July 12, 2004
At the hospital, Luis comforts Sheridan and says she was just dreaming. Sheridan wonders if she was dreaming, or remembering something from her childhood. She wonders if she really killed someone that night. Luis says Eve told her that this was all guilt her father put on her for her mothers death. Sheridan says she knows what Eve said, but what if she was wrong and that night really did happen? Sheridan tells Luis is isnt like she is dreaming about that night, it is like she is reliving it. We see a young Sheridan walk into a room and see a man with a letter opener in his back, then we see a sheet put over him, and Sheridan with bloody hands as she holds a letter opener. Sheridan thinks she killed that man. Luis asks why she would do something like that? Sheridan doesnt know, but she says this is the first time she remembered how the blood got on her hands. Luis wonders what the truth is. Luis says the only one who probably knows is Alistair. Sheridan still cant help but wonder if that night really did happen. Sheridan wonders why these images are haunting her again. Luis says he knows why, it is because of what happened to Antonio. He says she blames herself for his death just like she blames herself for her moms death. Sheridan says she misses her mother so much, and if she hadnt died her life would be so different. Sheridan thinks her mother would have been able to protect her and Julian from their father. She says her mom would have made Julian and her feel loved and protected. Sheridan says if only she hadnt died, if only she were alive and well. Sheridan says it would change everything. Sheridan also thinks perhaps Luis is right about her nightmares returning. She says she should have made Antonio get off the jet. She then looks at Luis and thinks he blames her for Antonios death.

Down in Mexico, Katherine and Martin continue to remember the events of that night. We see flashbacks of Alistair stabbing Martin in the back with a letter opener after he saved Katherine. Alistair laughed and said better watch your back, oh my, too late! When Katherine wanted to call for help, Alistair slapped her and told her that she was more concerned about an employee than her own husband. Alistair then forced her to watch Martin die. Martin asked Katherine to tell his family that he loved them. Alistair continued to hold Katherine and force her to watch Martin slowly die. He told her this was the price for her refusing him their marital bed. Martin eventually fell to the floor and passed out. Katherine cried out You killed him! Alistair says he did because Martin dared to oppose him. He told her to remember that because the next time she opposed him then Sheridan and Julian would go to their mothers funeral. Back in the present, Katherine says she never realized Alistair had a temper until after they were married. She says little things would set him off, usually things she did different from her sister Rachel. Martin asks if she was the one who died in the boat accident, and Katherine says yes. Katherine says Rachel was Alistairs first love, and she was just a substitute for Rachel in Alistairs eyes. She says over the years he became more and more angry towards her, as if she was a living reminder for what he lost. Katherine says when she tried to talk to him about it, but it only made him more bitter. Katherine says she never would have believed Alistair was capable of murder before that night. Back to the flashbacks, Alistair called someone and told them there was a situation in the main house. He then warned Katherine that if she crossed him, he would kill her too! Men in black arrived and Alistair ordered them to take Katherine up to her room. They drug Katherine off, and she thought Martin was dead. Meanwhile, Alistair took a gun out of his desk drawer and placed it in Martins hand. Alistair planned to tell the police that Martin attacked him and he had to stab him in self defense. However, Martin wasnt dead, and ended up grabbing Alistairs ankle. He then got back up, and pointed the gun at Alistair. Martin told Alistair now he would get what was coming to him!

Elsewhere at the hospital in Harmony, Kay spies on Miguel and Charity. Miguel asks Charity to go home and get some rest, so she agrees. Miguel walks her out, and Kay tells Tabitha (over the phone) what is going on. Tabitha says she and Endora will take care of Charity and Kay should do her best to make Miguel feel guilty. Later, Miguel goes to check on Kay and finds her getting back into bed. He asks where she went? Kay says maybe she went to the nursery to look at all the babies shell never be able to have. He says he is sorry, and he is concerned about her. She tells him to save it, he ran out of here after Charity, he doesnt care about her. Miguel says that is not true, he just didnt want Charity to leave Harmony. Kay thinks if Charity decided to leave town then he would probably go with her! She says he would bail on her and Maria. Miguel says that is not true, but Kay says she can see it in his eyes, he will abandon her for Charity. Miguel says he is not turning his back on her for Charity. He says the fact is he cant get work here because of the Cranes, so if hes going to support her and Maria then hell have to go to another town. Kay asks if Charity will stay here while he goes and works in another town? Miguel says he didnt say that. Kay thinks he is leaving her and Maria for Charity. Miguel says they arent married, but he will be there for them. Kay tells him that he is a liar and she knew she couldnt count on him, he has chosen Charity over her just like everyone else. She says she can see her personal add now, barren woman seeks freaks, geeks or closet gay guys to share her living hell of a life! Miguel tells her that she has plenty to offer the right guy. Kay says he was the right guy, and Charity stole him from her. Miguel says she will meet someone, and she wont have to take care of Maria all by herself. He says Maria can come stay with him and Charity for part of the year. Kay says she is barren and he wants to take the one child she does have away from her? She says then shell be alone by herself with only the guys lined up outside to sleep with her because she cant get pregnant. She says perhaps that is how shell support Maria, shell charge for "it." Miguel tells Kay to stop it. Kay tells him that he is doing the smart thing by getting away from her before she begins wearing the scarlet B for barren around her neck. Miguel tells Kay that she has the plenty to offer the right guy. He says she still has plenty to offer the right guy. She says tell that to the guy who wants to have his own kids, not Miguels leftovers. Miguel tells her not to say that because he loves Maria. She tells him that he loves Charity more, and shell give him all the children he ever wanted. Kay says soon hell love them more than he loves Maria. Miguel says that is not true, he loves Maria and always will. Kay says she always loved him, but that didnt get her anywhere. Suddenly, Kay cries out in pain, and passes out. Her wound is bleeding!

