March 2, 2004
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At the Book Cafe, Luis has imagines Sheridan regaining her memory after being kissed by him. In reality, she has remembered nothing. Suddenly, Sheridan begins to hear her baby cry, and she blurts out "My baby . . . . " Luis looks at her and then outside. Outside, Pilar tells Beth that she knows why she doesn't want Sheridan to see her baby. Beth thinks she's been caught, but it turns out Pilar only thinks Beth doesn't want to go through the pain she felt when Sheridan used to insist Beth's baby was hers. Pilar says she can't imagine what that must have been like for her. Pilar suddenly gets a call from a customer inquiring about Grace's B&B. She takes the call, and Beth notices that Sheridan and Luis are heading their way. Beth realizes she cannot have Sheridan see Martin. Fortunately Pilar has to leave, so Beth asks Pilar to take Martin with her, which she does. Sheridan comes out, drawn by the cries of her baby, but by time she gets to Beth and Mrs. Wallace the little boy is gone. Sheridan heads home to Antonio, and Luis tells Beth that he'll be over later to visit. Beth thinks Luis is coming to see her, but her mother tells her the only reason he is coming over is to see his son!

At the courthouse, Judge Sanders rules that Theresa should lose custody of her son. Theresa is devastated, and Rebecca is overjoyed. The judge says this is only temporary, Julian and Rebecca will have custody for a year and then the case will be reviewed. He advices Theresa to get her act together before they meet again, and she insists she will. Ethan doesn't think this is right at all, and Rebecca hits home when she asks him to look into boarding schools for her because she wants the boy shipped off tomorrow! Meanwhile, Theresa thinks there is still hope, so she goes to Julian and begs him for help. It appears as Julian is about to help Theresa when Rebecca warns him that if he says a word than she will expose all of Eve and his dirty little secrets to TC and Whitney. Julian tells Theresa that there is nothing he can do. Eve wishes Julian would have helped Theresa, but Julian says there is nothing he can do without exposing their past. Theresa ends up getting a pep-talk from Fox, Whitney and Chad, and she begins to see that she has not lost her son for good. She decides to go say goodbye to him. Meanwhile, Ethan tells Gwen that this is wrong, Little Ethan should not be with Rebecca and Julian. Gwen agrees, and she tells Ethan that she feels they should adopt the boy. Theresa overhears this and is floor. She braces herself against the table to keep from passing out.

At the Bennetts, Ivy and Sam ask Charity why she is acting out the way she is? They say she is in danger of flunking out of school. Sam says he thought she wanted to be a teacher? Charity says she does. Ivy says if she keeps this up than she is going to end up like Kay. Ivy says Kay does not have an easy life because she never went to college, is that what she wants? Sam decides to talk to Charity alone, and he says he believes she is acting this way because of her heartbreak over Miguel. He says he wants to help her, and asks her to confide in him because maybe he can fix it. Charity says he can't. Sam says he can't promise the hurt won't go away, but it will get better. He tells Charity that he loves her, they all do. Charity tells Sam that if he still believes in love after what Grace did to him than he is a bigger fool than she is! Sam speaks to Charity about love, the love they all have for her, and it brings her to tears. He asks her to confide in her. Charity remembers her deal with Death and how it cost her Miguel. She lashes out at Sam and says he can't fix this, no one can, so just leave her alone. Sam finally leaves, and Charity breaks down when she looks over at Tabitha's and sees Kay, Miguel and Maria together as a family.

At Tabithas, Simone questions Kay about the life she has chosen for herself. Kay says it is hard, but it won't always be this way. She says eventually she'll be able to quit working at the cannery. Simone isn't sure, but she sees how Kay, Miguel and Maria are together. They seem to be happy. Still, Simone tells Kay that she is and always has been selfish; if they look her name up in the dictionary they'll the words manicures, hammocks, and ice tea. Kay says that was the old Kay, she is now a responsible and loving mother who only wants to marry the father of her child. She says by the way things are going, she doesn't think that is far off at all! 


