March 8, 2004
At the Blue Note, Whitneys song has an affect on many people in the club as it makes them remember lost loves. Fox thinks about Whitney, Theresa abut Ethan, Ethan about Theresa, and Gwen about her daughter. Gwen sees Ethan looking at Theresa and wishes Theresa had died instead of her daughter. Fox tells Theresa that the way she is looking at Ethan makes him feel like she is more into Ethan than she is into him. Theresa says she is not still pining over Ethan, she just misses the way she and Ethan were before everything went so wrong. Theresa says Whitney's song just brought back a lot of memories. She thinks it must have done the same for Fox, so she confronts Fox about his mysterious love and she asks who it was. Fox says it doesnt matter now, they are a couple. He asks her once again if she is over Ethan. Theresa says she and Ethan cant be together, but no matter how hard she tries to hate him, she thinks he will always have a place in her heart.

Rebecca talks to Gwen about how Theresa is looking at Ethan. Rebecca assures Gwen that she will not let Theresa hurt her again. An upset Gwen excuses herself and decides to go to the ladies room. Ethan asks her if she is upset? Gwen says she just doesnt want to talk about it. Gwen then leaves. Meanwhile, Rebecca begins to wonder where Julian is, and she says he better not be with that whore Eve. As Rebecca goes to search for Julian, she is delayed by her socialite friends. They want to meet Julian and hear all about the two of them. She says she'll go get him so they can meet him.

Meanwhile, TC is stunned by how good of a singer Whitney is. TC wonders where Eve is, she is missing all of this. Ethan interrupts them to talk to Sam. Sam asks Ethan what is wrong, he looks upset. Ethan admits to Sam that hes married to Gwen, but hes been thinking about Theresa after listening to Whitneys song. Sam says that is perfectly natural, but Ethan says he's feeling guilty. Sam asks Ethan if he is saying he wants to leave Gwen and go back to Theresa? Ethan says he doesnt want to leave Gwen, but he feels unfaithful when he thinks about Theresa. Ethan admits he still has feelings for Theresa, and he feels guilty about it. He says Gwen has struggled so much because of his feelings for Theresa. He blames himself for what happened to Gwen, but Sam says it takes two to tango and Theresa is guilty as well. Ethan, however, says he doesnt blame Theresa. Sam understands where Ethan is coming from. Sam says he still has feelings for Grace even though she has chosen David, but he also has feelings for Ivy which he thought were buried for years. Ethan asks if he is getting back together with his mother? Sam doesnt know, but he says he cant stay with Gwen if he has feelings for Theresa. Sam says no man wants to be a womans second choice. Ethan says he doesnt want to be with Theresa, he wants to be with Gwen. 

From the Lopez-Fitzgerald's table, Luis looks at Sheridan and thinks this song has caused  her to remember that she loves him. Pilar wishes he was right, but she doesn't think so. Luis is positive that he is right. At her table, Sheridan begins to remember her past with Luis, and she looks over at him. Luis thinks this is a sign that she has remembered, and he says he has to go talk to her. Antonio sees Luis looking at Sheridan and wishes he would finally get it. Sheridan decides to go after Gwen because she looks upset. Sheridan leaves, and Antonio warns Luis to leave Sheridan alone.

In the bathroom, both Sheridan and Gwens hearts are breaking. They talk to one another about the loss of their children, and Gwen confides in Sheridan that she wont be able to have anymore children. Sheridan asks why she didnt tell her? Gwen says she has so much to deal with as is, she didn't want to trouble her with her problems. Gwen says this is all Theresa's fault, and she explains that it was the accident in LA that caused all this. Sheridan says that explains why Rebecca is out to destroy Theresas life. Sheridan says she doesnt have anything sympathy for Theresa, she does for Miguel Pilar and Luis, but not Theresa. Sheridan tells Gwen that she knows how terrible she must feel. Sheridan ends up telling Gwen that she has remembered Luis and the love they shared. Gwen asks Sheridan if this means she has realized she wants to be with Luis and not Antonio? She says no, she wants to be with Antonio, she is happy with him. Gwen says as long as she is happy than that is all she wants. Gwen decides to go back out to Ethan. Sheridan tells her not to worry about Ethan, he loves her so much. She also says she is sorry about her not being able to have children, but they could always adopt. Gwen says that is what they are going to do. Sheridan asks Gwen if something is wrong? Gwen says she doesnt have to worry about it, she will adopt a little boy and she wont let Theresa ruin her dream to have a family with Ethan. 

