June 28, 2004
At the Sea Cliff Inn, Theresa and Chad are stunned to find Fox and Whitney in bed together. Fox says this isnt what it looks like. Chad says it looks like his supposed best friend is making the moves on his girl! Fox says hes got it wrong, and Whitney says she is the one who asked Fox to stay here. Whitney says there were no more rooms, and she didnt want Fox to sleep on the floor. They explain they set up a sheet dividing them, but it must have fallen down after they fell asleep. Theresa says Whitney would never cheat on Chad. Chad says it is Fox he doesnt trust, and he says Fox is a chip of the old block. Theresa tells Chad to stop this, Fox is his friend and isnt even interested in Whitney. Chad asks Fox if Theresa is right, is he not interested in Whitney? Does he have a thing for Whitney? Fox says it is like Whitney said, they went to bed with a sheet separating them, and it must have fallen down. Whitney tells Chad not to be mad at Fox, she insisted he share the bed. She says she was dreaming about him the whole night. Theresa tells Chad that she understands how he feels, but Whitney loves him and is a straight arrow. Theresa says the idea of Whitney cheating on him is totally crazy. Chad says hes been a jackass, and he tells Fox that he is really sorry. Fox says it is okay, and he is going to get the hell out of here and give them privacy. Chad asks where he will go? Fox says hell check to see if they have another room yet, and hell take a walk. Whitney tells Theresa not to let Fox go, go talk to him. Theresa asks Fox if they can talk about them and their future? He says he thought they didnt have one. She says she was hoping they could give their relationship another chance. She says shed like to talk to him about what she meant when she said she betrayed him. Fox says right now isnt a good time, it is late and he is tired. She asks if he can get her a room too, and he says hell try. Fox leaves, and Theresa tells Whitney that they are going to talk later. Whitney hopes everything will work out for her. Theresa thanks Whitney and says goodnight. Meanwhile, Fox asks the guy at the front desk if there is someplace he can take a walk. The man says there is a path that leads to a cliff, but he wouldnt suggest taking it at night. Fox says hell take his chances, and walks off saying he needs to figure out what hell do with his life without the woman he loves. Later, Theresa asks the man at the desk if he has seen her friend. The man explains he sent him out back to a path. Theresa thanks him and runs off before the desk clerk can tell her that it may be too dangerous for her.

Outside, Fox stands at the top of the cliffs and thinks about his life and what a mess it is. He wonders why he fell in love with a woman who is in love with another man, and why couldnt he have just been like the other Crane men and taken what he wanted. Meanwhile, Theresa hears Fox shouting and rushes to him to try and talk to him. Fox is asking God for some advice. He asks God if this is a joke on his part? He says he dangles a woman like Whitney in front of him and then pulls her out of his reach. Theresa shows up and overhears Fox talking about the woman he loves. She wonders who he is talking about. Fox shouts why he is in love with a woman who is in bed with another man at this moment. Theresa is stunned when she hears Fox say he is in love with Whitney. Theresa is shocked and says she needs to get out of here. When she tries to leave, she ends up falling over the cliff!

At the Russells, Liz interrupts TC and Eves romantic evening. She apologizes for interrupting, but she is just still so curious about this picture of Eve and her Aunt Irma. Eve says it has been years since she saw her Aunt Irma, and she thinks her aunt is dead. Liz says she did an internet search on them and cant find anything on her passing, so is she sure she is dead? Eve says perhaps she died in a tiny southern town that doesnt keep statistics like that on the web. Eve tells TC they should go upstairs. TC says he forgot something in the kitchen and says hell be up soon. Eve asks Liz what she is doing? Liz says she is trying to help TC meet some of her family. Eve says Irma is dead, so perhaps he could introduce him to her psychotic sister who wont get over what happened a lifetime ago. Liz says she was raped! Eve says she is sorry, and she is also tired of apologizing for what happened. She tells Liz to get over this and move on, to go back to her island. Eve tells Liz that she will not ruin her marriage and get TC, it will never happen. Liz says she will never stop until Eve has suffered as she has! Eve tells Liz that she will never win, and she heads upstairs. Liz thinks about Aunt Irma and says Eve is wrong, and once Aunt Irma meets TC, it will be all over. Liz says Whitney will hate her mother even more when she learns she was Julians drug addicted whore! Later, Eve comes downstairs to find TC. He presents her with a gift, he had the first love letter he ever wrote her framed. Liz witnesses the gift and says it is very lovely. Eve tells TC that Liz has decided to go back to her island, so she'll be leaving Harmony soon. Eve then walks out of the room. He asks her when she is going back to Saint Lisas? Liz says she doesnt know yet, and she would like to repay their kindness before leaving. She tells TC in private that she is still working to try and find some of Eves family members. TC tells Liz that he thinks Eve would be thrilled to learn she has family. Liz says she is working on finding Eves aunt Irma, and she asks him not to say anything to Eve because she wants it to be a surprise. TC says he wont. He then returns to Eve and suggests they take a bottle of wine upstairs. Meanwhile, Eve calls the home to say she is coming to pick up Aunt Irma.

