May 17, 2004
Sam finds Ivy outside somewhere, the church I believe. Sam asks what she is doing. She says she was just thinking about Pilar. She asks Sam how Pilar is doing? Sam says not well, the drug is not having an affect on her. Ivy feels bad for Luis as he may not only lose his mother, but Sheridan as well. Sam gets a text message over the phone from Grace. Ivy can see by the way his face lit up that Sam still loves her. Ivy says it is obvious that Grace is still the only woman in his heart. Sam says of course he still has feelings for Grace, he thought they were married for twenty five years. He says they never knew she had another husband. As he recounts the story of David and John, Ivy rolls her eyes. Ivy says she didnt mean to accuse him of anything. Sam says he did love Grace and their life together, not that getting over her (Ivy) wasnt hell. Sam says that is why he moved to Boston, the memories of her were too much for him. Ivy apologizes for being weak and letting Alistair and her father use her. Sam says that he tried to do everything he could to keep their love buried, including avoiding her at all costs. Ivy says it was just the opposite for her, she cherished every moment they spent together and dreamed they would be together one more time. Ivy says she wants to be with him again and asks him to please tell her how to make him love her like he used to. Sam says they arent the same two teenagers who fell in love. Sam gets another message from Grace. Ivy says Grace still loves him, why else would she be messaging him in the middle of the night. Ivy says she is probably sitting up, awake, and regretting losing him. Sam asks why she says that? Ivy says because she felt the same way for years. Ivy says she longed to feel his lips on hers, and she knows Grace is feeling the same way. Sam asks her if she honestly believes Grace still loves him. Ivy says yes, the same way she still loves him. Ivy says the question is who does he love? Sam doesnt answer, and Ivy ends up blaming herself for all of this, but Sam tells her that shes being to hard on herself. Ivy asks what Graces messages say? Sam says she wanted to know about the dance. Ivy says she wants to know if he went to the dance with her. She says if he went to the dance with her than Grace will realize he is starting to move on. Ivy says she knows exactly how Grace is feeling right now. Ivy says Grace is probably hoping he will call her and hear his voice one more time. Sam gets a call from Grace. Ivy doesnt want to listen to this. She tells Sam that she knows she has lost him and that he belongs with Grace. Ivy then runs off.

At the Russell house, TC decides to go into his shed. Liz asks why, to pour over his car and look for new evidence? TC says he has to try and find the proof of what happened that night. TC goes into his shed, and Liz says she knows what happened that night. She wonders how she can tell TC who is really to blame without him killing her. She goes into the shed, and he apologizes if he is short with her. He says he was just hoping to learn the truth about what happened to him tonight. He says he will not rest until he gets the proof that Julian stole his dreams. Liz tells herself that TC is so fixated on what happened in the past that he isnt seeing that Julian is stealing his wife! TC remembers the night of his car accident and the events of that night. TC knows Julian was behind the wheel of the car, but Liz tells herself that Julian wasnt driving that night, but he will wish he was! Liz says the proof she has on who was driving the car will wreck his marriage to Eve. She says all she has to do is get it to TC without her fingerprints being all over it. 

At the hospital, Eve tells Julian that she should go tell Luis and the others there is nothing she can do for Pilar. Julian promises Eve that he will not give up trying to find their son, and he says he will stay here because he doesnt want her to be alone if Pilars time comes. As they leave the cubicle, a nurse tells Eve that there has been a terrible mistake with her patient. Eve thinks she means Pilar, but the nurse says no, Julian! The nurse says Julian received someone elses blood instead. She says the blood was safe and matches Julians. Eve says this cannot ever happen again! Julian is shocked because the reason he gave blood to be kept here is because his blood type is so rare. Eve says his blood type is so rare that only a family member or a child would have the same type. Eve wonders if the person who donated the blood he received is their son? She says a person can inherit this blood type from one parent instead of a mix from both parents. Eve looks up information on the donor and finds out the person was a man, so she says it could be their son! Julian says it could have been Fox, and Eve says it could be possible. Eve is paged by Pilars nurse, so she says she has to go.

In Pilars room, Father Lonigan gives Pilar her last rites. Antonio wishes Paloma was here. Miguel says he called and left a message. Antonio says he was hoping Paloma would make it here before mama, he knows shed like to see his baby sister one last time Antonio also wonders where Sheridan and Luis are. Whitney and Chad show up to be with Theresa. Pilar once again asks Antonio not to be mad at Luis and to forgive him. She asks all of her children to stay close, to remember they are blood, and to remember that they are all each other has. Pilar also asks them to make sure Paloma knows that they all love her. Miguel says they will. Pilar asks where Luis is? Miguel says he is in the chapel. Fox offers to get him, but Antonio says he will. Eve arrives and tells the family that the latest blood tests show no improvement, so all they can do for Pilar now is make her comfortable. Theresa cries that this cannot be happening! Pilar lays on her bed and wheezes. Eve suggests if they have anything to say to their mom that now would be a good time. Miguel tells Pilar that she has been strong for so long, and they will never forget everything she did for them. Miguel says they never felt like they had less than others, they felt they had more. Theresa and Miguel apologize for everything they have done wrong and to upset her, and they hope she can forgive them. Theresa says she will make sure Little Ethan grows up knowing what a wonderful woman she was. Miguel says the same will be done for Maria. 

