March 29, 2004
In Alistairs office at Crane Industries, Beth pushes Alistair away after he kisses her. She says she is flattered that he finds her attractive, but she came to warn him of Luis intentions. Alistair says he knows about Luis, but he is not worried, there is no way Senior Lo-Fitz can get into his company let alone his building. Meanwhile, an old man (Luis in disguise) shows up outside of Alistairs office, but is stopped by his assistant. She asks him what he is doing? Luis says he is here to apply for a job, but she says personal is in another part of the building. Alistair hears the commotion outside and and asks what is going on out there? His assistant says it is just a job applicant. She says he was looking for the applications. Alistair tells her to give him extra consideration given his eagerness to work, and then tells them to get lost because he's working on a "merger." They leave, and Beth tells Alistair that she should go because she doesnt want Luis knowing they are working together otherwise it will be all over for her. Alistair doesnt seem to be eager to let Beth leave. Beth tells him that he really should be worried about Luis, but Alistair says bigger man than Luis have tried to bring him down and have failed. Beth just worries that things could unravel, and if Sheridan thinks Martin is her baby again than she will insists on a blood test, and Luis will probably approve. Alistair tells Beth to relax. He says DNA tests can be altered. She says yeah, on Days of Our Lives they can! She says this is real life, you cant just go in and change a DNA test. Alistair says he can and he has! Beth asks whose test he altered? Alistair says a young man came to Harmony looking for his parents, but if he found out who they were it would be disastrous to his family. He says he had the tests changed to prevent the boy and his parents from learning the truth. Beth realizes this person must be a family member of Alistair's, and she cant believe he could do this to a member of his own family. How could he deny someone their birthright, or knowing their parents? Alistair says they just did it to Sheridan, Luis and their child! He says this man knowing who his parents were would be as disastrous as Sheridan and Lusi knowing the truth to her. Alistair says he would lie, cheat and still, and even commit murder if he has to in order to keep his family's secrets safe. Alistair assures Beth that if Sheridan ever tries to get a DNA test he will change them as well. Alistair dismisses Beth, but not before saying hell let her know when and where hed like her to perform next Meanwhile, Luis uses another persons name and social security number when filling out the job application, and he thinks everything is going smoothly. He says pretty soon hell get access to Alistairs office. Later he is told his application has been approved and he's been given a job as a janitor. Luis thanks the women very much, and they head downstairs to where Luis can pick up a badge and uniforms. They are narrowly missed by Beth as the elevator doors close. Back at Alistairs place, Alistair calls up security and makes sure Luis is never allowed in this building. He then moves his bookshelf and reveals a hidden safe. He puts a file into his safe, the file that Luis and Sheridan almost found in the Crane Archives that one day. He says Luis will never find this here, hell never get into this building much less this office. Later, Alistair heads into the hall and finds Luis mopping the floor. He calls out You there!

At the B&B Pilar tells Eve that she thinks Chad is her son, it all makes sense. She explains the clues to Eve, that Chad came to town looking for his parent, and that his mother was African-American and his father was white. Pilar says Chad must be her son with Julian. Eve explains that she ran extensive DNA tests on Chad and compared them to everyone in Harmony, including herself and Julian, but there was no match. Eve says she thought Chad might be her son at one time, but it is not so. Pilar says it is a good thing that Chad isnt her son because of Whitney and Chads relationship. Eve says Whitney never knew she could have been in love with her own half-brother. Eve explains how TC found her boys old baby booties that she had knitted, and how she had to lie and say the boy she had died. Eve explains that TC thought the boy was his and never suspected it wasn't. Eve says if Whitney found out Chad could possibly be her brother than she would never forgive her, but fortunately he is not. Pilar asks what if the DNA test results were wrong? She says that is not possible, she says if Chad was her son not only would her life be destroyed, so would her familys life. Later they talk about Pilars illness and what to do. Pilar says she doesnt want to tell her family, at least not yet. Eve says she will respect her decision, but she knows how hard it is to keep secrets from ones family.

At the studio, Chad and Whitney tell one another how much they love the other. Later the two make love! After making love they talk about things, including Whitneys suspicions that her mother is having an affair with Julian, and what Theresa could be up to regarding her son. Chad tries to convince Whitney to just focus on being in his arms. Whitney says she is glad to be in his arms, and that he is the one thing her mom cant take from him.

