June 21, 2004
At the Russells, TC discovers the planted photo of Aunt Irma and Eve as a child. He asks Eve is he knows who the woman and the little girl are. Eve says she doesnt recognize either of them. Liz says the girl looks an awful lot like Eve. Eve says she looks nothing like her. TC thinks Liz is right, the little girl does look like her. Eve claims she doesnt see the resemblance. Liz suggests they see if anything is written on the back of the photo, so TC opens up the frame and on the back it says Aunt Irma and Eve. Liz asks Eve why she was so insistent that the photo wasnt of her? Eve says she doesnt remember seeing the picture before. Liz says it was right here in the drawer. Eve says she doesnt remember it, and if it is her, she was just a child and doesn't remember it being taken. TC says this is a coincidence because they were just talking about her Aunt Irma. Liz asks what happened to her? Eve says she seems to remember Aunt Irma dying when she was a little girl. TC wishes their girls could have met Aunt Irma because she could have told them about Eve when she was younger. Liz says that would have been a treat. TC asks if Aunt Irma was her last living relative? Eve says as far as she knows. Liz asks if shes sure she doesnt have a distant cousin or a forgotten aunt locked away in a home somewhere? Eve says no one. TC says he should go get them some more wine. Liz says shell go with him to pick out a bottle. After they leave, Eve calls the home to try and find out what Liz has been up to. A nurse answers, and Eve asks about her Aunt Irma and if she has had any visitors. The nurse says she doesnt think so, which pleases Eve. After Eve hangs up, Molly shows up at the home and informs the nurse that Aunt Irma has had some visitors recently. Back at the Russells, Eve thinks Liz hasnt found Aunt Irma and she is just fishing. Liz and TC return with the wine, and they continue talking about how it is a shame Eve has no living relatives that she knows about. Liz says she has decided to make it her mission to dig up some of her lost relatives up. She says she will track them down, and it will be fun! Eve says she doesnt have to do this, but TC thinks it is a good idea. TC says hell even help Liz. Liz says between the two of them theyre bound to find something.

At the Seacliff Inn, Whitney is shocked by what she sees on Foxs computer. She says he has a hidden agenda. Fox returns, and Whitney asks Fox what he is up to? She shows him an email that showed up on her PC, and she says she wants to know what it means. She says it looks like hes skimming Crane corporate money into some womans bank account. Whitney says the womans name is Mimi, and she asks if this is his secret love? She asks if they were carrying on all this time behind Theresas back? Fox says it is kind of complicated. Whitney tells him to explain it to her. She asks if he is in trouble, is this Mimi blackmailing him? Fox says she has some kind of imagination. Whitney asks if his father or grandfather know about this? Fox says know, and if they did theyd probably have him hanged. Fox tells Whitney that Mimi is not a woman, it is many women and many children. Whitney thinks Fox has multiple children by multiple women, and she tells Fox that he is just like all the other Crane men. Whitney tells Fox that Theresa is a lot better off without him! Fox explains to Whitney that these women are people who work for Crane Resorts, and hes trying to set up a system of benefits and child care for them. He says he was hoping if it worked for the resorts program it would spill over into other Crane businesses. Whitney asks why he called it Project Mimi? Fox says it was named after the young heroine in La Boheme that died. He says it is just a code name. Whitney tells Fox that he is full of surprises. She says she is impressed.

Meanwhile, Chad arrives at the Crane recording studio to finish up his work. He wishes he didnt have to leave Whitney, but he says at least his good friend Fox is looking after her. The power goes out due to the storm raging outside, and Chad says this is going to end up taking him all night to do. He calls Whitney and says he thinks he may be stuck at the studio until the morning. He tells her that hes sorry, and Whitney says she understands. Chad suggests Fox get a room and keep her company. Whitney asks Fox, and Fox says hell stay. Chad is pleased, and he tells Whitney that hell be there as soon as he can.

Back at the Inn, Fox says hell make a call to the front desk and get himself a room. It turns out the Inn is booked and there are no more rooms. Fox says he can crash in the lobby, but Whitney says that is crazy because he can stay here with her. Fox says he doesnt know, but he says he guesses he can sleep on the floor. Whitney says that doesnt sound comfortable and she thinks they can both sleep in the bed. She says she trusts him and so does Chad, besides it isnt like hes going to make a move on her. She says they can string a sheet up between them and everything will be fine. They actually hand a sheet up across the bed, and Whitney says now they can both get a good nights sleep. Fox gets another email on his computer, and Whitney decides to do her nails. Whitney also apologizes for over reacting before about what she saw. Suddenly the power goes out! Fox and Whitney end up having to light candles, and they decided to go to bed since there isnt much they can do without electricity. They both head to their sides of the bed and undress, glimpsing at one anothers shadows on the sheet that separates them.

Elsewhere at the Inn, Luis waits for Sheridan to arrive. There is a knock at the door, and it is room service with the champagne Luis ordered. The woman asks when the lucky young lady arrives? Luis says it should be any minute. Later, Luis begins to worry and calls Sheridan, but she doesnt answer her phone. Luis thinks she probably just ran into an area with no cell reception. The woman asks Luis how long he and his lady has been together? Luis tells her centuries, and explains how they have had many past lives together. Luis says hopefully in one lifetime they will find happiness together, and Luis says he thinks it will happen in this lifetime.

