May 31 2004
At the site of their old house in Castleton, Evil Faith orders Charity to give up Miguel. Charity wonders why her mom is acting like this. Evil Faith order Charity to give up Miguel because he is no good for her. Kay and Tabitha watch through Tabithas bowl, and Tabitha says Faith is losing it. Kay says she didnt know her aunt, but she knows her aunt wouldnt treat Charity like this. Kay says if she realizes this isnt her mom than she wont give up Miguel. Evil Faith continues to shake Charity and tell her to give up Miguel. Tabitha tries to order Faith of the Darkness to be Charitys mom. She casts a spell on Faith and remind her of her goal. Evil Faith apologizes and asks Charity to forgive her. Charity asks her mom what is wrong with her? Evil Faith says death can be such a nerve wracking experience, and she is worried about her. Evil Faith says if she stays with Miguel then she is doomed. Charity asks what she means? Evil Faith reminds her of the deal she made with Death. Charity says Father Lonigan told her that heaven forbids such deals, so she doesnt have to keep it. Evil Faith says there are thinks mortals cant understand, so she shouldnt push it. She continues to urge Charity to give Miguel up forever, but Charity refuses. Charity says she wont give him up. Evil Faith calls Charity a selfish brat and slaps her across the face! Charity is stunned by her mothers behavior, and Tabitha and Kay realizes things are just getting worse. Tabitha says they have underestimated the power of Charitys love for Miguel, she isnt the pushover they thought she was. Kay tells Tabitha to either calm Evil Faith down or make her disappear. Tabitha says she will try. Tabitha calls to Evil Faith and asks her what she is doing? Evil Faith says the brat wont listen, and Tabitha says that is because she is not acting anything like Charitys real mother. Tabitha tells Faith to control herself and try nicely to convince Charity to stay away from Miguel. Evil Faith says shed rather slap her around, but Tabitha says no! Evil Faith cries to Charity that she is sorry, and the stress must be causing her to act this way. Tabitha realizes this isnt working, Charity will not listen to anyone because her love for Miguel is too strong. Evil Faith continues to tell Charity that shes just not herself and begs for her forgiveness. Charity comforts Evil Faith, and she tells her mom not to worry so much. Charity says they should be glad for the time they have together. Back at Tabithas, Kay says she wont sit here and let Charity leave with Miguel. Tabitha says she has far more too lose than Kay does if Charity and Miguel get back together. Kay asks her what she wants to do? Tabitha says Charity must die, they have no choice. Kay says Charity has Timmys heart. Tabitha says Timmy will understand, he wouldnt want harm to come to her or Endora. Tabitha says Evil Faith is too unpredictable to trust with this, so she (Kay) will have to kill Charity. 

In TCs shed, Eve remembers the night of the accident and she cries that she is so sorry! She says the car, the accident, how Ive hurt you, how Ive made you suffer! Liz listens in as TC asks what she is talking about? Eve tells TC that it is her fault, it is all her fault. TC asks how this accident could be her fault? Liz walks in and asks how could TCs accident be her fault? Eve says she is so sorry, she didnt know she was causing him so much pain. Liz tells Eve perhaps she should explain exactly how she was involved in this. Eve continues to have flashbacks of the accident. Eve says his life was ruined in that accident. TC says he thought his life was ruined, but she made it worth living again. She says he still didnt get over losing his dreams, and she cries what have I done! TC asks what this has to do with her? Liz asks yes, how is she involved with this accident? Eve tells TC that if only she had known . . Liz asks her what she is trying to tell them? Eve just cries if only she had known, and she is so sorry. TC exclaims Oh my god, why didnt I see this before, its been in front of my face all along. TC thinks she feels guilty because she wasnt there to help him get through the accident. Liz says excuse me? TC says Eve has always been there to support him, but she cannot feel guilty about not being there then. He says this burden belongs to the person driving the car, to Julian Crane. TC says he was so sure the truth would come out thanks to Luis. Liz says that the truth always comes out. TC says he hopes so, and then he remembers something from the night of the accident, he thinks there was a second person in the car with Julian! TC says if he could just remember the face than he could remember the person. Liz whispers to Eve that the person is her! 

