November 8, 2004
At the Crane mansion, Sheridan tells Luis that he must calm down. Luis says he has to make Martin feel as much pain as his father has caused them over the years. Sheridan tells him to think about Pilar. Luis says he is, when his mama finds out the truth it will kill her! Suddenly, Katherine says Martin has no pulse and Luis has killed his father. Sam checks on Martin and finds a heartbeat. Sam says it is slow and erratic, but it is there. Martin has a lot of blood coming out of his head, and Sam and Katherine help him up. Sam has called for an ambulance, but Martin doesnt want to go to the hospital. He says he needs to talk to Luis. Katherine says there will be plenty of time for that. Sheridan tells Luis now is not the time to continue this as he should be checked as well. Luis tells his dad that they arent finished, not by a long shot. 

At the hospital, Whitney has run away from Fox and is having doubts that she can be with Fox because she cant go through with tricking him and making him think this baby is his. Fox finds Whitney and asks what is wrong? He says she can tell him anything no matter what. Whitney tells Fox that she isnt the woman he deserves or wants, but he says she is. Fox says he wants her to be the woman he wakes up to every morning, and he wants her to be the woman who has his children. She says no, she cant be that woman. Before it goes any farther, a nurse recognizes Whitney and informs her what is going on with Theresa and how she will need a friend. 

Theresa is prepared for surgery, and Pilar and Gwen are with her. Ethan tells himself that he prays Gwens baby is the one who that survives. Later, Rebecca shows up and learns what is going on. Rebecca makes a snide remark about Theresa, which upsets Ethan. Ethan says Theresa is sacrificing her child for Gwens! Rebecca asks what he means, both babies are Gwens. Ethan says he just meant while Gwen would be suffering emotional pain of losing a child, Theresa is carrying the babies and will have to endure the emotional and psychical pain of losing them both. Rebecca says she doesnt believe it, he is more concerned about Theresa than his own wife. Ethan says he isnt, and he is behind Gwen 100%. Whitney and Fox show up to give Theresa their best. Theresa hugs Pilar, and Gwen thanks Theresa for doing this. Theresa is then taken to surgery. 

In the procedure room, Dr. Aimes meets with Theresa, and she asks her one final time if she is comfortable with the decision she has made. Theresa says she is, Eve said it was the only way to save one of the babies. The doctor says she is the one person who has to live with the outcome of this procedure, so is she comfortable with the decision she has made? Theresa says yes, and we see her being given anesthesia. As she goes under, she has a dream of Ethan holding a baby, and her being with him Ethan says it is their baby, their beautiful baby. Theresa ends up saying our baby as she goes under. Eve shows up after the procedure and talks to Peggy Aimes. Peggy says it is all done, Theresa will be fine, and it looks like the baby will be okay. Eve just wonders which baby survived.

Ethan sits with Pilar and talks with her. Ethan admits he is praying that Gwens baby is the one that is saved, even if it is wrong. Pilar says that is why this should be left in Gods hands. She wishes her husband was here now because they could use his strength. She says her husband had such an inner decency and such a strong moral code. Two nurses show up and discuss Martins condition, which Pilar overhears. She learns from them that he was in a fight, knocked out, and brought in to be examined. Pilar says she must go check on him and excuses herself.

Elsewhere, Fox tells Whitney that Theresa will be okay, just like they will. Whitney says she doesnt want to talk about this now, but Fox does. Fox says all the couples she keeps citing, her mother and father and Sam and Grace, they all had problems because they had secrets. Fox says they dont have secrets, they have nothing to hide. Later, Whitney talks to Ethan about Theresa. Ethan tells Whitney about the choice Theresa faced, and what she decided. Whitney is suspicious and says she doesnt believe Theresa will go through with it. She says if Theresa sees the opportunity to help fate along, she will take it and save her own child. Later, Ethan and Gwen go to see Theresa. Theresa takes Ethans hand and says the baby is gone.

Martin is brought into the ER and given stitches. The doctor tells Katherine that her husband is okay, and the doctor knows this is the result of a fight. The doctor says they have to file follow-up papers with Sam, and asks if he wants to press charges? Martin says no, he deserved this and much more. Martin talks with Katherine when they are alone, and he tells her how Luis learned the truth and that he couldnt keep the ruse up any longer. Martin says if they dont leave Harmony nowthen the truth about her could be found out. Martin says Sheridan could have the same reaction that Luis did, and he doesnt want her to go through this. Katherine says Sheridan would hate her for what she did to her. Martin says what they did to them. Martin wishes their families only knew how much they love them. Katherine says including Pilar. Martin says he never lied to her, he has always loved Pilar with his whole heart. He says he always hoped Pilar would have moved on, but she didnt. Martin says when she learns the truth she will feel so betrayed. Martin says its bad enough that he left her, but when she learns he came back with her, it could destroy her. 

