June 7, 2004
Posted as is, I will try and proof this after I pack for my trip!
Also, the beginning  of the show was interrupted for news and coverage of Reagan's death, I summarized as much as I could!
On the island, Luis tells Sheridan that he never stopped loving her, even when everyone told him that she was dead. He asks her to remember how much they loved one another. He then looks at the necklace he put around her neck, and he says he cant believe they found this. He says he gave this to her centuries ago. Sheridan says it is a miracle that it survived. They once again begin to remember their lives as Harry and Patience. Harry told Patience that they were destined to be together, but he couldn't give her the lifestyle that Andrew can. SHe said she didn't care, she longed for adventure. Harry said he knew it, and he says they should start their adventure together right now. As they tried to leave, Andrew showed up with back-up. He ordered Harry to unhand Patience, and they began to duel once more. Andrew ended up getting the upper hand on Harry, who was pinned to the ground. Patience begged Andrew not to do this! Patience threw herself in front of HArry and told Andrew that she loved him and couldn't live without him! Andrew told her to go away with her pirate because he never wanted to see her face again. Andrew said he would let them go, he would not force her to be his wife. Patience thanked him and told him that she loved him as a friend or a brother, but Harry was the one she wanted to be with. Andrew tells them to go, and he walks out of the cave. As they kissed, Patience's father aimed his gun at them and fired!

Hank and Antonio are back on the boat and still searching the island. Antonio remembers there are caves on the island, and he thinks they could be hiding in one. Hank says he doesnt think they will find Sheridan, but Antonio says Luis took her against her will and she will come back with him where she belongs. Antonio refuses to give up and continues to say that Luis will pay for this with his life because he will kill him!

Out in Castleton, Miguel finds Kay and she is wounded badly. She has been impaled by a piece of metal. Charity calls the paramedics, and Miguel tells himself that if he has killed Kay than hell never forgive himself! The paramedics arrive, as do the cops. The cops call it a crime scene because someone obviously stabbed this girl. He questions Charity and Miguel as to why they are here. Charity explains this is her old house and she came her to commune with her dead mother. Miguel says he came to find Charity, and he found Charity being attacked by a dog. Miguel explains that he threw the metal rod at the dog, and somehow it his Kay. Miguel says he had no idea Kay was even up here. The officer learns the girl is Kay Bennett, and he warns them if Kay doesn't pull through then she can be charged with manslaughter!

At her place, Tabitha sees, through her bowl, that Kay has been hurt. She says this wasn't supposed to happen, and Kay can't die because she is her only ally her in Harmony.  Tabitha puts Endora and MAria in their strollers and heads to the hospital to try and help Kay.

Fox has come to visit Theresa and has brought her a huge arrangement of flowers. She thanks him, and he says she is welcomed. She asks what she did to deserve this? He says she deserves to have beautiful things every day. She asks him why he really did this. He says she has seemed really down lately and he wanted to cheer her up. Fox asks Theresa to talk to him about what is bothering her, he thinks she is mad at him. Theresa remembers seducing Ethan, and it upsets her. Fox can see she is becoming upset, and he thinks he has done something. He asks her what he did? She begins bawling, and she tells Fox that he hasn't done anything wrong. She says he has been really great to her. Fox asks if it isn't him, that what is it? Theresa says it is her! 