Back out in the club, Antonio refuses to let Luis ever bother Sheridan again. Luis asks Antonio what hes going to do, is he going to kill him? Antonio grabs a knife off of the table and tells Luis that hell never bother Sheridan again! Pilar gets in between her sons and tells them to stop this! 

Chad talks to Whitney about her song, and he says she was wonderful. Whitney says that song really means something to her. Chad says it almost sounded like she had a lost love still in her heart, and he asks her if she does? Whitney thinks about Fox, and Chad asks her if there was or is someone else in her heart? Whitney says there was someone she was attracted to, but it didnt work out and he has nothing to worry about.

Elsewhere. Gwen and Rebecca meet back up, Rebecca still cant find Julian and she sees Gwen has been crying. Gwen says it was just the song. Rebecca leaves Gwen with Ethan and continues searching for Julian. Gwen begs Ethan to just promise her that they will have a family, that they will adopt. 

Outside the club, Julian and Eve are dancing, and Eve says in his arms she has no fears. She says it is like escaping from reality. Julian tells Eve he could make that a fantasy, he could take her away where nobody would ever find them and she would never have to fear anything. Eve says it is very tempting to be free and not feel any of this guilt. Julian says it would be so easy, they could be in the air in less than an hour. Julian says she wouldnt have to pack, they could go to Paris or Venice and she would have a whole new wardrobe by the evening. Julian asks her to come with him. He says she could make her happy. Eve says yes, take her away from all of this. Eve says she wants to go with him! Julian says she wont regret this, and he makes a call to the airport and asks for the jet to be fueled. Julian says she wont regret this, and they should go. However, Eve hears the applause inside for Whitney and begins to remember the past with TC and the girls. She remembers spending Christmas with the girls when they were younger, and she says she cant do this. She says it was a wonderful dream, but she cant do this. Liz eventually realizes where the two alley-rats are, and she spies on them. She learns Julian has offered to fly Eve away from Harmony. Eve tells Julian that she cant leave her family, what kind of woman would she be? Julian says she is a wonderful woman and she has never done anything for herself. Eve says she loves TC and he is a good man, but Julian says he doesnt appreciate her. Julian tells Eve that he wont let her sacrifice herself, she is coming with him tonight! Eve refuses, and as they argue about it, Liz continues to spy on them. Eve refuses to leave town, and she says she has been happy with TC. She says TC is a good man and a good father, and he has never done anything to make her want to leave him. She says all their troubles are not TC's fault, but hers for lying about her past. Julian says he knows she wants to leave TC and be with him. Eve says she can lust in her heart, but she would never act on it. However, Julian tells Eve that he cannot let her go back to TC. Julian says he will kidnap her and take her to Paris with him tonight! 

Back in the club, Antonio talks with Liz abut how he wishes Luis would back off. Liz says eventually Luis will have to realize Sheridan is not coming back to him. Antonio doesnt want to talk about Luis anymore, and he asks Liz about the man she has her eye on. She says that the spark she needs is about to flare up very soon! Elsewhere, Luis finds Sheridan and confronts her. He knows she has remembered her love for him, and she wants him to admit it. Antonio comes over and finds Sheridan looking upset, and he asks what is wrong. Luis says she remembers loving him, that is what is wrong. Antonio asks Sheridan if this is true?

Back outside, Eve refuses to listen to Julian anymore. Julian tells Eve that he loves her and he wants her all to himself. Eve says he is scaring her. Julian says he is the richest man in the world, he has everything but her, and everything he has means nothing without her. He says he lost her one and he wont lose her again. He says he will never let her go! Back inside, Liz goes to check on TC and Sam, and when TC asks if she has seen Eve, Liz says no but she heard her outside talking. TC says shes probably on the phone, and he goes to get her once Liz encourages him to. Back outside, Julian is caught manhandling Eve by TC. TC is furious and decks Julian, who falls to the ground .He tells Julian to get up so he can kill him.