In the hospital chapel, Sheridan tells Luis how his sacrifice reminded her why she first fell in love with him. Luis thinks she has remembered and pulls Sheridan into a kiss. Sheridan tries to tell him to slow down, but he keeps kissing her and hugging her. Suddenly, Antonio walks in and pulls Luis off of Sheridan. HE tells him to leave his wife alone! Luis says she wont be his wife for long, Sheridan loves him and remembers him. Sheridan tells Antonio that she did tell Luis that she loves him. Luis says he and Sheridan will be together, but Antonio says not if he can help it! Antonio then decks Luis! Sheridan tells them both to stop fighting as they are in a chapel! She says while she did tell Luis that she loved him, he misunderstood. She says she loves Luis as a brother-in-law, and she is honored by the sacrifice he made for Pilar. Antonio asks what she is talking about, and Sheridan explains Luis traded the CDs with the proof for the drug that could save Pilars life. Antonio and Luis are both stunned, Antonio that Luis did that, and Luis that Sheridan doesnt want to be with him. Sheridan says she loves Antonio and she is going to stay with him. Luis says what she feels for Antonio isnt real, she loves him. Antonio tells them to give it a rest. A nurse shows up and tells them that their mother doesnt have long, so they all run to her room.

Back in Pilars room, Julian shows up and watches Pilar and her children. He is reminded of his own mothers death and how heartbroken he and Sheridan were. Julian then asks Fox if he has recently donated blood? Fox says he hasnt since he has been back. Julian says he really should, everyone who can should. Julian sees Whitney looking at him, so he decides to leave. Fox begins to wonder why his dad was asking about donating blood. Eve excuses herself and Whitney rolls her eyes. Outside Pilars room, Julian tries to console Eve by telling her that she did everything she could. Eve wonders if they will die before they see their son again. They discuss trying to find their son. Elsewhere, Whitney sees Chad drop a sticker, and she says she didnt know he donates blood. Chad says he gives blood here every few months. Meanwhile, Luis, Antonio and Sheridan race into the room to see Pilar. Antonio catches Luis looking at Sheridan, and Sheridan tells him not to be angry with Luis right now. Antonio says he is tired of Luis making moves on her, and he will make sure Luis never gets close to her again! Miguel tells Luis how sorry he is that he lost his chance with Sheridan. Luis says now it looks like he will lose Sheridan and mama. Suddenly, Pilar flatlines! 

Down in Mexico, Palomas friends arrive at her house, and the mystery woman asks where Paloma is. They respond something in Spanish. The man and woman both wait around for Paloma. The woman is very disturbed by the phone call she got from someone back in Harmony. The man asks if she is sure she didnt dream it? The woman says she didnt. As they discuss the message from the family, Paloma shows up and asks who called for her? They give her the message that someone called from Harmony and they said something was wrong. Paloma says shell call mama and shell know. She calls her mom and gets an answering machine, so she leaves a message for her asking her to call her back. Paloma says shell call when she calls. Paloma then tells her girlfriends she will go upstairs and change and they should all meet here to go out. The woman thinks Paloma should be at home with both her father and her mother. The man says they did the best they could with Paloma, and she is a find young girl. The woman worries that they may have scared Paloma somehow. Palomas friends return, and they are all ready to go out and party. As they get ready to leave, the man and woman ask Paloma where she is going? Paloma says she is going out? The man says not dressed like that, her aunt Maria would not approve! Paloma says they are not her parents, and Aunt Maria isnt here. The man says they care about her, and she says she cares about them too. She says she values their opinions and advice, but she wont always take it. She says she is going out with her friends. They ask her to please call her family again, but she says she doesnt give a damn about what is going on in Harmony as her family sent her here to live. 


May 18, 2004

Tabitha watches various events through her bowl. She says things are going swimmingly in Harmony, and she just hopes that couple stays in Mexico. She wonders what situation to handle first, keeping the mysterious couple away from Harmony or keep Sheridan and Luis apart. She asks the friends in the basement for some guidance. They send her a bunch of photos of Sheridan, Luis and Antonio. She says that is pretty clear, and she vows to destroy their love if it is the last thing she does! She says tonight she will make Antonio do exactly what she wants him to do. She begins drawing squiggles all around Antonios picture. She also draws a black cat on his photo, which she brings to life. She tells the black cat to go to Antonio! The cat then vanishes. Tabitha then burns the picture of Antonio and puts it in a caldron. She tells Antonio to follow the cat. She says when Antonio shows up here, they will be caput! 

Ivy runs down to the beach, but Sam cuts her off. She tells him to just call Grace, she still loves him and he loves her. Sam says Grace is the mother of his children. Ivy says she knows. She tells him to call Grace, and says goodbye. Sam grabs her and says he doesnt want to call Grace. Ivy asks him what he wants then? Sam says this, and kisses Ivy. Ivy asks what he is doing? He says he is showing her how he feels about her. Ivy asks what about Grace? Sam says Grace is in his past. Ivy asks what about the things she did to him, her turning her back on his love. Sam says he has moved on from that. Sam tells Ivy that he wants them to work toward a future. He kisses her again. She asks what about Grace? Sam says they are together now, and he has feelings for her. She asks if he is sure? Sam tells her to let him make love to her right now. They kiss again and soon make love. 

