June 14, 2004
Liz goes to the Harmony nursing home and meets up with the director of the home. Liz says she is here to meet Irma Keating. Liz explains that she is Eves half-sister (this is the first this has been mentioned?) and she has actually never met Aunt Irma as she was Eves fathers sister. The director says Eve is always so good about being timely with the payments for Irmas care. The director leaves to check on Irma, and Liz thinks this is it, this is the key to destroying Eve. Aunt Irma is brought out to meet Liz. She is a crotchedy old woman, and she annoyed because she was in the middle of Days of Our Lives. Irma looks at Liz and says she doesnt know who this woman is. She says she wants to go back to her room right now! Liz says Irma is right, she doesnt know her, but the person who sent her is a big Days fan. Irma asks who sent her, Marlena, Bo, Hope? Liz says Eve Russell. Irma screams Eve is a whore, a whore, a whore! A big slut, a harlot, a heathen! The director says she committed a big whoops,iw this happens every time Eves name is mentioned. Liz smiles and says this will be the family region from hell! The director ends up telling Irma to have a nice visit, and runs off. Liz asks if she would like to pay a visit to Eve and her family? Aunt Irma screams Slut, whore, heathen!

At the hospital, Eve tells Pilar that she is doing so well that she is clearing her for outpatient car. Eve tells Pilar to be careful to watch out for her health as they dont want to lose her. Pilar is thrilled and takes off to go to Luis hearing. Eve then gets the results from Kays CT scan, and she looks at them and says That poor girl! Meanwhile, Tabitha sits with Kay in her hospital room, and she tells Kay that they have finally split Charity and Miguel up. Right as Tabitha tells her this and Kay is rejoicing, Miguel and Charity show up, together to check on Kay. Miguel apologizes to Kay for what happened. As they talk, Tabitha tries to guilt Charity and Miguel further apart over what happened by saying how much pain Kay is in. Kay says it is unbearable and cries out some phoney Oww Oww Owws Charity asks why Kay she was in the woods? Tabitha says she was looking for her, they were all so worried about her when she ran off. Charity ends up remembering her visit from Kays ghost, and she tells Miguel that she has to go. She says she meant what she said to him earlier, they cant do this anymore .She runs off, and Kay tells herself Say so long to Charity forever! Later, Eve shows up later and asks Tabitha and Miguel to rescues them while she talks to Kay about some test results Kay wants Miguel to stay, as she says he is family. so he does. Tabitha leaves to check on Charity. Eve tells Kay it is never easy for a doctor to deliver bad news, but she will get through this. Kay asks what is wrong? Eve tells Kay that she suffered major internal trama, and there were complications from the surgery. Eve informs Kay that she wont be able to have any more children. Kay is devastated and cries out No!

Outside Kays room, Tabitha accuses Charity of planning to run into Miguel. Tabitha tells her that she may come off as a cute little blonde goody two-shoes, but inside she is evil! She asks Charity what is wrong with her? When will she stop trying to tear Miguel away from poor Kay and their helpless daughter? Tabitha says Kay has a lot to deal with right now, so she doesnt want Charity to make life any harder for Kay! Charity asks Tabitha if she knows what Dr. Russell is talking to Kay about? Tabitha says she is supposed to be the psychic one unless that was a big lie too! She tells Charity to just leave Kay alone! Charity and Tabitha hear Kay cry out, and Charity says the news must have been terrible. Tabitha urges Charity not to bring Kay anymore pain.

At the cottage, Antonio tells Sheridan before they head to Saint Lisas, they have to go to a hearing. He tells Sheridan that today Luis will go away to jail for a long time. Meanhwile, in Jail, Hank shows up and has Woody Stumper with him. Woody is here to represent Luis in the hearing today. Hank informs Luis that Antonio has used his Crane connections to pull some strings and set up a hearing today. Hank says Woody will represent him, but as he admitted to kidnapping Sheridan, he is in big trouble. When Luis learns Sheridan will be at the hearing he is hopeful that hell be able to get one more chance to change Sheridans mind about him. Hank tells Luis that Sheridan isnt coming to reminisce with him, shes coming to testify against him. Luis says it doesnt matter, a life without Sheridan is worse than jail!

At the courthouse, Judge McFarlane is in his chambers and making notes to himself. He says that he will dismiss this case today because he feels Luis is being railroaded. Alistair appears out of no where and tells him to think again. Alistair orders the judge to send Luis away forever or he will be living in misery! The judge says this hearing wont stand up to an appeal, but Alistair says there will be no appeal. The judge also says he cannot be bought like other judges. Alistair says everyone has their price, and he shows him a portable TV player. On the screen the judge sees a man holding a gun on his son. Alistair threatens the judges sons life if he does not make sure Luis goes to jail. 

