March 15, 2004
Shorter than normal due to my long day
At the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, Fox brings Theresa home, and they sit and talk. Theresa assures Fox that she is over Ethan, but sometimes she can't help but wonder what if . . . . Theresa remembers when it all started to go wrong, when Ethan was exposed as being Sam's son. She swears she didn't tell the tabloids about Ethan's paternity, and she suspects it was Rebecca or Gwen, but she can't prove it.  Theresa tries to convince Fox she is over Ethan. She says she knows he hasn't pressured her into making love because he thinks she still has a thing for Ethan, but she says she doesn't and she is ready to make love .She asks him to stay with her for the night. Fox isn't sure, but Theresa insists it would help her. She tells him how ever since Little Ethan was taken she has had terrible nightmares every night and has to sleep with the light on. She fears she may lose him forever, but Fox says that won't happen. Fox asks what her brothers and mother will think if he stays, but she thinks they won't be home. Fox agrees to stay the night, but he thinks they should only be friends tonight, not lovers. Theresa agrees, and they get into bed. However, the temptation is too much and they make love, and neither has regrets. Theresa excuses herself afterwards, and on her way out knocks over a book and out falls a picture of Ethan. She tells the photo that she loved him with all her heart, but it wasn't enough, and now she has to move on. She puts the photo away and returns to bed with Fox.

At the Crane Mansion, Julian prepares to go for a walk, but Rebecca says she knows he's walking to the cottage where Eve is tending to Sheridan. She warns Julian to be careful, and that he should thank her for saving his butt tonight. Julian asks why she saved him? Rebecca says she wants him to remember who is in control in this relationship! Julian leaves, and Rebecca talks to Gwen while Little Ethan plays with Big Ethan on the PC. Gwen worries something could ruin her and her mother's plans. Meanwhile, Ethan sends Little Ethan off to get a glass of milk, and he checks how the adoption is coming along. He gets bad news, the agency can't find a child meeting Gwen's specifications. He suggests they be a little looser with their expectations, but Gwen won't budge on them adopting a little boy. She says a little girl would just reminder her too much of Sarah. Rebecca assures them that sooner or later the perfect little boy will come along. Little Ethan returns to play some more with the PC, and Big Ethan assures Gwen that he will find that perfect little boy for them.

Outside the Cottage, Sam once again has to keep Antonio and Luis from going at it, and he says he will arrest them both if he has to. Pilar comes out of the cottage and announces that Sheridan's fever has broke and she is getting ready to see them. Both men feel Sheridan will pick them, and they reminisce about how they fell in love with Sheridan and the past lives they spent with her.

  Inside the Cottage, Eve tells Sheridan to take a shower and she'll make her some tea. Sheridan showers and thinks about the men she loves and the choice she must make. Meanwhile, Julian surprises Eve and tells her that he wants to be the only man in her life, and he kisses her. She says they can't do this, Sheridan is in the bathroom and TC is right outside. She begs Julian not to put her in this position, not to make her chose as Sheridan has to. Julian says he can make it very easy for her, all she has to do is chose him.

Back outside, TC announces that he's going to go in and check on Eve and Sheridan. Pilar thinks they should all go inside now, which they do. As Pilar goes up the steps to the cottage she gets a little dizzy. Sam assumes that she is just under a lot of stress. Back inside, TC knocks on the door to Sheridan's bedroom and asks Eve if he can come in. Eve begs Julian to leave, but he thinks perhaps it is time TC knew the truth! TC opens the door, and Eve think she's been caught with Julian again, but Julian hides in the closet. Eve is relieved, and Sheridan comes out of the bathroom. She says she is ready to make her announcement. In the living room, Pilar begs the boys to remember no matter what Sheridan decides, they are still brothers who love one another very much. Sheridan emerges from her bedroom and says she's ready to decide . . . . 


