July 5, 2004
At the Russells, Eve is shocked when Liz shows up on her doorstep with Aunt Irma. Aunt Irma asks Eve is she is still a whore, a drunk, a heathen? Eve says she has told her that is not her life anymore! Aunt Irma tells her that she is a liar! Liz says soon TC will meet Aunt Irma and will learn all about her past! Aunt Irma asks Liz who she is, she was supposed to take her to the casino so she could play the slots! Liz says they will go there right after they meet Eves husband. Liz suggests Eve invite Irma in to meet her husband and have a nice cup of tea. Liz then wheels Irma into the house. Irma wonders what kind of man married a trollop like Eve, and she says it must be a pimp. Liz says Eves husband is a fine decent man. Irma asks why a man like that would marry Eve? Liz says it is because he doesnt know the truth about his wife. Liz suggests Irma tells Eves husband everything she knows. Liz suggests Eve keep Aunt Irma company while she goes and finds TC. Eve tells her that she is not going to get TC, and she grabs Liz to stop her from leaving. Irma asks whose house this is? Eve says it is hers. Irma tells Eve that bad girls like her dont live in houses like this, girls like her live in the gutter. She thinks this is her sugar daddys home. Liz and Eve continue to argue, and Eve tells Liz if she loves TC and her daughters than how she can do this to them? Liz says if innocent people are hurt so that she can get closure, so be it . She says ultimately Eve will be the cause of her families pain, not her! Eve tries to convince Aunt Irma that she has changed, she is not like the woman she used to be. Irma says she was is a wicked girl who took forgot her upbringing. She tells Eve that she took the road to Babylon instead of the spiritual and righteous path!  Eve admits she made mistakes, but says she realizes she was headed down the wrong road and changed her life around. She tells her that she has a husband and two beautiful daughters, and she is there great-aunt. Aunt Irma says the hell she is, she doesnt want anything to do with her or hers! Eve begs Irma not to tell her husband how her life was, please! She asks why not, he has a right to know who he is sleeping next to, if she comes home at night. Eve tries to convince Irma that she has changed, she is a doctor now. Irma thinks she is lying and is definitely hooked on drugs if she thinks she is a doctor. Liz, who ran off to find TC, returns and tells Eve it seems she has a bit of a reprieve as TC went off to the store to get some wine (he left a note).  They then hear the backdoor open, and Liz says TC must be home. Liz tells Eve that it is judgment day for her!

In the parking garage, Julian demands his informant, who is the mystery man from Mexico, name his son. The informant continues to stall, claiming he should recount his money, and then laughs because hes never seen a Crane so upset and at the mercy of another as Julian is right now. The informant also wonders if he wants this information for himself or for that woman he loves. Julian says it is for the woman he loves. The informant says this woman is married, so even if he does get his sons name, what good will it do? How will this woman, Dr. Eve Russell, explain her love child to her colleagues? How will TC explain his wifes love child with Julian Crane to the other teachers at school? Julian  wonders how the man knows so much. The man says he makes it his business to know. Julian says they will find a way to deal with it. The informant asks what Julian will do if TC learns the truth before they do, sometimes the truth gets out. He says from what he hears, TC has a temper! Julian says if he is thinking of blackmailing him than he will kill him! The man says he wasnt talking about himself, and he was just saying secrets have a way of coming out. The man says he is as bad as his old man, who sent him down to Mexico to do his dirty work. Julian wonders why Alistair sent him to Mexico? The man says he shouldnt have said that, he has said enough as is. Julian says fine, and to get on with telling him the name of his son. As he is about to tell Julian who his son is, a car speeds into the garage and runs down the informant, leaving him dead! Julian confronts the driver of the car, who turns out to be Alistair! Actually, it is Alistairs car, Alistair is in the backseat. Julian says he should have known it was him, and he tells his father that he killed this man! Alistair asks what the problem is? Julian damns his father to hell. Alistair says he already has reservations down there, and Julian wont learn the name of his son until he wants him to. He says he enjoy seeing Julian get oh so close to the truth and then pulling it away from him. Julian asks what he is going to do with this man's body? Alistair says he will leave it there, it is what the guy disserves for attempting to work for the both of them. Alistair tells Julian if he is so concerned he can call 911. Alistair also tells Julian to warn Eve to give up on finding her son and concentrate on the family she has now. Julian says he made a promise to Eve which he intends to keep. Alistair says that is a bad idea, and he should forget about his son before more people end up hurt, or dead! Julian tells Alistair to leave Eve alone and use him to get his sick twisted jollies out on if he must. Alistair asks Julian if he really thinks he is the only one who has it out for Eve? Julian realizes Alistair is speaking of Liz. Alistair says all he will say is Eve may need her prince charming right about now!

