Monday May 24From Jennifer
Theresa gets blood taken for her pregnancy test. Gwen says, She is finished and so are you Gwen asks that the test be expedited. Ethan gets ready to walk out with the nurse, but Theresa says she and Whitney were just leaving and will walk her out. Gwen tells Theresa that she is staying right there until the results come back. Theresa says she cant stay, that she has things to do. Gwen asks what is more important the proof that Theresa is carrying their child? Ethan tells Theresa that she has to stay while they go to the hospital to get the test results. Theresa gets nervous. Whitney asks Theresa why she didnt want to take the test and what crazy, horrible thing she has done now. Theresa makes Whitney promise to tell no one, not even Chad or Fox. Theresa tells Whitney that she didnt want to take the test because she might not be pregnant. Whitney asks if she cheated on the first test. Theresa says she was pregnant when she took the test, but that she lost the baby right after the test. Whitney says shes sorry, but that it is for the best. Whitney says her plan was crazy to begin with. Whitney says Theresa should tell Gwen and Ethan that she lost their baby because they would be relieved. Theresa tells Whitney that nothing has changed, that giving Gwen and Ethan a baby is the only way to get her child back. Whitney says that she cant do that because she lost the baby. Theresa says they dont know that and that the plan might not be over yet. Whitney asks if she is going to change the test results. Theresa admits that she might be pregnant again. Whitney asks if she suckered Fox into making love to her so she would pass off their baby as Gwen and Ethans. Theresa admits that she tried that plan, but Fox wouldnt sleep with her because he didnt want to jeopardize her pregnancy. Whitney asks who the father of the baby is. Theresa whispers, Ethan. Whitney asks if he had extra sperm on deposit at the hospital when Gwens eggs were fertilized. Theresa says no, that Ethan might have gotten her pregnant the old fashioned way. Whitney doesnt believe it because Ethan is mad at Theresa for getting implanted with Gwens egg; and Theresa is mad at Ethan for helping take away Little Ethan. Whitney asks Theresa if she can hear what she is saying or is the Looney Tune music drowning her out?

Theresa admits to giving Ethan a date rape drug and tricking him to think that she was Gwen so that he would make love to her. Whitney is appalled and says that Ethan will kill Theresa when he finds out. Theresa tells Whitney she cant tell Ethan. Whitney accused Theresa of raping Ethan. Theresa says it was a seduction. Whitney fires back that it was with the help of an illegal substance. Theresa asks Whitney not to say it like that. Whitney tells Theresa that she could go to prison for stealing and illegal substance and giving it to Ethan without his knowledge. Theresa tells Whitney that she wont go to prison if Whitney doesnt tell anyone. Theresa begs Whitney not to tell because she has done everything to get Little Ethan back. Whitney asks how they became friends because she (Whitney) is a normal person and Theresa is a scheming nutcase. Theresa says she is doing this to get her son back. Whitney tells her that she makes it sound like a movie on Lifetime, but it is not. Whitney asks what her plan is if Ethan didnt get her pregnant. Theresa says she has to be in order for the plan to work. Whitney says just because she got pregnant with Julian with one try, and that the implantation worked on the first try, that doesnt mean that she and Ethan made a baby on the first try. Theresa says that is what she is afraid of, because if she is not, shell lose her son forever. Theresa tells Whitney that she hopes that her hormones are high enough to register that she is pregnant so that Gwen wont be suspicious. Gwen and Ethan come back in with the results of the test. They havent read the results yet, they wanted to be with Theresa when they found out. Ethan opens the envelope and says that the test is positive. Gwen is happy and so is Theresa. Whitney is disgusted.

Gwen and Ethan are waiting downstairs for the test results. Gwen thinks that the result should have been messengered to them already. Ethan tells her to calm down, that the nurse has barely had enough time to get back to the hospital. They will get the results as soon as possible. Gwen says she hates waiting and that she is on pins and needles. She says that on one hand, she want Theresa to not be pregnant because the thought of their flesh and blood growing in Theresa makes her sick; but on the other hand, the thought of being able to hold their baby in her arms, to watch her grow up, get married, learn to walk, ride a bike makes her happy. Gwen says that if Dr. Russell is right, that none of her eggs are viable, then she wants nothing more in this world for Theresa to be pregnant.