Luis and Sheridan have arrived at the hospital, and Sheridan insists Luis be checked out too. Luis says he is fine, and he cant stop ranting about his father. Luis says he should have killed him while he had the chance. Sheridan tells Luis that he has to stop this. She says the reason Martin didnt fight back is because he loves him. Sheridan says in spite of everything Martin has done, he loves him. Luis says she calls what he did to him, his mother and his siblings love? Luis says he walked out the door and didnt look back. Luis says he was so busy he couldnt call or write. Sheridan says maybe he kept up with everything via Tia Maria in Mexico. Luis wonders if Tia knows, and Sheridan says she doubts it as she introduced him as Mr. Wheeler. Luis then realizes Paloma lived with him for so long and never knew. Sheridan says that has to count for something, it shows he cares. Luis says still, this news is going to kill mama. He says mama has believed for so long that Martin had to leave and couldnt come home. He says when she finds out he could have come home anytime, and when he did it was with a new wife, it will kill her.

Pilar goes to see Mr. Wheeler to check on him and to thank him for everything he has done for her family. When he takes her hand she gets chills, and he asks what is wrong? She says it just happened again, she feels like he is her husband! She wonders if it is true. She then quickly apologizes for making him feel uncomfortable and doing this again. She says her mind knows better, but Martin has been on her mind a lot these days. She says she misses her husband the most when her family is in crises. She says she still wishes for his warm hand and guidance to see them through things. Martin says it is understandable. Pilar says he is so forgiving like her Martin, and Mrs. Wheeler is very lucky to have him. She says until she met him and saw how devoted he is to Mrs. Wheeler, she thought she was the luckiest woman when it came to marriage. She says Martin was kind, loving, and loyal to a fault, she thought he was one of a kind. She says that is why she never became involved with another man, she could never betray his memory knowing he would be true to her. Luis and Sheridan show up, and Luis tells Martin to get his hands off his mother! Pilar asks why he is talking to Mr. Wheeler that way? Luis says he has some news for her, and hed like to do it in private. She says if this is about Mr. Wheelerthen do it in front with him. Sheridan asks Pilar to go with Luis, but Pilar says she is a grown woman. She asks what it is he has to tell her? Luis tells Pilar that the man she thinks is Mr. Wheeler is her husband Martin Fitzgerald.


November 9, 2004
In the hallway at the hospital, Liz asks Julian where Eve went? Julian says she is a doctor and she has patients who need her. Liz says she needed her once too, where was she then? Julian says he knows, everyone knows, and hes tired of hearing it. He says she needs to get some help, or maybe dedicate her life to helping other abuse victims, just do something with her life! Liz says she is doing something, she is getting revenge. She says she will not stop working to destroy Eve until she becomes Mrs. Thorton Chandler, and TC will serve her those papers! Liz storms off, and Eve returns. Eve talks to Julian, and she says she got the impression TC has something to tell her. Julian knows what it is, and she wont be happy. Julian asks what she has to tell him? Before he can tell her, she is beeped and says something has happened and has to go. She says what he has to say will have to wait.

In Eves office, TC isnt sure what to do, and he decides to leave Eve a note asking her to come by the house so they can talk. He looks for paper and finds a CD in the drawer that says TCs Anniversary Present He plays the CD in the computer, which has a slide show of pictures of them as their favorite song plays in the background. TC says this must have taken Eve hours or days to put together. TC watches the CD and wonders how they got from there to here. Liz shows up and sees what TC is looking at, and she asks what this is? He says its a DVD Eve made for him for their anniversary, he found it while looking in her desk for some paper. TC says these pictures bring back so many good memories. Liz says you mean lies. TC says yes she did lie to him, but hed still be with Eve if she hadnt come to town. Liz asks if she is blaming him for his and Eves breakup? TC says she was the catalyst for all of Eves secrets coming out, and if she hadnt come to town than hed still be with Eve. TC says sometimes ignorance is bliss. Liz says secrets always have a way of coming out, and even if she hadnt come to town the truth would have come out through Chad. TC says she may be right, but he still cant forget about his history with Eve. He says they had a long lasting love. Liz asks TC if hes going to give her lying slut of a sister a second chance? TC says he doesnt know, but he says they took a vow for better or for worse. Liz says they were living a lie, but TC says what they had was good and Eves love for him and the girls was true. TC says he wants to talk to Eve alone, and he asks her to leave. She says shell be outside, and she leaves. TC continues to watch the CD.

Back in the hall, Julian gloats to Liz about TC having second thoughts. Liz says TC will divorce that lying tramp after everything shes done. Julian says that is what bothers her the most, that TC still loves her after everything. Julian says Eve is a million times the woman she is, no man would choose her over Eve because she is undesirable! Julian says even at Eves worst, she is still a far far better woman than Liz is or will ever be! Julian says Eve rebuilt her life until she came to town and struck a blow at her. Liz says Eve got what she deserved, but Julian says no she didnt. Julian says Eve was hurt when she learned she was molested, and she has offered to help her. Julian says Liz is driven by jealousy, not hatred. Julian says she is upset because Eve suffered just as much as she did, but Eve rose above it all and built a life for herself which is something she (Liz) was never able to do. She says that is not true, and she will make Eve suffer! Liz goes back to see TC and pushes him that Eve doesnt deserve his forgiveness, he must divorce her tonight! Meanwhile, Eve returns and talks to Julian about how what Ethan and Gwen are going through reminds her about how if she had been honest with TC all alongthen she might still be with him. She remembers Julian had news for her, and asks what he wanted to tell her. Julian says TC came here to serve her divorce papers. Liz and TC show up, and TC says they need to talk.

