October 11, 2004
At Crane industries, Julian refuses to have Fox and Chad fighting. He says this company is as much as Chads birthright as it is Foxs, and there is enough room here for both of them. Ethan suggests they table this until tomorrow to prevent things from being spoken that one might regret. Julian thinks that is a good idea and tells Fox to listen to Ethan. Ethan and Fox leave, and Julian assures Chad that Fox will come around. He also says his office will be ready in the morning, and let him know if there are any requests. Chad says he doesnt know much about business, just music. Julian says business is business, he will find his experience dealing with labels and record execs applies here. Julian says he will do well, and calls him son. Chad tells Julian not to call him son. He says he doesnt want a fuzzy relationship with him. He says he took this job because he is entitled to it, not to be close to him. Julian says maybe one day though, but Chad says no. He says Julian should go watch Oprah or Jerry Springer if hes hoping for a family relationship. Julian says he knows he is angry, but Chad says angry doesnt even come close. He says no money or job can make up for the loss of Whitney, and he blames Julian for that. Chad says he will never forgive him. Julian says hopefully in time things will change because he is his son. He says Chad can hate him and chose not to acknowledge it, but it wont change the facts. Julian says hell never stop loving him, and he is glad hes come to work here. Julian leaves, and Chad vows to steal Crane Industries from Fox as payback for Fox taking Whitney. 

On the Crane Estate, Fox vents to Ethan that he wont let Chad get away with this. Fox says he thought Chad was his friend, but hes a backstabbing louse. Ethan tells Fox that he isnt exactly innocent; he did everything he could to keep Chad from taking this job. Fox says it is easy for Ethan to talk like this now that hes not a Crane anymore, but if he was he wouldnt be judging what hes doing because it would be his inheritance on the line. Ethan says he knows, but from a legal standpoint Chad has as much Crane blood as Fox does, and he is the first born. Fox says Chad doesnt have the Crane instinct. Ethan says if Chad took this job to get revenge than he may be more of a Crane than Fox thinks. Fox thinks Chad is definitely out for revenge and took this job to get even. Ethan says that sounds like classic Crane to him. Fox thinks he can handle Chad. Ethan tells Fox to take the high road, dont let this destroy his friendship with Chad. Ethan says besides Alistair isnt dead yet, and if he survives hell be around for many years to come. He says there is room at Crane Industries for them both, so he should try and make this work. Ethan tells him to go swim in the pool to let off some steam. Ethan takes off, and Fox vows Chad is no match for him.

At the bar, Tabitha, Simone and Kay are shocked when they find Paloma dancing on the bar. Two men end up jumping on the pool table and dirty dance with Paloma. Paloma and the guys are all over one another! Kay cant believe this and says Pilar would blow a fuse if she knew what her innocent daughter was really like. Tabitha says she told her how those convent school girls were, and Paloma is very angry for her family sending her to Mexico and would do anything to get even with them. Tabitha says she is counting on that. Later, Paloma and the boys get down off the table, and she begins feeling the guys muscles. She says shes really thirsty after that dancing and asks for a soda. One guy runs off to get the soda, and the other guy tries to make a move on her. She tells him not to be greedy, this room is full of men and shes not ready to settle on any one. Paloma says the night is still young! Simone says she cant believe what Paloma just said, and Kay says she wishes she got sent to a convent school. Later Chad shows up, Kay and Simone sit at the bar and talk about the idea of Paloma and Chad hooking up. Simone says Chad is just sooooo hot, and Kay says ew that is your brother! Simone says she knows, but some feelings die hard. She also says Paloma is way to wild for Chad. Later, Kay thinks she and Simone should split because everyone in this bar is all over Paloma and isnt going to ask them to dance. Tabitha says that is a defeatist attitude, she is enjoying herself and wants to dance. She says this is the first time shes cut a rug since her Timmy died. Kay says no one is looking at them. Tabitha says than they should follow Palomas lead and dance on the table and show a little flesh. Simone says no way, her father would flip if he knew she was even in this bar. Meanwhile, Paloma continues to talk with one of the guys, and she says she loves this song. As she goes to kiss the guy, his friend returns. The friend pulls the one guy away from Paloma and kisses her himself. She asks if he always steals kisses intended for his friend? The two men end up arguing over Paloma, the one is angry the other took advantage of his leaving to get her a soda in order to move in on her. One says he thought they were friends, and the other says all is fair in love and war. Chad hears this and says that is right, all is fair in love and war.