March 9, 2004
At the Blue Note, Sam wonders why TC hasn't returned. Liz says she thought she heard Eve in the alley earlier. Sam says TC must be with her, so he'll go get them because Whitney's second set is about to start. Before he goes to find TC, he sees Antonio and Luis about to go at it.

Meanwhile, Luis tells Sheridan to tell Antonio that she has remembered her love for him. Antonio tells Luis that he has lost it, Sheridan loves him and has chosen him. Antonio says it was just a song and nothing more. Luis says that is not  true, and he tells Sheridan to tell Antonio who she really loves. Antonio says Sheridan has told him, and she has shown him. Antonio says Sheridan isn't going to say otherwise. Luis says she will, and he asks Sheridan to tell Antonio. Luis goes to Sheridan's side, and Antonio tells Luis to get his hands off his wife! Pilar shows up and asks what is going on here? Luis explains that Sheridan has remembered her love for her. Antonio has had it and wants to fight. Sam shows up and orders them not to do this. Sam warns Luis that if he does this he could lose any chance of reinstatement. Luis doesn't listen, and they begin to fight. Meanwhile, Rebecca continues searching for Julian and Eve. She soon realizes Whitney and TC are gone as well, and she says she is getting a bad feeling about this. Rebecca sees the Lopez-Fitzgerald boys fighting, so she stops searching for Julian to watch them. She hopes their shirts get ripped off during their fight. Rebecca comments that this fight is better than watching boys gone wild. The boys keep fighting as Pilar begs them to stop. Rebecca helps rip the boys shirts off when they fall down near her. Liz tells them to stop this now because there is a benefit going on and the mayor is out there. She says she won't have them destroy her club after she just reopened it! Sam eventually breaks the fight up, and he lectures Luis. He says the Cranes are just looking for an excuse to throw him off the force for good. He also tells Antonio that he is just upsetting Sheridan even more. Antonio says this is Luis' fault and he should throw Sam in jail. One of the workers at the club tells Sam and Liz what is going on out back, so Sam and Liz take off to check on what is happening. Meanwhile, Luis still demands Sheridan tell Antonio what she remembers. Sheridan finally admits that she does remember, and Luis is right. Antonio asks if she is saying she loves Luis? Luis says that is what she is saying. Sheridan says no, he doesn't understand. Sheridan says she remembered her feelings for him, but she still loves Antonio and wants to be with him. Antonio tells Luis that it is time he accepted this. Sheridan tells Luis that she just wants to have a nice quiet evening alone with her husband. Later, Luis gets an idea. He thinks music is the key to undoing Sheridan's brainwashing, and he goes to see Whitney.

Whitney is backstage and is thinking about her mom's actions with Julian as of late. Chad comes to find her and tells her that it is almost time for her second set. Chad realizes something is wrong. Whitney says when she was signing she noticed her mother was gone. Chad says maybe the hospital called. Whitney doesn't think so. She says Julian was also missing, and she thinks they are together. Whitney rants and raves to Chad about what her mom is doing. She says she was hoping when her parents sat there and listened to her sing that maybe they could have been a happy family again. She says she should have known better, she should have known her mom would have snuck off to be with Julian. Chad asks if there is anything he can do? she says there is, she says he can promise that he will never cheat on her. She says she couldn't live with that kind of betrayal, and she will never forgive her mom for what she has done. Chad promises that he will never cheat on her. Whitney says that is what her mother promised her dad. Chad says maybe Eve and Julian are just good friends, but Whitney says good friends don't hide their relationship from the world or the spouses. Chad says considering how TC feels about the Cranes, it is understandable that her mom might keep this a secret. Chad says her dad does have a temper. Whitney says that makes her believe her mother is cheating all the more, she knows how her father feels about Julian and she knows he would kill Julian. Chad once again swears to Whitney that he'd never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. She says she hopes not because she couldn't handle it if he ever cheated on her. Chad begins speaking to her about the power of love and how beautiful it is. Whitney says love won't be beautiful if his father ever found out about her mom and Julian. She says he would kill Julian, and it would destroy their family. Later, Luis comes to see Whitney and Chad, and he asks for a song request. Chad knows the song Luis wants played, and they agree to play it.

