May 10, 2004
At the mansion, Theresa sneaks in to put her latest scheme into motion. She heads into her son's room, but then Ethan and Gwen come to check on Little Ethan. Little Ethan calls out to his mommy, because Theresa is hiding in the closet. Gwen however thinks he has called her mommy and is touched. They head off to their room, and Theresa comes out of the closet to check on Little Ethan. She tells him that he was really good just then as he didn't give her away. She tells him to go to sleep. Little Ethan says he misses her, and she says she misses him to. She says they will be together very soon because she has a plan which starts tonight! Meanwhile, back in Ethan and Gwens room, they hear a sound, a loud thump, and fear Little Ethan may have hurt himself. They decide to check on him, he is asleep, and Theresa is once again in the closet. Gwen says he looks fine, so she needs to finish packing. Theresa comes back out after they leave and says that was close, and now she has to get into the negligee she bought. Theresa says she saw Gwen wearing one like this once, though she wouldn't be caught dead seducing a man in it. Meanwhile, Gwen heads off to the airport, but asks Ethan to finish drinking that bottle of champagne for her. Theresa hears this and thanks Gwen for suggesting that because it will make her job a lot easier. As Ethan is walking Gwen down to the car, she puts some drugs into Ethans champagne. Theresa is now wearing the blonde wig and negligee. Theresa hides behind some curtains in Ethan and Gwen's room when Ethan returns. Gwen calls Ethan up, she is in the limo, and she insists Ethan drink his champagne while they share a toast to their marriage. Gwen says she has some champagne of her own, so Ethan toasts to her and their marriage and then they both drink up. Theresa bides her time and waits for Ethan to get into bed and drift off. He heads to the bathroom before hitting the sheets, and Theresa remembers she forgot to put on Gwens perfume. She takes the chance to put it on while Ethan is in the bathroom, but then the phone rings! Ethan returns and answers the phone, and it is Gwen again. Theresa has hidden herself again, and Gwen says she just got chills up her spine about something. Ethan says she is just missing her, but she says she feels like Theresa is close to him and is about to make a crazy move on him. She asks him to come to Boston with her. Ethan says Theresa is no where near him, and he loves her and there is nothing that Theresa can do to make him betray her again. He jokes that hell even deadbolt the door if it makes her feel safer. She tells him now he is just teasing her. Ethan finally gets into bed, and the drugs is taking its toll on him. He doesnt know why he is so tired as he didnt have that much to drink. After Ethan hits the sheets, Theresa sneaks into bed with him and begins seducing him! Ethan thinks she is Gwen and asks what she is doing back? She kisses him, and he begins to kiss her!

Tabitha is at her place looking through her scrying bowl at Kay, whos spell is about to wear off. Tabitha says they (her and Endora) warned Kay to be back by midnight, but she wouldnt listen, and now it will all fall apart for her. She also looks at all the other events going on in Harmony and at the dance, such as Pilars illness which has caused her to collapse. She also looks at Luis revealing the Crane CDs and recaps all the other secrets that will come out tonight: Ivys secrets, TCs car accident, Eves past with Julian, what really happened to the Russells homestead and land, the truth about Sheridans baby, and where is Martin Fitzgerald and how did Katherine really die? The friends in the basement make an uproar over what is going on, and they say if Luis exposes the truth than they will be forced to bring about more pain and suffering than anyone can imagine.

  At the dance, Kay finally realizes the spell on her dress is about to wear out. Charlie Lapson tells Kay that her dress is stunning and that she must come work for his. He says that other girls work is all right, but her dress is fabulous. He says it is almost like it appeared out of thin air! Meanwhile, Charity fears Miguel is going to leave her and start a business with Kay. She thinks shes going to lose everything, including a chance at a future with Miguel. Suddenly, Kays dress ends up completely falling apart, and she winds up totally naked in front of everyone! Charlie Lapson asks if she is trying to seduce him into hiring her? She says no, and grabs a table cloth and wraps it around her. She tries to leave, but a waiter says she isnt leaving with that, and takes it from her. Kay ends up running out of the place screaming. She attempts to get home, and in doing so is whistled and honked at by passersby. Kay finally makes it home, where Tabitha tells her that she has no one to blame but herself for this. Sam calls to check on Kay to see if she got home and what exactly happened tonight. Kay says one of the waiters had one of those flaming deserts, and her dress caught on fire and she had to tear it off. She insists she is fine and to tell everyone to have fun. Kay tells Tabitha what a night! Tabitha says it isnt over yet, the night has just begun!

