July 19, 2004
At the hospital, Eve talks to Julian in her office. She says they have Pilar stabilized, but shes still worried about her. Julian tells her that she is such a good doctor. He says with everything going on in her life she still puts her patients first. Eve asks Julian not to anoint her to saint hood like TC. They talk about what Liz is doing with Aunt Irma. Eve says TC will kick her out once he learns about all her lies. Julian says she didnt lie, she withheld for good reason. Eve says omission is the same as lying. She says her life is about to end. Suddenly, Eve is paged to the ER. She says this is strange, she isnt on duty tonight. She worries someone she knows has been brought in.

Elsewhere, Gwen and Ethan are walking the halls. Gwen says she hates being so negative about Theresa, but she cant trust Theresa wont do anything to sabotage their happiness until they bring their baby home. Ethan and Gwen see Fox and Whitney go by, and Ethan asks what is going on? Fox tells them that Theresa collapsed and hasnt come to. Theresa is taken to a cubicle, and Chad stays with Whitney. Whitney is upset and says she has to be okay. Whitney then glances over at Fox and recalls his confession. She asks Chad to hold her, and he does as Fox watches. Ethan and Gwen question the gang and find out the circumstances behind Theresas collapse. Eve then shows up to examine Theresa. Whitney asks her mom if Theresa and the baby will be okay. Eve tells her shell do everything she can, but that is all she can do. Chad leaves to get them all some coffee, and Fox asks Whitney if she is all right. Whitney says she isnt even close. Fox wants to discuss his feelings for her, but she tells him to just leave her alone. Whitney walks off, and Chad returns with coffee. Chad asks Fox where Whitney is? Fox tells him that Whitney is gone, she needed some air. Chad says something else is bothering her, aside from Theresa, and he doesnt know what. He asks Fox if she mentioned anything to him? Fox says he couldnt say. Chad thinks he knows what it is, a certain Crane man is in love with the wrong Russell woman. Fox thinks Chad is speaking of him, but he is speaking of Julian and Eve. Chad says he actually likes Julian, and Julian has always been on his side. Chad also says Julian is always in his corner when it comes to Whitney, and he thinks it is because he and Eve didnt. Fox isnt so sure. Chad says Julian is still in love with Eve and hes trying to protect her marriage. Fox thinks it is odd that Chad is on Julians side more than coach Russells. Chad says hes not taking sides, but you cant control who steals your heart. Fox says that is true. Chad tells Fox that he knows hes been jealous about Whitney and other guys, but he knows Whitney is a one man woman and he is lucky to be her man.

Whitney heads up to the roof for fresh air, and she runs into Julian. Whitney can't believe her luck, and she goes to leave, but finds herself locked on the roof. Julian asks her to let him help, but he cant get the door open either. Whitney says this is unbelievable, some type of sick joke. Julian says they are destined to be trapped together in strange places. Whitney says unlike when they were in the elevator, she no longer thinks he is a decent man. Julian says he is very fond of her, but she thinks he is trying to soften her up. Whitney says Crane men are all alike, they all hurt women they supposedly love. Julian asks if Fox has hurt her? Whitney says his son is in love with her. Julian is upset, and Whitney says she knows he has known about it for some time. Julian says Fox should have lied to her, but she says she didn't leave him a choice. Julian says Fox could have denied it. Julian says he told Fox to leave her alone. Whitney asks why he thinks so ill of Fox, Fox didnt touch her. Julian asks how Chad is taking this news? Whitney says Chad doesnt know, and Fox has not tried to cause trouble for them. Julian asks why she is angry with Fox then? What did he do to make her so angry? She says her life is none of his business, but he says his son is his business. Whitney says from what she heard he has never taken an interest in Fox. Julian says he has changed. Whitney tells him to save it. She tells him that it is disgusting to be in love with person and secretly harbor feelings for someone else. She says people should be loyal and true, and if some other person finds you attractive then you have to push those feelings away. Julian realizes Whitney is angry with Fox because she loves him just as much as he loves her.

Back in the hospital, Gwen and Ethan wait for word of their baby, and Ethan says they just have to hope Eve brings their baby and Theresa through this. Ethan suggests they pray. Gwen cant believe she has to pray for Theresa, but she knows it is the only hope for their baby. Gwen says once again she is at Theresas mercy. Meanwhile, Eve learns the baby is in distress, and she says they dont have much time. Eve returns, and Gwen asks if the baby is all right? Eve says the baby is okay, but Theresa cannot tolerate stress right now because it could put the pregnancy at risk, or even end it. Gwen is relieved that the baby is okay, but Eve warns them Theresa must rest these next few weeks. Eve has to go, and Ethan is afraid of sticking around because she or Gwen might set one another off. Gwen promises not to do anything to upset Theresa because she only wants her to deliver a healthy baby. Suddenly, Theresa cries out My baby! They run in, and Theresa is fine. Theresa says she was speaking about her son, and she asks to see him.