At the hospital, Eve and the nurses work to save Pilar, who has flat lined. Family and friends wait outside of her room for news. Julian tells Luis that he is truly sorry, and he knows his presence is a reminder of what he gave up. Luis says giving the CDs back was the right thing to do. Back in Pilars room, Eve and the others continue to work on Pilar. Theresa watches and knows what they are doing, they are giving Pilar a shot of adrenaline into her heart as a last resort. Eve eventually turns and heads out of the room. Luis asks what is happening? Miguel begs her to tell them. Theresa says shes dead isnt she? Eve says Pilar is alive. She also says that Pilar has turned a corner and the drugs are now working. Eve says everything indicates that Pilar will recover. Eve says they have witnessed a miracle. Meanwhile, Whitney sees Julian and asks Fox why he is here? Fox says Pilar was his housekeeper. Whitney says he is here because of her mother. Chad tells her to let it go. Elsewhere, Sheridan asks Antonio to use this turning point to put aside his differences with Luis. Antonio says he cant do that, he wont forget what Luis was doing to her in the chapel earlier. He says he doesnt think Luis had the proof and he thinks Luis just fooled Eve. Antonio says they should go and come back to see Pilar later. Luis watches them leave, and the others visit with Pilar for a moment. Later, Fox goes to see the nurse to ask about his father. The nurse ends up spilling the beans to Fox about Julians gunshot wound and how he was given someone elses blood, someone with the same rare blood type as his father. Fox asks how that could be? The nurse says either he or one of his siblings must have donated blood. Fox finds it odd that his dad hasnt mentioned being shot, and he knows he and his sisters havent donated any blood.Back at Pilars room, both Theresa and Miguel thank Luis for what he has done for mama. Luis is glad she made it, and he says he is still hopeful he will get Sheridan back some day. 

In another part of the hospital, Eve and Julian discuss trying to find their son. Eve says they needs to search the blood bank records for information on their son.  Eve and Julian go to her office and begin searching the hospital records for their son. Eve realizes this means their son is in Harmony, and she says they have to find him before he possibly meets and falls in love with one of her daughters. Unfortunately, there is a privacy lock on the list of donors so they cant get access to his identity. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Chad how angry she is that her mom has gone of with Julian yet again. She wonders what other secrets her mom could have. Chad says he knows she is upset about her mom, but he is upset because she hasnt kissed him in like ten minutes.

Theresa finds Fox, and he seems upset. She asks what is bothering him? Fox tells Theresa about his fathers blood supply and his rare blood type and how he accidentally got the wrong blood in a transfusion. However, he says the blood matches and was obviously donated by one of his kids. Fox says this means his dad has another kid out there somewhere, and if this kid returns he will lose everything! Fox says his whole life he has been the black sheep as Ethan was the golden boy. He says now if this other heir comes to light, he will lose yet another slice of the pie. Theresa says Alistair would never give the Crane fortune to someone who wasnt a Crane, and Alistair will never let a bastard child be the next Crane heir. Fox says she may be right, and he hopes whoever this bastard is that he stays gone.

Sheridan and Antonio return to the cottage and begin packing to return to Saint Lisas. Sheridan isnt sure this is the right thing to do. Antonio says it is, and they will leave first thing in the morning. Sheridan decides to take a bath and unwind. Antonio says hell finish packing. Sheridan heads to the bathroom, and Antonio sees Tabithas black cat show up. The cat ends up leading Antonio out of the cottage. Sheridan ends up coming out of the bathroom and wonders where Antonio is. She hopes he hasnt gone to find Luis and do something stupid.

Back at Tabithas, Antonio shows up, and it appears he is in a trance. He asks how he got here? Tabitha says he came here for help, and he came to the right place. She tells Antonio that he can help her keep Luis away from Sheridan. Tabitha says if he doesnt stop Luis than he will lose Sheridan forever! Tabitha tells him that it is all right and she will help him get rid of Luis! Tabitha shows Antonio where his wife is, at Hanks apartment with Luis.

At Hanks place, Luis is sleeping when Sheridan shows up and pounds on his door. He opens the door, and he asks what she is doing here? She says she wants to make sure he is all right. Luis asks if he is dreaming? She says no, she is really here. She says she was worried about him, she was worried Antonio might come here and try and hurt him. Luis realizes that Sheridan still cares about him. He says it is because he is the man she really loves. Sheridan tells Luis that she loves Antonio and he is the man she will spend her life with. Luis says he will prove that she wants to be with him, and he pulls her into a kiss! 

