October 4, 2004
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At the Seascape, Sam calls Ivy, who has apparently gone home. Sam says they had his credit card, so hell be home as soon as he can. Sam sees that Chad is still at the bar, and he asks if Fox and Whitney are still here? Chad says no. Sam thinks Chad should go home and get sleep, but Chad says hes way too angry right now. Sam says he doesnt want to see anymore trouble between him and Fox. He says Chad really has no say in Whitneys romantic life anymore, especially if she wants to be with Fox. Chad says he cant just turn his feelings for her off. Sam say he knows he loves Whitney, but she is his sister. Chad says he knows he cant be with Whitney, but for Fox to move in on her is just . . . Chad says he thought Fox was righteous and upstanding, but he wreaks as a friend and as a brother.

Outside, Fox tells Julian to back off because he wont let him bully him into giving up Whitney. He says he wont let his dad ruin his life the way Grandfather ruined Julians. Fox says he goes after what he wants, and what he wants is Whitney. Fox storms off, and Eve returns. Julian asks Eve if she is all right? Eve says Ivy was in there and she made a big show about being sorry for her about Chad and Whitney, but she just wants to stay on her good side. She says then she got side tracked by Whitney, who continues to blame her for what is happening. Julian explains that Fox is in love with Whitney, and Chad has just found out. He says Chad and Fox got into a huge fight over Whitney. Eve says this just keeps getting worse and worse.

Back inside, Whitney sees Chad, and he asks if they can go somewhere and talk. She says no and that he doesnt understand. Sam tells Chad to back away from Whitney, and he asks Whitney if she is okay. Fox soon shows up, and Chad ends up attacking Fox! Whitney screams at Chad to stop it! Sam and Julian break them up again. Chad damns Fox for taking advantage of Whitney. Fox says he didnt set out to stab him in the back, and he cant help it if he loves Whitney. Fox says Chad cant be with her, so why not him? Chad says because he trusted him to look after her, not take advantage of her. Fox says hed never take advantage of her because he loves her. Chad tells him to stop saying that, and he tries to attack Fox. Sam stops him, and Fox and Whitney leave. Eve tells Chad that she and his father know how traumatic this is for him, but he says they dont have a clue. He says he was going to marry Whitney, but that wont happen because of their secrets and lies. He damns them both to hell and storms off. Eve feels shaky after seeing the boys fight, so she goes to the ladies room to freshen up. Julian thanks Sam for helping with his sons. Sam says he was doing his job, besides he likes them and he doesnt want to see them get into trouble when it isnt their fault. Julian thinks Sam still regards him as a monster. Sam says he used to, but now he realizes so much of what has been happening is Alistairs doing. However, he says Eve and Julian should have been honest from the start. Sam says Julian and Eves past ruined Eve and TCs wonderful marriage. Julian says it was the past, and he never tried to ruin Eves marriage, that was Lizs doing. Sam says all he knows is he identifies with TC and his pain. Eve returns and asks Julian if he can take her back to the mansion. Suddenly, Sam gets a call about a shootin at the mansion. Sam tells Eve theyll need her help, so they all take off.

Paloma takes a walk on the pier, and she says how beautiful and magical this place is. She says if only things with her family were as clear as the sky. She wonders if her family loves her or are they using her? She decides to pray for guidance. She then gets a call from Tia Maria, who wants to see how she is doing. Paloma tells her about Pilars episode, and how Pilar ands Theresa have the best of everything. She says she sees no signs that they are struggling to make ends meet because the Crane pay for everything. Tia Maria says maybe now, but before . . . Paloma stops her and says before Theresa was married to Julian and they didnt send for her now. She wonders why it took so long for her family to bring her home. Tia Maria tells her never to think her family didnt want her back before now, and that everyone thought it best that she finish preparatory school in Mexico. She says the Cranes have done horrible things to her family, and the family did struggle for years. She says if the family is doing well now it is because of Theresa being Gwens surrogate. Paloma says she is tired of hearing excuses, but Tia Maria says they were not excuses they were reasons. Tia says Pilar didnt want to disrupt her life. Paloma says she doesnt want to argue with her because she loves her. Tia says her whole family loves her, but Paloma says she doesnt see how anyones life could have been disrupted by her coming home.

Later, Chad runs into Paloma on the wharf, and the both apologizes for bumping into one another. Paloma recognizes Chad from Theresas pictures, and Chad recognizes Paloma from the photo Pilar had of her at the hospital. He asks how Pilar and Theresa are doing? Paloma says her mom fainted earlier, but she is okay. Paloma says Theresa seems fine, and she loves living at Chads house. Chad is confused until she realizes he means the Crane mansion. He says the Crane mansion isnt his crib. He tells her to enjoy Harmony, he enjoyed it before he found out . . . Paloma knows the whole story, and she says she cant imagine what it must be like. Chad says it is hell and getting worse by the minute. He says Fox is in love with Whitney and he is a liar just like his father. Paloma says she thought Eve and Julian seemed nice, but he says they are scum. He says she is lucky she has a normal family. Paloma says her family sent her off to live in another country when she was only a baby. Chad says hes known her family for years and they arent like what she says. Paloma says she doesnt even know if her family loves her or wants her in Harmony. Chad cant believe her family didnt care about her, and he says at least they kept in touch and she knew who they were. He says he never knew who his family was growing up. Paloma says she thought his parents thought he was dead, but he says why should he believe them. Chad says his father claims he loves him, but hes bribing him with a job and a records label. Paloma tells Chad to take the offer, but Chad says he doesnt like his father. Paloma says so what, the key to getting back at his parents is to accept the offer. She tells him to use the job to get even with his parents. She tells him to use the money and power to punish his parents and his brother Fox. 