Charity returns home and wonders if she should still leave town. Tabitha shows up and tells Charity that she needs to get the hell out of Harmony tonight! Tabitha begins packing Charitys clothes, but Charity says Miguel convinced her not to leave. Tabitha asks Charity how she can be so selfish, her presence here will unleash more misery and heartache. Charity says she cant lose Miguel. Tabitha asks no matter what price he or anyone else has to pay? Charity says perhaps things will be different. Tabitha tells Endora that this is her cue, and she says Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most selfish one of all? The mirror on Charitys room shows images of the fire which killed her mother, of the avalanche, of the dog attacking Miguel and her, and of Miguel spearing Kay. Tabitha tells Charity that she has to leave Harmony, or the guilt of the pain she has caused will eat her alive! Charity says but she loves Miguel. Tabitha shows her what her love has caused her. We see more scenes of the past and all the evil that surrounded her. images begin swirling around poor Charity. Tabitha tells Charity that she must leave Harmony and she must take evil with her!

Julian watches through the window of the Russell house as Liz prepares to introduce Aunt Irma to TC. Liz says her guest is in the bathroom and will soon be out. TC decides to get them all some Cherrie, and he tells Liz that they have something to tell her. She says it can wait, her surprise wont. TC leaves to room and begins pouring them drinks. Eve begs Liz not to do this to her, she is her sister. Liz says she is her half-sister, and she should have thought about that before she left her at the hands of her father. She tells Eve that Aunt Irma will meet TC, she will expose her for the lying slut she is, and she will have her revenge! Liz goes to the kitchen and prepares to take Aunt Irma out to TC. Back in the living room, Eve says that he needs to know she never meant for the truth to come out this way. TC thinks she is speaking of telling Liz that Antonio is dead. Suddenly, Eve remembers Pilar, and how this could cause a major setback. She calls the hospital to check on Pilar. Unfortunately she learns Pilar knows and has suffered a set back. Eve says she needs to get over to the hospital, and she asks TC to never forget that she loves him, their daughters, and the life they have built for themselves. She also say she is sorry about tonight. TC wonders what is going on and where all of this is coming from? She says it comes from her heart, and he will understand everything tonight. Liz wheels Irma out into the living room, and Irma says you! They find TC alone, and TC explains Pilar suffered a setback and she had to go to the hospital. TC tells Liz they need to talk about Pilars setback, but Liz says he should meet her guest. She introduces Irma to TC. TC is glad to finally meet her and he says they thought she was dead. Irma asks him not to rush her! She asks where her coffee went? TC says he could take her into the kitchen and get her some, but she calls him a woman hungry hound and tells him to stay away from her. He says he didnt mean any disrespect. TC goes into the kitchen to get her coffee, and Liz says shell meet him in the kitchen in a moment. Irma asks Liz who that is? Liz says it is Eves husband, and she needs to tell him who he is married to. Irma tells Liz to just get her her damn coffee! Liz is furious with Eve for leaving, and decides to wait for Eve to return before letting Aunt Irma loose. Liz joins TC in the kitchen, and he finally breaks the news of his death to her. Liz is shattered and asks how? TC explains the story to her, and she breaks down. She asks TC to give her a few moments alone. TC leaves her, and Liz grieves the only man she ever truly loved. She says if only she had shown him how much she loved him than he would be alive. Once again, Liz blames Eve for everything! She says Eve cost Antonio his life, so she will cost Eve hers!

Back at the hospital, Eve stabilizes Pilar, and then she talks to Julian. She fears the depth of Pilars grief could bring on another seizure or worse. Julian says he hopes not, she is dealing with enough as well. Eve says tonight is the night her past is exposed and she loses her family.


July 13, 2004
At the Bennetts, Charity is surrounded by images of the suffering and pain she has caused. She swears she will leave if the images stop. She promises to leave forever. Tabitha makes the images stop, and then she pretends like she saw nothing. Tabitha says  that they were talking about the terrible things that have happened, but she saw no images. She suggests it is Charitys guilty conscience that made her see things. Tabitha tells Charity that she should leave Harmony and never come back. Charity says she doesnt know how she can say goodbye to Miguel, but shell have to try. Tabitha says she cant see Miguel, he will only talk her into staying. She says she has to see him one last time and explain. Tabitha suggests she just write him a letter. She says shell write him a letter, but shell hand it to him. Tabitha says fine, shell take her to the hospital. As Charity writes the letter, Tabitha tries to think of a way to keep Charity from seeing Miguel. 

