November 1, 2004

Whitney and Fox are sleeping, and Whitney has a nightmare that she is in the hospital in labor. Ivy walks in and says the blood test on her devil spawn is back and Fox is not the father! Ivy holds up the paper that says Chads the daddy! Fox asks Whitney how she could do this to him? She says she can explain. Ivy says she tries to pass her baby off as Foxs, that is why she rushed into a relationship with him. Fox tells her that she lied to him, it was all lies. Whitney says she does love him, and that her feelings for him are real. Ivy says more lies, and tells Fox not to listen to her anymore. Whitney says she never meant to hurt him and that she really does love him. She begs her darling to forgive her. He says never call him darling again! He says he opened up his heart to her and she stabbed him, he will never love again, so she should go find another sucker. Whitney says the baby is coming and someone should get her help. Ivy suggests she call her brother the father, or her mother Dr. Love as she is just like her! Whitney wakes up from her dream and sees Fox is sleeping by her. She hopes Fox will be able to forgive her for lying to him, and she hopes he never finds out. Whitney begins to wonder if she really is just as bad as her mother. Fox wakes up and asks what she was saying? Whitney says she didnt know he was awake. He says she was in his dreams, and they made love in the moonlight for hours. She says that wasnt a dream, that was last night. He kisses her and says good morning. She says it is afternoon. He says oh, and he wishes he could wake up next to her every day. He says he loves her, and she says she really loves him too. HE says he knows, and he says he never knew love until she opened his heart. He says now he sounds like some dumbo, but she says she likes hearing things like that. Fox says it doesnt go with the Crane image, but perhaps being thrown out has done him some good. He says love brings other feelings with it, like trust. Fox says he was raised never to trust anyone, but he trusts her more than he trusts anyone. He suggests hey pick up where they left off, but Whitney says there is no moonlight left. Fox says maybe they can turn it back on, and they begin making love again.

Meanwhile, Ivy is in the kitchen working on laundry and watching her crazy soap. Fox and Whitney come in, and Fox goes to dig into the candy bowl. She says keep his fingers out because shes making lunch and hell ruin his appetite. Fox says she means she ordered take out right? Ivy says no, she has discovered Campbells soup, it is fabulous on a cold day like today (product promotion!) He wonders if she is a Stepford wife, but she says this is the new her and she loves it. She says she never thought domestic work could be so much fun. Whitney says she never thought of housework as being fun. Ivy says it is when youre doing it with someone you love. She says she is finally a part of Sams life, and now that Fox is here they can finally be a real family. She says she wants to do all the things a normal mom does. Fox says as long as she is okay with starting from square one. Ivy says shes okay with t hat. She says she has even been watching Martha Stewart reruns and has learned many things from her. She tells them to get some coffee and shell make them soup and sandwiches. Fox cant believe this is his mother, and he cant believe what love can do to a person. Whitney says love can make you do things completely alien to ones own nature. Whitney says it is odd to see Ivy running around her when this was Graces base of operations. She says Grace was always in her canning something. Fox adds in or making those disgusting tomato soup cakes. Whitney says she liked them. She says she just thought Sam and Grace would be together forever. She thinks about her own parents, and how nothing lasts forever. She says she thought she and Chad would be together forever too. Fox tells her not to worry because they have a fresh start and will be together forever. He says nothing will come between them. Later they eat Ivys lunch, and Fox says he is stunned, this is better than anything hes had at the country club. She says she can make him more, but he says no because it is candy time! Ivy begins reminiscing about all her previous cooking disasters. She says she learned to stick to what she knew and test and test again. Whitney ends up leaving to change, and Fox tells her to hurry back. Ivy talks to Fox about his love for Whitney. Fox says he does, and hes not sorry she and Chad broke up. He says he guesses that is the Crane in him. He says he has Whitney now and wont let her go. However, he does say he wished Chad and Whitneys breakup happened another way. He just hopes Eve has no more secrets to reveal. Ivy talks about how close he and Whitney are getting, and she knows it is too late for the birds and the bees talk. She says she hopes they are having safe sex. Fox says they are being careful as neither one of them want a baby right now. Meanwhile, Whitney begins to think about how Ivy talked about testing again and again, and begins to wonder if maybe she made a mistake and she isnt pregnant. She takes another test and sees that it wasnt a mistake and she is pregnant. Whitney goes back downstairs, and Fox tells Whitney she missed the show, his mom tried to give him the talk about the birds and the bees! He says she wanted to make sure they were being safe because she feels they arent ready to have a family. He says he told her not to worry because the last thing they need right now is a baby and they used protection. Whitney says they didnt that first time, and Fox says theyd have to be pretty unlucky to get pregnant their first time out. Whitney says it can happen, and Fox says only in the movies.

