July 26, 2004
Summaries for the rest of the week may be shorter and posted at later times in the day.

At the hospital, Kay tells Miguel that he cant leave her or her daughter. Miguel says he loves Charity, he needs her and he cant be without her. He says once he finds her if he cant talk her into coming back to Harmony, than he will stay with her wherever she is. Kay begs Miguel not to go. She cries that she loves him more than life itself and would never walk away from him the way Charity did. Kay tells Miguel that she has loved him sense kindergarten, and she became a tomboy just to be with him. She says she knew one day they would get married. Simone says it is true, Kay has always been in love with him. Kay says then Charity came into town with her pretty blonde hair and her angelic face, but she wasnt that angelic. Kay says Charity betrayed him with Reese, but Miguel says that is because he was spending so much time with her. Kay breaks down, and Simone tells Kay to just let Miguel go. Kay says she cant, and she tells Miguel that she cant let him go without knowing how much she loves him. Miguel says he knows she loves him, but he doesnt love her, he loves Charity. He tells her that he cant control who he loves. Miguel says he has to go now. Kay asks what about Maria? Miguel says he cant work here because of the Cranes, so wherever he finds Charity he will find work. He says he can send her money and she can quit work and be a full time mom, which is what she always wanted. Kay says she will be a single mom, that is what she will be. She asks what about his own mother, is he going to leave her? Miguel says her mom understands and has told him to go. Kay cant believe him and tells him that he is abandoning everyone who loves him, he is just like his father! Miguel says he knows he thinks she is abandoning him, but hes doing what is best for Maria and he has to find Charity. Kay says she is sorry for what she said about his dad, and she begs him not to go. Miguel says he has to, and he walks out of her room. Kay tries to chase after him, and she screams at him to come back. Miguel keeps walking, and Kay ends up collapsing. Simone rushes to her side, and Kay breaks down into tears. Miguel says to himself that he wont abandon Maria, he will send money, but he cant let the woman he love get away. We then see Miguel walk out of the hospital.

Elsewhere, Whitney stuns Chad and Fox when she announces she wants to marry Chad, and if his proposal still stands, she wants to accept. Chad says of course it does, and he wants to marry her. Whitney says she is glad he still wants to marry her. Chad then asks Fox to be his best man! Fox says hell do it, and Chad gives him a hug. Chad is so excited he ends up spilling coffee on himself, so he has to leave the room. Fox then asks Whitney if she is crazy? Why is she doing this? Whitney says she did it to show him that they have no chance, that she is in love with Chad. Fox cant believe she is doing this just to show him up, and she tells her that she is crazy. He says this is not why you marry someone, you marry someone for love. Whitney says she does love Chad, and he is not one to lecture about marriage. Fox tells her not to marry Chad because she is mad at him, he cant help how he feels. Whitney says he can, and she thinks he was trying to cop a feel off of her all that time they spent together. Fox says he was just enjoying his time with her, and he asks what she was thinking. Whitney remembers thinking she wanted Fox to make love to her. Chad returns, and Whitney goes to him and says getting married is the right thing to do and she's very happy. Chad notices Fox isnt smiling, and he asks if he isnt happy for them?

Outside of the Russells, Julian asks Eve to go away with him and they can start their life over. Eve says she cant go, even if TC doesnt want to see her again, she has to face him. Julian asks if he can go with her, but she says no because he would kill him. Eve goes back inside where Liz continues to gloat. Liz tells Eve that TC will tear her apart, but Eve says TC would never hit a woman and she can take the consequences. TC storms into the room and tells Eve that everything she told him was a lie, their marriage was a farce! TC asks Liz to take Aunt Irma outside so he can speak to his wife alone. She says okay, and on the way out, Liz gloats some more to Eve, and Irma says she will be punished. TC then begins lashing out at Eve for her lies, and she says she was just so ashamed and she loved him so much. TC says their marriage, their relationship has been based on nothing but lies. TC says he thought he knew her, but she is a liar. TC asks Eve how she could do this to him, how could she look him in the eyes every day of her life and lie to him. How could she lie to everyone in this town and act like she was an upstanding person? TC says she made a mockery out of their marriage vows. Eve says she was never unfaithful to him, but TC says she is not the woman he married. Eve says she knows, and she knows he hates her and wants nothing to do with her again. Eve says she wont cause him or their daughters any more pain, she is leaving and they wont have to see her again. She says she will get some of her things and head out. Eve comes back down later with a bag, and she tells TC that shell send for the rest of her things. She says shes going to go now, but TC asks her not to go. He says this is her home and she shouldnt go. TC tells Eve that he still loves her, and she is still his wife. TC says he promised to love her for better or for worse, and he will honor those vows.

Outside, Julian asks Liz if she is happy now? Liz says her sister ruined her life, so it is only fair she repay the debt. They watch Eve and TC continue to fight, and Julian feels sorry for his poor Eve. However, Liz ends up fuming when she sees them reconciling and asking Eve to stay. Julian says he has lost Eve again, but at least she is happy. Liz refuses to accept this and decides to go bring down her sister. Liz wheels Aunt Irma back inside, and she pretends to be glad that Eve and TC were able to work out their problems. Liz says shell get Aunt Irmas things and then leave them. TC asks Eve if there are any other secrets? HE says if there are, he should know. Eve sees Julian standing outside, and Liz listens in and waits for Eve to tell TC about her child with Julian. Eve tells TC about her child with Julian, and he calls her a slut! Liz then jumps in and says Julian is right outside! TC then jumps through the window, tackles Julian, and begins pummeling him! Of course this was all in Eves head. Eve lies to TC and says she has no more secrets. Back outside, Julian realizes Eve is protecting him. TC tells Eve that he loves her and now they can focus on working things out. He tells her that he loves her and there is nothing she can do to make her turn on him. Liz continues to spy on them, and plots to have Irma reveal Eve had a child with Julian.  Liz sees Julians photo on the cover of the paper, and she puts the paper in Irmas lap and then wakes her up. 