Out back of the club,  TC decks Julian, who falls to the ground. TC orders him to get up so that he can kill him! Julian gets up, and TC says he is not going to let Julian take his wife off with him and have his way with her. TC pummels Julian and Eve begs him to stop. TC says you Cranes are all alike. He says first they took his family's land, then he took his tennis career, and now he's trying to take his wife! TC says he will take his life, and he decks Julian. Julian collapses, and Eve thinks something is very wrong. Eve begs TC to stop, and she asks to check his vitals. TC doesn't want Eve near him, so he checks on Julian. TC says Julian isn't breathing and has no pulse. Eve tells TC that he has killed Julian! TC says he was protecting her, but Eve says she doesn't need protecting from Julian, Julian would never hurt her. TC asks what she is saying, is she saying she came out here of her own free will? TC asks if something is going on between her and Julian that he should know about? Eve tells TC that she loves him and he has to know that. TC says he knows that. Rebecca, Sam and Liz show up, and Rebecca asks what has happened here? TC says Julian is dead. Sam asks TC if he did this? TC says Julian was trying to kidnap Eve. Rebecca says he didn't have to kill him! Sam says he has warned TC so many times, and he puts TC in handcuffs! Sam tells TC to turn around because he is under arrest. Liz damns Eve because she says TC shouldn't be the one to be punished! Sam begins to read TC his rights. Julian coughs, and it turns out Julian isn't dead. TC wants to be let go, but Sam says Julian can still press charges. Julian says he won't press charges, so Sam has to let TC go. Sam tells TC that he is a lucky man, and he needs to stop attacking Julian every time Julian annoys him. TC says Julian was trying to kidnap Julian! Sam asks Julian if that is true, he asks Eve if Julian was trying to kidnap him than he will arrest Julian! Sam asks Eve if she was going with Julian willingly, or was he trying to kidnap her? Julian says he can tell them what happened, what TC said was true. Julian says he had too much to drink, Eve was a beautiful woman, and he couldn't help himself. Liz can't believe Julian has once again come to Eve's defense, and she doesn't understand how two men can love a lying whore like her so much. TC tries to attack Julian, but Sam holds him back. Sam warns TC that if he attacks Julian he will arrest him again. Rebecca urges him to do it because TC is a menace. Sam tells Rebecca to shut up. Eve begs TC to stop this, but TC vows to kill Julian if he ever finds Julian near Eve again. Sam tells Julian that he should probably arrest him for assault, but if they let this go and he agrees not to press charges against TC, they will drop all of this. Julian says he won't press charges against TC.  Sam, TC and Eve leave, and Rebecca lays into Julian for screwing up. Rebecca warns Julian that if he's going to see Eve than don't get caught because if TC doesn't kill him, she will!

Back in the club, Whitney takes to the stage again, and she sings the song Luis requested. As she sings, Luis watches how Sheridan reacts. Sheridan begins to rub her head as if she has a headache, and we are treated to some classic Shuis moments. Meanwhile, TC continues to threaten to kill Julian, which Sam warns him not to say otherwise he will have to arrest him. At the same time, Liz gloats to Eve that if TC learns the truth than Julian will be dead, and TC will go to prison for murder, and it will be all her fault!


March 10, 2004
Shorter summary due to PC problems (my laptop's charger burnt out, I have to borrow a friends to charge my PC, so I need to conserve as much battery power as possible)
At the Blue Note, Whitney takes the stage and sings the song Luis requested. It not only affects Sheridan, but Grace and Sam as well. They exchange looks and it appears Grace might come talk to Sam. Ivy becomes worried. Before she can, Sheridan runs out of the club, and Luis and Anotnio both rush after her. A worried Pilar begs Sam to go stop her sons before they kill one another, so Sam runs off. Meanwhile, David asks Grace once again about going to Italy with him. She is still unsure. Later, Ivy pressures David into doing whatever it takes to get Grace to leave with him.

Outside the club, Pilar watches and Antonio and Luis almost go at it again. She begs them not to do this. Antonio is furious with Pilar for taking Luis side once again, and he really lets her have it. He says he wishes he had never come home, he might as well be dead to them. Pilar says he is breaking her heart, and he says now she knows how he feels. Luis eventually runs off after Sheridan, but before Antonio can, Sam stops him by slapping on the cuffs. Sam tries to make Antonio see violence is not the answer. Antonio thinks Sam is doing this to help Luis, but Sam says if he had caught up to Luis he would have put him in cuffs too. Sam tells Antonio that he feels for him, he too lost the woman he loves to someone else. Antonio says he has no intention of losing Sheridan like he lost Grace. Sam says no matter what he did, Grace still left him and he has to learn to accept that. Antonio says perhaps Luis needs to accept Sheridan has chosen him!

