March 1, 2004
At the cottage, Luis shows up to see Sheridan. Sheridan invites him in and can tell something is bothering him. Luis says coming here to ask this is hard for him, hes never asked anyone for anything. Luis explains the problems his family is having, problems which stem from Rebecca. He says Rebecca has had Pilar, Miguel and Theresa fired as payback for Theresa costing Gwen her child. Sheridan says shell talk to Julian about his, but Luis says Rebecca probably has coerced Julian into letting her do this. Sheridan soon finds out that Luis has also been suspended, and she demands to know why. Luis explains he was suspended for trying to rescue her from the psych ward. He says he fired a gun in the psych ward, he shot the lock off the door to get to her. Sheridan realizes Luis lost his job because of her. Luis says he is not sorry about what he did, but if he doesnt come up with money to pay off the lean on their house, his family will be out on the streets. Sheridan thinks the bank served them with an eviction notice, but Luis says it was the Cranes. Sheridan feels horrible and she tells Luis that Pilar is like a second mother to her. She says she will give him the money no matter what he says. Sheridan tells him that shell go to the bank and shell take care of everything. Luis swears he will pay her back. She tells him to sit here and make himself comfortable. 

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar says she hopes Luis will be able to convince Sheridan to help them. Ethan says he is truly sorry about this, and he has always loved her like a second mother. Ethan has to head back to the mansion. Theresa knows this is Rebeccas doing, and she says she will never forgive Rebecca for this. Ethan leaves, and Pilar fears losing her home. Theresa says they have to have faith that Julian or Ethan will stand up to Rebecca. Pilar says she has heard Julian has changed, but why would she think Ethan would help? Pilar asks Theresa if she is still holding onto hope for her and Ethan? Theresa says she is over Ethan, he is with Gwen now and doesnt care what happens to her. Theresa launches into a rant about how Ethan helped Rebecca take her son from her, and she will never forgive him for that. Pilar says her life has been intertwined with the Cranes since Ivy married Julian 20 years ago. Pilar begins to remember all the pain brought on her family by the Cranes. Pilar says she knows Julian or Alistair had something to do with MArtin's disappearance, then there is the trouble Luis and Sheridan have had, and finally Theresa's problems with the supposed heir Ethan. She ends up damning all the Cranes to hell. Theresa says not Sheridan, Sheridan is wonderful. Pilar says no not Sheridan, but even she has problems. She says as much as she loves Sheridan, she wishes she had never met Antonio and Luis. She says look at what she has brought to them . . .Antonio almost died in a car crash and Luis is devastated that he has lost Sheridan. 

Outside somewhere, Ethan meets up with Woody Stumper to ask what progress he has made in Theresas case. Woody hasnt made much progress at all because he can't prove that the child would be better off elsewhere. Ethan gives Woody some gossip. He says Theresa thinks she heard Rebecca abusing Little Ethan, and he tells Woody to go see if any of the servants have heard anything that could help Theresa. Ethan gives Woody an envelope of cash to use to loosen the servants lips. Woody agrees, and asks if they are still keeping this a secret? Ethan says they are. 

At the mansion, Rebecca and Gwen continue to plan to adopt Little Ethan. Gwen says she cant wait for him to start calling her mommy. Rebecca says she cant wait till Theresa hears him say it! Fox walks in and asks what they are celebrating? Rebecca says Ethan and Gwen are going to adopt. Gwen is holding a picture of Little Ethan, and Fox asks if that is the baby? He asks if he can see the picture? Rebecca says no because they dont want to jinx it. He says okay, hell wait and be surprised. Rebecca says he will be surprised.

Later, Ethan returns, and Fox tells Ethan that he just heard the news that they are adopting. Ethan wasn't aware they were telling anyone yet, but he says they are. Fox congratulates him, and he says hes going to go check on Theresa. Ethan says that now may not be the best time. He explains having to serve Theresa and her family eviction papers which come straight from Rebecca. Fox wonders how someone as nice as Gwen could have a snake like Rebecca as a mother. 