In the kitchen of the Russell house, Whitney is distracted and Chad asks her what is bothering her? What has her upset? He asks if she is upset with her mom? Whitney says her mom is not what shes worried about. Chad asks then what? She says she is worried about her father. She says he is so naive when it comes to her mom, and that he will be crushed when he finds out she has deceived him. Later, they hear Theresa crying and go to see what is going on. Whitney asks Theresa what is wrong? Fox says something is going on and she won't tell him. Whitney asks to speak with Theresa alone, so Fox and Chad excuse themselves. Whitney asks Theresa what is wrong, is it the baby? Theresa says no, it is her, she is a terrible person. Theresa says Gwen is right, she is a bitch! Whitney asks Theresa to tell her what is going on. Theresa says she doesn't deserve Fox or his generosity considering what she has done. She says she has treated Fox like dirt, she was disloyal and unfaithful to him. Whitney says she did betray Fox by sleeping with Ethan. Theresa says she feels terrible about it. Theresa 
says maybe what she did was wrong, but she is just trying to get her son back. Whitney says the ends don't justify the means. Theresa says she doesn't care how dirty she has to play, but she does feel guilty about what she has done to Fox. Theresa thinks Fox would die if he found out what she did. Whitney doubts that, but she feels she needs to tell Fox the truth. Theresa says he would break up with her. Whitney says maybe, but if she's going to have a future with him, she needs top be honest with him. Theresa asks what if Fox tells Ethan what she did? Whitney tells Theresa that she can't let Fox go on thinking this is Ethan and Gwen's baby. She also says she knows making love to Ethan had to have affected her. Theresa admits that she tried to fight it, but all her feelings for Ethan did come back. She says she hates herself for being so weak. She says she doesn't want to love Ethan, she wants to be with Fox. She wonders how she goes on like this. Whitney says she doesn't think she can, she has to tell Fox the truth. Theresa says okay, she will do it. She asks Whitney to send Fox out here. Fox returns, and Theresa tells Fox that she needs to make a confession to him.

At the Bennetts, Ivy and Eve find Sam and TC fighting in the kitchen. They stop the fight and ask what is going on? TC tells Sam to tell them what they are fighting about! Sam doesn't want to tell them, so TC does. TC says he and his wife don't like Ivy, and they resent the way she moved in here after Grace left. Ivy says Grace abandoned Sam, and she has been trying to help Sam take care of things. TC says she is trying to help herself to Sam! Sam tells TC not to do this. TC says this woman has him so duped that he believes her lies. Ivy learns Sam was defending her, and TC calls her a snake! Sam says this is none of his business, but TC says when his best friend is being played for a fool then it is his business. TC thinks Ivy orchestrated this whole thing, he thinks she somehow got David to come to Harmony. Eve says they have gone over this, and David proved he was Grace's first husband, and the DNA tests proved John was her son. Before they can continue the conversation, Charity calls Sam and tells her about Kay. At the same time, Eve is paged by the hospital. Sam and Eve head off, and Ivy remains behind at Sam's request. TC tells Ivy that this isn't over! He tells her that she is slimy and can't be trusted. Ivy says Sam loves her, but TC says when he finds out what she is up to he won't love her. TC says he's going to keep his eye on her, and if she makes one wrong move than he will be all over her! TC leaves, and Ivy says wait until TC finds out that his wife is Julian's drugged out whore! She says TC will be sorry he came after her! 

At the hospital, Eve works on Kay, and orders Sam to wait outside the room. Sam meets up with Miguel and Charity, and he asks how this happened? Charity says it was an accident, and Miguel says he threw the rod and it hit Kay. Sam throws Miguel up against the wall as he thinks Miguel tried to kill Kay. Meanwhile, Eve says Kay's vitals are dropping!  


June 8, 2004
From Jen.
The first ten minutes were pre-empted for news
Liz meets with Ivy, blah blah blah about Eve. Ivy says Julian was also a victim who has paid for his mistakes, as well as Eve. Ivy asks Liz if there is any way Liz and Eve could bury the hatchet. Liz responds  in her back! She wants Eve to pay for how badly she was hurt. Liz wants to know why Ivy cares so much that Eve's past stays hidden. Ivy  says she doesn't want Whitney and Simone to suffer. Liz says she thinks she has a vested interest is keeping Eve's past a secret. She says she thinks that Eve has something on Ivy. She threatens to go to TC and Ivy admits Eve has something on her too. Liz wants to know what dirt Eve has on Ivy. Liz says she's going to lead TC to figure out the truth. Ivy tells her she'll do anything she wants, just leave TC alone. Liz laughs at her. She wants Eve to feel despair to be shunned by her daughters and her husband and if Eve takes down Ivy with her she doesn't really cares. Liz leaves. 