Antonio is driving his car with Sheridan in the passenger seat. Outside it is storming, and the rain is coming down hard. She tells him that hes not going to get away with this. Antonio says Luis did, he kidnapped her and manipulated her into thinking she loved him. Sheridan says she loves Luis, she remembered. Antonio says no he confused her. He says he will see Luis dead before she ends up with her! Sheridan says they are both going to end up dead if he doesnt slow this car down. Suddenly, Antonios car swerves, and Sheridan screams. Antonio recovers, and Sheridan begs Antonio to slow down before he gets them both killed. Antonio says he wont let anything happen to her, and hes taking her away so that Luis cant confuse her anymore. Sheridan says she is not confused, she remembers she loves Luis. She begs Antonio to take her home. Antonio says he cant do that, he will make her remember that he is the man she loves. A cop pulls up behind them with his sirens on, and Sheridan says it is probably Luis. Antonio says hell have to catch them first, and speeds up. When Sheridans phone rings, Antonio grabs it from her and throws it out the window. Antonio says she will never talk to Luis again! Sheridan tells Antonio that he is not thinking straight! She asks him to pull over so they can talk. Antonio says they will talk, but they will talk when they are far away where Luis cant find them. The cop eventually goes down another road, and Antonio says the cop wasnt following them. Sheridan tells Antonio that he cant do this, she loves Luis. She says she does love him, but not the same way she loves Luis. Antonio tells her that she is confused, but Sheridan says she is not. Sheridan says she never meant for any of this to happen, but they have to deal with it. Antonio says he is dealing with it in his own way. Antonio and Sheridan arrive at the airport, and Sheridan refuses to go with him and runs off. Antonio chases after her, grabs her, and tells her that she is going with him. Antonio says he is doing this to help her, she wont be happy with Luis. Sheridan says she will be happy with him, she loves Luis. Antonio says shell forget all about him when they get where they are going. Antonio throws her over his shoulder and carries her onto the plane!

On the plane, Antonio asks the pilot to keep an eye on Sheridan. Antonio leaves, and Sheridan begs the pilot to help her because her husband is kidnapping her. The pilot says he knows and he thinks it is romantic. He thinks Antonio is whisking her off on a second honeymoon. Sheridan tells him that is not what is happening, he is taking her away and she will never be able to come back. The pilot says he doubts that, and besides he takes his orders from her father. Sheridan realizes her father is the one behind this. The control tower radios the plane, and the pilot leaves to check in. Sheridan attempts to sneak off, but the planes door has been locked with a security code. Sheridan finds a phone on the plane and calls Luis to let him know what is going on. She tells Luis to get the police to the airport as soon as he can. She tells Luis not to come because if Antonio sees him than he might kill him. Sheridan begs Luis to hurry. The pilot then catches Sheridan on the phone and quickly hangs it up.

Luis races to the airport and says he cant believe his crazy brother kidnapped her. Back at the airport, Antonio meets with Alistair in the hangar. Alistair tells Antonio to go far away. Antonio doesnt feel right about this, so Alistair tries to manipulate him into thinking he is doing the right thing. Antonio says it is like Sheridan is a prisoner. Alistair says if he blows this opportunity he wont get another one. He says this is for her own good, so he should go prove to Sheridan that she is better off with him. Antonio says hell try. Antonio goes back onto the plane, and Alistair laughs that Antonio will have to do a lot more than try if he wants to save Sheridans life. Antonio joins Sheridan on the plane, and she continues to beg him to let her go. The plane engines start, and he tells her that it is too late. Meanwhile, Luis arrives at the airport and sees the Crane jet on the runway about to take off.


