May 3, 2004
At the seascape, Whitney and Chad show up to set up their stuff and find Hank and Luis wheeling TVs around. She says tonight is the big dance, not the big game. Hank says Luis finally got the goods on Alistair Crane, and Luis says tonight hes bringing the Cranes down on these big screen TVs. Whitney asks how he got evidence on the Cranes, and Luis explains the whole story to her. Whitney asks if there was any information in Alistairs files about her family? Luis nods and says there were several CDs about her family and Julian. Whitney fears what will happen to her father when he learns what her mother has done. She thinks she needs to stop him from coming to the dance, but Chad says hes going to find out the truth one way or another. Whitney says she truly hates her mother for what she has done to her father. Whitney walks out, and Chad helps Luis and Hank set up. Chad asks Luis if there were any CDs with his name on them? Luis says no, and Hank asks why he asks. Chad says he was hoping there may be information on his folks in there. Luis says hell let him know if he finds anything. Chad says thanks and hell try not to get his hopes up because what are the chances that Alistair would have information on his folks. 

In Eves office, Eve and Julian are about to make love when they are seemingly caught by someone as the door is opened. However, they werent what appeared to have been a door opening was just a faulty X-Ray viewing machine coming on. Eve and Julian both thought someone had walked in on them. Unfortunately the mood has been killed, and Eve realizes she cant do this and be unfaithful to TC. Julian understands and holds her. Eve says she did want to make love to him one more time, but she cant betray a lifetime with TC for a fleeting moment with him. She says besides she has enough guilt to live with as is. Julian says he doesnt want her to do anything she will regret. Eve says she knows, and it makes her love him even more. Eve says she doesnt think it is fair that he goes to prison for things Alistair made him do. Julian says Alistair isnt entirely to blame. He says after losing her he didnt care what he did, and he did hurt a lot of people. Julian says deep down he wanted everyone else to be as miserable as he was. Eve asks if he has really done terrible things? Julian says it is worse than she could imagine, and then he remembers TCs accident. Julian confesses to Eve that tonight TC will find out about the accident all those years ago. Eve says she knows TC always blamed him for the accident, and she asks Julian if he was responsible for the crash? Julian says he was. Julian says his car broadsided TCs car, and his father hid the evidence. Julian says hell always regret that night. Eve asks Julian if his father ordered him to hurt TC so he could win the match. Julian says yes, but what happened that night was an accident. Julian tells her that he had been drinking to forget his father ordering him to hurt TC. Julian says he couldnt bring himself to hurt TC because he respected him. Julian says he knows TC would never believe that now, and TC doesnt know what really happened that night. Eve says TC will know after tonight what he is responsible for, and he will kill him! Julian says he will be in custody before TC can hurt him. He once again tries to convince Eve to let him take the fall by saying he raped her, and that he forced her to come be with him all those times Whitney caught them together. Eve says no, and the only thing he is guilty of is being an obedient son to a monster. Julian says he is guilty of so much more and it is time he faced it all. She tells him to forget about the dance tonight and leave town. He refuses to run, he says it is time he paid for what he has done. Eve says she doesnt know what to say or do. Julian says she can let him hold her for a few more moments because it will be of comfort to him when he is in prison. Eve says she wants to, but she doesnt trust herself. Julian asks her to please stay with him. Eve says she cant, she isnt strong enough to resist him. He says he had no right to ask her. She says she wants to stay with him, but she is married to TC. Julian decides to leave, and he asks her when she finds their son to give him his best. She says she will and she will tell him what a wonderful and noble man his father is. Eve breaks down and kisses Julian as he is about to leave. 