At the airport in Mexico, Luis and Sheridan continue to discuss the fact that they feel they know Martin and Katherine. Sheridan confronts Katherine and says she thinks she knows her. Katherine decides she cant keep the secret anymore, and she tells Sheridan that she is her mother! Sheridan is stunned, and she says she doesnt understand. Katherine says she didnt want to leave her, but Alistair forced her. Katherine says she never would have survived without Martin. Luis hears the name Martin and realizes the man is his father. Martin says he is Luis father, and Luis runs into his arms. Luis says he looks so different. Martin says they both changed their appearance to avoid Alistair. Katherine apologizes to Sheridan for leaving, but if she hadnt escaped than he would have killed her. Martin says if they didnt leave Harmony than Alistair would have destroyed everyone they love. They both apologize to their children, but kids dont care. POOF, Katherines dream sequence ends. Katherine and Martin are sitting in their car, and Luis and Sheridan are putting their suitcases in the trunk. Katherine tells Martin that she has a feeling Sheridan knows who she is, but Martin thinks they shouldnt take the risk of telling them. Luis and Sheridan get in the backseat and they head off to Tia Marias Inn. Sheridan cant stop staring at her mother, and she tells Luis she feels so connected to her. On the way to the inn, Martin asks about Pilar, and Luis and Sheridan fill him in on Pilars condition. Luis thinks that its hard for Pilar right now because she doesnt have a man her life. They explain how Luis father left town, and he didnt even leave a note. Luis says the story is he was embezzling funds from the Cranes, but he doesnt believe that. He thinks something terrible happened to him to make him abandon his family, but sometimes he hates his father for leaving them. Suddenly, Martin ends up swerving the car because he's so stunned, and Katherine screams! Martin recovers, and he continues questioning Luis about his father. Luis says his mother still holds out faith that his father is still alive and will return. Martin says perhaps his father left for a reason they dont know. Luis says his father worked for the Cranes, and Sheridan is Alistairs daughter. Luis says Alistair is a terrible man and theyd be shocked to learn what he has done to his own children. Luis says he believes Alistair even had something to do with his fathers disappearance. Luis changes the subject and asks if they have any kids? Katherine says they have no children together. Luis says he and Sheridan had a baby, but they lost him. By this point Sheridan is asleep. Luis says one day soon they will get married and start a new family soon. He says he loves Sheridan and will spend the rest of his life making her happy. Katherine is glad their children are happy, and she hopes they find their happiness. She says for now she just wants to enjoy being with them. Katherine turns on the radio, and the song she sang to Sheridan comes on the radio. Katherine begins to sing it, and in the back seat a sleeping Sheridan begins to sing along. Sheridan dreams about her mother singing to her, she wakes up, and asks what that song was? She looks at Katherine and asks mother?

July 27, 2004
At the hospital, Simone takes Kay back to her bed and stays with her. Kay says she cant lose Miguel, he cant be gone. Simone tells Kay that she has tried one scheme after another to get Miguel, but nothing has worked. Simone tells her that she has to stop thinking about Miguel and start thinking about her own future! She tells Kay that she has no one to blame for her mess of a life but herself. Kay asks her if she has no compassion? Her babys father just left her for another woman. Simone says she knows this is hard and she hates to see her hurting. Kay says at least she has her little girl, but when she thinks that she is the only child shell ever have . . . Kay says they used to always talk about having lots of kids, now she cant have that. Simone says she is sorry, but . . Kay asks what, she thinks this is her fault? Simone says of course not, but she has brought a lot of her troubles on herself. Kay tells Simone she isnt the only one who wont have any kids, the way she is going she wont have any babys either because she is still pining after Chad. Simone says Chad and Whitney could still break up, but Kay says that wont happen. Kay tells her to wake up and face reality, she will never be with Chad. Kay tells Simone to take her own advice, stop waiting for a guy who doesnt want her and who will never be with her. Simone says Chad and Whitney may not last, but Kay says so far nothing has broken Whitney and Chad up. Simone says when Chad finds out how selfish and two faced Whitney is, he will dump her and realize he is in love with her. Kay says sure, and then Simone and Chad, and she Miguel can have a double wedding. Kay tells Simone that she is going to be as big a loser in love as she is. Simone says that wont happen, and Kay is just jealous. Simone then walks out of Kays room.

Elsewhere, Whitney tells Chad that she loves him and he is the only man in her life. Chad tells Fox that aside from Theresa, he knows Fox will be the most happy that the two of them are getting married. Fox says of course hes happy if they are getting married because they are in love. Chad says of course they are in love, why else would they be getting married. Chad tells Fox that hes glad Fox is happy for them, and he wants no one else to be his best man because he knows he can trust him with Whitney. Chad then asks Whitney to let Fox congratulate her and give her a kiss. Fox gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her congratulations. Chad thinks they should go tell Theresa, and Chad drags Fox with them. 