June 22, 2004
At the Seacliff Inn, Fox is affected by the site of Whitney undressing across the bed from him. He remembers Julian telling him not to hurt Whitney and to be strong, but he wonders why he should be any different than his father. He says Cranes go after what they want, everyone else be damned. Fox tears the sheet down and tells Whitney that he loves her, and then pulls her into a kiss. Fox tells her that he has been dreaming about this for the longest time. He tells Whitney that he loves her the same way his father loves her mother. Whitney says she knew it. Fox says he doesnt want to talk about them right now. He asks Whitney if there is any chance that she could ever return his feelings. She tells him that hes been a little blind himself, shes been in love with him ever since Chad came back and he hooked up with Theresa. They kiss and hug, and of course it was all a dream in Foxs head. Fox climbs into bed, and Whitney tells him that shes a little freaked about the electricity being out. She says Chad could try and call and the phones are out. Fox asks if she has her cell phone, and she says she does. Whitney says she is probably just missing him that is all. Fox says Chad told her that hed get here as soon as he could, so in the mean time she should try and get some sleep. Whitney says shes a little chilly, so Fox goes to look for an extra blanket. Chad then calls Whitney on her cell phone. Whitney asks if there is any chance of him finishing work early, but he says it doesnt look good. Whitney says the thunderstorm knocked out all the lights and she is a little shaky. Chad asks if Fox is still there, and she says yes. She says he has been great. Chad says hell have to thank him. Someone knocks at Chads door, and he goes and discovers it is Julian. Whitney is upset to learn Julian has arrived at the studio, and she tells Chad to tell him to leave and to go to hell while hes at it! Chad tells her to calm down, and she apologizes for getting so upset. He says hell call her when hes on his way up there. Fox gives Whitney the blanket, and she apologizes for saying all those things about his father. He says hes heard worse. Fox says he hopes it doesnt affect how she feels about him. She says no, she knows him. She says there was a time she thought she knew his father, she thought he was a better person, but she was wrong. She says she doesnt understand why his father is so hell bent on destroying her family. Later, it stops raining, so Fox cracks the window open to let in some fresh sea air. Whitney says she is still a bit cold, so Fox offers to build her a fire. She says it is the middle of june! Fox says so what. Fox starts the fire, and they chit-chat. Fox tells Whitney that hes sorry shes stuck up here in this romantic setting with him, but hes sure Chad will be back soon. Fox and Whitney end up lounging by the fire, and Whitney says this is like a scene from one of those romantic comedies, except they arent a couple. Fox tells Whitney that she and Chad seem to be doing well. Whitney says they are and he has been great. Fox asks her if she is still working on her singing? Whitney says not so much since she got back from LA. Whitney tells Fox that she dreams that one day shell meet the right guy, make a home, and start a family. She says it is boring, but Fox says it isnt. Fox asks if she pictures the right guy in her head being African-American? Whitney says she never thought about it, but she guesses so. She says she wouldnt not be with someone else if the right person came along, and she asks Fox if he could imagine himself being with a woman of color? Fox says he could. Whitney is shocked, but Fox says Theresa wasnt a sunny California type. Whitney asks how he is doing since the break-up? Fox says he is hanging in, and he says it was probably for the best. Whitney asks why, and then realizes it has to do with the mystery woman. Whitney begins questioning her about this woman, and Fox says she is African-American. Whitney is a little shocked and she says his family cant be crazy about him going out with someone so different. Fox says it doesnt matter what his family thinks because he has lost this woman and he wont get her back. Whitney asks Fox if he ever told this woman how he feels? Fox says no, and it wouldnt do any good because shes with someone else. Whitney asks what if he went up to this woman and poured his heart out to her. Fox says that isnt his style. Whitney says he could be surprised, and he doesnt have anything to lose. She says he may find out he has a shot with her after all. Fox says perhaps she is right, perhaps he should tell this woman how he feels about her.

Julian arrives at the Crane studios and gets a call from Eve. Eve is upset because of what Liz is doing, and she explains her plan to Julian. Julian says hell take care of Liz. He also says he thinks he has found someone to help them find their son. Eve tells Julian that is wonderful, and she thanks him for always being there when she needs him. Julian then goes to check on Chad, who was on the phone with Whitney. Julian talks to Chad and he says he didnt mean to cause a problem for him and Whitney, he just wanted to see that he got the generator running. Julian says he wishes Whitney didnt hate him so much. Chad says she has caught him with her mom so many times, she knows they are fooling around together. Julian says that wrong, and he wishes he could tell him the whole story. Chad says he is listening. Julian says maybe another time. Chad says this thing with him and Eve is killing Whitney. Chad says Whitney claims she hates her mom, but that is not true. Chad says Whitney wants her mom to be happy. Julian says they have that in common then, he wants Eve happy too. Julian asks Chad if he can stay and listen to him work? Chad tells him to be his guest. Chad plays some of his work for Julian. Julian tells him that he has major talent. Chad says major talent doesnt always sell. Chad is having trouble with the end of the son, so Julian gives him some tips, and Chad is shocked that Julians tips paid off. He tells Julian that he has a good ear. Julian asks if that is Whitney singing? Chad says it is. Julian says his first and only true love was a singer. Chad says that counts Eve out, she hates anything connected with the music business. Julian says he had hopes for her. Chad asks what happened? Julian says his father happened, he caused him a chance at happiness. Chad is shocked that his father destroyed his relationship with this woman. Chad asks what happened to this woman? Julian says she is doing okay. He says she found a husband, has a family, and has a new career. Julian says he just hopes her life will survive if the past came back to haunt her.

At the Russells, Liz catches Eve hanging up the phone, and she tells her that there will come a time when even Julian Crane cant fix her life. Eve says she cant tell TC the truth without revealing herself as a blackmailer. Eve says he would hate her, possibly even more than he would hate her (Eve). Eve tells Liz to get herself a life, or not, but stay away from her husband because he will never be hers. Eve walks off, and Liz says theyll just see how high and mighty Eve is when she is through with her. Liz calls up the home to try and get Irma out of the home, but they wont release her without Eves permission. Later, TC shows up with a picnic blanket, and Liz asks what he is doing? He says he and Eve are having a romantic picnic, and he says hes sorry he cant include her. She says she understands, and she heads off. Eve and TC share some champagne by the fire, and TC tells her how lucky he feels that she chose to marry him out of all the men she could have had. Eve says she is not the saint he makes her out to be. TC says she is, everywhere he looks he sees someone trying to cover up their past. He says he knows there is nothing in her past that would ever come back and surprise him because she is perfect. Meanwhile, Liz continues to call the home, and she learns if Eve faxes over a signed consent form then they will release Irma for a few hours. Liz is thrilled and says life as Eve knows it is about to end. Later, Aunt Irma turns up on the Russells doorstep! Irma sees Eve and starts calling her a drug addicted whore! TC asks what is going on here?