At the hospital, the nurse runs into the room to take care of Pilar, who has a seizure after learning about Antonio. Sheridan is stunned when she learns Luis told his mother about Antonio, and she asks what he has done? Luis said she had a right to know, and she wouldnt let up on questioning him. Luis blames himself for this, but Sheridan says his mom has been sick for awhile, sop this isnt his fault. He says first he lost his brother and now his mother. The nurse gives Pilar medication to stop the seizure. The seizure stops, and Pilar once again begins crying out My son is dead! Pilar demands to know how her son died. Sheridan says they will tell her everything, just later. Pilar says she deserves to know now! Luis says they will tell her everything once she is better. Pilar says all her son ever wanted was to be happy, he just wanted to do what was right. She says for years she prayed for him to come home, and she thought all her dreams for her family and Antonio would come true, but now all her dreams and her sons dreams meant nothing. Pilar cries that all his dreams are gone because he is dead! Pilar tells them to tell her how he died. The nurse says her blood pressure is sky rocketing so she needs to calm down. Pilar tells the nurse not to treat her like a child! Luis tells the nurse that he needs to tell her the truth or she will just grow worse. The nurse says he may be right, but to be careful how he words things. Luis explains that Antonio was on a private jet which exploded. Pilar asks whose plane was it? Luis says she doesnt need all the details, but Pilar wants to know everything. Luis says it was Alistairs jet. Pilar doesnt understand. They explain how Antonio decided to kidnap Sheridan, but he let her go. Pilar asks why he stayed on the plane? Sheridan says she doesnt know. Sheridan says perhaps he just wanted to leave Harmony and get away from her. Sheridan says this is her fault, but Pilar says no. She says her son is . . . her son was a grown man. She asks if the explosion was an accident? Luis says off course, but Pilar thinks it could have been deliberate. Luis says there is no proof. Pilar says she can see it in his face, he believes Alistair did this. Luis says he thinks Alistair tried to blow the jet up because he thought Sheridan was still on it. Suddenly, Pilars blood pressure sky rockets and she ends up having another seizure! Suddenly, the nurse calls a code blue!

  At the Seacliff Inn, Chad talks to Fox about how he and Theresa should try and work things out. Fox says he doesnt know. Chad sees Fox looking in at the girls, and he thinks Fox is looking at Theresa with loving eyes. Chad says he sees the way he looks at her and says he thinks Fox is still in love with her. Chad says hopes they work things out. Chad also tells Fox that he and Theresa have both been great to Whitney, and she needs them more now giving the thing going on with Eve and Julian. They talk about Julian and Eves affair. Fox says his dad swears they aren't having an affair. Chad says Julian told him the same thing. Chad tells Fox how  Julian opened up to him at the studio and told him to stick close to Whitney because something bad might happen to Eve soon. Fox asks if his dad said what he thought would happen to Eve? Chad says he didnt say, only that someone out there might have it out for Eve. Chad says he knows Fox hasnt always gotten along with Julian, but Julian has been nice to him. He says even Alistair was nice to him, he gave him money to do something nice for Whitney on Valentines Day. Chad says he did pay him back, which Fox says is good because he doesn't want to be in debt to Alistair Crane. Chad says he just found it odd that Alistair Crane talked to him like he was a member of his family, he seemed interested in his life and in his relationship with Whitney. Fox finds it odd that his grandfather cares about "the people" considering he barely cares about his own family. Chad jokes what if he turns out to be part of his family. Fox says yeah, his brother the brother.

Meanwhile, Theresa tells Whitney that the woman Fox loves is her! Whitney tells her that she is certifiably crazy, this doesnt make sense at all. Theresa says she heard him talking about it when he thought nobody was listening, and it does make sense. She says it is ironic, she meets a guy to take her mind off of Ethan, but she never had a chance because he always loved her. She says that is why he took the break-up so well, because he still loves her! Theresa says it is okay because she now knows she never stopped loving Ethan. Theresa tells Whitney that she must have considered the idea. Whitney says she did entertain it once or twice. Theresa asks if she ever saw signs considering how much time they spent together. Whitney begins to think about it, and she has flashbacks of her times with Fox. She says Oh my God! Theresa says Fox is in love with her, so what is she going to do? How will she handle having two men in love with her? Whitney remembers she is supposed to be here on a romantic evening with Chad. Theresa says she still can have that evening, and she will keep Fox occupied. Theresa tells Whitney that she doesnt have to tell Fox or anyone that she knows, and she can still have a life with Chad. Whitney asks what about Fox? Theresa says he wont say anything because he is too respectful of her relationship with Chad. Theresa says who knows, in time she and Fox may come out of this as friends. Suddenly, Fox and Chad return to the girls and ask if they would like to go for a romantic dinner for four?