Fox and Whitney head down to the beach, and Fox apologizes for getting into a fight with Chad earlier. Whitney says he isnt to blame for her problems, she is helping him actually. She thinks once she gets things sorted out with Chad shell be in a better place. Fox reminds her that theyll never be done with Chad, he is both of their half-brothers. Fox begins venting about what his father is trying to do. Whitney worries that Fox might give into Julians demands, and she says he cant do that. Fox says he wont let that happen, and he just wants Whitney to be happy. Whitney says she was happy with Chad, but that was then and this is now. She says she could be happy with someone else. She remembers back to when they were in LA together, and she says it was the best summer of her life. She once again apologizes for the way she reacted when she found out he loved her. Fox says when he thought they couldnt be together he thought he would die, so he buried himself in his work. He says he drove himself crazy, and she says she is driving herself crazy just sitting her thinking about her. They kiss, and then Fox pulls away. He says his job . . . Whitney asks what about it, does he think being with her will put it in jeopardy? Fox says he is just saying hes going to be working a lot, and if they are going to be seeing one another, he doesnt know how much time theyll have to be together. Whitney says theyll find time, and shes glad hes not giving into his father about not seeing her. Fox assures her that he will see her no matter what the people in his family say. Whitney says she is relieved, and they kiss some more. Whitney tells herself that she does care about Fox, but she cares about sparing her baby the pain of knowing the truth even more.

At the Crane mansion, Pilar tells Mr. Wheeler that his face is different than her husband, but his eyes and voice remind her of Martin. Sheridan says she felt the same way about Mrs. Wheeler, she though Katherine was her mom back from the dead. Martin suddenly says he has something to tell Pilar and Luis, it is time for them to know . . . In the study, we see a replay of Alistair and Katherine struggle over the gun and it going off. Back to Martin and the others, the gunshot stops Martin from confessing the truth, and they all run to the sound of the gunshot. Back in the library we see Katherien and Martin on the floor, and blood is all over the place. Luis tells them not to touch the gun and he calls an ambulance. Sheridan says they are dead, but Martin says no! Katherine comes too, and she is okay. Sheridan says the blood must be her fathers, her father is dead! Sam, Julian and Eve show up, and Sam asks who shot Alistair? Before Katherine speaks, Martin says they heard a gunshot and came in here. He says they found his wife and Alistair on the floor. Sam asks who they are, and Luis says they are the Wheelers, friends of the family from Mexico. Eve says Alistairs vitals are weak, and Julian says and getting weaker I hope. The paramedics show up, and Eve tells them that Alistair needs emergency surgery if they are to save him. The paramedics say theyll get him to the hospital right away, but Eve says theyll have to remove the bullet here first. Julian thinks Eve should let him die, but Eve says she took an oath to save lives. Luis also thinks they should let him die, but Sheridan begs Eve to save him. She says she wants Alistair to live so she can understand why he is the way he is! Everyone waits for Eve to work on Alistair, and Pilar tells Luis that part of her wishes Alistair would die. Luis says it would save him the trouble of killing Alistair. Pilar wonders what Mr. Wheeler wanted to tell them earlier. Luis says he can ask. Sam approaches Martin and Katherine and says theyll eventually have to talk what happened here. Meanwhile, Julian cant believe Eve is actually honoring her oath. Sheridan says she knows father is a hateful man, but to see him laying there made her realize father was human after all. Julian says mortal yes, human no. Julian says he understands how Sheridan has feelings for the man because she was so young when mother died. Sheridan says she never had closure with mother, she doesnt want the same thing to happen with father. Julian says she should just know that their mother loved them both. Sheridan says she just wishes sometimes their mom could come back to them. Julian says if she could he is sure shed be here right now. Later, Julian once again asks Eve to let Alistair die. She says she saves lives, no matter whose life. Alistair is put onto a gernie, and Eve preps for surgery (yes shes going to perform surgery there!). 

In the other room, Martin asks Katherine to tell him what happened because they need to come up with a cover story. Katherine says she wanted to kill Alistair, and she lied about wanting to go back with him. She tells him about the blackmail, and how Alistair said he would kill Luis anyways. She says she wasnt going to let him kill Luis, so she told him the deal was off. She says Alistair mocked her and didnt believe her, so she pulled the gun on him. She says they fought over it, and she pulled the trigger and shot him. Martin says she cant admit to pulling the trigger because she could go to prison. The others leave the library and go into the other room. Everyone agrees they would have let Alistair die. Sam decides it is time he questioned Mrs. Wheeler about what happened. Sam tells Mrs. Wheeler that he has to talk to her about what happened (Martin just instructed her to says she fought with him over the gun he pulled, and it went off). Sam says depending on what happens with Alistair, this could become a murder investigation. She says it isnt necessary to investigate, she shot Alistair Crane! Martin is stunned. Sam says she shot him accidentally? She says no, she shot him with the intent of killing him. Everyone is stunned. Katherine says she just wished she aimed better because it would have saved Eve of the troubling of trying to save him. Martin asks for a moment alone with his wife, and he asks Katherine what she is doing, she could go to prison for life or get the death penalty. Katherine says she doesnt care, she did what she did to protect all the people they love. She says she meant what she said, and if she had the chance to do it again, shed shoot to kill. She says Alistair is a monster and she has to die. Meanwhile, Sam wonders how Mrs. Wheeler could hate someone she doesnt know so intensely. Julian says it is like she has a history with him, but Sheridan says they just met. Suddenly they hear the monitors in the other room beeping. In the other room, Eve tells Alistair not to die on her. She says she wants him alive to pay him back for all the misery he has caused her and the people she loves.


October 5, 2004
Tabitha is in her kitchen watching the residents of Harmony through her bowl. She is watching Fox and Whitney on the beach making out and coming close to making love. She tells Endora that perhaps Kay and Simone succeeded in switching Chads DNA results, or maybe Alistair is telling the truth and he is Eve and Julians son. She says either way has lead to much heartache. Kay walks in, says hello to Maria, and then asks what is on bowl-o-vision? Tabitha says shes been watching the outcome of the revelation about Chad. She says Whitney is so repulsed that she slept with her brother that shes thrown herself in the arms of another man. Kay sees Whitney on the beach with Fox, and she says gross! She says this is as gross as watching 'From Here to Eternity.' Tabitha secretly knows Whitney is seducing Fox to pass her baby off as Foxs, but she doesnt tell Kay. As they watch the bowl, Simone shows up. They back away from the bowl, and she asks what they were just looking at? Kay says they were making soup. Simone says she loves soup, and she asks to see it. Tabitha says it is a family secret, if she looked in her bowl than shed have to kill her! Kay says it is true, Tabitha is protective of her recipes. Tabitha says there would be hell to pay if anyone found out her secret ingredients. Tabitha asks Simone why she is here, and Simone says she came to see Kay. Kay and Simone take the babies out for a walk, and Tabitha continues to look into her bowl. This time she spies on Paloma.