At the hospital, Kay thinks if Tabitha can convince Charity to leave town than she can have Miguel all to herself. She wonders where Miguel is because she needs help. Miguel brings the nurse, and the nurse looks at Kays wound. Kay continues guilting Miguel, but the nurse tells them to stop arguing because Kay is in trouble. Kay asks if she is going to be all right? The nurse says her stitches are ripped and she needs to repair them. She asks Miguel to excuse them, so he says hell go check on his mother. Kay hopes Tabitha will be able to get Charity to leave. Later, Tabitha and Charity show up, and Charity says she is leaving and has a goodbye letter for Miguel. Kay thinks this is another game of hers, she is just going to let Miguel talk her into staying. Kay tells her that she is selfish, she is keeping Miguel from his daughter. Charity says she just wants to say goodbye one last time. Kay doesnt believe her, and says if she wants to leave than she should go and leave the letter with them. Charity thinks Miguel shouldnt have to go through another goodbye, so she will leave. She asks Kay to give him the letter and tell Miguel that shell miss him. Charity then runs out of the room. Tabitha asks Kay if she might come back? Kay says she is afraid to believe she is really gone. Tabitha thinks Charity is really gone. Miguel returns and asks what is going on, what is that letter in Kays hands? She says the letter is from her mom in Italy. Tabitha says she brought it from home because she thought it would be good for Kay to hear from her mom. Miguel brought Kay flowers, and he apologizes for upsetting her. Kay says she is sorry she freaked out on him about Charity. Kay says she knows she cant stop him from being with Charity, and she thanks him for the flowers. Miguel says he will always be here for her and Maria, and she says she believes him. Miguel wants to bring Charity by to see Kay, and Kay says that is fine. Tabitha tells Miguel that Charity called and said she was going to bed early, so he need not phone her. Miguel says okay. Miguel sees Kay is out of ice, so he leaves to get her some. Kay and Tabitha celebrate that they are rid of Charity.

In another part of the hospital, Eve and Julian continue conversing. Eve wants to go back home and check on what is happening, but she says she also cant leave Pilar. Eve says she cant believe Liz found Aunt Irma and brought her to her house. Julian says perhaps Irma hasnt said anything, perhaps she is waiting for Eve to get home. Eve doesnt think so. Julian says if TC knows, wouldnt he be here by now? Suddenly, TC, Liz and Irma arrive. TC asks Eve how she could do this to him? TC asks if it is true, is she Julian's whore? Was she a drug addict? Eve says she can explain, but TC tells her to save it. TC tells her that he is leaving her and she is to stay away from her daughters. Liz gloats that she warned she would have her revenge. TC decks Juliann, and then everyone begins calling her a whore and slut. Of course it was all in Eves head, but Eve is convinced when TC learns the truth that she will lose everything. Julian says maybe there is a chance TC will be understanding, after all he loves her. Eve says TC loves what he thinks she is, not what she was in the past. Later, TC calls Eve and says he just had a long talk with Liz about Aunt Irma, and the two of them need to talk. Eve thinks TC knows the truth, but he doesnt. TC says he told Liz about Antonio, and she took it well. He also says Lizs guest is her long lost Aunt Irma. He thinks Eve must be thrilled that she is alive. Eve says she has no idea. TC says hes only briefly talked to her, but she is strange and a bit rude. TC decides to let Eve talk to her, but when he walks out into the living room, she is looking at a photo of Eve and spouting off Whore, drug-addict, slut, floozy! TC doesnt hear what she is saying, just that she is talking to a photo of Eve. TC tells Eve that she is a strange bird and he thinks she cant wait to talk to Eve. TC asks Eve when she is coming home? He says Liz is excited for her to meet Aunt Irma. Liz asks if she can speak to Eve, so TC gives her the phone. Liz gets rid of TC by asking him to make Aunt Irma some more coffee. Liz tells Eve that she will pay tonight when she comes home and meets Irma. Liz tells her that she will finally have her revenge.

Back at the hospital, Sheridan thinks Luis blames her for Antonios death. Luis says he doesnt and he was just trying to explain to her why she was having the nightmares again. Luis says she is not to blame for Antonios death or her mothers. He says her father is at fault here, he is the one who blew up the jet and caused his family pain for years. Luis says he knows Alistair was responsible for his fathers disappearance. Sheridan continues to be haunted by the events of that night, and she says it wasnt a nightmare, it really happened! Sheridan remembers seeing men load the body into a coffin, and she begs Luis to make the memories stop! She remembers telling her father that she was sorry and didnt mean to do it. Alistair told her that she did mean it, and no one must know what she has done! Luis tells her to go to sleep, and begins remembering how her mom used to sing her to sleep at night. Sheridan falls asleep, and Luis vows to get a hold of Alistairs secrets somehow and expose him.

Down in Mexico, Martin thinks Pilar and his family have suffered because of him. Katherine says he cant blame himself for Alistairs actions, he is evil. Martin wishes he had killed Martin that night. In flashbacks, Martin had a gun to Alistairs head. Katherine returned and begged him not to do it. Alistair gloated that MArtin didn't have it in him, and that is what separates losers like Martin from men like him. The men in black showed up and pulled Martin off of Alistair and threw him back down on the floor. Martin didnt move, and Katherine once again thought Martin was dead. In real time, Martin wished he had killed Alistair that night. HE says he may not have had it in him then to commit murder, but after what Alistair has done to them and their children, now he does. Martin swears he will kill Alistair. We see more flashbacks, and Alistair has Martins body covered with a sheet. Alistair says a coffin will be arriving, and he tells his men to put the body into the coffin and take it out of here. Later, Sheridan arrived and tripped over the body. She ended up with blood on her hands. Later, the men loaded Martin into a coffin as Sheridan hid in the corner and watched. Later, Katherine arrived, and Sheridan told her mom that she didnt mean to. Katherine took Sheridan up to bed, and she kept crying that she didnt mean to do it. Katherine tried to convince her it was all a bad dream. Katherine then sang to Sheridan to get her to sleep. Later, Katherine went downstairs and asked what he did to their daughter? He says this was her doing, and if he crossed her again he would do worse. Katherine told him that he was a monster! Alistair says she didnt think so when he put that big rock on her finger. Katherine says he didnt have to kill Martin. Alistair asked if they were lovers? Katherine says no, she wouldnt do that to him, even though he doesnt feel the same way about her. She said she knew all about the other women. Alistair opened the coffin, and Katherine saw that he was still alive and realized Alistair was going to bury him alive. Back in real time, Martin told Katherine that she saved him and it could have been so much worse. Katherine says she is grateful for their happiness, but the price was too high.