Out in TCs yard, TC stands at the entrance to his shed and looks inside. Liz stands behind him and gasps. TC turns around and asks why she is following him? Liz says she is worried about him after his fall and his talk of making Julian pay. She says she wanted to make sure he wasnt going to do something he would regret. TC says that is why he comes out to his shed, because of what Julian did to him. Liz asks what that has to do with Julian? TC says she wasnt supposed to see it, nobody is. TC says Sam saw it the night Sheridan was kidnapped. TC says he knows Sam will keep it quiet, but how does he know she will? She says she will, she promises. TC says he cant take that chance, and he throws her into the shed! Liz begs TC not to hurt her, and she says shell never tell anyone what is in here. TC says hes not going to hurt her. He turns on the light in the shed and he says he didnt mean to scare her. He says he just needs her to understand how important it is that no one knows what is in here. She says she wont tell anyone, but she asks why he has it? We see TCs old beat up car, and he says this is the car he was driving when Julian took his life and dreams from him. TC says he hates Julian for his ignorance, his indifferences and his cowardness. TC says hes waited for years to get the proof of what Julian has done to him. TC says once he gets the proof that Julian did this to him and ruined his life then he will kill him! TC says that Julian took everything from him the night of the accident, his career, his dreams and his father. He says that the pain was so bad that he would drink and take pills. TC says he even cut himself pretty bad on his arms once and ended up in the ER. He says he met Eve there. He says he used to give her hell, and she would give it right back to him. TC says somehow Eve understood his anger and pain, and she told him to take it and put it towards something good. TC says that is what he did, he became a coach and Eve became his wife. TC says the worst thing that happened to him brought him the best thing to happen to him. However, he says he could never get over the accident. TC remembers being at the Crane mansion the night of the green fog and being led to Julians safe by his fathers ghost where he found a repair bill for Julians car. He cant be sure what happened was real though because he found the bill and then lost it. TC says he doesnt think his father can rest in peace because of what Julian did to him, and he says that is why his dad appears to him. Liz says she never knew until know just how much he loves Eve and how much her love means to him. TC says he loves her so much, and he asks Liz not to tell Eve about this. Liz says she wont. TC thanks her. He says he comes out here to clear his head, and as odd as it is sometimes he is grateful for the accident because without it he wouldnt have Eve or his daughters. He says that is one thing Julian doesnt have the love of a woman like Eve or the children born out of that love. Later, Liz takes off and Whitney shows up and meets her dad. She asks him to play some tennis with her. She says she misses spending time with him, so he agrees. He says he cant play for long because of the dance. Whitney asks her dad not to go to the dance. TC says he has to go, he cant leave her mother there by herself. Whitney says there is a reason he cant go, and she explains what Luis is up to. Whitney says she is afraid of his temper and doesnt want him to go. TC says if the Crane secrets are coming out tonight than there is no way he will miss this dance!

Later, Luis and Hank go to the park for a walk.. Luis talks to Hank about how everything is set up at the Seascape and now all that is left is to show the evidence to everyone, prove to Sheridan that he was right all along, and then win her back. HE asks Hank to go to check on the CDs decoding progress while he talks to Liz, who has just shown up. Hank leaves, and Luis talks to Liz. He asks her for a favor. She says anything as long as it doesnt involve Antonio. Luis says this has to do with Alistair Crane. Luis explains how he has evidence on the Cranes and how he is going to expose them at the dance. Luis says some of the files have the Russells name on it and hed like her to be there at the dance for them to support them. She says they are like family to her so she will do it. She offers to help Luis decode the CDs as she knows a little about computers. He says sure she can come along with him then. 

