November 22, 2004
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Whitney tells Father Lonigan about her plans to go to Europe, have her baby, and put him or her up for adoption. Father Lonigan says he is sorry, but perhaps it is the right thing to do. Whitney says she cant pass this baby off as Foxs, it wouldnt be right. Father Lonigan says she could tell Fox and ask him to make a decision. Whitney says no, she needs to place this child up for adoption. Father Lonigan says hell make some calls and find some place for her to go. Whitney says her baby will have a good home and her secret will be safe.

At the Bennetts, Fox finds the pregnancy test and realizes Whitney is pregnant. He says this explains the trip to the drug store, and he says the woman of his dreams is going to make him a daddy. Ivy walks out and asks what he is doing? He hides the pregnancy test behind his back, and she tells him to come inside because it is cold. He says okay. A bit of the show is interrupted for local news at this point, when the show returns Ivy has learned about the pregnancy test and thinks it could be Jessicas. Fox says he is positive it is Whitneys, and she is pregnant with his kid. Meanwhile, Whitney has arrived home. She says she can do this, she can give this baby up to loving adoptive parents. She walks in on Ivy and Fox hugging. Whitney asks what is going on? Fox says they were celebrating the good news, and he knows everything. He says he knows she is having a baby. He says he found her pregnancy test and hes very excited about it. Whitney says he made a mistake, she is not pregnant. Fox says she doesnt have to keep this a secret, he knows. She swears it wasnt hers. Fox asks then whose was it, and what was with the trip to the drugstore? She says she just had aspirin and didnt want to worry him with her headache. Fox says hes not buying it, and he tells her not to be embarrassed because this is wonderful news. He says it is time they get a little good news and hell be the best dad to this baby. He thinks this calls for a celebration, and he rushes to get some sparkling cider. Ivy isnt so sure, and she notices that Whitney isnt thrilled. Ivy thinks Whitney seems shocked, even horrified. Ivy wonders just how far along Whitney is. Ivy asks Whitney if the baby she is carrying is Foxs, or could it be Chads? Whitney ends up dropping her glass. 

Ethan sits with Gwen at the mansion, and he is glad to see her so relaxed. Gwen says Theresa will deliver them a baby and theyll finally be the family they have wanted to be for so long. She says it would be wrong for her to keep dwelling on the negative. Gwen asks him what hes thinking about? He says the same thing she is, hes thinking about that baby, Gwen says very shortly theyll be sitting on the couch with their baby daughter. She says she loves him so much. Theresa show up, and Gwen asks what she is doing up? Theresa says she wanted some more warm milk and wants to get some. Gwen says she is supposed to ring for her or the servants. She tells Theresa to please sit down while she goes and gets the milk. Theresa sits next to Ethan and smiles at him. Ethan confront Theresa about the massage stunt she pulled. Theresa says she did have pain in her lower back, it was real. They begin once again arguing over Theresas belief that they will be together. Theresa says she did not come downstairs to argue about this with him. Ethan says what she feels about the baby doesnt matter, Gwen will be the mother of this child. Theresa says she is a mother, not a monster. Rebecca walks in and tells Theresa to keep her filthy hands off of Gwens husband. Rebecca yanks Theresa away from Ethan, and Gwen returns and asks what is going on? Rebecca says Theresa was all over him, and Ethan says not true. Ethan says Rebecca misunderstood what she saw and blew up. Gwen gives her the milk and suggests she go back upstairs. Theresa thanks Gwen and says she is greatful for what she is doing for her. Theresa leaves, and Rebecca says she cant believe Gwen is letting Theresa get away with this. Gwen says while Theresa may be nervy, she doesnt think even Theresa would take advantage of their situation. Ethan agrees and he tells Gwen they will have a future no matter what Theresa does. Theresa spies on them and says thats what you think! As Rebecca tries to convince Ethan and Gwen that they have been fools, Theresa cries out in pain! Ethan and Gwen find her hunched over the table in the foyer, and she says she thinks shes losing the baby!