At the mansion, Julian is listening to an old tape of Eves, and he says he was such a fool to give Eve up. Rebecca walks into Julians office and asks what he is doing? He tells her that she could at least knock. Rebecca says she doesnt have to knock, she lives here. She reminds him that she is his wife, even though he hasnt been fulfilling his marital duties. Julian tells her not now because hes far too busy. She says yes, he is busy mooning over Eve. Rebecca is still upset over Julian humiliating her at the dance. Julian says he doesnt want to fight. He says she got what she want, she is a Crane, what more does she want? Rebecca says she wants this, grabs Julian, and pulls him into a kiss. Julian pushes her away. She says she just wants her pookie back, and she says the new swing has arrived, the one with the handcuffs. The phone rings, and Julian says he must answer it. She asks why, is it Eve? It is actually Detective Cook calling Julian about the accident. He says a woman came to him earlier asking questions. He tells Julian that the womans name was Liz, and she wanted proof that another person was driving the car that night, possibly a woman. Julian asks if the woman has proof, but Detective Cook says no. Detective Cook says he doesnt know him, but he knows enough to alert the Cranes if anything comes up involving them. Detective Cook says he fears this woman wont give up. Julian thanks the Detective for calling with this news. The phone call ends, and Rebecca asks what that was about because he seems upset. Julian says he is fine, but she says he is upset. She asks if this is about his precious Eve?

On the island, Sheridan is cradling Luis in her arms on the beach. Sheridan hears Antonio calling to them. She thinks she should answer, but Luis says no, that he just needs her. Sheridan remembers Luis kissing her and telling her that he loves her and that they are meant to be together. Luis begs Sheridan to give them more time, and she wonders what she should do. She thinks Luis needs help, but he says no. He begs her to just give it some time, some time to remember she loves him. Sheridan gets up, leaving Luis on the beach. She returns with a blanket which she puts over him. Luis thinks she does love him, but Sheridan says she just wants him to get better. Luis says he knows she loves him and he knows their love cant be broken because it is through the ages. Luis passes out and begins dreaming of a past life they shared. Sheridan is dressed up in some fancy dress. Alistair shows up, still faceless, and he is her father. Sheridans name is Patience, and she is living in the 1700s. He thinks the dress is beautiful, but she says it is uncomfortable. He says it is all the fashion in London, and she should look her best because Andrew will be proposing soon. Her father says he has found her a good match, she wont find one more suitable. Andrew (Antonio) shows up and kisses her hand. Andrew is an admiral in the navy and is of good English stock. Patience leaves Andrew and her father to talk, and she sees some soldiers bringing in some pirates, one of which is Harry (Luis). Patience and Harry see one another. In the real world, Luis keeps saying my lady. Sheridan wonders why he keeps saying that, and wonders what he is dreaming of. Back in dream world, Andrew tells Patience and her father the governor that the pirates will be paraded through town, humiliated, and hung. Patience thinks they all cant be that bad, but Andrew says they are murderers and thieves. Later, Patience, her father and Andrew return to their governors house. Andrew says it was a pleasure spending time with her, and hed like to spend time with her again because he has something important to ask her. Andrew leaves, and the father says he will propose marriage. Patience cant stop thinking about Harry, and she returns to the center of town where she meets up with him. Harry introduces himself as Harry Bludgeot. She asks why he is not in jail? He says he escaped, he has done nothing wrong. He says he is not a pirate, his father was but disappeared many years ago. Harry says he boarded the pirate ship to try and find his father. Harry and Patience are bonded over their love of the ocean and the sea. Patience asks if he should not hide? He says they wont find him for awhile, and he has a good head start. Patience asks if he has killed anyone, and he says no. He says hes not that kind of pirate, he loves the sea, adventure and romance. Harry says he saw her looking at him earlier, and she says she had just never seen a pirate before. She says she must go. He asks if it was merely curiosity? He says he sensed there was something more. Patience insists it is only her curiosity. Harry says she thought he sensed something more, an interest in him perhaps. She says certainly not, and he has a high opinion of herself. She goes to leave, but falls off the dock and into the water. Harry jumps in after her. 