Whitney comes to see Theresa. Theresa hugs her and asks what has she done? Whitney says she did what she thought was right. Theresa says but what if what she did was wrong. Whitney asks what she did, what baby did she save? Theresa says not now, but Whitney says she needs to know if shes to help her. Theresa says she was under anesthesia and . . . . Whitney says they took one of the babies, which one? Theresa cries that Ethan knew it was her that he was with, and that is why she did what she did, because he still loves her. Whitney says her baby with Ethan is the one that survived isnt it? Whitney cant believe this and says when the truth comes out there is no telling what Gwen and Rebecca will do to her and her family. Whitney asks Theresa to tell her what happened, what did she do? Which baby did she save? Theresa says she left it up to fate. Theresa tells Whitney that she doesnt know which baby the doctors saved. Theresa says Ethan thinks he and Gwen will raise the baby, and it would be easier she didnt know which one survived. Whitney asks her if she is still thinking about keeping this baby? Theresa says of course she is. Whitney says no matter who the mother is? Theresa says she always planned to keep this baby, and fate has made it so she can get Ethan back now. Whitney asks if she is still sedated because she is talking crazy. Theresa says Ethan wanted fate to decide because he couldnt sacrifice their baby together, which means he still loves her. Theresa says Ethan doesnt know she plans to keep the baby, but once it comes out he will see. Whitney says when she talks about fate, love and Ethan, disaster always follows. Theresa says what the truth comes out; Ethan will see they are meant to be together, it is fate.

Meanwhile, Gwen asks Ethan what have they done? She says her wanting a baby has cost the other baby its life. She wonders what if God punishes them for this decision? A nurse brings Ethan some papers to sign authorizing Theresa to be billed. Ethan sees a paper in the folder, and he is stunned. The nurse says that wasnt supposed to be in there, and it is best they not know what is on the paper. Gwen asks what she isnt supposed to know? Ethan exclaims Oh my God as he looks at the paper. Ethan doesnt want Gwen to see it, but Gwen grabs the paper and looks at it. She is stunned by what she sees. Gwen learns that the baby that died was a boy, their son, Sarahs brother. They comfort one another over their loss. Ethan tells himself he lost his son, but was it his son with Gwen or Theresa? Eve shows up and tells them how sorry she is that this has happened, and she tells the nurse to be more careful in the future. Gwen says it is okay, they do need to honor this baby. She says thanks to him their other baby has a chance to survive. Later, Gwen says she saw something else on the paper, she knows the other baby is a girl. She says they are going to have a daughter. Ethan wonders if it is his daughter with Gwen or Theresa. 

Elsewhere, Luis tells his mother that Mr. Wheeler is her husband. She says no, this cannot be. Pilar says this man is not Martin, he is not her husband. Luis tells her to look into his eyes and see for herself. Pilar says no, her Martin would not leave them to suffer to go on living a life of leisure in Mexico. Luis says he did, this is papa. He says that is why he seems so familiar to her. Pilar says no, and begins ranting to Luis in Spanish. She tells Mr. Wheeler that he cant be Martin! Luis and Pilar argue over whether this man is Martin. Pilar says Martin was a fine and noble man, he wouldnt have left him to fend for themselves! She says her husband, and his father, could not be so cruel. She says even if Alistair forced him to leave Harmonythen he would have found a way to get word to them. Pilar says this man is not Martin, Luis is wrong. Luis says he wishes he was, but he has proof that this man is papa. Pilar asks what proof, so Luis tells her about the fingerprints. Pilar still refuses to believe it until Luis says he admitted it to him. Pilar says maybe he misunderstood, but Sheridan says she was there too. Sheridan says she is so sorry. Martin tells Pilar that he is sorry. Pilar asks if he is Martin, and Luis yells at him to tell her that he is her sainted husband! Tell her that he ran out on them to shack up with this other woman. Martin tells him not to say that. Luis tells him to just admit it, everything bad thing that happened to them happened because of him. Luis says even if Alistair did make him leavethen he could have at least let them know he was okay, but he was too busy getting a tan in sunny Mexico with his mistress. Luis says the man she saved herself for all these years just went away, and hell never forgive him for it. Pilar says his voice and his eyes are the same as her Martin. She asks if this is true, is he her husband? She says he looks so different, but his Luis is so sure. She asks if he is her husband, the father of her children? Pilar touches his face, and she says it is so different but his voice is the same. Luis tells Martin to just tell her, admit who he is. Martin says it is true, he is her husband. Pilar breaks down and then slaps Martin across the face and calls him a bastard! 