BAck at the dance, Luis prepares to unveil all the Cranes secrets as everyone watches. At the same time, Pilar is unconscious out on the balcony. Alistair is making a call and is trying to get information which could save him, but Luis tells Alistair that there is no way he can save himself now! Everyone waits with baited breath to see the contents of the CDs, which have begun playing. Some begin to worry about their secrets coming out: Julian, Eve, Beth and Ivy for example. Meanwhile, Luis gloats to Alistair that tonight he will finally get back the woman he loves. Alistair says he may gain the woman he loves, but he will lose one as well. Alistair tells Luis about his mothers disease which will kill her. Luis says his mom isnt sick, but Alistair says she is. He asks if Luis hasnt noticed her dizziness and weak spells lately? Has Luis not noticed his mother has been missing a lot latley?  He says his mother has been going for treatments, and to be blunt, his mother is dying! Luis tells Alistair that he is lying, so he tells Luis to ask Eve. He does, and Eve finally admits that Pilar is very ill. Alistair convinces Luis to stop the show or the next time he sees his mother she will be dead! Luis stops the show and they eventually find Pilar passed out on the terrace. Luis races to her and thinks she is dead. Eve checks on her and says she is alive, but just barely. Luis calls for help for his mother. Meanwhile, TC and others wonder why Luis stopped the CD show. Julian tries to leave, but TC grabs him and tells him not to go far because he knows he is responsible for his accident and he wants him here when that secret is revealed. TC is furious and says he wants Julian to pay for what he has done. Liz thinks to herself that TC doesnt know half of what Julian has done, and when the truth comes out Julian and Eves lives will be destroyed. Meanwhile, Antonio wants to leave, but Sheridan says they cant until she sees how this all plays out. Julian heads out, and Whitney tells Chad they should follow because she thinks Julian is going to her mom. They follow him outside where people are gathered around Pilar. Julian asks what is wrong? Luis says his mother is sick and is going to die. Alistair says Pilar doesnt have to die, there is a way to save her. Later, Miguel, Sam and Ivy come out and learn of Pilars illness. Miguel asks why his mom didnt tell them? Eve says because Pialr didnt want to be a burden to her children as they all had enough to deal with as is. Meanwhile, Luis asks Alistair how he can save his mother. Alistair calls Eve over and asks if she has heard about the Falten project? Eve says she has but it is full, so she couldnt get Pilar into it. Alistair says he can get his mother into the project, for the price of the CDs. Luis is furious, grabs Hanks gun, and points it at Alistair. He tells Alistair to give his mom the drug or he will kill him!


May 11, 2004
At the mansion, Ethan and Theresa are in bed going at one another, but Ethan thinks she is Gwen. He calls out her name and says he loves her. Theresa says she hopes Fox can forgive her as she is only doing this to get her son back. Ethan tells her that he loves her, and she says she loves him too, she always has and always will.

In the taxi, the driver tells Gwen that her flight has been delayed and there is no telling when things will clear up. The driver asks if she still wants to go to the airport? Gwen asks the driver to take her back home. She says she left her husband alone in a cold bed and he will be so surprised to see him. Gwen talks to the driver about how anxious she is to get home. The driver says she sounds tense, has it been awhile since she and her husband had sex? Gwen gasp and says that is not any of her business. The driver says she just looks worried about her husband that is all. The driver says she doesnt have to talk about it , but she isnt alone. She says there are a lot of women who are worried that their husbands will shack up with the first woman that comes along. Gwen is shocked that she knows that about her. The driver says she is an open book. Gwen begins talking to the driver about Theresa and their history together, and how she feels that if given the chance Theresa would sleep with her husband. However, she says she probably wont because she just got pregnant and she doubts shed risk the baby for a night of passion with Ethan. They continue talking about men, sex and Ethan. The driver tells Gwen that it sounds like shes got herself a real winner. Gwen says Ethan far surpasses any womans expectations, and she says she cant believe she said that. She says she hopes she isnt being taped because she feels like she is on Taxi Cab Confessions. Gwen decides to call Ethan and let her know that shes coming home. Ethan doesnt answer, and she thinks he must be checking on the little boy they adopted.

Back at the mansion, the phone rings, and Theresa realizes if that is Gwen than she is dead! Ethan knocks the phone over, and ignores it when it stops ringing. He continues to go at it with Theresa. Meanwhile, Gwen arrives home and once again she has a bad feeling about Theresa. She tries to shake it off and heads upstairs to surprise Ethan. Outside, the cab driver says to herself that Gwens story about the other woman takes the cake, and she wouldnt be surprised if her husband is in bed with Theresa right now.

At the Seascape, the ambulance shows up, so Miguel and Eve go to check on it. Eve asks Ivy to stay with Pilar, hold her hand, and let her know that she is here. Ivy stays with Pilar and asks her to please be all right. Ivy says she knows they have had their differences these past two years, but she has always remained her dearest and most treasured friend. Ivy wonders why it takes something like this to make them realize what is important in life. Ivy tells Pilar that she is important to her so she should hang on. Pilar grabs Ivys hand as if she hears her. Eve goes into the restaurant and lets TC know what is going on and how she has to go the hospital. TC sees Alistairs men by the PC and decides to go make sure they dont steal the CD. Liz asks Eve if she is really going to the hospital or is she going to meet her lover Julian? Eve tells her to stop trash talking because she doesnt have time for this. Liz tells her no matter what she does, or what Julian does to protect her, because there is more on those CDs than she knows. She says both Julian and TC are in for a shock and then it is bye-bye Eve! Eve tells Liz to sit their and count the minutes because shes going to check on Pilar. Ivy remains with Pilar and she gushes about how much Pilar means to her and how good of a person she is. Ivy tells Pilar that the thought of being without her is unbearable, so she cannot die. Eve and Miguel return with the paramedics. Sam tells Ivy not to worry as Pilar will be fine. Sam then sees what is going on with Luis, and rushes to stop it.