June 1, 2004
Shorter due to a migraine. Also, I missed the last few minutes because my VCR tape ran out, but I think the only thing I missed was the next days previews.
At Tabithas, Tabitha tells Kay that their plan has failed, so she (Kay) will have to kill Charity. Kay says he can't kill her cousin. Tabitha says she knew that, and she has already made arrangements. Tabitha begins casting a spell on Kay which basically removes Kay's conscience and also puts her under Tabitha's complete control. She asks Kay if she's ready to kill Charity, and Kay says Charity has been getting in the way of her and Miguel for far too long, it is time for her to die. Tabitha then begins to paint Kay's teeth green, and Kay asks why she is doing this. Tabitha says it is poison so that when she bites Charity she will kill her! Kay asks why she would bite Charity? Tabitha says she isn't, well she is, but not in that form. Tabitha calls on the boys in the basement, and Kay ends up morphing into a dog. Tabitha then zaps her over to the old homestead with the order to kill Charity! At the old site of Charitys house, Charity tells Evil Faith that she won't give up Miguel. Evil Faith says she'll be sorry, and then disappears.

At the mansion, Rebecca asks Julian if the phone call was about Eve, but he claims it was business. She says she's never seen him that upset about business, so Julian says he just found out he could be losing a lot of money. Rebecca once again tries to seduce Julian, but he won't have any part of it. Rebecca tries to make him understand that she wants things to go back to the way they used to be between them, and how she misses the old pookie. 

In TC's shed, Liz pushes TC to remember the night of the accident. He remembers there was a second person in the car, but he can't see their face. Eve gets a call from Julian, and he tells her that Liz is digging into TC's accident. Eve says she knows, and he asks to see her. She claims it was the hospital calling and that she has to go. TC says he understands. He says afterall, if it wasn't for her being there in the ER that night he put his hand through that pain of glass, they never would have met all those years ago. After he leaves, Liz tells TC what if Julian wasn't driving the car? What if the other person was driving. TC begins to wonder. He says for so long he has focused on Julian being in the car, he never thought there could be someone else in it with him. Liz continues to push TC in hopes he will remember that Eve was in the car with him. Meanwhile, Eve meets with Julian, and she asks about the night of the accident. She asks him if she was in the car with him. HE says yes, and he says they were drinking and she passed out. He says he didn't tell her because he wanted to protect her. She says she ruined TC's life, but Julian says that was his fault. He says she didn't even know TC back then, but she says it doesn't excuse what was done. She asks him if she was driving, but he says no. She asks if he is lying to her, and he swears he was driving the car. Eve cries that their relationship has brought so much harm to the people she loves. She tells Julian that they cannot see one another ever again. She asks him not to call her or try and see her. He says he loves her, so she asks him to respect her wishes and not try and see or talk to her.

On the island, Sheridan continues holding Luis as he continues to dream of their life together in the 1700s. Sheridan/Patience falls into the ocean, and Luis/Harry jumps after her. Andrew/Antonio arrives after he has rescued her. He assumes Harry has kidnapped PAtience, and decides to execute him on the spot. However, Patience comes to his rescue and explains that he saved her life and she wants Andrew to let him go, which he does. Andrew and Patience return home, and Patience sees Harry on her balcony. The two are reunited later on that evening, and Harry gives her a necklace and tells her they will meet again. Back in the real world, Luis smiles and says they have a love for the ages, they are meant to be together. Sheridan wonders what he is taking about, and who is Patience?


June 3, 2004
Ivy and Sam are back home on the couch toasting to one another. Sam tells Ivy that after Grace left he never thought he could be happy again, but things are different because of her. As they kiss, Faiths ghost appears and says she will punish Ivy for destroying her sisters life, but first she must save Charity. She asks to be shown the danger who is after Charity. In a mirror she is shown an image of Tabitha, and she recognizes the evil that took her life. She is then shown an image of Charity being attacked by a dog, and she wishes she could help her daughter but she says she has no power in this form. She wishes she knew how to help save her daughter. Meanwhile, Miguel shows up and decides to see if Charity is still awake. Up in Charity's room, Faith realizes she must find a way to warn Miguel about the danger that Charity is in. She doesnt know where to get that power, so she asks God to help her find the strength to reach into this world. A huge wind blows through the window, and Faith screams into the wind. The wind carries her voice into their world, and Miguel, Sam and Ivy hear the scream. They run upstairs, but find nothing but the wind blowing through the window. Ivy says it may just have been the wind, and she closes the window. Faiths ghost tries to warn Miguel that Charity is danger. Miguel says hes going to stay here and wait for Charity, and he tells Ivy and Sam to go back to what they were doing. Ivy ends up walking through Faiths ghost, and she gets the feeling like someone just walked over her grave. Faith says "one can hope!" Faith works on a way to reach Miguel and warn him the danger Charity is in. She begs to be given the strength to communicate with Miguel, and she ends up fogging up Charitys mirror and writing a message on it for Miguel to see. Miguel wonders who is here and what they want. Faith ends up writing Save Charity on the mirror. He asks how he can save her if he doesnt know where she is?