July 6, 2004
Sam, Ivy, Gwen and Ethan all went out for a double date. They went out to the movies, and are now walking in the park. Ivy says this feels like a real family. Sam says they are a real family, and they should do this more often. Ethan is glad to see his parents together and happy after so many years apart. He says love have brought them back together, and it just proves that true love never dies. He says if two people are meant to be together than love will reunite them. Gwen looks at Ethan and wonders if she is his true love, or if Theresa is. Gwen tells Ethan she cant believe the change in Ivy, she is glowing. Ethan says she is in love. Gwen asks Ethan if he knew his mom was so unhappy with Julian while he was growing up? He says he knew there was tension, but when he got older he pretty much knew what was wrong. Gwen says being in a loveless marriage must have been so horrible. Ethan says especially since Julian made it no secret that he had other women on the side. Gwen says he was never a real father to him or his other children, and shell never forgive him for the way he turned on him when the truth about his parentage came out. Ethan says Julian has changed, he has soften, and he has regrets about the man he was. Gwen says at least Ivy is happy now, and Ethan once again says if two people are meant to be together than love will draw them back together. Gwen cant help but wonder if he is talking about them being drawn back together, or him and Theresa? Ethan tells Gwen that she is his wife and he loves her. She says that is not an answer. Ethan doesnt understand how she can doubt his love for her, his commitment to her. He says he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. She says she is glad. He asks where this insecurity is coming from? She says they have been through so much, and after that movie and Sam and Ivy, she got a little afraid. Ethan tells her that he loves her and only her, so she has nothing to worry about. Gwen says Theresa is carrying their baby, and she is so devious, so she worries something will happen to take him away from her again. He says nothing will come between them, he promises her. She says he has made promises he hasnt kept before. Ethan says he may not be able to control Theresas actions, but he can control his. She reminds him of what happened in LA. He says what he did then was wrong and will spend the rest of his life trying to make that up to her. Meanwhile, Ivy tells Sam he might want to have a talk with Ethan about Theresa. Ethan and Sam go and get the girls some ice cream sundaes, and Gwen and Ivy stay behind in the park. Ivy and Gwen talk, and Gwen tells Ivy how she is afraid Ethan still loves Theresa. Ivy tells her that Ethan loves her and has chosen to stay with her. Gwen says Ethan is a good man and wouldnt abandon her after losing Sarah. Ivy asks if she still thinks Ethan has feelings for Theresa? Gwen says it is possible. Ivy thinks this is her fault for giving Theresa a job, but Gwen says she trusted her too and let her plan her wedding. Gwen says Theresa was stalking Ethan, so she would have done whatever necessary to get together with Ethan. Ivy says she doesnt think Gwen needs to worry, Theresa has moved onto her other son Fox. Gwen asks if Fox is falling for her? Ivy doesnt know, but she thinks Theresa isnt over Ethan. Meanwhile, Sam talks to Ethan about Theresa carrying his child, which must be a problem for him and Gwen. Ethan says Theresa did what she did to try and get her son back. He says he understands why she did it, and he says if he could have he would have convinced Gwen to give the boy back. Sam says Theresa never should have had her son taken from her, and Ethan agrees. Ethan realizes where this is going, and he assures his dad that he is committed to Gwen and his marriage. Sam asks him if he is sure that Gwen doesnt have to worry about Theresa?

At the Seacliff, Theresa, Whitney, Fox and Chad go out to dinner. Whitney is nervous because of what she knows about Fox. Theresa suggests she just try and play it cool and not let Fox know she knows. Whitney says she doesnt know if she can do that! The waiter comes over to seat them, and ends up mistaking Fox and Whitney as being a couple, and he tells them how much in love they look. Chad says Fox is just Whitneys friends, he and Whitney are the ones in love. The waiter apologizes. Fox says it is no big deal and suggests they sit. Whitney looks at Fox, and Theresa looks at Whitney. She wonders if Whitney could have feelings for him. Chad begins reminiscing about LA and the place they stayed with Fox. Chad says he knows they had some bad times there, but they had good times too. Fox and Whitney remember playing in the pool together, and dancing together. Chad says he had to work a lot, and he had to depend on Fox to look after Whitney for him. Chad says he had to do the same thing here tonight, and he thanks Fox for being a good friend and someone he can trust. Chad toasts to Fox for being someone he can trust to be alone with his girl. Chad says he knows Fox is a good guy and he wouldnt make a move on his girl. Whitney remembers pretending to be Foxs boyfriend, and him suggesting they kiss. Later, Fox gets a call and excuses himself to take it. Theresa sees some people dancing, and she thinks about dancing with Ethan. She thinks she needs some air, and she leaves. Chad wonders what is going on with Fox and Theresa, they arent looking at one another and they are sitting as far from one another as possible. Whitney says she couldnt say. Chad wonders if Fox doesnt want to make up with Theresa. He decides to talk to Theresa to try and help them get back together. Whitney asks him not to interfere, and he asks why not? Chad says it's not like he's scheming to pair them up, they were already a couple. He thinks they just need a little help to get them back together. Fox returns from his business call, and Theresa returns from her walk. Chad asks Fox to dance with Whitney while he talks to Theresa alone. Fox says he will dance with her, it will be his pleasure. They go off to dance, and Chad talks with Theresa. He asks Theresa why she isnt trying to work things out with Fox? Theresa looks over at Fox and Whitney dancing, and Chad says no he gets it, it is so obvious why she hasnt talked to Fox about working things out.