Back on the terrace, Luis holds Alistair at gunpoint and threatens to kill him if he doesnt give his mom the drug. Sam shows up and tells Luis not to do anything stupid which would result in him going to jail for the rest of his life. Luis backs down, and asks to talk to Alistair alone. Hank doesnt think that is a good idea, but Alistair says he will be fine. Alistair tells Luis that his mother is at deaths door, and he is in quandary right now. Luis knows Alistair wants the CDs for the drug for his mom, but he asks how he knows he isnt lying. Luis says Eve can verify that this drug could cure Pilar. Luis asks Eve to check out the Valten project to see if the drug will work for his mom because he wont make a deal with until he knows. Eve says shell call him as soon as she knows. Pilar is put on a stretcher, and she says she knows she is dying and she tells her sons that she will miss them both. She says she is sorry that she wont be here for any of her children. Luis and Miguel tell her that she wont die. Pilar passes out, and Miguel and Charity go with her to the hospital. Alistair continues to taunt Luis about the choice he must make between Pilar and Sheridan. Luis tells Alistair to stop messing with his head and get the hell out of here. Luis says hell let him know his decision. Alistair says very well, but accept his condolences because tonight he will lose one of the women he loves forever! Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Antonio that the should go see what happened outside. Antonio says he thinks it is just a part of Luis ploy to get her back. Antonio insists that everything Luis is doing is to get her back. He is sick of waiting and tells Sheridan that they should go back to Saint Lisas.

Elsewhere, TC talks with Luis about his fathers death and how he has always blamed Julian but never had the proof. Luis tells TC that he knows he hates Julian, but he thinks Alistair is the real villain. TC says Alistair has hurt many people and what Luis is doing is going to save a lot of people a lot of pain. Luis begins to wonder what the price of saving his moms life will be. Luis sees Antonio and Sheridan leaving, and he rushes to stop them. Antonio refuses to listen to Luis anymore. Luis tells Sheridan whatever happens tonight she needs to understand that Ackland brainwashed her. Antonio tells Luis that hes sick and tired of telling him to leave his wife alone! 

Meanwhile, Ivy tells Sam that she doesnt think she can bare losing anyone else she loves, and she tells Sam there is something he should know and she should be the one to tell him. Sam asks Ivy what she is trying to tell him? Ivy tells Sam that other secrets may be revealed tonight which will affect people they know. Sam asks Ivy if she knows something? Before she says anymore, Sam has to go break up Luis and Antonios fight.

Hank and Sam break up Luis and Antonios fight, and Hank tells Antonio he should listen to Luis because he has something to tell him. Antonio says he doesn't want to hear it, and Luis says  Antonio doesnt give a damn about their family anyways. He walks off, and Antonio wants to leave. Sheridan, however, says something is telling her that they need to stay.

Whitney tells Chad that she bets her mom is at the hospital sucking face with Julian. Chad thinks they shouldnt think about that.

At the hospital, Eve tells Miguel that she will do everything she can for Pilar. She tells Miguel and Charity to go in and keep her company. Julian is at the hospital and tells Eve that he hopes she can do something to help Pilar. Eve says the only then they can do is hope that the Valten project can help Pilar. Eve says she is going to call them now about it now. They both realize if Luis exchanges the CDs for this drug than they will not find their son tonight. Eve makes a call and the drug can help Pilar. Julian says Luis will probably make the deal with Alistair, and the truth about their son will remain secret. Eve says she could lie to Luis, but Julian asks if she could do that? Eve says she doesnt know. Eve then gets a call from Luis asking her what shes found out. Eve ends up telling Luis that she needs more time to assess the situation. Luis says he needs her advice because he will make his decision based on her information. Eve tells Julian that she wants to do the right thing, but Pilars life isnt the only one hanging in the balance. She says there are all the lives Alistair has hurt, and then there is their son. Luis calls back and Eve tells him that the drug can save his mothers life. Luis thanks her and says hell let her know what he decides. Eve tells Julian that she may have just cost them their son.

Back at the Seascape, Luis ponders the decision he has to make. To push him along, Alistair shows him a feed of Pilar on her deathbed with Miguel and Charity by her side. He asks Luis if he can take away his siblings mother for his own selfish needs? As Alistair waits for Luis decision, Sheridan approaches where they are and sees them talking. Alistair tells Luis that it is time for him to choose. Luis looks over at Sheridan, who is with Antonio, and then looks at his mother. Luis tells Alistair that he wins, the CDs are his. He tells him to make sure his mothers life is saved. Alistair says he hasnt heard the word please yet. Luis says save my mother, please. Luis tells himself that he has made a deal with the devil, but he wont give up on Sheridan.