Meanwhile, Gwen thanks her mother for taking away everything Theresa holds dear. Gwen also thanks her for giving her a child and her husband back. Ethan shows up and tells Rebecca that he did as she asked him to, and she is glad. She asks how they took the news? Ethan says they were understandably upset, but they wont go out without a fight. Ethan also knows they happened to all lose their jobs in the same day. He asks if there is nothing she wont do to get revenge on Theresa? Rebecca says no there isnt, not after what she did to them. Rebecca excuses herself to check on Little Ethan. Gwen sees Ethan has papers with him. He says they are adoption papers, and all they have to do now is find the perfect child. Rebecca, who has returned, learns about the adoption papers, and all that is left for them to fill in the name of the child and have a judge approve it. Rebecca tells Gwen that this is perfect, everything is falling into place.

Woody goes to see Theresa at her place. Fox is now with Theresa and her mother. Theresa tells Woody about Rebecca hitting Little Ethan, and she says she can prove it. Woody asks if she has another witness? Theresa says she does, and she says Fox lives there and must have heard something. Unfortunately, Fox says he has never heard any of the things Theresa has seen or heard. Woody says not to worry, he will use some money to see if any of the Crane servants wish to talk. Theresa wonders where he got all that money? Woody says he is a lawyer, and lawyers have money! 

At the Blue Note, Eve orders Whitney to get off that stage! Whitney says she isnt going anywhere. Eve says she is not going to let her be a lounge act, it is just the start down a road that leads to ruin and nothing. Whitney says she is not leaving, and that her mom can never again tell her what to do ever again! Whitney tells her mom that she has some nerve lecturing her when shes cheating behind daddys back. Whitney says all she is doing singing, she is not doing anything immoral like she is! Eve says she is up there in front of all those people leering at her. Whitney asks how singing in front of an audience is any different than her playing tennis in front of an audience? Whitney asks her mom what this issue she has with singing is? Eve says singing can lead to drug use. Whitney says so can sports, but she managed to avoid drugs while playing Tennis. She asks her mom why she wasnt worried about her getting involved with drugs until now? Eve says look at what happened to her in LA when she went off to sing. She says she might fall into that awful subculture again. Chad says people who fall into drugs are usually weak, but Whitney was raised right. Eve says that lifestyle has the power to seduce anyone, and she demands Whitney to leave with her. Whitney refuses, and they get into a huge shouting match. Whitney tells her mom that she will never tell her what to do again, not after what she has done. Eve tells Whitney that she doesnt know the whole story. Whitney says she knows she is a lying, two-timing whore! Eve slaps Whitney across the face! Eve quickly apologizes, and begs Whitney to just come with her and talk, to give her a chance to explain. Whitney tells Eve to leave because she isnt going to listen to anything she has to say. Chad suggests she go for now. Eve cries that she loves her so much and would never hurt her. Whitney says she has, so she should get out and leave her alone.  Eve leaves, and Julian ends up comforting Eve. Eve thinks Whitney is going down the same path she was. Julian tells Eve not to give up on Whitney, and not to let Liz use Whitney to hurt her. Back at the Blue Note, Chad tries to talk to Whitney about her mom. He tells Whitney not to act like Simone, give her another chance. Liz swoops in and tells Whitney that Chad is right, she should go to her mom and talk to her. 


March 2, 2004
Shorter due to my long day today

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Fox is with Theresa and tries to tell her that none of the servants will speak up against Rebecca or any of the Cranes. Theresa says she has to have hope that one of them will do the right thing. Later, Woody returns, and Theresa is served papers by a processor. SHe gives them to Woody and asks what they say? Woody says Rebecca has filed for custody of her son. 

At the Crane Mansion, Rebecca catches Ethan on the phone asking Woody to do whatever it takes to help Theresa. Rebecca is furious and says he better not be helping THeresa, or else he will pay. Ethan says his phone conversation is none of her business, and hasn't she hurt Theresa enough as is? Rebecca says she hasn't. As they argue, Gwen returns with Little Ethan. Gwen is very happy with the boy, and Little Ethan wants to play with Ethan. Gwen asks to talk to Ethan, so he asks Rebecca to watch Little Ethan. As Ethan and Gwen discuss adopting a child, Rebecca gives Little Ethan chocolate to eat and allows him to watch the Exorcist. Ethan is not pleased and tells Rebecca that she wanted this child, so she needs to take care of him. Gwen asks her mom what she is doing, and in private Rebecca tells her that she's going to make Ethan realize she can't care for the boy, therefore he will have to adopt him! 