On the pier, Paloma tells Chad to take the job at Crane Industries and use it to get even with the people who hurt him. She tells him to use the job to bury the Cranes. Paloma says they say the rich make their own rules, and she cant fight his doctor mother and Crane father when he is on the bottom. She says he has to be on their level. She tells them to take the job and make them pay. Chad asks why she has it in for the Cranes? Paloma says Alistair killed her brother Antonio, kidnapped her and tried to kill her other brother Luis. She says she cant fight Alistair, but he can if he plays by their rules. Chad says hes going to do it, and he heads off. Paloma says Chad will get back at the Cranes for the pain they have caused her, now she has to figure out how to make her family pay for hurting her. Paloma gets some cocoa, and Simone, Kay and the babies show up. Endora causes the cup to start shaking, and Paloima freaks out. She says her cocoa is loco! Kay tells Endora to stop it or she'll be burned at the stake with her mommy. Simone wonders what is up with the crazy Spanish chick, and tries to ask her if shes okay  (using her high school Spanish education). Paloma begins speaking to her about what happened, in Spanish, and Simone tells her to slow down and repeat that in English preferably. Paloma explains what happened, and Kay suggests it was sonic waves or something emanating from a fault line. Paloma doesnt think so, but Kay says weird things happen here all the time, she'll get used to it. They introduce themselves to her, and Paloma introduces herself to them. Kay says that is why she looks familiar, and she says she is, or was, her brother's girlfriend. Paloma realizes Kay is the one Miguel had the baby with. Kay introduces Paloma to her niece Maria, and Paloma also meets Endora. Endora lets out a huge burp, and Kay says she is a healthy burper. Paloma says she has meet almost all her family, all she has left now to meet is Luis son Martin. Kay says take a banana and shell be a hit. Paloma says huh? Kay tells her that she'll see. Kay asks Paloma if she has talked to Miguel? Paloma says no. Kay is convinced hell call soon. Kay invites Paloma home with them to spend time together and time with her niece. She says shed like that. Kay thinks Miguel might come home to Harmony to see Paloma when he knows she is home.

Paloma goes home with Kay and Simone, and she meets Tabitha. Kay explains Tabitha provided her with a home after her mother kicked her out. She is shocked that Tabitha is Endoras mother. Paloma says she is so ol . . . lucky to have such a wonderful baby. Simoen asks how the soup is doing, and why isnt in on the stove? Tabitha says the flavors are mixing. Kay invites Paloma to stay for dinner, and they go in the other room to mingle while they wait for dinner. Tabitha talks to Endora and says Kay is obviously using Paloma to get to Miguel, some things never change. Tabitha then talks to her bowl about Paloma and learns she is no Pilar. Tabitha tells Endora that Paloma is a very angry little girl, something they can use to their advantage. Meanwhile, Paloma spends time with Maria. Paloma says she is sorry her brother left her to find Charity. Kay thanks her, and says she hopes one day hell come back to them. Kay secretly hopes Miguel will come back to see Paloma, and hopefully he wont be able to leave. Meanwhile, Paloma feels bad for her niece, who she feels has been given the shaft by the family as well. Paloma says shes sorry she ever came back. 

At the mansion, Sam continues to question Katherine. Sam says if Alistair dies than hell have to arrest her for murder. Martin suggests there may be extenuating circumstances, what if Alistair threatened to kill her? Sam says she never met him before so why would he threaten her? Luis says he tried to kill her in Mexico. Sam says what? Luis and Sheridan explain the whole jungle story to Sam, as well as blame Alistair for Antonio's death. Sam says hed love to arrest Alistair for Antonios death and their attempted murders in Mexico, but he needs proof. They have none, and Pilar says the only proof of Alistair's evil was on Alistairs CDs. Julian says hes hidden them elsewhere by now, they'll never find them. Sam says than his hands are tied and hell have to arrest Mrs. Wheeler. Julian and Sheridan talk about their father and how they once thought he was invincible. Sheridan says no matter how hard they tried to love or please him, Father never loved them. Sheridan says at one time or another they all wished him dead, but for him to die now doesnt seem possible. Julian says better late than never, and Luis agrees. Julian says Mrs. Wheeler has done them all a great service, and Pilar agrees. Sam says before they make today a holiday, he may have to arrest Mrs. Wheeler. Martin defends his wife and says she would never hurt anyone unless she was driven to do it. Meanwhile, Eve performs surgery on Alistair, and she works to save his life when he codes. They begin shocking him with the paddles, and she saves him. She says Alistair will need a transfusion, and they need to get him to the hospital. Eve goes into the other room and tells them that Alistair is alive, but if they dont get him to the hospital than he will not survive. Luis says if he does survive he has first dibs on killing him. They all decide to head to the hospital, and Julian says he has to call Fox and let him know what is going on.

On the beach, Whitney tells Fox to make love to her, but Fox tells her to stop. She asks what is wrong, doesnt he want to make love to her? Fox says he does, but he just thinks this place isnt the place they should make love for the first time. He says they could check into a hotel, he thinks she is beautiful and she wants this night to be perfect. She says she misunderstood, and shes sorry. He says he loves her and he wants her, but not here and not now. Whitney says she doesnt care where they are, she just wants him to make love to her. He says in all the times hes dreamt about this, she was never as beautiful as she is now. She tells him to make love to her and make his dream come true. Julian calls Fox, and he answers because he says it could be Crane business. When Fox learns about Alistair he decides to head to the hospital. He says hes sorry to Whitney, and Whitney tells herself that she has to get Fox to make love to her! 

Chad heads to the recording studio where he looks at a photo of himself and Whitney. Whitney shows up, surprising Chad. She says she came here to get her things. She says she called and no one answered, so she thought he was not here. Chad says they need to talk, but she says she cant be near him because she when she is she wants to kiss him and make love to him, which is wrong. Chad says they cant do that, but they do need to learn to get along as brother and sister. Whitney says in time they will, but she needs to get on with her life first. Whitney doesnt want to go into this now. She says she needs to go, she needs to stay away from him. He says yeah, to be with Fox.