Luis is at the Book Caf with Precious, and he grabs them some latts. She makes a kissy face at him, and he winks at her. Precious is snapped out of her fantasy, she is at the Book Caf but with Beth, her mother and the baby. Beth tells her mom that shes been told not to bring that monkey in here because she scares the customers! Beth is working and tells the baby she wishes she could spend time with him right now but he cant. As Precious watches the baby, Mrs. Wallace gloats to Beth about how her happily ever after has turned out. Beth says Luis is with Sheridan and she is doomed to wait on spoiled yuppies! Beth ends up pouring hot water on her mother to shut her up. Beth claims it was an accident, but Mrs. Wallace knows better. Beth tells her mom to take Precious and Marty home. Mrs. Wallace thinks she should sue her daughter. Beth says people are looking, so Mrs. Wallace decides to give them something to look at. She tells precious to get over here and start pouring coffee, which she does. Beth tells her mom to get this animal out of this caf. Mrs. Wallace says that is no way to talk to her sons babysitter, if it werent for her and Precious than shed have the baby around all the time and she knows Beth doesnt want that. Beth says with little Marty safe at home she doesnt have to worry about Sheridan stopping by and seeing him. Beth tells her mother one more taunt and . . . Mrs. Wallace asks what shes going to do? She says she has lost her accomplice and is living on borrowed time. Mrs. Wallace says this is a small town and Sheridan will be running into Marty often now that she is getting married to Luis. MRs. Wallace says how long does she think it will take before Marty becomes the spitting image of his mother? Beth tells her mom to get out, she has customers. Mrs. Wallace says not many, but that is because she fails at everything she touches. Mrs. Wallace wonders how she looks at herself in the morning. Mrs. Wallace says it is already happening, she and Luis have dark hair and eyes, but Little Marty is already so fair. Beth says genes skip generations all the time. Mrs. Wallace says before long a lot of other people will put this together, and Sheridan will probably be the first one. Mrs. Wallace says on that day she will say I told you so. Later, Paloma shows up and is stunned to see Precious behind the counter. She asks for hot chocolate. Beth tells Paloma not to mind her, shell get it. Paloma asks if she has been working here long? Beth says she doesnt work here, she is her mothers nurse. Paloma says no! Beth says yes, and Paloma says America is certainly and amazing place. Beth asks where she is from, and Beth asks if she is Paloma? Paloma says yes. Beth says she and Luis are close, and MRs. Wallace introduces herself to her and suggests Paloma meet her nephew Marty. Paloma wants to meet him, and when she sees him, she says she cant figure out who he looks like. She says he reminds her of someone she knows, but she doesnt know who. Mrs. Wallace says she thought the same thing, the baby doesnt remind her of Luis or Beth. Beth says perhaps Marty looks like one of his grandparents, but Paloma says no thats not it. Beth says when he was first born he did look just like Luis. Paloma says she wishes she had been here, but Mrs. Wallace thinks it must have been fun growing up in Mexico. She says it was nice, but most of her family was here. She says they might as well know, and she reveals what has been found out about her father. She tells them about Mrs. Wheeler and how they both returned here. She says Luis is very angry with both his father and Mrs. Wheeler. Mrs. Wallace says at least Luis has Sheridan to comfort him, but Paloma says he doesnt. She says Sheridan has become attached to Mrs. Wheeler, and it has caused big problems between her and Luis. Beth finds this fascinating. Beth acts like she is crazy about Sheridan and she and Luis are still friends and it is important that Marty have two parents that get along. Paloma says that is very civilized. Paloma takes off, and Beth tells her mom that she cant wait to find out more about this woman. Mrs. Wallace cant believe this because she thought Luis and Sheridan were finally safe from Beths tricks. Mrs. Wallace says Beth wont stop until she gets Luis all to herself.

At the cottage, Martin and Katherine are once again planning to leave Harmony. Katherine says Paloma will be devastated. Martin says shell get over it, and hopefully shell turn to Luis, Theresa and Pilar. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan are on their way back to the cottage, they have made up. Sheridan also wants to call Pilar and apologize to her for defending Mrs. Wheeler. They go into the cottage and find the Wheelers about to leave. Luis asks why they are still here? Martin says they were just leaving. He tries to say if there is anything he can do because he hates what Luis thinks he did. Luis says he doesnt think, he knows his father destroyed their family. Martin says there is still a lot he cant say. Luis tells him to save it because he wouldnt believe him anyways. Luis says he is nothing but a bad memory that he is going to have to try and erase. Luis ends up deciding to attack his father again to leave his dad something to remember him by. Katherine and Sheridan stop them from fighting, and Luis tells his father that he is not going anywhere until mama sees a lawyer to divorce him. Luis says shell wipe him out! Martin says she is welcomed to the money, but he doesnt have much. Luis says that doesnt matter, every dime he makes for the rest of his life will go to her. Katherine thinks they should leave, but Luis says no way. Martin says they have no place to stay, so Sheridan suggests they try the B&B. Martin says theyll try there. Katherine says she is so sorry their actions caused them so much damage, and she hopes Sheridan wont hate her. Sheridan thinks its best they never see one another again, Luis and Pilar are her only real family. Sheridan says she lied to her, and she never would have been drawn to her if she had known the truth, and she wishes she had never laid eyes on her. Sheridan says she never wants to see her again. The Wheelers leave, and Sheridan feels bad for being harsh on her. Luis says that whore stole my mothers husband, she doesnt deserve sympathy. Sheridan says she meant it, she never wants to see that woman again.