At the Crane mansion, Gwen says Theresa cant be pregnant! Theresa says she is, and the test proves it. Gwen says this is a trick, but Theresa insists she is pregnant. Gwen says the odds of the implant taking one the first try and very small. Fox says Theresa only slept with his father once and got pregnant, she is as fertile as the Nile delta! Theresa says that is right, and this pregnancy test proves it. Theresa says she will trade their baby for her son, so they should give her her child back now! Gwen wonders when this nightmare will end. Theresa says she drove her to do this, but they can both get what they want here. Theresa says she promises to be the most responsible pregnant woman who ever lived, and she will give their child over if they give her son back. Rebecca tells her not to give in, but Ethan says it is time to face reality. He says if she gives the boy back than everyone will be happy. Gwen says she gets what Theresa is saying, a simple swap and everyone wins. Theresa asks if she will do it? Rebecca says she forbids it, she cannot do this! Rebecca says Theresa is holding her baby hostage! Gwen says there is only one thing she can do, and shes going to do it. Theresa thinks she is going to get her son back, but Gwen tells her that she is not getting her son back, not now and not ever! Gwen says she wants Theresa to suffer like she suffered after losing Sarah, so no Theresa will not get her son back. Theresa says than she will keep their baby after it is born! Gwen says wrong, she will sue her for the child. Gwen says the judge will force her to give her her child back. Gwen says no court will ever let her raise her child as she has been declared an unfit mother. Gwen says she will have everything and Theresa will have nothing but stretch marks! Gwen tells Theresa to get the hell out of her house! Theresa asks Ethan if this is true, can the court make her give back the baby. Ethan says yes and most likely the court will force her to give them back her baby. Hw says he hopes it doesnt come to that, he hopes she will give them their baby back and Gwen will give Little Ethan back to her. Gwen says that will never happen, she will never get Little Ethan back! 

Theresa and Fox return to the Russells. Theresa doesnt know what she does now, she was so sure getting pregnant with their baby would help her get her son back. Fox tells her not to get herself worked up or put herself under too much stress because it isnt good for the baby. Theresa says she doesnt care about the baby anymore because Gwen wont give her her child back. Fox doesnt think she means that. Theresa says she doesnt, and she will take care of the baby. Fox offers to go make some phone calls and find out if Gwen can sue her. Fox leaves, and Theresa is hit with some pains. She wonders what is happening to her. The next we see Theresa is in the bathroom crying that she lost the baby.


May 4, 2004
At Tabithas, Kay tells Tabitha that she messed with Charitys dress pattern so much that her dress will turn out to be a disaster. She says Charity will need arms where she has none and a hump on her back for the dress to fit. Tabitha says she thinks the boys in the basement will be pleased. Kay says she didnt do this for them, she did it to keep Miguel away from Charity and to ruin their business. Miguel shows up to get ready for the dance, and Tabitha says Kay is getting ready as well. Miguel says Charity will be coming to the dance too, she is making a dress of her own right now. Tabitha says Carson from the Fab 5 says couture (I think I spelled it wrong) begins at home. Later, Kay comes down in her dress which is horrible.She says she had to buy it at a second hand shop and it was all she could afford. She tells Tabitha that for her plan to work she has to look stunning! She asks what she will do? Endora laughs, and tells her mother something. Tabitha says Endora has offered to turn her into a princess, but there is a catch. Before she can explain the catch, Miguel shows up looking for Kay. Kay hides, and Tabitha says Kay is in the basement looking for an exotic flower to put in her hair. Miguel says hes going to check on Charitys dress and hell be right back. Kay comes out of hiding, and Endora casts a spell on Kay and puts her into a fabulous blue ball gown for the dance. Kays hair is even done up and has a pretty exotic flower in it. Kay says oh my god I am gorgeous. Tabitha says "he" has noting to do with it, and she has Endora to thank for her outfit, but it does come with a catch. She tells Kay that she has to be home by midnight or else shell be stripped of all of this. She tells her to be home at midnight or she will be homely at midnight! 