At the Seacliff Inn, Whitney dreams about making love to Chad and calling out his name. However, Fox says he is not Chad, and she knows he is the one she really loves. Whitney wakes up from her dream and is shaken. Chad asks if she is okay? She says she just had a dream. He asks what she was dreaming about? She says she doesnt remember. Chad holds Whitney, and she says she always feels so safe in his arms. He says she always will be. He says he feels bad for Fox, they are happy and in love while Fox is in love with a woman who doesnt love him back. Chad wonders who Fox is in love with. Chad falls asleep, but Whitney cant sleep. She looks out the window and sees Fox on the beach. She decides to go find out if it is true.

Fox is walking along the beach, and he thinks about Theresa informing him that Whitney knows how he feels about her. He thinks Whitney will never love him back, but perhaps his father will get a chance to be happy with Eve. Whitney shows up on the beach and asks Fox if it is true, is he in love with her? Fox tells Whitney that she is the woman he is madly and hopelessly in love with her. Whitney is stunned.


July 14, 2004 On the cliffs, Whitney asks Fox if she is really his mystery woman. He says yes, it is you. She asks why me? Fox tells her because she is perfect, she is beautiful, and she is smart. Fox says she has his heart and always has. Whitney tells him that this isnt right. Fox says it is destiny. Whitney says he could have any woman. He says then he chooses her. Fox tells her that this is more than chemistry, it is magic. Whitney says this isnt real. Fox says it is the most real thing that hes ever known, it is love, and his love for her will never go away. Fox shouts Thank you God, Thank you Theresa! Fox says he couldnt believe Theresa told her, but he realizes it is good that she knows. Fox says shell never know how it was for him to walk around with his heart in his hand and not being able to share it with her. Whitney still cant believe this. Fox tells Whitney that all the clichs about love are true, ever since the night he heard her singing he knew hed never get her out of his soul. He tells Whitney that she is in there forever. Whitney says this is insane, what about Theresa? Fox says he and Theresa were honest with one another from the start, they both were still in love with other people. Whitney cant believe Fox has been in love with her for over a year. Fox says hell always love her. Whitney slaps Fox and damns him to hell! Whitney tells him that all the time they were together he was pretending to be her friend, when the whole time he was fantasizing about her. Fox says he couldnt tell her, he couldnt put that burden on her. She says he could have been honest with her. Fox asks what he was supposed to do, set up a romantic dinner for them? We see a fantasy sequence in which Fox surprises Whitney with a romantic dinner over which he tells Whitney that he loves her. Fox asks if he had told her how much he loved her, even though she was with Chad, would it have made a difference? Fox says if he couldnt have her, at least he could be close to her. She says like Cyrano. He says in a way yes, but he is better looking. He talks about LA and how wonderful it was to be with her, but terrible at the same time as she was always waiting for Chad. Whitney tells Fox that she is with Chad now. Fox says he knows that, and he wouldnt hurt Chad. Fox tells her that his grandfather would probably tell him as a Crane to take what he wants, but he guesses hes no Crane after all. Fox says now she knows, but there was one thing shell never know, and that is how hard it was for him not to tell her. He says all he wanted to do was hold her and tell her how much she loved him. Whitney tells Fox to stop, but he says he cant. He tells her that she is perfect and everything she has ever wanted in a partner and a wife. He says he has seen the way her eyes light up when he walks into a room, and he knows she loves him. He tells her to admit it, take a risk. Whitney tells Fox that she does love him, and she pulls him into a kiss!

At the hospital, Miguel watches and Eve check on Pilar. Miguel asks if his mom will be okay? Eve says she cant make any promises. Miguel says they just lost Antonio, they cant lose their mother. Eve tells him all he can do is pray for her. Miguel sits by his mom and talks to her. He tells her that he is praying for her, they all are. Pilar wakes up, and she tells Miguel that she loves him. Miguel tells her not to talk, to rest. Suddenly, Pilar seizes, and Miguel calls for help. Eve rushes in and works to save Pilar, who is having a heart attack.

Elsewhere, Alistair spies on Luis and Sheridan, and he says very soon they will both be dead. Suddenly, Julian grabs Alistair and tells him he will not let him hurt Sheridan! Alistair tells Julian that his attacking him has become a bad habit, and some bad habits can be fatal. Julian tells Alistair to leave Sheridan alone .Alistair tells Julian he seems to be forgetting that he can turn evidence on him over to the police at any time, and he wont be able to protect his pretty black mistress while hes in prison. Julian calls his father a bastard. Alistair tells Julian he should stop wasting his energies on nothing and start focusing on expanding the Crane Empire. Julian says his son with Eve is part of that empire, but Alistair says never! He tells Julian that he is not the first Crane to spread his seed in the pursuit of pleasure, over the centuries Crane men has littered the globe with their offspring. However, he says no bastard will ever be a part of the Crane Empire. Alistair tells Julian that he will never find his son. Julian warns Alistair that if Luis sees him here, he will kill him. Alistair scoffs and says there are always angry peasants after him. He tells Julian he should be the one worrying, TC is after him and when he catches him then he will be dead! Alistair tells him good luck finding his son then. Alistair laughs and walks off. Julian goes after Alistair and tells him to stay away from Luis and Sheridan because he promised mother to look after Sheridan. Alistair tells Julian not to mention his mother in his presence, and he certainly has been lax in protecting Sheridan lately. Alistair tells Julian to worry about protecting himself, because TC will come for him and he wont survive. Alistair says more tragedy is heading Luis and Sheridans way, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Julian tells him to watch him!