At the hospital, Ethan asks Theresa what in the hell is wrong with her? She begs Ethan to wait and hear her out. He says he heard every word, how can she do this to him? He says she has conned them, they thought she was taking a huge sacrifice but she is just scheming to save her own baby. He asks what is wrong with her and who made her God? He asks Eve how she can be a party to this? Eve says he doesnt like it, but Theresa is her patient and she needs to respect her wishes. Eve leaves them to discuss this in private. Ethan asks her what is going on in her brain. He says she has had a lot of sick schemes, but this one is evil. Theresa says he and Gwen begged her to have this procedure, so dont blame this on her. She says she went against everything she was taught in order to save one of the babies. Ethan tells her not to turn this around, she is picking one baby over another. Theresa says yes she is, because if she is going to save one of these babies than she is going to save the one that is hers! She says her baby will be the one that lives, and it isnt just hers it is both of theirs. He asks her to leave this in Gods hands, but she says God is no longer a part of this. She says they took this out of Gods hands when they decided to choose one baby over the other, so why isnt it okay to choose which one lives and which one dies. She tells Ethan that she doesnt like this and she has been in hell ever since the news from Dr. Russell. She says she has no choice here if one of the babies is hers, and if shes damned to hell for it than so be it! She asks Ethan what he is so afraid of, is he afraid if he and Gwen dont have a baby that theyll have nothing to hold onto? Is he scared if they have a baby that hell leave Gwen for her? He tells her not to be ridiculous. Theresa says he just told her that they could have been together if it werent for Gwen getting pregnant. She says they could be happy together. Ethan says he wont let her do this, if she does he wont be able to live with himself. Eve comes in and says they can do the DNA test now. Ethan begs Eve not to let her do this, and to please dont do the test. Theresa says she wants the test done. Ethan says he will stop this procedure, so Theresa asks what he will tell Gwen? She says hell obviously have to tell her why the test is being done and why he was stopping it. She says wont it be something if both babies turned out to be his and Gwens, then Ethan would have revealed the truth for nothing. Ethan agrees to let the DNA test be done, and he just hopes they are both his and Gwens. Theresa tells herself that one will be hers, she knows it.

In his office, Alistair works to try and stop the hacker from downloading the files. The woman asks who could be doing this? Alistair says Luis of course. Alistair says if he gets the files than he will be ruined! Alistair stops Luis download and then begins to delete the files to keep Luis from trying again. However, Luis begins downloading the files again and realizes Luis has beaten them to it and blocked him from the files! Alistair says he wont be beaten, and works to delete the files.

At Hanks place, Luis hacks into the files from Crane Industries and says there is nothing to stop them now. The screen says Complete Match Found and begins downloading a file. Luis says theyll know who the Wheelers are in minutes. Sam starts feeling guilty about what they are doing because this is illegal. Luis says he cares for the Wheelers, but something is wrong here. Sam says the social security numbers are obviously forgeries, and there are no birth certificates on them. Luis says as soon as they know who they are, they will uncover their secrets. Luis says if Alistair is involved than they will be uncovering a crime. Luis says the download is almost done, when suddenly the download is canceled! Luis thinks this is Alistairs doing, and he says he wont let Alistair stop him. Sam asks how, Alistair will delete the files before he can get back into the system. Luis says not if he is faster than Alistair is. Sam says they finally have a chance to beat the old bastard. Luis manages to block Alistairs access to the files and downloads them again. Suddenly, Luis says the files are gone, Alistair deleted them all. Luis loses his temper, and then gets a phone call from a gloating Alistair. Alistair says he thought he could sneak into his system and steal form him? Alistair says he takes after his old man, he was a thief too! As they argue, Sam goes to work on the computer. Alistair says he has lost. Sam tells Luis to keep Alistair distracted, he thinks the files may still be on the computer and he just needs time to get to them. Luis stalls for time to keep Alistair from getting back on his computer. Sam manages to get a match, and finds the identity of who Mr. Wheeler is. Sam is stunned by what he sees on the screen. Luis asks if he got the files, and Sam says yes. He says there was no match for Mrs. Wheeler, and he ran Mr. Wheelers prints. Sam tries to keep him away from the computer, but Luis demands to see the screen. He is stunned to learn Mr. Wheeler is his father!


November 2, 2004
At the hospital, Gwen talks with Rebecca about how agonizing this is, but it will be worth it to hold a baby in her arms. Rebecca says as long as Theresa keeps her word. Gwen tells her mom that she wishes she would stop making her feel worse about things. Rebecca tells Gwen that she doesnt want her to let her guard down, Theresa has proven time and time again that she will do whatever it takes to achieve her own ends. Gwen says she just has to trust that Theresa will deliver them a healthy baby. Ethan returns and Gwen asks if the procedure has started? Ethan says no, Eve has to run a few more tests. Gwen asks what all these tests are for? Ethan says hes sure it is just a precaution. Gwen says she is a nervous wreck and just wants this over so they can have a baby. Rebecca tries to start in again, but Gwen ignores her and says she just wants to focus on their future and the rest of their lives. Ethan says he does too. Rebecca asks Ethan why he looks so sad then? He says he takes no joy in the decision Theresa had to make. Gwen keeps the two of them from fighting, but then begins arguing with Ethan over the baby. Gwen says she will be happy only when Theresa gives birth to their child. Rebecca just hopes Theresa isnt up to her old tricks. Rebecca says she doesnt like that they are having these tests done. Ethan asks her to stop upsetting Gwen, and he says perhaps they are just trying to figure out they are saving the right one. Gwen asks what he means the right one? He says he meant they have to determine which baby has the best chance to survive. Rebecca continues to go on with her suspicions, and Gwen tells her to zip it. She says she just has to trust that Theresa will do the right thing, that she and Ethan will finally have their own baby. Rebecca tells herself if Theresa doesnt do the right thing than shell answer to her!