At the hospital, Eve orders a transfusion for Alistair. Eve tells the others whether he lives or dies is anyones guess. Sheridan is the only one pulling for Alistair because she wants to know why he hates her so much. Fox shows up and finds out Mrs. Wheeler shot his grandfather. He says thanks, but who are you? Pilar introduces the Wheelers,  and she tells him their story and how Alistair tried to kill them for supporting her family. Fox says he cant blame her for shooting his grandfather. Luis tells Sam that he should be going after Alistair, not Mrs. Wheeler. Sam says without proof he cant arrest Alistair for anything. Sheridan suggests Sam goes after the people Alistair gets to do his dirty work. Sam says easier said than done. He says the only hope he has of not arresting Mrs. Wheeler is if Alistair pulls through and refuses to press charges (huh? I think since she did shoot him she has committed a crime, whether Alistair wants to press charges or not). As Eve waits to see how Alistair will respond to the transfusion, Martin tells Katherine perhaps it is time to confess the truth. He says then they will understand why she shot Alistair. He says they have to explain everything, Alistairs blackmail and all. Katherine doesnt know because it will cause their loved ones so much pain. She tells him to think about Pilar. Martin says he loves her (Katherine) too, and he doesnt want to see her pay for this when Alistair should pay. Meanwhile, Luis tells Sheridan that something odd is going on here, there is more to Mrs. Wheelers story, why would she feel the need to confront and shoot Alistair? Sheridan says there is something familiar about Mrs. Wheeler and she intends to find out what it is. Eve tells them all that she doesnt think Alistair has much of a chance of making it through. She talks to Julian and says she wanted to kill Alistair, but she didnt. She says his fate is in Gods hands now. Julian says you mean the devil's. Sam says if Alistair does die than hell have to arrest Mrs. Wheeler. Luis says that will be the real crime because if Alistair dies than Mrs. Wheeler will have saved them all. 


October 6, 2004
Long day, so I haven't proofed this due to the late hour! 
Fox is at Crane Industries and is hard at work on the project he hopes will get him the corner office he has his eye on. Sierra, Foxs assistant, says Julian should be very proud of him. She also says shes sorry about his grandfather. Fox says with his grandfather on his deathbed the media is bound to have a field day. He says they have to make sure the world industries is still viable and going strong, which is why he has put together this plan to save the business. He thinks it will make his father forget thinking about bringing Chad onboard and will make him realize he is the only son he needs. Julian shows up and Fox tells his dad that he knows the company is headed for the toilet, but hes handled everything. Julian has also come up with a plan which he formulated on the way over, and he gives it to Sierra and tells her to give it to Madeline, his assistant. She says yes sir and leaves. Fox says that is what hes been working on, and Julian says he is sure his plan is fine. Julian says he needs to go talk to Chad because Eve is upset. He asks how Chad reacted about coming to work at Crane Industries? Fox says Chad has a lot to think about and he is angry. Julian says hell talk to Chad. He tells Fox not to do to much around here, just put the media off and tell them that hes preparing a statement. He tells Fox to tread water until he gets back. Fox asks his dad to have faith in him and at least look at his plan. Julian says Fox isnt quite ready for something this big, and hell handle it when he gets back. Julian leaves, and Fox says his brother doesnt know a damn thing about the family business yet his father is ready to bring him in and make him Donald Trump! Later, Sierra shows up and says shes sorry his father was so dismissive. Fox says hes going to show his father he can handle things around here. 

At the recording studio, Chad tells Whitney that he knows they cant be lovers, but he cant lose her. She says they cant be close ever again. Chad says he would do anything to make their relationship via Eve a lie, but Whitney says it isnt a lie. Whitney says their lives are ruined because of it. Chad says it is horrible but they cant let it ruin their lives. They can still be close, they are family. Chad says they can at least be in one anothers lives. Whitney says they cant and shell tell him why. She tries to tell him that shes pregnant, but she ends up saying she is his sister and things cant be the same between them. He says he knows that, but he cant bear the thought of never being able to talk to her. He says he knows its not their fault, but he still loves her. He says he knows they cant be lovers, but they can at least be friends. Whitney says they cant. He asks why she is angry at him? She says shes not, she just cant take the pain anymore. Chad says he understands, and he is just afraid. Chad says she was the center of his world, he thought they would be together forever, and when he found her he felt like he wasnt alone anymore. Whitney says she knows, and she wanted to be a part of that family too. He says he doesnt want to add to her pain, so hell let her finish packing. Whitney tells Chad how sorry she is, but every time they see one another he tells her how much he loves her. She says she cant take it, so she needs space. She says they can talk and see one another, but they cant talk about the two of them. Chad says okay. Whitney leaves and she says Chad will always be a part of her life, but hopefully shell be raising his child with Fox as the father. She promises her baby that she will do what she needs to make sure Fox thinks he is his or her father, and so that he or she has a normal life. 

Whitney heads to Crane Industries with some coffee for Fox. He thanks her. She says she was sorry to hear about his grandfather, and she guesses things are nuts here. He says she has no idea. He is so hard at work that he doesnt even look at her, but then realizes he is ignoring her. He thanks her for bringing the coffee and food. Whitney says she wants to be here for him, she wants to help him if she can. Fox thanks her for not lumping him in with the rest of the Cranes. She kisses him and says she trusts him completely, she knows he is not like the others. Fox says he doesnt know where this is going, but he does know that he doesnt deserve her. He says she is the trustworthy one, she wouldnt do anything underhanded or deceitful. Sierra shows back up to tell Fox that the chart he wanted has been set up. Fox excuses himself to check things out. Whitney waits for him to return, and when he does, he runs back out to take care of more work. Whitney decides to get on the internet and do some work. She looks up pregnancy stages and tries to find out how much time she has before everyone knows she is pregnant. She looks at photos of the three trimesters, and she says this is not good. She says shes going to have to hurry. Suddenly, Fox walks in, sees what Whitney is looking at, and says Oh my God!