March 23, 2004
Charity heads down to the pier to think. She remembers seeing Miguel with Kay and their child. Charity tells herself that she has to stop feeling sorry for herself because she gave up being with Miguel to save the baby. She says if she cant be with the man that she loves than shell have to be with the men she lusts over. Charity wonders what Reese is up to. She goes to call him only to see Kay and Miguel, with Maria, out taking a walk.  Charity tells herself that is it, shes calling Reese so he can come down here and she can float his boat. Before she can, Father Lonigan shows up. Charity says she doesnt want to be his catch of the day. She tries to be quiet, but Father Lonigan senses her presence. Father Lonigan knows she is there, and he also knows something is wrong. Charity, who is crying, says it is no big deal and that she has to go. He stops her and asks her why she is crying? Charity says it doesnt matter, but Father Lonigan says it matters to him. He asks her to unburden herself to him. Charity finally makes a confession to him. She says she has seen death again, several times in fact. She says death came for Maria, but agreed to spare her if she gave up Miguel. Charity says without Miguel she is empty, but she cant have him or Maria will die. She says that is why she was crying. She says she has lost everything, even hope. Father Lonigan says he knows she only did what she thought was right, but Death is not allowed to bargain with mortals because heaven forbids it. He says he feels evil was using Death to torment her and deprive her of her happiness. Father Lonigan says she has always been good, and Maria is an innocent soul, and God would never allow this pact to be made. Charity says she hears what he is saying, but she doesnt believe him. HE asks why not, has she lost her faith? Charity says she has lost her faith. Charity says people sin to get what they want and they get it! Charity says she cant go back to the way she was because she no longer believes good wins out over evil. She says evil has taken everyone she has loved from her, and she cannot have faith and hope without love. She says unless God brings Miguel back to her than she will never have faith again! Father Lonigan says he will pray for her long and hard. Charity thinks he shouldnt waste his prayers on her.

Miguel thanks Kay for helping him stay positive and cheering him up after the lousy day hes had. Miguel cant believe how happy Kay is considering how much she works. Kay says she does it for him and Maria. Still, Miguel says shes going to wear herself out if she keeps it up. Kay says shell be fine as long as she has him and Maria to come home to. Miguel knows this isnt how she wanted her life to turn out. He thinks she was probably expecting to finish college, not drop out. Miguel asks if she ever stops to think about how difficult her life is? Kay remembers the girls at the cannery teasing Kay about her job. Kay said the job was temporary, but the girls at the cannery said they claimed the same thing when they started working here at her age. Miguel tells Kay that she looks upset, and he asks what is wrong. She says she was just thinking about how nice it is to be with him and Maria and not at work. Kay tries to convince herself that she will not end up like the women at the cannery, she will not work there her entire life.

Pilar is taking care of little Martin at the B&B. Luis stops by to see his son. He tells him that hes sorry he hasnt been around much lately, but that is all going to change. Luis cant believe how big hes getting. Luis looks at the baby and sees himself, but he doesnt see Beth. Luis says he sees Sheridans smile and Sheridans eyes in him. Pilar tells Luis that he made this baby with Beth and he owes it to him to raise him with his mother. Luis says he knows, he just cant accept a life without Sheridan. Pilar says he must put this baby first, and he must be an equal partner with Beth in raising him. Luis says he knows and he will start making things up to Beth today. He says hes going to go over and see Beth right now. 

At the cottage, Sheridan is looking at a scrapbook, which has pictures of Luis in it, when Beth shows up. Beth wants to continue talking about how Sheridan can help her get back together with Luis. Beth asks Sheridan to give her a makeover. Beth says Luis is coming over tonight and she has to look her best. Sheridan says that doesnt give them much time. In her head, Beth says You bitch! Sheridan says she means she wanted to take her shopping and plan the dinner first. Beth says she knows, but hes coming over tonight. Sheridan says Luis hasnt wasted much time. Beth asks Sheridan if she is changing her mind about helping her get Luis? Sheridan says she hasnt, it is what she wants and what Luis needs. Beth says good and she thinks they should get started. Sheridan suggests Beth wear something casual but elegant. Beth says she doesnt really have anything that would work. Sheridan says they are the same size so shell go look for something she can borrow. Sheridan leaves, and Beth says Sheridan is really nice. Beth says she almost feels bad for trying to kill her before. Beth rationalizes her crimes and says that was Sheridans fault for stealing Luis from her, but things have changed now that she is with Antonio. Bet then sees the photos Sheridan was looking at and fears Luis isnt completely out of Sheridans life yet. She tries to convince herself that Sheridan will be out of his life soon once Luis accepts that she is with ANtonio now. Sheridan returns with some outfits for Beth, and they select one that works. Antonio comes in and asks what is going on here? Beth says Sheridan is helping her get back together with Luis. Antonio says good and that it is time Luis moved on. Beth puts on the dress, and then realizes she doesnt have any jewelry. She asks Sheridan if she could borrow something? Sheridan says of course and tells her to go pick something out. Antonio doesnt think Sheridan should be involved with Luis in any way, even helping Beth get him. Sheridan says she wants Luis to be happy, and she wants him to be close with his brother again. Antonio says okay, hell do whatever she wants as long as Luis accepts he will never be with her again. He hugs Sheridan, who glances over at the scrapbook on the table. Antonio soon sees the photos of Luis, and he thinks there is no reason for her to keep these. He thinks they should burn them because they are only reminders of Luis. Sheridan agrees, and Antonio burns the photos! Beth returns from the bedroom all decked out in Sheridans things. Beth says shell get all this stuff back to Sheridan as soon as she can. Beth leaves, and Antonio hopes it works out for Beth and Luis. Later, Antonio carries Sheridan off to bed!