Back at the old house, Charity battles the dog, which is actually Kay. Kay runs into the bushes, and Charity thinks she has hurt the dog. Tabithas spell begins to wear off, as Kay morphs back and forth between the dog and Kay. Tabitha, watching through her bowl, fears Charity will discover Kay and what they are up to, which will ruin everything. Kay morphs back into the dog and once again begins attacking Charity. Charity ends up falling over the side of the cliff, and she hangs on for dear life. Tabitha sees Charity go over the cliff and thinks she has finally killed Charity!

Liz is taking a walk on the pier when Julian find her and damns her for what she is doing. He says he knows all about what she is up to tracking down the cop investigating his old car accident. She says he means Eves old accident, after all she was the one driving that night. Liz says she read Alistairs CD-roms, all the evidence is very clear. Julian says it is too bad she cant prove it. Liz says she doesnt need to prove it as he knows the truth, and all she has to do is tell TC. She says if TC knew the truth than Eve would be free to be with him, wouldnt he like that to happen? She says it would be so easy to get TC out of Eves life, he could make Eve his forever. Julian says no because that would destroy Eve, and Eve would spend the rest of the life wondering about what she had lost. He says he will not be like his father, he will not be a monster of a man like him. Alistair shows up and applauds Julians speech. He tells him they agree on one thing, Julian is not a man at all! He sees Liz and asks if she is still trying to destroy Eve? Liz tells him to stay out of her business. She says slavery has been abolished, so unlike other people here, he doesn't own her. Alistair says he does own her, and if she is smart he will obey her. He says if she plays by his rules than she may get what she is after, even her mule and forty shares. Liz slaps Alistair and tells him not to speak to her that way! Alistair says she will pay for that, but she says he cant do anything to her as she has nothing to hide. He says really, and whispers something to her. She cries out No! and runs off. Alistair laughs, and Julian looks at his father with a puzzled look. Julian wonders what he said to her, but Alistair says he has lost any right to question him. Julian wonders what secret his father knows. Alistair says it is not any of his concern. He warns Julian to give up on Eve otherwise he will be forced to kill her!

In TCs shed, Eve looks at the car and says TC can never know. TC walks in and asks what he must never know? She says she was just talking to herself, and she feels let down because he didnt trust her enough to share this with her. He says he is sorry that he didnt tell her, and he should have told her. When TC blurts out that he told Liz, Eve is shocked. She asks him if he trusts Liz more than he trusts her? He says that isnt it, Liz found out about the shed and he had to tell her. Eve still says she cant get over the fact that he told Liz before he told her. TC thinks she should speak to someone and get out this resentment she is having. HE thinks she should talk to Liz as she has been a good friend to the family. Liz shows up, and TC asks them to please talk. Eve and Liz end up arguing, and Liz gloats that TC trusts her more than his own wife. Liz tells Eve that one way or another, her secrets will come out and she will lose everything. Eve says she wont lose anything to her! Eve storms out of the room, and Liz says Eve will lose as long as she can keep Alistair at bay.

On the island, Sheridan calls out to Antonio. Luis begs her to stop and says they just need a little more time, more time for her to remember that it is him she loves. Sheridan tells Luis that she believes what is in her heart, and her heart tells her that Antonio is her husband and she has to go home to him. Antonio hears Sheridan calling out, and Antonio tells Hank that he just heard her. Hank says he heard nothing, but Antonio says he knows what he heard. He says as soon as he finds Sheridan, he is going to kill his brother! Luis ends up muffling Sheridan with his hand. He tells her to stop. He says he loves her and he knows somewhere inside she loves him too. He says they have had a love that has spanned the ages, ancient Egypt, the titanic, Rome. He also tells her about when they were in love back in the 1700s in Harmony. He says he was a pirate and she was the governors daughter. Sheridan asks if he really had this vision, or if this is another one of his lies? He swears it was true. Sheridan says it doesnt matter, in this lifetime she is married to Antonio. Sheridan runs off, and Luis runs after her. He ends up tackling her, and they are both knocked out and begin dreaming of the past.