Julian shows up at the recording studio to talk to Chad. Chad tells Julian he doesnt want his sympathies, neither he nor Eve know how he feels. Julian says they love him and are his family. Chad says he doesnt want to hear it, and he doesnt want anything from him or Eve. He tells Julian to stay away from him. Julian says no, he wants to be his father and wants to help him. Chad says he doesnt want his help, he wants him to go away and leave him alone. 

At the hospital, Martin tells Katherine that if Alistair dies than shell be charged with murder. He says all she has to do is reveal the truth, but Katherine says no. Katherine says Sheridan thinks she died and that if her mother was alive it would mean she abandoned her. Martin says they have to take a chance and hope they forgive them. Katherine says if they reveal the truth it will cause so much pain. Martin says what about the pain she will face if she goes to prison, and what about the pain that he will go through losing her. Katherine doesnt want to cause him pain, but she would rather suffer the consequences than cause their children pain. He says what if she faces the death penalty? Meanwhile, Sheridan doesnt understand why Mrs. Wheeler would shoot her father. Luis says maybe there is something she isnt telling them, maybe her and Alistair have a history that she isnt telling them. Sheridan says there is something familiar about her, this connection she feels is getting stronger. Luis says it is late and they should head home. Sheridan says the hospital will call if something happens, and she doesnt know why she cares if his father lives or dies. Luis says because she wouldnt be her if she didnt. Sheridan asks if they should give the Wheelers a ride, but Luis says he doesnt think theyll need one. Sam then approaches the Wheelers and says he has to place Mrs. Wheeler under arrest. Katherine asks if Alistair is dead? He says Alistair is still alive, so Martin asks why he is arresting her? Sam says a man has been shot and she has confessed to shooting him. Sam says shell make bail and she wont have to stay in jail overnight. Sam says he doesnt want to do this, but if he doesnt than the DA will be all over him. Sheridan is glad her dad is still alive, but she feels bad for Mrs. Wheeler. Luis says unless she can give a good reason for shooting Alistair than she will spend a lot of time in jail. Sam asks Katherine if she cant tell him anything more, but she says she cant. Martin says she can but she wont, but he will. Martin says he has to tell them all something about why his wife shot Alistair. Katherine stops him and says not to listen to him, hes going to try and confess he shot Alistair. Luis and Sheridan say Mr. Wheeler was with them. Katherine says she doesnt want to cause anyone more pain, and Sheridan has suffered enough. Martin relents, and Luis and Sheridan ask if they can do anything to help? Sam says in order to make bail Mrs. Wheeler needs residency. Sheridan says she can use her address. Martin thanks her. Sheridan tells Mrs. Wheeler to let her know if there is anything else they can do. Sam, Katherine and Martin head to the station, and Luis assures Sheridan that everything will be okay. Sheridan says she is connected to her somehow, and she has to figure it out. 

Luis and Sheridan return home and head to bed. Sheridan is worried about how Mrs. Wheeler is handling things at the station. She says she is such a fragile person, it is just incomprehensible to her that she would shoot her father. Luis says there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. They get into bed, and Luis tells her that she is obsessing too much about Mrs. Wheeler. He says he understands how upset she is about her father, no matter how horrible he is. Sheridan says she doesnt know how shell react if he dies. She says he is all she has in terms of parents. Luis says if he dies than hell pay for his sins in the afterlife. He also says if Alistair dies he would be able to give up his quest to bring down the house of Crane. He says he doesnt blame Julian anymore, and if Julian was the head of Crane Industries he might do something good. He also says perhaps he could finally find out what happened to his father. She asks what hed do if he found his father? Luis says if his father had to leave than hed forgive him. However, Luis says if his father left on his own accord and has been living some great and wonderful life than hell never forgive him. Luis and Sheridan try and get some sleep, and Luis asks if she has figured out her connection to Mrs Wheeler? She says no, but it will come to her. Luis says her sub-conscience will help her figure it out. He says goodnight and gives her a kiss. Sheridan ends up dreaming that she is out near the Crane Mausoleum searching for her mother. Sheridan gets out of her bed and begins to sleepwalk as she calls out for her mother.

At the station, Katherine waits in a holding cell while her paperwork is processed. Martin tells Katherine that this is wrong, and he should tell them the truth. Katherine says she told them that she shot to kill intentionally, and she will not tell Sheridan the truth. Katherine says she believes it would destroy her. Martin says if she doesnt tell her the truth than she could be destroyed. She says it might get her off, but it would destroy their children. She says they cant tell anyone the truth. Sam shows up and asks what truth is that? Katherine says she was telling her husband that she will definitely tell the truth about what happened and suffer the consequences. Sam releases her and says she is free to go. He says she shouldnt leave town and she should go back to the Crane Estate. Martin thinks it will be hard to go back, but Katherine says they have no choice. Katherine thanks Sam for his kindness to them. Sam says if Alistair dies she will be charged and will stand trial for murder. 

Martin and Katherine return to the Crane Estate, and they walk around the grounds. She says it is terrifying to think about being locked up and not being able to walk around like this. Martin thinks returning to Harmony was a terrible mistake, but she says it wasnt. She says by shooting Alistair, Sheridan and Luis are safe. She says she stopped Alistair and she is glad. Martin says all he cares about is her, he wont let her sacrifice herself. He says hes going to tell everyone the truth. She begs him not to. Martin says hes not making any promises, and he asks her to think about things. She says she will and says shed like to take a walk on her own to clear her mind. She heads off, and ends up finding a sleepwalking Sheridan. Sheridan looks at Katherine and calls her mother? Katherine says You know! Katherine says yes, I am your mother. 