At Crane industries, Alistair burns photos of Sheridan and Antonio and celebrates their deaths. HE says now that the Sheridan situation has been taken care of he can concentrate on taking care of Martin and Katherine. Julian shows up and tells his father about the jet explosion. Alistair says he knows, and it took care of Sheridan and Antonio once and for all. Julian is stunned by his fathers actions. Alistair says he did what he had to do to protect the Crane Empire. Julian tells his father that Sheridan is alive and is with Luis as they speak. Alistair says he is lying! Julian says he isnt, and hes surprised he didnt know with all his cameras. Julian says Sheridan got off the plane, but Antonio didnt. Julian cant believe his father tried to kill his own child. Alistair reminds Julian he planted the bomb on that boat, he tried to kill his own sister. Julian says that is something he wont do again, he only did it because he was too much of a coward to stand up to Alistair. Alistair reminds Julian what is hidden in the gazebo, so he better try to keep Sheridan and Luis apart if he knows what is good for him. Julian refuses and says he will take what is coming his way, but his father is done for! Alistair says he has covered his tracks, so if anyone will go to jail it will be him (Julian)! Julian says nothing will compare to the pain of losing and living without Eve, so he is prepared. Alistair says he is sick of hearing him whine about his great noble love for Eve, there was nothing noble about it. Alistair says all they had was drugs, sex, booze and a love child. Alistair tells Julian to get out of here because he has to figure out what to do about the Lopez-Fitzgerald men. Julian asks what men, Luis is the only one left. Julian realizes Alistair is talking about Martin, and he asks if he is still alive. Alistair says the Lopez-Fitzgeralds will not threaten him, no matter how many murders he has to commit. Julian asks what is with him and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, why does he have this vendetta against them? Alistair remembers arguing with Martin over Katherine. Alistair told Martin that she was his wife and hed do what he wanted with her. Alistair says he is just protecting their families interests. Alistair says he cant trust him to run this empire because he is a clod. Julian says hes had enough of this and is leaving. Alistair tells him to run to Eve, she will need him, her world is about to be turned upside down. Julian asks his father what he has done to Eve now? Alistair says he has done nothing, but Eves past is about to be exposed and there is nothing he can do to stop it! Later, Julian calls Eve to warn her about the trouble coming her way tonight. At the Russells, Eve looks over at a gloating Liz.

  At the hospital, Luis is on the phone with Martin. Martin still wont speak, but Pilar knows it is Martin. Luis says whoever it was hung up. Pilar says she knows it was Martin and he is alive. Pilar says her husband is coming back home to her after all these years. Sheridan asks if her husband said something. Pilar says no, but she felt it in her heart. Luis says they cant prove who it was. Pilar says he can trace the call. Luis says it is worth a shot, and makes a call to the station asking them to trace the call. Pilar remains convinced that Martin will be coming home. Luis tells her not to get her hopes up, but Pilar says it will happen, she has faith. Sheridan and Luis both tell her that she doesnt know it was Martin on the phone. Pilar says she knows it was Martin. Pilar says Antonio called her before he came home to Harmony, but he didnt say anything. She says she knew it was him, and it was. She says the same is true with Martin. Pilar hopes when Martin comes home he can help heal the anger between Luis and ANotnio. Luis and Sheridan give each other a look, and Pilar asks why they are making such strange faces. She asks what has happened, has something happened to Antonio? She thinks that Antonio must be upset that they are together again, and she says that must be why they gave one another that look. Pilar says their family is going to be reunited again. Sheridan and Luis discuss telling Pilar the truth. Luis says right now she is so happy, and this could help her recover. Luis says the time will come, just not now. The phone rings, and Pilar thinks it is the police calling back with news that Martin has been found. Luis takes the call, and the police are still working on tracing the call. They end up patching Luis through to the source of the call.