Down in Mexico, Paloma lashes out and says her family means nothing to her, they sent her 3000 miles to live here when she was just a baby. Paloma says she doesnt not even know those people, so why should they give a damn. The man tells her not to be rude. Paloma says she doesnt mean to be rude. She says the only family she knows are the two of them and her Aunt Maria. She says if the people in Harmony want to see her than they should come here. She says she is going out with her friends now, but the man says not dressed like that. He also says she must call Harmony. The woman asks Paloma to please call home. She says fine, she will call again. Paloma makes a call, but slyly hangs up before the call goes through. She pretends to leave a message for them asking them to call them back and let them know what is going on. The man thanks her, and the woman says she can go out if she changes her clothes. Paloma says she will change before going out. Palomas friends leave, and Paloma goes upstairs to change. The woman is afraid they have damaged Paloma as she is very angry with her family. The mans says they have done the best they could, and she still doesnt know who they are. The woman says if she only knew who they really were. The man says she cant know, not yet. The woman worries about Paloma as well as whoever called her from Harmony. She fears that it is all coming back to them. She says they have caused so much pain and they may soon have to face what theyve done. The man says what they did they did for love. He says he couldnt have lived without her, and she says she couldnt live without him either. The man says if she really wants to return to Harmony than they can go back. Paloma shows up and asks why would the two of them want to go to Harmony? They say they are concerned about her and want to go back to Harmony with her to support her. Paloma thanks them but says she thinks everything is fine. She asks if her new outfit meets their approval. They say it does, and she apologizes for being a brat earlier. Paloma decides to head off and meet her friends. The woman keeps worrying something bad may be going on in Harmony. Later, Paloma ends up meeting up with some man, who appears a bit older than she is. He asks her what is with the outfit. She takes off the top layer to reveal a sexy red dress underneath. Paloma then runs off with the man.


May 19, 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Gwen tells Ethan shes decided not to take the job in Boston considering Heather is going to be giving birth to their baby soon. Ethan says they will actually be having two babies if they take Theresa into account. Gwen says Theresa had no right to do what she did, and she fumes over Theresa having herself implanted with their baby. Ethan says they should just focus on Heather who has been implanted. Gwen says from this moment on she will banish Theresa from her thoughts and from this bed. Later, Eve gives them a call, and Gwen asks Eve if Heather was implanted? Eve says the procedure went smoothly, but there is a problem. Gwen asks what has happened? Eve says not long after the procedure Heather started cramping and she is in danger of losing the baby. Gwen says they will be right there. She tells Ethan what is going on and how they have to get to the hospital. 

At Tabithas, Antonio watches, in Tabitha's bowl, as Luis kissed Sheridan. Antonio asks where is he, who is she, and why is she showing him this? Antonio says this isnt real, but Tabitha says it is real. Tabitha says very soon his wife will make love to his brother! An enraged Antonio says he will put a stop to Luis once and for all, and he races out of Tabithas place.  At Hanks place, Luis kisses Sheridan and says he loves her so much. Sheridan says she cant do this because it is wrong. She says she doesnt know what came over her or where these feelings came from. Luis says the feelings came from her heart. Sheridan says this is terribly wrong, she should be here right now. Sheridan says she is so confused, so Luis tells her to listen to her heart. Sheridan says she cant be here, she shouldnt be here. Suddenly, Sheridan gets the feeling that Antonio is watching them, he knows what they are doing. Luis says that is nonsense. Sheridan says she wont deny that she is drawn to him, but that doesnt make this right. She also continues to insist Antonio knows what they are doing. Luis thinks she is just feeling like she is being disloyal to Antonio because her feelings for him have returned. Sheridan says no. She says she needs to leave Harmony and get away from him. She says she needs to leave and recommit herself to Antonio. Luis tells herself to think long and hard about this decision because it could be the worse mistake of her life. Later, Antonio shows up and tells Luis that he has messed with his marriage for the last time! Antonio looks around and asks where Sheridan is because he knows she was here. Luis says he is alone. Antonio says he saw them together, he saw Luis trying to manipulate Sheridan. Luis says maybe he was dreaming, but Antonio says he knows, he just doesnt know how. Luis tells Antonio to look at himself, hes running around all over town without his shirt on making wild accusations. Luis tells him to go home. He says his mind is playing tricks on him. Luis says perhaps he should wonder why he thinks Sheridan is here with him? Luis says perhaps he knows that the truth is that Sheridan would rather be with him. Antonio tells Luis that he has no idea what he is talking about! Luis says it was his subconscious that told him to come here tonight and it is because he knows Sheridan hasnt forgotten their love. Antonio pushes Luis and warns him to stay away from his wife or he will die. Antonio leaves, and Luis remains confident that Sheridan will come back to him.

Sheridan returns to the cottage and wonders what she will do? Sheridan cant stop thinking of Luis, and she says she has to keep these feelings to herself. She looks at a photo of herself and Antonio. She says she is a married woman and loves her husband, she cant be feeling this way about his brother. Back at Tabithas, Tabitha is upset because her plan didnt work, Antonio didnt catch Luis with Sheridan, and Sheridan is at home thinking of Luis. She says she must do something to stop their love from re-blossoming or else the boys in the basement will have her and Endora for lunch!