May 12, 2004
Not yet proofed!
At the Crane Mansion, Theresa and Ethan are doing the deed as Gwen approaches the room. She says Ethan will be so surprised to see her. As she approaches, Ethan and Theresa finish their round of sex. Theresa hears someone at the door, and sees the door open. She sees Gwen walk in and hides under the covers. Gwen approaches the bed and says she is home. She begins taking off her clothes and explains her flight was cancelled due to the fog. When she finally looks at the bed she asks What the hell is this? When she looks at the bed she only sees Ethan passed out. She asks him what is going on. He wakes up and asks what time is it, what is happening? Gwen says it appears that he drank an entire bottle of champagne. She asks if he had a little party without her? He says he did, and she tells him how incredible she was. Gwen doesnt understand what he is saying. Ethan says he never saw her like that before, the way they made love. Gwen asks what he is talking about, they didnt just make love. Theresa is hiding behind a curtain and thinks she is dead! Gwen says he must be drunk because they did not make love. Ethan says he knows he did, and that was the best hes ever had. Gwen says they didnt make love, she just got back from the airport. She asks what is going on? Ethan says he knows they made love, but Gwen says it wasnt her. Ethan asks who else it was? Gwen says she thinks he was dreaming, but he says it was real. Gwen says he was just dreaming. He says it could be possible. Gwen asks what she thinks some woman snuck in and pretended to be her? Ethan says no that would be impossible. Gwen then tells Ethan to make his dream come true and make love to her. As they make love, Theresa sneaks out of their room and back into Little Ethans to change. Meanwhile, Ethan is too tired to make love to Gwen, and he says he is sorry. She says it is okay. He says he will make it up to her. Back in Little Ethans room, Theresa checks on her boy. She says she misses him so much but very soon he will come back to her. She says she will be a good mom, and she wont let him make the stupid mistakes she has. Theresa ends up in tears and says she should hate Ethan for what hes done to her, but she thinks she still loves him. As she chastises herself for being weak, Gwen decides to check on Little Ethan before she goes to bed. As she removes the wig, Gwen walks in and catches Theresa next to her son. Gwen asks Theresa what she is doing here? Theresa ends up hiding the wig under the bed.

At the seascape, Alistair tells Luis that he has made a wise decision and he will have Pilar in the program as soon as possible. Alistair asks for the files, and Hank and Chad hand over the CDs and the hard drive. After they give them to him, Alistair calls up the program and orders them to include Pilar in the program and given the drug. Alistair tells Luis that it is done and his mother will now have the chance to survive. Alistair walks off, and Luis says Im sorry Sheridan I had no choice. Chad tells Luis that he knows that was a hard decision. Luis says he loves Sheridan with all his heart, but he couldnt let his mother die. Meanwhile, Liz talks to TC about what is holding Luis up from showing the rest of the information he has on the Cranes. TC says what little he saw proved the Cranes stole his familys land, and he wonders what else is on those files. He decides to see what is holding the show up. Elsewhere, Rebecca and Ivy both wonder why Luis stopped the show. They both fear they are done for, as does Beth. Antonio continues to try and convince Sheridan that Luis has nothing, he has dummied up the CDs to try and get her back. Luis ends up calling everyones attention and says he cannot continue the show because the files are gone. Antonio says he knew Luis didnt have proof of anything. Everyone is in a bit of a tizzy. TC asks where the evidence went? Luis said he had no choice and will explain later. Sam asks Luis what he is doing? Luis tells Sam that his mother is dying and Alistair is the only one who can save her. He explains the trade he had to make to save his mother. Sam tells everyone that it is time to go home, there is no more to show, the evidence is gone. Sheridan wonders what he means the evidence is gone, they just saw some of it. Antonio says Luis lied to her, he has shown them nothing. Meanwhile, Liz asks TC what is going on? TC doesnt know but gets the crowd all riled up. He demands Luis explain himself, to find the evidence against Alistair. Sam explains what happened to TC in private, and he realizes why Luis handed over the information. Luis says he had to do it to save his mother, and TC says he understands. As everyone is leaving, TC warns Alistair that this isnt over. Liz is also angry, but vows Eve wont get away with it now that she knows everything. People file out, and Alistair warns Rebecca to find Julian and get him away from Eve before they get anymore bad publicity as a result of TC killing Julian. Luis wants to go to Sheridan, but Sam says that has to wait. He tells Luis that the feds are ticked off that he gave the evidence back to Alistair. Sam says they dont care why he did it either, they want him arrested, tried, and sent to prison! Luis asks that he has to be kidding. Sam says he is sorry but they are willing to charge him with conspiracy to cover up crimes. Sam says why he handed over the evidence doesnt matter to them. Luis says there has to be a way to keep the feds from arresting him. Luis says he made a huge production here tonight, and they are already angry with him for not giving them the evidence in the first place. 