Katherine is devastated over Sheridans anger, and she says she wishes she had never come back to Harmony. Katherine says she would have been happy just living by her and having her friendship, even if she never knew the truth. Martin isnt so sure that would have worked given the number of times shes almost told Sheridan the truth. Katherine says he is right, and she doesnt want to come between Sheridan and Luis. However she says it just hurts that she cant be there for Sheridan. She wonders how she will live without Sheridan, and having those last words to her ringing in her ears.


November 23, 2004
Shorter Summary Due To A Long Day
Martin calls Sam and Sam offers him a place to stay at the B&B. Sam tells him to head over and see Ivy. Katherine feels bad as Ivy and Julian were forced to marry one another because of Alistair. She says if only she had stayed in Harmony she could have made a difference. Martin and Katherine head off and are followed by Alistair.

Meanwhile, Beth shows up at the Crane Estate and thinks there must be a way to use what Paloma told her about the Wheelers to drive a wedge between Sheridan and Luis. She tells this to her mom via a cell phone, and her mom laughs at her. She sees Luis and Sheridan in the cottage being all lovey dovey, and she intends to break them up. Beth shows up to see Luis claiming Paloma told her the news and she wanted to check on how he was doing. She says she cant believe Martin left with that slut, that whore. Sheridan becomes angry and tells Beth to stop it. Beth asks Sheridan if she is defending this woman? Luis wants to know the answer to the same question. Sheridan says she is not, she just feels they have had enough of the Wheelers for one day. Beth tells Sheridan that she didnt know Luis back when Martin left, and she says Luis had to give up all his dreams to work three jobs and support his family. She says she cant believe while Luis family was struggling, Martin was living in Mexico with some rich whore. Sheridan begins to think about all the times she spent with Mrs. Wheeler and how caring she was. Sheridan says Mrs. Wheeler just cant be this monster Beth and Luis think she is.

At the Bennetts, Ivy asks Whitney if her child could be Chads. Whitney is stunned, and Fox asks his mother how she could say such a thing when Whitney just said the baby was his. Ivy says no, he said that and Whitney didnt contradict him. Whitney admits she doesnt know how far along she is and she hasnt been checked out. Ivy says then they need to go to the hospital and have her checked out right away. Ivy tells Whitney if this baby is Foxs then she only wants the best for it. She says if it is Chads, theyll cross that bridge when they get to it. Before they get much further the Wheelers show up, and Ivy and Fox show them to their room. While they are gone, Chad shows up. Whitney and Chad talk and they basically agree to try and be friends and channel the love they once shared into a friendship based caring. Whitney they realizes Ivy and Fox will be back soon, and she doesnt want Chad knowing about the baby. She tries to get Chad to leave quickly. Meanwhile, Ivy talks to Fox outside about the baby. She says shed like it is the kid was his, but if it isnt then he shouldnt stay with Whitney and raise a son that isnt his. Fox asks his mom who she is to judge, she was not there for him and his sisters growing up. Ivy says that is true, but shes trying to make up for that. She says she only wants what is best for him. They go back inside and catch Chad about to leave. Ivy says it is good he is here because he can go to the hospital with them. He asks why what is wrong? Whitney says she didnt want him to find out this way. Ivy tells Whitney she might as well tell Chad. Chad asks her if she is okay? Fox says she is pregnant. Chad asks if it is his? Fox says no, the baby is mine, she said so. Ivy says the truth is they dont know, so he might as well come with them because there is a chance it is his child.