Whitney and Chad go to see Theresa, with Fox in tow, and they tell Theresa they are getting married. Theresa is shocked, but says she is happy for them. Chad says Fox will be the best man, and they would love for her to be the maid of honor. Theresa asks if she and Fox can talk alone, but Whitney thinks Theresa should rest. Theresa says she will be fine. Whitney and Chad leave, and Theresa asks Fox what is going on? She says Whitney cant marry Chad! Fox says Whitney is marrying Chad because she told Whitney that he loved her. Theresa says so the one time she tells the truth she causes trouble? Fox says Whitney is just marrying Chad to prove they dont have a future together. Theresa doesnt buy it, and she thinks there is something else going on here. Theresa says she thinks Whitney is in denial, she is marrying Chad in order to run from her feelings for Fox. Fox says his dad said the same thing, but it doesnt make sense. Theresa worries Whitney will end up like her mom, in love with two men at the same time. Theresa says she thinks Whitney is in love with him. 

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Whitney tells Chad perhaps they should take things nice and slow. Chad asks why? She says telling her family will have to be done the right way. Chad realizes she is right, and he doesnt know how Simone will take the news. Simone shows up and asks what is going on, has something happened to Theresa or Pilar? They say no, and Chad tells her that he and Whitney are getting married.

At the Russells, TC tells Eve that he loves her so much and nothing will ever change that. Eve says she wanted to tell him about her past, but she was just so ashamed. TC says they all make mistakes, and now it is all behind them because she has no more secrets. Meanwhile, Liz tries to get Aunt Irma to wake up and see the photo of Julian in the paper so she can tell TC the other secret. Liz sees Julian outside, and she gloats to him that shes going to reveal Eves other secrets to him. Eve and TC continue to talk, and they discuss telling the girls the truth. TC is confident that the girls will forgive her. TC says what she did wasnt great, but it could have been worse. Meanwhile, Liz continues to try and get Irma to wake up and tell TC Eves other secret. Liz then goes to TC and apologizes for Aunt Irmas outburst. TC says its not her fault, she didnt know Irma was going to say what she did. TC says it is time for Aunt Irma to go back to the home because he doesnt want her here when the girls get home. Liz says of course, and she goes back to Irma and continues to try and wake her up. Irma finally wakes up and wonders where the hell she is, but then she remembers shes at her slutty nieces house. TC tells her not to talk about his wife that way. Irma says she cant believe he is such a fool, this whore slept her way through Boston and had a white mans baby. TC asks what she is talking about? Irma tells him to ask her about the white mans baby! Ask her about the rich white man who kept her drowning in diamonds. TC doesnt believe her and thinks she is getting her ideas from the soaps, like that totally unbelievable one that comes on after Days of Our Lives. TC looks at Eve, and he can see in her face that Aunt Irma isnt lying. Eve says it is true, she had a baby with another man. TC says she told him that she had no other secrets, nothing more from her past. Irma says she has told him that she was nothing but a lying slut! TC wonders what else there is he doesnt know, has she murdered someone? Eve says of course not. Liz tells herself she almost killed TC driving Julians car. TC asks if Eve has cheated on him, and she says no. TC asks who the father is? Liz then shows Irma the photo of Julian in the paper, and Irma tells TC that the babys daddy is front page news. Irma shows the photo to TC, and TC loses it. When TC reclaims his cool, he thinks Irma has lost it because Eve would never have a baby with Julian Crane. She tells him he is a fool and dumb! TC says Julian is his worst enemy, and Eve didnt know Julian back then. Irma asks him if he knows anything? She says Eve was in Boston then, and that is where she met her sugar daddy. She says she was proud of her sugar daddy and showed her a picture of him. TC tells Eve to tell this nasty old woman Irma is lying and that she didnt have a baby with Julian. Eve cant, and TC realizes it is true. TC asks how she can Julian be lovers? He says this cant be happening to him! 

At Alistairs place, Alistair looks at a file full of photos of Martin, Luis, Sheridan, and Katherine. The hitman calls Alistair and reports in that the whole lot of them are headed to Tia Marias inn. Alistair tells the hitman to follow them and report back to him later. Alistair worries that it wont be long before Katherine tells Sheridan who she is. Later, Alistair decides to have fun with the whole bunch before killing them.

Down in Mexico, the gang is still in the car and on the way to the inn. Sheridan wakes up, looks at Katherine (who was singing along with the song on the radio), and she calls her mother. Sheridan says that song she was singing is the song her mother sang to her as a little girl. Sheridan says she sounded just like her mother, she could be her mother! Luis tells Sheridan that she was dreaming. Sheridan says maybe. Sheridan looks at Katherine and insists she is her mother. In the front seat, both Katherine and Martin worry that Sheridan has figured out the truth. Luis tells her that she is just dreaming, but Sheridan says the silhouette of her looks just like her mother. Luis says it is dark and the light is playing tricks on her. Luis apologizes and explains that Alistair always told Sheridan that she was to blame for her mothers death, that her birth caused her kidneys to fail. Katherine tells her that she is so sorry for what her father did to her. Sheridan thanks her for her sympathies. They finally arrive at the inn, and Martin and Katherine tell Luis and Sheridan to take a walk and enjoy the evening. They do, and Sheridan thinks perhaps she was just dreaming about her mother. Luis and Sheridan share a kiss, and Martin and Katherine watch. Martin tells Katherine that she cant tell Sheridan the truth. Katherine says she doesnt know how much longer she can keep this secret, all she wants to do is take care of Sheridan and tell her the truth. Katherine says Sheridan senses who she is, and not telling her the truth is almost as cruel as what Alistair has done to her. Martin assures her that Alistair will pay. Later, Sheridan apologizes to Katherine for what happened earlier. Sheridan gives Katherine a hug, and Katherine says my sweet little baby girl! 