At the Russells, Liz continues to tell Eve that judgment day has come for her! TC shows up in the kitchen and calls out Eve are you here? Eve goes into the kitchen to try and stop him from going into the living room. TC says he just bought this nice bottle of wine and he thought they could go outside and drink it. He says while it chills they can wait in the living room. She says they should just forget the wine and go, but TC says he bought it because it is her favorite. He tells her to go in the living room and wait while he puts some snacks together. Eve goes into the living room, and Liz tells her nice try, but she is going down tonight. Aunt Irma grows restless and wants to get out of here. Meanwhile, Julian arrives, looks in the window, and realizes Liz has gotten Aunt Irma out of the home. He realizes this is what his father was talking about, and that this is going to destroy her marriage. Back inside, Eve tells Liz that this wont make her any happier, it wont make her life better having her life ruined. Liz says her life will be just ducky (?). Eve tells her to think about what she will do to Whitney and Simone? Liz says she is sorry about the girls, but she cant think about that. She says Eve needs to learn there are consequences for her actions. Eve says she never hurt her, but Liz says every time she was raped she thought it wouldnt have happened if Eve had taken her with her or hadnt left. She says Eve abandoned her to become a drug addict and a whore! She asks Aunt Irma what kind of whore Eve is? Irma says she is the wickedest kind! Liz says she wont wait any longer, shes going to get TC and bring him in here right now. Back outside, Julian says he has to stop this. Back inside, Eve grabs Liz and says she wont let her do this, she will stop her. Liz says she cant, once TC comes in here and Aunt Irma will tell him everything. Eve says she will deny it all, but Liz says it wont matter once TC learns Julian was her lover and probably still is! She says there is nothing Eve can do to convince TC that she is lying and Aunt Irma is crazy! Eve says oh yes there is! Eve says she can tell TC the truth! Julian, still at the window, hears Eve say this and realizes he has to do something. Liz asks Eve what she thinks TC will say? Eve says she thinks hell understand. Liz laughs and tells Eve to dream on, TC will never be that understanding! Eve says theyll see, and she heads into the kitchen. Liz then promises Aunt Irma that she will get a kick out of the fireworks that are going to go on here tonight when the truth comes out! In the kitchen, Eve prepares to tell TC the truth. 


July 7, 2004
Out in the park, Ivy and Gwen continue talking about love and relationships. Ivy thinks Theresa will give up on Ethan because there comes a time one has to accept a relationship is over. Gwen says she never gave up on Sam, and she says she is frightened that years from now something crazy will come between her and Ethan, like David did Sam and Grace, and shell end up out in the cold. Ivy says it wont happen, but Gwen says it happened to Grace and Sam. Gwen says her mother thinks she is behind Davids appearance in Harmony, and she asks Ivy if it is true, did she break up Sam and Grace? Ivy says nothing, and Gwen says shell take that as a yes. She tells Ivy that she loves her and is on her side. She says no matter what she has done, Grace chose to leave with David. Ivy says she is afraid Sam might not see it that way. Gwen asks if she is afraid the truth might come out? Ivy doesnt know, but she says she cant stand to lose Sam a second time! Ivy then tells Gwen not to worry about Theresa because she is the furthest thing from Ethans mind. Meanwhile, Sam and Ethan order some ice cream for the girls and continue talking about Ethans marriage to Gwen, which he assures Sam is safe. Ethan assures Sam that he loves Gwen and has no regrets. Sam asks, no regrets about Theresa? Ethan says no regrets, he is committed to Gwen and his family. Sam says good, and he wouldnt want what happened to him to happen to anyone else. Ethan asks Sam if he still loves Grace? Sam says Grace is gone, but she is still in his thoughts. He thinks about her when a woman goes by wearing her perfume, and when someone tells him a joke he thinks about telling it to Grace. He says while he is happy with Ivy, he would be lying if he said he didnt think about Grace. He says Grace is still in his heart and always will be. He says he wouldnt tell Ethan this if he didnt think Theresa might still be in Ethan's heart. He tells Ethan to be honest with himself about his feelings for Theresa, if his feelings are something more than just faded memories, then he needs to be honest with himself and Gwen. Ethan and Sam then take the ice cream to Ivy and Gwen. Sam then remembers he forgot to turn his phone back on. He turns it on and checks his messages. He is shocked by one of the messages. He says the Crane jet exploded, and Antonio was killed. Ethan says My God, Theresa! Gwen tells Ivy that There is always the first thing Ethan thinks about.

At the Seacliff, Whitney and Fox share a dance, and Fox can tell something is bothering Whitney. He tells her that he thinks he knows what is bothering her. Whitney assures him that nothing is wrong, but he knows something is. Meanwhile, Chad realizes the reason Theresa hasnt talked to Fox is because he is still in love with the mystery woman. He thinks the mystery woman is still playing him, and he asks Theresa if he knows who she is? Theresa says she doesnt, so Chad vows to find out who this girl is. Theresa tells him not to, but Chad says if he finds out who she is then he can put her (Theresa) and Fox back together. Fox and Whitney return to the table, and she asks what they are talking about? Chad says Foxs mystery woman. He says Theresa told him some things and he didnt like what he heard. Whitney gasps Oh my God! Whitney asks what she said? Chad tells Fox that he trusted him and this is how he repays him?. He says he knows about Foxs little secret. Before anyone says anything more, Theresa says she told Chad that she didnt know who Foxs mystery woman is. Chad says that is about to change. Chad asks Fox why he hasnt been honest about being in love with this mystery woman? Theresa says it is okay, she and Fox went into their relationship in love with other people. Chad says the difference is she forgot about Ethan. Chad demands Fox reveal the identity of his mystery woman. Fox says it is private. Chad thinks he should fess up, and he asks why he keeps her hidden? He asks if she is that ugly? Fox says she is the most beautiful woman he knows, and she is talented, shy, and like a long lost friend to him. Theresa says she needs to go to the ladies room, and she asks Whitney to come with her. Once they are gone, Chad continues to press Fox to admit the identity of this woman. In the bathroom, Whitney says they have to go back out there, they have to stop Fox from telling Chad the identity of his mystery woman. She also thinks Theresa heard Fox wrong, he cant love her. Theresa says she heard him correctly, and she wonders how Whitney feels about Fox. She asks Whitney if she has any feelings for Fox?