In Tabitha scrying bowl are the man and woman in Mexico. Tabitha tells Endora that if they come back to Harmony, things going start to go bad for them (Tabitha and Endora). Tabitha talks about how she couldnt warn them of dire happenings years ago because she would have been outted as a witch. But if they come back, Alistair Crane has more to lose that Tabitha does. Tabitha says she has nothing to fear because Alistair will keep them from returning and will in fact stop them before they make it to the USA.

Alistair is on the speakerphone asking someone if he is absolutely positive that it is them. A man responds that after all these years he is certain. Alistair cant believe they are still together after all these years and damns the couple to hell. The man promises that the couple will get what is coming to them. Alistair says to be quick about it.

The couple looks at the Harmony news paper and talk about how life has gone on without them. The woman says she would not trade one day of her life with the man. But she dreams about Harmony, her children when they were young. The man admits he dreams about Harmony sometimes, too, but they are usually nightmares. He says that it is his guilt that is causing the nightmares. The woman tells the man that he should have told her that he was having nightmares, but he says it would have only caused her to worry over something she didnt have control of. He says he doesnt have them very often, just when hes been reminded of home. Paloma makes him think of her mother. Palomas eyes haunt him sometimes. The woman tells the man that he has such a good heart and that he doesnt deserve to feel that way. She wishes she could take away his guilt, but she cant. He tells her that she is feeling guilty herself. There are too many loved ones that wouldnt understand or forgive them. She says that the only way they could understand is if the loved ones went through the criticism, the put-downs, the threats and abuse to understand. The man tells the woman that she has suffered enough and that her health is starting to get worse. She says they did the only thing they could by running. The man says their loved ones would never understand. Paloma walks in and asks who would never understand. They say her mother wont understand if she wont go back to Harmony for a visit. Paloma says then she and her mother are even because she doesnt understand why Pilar shipped her off to Mexico to live with Aunt Maria. The man tells Paloma that Pilar did what she thought was best. Paloma says then it would be best if Pilar came to see her. The woman asks Paloma to be reasonable, that Pilar cant travel because she is in the hospital and almost died. The man says that is why Paloma should go see her and her brothers and sister. Paloma changes to the subject to school and leaves to get some lunch. The woman says that Paloma is so unhappy because of what they did. The man says that they saved their own lives, but caused so much pain to make their happiness.

Later, the man is looking at the Harmony paper again. The woman comes in and tells him that she is going to spend some time with Paloma and that she will be back. The man prays that he did the right thing and flashes back to a Founders Day dance in the past. The woman is dancing with Alistair and staring over his shoulder at the man, who is dancing with Pilar. The woman tells Alistair that she has to leave because she has a headache. Alistair says she always has a headache these days. She says she cant help that she keeps getting migraines. She says he will see her at home. When she leaves, Pilar tells the man that she could dance with him all night. He says that it is late and they should get back to the children. They leave the dance. Back in the present, the man wonders if it is too late to tell Paloma the truth. The woman come out on the balcony and says that Paloma has gone back to school. The man says he was just thinking about the night they left Harmony. He says he hasnt thought about it for years, but all that has happened recently has forced it back into his mind. The woman flashes back to coming down the stairs at the Crane mansion with a suitcase. There is a knock at the door. When she answers it, the man comes in. He asks if she is ready and grabs her suitcase. She says they have to hurry and leave before Alistair comes back from the dance. The man says he knows that this is hard but they are doing the right thing. They leave and a young Sheridan comes down the stairs asking her mommy where she is going. The woman comes back in and tells Sheridan that she should be in bed. Sheridan asks for the woman to tuck her in. The woman tells that man that she cannot deny her and that she will be right back. The man closes the door and waits. He prays that their children will not suffer because of what they are doing. Just then, the door opens and a little boy says Papa? The man says Luis! The boy tells his father that his mama is looking for him because Paloma is fussy and want the man to sing her an Irish lullaby. The man tells the boy to tell him mother that he is in the middle of fixing something and will be back as soon as he can. Luis asks if he promises. The man hugs Luis and sends him home. He tells the boy to make him proud. The woman comes back down the stairs and they leave. In the present, the woman asks God what she did to her daughter and the man asks what he did to his son. The man tells Katherine that he loves her very much and would hate to see her hurt. She tells Martin that he is hurting too. He says that is the price and that they cannot turn back time. No one can know who they are, especially Paloma. Katherine says that Martin is lucky because he has been able to watch Paloma grow up. She wishes that she could have seen Sheridan grow up, but that she made Julian promise to protect her. Alistairs henchman sees the couple on the balcony.

