing, but Sheridan will be with him and nothing will stop that. Luis says hes just sorry Antonio is letting his insecurities keep Sheridan here. Antonio says he is keeping her here so she can get better, he knows that and so does her father. Luis says Alistair doesnt give a damn about Sheridan! He says Alistair has tried to kill Sheridan more times than he can count. Antonio says Alistair wouldnt try and kill his own daughter. Luis tells Antonio that he doesnt know what hes talking about. 

Back in the therapy room, Alistair returns as Dr. Ackland finds a very weak pulse in Sheridan. Alistair tells Dr. Ackland to get Sheridan back to her room before her husband asks anymore questions. Dr. Ackland tries to convince Alistair to stop all this, but Alistair says he is doing this to protect his family, even if Sheridan has to die in the process. 

Sheridan is wheeled back to her room, and right by Luis and Antonio, who are still arguing. Luis looks at Sheridan and asks Antonio to look at her. Does he really believe Alistair has Sheridans best interests at heart? Luis and Antonio talk to Sheridan, who doesnt respond. Luis tells Antonio something is going on around here and he will find out what. Antonio tells Luis that he is the reason Sheridan is in here, he hasnt given her a moment alone since she was kidnapped. He accuses Luis of playing on Sheridans vulnerability, and her staying here is the only thing that will make her better. Luis wonders who is selling Antonio this line of bull. He says if it is Alistair than he better rethink why Alistair is keeping her here. Luis says Alistair doesnt have Sheridans best interests at heart, hed rather see her dead. Luis tells Antonio that if he loves Sheridan as much as he says he does than help her because he is the only one who can save her. Alistair and Dr. Ackland spy on the arguing brothers. Dr. Ackland comments that Luis is onto him. Alistair isnt worried that Luis is onto him because a few more treatments will cause Sheridan to lose her mind completely. 


January 30
At the cottage, Fox and Theresa finish their dance with a kiss. Theresa says shes glad they decided to give this a try. Fox tells her that she is beautiful, so beautiful. Theresa asks if she is as beautiful as his mystery woman? Fox tells Theresa that she is the woman in his life now, that other woman is gone. Theresa says she thought that . . . she stops herself and says never mind. They both vow to put their past loves behind them and concentrate on the future. They then share another kiss, which a spying Ethan, who is outside,  is watching. Ethan tells himself that he cant let Theresa be with Fox, but he doesnt want to cause a scene. He decides to come back later, but realizes he needs to go see Antonio to let him know what Luis is doing. He says hes going to have to go in that cottage. Ethan bangs on the door, and Fox answers. Fox asks what he wants. Ethan says he is here to talk to Sheridan. Theresa says he isnt here. Ethan asks why they are here? Theresa says she comes here to see Little Ethan. Theresa asks Ethan if he will run and tell Rebecca what he is doing? He says no, he didnt stop her from seeing Little Ethan on Christmas, and he wont start now. Theresa says good, and she says shell tell Antonio that he stopped by. Ethan asks if Whitney is okay because he saw her earlier. Theresa asks where he saw her? Ethan says she was headed to the solarium to see Julian. Fox decides to go check on Whitney and make sure she doesnt do something that she wont regret. Theresa thanks him for being a good friend to Whitney. They kiss, and Fox leaves. Ethan tells Theresa that Fox is no good for her. Theresa tells Ethan to shut up. She says Fox is a good man, he is not a lying bastard like he is! Theresa tells Ethan to mind his own business and stay out of her life. Ethan says he cant watch her be used by Fox. Ethan says Fox is only pretending to care about her. Theresa says he is the one who doesnt care, he doesnt care if she ever gets her son back! Ethan says she has it all wrong. Theresa asks how she has it wrong? Ethan tells her that if she wants to hate him than fine, but dont use Fox to get back at him. Theresa says she is not using Fox. Ethan says Fox is a playboy, but Theresa says he has changed. Ethan says nobody changes. Theresa says he changed from a loving man to an uncaring bastard! Ethan decides to leave since she seems to be dead set on ruining her life with Fox. Theresa says she is not ruining her life, and she asks why he cares about her? Ethan says there was a time when they were going to be married, and he would have to have ice in his veins to have forgotten those times. He says if things were different they might still be together. Theresa says they arent together. Ethan says he will always want the best for her, and they will always have a connection to one another. Ethan begs Theresa not to be with Fox. He says she cant count on Fox, he wont be there when she needs him. Theresa says You mean like how you werent there when I needed you. Ethan says they are talking about Fox. Theresa says fine, Fox is the one who bailed her out of jail, Fox is the one making sure she sees her son. She tells Ethan to get the hell out of here and leave her alone! Ethan leaves, and Theresa slams the door in his face after telling him that the sight of him makes her sick! Theresa ends up in tears over Ethan. She doesnt know why she is crying over a man who doesnt care about her or Little Ethan. She says hed never cry over her, so she wont cry over him. Outside, Ethan watches Theresa and says he is doing everything he can to help her, and he hopes she doesnt throw her life away on Fox. A tear streams down Ethans cheek.