Elsewhere, Beth gloats to her mom that it looks like she is off the hook again. Meanwhile, Ivy thanks Alistair for stopping Luis from exposing her secrets. Alistair says one of these days hell call in the favor. Later, Ivy founds out the real reason Luis stopped the show. And in another part of the restaurant, Antonio continues to tell Sheridan he told her so. Antonio tells her that they should go to the airport, but Sheridan wants to talk to Luis about what happened. Antonio says he has nothing so there is no reason. As they are leaving, Luis stops them and begs Sheridan not to go. Antonio tells Luis that he has blown it and they are leaving. Luis says he cant let them do that! Luis tells Antonio that he cant leave. Antonio says they are leaving because he is bothering him. Luis says this has nothing to do with them, their mother is in the hospital and could die! 

Whitney and Chad return to the studio. Whitney says she is glad the secrets didnt come out because her dad would have killed Julian. She wonders if he should tell her dad after all, but Chad tells her to hush and just concentrate on the two of them.

At the hospital, Pilar thanks Miguel and Charity for being here with her. Miguel tells her to hold on. Charity asks what she needs? She asks them to pray with her, so they say Hail Mary Miguel silently prays to God and asks him to save his mother. He tells Charity that he cant lose his mother. He says he thought he would die when he lost her, so he cant lose his mother. Charity says they have to have faith she wont die.

Outside, Julian asks Eve how she is? Eve says she is dying and there is nothing she can do unless Luis hands over the CDs to Alistair. Eve and Julian both know if Luis does agree to Alistairs demands then they could lose their son forever. Julian promises Eve that he will still find their son somehow. Eve thanks him. She gets a call and learns that Pilar has been admitted to the program, and she thanks the person for the news. Both Eve and Julian know what this means. Eve says she will get Pilar started on the drugs, and she excuses herself. 

Eve goes into Pilars room and tells Miguel and Charity that Pilar is in the program that may very well save her life. Eve begins administering the drug to Pilar, and she tells her to rest and let the drugs do their job. Eve goes back outside, and Julian tells her that he is proud of her for the sacrifice she made. Eve says Luis is the one who made the sacrifice to give up Sheridan. Eve and Julian embrace, and Rebecca shows up and tells Eve to get her hands off her husband! She lashes out at Julian for running to his mistress, and she tells him that this all has to stop. Eve tells Rebecca that she doesnt know what is going on. Rebecca says she does, and TC would kill Julian if he knew the truth. Rebecca tells Julian it is time to go home. He refuses, but Eve says he should go as he has a lot of work to do. Later, Liz shows up to taunt Eve. Eve says she was looking forward to her past being exposed because then she could have found her son. Liz tells her to go ahead and tell TC herself than. 

Meanwhile, Miguel and Charity remain with Pilar and try to give her encouragement. She thanks them both for being here.


May 13, 2004
Gwen catches Theresa in Little Ethans room and she asks her what she is doing here in the middle of the night? Theresa holds the blond wig behind her back, and Gwen asks her what she is hiding? Before Gwen can discover the wig, Little Ethan calls out "mommy!" Gwen and Theresa both say "yes?" Gwen says he is her son now! She goes over to him and tells him to go back to sleep. As she does, Theresa hides the wig in her bag. Gwen then orders Theresa out of the room. She asks Theresa what she was hiding, and Theresa says it was just her purse. Gwen asks why she is here, but then says she should have guessed. Ethan shows up and asks why Theresa is here? Gwen says obviously she is trying to kidnap Little Ethan. Gwen says she hopes the judge puts her in jail for good this time, and Gwen says she is going to call the police on her. Gwen tells Theresa that she has no right to be here, and as they argue, Ethan tells them to stop. He says there must be an explanation. Gwen says the explanation is that Theresa is a criminal. Fox shows up and asks what the ruckus is. Gwen tells Fox that Theresa was here trying to steal her son. Theresa says he is her son, but Gwen reminds her that she lost her parental rights.  Gwen says when the police get here they will arrest her and throw her in jail, which she hopes will stop Theresa once and for all. Gwen begins dialing the police, but Fox stop her. He says he invited Theresa here and gave her his key. He says Theresa probably just wanted to check on her son that is all. Ethan believes Foxs excuse, but Gwen doesnt like it as she is not supposed to be visiting Little Ethan. Fox points out that he is the only Crane here, and he will entertain and invite who he wants to the mansion. Gwen and Ethan leave, and Theresa thanks Fox. Fox tells Theresa that he has some bad news to give her, and he tells her about her mother. Theresa remembers all the signs that something was wrong with her mom, and they take off for the hospital.

Fox drives Theresa to the hospital, and on the way she asks Fox if he knows what made her mom more sick. Fox says it could have been anything, nobody knows. Theresa remembers her mothers reaction to her crazy plan, she became dizzy, so Theresa feels guilty and blames herself. Fox asks what she means? Theresa doesn't answer. Fox asks her how she got into the mansion? Theresa says her mom gave her an old set of keys and the security codes to the gate. Fox asks Theresa what she was doing at the mansion? 