At the mansion, Ethan tells Gwen that they cant adopt Theresas son. She asks why not, why cant they adopt a son they have already bonded with. Ethan says he can't hurt Theresa. Ethan also tells her that he is thinking about what is best for them, and Sheridans idea to have a surrogate is what is best for them. Ethan says he doesnt want to fight with her because he loves her. He says the last thing he wants is for Theresa to drive a wedge between them. HE says hes calling Eve to make an appointment with her right now. Elsewhere, Fox shows up to protect Theresa, who has found herself on the other end of Crane Securitys guns. Rebecca calls the police and asks them to please send someone over because someone has tried to kidnap her son. Rebecca tells Theresa that she has done it now, and now she is going to jail and that is where she will stay locked up forever! Rebecca tells Little Ethan to repeat after her Mommy did the crime, now shell do the time! Little Ethan actually goes to repeat it, but Theresa tells him to stop. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen hear the sirens, and they hear Rebecca and Theresa arguing. The rush to see what is going on. Back downstairs, Julian finds Theresa with her boy and says "Oh not again!" Gwen and Ethan show up and see what is going on. Ethan tells the guards not to aim the guns at the boy. Gwen is thrilled and says once again Theresa has gone to far. Ethan asks Theresa what she was thinking? Rebecca says she wasnt thinking, and now she will pay the price. The cops show up and Rebecca demands Theresa be arrested for kidnapping. Theresa says this is her son! Ethan steps forward and says she was just visiting him, but Rebecca says she was going to kidnap the child! Fox tells Rebecca that she cant prove anything, but Rebecca says she can. Rebecca has a TV brought in and plays the evidence. She taped Theresa going into Little Ethans room, and her saying goodbye to Fox. All her plans were caught on tape! Rebecca says there is there proof that Theresa is a kidnapper. She also shows the cops the custody order giving her and Julian full custody. Rebecca says Theresa is a danger to this boy. Fox tells Rebecca that Theresa loves her son and would never hurt him. Rebecca says Jeffrey Dahmer loved having people to dinner, but it didnt mean he was a good host! Rebecca says Theresa is an unfit mother. Ethan tells Theresa that she should have waited, she shouldnt have done this. Theresa begs Ethan to help her, and he says hell see what he can do. Gwen is furious and says he just cant keep his promises when it comes to Theresa. She says so much for letting Theresa come between them! Gwen lashes out at Ethan about him going back on the promise he made on Sarahs coffin not to help Theresa. She says so much for Theresa not driving a wedge between us! Meanwhile, Rebecca continues to insist Theresa be arrested, but the cops say the court order says she only shares custody of the child with her husband. The cops ask Julian if he wants to press charges against Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald as well? Julian agrees with Rebecca, which Theresa knows he is only doing because of Rebecca. The cops ask Theresa to hand over the child. Theresa begs them not to do this. Rebecca says perhaps she needs to be explained the situation in Espanola! The cops ask her once again to hand over the boy. As this goes on, Ethan tells Gwen that this isnt right, but Gwen says Theresa brought this on herself. Ethan says this is Rebeccas doings, she pushed Theresa into doing this. Gwen says this latest drama only proves that Theresa is an unfit mother, and there is no way Theresa will ever get her parental rights back. Gwen says unless they adopt the boy than Julian and Rebecca will be his parents! The cops return the boy to Rebecca and then they arrest Theresa for attempted kidnapping! Fox tells his father that this is not right, but Julian says he has no choice but to go along with this. Fox says he had a choice. Ethan asks Fox how he could help Theresa do this? Fox says nobody was helping Theresa, so he had to. As Theresa is dragged off, Theresa tells Ethan that shell never forgive him for helping Rebecca steal her son!

Eve heads to work and is worried about Pilar and her condition. Julian shows up to check on Eve, and he can see she is upset. He asks what is wrong? Eve tells him about a patient of hers with a very serious disease who is choosing to face it alone instead of with her family. She says that as they were talking, the subject of how sometimes medical tests can be wrong. She worries about the DNA test they did on Chad and what if it was wrong. What if Whitney has been intimate with her own brother? Julian says he will find their son before this year is over. Eve says she has to know who there son is.

Theresa ends up back at the police station, and Fox is with her. He apologizes for helping her sneak back into the station. Fox says hell try and do everything he can to post her bail. Theresa cries that shes never going to be with her son, she has lost him forever!

At the mansion, Ethan calls Woody and fills him in on what is going on with Theresa. Woody says Theresa will have to go before Judge Reilly again, and after this he will never consider restoring Theresas parental rights. Woody says there is nothing they can do. Ethan asks what if Rebecca dropped the charges, but Woody doesn't see that happened. Ethan wonders what if someone else adopted Little Ethan and then agreed not to press charges. Woody says Theresa would go free then, but Woody wonders who would adopt the boy? Ethan says he and Gwen will adopt the boy. Outside the door, Gwen and Rebecca learn what Ethan is planning! Gwen is angry that Ethan has been helping Theresa all along, but Rebecca says that doesn't matter because Little Ethan is going to be hers! 


March 30, 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Gwen reads a story to Little Ethan, who says he misses his mommy. Gwen says maybe hell feel better after a good night sleep. The nanny takes the boy upstairs, and Gwen rants to her mom about Ethan helping Theresas lawyer behind her back. Rebecca tells Gwen to calm down, she almost has everything she wants and she doesnt want to blow it. Gwen says Ethan promised her, and she threatened to leave him if he ever helped Theresa again. Rebecca says she cant do that when shes so close to finally getting the family she wants. Rebecca tells Gwen that she should be thrilled that Ethan has agreed to adopt Little Ethan. Gwen says she would be but she knows hes only doing this to help Theresa. Rebecca says they will take care of that, but for now they will get revenge on Theresa and Gwen will get the family she has wanted. Rebecca reminds Gwen that Ethan still blames Theresa for revealing that he was not Julians son, he has no idea that it was the two of them who sent the email to the tabloids. Rebecca turns around and finds Ethan standing behind her. Gwen asks how long he has been there? Ethan says he just walked in. Ethan thinks Gwen looks happy. Gwen says she was just telling her mom about their appointment with Eve. Gwen says they should get going, but Ethan says hed like to talk to her first. Ethan asks Rebecca to leave them and let them talk in private. Rebecca leaves the room, by listens in as Ethan tells Gwen that they should adopt Little Ethan right away. Gwen says she is glad he changed his mind, but she still wants to talk to Eve about surrogacy. Gwen says they could have a whole family very soon. They decide to go to see Eve, and Ethan says afterwards they need to go by the jail and tell Theresa that they are adopting her son. Gwen doesnt understand why. Ethan says Theresa deserves to hear the news from them, not from someone else. Rebecca signals to her daughter to agree to it, so Gwen does. Ethan and Gwen head off to see Eve, and Rebecca plans to go down to the station to tell Theresa that Ethan is going to adopt her child.