At the mansion, RealTheresa buzzes Gwen and demands a Hawaiian pizza with double anchovies. Gwen asks if it wont give her heartburn at this time of night, but she says it is for the babies. Theresa also asks for napkins and the tea. She asks if this is too much trouble? Gwen says not at all, she wants her to be as comfortable as possible as long as shes pregnant with her and Ethans babies. Gwen leaves, and Theresa says they are her babies, and Gwen will never get them. Pilar shows up and asks if Theresa has seen Paloma? Theresa says she thinks she went out. Paloma hopes she makes new friends because she is so shy. Theresa says she is a grown woman now, but Pilar says she is still sweet and innocent and just hopes she stays that way. Theresa asks how her mama is doing? Pilar says she is tired, so Theresa tells her to rest and let the Cranes take care of them. Pilar says shes not going to take advantage of them. Theresa reminds her of her years of servitude, but Pilar says it was her job. Theresa says still, Gwen, Rebecca and the Cranes took their home and destroyed their family. Theresa says she will make them pay by keeping these two children from them. Pilar says she cant do that, but Theresa says shell never hand them over. Theresa says they must pay for what they have done. Pilar says two wrongs dont make a right, punishment should be left to God. Theresa says she cant wait for God, and besides these babies arent Gwens. Theresa also thinks Gwen has no intention of giving Little Ethan back to her. Pilar says Gwen is being very kind to her, but Theresa says that is only because she is pregnant with what they think is her babies. Theresa says Gwen will give her the boot when she gives birth. Pilar says maybe, but she cant live her forever. Theresa says she may be thrown out, but shell take her children with her. Pilar asks her not to do this, but Theresa says she is sorry but she has to.

Elsewhere, Whitney realizes she is stopping to the same level as Theresa by drugging Fox, but she has no choice. She says she has to sleep with Fox and pass this child off as his so her child can have a normal life. She says no one can know what she is about to do. Suddenly, her mom walks in and asks what she is doing? Whitney says she was waiting for her, she wanted to talk. Eve is thrilled and thinks they can work things out. Whitney says theyll see. Eve says she knows this was a difficult step, but it has made her happy. Eve says she loves her, she always have and always will. Eve then hugs Whitney. Eve says at first she didnt know why she was here, and it saddens her that shes at a point in her life where she cant find a reason for her own daughter to come see her. Eve says they used to be close, and they can be that close again. Eve says she has prayed that she would forgive her and let her back in her life. She says here Whitney is, and it is a start. Whitney says it will take time, and Eve says she understands. Eve says she wont try and push her. Whitney says cool, and she has to get going. Eve says it will be easier from now on, and shes always here if Whitney needs to talk. Whitney leaves and wonders how Theresa does this, how does she lie and cheat? Whitney says this is all her mothers fault, because of her mom she has to do this. Ethan returns and catches Whitney in the hall. He asks how she is doing? She says shes okay, and she was on her way to the office to see Fox. Ethan says hes not there. Ethan says something happened, something she should know about. Ethan informs Whitney about Chad working at Crane Industries now, and about Foxs suspicions of Chad. Whitney thinks Fox is right about Chad wanting revenge because Chad never had an interest in a corporate world. She says music was his life. Ethan says she was his life, and he lost her. He thinks things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Ethan says if she needs anything just know he is here. Whitney thanks him and asks Ethan to be there for Chad given that hes lost his best friend. Ethan says sure. Ethan also says this is none of his business, but isnt it unwise to get involved with Fox so soon? She says it isnt any of his business. He says they could at least take things slow. She says she doesnt have time. He asks what she means? Whitney takes off to find Chad, not answering Ethan.

In living room, Rebecca tells Gwen that Terrocita is up to something, and he will stop her. Rebecca says she is in for the shock of her life! Gwen asks what her plan is? Rebecca says to have Theresa sign the papers Binky drew up. Gwen says she is not going to risk Theresa getting upset over them. Rebecca tells Gwen to stop frowning because she will get wrinkles and is far too young to have botox. She says she will get Theresa to sign the papers unknowingly. Rebecca says they will slip this in with Ethans legal documents, which Theresa is expecting to sign. Gwen says it could work. Rebecca says it will work! She says Theresa is in for a shock of her life, she will wind up with nothing! Gwen doesnt like the idea of lying to this about Ethan. Rebecca says Ethan is far too honest to trick Theresa. Gwen says shed like to think she is honest too. Rebecca says regrettably she is, and she doesnt know where she went wrong. They argue over whether or not to do this. Gwen says what if they are wrong and Theresa isnt planning anything? Rebecca says of course she is, why would she get pregnant with their child in the first place? Gwen says to get Little Ethan back of course. Rebecca still thinks Theresa is up to something, and Rebecca says they will stop her and not let her get away with it. Gwen still says they dont know Theresa is up to anything. Rebecca says for arguments sake lets say she is right, that Theresa will stick to her word. Rebecca says then shell never need to use this document, and neither she nor Ethan will have to know about it. Gwen says fine, but only if they really need to use it. Rebecca says of course, and mark her words she will need it. Ethan then walks in and asks what they will need?

Fox is in the pool house and is using the punching bag. He has a fantasy that Julian ends up passing on the Crane Empire and CEO of Crane Industries to Chad. Whitney shows up with drugged drinks for Fox. She tells herself that this is just what she has to do, and she is sorry but has no choice.