At the hospital, Eve tells Pilar and Theresa that Pilars continued improvement requires bed rest and no stress. Eve also tells Theresa that she needs to rest to because of the baby inside of her. Theresa says she will get some rest, she just wants to stay with her mom a little while longer. After Eve leaves, Pilar begs Theresa to tell her that she hasnt gone through with her scheme to get pregnant by Ethan. Theresa reminds her mother that she is not to have any stress. Theresa says she will call Paloma and let her know that her mother is all better now. Pilar says this conversation is not over! After Theresa gets off the phone, they continue the previous conversation. Pilar begs Theresa not to go through with her plan. Theresa says she already has. Pilar says this baby is hers and Ethans, not Gwens, and this little innocent baby will never know who their real parents are. Theresa says right now she has to focus on bringing Little Ethan home to her. Theresa asks her mom not to get herself upset. She says whats done is done. Pilar says she has made a terrible mistake, one that will cost her and many innocent people for years to come. Theresa says no, she was careful, no one will ever know the truth. Pilar says one day they will know! Pilar tells Theresa that she fears for her and for the kind of thinking that has led her to commit this act. Theresa says everything will be okay, and she asks her mom to calm down. Theresa says everything will be okay. Pilar wonders how her daughter that she has raised with her of morals and values could be so thoughtless and self absorbed. Pilar thinks maybe it would have been better if she was sent away like Paloma. She says at least Paloma has become a level headed and mature young woman. 

Gwen and Ethan show up, and Eve informs them about what is going on. Gwen goes to be with Heather, and Ethan asks Eve what the chances are. Eve says it doesnt look good. Eve says he doesnt think Gwen can take losing another child. Later, Ethan goes to check on Pilar to see how she is. Theresa is with Pilar, and as they talk about how Pilar is doing, Gwen screams out God no! Ethan runs out, and Theresa follows to see what is going on. Gwen tells Ethan that the baby is gone, Heather lost the baby. Gwen sees Theresa in the background and orders Ethan to keep her away from her now! Gwen asks why this is happening to them? Ethan says they will try again. Gwen says he is right and they will keep on trying. Eve has a look on her face, and Gwen asks her what is wrong, why does she have that look on her face? Eve tells Gwen that she doesnt think it will be possible for her and Ethan to continue trying. Eve says the problem isnt with the surrogate, it is with Gwens eggs. Gwen says Theresa is still pregnant, and Eve says it is a miracle that Theresa hasnt miscarried. 

  Down in Mexico, Paloma is heating up the dance floor with her male companion at a nightclub. Later, Paloma talks with her friends about being invited to a big party tomorrow night. Palomas phone rings, and it is her Aunt Maria calling. Maria asks Paloma where she is and what all that noise is? Paloma says she is out with her friends. Her Aunt Maria tells her that she better not be in one of those wild nightclubs. Aunt Maria tells Paloma that she needs to come home because they need to talk about her mother. Paloma says shell be home soon, but instead of leaving she hits the dance floor with her friends. However, we can see Paloma is upset by the news that something could be wrong with her mother.

Meanwhile, at the house, the man and woman discuss Paloma and her behavior. The woman says Paloma is a special young girl , and she cares for her, but  she knows it must be hard for Paloma to have been raised here away from all her siblings. The man says he wishes he could really talk to Paloma about things, not "that", but about life. He says he just wishes he knew her better. He tells the woman that there are almost two Palomas, the one that doesnt have a care in the world and the one who shuts down when anything is said about families, about mothers, brothers and sisters

 Paloma returns home and she asks her Aunt Maria what is going on? Aunt Maria tells Paloma that her mother has become very ill and almost died, but she is making a recovery. The man and woman overhear this, and Paloma says she is glad and now she doesnt have to go to Harmony after all. Aunt Maria asks her to reconsider, as do the man and woman. They all tell her that it is time for her to go home. She says no, she does not need them and they dont need her. The man says that is not true. She asks what he knows of her family? She says he is not even related to her! Paloma says if her family wants to see her than they should come see her. The man says her mother cant travel yet. Paloma says if she goes back, will they come with her? The man and woman say they cant, but she will be okay on her own. Paloma says she doesnt have to go to Harmony right away, but the man, woman and Aunt Maria continue to try and convince her to go back to Harmony. Paloma says she will think about it. Paloma heads off to bed, and the man and woman discuss what Paloma might do. She tells the man that she wishes they could go with Paloma. The man says it would just be too risky for them to return, they can never go back to Harmony. The woman says she knows he is right and that this was there fate when they left. 


May 20, 2004

At the Crane mansion, Little Ethan is in his bed sleeping. Fox and Theresa come in to check on him. Fox still doesnt understand why Theresa was here at the mansion last. Theresa says she just wanted to be with her son. Fox knows she is hiding something from him, and he says whatever it is it must be very bad. Theresa insists she was here for her son, that is the truth. Fox says whatever she says. He says she better use her time with Little Ethan wisely. Theresa says soon, once she has the baby, she will have her son back. Later, Fox talks about how Gwens eggs arent viable, which makes him wonder how she hasnt miscarried the baby. Theresa says she is made of very strong stuff. Fox says they already knew that, and he wonders how she is still pregnant with Gwens baby when her eggs arent viable? He as what her secret is? Theresa says it is a miracle, and God must want her to carry the child to term in order to get her son back. Fox says she is amazing, when she wants something she goes after it and doesnt give up. Theresa says Little Ethan is her life and she wont give up on getting him back. Later, Theresa asks Little Ethan to show him the new belt he got in karate.