In the doctors-on-call room, Luis remains by Sheridans side. She wakes up, and says the nightmares have stopped. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her and will never let anything happen to her again. Sheridan says there is something he cant protect her from, something that will destroy her life. Luis says he will protect her from whatever it is, what could possibly ruin her life? She tells Luis that he will ruin her life. Luis asks how she can say that? Sheridan says he wont do it on purpose, but how he will come to feel about her will destroy their love. Sheridan says she is the one who tore his family apart. Luis says she isnt making sense. Sheridan says she is a jinx, and she is to blame for the rift between him and Antonio. Luis says she had amnesia, but Sheridan says her heart is telling her that she is to blame for Antonios death. Luis tells her to blame her father, whenever something goes wrong he is always around. Sheridan also blames herself for Pilars condition; she worsened Pilars condition by causing her stress. Sheridan says if Pilar dies than some part of him will blame her. Suddenly, Miguel rushes in and tells Luis that mama is dying.

Back in Pilars room, Eve continues to work to save Pilar, but things dont look good. Later, outside of Pilars room Julian shows up and asks Eve what is wrong? Luis, Miguel and Sheridan arrive; and Sheridan fears Pilar is dead. Eve says she isnt dead, and they have managed to stabilize Pilar. However, her condition is tentative. She says the disease is in a volatile state. Sheridan asks what Julian is doing here? He says he just stopped by to check on a friend. He offers to help them in any way he can, he can even pay the bills. Luis says it is not necessary, but he can tell Alistair to watch his back because he will pay for Antonios death. Luis and Miguel decide to go in to check on Pilar, and Sheridan offers to get them all some food. Later, Eve tells Julian that things dont look good for Pilar. Julian says right now he is worried about her. Eve says she cant worry about TC and Liz right now, she has to worry about Pilar. Meanwhile, Alistair makes a call to get rid of Sheridan and Luis forever. Luis and Miguel go in and sit with their mom. They say Hail Mary prayers for her, and Luis tells her that she is going to make it through this. Meanwhile, Sheridan returns with food for the guys and runs into her father. Sheridan lashes out at him for killing her husband. She calls him a monster and a murderer. Alistair tells her that she is the monster, and that she is the cause of Luis pain.

At the Bennetts, Ivy is giving Sam a back massage because he is all tense. Sam says he just thought things were getting back to normal, and now this plane explosion has taken Antonio from the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Sam says to outlive a child is a horrible thing. Ivy tells him that he wont outlive any of his children, and he prays it doesnt. Sam also feels sorry for Liz, who was very close to Antonio at one time. Sam thinks they should go to the Russells and offer their condolences to Liz. Ivy says okay, if that is what he thinks they should do. Ivy remembers Liz threatening Ivy that she was going to take Eve down, and perhaps Eve would take Ivy down wit her. Ivy tells herself that if Liz exposes Eve than she will lose everything!

At the Russells, Liz asks TC what he is doing? TC says he is putting together a scrapbook of his and Eves life so that she can catch up. Liz tells him that is a marvelous idea. Later, Sam and Ivy show up and give Liz their condolences. TC says it is the Cranes fault, everything they touch rots from the inside. Sam scolds TC, but Ivy tells Sam that it is okay. TC says he didnt mean to offend Ivy. TC asks Sam to come with him to show him something, he has some great old photos of his kids. Ivy then sees Aunt Irma, and asks Liz who that is? Liz says that is Eves Aunt Irma, and she knows every detail of Eves life! Liz says they are just waiting for Eve to get home so that Aunt Irma can tell TC everything she knows. Ivy tells Liz she cant do that because she will lose Sam. Liz says all of Harmonys liars, cheats and whores are going down tonight, and she cant stop it. Meanwhile, TC tells Sam about Eves Aunt Irma. TC says she is cranky and for some reason she doesnt like him. TC says he is putting together a scrap book to show her and hope she warms up to him. Elsewhere in the room, Ivy tells Liz she is unbelievable, the man she loves is dead and all she thinks about is destroying Eve. Liz says Eves destruction will make everything better. Ivy tells Liz to get it over with then, tell TC the truth. Liz says no, she wants Eve to be here, she wants to see the disgust on TCs face when he learns the truth about her. Liz says Eve deserves everything she is going to do. Ivy tells Liz she wont let her get away with this, she will not be brought down with Eve. Ivy tells Liz she will make it her lifes mission that her life becomes one speakable horror, she will destroy her! Liz sticks her tongue out at Ivy and tells her that she is not a Crane any more, she cant do anything to her! Liz says this is war and in war innocents get hurt, but she is not an innocent! Liz says Eve will lose TC and she will lose Sam, and there is nothing she can do to stop her! Meanwhile, TC decides to show the photos to Aunt Irma. TC takes the album over to Irma to show her.


July 15, 2004
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At the hospital, Julian asks Eve to let him tell TC the truth before Liz and Irma can. Eve tells him that would only make things worse, he wouldnt listen to him, he would kill him. Eve says Liz has won and there is nothing she can do about it. Julian damns his father for keeping their son from them because knowing who their son was would have made this night a bit easier. He also wishes he had never let his father tear them apart. Eve tells him that he was young, and they both made mistakes. Eve says hers have finally caught up with her, and they are about to ruin her life. Later, Julian remembers that he needs to warn Luis to be on guard because his father is out to get both him and Sheridan. Julian leaves to go find Luis and talk to him. Ivy then calls Eve and begs her to cover for her when the truth comes out, but Eve says she is done lying! Later, Julian returns and promises to protect Eve, but she thinks he cant.

