November 15, 2004
At the Bennett home, Sam calls Luis and leaves a message asking him to let him know what happened with Mr. Wheeler, errrr his father. Sam then accidentally knocks over an old family photo. It breaks, and he wonders why he kept it as its not like theyll ever be a family again. He says the family he once knew doesnt exist. Ivy comes home, and she asks what he has behind his back? He says just an old photo that broke. She asks to see it. He shows it to her and says he was going to toss it. Ivy says no, Grace was his wife and is the mother of his children. She says shell put it in a new frame. He thanks her for doing this for him. He asks where she has been? She says she didnt want to worry him. Ivy says theres been a complication with Gwen and Ethans babies. Sam asks if Theresa had a miscarriage. Ivy says no, but a decision had to be made and one baby was sacrificed for the other. Sam thinks he should call Ethan. Ivy suggests he waits till tomorrow as they need time with one another. She says Ethan and Gwen are both being very brave, but it was Ethan who convinced Theresa to have the procedure. Sam feels for them as it is a terrible situation to be put in. They discuss Ethan and how brave he is being, and how he is keeping everything in side to put on a brave face for Gwen. They also talk about how they are going to be grandparents, and she says she cant believe they are going to be able to share this together. Ivy says this will make up a little for all the time they didnt spend together with Ethan. Later, Sam and Ivy begin celebrating with some champagne. Ivy begins thinking about how much they have to be thankful for, and how she never thought shed be this happy again. Sam says hes glad. She asks if he is, because loosing Grace must have been terrible. Sam says it was, but its over now. He says he is grateful that she is here to help her pick up the pieces. Ivy says she has always loved him. Sam then toasts to their grown family, and to them getting to know their children better. He also toasts to their future. The phone rings, and Ivy goes to answer it. She says Bennett residence, and then hands the phone to Sam and says its Grace and she wants to talk to him.

At the hospital, Rebecca shows up and asks Ethan and Gwen what is taking so long? Gwen says they are waiting for Theresa to finish getting herself together. Rebecca says she can take a cab home. Gwen tells her mother to stop it! She says Theresa made a huge sacrifice for them, and now she needs time to pull herself together. Gwen tells her mom if she doesnt like itthen to call her own cab. Rebecca asks Gwen why is she suddenly Theresas new best friend? Gwen says Theresa did not have to agree to this procedure, and if she hadnt agreed then she wouldnt be a mother. Gwen says being a mother happens to be the most important thing in the world to her. Rebecca says she just doesnt trust Theresa as far as she can throw her. Gwen tells her mother that if she doesnt stopthen shes going to start siding with Eve when it comes to Julian. Rebecca tells Gwen dont you dare! Gwen says she means it, this has been one of the most difficult days in her life. She says shes lost one child already and the only thing getting her through this is knowing that she will still be a mother. 

In her room, Theresa changes into regular clothes as she is getting ready to leave. Whitney tells Theresa that she cant do what she is planning. Whitney says Gwen believes she and Ethan are going to be the mother and father of that baby. Theresa tells Whitney that shes not pregnant, so she doesnt understand .Theresa says being pregnant changes everything. Theresa says she believes the baby inside of her is the one she made with Ethan, and that baby will bring Ethan back to her. Theresa says it is meant to be. Theresa says she does feel for Gwen, but Gwen is like Rebecca and if it was up to Gwen shed keep her child no matter what. Theresa says Ethan had to twist Gwens arm to get her to agree to return Little Ethan. Whitney says that is not true, and Gwen just wants to be a mother. Theresa says the baby may not be Gwens though. Whitney tells Theresa that she is off her rocker, and if she goes through with this, well she wouldnt blame Gwen if she tried to kill her. Theresa cant believe how mad Whitney is at her. Whitney says she is. Whitney says this isnt a game, this is not about her and Ethans eternal love, it is about this precious little baby that is going to be hurt in all of this. Theresa says she knows what shes doing, and she knows what the bond that is created by carrying a child. She says she is not giving this baby up. Theresa says instead of lecturing she could use some support. Whitney suggests she find a new best friend. A nurse shows up to talk to Theresa about her release papers, and to give her instructions on caring for herself. The nurse says the baby looks to be very healthy, and they had the baby checked out when they did the DNA tests. The nurse tells Whitney that her mother is very good, shes the best doctor they have on staff. She says Eve wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with the baby, and everything checked out when they did the DNA test. Theresa says she already knew her baby would be perfect. Whitney asks what could have been wrong with the baby? The nurse starts listing everything that could be found, and how doctors are connecting more and more problems to genetic history. The nurse says if parents are related the chances for genetic defects are greater, and that is why its illegal to marry close relatives in certain states. The nurse says also some people dont know parents are carriers of a genetic disorder, and the only way to know is to get tested. Theresa is wheeled out to Ethan and Gwen, who prepare to take her to the mansion. Meanwhile, Whitney wonders about her baby and the life she has sentenced him or her to. 

At the mansion, Ethan carries Theresa up to her room, and Rebecca questions Whitney as to what Theresa may be up to now. Rebecca wants Whitney to tell her what Theresa is planning for the baby she is carrying. Whitney plays dumb and says she doesnt know what Rebecca is talking about, and its not like Theresa tells her everything. Rebecca asks since when? Whitney says since she started dating Fox, Theresa and Fox were serious one time. Rebecca says she is a terrible liar, and to just tell Theresa that if she hurts Gwen againthen she will make sure Theresa never sees Little Ethan again. Whitney says she is sorry she is so suspicious of Theresa, and she thinks they are done here. 

Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen put Theresa into her bed, she has been ordered to stay off her feet for the next few days. Gwen says she has a whole bunch of magazines for her and that new book she wanted to read. Theresa says she didnt have to do this. Gwen says its no problem, anything she wants. Theresa says she could use a massage, so Gwen says shell have Inga come over tomorrow. Theresa then realizes she lost her scarf. Gwen says its probably in the car, so shell go check. Gwen leaves, and Ethan tells Theresa hes going to head to bed. Theresa asks him to stay for a few minutes. Ethan says he doesnt think this is a good idea. She asks him to please stay, its been a harrowing day. Ethan says he knows, and they should concentrate on the good that happened. Theresa cries out in pain, and says her lower back hurts. She doesnt think shell make it till tomorrow, and asks Ethan to rub her back. He says I dont think . . . . , and Theresa says she knows its too much. He says its not, and begins giving her a massage. Theresa says yeah, feels good, real good.