In the past, Patience arrives at the stables to pick up her horse, only to find Harry is waiting for her. He begs Patience to come with her, to join him on the high seas. They share a kiss. Andrew ends up discovering them together, and he orders Harry to let Patience go. Andrew draws his sword, as does Harry. The two men end up engaged in swordplay. Sheridan begs Andrew not to kill Harry. The two continue fighting, and Harry ends up rushing off. Andrew asks Patience if that scoundrel hurt her? She clutches her chest and says he will come back she knows he will.

Sheridan and Luis wake up on the beach, and Sheridan calls him Harry and says he came back to her. Antonio arrives on the beach, and Sheridan says Antonio is here. Luis drags Sheridan off, and Antonio sees movement in the bushes. Hank says there is nothing here, but Antonio knows he has found Sheridan. Sheridan continues to call out to Antonio, and Luis tells her that he wont let him take her form him, he will fight for her!


June 3, 2004
At the Bennett house, Ivy and Sam continue to cuddle and kiss on the couch. Ivy says she is so happy and she is afraid this is a dream. Sam says if it is a dream than he never wants to wake up.

Up in Charitys room, Faiths ghost asks God for the strength to tell Miguel about the danger Charity is in. In the mirror, Faith sees Charity go over the cliff, and she thinks she is too late. She cries out, which Miguel hears. He asks who is here and for them to show herself. Faith cries because she thinks her daughter had died, and Miguel continues to ask who is here? Faith ends up seeing that Charity is still alive, and she continues to try and find a way to alert Miguel to where Charity is. Faith sees a photo of her and Charity, and she realizes that is how shell tell Miguel. She tries to knock the photo over, and finally does. Miguel sees the photo fall off the shelf, and he knows this photo came from Charitys old house. He thinks this is a sign, and asks if she is at the old house? Faith writes Go on the mirror, and he leaves for the old house.

Later, Faith goes downstairs and sees Ivy and Sam making out on the couch. She says no one destroys her sisters family and gets away with it. She says Ivy should know bad deeds always come back. When Sam is out of the room, Faith causes Ivy to choke on a candy! Faith says this is what she gets for manipulating peoples lives, true love is born of honesty and trust, not treachery! Sam returns and sees that Ivy is chocking.

Tabitha watches Charity go over the cliff, and she thinks Charity is dead. She says Kay didnt even have to bite her with her poison fangs! Tabitha begins to throw a party, and she tells Lassie to come on home. Tabitha then looks upwards and asks Timmy not to be mad at her, Charity can keep him company up there and he can finally be with the girl he loves. Tabitha looks in the bowl, and she sees Kay morphing back and forth between her human form and the dog. She tells Kay to stay in dog form until she returns home. As she and Endora celebrate, the boys in the basement roar. She asks if they have come to apologize to her, but they end up shaking the house violently. She wonders what she has done now. She looks in the bowl and sees that Charity is still alive. Tabitha orders Kay to return to the cliffs and kill Charity for good.

Back at the cliffs, Charity is alive and hanging on for dear life. Charity manages to pull herself back up, and she hears the dog barking in the distance. Kay chases Charity down and eventually jumps on top of Charity. Charity gets away, and ends up being cornered by the dog near her old house. Meanwhile, Miguel is fast approaching them. Tabitha, through her bowl, orders Kay to finish Charity off before Miguel arrives!