At the Bennetts, Charity is working on her dress and Miguel tells her how good her designs are. He says he doesn't know much about fashion, but he knows what he'd like to see on a girl Miguel has to leave to get ready for the dance, and he says hell see her later. Charity talks with Ivy about how well things are working out for her and Miguel. She says they aren't back together yet, but they are getting closer. She says they still have some hurdles to get passed, such as Miguel and Kay having a daughter. Ivy tells her not to worry about that now, just focus on what she has accomplished, such as this business with Miguel. Charity finishes her dress and she hopes it fits. Ivy says she is sure it will and tells her to go try it on. When she tries the dress on it turns out to be a disaster! She cries out No! Downstairs, Kay shows up and Miguel, who has returned, tells her that she looks like a model in a fashion show. Kay thanks him and says he looks pretty handsome himself. Ivy shows up, and they all wait to see Charity's dress. Charity comes downstairs in her dress, which she looks like a Sailor Moon reject in, and says she doesnt know what happened to her dress. She tells them all that they look so good and she looks like a freak.

Liz returns to Hanks place with Luis. Luis continues working on decoding the CDs, and Liz offers her help. She says she will do her best to be there and support the Russells tonight. Liz secretly says Luis has no idea how connected the Russells and Cranes really are. She says when the truth comes out Julian will be dead, Eve will be disgraced, and TC will be hers! Liz asks Luis what information he has on the Russells, and Luis says one of the CDs is labeled TCs accident. They discuss the story TC told them, and Liz realizes this could be the proof TC needs against Julian. Luis runs down to the deli to get some more coffee for them and Liz stays behind and watches the CDs decode. The CD on the car crash decodes and she reads that it was Julians car that hit TC. Liz says TC will kill Julian when he learns this, Eve will be destroyed, and she will end up . . . .alone because TC will be in prison! She realizes this plan may not work out for her after all. Suddenly, Liz reads something shocking. She reads that Julian wasnt driving the car that crashed into TCs, someone else was! Before she can find out who was driving the car Luis returns with the coffee. Liz asks Luis for some artificial sweetener for her coffee so she can buy herself some time to find out who was driving the car. When she finds out who it was she is shocked. She says it couldnt be! 

TC shows up at the hospital to pick Eve up for the dance. He heads to her office where she is about to make love to Julian! Before TC goes into the office he gets a call from Luis. Luis informs him about the CDs he has and how his name are on some of them. Luis says he knows TC has a temper, so whatever comes out tonight to let him and Sam handle the Cranes. TC says he just wants to see the Cranes suffer for what they have done. TC goes to Eve's office and knocks on the door. Because it is locked he thinks she must be inside getting dressed. Inside Eve and Julian hear TC knocking on the door and calling out to Eve. Eve says TC will kill them! Julian says he has no proof that anyone is in here so he will eventually leave. However, TC sees the light on and thinks she is in there, so he wont leave. He ends up asking a nurse to open his wifes office because he is worried something may have happened to her. The nurse unlocks the door, TC walks in and exclaims Oh my God! Eve is there in her lab coat and Julian is hiding in the closet. She says she is just fine, she was just running some tests. TC says he came to take her to the dance but she is not even dressed. She says she forgot her dressed and she needs to go home to change. TC says okay, but she should know that tonight Luis is going to expose the Cranes to the town. TC says Luis will expose that Julian is the person behind his car crash, and when the information comes out he will make Julian pay! Julian stumbles in the closet, and TC hears this. He says someone is in the closet. Eve says no one is in the closet, she was just in there getting supplies and something she moved must have falled. She says she will get it later. TC says okay, and they should get her home and ready for the dance. Eve says maybe they shouldnt go to the dance after all, but TC says he wants to be there when Julian is exposed. He says Julian made him a cripple and tonight he will make Julian a cripple. Eve says he cannot do that to Julian. TC asks why she is being so protective of Julian, is there something she is not telling him about Julian? Eve says she just doesnt want him to go to jail for hurting Julian. She says he will lose his job if she attacks Julian in public. TC says once everyone learns what Julian has done people will line up to take a crack at him!