At the hospital, Pilar tells Luis that he knows how much he loves Sheridan and how he was going to expose the Cranes to get her back. She asks Luis what stopped him from doing so? Miguel tells Luis to tell her because she will find out sooner or later anyways. Luis suggests they talk about it later, but Pilar wants to know right now. Miguel ends up telling Pilar why Luis let the Cranes go, he traded the secrets for the drug. Luis says he had no choice, and hed do it again. Pilar is shocked that Luis chose to save her life and gave up his chance to win Sheridan back. Luis says hed do it again in a heartbeat. Pilar hugs her son. She says she can never thank him enough. Luis says she can, as soon as Eve gives the okay he wants her out of here. Pilar still is worried about Luis and his decision to give up Sheridan. She tells him not to give up on her. Luis says Antonio is dragging Sheridan off to Saint Lisas tonight. Pilar says he cant let her go, he has to go to Sheridan and stop her! Luis says there is no point, there is nothing he can do to stop Sheridan without the proof. Pilar says there must be a way, what about this Dr. Ackland. Luis says he claims he doesnt know anything. Pilar asks when he ever gave up so easily before? Luis thinks his mom is right and as long as Sheridan is still in Harmony he should try and stop her. Outside of Pilar's room, Miguel says he supports Luis, but he is afraid Antonio may kill him if he doesnt stop trying to get Sheridan back. Miguel begs Luis to leave Sheridan alone because this thing will just end badly. Luis promises Miguel that he will back off. Miguel goes back in to see his mom, and Luis feels bad about lying to Miguel but says he has no choice. Luis goes and confronts Ackland. He demands Ackland talk to him and give him all the answers he needs. He wants Ackland to admit to him that he brainwashed Sheridan. Ackland refuses to admit to anything. Luis says he knows the truth whether he wants to tell him or not, and he explains he had some files which detailed everything he did to Sheridan. Luis tells him wither her confesses to Sheridan, or he will go to the medical board. Ackland says he cant because he will kill him! Luis asks who "he" is?

At the cottage, Sheridan cant believe she is leaving Harmony again. She talks about how last time she left Harmony she missed home so bad. Antonio can't believe she missed her family as Julian and Alistair were so horrible to her. Antonio tells her that they are family now, and he will protect and love her. However, Antonio cant help but wonder what, or who, she is afraid of leaving behind. He tells her that she can tell him, is it Luis? Antonio asks if Luis is badgering her again? Sheridan tells him to stop blaming Luis, there is enough bad blood between them as is. She says he is the reason she wants to go back to Saint Lisas, if they are away then he and Luis cant kill one another. Antonio asks where she went last night. She says she went to find him, he was missing when she got out of the bath. He says he went to see Luis. Sheridan says this is why they need to leave, she couldnt stand it if one of them got hurt because of her. Antonio says what happens between him and Luis has nothing to do with her, and he just wants her to feel good about leaving. She says as beautiful as Saint Lisas is, Harmony is home. Antonio says he thinks home is wherever they are. He says Saint Lisas is where they fell in love, and it will be good to get back there. She says it does sound wonderful. Antonio goes to get the bags together and take them to the car. Suddenly, Gwen and Ethan show up. Gwen begs Sheridan not to go because Theresa is at it again. Sheridan asks what is going on? They explain how the surrogate lost the baby, and they found out that Gwens eggs arent viable. Sheridan asks what about Theresa, did she lose the baby too? Ethan says no, and Eve says it is nothing short of a miracle and she will still deliver the baby. Sheridan says that is good news then, she and Ethan will still have their own child. Still, Gwen says she doesnt understand why everything works out for Theresa and not for her? Sheridan says she knows this hurts her, but when Theresa has that baby she will feel wonderful. Gwen thanks Sheridan for trying to make her feel better. She wishes Sheridan wouldnt go, and she asks her if she cant postpone the trip for a little while? Antonio says he is sorry but they are leaving today. Gwen asks if they will at least come back for visits? Antonio says that is going to depend on Luis. Gwen and Sheridan say goodbye, and Gwen doesnt know how she will get through the next nine months. Sheridan asks how they know Theresa is pregnant? Gwen says she took a test. Sheridan says those things could be wrong, and Gwen says she never thought about that. She says Theresa is a compulsive liar. Antonio says hey! and Gwen says she is sorry but Theresa has constantly lied in the past. Later, Gwen gets a call and is not happy. She tells Ethan that they have to go now. She tells Sheridan that she wishes she could stay, and she will miss her. Later, Sheridan says goodbye to her cottage and to all the people she is leaving behind. Sheridan looks at a photo of herself and Luis and tells him to take care.

Gwen and Ethan return to the mansion and find Fox. They know Theresa is here! Theresa hears Gwen talking, and she freaks out. Little Ethan confirms that Theresa was just here and he asks where his mommy is because he was going to show her his new belt. Gwen says she will find her if it is the last thing she does. Ethan suggests Fox take Little Ethan downstairs, so he does. Gwen decides to start looking for Theresa in their bedroom, which is where Theresa currently is.