Eve prepares to take DNA samples from Theresa, and she tries to talk Theresa out of this. Theresa says she wants the test done, she has to know who the babies belong to. Eve hopes they are both Gwens so she wont fell like they are playing God. Theresa secretly hopes one of the babies will be hers. Later, Theresa asks how long it will take for the results. Eve says she has put a rush on it. Theresa says she is sorry she disapproves of this. Eve asks how she could not? Theresa asks what she is supposed to do? Eve says it is a horrible decision, and she doesnt envy her. She says she just hopes the tests show they are both Gwen and Ethans so they can make the decision on which one has the best chance. Theresa says if one is hers than she knows what she wants done. Theresa says she doesnt like this, and it goes against all she was taught, but put herself in her shoes. Theresa asks Eve if she thought about terminating Chad when Julian left her? Eve says never! Theresa says now she knows why she has to do to protect her baby. Eve says this is a different situation entirely, she tricked the doctors to implant Gwen and Ethans embryo into her. Theresa says only after they stole her baby. A nurse shows up with the results, and Theresa asks whose babies is she carrying? Eve says she got her wish, one of the babies is hers. Theresa says she knew it. She asks what about the other baby, and Eve says it must be Gwens. Theresa says she is glad to be carrying Ethans baby, and she says she thinks everything happens for a reason. Eve asks if she is doing this out of hope of getting back together with Ethan? Theresa says she never stopped loving him. Eve says he is a happily married man! Theresa says they all know he is married, but what happens after she has this baby is up to Ethan. Eve tells Theresa that she is so disappointed in her, what happened to Pilars sweet little girl and her daughters best friend. Eve asks what turned her into such a scheming and devious woman. Theresa says life happened to her, she grew up, she fell in love, and a pregnant Gwen stole her man and the life that was supposed to be hers. Eve says Gwen wouldnt see it that way. Theresa says she sure she doesnt, but why is she the monster for wanting to have Ethans baby. Eve says she just wants to understand her motives. Theresa says shed make the same choice if she was in the same position. Eve says she wouldnt make the decision and she couldnt. Theresa says shed rather give birth to both babies, but she cant. She says too much has been stolen from her. Eve asks what shes going to do in the end when she has this baby, is she going to hand her baby over to Gwen and Ethan? Has she thought about what to do after the baby is born? Theresa says she has made up her mind and wants her baby to be saved. Eve says fine, but if the truth comes out than there will be hell to pay. 

At Hanks, Luis refuses to believe this and thinks Alistair tampered with the files to make him believe Mr. Wheeler was his father. Sam asks when he would have the time to do that? Luis says he doesnt know how, but he did it. Luis says Wheeler looks nothing like his father, and besides his mother would have known he was her husband. Sam says Pilar did sense something about him that reminded him of Martin, and plastic surgery could have changed his face. Luis smashes the laptop and says there is no way Wheeler is his father! Luis quickly apologizes and says just the thought that Mr. Wheeler could be his father . . . he says there is just no way. He says he would know if Wheeler was his own man. Sam asks if he would? Sam says even with enough plastic surgery? Sam says he was only a kid when his dad disappeared. Sam says what is Wheeler knew his father was alive because he is his father. Luis says no way, his dad is a dead beat and wouldnt have the nerve to show his face here. Sam says what if he couldnt take the running, what if he missed them and wanted to see them again. Luis says right, and he brought his new wife with him? Luis says he doesnt believe his father is smart enough or stupid enough to come back and parade his new wife around. Sam says he just doesnt understand how the files matched. Luis says if it turns out Mr. Wheeler is his father than he will kill him with his bare hands. Sam says the Crane files confirmed the match, and there have been other coincidence. Luis says he knows all about them, such as the Wheelers happened to be living in his Aunts Inn, how they used to live in Harmony, how they know so much about his father. He just hopes they are only coincidences, but he will pursue this. Luis also says they cant tell this to Pilar cause it could kill her. Luis says he has spent his whole life wishing his father would come home, and if it turns out that Mr. Wheeler is his father than he wishes he never laid eyes on the bastard. 

At the Crane mansion, Pilar runs out of the Crane mansion into the gardens, and Sheridan follows. Paloma wonders what is going on, and Martin and Katherine worry that Pilar knows. Paloma decides to go talk to her mother, and heads out. Katherine tells Martin that no matter what Paloma says, she cares about her mother. Martin still feels Pilar has figured it out, and could tell Paloma. Martin prays to God he is wrong because the truth could kill her.