At the hospital, Eve can help but worry what if one of her daughters met a boy and it turned out to be their half-brother. Julian says the odds of that happening are astronomical. She says but not impossible, their son could come to Harmony and have a relationship with one of her daughters. She says the consequences would be nightmarish. Julian thinks he has failed his son by not standing up to Alistair from the very beginning, and he says he will not fail his son again. Eve asks Julian what about Little Ethan, he is his son too. Julian says if he doesnt go along with Rebecca than she will ruin her life. Eve says she feels guilty that Theresa is losing her child because of her. Julian says he will make sure that Little Ethan has everything he needs, and Julian says hell also continue to protect Eve. Julian says hes going to go see his father right now and demand he tell them where his son is. Julian takes off to go see his father.

Later, Eve meets with Gwen and Ethan to discuss surrogacy. As they are talking, adoption comes up and Gwen reveals that they are adopting Little Ethan. Eve is stunned, but Ethan says given Theresas problems shes not going to get custody back, and they will make better parents than Julian and Rebecca. Eve is hurt to hear that it isnt looking good for Theresa. As Ethan and Gwen talk about children growing up without loving and caring parents, and children getting pushed around in the foster system, she thinks about her own child. Things get worse when Gwen brings up how it would be hard for Little Ethan to be adopted not only because he is not an infant, but because he comes from a mixed race background. She says that makes it more difficult for people to adopt a child. Eve suddenly breaks down and says she is a horrible person. Gwen and Ethan ask if she is okay? Eve says one of her patients is going through what they are describing, and she feels for them. They apologize, as does Eve for breaking down. Eve says they should talk about surrogacy, and she tells Gwen that she will have to undergo hormone injections as a first step. She also gives them some brochures on surrogacy and the legal requirements. Gwen thinks this is so great and very soon they will be able to give Little Ethan a brother or sister. To himself, Ethan thinks that as soon as he can he will give Little Ethan back to Theresa. Later, Ethan and Gwen head off to the jail to tell Theresa the news. 

At the studio, Chad and Whitney make love, and Whitney tells Chad that shes so glad he came to Harmony and they met. Chad says he loves her and nothing will ever take her away from him. Whitney tells Chad that she is glad they worked everything out between them, and she wishes they could make the rest of the world go away. She says she will not let her mother or Julian ruin their relationship or their future together. Later, Chad and Whitney turn on a TV show and see Victoria Gottis TV talk show about brothers who unknowingly fall in love with their sisters and knock them up! Whitney thinks they should find something else, but Chad wants to watch this for a bit. The first guest on the show talks about how her mother had a child with another man before she married her father, and she ended up meeting this man and getting pregnant by him. She says she never knew she had a brother, or that this man was her brother until she got pregnant! Whitney feels horrible for the girl on TV and she wonders how a mother could keep a secret like that from her own children. The womans mother shows up, and the audience boos her. The girl lashes out at her mom for ruining her life. The mother says she never thought shed meet him. The brother comes out and yells at his mother for ruining his life. The son/brother says he hates his mother. The mother cries that she never meant for this to happen! Whitney says she doesnt believe this show, she thinks they are all fakes and are paid to come on this show and do this. Chad says it could happen, and once they thought they could be brother and sister. Whitney says that wasnt true, and neither is this. She says if this scenario was for real, what kind of horrible woman could do something like that to her own children. The guests on the show go berserk and attack not only each other, but Victoria as well!

At Crane Industries, Alistair has a run in with the new janitor, who is a disguised Luis. Luis realizes he cant let Alistair recognize him. Alistair says he wants to talk to Luis. Alistair swears he knows Luis from somewhere. Luis says they have never met and he just started tonight, but Alistair says he knows him and he is sure of it. Luis swears he just started and they have never met. Alistair says it doesnt matter, and he asks Luis to fix a loose vent in the conference room when he gets the chance. Alistair is called into his office to take a call, and Luis says that was close. Alistairs assistant tells Alistair that his son Julian is on his way to see him. Alistair says for her to tell him that hes out or that he died, whatever it takes to get rid of him! Alistair knows what Julian is coming for, and he says what Julian wants to know is in his safe. Julian shows up and Alistairs assistant tries to delay him from seeing Alistair. Rebecca shows up and demands they talk about his son. Rebecca says Ethan and Gwen are adopting Little Ethan and she doesnt want him to stop them. Julian doesnt want to turn his back on another one of his children. He admits hes been a neglectful father, but he is trying to change and be a better man. Rebecca says he was more fun when he wasnt a better man. Rebecca reminds him what will happen if he objects to this. Julian refuses to discuss this right now, and he heads off to find his father. As the Cranes all scatter, Luis decides to sneak into Alistairs office and snoop around. However, he abandons that idea when Julian goes into the office first to wait for his father. Luis listens in as Julian and Alistair argue about Alistair protecting the empire. Julian ends up storming out, but not before saying that he knows his father keeps everything in this office and he will find it. After Julian leaves, Alistair leaves and also gives his secretary instructions to keep Julian out of his office. When the secretary gets distracted by a call, Luis sneaks into Alistairs office. Luis begins snooping around for Alistairs secrets. Luis accidentally uncovers the secret leaver to Alistairs safe when he sits on it. 