In the hospital, Pilar is happy to see Antonio. Antonio is saying goodbye because Sheridan insisted. He tells Pilar that they are leaving that morning to go back to St. Lisas. Pilar asks Antonio to reconsider. Antonio tells her that he cant do that because he is tired of Luis always around Sheridan, claiming she loves Luis. Pilar tells Antonio that she knows she has wounded him deeply by supporting Luis over him. Pilar tells Antonio to forget what she wants, what does Sheridan want. Antonio tells her that Sheridan picked him over Luis. And that is why they are leaving, to have peace. Pilar says that she hates that this is coming between him and Luis, and that Sheridan hates it, too. Sheridan has lived most of her life away from the people that love her and that Antonio has been gone for so long, too. She asks that they dont leave again. Antonio says that it is Luiss fault that they are leaving because for him and Sheridan to be happy, they have to get away from him and Harmony. Pilar begs Antonio to not leave her again. Antonio asks her to relax and not get anymore upset that she is. She keeps begging and Antonio leaves. Pilar cries that she doesnt want to lose Antonio again while her Martin is still lost to her.

At the cottage, Sheridan tries to make Luis leave. He tells her that Dr. Ackland confessed everything, but Sheridan shoves him out the door. He shouts through the door that he wants to explain. Sheridan tells Luis to go away. He asks her to hear him out because he has proof. Through the door, Sheridan asks what Dr. Ackland told him and to be specific. He says the doctor told him that Sheridan was having a hard time accepting the loss of the baby and that he would not have admitted her to Psych ward, but Alistair convinced Antonio to have her committed. Alistair threatened Dr. Acklands family to make him give Sheridan drugs and shock therapy to make her forget Luis. Sheridan is shaken by the information, but refuses to believe it. Luis begs her to believe him, that Ackland made her think she loves Antonio when she really loves Luis. Sheridan lets Luis in and asks what she did to her father to make him hate her enough to brainwash her. She thinks it might be because he blames her for her mothers death. Luis says its because it is easier for him to blame Sheridan that to admit that he couldnt save Katherine, even with all his money and power. Admitting it would mean that he was losing the all powerful image Alistair has of himself. Sheridan admits that Alistair is controlling. Luis adds that he is afraid of Sheridan and Luis being together, of exposing the past and the Crane secrets. Alistair has been trying different things to keep them apart, electrocution in the Crane archives, the imposter, blowing up the boat. The only thing he had left was to erase their love from her mind. Sheridan says stuff like that only happens in spy novels. Luis tells Sheridan that she has to believe it, that Ackland confessed and is in the car waiting to tell her everything. Luis knows that it is difficult for her, but in order for her to be happy, she has to understand what a control-freak Alistair is.

Luis drags Sheridan out to his car so that Ackland can tell her everything. Sheridan says that if Ackland says all the things that Luis says he will that it will change everything. They get to the car, but it is empty. Sheridan thinks that Luis is making a last ditch attempt to get her alone while his brother is at the hospital says goodbye to their mother. Luis tries to make Sheridan understand that Ackland was really in the car, but perhaps he got out to stretch his legs. Sheridan tells Luis that Antonio was right, that he would do anything to get back with her. Luis tells Sheridan that Eve told her that Luis had proof. Sheridan says that she believe this is his last ditch attempt to stop her from leaving, but when Antonio gets back from the hospital, they are leaving for St. Lisas. Luis grabs Sheridan and starts to ask her to not leave, but he smells cigar smoke. He finds a butt in the bushes and shows Sheridan that it is Alistairs brand. He says that Alistair must have gotten to Ackland while Luis was in the cottage with Sheridan. Luis begs Sheridan to listen to her heart and know that she loves him as much as he loves her. He begs her not to leave with Antonio. Sheridan tells Luis that she is confused and that she has to leave with Antonio because it is the only way she can keep them apart. Luis tells her that she is leaving, but with him. When she accuses him of kidnapping her, he kisses her and shoves her into his car.