At the Russells, Irma asks Liz if this is the line to the bathroom? Liz says this is Eves house, remember? Aunt Irma starts saying slut, whore! Liz tells her that Eve is in the kitchen with her husband telling her husband the truth about her life, which will cause him to go crazy! Liz says there is no telling what TC might do, he may even commit murder! In the kitchen, TC suggests whatever Eve has to tell him wait until they get down to the beach. Eve says it cant wait, this is the most serious thing shes ever had to tell him. TC is worried by the look on Eves face. She says she doesnt know where to begin. TC says she should begin at the beginning. As she is about to tell him, someone calls TC. Julian tells TC he needs to get down to the school because they are breaking into the gym! TC says they need to discuss this later, and he runs off to the school. Liz then comes into the kitchen and asks if TC walked out on her when he found out she was a whore, or is he looking for an all night gun store? Liz then laughs at her little rhyme. Eve says he had to go to the school. She asks Liz to take Aunt Irma back to the home and let her talk to her husband in her own way. Liz says no way, she wants to tape this so she can relive the end of Eves happy little life! Liz says she and Aunt Irma will wait here for TC to come home. Liz returns to the living room, and Julian shows up. Julian tells Eve he was watching and he made the call to TC to get him out of here. Eve asks Julian what she will do? She says her family and husband are slipping away and there is nothing she can do about it. Eve says she might as well be dead, but Julian tells her not to say that. Julian asks how much Irma can know about them? Eve says she knows enough, she even visited her at the club where she was singing at. Eve begins to remember singing in the club and Aunt Irma showing up. Aunt Irma saw her all drunk and drinking drinks that strange men offered her. Aunt Irma confronted Eve and asked why she is acting this way because she was not raised this way. Irma told her that she used to sing hymns to God, now she is singing trash to trash. Irma said she was here to take her home, but Eve refused to go. Irma told her that she was living in the gutter. Eve told her she was wearing diamonds, and they dont have diamonds in the gutter. Irma says a pig can wear diamonds, but it is still a pig. Irma asked if she got them on her back? Eve said her man gave them to her because he loves her. Irma called him her sugar daddy. Eve asked Irma to stay here in Boston with her for the night. Irma says she came here to take her home so their pastor could get her back to the lord. Eve said she wasnt going back, she was happy here and she has a man who liked her. Irma said okay, but one day shed regret this! Irma told Eve not to call her because she wanted nothing else to do with her! Eve tells Julian Aunt Irma was right, and now the past has come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Aunt Irma also remembers the past, and how Eve got herself in a family way by a white man who wanted nothing to do with her. We see a pregnant Eve in a hotel room calling Alistair to try and fine Julian. Alistair told her that his son was in Europe and would not be returning for months. Eve said their baby was due any day now. Alistair told her to call the brat's real father, his son doesnt even know her. Eve said she had only been with Julian, but Alistair told her she was a whore and to leave his son alone or shed regret it. Irma once again showed up and told Eve that she told her this would happen. Irma asked Eve how she would take care of this baby with her man in Europe? Eve said Julian would come back, but Irma said he was gone, he used her! Irma told Eve things would get worse, and one day it would all come back to haunt her and she would suffer and pay for all her dirty, nasty sins! Eve remembered the same flashback, and she tells Julian he left her and she couldnt find him. Julian says he was weak and let his father control him. Eve says poor TC married a fraud. She says she tried to make up for her past, but she always knew in her heart no matter what she did it would never be enough. She says the only glimmer of hope in her life is that tonight he found out who their son is. Julian tells Eve that hes afraid he was unable to learn their sons identity. He tells her that his father killed the man before the man could tell him the name of their son. Eve says Alistair warned them that he wouldnt let them find him, so he meant it. Eve says shes not only going to lose her daughters and husband, she's lost her only chance of finding her son. Eve breaks down, and Julian comforts her. Eve says she has now lost everything! She has lost her family, her girls, her life, her husband, everything. Just then a call comes in, but Eve ignores the phone and cries on Julians shoulder. The call is from TC, and Liz answers. He tells her it was a prank and hes on his way home. Liz tells him to hurry back because she has a big surprise waiting for him! 


July 8, 2004
In the park, Sam relays the news of Antonio's death to Ivy, Ethan and Gwen. Ethan is worried about Theresa because she never got over the disappearance of her father, and now this has happened. He also worries about Sheridan and poor Pilar and how this cant be helping her recovery. Meanwhile, Gwen complains to Ivy that this is what she meant, Ethan claims hes not in love with Theresa, but she is the first thing on his mind. Ivy tells her she is paranoid, he is just concerned for the family. Gwen says hes not talking about Luis, Pilar or Miguel. Ivy tells Gwen that she is being selfish and paranoid, Ethan only loves her and he is just worried about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Gwen says she is not being paranoid, she is being realistic. She says shes not blaming Ethan, she is blaming Theresa. She says Theresa always finds a way to worm her way into her and Ethans life, the girl is a monster. Ivy tells her to stop this, Theresa does not have Ethan, she does. Sam tells them all that hes sorry to cut the evening short, but he has to go. Gwen offers to take Ivy home, but Ethan says hed like to go to the hospital and see Pilar.