Julian returns to the hospital to see Eve, and he asks if she is all right? Eve says Ethan and Gwen were just here, and some of the things they were saying where getting to her. Julian says Alistair didnt give him anything, but he is determined to find their son no matter what he has to do. Eve has an awful feeling that if they dont find him soon, the consequences could be terrible. 

At the jail, Theresa cries to Fox about how she was so close to getting away with Little Ethan. She says Rebecca is the devil, and she doesnt understand how a mother can be arrested for kidnapping her own child. Fox says unfortunately Julian and Rebecca were given custody of him. Theresa says now Ethan and Gwen are talking about adopting him, and if that happens she will never get her son back. Fox tells Theresa that he heard Ethan at the courthouse and he wont agree to adopt her son. Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca will talk him into it, they want revenge on her and this is how they are going to do it. Theresa says she thought she knew Ethan, but now she knows what he is capable of. Fox says he doesnt think Ethan will adopt her son, but Theresa says Ethan has turned his back on her to many times. Later, Fox talks to Woody about getting Theresa bail, but the bail has been set so high that not even Donald Trumph could get her out. Fox says he is so sorry, and he wishes he could help her. Theresa says he has done enough to help her. Fox fears Theresa could be here for a while, and Theresa says shes sure Rebecca will make sure her trial is postponed forever. Theresa is feeling hurt and betrayed. Fox wishes he never helped her with this scheme, but she says she did this to herself. Fox tells Theresa that she shouldnt be in here, she should be in his arms. A cop comes and tells Fox to say his goodbyes because he has to take Theresa to lock-up. However, the guard gets a call and learns he is to leave Theresa in the visiting center a little while longer because someone else is coming to see her. Theresa hopes this will be good news, but it Rebecca! Theresa asks what Rebecca wants? Has she come to gloat? Rebecca says she has, but that isnt the only reason. Rebecca says she has news for Theresa. Rebecca says she has been waiting to get revenge on her since she killed her Gwens Sarah. Theresa asks what more she can do to her? Rebecca says her worst nightmare is about to come true, Ethan and Gwen are going to adopt Little Ethan! Rebecca tells Theresa that she has lost him forever! Ethan and Gwen show up at this moment and are about to go inside , where Theresa has gone into a rage and attacks Rebecca! 


March 31, 2004
At Tabithas, Kay is frustrated with changing Maria yet again. She says this is like the twentieth time today she's changed her diaper. Miguel says she hasnt been herself these past few days and he asks if anything is wrong? She says she is fine. Miguel says he'll change Maria, so he takes Maria off to take care for her. Tabitha tells Kay that Miguel is right about her lately. She asks Kay what has been bothering her, hasnt she gotten everything she ever wanted? Kay says no, and right now she is feeling like she has ruined her life forever. Kay tells Tabitha that shes beginning to think she will end up like the women at the cannery, she will never have time to spend with Miguel and Maria, she is afraid she has ruined any chance of having a happy life for herself and for Maria. She doesnt know what to do, she says she doesnt think she can live with this fear for the rest of her life! Kay says she grew up completely protected by her parents, but she doesnt think she can give that to Maria. She says she has a baby and isnt even married to her babys father. Tabitha says that is just a matter of time. She says she needs to make a life for herself and for Maria, but she has no idea how to go about doing that. Tabitha says having a child is a big responsibility. Kay says she knows that now, and she wants to give her baby everything her parents gave her, but she cant do that on her salary at the cannery. She says she has only herself to blame for this. Tabitha says she has Miguel, but Kay says nothing has turned out the way she thought it would. She says she thought her life would be perfect. She says she thought they would live in a big house, drive nice cars, Miguel would work and she would be a stay at home mom. Kay says her life is nothing like that dream. Tabitha tells her life is the life she has made for herself, so she has to deal with it because it is all she has. Tabitha tells Kay that shes lucky to have a job at all. Tabitha says it wont always be this way, and people have come from much worse circumstances that her and have gone on to lead very successful lives. Tabitha says it will take a lot of hard work, but she can do it! Kay decides to take  Tabithas advice to heart and says others have it far worse, look at Charity. She says Charity has lost Miguel and become a tramp who is flunking out of college. Kay thanks Tabitha and says she feels a lot better. Miguel returns with Maria, and she once again needs a diaper change. Kay goes off t o help Miguel, and Tabitha checks the leaves in Kays teacup because she doesnt have a good feeling about Kays future. Tabithas feeling was right, and she says there is much more heartache in store for Kay.