Fox finds Theresa crying in the bathroom that she has lost the baby. Fox brings her back into the bedroom, and she keeps saying she lost the baby. Fox assumes she is talking metaphorically, that she will lose the baby to Gwen once it is born, and he says she has to regroup and remember what Dr. Russell told her. Fox reminds her that these things dont always take and are delicate, so she can't stress herself out. He says things arent as bad as she thinks they are. He says he talked to his lawyer friend and Gwen is wrong, there is no way the court would force her to give the baby up because she has no legal agreement with Ethan and Gwen regarding the surrogacy. Fox says that is why it is important she takes care of herself and the baby. Theresa asks Fox to excuse her while she uses the bathroom. In the bathroom Theresa looks at herself in the mirror and says she cant let Ethan and Gwen find out that she lost their baby. She says what she needs to do is get pregnant and soon! She says once she has a baby she can trade that child for hers. She comes out of the bathroom and Fox tells her that she looks amazing. She thanks him for always being here for her, for standing up to Rebecca and for defending her honor. Theresa says watching him be her champion is really sexy. She tries to seduce Fox in hopes of getting pregnant. She asks him to make love to her right now. Fox says that would be bad. She pulls him onto the bed, and he says they cant because she was told her couldnt have sex for the first two weeks of her pregnancy because she could lose her baby. Theresa says it is okay and she wants him to make love. He kisses her, but says they cant do this because it could hurt the baby. HE says if she lose the baby than she loses any chance to get Little Ethan back. She tells him not to worry about her losing the baby and make love to her. He asks why she is acting so cavalier about this, unless she isnt pregnant anymore. He asks her if she has lost Gwen and Ethans baby? Theresa says of course not, the pregnancy test said positive. Fox says they need to behave themselves so things stay that way. Fox tells Theresa that she needs to rest by herself. He says he will go get her a glass of milk so she stays healthy and strong. Fox leaves, and Theresa worries about what she will do if she cant get Fox to make love to her. She thinks about going to a sperm bank, but realizes that wont work because Gwen might want to do a DNA test. Suddenly she comes up with the perfect plan, she has to sleep with Ethan!


May 5, 2004
Shorter due to my long day of research.
At the Russels', Pilar shows up and Theresa tells her that she has lost the baby. Pilar realizes what this means, but is shocked when Theresa explains her new plan to her mother. Theresa says she's going to get pregnant again by Ethan! Pilar becomes shaky, and Theresa asks if she is okay? Pilar asks Theresa how she is going to make love to Ethan when he is married to Gwen. Theresa says she will get rid of Gwen and make love to Ethan in the dark. Theresa gets a call and learns a headhunter friend in Boston has agreed to call Gwen up for a phony interview tonight. Theresa says Gwen will be away so she has to make love to Ethan tonight. Pilar becomes even more wobbly as her daughter talks craziness to her. Pilar still doesn't think Theresa can pull this off, but Theresa says she'll prove to her mom that she can.

At the Crane mansion, Gwen shows Ethan her dress for the dance tonight. He says it is wonderful. Gwen is on cloud nine because she is convinced Theresa's pregnancy will still fail. Ethan tells her that she needs to be prepared that it might not, but Gwen won't accept that. Gwen gets a phone call from the headhunter in Boston and she tells Ethan that a company in Boston is aware of her past performance and wants to bring her into a project they are working on. She says the only problem is that she has to go to Boston tonight. They discuss it and Gwen decides to go to Boston for the interview.

At the Bennet's, Charity reveals her horrid dress to all. As Charity is saying how she has ruined it and her business with Miguel, Tabitha shows up and tells her that she has on a very unusual dress. Tabitha snatches Kay and tells her that she has to come over to the house because the boys in the basement are very angry, and she doesn't know why. Kay says fine and tells Miguel that she'll be right back. Meanwhile, Charity says she has no other dress so she can't go. Miguel says than he won't either, but Charity says he has to because Kay is looking forward to it. Ivy has an idea and takes Charity upstairs. She gives Charity an old dress she bought at a fashion show years ago. She tells Charity to spiff it up, add her own touch to it. Charity says she'll give it a try, and she turns the frumpy dress into a fabulous gown. Everyone applauds what she has done, and Sam tells Ivy that she did a wonderful thing. Ivy says Charity really does have talent so she can't take any credit.