October 7, 2004
At the mansion, Gwen asks Ethan if there is any word on Alistair? Ethan says no, and he is still critical. Theresa is lounging in a chair and complains to Gwen about her swollen feet which hurt real bad, so Gwen says shell go get her something. Rebecca thinks this is ridiculous, her daughter is a servant for the maid's daughter! Gwen says it is okay, they want Theresa to be comfortable. Pilar shows up and warns Theresa that she is pushing things too far! Theresa says she is enjoying this after what Gwen and Rebecca did to their family, and she is going to keep her babies. Meanwhile, Gwen tells her mother and Ethan that she thinks Theresa is up to something, she just doesnt know what. Ethan tells her to remember she is carrying their babies. Gwen says that is the only thing keeping her from wringing Theresa's neck. Ethan has to head to the office to get some papers Theresa has to sign that deal with medical expenses, so he leaves. Rebecca tells Gwen that she is right about Theresa, she is up to something. Rebecca says she has an idea, and tells Gwen to come upstairs with her. Gwen tells Theresa that if she needs anything to let the servants know. They leave, and Pilar continues to tell Theresa that Gwen and Rebecca are suspicious of her. Theresa says she knows. Pilar asks how she expects to keep these babies? Theresa says she doesnt know how yet, but she will. Theresa says now that she doesnt have Gwen to order around she is bored, so she is going up to bed. Martin shows up, and Theresa says she is sorry for what hes going through. She asks how his wife is doing? He says she is handling things, but if Mr. Crane dies than she could be charged with his murder. Pilar says most people would pin a medal on her. Martin says his wife is out for a walk right now, so Theresa tells him to come in and have a drink. He thanks her and goes to pour himself a drink. Pilar stares at Martin and tells Theresa that he reminds her so much of her father. Pilar says she knows that is impossible. Theresa says it is impossible, and she knows her mom misses papa, but she will never forgive him for what he did. Theresa leaves, and Martin pours Pilar a drink. Pilar thanks him, and then she realizes her candle for Martin has gone out. Pilar lights it, and Martin says things must have been difficult for her all these years. She says yes. She explains she had five children, and had to send her youngest away. She says the police investigated when her husband disappeared, but found nothing. They told her to give up hoping he was alive or would return, but she refused. She says she lights a candle every night to light the way home for him. Pilar explains how Antonio left shortly after her husband disappeared, and Luis had to become head of household. She says he was both brother and father to Theresa and Miguel. She says her heart broke over sending Paloma away, but she knew she'd have a better like in Mexico. Martin says Paloma had a happy childhood, and Pilar says she knows and she is grateful to him and his wife for taking care of her. Martin asks Pilar how she went on with her life? She says it wasnt easy, she misses her husband and goes to bed every night missing him. Martin asks if he came back would she take him back? She says she doesnt care what hes done, as long as he was alive than shed open her arms and heart to him. Martin asks how she can be so devoted to a man who abandoned her? Pilar says they dont know that he abandoned her for sure, and whatever happened, her husband loved his family. She says he wouldnt abandon them, perhaps he left to protect them. Martin asks why she didnt have him declared dead and move on? Pilar says she and Martin took vows, so she will remain loyal until she knows he is dead, or until he comes back and says he doesnt want her. Pilar says God forgive her but it would be better if he was dead, because it would be easier than to know he doesnt want her. Martin feels guilty and says there is something he has to tell to her. Pilar cuts him off and says she knows what he is going to say, to accept the loss and that he won't be coming home. She says she cannot do that, and she will never stop loving him She says she wishes he was here to help her grieve for their son, because only he truly knows her pain. She asks Mr. Wheeler not to feel sorry for her because she has had a good life. She says while she would forgive her husband if he were to return, Theresa and Luis would not. She says they have much resentment towards him. Martin says he hopes she wont be crushed if he never returns home. She says she wont consider that a possibility. She tells him that he reminds her so much of her husband. She says she never talks to anyone about her husband, but he is so easy to talk to. Martin says hes glad, and he wishes her the best.

Upstairs, Rebecca calls her old friend Binky, who is a lawyer. Binky calls her Becky, and he says he was just thinking about that night in New Orleans. He says it was memorable, and hes never seen a woman earn so many beads! Rebecca asks Binky for a favor getting rid of a woman who is practically an immigrant that has plagued her life for years now. He says he will be glad to help, and Rebecca says she knows just how to pay him for his time. He says hell be right over.

On the Crane grounds, Sheridan comes face to face with Katherine and calls her mother. Katherine thinks Sheridan knows the truth about her. She says it is true, and she says she is her mother. Sheridan cries out mother! and hugs Katherine. Sheridan says she has missed her, and she asks why she left her? Suddenly, Sheridan collapses! Katherine sees Sheridan has collapsed in front of her grave (Katherine's grave)! Luis shows up and asks if Sheridan is okay? Katherine says she fainted. Luis says no, she is sleepwalking. Luis says she does this often, and she usually comes here to her mothers grave. Katherine realizes that Sheridan was sleepwalking when she was talking to her. Luis asks Katherine to pretend to be Sheridans mother to help her  get back to a good sleep zone. Katherine tells Sheridan that she is so sorry she left her, and she had no idea Alistair would be so cruel. Katherine says she loves her, and Sheridan says she loves her too! Sheridan asks why she left her? Katherine says she had to leave and she never meant to hurt her. Sheridan falls back asleep, and Luis thanks her for playing along. He says hell put her to bed now. Luis walks her back to the cottage, and Katherine cries about the pain she has caused Sheridan. Katherine returns to the mansion and meets up with Martin. The discuss what each other just went through with their loved ones, and Martin realizes Katherine is right and they can never tell anyone who they really are. 

At the recording studio, Chad lashes out at Julian. He says he hates him and Eve, and if he had known the truth then he wouldnt have fallen in love with his half- sister. Chad tells him to just get out! Julian says he has had it with his lashing out at him and his mother after they have apologized over and over. He says he is Chads father and Chad is going to listen to what he has to say. Julian says he can see that even when hes angry he wants to be a part of a family. Julian says that is what hes offering him, hes offering him a chance to be part of one of the most powerful families in the world! Julian sees he still has the proposal he sent him about working at Crane Industries, and he says it still stands. Chad calls it a bribe, but Julian says he loves him and wants to help him. Julian says he wants to be there for him, to be a father. He asks Chad to come work for the old man. Chad says hell think about it, and Julian tells him to take his time. He leaves, and Chad wonders what to do.