At the Seacliff Inn, Theresa and Whitney are still in the bathroom. Theresa asks Whitney if she is in love with Fox? Whitney tells her not to be ridiculous, she is with Chad. Theresa says she knows that, but Fox is a good man. Whitney says he is a Crane. Theresa says he is not like Alistair and Julian, besides not only is he good looking, he has the Crane fortune. She asks what more could a woman want? Whitney asks Theresa how shallow she thinks she is? Theresa says Fox is smart, funny and a wonderful business man, he can give a girl everything she wants. She asks Whitney if she is that hung up on Chad, or does she return Foxs feelings? Theresa asks if she is in love with him? Whitney says she loves Chad. Theresa says she knows she loves Chad, but how does she feel about Fox? Whitney thinks this is ridiculous and Theresa probably just misunderstood Fox on that cliff. She says she heard him clearly. Whitney says she doesnt want to talk about this, and she leaves to go back to Chad. Theresa thinks there is trouble ahead for Chad and Whitney. Meanwhile, Chad continues to ask Fox to tell him the name of his mystery woman. He asks if she is someone that he knows? Whitney shows up and tells Chad they should head to bed. Chad says he will meet her upstairs as soon as Fox tells him who he loves. Whitney tells him to leave Fox alone and come to bed. Chad wonders why she is acting like this, and then he realizes she knows who Foxs mystery woman is. He tells her to spill it. Theresa says Whitney doesnt know, nobody does. Chad says fine, if Whitney wasnt covering for Fox, then why did she get so upset? Theresa says Whitney is just tired and a bit irritated because this is supposed to be their weekend together. Chad says hes sorry, and he and Whitney head upstairs. Theresa stays behind and talks with Fox. Fox asks what that was about? Theresa tells Fox that she did hear him out of the cliff, she knows Whitney is his mystery woman. Fox tries to deny it, but Theresa tells him that he doesnt have to lie to her. She says she cant believe she never picked up on it before. Fox says hes sorry, he didnt mean for her to find out this way, or for her to find out at all. Theresa says its okay, she would have felt like a fool trying to rekindle their relationship when he loved her best friend. She also says at least everything is out in the open because Whitney also knows. Fox is shocked when he learns Theresa told Whitney! Theresa says she had to tell her, and she deserved to know. Fox says he has made such a huge mess of things. He asks if she will tell Chad? Theresa says that depends on how she feels about him. She says if Whitney does tell Chad than all hell could break loose. Back up in their room, Chad tells Whitney that he doesnt think Fox will give up his mystery woman for Theresa or anyone. Whitney says he could forget, but Chad says no, he is way to in love with her. Whitney worries about Fox being in love with her, and she wonders what she will do.

At the Russell House, Eve and Julian continue talking about how they may never find their son thanks to Alistair. Eve is afraid Alistair will never let them find their son. Julian promises her that he will find their son. Eve says Alistair will never allow it, and any minute now TC will return home and her life will be over. Julian tells her that shell still have him, he will never leave her side. She tells him that having him wont make up for everything she is about to lose. Does he think having him will fill the void? She says not only will Liz be enjoying her victory, the hospital will probably fire her because of the publicity. She asks Julian if he really thinks he can make up for all of that? Julian says no, he knows hell never take TCs place in her heart or make up for the loss of her daughters. He says all he is saying that he wont let her face this alone, he wont abandon her again. Eve apologizes and says she wasnt trying to insult him. He says she was upset, and he would be a poor substitute for her life. Eve says he is a wonderful man, and she loves him for standing by her through this. Julian says he loves her too, he has never stopped loving her. Julian admits it is selfish, but part of him has always wanted her and TC to break up so they could be together. He says he knows that is wrong of him. Eve tells Julian that he has been kind and understanding, and she does love him. They then hug. Meanwhile, Liz tells TC , over the phone, that a big surprise is waiting for him at home. He wonders what the occasion is. She tells him that hell just have to wait and see, but it will change his life. Liz then wheels Aunt Irma into the kitchen, and they catch Eve and Julian hugging. Liz says that is her niece in another mans arms, and the man is not her husband. Aunt Irma calls Eve a tramp, a slut! She tells Eve that she hasnt changed, she is still a whore. She asks who the man is, her pimp, her hustler, or just some john? Eve tells Irma to stop this! Julian suggests they go to the living room and tells Liz to keep Irma here. Liz says they can run but they cant hide. Liz says it wont be long before Eves house of cards come tumbling down. Irma says You have cards, lets play! Suddenly, TCs car pulls up outside, and Eve says her life is going to be over!

In the hospital, Kay is in bed and talking about how much her life sucks because Miguel doesnt want her, he only wants Charity. She says her own mother doesnt want her. She says now she can't have children, so no man will want her. She wonders what else can go wrong? Charity walks in, and Kay says Why do I even ask? She tells Charity to get the hell out of here! Charity doesnt leave, and she says she doesnt mean to upset her. Kay says she has single handedly destroyed her entire life. Kay once again blames Charity for ruining her life ever since she arrived in Harmony. Kay tells her that if she wasnt here than she and Miguel would be married and parent to Maria. She also tells Charity that it is her fault she cannot have anymore children. Kay asks Charity if there is anything else she wants to do to her, perhaps finish her off? Kay tells her to go ahead and do it, put her out of her misery. Kay tells her that she has taken everything that matters to her, so why not take her life too? Charity says she didnt come here to fight. Kay asks why she did? Charity says she came here to tell her that she is right, and she is leaving. Charity says she didnt mean for it to happen, but all shes done is cause trouble. She says her family was perfect before she arrived. She says she is leaving and going far far away. Kay says she doesnt believe her. Charity says she has already told Miguel, and no matter what he says, she is leaving and is never coming back.