At the mansion, Whitney says she is going to tell her father the truth, that they are having an affair. Julian begs her to give him a chance to explain, but Whitney says no way. She says she is going to tell her father what is going on right now! Julian stops her from leaving and tries to talk her out of doing this. Julian says he doesnt want to see Eves life ruined by this. HE begs Whitney not to hurt Eve. He asks her to hear him out. Julian says if she goes to her father and tells him everything, than it will ruin their family. Julian says that is not what Eve wants. Whitney asks Julian why her mother is cheating with him then? Julian swears to Whitney that he and her mother are not having an affair. Whitney tells him to stop lying, she says she has seen them together kissing. Fox shows up and asks what is going on here. Julian says hes trying to make Whitney realize telling T.C. what she saw here would be a mistake. Julian tries to get Fox to help him to convince Whitney to be quiet. Whitney asks Fox if he thinks it is okay to not be honest, to lie and cheat in a relationship? Fox says he doesnt condone cheating or lying in a relationship or a marriage. However, he says he doesnt think she has enough evidence to prove her mom and his dad are having an affair. Whitney asks why Eve is spending so much time with Julian? Fox says maybe to discuss the new hospital wing. Julian says that is all it is, and they are talking in secret because they are afraid of what T.C. will do if he learns they are working together. Whitney doesnt buy it because she says her mom did not looked scared today, she looked guilty. Whitney says her family deserves to know the truth about her mom, so she will tell them. Fox asks to at least let him drive her home. She says okay. On their way out, Julian begs Fox to stop Whitney from doing this. Fox tells his father that hell do what he can, but Whitney will do whatever she wants. He also tells Julian to get out of dodge because T.C. will probably come after him and kill him. Julian heads to his office and tries to figure out what to do to help Eve. He looks at the photograph of his and Eves son, and he says he never thought their past would come out this way. Julian says he has to warn Eve, and picks up the phone. When T.C. picks up, Julian hangs up. Later, he gets a hang-up call himself!

Out on the grounds, Fox ask Whitney to take a minute and make sure that this is what she really wants to do. Whitney says this is what she wants to do. She says her mother has betrayed her father and her family. She asks him to take her home, and she says okay. Fox drives her home, and he tells her to think about what shes about to do. Whitney says she knows what she is going to do, shes going to tell her father the truth! 

At the Russells, Liz continues to torment Eve by saying that Whitney will come home and tell T.C. the truth about her. Liz tells Eve that she raised Whitney to be an honest girl, and Whitney has just learned her mother is not the saint she thought she was, that she is nothing but a cheating slut! Eve tells Liz to shut up and stop badgering her about Whitney. Liz tells her sister that the only way shell have a few more hours of marital bliss with T.C. is if they go out to dinner so that they arent here when Whitney comes home. When T.C. shows up and says dinner is almost ready, Eve suggests they go out instead. T.C. asks why she doesn't want to stay home? Eve says she doesnt care whether they go out or stay home. T.C. says they should stay home then. T.C. leaves to prepare a surprise desert for Eve. Liz tells Eve that the clock is ticking, and when Whitney gets home, she will lose everything! Later, T.C. shows Eve to the dinner table. The phone rings, and T.C. goes to get it. It is Julian calling for Eve. Julian doesnt say anything, so T.C. asks who this is? Julian hangs up, and T.C. admits for a moment he thought it could have been Julian calling for her. He also remembers reading when you start receiving hang up calls it means your spouse is cheating, but he says he knows Eve would never cheat on him. Eve suggests they go eat, which they do. Liz swoops in and *69s the last call. Julian picks up the phone, and Liz hangs up on him. She wonders why Julian was calling Eve.