Luis, Pilar and Little Martin head over to the Wallace house. Luis says he is here to make up time lost with her and the baby. Pilar tells Beth that she looks nice, and Beth says she just threw it together. Beth goes inside, she met them on the porch, and straightens up for them. Pilar tells Luis that this could be his chance to be happy and have a family. 

At the courthouse, Theresa goes into a rage after hearing Gwen say she and Ethan should adopt Little Ethan. Ethan holds Theresa back as Theresa tells Gwen that she cant adopt her son! Fox and Woody pull her away, and Woody says if she doesnt stop than she will end up in jail for sure! Gwen tells them all to keep that psycho away from her! Rebecca says she has mace if she needs it. Theresa continues to threaten Gwen, and she ends up saying that she will kill Gwen before she lets her touch her child. Unfortunately the judge returns and hears this. Woody sees the judge and tries to make excuses for Theresas outburst and she didnt know what she was saying, but Theresa says she knows what she is saying. Theresa says her child is hers and she wont let anyone else adopt her. Woody tells Theresa to chill, nobody can adopt her son without her consent. Theresa tells Gwen that she will never let her take her child, she will never have her consent! Woody begs Theresa to shut up! Ethan tells Gwen that he loves Little Ethan, but he will not take Theresas child from her. Theresa thanks Ethan and says it is nice to know someone on Rebeccas side actually has a heart. Rebecca ends up flirting with the judge and says she is so scared and her heart is pounding. She puts his hand to her chest to show him, and she begs him to protect her daughter and all the citizens of Harmony and lock Theresa up! Woody continues to beg Theresa to Prozac down! Suddenly the judge announces that he has changed his mind about custody of her son after her outburst, he is terminating her parental rights all together! Theresa begs him not to do this, but his mind is made up. Rebecca cries out God bless America! Theresa tells Rebecca to shut up and calls her a cow. Woody asks the judge to reconsider his decision because Theresa was just temporarily insane after losing her child, and Fox says Theresa would never hurt a fly. Rebecca says Theresa killed Gwens child and she would have killed Gwen if these people hadnt stopped her! Rebecca says she will adopt Little Ethan to protect the boy from Theresa. Ethan then sticks up for Theresa and says she is not a violent person and her actions are motivated by fear of losing her child. A fed-up Gwen refuses to stand and listen to anymore of this. She goes to leave, but Ethan stops her. Gwen lashes out at both Ethan and Theresa. She says Theresa just threatened her life, and what kind of husband defends a woman who killed their little girl? Gwen storms out, and Ethan follows her. Theresa once again begs Julian for help, but Julian cant help because of Rebeccas threats. Theresa begs the judge to reconsider, but he says her son will be better off without her. He also suggests Theresa take an anger management course before bringing anymore children in the world. Rebecca tells Theresa to get married before she spawns again. She says all of her family members have illegitimate children, so clearly Pilar was as bad at parenting as she was at doing windows. Fox tells Rebecca that is enough, and he tells Theresa that he and Whitney will keep helping her to see Little Ethan. Rebecca says Little Ethan is hers now, and anyone who helps Theresa will have to face the consequences. Outside the courtroom, Eve is upset because seeing Theresa lose her child has reminded her of her own lost child. Julian promises her that he will find their son. Julian has to leave because Rebecca is yelling at him to hurry up because she wants to go.