Antonio returns to the cottage and calls out for Sheridan. He tells her that they have to hurry of they want to make their flight. Antonio checks the cottage for Sheridan but cannot find her.

Alistair pushes Ackland into his office, calling him an idiot for admitting to Luis that he brainwashed Sheridan. Ackland tries to cover his butt by saying that Luis told him that Luis knew everything, that he had other proof and threatened to get Ackland medical license revoked. Alistair tell Ackland that Luis was bluffing. Ackland says Luis was very convincing and he knew that Luis had the proof because of an article in the paper. Ackland says Alistair should have warned him to not get duped by Luis. Alistair tells Ackland that he is supposed to be a skilled psychiatrist, but cant tell when a brute that barely finished high school is lying or not. Ackland pops a pill and says he isnt as sharp as he used to be because he is taking anxiety medication. Alistair tells Ackland that he is going to disappear permanently. Alistair gives Ackland an envelope full of money and tells him to disappear permanently. Ackland takes the money and thanks Alistair for not killing him. Alistair tells him that if he sets foot back in Harmony, he will be killed. Alistair pours himself a drink while talking to himself about finding the couple after all these years. He says the lovesick fools though they could hide forever, but he will make them pay for their treachery.

Tabitha tells Endora that Alistair is the only one in Harmony working harder than they are to keep things under control. He is almost as evil as the boys in the basement. Tabitha thinks she should have accepted Alistairs marriage proposal way back when, before he settled on Katherine. Tabitha says that would have been a marriage made in hell!


May 25, 2004
Fox confronts Ethan about his true feelings for Theresa. Whitney grills Theresa about her latest stunt and asks if she wants to get back together with Ethan. Rebecca assures Gwen they will beat Theresa in the end.

A desperate Luis kidnaps Sheridan so she won't leave for St. Lisa's. Antonio is worried when he can't find his wife, while Alistair watches all and fears Sheridan might remember her love for Luis.


May 27, 2004
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Bolstered by her reunion with Sam, Ivy encourages Charity not to give up on her relationship with Miguel. At the same time, Kay and Tabitha do all they can to prevent the young couple from ever being together again.

Luis rents a boat to whisk Sheridan out of town. He hopes if they spend enough time together, she'll finally remember her love for him. Alistair gets Antonio worked up enough to kill his brother.

Theresa is startled by Paloma's reaction when she reaches out to her sister. When Pilar calls Paloma in Mexico, Martin answers the phone! Alistair's assassin prepares to kill Katherine and Martin.


May 27, 2004
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Ethan and Gwen go out to eat and run into Ivy and Sam, who are not only out eating but publicly making out! Ethan interrupts and asks what the meaning of this is? Ivy is embarrassed, and Sam feels like a teenager again. Ethan is glad to see his parents back together and happy. Ethan and Gwen join them for dinner, and they tell them the news that they will be parents. Ivy asks if everything went well with the surrogate? Gwen says not exactly, as usual Theresa derailed their plans. Ivy asks what she did this time? Ethan and Gwen explain the whole story to them. Ivy is furious, and Sam calms her down. Sam says at least something good is coming out of Theresas outrageous behavior this time. Eve and TC are also dining at the restaurant, and TC is very quiet. She asks him if he is okay. TC says how could he not be when he has her. They get ready to head out, and they run into Sam and the others. Sam wanted them to join them and celebrate, but TC says they are getting home. Eve asks Gwen if she is feleing better about the baby? Gwen says shes not happy that Theresa is carrying it, but shes trying to take Ethans advice and dwell on the positive and not the negative. Ivy asks Eve if they could talk about the hospital fundraiser, and she drags Eve off. Ivy demands Eve tell her how she could let Theresa do this? Eve says she didnt do the procedure and didnt know about what Theresa did until later on. Ivy asks how this could happen? Eve asks perhaps the same way in which she switched Grace and Johns DNA test results! Ivy says that was for something good. Eve says what she did was far worse, she did what she did to get her hooks into Sam, which apparently has worked. Ivy says Grace is happy with David, John is happy to have a mother, so she did everyone a favor. Ivy reminds Eve that she could have spilled the beans about her, Julian and their son. Eve warns Ivy if she breathes a word about her and Julian to anyone than she will take her down with her! Eve says that is a promise, and walks off. Ivy goes to follow her, and they both run into Omorosa from the apprentice. They are starstruck by her and ask what she is doing in Harmony. Omorosa says she is here working on a deal with Alistair to head up one of his divisions. Ivy says she would like to give her some advice in dealing with Alistair. Ivy says Alistair wants to bring his corporate benefit plans up to par with other companies, so she should suggest something like free daycare for all employees. Omorosa says shell try that and thanks Ivy. Ivy says Alistair is a real sweetie. Omorosa takes off, and Ivy jokes Omorosa, your fired! Ivy returns to dinner, and Eve and TC head off for home.