At the hospital, Dr. Ackland finds Luis and Antonio with Sheridan. He reminds Luis that he has been barred from seeing Sheridan. Luis tells the doctor that he should be behind bars for what he has done to Sheridan. Luis goes to Sheridan and tries to talk to her, but she just rolls over in pain. Antonio tells Luis to leave Sheridan alone because the doctor knows what he is doing. Dr. Ackland says he is right, and he should leave. Antonio says he wants Luis out of here, so Dr. Ackland makes a call. Luis tells Antonio to look at her and see that something is wrong! Alistair shows up, and Luis asks him what he has done to Sheridan? Some guards show up, and Alistair orders them to remove Luis from the hospital grounds. As Luis is dragged off, he pleads with Antonio not to do this. Antonio says this is what is best for Sheridan. Luis vows to get Sheridan out of here as he is dragged off. Meanwhile, Sheridan screams as she relieves the shock treatment. She begs for help and for them to stop. Antonio tries to calm Sheridan down. He says she is not in any danger. Alistair signals Dr. Ackland, who says Sheridan needs to be returned to his room. Antonio says not so fast. Antonio demands to know what type of therapy they are giving Sheridan. He thinks they are torturing her, and he throws Alistair up against the wall and demands answers. Alistair warns Antonio not to anger him! Antonio says he is not afraid of him, and he wants answers. Alistair continues to manipulate Antonio into thinking that Sheridan is getting the treatment she needs, and if he take Sheridan out of here now that she will run back to Luis. Antonio lets Alistair goes, and Dr. Ackland explains the treatment to Antonio. Dr. Ackland says the treatment is complicated. Antonio tells them if they are on the up-n-up, than they better tell him what kind of treatment Sheridan is getting, and they better tell him now! Dr. Ackland says he gave Sheridan a drug to relieve her pain, but before it takes affect she may have nightmares. However, he says this drug and this therapy will allow Sheridan to come to grips with her babys death and come to grips with her true feelings for the men in her life. Alistair tells Antonio that he should take Sheridan back to her room and be there for her when she wakes up. Antonio says he will, but warns them if they have lied to him and hurt Sheridan, then he will kill them both! Antonio takes Sheridan back to her room, and he apologizes to her for what she is going through. Alistair and Dr. Ackland spy on them, and Alistair says hed rather see Sheridan dead than with Luis. He says Sheridan is not entitled to a lifetime of love and happiness because she is to blame for his wifes death! Back in her room, Sheridan speaks Luis name.

Luis goes to Sams house where Sam and Ivy are. Luis begs Sam to help him save Sheridan. He explains everything that is going on at the hospital. When Ivy learns Alistair is in on Sheridans treatment, she says this is not good at all. Luis vows to break her out, but Sam says he is an officer of the law, so he must obey it. Ivy asks if there is any other way to get her out? Luis says Ethan filed some papers, but he fears that could take weeks to work. Sam says he knows he doesnt get along with Antonio, but Antonio wouldnt hurt Sheridan. Luis says Antonio is going along with everything Alistair tells him, and he thinks this is all one of Alistairs attempts to keep them apart. Sam tells Luis that he needs to accept that Antonio is still Sheridans husband, and he is only doing what he thinks is best for her. Sam says maybe Sheridan being in the psych ward is best for her. Luis says she doesnt belong there. Sam says all he can do right now is hope for the best, but Luis says no way. Luis says Antonio doesnt know the horrible things Alistair has done to Sheridan, he doesnt know that Alistair hates Sheridan and blames her for his wifes death. Ivy says Luis is right about that, Alistair hates Sheridan with a passions. Ivy says Julian told her that Katherine was weak before Sheridan was born, and giving Alistair a second child made her condition worse. Ivy says Alistair wasnt able to save Katherine, and now he blames Sheridan for Katherines death. Ivy says she can see Alistair rationalizing killing Sheridan as avenging Katherines death. Luis says he thinks this wont be the first time Alistair tried to kill Sheridan. Ivy tells Luis that Antonio may not understand what is going on, but Luis does. She tells Luis that if he loves Sheridan than he needs to get Sheridan out of that hospital tonight. Sam asks Luis not to do anything stupid, but Ivy agrees with Luis. She says if Alistair is involved in this, than Sheridan is in danger. Sam begs Ivy not to get Luis worked up, but Ivy says Alistair is a master manipulator and would do anything to get what he wants. She tells Luis that if he loves Sheridan than to get her out of that hospital and away from Alistair before it is too late.

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