March 16, 2004
At the cottage, Sheridan apologizes to Luis and Antonio for putting them both through what she has tonight. She says she left the Blue Note to think through her thoughts and try and make sense of them all. Sam asks Sheridan who she has chosen to spend her life with? Julian hides in the bedroom and listens. Julian hopes Sheridan stays with Antonio otherwise her father will kill her for sure. Meanwhile, Sheridan delivers a shocking blow to all. She says she loves her husband and wants to stay married to him! Antonio is thrilled, and everyone else is shocked. Julian says Sheridan will be safe for now, but something isnt right. Luis begins to wonder why Sheridan chose Antonio if she remembered everything? Luis asks why she went to all those places if she was going to chose Antonio? Sheridan says she did remember their love, but their love is in the past and it is finished. Sheridan insists she loves her husband and she wants to be with him. Luis cant believe this is happening. Antonio says believe it and accept it. He then tells Luis to leave, leave and leave them alone. Sam tells Luis perhaps he should leave. Sheridan asks Luis to leave for now, she doesnt want anymore fighting. Luis says hell leave, and Antonio says he hopes it is for good. Luis leaves, and Hank says he can crash at his place. Suddenly, Sam is called about a problem at his house, so he has to leave. TC and Eve say theyll come, and Eve goes to get her bag from Sheridans room. once there Julian tells Eve that he knows Sheridan loves Luis and he suspect Alistair is behind this. 

Out in Alistairs Limo, Alistair is holding a gun and tells Ackland he did excellent work making sure Sheridan once again chose Antonio. We see a flashback of Alistair forcing Sheridan into the limo and Dr. Ackland drugging her to force her to forget everything. Under the influence of the drug, Ackland gave Sheridan the suggestion that the man she really loves is Antonio, and she needs to stay married to him. Dr. Ackland cant imagine what it was like for Sheridan and Julian to grow up in that house, especially for Sheridan. Ackland begins to analyze Alistairs irrational hatred for Sheridan. Ackland says he has done research and Katherine was in frail health long before Sheridan was conceived. Ackland says Sheridan did not kill Katherine, Katherine died of kidney failure. He says she knew the risk she was taking carrying a baby to term at her age an in her health, but she took that risk because she wanted to give him another child. He says once again Katherines death is not Sheridans fault. Alistair suggests Ackland be quiet or else he will find himself on the receiving end of his hatred.

Back at the cottage, Antonio and Sheridan are finally alone. He tells Sheridan not to feel sorry for Luis, he has only himself to blame for where he is. Antonio says if Luis is lucky Beth will take him back. Sheridan says she is sure Beth will take him back. Sheridan and Antonio go to bed together, and it is suggested that they make love. In the limo, Alistair watches them on TV and says if Sheridan ever remembers who she really loves than he will make sure she joins her mother in the family crypt. Alistair also says he will be the one who kills Sheridan!

Hank, Pilar and Luis head to Hanks place. Pilar is going to be staying at the B&B where she will look after it and the gift shop while Grace is away with David. Pilar thinks about all the people in Harmony whose lives are in turmoil. She says she wonders when it will all end, how much more do they have to suffer? Luis says he knows hell never be happy again. Luis says he has lost Sheridan, he has lost her for good. 

At Tabithas, Miguel explains to Kay and Tabitha how he and his family are facing being homeless. Kay tells Miguel that he will always have a home here with her and Maria. Tabitha isnt so sure, but Kay insists he move in here. Tabitha agrees to let him stay with them, so Miguel accepts. Maria is hungry, so Miguel goes off to feed her. Kay joins him, and Tabitha tells Endora that with Miguel here they will have to be very careful with their secrets. However, she says at least with Miguel here, he and Blondie are history. Tabitha says Miguels life isnt the only one whose life is being up heaved, there are others. Later they head Jessica scream, so Kay and Miguel head to check out what is going on.

At the B&B, David has received the tickets to Italy, and he tells Grace they leave tonight. Grace didnt realize it would be so soon. She remembers seeing Sam kiss Ivy at the Blue Note, and she makes the comment that this is all so sudden. David says theyve been discussing this so it should be a surprise unless she has changed her mind again. David tells her that he was hoping this trip would be the start of their life together, and when they returned they would finally be able to give John a home. Suddenly, Grace hears Jessica let out a scream.