At Crane Industries, Fox catches Whitney looking at a web page about pregnancy. He says "Oh my God, are you pregnant?" Whitney says no, she was just doing research for Theresa. Fox says he almost had a heart attack. He says could she imagine how horrible it would be if she was pregnant with Chads baby. Whitney says shes not, so they shouldnt discuss it. Whitney asks him about his plan to deal with the Crane media? Fox says he came up with a great plan, but his father dismissed it because hes not taking him seriously. Whitney says that is terrible. Fox says all Julian cares about is talking to Chad, he is putting his newly discovered bastard son over the son he's known all his life.. Fox gets worked up, so Whitney tells him to relax. She gives him a massage as he sits in his chair. She then plops in his lap and begins to seduce him! Suddenly, Ethan walks in on them as they are kissing. He says he is sorry, and Fox says it is okay. Fox asks what hes doing here? Ethan says he wanted to pick up some papers and then discuss the news conference with the media. Fox thinks they should talk about that, and once again excuses himself. Whitney realizes this is not working, as she needs to talk to Theresa. Whitney heads out to see Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan asks if he and Whitney arent moving a little too fast? Fox says no, he and Whitney are a couple now, and she wants to move on with her life. Ethan apologizes and says they know best. Fox then says he knows why Ethan is really here, he is trying to undercut him in dealing with the media. Fox says he wont let Ethan or his bastard half-brother stand in the way of what is his! Ethan tells him to calm down! He says he is here for papers only, he cant take Crane Industries from him because he has no Crane blood. Fox says he just thought he might have forgot that. Ethan says Julian made sure he wouldnt forget, he threw him out of the house and took his job. Fox says he is sorry about that. Ethan asks what is this about Chad stealing his job? Fox says Julian wants to bring him on board Crane Industries, but Chad wants nothing to do with Julian or the Cranes. Julian shows up and finds Fox and Ethan together, and Fox says he prepared a speech for the media for him to give. Julian thanks Ethan for doing this, but Ethan says this is Foxs work. Julian thinks Fox called Ethan for help, but Ethan says this is all Foxs work. Julian says it is admirable that Ethan is claiming Fox wrote this speech, and he is sure whatever Fox did do was very admirable. Fox is insulted that Julian doesn't believe him. Fox says he has other things to show Julian that hes been working on. Julian says that is all fine, but first he wants to introduce Fox to someone who will be working with him. Fox asks what he means? Julian says there is a new partner. Julian uses the intercom and asks for the new man to be sent in, and in walks Chad in a suit! Chad says hello brother! 

Back at the mansion, Whitney shows up to see Theresa. Theresa asks what is going on? Whitney says she and Chad are trying to be friends, and shes trying to pursue a relationship with Fox. Whitney says the problem is Fox is so busy with work that he has little time for her. Theresa says Fox loves her, and there is no rush. Theresa says let things happen as they come, but Whitney says she cant wait. Theresa thinks Whitney is just concerned about another man snatching up Fox, but she says that wont happen. Theresa suggests Whitney take it slow and wait at least a couple of months before she and Fox get really heavy. Whitney says she cant wait a couple of months, she needs Fox now!


October 8, 2004
At Tabithas, Tabitha continues to look into her bowl. Kay cant believe Tabitha is wasting her time with that thing. Tabitha says it tells her things, but Kay says it hasnt shown her where Charity and Miguel are. Tabitha says no, but it has told her some useful things about Paloma. Kay thinks Tabitha knows how to use Paloma to get Miguel to come home, but Tabitha says it showed her a much more sinister way to use her. Tabitha says Paloma is very angry with her family, and that is the type of thing she can plant the seeds of evil in. Kay says she should stop staring at the bowl and get out more. Kay says Paloma is Pilars daughter, and Pilar is practically a saint. Tabitha says just because Pilar is a saint doesnt mean Paloma is too. Tabitha says Paloma didnt have Pilars example to grow up by. Kay says but she did have all the nuns at the convent school. Tabitha asks if shes ever seen one of those school girls cut loose? Kay says she doesnt think that stereotype fits here, but Tabitha is positive Paloma is ripe for the picking. Simone and Paloma return from outside, and Simone suggests they take Paloma out for a hot night on the town. Kay thinks that is great and goes to ask Tabitha is she could baby sit, but Tabitha misunderstands and says shed love to come with them and shell go find a baby sitter. Simone and Paloma cant believe the old lady is coming with them. Kay says Tabitha is cool and wont get in their way. Kay says she knows the perfect place. She tells Paloma to change into something a little more hip, and she warns her that this place may be a little more crazy than shes used to. Paloma says shell be fine.

The girls go out to a bar, which has a very country western feel to it. Its a very wooden bar, nothing fancy about it. Kay worries abut bringing Paloma with them because she might show up in her catholic school uniform. When Paloma shows up it is in a very slinky low cut dress! She says this is her kind of place. Meanwhile, Kay, Simone and Tabitha wonder where Paloma is, as she was supposed to meet them here. Kay thinks she probably took one look at this place and ran to Father Lonigan. They suddenly hear a bunch of hollering, go to investigate, and find Paloma dancing on a pool table! 

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca tells Gwen that Binky will take care of everything, he has drawn up papers to make sure Theresa wont pull one over on them. Gwen says this isnt necessary because Ethan is a lawyer. Rebecca says Binky knows how to fully satisfy his clients. As she talks about Binky, Gwen asks if they are still talking about legal work? Rebecca says of course, and as soon as Theresa signs on the dotted line, shell get her twins. Rebecca tells Gwen that Theresa is out to destroy her, so they have to fight her. Gwen says she may have been a little Pollyannaish in regards to Theresa. Rebecca says Theresa killed Sarah and will try to steal these babies to make her suffer! Rebecca says she doesnt want to think about what the servants think about her waiting on Theresa hand and foot. Rebecca says she doesnt trust Theresa one bit and she thinks this is all a part of a bigger plan. Gwen begins to realize Rebecca is right. Rebecca says with Binkys help, whatever Theresas planning will fail. Gwen says they cant upset Theresa because stress isnt good for the babies. Rebecca says theyre only doing what they have to do, and instead of Theresa sticking it to Gwen, they are sticking it to Theresa. Later Binky shows up, and he says his name is actually Benjamin Cahill. Rebecca says shell always think of him as Binky because of a special Forth of July picnic. Binky says he has drawn up the papers they asked for. Rebecca thanks him for being quick, and hopes he wont be so quick later on. He tells her not to worry her pretty little head, or any other part of her body about that. Binky says once she signs the papers they are so iron clad that no judge will give Theresa the children. Gwen looks over the papers, and she says this wont work. Gwen says shell never sign these, and shell probably become angry if they even ask her to sign them. Rebecca says who cares, but Gwen refuses to put her babies at risk. She says she wont do this. Gwen says this could upset her and cause her to lose the babies. Rebecca says they are just asking her to make a verbal contract into a written one. The lawyer says this is standard in cases like this, and Rebecca says unless she is up to something than she shouldnt have a problem signing this. Gwen says she just cant take any chances that this might set Theresa off. Binky says these papers are for her protection, and if Theresa wont sign them than it sends off a major red flag. Gwen refuses, and Binky says he hopes she wont live to regret this decision. Binky tells Rebecca that hell call her later to work out a payment plan. Binky leaves, and Rebecca says Binky dropped everything to do this for them. Rebecca says she cant take the chance, and shell just have to trust Theresa. Theresa buzzes for Gwen, so Gwen says she needs to go check on Theresa. Rebecca says she never thought shed see the day her daughter was turned into a servant. Gwen leaves, and Rebecca vows to stop Theresa. 