Back at the mansion, Ethan is once again on the verge of passing out in bed. Gwen wonders why Theresa was here, and if Fox and Theresa are really sleeping together. Ethan says maybe Theresa got sick of sleeping on Whitneys couch, which she has to do because Gwens mom evicted her and her family, so she decided to sleep in Fox bed. Ethan says he is tired and suggests they talk about this tomorrow. Gwen says okay and climbs into bed with Ethan. When she lays down, she smells a scent on her pillow. She tells him that her perfume is all over this pillow. Ethan says she sleeps there, but Gwen says Phyllis changes the sheets every morning so it shouldnt be on the pillow. Ethan says they used this bed a lot tonight, but Gwen says she hardly touched this pillow. Ethan says they should just go to bed, but she says it is weird. Ethan says maybe the perfume is on the pillow, so she checks that out. She says it is on both the pillow and the pillow case. Ethan eventually tells her to go to bed and play laundry detective in the morning. However, Gwen remembers she never put perfume on today.

Julian shows up at his fathers office where Alistair is sitting with the CDs on his desk. Alistair is gloating at Luis failure. Alistair says all his secrets will stay a secret, including his favorite, the identity of Julian's child with Eve. Julian says Luis only returned the CDs to save his mothers life. Alistair says Luis is weak, he caved, whereas he (Alistair)  never would have given up no matter whose life was on the line. Julian asks if he didnt give up on mother? Alistair tells him not to talk about her! Alistair says Luis has lost Sheridan and Pilar will still probably die, so who is the fool now. Julian grabs the CDs and says you tell me! Alistair tells him to put the CDs down now, but Julian says no. Julian says he promised Eve he would find out who their son was and he wont let her down. Julian says he will find out the identity of his son tonight. Alistair orders Julian to give him the CDs now, but Julian says not a chance. Julian goes to walk away, and Alistair points a gun at him. He tells Julian if he takes one more step then he is dead! Julian says he wont give them back, and he says aListair wont shoot him because he is his only son. Alistair says if he had his way his only daughter would be dead as well, so he will shoot Julian. Julian tells Alistair that all he wants is the identity of his son and then he can have them back. Julian goes to leave, and Alistair shoots him! Julian falls to the ground, dropping the CDs. Alistair picks up the CDs and says Julian should have stuck to his bottles and his whores because playing the noble lover doesnt become him. Alistair locks the CDs up, and Julian comes to. He was shot in the shoulder, and Julian tells Alistair that he could have killed him! Alistair tells him to stop bleeding on his carpet! Alistair says tomorrow he will hide is CDs away were no one can get them, and he tells Julian if he thinks about doing this again the next time hell put a bullet into his brain! Julian says the bleeding wont stop, so he is going to the hospital. Alistair says if he goes to the hospital they will report the gunshot wound to the hospital. Julian says hell say he was cleaning his gun. Alistair says his wanting to protect his father is a little too little too late. Julian says hes doing it for Eve, he doesnt want anyone to find out why he shot him. Julian leaves, and Alistair laughs that Eve has more trouble coming her way than she knows.

At the Seascape, Sheridan is affected by the news about Pilar, though Antonio thinks at first it is another lie of Luis. Luis says it is not a lie, and their mother never told them because she didnt want to be a burden. Luis says the excitement of the dance must have been too much, and she just collapsed. Antonio blames Luis for their mothers illness. He says if anything happens to her it is on Luis head! Antonio asks Luis how he could not know mama was sick, why wasnt he there to help her? Luis asks Antonio where he was, he was the one who abandoned them. Sheridan tells Antonio that this is not Luis fault, but Antonio says it is. Antonio says Luis obsession with Sheridan has causes her to fall ill. He says that obsession and his fake proof and all the lies hes been telling have worsened their mothers condition. Sheridan tells him to stop this and says they should get to the hospital. Antonio agrees, but warns Luis that this isnt over.

At the hospital, Miguel goes back in to sit with Pilar. Charity says she will wait out here and pray. Miguel leaves, and Eve tells Charity it is very good for her to be here for Miguel and his family. Charity wishes she could do more. Eve says her just being here is enough. She also tells Charity that she doesnt know what happened between her and Miguel, but she can tell that he still loves her.

Miguel goes in to see his mom and he says Luis, Sheridan and Antonio are on their way. Pilar wishes Paloma was here. She also tells Miguel that his brothers need to pull together and be strong for one another in case she dies. Miguel tells her not to say that, the new drug will help her. Pilar asks where Theresa is? Miguel says he doesnt know where she is, but hes sure shell be here soon. She remembers about Theresas crazy plan and says it will only bring more tears. Later, Luis, Antonio and Sheridan arrive. Eve tells them all that Pilar has been ill quiet a while and didnt want them to know because she didnt want them to be a burden. She says she gave Pilar the new drug, and even though there are no guarantees, it is the only chance she has. Antonio continues to blame Luis. Eve tells Antonio that this is not a time to quarrel, and all they can do right now is to wait and pray. Antonio and Sheridan go in to see Pilar, and she tells Antonio that she loves him. Sheridan sits by Pilar and is in tears. Pilar tells her not to cry. Sheridan says she cant lose her right now as she is like a mother to her. Pilar tells Sheridan that her mother loved her so much. Sheridan says Pilar was there for her when she was alone, and she taught her how not to be afraid of the dark and how beautiful life could be. Sheridan cries that she cant lose her because she is her rock. Antonio prays to God and asks him to make Pilar get better. He says there has been so much anger between them and it is all his fault.