At the Bennetts, Reese shows up to see Charity, and she rips his shirt off and begins kissing Reese. Suddenly Jessica walks in and cannot believe what she sees. She hopes Charity isnt planning on taking Reese upstairs with her, but Charity says she was. Charity says she just bought some new massage oil and wants to give Reese a rubdown! Ivy walks in and tells Charity that she is not taking this man upstairs with her. Charity tells Ivy Excuse me, and who is the man your with again? (Charity had previously threatened Ivy not to push her or she might have to think hard and have a premonition about her, Sam, David and Grace) Charity tells them both that she will do what she wants, and she orders Reese to get his pretty boy butt up to her room. A fed up Jessica lets out a scream, which brings Grace and David running. Jessica tells Charity that she hates her, but Ivy says Reese is every bit to blame as Charity is. Grace shows up, with David, and asks what goes on here? Jessica explains to her what is going on, and Grace suggests perhaps she misunderstood why Charity invited Reese over. Jessica says no she hasn't, and she asks why her mom cant see what a selfish slut Charity is. Kay and Miguel show up, along with Tabitha, and Kay says that is because Grace is a slut like Charity is. Kay reminds Jessica that Grace left them for David. Grace tries to make things right between Jessica and her cousin, but Jessica tells her mom she is a slut just like Charity is! Jessica tells her mom to get lost, and Charity says she agrees with Jessica. She tells "Gracey" to leave because she wants to give Reese his rubdown. Sam finally shows up, and David suggests they leave to Grace. Grace says she could stay here, but everyone, including Sam says perhaps she should leave and that they will all be fine without her. Eve asks Grace is this is what she wanted? Grace says she wanted to tell Sam at the Blue Note that she was wrong and wanted to be with him, but then Ivy showed up and they kissed. Grace says she realized Sam had moved on, and her girls dont want her. Grace says she made a choice, what's done is done, and she hopes Eve never has to go through what she is going through with TC and Julian. Eve remembers choosing to go with Julian, but then changing her mind. Meanwhile, Ivy tells David bravo for a job well done. She tells him to take her to Italy and never bring her back! David just isnt sure they will have a happy life as her heart is broken. Before leaving Grace asks Kay if she could hold Maria, but Kay says no and walks off. Jessica tells her mom goodbye and good ridden, and she walks off to.  Later, Reese thinks he should go, but Charity says no way. She says he came here to mess around, and that is what they are going to do. Jessica cant believe Charity is going to do this. Charity tells Jessica to accept she has lost, get a life and move on. Meanwhile, Grace says goodbye to Sam and asks him to call her if he or the kids ever need her. Sam doubts that will happen. Sam tells Grace to take care, and that he hopes she finds what shes looking for. Grace and David leave, and Grace sees Ivy and Sam holding one another as they walk away together.

Kay, Miguel and Tabitha return to Tabithas house. Tabitha and Endora watch Grace leave with David, and she says it has taken her nearly two decades to succeed, but the threat to the dark side from the Standish sisters is no more! Tabitha sings and dances with Endora and says they still have many more lives to ravage and ruin and no one to stop them.


March 17, 2004
due to the late hour I have not proofed this!
At the courthouse, Ethan meets with Woody Stumper. Woody asks Ethan why he is here? Ethan says he had a meeting with an adoption agency. Woody didnt know he and Gwen were thinking about adopting. Ethan fills Woody in on how Gwen cant have children, but they arent letting that stop them from having a family. Ethan says Gwen has her heart set on adopting a Little Boy, and he came here to hopefully speed things up. Ethan asks Woody why he is here? Woody says he is trying to stall Theresas custody hearing as long as possible. Woody says if that hearing was held tomorrow it would be a disaster! Woody says no judge would give custody to a woman who doesnt have a job or a place to live. Ethan thinks Woody can help Theresa because he is the best. Ethan says Theresa is a good mother, and Julian and Rebecca wont do right by Little Ethan. Woody wishes Theresa knew how much he has helped her, but Ethan says Theresa can never know. Woody tells Ethan he wishes him and his wife good luck in adopting, and however the child they get is he will have two good parents.

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca tells Gwen that this is the morning when the Lopez-Fiztgeralds get thrown into the gutter where they belong! Gwen says she finds no joy in this, but Rebecca says Pilar is just as evil and manipulative as her daughter. Rebecca tells Gwen that being soft and caring wont get her the child she wants, good old fashion scheming and manipulating will! Rebecca says she is a pro at that, so Gwen should watch and learn. Gwen says she is no wallflower and she wouldnt hesitate taking Little Ethan away from Theresa for a second. However, she says she does feel sorry for Pilar and the rest of the family. Rebecca says it was necessary to stack the cards in their favor. She says it will make sure no judge gives Theresa custody. She also says when Theresa finally loses custody, Ethan will be horrified at the thought that she and Julian will raise Little Ethan, so he will jump at the chance to adopt him. Rebecca says she cant wait to see the look on Theresas face when she looses Little Ethan and realizes she has lost him to Gwen! Later, Ethan returns and Gwen asks where he has been. Ethan says he was at the courthouse trying to speed up an adoption, but it did no good. He says it will take awhile, and the fact that they want a boy could delay their wait even more. Ethan assures Gwen that they will find the perfect little boy though, and then they will adopt him. As they talk, Rebecca excuses herself to make a call to someone. She says everything is going as planned and now it is time to deliver the knockout punch. She learns it is already on its way. Rebecca soon returns to Ethan and Gwen. Ethan ends up going back out to meet with some more agencies, and Rebecca tells Gwen that it wont be long now before she and Ethan are Little Ethans parents!