Charity is at the Book Caf researching design schools. She finds a site that lets her create a cyber outfit and get online feedback on her creation. As she tries to work, she finds herself thinking about Miguel. She tells herself that she needs to stop thinking about Miguel and focus on design like Ivy suggested. Also at the Book Caf, Pilar talks with Eve about her terrible illness. Eve tells Pilar that she needs to have hope. Pilar hopes the specialist in Boston will find a different diagnosis for her. Eve says she would like that to be true, but the test she did was pretty conclusive. Pilar says her children need her right now, she cannot die. Pilar realizes Eve is going through a lot as well with not knowing where her son is. They discuss how the bond between a mother and child should never be broken, and she prays to God that Theresa is reunited with her child. Eve realizes she needs to tell Pilar what she knows, and she says there is a chance that Ethan and Gwen will be adopting Little Ethan. An email comes through at the computer they are sitting at, and Pilar hopes it is from the specialist in Boston. It is not the news Pilar was hoping for, he has found the same diagnosis. Pilar says she will just have to continue to pray for strength that the good lord will provide. Charity walks by and hears this, and she tells Pilar that is a crock, you cant count on God for anything. Pilar tells Charity that God is good and she must not lose her faith. Charity says faith has gotten her nothing but pain. Charity says shes lost her mother, been sucked into hell, turned into a zombie, and now she has lost Miguel. Eve says she still has so much to look forward to, but Charity thinks she only has more heartache to look forward to. She says she thinks she lost her faith when her mother died. She says she misses her mother so much and she really needs her. Charity doesnt understand why her mother left her. Pilar tries to comfort Charity. Charity talks about how she wakes up in the middle of the night and feels all alone. She says when she was little she had her mom to go to, but now she doesnt have her. Charity apologizes for going on about her problems. Pilar tells her to just keep her faith and have hope because she believes the good lord has something special planned for her. Pilar says she will keep her in her prayers, and she heads off. Charity wonders how a woman like Pilar who has gone through so much can still find it in her to comfort her? Eve says she has no idea. Eve tells Charity that if she ever needs some motherly advice she should feel free to call her and talk. Eve asks Charity why she was upset earlier when she was on the computer? Charity says she was looking into some fashion designing online, and when she tried to apply her designs to a website her outfit was rejected. Eve tells her to ignore the critics, she needs to apply herself and then show her designs to someone involved in fashion who really knows something, not some website with faceless people behind it. Later, Charity goes back to work on the computer trying to design another virtual outfit. Eve takes a look at her design and she tells Charity that it is very good. Eve likes the way she combined different elements to make the outfit work. Eve tells Charity she really has a talent, and she is innovated. Eve suddenly gets an email shes been expecting on her computer, and Charity begins to have a happier outlook on life. She says she may have future in fashion, she just wishes she had one with Miguel. Eve gets another email about Pilar, and she says Pilars world is about to be turned more upside down than it already is. 

At the jail, Fox pulls Theresa off of Rebecca. Rebecca can't believe Theresa attacked her like that. Fox  tells Rebecca that she deserved it. Theresa says she will kill her, and once again launches into an attack on Rebecca. Ethan and Gwen show up, and Ethan pulls Theresa off of Rebecca. The guards also come in, and Rebecca  says that Theresa was going to kill her. Fox says she deserved it, she came her to taunt her with the news that Ethan and Gwen were going to adopt Little Ethan. Ethan cant believe she did this, and he tells Theresa he wanted to be the one to tell her. Theresa slaps Ethan. She tells him that he is a traitor and she hates him! She asks Ethan how he can do this to her son. She tells him that he is his godfather and is supposed to do what is best for him, and she says she is what is best for him! Ethan asks her to let him explain, but she says it is all lies. Theresa goes into a rage again, and the guards zap her with a stun gun. As they drag Theresa off, Theresa screams that she hates Ethan more than she has ever hated anyone! Rebecca thinks that went well, but Ethan blames her for all of this. Ethan asks Rebecca how she knew they were adopting the boy? Rebecca says she didn't know it was a secret. Gwen suggests they get home because Eve is sending that nurse over to give her the first hormone shot. Gwen says there isnt anything more he can do for Theresa, so they leave. Meanwhile, the guards continue to jolt Theresa until she passes out. Fox runs to her side to check on her. The guards order Fox out, but he refuses and uses the Crane name to bully them around. The guard say he can stay with her if he wants. The guards leave, and Fox asks Theresa if she is okay? She says no she isnt, they are taking her baby. Later, Pilar shows up to see Theresa. She finds Theresa in chains, and she thinks they are treating her like an animal. Theresa is glad her mom is here and she says if she didnt have her she doesnt know what she would do. Theresa cries on her mothers shoulder. Pilar tells Theresa that as long as God allows, she will be with her.