Later, Fox and Theresa show up, and Fox realizes Theresa is not wearing her normal perfume. He cant figure out who it reminds him of though. She asks how mom is? Antonio says it isnt good, she may not make it. Antonio says they are giving her an experimental drug, but they dont know if it will work. Later, Eve comes out and tells the family that she doesnt have much to tell them now. She says she is waiting for word from the lab about her latest blood test. Eve also tells them that Pilar must remain stress free. Theresa asks Luis what happened at the seascape, did he expose the Cranes? Luis says it didnt work out. Antonio says that is because there was no proof, Luis lied and the reason their mother is dying is because of the stress Luis put on her. Luis tells Antonio that he should have stayed gone! Sheridan tells them both to stop arguing and start thinking about their mother. Theresa says she is also to blame, she is their mamas biggest worry. Miguel says no, it is all their doing. Miguel says right now they have to pull together as a family for their mom. Eve returns later and tells them the news is not good. Eve says she is not getting better, she is getting worse. Eve says if the drug was going to work they would have seen some hint. Eve says Pilar is beyond her care, and they should call Father Lonigan to administer last rites before it is too late.


May 14 2004
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At Tabithas, place, Tabitha watches Julian through her scrying bowl and tells Endora that her father is having a little bit of trouble. She wonder if this is what the forces in the basement are warning her about? They roar, so she says obviously it is something else. Kay joins Tabitha at the bowl and tells her to switch channels and show her Charity. Charity is still at Miguels side. Kay says she hates that Charity is using Pilars situation to get close to Miguel. Tabitha says like you wouldnt! Kay says Charity beat her to the punch. Kay says she was just making in roads with Miguel when Charity started re-bonding with him. Tabitha suggests Kay use Pilars illness to her advantage. Kay asks what she can do? Tabitha says she is sure Kay will come up with something, but Kay cant think of anything. Tabitha tells her to take the baby to see Pilar one last time. Kay says that is perfect, why didnt she think of that. Tabitha says perhaps she lost her mojo with her dress tonight. Kay says she has it back now, and shes going to go put an end to Charity and Miguels bonding session. Kay leaves, and Tabitha tries to figure out why the friends in the basement are worked up. The water in her bowl boils, and then it shows her an image. She says no wonder the boys in the basement are so upset! Tabitha says she must do something! She says she has kept them away from Harmony for years, but now their resolve is weakening. She says this could lead to an explosion that no one in Harmony would ever recover from. Tabitha grabs her phone and calls the woman in Mexico.

Julian shows up at the hospital and a nurses rushes to him. He says he was cleaning his gun and it was an accident. The nurse says shell get him a doctor. Julian says he wants to see Dr. Russell and only Dr. Russell. Julian then collapses! The nurse calls out for a doctor.

Elsewhere, Eve tells the Lopez-Fitzgeralds that they should call Father Lonigan, but the family doesnt want to give up on her. Eve says the tests are showing that Pilar is getting worse. Luis says there must be something Eve can do for her. Eve says there is always hope, but this drug is experimental and there is no guarantee. She says the drug has cured some, but has had no affect on others. Eve she will still keep testing Pilars blood and hope she responds, but bringing in Father Lonigan may be a wise decision. Eve is paged, so she says she has to go. Fox says hell call Father Lonigan for them, and Miguel says hell call Paloma. Miguel calls up Mexico to talk to Paloma. We see a blondish woman in Mexico answer the phone. The woman speaks Spanish and has an accent, and she tells Miguel that Paloma is not here. In the back a dark haired man is carrying some vases around. Miguel asks the woman to have Paloma call her family because it is an emergency. The woman asks what kind of emergency? They are disconnected before she can find anymore. Later, Charity tells Miguel she will be here for him for as long as he needs her. Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Antonio to go in and make amends with his mom. Antonio says he knows, and he feels bad for all the terrible things he said to her out of anger. Sheridan says she will forgive him, but he has to talk to her and tell her that he loves her. Theresa is in with Pilar, and she begs her mom to be okay. Pilar tells Theresa that she was so worried about her, and please tell her she didnt go through with her plan. Theresa tells her mom that isnt important, what is important is that she gets well. Theresa cries that she has lost so much already, she cant lose her too. Fox comes to check on Theresa and tells her not to get worked up, she could lose the baby. Theresa cries, and he asks if there is something she isn't telling him? Theresa doesn't get the chance to tell him.

Kay shows up with Maria and interrupts Miguel and Charity's moment of bonding. She says she came here with the baby so Pilar could see her. Miguel thanks her. Theresa thinks the baby will cheer her up if they allow her to see Maria. Fox says he thinks something can be arranged given the circumstances. Father Lonigan soon arrives to give Pilar her last rites. He tells them that this doesn't mean they should give up hope, it is just to prepare her in case the lord calls her home.