Antonio and Sheridan arrive at the courthouse, and Sheridan sees the Crane Lawyers are here. Sheridan learns Antonio used her father to set this up, and she is shocked. Pilar shows up and is furious with Antonio for doing this to his own brother. She says he is being sentenced to jail without a trial! Antonio says Luis disserves this, he is guilty and he will go to jail for a long time so she should get over it! When Luis is brought in, he tries to plead with Sheridan to remember his love for him. Antonio tells him to back off! Antonio tells Luis that hes going to be rotting in hell while hes out enjoying his life with Sheridan. Luis lunges at Antonio, and the bailiff steps in to try and break-up their fight. The bailiff handcuffs Luis to his chair, and the judge arrives to hear judge the case. He first starts off by saying it seems Antonio has wasted no time in learning how to wield the Crane power. Antonio take offense, as do the Crane Lawyers, and the judge says it is just his attempt at a little levity. Luis wants to speak, and the Crane Lawyers and Antonio object. The judge says they have already won this case so it doesnt really matter. Luis says if he is allowed to speak then he will wave all his rights to an appeal. Luis says he just wants to tell Sheridan how much he loves her. The judge allows it, and Luis professes his love to her. He says he dreams about her at night, and he knows she dreams about him. He says everything and everywhere in this town reminds him of her, and he knows she feels the same way. He tells her the reason she cant stop thinking about him is because her father could not kill what is in her heart. He tells her to listen to her heart, it will tell her what to do. Antonio says this man belongs in the nuthouse. The judge tells Antonio to save it, and he asks Luis if he is finished? Luis says he is, and he secretly asks God to help him. As the judge goes to rule, Alistair, who is standing in the back of the court room, holds up the miniature TV showing an image of his captive son. The judge ends up sentencing Luis to 25 years in jail! Pilar cries that now she has lost both of her sons. Woody objects to this, and Pilar tells Antonio that he has killed their family. Antonio says he did what he had to do. Pilar says he has forgotten everything she has taught him! Antonio leaves to make sure their plane is ready. Sheridan apologizes to Pilar for this, but Pilar says this is not his fault. She tells Sheridan to go be happy with Antonio and try and help him remember the man he was. Pilar then goes over to say goodbye to Luis. She tells him not to worry, she sure there is a way for him to get out of jail. Pilar hugs Luis and tells him that she loves him. Pilar says his brother will regret his actions here today. Luis says he is surprised how wrong he was about Sheridan, but he guesses she does love Antonio more after all. Meanwhile, outside of the courtroom, Alistair ends up giving Antonio a huge bag of cash and some phony passports. Alistair says he backed a winner, and with this he and Sheridan will be able to go anywhere and Luis will never find them! Alistair convinces Antonio to take Sheridan far away, and Antonio says he will. Alistair thinks he has finally gotten rid of Luis, and says once Sheridan is far away with babies bouncing on her knee she will never look back. Back in the courtroom, Sheridans love for Luis finally comes back as Luis is taken away to jail. We are treated to dozens of Luis and Sheridan flashbacks from over the years. Sheridan cries out that she remembers, and she tells Luis that she remembers everything! She tells Luis that she loves him and only him, now and forever! Sheridan grabs Luis as he is being dragged off and kisses him! 

In Mexico, Katherine suggests to Martin that they run again, but Martin doesnt think that is an option until Paloma is safe and back in Harmony. As they discuss sending Paloma home, she arrives and says she will never go back to Harmony, she does not care if she never sees her mother again! Paloma says her mother doesnt want her, she threw her away. Martin says that is not true. Paloma says they should not fight about Harmony again. She says she does not need that family, she has a family here which is enough. She asks them if they can go pick up her pain pills, and they say they will go get them from the drugstore. They ask her to stay close to the hotel, and she says she will. She says today she will be a big couch potato. She sits down on the couch and is stunned when she sees him. The man asks if she knows him? She says no, and she explains she had a dream about a man and thought he was him, that is all. The man says well she is very lovely. He says he is here just to check out the hotel for him and his family. She says the hotel if the best one around, and he thanks her for being honest and helpful. To repay paloma the man gives her a necklace. She says it is lovely and thanks him. The mans says they will meet again very soon. He leaves, and then Katherine and Martin return with her pills. An excited Paloma shows Katherine the necklace a man gave her, and she says she thinks it is real gold.. Katherine is stunned by it because the necklace has the Crane logo on it! Katherine warns Martin that this is a message from Alistair, he means to kill Paloma! Martin says he can try, but he will kill Alistair first!


June 15, 2004
At the nursing home, Liz continues her visit with Aunt Irma. Aunt Irma doesn't know who Liz is. She says she is Eve's half-sister. Aunt Irma asks Liz if she is a slut and a whore too? Liz says no, she owns a jazz club. Irma says she knows who she is, she is that woman who married her brother! Liz realizes that Irma thinks she is Ruby. (Hmmm, Ruby used to be TC's sister). Irma tells Ruby to leave with her slut and heathen of a daughter! Irma asks how she could leave her brother? Liz says she is not Ruby, but Irma says she cant fool her. The director returns, and she decides to take Irma back to her room for nap time. The director says Aunt Irma tends to get a bit agitated when the past is brought up, she has a little arterial flow problem above the neck. Aunt Irma says she might as well tell everyone she is incontinent too!  Liz says she would like to keep talking to her Aunt Irma, she just got her confused with her mother that is all. The director agrees to let the visit continue since the only other visitor she ever receives is Eve. Irma screams out That slut, that whore! Irma ends up running the director off, after accusing her of stealing her teeth, and Liz talks to Irma about Ruby. Irma says Ruby and her slut of a daughter caused her brother nothing but heartache. Irma says Eve was her little angle, she used to baby sit her, but then she turned 18 and turned into a drugged out whore. Liz says Eve did turn out to be a very bad girl. Irma says Ruby left her brother, broke his heart, shes sure that is what killed him. Irma then asks if it is time for Days of Our Lives because Jennifers new boyfriend is one good looking white man! Liz asks if Irma has seen Eve lately? Irma says no, Eve just locked her up here. Irma says she hates Eve! Liz says so does she, she hates Eve! Irma asks Liz to hand her her pocketbook, so Liz does. Irma says she will give her something, if the director hasn't stolen it along with her teeth. She hands Liz something and she asks her to throw this away for her. It is a picture of Irma and Eve as a child. Irma says she used to love that little thing until she grew up to be a slut. She says Eve broke her heart and so many hearts. Liz says she did, and shell be happy to take this off her hands. Liz tells Irma that she wont let Eve hurt her anymore, she will get her out of her. Irma tells Liz that she wishes she could have been her niece, she is such a good girl. She tells herself she is a good girl, she is so good that she is about to bring Eve's life crashing down when TC meets Aunt Irma.