Whitney and Chad are in the kitchen. Chad wants to know what the deal is with Fox and Theresa. Whitney tells Chad that Theresa is going to tell Fox the truth about something she has done. Meantime, Theresa is in the other room with Fox, confessing to him that she did something. She tells him there is someone else in her life that means more to her than anything else. Fox tells her that he knew she felt like that for Ethan. Theresa tells him it's not Ethan. Back to Chad and Whitney, Chad asks what Theresa did but Whitney won't tell him. Fox thinks Theresa is dumping him to be with another guy. Theresa tells him she can't be with him but she's not dumping for him for another guy. She needs to deal with her consequences. Fox tells her that they can remain friends. Theresa says that maybe someday they can be more than friends again. Theresa and Fox are patting themselves on the back for being so mature when Whitney comes in. Fox goes into the kitchen with Chad. Whitney asks if she told Fox the truth. She says she couldn't risk anyone else finding out her plan to trade Ethan's baby for Little Ethan. Chad tells Fox he thinks him and T-Lo made a great couple and maybe they'll get back  together. Fox tells Chad that he's lucky to have Whitney who's beautiful, honest and loyal.

Eve and Sam are at the hospital. Eve tells Sam that Kay is not dead, but she has lost a lot of blood and she needs surgery. Eve tells them all to pray and that she will everything she can. Charity and Miguel realize that Kay could die. They each blame themselves. Charity tells Sam that if anyone can save Kay than Eve can. Sam wants to know what they were doing in Castleton. Charity says she had a dream about her mother so she went to her. Tabitha shows up and asks exactly what her dead mother was trying to tell her. Charity says her mother said she was worried about her. A dog appeared and she went off the cliff. Sam  wants to know how Miguel knew she was there. Miguel explains about the picture falling. Tabitha says Kay may have had a vision that her cousin was in danger and told her she was afraid for Charity and she ran out of the house. Sam for some reason excepts all these crazy explanations and goes for coffee. Tabitha guilts Charity about Kay having to cut fish to make ends meet for her daughter and now she may die because she was racing to save Charity. Charity feels guilty because she didn't listen to her mother about staying away from Miguel. Meanwhile, Eve is operating on Kay and begins to lose her. Back to Charity and Tabitha, where Tabitha is really drilling it into her how she should have listened to her dead mother and Kay to go back to Harmony. If she had Charity never would have been attacked by the dog and Miguel never would have accidentally speared Kay. She tells Charity that Kay and Miguel were  very happy before she came to town. 

Hank and Antonio are still on the island searching for Luis and  Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan is remembering being Harry and Patience. Patience's father is there and she is yelling at him because he shot Harry. Patience's father tells her that he shot Harry because his daughter could not marry a pirate. She begs Harry not to die, cannot imagine her life without him. Harry dies and Patience tells her father she hates him and curses him. Back on the island, Sheridan tells Luis she couldn't save him then, but she can save him now. She tells him she lost him then, on the Titanic, etc., but she will not lose him now. She flags down Antonio and Hank to help Luis. Luis begs her not to. Antonio and  Hank find them. Antonio threatens to kill Luis and Hank stops him.  Antonio refuses to take Luis to a doctor and wants Hank to arrest Luis!  Antonio tells Sheridan that either she tells Hank she was kidnapped and  to arrest Luis and Antonio is going to kill him and go to jail himself.  Sheridan says OK, arrest him and she'll press charges!


June 9, 2004
Shortner than normal, typed after I saw the show!