At the cottage, Sheridan wakes up, looks at the man beside her, and kisses him. She is very happy, and she looks over at the man, who is Luis! Luis image soon fades and is replaced by Antonio. Sheridan is puzzled, and Antonio asks her what is wrong? Sheridan says nothing, she is just thinking about how lucky she is. Antonio says he is the lucky one. Antonio knows something is bothering Sheridan, and he thinks it is Luis. Sheridan says she cant help but think how unhappy and alone he is right now. Antonio says Luis isnt alone, he has Beth and their baby. Antonio says Luis needs to accept that he isnt going to be with her, and he can be happy with Beth and their baby. Suddenly, Sheridan says she knows how to help Luis. Sheridan says she will try and get Luis back with Beth. Sheridan thinks if she can get Luis to move on and be happy than perhaps Antonio will get over his anger towards Luis and his family. Antonio doesnt want to talk about his family, but Sheridan asks him to reconnect with his family for her. He agrees to try, but says hell need some time. Sheridan thanks him. She says she has to help Luis and repay Beths kindness towards her, she has to get her back with Luis.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa tells Luis she heard what happened with Sheridan and she is sorry. Pilar hates seeing her son in pain, and she wishes she would just be able to see her children happy. Theresa finds a little stuffed animal as she is packing, and she remembers Ethan gave this to her son soon after he was born. She says he said he would always protect him, and she wonders how she could have been so wrong about Ethan. Later, Fox shows up with flowers for Theresa and for Pilar. Fox tells Theresa that he knows today will be rough, so if she needs anything at all he is here for her. She thanks him, and he offers to help. Theresa sees a box of old things, and they take a trip down memory lane. Theresa and Luis learn some of their things are being donated to charity, and Theresa doesnt like that. Pilar says they cant take all of these things with them. Fox feels bad about what his family is doing to them, but Pilar says he and Sheridan are nothing like his family. Pilar ends up being a little optimistic, and she says no matter what the Cranes do to them it will only make them stronger. Theresa says she will get Little Ethan back, and Luis says one day he will be back with Sheridan. Later, Antonio shows up to see Pilar. Theresa hugs him and thanks him for coming, as does Pilar. Luis leaves to go pack elsewhere, and Pilar hopes one day her sons will be brothers again. Antonio says he doesnt see that happening again. HE also says he is not here to patch things up with them after the way they have betrayed him. He says Sheridan is his family now, and he has come to give her some money to help them out. Pilar thanks him, and she tells him that he is still her son and she loves him. She tells him never to doubt that. Antonio says he has to go. Suddenly, the police show up to evict the family immediately. Pilar says they are waiting for the truck, but the cops say this house must be vacated immediately. The police come in and Luis asks what is going on? Pilar says they are being forced out immediately. The cops says they have to take possession of this house this morning, and they show them the court order. The men begin taking everything out to the curb! Pilar says it is bad enough they are being evicted, but now there stuff is being thrown out in the street. Suddenly it begins to pour down rain! Later, Antonio decides to head off. Pilar says she meant what she said earlier, he will always be her son and she loves him. Antonio leaves, and Pilar wonders how much more pain they will have to endure. Suddenly a man shows up and serves Theresa papers ordering her to appear at a custody hearing today! Theresa says the Cranes are going to win, they will take Little Ethan away forever!

Dr. Ackland arrives at Alistairs Office to see him. Alistair wants to make sure Sheridan never remembers her love for Luis. Ackland says the only way he knows is to readmit her to the hospital, otherwise he cant guarantee Sheridan wont remember. Alistair says readmitting her is not an option, so Ackland says that she better stay away from things that might spark her memory such as her child. Ackland says they will have to keep her away from the baby. Ackland says that should be easy, and he sees no reason for her to go see Beth. Still, Alistair wants guarantees that Sheridan will never remember. Ackland says than they must keep Sheridan away from things that could cause her to remember, and the thing at the top of the list is the baby.