In the park, Theresa and Fox take a walk, and Fox tries to comfort Theresa. They see Rebecca, Ethan, Gwen and Little Ethan all playing, and Theresa decides to go talk to them. Fox thinks this is not a good idea.

At the bank, Sheridan arrives to withdraw money from her account, but is told her accounts have been frozen. She asks by whom? Alistair walks in and says he froze them to protect her. He says she should not be giving money to Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Sheridan is furious with her father and says that is her money and she demands he give it to her. Alistair refuses and says he's doing this to protect her. He says she is vulnerable and Luis is taking advantage of her. Sheridan says Luis is not taking advantage of her. She says he is a good and decent man, and asking for this money was a hard thing for him to do. Alistair says she is putting up a strong defense for Luis, one might think she had feelings for him. Sheridan says this is about helping out Luis' family, who have done nothing wrong. Alistair still refuses to give her the money.

At the Book Cafe,  Antonio is talking with Beth about how Luis won't leave Sheridan alone. Antonio makes threats and says he might not be able to stop himself from doing something he may regret if Luis doesn't leave Sheridan alone. Beth ends up worried by ANtonio's words. Antonio goes to leave and runs into Alistair. Alistair tells Antonio that Luis is not leaving Sheridan alone. Antonio says he knows that. Alistair tells Antonio that right now Luis is with Sheridan at the cottage! Antonio leaves, and Alistair goes in and tells Beth that right now Luis and Antonio are going to be having a showdown at the cottage. Beth says one of them could kill the other. Alistair laughs and says yes, but tells Beth that is not what he hopes will happen. Alistair says he would like to see Luis happy with her.

At the cottage, Sheridan returns and gives Luis the bad news that Alistair has frozen her accounts. He is not pleased, and she feels like she has let him down. He says that is not the case, and they hold and comfort one another. Suddenly, Antonio bursts in and is furious with Luis. He tells him to get his hands off of her!

At the Blue Note, Whitney is convinced to talk to her mom, only to find her in Julian's arms. She is furious with her mom and says she can't believe she let Liz talk her into coming to try and work things out with her. Eve is not pleased with Liz and thinks Liz would do anything to hurt her. Whitney asks why would Liz do that, Liz actually cares about her. Whitney then asks Liz to hire her to sing full time at the Blue Note. Eve begs her not to do this, and she says singing here can lead to drug use. Whitney says she is a strong person, she is alot like her, she won't be tempted. Liz says Whitney is right, she is a strong person. Whitney asks Liz once again to hire her, and Liz says she would love to have her sing here. Eve has flashbacks of all her past discretions, flips out, and tells Whitney she forbids her to sing here ever! She then rips up the poster Liz has made with Whitney's picture on it. Whitney tells her mom that she is an adult, she can't forbid her to do anything. Whitney says she will sing whether her mother likes it or not. Whitney leaves the club, and Chad follows. He asks her not to leave things like this, try talking to her mom again. Whitney flat out refuses. Meanwhile, Julian comforts Eve. Eve says she wishes she could tell Whitney the truth, but if she does, she fears her lies will only drive Whitney further away.


March 3, 2004
Julian comforts Eve, and he encourages her to tell Whitney the truth. Eve says she cant do that because Whitney already thinks she is a hypocrite for pretending to be virtuous and good. Julian says she is virtuous and good. Eve says her life is unraveling and there doesnt seem to be anything she can do about it. Eve says they need to focus on their son, they know he is alive and they need to find him. Julian says he knows he promised her that theyd find her son by the end of this year, and he says he intends to keep that promise. Eve says it would be so much easier to explain her past to Whitney with him there. When Eve begins talking about the past and regrets, Julian says he hopes that there is something else that she doesnt regret about the past. Eve says he doesnt regret them, and she tells Julian not to blame himself for what happened then or now. She says in some ways she thinks he is the best thing to happen to her. As they are about to kiss, Julian gets a call from Rebecca asking where the hell he is and when he is coming home. Julian says hes not going out tonight. Rebecca knows he is with Eve, and she threatens to call TC and tell him everything if he doesnt come home right now. Julian says fine he will be there. Eve knows Rebecca threatened him., but he tells her not to worry about him.