Outside, Sheridan asks Pilar what is wrong, why did she says No it cant be when she looked at Mr Wheeler? Pilar says she will tell her. She says as she was inside talking about her husband she was overcome with the sensation that her husband was there with her. Pilar says Mr. Wheeler is not who he says he is, he is her husband Maritn! Pilar says it isnt like her to let her imagination run wild, and perhaps shes spent too much time with Theresa. Sheridan tells her not to disregard her instincts. Pilar says he doesnt look like her husband, but it is just the way he looks at her and listens. She says she is being silly, and he isnt her husband because why wouldnt he tell her the truth if he was her husband. Pilar says unless he met someone else and fell in love with them. Sheridan says that doesnt sound the Martin she has talked about, that Martin would never abandon his own family for no good reason and then go start a new life. Pilar says no he wouldnt, and it is just wishful thinking on her part. She says she still hopes and prays Martin will come to her soon. Pilar talks to Sheridan about how hard it was for her when Martin left, and how lonely she was. Sheridan says she is a beautiful woman and didnt have to be alone. Pilar says there were men sweet on her, but she only loved Martin. Sheridan says he was gone though. Pilar says it didnt matter, in her heart she knew he would come back to her. Sheridan asks what she thinks happened to him? Pilar says she thought for years a force or her father forced Martin to leave. However, she says that if she is wrong than it would mean her husband trampled all over the love they had. She also says she is afraid Luis would kill Mr. Wheeler if he turned out to be his father. Pilar says Luis was so young when his father left, and he took it as his responsibility to take care of the family. Sheridan asks if that is why he didnt go to college and broke up with Beth? Pilar says yes, and he still felt he didnt do enough. Sheridan says she understands why they both would have such a strong reaction to Mr. Wheeler being Martin. She says shed have the same reaction if her mother came back. Pilar says her mother is dead, and she knew her mother very well and she adored her. Pilar says what happened was nothing more than her mind playing tricks on her, she has just been missing her husband too much lately. Paloma shows up to check on Pilar, and Pilar insists she is fine. Pilar says they should go back inside.

Back at the mansion, Katherine tells Martin it isnt like he left Pilar because he didnt love her. Martin says he loves her too. Katherine says she knows, but that doesnt make it any easier. Martin begins thinking about the past with Pilar, and he says Pilar can never know what he did because it would kill her, so they must leave now and never come back. Paloma, Sheridan and Pilar return, and Pilar insists they are okay. Martin is glad, and he says he is afraid he and his wife have to leave now. Pilar thanks them for looking after her daughter for so many years, and Paloma gives them a hug and says she will miss them. Sheridan calls Luis and tells him that the Wheelers are about to leave, so he might want to come say goodbye. Luis tells her not to let them leave, hell be right over! He then hangs up on her.


November 3, 2004
The first 20 minutes or so were cut off due to Presidential news.

At Hanks place, Sam asks Luis to stop saying hes going to kill his father. Sam says that could be what Alistair wants, he could be manipulating this whole situation to send Luis to jail. Sam says that will devastate Sheridan and just make Alistairs goal of breaking them up a reality. Sam suggests they go talk to Mr. Wheeler and let him explain. Luis says he better have the right answers or he is finished! 

At the Crane mansion, Martin tells Pilar that she is right, if her husband could be with her now that he is sure he would be. Pilar says if Alistair had something to do with her husbands disappearance than maybe her Martin is lost to her forever. Pilar says perhaps she should accept that Martin is gone and is not coming back. Martin says that is probably for the best. Pilar decides to go see Theresa at the hospital. Martin says theyd go with her to say goodbye, but Sheridan promised Luis that theyd wait for him here. Sheridan walks Pilar out, and Martin tells Katherine hes going to go finalize their arrangements to leave. Katherine decides to take one final walk around the estate and remember the happy times she spent here with Sheridan and Julian. Martin makes some calls, and Luis and Sam show up. Sam tells Luis not to do anything stupid and play into Alistairs hands. Luis says he just wants to know the truth. Luis confronts Martin and says they need to talk about his father. Luis closes and locks the door, and Martin asks why he did that. Luis says he doesnt want anyone to bother them. Luis begins talking about how hes been thinking about his father a lot, and how he could have left them all behind. Martin says he feels bad for him, for Pilar, for his whole family. Luis wonders if he really does, and Martin says he really does. Luis says he remembers it like it was yesterday, one minute he had a dad and the next minute he was head of the household. Luis says soon after his father disappeared, so did his brother. Luis says he had to grow up real fast, but he rose to the occasion. Luis says not a day went by that he didnt think about his father and where he was. Luis says while other kids were worried about who to take to the dance, he was worried about the mortgage. He also says his mom used to cry herself to sleep. He also says he often found his mom crying in the kitchen, and even after all the years his father was gone, she always believed he left for a reason. Luis says for a long time he believed that too, but then he started to get angry. Luis says even if Alistair forced his dad to leave, why didnt he at least contact them. Luis says they got nothing, his father abandoned them! Martin says what if he couldnt have contact them? Luis says he doesnt by that, and he asks Mr. Wheeler why a man would abandon his family like that. Martin says he cant say. Luis says he didnt think so, but he thinks he can give him an answer to another question. Luis asks him if he is his father! 