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace watches as Precious does a crossword. Beth reads the paper, and MRs. Wallace taunts and torments Beth about how she will never get Luis. Mrs. Wallace says Luis will never return to her, no way, not going to happen. Mrs. Wallace says all of Beths evils, all the hell she put Sheridan through ended up being for nothing. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth her plan was a failure just like her! Beth doesnt understand why Luis hasnt come to see her, and she wonders what is wrong with her. MRs. Wallace says she and Precious have made a list, and she shows her the list which is a huge rolled up parchment. Beth says this is cruel. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is the one who is cruel, she is cruel and a loser. Beth says she is not a loser, and she tears up Mrs. Wallaces list. Beth says Sheridan has lost one thing that she has won, and that is Sheridans baby. Beth says Sheridan will never get that baby back because he is hers! Later, the doorbell rings and Beth is shocked to find Sheridan standing there. Mrs. Wallace is as puzzled as Beth is. Beth asks Sheridan what brings her by? Sheridan says she wants to help her and Luis get back together! MRs. Wallace is stunned as Sheridan tells Beth that she really wants Luis to be happy, and she would like to see him happy with her and with a family. Beth says that would be wonderful. Sheridan begins speaking about her baby and how she wishes she could bring her child back, but that isnt possible. However, she thinks getting Luis back together with her and her child is a possibility. Sheridan says she is very happy with Antonio, and she just wants to see Luis happy. Mrs. Wallace cant believe this and asks Sheridan if shed like a bologna sandwich? Sheridan says shes already eaten, shes very full. Mrs. Wallace asks if shes sure she doesnt want anymore bologna? Sheridan says she hasnt had any, but Mrs. Wallace says oh yes she has, she has no idea how much shes had! Beth apologizes to Sheridan for the way her mom is acting, and she says her mind is going. Sheridan says that is so sad. Sheridan begins talking about getting Beth back together with Luis when the baby begins crying. Beth says she should go check on the baby, but Sheridan asks if she can do it?


March, 18 2004
Missed a bit of the beginning of the show! Sorry!
At the Wallace house, the baby cries and Sheridan wants to go take care of him. Beth tells Sheridan that it isnt a good idea if the baby sees her. Beth says if he remembers her from when she nursed him than she might have a problem getting him to go back to sleep, and that will mess up his schedule and cause all sorts of problems. Sheridan says okay, and Beth goes upstairs to tend with the baby. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace decides to reunite Sheridan with her baby and tells Sheridan to take Little Martin a bottle because he may be hungry. She says okay, but the baby stops crying. Sheridan says he must not have been hungry afterall. Beth returns and she suggest she and Sheridan head to the Book Caf to talk. They leave, and Mrs. Wallace wonders how her evil daughter keeps getting away with these lies.

Beth and Sheridan arrive at the Book Caf, and Beths mom calls her and says she is calling to let her know that she wants her to be caught for all the evil things she has done! Beth tells her mom to hang up because she and Sheridan need to work on how  she is going to get Luis back. Beth tells her mom that it is pretty amazing that Sheridan is the one helping her after she stole her baby. Beth turns around to find Sheridan standing there. Sheridan asks You stole my baby? Beth says that isnt what she meant, so Sheridan asks what she meant? Beth says what she meant is that she never thought theyd be friends again after the first time she was in the hospital and was convinced Martin was hers, she says it was just a figure of speech. Sheridan believes her excuse and apologizes to Beth. Sheridan and Beth sit down and get to work on how to reunite Beth with Luis so that Antonio can put his anger for his brother and family aside. They discuss giving Beth and Luis a romantic evening together, and Sheridan offers to baby-sit Martin for them. Beth says she likes having the baby around and it might help bond them. Sheridan says true, but it can also put a cramp in their romantic evening. Beth says she can get her mom to watch him. As they continue to talk, Sheridan is reminded of holding her child shortly after giving birth to him. Beth apologizes to Sheridan and says she shouldnt be going on and on about her baby when it only reminds her of her own child. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace arrives at the Book Caf with the baby and has decided to end this all once and for all! 

At the studio, Chad reveals to Whitney that he owes some money to Alistair Crane. He prepares to go see Alistair Crane and repay him the money.