Down in Mexico, Martin panics and hangs up the phone. Katherine thinks he should have talked to Luis, but Martin says he cant explain what he did. He says he was selfish, but Katherine says what he did was selfless, he did what he did for her. Katherine tries to convince Martin to return to Harmony. Martin thinks he would only bring them pain if he returned to Harmony. He fears Pilar and his family would hate him. Katherine says that is not true. Katherine tells Martin that she knows how wonderful it would be for him and his family if he went home, but she does love him and doesnt want to lose him. Martin says hed never lose her, he loves her to much. The phone rings, and Martin answers it, wondering who could be calling at this hour.


June 29, 2004
Show was interrupted for local city corruption news.

Eve and Julian meet up outside of the Russell's. Eve tells Julian that this is very risky meeting here. Julian says his father gloated to him earlier to tell him that she was going to be exposed this evening, and there was nothing he or anyone could do to stop it. After a news interruption they are discussing Aunt Irma, and Eve worries that Liz may have already found her Aunt Irma hidden away in the home. She thinks this could be what Alistair is speaking of. Julian says if she has then they will deal with it. Eve says perhaps she is letting her imagination get away from her, there is no way she could have found Irma. TC begins calling out to Eve. Eve says he should go. He says he will, and he is also meeting with someone about a lead on their son. He asks for a kiss for luck, and she gives him one. TC then shows up and asks Eve what is going on? Julian is gone, and Eve says she just came out here to think about one of her patients that is all. TC thinks he is married to the most caring and compassionate doctor, and a perfect one at that. He says they should go back inside and finish their evening. 

Liz arrives at the home to pick up Irma Johnson. When Irma learns she is going to see Eve, she goes off on one of her tirades about Eve being a slut and a whore. The nurse tells Liz that shes afraid she cant let Irma leave the home in this state, shell have to cancel the visit. Liz asks her if there isnt anything she could do because the family would be so disappointed? The nurse says shell get a sedative to calm Irma down. Liz thanks the nurse. Meanwhile, Irma continues ranting that Eve will go to hell because that is what the bible says! The nurse gives Irma a sedative and then tells Liz not to mention Eves name in front of her because she still could end up in a mood. The nurse then takes off to go on a hot date with her boyfriend, and another nurse comes in and checks the charts to see what is going on. Suddenly, Julian shows up to visit Irma Johnson. However, the nurse tells him that he cant just barge in, he must be an approved visitor. As they argue, Liz overhears Julian outside and realizes she could be caught. She says if Julian catches her in here than her whole plan will be ruined! Julian approaches Irma's room and hears Irma asking someone what she is talking about, what is ruined? Julian  opening the door to Irmas room and is looking inside.

At the Seacliff Inn, Whitney and Chad spend time together kissing one another. Whitney ends up becoming uncomfortable, and she apologizes. She says she just started thinking about Theresa. Whitney says she is the one who convinced Theresa to come up here, and she wonders if she talked to Fox or if they even got a room. Chad says if they hadnt gotten a room they would have come back. Chad says hell call the front desk to check on them to make her feel better. Whitney then looks out the window and gasps and says Theresa!

Up at the cliffs, Theresa is shocked to hear Whitney is Foxs mystery woman. She is upset and tries to leave, but ends up falling over the cliff! Theresa screams, and Fox calls out Theresa is that you? Theresa continues to scream, but Fox thinks it is just the wind. Fox says Theresa is probably waiting for him back at the hotel, and he leaves. Meanwhile, Theresa clings to the side of the cliff for dear life and screaming. Fox returns to the Inn to find Theresa, but she is not there waiting for him. He wonders where she could be. The man at the desk says two guests left, so he has room for him and his lady friend. Fox asks where his friend is, has the man seen her? The man says she went up to the cliffs to find him. Out on the cliffs, Theresa continues to slip and scream. Fortunately, Fox saves Theresa at the last minute before she falls to her doom! Theresa is in tears and tries to tell Fox what she overheard, but she doesnt. Fox says hell get her some tea to make her feel better. Theresa tells herself that nothing will make herself feel better after learning he loves Whitney.