At Crane Industries, Sheridan shows up to see her father about unfreezing her accounts. They head to Alistairs office, and Sheridan says she just ran into Julian at the hospital and he was mumbling something about his office and secrets. In Alistairs office, Luis finds the switch which opens the bookcase hiding Alistairs safe. He thinks this could be the key to Alistairs secrets. When Alistair and Sheridan show up, Luis is forced to hide in the closet. Sheridan gets the feeling that someone is or was here. Luis realizes Sheridan is sensing him, and he wonders if she is remembering what they shared. Meanwhile, Alistair says he will not unfreeze her accounts because Luis will only manipulate her into helping his family. She says it is not Luis and she just wants to help. Alistair notices her body language has changed when he mentioned Luis name, and he asks if she still has feelings for him? She says no, she wants to be with Antonio now. Alistair asks her to see Dr. Ackland again. She insists that she is fine. Luis knows Alistair wants to reinforce the brainwashing. He says he loves her so much and hopes she doesnt allow her father to brainwash her again. He wonders if she can feel his love for her. Sheridan can sense Luis love, and she mutters his name. Luis fears Sheridan may give him away. Alistair insists Sheridan see Ackland again, but she says she doesnt want to go back there. Sheridan asks her father when he and mother together, did they have any sort of connection? Alistair says of course they did, they were married. She says she means could he sense when she was near him? Alistair says they didnt have a psychic connection if that is what she means, that is all romantic poppycock. Sheridan thinks her father is very wrong. Alistair says she has been watching too many lifetime movies, and that kind of thinking is for saps! In the closet, Luis realizes their connection is still there and is strong, but he cant let Alistair find him. Sheridan heads over to the closet and realizes Luis is in there! She goes to open the door . . . 

Back at the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca toast to the end of Theresa, and the nurse shows up to give Gwen her hormone shots. Meanwhile, Ethan checks on Little Ethan, who is asleep. Ethan says his mom is really mad at him now, but there is nothing he can do about it now. He says hes not adopting him to hurt her, hes adopting him to help his mom. He says after they adopt him and after Gwen has her own baby, hes going to give Little Ethan back to Theresa. Ethan thinks Theresa may hate him forever for what hes done, but it is probably for the best since they can never be together. 


April 1, 2004
This is shorter due to my long day
At the jail, Pilar asks Fox to stay with Theresa because she has something she has to do. Fox stays with Theresa and tries to comfort her. He has a surprise for her, and produces a laptop. He says he re-hooked up the video feed in Little Ethan's room so that she can watch over him. Theresa thanks Fox for doing this for her. Eventually one of the guards tells Fox that his time is up and he has to go. Fox leaves, but leaves the laptop behind with Theresa. Later, Theresa sees Little Ethan have a nightmare and she sees Gwen come and comfort her, which sends her into a rage.

At the mansion, Rebecca is talking to Gwen about how she is so close to getting everything she wants. Meanwhile, upstairs Ethan promises Little Ethan that as soon as Gwen has her own child he will return her to his mother. Ethan goes downstairs where Gwen is having her first hormone shot. She tells Ethan that this is so exciting, and very soon they will have their own child. Ethan dreams of the day they have their own child and he can return Little Ethan to Theresa. The doorbell rings, and Ethan goes to get it. It is Pilar, and she is furious with Ethan. She asks him how he can do this to Theresa, a woman he used to love. She says he is killing her daughter, and she slaps him. Ethan says she doesn't understand. Pilar says she does, and she wonders what kind of man he has become? As she yells at Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca show up. Rebecca gets in Pilar's face, and the two have a nasty war of words. Pilar calls Rebecca a slut and a whore, and Rebecca insults Pilar and her family. Rebecca says Pilar should be put on a boat and shipped out of this country. Eventually, Rebecca attacks Pilar and screams she will kill her! Pilar breaks away, and they chase one another around the house. Rebecca gets her hands on a fire poker and is literally about to kill Pilar when Ethan pulls the rug out from under her. He really does pull the rug out from under her, causing her to fall down. Ethan tells Rebecca that is enough, Pilar is a friend of the family and will always be welcomed here. Rebecca and Gwen eventually leave to discuss interviewing surrogate candidates, and Ethan tells Pilar to please tell Theresa not to lose faith and keep hope. Pilar realizes Ethan is planning something, but Ethan says he cannot tell her what. 

At the cannery, Kay returns to work where Dort and the others continue to tease and torment her. They tell her while she works away here, her man is probably off with some floozy. Kay says Miguel is not like that, and he doesn't have a girlfriend. Dort asks where his ex Charity is? Kay says she lives next door. Dort tells Kay that she has big trouble. Kay defends Miguel and says he wants nothing to do with Charity because she is a slut who throws herself at any man who comes along.