Katherine finds Sheridan at the Crane mausoleum. Katherine hears her talking about how much she misses her mother, and how hard it is to say goodbye to Mrs. Wheeler because its like losing her all over again. Sheridan turns around and asks Mrs. Wheeler if she came to say goodbye to her mother? Katherine says she was thinking of her. Sheridan asks MRs. Wheeler to tell her a little more about her mother before she leaves. Katherine says she cant, all she needs to know that her mother loved her and Julian very much, and leaving them was heart wrenching for her. Sheridan says losing her mother was the worst thing to happen to her, even Luis cant fill that void in her heart. Sheridan says that is why she feels so connected to Pilar, they both lost someone irreplaceable. Sheridan says it seems Pilar has finally accepted that Martin isnt coming back. Katherine says she got that feeling to. Sheridan says at least she knows her mother didnt abandon her and Julian, she didnt have a choice because she died

At the Russells, TC holds the divorce papers in his hand and asks Liz why she feels the need to go on attacking Eve, she has lost. Liz asks TC if he is forgetting what she did? TC says at some point the pain must stop, the war has to end. TC says he realizes now that if he had behaved differently towards Eve, that things may have gone differently. Liz asks if he is falling back in love with Eve? TC says all hes saying is this whole thing is one horrible mess and it isnt all her fault. Liz tells TC that if he is still in love with Eve than to call her and tell her to come home. She asks what he is waiting for, if he isnt still in love with her than end his marriage and move on with his life. She suggests he not hold onto something that is beyond repair, to make a clean break and let go of this painful chapter of your life come to a close. He says he doesnt know, maybe. Liz says Eve left him and went straight to Julians bed, and shes not coming back. Liz says even if she did want to come back, the girls wouldnt stand for it. Liz tells him to consider what is best for his daughters and gett that drug addicted slut out of his life forever. TC decides to go to the hospital to see Eve, and Liz follows. 

At the hospital, Julian comforts Eve and says he is here for her. She says she doesnt know what shed do without him and his support. Julian also knows she misses TC. She says she misses the life they had, the family they had. Julian asks if she would go back to TC? She says it isnt up to her, and she doubts TC would ever want her back. Eves phone ring, and when she answers it she says its you! It turns out it is the travel agent calling about Eve and TCs yearly vacation they normally take. Later, TC and Liz show up, and TC says he has come to see her. She asks what he has come to see her about? Liz says TC has something for her, and to let her have it! 

Pilar arrives and runs into Gwen and Rebecca at the hospital. Pilar asks how Theresa is doing, and Gwen says Ethan went to check on her, and she hasnt heard that anything is wrong. Pilar says so she is still going through with it. Gwen says she knows she disagrees, but she just wants to be a mother. Pilar says what Theresa is planning to do is just so wrong. Gwen says she is just so grateful to Theresa for helping her become a mother again. Pilar says she honestly believes they should leave this in Gods hands, and she hopes the scars from this dont affect them all for the rest of their lives.

Theresa asks Ethan if he is saying that he doesnt want her to have the procedure? Ethan says he doesnt want her to let his children die. Theresa says if she doesnt act than both will die, and he says he knows. She asks which baby he wants her to save then? Theresa says he is the father of both babies. He says she is asking him to play god. Theresa says she wants to save her baby, but since both are his than he has to make the decision. She gives him the form and tells him to choose which child to save!


November 4, 2004
At the hospital, Eve asks TC what he has to give her? TC remembers Liz urging him to give Eve the divorce papers and end his marriage. Liz tells TC to go on and tell Eve why he is here. Before he says anything, her phone goes off. It is the travel agent again, and she thinks that is why TC is here, about their trip to the Poconos. TC asks to speak to Eve alone, so Julian drags Liz out of the room. Eve asks if TC here is about the trip they were planning, the one that was supposed to be a second honeymoon. Eve tells TC to take the tickets and go on the trip because he needs to relax, she says he always liked the Poconos. They begin to think about their first trip, and when they went fishing and she wasnt paying attention, had her nose in a book and walked right into the water. They laugh, and Eve says she has so many wonderful memories. TC says he guesses they wont be making any more. Eve says they could if he could forgive her. She says how sorry she is. They begin to argue over the tickets and who should take them. Eve says the trips were more for him, as she just enjoyed seeing him happy. TC thinks what she is saying is that a mere fishing trip cant compare to what Julian can give her. Eve says that is not what she meant. She says shed rather stay in a tent with him than the fanciest hotel in the world. She says she still loves him. Eve says she wants to try and make up for the pain she has caused, she wants to try and be a family again. TC says he doesnt think that will happen anytime soon. She apologizes for putting him in an awkward position. She says shell have the travel agent send him the tickets and he can change the ticket over to Liz. He says no, and she asks if there is something else. Once again, before he can serve her with the papers, she is paged and has to go check on Theresa as they are ready to do her procedure. Eve says shed like to talk later, and he says okay. She says shell be back as soon as she can. 