At the B&B, Alistair confronts Martin and Katherine about what theyve done. Alistair says Sheridan now hates her for what she has done, but Katherine says in time that will change. She says once she tells Sheridan the truth about why she had to leave she will understand. Alistair says if she does that than she will turn Sheridan and Luis against one another and then she will be responsible for destroying Sheridan and Luiss love and their lives. Alistair eventually leaves, and Katherine realizes Alistair is right and that she can never tell Sheridan the truth.

Theresa cries out in pain, and Ethan and Gwen rush to her. Rebecca thinks Theresa is lying about the cramps. She says she used to lie about having cramps when she was pregnant with Gwen to get Gwens father to buy her some bling-bling. Rebecca says Theresa is after Ethan, and viola, she is in his arms. Gwen isnt so sure, and Ethan is convinced Theresa is in pain. Theresa says she is and she tells Ethan that shes going to lose our baby. Rebecca and Gwen ask her what she means our baby? Ethan says Theresa just means all of theirs baby, they are all involved in this. Gwen begins to believe Rebecca may be right, or Theresa is just exaggerating her pain. Gwen says Eve said these pains would happen due to the procedure, so Theresa should go up stairs while she and Ethan continue their evening. Gwen drags Ethan off, and Theresa collapses! They run back out to her, and Ethan says something is wrong. Gwen sees blood on the floor, and Rebecca still says no biggie, shell have the maid clean it up. Ethan and Gwen realize they have to get Theresa to the hospital.


November 24, 2004
Ethan and Gwen bring Theresa to the hospital, and Rebecca is in tow. Rebecca continues to insist Theresa is faking, and she says Meryl Streep should take acting lessons from her. Gwen and Ethan lash out at Rebecca saying she is not faking, they saw the blood. Rebecca says she probably faked that too, she probably cut her finger. Eve says shell examine Theresa and it was good that they brought her in. Gwen and Ethan continue to blame Rebecca for this. They say they could have been here an hour ago if she hadnt convinced them that Theresa was faking. Later, Eve reveals there could be complications and she wants to keep Theresa is the hospital.

At the Bennetts, Chad is stunned to learn Whitney could be carrying his child. Whitney says it isnt his baby and she can prove it. She says after the last time they made love she got her period. Ivy says you can be pregnant and still have your period. Fox tells his mom to stop it, the baby is his. Chad yells at Fox for being so careless, how could he not use protection? Fox says they always use protection, but the first time they forgot. Chad says Fox not only knocked Whitney up, he could have exposed her to something. Fox says he hasnt exposed her to anything. Ivy says they should get to the hospital, but Whitney flips out and says she is not going. She says her baby is fine and that is that. Eventually though they convince Whitney to go to the hospital.

Eve sees the whole gang arrive at the hospital and she asks what is wrong. She is stunned to learn Whitney could be pregnant with Chads child!

At Tabithas, Tabitha and Endora plan a Thanksgiving from hell. Tabitha asks Endora to whip up some decorations, and she does. Unfortunately she conjures up some live pilgrims and Native Americans, and they want to burn Tabitha! Endora zaps them away before she can. Tabitha then decides to invite the Lopez-Fitzgerald bunch over for dinner. She asks Endora for a sneak preview, and Endora conjures up portraits of everyone, which sit in the chairs around the table. The portraits come to life and argue with one another. Later, Tabitha calls up Paloma to invite her over, and Paloma accepts. She then calls Beth and asks for her, her mother and Precious to attend. Beth says they have their own traditional dinner, but when she learns Luis is coming she says her mom and Precious cant make it but she and Marty can. Beth tells her mom and Precious to hit the road as they are having frozen turkey at the community center with the homeless. Tabitha then calls up Luis and Sheridan, Pilar, and Martin and Katherine and invites them. She tells them Paloma is here, so they all agree to attend, not knowing the others are coming. Martin and Katherine arrive, and then Pilar, Luis, Sheridan, Beth and Marty show up. Luis refuses to stay here with that man and his slut. Martin tells Luis not to talk to her that way. Luis says they should go, and Paloma tells them to do that. Pilar refuses to set foot in this house with those two liars. Beth asks them all to stay for Little Marty, and they eventually agree. When they walk into her house they are stunned by a huge ugly piata. Tabitha says it is in honor of Paloma, a little taste of Mexico. Paloma comments that the turkey looks like something out of a nightmare! Before dinner can even begin, Luis and Martin begin fighting, and eventually Luis decks his father! Tabitha tells Endora this is just a preview as the real fun will begin later on!