At the hospital, Sam, Tabitha, Miguel and Charity wait for word on Kay. Kay pulls through the surgery, and Eve pulls herself together in order to face the family. Meanwhile, Tabitha guilts Charity over Kay's accident, and how Miguel could be convicted of manslaughter if Kay dies. She says poor little Maria will be robbed of her mother and her father. Tabitha tells Charity that all this suffering could have been avoided if she had given up Miguel like her mom told her to. Pilar soon arrives, she is still in the hospital for her illness, and she has heard that Kay is here. Miguel explains to his mother what happened. Eve shows up to inform everyone of Kay's status, she is out of surgery and holding her own. However, she says the next few hours are still critical. Sam asks if they can see her, but Eve says not yet. Later, Tabitha sees Charity talking with Miguel and playing with Maria, and she worries that Charity will never leave Miguel alone. Tabitha grabs Endora and says they have some havoc to wreak! Meanwhile, Sam talks to Pilar about how Kay is going through hell and Grace is thousands of miles away. Sam says he's accepted losing Grace, but being the only parent his children have is frustrating. Pilar understands the troubles of being a single parent, and she says sometimes she thinks if Martin was still here things could have turned out different for her children. Sam says none of her children's problems are her fault, but she still feels guilty. Eve then informs Pilar that Luis has been brought into the ER, but he is okay. Pilar decides to go see Luis, and Sam and Miguel want to go to. However, Miguel has to stay behind because Maria is not allowed in the ER, and Tabitha has suddenly disappeared and can't watch Maria. Miguel thanks Charity for sticking around to be here for him. Charity begins to wonder if she can continue being with Miguel given what has happened as she did not listen to her "mother's" warnings. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Endora have snuck into Kay's room to cast some magic. Endora zaps Kay, and her spirit comes out of her body. Tabitha sends Kay's ghost to haunt Charity. Kay's ghost tells Charity that she is dead and it is her fault! Charity says this can't be, she survived the surgery. Kay says she took a turn for the worse, and now she is dead! Kay tells Charity if she had just listened to her mother and stayed away from Miguel than she'd be alive! She says Maria is motherless, and Miguel will go to jail, and it is all because she couldn't stay away from Miguel! Charity says she loves Miguel, but Kay says her love for him cost her her life, Maria her mother, and Miguel his freedom. She tells Charity to stay away from him before she ruins anymore lives! Kay tells Charity she is a menace and a killer, and to stay away from Miguel. Kay's ghost then vanishes. Miguel returns and says Kay is still okay and is holding her own. Charity is stunned to learn Kay is still alive, but ends up pushing Miguel away. She tells him to stay away from her!

Elsewhere, Sheridan recalls choosing to have Luis arrested so that Antonio didn't kill him, and she wondered what she has done. The doctor finishes examining Luis, and he informs Sheridan, Antonio and Hank that they got Luis here just in time, if they waited any longer he may have died from infection. Antonio informs Hank that as soon as Luis is discharged he wants him arrested! Hank goes in to see Luis, and warns him that he's probably going to be arrested. Luis wishes Sheridan didn't tell Antonio where he was. Hank tells him that he needed medical attention, but Luis says he just needed a little more time with her. 

Meanwhile, Antonio tells Sheridan that he's glad she is okay because he was afraid Luis had hurt her. She says he'd never hurt her, but Antonio says he kidnapped her and held her against her will. Sheridan says he just wanted her to remember her love for him. Antonio asks if she did, and Sheridan says she did. She says she remembered not only her past in this lifetime, but in other lifetimes. She tells Antonio that he was there too, and she tells him the story of Harry, Patience and Andrew. Antonio says he remembers an other lifetime, when Luis died on the titanic and they ended up together and had a wonderful life together. He says it sounds like the same story, Luis dies and they end up together. Sheridan says that is true, but the love she has and has had with Luis is just so strong. Antonio asks Sheridan if she is saying she wants to be with Luis and not him? Sheridan says she loves Luis with all her heart, but that is in the past. She tells Antonio that she loves him and wants to be with him, which is a relief to Antonio. 

Pilar soon shows up to see Luis, and she asks what has happened. Luis tells her that he just hit his head. Sheridan, Hank and Antonio come in, and Antonio demands Luis be arrested. Sam is with them, and he tries to talk sense into Antonio. However, Antonio insists Luis be arrested. Sam says he can't unless Sheridan wants to press charges, and he doubts she wants to do that. Antonio says he is wrong, Sheridan agreed to press charges. Sam asks if this is true? Sheridan says it is. 