  Meanwhile, Sheridan ends up at the gazebo where she is flooded with memories of Luis. She runs off right as Luis and Hank arrive. Luis was positive Sheridan would be here, but she isn't. However, he finds evidence that she was here, and he thinks he knows where she will go next. Sheridan arrives down at the wharf where she remembers more of her time with Luis. She runs off just as Hank and Luis arrive. Luis is positive the woman here was Sheridan, and Ole Man Jackson confirms to Luis that he saw Sheridan. Elsewhere along the pier, Sheridan finally remembers her love for Luis. She says she loves Luis and she still does. 

Back at the club, Jessica, Miguel and Kay watch Charity slobber all over Reese. Jessica and Miguel hate watching them, but Kay doesn't want to leave the club because Miguel promised her a night out and Tabitha was so nice to offer to babysit for them. Miguel ultimately agrees to stay a little while longer. Meanwhile, Charity decides to lose her virginity, and Reese thinks he is the lucky man. She tells him no way, there must be someone else here who would like to be her first. She then tells Reese that they should dance.

Meanwhile, Eve is beeped and has to go call the hospital. She tells TC that she'll be right back. Meanwhile, a man enters the club and tells Liz that he used to frequent the old Blue Note in Boston, and he's amazed by Whitney and how she reminds him of a singer at the old Blue Note. Realizing this could be her ticket to destroy Eve, she sits the man next to TC. As he comments to TC about how much this girl reminds him of another singer in Boston, TC says that is impossible because that is his daughter and this is her first time singing. The man says the woman he is speaking of could be this girl's mother, but TC says that is impossible. The man sees Julian sitting across the bar and recognizes him as a patron at the old club and he says he ruined the singer's life by getting her involved in booze and drugs. Liz asks the man if he remembers the singer's name? The man can't but says he'd know her if he ever saw her again. Suddenly, Eve returns and makes her way to the table! 

Chad asks for help with the next song Whitney needs to sing, he says he needs backup singers. When no one volunteers, he draws names out of the charity raffle and ends up picking Theresa, Fox and Ethan. They all sing with Whitney, and both Gwen and Chad are troubled by the connection their loved ones have with the others. Meanwhile, Grace dances with David, while Charity dirty dances with Reese. Miguel, Jessica and Kay decide to leave. Grace goes to talk to Jessica, but Jessica calls her mom a slut just like Charity and says she wants nothing to do with her again. Hurt, Grace tells David to call his publisher and tell them that he'll need to tickets to Europe. 


MArch 11 2004
Once again short due to my long day, and computer problems (I hope to have them fixed by this weekend)
At the club, Whitney, Fox, Ethan and Theresa sing on stage together. Gwen hates seeing the way Ethan and Theresa are staring at each other and vows to make Theresa pay by taking her little boy from her. Meanwhile, Chad is disturbed by the closeness of Whitney and Fox. Eventually, Gwen gets on stage to sing with Ethan and break the love fest going on up. After the song ends, Gwen tells Ethan that he completely ignored her up there. He says he didn't, but she says he did. She says the whole club saw how he and Theresa were looking at one another. Ethan apologizes to her saying he was just really into the song. Meanwhile, Chad confronts Whitney and asks if Fox was the man she fell for while he was gone? She denies it and says Fox is in love with Theresa. Chad sees them together and says he's sorry, he should have realized she would never go after the man her best friend liked. Elsewhere, Theresa apologizes to Fox for singing with Ethan the way she did and ignoring him. She says the song brought back so many old feelings for her. He says he understands, and they make up and make-out. Later, Theresa asks Fox if he still thinks about the woman he used to love? Fox says he has learned to deal with the loss and move on.