At the hospital, Kay is upset at the news that she will never have a child again. She thinks Miguel is probably happy that she cant have anymore children. She says he never wanted to be with her or have her baby, all he wanted was Charity. She says he used to blame their making love on evil. Miguel says he thought he was with Charity. Kay says that just proves her point about him not wanting to be with her. Miguel says he didnt like it at first, but he has accepted the situation and been there for her and Maria all the way. Kay says all he cares about is his precious Charity, it is because of her that he almost killed her. Kay tells Miguel that he has always put Charity first, and if it was Charity who was lying in this bed and barren, hed be in the chapel praying for God to fix it. Miguel says he hates that this has happened to her. Kay says well she hates him, and she hates Charity even more. Kay begins to lash out about everything Charity has taken from her, her room, her mother, Miguel. Eve ends up telling Miguel to stop this because Kays blood pressure is off the chart and she could die. Kay calms down, but still remains upset because Maria will never have another brother or sister. Miguel says Jessica and Noah will be married one day, they will have children, and Maria will have many cousins to play with. Kay says everyone else gets what they want except her. She says right now she feels alone, so totally alone. Miguel says she is not alone, and he hugs her. He tells Kay that he is here and he wont leave her side.

Out in the hall, Charity and Tabitha hear Kay crying out, and Tabitha thinks Charity has something to do with Kays woes. Tabitha tells Charity how much grief she has caused Kay, and how everyone in town thought Kay and Miguel would have ended up together. Tabitha says they would probably be married if she hadnt come to town. Tabitha says maybe it would have been better if she died in that fire with her mother! Charity says she has tried to step out of the way, but Miguel wont give up. Tabitha says Miguel is a man, they always want their cake and to eat it to. Charity says she told Miguel that they couldnt be together anymore. Tabitha asks then why is she still here? Tabitha says she came here to check on Kay, and she knows now that Kay is alive. She tells Charity to leave, just leave Miguel alone! Charity looks in on Kay and Miguel and sees Miguel embracing Kay. Tabitha tells herself that she hopes Charity runs far, far away from Harmony and from Miguel!

Meanwhile, Eve returns to her office and looks at her sons baby booties. She says babys are so precious, and she wonders where her first born could be. She hopes Julian finds their son one day.

Ivy takes a walk on the pier, and she frets about Liz taking her down. Ivy ends up tripping and almost falling into the water, but Julian saves her. Ivy thanks him for saving her, and he says he is glad he could be of help. Ivy is shocked by Julians kind attitude towards her, and she wonders why he is being nice to her? Julian says they were married for over 25 years, they have three children together, so believe it or not he does care for her. She says she cant believe how much he has changed, he is almost human. They begin talking about the mess their lives have become, and the ones they love. Ivy tells Julian that this change in him is a miracle. Julian says it became clear to him that his life was a total abomination. He recounts all the horrible things he did to her during their marriage, such as the affairs, the drinking, the arguments. Ivy says she wasnt easy to live with either. Julian says she hated him with good reason. He apologizes for the pain he put her through. She says she believes him, and she thinks Eve is responsible for this change in him. Julian says she makes him want to be a better man, and he thinks his fathers manipulations in  is what caused him to act the way he did. He says he was too weak to stand up to Alistair, so instead he took his anger out on her. Ivy says what their fathers did to her, costing her Sam and forcing her to marry him, she thinks she took her anger out on him as well. Julian says at least now they know what is important, true love. Ivy says who would have thought it possible, after all this time, the two of them talking about true love. Julian says the Berlin Wall came down, so why not the wall between them. They both apologize to one another for all the wasted time between them. They also discuss what their anger did to their children, and how they were horrible parents. Julian says hes been trying to help Fox lately and guide him. Ivy wishes him luck, and they also wish one another luck with the ones they love. Julian thinks he will be with Eve only in his dreams. Ivy thinks the same is true for her. She wonders what is wrong with them? Julian says maybe it is because they were weak, and they dont deserve a second chance. Julian asks what is the problem with Sam? Ivy says she went to great lengths to get him, and now it is all going to blow up in her face. Julian says the same is true for him and Eve. Julian says they wasted so much time hating one another when they could have been friends. Ivy wonders if it isnt too late, perhaps they can still be friends. Julian says will wonders never cease. Ivy asks him what he thinks? They agree to be friends, and share a hug. 