Back at the mansion, Ethan and Gwen continue to fight. Gwen says Theresa is violent and unstable, she is unfit to be a mother, yet for some reason he keeps defending her. Ethan says she is not unstable, but Gwen says it doesnt matter because Theresa cant go near the boy anymore. Ethan thinks this is all Rebecca's doing, she swayed the judge and now Theresa is suffering. Gwen tells him to forget about having pity for Theresa and worry about Little Ethan who is going to be adopted by Julian and Rebecca. Gwen says they are going to be bad parents, and Ethan says he agrees with her. However, Ethan says he thinks it would be best for them to convince Rebecca and Julian not to adopt the boy, and for them to be substitute parents. Gwen says she will not be Little Ethans stand-in mother. She says she will not love and raise him with the constant threat of Julian and Rebecca taking him from her anytime they want. She tells Ethan he is a monster for suggesting such a thing! Julian and Rebecca show up, and Rebecca has a brochure about a boarding school she wants to send Little Ethan to. Ethan says he is a little young to be going to boarding school. Rebecca says Churchill went off to school as a child, but Ethan says he was traumatized for life because of it. Rebecca says he still helped them win World War 2! Julian and Rebecca leave, and Gwen continues to push Ethan to adopt Little Ethan. Ethan says he cant do that to Theresa. Gwen accuses Ethan of still loving Theresa, and she tells him that they should just let Little Ethan suffer with Julian and Rebecca because he would be a terrible father!


March 24, 2004
Charity returns to her room and continues to look over at Tabitha's and watch Miguel with Kay and Maria. Ivy walks into Charitys room and says it is time they have a heart to heart. Charity says that is impossible because she doesnt have a heart. Ivy says she saw her looking next door and watching Miguel. Ivy tells Charity that it is time she get over Miguel. Ivy says she can either spend the rest of her life crying over what could have been, or she can get productive and make something of her life. Charity tells Ivy to leave her alone. Ivy refuses because she thinks she can help her because she knows what it is like to desperately love someone but not be with them. Charity says she is over Miguel, but Ivy says she will never be able to convince her of that. She says she has been in her situation and she is going about this all wrong. Ivy tells Charity that acting like a tramp is not the way to behave. She says her life is spinning out of control, and what she is doing is not going to make Miguel forget his obligation to Kay and the baby. Charity says she doesnt want him to forget. Ivy asks what she wants then because she is on her way to becoming a thirty-five year old waitress in a bar by the airport. Charity says she isn't, but Ivy tells Charity that she has no skills and no direction. She begs Charity to let her help her get over Miguel. Charity asks how she can help? Ivy says she was once like her, but then she took charge and became the chairperson for all of the Crane charities. Ivy says she threw herself into work. Charity says she had money, it was easy for her to drown her sorrows at Tiffanys. Ivy says she grew up with money and it never meant much to her. She says she found a direction for her life, and now Charity needs to do the same. Ivy asks Charity if she could go anywhere she wanted or do anything she wanted, what would she do, where would she go? Charity thinks to herself that she would go be in Miguels arms. Ivy says she is not a spiritual person, but she reminds Charity of her brush with death and her second chance at life. (Timmy music plays in the background). Ivy tells Charity that Timmy would have wanted his heart to have gone to someone who is doing something with their life. Ivy says she didnt know Timmy, but he must have been wonderful because everyone loved him. Charity says he was amazing. Ivy says Timmy managed to melt Julians cold heart, so dont waste his. Charity says she doesnt know what to do, all she ever wanted was to marry Miguel and have a family with him. She says now she doesnt know. Ivy asks if she had any dreams as a little girl? Charity says she and her mom were always on the move, so she never had any friends. She says then they moved to Harmony and she met Miguel She says that is when her life seemed to find a purpose. Charity tells Ivy that she doesnt think it is possible that shell ever be happy again. Ivy says perhaps they shouldnt aim for happiness right now then. She says theyll just aim for something to keep her mind off of Miguel. Ivy throws out tons of ideas, but none of them are good. Ivy ends up deciding that her computer should be the key to the rest of Charitys life. They look at the sites she has bookmarked which all have to do with fashion. Ivy thinks that is her passion, that is what she needs to focus on. Ivy suggests Charity go to a design school and study fashion. Ivy says fashion needs to be her direction, and she says it could lead her to the runways to Paris! Charity actually smiles. Ivy tells her not to worry about money because maybe she could get a scholarship. Charity fears she wont be any good, but Ivy says she cant be afraid to try or she will regret it. Charity says she cant have anymore regrets.