At the airport, the Crane jet takes off as Luis watches from the ground. He asks a mechanic where the jet is headed? The man suggests he try the air traffic controller tower. Luis shows the man a photo of Sheridan and asks if she boarded the plane? The man says you bet, couldnt miss a babe like her. The man says some guy carried the woman on board. Luis realizes it was Antonio, and he says he wont get away with this. Luis asks the mechanic to help him because that man, his brother, just kidnapped the woman he loves. The mechanic helps Luis and allows him to use his phone to the control tower. Luis asks the guy to call the jet back, but the man refuses. Luis asks at least for the flight plan, but the man says that is privileged information. Luis says the woman on board has been kidnapped, and he threatens to call Sam. The air traffic controller guy tells Luis to come over to the tower and they will look at the flight plan together. Later, Luis runs into Alistair Crane, and Luis gets physical with him. Luis orders Alistair to bring Sheridan back, but Alistair refuses. Alistair says Sheridan is gone and he has lost her. Luis refuses to let him do this, but Alistair says he is wasting his time. Alistair says Antonio is taking her far far away. Luis says he will get Sheridan back, and together they will find out what he did to his father. Luis walks off, and Alistair says what about what your father did to me! Luis goes to the tower and meets with the controller, who says the jet has no flight plan. Luis says there must be some way to find out where the jet was going. The controller says he would feel better if Chief Bennett was here. Luis says he would tells him to contact the jet. The controller contacts the pilot on the jet, but they wont respond. Luis grabs the radio and asks Antonio where in the hell is he taking Sheridan! Nobody answers, and Luis says there must be someway to figure out where the jet is going. As Luis frets, Alistair watches him on a miniature TV and laughs. Luis begins making plans, and tells the controller to track the plane on his radar and to notify all airports to be on watch for the plane if it lands to refuel. Alistair listens into Luis plan and tells him that he thinks hes so smart but he has only signed Sheridan and Antonios death warrants. Alistair opens up some box, which has a red button inside, and he says Sheridan and Antonio are as good as dead because of Luis. Alistair pushes the button, and Luis watches the Crane jet, which was circling above, explode!


June 23, 2004
At the studio, Chad asks Julian why he let his father mess with his relationship? Julian says sometimes you make choices which are the wrong ones, and he chose to be a coward. He tells Chad that people will tell him time heals all wounds, but Julian says that is not true when it comes to love. Julian says you never forget the love of your life no matter how many years pass. Chad notices that when Julian talks about this woman he gets the same look in his eyes when hes with Dr. Russell. Julian says they know it cant be Dr. Russell because they both know how she feels about singing. Chad says maybe Dr. Russell was a singer and that is why she is against Whitney singing. Chad asks if Eve is the love of his life? Julian confesses the truth to Chad. He says he did know Eve back then, and he says he cant tell anyone about this, especially TC. Julian says Eve has kept this from TC, and shes tried to tell him, but shes been to afraid to because of his temper. Chad says he wont tell anyone, but he feels it will come out. Chad says Whitney has caught them together one too many times and she is convinced they are having an affair. Julian swears he and Eve are not having an affair, they have just been meeting to talk. Chad asks about what? Julian says he has said too much as is. He asks Chad to stick close to Whitney because very soon she and her mom may need someone to lean on. Chad asks what is going to happen? Julian says there are people out there who want to see Eve in pain, and they wont stop until they have destroyed her family. Chad says everyone loves Eve, so who could want to hurt her? Julian says he should just stick close to Whitney. Chad says he will, and he decides to finish up work and head back up to Whitney. Chad tells Julian about leaving Whitney with Fox, which worries Julian.