At the courthouse, Sheridan tells Luis that she remembers he is the man she loves! Antonio walks in, sees them kissing, and is furious! He tells Luis to get his hands off his wife! Hank and Sam stop Antonio from attacking Luis. Luis and Sheridan reveal to all that Sheridan has remembered her love for Luis. Antonio says this is crazy, how many times to do they have to go through this, back and forth, Sheridan loves Luis then she loves him. Antonio says Luis has just confused Sheridan. Sheridan says this is not Luis fault, she knows now that she loves Luis. She says she never stopped loving Luis, and she wants to spend her life with Luis. Sheridan says she knows this must hurt him, but she suddenly remembered her feelings for Luis. She says she has always thought of him, and hearing him say how much he loved her triggered something inside of her. Sheridan says she loves Luis with all her heart, he is her soul mate, he always has been and he always will be. Pilar tries to ask Antonio to bow out graciously and respect Sheridans wishes. Antonio tells his mother that once again she is taking Luis side. Pilar says if it seems that way it is because Luis and Sheridan have been in love far longer than Sheridan loved him. Pilar says everyone here knows that, and he has to accept the fact that they are in love and always will be. Antonio says hell never accept Sheridan with Luis! Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan continue kissing, and Sheridan says shes so sorry it took her so long to remember. She also feels bad that she hurt Antonio again. Luis says he knows what it feels like to lose her. Woody, who is crying, congratulates them on their reunion. He tells them that he does book and TV deals, and that they could be the next Nick and Jessica. Sheridan says they dont want fame, they just want one another. Woody tells them that there is still a problem to their long term happiness, Luis still has to go to jail and serve his 25 years. Sheridan says he cant go to prison, but Woody says he has been convinced, indicted, and sentenced. Antonio says the fact is that Luis kidnapped him and held her against her will. Sheridan says he didnt, and she only admitted to this because Antonio forced her to. Sam asks what she means? Sheridan says Antonio was going to kill Luis if she didnt agree to press charges. She says Hank was there and he can vouch for her words. Sam asks Hank if this is true? Antonio says Luis kidnapped Sheridan and Hank was there for that as well. Hank says both stories are true, Luis did take Sheridan, and Antonio did threaten to kill Sheridan. Sam asks Woody how this impacts the case against Luis? He thinks about it and says with the sworn testimony of Hank, he thinks the court might be persuaded to overturn the sentence against Luis. Hank doesnt like being in the middle of this, but Sam says his first loyalty is to the truth. Woody goes to get the judge back, and Antonio is furious. Sam and Pilar discuss Antonios pain, and Pilar hopes he will give the family a chance to be there for him. Pilar says seeing Luis and Sheridan coming back together gives her hope that anything can happen. She says maybe some day Martin will come back to her, and maybe Grace will come back to him. Sam says Grace is happy with her life and he is trying to rebuild a life with Ivy. HE also hopes his children will all find happiness as well. Pilar says she thinks after this last tragedy it will lead to a turning point in Kay, Miguel and Charitys lives. Later, Luis is released and is free to go thanks to Hanks testimony. Luis and Sheridan kiss, and Antonios rage grows. Pilar, Hank and Sam all tell him to give it a rest for now. Antonio says this isnt over, not by a long shot.


June 9, 2004
Shortner than normal, typed after I saw the show!

At the hospital, Sam, Tabitha, Miguel and Charity wait for word on Kay. Kay pulls through the surgery, and Eve pulls herself together in order to face the family. Meanwhile, Tabitha guilts Charity over Kay's accident, and how Miguel could be convicted of manslaughter if Kay dies. She says poor little Maria will be robbed of her mother and her father. Tabitha tells Charity that all this suffering could have been avoided if she had given up Miguel like her mom told her to. Pilar soon arrives, she is still in the hospital for her illness, and she has heard that Kay is here. Miguel explains to his mother what happened. Eve shows up to inform everyone of Kay's status, she is out of surgery and holding her own. However, she says the next few hours are still critical. Sam asks if they can see her, but Eve says not yet. Later, Tabitha sees Charity talking with Miguel and playing with Maria, and she worries that Charity will never leave Miguel alone. Tabitha grabs Endora and says they have some havoc to wreak! Meanwhile, Sam talks to Pilar about how Kay is going through hell and Grace is thousands of miles away. Sam says he's accepted losing Grace, but being the only parent his children have is frustrating. Pilar understands the troubles of being a single parent, and she says sometimes she thinks if Martin was still here things could have turned out different for her children. Sam says none of her children's problems are her fault, but she still feels guilty. Eve then informs Pilar that Luis has been brought into the ER, but he is okay. Pilar decides to go see Luis, and Sam and Miguel want to go to. However, Miguel has to stay behind because Maria is not allowed in the ER, and Tabitha has suddenly disappeared and can't watch Maria. Miguel thanks Charity for sticking around to be here for him. Charity begins to wonder if she can continue being with Miguel given what has happened as she did not listen to her "mother's" warnings. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Endora have snuck into Kay's room to cast some magic. Endora zaps Kay, and her spirit comes out of her body. Tabitha sends Kay's ghost to haunt Charity. Kay's ghost tells Charity that she is dead and it is her fault! Charity says this can't be, she survived the surgery. Kay says she took a turn for the worse, and now she is dead! Kay tells Charity if she had just listened to her mother and stayed away from Miguel than she'd be alive! She says Maria is motherless, and Miguel will go to jail, and it is all because she couldn't stay away from Miguel! Charity says she loves Miguel, but Kay says her love for him cost her her life, Maria her mother, and Miguel his freedom. She tells Charity to stay away from him before she ruins anymore lives! Kay tells Charity she is a menace and a killer, and to stay away from Miguel. Kay's ghost then vanishes. Miguel returns and says Kay is still okay and is holding her own. Charity is stunned to learn Kay is still alive, but ends up pushing Miguel away. She tells him to stay away from her!