At Tabithas place, Kay wants to go to the Founders Day Dance, but Miguel says they cant afford the tickets of the new outfits. Miguel says they are just going to have to skip it. Miguel feels bad that they cant afford it, but Kay says it is not his fault. She says that crazy Rebecca is punishing his whole family for Theresas actions. Miguel still feels bad, but Kay says they are a team. Tabitha tells Kay that Maria misses Kay when she is not here, and Kay says she misses her too. Kay ends up asking Tabitha to put Maria down so she can spend some time with Miguel. Tabitha says of course. Kay spends time with Miguel on the couch, and they talk about how tired they are. Miguel ends up surprising Kay with a movie he rented for her. Kay says she has been dying to see this movie. Kay says this is a chick flick and asks if he's sure he wants to watch it?  Miguel insists he wants to watch this with her. They end up cuddling on the couch while watching the movie. Miguel pauses the movie to get some pop-corn, and Tabitha and Kay gossip about how cozy she and Miguel were looking. Kay says they are getting closer, and very soon they will be a couple. Kay says her life isn't perfect, but she has tonight and nothing can take that from her. Unfortunately Kay speaks to soon, and she gets a call from the cannery telling her that she has to come in for work because one of the other workers called in sick. Kay cant believe she has to go to work, and she almost considers calling and canceling, but then she sees Marias hospital bill. She says they need this money, and they will pay her time and a half. Miguel hates that she has to do this. Kay says it wont be for long, and soon hell be able to go back to work as well. Maria cries, so Miguel goes to check on her. Kay rants to Tabiha that this is so unfair. Tabitha tells Kay that Miguel will be here when she returns, and if she stays the course she will have Miguel forever.

Kay heads to work where Dort and the other girls laugh at her. They tell her to get used to this place because the only man shes going to spend her life with is Charlie the Tuna. The girls tell Kay that these extra hours will help her with her bills, but they will also take her away from her man and her family, and that is just the way it is. Dort says she was once like Kay when she was her age, and the same thing that happened to her will happen to Kay! Dort tells Kay that her life is over forever!

At the Wallace house, Beth sets up a romantic dinner for Luis. She wishes Precious was here, but it is her night off. Mrs. Wallace wonders where she goes on her nights off. We see a little clip of Precious at a strip club stuffing dollars into mens G-strings! Beth says she doesnt want to know where Precious goes. She finishes setting up the dinner for Luis, and Mrs. Wallace continues to insult her. She says she is nothing but a poor excuse for Sheridan Crane. Beth lashes out at her mother and threatens to put arsenic in her gin bottle. Luis bursts in and asks what is the problem here? Luis says he heard yelling. Beth apologizes and says her moms hearing aid is acting up. Luis thinks she just needs a new battery, and he says hell get her one tomorrow. Luis sees the table has been set up, and Beth asks him to join her for dinner. Luis thinks it is too much trouble, but Beth says it isnt. Beth puts Martin down and tells her mom it is time for her to go to bed as well. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is pure evil and God will get her for this! Later, Luis opens the wine and Beth puts on some music. She turns on the radio and Sinead OConnors Nothing Compares 2 U is playing. This was there favorite song in high school, and she says they should dance to it. She says this is such a coincidence it came on, but Mrs. Wallace knows Beth called the radio station to request it. The song eventually ends, and then they dance to a Natalie Merchant song (a remake of One Fine Day). This song reminds Luis  of Sheridan. Luis stops dancing and says this song reminds him of Sheridan, so she turns it off. Beth asks him when he is going to forget about Sheridan? She asks if this dinner or romantic setting means anything to him? She cries "What do I have to do to make you forget about her?" Luis looks upset by Beths spastic behavior, so Beth apologizes to him and says she is just frustrated. Luis says he is the one who should be apologizing. He says other things are reminding him of Sheridan, such as her dress and her perfume. Beth says it is Sheridans dress, she lent it to her to make tonight special. Luis thinks he should just go, and he says the timing for this was just all wrong. He says maybe next time, and he leaves. Mrs. Wallace comes out to tell Beth good going. Beth smashes a vase and tells her mother to shut up or she is next! Mrs. Wallace says if she kills her than the police will figure out it was her! Beth says this is all Sheridans fault, she knew this dress had her perfume on it and would make Luis think about her. MRs. Wallace tells Beth to face the facts, Luis doesnt want her! She tells Beth to get a clue, she will never get Luis! Beth tells her mom to shut up. She swears she will figure out a way to get Luis, and some day some how Luis will come back to her Meanwhile, Luis goes for a walk on the pier and cant stop thinking about Sheridan and the times he spent with her here. Luis wonders if Sheridan will ever come back to him or if they are over?