At the Bennet's, Charity is about to apply to design school with the cyber dress she made when Ivy walks in and says it is horrible! She apologizes and says it isn't that bad, but if she changed the fabric and colors it would work better. She shows Charity what she means, and Charity realizes Ivy is right. Ivy says this is stuff she will learn in school, but she does have the inventiveness. She thinks once Charity graduates from school she will help her get a job with some of the best designers in the business. Ivy says with Charity's talent and her connections they will make great partners. Charity thanks Ivy for helping her. Ivy says she knows what it is like to lose the man you love, she just wants to help her. Later, Miguel shows up with MAria, he dropped by to let the baby visit with Sam. Sam comes downstairs and spends time with her. Father Lonigan also drops by to check on Charity. He asks if she is still keeping her bargain with Death? Charity says she is. He tells her once again God does not work that way, he'd never let an innocent be struck down. Charity says she can't take that chance because if anything happened to that baby than Miguel would never forgive her. She goes in to see the baby, and Father Lonigan has a talk with Ivy. He tells Ivy that once she confided in him a lot, and he can sense something is bothering her. He asks her to unburden her soul and let him help her. She admits to Father Lonigan that she broke up Sam and Grace's marriage. She says she feels bad, but Grace is happy with David, and when you have a love like hers and Sam's isn't it worth doing anything for? Father Lonigan says no it isn't, and what she did was wrong. He tells her that she must confess to Sam to save her soul, but she says never! She says Sam can never know the truth. Father Lonigan says he cannot force her to tell, and this will remain between them as the confession is sacred. Meanwhile, Sam heads off to work, and Miguel and Charity are left alone with Maria. They look at one another and smile, but then Charity remembers she can't be with Miguel and pulls away.

In Alistair's office, Luis hides in the back of the closet as Sheridan opens the door. Sheridan is positive that Luis is inside. When she opens the door and doesn't see him, she is confused. Alistair tells her that he is very worried about her. They leave the office and have a talk. He thinks she needs to go home and get some rest. Sheridan says no, and she says she came here for a reason. She asks her father for a job to help her take her mind off her baby. HE gives her a job working on the charity fundraiser drive. She thanks him and is happy. He tells her to go home to her husband. Back in Alistair's office, Luis snoops around and tries to find what triggered Alistair's bookshelf to open. Before he finds the trigger he is caught by Alistair's secretary, Miss Sims. She tells him that she cleans this office and no one else, and if she catches him in here again he is fire. He thanks her and quickly heads off. As he is leaving he sees Sheridan. Sheridan senses Luis and calls out to him, but he runs off. Sheridan thinks perhaps her father is right and she does need to go home and rest.

Back at the station, Luis shows up and tells Hank of the progress he has made at Crane Industries. Back at Crane Industries, Alistair checks on the contents of his safe. HE is glad to see everything is safe, and he says Luis could never get in here. We see an envelope with Luis' photo on it, and we see a DVD labeled Sheridan. Alistair plays the DVD  and we see Sheridan being given the electroshock treatments/torture. He says if Luis and Sheridan ever find out what really happened they will die!


April 2, 2004
We see a replay of Theresa going nuts after seeing Gwen comforting Little Ethan on the PC hookup. She says Gwen is not Little Ethans mother and she will not let her take him from her. Theresa has a horrible vision of the future. She goes to the mansion to see her boy, who is all grown up. (Little) Ethan tells her that she may have given birth to him, but Gwen is the only mother he knows and the only mother he wants to know! Theresa says she has been in prison, and it isnt her fault she hasn't been here for him. She says they took her from her. Ethan says it is too late now, he doesnt need her now. Ethan tells her to leave and slams the door in her face. Theresa hopes her nightmare doesnt come true, and she asks God not to let them take little Ethan away. Later, Woody shows up and he tells Theresa that he has arranged a little meeting between Theresa and the judge. Theresa is given a ray of hope, and she says she knows she can convince Judge Reilly to free her and give her her son back. Woody thinks Theresa should let him do the talking, and she needs to keep her emotions in check and show Reilly that she is more stable now. Woody says if she doesnt keep it together than he wont be able to help her. 

At the mansion, Gwen is in a great mood, which everyone can see. Ethan says she is happy today. Gwen says how can she not be. She says they are adopting Little Ethan and she also has hope that they will be having their own child again. She says she can finally look at baby clothes and not burst into tears. She thinks all her dreams are going to come true. Rebecca comes in and is also in a good mood. Ethan decides to leave, and Rebecca hopes it isn't on her account. He says he has to go to the Courthouse to pick up a few things. After Ethan leaves, Rebecca tells Gwen that very soon Little Ethan will be hers, and Theresa will have lost. She says revenge is so sweet. The nurse arrives to give Gwen a hormone injection, and Gwen says this is one shot she doesnt mind getting. The nurse says that is good because shell be back tomorrow! The nurse tells Gwen that she really hopes this works out for her, and shell see her tomorrow. Gwen and Rebecca continue to plot Theresa's downfall. Gwen says she wants to give Theresa a dose of the pain she has given her. Rebecca says they are so close to destroying Theresa and she would hate for anything to go wrong. Later, Gwen gets a call about some potential surrogate candidates. Gwen says she will be here all morning so the agency should send them over. Rebecca continues to rant and rave about how Theresa will suffer, and the destruction of Theresa needs to be their number one priority. Later, Gwen has a huge buffet set up for the surrogates. She also has a checklist of qualities she is looking for. Rebecca shows up and wants to have some of the cookies, but Gwen says they are for the candidates. Gwen says she is taking this seriously, she needs to find the perfect candidate. Rebecca says she will help her, she is a very good judge of character. Rebecca says she will make sure her surrogate is from the proper blood line and pedigree. Gwen says nobody from her social circuit will be applying for this, most of them will be from the working class! Rebecca exclaims The horror! but she agrees to try and keep her feelings to herself. Rebecca cant help but worry this woman could turn out to be the Grace Bennett type. Gwen thinks Grace would be perfect, but Rebecca disagrees and says theyd all have morning sickness if she bakes them tomato soup cakes every day. The doorbell rings, and Gwen lets the first candidate in. The first candidate is a flake, who thinks Gwen doesnt like her at all, and she starts ranting about her therapist and what he is always telling her. The woman ends up running off, and Rebecca says this is going to be a long day! The next candidate demands to name the baby, and she wants to name him Elvis or her Pricilla. Gwen moves on to the next candidate, who seems very sane. The woman says her and her husband have been blessed with two kids, and the money she gets from this will help her husband cut back on his hours at work. Gwen asks the woman, Heather, if she would have a hard time giving this child up? Heather says no because the child would not be hers, and the joy in her and her husbands face would make it worth it to her. Gwen likes heather and hugs her. Gwen says Heather is perfect, but Rebecca thinks to herself that she is too perfect! After Heather leaves, Rebecca tells Gwen that anyone, even she would appear perfect after that parade of psychos that came before her. Gwen say she just feels closer than ever to reaching her dream, and she says he cant wait for Ethan to meet Heather. She says she will have Little Ethan and her very own baby. They begin to think about Theresas reaction to losing her child forever. Rebecca says eh wishes she could be there to see her crying.