At the Russells, Liz tells TC that Whitney will be singing at her club tonight. TC says this is Chads fault, and that boy will ruin her life. Liz says no this is not Chads fault, it is her fault for hiring Whitney. She says her singer bailed and she needed a replacement. TC says she knows how Eve feels about Whitney singing, is she trying to destroy his family? Liz says says that when she explains why she hired Whitney, he will understand everything that is going on with Whitney and with Eve. Later, when Eve arrives home, TC confronts her and says Liz told him, she told him everything. Eve looks at Liz and asks her what in the hell has she done? TC says Liz only did the right thing. Eve asks TC what Liz told him? He says Liz told him that she hired Whitney to sing there. TC says Liz explained that Whitney was going to do what she wanted to do whether they liked it or not, so they should go to the club and support Whitney. Eve says no way, this business is not the life they should want for their daughter. TC says they cant turn their back on her, they should go down their and support Whitney. Eve continues to refuse. TC asks what this is about, why doesnt she like the girls to sing? TC says her hatred for music is totally irrational, so what happened to make her hate music so much? Liz tells Eve she should tell them why she is so dead set against Whitney singing in her club? Eve says nothing happened to her it is just that drugs are so readily available in those places. TC suggest she have faith that they raised her right, and he says they should go down there and support her because it is an event for the hospital. TC asks how it will look if she doesnt show up for a hospital benefit, especially when her daughter is performing. Eve says all she knows is her daughter is working in a bar, and she didnt go to medical school to watch her daughter sing to drunks. She says she is not going, she will not let Whitney ruin her life. TC cant believe this. TC says hes going because at least one of them will support their daughter. TC leaves to get ready, and Liz gloats to Eve that she is going to lose everything because of her lies!

  Julian returns to the mansion, and Rebecca says he needs to get dressed because they have to go to the hospital benefit. Julian doesnt want to, but agrees when Rebecca once again threatens to call TC. Julian and Rebecca get dressed up, and Julian asks where this benefit is? When he finds out it is at the Blue Note, he asks Rebecca is she is behind this? She says she had nothing to do with it. Julian says he isnt going. Rebecca asks why not, because Eve will be there with her husband? Julian says Eve wont be there, and he isnt going. Rebecca says he will or she will call TC. Julian says fine hell go. She says theyll have a good time listening to Whitney sing, after all the hooker doesnt fall far from the tree.

Chad and Whitney are at the recording studio when Fox and Theresa show up. Theresa asks Whitney what is wrong, she seems upset. Whitney says she caught her mom in Julians arms again. Whitney refuses to rant about this anymore because she knows Theresa is suffering right now because of Rebecca. Theresa begins to discuss her problems when Chad eventually says he hates to break up this happy conversation, but Whitney is opening tonight and they have work to do. Theresa says she needs to go home and help her family pack anyways. Whitney asks Theresa to give her mom her love. Theresa and Fox leave, and Whitney still doesnt understand why her mom is doing this to her father. Later, Chad and Whitney rehearse, and Whitney doesnt feel like singing an upbeat song right now. She chooses a song about pain and hurt. The song basically has Whitney singing that she wishes she could help someone undo all the pain in their life. After she finishes, Chad says she is amazing, and she cant believe she ignored her talent for so long. Whitney says her mom is the one who never wanted her to sing. She says her mother can no longer tell her what to do or not to do, not when she is having an affair with Julian. Chad says she doesnt know that for sure, and he offers to call Eve and ask her to come hear Whitney sing. Whitney says no, she doesnt want her mom there. Chad says maybe if her mom hears her sing then she will change her mind. Whitney says she doesnt care. She says her mom hates music, she has hated it her entire life. Whitney says she doesnt want her mom there or anywhere near her.