At Tabithas place, Tabithas bowl begins to boil, and she says she doesnt think she can take much more. The bowl shows her the couple in Mexico. Tabitha says she has enough trouble here in Harmony!  Down in Mexico, the mystery man reads a paper from Harmony about the events at the Founders Day Dance. The woman also sees the paper, and the man says Luis came so close to exposing the Cranes last night. He wonders what happened to stop Luis. The woman says Luis is very brave, and the man says he isnt surprised given who his parents are. They discuss how it seems like only yesterday Luis was a cute little boy. The man says it isnt good to revisit the past. Paloma comes down and asks why they have a paper from her familys hometown? The man says that her Aunt Maria must have picked it up to see if there was any news on her mom. Paloma says she is no longer interested in her mothers health. The woman says her mother loves her, but Paloma doesnt think so because her mom sent her and her alone here, not any of her other children. The woman says sometimes people do things for love which others cant understand. Paloma wonders why the woman is defending her mother. The man asks if she has thought anymore about going back to Harmony? Paloma says she has and she is not going. The woman says she is making a mistake, but Paloma says they arent her parents and they cant make her go! She tells them that they have both been wonderful, but they arent her family. She also says that her family can make all the noise they want, but deep down inside they dont want her. The man says that is not true. Paloma says her brothers and sister may be curious about her, but her mother doesnt love her. The man says that is not true, and the woman says her mother loves her very much. The man and woman say they explained this to her many times, but Paloma says she doesnt understand why she was the only one sent away. The man says maybe her mother felt she would have a better life here. Paloma says she doesnt buy it and she doesnt understand why they are defending her mother when they don't even know her. Paloma says there is no excuse for abandoning someone you care about, if you love your children you want to be near them. She doesnt understand why the man and woman are so invested in her returning to Harmony. They say they doesn't want to see her make a mistake. Paloma says it is nobodys fault what she does but her mothers. Paloma says they are important to her, but they are not family. She says she has a right to feel whatever way she wishes. She realizes she is late to meet a friend and study, so she runs off. The man and woman discussed if she only knew the truth. The man says Paloma would hate him, she would hate the both of them more than anything on earth.


May 21 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Gwen storms into her room and orders Theresa to come out because she knows she is in here! Ethan says he doesnt think she is here, but Gwen says the maid called her and said she saw her in the mansion. Gwen finds Theresa hiding behind the door, and Ethan asks why she is here? Theresa says she came to see her son for a few minutes. Theresa says she will leave now and promises that it won't happen again, but Gwen doesnt want her to go anywhere. Theresa doesnt understand. Ethan says this is about the baby. Theresa says she is fine and the baby is fine. Gwen thinks Theresa is up to something because it is almost impossible for a woman to become pregnant on the first invitro fertilization attempt. Gwen wants to know how she did it, how she got pregnant so easily? Theresa says she guesses she is just highly fertile, her mom had five children and her mothers mother had eight children. Gwen says they are not talking about her fertility, they are talking about implantation, which is a totally different biological process. Whitney shows up to support Theresa, and she asks what is going on. Theresa says Gwen is upset about the baby. Whitney says that is understandable considering what she has done. Gwen thanks Whitney for understanding and says at least someone here has some common sense. Gwen continues to insist that  Theresa is up to something and that is probably faking her pregnancy. Gwen says she wants her to take a pregnancy test. Theresa says she did, but Gwen says she wants a more accurate one. Theresa agrees and says shell call Eve in the morning. Gwen, however, wants her to take one now. She says she has called a nurse to come right over and take her blood. Theresa says she wont do it! Gwen asks why not? Why does she look so scared? Theresa says she just hates needles, and she makes Whitney lie (I'm assuming Whitney is lying) for her and say that it is true. Gwen says she understands, she hates needles too, but she got used to them when she was injected with those hormones. Gwen also says if she is pregnant shell have to get blood drawn sometimes. Theresa says she knows that, and she asks why she cant take the test at the hospital. Theresa says it isnt sterile here, but Gwen says this house is perfectly clean. Theresa tries to get out of the test, which makes Gwen all the more sure that she is not pregnant. Theresa says she is pregnant, so Gwen tells her to prove it! Theresa says she can prove it, and she will take the blood test. Ethan thinks she should do it now, and Gwen says she is looking a little green. Theresa says she is just feeling a bit sick. The doorbell rings, and Gwen says that must be the nurse now. Gwen and Ethan go to get the nurse, but not before Gwen tells Theresa not to run off anywhere. Theresa tells Whitney that she cant take that blood test. Whitney asks what she is worried about? Theresa says it is too soon for her to register. Whitney wonders what Theresa is up to this time. Theresa says she has to get out of here now, she cannot take that blood test! Theresa tries to sneak out, but is caught by Gwen and Ethan before she can leave. The nurse is with them, and Gwen says it is too late, the nurse is here. Gwen then forces Theresa to take a blood test! Theresa has no choice but to comply, and the nurse draws her blood.

At the cottage, Sheridan looks at a photo of herself and Luis says to herself that she hates having to leave Luis, but she couldnt take it if she was responsible for either his or ANtonio's deaths. Antonio returns and asks what she is looking at? Sheridan puts a photo of herself and Luis into her bag, and she says she was just packing a few last minute things. Later, as they go to leave, Antonio ends up discovering the photo of Luis in Sheridans bag, and he is hurt by it. She says she is sorry and she didnt mean for him to see it. He asks why she is carrying around a photo of his brother? She says she isn't carrying it around, she just found it and decided to take it. He asks why, does she still have feelings for him? She says they did use to be in love and she does still care about him. She says she wishes they could all be friends, but Antonio says that wont happen. Antonio thinks they shouldnt go to Saint Lisas after all, perhaps he should stay and finish this thing with Luis. Sheridan says no way, they are leaving right now. Sheridan throws the photo out to prove she is over Luis, and she convinces Antonio to leave as planned. However, when Sheridan realizes Antonio hasnt said goodbye to Pilar, she insists he go see her and say goodbye. Antonio asks if she wants to come with him, but she says he should spend time with his mom on his own. Once Antonio is gone, Sheridan fishes the photo of Luis out of the trash. She says she has to put the past behind her forever, and throws the picture back out.