Ethan heads to the courthouse to do some research. Eve stops by after getting Ethans message. Ethan tells Eve that he wanted her to know everything is going well with Gwen. He says Gwen is so happy, and he asks if this is going to work because he doesnt want to see her let down again. Eve says she sees no reason why surrogacy isnt a viable option for Gwen. Ethan says his main concern right now is making sure their surrogate doesnt decide to keep the baby after giving birth to it. Ethan says that is why he is here, he is doing research on how to protect them from having their child taken from them. He says he doesn't think Gwen would survive that happening. Eve points out that is exactly what they are doing to Theresa. Ethan says she is wrong, and he would never keep Theresas child from her. He says he still cares about her and would never do anything to hurt her. He tells Eve, in confidence, that as long as Julian and Rebecca have custody of Little Ethan than they can press kidnapping charges. However, he says if he adopts Little Ethan, he can drop the charges against her. Eve says what he is doing is generous and kind. Ethan says he doesnt want Theresa to know about this. Eve asks why? Ethan says he cant tell her for a lot of reasons. He says he is married and is trying to keep his marriage together. He says he loves Gwen, but she has endured heartache because of him. He says Theresa is also suffering because Rebecca blames Theresa for Sarahs death. Ethan says that is not right, and hes just trying to make everything right. Eve understands but she says sometimes people make mistakes and they pay for that mistake for the rest of their lives. She thinks what he is doing is a wonderful thing. He tells Ethan that he knows something is bothering her, and whatever it is, she should know that they all make mistakes. Eve thinks to herself that her mistakes have hurt so many.

MEanwhile, Theresa and Woody head to court, and she runs into Ethan at the courthouse. She lashes out at Ethan for being a traitor, and Eve tries to tell Theresa that this isnt what she thinks. Theresa slaps Ethan and says he is her enemy and she will not rest until she has made him suffer. Woody reminds Theresa while they are here, but Judge Reilly has seen everything and says this meeting is a waste of time as he has seen everything he needs to see. Reilly walks off, and Woody tells Theresa that it is over. Theresa says it cant be, she cant live without her son! 

Luis is once again back at Crane Industries snooping. Hank shows up, he is tagging along with building inspectors, a job he got after getting the short straw at the station. They run into one another, and Hank thinks Luis is taking a big chance. Luis has found some blueprints to the whole building and decides to locate places Alistair may be hiding his dirty little secrets. Luis says he needs to find a safe place for him to go over the blueprints. He thinks he knows where he can go without having to worry, Beths house!

In his office, Alistair looks at the file he has, and inside is a document and photo of Beth. He puts it and the DVD back into his safe. He says he will do whatever it takes to keep this information secret, including murder! Alistair then calls Beth He tells Beth that she owes him a debt, a favor for helping her out, so he is on his way to her house in order to collect! 

Alistair arrives at Beths house, and he says he really is here to collect on her debt. Beth asks what she wants her to do? Alistair says he needs her to keep a watch on Luis, he needs her to tell him of his every move. Beth says she is sorry but she cant do that. Alistair says she has no choice in the matter. He says he is not asking her, he is telling her! Alistair says he will do anything to protect his empire, even murder. HE gives her two choices, she lets him know every move Luis makes or she kills him! Suddenly, Luis knocks on the door. Alistair says hell let himself out, but she should see to it that she does as he asks. Beth lets Luis in, and Luis asks Beth for her help. HE says he is involved in something very secret and dangerous, and no one, especially Alistair, can know what he is up to. Luis tells Beth that he is going to get the dirt on Alistair and he is going to destroy him. He pulls out the blue prints to go over them, and he shows them to Beth. She asks how he got these? HE says hell tell her about that later. Luis vows to bring Alistair down. Beth tells Luis that Alistair has people everywhere, but Luis says the only two people who know about this are her and hank, and he knows he can trust them. Beth excuses herself and ends up going off to call Alistair to warn him of Luis plan. Beth tells Alistair that she has information for him, she can tell him what Luis is doing. Alistair says he knew shed make the right choice.

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