At the Seacliff Inn, Fox tells Whitney that perhaps she is right, perhaps he should confess his love to his mystery woman. Fox says as she said, what does he have to lose? Fox tells Whitney that he wants to tell her how he feels. Whitney says Me? Im the woman your in love with? Before Fox can answer, Whitneys cell phone rings. She says it is probably Chad, so he tells her to answer it. Whitney wants Fox to answer her question, is he in love with her. Fox says no, he was just agreeing with her, he should probably tell the woman he loves. He says hes sorry if he scared her, and he suggest she answer the phone. Whitney answers her phone and it is Theresa. Theresa says she hopes she isnt interrupting. Whitney says Chad had to go back to Harmony and she is here with Fox. She explains what is going on, and she asks Theresa if she wants to talk to Fox? Theresa says no, they have nothing else to say. Whitney says he is probably the best thing to happen to her. Theresa says no that was Ethan, he is and always will be. Whitney says Ethan is married and Fox isnt. Whitney tells Theresa to come up here and hang out with Fox because maybe they could patch things up. Theresa asks why she wants her to come up there so badly, is she nervous about being alone with Fox? Whitney says of course not. Theresa asks her who shes more afraid of, him or herself? Whitney tells Theresa that she is talking crazy. Theresa says she always suspected something was going on between her and Fox. Whitney says she is nuts and she thinks Theresa and Fox are perfect for one another, and he is the only guy who got her mind off of Ethan. Theresa says they both were on the rebound when they hooked up, and she doesnt think Fox got over his mystery woman. Theresa suggests she find Foxs mystery girl for him. Whitney says Fox talked about her some tonight, and Theresa says he must really trust her to talk about this girl with her. Whitney says they are just friends, that is all. Theresa says she is getting a little defensive, and she wonders if Whitney could be interested in Fox. Whitney wonders where Theresa comes up with this stuff because Chad is the man she is in love with. Whitney says if she was jonsin for Fox then why would she ask her to come up her? Theresa says because she is afraid what she might do if she was left alone with Fox all night! Whitney says she is full of it. Theresa says she is turning in for the night, and Whitney tells her good night. Meanwhile, Fox gets a call from his father, who orders him to leave Whitney Russell alone. Julian tells Fox that Whitney and Chad love one another and he shouldnt try and come between them. Julian asks Fox to promise him that hell leave her and Chad alone. Fox says only if his dad promises to leave Dr. Russell alone. Fox tells his father not to worry, hes not going to go after Whitney. He then asks his dad to do the same with Dr. Russell. Later, Whitney and Fox continue to talk about Foxs mystery woman, and the end up talking about Eve and Julians relationship. Fox asks what if her mother hasnt done anything wrong, what if his father loves her mother, but her mother doesnt return the feelings. Whitney asks why he is defending his father all of the sudden? Fox says he thinks his feelings for her are genuine. Whitney says then he should leave her mother alone and stop trying to break up her marriage. Fox says that is easier said than done some times. Whitney asks what is up with him, does he think because they are Cranes it is okay for them to take what they want? Whitney then begins to suspect Foxs mystery woman is married and that is why he is defending his father. Whitney says she was wrong about him, he is just like all the other Cranes. Whitney tells Fox that the white man no longer has the right to take the black slave girl up to the house for a romp! Fox tells her to slow down, but she tells him not to defend his father to him. She says her mother is just a play toy to his father. Fox says that is not true, and he is not like that either. He tells Whitney that she knows him, but she says she was wrong about him. She says she doesnt like him or his family and they can all go straight to hell.

Back at the studio, Chad continues to talk to Julian about his relationship with Eve. Julian says he was a coward and wishes he had stood up to his father years ago. Chad says he would never let anyone come between him and Whitney, no matter who they were. Julian tells Chad hes taken up enough of his time, so hes going to head off. Before Julian leaves, Chad promises to protect Whitney and her family from whomever is out to hurt them.

At the Russells, Aunt Irma tells Eve that she is a horrible doctor, do her patience know she is being treated by a drug addict, a slut, a whore? TC asks who this woman is? Liz tells Eve to tell her husband. Aunt Irma tells TC is a poor sap, he could have had the milk without buying the cow because she gave it to all those other men. TC tells her not to talk to his wife that way! Irma says she is too old to be scared of anyone, and she says he should be glad she is around because she is the only one who will tell him the truth about the Mrs. Irma says the whore of Babylon had nothing on Eve Johnson. Eve cries no more! However, none of this is real, it was all in Lizs head. Liz gets a fax, which is the consent form from the home. She says all she needs to do know is forge Eves signature. She finds some of Eves canceled checks and goes to work forging Eves signature. Liz has flashbacks to when she was a child and abused by her father. Liz says it is all Eves fault, he never would have done that to her if Eve had stayed at home. After practicing for awhile, Liz manages to perfect forging Eves signature. She then faxes the forged consent form back to the home. Liz calls the home, who have received the form. The nurse at the home tells Liz she didnt fill out the day shed like to take Irma out. Liz says she should ask Irma and they could decide together. The nurse puts Irma on the phone, and Liz talks to her. Liz tells Irma that she has a surprise for her, shes going to take her out of the home to visit Eve. Irma says Eve will burn in hell for what she has done! Meanwhile, Eve worries what Liz could be up to now as she was all too eager to leave her and TC alone tonight. She just hopes Julian finds their son before the whole world caves in on her. Eve returns to TC, and they continue their evening together with some dancing.

At the airport, Luis is stunned when he sees the Crane jet explode! Everyone in the control tower is stunned, and Luis refuses to believe Sheridan is dead. Luis asks them to call the coast guard and have them search the ocean. Alistair says that would be a waste of time. Luis throws Alistair up against the wall and accuses him of being behind this. Luis tells him that he wont get away with this, he wont kill the woman he loves and live to take another breath! The other men there pull Luis off of Alistair, and Alistair tells Luis to control his temper! He says maybe he and TC could get a group discount in an anger management class. Luis tells Alistair he is not finished with him, not until hes six feet under. Luis heads off to search for Sheridan.