July 28, 2004
At the hospital, Theresa tells Fox that Whitney loves him and that is why she is rushing into this marriage. Theresa says Whitney hasnt said anything about marrying him since they returned from LA, and even though they reconciled, she doesn't thinks Whitneys heart has been fully in it. Fox says he already asked Whitney if she was marrying Chad because she had feelings for him (Fox), but she said no and that she hated him and never wanted to see him again. Theresa says that is because she is in love with him. Theresa says Whitney is all over the place with her emotions because of him. They soon end up discussing how Eve and Julians relationship is also troubling Whitney. Fox says he believes his fathers relationship goes further than just fling, he respects Eve. Theresa says respect isnt a word she would associate with Julian. Fox says he agrees, or he used to. Fox says when his father talks about Eve there is something different about him. Fox says right now his having told Whitney that he loves her has sent her over the edge, and he needs to back off. Theresa and Fox both hope that Whitney will sort out her feelings for Fox before she marries Chad. Theresa tells Fox that she is with him if he wants to fight for Whitney, she thinks Whitney has stronger feelings for him than for Chad. Fox says right now all that matters is they stick by Whitney. Theresa asks why, what is happening? Fox says all he knows is some big revelation is going to happen involving her family. Theresa worries if this has to do with her parents it could send her into a tailspin. Theresa says one thing is for sure, TC will never allow Whitney to marry Chad. Fox says he would love to be with Whitney, but right now, the best thing is to make sure Whitney is happy. Theresa realizes just how much Fox loves her. Fox thanks Theresa for being such a good friend to her and to Whitney. Theresa says it is too bad they couldnt have been one anothers destinies, it would have made things so much easier. Fox says at least they have one another to get through the next few weeks.

Elsewhere, Simone is devastated over Whitney and Chads announcement. She says she wont congratulate them, they lied to her and snuck around her back. Simone says their getting married is a lousy idea, and she thinks mom and dad will too. Whitney asks Simone to hear them out, but Simone says no. She says they deserve to live with their guilty conscious. Simone also says mom and dad wont let this marriage happen, they know what it takes to have a happy marriage and neither of them has a clue! Simone says their parents will pitch a fit! Whitney says dad maybe, but mom has no right. Simone asks Whitney what she is talking about, why does she say that? Simone asks Whitney why she has been at moms throat for months now? Whitney doesnt want to talk about it, and she says she just wanted Simone to be happy for her and Chad. Simone says that wont happen. Whitney says at least they have mom and dad, they will support this wedding. Simone asks her what she has been smoking? Chad suggests they go talk to her folks right now, and Whitney agrees. Simone follows because she wants to see the fireworks when they hear this announcement. 

At the Russells, TC wants Eve to say she had Julians bastard child. He tells her if she has one damn decent bone in her body than to be honest with him. Eve says it is true, she had Julians baby. Outside, Julian says it has finally happened, TC knows. Eve tells TC that she is sorry, but he tells her not to say a word to him. He tells her that she is a stranger to him, she is not the woman he married or loves. Irma screams Hallelujah, the truth will set you free! Eve says he just said their love was strong enough to withstand anything. TC says not sleeping with Julian Crane. TC remembers all the times he found them together, and he wonders if they are hiding this bastard child, are they still sleeping with one another? Eve says she has never been unfaithful to TC. TC says he wont believe a word from her lying mouth. TC says she has lied to him, and the idea of her with Julian Crane disgusts him. Eve says what she had with Julian was over a long time ago, but TC says it doesnt change the fact that she lied to him about everything. TC then storms off in anger. Eve cant believe Liz has done this to her, and she asks if she feels better now? Liz says she does, she is finally getting a sense of closure. Liz says it is just starting, her daughters arent even home yet. Julian then comes in and tells Eve that he cant let her go through this alone. Eve tells Julian to get out of here. Irma sees Julian and begins to lash out at him. Julian leaves when TC returns, and he continues to lash out at Eve for lying to him about having Julians baby. Eve says she wanted to tell him. TC says she lied to him, she played him for a sucker. TC says he thought she despised him, but the whole time she was thinking of him as her lover. Eve says that is not true. TC says he should have seen it before, he should have put all the clues together. TC says he found them together so many times, and he believed all the lame excuses she gave him. Eve says she wanted to tell him when they first met, but she feared he would walk out on her if she did. Eve says he was the answer to all her prayers, he was good and kind, and unlike any other man she knew. TC says she never gave him the chance to find out all the facts. TC then wonders where the kid is now. Eve says she doesnt know. He thinks she is lying to him again, and he wonders if Whitney and Simone are Julians children. Eve says Whitney and Simone are their children. TC asks what about her child with Julian? Where is that bastard kid? Eve tells him not to call him that, and she doesnt know where he is. TC asks if this is the baby she claimed she miscarried, the baby he thought was his. Eve says she didnt tell him the baby was his, he thought that. TC calls her a cheating whore. Eve says she has not been unfaithful to him since they were married. Irma tells TC that if he believes that then she has a bridge in New York to sell him. Eve begs for TCs forgiveness, but TC tells her that she is nothing but a hooker and he will kill TC for making her one. Eve tells him no. TC cant believe she is defending Julian. Eve grabs TC, but he tells her never to touch her again because she is a tramp. Julian walks in and tells TC to stop talking to Eve that way. Eve tells him to get out, and TC and Julian begin duking it out! 