On the docks, Alistair tells Julian that he must have been switched at birth with his real progeny. Julian says he would gladly give up his birthright if he could be with Eve. Alistair says over his dead body, and Julian says he has no problem with that! Alistair tells him to watch his mouth. Alistair tells Julian that he is a fool for getting caught up in love, love is something greeting card companies get rich off of. Julian says he has finally learned that love is the only thing that matters, and he wonders if he even loved his mother. He thinks his fathers cruelty is what sent Katherine to her death, not Sheridan's birth. Alistair tells Julian to shut up because he knows nothing about his relationship wit his mother! Alistairs assassin calls and says he has them in his sites, and Alistair says to do it and not to call him again until they are dead! Alistair tries to leave, saying they have nothing more to discuss. However, Julian says he isnt finished talking about his mother. He says before she died she was very unhappy, and he treated her like a dog. Julian wonders why he treated her that way. Alistair says he doesn't know much about his mother, but Julian says she was a saint and didn't deserved to be treated the way he treated her. Alistair asks how many saints betrays their own husbands? Julian asks if he is accusing his mother of cheating? Alistair says there are many of ways to betray someone, and he tells Julian not to let his imagination run away. Julian says she obviously made him very angry. Alistair says he doesnt get angry, when someone abuses his trust he gets even! Alistair tells Julian to forget about Eve or he will make sure he is booted out of this family without a penny. Later, the assassin calls back and says the job still isnt done. Alistair is not pleased. Meanwhile, Julian wonders what his father is up to.

In Mexico, the assassin targets Martin and Katherine. Katherine is in bed, and she is having nightmares of taking a stroll on the pier. Alistair finds her and tells her that she doesnt have permission to be out this late. Sheridan then shows up and asks her how she could leave her, didnt she love her enough to stay and protect her? Katherine wakes up from her nightmare, and Martin comes to her side. Martin is worried about Paloma, who is not yet home. He is feeling guilty about leaving Pilar because if he hadnt than Pilar could have kept Paloma at home. He says Paloma hates her mother and it is his fault. She says he has been a good father, but he says she doesnt know who he is, and she thinks they are just long term guests in the inn who watch over her like and aunt and uncle. He also feels bad that she has lost her children while he still has one of his. She says she has lost her children, but has gained a second chance at life with him. He says he just hopes their children will be able to forgive them one day. Katherine worries about Sheridan and how she has two men fighting over her, and how it must be tearing her apart inside. Martin feels if he was home than Luis and Antonio wouldnt always be fighting. Katherine wonders what they have done. He says they did what they had to do. She says they did what they had to do for them, but what about their loved ones. She wonders if they should go home? She says they are paying for their actions in more ways than they have considered. As they talk, Alistairs assassin aims his gun at them.

Paloma is once again having fun at the night club. Palomas friend says a woman is here asking for her. Paloma says she is busy and is dancing. Her friend says it is important and the woman says her name is Pilar. Paloma says that is her mothers name. She thinks her mother has come to finally take her home. She goes to see her mother, and she says it is her Paloma. However, it turns out the Pilar who was looking for her is not her mother, but a fashion editor from some magazine who wants to use her in a photo shoot. Paloma feels like a fool for thinking her mother would come here. She says her mother would have to love her, and she knows her mother has never loved her. 

Paloma returns home and is in tears. Martin and Katherine hear her crying, and they ask what is wrong? She fills them in on mistaking another woman for her mother. Paloma says for a minute she thought her mother loved her enough to come here and take her home. She says her mother would never come here because she doesnt love her at all. Katherine says that is not true, and Martin says her mother only wanted the best for her. Paloma says no, her mother singled her out to live in another country. Paloma cries why did her father have to die, he was a good man and he loved me. She says he never would have sent her away. 

Later, after Paloma has returned to her room, Martin closes the window, which all but ruins the assassins attempt on his and Katherines life. Katherine tells Martin that Paloma obviously thinks the world of him, but he says she wouldnt if she knew he was alive. HE damns Alistair for what he has done to them.

Antonio and Hank continue to approach the island in their boat. Antonio is positive he has seen Luis and Sheridan, and he vows to kill Luis. On the island, Luis refuses to let Antonio take Sheridan from him again. Hank and Antonio end up shirtless and on the island. Antonio has a gun, which Hank tells him to put away. Antonio refuses, and he says he knows they are on this island. He says he wont leave until he finds his wife and shows Luis what he thinks of his kidnapping her! Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan continue walking, and they end up in a cave that seems very familiar to them. Flashback to the past, Harry and Patience ended up on this island at the very same cave, and Andrew was pursuing them. Andrew caught up with them and ordered Harry to unhand his betrothed. Harry says he doesnt think any woman who kisses him the way Patience does is not betrothed. Andrew says she is promised to him and she will grow to love him. More pirates, these ones dead, show up and they have a grudge against Harry who apparently left them to die. Soon everyone gangs up on Harry! Andrew is forced to fight the dead pirates as well because they are after Patience. The dead pirates end up being vanquished, and then an earthquake begins. Andrew rushes off with Patience, and Harry says he will return for her. Back in the real world, Sheridan thinks this is all too weird. She says she has to find Antonio and rushes off. Luis chases after her and begs her to stop. We see an old sword hilt glinting in the sand of the cave after they leave. They hear Antonio shouting in the distance, and Luis begs Sheridan to just give them more time. 