At Alistairs office, Julian confronts his father about what he has done to Sheridan. Alistair makes the comment that Sheridan may have to be killed. Julian asks his father what he means that he may have to kill Sheridan. Alistair says if Sheridan remembers Luis than she will have to die because they cant have Luis snooping around their secrets. Alistair also reminds Julian that he also tried to kill Sheridan. Julian says he is ashamed of what he did, but he has changed. Alistair says he has changed, but not for the better. He says his road trip with little Timmy made him soft, or perhaps it is his love for Eve that has made him soft. He says he will destroy anyone who gets in his way, including him! Julian confronts his father about his and Eves son, but Alistair says he will never see his son again so he should forget about it! Suddenly, Chad walks in and tells Alistiar that he has come to pay back the money he owes him. Julian is shocked, and Chad hopes he is not interrupting anything. Alistair says of course not. Chad pays Alistair back, but Alistair says it was a gift, not a loan. Chad says he cant accept a gift like that. Alistair tells Chad that he is an impressive young man and thanks him. Alistair asks his secretary to see him out and give Chad his private number. Alistair tells Chad if there is ever anything he can do for him to call him. Chad thanks him and leaves. Julian asks Alistair what that was about? Alistair says he helped Chad with some money to help Chad and Whitney. Julian is suspicious as to his fathers motives in helping Chad. Alistair says he was just feeling generous, but Julian doesnt believe him. Julian says there is an evil purpose behind everything he does! Julian is reminded about how he and Chad share a love for Tabasco on their hot dogs, and he tells his father that he knows why his father is so interested in Chad! Julian says he doesn't know why he didn't figure it out before . . . . 

Chad returns to the studio where Whitney is. Chad says Alistair didnt want the money, but he made him take it. He also says Julian was there as well. Chad begins thinking about the Cranes and all the money they have. Whitney tells him that the Cranes and the Crane money are evil. Chad gets a call from Fox about the hearing, and they decide to head down there for Theresa. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Sam and Hank have shown up to help Luis and Pilar move their stuff from the curb. Luis damns the Cranes for what they are doing, and he says he hates them all. Sam asks what about Sheridan? Luis says he could never hate her, and he will always love her. He says he hopes one day Sheridan will remember he is the man she loves. They discuss Luis suspicions that Sheridan was brainwashed. It begins to really pour down rain as they move their boxes (amazingly the men keep their shirts on!) As Luis is moving a soaked box, it breaks open and photo of Sheridan falls out. Luis wonders how he is supposed to move on when he is constantly reminded of her. Luis begins thinking about everything keeping him and Sheridan apart, and he feels something or someone more evil than Alistair is also working against him and Sheridan.

At the courthouse, Theresa and Fox arrive, and Theresa meets up with Woody. She begs him to postpone the hearing, but he says there is no way the judge will postpone the hearing. Woody has already tried, and the judge said no. Theresa gets a call from Whitney who is calling to give her her condolences about the house. Theresa then informs Whitney about the hearing, and she says she will have to call her back. Rebecca, Gwen, Ethan and Little Ethan arrive, and Little Ethan runs to Theresa. She hugs him and begs Ethan not to let them take her little boy. She asks Ethan to think about what a horrible influence Rebecca and Julian will be on Little Ethan. Rebecca asks Theresa what kind of influence she will be on the boy, will she teach him how to lose his job, to commit murder, the difference between tacos and fajitas? Theresa goes into a rage and attacks Rebecca! Officers show up to break up the fight, and Rebecca wants her arrested. Ethan insists that wont be necessary. Theresa begs Ethan to help her, but he says Woody is more qualified and has more experience . Theresa tells Ethan that shell never understand why he isnt helping her. The other lawyers show up and ask why the boy is not with Rebecca? Rebecca takes him from Theresa, and the boy cries for his mom. Gwen tells her mom she almost feels sorry for Theresa. Rebecca reminds her that Theresa is the reason she lost her child, so she shouldnt go soft on her now. The custody hearing begins, and Ethan feels sorry for Theresa. Judge Sanders takes to the bench, and he reads the briefing and is shocked that Rebecca wants custody of this child. He also reads that the mother is not only a convicted murderer (um, Julian is alive!), but homeless and unemployed. The judge thinks this will not take long at all. He asks if all parties are present, and they are. The judge sees that the Cranes have sent their very best, and he begins the hearing. He asks Woody why he should give Theresa custody of this boy when she is homeless, a murderess, and unemployed? 