Down in Mexico, as Katherine holds Sheridan she calls her her little girl. Luis wonders why she is saying that. Sheridan asks Katherine if she is her . . . . Katherine says she is sorry and she was just overwhelmed because of the story about her losing her mother. Katherine says she guesses the story, and Sheridan calling her mother, just brought out her maternal feelings. Katherine tells Sheridan that she is a lovely young woman and her mother would be so proud of her. Martin tells Katherine they are monopolizing their time, and they should go. Martin pulls Katherine aside and says they cant tell their children the truth, they need to protect them from Alistair right now. Katherine says to be so close to Sheridan, how can she not tell her that she is her mother? She says she could make such a difference in Sheridans life. Martin says he feels the same way about Luis, and he wants to tell him he isnt alone in wanting to avenge Antonios death and never will be. Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Luis that Mrs. Wheelers/Katherne's eyes and voice are so much like her mother. Luis thinks Sheridans dreams about her mother are just influencing her, and he says this woman isnt her mother, she has to know that. She says she does, but MRs. Wheeler is so much like her mom. Sheridan says if her mom hadnt died than her life would be so different right now. In the bushes, the hitman waits for word from Alistair to kill all of them. Later, Tia Maria shows up and Luis and her are reunited. She tells him how handsome he is, and Sheridan introduces herself. Maria tells Luis that the Wheeler (MArtin and Katherine) s are very good to Paloma, just like god parents. Tia Maria says so many times Pilar invited her to the states, but she would never come here. Luis says she hates to fly. Luis then fills Maria in on Pilars condition, and how she may not make it. Maria says Pilar will make it, her sister is strong and God will hear their prayers. Luis says she is just like mama. Luis asks where Paloma is, and Maria says she went out earlier with her friends. Maria says Paloma will be so happy he has come. She then tells everyone to sit and she will bring them something to eat. As they eat, they discuss Pilars lack of willingness to come here. Luis says she did want to come, but she could never get a day off of work. Maria says Pilar worked for Sheridans family didnt she? Luis says Sheridan is nothing like her family, and Pilar was afraid to leave her job and be without a paycheck. Maria reveals it was her idea to have Paloma come here to lighten Pilars load. Luis hopes Paloma understands why mama sent her here. Maria says in her brain she does, in her heart she is conflicted. Luis says mama agonized over sending Paloma away, and she agreed only because Paloma would have a better life down here. Tia Maria says they all know that, but Paloma is a different story. Luis says they just have to convince Paloma that she needs to go home and see mama. Tia Maria asks about Antonios death, and Sheridan explains the story. Luis then tells them the story of Theresa, and Martin lashes out at the damn Cranes. Luis says its like Martin hates the Cranes as much as he does, but he doesnt even know the Cranes. Martin says the story just makes his blood boil. Luis says the Cranes and Alistair are one of the reasons he became a cop, but hes been suspended because of the Cranes. Luis says Alistair has taken their jobs, their home, and now he has killed one of them. Sheridan feels guilty that it is her father causing this pain. Katherine says she is nothing like his father, and Martin says he is sure she is like his mother. Martin asks about Miguel, and he tells them that he is good and he has a baby girl. Luis then tells them about his son Martin. Luis says he is named after his father, not that the bum deserves to have anyone named after him. Katherine looks at a photo of baby Martin and says he is beautiful, and Martin is choked up over the photo. Luis says he was named Martin for his mother, and he doesnt understand why his mother doesnt hate his father for leaving them. Later, Luis and Sheridan decide to go into town and look around.


July 29, 2004
I was talked to throughout the show by family members, so I missed a lot that was going on today.

At the Inn in Mexico, Tia Maria, Katherine and Martin all clean up the dinner. Later, Martin and Katherine discuss their children falling in love. Martin finds it odd, but Katherine doesnt. She thinks God brought all of them together. Martin and Katherine continue to discuss their children and how Alistair is out to destroy them all. Katherine remembers how horrible Alistair used to treat Julian, and he was only a teen. We see a flashback of Alistair playing tennis with a young Julian and scolding him for being a weakling. Alistair kept serving the ball and deliberately hitting Julian with it, and then yelling at him for missing the ball. Julian didnt want to play tennis, but Alistair told him that he would play tennis and be club champion one day. Katherine asked why Alistair had to belittle their son. Alistair said someone had to toughen him up because he was a wimp thanks to her, and he needed to learn how to be a Crane. Back in the present, Katherine feels guilty for leaving Julian because who knows what Alistair has done to him. Martin tells Katherine that she has to stop beating herself up for leaving Harmony, if she had stayed then she would be dead. Katherine says she should have found a way to stand up to Alistair, to protect her children. Martin says he will go back to Harmony soon, make Alistair pay, and explain everything to his family. He hopes his family will accept the truth, and after Alistair has been taken care of, he will send for her to come home. Back in Harmony, Alistair throws darts at photos of Sheridan, Luis, Martin and Katherine and says Death to you all, swift and certain death!

Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan go site seeing in Puerto Areno (sp?). Luis shows Sheridan where his mama would come and hang out with her friends when she was younger. Sheridan says this place is so lovely, and she cant imagine anything bad happening hear. Luis says it must have been hard for his mother to leave. As they kiss, the henchman spies on them. Luis and Sheridan visit the church that Pilar attended, and the school where both Pilar went to school Paloma currently goes. Sheridan suggests they go into the church and light a candle for their baby and for Antonio. They go inside and light candles and say some prayers. As they pray, the henchman shows up and points a gun at them! Before he can shoot, the parish priest comes in. He meets Luis and Sheridan, and Luis introduces himself. The priest says Paloma is a good girl and an excellent student. They ask where Paloma might be as they havent seen her. He says the town square is very popular with young people, so they might try there. Luis and Sheridan leave, and are followed by the henchman. Luis and Sheridan head to a nightclub, and Luis thinks his good catholic school girl of a sister wouldnt be in here. Then they spot Paloma dirty dancing in the club on a table! Luis doesnt know it is Paloma until some of the boys cheer her on and call out her name. Luis asks one of the boys which one of the girls is Paloma, and he points her out. Luis is stunned that the dancing girl is his sister!

At the Bennets, Ivy is still boozing it up and thinking about how happy she could have been. Ivy says it is so unfair what is happening after she and Julian have both gotten back together with their true loves. Ivy hears a car door slam, and she hides the booze bottle and uses some breath spray. Sam walks in, and Ivy tries to act as sober as possible. She gives him a big kiss, and says she wants to spend every minute with him. He asks why she says that, she acts like something is going to happen to end their relationship. Ivy says she just wants to spend time with him before hes called away on another police matter. Sam tells Ivy about what happened tonight with Sheridan and Luis and the car bomb, and how he believes Alistair is behind him. Later, Jessica comes downstairs and tells Sam the good news, Charity left town. Sam asks when? Jessica says earlier tonight. He asks why? Ivy says Charity felt like she was hurting too many people around her, so she left to start a new life elsewhere. Jessica says she is glad Charity left, she has caused nothing but trouble. Sam asks what about Miguel, how is he taking this. Jessica says Miguel left town to find Charity. Jessica says shell miss Miguel, but shes glad Charity is gone. Sam is furious that Miguel has left Kay and Maria. Jessica says Miguel is going to send money home, but Sam says Kay needs more help than Tabitha can provide. Both Jessica and Ivy say they will help out in any way they can. Sam thanks Ivy and says he doesnt know what hed do without her. Ivy hugs him and hopes he never has to find out. Jessica goes off to sell Mark Avon cosmetics, and Sam wishes Miguel and Charity all the luck in the world, but every time they turn around something bad seems to be happening. Ivy says Miguel and Charity are one anothers first loves, and it warms her heart that Miguel is going after Charity. Sam says she never gave up on the two of them, and he thinks it must be fate that they ended back up together. As Ivy is about to break down and tell him the truth, Sam gets a call about the disturbance at the Russells. Sam says hell take care of this personally. Ivy fears it has begun, so she decides to go with him and see if she can do damage control.

At the Russells, Whitney and Simone walk in, with Chad, and see TC and Julian duking it out. Whitney says daddy must have found out the truth, and Simone asks what truth? Whitney tells Chad to stop them, but Chad is knocked back by TC, who continues to pummel Julian. Irma cheers on the fight, and Simone asks her who she is. Irma tells her to move out of the way because she cant see the fight. Julian and TC end up taking their fight outside, and Irma tells Liz to wheel her outside so she can see the fight. Fox is driving by and sees the fighting at the Russell house and decides to stop. Simone doesnt understand what is going on. Irma says she will find out soon enough. Irma yells hit him with the mailbox! Simone asks once again who this is? Liz says this is her moms Aunt Irma, and they are about to learn a whole lot about their mother that they didn't know. Fox shows up, and Fox and Chad work to break up the fight. Eve threatens to call the police on both of them. Simone asks why dad is acting like this, and Whitney says mom is the reason. Whitney tells her mother to tell Simone the truth. Eve says nothing, so Whitney says their mother is a slut and has been sneaking around with Julian behind daddys back. Simone calls her sister a liar, and slaps Whitney. Eve realizes how much pain she is causing, and Liz revels in it all. Sam and Ivy eventually show up, and TC orders them both to back off, but they ignore one another. Ivy tells Eve how sorry she is, and she begs her not to drag her down with her. Sam finally fires a gunshot to get them to stop fighting. TC calls his wife a whore, and Sam tells him not to say that. He says Eve is an upstanding person, but TC says Eve was a drug addict and a whore when she was younger. Irma calls her a heathen slut. Sam says people make mistakes, but TC says Julian and Eve had a baby together! Fox is stunned to hear this. Simone asks her mom to tell her that this is a lie, but Eve says it is true. Eve says she left home to become a singer, and she became Julians mistress and had a baby with him. Simone breaks down into tears, and she runs into Lizs arms! Liz tells Simone that it will all be okay. Liz tells Simone that her mothers whole life is built on nothing but lies and secrets! Fox asks his dad if he is okay, and he says never better, he has finally stood up for Eve. Whitney tends to her father, who says his heart has been broken in two. Whitney comforts her father and says the Cranes cause nothing but grief. Sam asks Eve if all this is true, and she says it is. Eve says she never meant for it to come out like this, and she wanted to tell TC so many times, but she never could. Sam asks how it finally came out? Eve says someone close to her made sure it came to a head, someone who knew about her past sins made sure they came out in the ugliest way possible. Sam asks who did this? Eve says Liz did this, she is her sister! Her dear sweet little bitch of a sister! Suddenly, a storm hits, and it begins to pour on everyone.