Gwen finds Rebecca with Whitney, and she says her mother better not be harassing Whitney about Theresa. Whitney says they were just talking about her mother. Gwen finds Theresas scarf in her wheelchair, and they both head to the kitchen to make Theresa some warm milk to help her sleep. Rebecca says Whitney is covering for Theresa, and she knows it. Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca are right outside the room!

At the cottage, Katherine says it is time she tells them the truth. Sheridan asks if she is telling her that she knew who Mr. Wheeler was all this time, that he left behind a wife and children? Katherine says she did. Sheridan asks what kind of woman was she? Sheridan says she trusted her, she felt a bond with her. Sheridan asks how could she steal another womans husband, how could she steal the father of five little children. Sheridan asks her what kind of monster she is? Sheridan says she respected her, she thought they had a deep understanding. Sheridan says there is no excuse for wrecking a familys home. Katherine says that she never meant to wreck their home. Sheridan says isnt that what every woman who dates a married man says. That she didnt mean to steal him out from under their wives? She asks Martin what about him, was this an early midlife crisis? Sheridan says she finds this whole thing distasteful and disgusting. Katherine says Sheridan is right, shes not the woman Sheridan thought she was, and shes not the woman she represented herself to be. Sheridan says that is an understatement. Katherine tells Sheridan that she wanted her to care about her. Sheridan says it worked up until now. Katherine cries none of this would have happened if she had just stood up to him. She says if she hadnt been so scared of him. Martin tells her to hush, but Luis tells his papa not to hush her. He thinks she is finally going to tell them the truth, and he wants to hear it. Luis asks her if she ever stopped to think about the family his father left behind? She says all the time, but Luis doubts that. Martin says it is true, they both thought about all of them all the time. Pilar says they needed morethen their thoughts! Sheridan says for the first time since her mother died she had felt so safe and secure. Sheridan tells Katherine that she seemed to care about her so selflessly and now she (Sheridan) has dishonored her mothers memory. Sheridan tells Katherine that she is nothing like her mother. Katherine says her mother was a beautiful woman, not a lying whore. Sheridan says she wishes she had never met her, and she storms out of the cottage. Pilar says they have not only caused her and her family heartache, now they have hurt poor Sheridan. Pilar lashes out as Mrs. Wheeler or whatever her name is for causing Sheridan pain. Luis goes after Sheridan, and Pilar says they must have had a good laugh at her and what a fool shes been for lighting a candle for him every night. Martin says he tried to keep track of them through Maria. Pilar says using her sister is despicable! Pilar says she also betrayed her sister and Paloma as well. Pilar asks if he didnt care about the other children, the ones still back in Harmony. She says he missed so much, but he deserved to miss it all because he is not the father they deserved. Pilar says maybe it is better that Antonio is dead because he has been spared knowing what a cheat and a liar his father is. She is also glad Miguel is not hear for this, and God help him when Theresa finds out. Martin says he just wants a chance to make them understand, but she says there is no excuse that can make up for what he has done.

Outside, Luis comforts Sheridan. Sheridan knows this isnt as shocking as him learning who Mr. Wheeler is, but for some reason she feels so betrayed, hurt and sad. Sheridan says she believed in her, but she turned out to be a fake and a user. Sheridan says she hates her. She doesnt understand why it hurts so much when shes a stranger to her. Luis says it is because she trusted her, and she abused that trust. Paloma shows up and asks what is wrong? Luis realize he has to tell her about their father. She tells him to stop whispering about her and tell her what is wrong! Sheridan tells Luis to tell her. Luis says there is something important she needs to know, and it wont be easy. She says she doesnt shock easily. Luis asks if she remembers how she always blamed mama for sending her away? Pilar says she still does. She says she just spoke to someone who has known mama for many years, and she told her there were no financial problems. Luis says that is a lie and who told her that? Paloma says it doesnt matter. Sheridan steers them back to the subject at hand. Before Luis can tell her, Pilar screams out Dont touch me, dont ever touch me again! Luis goes to check on Pilar, and Sheridan holds Paloma back. 

Luis bursts into the cottage and tells Martin to get away from mama now! Martin says was he just trying to make her understand how difficult this was for him. Pilar says he doesnt understand difficult. She says she had to send Paloma away because she couldnt keep her, and Antonio left town because he couldnt take the pressure. Martin says Luis gave up all his dreams to help support this family. She lashes out and says his selfish behavior has brought down destruction upon their family. Sheridan and Paloma show up as Pilar is giving Martin hell. Paloma asks what is going on here? Why is she angry with MR. Wheeler? Luis says he was trying to explain this to her outside. Paloma says then tell her now. She says she doesnt like her mother yelling at her friends, they have been like a father and mother to her. Martin says they love her, and she says she loves them too. She says thanks to them she didnt have to think about how her family abandoned her every minute, and she thanks God for their presence in her life. Luis says she may not feel the same. Paloma orders them to tell her what is going on. Pilar says she didnt want her to learn the truth this way. Pilar says her father and her husband abandoned them for another woman. Paloma says she always said something made him go away, and he didnt want to. Pilar says she was wrong, very wrong. Pilar says her father is a bastard! Paloma asks why she is talking about her father when she asked about MR Wheeler? Luis says Mr. Wheeler is their father! Paloma looks at the Wheelers and has tears in her eyes. She tells Luis he is loco, but Sheridan says he is telling the truth. Luis says he has proof, and Mr. Wheeler admitted it himself. Luis says their papa didnt want to have a wife anymore, or the responsibilities of raising children. Paloma says its not true. Luis says it is true, this bum is her father. Paloma says he is lying, he is trying to confuse her. Pilar says it isnmt a lie. Paloma asks him to tell her they are lying. When he says nothing, Palmoa says this is true! She then faints, and Luis catches her.