Whitney and Chad run downstairs just as Fox and Theresa return to the inn. They saw Theresa go over the cliffs from Whitney's window. Fox fetches her a warm blanket and decides to get her something warm to drink. Whitney says if Fox hadnt saved her than she never would have forgiven herself for convincing her for coming up here. Whitney says shell never forget tonight. Theresa says that is one thing shell never forget, tonight! Chad and Fox return, and Chad asks what she was doing up at the cliffs. She says she went to find Fox, and she heard him talking. Fox asks You heard me? She says she heard every word he said, and she is glad Whitney and Chad are here because they need to know what she heard.

At the hospital, Luis waits to be patched through to whomever called the room earlier. However, it seems that the police couldnt trace the call after all. Sheridan tells Pilar not to let this get her down. Pilar says she needs to get well, get out of this hospital, and get home and wait for Maritn. She then remembers they dont have a home. Luis says that is because of Alistair and Rebecca, and he wonders what Alistair has against their family. Pilar says they may not have a house, but they still have a family. She says they can have a family dinner at the B&B, and she hopes Antonio will join them. She tells them that Antonio must be devastated, but she hopes he can forgive and understand that the two of them belong together. Luis says it will be a little difficult. Pilar sees them giving one another a look again, and she asks what is wrong. The nurse comes in and says she needs to take Pilars vitals, so Luis and Sheridan leave. Outside they discuss how the news about Antonio will kill Pilar. Sheridan says there is nothing worse for a mother than the loss of her child, she knows. Luis says that is why he cant tell her right now, she is happy and it is helping her get better. Luis and Sheridan go back in to see her, and Pilar says she wants Paloma to come home now. Pilar says she wanted to bring her home earlier, but they decided she should stay in Mexico and finish school However, she says now they have nothing, and shell be coming home to a very different family. However, she thinks God will provide for them. Sheridan gows more and more worried about Pilar. She talks to Luis in private and says this fantasy Pilar has about her husband returning is just a fantasy. Luis thinks once she is better she will forget about it all. Sheridan has to leave, so she heads off. Pilar can sense there is something Luis isnt telling her. She says something has happened with Antonio, something he is afraid to tell her about. Meanwhile, the nurse tells Sheridan to keep the truth about Pilars sons death from her because given her condition, the shock could kill her! Back in Pilars room, Pilar asks what Luis is not telling her about Antonio. Luis says it is not good news, it is not good at all.

Down in Mexico, Martin answers the phone when it rings, and it is Alistair! Katherine asks who it is? Alistair tells Martin to tell her, and to tell her that he is calling to inform them that it is payback time, and he will pay them back by destroying all of their children! Katherine learns it is Alistair, and Alistair says when he couldnt find them he targeted all of their children. Alistair says he even found a way to get to his precious Paloma! Alistair ends up telling Martin that Antonio is dead and he killed him. Martin thinks he is lying. Antonio says he knows it has been awhile since he saw his son, so he can send him a photo of him when he meets him in the afterlife. Alistair says he laughed when he killed Antonio, the same way he will laugh when he destroys all his and Katherine's other children. Martin tells Alistair that he will kill him for this, he will send him straight to hell! He says hell never let Alistair hurt anyone in his or Katherines family again! He then hangs up. Katherine asks Martin what they will do, Alistair wont stop until he hurts everyone they love. Martin says Alistair will never hurt them or any of their children again! Back in Harmony, Alistair watches them on TV and says he has been torturing their families ever since they left Harmony and it will never stop! He then puts a fireplace poker through the television screen.

Paloma is out for a swim somewhere with a boy. As they are swimming, Paloma ends up getting a cramp. The boy she is with comes to her rescue, but then they see a boat is coming right for them! Paloma cries that it isnt stopping and they are going to die! The boat ends up missing them, and Paloma says if she had died nobody would have cared. They return to shore, and the boy tells Paloma that the chances she takes, one of these days she could really be hurt. Paloma says she doesnt care, but he says other people would, people like her family. Paloma says to hell with them. The boy says her aunt is a nice lady, and her god parents are nice people. Paloma says they are not her family, her real family is in the US living it up. She says they sent her away when she was little, but they have never contacted her. She says her sister married some super rich guy and didnt even invite her to the wedding. The boy says Theresa paid for her aunt to remodel the inn and sent her all those clothes. She says she doesnt want stuff, she wants them to love her. She says her family never sent for her to come back, not even after Theresa got all that money. She says they never wanted her and that is why they sent her away. Paloma says if they dont want her than she doesnt want them either. The boy finds that hard to believe and he suggest she go back to Harmony. She screams no and that she hates them all!