At the cottage, Antonio and Sheridan are on the verge of making love. Antonio tells her that he loves her so much and she is the only woman he wants in her life. Sheridan says she loves him to, but ends up calling out Luis name! Antonio stops and Sheridan cant believe what she has done. Antonio is hurt deeply, and Sheridan says she is so sorry and she didnt mean to. Antonio says they both know what this meant! Antonio says the pictures she was looking at earlier reminded her of her past. HE says he knows she loves him and wants to be with him now. Sheridan thanks him for being so understanding. He says he loves her and it was just a memory from her past. Later, Sheridan dances with Antonio to Sinead, and she remembers Luis. She wonders why he is always on her mind. Later, Sheridan burns more photos of Luis! Antonio finds her burning the photos and asks if she wants to come back to bed and finish what they started? Sheridan says shell be right there. Antonio leaves, and Sheridan burns the rest of her photos of Luis.


March, 26 2004
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Alistair is in his office watching his various TVs. Alistairs latest assistant, Miss Sims, comes in with his breakfast. She asks him what he is watching? He says it is the calm before the storm. He tells her that this is the dawn of a red-letter day for their town, before this day is over the lives of everyone in Harmony will be turned upside down! Later, as Alistair watches the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, he says this family is going to get some news that will rock them to the core! 

At the B&B, Luis comes by with Martin. Pilar is tired and was crying, but she cheers up when Luis stops by. Luis says she looks tired, but she insists he is fine. He thinks running this place must be hard work, and he tells her not to overdo it. Pilar goes to hold the baby, but his weight causes her pain and she almost drops him. She doesnt know what came over her. The discuss the problems their family is going through because of Rebecca and the Cranes. Luis says they will fight Rebecca and the Cranes, and they will win. Later, Sam drops by with some bad news for Luis. He tells Luis that he tried to convince the higher ups to reinstate Luis, but it isnt looking good. He says it may be time for Luis to look for a new line of work because he may never get his badge back. Luis refuses to listen to this news, and Sam says he hates telling him this in light of Theresas hearing. Luis and Pilar did not know about the hearing, and they are devastated to learn Theresa lost custody of her son. Luis says he wont let this happen, he is going to go tell Rebecca off. Sam asks if he is serious? Luis says what else can the Cranes do to him and his family? Sam says he should think about that. Luis says to hell with them, hes going to go have a heart to heart with Rebecca, and if Alistair is there he will rip his heart out! 

At the Crane Mansion, Rebecca tells Gwen that they should toast to them being one day closer to adopting Little Ethan. Gwen says he hasnt agreed to adopt him yet, but Rebecca says they are one day closer. Fox spies on them and listens to them plot and plan. Ethan walks in and says he is not going to be party to taking a child away from his mother, he will not adopt Little Ethan. Ethan and Gwen get into an argument about adopting Little Ethan. Ethan says he will not adopt the boy, no way. Gwen accuses Ethan of putting Theresa above him, but he says that is not what he is doing. Gwen doesnt believe him, so Ethan says they will have to agree to disagree for now. Ethan says he has an appointment, and he has to go. Ethan leaves, and Rebecca tries to convince her daughter to keep her chin up. Rebecca says Theresa will do something to make things worse for herself, Theresa will end up with nothing! Later, Luis shows up and finds Rebecca toasting to herself. Luis tells her that he will not let her take away his sisters son! Luis is with two security guards who caught him on the property. Rebecca is glad to see Luis, and she orders the two security guards to rip Luis shirt off! Luis asks her what she is talking about? Rebecca tells Luis that hes very cute when hes angry, hes like a volcano ready to blow. She suggests they go up to her room where she can help him erupt! He thinks she has lost her mind, and he asks where Alistair is. The guards end up throwing Luis out. Luis says the Cranes havent heard the last of him! Outside, the security guards get a call, and the person wants to speak with Luis. It is Alistair, and Alistair tells Luis to meet him on the wharf! 