November 16, 2004
At the Bennetts, Ivy hands the phone to Sam and says it is Grace and she wants to talk to him. Sam asks Grace if she is okay as he hasnt heard from her for awhile. She says (we dont hear her voice, just Sam repeating her words) she is back in Italy. Ivy curses Grace and says she should be doing it with David, not chatting with Sam. She tells herself that she went through a lot of trouble to pass David off as her husband, and she fell for it. Ivy says she has worked hard to be with Sam, and now it is all being ruined. Ivy says she wishes Grace would fall into Mt. Vesuvius. Ivy then begins to fantasize about her having a skiing accident in the alps, or a boating disaster in Venice, or going grape stomping in Naples like Lucy and end up drowning in the vat. Ivy says Grace in a nice bottle of kainite! Fox shows up and asks if Ivy would like some wine? Ivy is shocked to see him, and tells Fox about Theresa and Whitney heading to the mansion, and that Whitney would like him to pick her up. Fox says okay, and he asks who Sam is talking to. She says Grace. Fox says hell go get Whitney and she can go on resenting Grace. Before he goes, Fox tells his mom before she gets out the voodoo dolls to remember that Grace is Sams past, and he is her future. Later, Ivy is in tears, and Sam asks what is wrong? Ivy says she saw how happy he was to hear Graces voice, and she knows he still loves her. She says shes been a fool to think she could take her place in his heart. Sam says Grace made her choice to move on with another man, and he has moved on with her. Ivy says she loves him, and he says he loves her too. They then kiss.

At the mansion, Rebecca says she knows Theresa is up to something, and she wont let Theresa cheat Gwen out of this baby or a future with Ethan. Up in Theresas room, Whitney and Gwen walk in on Theresa getting a massage from Ethan. Whitney sees them first and says Oh My God! Ethan quickly moves away, and by the time Gwen walks in she asks why Whitney just acted so shocked? Whitney says she was just shocked by all the nice things in Theresas room. Gwen says she cant do enough for her given what Theresa has done. Gwen gives Theresa the milk, and Whitney asks Theresa if shes trying to get killed? She says if Gwen catches her coming onto Ethanthen that is what will happen. Gwen and Ethan leave Theresa and Whitney alone, and Gwen says to call if she needs anything. Theresa ends up telling Gwen (who isnt in the room) if she could have Rebeccas head on a platter. Whitney says its not Rebecca she should be worried about. Theresa tells Whitney that she is too worried about Gwen, Gwen wont lay a finger on her as long as she thinks shes carrying her baby. Whitney says Rebecca cornered her downstairs and basically threatened her (Theresa) if she tries to hurt Gwen. Theresa says Rebeccas bark is worse than her bite, she doesnt have Julians power behind her anymore so she cant do anything to her. Theresa tells Whitney to relax and read a tabloid. Whitney says she doesnt want to read about the Hilton sisters latest sexcapades. Theresa says it is important to keep up on this news. Theresa finds a story about a brother and sister in Australia are having a baby together. She says it came out with two heads, one was a boy and one was a girl. Whitney says this isnt funny, and Theresa says she is right because children of incest can have all sorts of deformities. Whitney then rubs her tummy. 

Back downstairs, Rebecca asks Gwen and Ethan if the Princess of Mexico is settled? Gwen says yes, and asks her mom to not start this again. Gwen says because of Theresa she and Ethan will have a baby of her own. Rebecca says it is because of Theresa they cant have a baby of their own. Gwen says the bottom line is Theresa is giving them a baby, and she will always be grateful to her for that. Rebecca tells herself it is just good that she is around to keep an eye on Theresa. She then begins to have a fantasy about getting revenge Theresa. Rebecca is dressed up in old west garb, and some hunky shirtless cowboy lassoes her and they begin to get it on. She says now that hes lassoed her that hes going to have to brand her with his red hot poker. An alarm goes off, and Rebecca says shell be right back. She grabs a shotgun and catches Theresa, in a brown cloak, trying to leave with a baby. Rebecca calls her a baby bandito and says she knew shed try and pull something like this. Theresa says she wants the baby, and Rebecca says and she wants Tex to ride her like a bronco. She tells her to hand over the baby, and shoots at Theresa. Theresa hands over the baby and then gets shot by Rebecca! Rebecca says whoops!

Back upstairs. Fox, Ethan and Gwen arrive to see Theresa, and Fox asks Theresa how she is doing given, you know (the procedure). Theresa says she is working on it. Fox has come to pick up Whitney, and she asks Fox if they can stop by the drugstore on the way home as shes feeling a little sick to her stomach. He says sure. Whitney says goodbye to Theresa and tells her to get some rest. Ethan and Gwen leave her to rest as well. Later, Ethan shows up to talk to Theresa and to assure her that hes not coming back to her. Theresa says they will be because of fate. She says she knows in her heart that fate has made this their baby, and fate will bring him back to her. She tells him to just wait and see. 

Whitney and Fox return home, and Fox wonders why she didnt want him to come in to the store with her. She says she didnt want him to feel weird, but he says he wouldnt have minded feeling weird for her. She excuses herself and says shell be right back. Fox says okay. Whitney heads to the bathroom and has bought another pregnancy test. She hope shes not pregnant and the first two were false positives. She says third times a charm, and prays she is not pregnant. Whitney takes the test, and is apprehensive about looking at it. When she does it indicates she is pregnant. Fox shows up outside the door and ask if she is okay? Whitney says shes fine and will be out in just a second. Whitney looks at herself in the mirror and says shes pregnant with her brothers baby, God help her.