Luis and Miguel remain by Pilars side. Luis assures Miguel that mama will pull through this, and God knows how many people depend on her. Luis asks Miguel how things with him and Charity are, has she decided not to leave? Miguel says she is staying. Luis says he is glad things are working out for him and Charity, and he thinks maybe it is a sign that mama will get better. Miguel says he doesnt know what hed do if Charity left Harmony. Miguel says she has it in her head that she has brought him and everyone else pain. Miguel says he told her that the only way she could cause him pain would be if she left. Miguel doesnt know how mama kept going after papa left, because if Charity left town he thinks he wouldnt be able to go on. Luis says Sheridan has been saying similar things, she thinks he will eventually blame her for Antonios death. Luis says Sheridan even blames herself for mamas illness. Miguel says that is crazy. Luis says eventually Sheridan and Charity will understand their love is unconditional.

Elsewhere, Alistair tells Sheridan that she is the one to blame for all of Luis suffering. He tells her that she enjoyed pitting Antonio and Luis against one another. Sheridan says she didnt kill Antonio, he did. Alistair says Antonio has been dead a long time, she killed his spirit. He tells her that she is bad luck, she killed her own mother. Alistair tells her that if she really loves Luis than he should stay away from Luis forever! Alistair says if she doesnt go, she will kill Luis like she killed her mother. Sheridan says she will not let him play her like this, she will not let him blame her for things she didnt do. Sheridan tells her father that she remembers the night with the bloody sheet, and she thinks he implanted them in her to hurt her. Alistair says that is not true, he loves her, but she killed her mother and is doomed to bring bad luck to anyone who cares about her. Sheridan says no, and she says he blew up the plane and killed Antonio. He asks why would he kill Antonio? If he would kill anyone it would be Luis. Alistair says what happened to the plane was an accident. However, she says it is her fault that Antonio was on the plane, she is just bad luck. He tells her to leave Luis alone before she destroys him too! 

Sheridan returns to Pilars room, and she hears Luis talking to his mother. He tells his mother that horrible things keep happening to them like they are cursed. Sheridan fears her father is right and she is cursed. Sheridan says she has to get away from Luis, and she runs off. Julian then shows up and asks Luis if they can speak because it is urgent. Luis excuses himself and talks to Julian. Julian warns Luis that his father is planning something for him and Sheridan, and whatever it is it isnt good. Luis thinks he wants her dead, and Julian says he is afraid so. Luis worries when Sheridan hasnt returned, and he finds from a nurse that Sheridan has left. Julian tells Luis to find Sheridan and leave Harmony. Luis tells Miguel that he has to go find Sheridan, and he should stay here. He also tells Miguel to call Paloma and tell her that she needs to come home. Miguel stays with his mom and tries to give her words of encouragement. Suddenly, Pilar has yet another seizure! 

Luis heads to the Crane Estate after Julian calls him to let him know Sheridan just arrived there in a taxi. Luis thinks something is not right. On the Crane Estate, a man working for Alistair plants a bomb in Sheridans car! Meanwhile, Luis arrives and finds Sheridan packing to leave. Luis thinks she has talked to Julian and is preparing to leave. Sheridan says she didnt talk to Julian. She says she is leaving him forever!

At the Russells, Liz tells Ivy that Eve is going down and she better hope she doesnt get caught up in the fallout. Ivy says she cant lose Sam! Liz says she doesnt know how she is involved in Eves mess of a life, but she suggests she go kiss Sam goodbye! Ivy thinks Liz is bluffing about Irma, but Liz promises her that she isnt. Ivy begs Liz to think this over, take some time. Liz says she has thought this over, and the time has come for her sister and apparently for her. Liz walks out of the kitchen, and Ivy fears she will lose Sam forever. Meanwhile, in the living room, Sam stops TC before he can show her the photo album to Irma, but TC is determined to show her the album and win her over. Liz walks out as TC is telling Irma about the photo album he has made for her to look at. TC shows her the photo album, but Aunt Irma is passed out! Sam suggests he lets her sleep, and Liz agrees. TC says he just wanted to hear what Irma had to say about Eve when she was younger. Later, Ivy tells everyone goodnight as she needs to head home. Liz asks if she is sure she doesnt want to be here when Eve gets home? Ivy says housework calls. Sam thanks her for everything she does for him and the girls. Ivy says everything she has done has been out of love, and she hopes he remembers that. She kisses Sam and heads off. Irma is still sleeping, and TC suggests Liz take Irma back to the home and they can do this tomorrow. Liz says she cant, but TC says she is an old woman and needs rest. Liz says she signed Aunt irma out for the night, they arent expecting her back. TC says she is more than welcomed to stay, and hell get the spare bedroom together. He says Eve can see Eve in the morning. Liz says she promised Irma that she would see Eve tonight, and she asks TC not to go back on her promise. TC says okay.