November 25, 2004
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November 26, 2004
At the hospital, Gwen sees Ethan pampering Theresa and asking her if there is anything he can get for her. Rebecca says Theresa is manipulating her husband and to put a stop to this. Gwen tells her mother to stop it because Theresa was not faking this time. Rebecca says how was she to know, shes faked her problems so many other times. Theresa sees Rebecca and Gwen standing in the doorway and she asks Gwen if she could possibly go to the mansion and get something for her? Rebecca tells Gwen that Theresa is trying to get rid of her so she can be alone with Ethan. Rebecca says Theresa is just playing the poor sick pregnant girl. Theresa says she is a poor sick pregnant girl, and she doesnt even know why she wants Gwen to go to the mansion. Ethan says he will go, but Theresa says no Gwen has to go. Rebecca says this girl is pathetic and she asks if they now see what a scheming conniver she is? Theresa says she needs Gwen to go to get her some undergarments, and she thought it would be more appropriate for Gwen to get them. Gwen agrees, and Ethan says he can drive her Gwen says no, he should stay with Theresa and her mother can drive her They leave, and Ethan suggest they call Theresas mother to tell her what has happened. Theresa says no because her mom has been through enough lately. Theresa says shes just glad Rebecca is gone because she is so suspicious. Ethan says she has a right to be considering what theyve done. Ethan doesnt want to get into it again, and he leaves to get her some tea. Theresa then places a call to the cafeteria and orders a Thanksgiving dinner for two. Ethan returns and sees the two dinners, and she asks him to celebrate with her and their baby. Ethan says it could be Gwens, but she says it is fate. He tells her not to say fate, and besides she signed papers and the baby is his and Gwens. Ethan begs Theresa to stop with this fantasy of hers that they will get back together. Theresa suggests they just have their dinner, and he says good idea. She suggests they eat the pumpkin pie first because it is his favorite. He says they cant eat the pie first, but she says they can. As Theresa feed him the pie, Gwen and Rebecca return and see them together. Gwen was just telling her mom theyve only been gone for twenty minutes so how far into her web could Theresa have possibly pulled Ethan. Rebecca says how far indeed!

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ivy tells Eve that there is a chance that Whitney is pregnant by Chad. Whitney says Chad is not the father, Fox is, and she knows this for sure. Eve says my God my children are having a baby together. Whitney assures her mom that Fox is the father of her baby, but Chad says if there is a chance the kid is his then he wants to know. Eve says they do need to know because if Chad is the father then there is something she can do. Whitney says no way! Eve says she didnt mean that, she meant gene therapy that could be performed on the baby. Eve asks Whitney to come with her, but Whitney says no way. She says she doesnt want her mother to touch her. They continue to argue about Whitneys baby and who it belongs to. Whitney insists Fox is the father, so Ivy tells her to prove it by having the exam. Fox tells Whitney to do this because once they prove the baby is his than it will make their lives a lot easier. Whitney agrees, and Ivy fears Fox is going to be hurt when the truth comes out. Eve and Whitney go into an exam room, and Eve goes to give Whitney the blood test. Whitney says she already knows she is pregnant, and shes changed her mind about having the tests. Whitney says she doesnt need a blood test to tell her shes pregnant, and she doesnt need a test to tell her who the father is. Whitney says she knows who it is, it is Chad. Whitney says her life is ruined because of her mothers secrets, and so is the life of her child! Meanwhile, Ivy stops Chad and Fox from coming to blows. She says they should wait to see what the tests say. Fox says he knows the baby is his, but Ivy isnt so sure.