At the cottage, Luis catches Paloma when she faints, and he puts her on the couch. Luis tells Martin to keep away when Martin rushes to Palomas side. Martin says he is her daughter, and Luis says some father he is! Pilar tells Martin to look what hes done now! He says he never meant to . . . Pilar says if he finishes the sentencethen she will hurt him! Martin feels guilty about Paloma, and Katherine wonders what they have done. Paloma comes too, and she asks Martin if he is her father. He says yes. Paloma cant believe this and says she grew up with him and he never told her, how could he have kept such a secret from her. She says he knew she felt so abandoned, and how much she wanted to be part of her family. She says you, my father, were there all along. Paloma says she trusted him, respected him, loved him like a father. She asks how he can be so cruel? Martin says he couldnt tell her, and that he did love her. He says he wanted her to grow up happy, and if he told her the truththen it would be too upsetting for her. Luis says of course, how he could tell her that he left his wife and family for another woman. Paloma realizes Katherine isnt his wife, and she says things like this happen only in Telenovelas. Paloma says she always thought her mom was the one who didnt love her, but he didnt love her either. Martin says he does love her and that is why he couldnt tell her the truth. Paloma says they are both crazy or liars, or maybe both. Pilar tells her that she does love her and she sent her away to have a better life. She says she put Palomas needs above her wish to have her with her because she loved her so much. Pilar says she wishes it couldnt be different, but she couldnt hold the family together by herself. She says the guilt of sending her away ate at her soul, and to now know his father and his mistress helped raised her. She says she never thought she would say this to the man she married, but she hates him for what hes done to them. Paloma then tells her mother to stop talking to papa that way! Everyone looks at paloma and they are stunned. Pilar asks how she can defend him when he is to blame for tearing their family apart? She says Paloma could have grown up with them if he hadnt left them. Luis says she should blame him and not mama. Paloma says they hate papa for abandoning them, but she feels they all abandoning her. Paloma says even if she did send her away because they thought it was for the best, they never sent for her to come home for even a visit. Paloma says when Theresa was Mrs. Julian Crane they never sent for her, Luis maxed out his credit cards to wine and dine Sheridan, and the wealthy Sheridan couldnt spare money to send her a ticket. Sheridan says her family felt she was better off in Mexico. Paloma says papa may have lied to her, but at least he was there for her. She says he was always a loving, kind and a father to her. Pilar tells her to stop defending this cheat and liar because a true father doesnt leave his wife and children. Pilar says from the moment she met him she thought he was a saint, she worshipped the ground he walked on. She says she was a stupid fool for believing how blessed she was. She says she believed all his lies about family, fate and fidelity. Pilar says Martin is no saint, he is a sinner and an adulterer! She says Martin left them with nothing! Paloma says papa wouldnt abandon them for no good reason, maybe she was so mean to papa about money that he ran off. Martin says this was not Pilars fault. Luis says for once this bum is telling the truth! Luis says he remembers what happened, mama loved him and thought he loved her. He says that is why it was a surprise he left. Luis says she tried to stay strong for them, but she was always crying at night and praying for him to come back. Luis says they never thought he left to shack up with her! Paloma tells him to stop disrespecting her father. She goes to her fathers side and says he loved her, and she loves him too. Martin tells Palona that he loves her too and always will. Pilar asks Paloma how she can forgive him when his lie forced her to give her away? Paloma says she thinks her mom sent her away because it was the easy way out as babies are a lot of work and the others were more grown up and could take care of themselves. Luis says they couldnt afford baby things, they were broke. Palomna says she feels she was sent away because she was too much trouble. Pilar tells Martin how dare he stand their playing the loving father, tell her the truth that this is all his fault! Pilar says she never imagined the man she worshipped would abandon her and her children for another woman. She says she lit a candle for him every night for years, and she never gave other men a second thought. She says she was a stupid fool, she had no idea that Martin was living in paradise with another woman. Pilar says Martin said he loved them too, but it was all lies. Martin says it wasnt. Pilar tells him to shut up, and tells Paloma that he doesnt love her or them, he only loves the slut he left in sin with. Pilar then asks Katherine how dare she rob them of her husband and childrens father, and she calls her a bitch. Paloma then jumps to Katherines defense and says she loves her, she helped her growing up. Paloma then gives Katherine a hug, stunning Pilar.


November 17, 2004
At the mansion, Eve looks at the divorce papers and doesnt know how she can sign them. She says she and TC had a good marriage, how did it all come to this. Julian shows up to check on Eve, and she is crying. She says shes sorry, she always sees to be crying nowadays. He kisses her hand and tells her not to apologize for crying, she has every right to. Eve says in spite of everything that happened she thought she and TC would work things out. She says once she signs the papers it is all over. Julian tells her not to sign them, fight for her marriage if that will make her happy. He says if she wants to go back to TC than hell do whatever he can to help her. Eve says she thought TCs anger would calm down and hed forgive her when he saw how badly she wanted to save the marriage, but she sees that wont happen. She says he wants the marriage over, so there is no hope. Julian doesnt understand how any man who loves her could walk away from a life with her. She says she understands, she made him hate her. Julian says everyone makes mistakes when they are young, and mistakes made so long ago shouldnt be used to make someone pay for the rest of their lives. Eve just wishes she had told him the truth from the beginning. Julian tells her not to second guess things. He says she has turned her life around and accomplished so much, those mistakes should not erase twenty years of devotion. Eve says TC doesnt see it that way. Julian says it is TCs loss, but Eve says it is her loss too. She signs the papers and says it is done. She cries that its such a simple thing to end a marriage. 