Outside Eves office, Julian realizes Liz is frightened that TC might get back together with Eve in spite of everything she has done to break them up. Liz says TC is here to deliver divorce papers, but Julian says he didnt have to deliver them by hand. Julian says TC is here because he wanted to see Eve and that is driving her crazy. She says her sister will lose everything. Liz tells Julian to admit that he wants them to divorce so he can have Eve back. Julian says he wants Eve to be happy. Liz says playing the martyr doesnt befit him, and she says she wants to see their marriage destroyed and she wants to see Eve suffer!

Elsewhere, Gwen tells Pilar that she knows she doesnt approve of what Theresa is doing, but the baby that survives will be the most loved baby in the whole world. She says she and Ethan will both be wonderful parents. Gwen says she cannot believe God would want them to let both babies dies, but Pilar says God wants them to follow his commandments and one of them is thou shalt not kill. Rebecca tells Pilar she is so sanctimonious, and she just wants to talk Theresa out of having the procedure to punish Gwen. Pilar says she is not like her, she would not purposely try and hurt Gwen. Pilar says she only wants her daughter to do the right thing. Rebecca says she is a little late and should have taught her that as a child. Pilar says she taught her well, and Rebecca says so you are the one who taught her to lie, manipulate and steal other peoples husbands. Gwen tells her mother to shut up and she apologizes to Pilar. Gwen promises Pilar that she will take care of this baby and love him or her so much. She hugs Pilar, and Pilar knows Gwen will never get the chance given what Theresa is planning. Pilar decides to go check on Theresa, and Gwen asks her not to listen to her mother. Gwen says she wants them to all get along. Pilar says she just hopes when this is over they can all be happy. Pilar leaves, and Gwen chastises her mother for staring trouble. Rebecca says one of these days shell realize she has been right about Theresa, and Theresa is not to be trusted. 

In her room, Theresa asks Ethan which baby he wants to live? He says both, but she says he knows that is impossible. Theresa asks Ethan which one he wants her to save? Ethan says he cant answer her, he cant decide that. Theresa says if he doesnt than she will make the decision. She says if she has to choose shell choose to save their child. She asks if that is what he wants? Ethan says she cant choose her baby over his and Gwens. She says it is our baby. Ethan begs her to leave it up to the doctors, up to nature. Ethan says Eve would pick the baby who would have the least chance for survival. Theresa says she wants him to let the doctors decide the fate of their child? He says yes, but she doesnt understand how he could ask her to do that. Ethan tells her that no matter what happens, she will not raise this baby because she signed papers to give it to him and Gwen. He says wouldnt it be better for her to not know which baby survived? He says he and Gwen will raise this baby, so wouldnt it be easier if she doesnt know. Theresa says she has a chance to protect her child and that is what she will do. Ethan begs her not to do this, he says no matter what happens Gwen will have this baby. Theresa says he is just trying to protect himself, to keep Gwen from finding out they slept together. They argue once again by that night, and how Ethan claims he never would have been with her if he had known. Ethan says this is all irrelevant; they have to make a decision. He continues to ask her to let the doctors choose, but she says she cant take that chance. Ethan says it is the only solution he can come up with. Pilar shows up and asks what is wrong, is everything all right? Ethan says no, nothing is right. He asks Theresa to think about what he has said, and he leaves. Theresa tells her mom about the news, and that she is going to have the procedure. Theresa says Ethan wants the doctors to decide. Pilar asks Theresa if she agrees, or if she will decide?

Sheridan and Katherine are still at the Crane mausoleum. Sheridan talks about how alone and hurt she has been since her mom left. Katherine says she would give anything to take back that pain. Sheridan says it is amazing how painful it all still is, how much her heart still hurts. Sheridan says one day her mom was there, and the next she was gone. Katherine remembers when she said goodbye to her children and left them. Katherine tells Sheridan that it must have been so terrible for her, that her mothers death had to have left a deep emotional scar. Sheridan says shes sorry to dump this on her. Sheridan begs Katherine to tell her one more thing about her mother, but Katherine says she cant. Sheridan says shed appreciate it if she could tell her anything at all. Katherine says just know she loved her, and wherever she is she still loves her and wants her to be happy. Sheridan says she guesses she has to believe that. Later, Sam meets up with them, and she asks Sam why Luis seemed so angry with Mr., Wheeler earlier? Sam says he cant say.