At the cottage, we see a replay of Luis begging Sheridan not to leave, and her refusing. Sheridan starts her car and hears a clicking sound. She wonders what that sound is, and Luis exclaims Oh my God! Suddenly, the car explodes into flames! Alistair watches on his TV and says Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. He says if they had only stayed apart they would have been alive. He says now he doesnt have to worry about either one of them. Alistairs lady friend, Bambi, says Sheridan was his own flesh and blood. Alistair says he doesnt pay her to think, and he orders her to massage his feet. He then asks her to remove her dress, which she does. She has on a blue slip under her dress, and then she sits on his lap. He says with Sheridan and Luis dead, he can fully concentrate on what he wants. After the deed is done, Bambi gives Alistair a back massage. Alistair says now that Luis and Sheridan have been dealt with, he will deal with the two people south of the border who have it coming.

Meanwhile, Sam shows up on Crane grounds and sees Sheridans car in flames. He hopes Sheridan and Luis werent inside, but then he sees Sheridans purse in flames, as well as something that belongs to Luis. Sam cries out No! However, he soon finds them in the bushes. Luis is conscious, but Sheridan isnt. Luis begs her to wake up, but she doesnt. Luis says she cant be dead! Sam cant get a pulse, but eventually he finds one. Sheridan begins coughing, and she finally comes to. She asks what happened? Luis tells her that there was a bomb in her car, and he barely got them out in time. Sam says someone wanted them dead, and may think they succeeded. Luis thinks this is Alistairs work. Sheridan says both explosions tonight were directed towards her, and both Luis and his brother were in the wrong places. Sheridan says she is a jinx, and if he stays with her than he is at risk. Sheridan says she has cost him his brother, she wont let her father kill him too. Luis says he wont let Alistair do that, but Sheridan says eventually he will succeed and she cant live with that. Luis says the only person to blame is her father, and he wont let him hurt her again. Sam says sooner or later Alistair will find out they are alive. Luis refuses to run, and he says he will uncover the truth about his father and Sheridans nightmares. He says he wont let his mother die without knowing what happened to her husband. Sam thinks the two of them should go to the hospital and get checked out. As they are leaving, Sheridan tells Luis Sam is right, her father will come after them again.

Later, at the hospital Eve secretly tends to Sheridan and Luis. Eve says it is almost like Luis family has been targeted. Sheridan says they have by her father. Sam says they have no proof this was Alistairs work, but Luis and Sheridan are convinced. Sheridan lays down on Eves couch, and Eve, Luis and Sam discuss the danger to Sheridan. Luis decides to get out of Harmony with Sheridan before Alistair attempts to strike again

July 20, 2004
Shorter than normal, typed after I saw the show.
At the Crane mansion, Alistair is triumphant because he thinks he has killed Sheridan and Luis as well as Antonio. Bambi can't believe he doesn't care about his daughter, and wonders if he even loved her mother, his wife. HE tells her not to talk about his wife, throws her onto the couch, and then has his way with her.

At the hospital, Whitney and Julian remain trapped on the roof, and Whitney is horrified when Julian suggests she is in love with Fox. Whitney denies loving Fox and says unlike some people she remains true to the man she loves. Fox eventually shows up and finds them on the roof. Whitney takes off, and Fox asks his father what he did to upset Whitney. Julian says he didn't do anything, Fox has upset her. Julian tells Fox that he thinks Whitney loves him, and when he called her on it, she became upset. Fox says it doesn't matter, he's not going to do anything to come between Whitney and Chad, it would only make Whitney's life more difficult. Julian tells him that might be for the best, but soon Whitney will need a friend. Fox knows his father told Chad something bad was going to happen to the Russell's. Julian tells Fox that Liz is set on destroying Eve's life, but he doesn't tell him why. He says Liz has found a relative of Eve's who knows all about Eve's past. Julian says Whitney will need all the friends she can get to deal with the truth when it comes out.