At the Russells, TC is packing up old photos and memories of Eve. Liz offers to do that for him, but he says he needs to do this himself. TC says this part of his life is over and he needs to move on. This leaves Liz smiling. Later, Eve shows up and asks to talk to TC for a moment. Eve sees how TC has changed the room around, and TC asks what she wants. Eve says she signed the papers, and she gives them to him. He says she could have mailed them. Liz shows up with a family album and asks if this goes to the dump too. Eve says he cant throw those away, those are their wedding photos. TC says he doesnt want them. Eve says the girls might want to see them someday, but he says nope. TC says the girls want nothing to do with her and neither does he. Liz gloats and tells Eve to leave because she doesnt belong here anymore. She tells her to go to her lover who is probably waiting outside. Eve goes to leave, but stops. She sees Liz throwing her life away and snaps. Eve approaches Liz and says she isnt going until she says what she has to say. Eve says she is tired of being made the villain. She says she has made mistakes and will regret them, but she didnt ruin this marriage all by herself, and she tells TC that he has a responsibility too. Liz says the nerve she has to blame TC. Eve says she only blames TC for part of it, she blames her for the rest. Eve says she came here to steal her husband. Liz says that is a lie, but Eve says she has been so obvious. Eve says what if she told TC how she deliberately set out to destroy her marriage. She asks TC if he wants to hear the truth about Liz? TC says he wouldnt believe her anyways. Eve says if that is how he feels then fine. She says she wasnt honest about her past because she was ashamed, but she didnt know she was responsible for the accident. She says she knows what she did was wrong, but it was over twenty years ago. She asks if the last twenty years mean nothing? She says she is not the same mixed up girl, and she has tried to be the best person she can. He says she lied and pretended to be something shes not, a decent person with morals. Eve says she is those things, doesnt he see she has always been? She says she never broke their vows until he kicked her out. Liz asks Eve if she is saying she never sinned in her heart, she never ran off and meet him secretly, and she never kissed him? She says she never cheated on her, and if he considers a kiss infidelity, than theyve both been wrong. Eve finally tells TC that she saw him and Liz kissing in the youth center, and she knows it wasnt the first time. She tells them to look at themselves if hes going to throw stones. Eve says she couldnt say anything because Liz was blackmailing her at the time, so she just forgave him because her marriage was the most important thing in the world to her. She says she thought she would come here and try and save their marriage, but she sees its of no use. She says if he wants a divorce then he got one. She gives him the papers and says she wont fight him and she wont bother him again. Eve and Julian leave, and Liz is pleased that Eve gave TC the divorce. TC says all he has to do is take the papers to the courthouse and their marriage is over. Liz says she knows this is painful, but now he can move on and start over. TC just says yeah. Outside, Eve says she cant believe shes leaving her home forever. She cries that she feels like such a failure. Julian holds her and says she did everything she could. 

In her room, Theresa tells Ethan that fate will make this baby theirs. Ethan says he doesnt care whose baby it is, hes not leaving Gwen for her or any reason. Theresa says he can keep telling himself that. Ethan says it wont happen. Theresa says the only reason she got pregnant was to bring them back together. Ethan says no, she did this to trade their baby for Little Ethan. Theresa says true, but then they slept together and made another baby. They get into the same old you knew/I didnt know it was you argument. Theresa says once this baby is born then he will come back to her. Ethan says she has no way of knowing whose child she is carrying. Theresa says fate will make it theirs. Theresa says he loved her when he found out Gwen was pregnant, and he married Gwen when he wanted to spend his life with her. Ethan says he married Gwen and made vows to her. Theresa says this baby will bring them back together, he knows she is right. Ethan says this baby is his and Gwens, and they will go forward as if this baby is Gwens. Theresa says shes not giving Gwen this baby. He asks what she is saying, he doesnt want Little Ethan back? Theresa says she will get him back, and she is going to have a DNA test to determine if this is there baby. Theresa says she needs to know for a fact what she knows in her heart, and nothing will stop her from finding out. Ethan asks what if the test shows it is Gwens baby? Theresa says it wont be Gwens baby. Ethan begs her not to do this, dont take away Gwens last chance to have a biological child. Theresa asks what if it isnt her child? Ethan says Gwen will never know. Theresa says no, she will not watch him and Gwen raise what could be her child. She says shell find out whose child it is, and if it is her child then shell never give it up to Gwen. Ethan says if the test shows the baby is not hers, then she will be crushed. Theresa says she is willing to risk it, but she knows fate will bring them back together and make this their baby. Ethan says he is sick of her and fate, and if she goes through with this then everyone will be devastated. He hopes she comes to her senses and lets go of this fantasy. Theresa says its not a fantasy, its their destiny. Ethan storms out of the room.

Rebecca finds Gwen in the room that is to be the nursery. Gwen is looking through the baby book she started for Sarah. She then looks at the baby books she bought for the twins, and says she wont need one of them either. Rebecca says shell still have that other baby girl. Gwen asks how did this happen to her? Rebecca says she can thank God that Theresa is carrying her child, but Theresa the tramp is the cause for everything bad that has happened here. Rebecca reminds her of everything Theresa has done, and she thinks a whole lot more is going on than what they see. Gwen says she is trying to stay positive here, and she is too tired to fight anymore. She says all she wants now if for Theresa to deliver her baby, thats all that matters. Later Ethan shows up and Gwen says shes been in here imagining how great it will be when their baby arrives. She says she cant wait, they will at last have a child of their own. Gwen says she cant wait until Theresa gives birth to their little girl, and she knows from that moment on everything will be perfect. They hug, and Ethan looks worried.

Back in her room, Theresa rubs her belly and says the baby has to be hers, she has to bring her and Ethan together the way fate wants them to be.