TC is reminded about Julian after seeing Ivy. He tells Eve that they were so close to nailing Julian the other night. Suddenly, TC thinks he may still be able to get evidence on Julian. Eve doesnt see how, but TC says he knows where he can get it. TC takes Eve back home and to his shed. He shows her what is inside, his old car. Eve looks at the car and is stunned by the site of the car. TC says this is the car he was driving that night. TC says he could have been somebody if that bastard hadnt ran him off the road. Eve tells TC that he is somebody, he has done so much with his life since then. TC asks what that expression is, those who can do and those who cant coach? TC says he wanted to be a player not a coach. He says he knows Julian was the one who did this to him. Eve looks at the car and has a flashback of herself in a car when she was younger, and the car skidding and crashing. TC asks Eve what is wrong, she looks like she has seen a ghost?

Liz is searching the internet for information on TCs accident. She locates the name of the officer who investigated the accident and decides to contact him. She calls up Harmony PD and learns the detective has retired. She asks how she can get in touch with him because she is his cousin and their aunt has died. They give her an addresss, and she decides to go pay him a visit and see how much he remembers about the accident. Liz shows up at Ronald Cooks house to beg him for help. He says he doesnt have all day. She talks to him about TCs case which he investigated years ago. She says she wants to help her friend, but Cook says he got no where with that case. Cook says someone spent money and time covering up any evidence in this case. Ronald says by time they got to the scene they found no fingerprints, and TC was knocked out and didnt know who was driving the other car. Liz says it would be great if he could solve the case, he could get a book deal out of it. Liz asks if he still has his old notes? He says he does, and he invites her in to search for them. Unfortunately, he tells Liz even if they do find the notes, she cant see them because they are still official police business. Liz says he isnt on the force anymore, and if they could solve this case he could be a hero. He says what the heck, but first they have to find it. He opens a closet door, and files spill out of it! 

At the Bennetts, Charity is looking through a photo album and sees photos of her mom. She says nothing has been the same since her mom died, and she says she has never needed her mom more than she does right now. 

Over at Tabithas, Kay and Tabitha look at Tabithas Evil Faith. Kay calls her creepy and says she looks just like her mom. Tabitha says they were twins. Tabitha says perhaps they should call her Faithless, and Tabitha is proud of conjuring her up. Tabitha tells Faithless that she knows what she is here to do. Kay asks what she is going to do? Tabitha says she will kill Charity! Kay tells Tabitha that she doesnt want Charity to die! Tabitha says she is trying to help her. Kay says if Charity is dead it will tear Miguel to pieces. She says the last thing hell want to do is be with her. She also reminds Tabitha that Timmy loved Charity and he gave his life to save hers. Kay says Charity has Timmys heart in her, so how could she kill her. Tabitha says Timmy isnt here, and he loved her too. She says as long as Charity is alive, she and Endora are at risk. Kay says there are other ways out of this, perhaps they should turn Charity into a nun. Tabitha says she has no influence over people as good as Charity, she only has influence over evil people. Evil Faith, brandishing a cleaver, asks where her daughter is? Kay says she cant kill Charity. Faithless says they wont get caught, the cops will think it is a serial killer like that blond shrink in Salem. Kay asks Tabitha to stop this, she doesnt want Charity dead, she just wants to be rid of her. Tabitha tells Faithless that Kay may not be wrong this time, but Faithless says this wont be any fun. Tabitha says it could be fun, and she tells Faithless to haunt Charity into going far far away. Faithless says that could be amusing, and she heads off.