In the ER, Theresa cries out for her son, and the nurse asks her to calm down. Ethan tells Gwen that she knows what they have to do. Gwen knows Ethan wants to bring Little Ethan to see Theresa. Gwen hates the idea of caving into Theresa, but she admits it may be the only way to save their child's life, so she agrees to go get the boy. Later, Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen is brining her son, which lifts Theresa's spirits. Whitney shows up and is glad to see Theresa is doing better. Ethan leaves them to talk. Theresa says that her son is coming to see her. Whitney asks what about the baby inside her? Whitney tells Theresa sooner or later she's going to have to tell Ethan and Gwen the truth. Theresa doesn't think that will go over well, or will help her. Whitney scolds Theresa for using this child as a pawn and not treating it like a human being. She tells Theresa once this child is born, she won't want to give it up. Theresa says she won't have to, she has a plan. Whitney says that doesn't make her feel any better. Theresa tells Whitney she doesn't know what it is like to be a mother, to love someone so much. Whitney says she does know about love. When Theresa questions Whitney about her feelings for Fox, Whitney gets all huffy and refuses to talk about this with her again. Whitney says she is leaving, and storms off. Later, Gwen shows up with Little Ethan (who looks about 8 or 9 now!) and he runs into see Theresa. They hug, and Gwen says she knows she has done the right thing by brining Little Ethan here because it will insure one day soon she will get to take her baby, her very own child home from the hospital.

In another part of the hospital, Luis, Sam and Eve discuss the danger to Sheridan's life. Luis agrees that he and Sheridan need to leave town. When Eve brings up the subject of Paloma not wanting to return to Harmony, Luis decides that he and Sheridan will fly to Mexico and bring her back. Luis leaves to make the arrangements, and Eve heads out to check on other patients. Later, Alistair shows up looking for Julian, only to walk in on Luis and Sheridan. He exclaims "Your alive!" Luis accuses Alistair of trying to kill them, but Alistair says he has no proof. Luis vows to get the proof that Alistair tried to kill them tonight, and that he killed Luis. AListair says he could have Luis arrested for these false accusations, but Sam says none of his cops will arrest Luis. A nurse walks in and tells Luis his travel agent just called and the tickets to Mexico are all set. Alistair yells out "You'll go to Mexico over my dead body!" Luis wonders why Alistair is so nervous, but Alistair claims he just doesn't want his daughter going to a third world country. Luis doesn't believe him. AListair storms out, and Luis knows Alistair was positively frightened about their taking a trip to Mexico. Sam asks Luis if he is still going given that Alistair knows where they are headed? Luis says he is because if Alistair tries anything he will only implicate himself. MEanwhile, Alistair gets into his limo and calls his henchmen. He says he wants him to go down to Mexico and wait for Luis and Sheridan at the airport. He then instructs the man to kill Luis and Sheridan, make sure Katherine and Martin realize what has happened to their children, and then kill Katherine and Martin! Alistair says he wants them all dead!

Eve frets about what will happen when she arrives home. TC calls her and asks when she is coming home, and she says soon. TC says he doesn't know how much longer he can keep her Aunt Irma entertained, and he says she swears like a sailor. Julian shows up, and he comforts Eve, who cries her life is soon to be over. Whitney catches them together and once again lashes out at them for carrying on their affair in public. She calls her mom a hypocrite for instilling morals in her and Simone for so many years, always telling them that they must do what is right. After chastising them she runs off. Julian thinks once the truth is out Whitney will understand she has been wrong about them. Eve doubts it, but says one thing is for sure, Whitney couldn't possibly hate her anymore than she already does. Meanwhile, Whitney heads back and finds Chad and Fox. Chad asks what has her so upset? She says she found her mother and Fox's father going at it again, and unlike her mother, she would never disrespect the man she was with and in love with by having a fling with someone else.

Down in Mexico, Martin decides he must return to Harmony and face Alistair. Katherine tries to talk him out of it, but he says he must do this. Martin tells her if he doesn't, Alistair will continue to pick their children off one by one, then he will come for them. Katherine realizes he is right. Martin wishes he didn't have to leave her, as they haven't been apart one night since fleeing Harmony. Katherine says he doesn't have to leave her because she is coming with him. Martin says Alistair may kill her if she goes back. Katherine says better she die with him than have them die separately by Alistair's hand. 


July 21, 2004
At the airport, Luis and Sheridan arrive in the usual soap opera disguises: sunglasses, a baseball hat, and a head scarf. Meanwhile, Alistairs henchman is trailing them, and Alistair orders him to kill Sheridan and Luis as soon as they land in Mexico. Alistair says his daughter must never know her mother is alive and in love with Luis father! Alistair tells the hitman that there is a gun in a locker for him at the airport in Mexico, and he should use it before they meet Martin and Katherine. The man tells Alistair not to worry, hell take care of them. Meanwhile, Katherine still worries that her father could do something to their plane, but Luis thinks Alistair wouldnt try anything. Sheridan still worries about the safety of the airline itself, given the ticket agent is dressed in a sombrero. Luis and Sheridan are even more disturbed that hes been forgetting to ask people for their passports. Luis says Airo Sombrero was the first plane to Mexico out of Harmony. 