Back at the mansion, Luis asks Martin if he is his father. Martin asks why hed ask him such a thing? Luis tells him to just answer the question, yes or no? Martin says this isnt the time to get into this, so Luis asks why not? He says everyone is upset and on edge because of Alistair. Luis tells him to stop dodging the question. Luis says he has proof, and he can see the truth in his eyes. Luis tells him to admit it. Martin says he isnt admitting to anything and he and Mrs. Wheeler are leaving right now. Luis grabs him and says he isnt leaving until he gets the answer he needs! Luis shows Martin the proof on a computer, the fingerprint match he found. Martin says this is from Alistair, he cant believe it. Luis says he can believe it just from the look on his face, he is his father. Luis says damn you, damn you to hell! Martin continues to try and claim Alistair has made this up, but Luis refuses to believe him. He asks his father how he could break mamas heart, how he could leave them. He says he never wrote, called or sent them money. Luis says he guesses he never loved them or mama. Martin says he did love her, he loved them all. Luis says so he admits he is his father. Martin says yes, he is his father. They both have tears in their eyes, and Luis cant believe this. Martin asks him to give him a chance to explain. When Martin calls him son, Luis says he has no right to call him son. Martin says he never meant to hurt them and he had a good reason for leaving. Luis says there is no reason good enough, and he will pay for what he did. Luis decks Martin, who falls to the floor! Sam, Katherine and Sheridan arrive on the other side of the door and hear the commotion, but its locked. Sam asks Luis to let him in! Luis continues to deck Martin as he tries to stand up. They run around to the patio door, and Sam breaks in and breaks up their fight. Katherine runs to her darling, and Sheridan asks why Luis is fighting with Mr. Wheeler? Luis tells Sheridan he knows their secret, why he didnt want the Wheelers to stick around .Luis reveals Mr. Wheeler is his father! 


November 5, 2004
Whitney and Fox arrive at the hospital to see how Theresa is doing. Fox says this must be tough on Theresa, even though both of the kids are Gwen and Ethans. He also thinks Gwen and Ethan must be devastated at having to sacrifice one baby. They end up going to the nursery and see the babies there. Fox begins thinking about having kids, and what if something ended up wrong with one of his kids like Theresa. Fox asks Whitney what she would do if she was pregnant and found out something was wrong with the baby that would prevent it from living a normal life. He asks if she would keep it? Whitney says she could never give up a baby. Later Fox talks about the two of them having a kid one day when they are married, and she says no. He asks if she doesnt want a kid, but she says they cant get married! He asks what she means, of course they can get married eventually because they love one another. Whitney says sometimes love isnt enough. He asks if this has to do with her parents. She tells him yes, and Grace and Sam. She says if there is no hope for them, there is no hope for anyone. Fox says Sam and Grace broke up because Grace had amnesia and she didnt know she had a husband. Fox says then unless she has a hidden husband or a huge secret, there is no reason they cant get married. Whitney says she doesnt have any. Fox doesnt understand this because he thought they loved one another. Fox says normally when two people love each other they get married. He says he wants to marry her, to have children with her, to grow old together. Whitney tells herself that she cant do this to Fox, she cant trick him into thinking this baby is his. Fox tells her that he wants to be with her forever, he wants to have the perfect loving family with her. She says she cant be what she wants her to be and runs off. 

Ethan tells Gwen and Rebecca that Theresa is going to have the procedure. Rebecca makes a snide comment, and Gwen tells her mother to please start showing compassion because they are losing a child here. Rebecca says yes but she will still be a mother. Gwen is happy about that, but Ethan knows it might not be Gwens baby that is saved. Gwen says part of her wants to jump for joy for their new baby, but she also realizes they will have to have another funeral. She says she doesnt know if she can get through this. Rebecca says she will and she has to, the other baby will be depending on her. Rebecca says she will be a mother, assuming Theresa keeps her word and gives them the baby. Ethan says she will, and to himself he says at least he hops she will. Rebecca says as soon as the procedure is finished, she will go shopping and buy the baby and the babys mother everything they need. Rebecca also says shell get the babys mothers mother a little something. Ethan says the word is grandma! Gwen says one of her babies will be dead, so this isnt a time to celebrate with a shopping trip. She decides to go pray for her baby, and Rebecca tells Ethan that Theresa better keep her word. Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa will do the right thing.

Gwen prays in the hospital chapel and asks the Holy Mother to please welcome the soul of whichever child that dies. She says she knows this goes against the churchs teachings, yet she doesnt believe it is wrong to want to save one of the babies. She says if this is a sin then put it on her and not Theresa. She asks to be given a healthy baby to love with Ethan. Later, Gwen meets back up with her mom. Gwen talks about how if all goes as well shell be a mother soon. Rebecca says yes, if all goes well.