July 30, 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Gwen is fuming over Theresas turning what is supposed to be the happiest time of her life into a nightmare. Ethan comes in and tells Gwen that he has a wonderful night planned for his pregnant wife. He says first shell soak in a bubble bath while he reads off names from a baby book, and then he will give her a long massage. Gwen screams out Damnit throws some things off of the table, and tells Ethan that Theresa is the one who is pregnant so he should go give her the massage. Gwen says thats what he really wants to do! Ethan cant believe they are back at this place again. Gwen apologizes for lashing out, and she says she is just really frustrated. Ethan says they have a lot to look forward to, and this might be the only way they can have their own biological child. As he comforts her, the maid walks in to clean up. Ethan tells her not tow worry about it. Ethan says he knows it is silly, but he thought it would be romantic to treat her like she was pregnant. Gwen continues to cry over the fact that she is not pregnant, Theresa is. Gwen says they are crazy if they think Theresa will actually give them their baby, because she wont. Ethan tells her that they have to be positive, but Gwen doesnt think she can. She says Theresa can still do something to keep their baby. Ethan asks what she can do, if they give her Little Ethan than she will give them their child. Ethan says it is a simple exchange, but Gwen says nothing is simple when it comes to her. Ethan says they have to look at this logically, Theresa wont want to keep a baby that isnt biologically hers. He thinks they should go talk to Theresa and reassure her that they will give her little Ethan back. Gwen wonders if they should tell Theresa that they will give her the boy back. Ethan says it will put her mind at ease and help Theresa relax, which will be good for the baby. Gwen says okay, and they decide to head to the hospital.

Pilar visits with her mother in the hospital. Pilar says her heart is broken, and she begins to cough. Theresa asks her to relax, and the nurse comes in to check on her. The nurse tells her to stay calm, and she also tells Theresa that she needs her rest as well. Pilar tells Theresa that she is glad she is here. She can see something is bothering Theresa, and she asks what is wrong. Theresa says aside from everything else that has happened, she is worried about Whitney. Theresa says Whitney just found out that Fox has been secretly in love with her, and now she is rushing into a marriage with Chad. Pilar asks what is wrong with Whitney marrying Chad, she loves him. Theresa says she doesnt think Whitney knows who she loves more. Theresa says she thinks Whitney is rushing into this marriage with Chad to avoid her feelings for Fox. Pilar says she hopes Theresa is wrong because marriage isnt something that should be taken lightly. Theresa says she knows. She then asks her mom why love causes so much pain. Pilar says real love shouldnt. Theresa says it has caused her nothing but heartache and trouble, and from now on she is just going to focus on the baby she is carrying. Theresa says she is going to keep this baby and she is not giving it to Ethan and Gwen. Pilar asks how she will get Little Ethan back if she doesnt give the baby back? Theresa says shes still working on that. Pilar says she is only going to get into more trouble, and Pilar begins to cough. Theresa asks her mom not to get upset. Theresa tells her mom that she needs her, their family needs her. Pilar looks at a photo of Antonio and she says she misses him so much. Theresa says she misses him too, but as much sadness as they have had, there has been joy. She says this baby she is carrying will bring them joy, Miguel will find Charity, Luis and Sheridan are together, and Paloma will come home soon. Pilar hopes Paloma does come home. They discuss Pilars decision to send Paloma away, and Pilar says it was for the best because things were so bad after their father disappeared. Theresa says she cant be separated from her children. Pilar says Gwen thinks the baby is hers. Theresa says she knows, and she says Gwen and Rebecca started this whole mess. Theresa says they declared war, and she is fighting back. Theresa says she will make them wish they never messed with her. Pilar says this war will end in tragedy, but Theresa says this time she will win. She says she will not give up either of her children. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen arrive and hear Theresa telling her mother that she wont give up the baby. Gwen tells Ethan that she told him, Theresa will not give them their baby.