June 30, 2004
At the Inn, Theresa tells Fox that she heard every word he said. She says now that Whitney and Chad are here, she thinks they need to know the truth. Fox is in shock and says this isn't something Chad and Whitney need to know about. Theresa says if he thinks she was shocked, wait until Whitney and Chad hear! Theresa reveals she heard the identity of Foxs mystery love and it is Whitney! Chad goes into a rage and ends up attacking Chad! Fox hits back, grabs a candle stick, and almost clobbers Chad with it. Then, Theresa then snaps out of her fantasy, she never told them anything. Theresa ends up saying she just heard Fox out there on the cliffs yelling like Howard Dean. Fox says he is guilty as charged! Fox and Chad go off to get Theresa some more to drink, and Theresa questions Whitney about her feelings for Fox. She asks Whitney if she has feelings for him? Whitney says of course not, but Theresa says she is his biggest cheerleader. Whitney says she thinks Fox is a great guy and Theresa shouldn't let him go. Whitney asks Theresa if she talked to him about getting back together? Theresa says no because he is in love with his mystery woman and she doesnt have a chance. Whitney asks if she knows who it is, and if she does, to tell her. Theresa asks Whitney if Fox said anything to her about his mystery woman? She says he did say one thing, he said she was African American. Theresa says if she thought that was shocking, well she hasnt heard anything yet! Theresa says it is time she found out who his mystery woman is. Theresa tells Whitney is her! Whitney tells her to stop playing with her. Theresa says shes not, she is Foxs mystery woman, he loves her. Meanwhile, Chad apologizes to Fox for snapping on him up in the bedroom. He says Fox is his friend and he knows hed never go behind his back and make a move on his girl. Fox and Chad return right after Whitney has learned Fox is in love with her. Whitney looks at Fox.

At the home, Julian walks into Irmas room and begins searching for Liz. Liz is hiding under the bed, and Irma asks Julian who he is because he is cute for a burger (???). Julian asks if he had a visitor today? Irma says yes, and she was a sweet potato. Julian asks if she knows where this visitor is right now? Irma says she does. The nurse asks him not to do this because it will take her forever to get Aunt Irma to calm down. Irma says her visitor is still close by, he wouldnt believe how close! As she says this she pats the bed. Julian asks where she is now? Irma says she turned into a bird, flew through the roof, and probably went to Vegas. She then asks Julian that he can take her to Vegas anytime he wants because he is cute. The nurse says Irma cant help him, and she gets worse as the day progresses usually, it's called sundowners syndrome. Julian says he has to know if she had a visitor. The nurse says the sing- in sheets say nothing about her having a visitor, the day nurse told her nothing, and she tells him that he must go. Julian and the nurse leave, and Liz crawls out from under the bed. Liz tells Aunt Irma to get ready to go visit her niece Eve. Irma begins spouting Tramp, slut whore! Liz clamps her hand over Irmas mouth and suggests they save that for later. 

At the Russells, TC tells Eve that he cant wait to show the kids the picture of her as a little girl and Aunt Irma. He wonders why Liz hasnt found any news on her death. She says it is because her aunt died in a small town that doesnt keep many records on the internet. TC thinks if Aunt Irma was around what stories she would have to tell about Eve. Eve has a vision of one of Aunt Irmas fits, and she says Julian just has to find out if Liz has found Irma and put a stop to her plan. Later, Eve calls Julian to find out if he has found anything about Irma. Julian says he doesnt think Liz has found Irma. He  says just in case she has he will move Irma to another home and pay for it. Eve tells him that he really is a wonderful man. Julian then gets another call from his informant that he has found Julians son. Julian agrees to meet the man, and then tells Eve that he thinks he has found their son! Later, Liz shows up on the doorstep with Aunt Irma. She rings the doorbell, and Eve rushes to the door hoping it is Julian with news on their son. She opens the door to find Liz standing there with Aunt Irma. Aunt Irma calls Eve a whore, a drug addict, a sadist! Eve asks how she found Irma, and how she got her out of the home without her permission! Liz hears TC coming downstairs, and says it is time for Eves past to come out! She tells Irma to hit it! Aunt Irma calls her a junkie, a drug-addict whore, a heathen!