In her room, Theresa talks with Whitney about taking things slow with Fox because rebound relationships never work. She says give it a couple of months before they get really into a relationship, it will be good for them both. Whitney says she doesnt have a couple of months. Theresa asks why not, why is she in such a hurry? Whitney says its not that she cant wait, but what Theresa is suggesting sounds like a business plan. She says she doesnt want this to be a merger; she wants it to be natural. Theresa says she didnt mean to put them on a schedule, she just thinks taking a few months will be best for them both. Theresa says Whitney isnt one to rush from one guy to the next. Whitney says shes never been in a situation like this. Theresa says she knows, but she cant just shut her feelings for Chad off like that. Whitney says she has to, he is her brother. Theresa says she cant possibly be emotionally ready for a new relationship, but Whitney says her moving on with Fox is what is best for both her and Chad. Theresa says she doesnt need to rub this in Chads face, and Chad could be set off by her and Fox together. Whitney says it is too late, and she tells Theresa what happened at the Seascape. Whitney says God knows what Chad will do to get even with Fox. Whitney says the damage is done, Chad already thinks Fox has used the situation. Whitney says so there is no point in her waiting to be with Fox because Chad will never forgive Fox at this point. Theresa says it wont be easy for Chad to forgive Fox. Theresa says she talked to Chad about moving on, and he said whomever she moved on with would be his enemy. Whitney says they have to move on, but Theresa says Chad cant accept her having a relationship with anyone else just yet. Whitney says he has to; they are both going to eventually have relationships with other people. Theresa says she knows and so does Chad, but it is still so raw. Theresa says that is why she should take a few months off, she should just wait. Theresa says there is no reason to start a new relationship now, but Whitney tells herself there is. Theresa starts telling Whitney how when she lost the implanted baby, she gave herself time and then she came up with the plan to drug Ethan. Whitney asks Theresa about the drug she used, and Theresa says she got it out of Eves bag. Whitney thinks about how Theresa claims she is going to get everything she wants thanks to her plan. Whitney realizes what she must do, and she heads off to get the drug from her mom to use on Fox! Later, Gwen shows up to fluff Theresas pillows, and Theresa asks her to make her a new pot of chamomile tea and bring up some cake to go with it. Gwen asks anything else? Theresa says if there is shell buzz. Gwen leaves and runs into Rebecca. She says raising twins will be a vacation compared to Theresa. She worries that Theresa may be up to something, but Rebecca says she has a plan and Theresa wont even know what is coming.

Whitney heads to her moms room in the mansion and searches for her moms medical bag to find the drug she needs to get Fox to sleep with her. She wonders what is happening to her, what she is becoming. She says she cant do this, but what else will she do? She says she cant let the world know she is pregnant with Chads child. Whitney finds her moms bag and gets the drug from it. She asks god to forgive her.

At Crane Industries, Fox learns not only is Chad going to be working at Crane Industries, he is getting the office Fox wants. Fox says he already has an assistant, but Julian says Chad will be working as Foxs equal. Julian also says Chad is going to be taking over some of Foxs accounts! Fox says he doesnt need help, the work work he has done is fine and even Julian said it was excellent. Julian says they both know Ethan did the majority of that work. Fox says he did all that work, which Ethan confirms. Julian says Ethans loyalty to Fox is admirable, but not necessary. Julian says Ethan has other responsibilities and shouldnt have to ghost write Foxs work. Julian says Fox and Chad will make a good team, and he knows there is tension between them, but they are friends and now they are brothers. He says they have to learn to work together. Julian says Fox needs to help Chad, after all he is the one who is responsible for Chad coming to work here. Chad says what does Fox have to do with him accepting the offer? We see a flashback of Fox telling Chad to turn Julians offer down. Chad once again asks how Fox is responsible? Julian says he asked Fox to talk to Chad and urge him to accept the job, and obviously he was right to ask Fox. Chad says hes sorry to burst Julians bubble, but Fox tried to convince him to stay away from Crane Industries. Julian asks Fox if this is true? Chad says it is, and he also tried to convince him to stay away from the Crane family. Ethan cant believe Fox did this, and Julian is furious with Fox for double crossing him. Fox says he was following Crane protocol; he was protecting what is his. Julian says it is not just his because Chad is a Crane to and has just as much right to the business. Ethan says Julian is right. Fox says maybe, but there is only room for one person at the top. Fox says Alistair is in the hospital and may die, so the world will be looking to see who will be the next Alistair Crane. Fox tells them to make no mistake, that person will be him! Fox says Chad may be his half-brother, but he has no right to the company or the empire. Fox says Alistair has made it clear the company wont go to Julian, and he wont let some Johnny-come-lately show up and take what is his. Julian says he cant believe how much of Alistair Fox has in him. Fox says Chad is only here to get back at him for being with Whitney, he has no interest in the company. Chad says that isnt true, but Fox says he wont let Chad steal his birth right. Julian says they are brothers so they will have to get used to working together. He tells them they are both his sons and there will be no Crane Vs Crane warfare! Fox says Chad may be his son, but hell never be a Crane. Ethan suggests they all go get some sleep. Fox says this isnt over. Julian says nothing he can do or say will change what has happened, Chad is staying and he will not tolerate fighting between them!

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