Sheridan and Luis board the plane, and the stewardess gives the normal takeoff speech, but with maracas! Sheridan is worried about the condition of the plane, as her tray table is taped shut and her seatbelt doesnt work. She wants to call the FAA, but the stewardess says no phones, they have enough trouble with their radar as is! The plane starts, and the jet engines backfire. Luis tells Sheridan everything will be okay, and hell protect her from her father. As they share a kiss, the henchmen sits in the back and watches them. The plane takes off, and Alistair watches it. He says they should enjoy their trip because they will return in body bags. Back on the plane, Sheridan and Luis are given complementary Sangria, in a paper cup! Sheridan asks how long till they get to Mexico? The Stewardess says she is guessing a few hours, which doesnt sit well with Sheridan. Sheridan asks why she doesn't know? The stewardess says lots of things could happen, it could storm, it could get dark . . . Sheridan downs her drink and thinks she's going to need another very soon. 

In Mexico, Martin tells Katherine that she cant come to Harmony, Alistair could end up killing them both. Katherine says then they will die together just like they left harmony, together. Martin says he wont let her go back, it is just too dangerous. Martin says Alistair would make them suffer a long death, and he wont put her in that position. Katherine says she will either go with him now, or she will follow him later. Katherine refuses to let him fight Alistair alone. They continue to argue over whether Katherine should return with him or not. Martin makes the point that his return will be shocking, but everyone thinks she is dead and if the people learn she is alive and they have been together, it will make things worse. Katherine realizes he is right. Martin gets ready to head to the airport. He tells Katherine hes flying Airo Sombrero home to Harmony, there is a flight coming in tonight and then returning back.

At the Russells, TC, Liz and Aunt Irma wait for Eve to come home. TC says Aunt Irma is falling asleep again, and he asks Liz if she is sure Aunt Irma is up to seeing Eve. Liz says oh yes, she cant wait to see Eve. In her sleep, Irma says Drunken whore, harlot, having that white mans baby! TC thinks they need to put Irma to bed. When TC asks Irma if she wants him to put her to bed, she says she is not that kind of woman! He says he meant he and Liz would put her to bed. Irma asks where he thinks he is, France? Liz says she told TC she was waiting up for Eve to come home. Irma says this has been the longest night of her life, she has been pushed back and forth all night, and she is sick of it and of them. TC thinks it is time for Aunt Irma to go to bed, but Liz says no. TC asks why she wants Irma to stay up? Liz says this reunion has been a long time coming, but TC thinks she is tired. Liz says she is just tired of waiting for Eve to come home. TC says hell give it a few more minutes, but if Eve doesnt come home, hell put her to bed himself. 

Meanwhile, Eve and Julian arrive at the Russell house. Eve is about to go in, but Julian stops her and asks if she is sure this is what she wants to do? Eve says there is no escaping the truth any longer. Julian says they could run off to Paris, but Eve says no. She says running from the past is what got her here in the first place. Julian offers to go with her to tell TC the truth, but Eve says she has to do this on her own. She says her family needs to know the truth, and she needs to take the consequences for hiding it. Julian tells her that he loves her too much to let her face TC alone. Eve says he has to, and in a bizarre way she is looking forward to the truth coming out. She says she has been living a lie for so long that she doesnt know who she is anymore, and it is time she found out. Eve then opens the door and walks into her house, but stops and turns around and asks Julian to please go. He says he loves her, and she says she loves him to. Julian refuses to leave and decides to wait outside. Eve then heads back into her house.

Meanwhile, TC heads upstairs to turn prepare the guest room as hes tired of waiting. He heads upstairs, and Eve comes into the house. Liz then wheels Irma into the living room, and Irma begins calling Eve the usual names. TC comes downstairs and wonders why Irma is saying such terrible things about Eve? Irma says Eve is nothing but a cheap, lying whore!

At Tabithas, Tabitha is using binoculars to spy on Charity, who is over at the Bennets. Ivy is completely drunk, and Charity is worried about her because she has been drinking for awhile. She asks why she wants to get drunk, what has happened? Ivy says it is what is going to happen. Ivy says sometimes just because you love someone and want to be with someone, other people can complicate things. Charity asks if someone is coming between her and Sam? Ivy says it doesnt matter, all that is important is that there are no happy endings in Harmony, not for her and Sam, and not for her and Miguel. Ivy tells Charity not to hang around Harmony because Miguels future is with Kay and Maria. She tells Charity to just leave before she ends up ruining her life. Charity heads upstairs, and Ivy continues drinking and damning Liz for ruining her life with Sam. Meanwhile, Charity finishes packing to leave Harmony, and heads out of her room.