At the Bennetts, Jessica is on the phone with a girlfriend trying to sell her some Mark cosmetics. Meanwhile, Charity is getting ready to head out. She sees a photo of Miguel on the desk, and she says she loves him so much, and she is so sorry she is going without saying goodbye, but Tabitha and Kay are right. Charity says she has caused nothing but trouble since she got here, so it is time for her to leave. Charity packs some of her things, and Jessica asks where she is going, is she moving in with Reese? Charity says no, she is leaving Harmony. Jessica says the sooner she leaves and starts destroying lives elsewhere the better. Charity asks if them being cousins means nothing to her? Jessica says it used to, but the truth is ever since she got here one bad thing has happened after another. Jessica tells her to go and not come back! Jessica walks out of the room, and Charity says she is going and she isnt coming back. Ivy ends up coming home and finds Charity getting ready to leave. Charity tells Ivy not to give her a pep talk because she doesnt believe love ever works out. Ivy tells Charity that she is right, love doesnt work out no matter how much you want it to. Ivy tells Charity she is lucky to have learned this lesson so young. Charity wonders what has happened to Ivy. Ivy tells Charity to just face it, she and Miguel wont work out, so she should just leave Harmony and start a new life alone because love only works out in fairytales. 

At the Seacliff, Fox and Whitney share a kiss after Whitney admits her love to Fox. Of course it is all a fantasy in Foxs head, and Whitney is still furious with him. Whitney storms off, and Fox runs after her. Fox says he didnt tell her because he didnt want her to be uncomfortable. Whitney asks why he told Theresa? Fox says he didnt, he was just yelling to God. Whitney asks if anyone else knows? Fox says his father knows, he figured it out. Fox says he had a heart to heart with his father about this. Whitney says Julian doesnt have a heart. Fox says he used to think so to, but Julian surprised him and acted like the father he always wanted him to be. Fox tells her that his father understands his desire to be with her but the reasons he cant, because he feels that way about Eve. Fox says the same reason his father fell in love with her mother is the same reason he fell in love with her. Whitney slaps Fox and accuses him of using her just like his father is using his mother.

Up in her room, Theresa begins having cramps. She tries to calm herself by listening to music, only to hear the news of Antonios death on the radio! The news and stress give her more cramps. Elsewhere in the hotel, Whitney slaps Fox again and continues to blast him for using her. She tells Fox to stay out of her life and to never speak to her again because she hates him! Fox says he loves her and he would never disrespect her. Whitney says telling her that he wants to be with her the way his father wants to be with her mother is disrespectful. She says she is not her mother, she will never be his whore! Suddenly, Fox and Whitney hear Theresa cry out No! They both run upstairs to Theresa.


July 16, 2004
At the mansion, Gwen talks to Ethan about his concern over Theresa. Ethan says he is just concerned about her because the shock of this could affect the baby. Gwen says she couldnt bear if anything happened to the baby, and Ethan says hes sorry for bringing it up. She asks what if something happens and they lose this baby too. Ethan decides to cheer Gwen up, and he says hes taking her somewhere that is a surprise.

At the Seacliff, Whitney and Fox find Theresa on the floor crying out in pain and worrying about the baby. Whitney asks if she is okay, and Theresa says she is. Theresa  insists she is okay now, and they help her into bed. Fox asks what happened? She tells them about the news bulletin on the radio about Antonios death, which is what triggered the incident. Fox thinks this has to be a mistake, why would Antonio be on his familys plane. Theresa says she doesnt know, so Fox decides to make a call. She tells him no, the details dont matter, what matters is that her brother is dead. Theresa says her mother is going to be devastated when she hears this, this could kill her! Theresa wonders why God is punishing their family this way. The hotel doctor shows up to check on Theresa. Whitney and Fox tell the doctor that their friend is okay, and they know what brought on the attack. The doctor insists on examining Theresa anyways just to make sure that she and the baby are okay. He goes to see Theresa, but she insists she is fine. The doctor says he just wants to do a precautionary examine. As he examines her, Whitney and Fox wait outside the room. Whitney tells Fox she doesnt want to argue with him right now because right now Theresa is what is important. Fox agrees, but says they will finish their conversation some time. Fox says Theresa and her family have been through a lot lately. Whitney says that is because of his family and Rebecca, his whole family is nothing but bad news. Fox says maybe, but what Theresa and her family need now is good news. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Theresa that she and the baby are okay, but she needs to take good care of herself and needs to avoid stressful situation. The doctor then goes out and tells Whitney and Fox that Theresas pregnancy is fragile, he didnt tell her, but another shock could cost her the baby she is carrying. Theresas phone rings, and Fox rushes in to get it. It is Miguel calling, and he asks if Theresa is around. Fox says she cant come to the phone, so Miguel tells Fox that their mom isnt doing so well. Miguel says Theresa needs to return to the hospital as soon as she can. Fox isnt sure if she can, she had an episode after learning about Antonio. Fox says the doctor told her to avoid any more shocks and stress. Miguel thinks they shouldnt tell her, but Fox says they should because it might upset her more. Whitney asks Fox what is wrong? Fox says Pilar is on her death bed. He whispers this, but Theresa hears it all the same. Theresa gets out of bed and is crying, she wants to go to her mom, but then she is hit with another cramp.

At the hospital, Pilars nurse tends to Pilar, who relaxes. She tells Miguel that she doesnt want him to get his hopes up, this doesnt mean she is out of the woods. Miguel decides to call Paloma in Mexico because it is time for her to come home. Elsewhere, Ethan brings Gwen to the nursery at the hospital to lift her spirits. His plan works, and she says they are all so beautiful. Ethan says very soon theyll have their own baby to look at through this window. Gwen says the baby will be brought into the world by her own worst enemy. Ethan says the baby will still be theirs. Later, a father to be shows up to see his baby, and he talks about how this is the greatest day of his life, and the greatest gift his wife could give him. The man walks off to check on his wife, and Gwen once again feels guilty that she cant carry their child. She fears that her not being able to carry a child will cost them their marriage. Ethan says that she is crazy. Gwen says she just thinks most men would want to be with someone who can give them a baby the old fashion way, someone like Theresa. Ethan tells her that she is a beautiful woman, she is complete and a wonderful wife. Gwen still worries that Ethan wants a woman who can conceive and give birth to a baby. Ethan says she did that with Sarah, so he doesnt care how the next baby comes into the world as long as she is the mother. Still, Gwen says she feels like Theresa is always there waiting for something to come between them. 