At the cottage, Luis and Antonio get into a fight over Sheridan. Sheridan begs them to stop this, but they continue to throw punches. Sheridan tells Antonio that Pilar is in trouble, Rebecca is taking away her home. Antonio finally stops and listens to what Sheridan has to say about Pilars situation. She explains why Luis came here, and why she went to the bank to get money. Sheridan says her father froze her accounts and said he did it to protect her because she wasnt in her right mind. Antonio tells Luis that hes sorry, he didn't know. Luis says he knows, and he only came here for the money. He says he didnt want to, but he didnt have anywhere else to turn. Sheridan tells Antonio and Luis they all have to work together to find a way to help Pilar keep her house. Antonio and Luis begin cleaning up the house, and Luis explains everything to Antonio. Unfortunately the peace doesn't last long. Eventually when Luis starts talking about Sheridan, Antonio gets angry. He tells Luis that Sheridan loves him, she picked him, and he is tired of listening to him ramble on about Sheridan. He orders Luis to get out of his house. Luis refuses. Antonio thinks Luis came here to get Sheridans sympathy and probably tired of Luis spouting that story about Alistair brainwashing Sheridan. Antonio says he thinks everything revolves around him. Luis says no, he thinks everything revolves around Sheridan, and he loves her and thinks she should be with someone she loves. Sheridan says she is. She tells Luis that she loves Antonio and he is the man she wants to be married to. Sheridan says she wants to be with Antonio, but Luis says he knows she loves him. Sheridan says no, she loves Antonio. She asks Luis to please leave, which he does. However, outside, Luis says hell never accept that Sheridan loves Antonio and not him. He watches as Antonio tells Sheridan that he will protect her, and he hugs Sheridan. Luis asks God why he is doing this to him? He says after everything he and Sheridan have been through, why did he take her away? He says they deserve to be together! He demands God give him an answer, why is he doing this to him and his family?

Theresa and Fox arrive at the Lopez-Fitzgerald and find Pilar packing up their belongings. Theresa blames herself for this, she should have had Julian sign something saying she could keep the home. Pilar says this is not Julians doing, it is Rebeccas. Theresa says this isnt fair, why does Rebecca have to punish them? Pilar says by making her family suffer, she is punishing her. Fox says she did a good thing rebuilding this home, but Theresa says no good deed ever goes unpunished. Pilar finds a picture of them when they moved back into their home. She says she thought shed be here forever, but that wont happen now.


MArch 4 2004
At the mansion, Ethan and Gwen continue to discuss adopting a child, and they settle on adopting a little boy because Gwen says that is what she wants. Ethan promises her that he will find her a little boy, no matter how difficult it may be. A spying Rebecca says it wont be that difficult at all. Rebecca then walks in and begins complaining about how the nanny keeps asking her questions about Little Ethan, like would she like to read him a story. She says that nanny isnt competent, she cant make choices, so she has decided to fire the nanny. Ethan says Little Ethan has become attached to the nanny, and firing her would be cruel. Gwen tells her mom Ethan is right, taking his nanny away would be cruel. Rebecca says that woman is just getting on her nerves. Ethan tells Rebecca that Little Ethan needs someone constant in his life, someone who cares. He says Julian isnt there for him, and neither is she. Rebecca says she is the step mother, she has custody, so she makes the decisions. Rebecca says the nanny goes, and that is final! Ethan begs her not to do this, but she has made up her mind. Ethan says hes going to get ready for the benefit, and he asks Gwen to talk to her mother. Gwen doesnt like what she is doing to Ethan, but Rebecca says it is all a part of her plan. Gwen asks her what this plan of hers is again? Rebecca explains how if Ethan thinks she is mistreating Ethan, he will be more receptive to adopting him. However, Gwen says Ethan could think Little Ethan would be better off with Theresa. Rebecca says that wont happen, Ethan will soon realize Little Ethan is better off without her. Gwen admits sometimes she thinks what they are doing is wrong. Rebecca says next time she thinks that, she should remember Sarah and all the babies she will never have because of Theresa. Rebecca says Theresa will get what she deserves, and then some! Gwen goes upstairs to see Little Ethan, and she reads him a book about a boat. She says in a few months when it warms up maybe she and Ethan can take him on the Crane boat. Little Ethan seems to like that idea. Rebecca spies on them together and thinks Gwen is getting closer to making Theresas son her own. Ethan and Gwen get ready to go to the benefit, and Gwen tells Ethan how sweet Little Ethan is, and how it breaks her heart to see her mom being so cruel to him. Ethan says Little Ethan is lucky to have her looking after him. She says the same about him. Ethan rants about how Rebecca and Julian are going to make terrible parents for Little Ethan.