Elsewhere in the club, George, the man from Boston, continues to tell TC and Liz all about the singer who got messed up by getting involved with Julian. He says her career went no where after Julian got her messed up with drugs and alcohol. TC says he believes you are responsible for your mistakes, and Julian didn't twist this woman's arm. George gets a bit drunk as Liz keeps feeding him booze in order to get him to reveal more. Eventually TC begins to wonder where his wife is, and he goes off to look for her. Elsewhere, Eve checks on Julian and they profess their love for one another. She tells Julian that she loves him so, and she loves that she can be herself around him. She says TC can never know the truth about her, he wouldn't accept it. However, she also says she can't leave TC. Julian says he understands, and will respect her decision even though it kills him. Later, Eve is confronted by George. George remembers her from the old Blue Note, and finally remembers her name is Eve Johnson. He wonders if she is still hooked up with Julian Crane? Eve says she is not here with Julian, and she has no idea who he is or what he is talking about (even though she did recognize him at first.) George becomes a little aggressive with Eve and asks why she won't give him five minutes when she used to give guys so much more. Meanwhile, Liz sees Eve with George and directs TC over to them. TC gets angry and asks what the hell George thinks he's doing. George points to Eve and says this is the singer he was telling him about, the one that got messed up with Julian Crane!

Sheridan says she finally remembers her love for Luis, and that she needs to find him and tell him. She ends up running back to the gazebo where she has more memories of Luis, and eventually collapses. On the pier, Antonio and Sam meet up with Luis and Hank, and Antonio once again attacks Luis after Luis says Sheridan has remembered her love for him. Sam breaks the fight up, and then Luis gets a call from Sheridan's cellphone. The call is full of static and he can't hear her, but he feels she has gone back to the gazebo. The boys all race there and find Sheridan on the ground as if she has had the wind knocked out of her. Luis rushes to her side and asks her if she remembers? She says she does!


March 12, 2004
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At the Blue Note, Gwen and Rebecca continue to plot taking Little Ethan from Theresa. Gwen says the sooner the better, not only has Theresa killed her little girl and left her barren, but she made goo-goo eyes at Ethan while they were singing! Rebecca tells Gwen that Theresa will suffer. She leaves to check on Julian, and Ethan joins Gwen. Fox and Theresa approach them, and Theresa tries to apologize to Gwen. Gwen  says she doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. Ethan and Fox ask Gwen not to do this now. Gwen wonders how she gets all these men on her side, is she drugging them? Hypnotizing them? Gwen starts lashing out, and Ethan says he doesn't think Theresa came her to cause trouble. Gwen warns Ethan not to stick up for her again! Fox says he should here Theresa out. Theresa says she heard that she and Ethan were looking to adopt, and she just wanted to wish them the best. She says she hopes they find a child to adopt and make all their dreams come true. Theresa says she feels awful about what happened. She tells Gwen that she is a nice person, and she has always respected and admired her. Theresa says she likes to think they could have been friends if things hadn't happened. She says things are the way they are, and a lot is because of what she has done. She tells Gwen that she knows they will find a son to adopt. She also thanks Gwen for being wonderful to her son when she can't be there for him. Gwen says she treats Little Ethan like he is her own son. Theresa gets a little uncomfortable by the remark. 

Whitney tells herself that Theresa is with Fox, so she needs to stop thinking about him. Chad surprises her with some champagne and a rose, but he can see something is bothering her. He says she should be happy, but Whitney says she feels awful. Chad asks what is wrong, she is on her way to making all her dreams come true? Chad says even her father is prepared to back her up. Whitney says yeah, but her mother was off with Julian and his father caught them together and almost killed Julian. She wonders how she can be happy when her whole family is falling apart. Chad says perhaps she doesn't know the whole story, and Whitney thinks he is being naive. Chad says if they are having an affair, what can she do other than tell her father? Whitney says she doesn't know. Chad says she has to let it all go. She says her family is living their life, and she needs to start living hers. He says it is time for her to start being happy for herself. Whitney doesn't know if she can do that. Chad tells Whitney that she can't change the way people behave, all she can do is love them. Chad says if her mom is going to be with Julian, than she will be with Julian. Chad says if she keeps trying to protect her family than she will be the one who falls apart. He also tells her not to let her mother's possible affair with Julian sour her outlook on their love. Chad promises Whitney that he will never cheat on her. He promises her that he will never be unfaithful to her, he loves her. Later, Theresa and Fox tell Whitney and Chad that they are leaving, but they wanted Whitney to know how great she was. 