At Tabitha's, Kay and Tabitha look into the magic bowl and see Luis and Sheridan kissing. Tabitha realizes this means that they will be getting back together tonight, and this is what the boys in the basement are upset about. Kay says she can't worry about this and heads back over to her old place. She sees Charity's dress and thinks things aren't going to be getting any better for her tonight. 

At Alistair's office, Beth shows up and Alistair says it is about time she got her. He needs her help in stopping Luis from showing the CD's tonight. She asks how she is supposed to stop Luis when he couldn't! He tells her to think of something and think fast. He warns her that he won't be the only one in jail as on those CD is accounts of how he helped her as Charlie, how she kidnapped Sheridan, and how she passed Sheridan's child off as her own. Beth says she'll see what she can do.

  At the cottage, Sheridan gets ready and fantasizes about Luis telling her that he will prove to her that they are meant to be together. Antonio shows up and asks what she is thinking about. She honestly says Luis, which upsets him. He wants them to return to Saint Lisa's, but Sheridan says she must go to this dance and see if Luis really has this proof. She says if Luis is right than her whole life could change tonight.

At the seascape, Luis continues setting up when Beth shows up. She asks about his computer and the files on it. When he steps away for a moment, she tries to delete all the files. He returns and scolds her for almost deleting his entire hard drive. She says she is sorry and that she just wanted a peak at the files. Luis tells her not to touch his computer again. BEth heads out and various people begin to arrive. Sam shows up and tells Luis that after he shows the evidence he will be waiting to arrest Alistair and Julian. Luis talks about how this has been a long time coming. Later, Antonio and Sheridan show up. Antonio and Luis have words, and Luis lets Antonio know that Sheridan may have come to the dance with him, but she won't be leaving with him. Luis says after he shows his proof Sheridan will be back together with him.

Back at Alistair's office, BEth shows up and Alistair knows she has failed. She says there is nothing she can do. Alistair fears there is nothing anyone can do at this point.


May 6, 2004
At the Russells, Liz does some online research into TCs car crash. She finds an article  in the Harmony Herald but says it doesnt have half of the information that Luis had in those files. She says when Eve finds out what really happened that night it will be far more damning than she could ever have imagined. Eve shows up in her dress for the dance and she asks Liz why she is dressed for the ball and not packed to go back to Saint Lisas? Liz says she is not leaving town, she is going to stay here and watch her get knocked off her pedestal at the dance tonight! Eve says TC will be shocked, but it wont ruin her marriage. Liz asks how she can be so confident that TC wont throw her out? Eve says because Julian has done something so wonderful that it will protect her from TC and her familys wrath. Liz says what a shame, she was so looking forward to the bloodshed. TC limps out to the living room, and Eve feels bad for him. TC says it is nothing, and he thinks the party tonight will make him feel a whole lot better. They get ready to head off, and Liz says Eve wont be smiling long because her life is about to become a train wreck.