At the cottage, Sheridan is in pain because she couldnt help Antonios family, and because Antonio is becoming estranged from his family. She says now is a time they should be banding together. Antonio tells Sheridan that it isnt her fault that she couldnt give Luis money, and Luis has to accept that she is married to him now. Sheridan says she shouldnt have left Luis here when she went to the bank, the memories of this place must have affected him. Antonio asks Sheridan what about her memories? Sheridan says she does have many wonderful memories of Luis and the times they spent here. Antonio tells Sheridan that he loves her and wants her to be happy, so he doesnt want her to be with him if her heart is with Luis. Antonio says he just wants her to be happy. He asks her if she regrets choosing him? Sheridan assures Antonio that he is the man she loves, and Luis is in her past. She says this is their home now, and they should make their own memories here. They begin to dance, and a song comes on the radio, and it reminds her of Luis. Sheridan buries her head into Antonio's shoulder. Antonio can tell Sheridan is terribly upset, and he asks her to talk to him. Sheridan tells Antonio that right now she is so happy, and she is afraid if she looks at Antonio she might see Luis face and not his. She says Luis is convinced he is still in her heart and it will only be a matter of time before she remembers him. Antonio asks her to look at him, and she does. He asks who she sees? She says she sees him, and she is pleased. Antonio is as well, and he suggests they go out and look at the stars. 

Down on the pier, Luis wonders what else can happen to his family today. Alistair says good evening to Luis, and asks if its been a bad day. Luis attacks Alistair and says hes already taken Sheridan away from him, he wont let him take his familys home! Luis says hell kill him first! Alistair says he is a brave police officer for attacking a man twice his age, or perhaps he should say a former police officer. Luis tells him not to play that game with him, he knows what hes up to. Luis wonders what games he is playing with his family. Alistair says he doesnt care about his family, but Luis says he wouldnt waste time on his family if they didnt pose a threat to him. Luis asks Alistair why he is so afraid of him? Luis thinks Alistair is desperate to get rid of him just like he got rid of his father. Luis begins to wonder what his father knew about the Cranes. Alistair says Martin was a bug who skipped out on his wife and children. Alistair tells Luis that he can blame him for his fathers weakness and cowardness if he wants to, but Luis doesnt believe that his father was a coward. Luis says he blames him for his father leaving, he did something to his father just like he did to Sheridan. Alistair says perhaps the person to blame is him, and perhaps Luis just isnt as good in bed as Antonio is! Luis knows Alistair did something to Sheridan. Luis says one day Sheridan will remember him, and then they will be together. He also tells Alistair that he will never bring his family down, and they will fight him and win. After Luis walks off, Alistair makes a call to someone to meet him at the wharf. Ackland shows up, and Alistair is worried that Sheridan could remember her love for Luis. Alistair says he needs to be certain Sheridan will not remember her love for Luis. Ackland says until he can finish the process, he cant give him guarantees. Ackland asks if Sheridan can be put back in the hospital? Alistair says not without raising suspicion. Ackland says then he cant guarantee Sheridan wont remember. 