At the cottage, Paloma tells her mother not to talk to Katherine that way. Paloma says Mrs. Wheeler was there for her all her life, she was there for her when her own mother wasnt. Paloma says Mrs. Wheeler never sent her away. Pilar says she had no choice, but Paloma says she did have a choice and she threw her away and not Theresa or Miguel. Luis damns his father for what he has done to his mama and his family. He then yells at Katherine and asks what is wrong with her, first she takes his father and now his sister. Paloma says Mrs. Wheeler is a good woman and took care of her. Luis tells Paloma that she has been lied to her whole life by their father and this tramp. Martin says he wont have Luis calling her names. Luis says he doesnt care what he wants. Paloma asks if anyone cares what she wants? Pilar says she never threw her away. Paloma curses her mother in Spanish, and Katherine tells Paloma not to disrespect her mother. Sheridan asks if they can have a normal conversation without the accusations? Luis says he is telling it like it is. When Luis shoves his father, Paloma tells Luis not to touch him and to leave her Tia alone too. Paloma says they are her family, not him and not any of them. Luis asks Katherine if she sees what she has done, she has turned her against her family. Paloma says no one had to tell her that her mother didnt want her. Luis says they never wanted to send paloma away, and the person to blame is Mrs. Wheeler. Luis says Mama called her every holiday whether they could afford it or not. He says she is her mama, not this Mrs. Wheeler who stole their papa away. As Luis begins tells Paloma how this woman is nothing but trash, Sheridan becomes very angry. She ends up telling Luis to stop calling Mrs. Wheeler these horrible names because she cant stand it. Luis asks Sheridan if she is defending her? He asks why she is defending her? Sheridan says she is just confused and they dont know everything. Sheridan says this doesnt make sense, this woman is a kind person and there must be more too it. Sheridan says she wont condemn her until she knows all the facts. Luis says he cannot believe he is hearing this from her. Luis says she of all people know the pain her mother has suffered over the years. Luis continues to ask Sheridan how she is going to defend this woman who know Martin had a wife and a family and didnt care? Sheridan says all she is saying they need more information before they condemn someone so harshly. Luis says he has all the information he needs. Luis says she is lucky he doesnt kill this woman. Katherine begs them not to fight over her, and she tells Sheridan that Luis is right and she is not a good person at all. Sheridan says she doesnt believe that, she knows there is more to this story. Luis thanks Sheridan for her loyalty, love and support. Luis says he never thought she would betray him, and he doesnt know her as well as he thought he did. Luis and Sheridan continue to argue, and Sheridan says she just wants the whole story. Luis says he knows how they affected his mother and he thought shed understand. Sheridan asks if they can talk about this, but he says no. He says she has decided to support a stranger over the man she supposedly loves. Sheridan says she does love him, but Luis says right now he doesnt feel very loved.


November 18, 2004
Outside of the Russells, Julian comforts Eve. Eve says this bad dream is over, TC wont take her back and her family has been broken up forever. She says Liz is good, she did everything she said she would, she took everything from her and left her with nothing. Julian suggests they go out for dinner in order to try and cheer her up.

In the Russell house, TC says one more box and all of Eve things will be gone. However, he says the memories of Eve will be harder to erase. Liz hands him some wine and says theyll make new memories here, and tonight is the start of his new life based on the truth. She says he is now free to find the love and happiness he deserves. She tells him to make a toast, but he says its bad luck to toast yourself. She says then shell make it, and says to your new life. To herself she says your new life with me. TC ends up asking Liz to go out to dinner and maybe for some dancing because he needs to get his mind off this lousy day. She says okay, and will put the dinner she was preparing in the freezer and put on her dancing shoes. He says hell take a shower. 

Eve and Julian go to the seascape for dinner, and Julian asks her to dance. At first she says no, but eventually agrees to dance. Meanwhile, TC and Liz show up at the Seascape. Liz says she never imagined he would want to come here, this place costs a fortune. TC says money is no object tonight, he just wants to splurge. Eve and Julian see TC and Liz, and Julian asks if she wants to go. Eve says no, shell have to get used to this. Later Julian insists they go because Liz and TC are just bringing her down, and she was feeling better earlier. Eve doesnt know what shed ever do without him, and he promises never to leave her again. Julian and Eve leave, and TC and Liz end up dancing.

Back at the mansion, Julian professes his love to Eve. He tells her that he is willing to wait for her to get over TC and he hopes she will turn to him. He tells her goodnight, and goes to leave. Eve asks him not to leave as he said hed never leave her. Julian returns and says he never will. Eve says she loved TC and the life they had together, but if she was to be honest with herself, part of her heart was always reserved for him. She says when he left her she tried to convince herself that part of her was dead, but he still got under her skin. She says she never wanted to admit how important he was to her. She says he has changed so much and has brought back to life the man she loved and couldnt live without. Julian says she did that to him, he wanted to be someone worthy of her. Eve says they could be good together, and they kiss. Eve and Julian end up in bed, and Eve asks Julian to make love to her. Over at the Russell house, TC and Liz make love.

At the cottage, Luis continues to ask Sheridan how she can defend this woman, she more than anyone knows the pain they have been through. Sheridan says they need to learn more. Luis says no, he needs to be there for his family and he needed her to be there for him. Luis tells Paloma to come with him and mama, but she says she is staying here with the Wheelers. Katherine tells Paloma to go to her mother, but Paloma says that woman is not her mother and never has been. She tells Katherine that she is her mother and the one she loves. Paloma says they are strangers to her! Sheridan asks Luis to stay and talk this out, but Luis says no way. Luis tells Paloma to come with them, but she again says no. Katherine tells Paloma once again to go with her mother. Paloma says no and Mrs. Wheeler is the only mother she has ever knows. She says Mrs. Wheeler took care of her when she was sick, she bought her dresses, she was at her first communion, and she was the one who taught her to put on make-up and her hair for her first date. Paloma says MRs. Wheeler did all the things a girl needs their mom for, all the things her mother was never there for. Pilar accuses Katherine of not only stealing her husband but of stealing her baby girl. Martin says he never . . but Luis tells him to just shut up. Pilar walks out, leaving Paloma behind, and Luis follows leaving Sheridan. 

Outside the cottage, Paloma talks to her father. He feels terrible about how all this turned out, but she isnt she says now she can call him papa. They hug, and she asks why he didnt tell her? He says it is a long story. He says what he did was to protect the ones he loved, but all he did is hurt her. She says he was there for her like a father, and now she knows who he is. Paloma says she knows he is a good man no matter what Luis says. She says her mother never wanted her, but Martin says that is not true and Pilar loves her. Paloma says actions speak louder than words. Martin says he is the one to blame, he is the reason Pilar had to send her away. Paloma tells him not to defend her mama, she never saw her once and will never understand how she could send her away. Paloma says there was a woman in Puerto Arena who begged for money and food for her children, and she would rather die than be separated from her children. Paloma tells her papa not to defend her mother ever. Martin says she is too young for such bitterness, and in time he hopes she understand his mother loves her. Paloma says she doesnt need that kind of love, the love she had with him and Tia is all she needs. She says they are his parents, her mother never wanted her and she doesnt want her.