Luis ends up on a coast guard boat searching the ocean for Antonio or Sheridan. Luis finds something in the water, which turns out to be a piece of Sheridans clothing. Luis thinks he has lost Sheridan for good this time. Luis returns to the airport and says they couldnt find any part of the plane, it is like the whole plane just disintegrated. The airport controller guy asks Luis to please come with him because there is something hell want to see. Luis thinks it is bad news and they have found Sheridans body. Luis says hes not ready for this. The man asks Luis to come with him. Sitting in the next room is Sheridan!


June 24, 2004
At the Seacliff inn, Fox talks to himself on the balcony and feels like hes been an idiot. He says he should have known better to defend his father to Whitney. Whitney comes out and says shes been the idiot, she is sorry for saying those terrible things to him. She asks if he can forgive her? They make up, and Fox tells her that he was not angry with her and he never could be. Later they talk about Theresa, and Fox wonders what she meant when she said she betrayed him. Fox says he suspects Theresa is still cant get Ethan out of her system. Whitney says she wishes Theresa could find a guy who could get Ethan out of her system. Fox says he thought that he was that guy, and he was a chump. Whiney says not to be hard on himself, Theresa did care about him. Fox says she still schemed to get her son back by getting pregnant with Gwen and Ethans embryo, and he feels doing that is a way for her to feel closer to Ethan. He wonders how shed feel if the baby was hers and Ethans and not Gwen's. Whitney asks if this means he wouldnt give Theresa another chance? Fox says he would, but he doesnt think Theresa has any interest as she is the one who dumped him. Fox says he is a bit hungry, so hes going to go downstairs and try and get the cook to make them a few burgers. Whitney then calls Theresa to tell her about Fox's willingness to give them another chance.

At the Crane mansion, Gwen is preparing to go to the hospital to meet with the new fertility specialist. Ethan says Dr. Russell told her that her eggs werent viable. Gwen says she knows, but she wont accept that without another opinion. She says it isnt fare that Theresa can grow fat with their child when she cant. Gwen feels like something is wrong with her, but Ethan says nothing is. Gwen says she feels like God is punishing her for some reason. Ethan says he isnt, she is a good woman. He also says God isnt denying her anything, Theresa is carrying their baby and it is a gift from God and an answer to their prayers. Gwen says thinking about Theresa carrying their child doesnt fill her with the warmth it does him. Gwen thinks Theresa is going to do something terrible to their baby. Ethan doesnt think so, but Gwen thinks she will use their baby to hurt them in some way. Gwen says she needs to go to the doctors, so Ethan insist on coming with her. As they are leaving, Ethan sees some champagne glasses on the dresser and begins to have flashbacks to the night he and Theresa did the deed. He tries to tell himself that it couldnt have been.

Theresa shows up at the hospital after she hears that her mother has been readmitted to the hospital. Pilar says it was only a nosebleed, it is nothing to worry about. A nurse comes in to check on Pilar, and Theresa asks how her mom is doing. The nurse says it probably isnt something serious, but they are keeping her over night to monitor her. Theresa sits with her mother, and they discuss the Sheridan-Luis-Antonio situation. Pilar hopes Antonio will accept Luis and Sheridan together. Theresa says they all sided against Antonio, she doesn't know if he will forgive them. Pilar says they have to find a way to convince Antonio that they love him just as much as they love Luis. Later, Pilar asks Theresa to go home and rest because she is with child. Theresa insists she is okay. Pilar asks Theresa if anyone else knows the truth about her baby? Theresa says only her and Whitney know. Pilar says that was a horrible thing she did to Ethan. Theresa begs her mom not to tell them because God only knows what Gwen would do to her. Later, Ethan and Gwen show up, and Ethan sees Pilar has been admitted back into the hospital. He goes in to check on her and discovers Theresa is there with her. He asks how the baby is, and Theresa says they are both great. Pilar ask why he is here so late? Ethan says Gwen is here for a doctors appointment. He says he should go check on her, and he leaves. Pilar sees Theresa pining for Ethan, and she wishes Theresa would try and make things work with Fox. Later, they discuss the family and all the heartache theyve gone through. Theresa says shes been thinking a lot about papa lately, and if her mom wants to forgive him then that is her choice. She says if he came back then she could not forgive him, she would want nothing to do with him! Pilar says she doesnt like hearing her speak that way. Theresa says unless papa died than there is no reason on earth good enough for him to leave. Pilar thinks he is alive and he left to protect them. Theresa says she wishes she had her faith but she doesnt. Pilar falls asleep, and Theresa gets a call on her cell from Whitney about Fox. Whitney asks Theresa if she had given any thought about her and Fox getting back together? Theresa says her mom mentioned something about it to her. Theresa asks if Fox said anything? Whitney says Fox is open to another chance with her. She asks Theresa to give him another chance because he is worth it.