November 10, 2004
At the hospital, Whitney tells Theresa that she cant believe she is plotting to get Ethan back one again, she is in this bed because of her schemes. Theresa says she is not plotting again; she is leaving it up to fate. She says when this baby is born, Ethan will come back to her, and it is fate. Whitney cant believe she is still going on about fate. Whitney says after all these years she has learned nothing; all her schemes ever do is hurt people. Theresa says that is not true. Whitney suggests they go back to the beginning, and she recaps all of Theresas schemes since the show started. She talks about trying to break up Ethan and Gwen by planning their wedding, and learning about Ethan being Sams son and not telling him. She then talks about going to Bermuda and ending up getting drunk and pregnant by Julian. Theresa says Little Ethan is the best think that happened to her. Whitney says he is wonderful, but the whole mess with her and Julian was because of her and her belief in fate. Whitney says another word for fate is doom! She tells Theresa that she is here now because of her latest schemes. Whitney asks Theresa to give up this dream, no couple is fated to be together. Theresa says she used to believe she and Chad were fated to be together, is that why she is upset? Whitney says no thats not it. They continue to argue about Theresas schemes and plots. Theresa says Ethan loves her and wants to be with her, he basically told her so. Whitney says it doesnt matter because Ethan will honor his vows and will never leave Gwen. Whitney says shell never have him back. Theresa says Ethan will come back to her, she will have his baby and he will come back to her. Whitney says she doesnt know that for sure, and how does she know the baby will make a difference. She says sometimes a baby can make things worse, and Theresa doesnt know whose baby it is. Theresa says she knows if her heart, but Whitney says she doesnt and Gwen will keep this baby no matter what. Theresa says this is her baby, but Whitney says Gwen is desperate to have a baby and will do anything to get one. Whitney says shes already taken Little Ethan, what makes her think she wont take this one? Whitney says there is nothing ahead but tragedy for her. Theresa says Gwen wont get this baby, but Whitney says Theresa is fooling herself. She says Gwen will get what she wants, shell get the baby and hold onto Ethan. Theresa says she doesnt care what Gwen wants, she will have Ethan and her children.

Ethan and Gwen continue to comfort one another over the loss of their son, and Gwen says they need to think about the daughter Theresa is going to give them. Ethan tells himself if she gives it to them, and if it is Gwens daughter. Gwen gets a call, answers it, and is stunned. Ethan asks what is going on? He takes the phone and asks who this is and what they said to his wife? It is a store calling about baby things that were ordered by Gwen, and Ethan takes care of it. Gwen apologizes to Ethan for going out and buying another room full of stuff when they already had enough baby stuff as is, and now there is only one baby. She says she thought shed be able to remain rational and not think about the baby they lost, but she cant do it. She says first they lost Sarah, now they have lost their son. Ethan says the worst is over, but she says they dont know that. She says all she wants to do is give him a child, but something always goes wrong. She says what if something bad happens again. She says shes trying to be optimistic, but theyve already lost one baby. Ethan tells her not to give up hope. She tells him that she doesnt know what shed do if she lost this other baby.

Elsewhere, Julian tells Eve that TC has come to server her with papers. Eve says oh no! TC and Liz show up, and TC says they need to talk. Eve says she wants to talk to him too, but her pager just went off. She says shell be right back. She leaves, and Julian follows her. Liz says there she goes, lover in tow. She tells TC that he must serve her with those papers the minute she returns. Liz begs TC to tell her that hes not reconsidering. TC says sometimes he thinks she likes hurting Eve! He says he think she gets a kick out of it. Liz says she just wants him and his daughters to heal. Liz starts talking about how horrible Eve truly is, and how the girls hate her now. TC says Eve still loves them, but Liz says maybe that is just another one of her lies. TC says no, and that Eve made a mistake. Liz says this wasnt a mistake, she deliberately hurt him and his girls with her lies. She also says dont forget his fathers death. She says Eves lies caused his father to die of a broken heart when his tennis career was destroyed. She asks him if he can have a life with someone who is responsible for his fathers death?

Elsewhere, Eve breaks down in Julians arms over the thought of her marriage being over. Julian says he is here for her She asks how can she go on when her own husband doesnt want her. Julian says maybe he doesnt want to leave her. He says when someone wants to end a marriage they dont hand deliver papers. Julian suggests that perhaps he wanted a reason to see her. Eve says then maybe he wants to work things out. She realizes this is hurting Julian. Julian says it is no secret that he wants her, but he waited too long and it is too little too late for him. Eve says he is a good man. Julian tells her not to make this any harder for him. He says his silly dream is that she forgets about TC and runs away with him, but as she has said dreams can be cruel. Julian says he just wants her to be happy, and if her dream is to be with TCthen that is his dream too. Eve thanks him, and tells him not to keep doing this to herself. She says all she does is cause him pain. Julian says all that matters now is she finds joy. He tells her to go to TC and try and work things out. She says she will, and she thanks him. Julian says he prays she finds the happiness she deserves. Eve returns to where Liz and TC are, and she says she is back and they can have their talk.