March 18, 2004
At the Bennetts, Ivy asks Jessica if Charity is home? Jessica says she is studying with Reese in her room, and she is probably studying anatomy, his anatomy! In Charitys room, Charity looks out the window and sees Miguel over at Tabithas with Maria. Reese tells Charity that they really need to study because she did horrible on her last history exam. Charity doesn't care and would rather fool around. Meanwhile, Jessica cant stand to listen to Charity and Reese moan and groan, so she leaves. Ivy calls Sam and tells Ivy that he needs to come home. She says they got a letter about Charity, and he needs to discuss it with her. Sam says hell be right home. Sam returns home and interrupts Charitys romantic session with Reese. Sam doesnt like Charitys attitude as of late or the letter he received, which warns Charity is in danger of failing out. He asks what they will do about it? Jessica shows up and sees Charity with Reese, and she begins to yell at Charity once again. Jessica says Kay always said Charity was too good to be true, and she was right. Jessica tells Charity that she is nothing but a selfish slut! Reese runs off, and Jessica tells Charity that she hopes she flunks out of school and she destroys her life! Jessica leaves, and Sam asks what she has to say for herself? Charity sees Miguel, Kay and Maria together over at Tabitha's, and she says her life has already fallen apart.

At the cannery, Kay complains about the hard work, and how she hates scaling fish. She says her dad always did this, which causes the other girls at the cannery make fun of Kay for being a daddy's girl. One comments that she's seen Kay's daddy and wouldn't mind being his little girl! Simone drops in to pay a visit to Kay, and she says this place and Kay really stink! Simone asks Kay that when she thought about seducing Miguel and getting pregnant did she think things would turn out like this? Is Miguel worth all of this? The girls all recognize Miguel's name as he used to work here, and they say that boy is a hottie, but he wont be hot for her if she comes home smelling like fish! Dort (Louise Sorel) gives Kay a batch on industrial strength cleaner and tells her to use it in the shower to kill the smell. Later the girls get ready to head home, and the girls want Kay to give them all the details of her night with Miguel tomorrow! Kay gives Miguel a call and tells him that hell be home soon. Miguel says theyll be here. Simone tells Kay that she really has made a mess of her life. Kay says no she hasnt, and the bottom line is she has Miguel and Charity doesn't!

Back at Tabithas, Miguel spends time with Maria and looks out the window and up at Charitys room. He wonders what happened to Charity, and what happened to them. Simone and Kay show up outside, and Simone asks Kay if having this hard life is worth having Miguel? Kay goes inside to Miguel and Miguel, and Simone looks at them together as a family and she thinks perhaps it is worth it for Kay.

Eve arrives at the courthouse to testify for Theresa. Whitney and Chad show up as well, and Whitney tries to ignore her mother, but lashes out at her. Whitney asks if she is here to meet Julian for a tryst? Eve says she is here to be a character witness for Theresa. Whitney wonders who would believe a lying, cheating tramp like her! Later, Eve makes a call to Julian for help.

In Alistairs office, Julian tells Alistair that he knows what he is up to in regards to Chad, and Julian says this is all about Eve! Julian begins to put all the pieces together, so it seems, but he really hasnt. Julian thinks Alistair gave Chad money to cause Eve pain because Eve doesnt want Chad to be with Whitney. Alistair says that is nonsense! Just then Eve calls Julian to ask him to come down to the courthouse because Theresas custody hearing was rescheduled for today. Eve thinks all of this is her fault, Rebecca wouldn't be doing this if he wasn't protecting her. Eve asks Julian if there is anything he can do to stop her. Julian doesnt think there is anything, but he says hell come down and see if he can help. Before leaving, Julian warns his dad to stop making Eve suffer or he will see that it is Alistair who suffers. Julian leaves, and Alistair laughs that it will be Julian suffering when he learns the truth about Chad.