In Theresa's room, Pilar asks Theresa what she is going to do? Theresa says she doesnt know what to do, and Ethan says they should save the baby that has the best chance of surviving. Theresa thinks Ethan wants his baby with Gwen saved in spite of what he says. Pilar says she still intends on keeping that baby. Theresa says she doesnt know what to do, but she has to do what Gwen and Ethan want  (the procedure) or she will be responsible (for both babies dying?). Pilar says she wishes there was something she could do to ease her pain. Theresa says she wishes it didnt have to be like this, and it wasnt supposed to be this way. Theresa recaps how she ended up in this situation. She says only one baby can live, and she doesnt know how to make that decision. Theresa says if she sacrificed her own baby then shed carry that guilt with her. Theresa says if she tells her to take Gwens baby, then shed end her and Ethans last chance of having a baby of their own. Eve returns and says they are about ready for her, and she asks if she still wants them to take Gwens baby? Theresa says she hasnt signed the consent form yet, she doesnt know which baby to save. Eve says she thought she made that decision already. Theresa says she talked to Ethan and now she doesnt know what to do. Eve says this is the reason she didnt want to do the DNA test. Pilar says they should just leave it all in Gods hands. Theresa says no, she wont be responsible for the death of two babies. Eve says shes going to have to decide because time is crucial. Theresa says she knows, but this decision will affect many people. Theresa talks to Eve, and she says she feels bad for Gwen, but she doesnt want to spend the rest of her life knowing she didnt do everything she could to protect her child. She says she doesnt know what to do. Ethan returns later, but Eve suggests they leave Theresa to think about this decision on her own. 

Pilar and Ethan talk outside and Pilar says she is sorry for what is going on. Pilar says she knows everything, and that Theresa is a good girl, but sometimes . . . She says she is sorry for what her has daughter has done. Ethan wishes she would learn not to turn everything into a scheme. They basically recap everything Theresa has done over all the, and Pilar says Ethan needs to take some of the blame for everything that has happened. Ethan knows his part in this all, but he thinks if Theresa hadnt followed them to LA than Gwen wouldn't have lost Sarah. Pilar says Theresa did not follow him, she left to get away from him. Pilar says he should have been honest with Gwen that Theresa was there. Pilar says there is plenty of blame to go around here. Ethan says he knows, and he is sorry Theresa lost Little Ethan. Pilar says he was a part of that too. She says she does not condone what her daughter did, but if he had just given her Little Ethan back than none of this would be happening. Ethan says he feels terrible, and Pilar says she cant blame her daughter because she is just trying to save her child. Ethan says Gwen is doing the same, and they pushed Theresa to have this procedure.

Back in Theresas room, Eve asks if it will be her baby, Gwens, or will she leave it up to the doctors? Theresa signs the form for the procedure, and Eve asks which child they should take? Theresa says she doesnt know. Theresa ends up telling Eve to save the baby that has the best chance, and not to tell her which one they save. Eve gives Theresa a hug and says she knows how hard this is for her, and that she is doing the right thing. Pilar and Ethan return, and Theresa tells them of her decision. Ethan thanks her and says he wont forget this. Gwen then comes in and says she just said a prayer for the baby, and to remember they are doing this to save the life of a baby. Gwen also thanks Theresa for what she is doing, and she says this is the kindest and most selfless thing anyone has done for her. She says there is no way she can repay her for this. Ethan silently hopes the baby that is saved is Gwen's. 

At the mansion, Luis asks his father if he had plastic surgery to hide from them, or so he could pretend he wasnt the same coward who abandoned his wife and children. Sheridan asks what he is saying? Luis says he is saying Mr. Wheeler is his father. Katherine, after hearing Luis proof, says it is a lie, Alistair is lying. She says she is his wife and she knows who he is. Luis says she is not his wife as he is still married, and if she hooked up with him than she is a slut! Martin tells her not to talk like that to Katherine! Sheridan says maybe she didnt know, but Luis says maybe she is the reason his father left. Katherine continues to say the information on the computer is a lie, but Martin tells her there is no use lying anymore. Martin admits that he is Luis father. Luis asks how he could do this, how could he walk out on his family. Martin says he had no choice, there were things going on he didnt know about. He asks his father to tell him then. Tell him how his mothers working her butt of for him and their family drove him to leave them and drove him into the arms of this other woman. Tell him about all the things that were going on that he didnt know about. Luis lashes out at his father and tells him how much he hates him. Luis cant believe his father was going to run out on them again without telling them the truth. Martin says he thought it would be easier. Luis says they never recovered from the first time he left, and hes going to make sure he doesnt recover now. Luis punches Martin and tells Martin to fight him. Martin refuses and says he loves him and doesnt want to hurt him. Luis says it is too late for that. Luis tells him to fight him because hes going to kill him! Luis decks Martin again, sending him flying into a table across the room. Sam ends up grabbing Luis and tells him to stop this! Sheridan tells him that he has to calm down, fighting wont solve anything. Luis says he wants to make his father to feel as much pain as he made them feel. Sheridan tells him to think about Pilar. Luis says he is, because when she finds out what her husband did it will kill her. Martin is on the floor and Katherine is over him, and she says she doesnt feel a pulse. Katherine says Luis has killed his father!

Alistair goes to his office and finds his latest secretary there. Alistair says the Wheelers are leaving, which means his secrets will be protected. Alistair suddenly remembers Martins files are in the Crane Database, so his secretary goes to work destroying them. The woman says she cant get into the system, so Alistair goes to work. Alistair says someone has hacked in and is downloading the files as they speak! 

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