Elsewhere, Miguel arrives after learning Pilar has brought in. He asks Luis and Sheridan what is going on. Luis says Pilar has had a seizure of some kind. He says she is resting, but they cant see her. Miguel asks what caused all of this? Luis asks Miguel if he heard the news about the Crane Jet. Miguel says he heard something but didnt pay attention to it. Luis informs Miguel that Antonio was on the plane and was killed. Miguel cries out No he cant be! Luis comforts his brother. Luis tells him that they have to stay strong for each other and for mama. Miguel says this isnt fair. Sheridan says no its not. He asks if this caused Mamas relapse? Luis says no, but it made things worse. He assk why Antonio was on the Crane jet? Sheridan explains the story to him, and she says Antonio was a good man and in the end made the right decision. Miguel says he just feels like his life is falling apart .He says Antonios dead, mamas dead, and Charity is leaving town. They ask why Charity is leaving? HE says she is convinced she brought evil to town, and she thinks everyone would be better off without him. Miguel says he loves Charity, so Luis and Sheridan encourage him to stop Charity from leaving. Miguel says he will, and he goes to find Charity. Meanwhile, Luis asks a nurse if there is somewhere that Sheridan could lay down and take a nap? The nurse says they can use the doctors on-call room. They thank her, and head off to the room so Sheridan can nap. Sheridan asks Luis to nap with her, but he says hes too tired to sleep. He says he just wants to hold her, look at her, make sure she is safe. He also says he will make sure she remains safe, and they will grow old and tell their grandchildren stories. Sheridan says she loves him, and she falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Charity continues to tell Kay that she is leaving. Kay says shell believe it when she sees it. Miguel walks in and asks what she is doing here? Charity says she came to say goodbye. Kay says no she didnt, she came here to run into Miguel. Miguel tells Charity that they have to talk, but Charity says she cant because she is leaving. Miguel tells her that she cant leave, he loves her too much. Kay rolls her eyes as Miguel begs Charity to stay. Charity says this is best for everyone, but he says it isnt. Kay tells Miguel to listen to Charity and let her go, she and Maria need him now. Miguel says he cant. Charity says there is nothing left to talk about, and she runs off. Kay asks Miguel not to chase after her, but Miguel says he needs her. Kay says she needs him, both she and Maria need him. Miguel says he is sorry, and runs after Charity.


July 9, 2004
At the Russells, Eve says TC is pulling up to the house now, her life is going to be destroyed! In the kitchen, Liz makes Irma some tea, and she tells her about TC. Liz says TC is a very nice man. Irma asks why he is with that trollop? Liz says he doesnt know, so Irma says he will soon enough. Back in the living room, Eve tells Julian to leave, and as she tries to get him to go, she realizes TC must have gone around the back and is going through the kitchen. Back in the kitchen, Irma says she has to go to the bathroom right now. Liz asks her to hold it because TC is about to come in. Back in the living room, Julian wants to face TC with Eve, but she orders him to leave and pushes him out the front door. TC then shows up and says they have to talk. Eve thinks TC knows the truth. TC asks Eve how this could have happened? She says she is so sorry. TC thinks she has heard the news as well, and he says hes glad Liz wasnt in the kitchen to hear the news. The toilet flushes, and Eve realizes that is why TC didnt see Liz. TC says he knows Liz and Antonio were close, and he didnt know how to tell her that Antonio is dead. Eve is stunned and asks how this happened? TC says all he knows is what he heard in the car, Antonio was on the Crane Jet when it exploded. TC says that damn Alistair Crane blew up his own jet! Eve is stunned and says she is sure Liz doesnt know. Liz walks in, and she tells him Welcome home! Eve and TC look at Liz, and TC says he needs to talk to her. Liz says first she has someone she wants him to meet. She says meeting this person will change his life! Liz wanted to go get her guest, but TC tells her to wait because there is something she must know. Liz says there is something he must know as well, and her visitor has so much to tell him about Eve. TC says fine, bring this visitor in to meet him.