Meanwhile, Gwen meets up with Ethan and says the doctor wants to do some of his own tests on her, and he asked her a lot of questions. She says the doctor says it is just too early to tell anything yet.

At the airport, Luis and Sheridan are reunited and share a kiss. Luis tells her that he cant believe it is her and that hell never let her go again. Luis asks her how she got off the plane? Sheridan says Antonio did the most loving and generous thing, and she will always be grateful to him for it. Sheridan tells Luis that Antonio let her go. We see a flashback of Antonio and Sheridan on the plane, and Sheridan telling Antonio that she loves and always has loved Luis. She tells Antonio that he is a wonderful man and deserves a wife who loves him as much as he loves her. Antonio says she could learn to love him, if he took her away . . . .Sheridan says it doesnt matter where he takes her, she will always love Luis. Sheridan says he will live with her physical presence, but her heart will always be with Luis. Antonio then told the pilot to stop the plane and he let Sheridan go. Luis then realizes that Antonio did not get off the jet with Sheridan, and he was on it when it exploded. Sheridan, however, doesnt know about the explosion. She says she will always be indebted to Antonio and she hopes he finds a woman to love. Luis asks her if she did not hear that explosion? She says she heard something. Luis says the Crane jet just exploded, Antonio is dead, he is gone. Sheridan says this is her fault, Antonio is dead because of her. Luis says it isnt her fault, he kidnapped her. Sheridan says he only did that because of what she put him through. She says she knew one of them would end up dead and it would be because of her. Luis tells Sheridan not to do this to herself. He says Antonio was a grown man, he knew what he was doing. Sheridan says this is just like the story of Kane and Able, except she is the one who killed Antonio. Luis says if anyone is to blame for his brothers death it is her father. He says they will get through this and for her not to blame herself. She cries, and Luis comforts her.

Down in Mexico, Martin is once again reading the Harmony paper. He and Katherine have learned Sheridan dropped the charges against Luis and they are back together again. They end up discussing leaving Harmony, and Katherine feels guilt over leaving. She feels all their children have suffered because they were not their to help. She says by putting their happiness first they have caused pain and suffering for their children. Maritn says they had no choice but to leave, otherwise Alistair would have killed her.


June 25, 2004
At Tabithas place, Miguel arrives  to check on Maria. He tells Tabitha that Kay is torn apart about not being able to have anymore children. He says he also needs to talk to Charity and try and convince her that she is not to blame for this. He says Charity thinks people have suffered because of their love. Miguel goes to feed Maria, and Tabitha plans to make sure Charity knows that her being with Miguel has caused all this misery. Charity is outside sitting on the bench, and Tabitha decides to go make her suffer. Tabitha goes outside to talk to Charity and guilt her some more. Charity thinks this is all her fault, her mother warned her to stay away from Miguel. Tabitha tells Charity that she regrets being harsh with her earlier, but she is to blame for Kays suffering. Tabitha says Kays life isnt the only one she has ruined, ever since she came to Harmony pain and suffering followed in her wake. Tabitha says she could be to blame for all of it. Charity says she didnt do anything, but Tabitha says before she came to town it was very peaceful around here. Tabitha says five years ago her Aunt Grace had the perfect marriage, a loving family, Kay and Grace had a close relationship, and Kay and Miguel were best friends and about to become much more. Tabitha says then she showed up, and the evil came soon after. Tabitha says then there was her sweet Timmy who died saving her life. Charity cries that she is sorry. Tabitha says sorry wont bring Timmy back, and sorry wont heal the rift between Kay and Grace. She says the Bennetts have been completely destroyed because of her. Charity thinks it is true. Tabitha says the only way to stop this is for her to leave town! Later, Charity and Miguel talk about what has happened. Charity says she thinks she is the one who has brought all this pain to Harmony. Miguel says that is crazy, but Charity says it isnt. She says she has caused all the problems for Kay and the Bennetts. Miguel says that bad things happen, but Charity says all the bad things happened when she got here. She says all the weird things happened after she got here, and she begins listing them all. Charity asks if the Bennetts werent happy before she came along? Miguel says yes, but . . . Charity says but nothing, bad things happened to everyone once she got here. Charity says she brought evil to Harmony. Tabitha spies on them and says evil was already here, but her arrival threatened their dominance over these dim-witted mortals. Charity tells Miguel the only way to stop all these bad things from happening is for her to leave. Charity runs off in tears, but not before saying she has to leave forever!

Down in Mexico, Katherine tells Martin that the days of reckoning they have feared is here. Martin says they knew they couldnt run forever, and they should be grateful for the time they have had together. Katherine says she is grateful, but their children have suffered because of their decision to leave Harmony. Martin says they would have suffered more if they stayed, and they cant forget the secret that forced them to leave and the secret that keeps them from going back. Tia Maria shows up and tells Martin and Katherine that Pilar is back in the hospital, and she wanted to tell Paloma. Martin says Paloma is out, and Katherine says they will wait up and tell Paloma when she gets back in. Katherine sees how worried Martin is about Pilar, and she says she understands. Katherine tells Martin to go to Pilar. Martin says what about Alistair. Katherine says their time of running is at an end, perhaps they should both return to Harmony. Martin says they cant go back, their presence alone could cause more trouble for their children, and the shock that they are alive will cause even more trouble. He also says they have had so much surgery over the years to allude Alistair, and Pilar will be shocked to see the face of the man she loves is gone. Katherine asks how they will find out how Pilar is doing? Martin says it is risky, but hell call Harmony hospital and try and find out what her condition is.