Julian arrives at Alistair's office, and when he brings up his mother, it pushes Alistair's buttons. Julian wants to know what his mother did to betray Alistair. Alistair says his mother is off limits, so he should drop it! Alistair asks if there is another reason he has interrupted him? Julian tells his father about Antonio finding Luis and Sheridan, but Alistair already knows. He also knows that Sheridan hasn't remembered her love for Luis. Julian refuses to let Sheridan lose Luis, he says he wants to see at least one of his mother's children have true love. He remembers promising his mother that he would look after Sheridan, so he's going to tell Sheridan the truth, that he did brainwash her. Alistair laughs at Julian and tells him to go tell his sister everything, but if he does, he will say goodbye to Eve forever. Julian says he has already lost Eve. However, Alistair says he will make sure Eve is lost to everyone else in her life, he will destroy her! 

In Mexico, Paloma wonders why her mother never came to see her, why she was the one sent away. Paloma dreams about a life in Harmony with her family. She comes home from school with straight A's, and everyone is very proud of her. They tell her that they love her and will always be here for her. Her dream turns dark and she calls them all liars. She says they sent her away and never came to see her. She says she hates them all! Paloma wakes up from her dream turned nightmare, and she tries to calm herself down and go back to sleep. She then looks over and sees a man standing in her room, and she lets out a scream. Paloma runs out of the room screaming, and the man follows her!

Meanwhile, Katherine tells Martin that she knows her children are all grown up, but she thinks of Julian and Sheridan as children. Martin says he understands, in his heart his children are all still his baby's. He hopes they all find as much happiness as they have. Katherine can't help but feel their happiness is about to end. As they talk, Alistair's assassin targets them!  Martin and Katherine continue to discuss what they've done to their families, and Katherine fears they may never forgive them for what they did. They begin taking a walk, and end up moving out of range of the assassin's gun. They continue talk about running away, and Martin tells Katherine that she had no choice. He says her health was deteriorating and she would have died if she stayed with him. Katherine remembers Alistair criticizing her outfit that she was going to wear to meet the governor's wife. He also says she looks awful, she has dark circles under her eyes. She says she was up with Sheridan, Sheridan was sick. Alistair says that is the nanny's job, and he thinks she stayed up all night to make him look bad. Katherine said she didn't, and begged his forgiveness. She said she would do better by him, and he told her to see that she does! Back in the present, Martin says he had no choice, he had to get her out of that situation or she would have died. He says he has no regrets, and he would give up his life again to save her. Later, the assassin gets them in his sites again, and as he takes aim, Paloma ends up dashing in front of them! A shot is fired, and a scream is heard!


June 10, 2004
At the hospital, Charity pushes Miguel away and says she doesnt want to be with him anymore, so he should stay away from her. Miguel doesnt understand where this is coming from. Charity tells Miguel that they cant be together because of Kays death. Miguel says Kay is fine, but Charity says she is sorry to have to tell him this, but she is dead. Miguel says he just came from Kays cubicle, and she is expected to make a full recovery. Still, Charity says even if she lives, their being together causes pain for other people. She says they are being selfish for staying together and not caring what their relationship does to others. Miguel asks if they can go somewhere and talk about this? Charity says no. She tells him that their love is poison and they must stay away from one another. Charity tells Miguel goodbye, and walks away. Elsewhere, Sam calls Grace and leaves her a message about Kays accident and her condition. He says Kay will be fine, and it isnt necessary for her to fly back. 

In Luis room Sheridan agrees to press charges against Luis, so Sam arrests him! Luis is furious and wonders what more the legal system will do to him, theyve already taken his badge, his job, and his family's home. Eve tries to delay his discharge so he doesn't have to go to jail right away, but Luis says no. Luis says his brother has convinced Sheridan and his two best friends to turn against him, so dont delay the inevitable.