At the cottage, Sheridan is going through some boxes and finds an old photo of herself with Luis taken after they were engaged. Sheridan thinks Antonio is right and she needs to get rid of all these ties of her past with Luis. She begins to burn her things! Later, Gwen shows up and finds Sheridan with a box of all the things that Luis gave her. Gwen finds a teddy bear that Luis won at the spring carnival for her. She says Sheridan was so happy that day. Sheridan says it is over now. Gwen asks her if she is sure because she looks really sad. Sheridan says she wants to be with Antonio now, but she is still attached to some of the things from her past with Luis. Gwen then notices that Sheridan is burning her things, and she asks Sheridan how she could burn her engagement picture. Sheridan says she felt terrible about it, but Antonio said if she was to be with him than she had to get rid of all the ties to her past. She says she agrees with him. Gwen says you cant just erase him from her memory. Sheridan says she has wonderful memories of Luis, but Antonio is her future now. Sheridan changes the subject and tells Gwen she was surfing the net the other day and thought of something that might help her and Ethan. Sheridan suggests to Gwen that she and Ethan use a surrogate mother to have a child. Gwen says she never thought about that, and they are focused on adopting because she knows the child she wants to adopt. Sheridan is thrilled, and she asks if Ethan is excited. Gwen says no hes not, Ethan doesnt want to adopt the child she wants to adopt. Sheridan asks why not? Gwen says she wants to adopt Little Ethan. Sheridan says she cant be serious, but Gwen says she is. Sheridan says she cant do this, but Gwen says the courts took her son and she is not a good mother. Sheridan says she has seen them together, and Theresa loves her boy. Gwen says Theresa cant provide for him, and she and Ethan love the little boy. Still, Sheridan feels bad for Theresa. Sheridan also says if she pushes Theresa, Theresa is capable of doing something crazy. Later, Gwen leaves and some men arrive to pick up things Sheridan is donating as well as throw out her trash. She ends up giving them the boxes filled with mementos from her and Luis relationship.

Theresa has a nightmare that after she gets Little Ethan back, Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen arrive to take him from her once again. They torment her and call her pathetic. Theresa wakes up from her nightmare, and Eve and Whitney comfort her. She tells them about her nightmare, and how Rebecca claimed she was going to adopt her boy, and how Gwen wants her and Ethan to adopt him. Later, Fox shows up and he informs Theresa of the bad news that he overheard Rebecca and Gwen talking about Gwen adopting Little Ethan. Theresa tries to stay positive and says she will work on improving her situation and she will get her son back. Later, Fox helps Theresa to get her life together. He suggests they go searching for jobs and apartments today. Suddenly Pilar shows up to be there for her daughter. Pilar becomes woozy again, and Eve becomes concerned about her. Later, Eve catches Pilar on the PC looking up online pharmacies, and she wonders why. Pilar says she doesnt have a lot of energy lately and she was looking for some vitamins to pick her up. She says she has no insurance, so going to the doctor is out of the question. Eve says she can always come to her. Eve suggests they do a little blood work and she says she could be a little anemic that is all. Meanwhile, Fox asks Theresa not to come up with any of her wild and crazy ideas on how to get her boy back. Theresa says she wont, and she leaves the room. Both Fox and Whitney dont like the look in Theresas eyes. Whitney says that look is trouble, and Fox says they should just hope she doesnt come up with a harebrained scheme. Meanwhile, Theresa has decided to do whatever it takes to get her son back. Theresa suddenly knows exactly what she has to do to get her son back. Elsewhere, Eve gets a call on Pilars blood work (fast results!) The news is not good, and Eve wonders how she will give Pilar this news? Back to Theresa who has decided what to do, shes going to kidnap her son! 

Ethan goes to Woodys office to see him. Woody was sleeping when Ethan arrived. Ethan wakes him up and he tells Woody that they have to get this court ruling overturned, and he says hes not leaving this office until they find a way to give Theresa her son back! Woody says he has been up all night doing research, but they have nothing! Woody says there is no way to get Theresa her son back. Ethan says there must be something, and he says they need to start with him filing an appeal. Ethan says he will get Theresa her son back or he will die trying. Ethan asks Woody to watch over Theresa and make sure she doesnt do anything crazy. Ethan says he thinks he has a way to get Theresa her son back, but they cant let Theresa jeopardize it. Woody says that would take watching her twenty-four-seven, or lock her in her bedroom and chain her to the bedpost. Ethan doesnt know what they should do, but he says Theresa could do something so outrageous it could cost her her son forever!