At the hospital, Ackland says he cant admit to anything or Alistair Crane will kill him! Luis says he knew it, and he orders Ackland to tell him everything he did to Sheridan otherwise Alistair wont be his biggest problem! Luis threatens to tear him apart limb by limb. The doctor still refuses to speak because Alistair is a very powerful man and will kill him. Luis says hell kill him as well. Luis says he just wants Ackland to tell Sheridan, no one else. Ackland says okay. Ackland says this wasnt his idea, but Crane threatened him and his family. Luis says thats not surprising, and he says if they stand together Alistair cant do a thing to them. Ackland begins to spill the beans to Luis about everything. Luis wonders how he could do that to his own flesh and blood. Ackland says he asked him that question, but Alistair wouldnt answer. Ackland says he is frightened that if he and Sheridan get together they will discover something about his past. He also tells Luis that Sheridan will not remember that she loves him, he replaced that love with love for his brother. Luis orders him to undo what he did to Sheridan, but Ackland says he cant do that. Ackland says the mind is very fragile, so it isn't as easy as it sounds. Ackland says he cant believe Sheridan came through the procedure the first time, to try again could cause her to suffer a nervous breakdown or worse. Ackland says the only person who can help Sheridan is Sheridan. Ackland says if Sheridan is around him, Luis, for enough time then she could remember. Luis says he doesnt have time because Sheridan is leaving tonight, so he wants Ackland to come with him to tell Sheridan. Ackland says that is too dangerous. Luis orders Ackland to come with him, so they leave. 

Luis shows up at the cottage and tells Sheridan that they need to talk. Sheridan says he cant be here, but Luis says hes not leaving until she talks to Ackland. She asks why? Luis says because he has the proof that Dr. Ackland made her think she loves Antonio. Sheridan says she does love Antonio. Luis says no, she loves him, and kisses her.

At Tabithas, Tabitha looks into her magic bowl and exclaims this all has to stop! She ends up waking up Endora from her nap. Tabitha tells Endora that she is glad she is too young to understand what is coming their way. Tabitha holds Endora and tells her that they have to do something to get rid of those two people before it is too late. Tabitha says if this pair is stupid enough to come back to town she wont be the only one unhappy about it. The friends in the basement roar, and Tabitha says she was talking about Alistair Crane. 

A man in Mexico calls Alistair and says he has located the natives and they are talking about coming back to Harmony. Alistair says theyll come back over his dead body! Alistair asks if he is certain it is them? The man says he is. Alistair says after all these years he has found them and they will pay dearly for their betrayal! Alistair tells his man to eliminate them, they must not return to Harmony!

In Mexico, the man and woman feel bad that Paloma is angry at Pilar when all of this, everything Pilar was forced to do, is really their doing. The woman says she was hoping people would have forgotten. The man says he thought they would have forgotten too, but they cannot undo everything they have done. The woman says the truth sometimes has a way of catching up with you. The woman looks at the paper and says she remembers going to so many Founders Day Dances. They look at photos of Luis and Sheridan, and the woman says what she would give to see Sheridan again. The man says too many years have past, so many things have happened. The woman says there is one thing that hasnt changed, that is how she feels about him. She says she has no regrets, and he says neither does he. The woman begins to remember the weather in Harmony around this time of year, and they remember the last Founders Day Dance they attended. The man says that day was such a gorgeous day. The woman says yes it was such a beautiful day, but Alistair made everything he touched so ugly. The man says Alistair is the one who drove them away, he is responsible for this. We see a flashback of the man and woman at the dance, and they look a bit different. The woman has long blonde hair, and the man has longer wavy hair and a bigger nose. The man and woman talk, and Alistair shows up and orders the woman to come dance with him. As they dance, Alistair asks her why she wastes so much time with the help? She says she likes talking to everyone. Alistair says it is not appropriate for a woman of her standing to mingle with the common folk. Alistair says that is why he hates these functions, they should not have to be in the same room as these people. The woman says she likes it, which Alistair doesnt understand. Alistair tells her that he'll never understand her. As she looks at the man she says "no you never will." The flashback ends, and the man says that night was the first night of the happiest times of his life. The man says leaving Harmony was both the most difficult choice he ever made, but also the easiest. Back in flashback land, the man is sitting at a table staring at the woman and says to himself that it wont be long before he takes her away. Suddenly, Pilar sporting a very big hairdo, shows up and asks the man to dance. She asks where he keeps disappearing to? The man says he is just taking care of business, nothing for her to worry about. The woman wonders what if they never left Harmony. The man says they cant play that game, they cant wonder what if. The man says if they returned not only would their loved ones be crushed, theyd want to crush them!

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