Luis takes Pilar up to her room in the mansion. HE tells her to just rest, and that things will be better in the morning. Pilar says she has been a stupid fool. She says she was so young when she fell in love with Martin, and when he left she prayed for guidance. She says she believed that he was still alive, still loved her, and would come back to her. Pilar says that belief gave her the strength to go on. She cries that she tried to be a good mother. He says she was the best. Pilar says Paloma was a baby and she had to work rather than stay home and take care of her, she had to feed them all. She says she had to send her away even though it broke her heart. Pilar wonders how she could have stayed faithful to that man. She says she put all her faith in Martin, and that was her sin. She says for so long she saved herself for him, and she spent so many lonely years. She says all the time she was saying yes sir and no sir to the Cranes, that woman was in bed with Martin. Pilar damns Martin for his betrayal, and she blames Martin for Palomas hatred of her. Pilar ends up collapsing in tears onto her bed and asks why did you leave me, I thought our love and marriage was so strong! She says she believed him and prayed for him. She asks if she was not good enough and what did she do wrong. Luis watches as his mother breaks down. Luis tells his mom that she did nothing wrong, it was all them. There is a knock at the door, and Pilar asks Luis to send them away. Its Wendy the maid letting them know that Theresa is home. Luis says hell let his mother know, but she has heard. Pilar decides to pray for Theresa and for the soul of the baby that has been lost, and she asks Luis to do the same. She wants to go see Theresa, but Luis tells her to just rest. Pilar says yes, Theresa doesnt need to know the truth right now as she and the baby are still weak. She thinks the truth may cause problems for Theresa and the babys health. Luis says she is probably right. Pilar tells Luis that she is so grateful to him, but he says she doesnt have to thank him. HE says he wants nothing to do with his father or that tramp, and he cant believe Sheridan picked a total stranger over him. He says it is like Mrs. Wheeler has some strange power over Sheridan. Luis leaves his mom to rest, and she picks up the candle she always lit for Martin and smashes it. Pilar says Theresa is right, more pain comes from answered prayers.

Back at the cottage, Katherine tells Sheridan how she couldnt stand seeing her and Luis arguing over her. Sheridan says this is not her fault that she chose to defend her. Sheridan says she doesnt know what to think anymore. She says when she first found out the truth she was angry at MR. Wheeler and at her, but now she cant believe that she is the evil woman Luis thinks she is. Sheridan says there has to be more to it, her heart is telling her that she is not the kind of wan who would tear apart a woman. Sheridan says she knows there is something Katherine has been trying to tell her, and she asks Katherine to tell her what it is. Sheridan says she needs to know the truth. Katherine chickens out of telling Sheridan and says she has nothing to tell her. Sheridan knows she was going to tell her something, and she begs her to tell her. Katherine asks Sheridan to trust her because it is better this way. Sheridan says a family has been destroyed, and she is at odds with Luis. Sheridan says she told her that she was estranged from her children, so she should know how Pilar feels. Katherine says she knows how she feels. Sheridan asks Katherine where her husband is, is she still married to him? Katherine says she is still married to him. Sheridan asks about her children. Katherine says nothing, and Sheridan realizes Katherine ran out on her family the same way Martin ran out on his. Sheridan says she really doesnt know her. Sheridan asks how she could desert her own children? Katherine says she had no choice. Sheridan asks if she knows what its like for a child to lose a parent? Sheridan says she does, her mother died, she had no choice. Sheridan says her mother never would have walked out on her and her brother, but she did have a choice. She asks Katherine how she could be so selfish and heartless, she was so wrong about her. Sheridan says her children are probably better off without her, it is better they never see her again! 


November 12, 2004
Its a new day in Harmony

Whitney sits in her room and talks about her baby. She says she hates deceiving Fox, but what choice does she have? She says she has to hide the painful truth. Fox walks in and asks what painful truth? She says she was just thinking about Theresa and everything she has gone through. Whitney says the baby that survives might feel such guilt and pressure knowing her brother was sacrificed so that she could live. She says that guilt could force a child to grow up thinking they have to be perfect. Fox says she is so selfless, she is always thinking about others. Fox says Gwen and Ethan will do everything they can to protect their child. Fox tells her not to worry about it, just get dressed and meet him in the kitchen for breakfast. Down in the kitchen, Ivy tells Whitney not to take this the wrong way, but she has been here every night and hasnt gone home. Whitney says she doesnt feel like she has a home anymore given what her mother did. She talks to Ivy about her marriage to Julian and if his feelings for her mother destroyed their marriage. Ivy says she always knew there was someone else in his heart, but that isnt what destroyed their marriage. She says she was always in love with Sam, and he was cheating on her the whole time. However, she says she has to take her share of the blame for the horror their marriage was. She says while he hurt her with his affairs, her passing Ethan off as Julians son hurt him as equally. She says she thought she was doing the best thing at the time, she thought it was the perfect solution because she was giving her baby a chance at a better life. She says passing Ethan off as Julians kid was the worst thing she could do for all of them, and none of them will ever fully recover from it. She says the person she hurt the most was Ethan. Whitney says Ethan seems so happy now, so what she went through must have been better than having people gossip about him. She says she thought so to, but in an instant Ethans whole identity was taken from him and he didnt know who he was anymore. Fox says now it seems neither of her sons will inherit the Crane Empire now as Chad is going to get everything. Ivy says she wont sit by and let that bastard Chad take what is rightfully Foxs. Whitney tells Ivy not to talk about Chad that way, he is a good man. Ivy says she is sorry if she offended Whitney. They begin cleaning up the dishes, and Ivy says she could use help hanging some Indian Corn on the doors at the B&B because they are booked solid. Fox says okay, and he realizes she really likes running that place. Ivy says she does, and if her sorority sisters could see Princess Ivy now. Ivy asks Fox to take the trash out on his way out, and he says okay. Whitney and Ivy are left alone, and Ivy talks to her about how she is good for Fox and how she has helped her and Fox get closer. Whitney says she should be grateful; she has made her feel part of a family again. Ivy says she never should have had to go through what she did. She also thanks Ivy for opening up to her earlier because shes been given a lot to think about.