In another part of the hospital, Pilar asks how can this be, where has Marin been, why did he leave her? He says it is difficult to explain. She asks about his face too, how and why? She ends up apologizing for striking him, and she asks where he went and why? Luis says his father will pay for leaving them, and Pilar tells him to stop. Pilar says her husband and his father has come back to them. Luis says it doesnt matter, he is a lowlife, he is dirt! She tells Luis to stop, and then suddenly faints. Pilar hits her head and begins bleeding. Luis yells for a help. Luis tells Martin that he did this to her, is he happy now? The nurse and doctor check on Pilar, and the others wait outside. Martin apologizes to Luis. Luis says it is a too late to be sorry, and he says hes going to kill him! Luis decks Martin, and Martin goes down. Sheridan runs to Luis and grabs him to keep him from doing any more damage. Luis asks how much more pain is he going to cause them? Luis rants at his father and tries to attack him again. Sheridan says they are in a hospital and to stop this! The doctor comes out and threatens to throw Luis out for once again attacking Martin. He asks Martin if he wants to press charges this time, but Martin says now. The doctor says if there are any more fightsthen Luis is out of here. Luis asks to see his mother, and he is allowed to visit her for a bit. Luis and Sheridan go to see Pilar, and Martin stays with Katherine in the waiting area. 

Martin tells Katherine how everything is falling apart, and the only good thing so far is that Sheridan doesnt know who she is. Katherine says she is terrified about what will happen when Sheridan learns she is her mother. She says she is sorry and this is all her fault. Sheridan shows up and asks what she just said? Katherine panics, but Sheridan only heard her says this was all her fault. Sheridan says this isnt her fault at all, and she looks at Martin and says it is his! She tells Katherine that Martin has been lying to her all these years about his past, and she asks how he could walk out on his family like that? Martin says it has tortured him all these years. Sheridan says good! She says he is worse than her own father and he disgusts her! Sheridan says Antonio was a good man with a big heart, and Luis is always trying to do a right thing. Sheridan says Luis sacrificed his youth and dreams to take care of his family, and she doesnt know how scum like him can have a good children like them. She says she doesnt know how anyone could choose to leave their family, at least her mother died, she didnt have a choice. Katherine says Martin is a good man, and Sheridan asks how she can defend him? Sheridan says he betrayed his family and he betrayed her. Katherine says there is something she must know. Katherine says this is not all his fault. Sheridan tells her that she had nothing to do with this, she didnt abandon her family. Katherine says she doesnt understand. Sheridan tells her to stop. Sheridan says she has to go talk to Luis, and whatever she has to tell her, not now. Sheridan leaves, and Katherine feels that Sheridan knows something is wrong. Katherine says she has to tell the truth, but Martin says no way. He says they have bigger problems now, Alistair is going to make their families pay now that the truth is out. Martin says they have to get out of town now. Martin says they have to go, and they head off. Katherine says they cant go, not without him making peace with his family. Martin says if they dontthen their lives will be at stake. 

Luis is with Pilar, and she begins hyperventilating. Luis calls for a nurse to help his mother, and he vows to kill his father for this. She says it doesnt make sense, why would he leave them and stay away? Why would he stay with Paloma but never say who she is. He says he doesnt know, all he knows is he is scum. Pilar says but why would he stay so close to Paloma, and who is Mrs. Wheeler? Meanwhile, Sheridan, who has returned, realizes Martin and Mrs. Wheeler are gone. This upsets Pilar, and Luis races after them to stop them from leaving.


November 11, 2004
At the hospital, Eve asks TC what he wanted to talk to her about? Liz tells TC to go ahead and give her the papers. TC and Eve go into Eves office for privacy, and Liz is furious because she wants to see the look on Eves face when TC hands her the divorce papers. Julian says that wont happen, TC wont give her the papers because he still loves her. Julian says Liz still hasnt learned her lesson, whenever she competes with Eve she will always lose because TC will always love Eve more. Liz says that is not true, and TC will divorce Eve. She wonders why he is so set on TC and Eve being together, if TC divorces Evethen he can have her. Julian says he wants Eve to be happy and she wants to be happy with TC. Eve is damaged goods and TC wont touch damaged goods! She also tells Julian hes one to talk about divorce, after all he divorced Ivy. Julian says Ivy lied to him, and Liz says Eve lied to TC. Still, Julian says he never loved Ivy the way TC loves Eve. Liz says it doesnt matter because TC will never forgive Eve for his fathers death. Julian says that is because she wont let him. Liz says he is right, she wont let TC forget. Liz says she will make sure Eve loses TC, her daughters, everything! Liz says this time she will win, not Eve! 