At Tabithas place, Luis and Martin are still fighting, and Pilar tells Katherine that this is all her fault. Paloma tells her mom not to talk to her Tia like that, but Pilar says her Tia is nothing but a whore. Paloma says at least her Tia was there for her, and Pilar says she had no choice but to give her up. Katherine tells Paloma that her mother has every right to be angry with her. Tabitha laughs and says this is better than she thought. Kay and Simone show up and Kay asks what is going on here, what has Tabitha done? Tabitha says she just brought the family together for Thanksgiving. Kay thinks she did this on purpose to cause problems. Tabitha says every party needs a theme and this is the Thanksgiving from hell. Kay eventually yells at them all to stop because they are scaring the babies. Pilar asks the boys to fighting stop and to think of the children. Luis tells Sheridan that they are leaving, and the rest of his family is going with him. Tabitha tells Kay she has spoiled her entertainment. Katherine tells them not to leave, she and Martin will leave. Paloma says if they leave then she goes to because they are her family. Pilar says she came here to be with her, but she says they are not her family. Martin tells Paloma not to talk to her mother like that. Luis tells Martin not to talk to his sister like that. As they continue to argue, Simone notices that the piata is dripping blood. Kay thinks a body must be in there, and she asks Tabitha what she has done now? Everyone wonders what is in it. The piata finally breaks open, and red goop flies everywhere. Tabitha tastes the goop on her and says it is cranberry sauce. Tabitha says she thought it was going to be filled with candy. Sheridan asks where she got this thing, and Tabitha says the internet. Luis still wants to leave, and Martin asks them to stay and try and get along. Luis asks if he has not realized what he has done? Pilar says he did not think twice about walking out on her and their family. Paloma tells her mother not to speak to her father that way. The arguments once again flair up, and Sheridan tells them to stop all this craziness! Tabitha says she feels horrible, all she wanted to do was to bring the family together so that Paloma, Marty and Maria could celebrate their first thanksgiving with their family. She also says she wanted Endora to see what a family dinner was like, and she asks them all to do this for the little ones. Everyone agrees to try for the kids. Beth watches Sheridan and Mrs. Wheeler looking at one another, and she wonders what the connection between them is and how she can use it. Meanwhile, Tabitha plans on how to expose Katherines identity to everyone. Everyone eventually sits down for dinner, and Tabitha tells everyone where to sit. Marty starts crying and Sheridan asks to hold him and try and calm him down. Beth says no, but Luis says Sheridan has always been good with him and to let her try. Sheridan holds Marty, and Martin says hello to his son. When he says he is named after him, Luis says theyll be changing his name. Katherine says Marty looks a lot like Sheridan when she was little. Sheridan says you knew me as a baby, and Katherine says yes. Sheridan wonders what her story is, and Beth vows to find out. Martin then holds Maria, and he cant believe Miguel has a child. Pilar says now they are grandparents, and Martin says they are. Meanwhile, Endora, Tabitha, Paloma and Simone are in the kitchen, and Tabitha is getting ready to bring the turkey out. There are live turkeys wandering around, and Endora makes one of them grow enormous! Tabitha doesnt know how she will explain this to the others. The turkey runs through the hall, and everyone asks what that was? Luis says that bird looked like it was on steroids? Tabitha says yes it probably is, and that is the last time she orders anything off the net. Luis suggests his mom say a prayer, and Endora begins crying. Paloma asks if she is okay, and Tabitha says just gas. Tabitha tells Endora that people praying makes her tummy hurt too. Pilar says a prayer, and even includes thanks for bringing Martin home safe and alive. Martin tells Luis he should cut the turkey, but he tells his dad to do it because hes so good at tearing things up. They argue again, and Pilar cant believe this. She says shes always prayed for her family to be reunited for Thanksgiving, but it was never like this in her dreams. Later, Katherine finds Sheridan looking at the babies. Sheridan says these babies are lucky to have their moms and she wishes she had her mom when she was growing up. Beth shows up and asks Mrs. Wheeler to tell her something about herself. Meanwhile, Martin thinks the turkey is growing larger by the minute. He says they must be some fast acting steroids, and Tabitha says one could say magical. Later, Beth questions Mrs. Wheeler about her background. As she is spilling everything, Martin excuses themselves, and then warns Katherine to be mum about her past. Katherine thinks Beth seems like a nice girl, she doesnt have an ulterior motive. Beth tells herself that she will tear Luis away from Sheridan with Mrs. Wheelers help. Tabitha realizes she needs to stir the pot some more. She asks Martin how it feels to be back as he looks good for a dead man. Luis says his father should be so lucky. Tabitha says they all assumed he was dead as no one expected him to leave his family. Sheridan suggests they talk about something else. Tabitha says she is sorry, she is being insensitive, Pilar must have been humiliated and devastated to learn Martin ran off this this Ellen woman. Sheridan says Tabitha please! Tabitha then asks how Ellen and Martin met, did she know he was a married man? Pilar says of course she did, she is a whore! Sheridan says Tabitha . . . . Tabitha says she is so sorry, and she has just been watching so many talk shows lately. Martin eventually says he didnt leave because of Ellen, so Pilar asks why he did leave? Luis says that is a good question. Martin says he had his reasons. They all begin to argue once again, much to tabithas delight.

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