Whitney goes to see Father Lonigan and says shes made a decision. She says she cant pass this child off as Foxs, so shes going to leave Harmony. She says shes going to take a semester abroad, go to Europe where shell have the baby and give it up for adoption. Back at the Bennetts, Fluffy tears up the garbage, and Fox has to clean it up. He ends up finding the pregnancy test, and he realizes Whitney is pregnant. 

Martin and Katherine are still at the cottage, and they are talking with one another about the events of last night. Katherine still feels they need to tell their loved ones the whole truth. Martin says no, her children would just hate her the way his family hates him. Katherine says she got a glimpse of that last night, Sheridan was so angry with her and if she found out who she was then shed hate her even more. Martin says they must leave Harmony like they planned too all along. Meanwhile, Sheridan wakes up and realizes last night was no dream, it was real. She looks at a photo of her and Luis and talks to him. She says she is so sorry she hurt him, but she still thinks there is more to the story. She wonders if she has lost him forever because of this. When Sheridan comes out of her bedroom she finds the Wheelers packing to leave. She says they cant go, and she apologizes to Katherine for the mean things she said to her about her children. Sheridan urges Katherine to try and find her children, to go see them. Katherine says she has hurt them so much. Sheridan says if she just explains to them why she left, she thinks that deep down they would understand. Sheridan says she knows she would understand, shed give anything to have her mother back. Katherine says even if she hadnt died, even if she had left her? Sheridan says even if she did up and leave her. She says shed be hurt and angry, but shed get over it. Sheridan says the bottom line is shed have her mother back. Sheridan urges her to call her children and let them know that she loves them. Katherine says maybe she should. Martin clears his throat, and Katherine tells Sheridan that there is something that they need to talk about. Sheridan says shed love to help her find her children and go talk to them with her, but she cant .She says if she gets more involved with her than it could cost her Luis. Sheridan says she cant risk losing Luis because she loves him so much. Katherine realizes if she tells Sheridan the truth it might destroy her relationship with Luis. Katherine tells Sheridan that she is not worth Sheridan losing Luis. Katherine tells Sheridan to go find Luis because she knows his feelings for her havent changes. Sheridan says she will go look for him, and she asks Mrs. Wheeler to please contact her children. Sheridan leaves, and Martin comforts Katherine. Katherine says she thought for a moment she could tell Sheridan the truth, but she was wrong. She says she cant tell her not now and not ever. Martin says they still should leave town, but before they do, he has to see Pilar and his children one last time. Katherine says he is right, they do have to go. She says if the truth about her came out than it would drive a wedge between Sheridan and Luis. She says if Sheridan knew who she really was then shed be torn between her and Luis. She says the truth would destroy Sheridans relationship with Luis forever.

Luis is walking the Crane grounds, and says Sheridan was the one person he thought he could count on. He says his life is falling apart and when he needs her the most, she defends a total stranger over him. Luis heads up to his mothers room to check on her. She is in bed and is crying. Luis says he thought he could fix her breakfast, or maybe run her a nice hot bath. She says she just wants to be alone. Luis says she cant do this to herself, Martin isnt worth it. He says he doesnt want her to get sick again. Pilar says she believed in him with all her heart and soul. She says she blamed Alistair all these years, and shes been such a fool. She says she wasted her entire life waiting for that man, and she worked herself ragged trying to support this family. She says she never once went on welfare because it would have brought shame to his fathers name. Pilar says and Paloma hates her and thinks of that woman as her mother. Luis says she will come around. Pilar says how could she have been so stupid? Luis says because she loved him, because she is honest and loyal. Pilar says she failed them all and she is a terrible mother. Luis says she was a wonderful mother and not to second guess what she did. He tells her that they are lucky to have her, and they love her. Pilar says Paloma doesnt love her. Luis says she does, Paloma is just confused, and she will come around. Pilar thinks shes let them all down by hanging onto a stupid romantic fantasy. He says she is a good wife, a good catholic, and she taught them to stay true to your marriage. He tells her not to blame herself, this is all papa and that womans fault and they should be the ones who pay. Luis says he will make sure that they do pay. Luis asks his mom if she will at least eat something, but she says no. She says she just wants to be alone. Luis says no, when a LF is in pain they all stay close by. He says she taught him that when he was a child. Pilar says she is not a child, and she just needs to be alone with God. Luis finally leaves her, but makes her promise to call if she needs him. He says she is a wonderful person and mother, and to never doubt that. Luis leaves, and he wonders how his father could betray his family and how could Sheridan support Mrs. Wheeler. Sheridan soon shows up, and she wants to talk to him. He says he doesnt know if that is a good idea. Sheridan says it didnt feel right going to bed without him. Luis asks how she could not be there for him, how could she support this woman that has brought so much pain to his family. He asks if she doesnt love him anymore? She says she never meant to hurt him, and she has just been very confused about her feelings for Mrs. Wheeler. She says she was just concerned about her. Luis says more concerned about her than him or his mother? Sheridan says she just feels there is more to this story. Luis says his mother has always treated her like a daughter, and she knows how she believed in his father all these years, so she has to know how much this hurt her. He asks how she could support Mrs. Wheeler? Sheridan says she doesnt know, but she says she loves him and his family is her family too. Luis says he loves her too, but he doesnt know if that is enough. He says not only did he find out his father betrayed him, but he found out that he cant count on the woman he loves. Luis says it is a lot to deal with, and he walks off. 

Sheridan finds Luis on the pier, and she says she thought hed be here. He says hes sorry he walked out on her, but hes had a lot going through his mind and all. She says she loves him and they have been through too much to have their relationship end over this. Luis says he agrees, but he is going through the worst time of his life right now. He says he has to know that she is going to be there for him, that the woman he loves supports him. He asks her if she does? She says of course he does, she loves him and he is her life. She says she just met Mrs. Wheeler, and in spite of this mysterious connection she feels towards her, she means nothing to her and he means everything. Luis says he didnt mean to see selfish, it has just been horrible. Sheridan says he is the one she loves, and Mrs. Wheeler means nothing to her, she is no one.

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