Elsewhere, Sheridan recalls choosing to have Luis arrested so that Antonio didn't kill him, and she wondered what she has done. The doctor finishes examining Luis, and he informs Sheridan, Antonio and Hank that they got Luis here just in time, if they waited any longer he may have died from infection. Antonio informs Hank that as soon as Luis is discharged he wants him arrested! Hank goes in to see Luis, and warns him that he's probably going to be arrested. Luis wishes Sheridan didn't tell Antonio where he was. Hank tells him that he needed medical attention, but Luis says he just needed a little more time with her. 

Meanwhile, Antonio tells Sheridan that he's glad she is okay because he was afraid Luis had hurt her. She says he'd never hurt her, but Antonio says he kidnapped her and held her against her will. Sheridan says he just wanted her to remember her love for him. Antonio asks if she did, and Sheridan says she did. She says she remembered not only her past in this lifetime, but in other lifetimes. She tells Antonio that he was there too, and she tells him the story of Harry, Patience and Andrew. Antonio says he remembers an other lifetime, when Luis died on the titanic and they ended up together and had a wonderful life together. He says it sounds like the same story, Luis dies and they end up together. Sheridan says that is true, but the love she has and has had with Luis is just so strong. Antonio asks Sheridan if she is saying she wants to be with Luis and not him? Sheridan says she loves Luis with all her heart, but that is in the past. She tells Antonio that she loves him and wants to be with him, which is a relief to Antonio. 

Pilar soon shows up to see Luis, and she asks what has happened. Luis tells her that he just hit his head. Sheridan, Hank and Antonio come in, and Antonio demands Luis be arrested. Sam is with them, and he tries to talk sense into Antonio. However, Antonio insists Luis be arrested. Sam says he can't unless Sheridan wants to press charges, and he doubts she wants to do that. Antonio says he is wrong, Sheridan agreed to press charges. Sam asks if this is true? Sheridan says it is. 

Julian arrives at Alistair's office, and when he brings up his mother, it pushes Alistair's buttons. Julian wants to know what his mother did to betray Alistair. Alistair says his mother is off limits, so he should drop it! Alistair asks if there is another reason he has interrupted him? Julian tells his father about Antonio finding Luis and Sheridan, but Alistair already knows. He also knows that Sheridan hasn't remembered her love for Luis. Julian refuses to let Sheridan lose Luis, he says he wants to see at least one of his mother's children have true love. He remembers promising his mother that he would look after Sheridan, so he's going to tell Sheridan the truth, that he did brainwash her. Alistair laughs at Julian and tells him to go tell his sister everything, but if he does, he will say goodbye to Eve forever. Julian says he has already lost Eve. However, Alistair says he will make sure Eve is lost to everyone else in her life, he will destroy her! 

In Mexico, Paloma wonders why her mother never came to see her, why she was the one sent away. Paloma dreams about a life in Harmony with her family. She comes home from school with straight A's, and everyone is very proud of her. They tell her that they love her and will always be here for her. Her dream turns dark and she calls them all liars. She says they sent her away and never came to see her. She says she hates them all! Paloma wakes up from her dream turned nightmare, and she tries to calm herself down and go back to sleep. She then looks over and sees a man standing in her room, and she lets out a scream. Paloma runs out of the room screaming, and the man follows her!

Meanwhile, Katherine tells Martin that she knows her children are all grown up, but she thinks of Julian and Sheridan as children. Martin says he understands, in his heart his children are all still his baby's. He hopes they all find as much happiness as they have. Katherine can't help but feel their happiness is about to end. As they talk, Alistair's assassin targets them!  Martin and Katherine continue to discuss what they've done to their families, and Katherine fears they may never forgive them for what they did. They begin taking a walk, and end up moving out of range of the assassin's gun. They continue talk about running away, and Martin tells Katherine that she had no choice. He says her health was deteriorating and she would have died if she stayed with him. Katherine remembers Alistair criticizing her outfit that she was going to wear to meet the governor's wife. He also says she looks awful, she has dark circles under her eyes. She says she was up with Sheridan, Sheridan was sick. Alistair says that is the nanny's job, and he thinks she stayed up all night to make him look bad. Katherine said she didn't, and begged his forgiveness. She said she would do better by him, and he told her to see that she does! Back in the present, Martin says he had no choice, he had to get her out of that situation or she would have died. He says he has no regrets, and he would give up his life again to save her. Later, the assassin gets them in his sites again, and as he takes aim, Paloma ends up dashing in front of them! A shot is fired, and a scream is heard!