Back at the Bennetts, Charity has fallen asleep on the couch, and she dreams about the fire that killed her mom. Faithless shows up and tells Charity that she is here. Charity thinks it is her Aunt Grace, but she says it is her mother. Charity says this isnt happening, but Faithless says she came because she heard her calling. Faithless tells Charity to go to their old homestead. Charity says there is nothing there, but Faithless says shell understand when she gets there. Faithless disappears, and Charity takes off for her old home. 

Back over at Tabithas, Tabitha and Kay watch what is going on in her bowl. Faithless shows up, and Tabitha realizes Faithless is the perfect lure to get Charity what they want her to do. 

At the docks, Antonio, holding a gun, is on a boat. He says nobody steals his wife and gets away with it. Hank shows up and tries to stop Antonio from going off half-cocked after Luis. Antonio says he is going after his wife and his brother. Hank says hes going with him then to make sure nobody will get hurt. Antonio tells himself that it is too late for that, if he finds Luis with his wife than Luis is a dead man. They head out to sea and begin searching. Antonio spots something. They land on the island and Antonio begins calling out to Sheridan. He searches the boat Luis took, but they arent in it. Antonio wonders where Luis took his wife. Hank says he doesnt know, but this doesnt look like the boat they were on. Antonio says he bets Luis planted this as a decoy boat! Antonio says he wont give up trying to find Luis and his wife. They get back in their boat, and Antonio refuses to give up and stop searching. He says he will find Sheridan and teach Luis a lesson he wont forget. 

On the island, Luis unloads a boatload of stuff, pun intended. Sheridan asks how much did he bring, how long does he intend to keep her here? Luis says as long as it takes for her to remember her feelings for him. Sheridan says he has lost his mind, you cant force someone into loving you by kidnapping them. Luis says she knows hed never hurt her. Sheridan says she doesnt know what she knows about him anymore, but loving him is the furthest thing from her mind. She says she wants to go home to her husband. Luis tells her to relax, hell take her back as soon as she remembers that she loves him. Sheridan says this wont work, Antonio is probably looking for them right now, and when he finds him he will kill him! Luis says he is willing to risk anything to make sure they get back together. Sheridan tells Luis that he is selfish. Luis says no, he is a man in love and he loves her more than anything else in this world. Sheridan says he is arrogant to. Luis says he is stubborn too. Luis says Ackland told him that if they spent time together than shed remember him, so he is just following the doctors advice. Sheridan says he is impossible and how she ever got involved with him in the first place shell never know. Luis sets up some sleeping bags for them, and he asks Sheridan if she is hungry? Sheridan says she is starving and asks what he has. Luis puts together a fishing pole and says nothing yet, so wish him luck. Luis later returns with a fish and cooks it. Sheridan is reluctant to eat, but eventually does. She says it could use a little seasoning. Luis says that is the girl he fell in love with, and he remembers the scrambled eggs she made for him. Sheridan says that was in the past, things change. Luis some things do and some things dont. Luis excuses himself, but says hell be right back. Luis returns with his wallet which has photos of them together. Sheridan says this isnt going to work, he cant force her to remind how much in love they were. Luis says no, he wants to remind her how much they hated each other. Sheridan laughs as she remembers those times. They also talk about the boat explosion and how they both wouldnt give up on the other. Sheridan grows uncomfortable and says she doesnt want to talk about this anymore. Luis says suit herself, there is something else he wants to do while they are here. Luis grabs a bag and says he wont be long. She asks where he is going? Luis says hes going diving for buried treasure. She says excuse me? Luis says there is a story about a pirate whose boat went down somewhere around here. Luis says when he was a kid he used to snorkel for treasure, but he never found anything. He says with her here, he may get lucky. Sheridan says it could be dangerous. Luis says hes not scared, and he asks if she wants to come. She says shed rather sit here and eat worms. Luis walks off, and Sheridan looks at the fire. When she sees rustling in the bushes, she runs after Luis and says shes coming with him. Sheridan and Luis go swimming and diving. We see them searching underwater for buried treasure. As they search, they share a passionate kiss underwater! Later, and they are swimming, Luis foot gets caught on a beam, and another beam falls on top of him and pins him down! Luis is knocked unconscious!