Outside of Luis room, Pilar is furious with Sheridan for pressing charges against Luis. Sheridan explains why she had to press charges. She says she is doing this to save Luis life, not to get back at him. Sheridan says Antonio was going to kill Luis, and she promised to press charges if Antonio would spare Luis' life. Sheridan says one of these brothers will kill one another if she doesnt do something to stop this. Pilar says she feels her pain, but Luis wont be in jail forever. Sheridan says she knows, so she and Antonio will move away, somewhere Luis wont find her. She says once she is gone shell drop the charges against him. Pilar says he still wont give up on her, but Sheridan says he has to. Sheridan says she couldnt live with herself if something happened to either one of them. Pilar tells her not to blame herself, she is the one who has failed her sons. Sheridan says that is not true, but Pilar says she feels if Martin was here things would have been different. She talks about the last time she saw Martin, and how she felt he was trying to warn her of something, that maybe he was leaving. She also says she called Mexico to talk to Paloma recently and a man answered the phone. She says she thought for a moment it was Martin, but she knows it couldnt be him. She asks why her Martin would be south of the border?

Eve arrives and tells everyone that Luis will be released soon, and she says Luis is asking to see Sheridan. Antonio says no way, but Sheridan says she will see him. She assures Antonio that nothing will happen to her with Sam and Hank here. She goes in to see Luis, and she tells Luis that she is leaving Harmony with Antonio tomorrow. She tells Luis that this is goodbye. Luis says he will die without her, but Sheridan says he will die if she stays. She says she wont allow him or Antonio die because of her. She says she still carries the guilt of her mothers death with her, and she wont have another death on her head. She tells Luis that one day she hopes he will understand why she has done this. Luis tells her that he will never stop loving her.

Meanwhile, Pilar tells Antonio that she is sad that he is leaving, but is glad her sons wont be killing one another. She wonders how she made such a mess of their lives. Luis is brought out in cuffs by Hank. Luis tells his mom that this is not her fault, and she tells Sheridan that he will always love her and one day shell realize her love for him. 

Luis is taken to jail, where he is locked up. Hank tells Luis hes sorry for having to do this, but Luis says he doesnt blame him. Luis remains confident that one day Sheridan will remember her love for him. Hank asks Luis if everything he has gone through with Sheridan has been worth it? Luis says it has been, and hed do it all over again. Hank tells Luis it may be time to let go, but Luis refuses. He says he will wait as long as it takes for Sheridan to come back to him.

Meanwhile, Antonio and Sheridan return to the cottage. He tells her that hell never forgive Luis for what hes done, but at least they will be leaving tomorrow and theyll never have to see him again.

At the Bennetts, Ivy tries to think of a way to stop Liz from taking her down with Eve, but Ivy has nothing to offer Liz that is better than her having her revenge on Luis. Later, Charity shows up and fills Ivy in on what has happened to Kay, and how she has decided to stay away from Miguel in order to prevent anyone else from being hurt. Ivy says perhaps she is right, perhaps letting go is best. Ivy is shocked because Ivy has been urging her not to give up in true love. Ivy says she may have been wrong, and she says she is realizing the things one does in the name of love can often come back to haunt you. Later, Miguel shows up and demands to talk to Charity about this. Charity tells Miguel that they are done, they are over! She says he has to accept it. Miguel tells her too look into his eyes and tell him that she doesnt love him anymore, tell him that this is what she wants. Charity says she doesnt love him anymore. She says their love has caused too much pain, and when that happens, love dies. She asks Miguel to leave her alone because it is over. Charity then runs off in tears. Ivy watches the scene and says soon that will be her fate when Sam learns what she has done. Miguel finally leaves, and Charity is heartbroken. She admits to herself that she still loves Miguel, but it just wont work between them. She cries that it isnt fair. 