At the Crane Mansion, Julian is getting ready for the dance and thinks about Eve and how they almost made love. He says at least he will be able to give her their son back. Rebecca shows up and tells Julian that she keeps hearing rumors from her friends that that something weird and horrible is going to happen at the dance and it involves him and Alistair. Julian says there is going to be a big scandal, and it is very likely that he and Alistair will go to jail and she will end up a social pariah! Rebecca says Alistair will not let them go to jail, but Julian says Alistair has finally lost. Julian says Luis knows everything and tonight everyone else will as well! Rebecca says she cant believe this and tries to leave, but he refuses to let her. He says she cant leave him on his last night of freedom, and he thinks they will be able to have a little fun before they go to the ball. Julian says they should play one of their sex games, and he basically attacks her. She breaks free and says he bit her! He says she brought out the animal in him. He tells her if she wont play to go get ready for the dance. Rebecca says she doesnt want to, she wants to stay right here and watch the last episode of friends. Julian says that sounds like fun but she should be at his side at the dance. Rebecca says fine, they will both stay home and make love all night long. She says they can play Cinderella and Prince Charming. She says midnight is fast approaching, the spell is wearing off, and all her clothes are falling off! She tells him to ravage her. Julian tells her that he wouldnt make love to her if she was the last woman on earth! He then hands her some flimsy blue dress which he orders her to wear to the dance. She says it isnt appropriate, but he says it is and he wants everyone to see what kind of woman she really is. 

Beth arrives home and begins packing her things. Her mom asks what she is doing? Beth says she is packing and she should too. MRs. Wallace asks why they are packing this time. Beth explains everything is coming out tonight! Mrs. Wallace says hallelujah! As Beth continues to pack, she finds Alistair waiting at her front door. He refuses to let her go anywhere. He tells her the only place she is going is to the dance. She says she cant because Luis will arrest her. He says not if she gets his men in there and they stop Luis. Two of Alistairs men grab Beths mom and her baby, and he forces her to go to the dance and help him. 

At the Russells, Pilar hears Gwen shouting Theresa are you there it is Gwen! Pilar goes out into the hall and sees Gwen shouting into rooms. Pilar says Theresa is getting dressed for the dance. The woman who appears to be Gwen turns around and it is Theresa in a blond wig imitating Gwen! Pilar says she could have sworn she was Gwen, she even sounded like her. Theresa says she can pull this off. Pilar says Ethan still knows his wife and her body, but Theresa says not after a few glasses of champagne. When Theresa asks her mom for the security keys and the codes to the mansion, Pilar says no way, she wont let this happen. Theresa tells her not to try and stop her, she has come too far. Pilar says this plan is just insane. Theresa says she knows how crazy this is, it is the only way she will get her child back. Pilar reminds Theresa that this baby she creates with Ethan will be hers as well, will it be that easy for her to give him or her up? It appears that Theresa hadnt thought about that part of her plan. Pilar asks if she will be able to carry this infant, give birth to it and then give it away. Theresa says she doesnt know and shell think about it tomorrow. Pilar says if she gets pregnant tonight than her fate is sealed and so is this babys. Theresa says this is the only way to get her son back. Theresa says she will die without Little Ethan in her life. She asks her mom to just give her the keys and the code. Pilar gives her the keys and the security code. Theresa thanks her mom. Pilar says shes never been able to say no to her, and she loves her with all her heart. Theresa says she loves her too. 