At Tabithas, Tabitha is on the phone with Kay. Kay tells Tabitha about Charitys visit. Tabitha tells her not to get worked up, she needs to stay calm or she could cause other complications. Kay says Charity is her complication. Tabitha tells her to just calmly tell her what is going on. Kay explains how Charity said she was leaving town, but Miguel ran after her to stop her. Tabitha wonders why Charity has suddenly decided to leave, they have been trying to get her to leave for eons. Kay says she doesnt know, but she doesnt think Charity will leave, she thinks it is just another game. Tabitha asks why she is letting it get to her if she knows what the outcome will be? Kay says because shes had it, enough is enough. She says Miguel should be with her and Maria. Tabitha says he is devoted to Maria, but Kay says it isnt enough. Kay says she is in here because of Miguel and Charity, and she says it is Tabithas fault as well for morphing her into the dog. Tabitha says she is sorry, and sometimes these things can turn out to be a blessing. Kay says she is barley 21 and she is barren, if she cant have Miguel than shell never get another guy. Tabitha says she does have one daughter, and one can be enough, she knows. Kay says Tabitha isnt helping, and Miguel doesnt care about her. She says Miguel only cares about being with Charity. Tabitha wonders what it will take to keep these two apart. Kay says they have to convince Charity that she has to leave Harmony forever. Tabitha says she has been working to convince Charity is to blame for all the bad things that have happened in Harmony, and perhaps it has worked. Kay says Miguel is set on convincing her to stay. She says she is the mother of his child, why doesnt he want to be with her? Tabitha says that is easy, he loves Charity and not her. Kay says they have to find a way to make Charity leave. Tabitha suggests they wait and see what happens, maybe Charity will leave. Kay says Miguel always convinces her to stay, if he cant do it this time then she will be shocked.

At the hospital, Miguel stops Charity from leaving. He tells her that he wont let her leave Harmony because he loves her and she loves him. Miguel tells her that she cant walk away from what they have. She says they dont have anything, he lives with Kay and their baby. She says he isnt free to be with her, and she doesnt want to be in pain or cause it for others. Miguel says she hasnt caused anyone pain. Charity says she has brought evil to Harmony and caused the Bennett family much pain. Miguel says she cant blame herself for these things, but Charity thinks she must have something to do with it. Miguel says he knows this last year has been hard for her, and it has been hard for him too. She says she doesnt want him to abandon Kay or the baby, but she cant watch his life from a distance anymore. Miguel says things will get better. Charity asks how? She says he fathered a child with another woman, that will never go away. She also says she doesnt want to cause these people pain anymore, so she will go somewhere and start over. She tells Miguel that she loves him, but she says she has to go. Miguel grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. As they kiss, Kay, who snuck out of her room, spies on them. Miguel says he will never love anyone but her, they are meant to be together. Charity asks how he will be a good father to Maria and still be with her? Miguel says hell figure out a way, but she cant leave Harmony. Kay is on her cell phone with Tabitha, which she knows is illegal. Tabitha ask Kay what is happening, and she fills her in. Tabitha tells Kay to do something, but Kay says she is too weak. Miguel asks Charity to think about all the good things that have happened to them. We see classic Miguel and Charity flashbacks as their song Cross My Heart plays. Miguel tells Charity that she cant walk away, their love is too special. Charity cries that he is right and she cant leave him. Kay tells Tabitha that it is over, Charity is staying.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis are napping in the doctor's on-call room. Sheridan has nightmares about being a little girl and having bloody hands and the body under the sheet. Sheridan wakes up for her nightmare, and Luis comforts her. Sheridan wonders why this dream is coming back to her now. Luis asks about the dreams, and she says Eve told her that it wasnt real and never happened. She says she doesnt know why this is coming back to her now, she thought she was through with this nightmare. Luis suggests she try and go back to sleep, but she doesnt want to. He says she should lie down and hell rub her back then. She says her mother used to do that for her when she was young, and shed sing to her as well. We see a flashback on Katherine singing to Sheridan when she was a little girl. Sheridan ends up falling back asleep, and we see her dreaming about Alistair telling her that she was a wicked little girl. Sheridan once again wakes up and this time is in tears.

Down in Mexico, Martin is taking his anger out on a punching bag. He tells Katherine that he wishes the bag was Alistairs face. Katherine says she is so sorry and she feels sick about Antonio. Antonio says hes sick of Alistairs gangster tactics, and he will make him pay for what he has done to them, their children, and her daughter. Katherine says she doesnt understand how a man could be so evil as to try and destroy his own daughters life. She sees a scar on Martins back, and she says she remembers the night he got this scar, and she says it left an emotional scar on her poor little Sheridan. She says images of that night are burned in her memory, not only what they went through but what Sheridan went through. Down in Mexico, Katherine remembers singing to Sheridan when she was a little girl, and she sings the song she used to sing to Sheridan. Martin tells her that was beautiful. Katherine says she used to sing it to Sheridan to put her to sleep. She remembers what poor Sheridan saw that night, and she says no child should have to go through that. Katherine says she wishes she could have these memories burned from her mind. Later, Katherine looks at some photos of how they looked before their plastic surgeries. She says they looked so different than. Martin says Alistair forced them to do what they did that night. In flashbacks we see Katherine telling a drunk Alistair to leave her alone. She told him to go find one of his other women. He said he didnt want another woman, he wanted her. He said he loved her and she loved him. She said she didn't love him because he had no soul, and she slapped him. He called her a bitch and slapped her back, sending her flying across the room and onto the floor. He told her that shed pay for that! Martin showed up to save Katherine, and Alistair told him to leave. Martin refused to leave until he knew Katherine was safe. Martin and Alistair began to fight, and Alistair grabbed a wine bottle, broke it, and went after Martin. Katherine jumped between them, but he pushed her aside. Martin pushed Alistair down, and jumped to Katherines rescue. She asked him to go, but he wouldnt leave without her. Suddenly, Alistair grabbed a letter opener and stabbed Martin in the back!

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