At Alistairs office, Julian says he will tell Sheridan everything and he wont allow him to hurt Eve! Alistair wonders where he gets his spine, and tells Julian to play the hero if her wants. He says while he is helping Sheridan and Luis, hell be signing Eves life away! Later, the assassin calls Alistair and says he shot the wrong person, but he wont stop trying until the two are dead. Alistair tells him he better make sure they die because he doesnt like being disappointed. After the phone call ends, Alistair asks Julian if he has made a decision about what hes going to do? Julian tells his father that he wins, he will not tell Sheridan. Alistair says he always wins, no one gets away from him, he tracks down anyone who crosses him. Julian realizes Alistair is not talking about him, Eve, Sheridan or even Luis. He wonders if if his hatred for Luis and Sheridan has something to do with Martin Fitzgerald? Alistair tells him to get out! He realizes that is it, and he wonders how this family holds such power over the great Alistair Crane. Julian realizes Martin is the second nerve hes hit with his father tonight, the first was about his mother. Alistair tells him to get out, and he leaves. Alistair ends up looking at a photo of Katherine, which he shatters after telling her that she must die for betraying him.

Down in Mexico, Katherine and Martin hear a gunshot, and drop to the ground. They eventually search out the source, and find Paloma has been shot! Martin begs God not to take his little girl. Katherine calls the paramedics, but nobody answers their phone. They carry Paloma inside and put her on the couch. It turns out the bullet only grazed Palomas arm, and she fell down and hit her head. Paloma comes to, and she asks what happened? Martin tells her that someone shot at her. She asks why? They say they dont know, and asks what happened before the shot, did she see anyone? Paloma says she did see someone, they were in her room. She says she got scared and went looking for them. She says she doesnt know if the person was real or not though. Martin thinks perhaps it was a dream, and he says nobody would want to hurt her. He says the important thing is that she is fine. Katherine continues to try calling the doctor, but with no luck. Katherine thinks shell try and clean the room herself. Martin and Katherine discuss the gunshot, which they know was meant for one of them. Martin says they both have to stay calm, but it is apparent that Alistair has found them! They return to attending to Paloma, who thanks them for being here for her. She lashes out about her mother, who she feels doesnt love her. Katherine and Martin defend Pilar, but she says there is no excuse for abandoning your own child. She is glad they have been her for her because it makes her feel less alone. Katherine excuses herself to get some water for Paloma, and Martin joins her. Katherine asks what they will do because Alistairs gunman is probably still out there waiting to take another shot or two at them. Martin says he wont let this gunman hurt her or Paloma. He says he will go out there and take care of this gunman. They share a kiss before Martin leaves, and Katherine asks him to be careful. Back outside, the gunman approaches Martin from behind, but Martin gets the upper hand on him. He wants the assassin to admit that Alistair sent him. He pins the gunman to the ground, but then the gunman kicks Martin off of him. Martin falls down, apparently hitting his head. The gunman stands over Martin and aims his gun. It turns out Martin was playing dead, and he and the gunman continue wresting over the gun. Katherine shows up, sees them fighting, and cries out when the gunmans gun fires!


June 11, 2004
Passions was shown in my area at a different time, and I only caught the tail end of it. I do not know if NBC will re-air the show Monday or not. This is NBC's summary with a few comments of my own thrown in

At the Bennett's, TC and Sam make up and are once again all buddy-buddy. 

Meanwhile, Eve and Ivy get drunk and bond over their upcoming demise at Liz's hands.

Liz is looking through some old things and comes across something which stuns her. She says this is the key to her bringing down Eve once and for all.

At the cottage, Antonio makes plans to move away with Sheridan, his wife is haunted by feelings for Luis.

 Despite being in jail, Luis remains certain of his impending reunion with Sheridan.

Luis looks out up into the night's sky and sees a star. He makes a wish on the star, wishing that Sheridan would remember her love for him.

At the same time, Antonio sleeps and Sheridan looks at the same star. She says she wants to honor her husband, but she can't stop thinking about Luis. She makes a wish that she could get over these feeling she is having.

Down in Mexico, after facing off with the assassin, Martin and Katherine work to figure out what to do now that Alistair has found them. Martin asks Tia Maria to call home to Pilar and ask Pilar to place a call to Paloma, make up a phony emergency, and tell Paloma she must come home. Tia Maria agrees to do it, but says her sister has no idea how much Paloma hates her.

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