June 17, 2004
Liz continues her visit with Aunt Irma at the home. Liz asks Aunt Irma why  Eve would lock her up here since she seems like she is healthy and able to get around? Irma says it is because Eve is a drug addicted whore! Irma says she could tell her stories about that slut that would make her heart stop. Liz says she is counting on it! Liz says she is eager to hear the stories about her niece Eve. Irma asks her who she is again? Liz says she is her friend, her close friend. Irma says not that close, shes read about women like her and Rosie ODonnell! Liz offers to arrange for her to get out of here for awhile if she would like that. Irma says she would, and that she wants to go to Vegas and meet Wayne Newton. Liz says maybe next time, but this time she wants her to meet her friend. She thinks she will like her friend. Liz secretly says to herself that she thinks TC will get a kick out of meeting Aunt Irma! Liz goes to speak with Molly, the director, about taking Aunt Irma out of the home. However, it turns out Eves written permission is needed! Molly offers to contact Eve and see if it is okay, but Liz says that wont be necessary. Liz tries to get Molly to break the rules, but Molly wont budge. Liz tries to find another way to get TC to meet up with Aunt Irma.

At the hospital, Julian and Eve are still in Eve's office. Julian promises Eve that he will find their son no matter what it takes. Eve is worried about what Alistair might do to Julian for crossing him. Julian asks if she still cares about him? She says of course she does, but it doesnt change anything. She says she cant see or talk to him, it isnt good for them or anyone. She says their relationship has hurt so many people. As she leans on him, TC shows up at the office door! Inside, Julian tells Eve that hell respect her wishes and stay away from him, but hell never stop loving her. He also says he wont contact her unless he has news about their son, otherwise hell do his best to stay away. She thanks him and says it is for the best. TC then knocks on the door and walks in! He asks Eve what is wrong, why does she seem upset? He sees the baby booties and thinks she is thinking about their son and the miscarriage she had years ago. She says she was thinking about the son they lost. He says she should sit down, but she suggests they go out and get some tea, so they leave. She then says she forgot her beeper, and tells him to go ahead and shell meet him in the cafeteria. Eve returns to her office, and Julian comes out of hiding. She says that was too close! She says she cant do this anymore, soon she will lose everything. Later, Eve and TC have tea together and talk. 

Sheridan returns to her cottage where she finds her father waiting for her. Alistair tells Sheridan that she has abandoned her husband to take up with her lover! Alistair calls her a tramp and says he has shamed their family and disappointed him. Sheridan says she didnt mean to. Alistair says she is his little girl, and she should be embarrassed by her actions. Sheridan flashback to when she was a little girl and her father telling her that it was her fault her mother was dead and that he was ashamed of her. Sheridan ends up lashing out at his father and asks him how could he do what he did to her! Sheridan confronts her father with his attempt to brainwash her and erase all her memories of Luis. She says he almost won, but she finally remembered that she loves Luis. Alistair says she doesnt know what she is saying, and that Dr. Ackland warned them that she would be very fragile. Sheridan says she is stronger than she has ever been, and she wants to know how he could do this to his own daughter! Alistair says Dr. Ackland told them that shed be susceptible to false memories, and he says Luis has taken advantage of that and turned her against her own family. Alistair says they didnt brainwash her in the hospital, they cured her. He says he would never do anything to hurt her, she is his little girl, he loves her. Sheridan says he doesnt love her and she doesnt think he ever did. She says he has given her nothing and treated her like she never existed. She says she tried everything to get him to love her, but he never did. Alsiatir says he gave her everything she ever wanted. Sheridan says except love. Sheridan says she knows he blames her for mothers death, so is that why he treats her the way he does? Alistair tells Sheridan not to talk about her mother, he has told her never to mention her name! Sheridan begins to wonder why no one can talk about mother. She begins to realize that he is afraid of something to do with her mother. She wonders what he is afraid of. She asks why Luis and mother evoke the same fear in his eyes, what is the connection? She says Luis is convinced he is the reason Martin left Harmony, and she wonders if Martin has something to do with mother. Sheridan begs her father to tell her what is going on, to tell her the truth. Alistair says there is no connection. He says Luis blames him for his dead beat father running out on him, and he is using her to get to him. She tells him to stop this. She says she loves Luis and he loves her. She says he has tried for years to get him to doubt her love, but he will never win. She says she knew that he never loved her, but she never knew how deeply he hated her. She says she know knows he does hate her, and he has done nothing but try and destroy her! Sheridan runs out of the room, and  Julian walks in and says that destruction is what he does best, and he is convinced Alistair has made it his life's goal to destroy his children . He says he heard what happened at the courthouse and came here to congratulate Sheridan because at least one of them is happy. Julian then tells his father that he will find his son with Eve and he cant stop him. Alistair tells Julian not to tell him what he can and cannot do! Sheridan returns and asks Julian why he is here. Julian says he came by to offer his heartfelt congratulations. He tells her that she and Luis enjoy all the happiness in the world, and any thing he has done to hurt her he is sorry for. He says he was following orders, but those days are over. Sheridan continues to demand her father tell her the truth. Alistair says the trust would destroy her, so if she doesnt leave it alone than she will regret it for the rest of her life! Sheridan thinks this is another one of his attempts to scare her off. Sheridan says she isnt as weak as he thinks she is, and this is not over. Sheridan says she and Luis will find the connection between his father and her mother, and she will find out what he is so afraid of. Alistair tells her that she has been warned, and if she precedes then she will regret it! Alistair leaves, and Julian fears Sheridan shouldnt have told him her plans. Sheridan says she doesnt care, what more can he do? Julian says a lot!