June 4, 2004
At the Bennetts, Sam catches Ivy chocking and works to save her. Faiths ghost says Sam cant save her, she destroyed Graces marriage and family, and now she is going to die! Sam does the Heimlich on Ivy, and he saves her life. He then calls Eve and asks her to come over and check on Ivy for him. He explains that she just chocked, he saved her, but she has passed out. Faiths ghost says Ivy will eventually pay because all sinners do. Faith then decides to go deal with Tabitha. TC and Eve arrive, and Sam says Ivy's been out for about ten minutes. Eve revives Ivy, and when Ivy finds out what happened and that Sam saved her life, she exclaims Oh Sam! and kisses him. Sam thanks Eve and TC for coming so quickly. He offers them a cup of coffee. Eve says that is okay, but TC accepts and he says hell help Sam make it. Sam and TC head into the kitchen, and TC lectures him about getting too close to Ivy. Sam says Ivy is not the selfish person he makes her out to be. Sam tries to change the subject and thinks something is wrong with TC and his family. TC says he doesnt want to talk about that now. They soon end up talking about TCs accident, and TC says he doesnt want to talk about the accident either. TC returns to the subject of Ivy. He says Ivy is evil and is no good for him. Sam says he never knew TC felt so strongly about Ivy. TC says she lied to him about Ethan and let him think Julian was his father. Sam says Ivy was afraid, but TC says he thinks that Ivy just wanted to be Mrs. Julian Crane. Sam says Ivy was a wonderful person when they first met. TC says Ivy left him for money, but Sam says her father pushed her into it, she had no choice. TC says it still happened, and Ivy cant be trusted. TC also says when he let Ivy moved in here it sent a message to Grace, a message that he was committed to their marriage. Sam says he didnt leave Grace to be with Ivy, Grace is the one who left him for David. He says his marriage to Grace is over, and he is moving on with Ivy. TC says he wont let him move on with that monster! TC says he cares too much about him to let Ivy hurt him. Sam says he appreciates his kindness and caring, but he thinks he is directing his anger at Julian at Ivy. TC realizes Sam slept with Ivy, and says he is starting to think with his zipper now that hes getting some. Sam tells him to shut up. TC says that woman is not the same person he fell in love with, she is poison Ivy now! Sam says unless he can prove she is dangerous than shut the hell up, or hell shut him up!

Meanwhile, Ivy thanks Eve for helping her. Eve says she is a doctor, she took an oath to save lives. Ivy tells Eve for a former whore her bedside manner is lacking! Eve says she is only here for Sam, and she doesnt want to see him hurt. Ivy says she was the love of Sams life once, and she intends to be that again. Eve reminds Ivy that she knows what Ivy has done to get Sam. Ivy says Sam doesnt know what she has done, and he never will no because nobody is going to tell him. Ivy says her secret is safe, but Eve says that is what she thinks! Eve says her plot has almost unraveled so many times. Ivy says that is true, but nobody else is a threat to her right now. Eve says her sister Liz is still a threat to her. Ivy asks how her sister is a threat to her? Eve says Liz is out to ruin her (Eves) life, and she thinks eventually Liz will bring her down. Eve says when she does, she will take her (Ivy) down with her! Ivy asks why expose her? Eve says she wont protect her after she has blackmailed her! She tells Ivy that not only will Sam hate her when he learns what she did, Ethan will hate her as well. Ivy says there must be a way to stop Liz, but Eve says there is nothing that she can do to stop Liz.

At the site of Charitys old home, Miguel looks for Charity, who has been cornered by Kay/Dog. Charity screams out, and Miguel hears her. Miguel calls out to Charity, who cries to Miguel for help. Tabitha watches everything through her magic bowl, and she urges Kay to bite Charity with her poisoned fangs before Miguel can save her. Miguel arrives at the house, and Charity tells him to be careful because this dog has almost tried to kill her once.