At the airport in Harmony, Luis tells Sheridan to stop blaming herself for Antonios death. Luis says he chose to be on that plane. He says he is sorry that his brother has been killed, but he thanks God she was not on that plane. Luis promises her that he wont let anyone or anything come between them. Sheridan says she loves him too, but Antonio shouldnt had to have died because of it. Sheridan thinks maybe Antonio could have survived. The coast guard shows up and says they have concluded their search and have found no survivors. The man says the jet disintegrated in mid-air, there is nothing left of it, not even the black box. The man says they will probably never know what caused the jet to explode. Luis tells Sheridan that this explosion was no accident, her father is behind this. Sheridan cant believe her father tried to kill her again. Luis says he will prove it, he doesnt care how long it takes. Luis says Antonio had no idea Alistair was setting him up, and he says this all started when Alistair convinced Antonio to put her into the hospital. Luis says Ackland has now mysteriously disappeared as well. Sheridan says Julian warned him that father would do anything to keep them from digging up anything having to do with the family. Sheridan is afraid of what her father might do next. Luis says Alistair will have to lay low after this, and he says the two of them will bring Alistair down for this. Hank gives Luis a call on his cell, and he informs Luis that his mom is back in the hospital. Sheridan asks if it is serious? Luis says she is stable, but he has to go see her. He then realizes he has to tell his mom about Antonio. Sheridan says they will tell her together. Luis says he doesnt know how he can tell his mom that she has lost her first born son.

Theresa is at the hospital still and talks with her mom about Whitneys call. She says Whitney also thinks she should forget about Ethan and work things out with Fox. Pilar tells Theresa that she should give Fox another chance. Theresa says she knows, but she betrayed Fox by tricking Ethan into getting her pregnant. Pilar says where there is love there is forgiveness, and she should go to Fox and tell him the truth. Pilar says she shouldnt give up on finding love, Fox could be the man who makes her dream come true. Pilar says Fox is a wonderful man, and she thinks Fox will understand why she did what she did. Theresa says even though she did what she did for her son, when she made love to Ethan, her feelings for him began to come back. Pilar says that doesnt matter because Ethan is with Gwen now. Theresa tells her mom that she is right, and she decides to go to the inn right now. Theresa calls up Chad at the studio about going up to the Inn together. Chad is almost done with work, and Chad offers to give her a ride up to the Inn. Theresa thanks him and says shell head over to the studio and meet him. Pilar is glad for Theresa, and she just hopes Martin will come home one day soon. Later, Pilars nurse checks on her, and a man calls to check on Pilar. The nurse answers, and then hands the phone to Pilar saying it is a man calling to check on her. Pilar thinks it is one of her sons. She takes the phone and asks if this is Luis? Martin says nothing, but Pilar knows it is him. She asks if he is okay? She then says Merciful mother, your alive! Luis and Sheridan arrive and learn Pilar is on the phone with Martin. Pilar says he wont speak to her, but she hands the phone to Luis and asks him to talk to him. Luis takes the phone and tells his father that it is him. Back in Mexico, Martin is deeply affected by hearing his sons voice. Luis asks his papa if he is there? Pilar knows it is her husband. Down in Mexico, Katherine tells Martin to end this and talk to Luis.

  Up at the Seacliff Inn, Fox and Whitney are in bed together but cant sleep. Fox keeps thinking about the woman he loves, and he tells Whitney that the woman is her. He then gives her a kiss! Of course it is another dream of Foxs. Whitney asks Fox if he is asleep, and he says no. He says hes having trouble sleeping, and he thinks it is because of that burger he ate. Theresa tells Fox that she feels bad he is stuck here keeping her company because of Chad. Fox says it is okay. Whitney asks Fox if he has thought any more about giving it another shot with Theresa? Fox says he isnt the one who broke it off with Theresa. Whitney says she knows. She also says Theresa has made some huge mistake, but she deserves to be happy and in love. Whitney feels the same way about Fox. Fox tells her that theyll see, and they say goodnight.

Chad and Theresa drive up to the Inn and discuss love on the way. He is glad Whitney stuck with him, and he is glad she is going to give Fox another chance. HE thinks whatever she did to Fox, he will be able to get over it. Theresa says she hopes he is right, and she cant wait to see the look on Foxs face when she arrives.

Back at the Inn, Whitney and Fox have fallen asleep, and Whitney ends up dreaming about Chad, who turns into Fox! She asks Fox to make love to her! Meanwhile, Fox dreams about telling Fox how he loves her. The sheet between them is knocked down, and the two end up cuddling in their sleep! Later, Chad and Theresa walk into the room and and are stunned to see them in bed together and are stunned! 

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