At the hospital, Miguel tells Kay he wants to go check on Maria. Kay says he cant leave her. She says Tabitha is with Maria now, and she needs him here. She says she is in pain and needs him here. Miguel says hell go get the nurse, and Kay realizes she has to do something to keep Miguel here. She considers ripping her stitches back out, but settles for dumping ketchup down there to pretend like she is bleeding. Miguel returns, and finds Kay crying and wondering if shed ever recover from this injury Miguel gave her. Miguel gets the nurse, who asks Miguel to leave while she re-bandages Kay. Miguel leaves, and Kay realizes she has just driven Miguel off. The nurse changes Kays bandage, but by that time Miguel has left to go home and check on their daughter. Kay fears Miguel might see Charity, so she calls Tabitha for help. She tells Tabitha that Miguel is on his way home right now, so she must keep him from seeing Charity. 

Back at Tabithas, Miguel shows up and Tabitha tells him Maria is fast asleep. He says in that case hell go over and see Charity. Tabitha says he cant do that! 

Elsewhere at the hospital, Whitney is still on a rampage about her mother. She turns her back to Chad to pour some water and asks how long her mother thinks she can keep this up, how long does she think she can be in love with two people. She turns around and finds Chad is gone, but Fox is still standing there. Fox says Chad had to go make a phone call, studio business he thinks. Fox thinks they need to talk about why she is so mad at him, but she says she doesnt want to do this. Fox says he didnt even tell her that he loved her, Theresa did. Fox says all he did was admit his feelings to her, and if it was up to him he never would have told her. She says well she did find out. Fox says she did, and he wants to know why shes treating him this way. Whitney says Chad is going to be back any minute. Fox still wants answers, what did he do to upset her. Fox asks if she hates him because he loves her? She says no. So he asks what is wrong, is she afraid of rocking the boat with Chad? Whitney says she doesnt. Fox asks what hes supposed to do, stop loving her? She says he never should have started. He says isnt his fault that she is amazing. Whitney asks him to stop this because right now she cant deal with anymore drama. Fox decides to lay off given his father warning the Russell family was about to be hit hard with some news. Fox tells Whitney hell back off, and if she wants, hell even leave Harmony. She asks if hed do that? Fox says hed like to remain friends, but if that is too much to ask hell leave. He goes to leave when she says nothing, and but she eventually stops him. Fox asks if she wants him to stay? She says they should just stay friends, and she doesnt know what shed do without him. Fox says as a friend? She says she is with Chad and she loves him. Fox says he knows, but he wonders if she is in love with him too. Fox asks her point blank if she is in love with him? 


July 22, 2004
On the plane to Mexico, Luis watches Sheridan, who is sleeping. Sheridan sleeps and remembers being with her mom as a child, and they were outside looking at the stars. Alistair showed up and told them to get back inside or they would catch their death of cold. Katherine said Sheridan couldn't sleep, so she brought her out here to look at the stars. Alistair slapped Katherine, and Sheridan cried out for her mommy.  Alistair told Katherine that they had nannies to care for this child, her place was in his bed. Alistair told Sheridan to stop her crying, and picked her up. When Sheridan called Alistair daddy, he told her that was an appalling nickname and she was to call him father. He said she was not some common street urchin, she was a Crane! He then pushed Katherine down and carried Sheridan off. Sheridan wakes up from her nightmare, and she tells Luis about the dream. Luis tells her that Alistair is a pig, but that is all over. He says as soon as they return to Harmony, he will take care of Alistair. Sheridan begs Luis never to leave her. Luis says he wont, and he says nothing will ever hurt her again. The stewardess announces that they are landing, so they should all buckle up! 

Back in Harmony, Alistair sits under the stars and says very soon, Katherine and Sheridan will join the stars up in heaven. Alistair walks around the grounds and says it must have been such a pleasure for his great grandfather to have stolen this land from the Russells. He says if someone got in great grandfathers way, he would have just shot them. Alistair says he is too much of a public figure to do that, but what pleasure it would give him to be able to personally choke the life out of Katherine! 

Meanwhile, down in Mexico Martin and Katherine are on their way to the airport (Martin is driving them there), and Katherine dreams the same dream Sheridan does. She wakes up and thinks she heard Sheridan crying out. Martin says it must have been a dream. Katherine worries about Martins safety, and she asks if to be careful because she couldnt bear it if he didnt come back to her. Martin says he will take Alistair down at all costs, and he will do what he has to do. Martin just worries that their children wont understand why they did what they did. Later, as Alistair talks about strangling Katherine, Katherine begins to choke! She is okay, but doesnt know what came over here.

At the airport in Mexico, Katherine continues to try and change Martins mind about leaving. Martin won't be persuaded, he says he has to go do this. Martin says they still have a few minutes before he leaves, so they should make every minute count. As they kiss, Sheridan and Luis arrive. Sheridan sees them kissing and thinks it is sweet. Suddenly, Katherine and Martin see Sheridan and Luis looking at them!