Luis meets Alistair Crane on the wharf, and Alistair offers Luis a chunk of change to leave town with his family. Alistair asks Luis what his decision is? Luis ends up ripping up Alistairs check. HE says the only reason Alistair is giving this money is because hes afraid that he will expose the Cranes secrets and bring down the Crane Empire. Luis vows to do just that. Alistair laughs at him and says good luck, hell need it! Luis tells Alistair that he has a plan to bring him down, but Alistair just laughs at Luis. 


March 26, 2004
Shorter than normal as I typed this in the middle of the night. Sorry for any mistakes!
At the Russells, Theresa tells Fox and Whitney that she knows what she has to do. She says she has to kidnap her son and flee to Mexico. She says she has family living there and they will take care of her. Whitney and Fox try and talk her out of this, but she says her mind is made up. Theresa says she has to go now, and that this is goodbye. She asks them to say goodbye to her family for her. Fox stops her and says he will help her. She thanks him, and they head off.

In the kitchen, Eve gives Pilar devastating news. She says Pilars white blood cell count is very high, and her red blood cell count is very low, and her red blood cell count is very high. Pilar asks what this means? Eve says she has a very rare and serious blood disorder. Pilar asks if it is fatal? Eve says it could be. Pilar begins to cry, but she says she is not crying for herself. Pilar says she believes in a God and in an afterlife, she is not afraid to die. She says she is crying for her children who still need her. Eve says there are options, they can treat this the best way they know how. Pilar says she has no money and no health insurance. She cries that she wont even be able to pay for her own funeral expenses. Eve tells Pilar there is a way, she says the Crane Foundation has money set aside for doctors to use in cases like this. Pilar thanks Eve, and Eve says she will be okay. Pilar then asks Eve to open up to her about her problems. Pilar says she is a good listener, and she can keep secrets. She says she knew the truth about Ethan from almost the beginning, and she knows something is going on between her and Whitney which has something to do with her past with Julian. Eve asks how she knows? Pilar tells her about the photos Ivy once had and was going to use to get back together with Sam. Eve opens up and tells Pilar the whole story, and why she cant tell TC or the girls the truth. Eve also tells her that Alistair knows where her son with Julian is, and he is refusing to tell them. Pilar suddenly gets the idea in her head that Chad Harris is her son.

  At the studio, Whitney shows up and tells Chad about Theresas latest scheme. Chad says Theresa is a big girl and has to learn to take care of herself and face the consequences of her actions. Whitney just worries what might happen to Theresa is she is caught kidnapping Little Ethan yet again.

At the mansion, Gwen talks to her mother about her doubts about adopting Little Ethan. Gwen says she may have found another way for her and Ethan to have a child, they can use a surrogate mother. Rebecca says she never thought of that, and she thinks Gwen should do it. However, she still thinks Gwen should adopt Little Ethan and make Theresa pay. As they argue about it Ethan comes home. Gwen leaves her mom to go talk to Ethan about using a surrogate, and he loves the idea. When she brings up adopting Little Ethan again, he flat out refuses. Gwen accuses Ethan of still putting Theresas needs over hers.

Meanwhile, Fox shows up and says hes going upstairs to see Little Ethan, which makes Rebecca think something is going on. Upstairs, Fox helps Theresa sneak in. Theresa gets her boy and tells him that they are going on a little trip. They head downstairs to escape, but are caught by Crane security. Rebecca tells Theresa that she thought shed try something stupid again, and now she has really done herself in!

At Wallaces, Luis shows up and Beth is glad to see him. Luis is furious as he has just come from meeting with Alistair. Luis tells Beth about Alistairs bribe and how Alistair is obviously afraid of him. Luis says Alistair knows if he gets his hands on his dirty secrets than he can bring Alistair down, and then he and Sheridan can be together again. Beth begs him not to go after Alistair because he is a dangerous man, but Luis thinks hes just an old and hateful man, not some supervillian. Luis says he knows just what he has to do, and he takes off. Luis meets up with Hank. Hank gives Luis a brown paper bag, and he asks Luis what hes planning to do? Luis says hes going down to Crane Industries to get himself a job!

At Alistairs office, Alistair plays some office golf, and he says if Luis ever tries to bring him down not only will Luis die, but so will Sheridan. Later, Beth shows up to see Alistair. She warns him of Luis plans to get the good on him, but Alistair is not frightened of Luis. Alistair then grabs Beth and reminds her of their time together when he was Charlie. She remembers, and he says when Charlie kissed her she was very uncomfortable. Beth says he was Charlie. Alistair says now that she knows that, she doesnt have to be uncomfortable about it. Alistair then pulls Beth into a kiss!.

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