At the Russells, everyone has moved inside because of the storm. Everyone is also shocked at Eves revelation that Liz is her sister. TC asks Liz what is going on, this cant be true. Liz looks mortified, and Irma says Eves mother must have married someone after her brother died. Irma says Liz must be the second husbands kid. Ivy is glad Liz is finally squirming. TC asks Liz why she didnt say anything. Eve says because Liz hates her and has made it her lifes goal to get revenge on her and to destroy her family. Eve says she has made mistakes, but she never set out to hurt anyone, unlike her sister. Eve says Liz came to Harmony to ruin her life. Eve says she should have told them all the truth, and she wanted to. She says she didnt want it to come out like this. TC tells her not to blame Liz, because of Liz he knows the truth about her. She asks him why he thinks that is? Why do you think she waited so long to tell? Eve says it was all part of her plan, ask her why she had to get Aunt Irma to bring the truth out. Eve says no, shell just lie, so she will tell him why. Eve says she had to protect herself, she had to make sure TC found out the truth without her telling him. Eve says it was all part of her plan. TC asks what plan? Eve says the plan to replace her in her childrens heart and in her husbands bed. She tells TC to think about the way Liz wormed herself into their family, and especially into his life. TC asks Liz if this is true? Is this all a plan? Liz is petrified and doesnt speak. Simone and Whitney also ask her why she never said anything? Liz goes to Eve and asks her if it will never end, will her lies never stop? TC asks Eve if she is lying about Liz just like she lied about everything else? Eve cant believe this is happening. Liz admits she is Eve's sister, but she wont admit to anything else. Julian says it is true, Liz has been blackmailing her since she came to Harmony. TC tells Julian not to say another word! Liz claims she didnt come here to hurt her or take her family from her. Eve tells her that she is a liar! Liz says she was angry when she first came here, but she just wanted to be a part of her family in some small way. Eve says that is a lie, and she begged her over and over to forgive her so that they could be a family again. TC asks what she wanted forgiveness for? Liz reminds TC the story about her sister who abandoned her. Liz says Eve abandoned her to be abused, and she did want revenge at first, but she would never ruin her own sisters life. Liz says she didnt want to tell them the truth because it would hurt Eve, they would learn all about her past. Eve tells her she is lying, why else did she bring Aunt Irma here. Liz says she only wanted to reunite them, but Eve calls her a liar. TC and the girls end up defending Liz and telling Eve to leave Liz alone! They say Liz didnt lie to them like she did. Eve is stunned that they are all believing Liz. Liz asks what she was supposed to do, call a family and announce she was a drug addict and a whore, that she had Julians bastard child. When Whitney hears this, she flips out. Whitney calls her mother a hypocrite. Eve tells Whitney that she is sorry. Whitney says that wont cut it. Whitney and Simone both lash out at their mother for the was she used to preach to them about being so proper, and not allowing them to sing. Eve says she was just trying to protect them. Whitney asked what she thought, that shed end up like her? Whitney says she would never deceive the people she loved, lie to them every single day. Whitney tells her mother that she will never forgive her, and then she slaps her mother. Eve breaks down in tears, and Irma says that this is exciting as watching paint dry, so shes going into the kitchen to find some food. Eve tells them all that she is sorry. Julian comforts Eve, and TC says he never though hed see the day when his wife was in Julians arms. He tells her to look at how their family has been destroyed by her lies! 

Down in Puerto Arena, Mexico, Sheridan and Luis see Paloma dirty dancing with a man in the club. Sheridan is stunned, her eyes and mouth are wide open in disbelief. Alistairs henchman has followed them, and Alistair tells his henchman to keep an eye on Paloma because she is the key to destroying everyone down there. Luis refuses to stand for this, and grabs Paloma and pulls her off the stage. Her boyfriend asks who Luis thinks he is, and decks Luis. Luis then punches him back. The man asks Paloma if this guy is crazy? Paloma then realizes the man is her brother. Luis tells Paloma they are leaving. Paloma, however, asks what he is doing here and what gives him the right to order her around? Luis tells her to watch her mouth, but she says he cant tell her what to do. Roberto, her boyfriend, asks why her brother is here? Paloma says she doesnt know and she doesnt care. Luis says they need to talk, but she says no. Roberto tells Luis to leave her alone, but Luis tells him to stay out of this. Paloma eventually agrees to talk to Luis. Sheridan introduces herself, and Paloma recognizes her as Antonios wife. She asks if Antonio is here too? Luis says they need to talk in private. Paloma says no, and she says Antonio isnt here for the same reason Miguel, Theresa and mama arent, they dont give a damn about her. He says that isnt true, and she shouldnt curse. She asks why they are here, did they feel sorry for his little orphan sister and decide to visit her? Luis says she has it wrong, they love her and all care about her. Paloma says she doesnt need any of them, and she tries to walk away. Luis says he didnt want to tell her like this, but her brother Antonio is dead. Paloma finally begins to show some feeling of sadness and love when she hears this. Paloma cries that she doesnt even remember him, and now she will never know him. Luis says he was a good guy. Still, Paloma says he was a stranger to her. She asks if that is why he is here, to give her the news. Luis says no, they want to take her home because she has been gone away too long. Luis says mama needs her, she isnt doing good. Paloma asks how long she has to stay? Luis says forever if she wants. Paloma almost smiles. Luis then says he doesnt know how long shed want to stay considering what has been going on with the family. She asks what is wrong? Luis says the Cranes have made life hell for them. Paloma asks if Sheridan isnt one of the Cranes? Luis says hes not like them. They explain the whole story to Paloma, and she wonders if this is the excuse they will use to send her away again. Paloma thinks as soon as mama is better, they will send her away again. Luis says they wont, but she says they can kiss her butt because she has done fine without them. She says she is not going back to Harmony, and she runs out of the club. Unfortunately, she is followed by Alistairs henchman! Luis wants to go after Paloma, but Sheridan says he should let her cool down. Luis doesnt understand why Paloma is so upset and not more understanding, but Sheridan does understand. Sheridan says eventually Paloma will come around, and they go off to look for Paloma. Out in the streets, Paloma is fuming. Suddenly, someone grabs Paloma! However, it turns out to be Sheridan and Luis. Paloma continues to lash out at Luis, and she tells him to leave her alone. Luis says all he is trying to do is protect her. She asks from what, the boogeyman? Meanwhile, Alistair phones the henchman and tells him to make his move. The henchman says Paloma will never know what hit her. Paloma ends up running away from Luis again, and then she is grabbed by the henchman! 

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