At the hospital, Whitney tells Fox that she doesnt love him, she loves Chad. Fox asks then why is she yelling at him. Whitney goes to leave, and he grabs her. He apologizes, but says she should have known he would try and take her by force. Fox says he isnt doing that and he never would. Fox says all he wants is for her not to be mad at him. He says he cant help that he loves her, but he tried to keep it a secret and not to come between her and Chad. He asks Whitney to tell him what to do and hell do it? Whitney fantasizes about Fox kissing her, and she becomes upset. Fox asks her what is wrong? Whitney says this cant be, she must have been projecting her feelings for Chad onto Fox. Fox asks her what she is talking about? She says nothing, and she tells him to leave her alone because he is just confusing her. Fox sees Whitney is shaking up, and he wonders if she is questioning her love for Chad? Whitney tells him to shut up and walks off. Fox thinks she does have feelings for her, and maybe they have a chance.

At the Bennetts, Ivy is still downing booze. Charity tells Ivy that shes leaving, and perhaps shell find happiness with someone else. She tells Ivy that shell miss her. Ivy hugs Charity, and she wishes she had the courage to do what Charity is doing. Charity asks what she is afraid of? Ivy says the truth. Charity asks what she means? Ivy tells her not to pay any attention to her, she has just had too much to drink. Ivy says the one thing she has realizes is the only person you can count on is yourself. She tells Charity to find a new town, make a fresh start, and become the biggest fashion designer in the world. Ivy says whatever she does, she will make her proud, and shell make herself proud. Charity heads out of the house, and to the Harmony bus station.

At Tabithas house, Tabitha tells Miguel that he cant go see Charity, and that he should check on Maria first. Miguel says she just told him that Maria was sleeping. Miguel says hell just be a moment and hell be right back. Miguel leaves, and Julian asks Endora to cast a spell of confusion. Endora casts her spell, and outside Miguel walks into a thick and dense fog. He hears bats flying around, and suddenly tons of bats begin to attack him! Tabitha tells Endora she did a wonderful job. Kay calls, and she asks where Miguel is? Tabitha says he came home, and she tried to stop him from going to see Charity, but it didnt work. Tabitha says Charity is about to leave though, and Miguel is batting zero! Tabitha explains to Kay what is going on with Miguel, and how Charity just walked right past him and down the street! Back outside, the bats eventually fly off, and Miguel heads to the Bennetts. Kay asks what is going on, and Tabitha says Charity left and Miguel ran after her. Kay says Miguel cant catch her!

Back over at the Bennetts, Miguel shows up and wonders where the bats and fog came from? Ivy tells him that he shouldnt drink the cheap stuff! He swears there were bats and fog outside, but it has all cleared up. Ivy thinks he should stick to soda. Miguel asks where Charity is, and Ivy says she went to the bus station to leave town. Miguel says he has to stop her, and he runs off.

At the bus station, Charity buys a tourist pass in order to go anywhere in the country she wishes. She is told that there is a bus leaving in five minutes to New York, and from there she can go anywhere she wants. As she gets in line, she hears Miguel calling out to her. Miguel ignores his cries and goes through the gates. Miguel shows up and yells at her that he loves her and she cant leave. Charity has tears in her eyes, and walks away from Miguel and boards the bus. Miguel tries to go to Charity, but the guard wont let him through the gate without a ticket. Miguel calls her cell phone, and he begs her not to leave. He asks her to come back and talk to him. Charity hangs up on Miguel and walks off as Miguel watches. 

At the Russells, Irma tells TC that Eve is a whore, a jezebel, a harlot. She says Eve is pretending to be something shes not, an upstanding woman. TC wonders if Irma is crazy, but Irma says shes not. She says Eve is a drug addicted, booze guzzling, cocaine sniffing whore, and she has been since she was eighteen. Irma says Eve is a whore in sheeps clothing! Irma says Eve broke her mamas heart and hers as well, she spit on everything they taught her. Irma says she left home to go sing in dirty nightclubs, she got high on drugs and booze, and she used men and sex to support her dirty habits! Irma says she reached out her hand in forgiveness, but Eve threw it away! Irma says that wasnt the worst of what she did, she got her hooks into such white man who made her his mistress! TC refuses to believe this, and he says this is making him sick. Eve tells TC that she is so sorry, but TC says she has nothing to be sorry about. He says Irma is the one spewing out this filth and she should apologize to his wife! Irma says she would rather eat dirt and die, Eve is an evil sinner! Irma says Eve knows the color of the ceilings in half of the bedrooms in Boston. TC threatens to shut Irma up if she doesnt shut up! Eve tells TC to stop this, what Irma is saying is true!