Julian goes to the parking garage and meets his informant. The informant tells Julian that his son is in Harmony, but he wont reveal any more until he counts all the money Julian has brought. Julian ends up getting fed up with the man, who keeps starting his count over because he keeps getting interrupted. Julian demands his sons name. The informant says hell tell him, and hell be surprised. 

At the hospital, Pilars nurse tells Sheridan how they were sorry to see Pilar check back in because they hoped she would be in remission longer. She also says they are all sorry about what happened to Antonio. Sheridan says he was her husband. The nurse says she is sorry, and reminds Sheridan to tell Pilar now would send her stress level sky high and possibly kill her. Sheridan says Luis has decided not to tell her, so it is okay. Sheridan takes a walk to the cafeteria, and she sees a plaque dedicated to her mother. She wonders why God took her from them so soon, and she wonders how differently her life would have been if her mother had lived. Sheridan returns to the waiting area outside of Pilars room, and continues talking to the nurse about Pilar. She decides not to interrupt Luis and his mother right now.

In Pilars room, Pilar says she can sense something is wrong with Antonio. Luis says it is bad, it is really bad. She asks Luis if he hurt Antonio, or is it worse? Luis says it is worse, it is much worse. Luis tells his mom that Antonio is dead. Pilar begins crying, grabs her head and says it hurts. She goes to get her rosary from the table and falls out of her bed. Luis runs to her side and puts her back into her bed. He then yells out for help. Pilar shakes and cries that her baby is gone. She then begins to spasm, and Luis fears she is having a heart attack. Nobody comes when Luis screams (the nurse left to check on another patient), so Luis searches for the call button. He finally finds the call button and calls for help.

Down in Mexico, Martin goes online where he confirms Antonios death. Martin says this stops now, he should have killed that bastard years ago. They have a flashback to years ago when Alistair was smacking Katherine around because she wouldnt sleep with her. Alistair told Katherine that she was to never say no to a Crane. He threw her on the bed and said Cranes take what they want, and he wants her! Martin showed up and attacked Alistair to save Katherine. Katherine begged him to leave or Alistair would kill him! Alistair then pulled a gun and said Katherine was right, he is a dead man! Martin knocked the gun out of Alistairs hand before he could shoot, and Katherine ordered Alistair to leave her room. Alistair said she would regret this. Katherine told Martin that he would be fired for sure now, if Alistair didnt kill him first. Martin told her that he couldnt sit by and watch him do this to her. Back in the present, Katherine says if he hadnt saved her than he would still be with his family. Martin says he would do it again, and then worries about Pilar. Katherine wonders what their life would have been like if they hadnt left Harmony. Martin says it would have been short. Martin tells Katherine she never told him what Alistair did to her that night. Katherine remembers going to see Alistair in his study after the incident and trying to convince him that Martin means nothing to her, he just was protecting her. Alistair said Martin would regret being her white knight when he is dead! Katherine begged Alistair not to hurt Martin. She said she would do whatever he wanted. She offered to sleep with him, but he told her she was acting like a whore. He said why bother going upstairs with her if she was going to act like a whore, hed take her right here! Then it was implied that he raped her. Martin said he had no idea. He remembers returning home to Pilar and his children. Martin told Pilar what happened at the mansion. Pilar felt sorry for Katherine being married to that horrible man. She asked Martin if Mr. Crane would retaliate. Martin told her it was under control. Pilar felt happy to be married to a wonderful man like him, a man who would never hurt her. Martin blames himself for Antonios death and says he is no better than Alistair. Katherine says that is not try, and if they stayed in Harmony it would have been worse for their families. Katherine says Pilar raised his children with love and morals, but she was not their for her children, for Sheridan. Martin says this cant keep going on, and he says Alistair will never hurt them or their children again. Martin says he cannot leave this to Luis, this is his job and he has to stop Alistair. Martin says he will tear the Crane Empire to pieces, this is war! He says when he is finished there will be nothing left! Martin smashes a vase and says Watch out Alistair Crane, Martin Fitzgerald is coming back to Harmony!


July 1, 2004
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July 2, 2004
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