Luis goes to the hospital chapel to pray for his mother. He tells the lord that hes given up hope on getting Sheridan back, so he cant take his mother away from him as well. Luis says he couldnt stand to lose the two people he loves most. Sheridan walks in at this point. She says she doesnt want to interrupt him. He says she never could, and he tells her to stay. She says she is not comfortable being here with him. HE asks why not? She says she is hurt and used because of him. She says all the things he accused her family of, he turned her life upside down and then she finds out none of it was true. She says she needed to see his proof, but he didnt have it. She says Antonio was right all along, it was all lies. Luis says he never meant to hurt her, it was never his intention. Sheridan says she has to go, and she walks out. 

Antonio goes in to see Pilar, and he apologizes to her for the terrible things he said to her. He asks if she can forgive him? Pilar says there is nothing to forgive. She says she loves him, he is her son, and that love is unconditional. Pilar tells Antonio that she doesn't have much time left. She says she knows the new medicine is not working. Antonio tells her that she can't give up. Pilar says she hasn't given up, but she needs to accept that she may not recover. She asks Antonio to make up with Luis before she dies, it is important to her. Pilar says she knows he must have been stunned by the proof, but Antonio says there was no evidence, Luis lied about it all. Antonio says it was just another attempt to steal his wife from him. Antonio leaves and sees Father Lonigan has arrived. Antonio says mama is prepared to see him. Father Lonigan suggests they all go in and see Pilar. Antonio looks around and wonders where Sheridan and Luis are.

Eve learns Julian is the patient who has come in and that he has been shot. She is stunned and goes to check on him. The nurse tending to the wound says it is just a surface wound, but he has lost a lot of blood. She wonders who did this to him, and hopes it is not TC. Eve sits by Julian's side, who finally comes to. Eve tells him that he has lost a lot of blood, and it is a good thing Cranes keep a healthy supply of blood here at the hospital. She asks what happened, and Julian tells her the truth. He promises he will find out who there son is. Julian asks about Pilar, and Eve says she isn't responding. Eve says she will be back after she runs some more tests on Pilar. 

Sheridan runs into Eve and asks how Pilar is. Eve says they are about to run more tests. Sheridan cries to Eve about how confused and disappointed she is. She says Luis lied to her and made her doubt her feelings for Antonio and doubt her family. Eve tells Sheridan that Luis was not lying to her. Eve says Luis told her the truth. Sheridan asks where the proof is? Eve says the proof existed, she doesn't know what was on the CDs, but the CDs did exist. She says Luis probably had proof of everything he said and a great deal more. Sheridan asks then why didn't he tell her? Eve explains Luis had to give the proof up to save Pilar. Eve explains everything to Sheridan about the deal Luis made with Alistair. Eve says Luis had the evidence, he was telling the truth. 

BAck in the chapel, Sheridan returns to see Luis., who is still praying for his mom. Sheridan says she has something to say to him. Luis says he already knows she is upset and disappointed in him. Sheridan says she knows he had the proof and that he turned it over to her father. Luis says his sacrifice doesn't mean he loves her any less, he just had to make a choice. Sheridan says she knows and she admires him more than he knows. She takes his hand and smiles at him. She says what he did was completely selfless, he did something most people probably couldn't do. Sheridan says she sees him in a whole new light now. Luis asks if she remembers she loves him?  

Eve returns to Julian and says he is good to go. She also gets the latest results on Pilar, and the news is not good. She fears Luis may have sacrificed everything only to lose his mother anyways.

Back in Pilar's room, most of the family gathers around her. Luis and Sheridan are still missing, and Miguel tells Antonio not to get worked up because mama will sense it. Miguel says they probably aren't even together. Father Lonigan says they should begin.

In Mexico, the blonde woman tells the man that someone from Harmony called for Paloma, there is a family emergency. A third woman, this one a red head, is stunned and drops the cup she has in her hands. The dark haired man and red head woman worry about what is going on in Harmony. The man says Paloma can call and find out when she returns home. The woman says she doesnt want her reaction to give anything away. The man says it is understandable, Paloma doesnt know who they really are. The man says at least they had a chance to watch her grow up. The woman says yes, inspite of everything they had to give up. The woman reads the paper and sees news of the Founders Day Dance in Harmony. The man says that is where he saw her for the very first time. They hug, and she says how could they know then they would cause so much pain. The woman says they need to go back, but the man says she knows what the Cranes would have done to her. The woman says they have caused so much terrible pain. Later we see the woman packing. The man says he was afraid she would be doing this. The woman says they must go back. The man says as long as they stay here they are protected, but if they go back the pain will be worse. She wonders when they will be forgiven? He says he doesn't know, it seems their punishment is knowing the pain they left behind in HArmony.  The woman says she doesn't know if she can live like this anymore. She says they need to go back, they always said they would one day. She says she feels they need to return, and she remembers Tabitha warning her about the summer of 2004. The woman said Tabitha said something would happen this summer, and that she was to beware! He says they can't change what is, and if she wants to go back they will talk about it. However, he says he doesn't want to make any rash decisions. The woman says she understands. The man then leaves to see if Paloma is home. The woman gets a call from Tabitha, who tells her not to come back and to never make contact with anyone in Harmony!  

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