At the cottage, Alistair stands outside and watches Luis and Sheridan. Inside, Sheridan tells Luis that she has to go, she has to leave him. Luis wont let her, and neither know there is a bomb in her car. Sheridan continues to tell Luis that she has to leave, she killed Antonio by breaking her vows to and choosing to be with Luis. She says she can at least honor Antonio's memory by staying true to Antonio and not being with Luis. Luis says she is breaking his heart. Sheridan says better she break his heart than kill him, which is what will happen if she stays. Outside, Alistair watches and says Luis might as well let her go because as soon as she start her car they are over. Luis and Sheridan leave the cottage, and Sheridan heads to her car. Luis begs her not to leave, but she says she is a jinx and she has to go. He says if she loves him than she will stay. Sheridan says she is leaving because she loves him, she will just bring tragedy to his life. He tells her that if she leaves than he will die. She tells him no he wont, he and his family will thrive because they will be out from under her dark shadow. Sheridan tells Luis that she heard him earlier talking about what would happen if his mother died, and if she died he would blame her. She says she caused Pilar stress because of the rift between him and Antonio. Luis says his mom has been sick for a long time, and he would never blame her for his mothers death. Sheridan refuses to stick around and find out if that is true. She tells Luis to give Pilar her love. Luis wonders where this is coming from, who has she been talking to? Alistair continues to spy and says who cares if Luis figures it out, as soon as Sheridan starts the car, hell have bigger problems to worry about . Luis knows Sheridan was talking to Alistair, and Luis says he could kill Alistair. Luis hears Alistair in the bushes, and Luis tells Alistair to show himself like a man! Luis searches and finds a cigar in the grass. He yells out that he wont let him take Sheridan from him again. Elsewhere, Alistair says he cant do a thing about it, his daughter is about to die and if Luis chooses to join her than good riddens! Sheridan continues to tell Luis that she still has to leave and her father doesn't have to do anything to do with this. Luis says he does, he is still manipulating her. He tells Sheridan that they can get through all these feeling she is having together. Luis tells Sheridan she is not to blame for anyones death, and her father is just chipping away at her self worth. Sheridan says it is too late, she had to go. Sheridan gets in her car, but Luis says he wont let her walk out on him. Meanwhile, Alistair returns to his study and toasts to Sheridan, may she rest in peace. He turns on his TVs and watches Sheridan getting into her car. Back outside, Luis pleads with Sheridan not to leave. He tells her to hell with her father, their love is too strong. Luis says they can do it this time, they can get married and have another child. Luis says they can live the life they always wanted to. He asks her to get out of the car and stay with him. Sheridan says she loves him too, and that is why she has to go. Luis begs her not to go, but she says she is sorry, and he needs to understand that shes doing this because she loves him. Sheridan starts her car, and hears a clicking sound. She wonders what it is as she's never heard that sound before. Luis says Oh my God! Suddenly the car explodes!

Down in Mexico, Paloma is dancing to music in her room, and Katherine and Martin ask her to turn her music down because she might wake the other guests. Paloma says whatever, and turns it off. Outside of her room, Martin cant help but notice Paloma has been acting out ever since they discussed her returning to Harmony. Katherine says they cant blame her, she feels abandoned. Martin feels that is his fault, but Katherine says it is Alistair's fault. Martin says Alistair must be stopped before he hurts their children anymore. Martin says hell never regret their years here, but he hates that Alistair took them from their family. Katherine says at least he got to be close to Paloma. He says he wishes he got to know his other children. Katherine misses Julian as much as she misses Sheridan, and Martin worries about Miguel because he was so young when he left. The phone rings, and Martin answers it because Maria isnt around. On the phone is Miguel! Miguel asks for Paloma, and he asks who this is. Miguel says his name, which shocks Martin. Martin says hell get Paloma for him. Martin flashes back to when Miguel was born and he named him Miguel after Palomas father. When Katherine learns Miguel is on the phone, she asks him to tell Miguel who he is. Meanwhile, Paloma looks at a photo of her family, and she says if they dont want her than she doesnt want them either! Paloma hears the phone rings and comes out to take the call. Paloma asks who this is. Miguel says it is her brother. He says he is calling about mama. She says this is not a good time and hangs up. Paloma then storms into her room and locks it. Miguel calls back, and Martin answers again. Miguel once again asks to talk to Paloma. Katherine begs Paloma to open the door, but Paloma screams that she wants nothing to do with those people in Harmony. Martin tells Miguel that now isnt a good time. Miguel tells Martin that their mother is sick and she may not make it through the night. Pilar says if Paloma wants to see her again than she needs to come home now. Martin says hell pass on the message, but he thought Pilar was getting better. Miguel says she had some seizures, and they are having trouble stabilizing her. Tia Maria finally shows up, and Martin tells Maria about Pilars condition. Martin says the family wants Paloma to come home, but she wont talk to them. Maria knocks on Palomas door and tells her that her mother is ill, but Paloma says she has all the children she loves with her. Maria continues to knock on the door and asks Paloma to come out. Paloma says she is not going back to Harmony, not now not ever! Meanwhile, Martin tells Katherine that it is time for him to return to Harmony

Back at the hospital, the nurse tells Miguel that Pilar is improving. He says that is good, and he thinks she will do even better when Paloma gets here.

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