May 28 2004
Charity heads to her old homestead after Evil Faith appears and convinces her to go there. Tabitha, Kay and Evil Faith watch Charity leave in Tabithas magic bowl. Tabitha laughs that their plan has worked, and Evil Faith continues to plan to kill Charity. Kay asks if there isnt anything else they can aside from killing Charity? Tabitha says they have tried everything else and nothing has worked to tear Miguel and Charity apart. She says even the deal with death isnt working as Father Lonigan told her that was a bogus deal! Tabitha says if Charity and Miguel get together than she and Endora will be destroyed, and she doesnt think Timmy would want that. She says Timmy always talked about forgiveness, so she thinks he will forgive her.  Tabitha is about to zap Evil Faith over to Castleton to deal with Charity, but Kay says she has another idea. Kay says what if Evil Faith was to use the fire and the old home ruins to convince Charity to stay away from Miguel. Kay says Charity would never be able to refuse her mother, and if it worked then the last remaining part of Timmy could continue to live on. Tabitha says she may have a point, and if her plan works than Timmys heart will live on. Kay says her plan will work, and it is better than killing Charity. Tabitha decides to give it a try, and she gives Evil Faith new orders. She tells her to be nice to Charity, really really nice. Evil Faith makes a face and obviously doesnt like this new plan. She says she was conjured up to murder Charity, not mother her! Tabitha explains the new plan to her, and as she does, the magic bowl bubbles. Kay looks into it and sees Charity is at the old house. Tabitha tells Evil Faith that it is time for her to be nice. Evil Faith attempts to smile, and Tabitha helps her with her facial expression. She them zaps her over to Castleton.

Up at the old burned down house, Charity looks through the remains and finds one of her moms angle statues. She remembers how her mom was missing one the night they were scheduled to move. Charity says she misses her mom so much, and she wishes her moms angle could have protected her mom that night. Charity calls out to her mom and asks if there is something she wants her to do? Evil Faith appears and says there is something she wants her to do. Faith appears in a ray of light, and some heavenly music plays. Charity cant believe her mom is here, and they hug. Kay, watching from Tabithas bowl, thinks her plan is going as planned. Tabitha is just worried that her Evil Faith may not be able to pull of the kindness routine. Charity asks her mom why she came back to see her? Faith says she is worried about her and the direction she is headed. Charity says if this is about Reese dont worry, they didnt sleep together, they just made out. Faith says this is about Miguel. She says it is wrong for her to be with Miguel, if she doesnt stay away from him than lives will be destroyed! Charity asks why? Evil Faith says her being with him will cause pain and suffering. Charity asks why? Evil Faith says what is this, twenty questions? Charitys doubts push Evil Faith to the edge and she almost loses it. Evil Faith regains her nice composure and tells Charity that her love with Miguel can never be so she has to put him out of her heart. Charity tells her mom that she has tried to stay away from him, but their love keeps bringing them back together. Evil Faith says she is weak and needs to be stronger. Charity says its not fair that she has to give up her man. Evil Faith says fair, fair? She is dead, she burned to a crisp while Charity got her beauty sleep, is that fair? Tabitha begins to worry as Evil Faith begins to lose it all. Charity tells her mom that this isnt like her, she usually doesn't get so angry. Evil Faith says being dead changes a person. Faith says she came back to warn her, but shes not listening. Evil Faith says Miguel had a baby with her cousin, so he has a responsibility to Kay and cant fulfill that when he is with her. Charity says he can still be a wonderful father and still be with her. Faith says she is wrong, she is selfish and she is wrong! Charity says she is not being selfish. Charity says she loves him and is not giving him up. Evil Faith loses it, grabs Charity and tells her to give up Miguel or there will be hell to pay! Tabitha tells Kay so much for plan b!