Later, Sheridan and Antonio run into Alistair on the pier. Sheridan once again lays into Alistair for what he has done to her and to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Alistair says he is trying to protect her from men who are only after her money. Sheridan says he doesnt care about her, this is about something else. Sheridan says Luis is right, and she knows what he has done! She says he is trying to destroy Luiss life and his familys, and she wont let him win. Sheridan storms off, and Alistair tries to convince Antonio not to let Luis win. Anotonio says he isnt going to listen to him, and he knows Sheridan loves him. Antonio walks off and Alistair fears Luis will never give up, and eventually, those two brothers will have a bitter battle to the end.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Fox continues to comfort Theresa. Theresa sees how down her mother is, and she goes to her mom and tries to convince her that there is still hope. Theresa says perhaps Luis will convince Sheridan to help them. Pilar, however, has given up hope! She says they must accept what is happening, they have no other choice. Pilar tells Theresa that they must stop pretending everything is all right when it isnt. Theresa says she has learned the hard way things always dont go the way you want, but they still have one another and the Cranes cant take that from them. She says they have to believe that everything will be all right. Still, Pilar doesnt know where they will end up. Theresa says they will end up together, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds always end up together. She says they have to keep hope. Luis walks in, and Theresa asks if Sheridan gave him the money? Luis says hes sorry, he doesnt have the money. Luis explains how Alistair froze Sheridans accounts so she cant help them. Pilar says they should continue to pack because the Cranes will want them out in the morning. Luis thinks the Cranes will probably want them out tonight. Pilar thanks Luis for trying because she knows it wasnt easy for him to ask Sheridan for help.. She sees bruises on Luis face and asks who did this to him. She asks if Alistair's goons did this? Luis says no, and he doesnt say who did it, but Pilar knows who it was. Pilar doesnt know what is happening to them. She says they have lost their jobs and now they are going to lose their home. She says Miguel has lost Charity, Theresa has lost her baby, Antonio thinks his family has turned on him, and Luis has lost his love to his own brother. Pilar wonders how much more they can take? Pilar says she feels helpless right now, like the whole world is crashing down on them and she can do nothing. Luis and Theresa try and give her hope, but Fox feels there may be nothing they can do against his family. 


March 5, 2004
Building off of NBC's summary because of my long day, plus my local NBC was having sound issues during the show!

At the B&B, David tells Grace that he doesn't want to pressure her, but he needs to know if she will go to Italy with him. She says yes, and he is thrilled. He says he'll order them tickets right away. Grace quickly backs out, claiming Jessica is graduating soon and she'll need her help planning the party. David tells Grace that Jessica isn't going to want her help, and that perhaps in time they will 

At the Bennett's, Sam comes home from a hard day at work. He is upset because he had to spend Luis. Ivy fears this is Alistair's doing. Sam thinks Alistair probably had something to do wit hit. He says at one time he thought the Cranes may have brought David to Harmony to pose as Grace's husband, but he knows that is not true. Sam goes upstairs to get ready for the benefit, and Ivy worries Sam could one day find out she was the one who brought David to Harmony. 

Upstairs, Jessica once again asks Charity how she could steal Reese from her, he was her first love. Charity tells Jessica that she should be thanking her because first loves don't last, and lust is much easier than love. Charity tells Jessica that she should get dressed for tonight, find a guy, and have some fun. Charity says that is what she plans on doing.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are all down in the dumps. Kay and Miguel show up upon getting Pilar's message that Luis was unable to get money from Sheridan. Kay tells them not to worry about her or Maria, she got a job at the cannery and is also going to help support Miguel. Fox attempts to lift the family's spirits and invites them to go to the benefit. They all say no, but Fox convinces them taking their minds off their troubles for a few hours might be just what they need. They agree to go, and Pilar makes Luis to promise not to think about Sheridan tonight.

At the cottage, Antonio suggests he and Sheridan go out for a night on the town, and he tells her there is a hospital benefit at the Blue Note. Sheridan doesn't feel like going out, but Antonio convinces her to go in order to take her mind off of Luis.

At the Blue Note, TC shows up and Liz tells him that it is a shame Eve has not come. TC says at least WHitney will have one parent supporting her. Eve shows up and she says Whitney will have both parents to support her. Later, Eve threatens Liz. She tells her if she hurts Whitney than she will be one dead bitch!

Grace shows up with David, and she attempts to talk to Sam, but he has nothing much to say to her. MEanwhile, Ivy presses David to convince Grace to go to Italy with him. Later, Ivy and Sam share a kiss as Grace looks on. 

Julian and Rebecca arrive, as do the Lopez-Fitzgerald's. Pilar can't believe Rebecca is carrying on like she is the queen of Harmony. Luis is just glad Sheridan is not here, but turns around and sees Sheridan walk in.

Later, Whitney takes the stage, and her song has an affect on all those present. When Julian hears her sing he is reminded of Eve. Julian leaves, and runs into an emotional Eve out in back of the club. Together the two dance, and Eve cries she has never felt more close to him.

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