July 23, 2004
At the hospital, Kay learns from Tabitha, via the phone, that Charity is gone. NuSimone shows up and asks Kay why she is in such a good mood, is she allowed to leave? Kay says even better, Charity has left Harmony for good! Simone wonders what Kay did to Charity, but she says she didnt do anything. Kay says Charity left on her own because she realized all she has done is bring pain to Harmony since she came here. She says now that Charity is gone, she and Miguel can be a family with Maria. Simone tells Kay that just because Charity is gone doesnt mean she and Miguel will get together. Kay says if Charity didnt come to town and come between her and Miguel, they would be together now. Simone tells her that Charity didnt come between them, Miguels love for her did. Simone says Miguels heart will always belong to Charity. 

Elsewhere, Fox paces around and wonders if Whitney could be in love with him after all. As he talks to himself, Miguel shows up. Fox gives Miguel his condolences about his brother, and he says hes sure his mom will pull through this. He tells Miguel to stay positive. Miguel doesnt think he can stay positive because Charity has left Harmony for good. Miguel doesnt understand how Charity could just walk away from him because he loves her. Fox says he understands how he feels. Miguel vows to bring Charity back to Harmony, but first he needs to see his mother and talk to her. He then takes off, leaving Fox alone to think some more. Fox talks to himself about how he may end up spending the rest of his life watching Whitney in Chads arms. Suddenly, Fox turns around and sees Chad standing there. Fortunately for Fox, Chad didnt hear what Fox was saying, he just knows he was talking to himself. He asks Fox if he is bugging out on him? Fox says it has just been an eventful night. Chad tells Fox that hes worried about Whitney, and he asks Fox if he knows if there is something wrong, perhaps there is another man in her life? 

Miguel visits with his mom, and he tells her all about Charity leaving. Pilar says she knows he wants to go be with Charity. Miguel says it is selfish of him to leave, and besides he doesnt even know where Charity is. Pilar understands, and she says she wanted to go look for his father when he disappeared, but she had a family to take care of. Miguel asks what he should do? She tells him to follow his heart, find Charity and bring her home or he will regret it for the rest of her life. Later, Miguel goes to see Kay, who is still with Simone. Miguel tells Kay that there is something he has to tell her. Miguel says what he has to say she wont like. Simone thinks she should go, but Kay tells her to stay. Miguel says Charity left Harmony and he is going after her. Miguel says hes leaving Harmony to find her, even if it takes the rest of his life. Kay says she wont allow this, she wont let him abandon her and their baby.

Whitney finds Theresa out of bed and walking the halls. Theresa says the doctor said she was okay. Theresa asks Whitney what is wrong? Whitney says it is Fox, he accused her of being in love with him. Theresa says she was wondering the same thing. Whitney says she loves Chad, she is with Chad, she wouldnt love Fox if he was the last man on earth. Theresa asks Whitney why she hates him then? Whitney says because he lied to her about how he felt. Theresa asks what would have happened if he hadnt lied? Whitney says she wouldnt have gotten in all of those situations with him if she knew the truth. Theresa suggests perhaps she knew how he felt, she put herself in those situations, and she liked it! Whitney tells Theresa to stop playing shrink, she is mad at Fox for lying to her. Whitney says she is with Chad, and unlike her mother, she is a one man woman. Theresa asks if she is sure that man is Chad? Whitney says yes, and she says shes going to go to Chad and tell him how much she loves him. Whitney storms off, and Theresa says it is obvious who Whitney really loves, and she hopes she figures it out.

Whitney finds Fox with Chad, and Fox tells Chad that Whitney hasnt mentioned another guy to him. She hears Chad tell Fox that his gut is telling him that something is wrong. Whitney heads to Chad and says nothing is wrong, and he is the only man in her life. She says shes just been worried about Theresa. Chad excuses himself to get them some coffee, but not before Whitney gives him a big kiss. After Chad leaves, Fox wonders why Whitney is so desperate to prove to him that she is in love with Chad. Fox says they need to figure out how to handle things between them. Whitney says she already knows how to handle it. Chad returns, and he asks why they are looking so intense? Whitney says she was just telling Fox that they are going to get married. 

At the Russells, Julian is watching the drama unfold from outside. Alistair shows up and warns Julian to get out of town before TC kills him! They argue about Eve, and Alistair says if Eve wasnt a drug addict and a whore than Liz wouldnt have this ammunition on her. Julian says that is his fault, and Alistair says Julian is right, he is destroying Eves life, not Liz. Julian tells his father that he will regret to his dying day what he did to Eve back then, but Eve is the only woman he has ever love. He says one day Liz will regret what she has done as well. Alistair leaves when his henchman calls, but before he goes he tells Julian hell make sure TC is punished to the fullest extent of the law after he kills him.