At Detective Cooks house, Liz and the detective continue searching for his old notes about TCs accident. Liz says once they find the notes, Eves life will be ruined! When the detective finds the right notebook he is stunned to find that someone ripped the pages out, someone stole the notes! He wonders who would do such a thing? Liz says it was the Cranes! The detective says she didnt tell him the Cranes were involved. Liz says she thought he knew that. He says he suspected it, but he cant risk his pension by going up against the Cranes. He tells Liz to go and just leave him alone! The detective kicks Liz out, and she is furious that once again she has failed to nail Eve. 

In TCs shed, Eve is stunned by the site of TCs car. TC knows the driver who ruined his career and led to his fathers early death was Julian. Eve remembers the night of the accident, and it was her that was behind the wheel. Eve tells herself that Julian wasnt driving the car that night, she was! Eve and Julian were both in the car, and they were both high on something. Eve was in her trashy singer outfit, and she remembered laughing and not paying attention to the road. She kept telling Julian that she wanted more. That was when she ended up plowing into TCs car. Eve begins sobbing and cries out I remember, oh God I remember! Eve says she was driving Julians car that night. Eve remembers more, and she remembers the two of them coming too after the accident. Eve was groggy and asked if she hit the other car? Julian told her not to worry about it, but Eve, in a drugged out state, says she hurt that guy. We see Julian look over and see it was TC Russell who Eve plowed into. Eve eventually passed out, and Julian drove the car away from the scene of the accident. Eve cries and says she is the one responsible for ruining TCs life! Eve also remembers waking up in bed with Julian next to her. She remembers that he told her she had a bit too much to drink tonight. She swore there was a car accident, but Julian told her it was just a nightmare. Julian told her to go back to sleep, and said that TC means nothing to her and shed never see him again. TC returns to the shed from wherever he left to. He asks Eve why she is shaking, why she is so upset. Eve tells him that she has hurt him, she has made him suffer. Liz walks in at this point listens in. She says finally, the truth will come out, and Eve will be ruined!

Antonio and Hank continue searching for Luis and Sheridan, and Antonio continues wining about Luis stealing Sheridan. Hank stick up for them and says Luis and Sheridan have a bond that no one can break. Antonio says he has a bond with Sheridan too, they are married, and it will be a cold day in hell before he ever lets Luis be with Sheridan. Antonio refuses to give up looking for Sheridan, and he says he can feel she is close by. Antonio sees something in t he distance, and Hank shines a light. Antonio sees an island and he thinks Sheridan could be on it. Antonio says he has to find Sheridan, he has to get her away from Luis.

On the island, Luis and Sheridan are enjoying a swim, but Luis ends up pinned underwater when a beam falls on him! Sheridan swims to shore and wonders where Luis is. She begins to feel something for Luis, and she wonders if Dr. Ackland really did brain wash her into loving Antonio. She says she wish she knew, and poor Luis is just dying for her to remember. Back in the ocean, Luis remains pinned and unconscious! Back on t he beach, Sheridan begins to worry something has happened to Luis and that he is still out in the water somewhere. Sheridan dives back into the ocean and begins searching for Luis, who she eventually finds. Sheridan hopes she isnt too late, and rushes to save Luis. Sheridan drags him to shore and begins performing CPR on him. He doesnt respond, but she refuses to give up. She tells him that he cant die! Sheridan says she has lost him in other lifetimes, she wont lose him in this one. Luis finally spits up some water, and Sheridan is relieved that he is okay. Sheridan holds Luis in her arms. He is weak, and she kisses him on his forehead. She says they have to get him to a doctor, but he says he feels fine. IT is obvious Luis is not fine. Sheridan sees a search light out in the water and thinks they can help. Antonio calls out to Sheridan on a megaphone, and Sheridan hears him calling. Sheridan says he can get them to a doctor, but Luis says he just needs her. Sheridan tries to figure out what to do, whether to answer Antonio or not.

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