Luis is walking along the pier where he is confronted by Antonio. Antonio calls Luis a bastard and accuses him of brainwashing Sheridan. Luis says Sheridan loves him and remembered it all on her own! Antonio says that is bull, and he wonders if this is payback for him leaving the family all those years ago? Antonio tells Luis that he tried to steal his wife and he will pay for it! They continue to argue, and Antonio says in all their past lives Sheridan ended up with him, so she will end up with him in this life. Luis says she wont. Antonio tells Luis that he will see him dead before he ever ends up with Sheridan! Luis and Antonio then end up in a huge fist fight! Antonio ends up on top of Luis and begins strangling him!

Down in Mexico, Martin asks Katherine if she is all right? Katherine says their past is catching up with them, Alistair will keep trying to kill them. Martin says that is unless he has another plan. They discuss the necklace that was given to Paloma. Katherine thinks even Alistair couldnt be so cruel, but Martin thinks he could be. Martin thinks Alistair would go after their children in order to hurt them. Katherine remembers saying goodbye to Sheridan when she was a little girl. Sheridan was asleep in her bed, and on the couch was a teenage Julian, who was sleeping as well. She told them both that she loved them so much and she hoped one day she would understand why they had to leave. Katherine said goodbye and met up with Martin. Katherine told Martin that Alistair would be so upset, he would probably try and track them down and kill them. Katherine says one thing she knows is that he would never hurt his own children. Martin told her that he agreed, and he felt their children would be safe. Back in the present, Katherine says they thought their children would be safe, but they were wrong. They look at photos from the Harmony papers over the years. Katherine begins to think Alistair is taking his revenge on them out on their children. Katherine suggests perhaps they try and undo what theyve done, but Martin says no. Martin says if their children learn the secret that caused them to leave Harmony it will destroy them. They decide to go find the mystery man and question him about the necklace. They see him out at a caf and approach him. They ask if they can join him, and he says he has been expecting them. He says he even ordered them drinks. Martin asks why he gave that girl at the inn the necklace. The mans says he knows she is his daughter, and soon everyone will know everything about them. He calls them by their real names. Katherine tells him to tell Alistair to leave their children alone! The mans says he cant do that, they know Alistair and how he works. He says Alistair looks for the way to inflict the most pain on those who crossed him, and hes doing that through their children. The man says now that they know what he is up to, Alistair is going to pick up the pace and show them how badly he can hurt them, all of them! Katherine says Alistair cant be that much of a monster. The man says he has worked for Alistair for a long time, and after she left him, what little humanity he had inside left too. The man says Alistair has become more evil and ruthless than they could ever imagine. The man tells them that he pities them because they have no idea what is in store for them or the people they love. 


June 18, 2004
Show interrupted several times for breaking news. 
At the Russells, the Russell house is dark, and Liz is snooping around looking for a place to plant the photo of Eve and her Aunt Irma where that TC will find it. She ends up putting it in a desk drawer, and then Eve and TC show up and ask her what she is doing here in the dark? Liz says she was about to leave them a note about how Kay was doing. Liz says she wanted to know in case Simone asked how she was doing. Eve says Kay is resting comfortable. Eve asks how she was going to write a note in the dark? Liz says she just came in and was about to turn on the light. TC asks her, since she is here, to join them in a bottle of wine, they are celebrating his love for his wife and how lucky they are. TC leaves to get a bottle opener, and Liz gloats to Eve about her run-in with Ivy earlier. Eve says she knows about it, and says she told Ivy that Liz cant tell TC anything without letting him know she is her sister and has been duping him the whole time. Liz says she is her half-sister! Eve says she has always loved her as a full sister, and they were always so close. Liz says things have changed. Liz says when she left their family to seek her fame and fortune it broke their mothers heart. Liz says their mother shut her heart to everyone, including their father. She says Daddys position in society wouldnt let him cheat on mom in public, so he did so in private! Liz says their father raped her night after night. Liz says their father threatened to kill her or their mother if she told anyone, and she blames Eve for this happening to her. Eve says they dont know what would have happened if they she had been there. Liz says together they could have stopped him. Eve says she wishes she was there, but she wasnt there and Liz wont accept her apology. Eve says she doesnt know what else she can do. Liz says there is nothing she can do but wait for her past to catch up to her, and it will soon. Eve tries to reason with Liz and convince her to put the past behind her, but Liz cant. Liz says Eve has done everything she couldnt do with her life because of the trauma their father inflicted on her. She says she loved Antonio and he loved her, but she still couldnt give herself to him body and soul. Eve asks Liz how long she plans to be a victim and blame everyone else for her problems? Liz says she only blames her! Liz says she loved her and worshiped her. Eve says she remembers and that she loved her too. Liz says she promised her that shed always be there, but she lied to her. Eve tells Liz that at some point she has to take responsibility for her own life. Eve offers to help Liz get the very best psychiatric help. Liz tells Eve not to bother because she has spent years in therapy and it hasnt help. She says she is still as angry as she always was. Eve says she wont push her, but maybe there is something else she can do. Eve says Sheridan is back with Luis now, and she can reconnect with Antonio now. Liz says Sheridan may love Luis, but Antonio will never stop loving Sheridan. She says besides she has her eyes on another man, TC! Eve tells Liz that she doesnt love TC, she just wants him because it will hurt her. Eve says she wants her sister to be happy, and she thinks if she and Antonio returned to Saint Lisas then they could find true love again. Eve says she's sure Julian would buy back the Blue Note, and she can help by sending her money every month. Liz asks for a moment to think about it. Eve says it would mean so much to her if she could help her get her life back on track. Liz says it is nice for her to offer to help her out financially, but can she swing it? Eve says she would make her a priority. After a news interruption, Liz and Eve are talking about Aunt Irma (Eve brought her up for some reason, and Liz is asking why she brought up Aunt Irma, is there something she wants to tell her about Aunt Irma?). Eve says she hasnt heard from Aunt Irma for years, she thinks she could be dead. TC ends up walking in and overhears Eve talking about her Aunt Irma. TC says she never mentioned this aunt to him, and he wishes he could have met her. TC tells Liz that he has never met any of Eves relatives. Later, TC opens the drawer to find some stationary for Liz, who asked for some so she could write a letter, and he comes across the photo of Eve and Aunt Irma. He wonders who it is of because hes never seen it before.