Inside, Eve tells TC that everything Irma said is true! TC wont believe it, but Irma says she is a drug addict and a whore! TC says she is the kindness, sweetest, and gentlest woman on earth. He says he knows what Aunt Irma is saying cant be true. Eve says she was a drug addict, a drunk, and she used her body to get what she wanted. Eve says she is sorry, but what Irma is saying is true. TC thinks Eve is just saying this because Irma is confused and she doesnt want to upset her. TC tells Irma that she must have his wife confused with someone on one of her soap operas. Irma says she is not confused, his wife is a slut and a whore and he has to deal with it! TC says Eve is a wonderful woman, and they have two wonderful well adjusted daughters with bright futures ahead of them. Irma says If they dont grow up to be whores! TC says he and Eve have a wonderful marriage, they have no secrets from one another. Irma tells him to wake up and smell the coffee, his whole marriage is a lie! As Irma continues to tell TC what Eve really is, Liz gloats to Eve that she will lose everything! Eve ends up telling TC once again that it is all true, and he has to accept it. TC tells Eve to drop the act, but Eve says this isnt an act. Eve says she cant live with these secrets and lies anymore, she cant spend every day of her life worried that he will find out about her past. Eve says she gets ulcers, headaches, and her back is one giant knot. Eve says she cant live like this anymore, she wants it to end. Eve sees Julian at the window, and she shakes his head at him. TC still refuses to believe this, but Eve tells him it is all true. Eve says she lied to him, and she is sorry. Eve says she wanted to tell him the truth, but the lies went on for so long. Eve says she cant take it anymore, and he has to know the truth. TC asks who is she, what is she? TC loses it and yells You lied to me all these years! HE says their whole marriage has been a sham! Eve says no, she loves him and she loves their daughters. Eve says this was all in the past, long before she even knew him. Eve wants to talk, but TC says he needs to be alone. He tells Eve to get the hell away from him! He walks out, and Liz tells Eve that she finally has her revenge! Eve tells her to go to hell. In the kitchen, TC destroys the place! Eve runs outside and into Julians arms. She tells him that she has lost TC forever. Eve says her daughters will hate her forever, and she wonders what she will do. Julian says TC could still forgive her, but she doesnt think so. Back in the kitchen, TC continues to scream Eve's name.

Down in Mexico, Martin and Katherine are stunned to see Luis and Sheridan, and they stare at their children. Sheridan says there is something very familiar about the woman, she thinks she has seen her before. Sheridan says she knows why the couple looks familiar, and she drags Luis over to them. Meanwhile, Alistair calls his henchman for an update. The henchman is at the locker getting the gun, and he says Luis and Sheridan dont seem to recognize their parents. Alistair says if they even suspect then he knows what to do! The henchman goes out and witnesses Sheridan walk up to Katherine and tell her that she knows who she is. Sheridan thinks they are the couple from that Come to Mexico commercial. Martin says they arent actors, and Luis apologizes. Sheridan says she is positive that Katherine looks familiar to her. Meanwhile, the henchman isnt able to kill the four of them because there are federal marshals around. Luis and Sheridan continue to talk to Martin and Katherine, and Luis apologizes for bothering them. Katherine asks why they are in Mexico? Luis says he is here to bring home his younger sister. Luis introduces themselves, and Katherine and Martin introduce themselves as Bob and Ellen Wheeler. Luis asks if there is a car rental agency here? Martin says there is a little car rental office around the corner. Luis thanks him, and he and Sheridan head off. Sheridan continues to feel a connection to the Wheelers, and Luis admits he did too. However, he thinks they just give off a familiar vibe, but Sheridan isnt so sure. Sheridan says there is something about MRs. Wheelers eyes. Meanwhile, the henchman calls Alistair back to fill him in on what is going on, including Martins planned return trip back to Harmony. Alistair says if he returns to Harmony than he will die sooner than he had planned! Elsewhere, Katherine and Martine are so proud of their children. Luis and Sheridan return, and there are no cars available at the rental place. He asks if they have any suggestions. Martin says there is a driver who could pick them up, and he gives them the mans card. Martins plane is called, and he has to go. Luis and Sheridan realize he is going to Harmony, and they ask if he has friends there. Martin says no, no one there would know him. Luis and Sheridan leave again, and Katherine once again begs Martin not to leave. She says they can get to know there children, but Martin says it is too dangerous. He says he thinks they already suspect they know them. Katherine tells Martin that he should stay here to protect Luis and Sheridan, because he was originally going back to do the very same thing. Martin agrees to stay, and he offers to take Luis and Sheridan to the Inn they are staying at. Luis is stunned as his aunt owns the inn. Martin asks if he is Palomas brother? Luis says he is here to bring her back. They say they are like godparents to Paloma! They head out to the car, and are trailed by the henchman. As they head out to the car, Sheridan senses something about her mothers eyes. She gets a flash of her mother, and Martin thinks she knows.

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