  Meanwhile, George tells TC that Eve is the singer from the old Blue Note, the one who got hooked up with Julian Crane. TC says this is his wife! Eve says this man must have him mistaken for someone else. Julian shows up, and George swears that Julian and Eve used to be hot-n-heavy. Julian tells George he must be wrong about her. A drunk George laughs at Julian and says she must have been worth every penny if he is denying it. TC says nobody talks about his wife that way, and he decks George! TC begins beating George until Eve stops him. George says Eve was a hooker, and he knows Julian and Eve were an item. He says there was the drugs, the booze, and even the homemade movies of their romps in the bedroom. Liz tells George that Mr. Crane is right, he cannot walk in here and say these things about these two. TC says his wife is the most respected woman in Harmony, she is no floozy from Boston. George says he is not lying and he can prove Eve and Julian were lovers. Before he can show them the proof, Rebecca steps in and decks him! George ends up passing out after Rebecca's punch. TC asks why she did that? Liz says the man was causing a scene, and she didn't want her new society friends to hear any rumors about her Julian. She says she will not be the subject of ridicule, and this man was wrong. She says Eve is such a prude that this mans claims have to be false, and Julian would never have to pay for sex! Liz still wonders what proof this man had, and she suggests it could be in his coat pocket and that they should look. They only find keys, and she says this guy is a con-man and nothing more. TC apologizes to Eve and says he is so sorry that this scum bothered her. Suddenly, Eve gets a call from Pilar about Sheridan. Pilar says Sheridan has a fever and asks her to come look after her. Eve says she needs to go check on Sheridan, but TC doesn't want her going to the Crane estate. Eve says Sheridan is her patient so she has to go. TC says than he will go with her so she doesn't have to go alone. They leave, and Rebecca asks Liz to have that man thrown out! Liz confronts Rebecca and asks why she saved Eve . . . what is she up to? George is thrown out, and Julian warns George to never try anything like this again otherwise he will kill him! Rebecca says she needs that secret kept in order to control Julian. She says she will expose Eve and Julian's past, but in her own away and in her own time! Liz says to herself that Whitney can also reveal a secret of Eve's, and she wonders where Whitney has gone to.

Ethan and Gwen return home, and Little Ethan has waited up for them. Later, when Ethan talks about how nice it was of Theresa to talk to them tonight, Gwen suggests they get a letter of reference from Theresa to help them adopt! Gwen thinks to herself that Theresa will help them adopt her own son!

At the gazebo, Sheridan moans Luis' name as he holds her. Sheridan appears very shaken. Luis tells Sheridan that it is okay, and he loves her so much. Sam and Hank realize Sheridan is remembering. Pilar shows up to find out what has happened. Luis says Sheridan has remembered everything. Antonio tells Luis that he has a sick obsession with his wife, she has not remembered, she only ran out of the club after what he did to her tonight. Antonio says Sheridan is fragile, and then they begin arguing about who drove Sheridan to the psych ward. Antonio tells Luis he is an adulterer, he had sex with Sheridan in the psych ward! As they continue to fight, Sheridan tells them both to stop it. She says she remembers, she remembers so much! Sheridan's memories come flooding back to her. She says she remembers when Luis proposed to her here, she remembers the joy she felt that day. She remembers the dreams they shared. Luis says they can have those dreams back, all she has to do is tell Antonio that she wants to be with him. Anotnio asks Sheridan if it is true, does she want to be with Luis? Sheridan suddenly becomes dizzy and faints! ANtonio tells Luis that this is his fault. Pilar begs them not to fight, and Hank tells them to think about Sheridan. They take Sheridan back to the cottage, and Antonio worries he may lose Sheridan again. Pilar tells the boys to stop fighting, she can't take it and neither can Sheridan! Pilar then notices that Sheridan is burning up with a fever. Pilar says she will take care of Sheridan, and she demands the boys leave until Sheridan is better. She asks Sam to take her boys outside, which he does. Later, TC and Eve show up. TC fills Sam in on what happened, and then they have to break up another fight between Luis and Antonio. Sam says he's sick of them fighting like seventh graders! He tells them to wait and let Sheridan make her decision. Meanwhile, as Eve attends to Sheridan, Sheridan calls out Luis' name.

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