On the docks, Antonio and Luis continue to fight with one another over Sheridan. Luis punches Antonio, which sends him flying through the railing on the pier and over the side! Antonio clings to the side of the pier for his life, and Luis struggles to save him before he falls into the water below. Antonio tells him to let him fall, but Luis says he is his brother and wont let him die. Antonio tells Luis him saving him wont change a thing, hes still going to fight for Sheridan! Luis pulls Antonio back up to the docks. Luis asks him if he is okay. Antonio says hes not and he wont be as long as he has Sheridan tricked into thinking she loves him. Luis says Sheridan loves him. Antonio says she is his wife and decks Luis. Hank shows up and stops the fight. He threatens Antonio with arrest if he doesnt stop this. Antonio accuses Hank of taking Luis' side, but Hank says they are brawling in public. Luis refuses to press charges against Antonio. Luis tells Antonio to face the facts, he and Sheridan are together. Antonio says he will fight for Sheridan and get her back. Luis leaves to meet up with Sheridan. Antonio yells that this isnt over! 

At the cottage, Sheridan begins packing her bags to go to the Seacliff Inn and meet Luis. She says tonight will be so special, she and Luis have so much time to make up for. Suddenly, Sheridan gets a chill and says she feels like someone just walked over her grave. She wonders what could be making her feel this way. Antonio ends up coming in, and Sheridan thought he was Luis and says she thought they were supposed to meet . . . She sees it is Antonio, and Antonio says it is just him, her husband. Antonio takes her suitcase from her and tells her that she isnt going anywhere. Sheridan asks what has happened to him, he looks like he was in a fight. He says he and Luis fought over her. She asks if Luis is okay, and then apologizes for it coming out that way. She tells Antonio that she cares for him, but she doesnt love him the way she loves Luis. Antonio says he knows she loved Luis before they met, but they are soul mates. Sheridan says that is not true, and she says she and Luis are the ones who are meant to be together. Sheridan says her father brainwashed her, and Julian has all but admitted to her that he helped Father several times in the past tear her and Luis apart. Antonio tries to convince her that Luis is the one who has brainwashed her, but she says that is not true. She tells Antonio that she loves Luis. Antonio says no she loves him, her husband. Sheridan says she does love him, but not in the way he needs her to. She says in time she hopes he will see that. The phone rings, and it is Alistair calling. Antonio answers, and Alistair tells Antonio that the Crane Jet is waiting to take him and Sheridan anywhere they want to go. Antonio says hes trying to convince Sheridan of the truth, but it isnt working. Alistair tells him to take charge, kidnap Sheridan! Antonio says he can't, so Alistair points out it it was Luis did. Alistair tells him to kidnap Sheridan and convince her that she loves him and not Luis! Later, Antonio takes Sheridans suitcase to the car, and she thinks he is letting her go. He tells her wrong then grabs Sheridan and says he is taking her with him. She asks what he is doing? He says Luis kidnapped her, so now it is his turn to do the same! He drags a screaming Sheridan out to the car.

Fox is at the Seacliff Inn checking it out for Crane Industries. The owner is looking to sell it, and Fox is thinking about buying it. Fox runs into Chad and Whitney, who have come here for a weekend getaway. Chad ends up getting a call from work, and they want him to come in and finish up some tracks tonight. Whitney tells Chad to go back to Harmony and finish up the record because he needs the money. Whitney says theyll come back tomorrow, but the hotel manager says there are no refunds. Chad says hell go back to Harmony and finish up, and hell be back as soon as possible. Chad then asks Fox to hang out with Whitney until he gets back. Fox agrees to keep Whitney company, but secretly fears this could be too close for comfort. After Chad leaves, Luis shows up to check into the honeymoon suite, and he runs into Fox and Whitney. Fox fears he is on the run, but Luis says he isnt. Luis explains what has happened and how he and Sheridan are back together. Later, Luis heads up to the suite and begins preparing it for Sheridan's arrival.

Whitney and Fox go up to their room to watch It Happened One Night. Fox plugs his computer in because he says he's waiting for an important email, and then he offers to go get them some sodas for the movie. After he leaves, an email comes in for Fox on his computer, and Whitney glances at it and wonders what Fox is up to. 

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