Meanwhile, Eve asks TC what she wants to talk about. Eve then sees he was watching the DVD she made for him. They watch it together, and she says while many things have changed, one thing that hasnt is that they had a great love and a great marriage. She says they can have that again. They continue watching the DVD, and they see photos from a family vacation at Universal Studios. She remembers being on the tram ride and screaming at Jaws, and how he held her and made her feel so safe. Eve apologizes to TC for lying to him, and says the one thing she never lied about was her love for him. She asks if they can try again because she knows in her heart there could be more good times like these in their future. She says she has no more secrets, and shell never lie to him again. She asks if he can find it in his heart to forgive her? Is he really ready to turn his back on all the years they have had together, on their love? She begs him to give them another chance. TC says this is a wonderful anniversary present, and the pictures are amazing. Eve says she had a hard time narrowing them down, there were so many great memories. TC says there is a picture he forgot, and she asks what picture? He says the picture of his dead father! He says she forgot the photo of his father who died of a broken heart after his car accident, the accident she caused. He says their marriage has about as good of a chance of them surviving as his dead father rising from the grave. He says their marriage is over and he never wants to see her face again! Outside, Liz hears Eve and TC fighting, and she tells Julian that she told him he would never take Eve back.

Elsewhere, Luis continues to try and convince her mother that Martin is a louse who ran out on them. Pilar says she cant believe he just returned with no explanation as to why he left. She asks why he lived at his sisters inn next to Paloma all these years, and who is that woman? Sheridan says Mrs. Wheeler is a victim too. Luis asks Sheridan if she knows something? Did that woman says something to her? Sheridan says she is a good person and could never stay with a man who abandoned her family. Pilar still wants to know who that woman is. Luis calls Sam to see if the Wheelers have been spotted, but they havent. Luis wonders where they could be. Luis later gets a call from Sam saying the Wheelers have been found .Sheridan says shes going with Luis, and Pilar insists on going as well. Luis wants Pilar to stay, but she says no. Sheridan and Luis help her out of her bed. 

Martin and Katherine are at the cottage and grab their things. Martin says they must leave now before anything more is revealed, as long as Luis knows nothing elsethen he should be safe and so will Sheridan. Katherine says if they told them the truththen maybe theyd understand, maybe Luis would see he was a good man. Katherine says if they leave they will miss that chance and they may never be reunited with their kids again. She asks if there is some way they can stay? Martin says there is no way they can stay and she knows that. He says Alistair wont stand for people believing she left him to be with someone like him (Martin). She says that isnt what happened, but Martin says it is what people will believe. Still, Katherine doesnt want his family to forever think of him as a coward. He says it doesnt matter, what matters is their family remains safe. Katherine knows they have to go and says she was just clinging to a hope they could stay. As they open the door to the cottage they find Luis, Sheridan and Pilar standing there. Luis says they arent going anywhere. Luis cant believe he was going to run away again, and he says his father makes him sick! Pilar asks Luis to calm down because this is between her and his father. Pilar says she has questions to ask him and she wants the truth. Martin says he understands. She asks Martin why he left her? He says he left because he loved her, he had to go, that he had no choice. Pilar says she always believed he was forced to leave, and she can accept that. She asks what happened that made him alter his face so? Luis says he is lying through his teeth! Pilar says why did he stay away, why didnt she let her know he was alive? Martin says to have contacted her would have put her in danger. Pilar says she understands. She then asks about this woman he calls his wife, she must be a part of his cover. Pilar says she cant be his wife because he would never betray her and their marriage. She asks Martin to tell her about Mrs. Wheeler and who she is. Martin says nothing, and Luis tells her that its pretty obvious hes been with this woman for a long time. Pilar tells Luis to let her talk to his father. She says all the years she has never been with other men. Martin suggests they do this in private, but Pilar says Luis deserves to know the truth and Sheridan is family as well and deserves to know. Pilar asks if Mrs. Wheeler was a cover? Martin says nothing, so Pilar confronts Katherine and asks what she was doing with her husband? Martin tells Pilar to leave Katherine alone. Martin tells Pilar that this woman isnt a cover, that she is his partner, his wife. Pilar cries and Luis comforts her. Luis tells his father that he is a bastard!