In the courtroom, Judge Sanders asks why the court should award custody of Theresas son to her when she is homeless, jobless, and a convicted murderer? Woody points out the alleged murder victim is alive, but the judge says she was still convicted, and she is still homeless and unemployed. Rebecca thinks by the end of this hearing she will have custody of Little Ethan! The judge continues to ask "Mr. Thumper" why Theresa should regain custody? Woody says his name is Mr. Stumper. When Little Ethan runs to his mommy, Woody says there is the reason he should not take this woman's son away, the unbreakable bond between a mother and a child! He asks what cruel court or sadistic person would rip a child from his mothers loving arms? The judge says this is all very touching, but he has to make a decision on logic not emotion. He says he would like to hear witnesses from both sides, and he also wants to hear opening statements. He also asks to have the boy removed from the courtroom. Woody gives his opening statement, and calls some people to the stand to testify. Eve tries to paint a nice picture of Theresa, but the Crane lawyers twist her words around and point out how Theresa has been obsessed with Ethan and stalked him and his wife in LA. Before stepping down, Eve says the bond between and mother and child should never be broken, and she says they should never be separated. As she talks about a mother and child's love, she looks at Whitney. Rebecca is next to testify, and when she says she loves Little Ethan as her own, Theresa lashes out. Theresa accuses Rebecca of lying and of abusing her son, and she calls Rebecca a bitch. The judge tells Theresa to sit down, but when she wont, the judge says Theresa leaves him with no choice but to take her son away from her right now! Theresa begs him not to do this, so he tells her no more outbursts! Theresa promises she wont cause any more scenes, and Woody warns her not to act out again. Rebecca is asked to step down, and Woody calls Theresa to the stand to testify. Rebecca thinks this is perfect because Theresa will never hold it together on the stand! Julian shows up and joins Eve, which Whitney takes note of. Eve says it isnt going well, and Whitney hates her more than ever still .On the stand, Theresa says she does have a place to stay, she is with the Russells right now. She also says she will find a job soon, but her bleak situation is only temporary. She says her love for her son is permanent and real, and that will never change. Theresa also says the past is the past, everything changed for her the moment her son was born. Theresa says when he was born she swore to always protect him, keep him safe, and always let him know how much she loved him. Theresa tells the judge he saw who her son went to when he was brought in, he came straight to her. Theresa says that should prove the love they have, doesnt that prove her child should be with her. Rebecca stands up and says not when she is a psycho! The judge tells Rebecca no more outbursts in this court! The judge tells Theresa that he understands what she is saying, and she jumps to the conclusion that the judge is going to give her her son back. The judge says she is getting ahead of herself and he has not made a decision yet. Theresa steps down, and the judge says this case like so many other cases is the Cranes Vs Someone, this time it is the Cranes versus the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Fox stands up for Theresas side, and he says Sheridan would be as well. Rebecca yells Fox is sleeping with her, of course hes on her side! The judge calls order, and he says he has made his decision!

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, the truck pulls away with all the families belongings in it. Pilar says it is official, they are homeless!

At the Book caf, Mrs. Wallace arrives with the baby and plans to put him back into Sheridan's arms! Sheridan and Beth are sitting at a table in the Book Caf discussing Sheridans dream that some day someone will walk through the door and place her baby in her arms. Sheridan hears her child crying, and Beth turns around to see her mom holding Martin! Sheridan calls him her son, and she tells Beth that she must go to him! Beth tells Sheridan that she appreciates her help in feeding MArtin after he was born, however she doesnt need help taking care of her child anymore. Sheridan says she is sorry, and of course that is her child. Beth takes the baby from her mom and leaves the Book Caf. Outside she scolds her mother for what she is doing. Beth says Martin is her baby and Sheridan will never get him back. MRs. Wallace sees Pilar behind them, and she says hello to her. Beth turns around and asks Pilar how long shes been standing there? Pilar asks what is going on, why is Beth arguing with her mother? Beth says they aren't. She says Martin has a cough and didnt want him taken outside, but her mother brought him over here anyways. Beth blackmails her mom with a nursing home stay to play along, so Edna says she just got a bit confused. Pilar then asks if she didnt want Martin to be brought outside, why wont she take him into the Book Caf? Beth says she doesnt want to take Martin inside because Sheridan is upset about losing her child, and she doesnt want her to see him. Pilar says there is more to it, there is another reason she doesn't want Sheridan to see that child!

Back inside, Luis is on the phone. He is picking up coffee, and he happens to run into Sheridan. Before running into her he was on the phone with Hank talking about how he hopes Sheridan will one day remember he is the man she loves. It is an uncomfortable scene as Luis realize Sheridan probably heard him on the phone. Luis ends up grabbing Sheridan and kisses her. He says he knows she remembers he is the man she loves. Sheridan says she does remember that he is the man she loves and wants to be with, and she kisses him.

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