At the dance, Sheridan tells Gwen about the information Luis has on Alistair and the Cranes, which includes proof that she was brainwashed to think she loves Antonio. Gwen asks Sheridan if she believes Luis? Antonio tells Sheridan that she is wrong, Luis is a liar and that will be proven tonight. More people continue to arrive at the dance, and Sam has undercover cops planted all over the room. Luis continues to tell Sam how he will reveal the Cranes for who they are and what theyve done, and then he will get Sheridan back. Luis and Hank check in with Chad to make sure everything is set up. Chad says it is, and all they have to do now is wait for their guests of honor. Later the Russells arrive, and Liz continues to taunt her sister. She says it is a shame about TCs tennis career being ruined, and if TC got his hands on the person driving the car hed kill them. Eve says TC wont kill Julian and walks off. Liz says Eve is in for such a surprise. Eve finds Sam and asks if he can have some men keep an eye on TC because of his temper. Sam says hell keep an eye on TC and make sure nothing happens. Miguel, Charity, Ivy and Kay show up, and Kay tries to ruin Charitys portfolio by spilling her drink on it, but Miguel saves the day. She spills the drink on Charity, and Charity leaves to clean her dress. Kay then pulls Miguel onto the dance floor. Beth and her mother show up at the dance, and Beth tells her mom if they do what Alistair wants them may be able to get out with their heads still attached. Alistair calls Beth and asks what is going on. Beth says nobody seems to have seen anything yet as everyone is having a good time. Beth has instructions to go to the back door and unlock it, but not to be seen. She has to hang up when Luis walks over. Luis tells her that he's glad they could make it tonight because it will be a very interesting night .Pilar shows up and Eve asks why she is here as the stress of this night may be too much for her. Pilar says Theresa begged her to come and she couldnt say no. When Theresa shows up, Gwen asks her why she is here? Theresa says she has as much right to be here as anyone. Gwen says she should be at home with her feet up, but she tells Theresa to have a good time and dance the night away because with any luck she will lose the baby. Theresa says that is a terrible thing to say, but she says not terrible enough. Ethan pulls Gwen away and tells her to just pretend like Theresa is not here. Suddenly, everyone is shocked when Julian and Rebecca show up, and Rebecca is wearing the dress Julian forced her to. Its a blue sparkly low cut dress with a huge feather collar/boa attached to it. Gwen asks her mother why she is wearing this dress? Rebecca says Julian made her. Gwen says she looks ridiculous! Rebecca says she knows that and Julian wants to make sure she is humiliated to the core tonight. Sam approaches Julian and asks why he is here? He does know what Luis is planning to do? Luis says he does know. Sam says he doesnt know if he can protect him from an angry mob. Julian says hell accept whatever fate hands him. Later, Eve goes to see Julian and they head to the terrace to talk. Ivy and Charity return from the bathroom, and Ivy spots Rebecca in her outfit. She goes over to see what Rebecca is wearing. Rebecca gloats that Ivy wore that dress last year. Ivy points out what she is wearing, and asks if she is Big Birds date? Out on the terrace, Julian asks Eve for a dance. She calls him darling, and they share a dance. Liz sees them dancing and thinks her sister should enjoy it while she can because it will all end tonight in a way she never dreamed possible! Meanwhile, Beth has Hank dance with her mom so she can go unlock the back door for Alistairs men. She gets rid of Luis by asking him for a glass of champagne, and offers to watch Chads equipment so he and Whitney can dance. With all the obstacles out of her way, Beth unlocks the doors and a bunch of men come in. Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Antonio how she has a good feeling about tonight. Antonio tries to convince her to forget about it as Luis doesnt have the evidence he says he does. Out on the terrace, Luis interrupts Eve and Julian and asks where Alistair is? Julian says he doesnt know, so Luis says the show will have to go on without him! Luis storms off, and Eve thanks Julian for everything. Eve leaves, and Fox and Chad show up. Fox asks his dad if he is ready for tonight? Julian says he is. Fox says it looks like he turned over a new leaf a little too late. Chad tells Julian that he just wants to thank him for what hes done for him with the recording studio. Both Fox and Chad say they are on his side. Meanwhile, Alistair shows up and tells Beth to stay out of the way and let his men do their job, she may not want to stick around. Out at the party, Luis has a rose delivered to Sheridan as well as a note. The note reads I love you and soon they will be together forever.


May 7, 2004
From NBC, Passions did not air in my market due to the news interruption today.
Tabitha fears love will win out over darkness if the Cranes go down. Kay continues to cause problems for Charity at the Founders' Day Dance.

Sam works on convincing an insecure Ivy that he wants them to have a chance together. 

Rebecca is further humiliated. Eve prepares for the big blow up, while TC waits with excitement. Before a rapt audience, Luis begins to display the contents of the CD-ROMs on the room's monitors. Harmony's citizens are stunned and outraged as crimes committed by the Cranes are revealed.

At the same time, Alistair and Beth work to put a stop to the show. 

Antonio is nervous as Sheridan wonders if Luis was telling the truth all along. 

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