At Tabithas house, Tabitha wonders how Miguel knew where Charity was. Faith appears and says she told him! Tabitha tells Faith to go away because she is busy. Faith says she wont let her murder Charity! Tabitha says technically she isnt, Kay is! Tabitha explains that Kay is the hell hound who has it in for Charity, and she tells her about her poisoned teeth. Tabitha says now thanks to her meddling, Kay might bite Miguel. Tabitha says  if he dies than it will be all Faith's fault! Faith says she wont let her use Kay this way, she wont let Kay kill Charity! Tabitha says there is not much she can do! Faith watches Charity struggle, and she tells her to hold on because shell find a way to save her! She asks the angels to give her the strength to fight this evil. Faith becomes physical, and ends up decking Tabitaha! Faith the reaches int the bowl and grabs the dog! Tabitha gets up and fights with Faith, who lets go of Kay. Tabitha ends up using Endora to zap Faiths ghost into nothingness, and then she returns to her bowl to see what is going on.

Back at the house, Miguel grabs a stick and tries to swat Kay/Dog away, but he says it is like the dog is possessed! Suddenly, the dog floats up into the air (Faith has grabbed it), and Faiths voice can be heard commanding Leave my daughter alone! Charity says that sounds like her mom. Miguel explains the signs that led him here, and Charity thinks her mom is trying to help them. After Faiths grip on the dog is released, it once again launches into an attack on Charity. Charity escapes, and Miguel realizes that he has to kill the dog. Miguel throws a stick through the air, which impales the dog! Charity hears the dog whimper in the bushes, and she tells him that he got the dog! The dog morphs back into Kay, who has a stick going through her midsection! Miguel feels bad about hurting the dog, but it was tried to kill her. He thinks they should find the dog and call a vet.

On the island, Antonio continues to call out to Sheridan. Sheridan tells Luis that she needs to tell Antonio where they are. She says Luis is hurt and she cant let him die, he needs medical attention. Luis tells Sheridan if she leaves him now then he will die! Meanwhile, Antonio tells Hank that he feels Luis is holding Sheridan hostage and that is why she is not replying. Hank tells him that he needs to get a grip on his anger. Antonio says when he finds them he will make sure Luis never hurts his wife again! Sheridan begins calling out to Antonio, and runs off. Luis begins to wonder if Sheridan really wants to be with Antonio? Sheridan searches for Antonio, while Hank tries to persuade Antonio to return to the boat because they arent here. Antonio says they are here, and he thinks Luis probably has her bound and gagged. He says he will kill Luis with a gun or his bare hands! Sheridan, hiding behind a rock, overhears Antonio say this and says she was afraid this might happen. She doesnt know what to do as Luis needs medical attention, but Antonio will kill him if she alerts Antonio to their presence. Antonio shouts out to Luis that when he finds him, he will kill him! Sheridan realizes she cant let Antonio see Luis. Meanwhile, Luis is crying to himself that he has lost Sheridan. Sheridan returns to him, and she tells him that they have to get out of here, Antonio cannot find them. They run off, and Antonio spots movement in the jungle. He thinks it is Sheridan and Luis and begins chasing after them. Sheridan takes Luis back to the cave, and she covers the entrance so that Antonio cant find him. She asks Luis if he is okay? He says he is because she still loves him. She says that is not true, but he says it is because she chose him. She tries to explain why she is here, because Antonio is out to kill him. He coughs, and she thinks he needs a doctor. He says all he needs is to be with her. Sheridan feels his forehead and says he is growing worse. She wonders what to do, and she remembers how he used body heat to save her once. She says that is the only thing she can do for him. She takes off her swimsuit and snuggles up under a blanket with Luis. Meanwhile, Hank tells Antonio that they arent here and they are just wasting their time. Antonio tells himself that he knows Sheridan and Luis are here, and he wonders where he took her. Back in the cave, Luis says he is still cold, but feeling better. He gives Sheridan a necklace he recovered, the necklace he gave Sheridan in all their past lives. He says their love is forever. Flashback to the past, Harry and Patience are once again back in the cave, and Andrew is still looking for them. They share a kiss Back in the real world, Sheridan begs Luis not to die! Luis say hes not going to die, and he once again says their love is forever. Sheridan and Luis then share a kiss!

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