Jessica and Paloma are out walking, and Jessica is pushing Mark on her. Paloma says she doesnt have money right now, but when she gets a job she will probably be a customer. Paloma says she needs to go see Tabitha, Kay and Simone; and Jessica heads to her house. Paloma heads to Tabithas to apologize to Tabitha, Kay and Simone for getting them arrested at the bar. They answer the door, and none look happy to see her. Kay says if its isnt Mexicos own Paris Hilton. Tabitha asks Paloma what she is doing here? She says she is sorry they got arrested. Simone says everyone in that bar got arrested, and they are lucky Tabitha bailed them out because her father would have killed her! Paloma says she is sorry. Simone asks how she got away, and Paloma says Chad helped her. Simone says nice, her new half-brother rescued Paloma and let her go to jail. The three girls discuss forgiving her, and Kay says she has other plans for Paloma. Kay and Simone drag Paloma into Tabithas house! Paloma asks what they are going to do to her? She says she already apologized. They say they arent going to do anything to her, and they understand that she did what she did because she is angry with her mom. They say they are angry with their moms too over what they have done, and they understand how that anger can make one act crazy. Paloma and the girls end up bonding over their resentment for their mothers. Tabitha spies on them and says Kay is just trying to make points with Miguels sister in case he ever comes back. Tabitha says they will use Paloma as well, they will nurture her anger and make sure it grows. Tabitha says when they unleash Paloma on Harmonythen no one will be safe. The girls sit around bonding about their mothers and how they lied to them and turned on them. Kay and Simone tell Paloma the story about their moms. Kay tells Paloma that even if Pilar did send her to Mexico because she couldnt care for her, at least her mother loved her. Kay and Simone both say they all know how Pilar loves her. Paloma still doesnt understand why she was chosen and not the others. Kay tells Paloma that her mother chose to leave her, and she destroyed her family. Simone says her mom destroyed their family too, but at least Pilar continued to love her and her father. Kay and Simone continue to talk about their moms, and they both say they would do anything to have their moms back and the way things were. They tell her that she has no idea what she still has, and to keep her mom close. Tabitha giggles and tells Endora that when she is through with Paloma that Pilar better watch out!


November 12, 2004
Tabitha and Endora watch the going-ons in Harmony through her magic bowel. Tabitha says now that the seeds of evil have been planted, its time to bring Paloma over to the dark side. Meanwhile, Kay and Simone continue to talk to Paloma and advise her not to lose her relationship with her mother. They say they never realize the special relationship a daughter has with her mother until theirs were gone. Paloma says she never had a relationship with her mom, she doesnt even know her. Kay says maybe not, but her mom is still here and she loves her. Paloma decides to clean up some of the mess they have made, and she leaves with the dishes. Kay says she hopes Paloma listens to them, and she would do anything to have her parents back together. Simone says she does too, but she doubts it will happen. 

Paloma takes the dishes into the kitchen, and Tabitha covers her bowl. Tabitha says shes glad she is here because shed like to get to know her better. Paloma says Kay told her how generous she has been allowing her and Maria to live here. Tabitha says young people keep her feeling young. Tabitha talks to Paloma about returning to Harmony and how nice it must be to be back. Tabitha ends up stirring the seeds of hate in Paloma by talking about why it was she was sent away. Tabitha asks Paloma is she had a better life Mexico as her mother thought she would? Paloma says she doesnt know. Tabitha says well Pilar thought she did, and she didnt worry about her one bit. Tabitha says Pilar must be so strong because she panics when she is separated from her baby by three blocks. Tabitha says Pilars baby was 3000 miles away, and she didnt seem to mind. She says Pilar continued to dote on her other children as if they were the only four things in the world. Tabitha says Pilar spoiled her four children, especially Theresa. Tabitha says while Pilar always said she loved her boys, her little girl was special too her. Paloma begins to become angry, which is just what Tabitha wants. Tabitha says Pilar always made sure Theresa had the latest clothes. Paloma says she was always told there was never enough money? Tabitha says that is true, and Pilar would sacrifice anything, even eating, so that Theresa could have her designer clothes. Paloma cant believe her mother would save money for Theresas dresses and not for a plane ticket so that she could come home. Tabitha apologizes to Paloma if she has upset her, and she says Pilar did want a better life for her and that is why she sent her away. She says if her father hadnt run offthen Pilar wouldnt have had to send her away. Tabitha talks about the gossip surrounding his father running away, and she wonders what a woman could do to cause a husband to run away from his wife and children. Paloma says she doesnt know. Tabitha is pleased with herself and says Paloma is primed and ready to help the dark side. Paloma ends up saying she has to leave and she rushes off. Tabitha returns to her bowel and says when Paloma finds out the truth her whole family will explode! Meanwhile, Paloma decides to go find her mother and talk to her.

Back in the living room, Kay and Simone continue talking about how messed up their lives are. Kay decides that she cant do anything to help her parents get back together, but she can do something about Miguel. Kay says shes going to email him and tell him to come home instead of chasing after Charity. She says Miguel needs to accept that they are his family. Simone tells her not to get her hopes up, but Kay gets a response and says Miguel says hes coming home! However, she reads the rest of the email and it says he wont be home till he finds Charity. Kay begins ranting and raving about Miguel and how he could just keep chasing that little twit when they need him. She gets another email from him asking if anyone there has heard from Charity? He also sends his love to her and Maria. Kay says if she did know she wouldnt tell him! Simone says well he is sending her checks, and he is thinking about her. Kay says yeah that is something, at least she knows she can contact him unlike her mom, who nobody knows where she is. Simon thinks about her mom and how she used to always know where she was because her mom always left them her work schedule. Simone says nowadays all she knows is her mom is somewhere in HArmony. Kay paces around and tries to figure out what to do about Miguel. She says she wishes she could bring Miguel back and they could be a family. Simone says they are all wishing for things, but they have to live in reality. Kay says she just feels so alone, at least Paloma has her mom. Simone says Paloma hates her mom, and Kay says she hopes they got through to her about how much her family loves her.

At the hospital, Julian lashes out at Liz for causing Eve all this pain. Liz says Eve brought this all on herself. Eve asks TC if he cant even try to forgive her? TC says he came close, but he cant forget her being a drunk, partying with Julian, and taking away his tennis career and father. TC says he cant forgive her for that ever! He says their marriage is over and he hands her the papers. Eve lashes out at Liz and blames her for all of this. TC says no, Eve is responsible for all of this. HE says Liz isnt responsible for Eves past, Eve is. Julian says she was a victim and to blame him. TC says he does hold him responsible as well, and he tells Eve that she has lied so much that he cant take anymore. He says she did what she did and now she has to live with the consequences. Eve breaks down and says she is a failure, a complete failure. Julian says that is not true, she made mistakes, they all do. Liz says Eve is a failure, and she needs to leave TC alone. She says maybe she should leave Harmony all together! Julian says Liz is a vile and disgusting woman, and destroying Eve doesnt make her a better woman. Liz says Eve did this all by herself, with his help. Liz tells TC that they should get out of here. Eve begs him not to leave her, if not for herthen to think about the children. He tells her to show some self respect! She asks why should she? She has nothing without her family. Liz tells TC that they should go. Eve says he cant leave with her. Eve says Liz lied to him too about who she was. Eve says Liz lied and manipulated them all in order to destroy her life. Liz says that if her life has been destroyed that is all Eves fault. Julian says no, Liz came here to destroy Eve and that is what she did. Liz asks what about what Eve did to her, she abandoned her to be abused by her father. Liz tells TC that Eve lied to her and not to let her do it again. Eve tells TC that they used to be happy together, and they can have it again. Eve swears she didnt remember till recently that she was driving the car, and she begs for a chance to redeem herself. She says even God forgives you if your regret your sins. TC says God will forgive her, but he cant. TC then leaves. Eve yells out at him that she loves him, and Liz watches and smiles. She says she told her that shed see that she lost everything, and now she has. Julian tells Liz that she thinks she has won but she has made the biggest mistake of her life Liz leaves, and Eve cries What am I going to do?

At the cottage, Pilar says this cant be! Luis asks his father if he forgot about mama, about his five kids when he took up with this other woman? Pilar asks why, how? She says in the eyes of God they are still married! Martin says he is sorry. Luis says he will make him sorry, and he will make him pay for all the pain he caused them. Luis says he will kill him! Pilar tells him not to do this, this is between her and his father. Martin says they have to understand, but Pilar says no she doesnt. She says he has been committing bigamy! He says they werent married in the church. Pilar says she was a fool for thinking he left town because he loved them, when the truth is he left town for sex! She says he left her and his children for another woman! Katherine says Pilar . . . Pilar tells Katherine she is a whore and slaps her! Pilar starts speaking in Spanish, and she calls Katherine a slut and a cheap home wrecker. Sheridan says Mrs. Wheeler didnt know anything about his past, she is sure of it. Pilar asks Martin if he lied to this woman and used her too? He says no, and she doesnt understand. Pilar says she understands, she understands they mean nothing to her. She asks how could he do this? She says her belief that he would come back to her one day got her through all the bad times. She says she will never get over this! Luis tells his mama that hell take care of her. He comforts her, and Katherine feels guilty. She wants to come forward, but Martin says Pilar will never forgive and shell never understand. Martin says she isnt to blame, Alistair is. Katherine tries to convince him to stay and tell the truth, but Martin says they cant. He says if the truth came out then Alistair would be so humiliated that who knows what hed do. Katherine says yes but if the truth came out it would be hard for him to exact revenge on them without drawing suspicions. Martin says Alistair killed Antonio and got away with it, and he would hurt Luis and Sheridan without a second thought. He says they have to go, and they try to sneak out, but Luis stops them and says hes not going anywhere until he gets some answers. Martin says look son . . Luis says not to call him that, he lost that right a long time ago. Pilar says she used to feel so sorry for women who couldnt trust their husbands, and she used to brag about how loving and faithful her husband was. She says perhaps that was her sin, pride. Martin says he never meant to hurt her. Pilar says he is no better than any other cheater, and he is no better than Alistair. She says at least he doesnt lie about his cheating! Pilar says he pretended to be a good and honorable man, but he is a pig. Katherine says he doesnt know the whole story. Pilar says Martin lied to her and he used her (Katherine). Katherine says its not true, Martin never lied to her. Katherine says she knows everything. Sheridan is stunned, and Pilar asks what kind of a tramp would choose to be with a man knowing he had a wife and children. Katherine says to know that they have to know the whole story. Pilar tells her to tell them then, tell her the whole story and make her understand. Martin tells her not to do it, but Katherine says they must because to not tell is too cruel. Sheridan asks Katherine who she is? Katherine says it is time they all knew the truth, and shell start by telling them who she is.

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