October 12, 2004
At the mansion, Pilar and Theresa are still arguing over Theresas scheme to keep the babies. Theresa says she doesnt care who the biological mother is, the father is Ethan and the babies are in her belly. She says she doesnt care if Gwen and Rebecca dont like it. Pilar says there will be no happy resolution to what she is doing. Theresa says she wont say that when shes holding these babies. Pilar says this will crush Gwen, as she is dreaming about being a mother to these two children. Theresa says what she is doing is completely justified. Pilar says if she thought Gwen was her enemy now, just wait because Gwen will come after her with all the Crane power she can. Theresa says she wont be able to do a thing to her, but Pilar says Gwen will move heaven and earth to take those babies from her.

Elsewhere, Rebecca tells Gwen that if Theresa isnt up to anything that they wont need to use the legal document after all, and Theresa and Ethan will never know they signed it. However, Rebecca says if she is right than Ethan will be happy she took out an insurance policy. Gwen says fine, but only if they really need to. Rebecca says she will need it. Ethan walks in and asks what will she need what? Rebecca says they were talking about the Atkins diet, but Ethan doesnt believe her and wants the truth. Rebecca says he is very suspicious, and she was just suggesting that they go away on a trip together before the babies are born. Ethan thinks that is a wonderful idea because the next 18 years of their life they may not have many chances to just be alone. He tells Gwen to think about where shed like to go. Rebecca asks if he got the papers, and Ethan says yes. He says hes discussed them with Theresa, so he doesnt see a problem with her signing them. Gwen asks if she can look over them just to make sure there are no loopholes. He says she doesnt trust her super lawyer husband? She says of course, she is just being paranoid. He gives her the papers and then goes to get a drink. Gwen and Rebecca slip their paper in with Ethans, and then she gives them back to Ethan. Ethan says hell take these to Theresa and see if shell sign them tonight. Ethan says hell be back in a bit and they can discuss that romantic getaway. Gwen says she is starting to feel like Theresa now. Rebecca tells her better safe than sorry, and she suggests they go with Ethan and make sure Theresa signs the papers.

Ethan goes to see Theresa, Pilar is now gone, and he asks how she is doing. Theresa says Gwen has been making her feel at home and giving her everything she asks for. Ethan says she wants Theresa to be comfortable. Theresa says she senses Ethan isnt that comfortable with her. She asks if he is going to start questioning her about if they slept together? Ethan says he doesnt want to go there. Ethan says he just came to bring her the legal papers. Pilar returns and asks if anything is okay? Ethan says yes, they were just talking about the legal papers. Theresa looks at them and says there is a lot of papers here. He asks if she can look over it and get it to him in the morning? He says hed rather get this done tonight, so she says she'll look over it now. Gwen and Rebecca spy on her and Gwen worries that Theresa may realize what they've done. Suddenly, Theresa asks what this is? She says she doesnt understand any of this? Gwen and Rebecca think that they are doomed. Theresa says she doesnt understand any of these terms and words. Ethan says it is legalese. She asks if he couldn't make it easier to understand, but Ethan says the courts wont accept it any other way. Gwen and Rebecca are relieved, and Ethan says just look over the numbers and make sure they match what they agreed. Theresa says she's not good with numbers and asks her mom to look over it, but Pilar says she is sure Ethan did it properly. Theresa says she does too, and she begins signing! Gwen then worries Ethan might see the paper, so Rebecca says theyll get the paper back. Rebecca and Gwen question Ethan later and ask if Theresa signed them, and he says she did. Rebecca says she would feel better if they could see them. And Ethan ends up handing them over again. Gwen also gets rid of Ethan by asking him to get his laptop so they can look for vacations. He leaves, and Rebecca takes the paper out of the packet. 

Back in Theresas room, Pilar says may God have mercy on her soul! Theresa asks what she has done now? Pilar says she is taking huge sums of money from Ethan and Gwen for her medical expenses, how will she repay them? Theresa says she doesnt know, but it isnt her fault that they are so gullible. Theresa says if they offered her the moon than she'd take it. She says they owe her, so she will keep these babies and there is nothing they can do to take them from her.

Julian visits Eve and finds that  she is smiling. Julian asks what has happened to make her smile, has his father died? She says no, Whitney came to her and wanted to reconcile. Julian says that is wonderful, and she says this just leaves Chad. Julian thinks it will be only a matter of time before Chad comes around. Eve admits it was all so out of the blue given how normally she is cursing her out. Julian asks if she apologized? Eve says no, but she feels she wanted to. Eve hopes Simone will come around as well. Eve says she wishes she could make up for the pain she caused them all. Julian tells her that it might take awhile, so dont get her hopes up. Eve asks about Chad, and Julian says Chad accepted his offer to work for him, but it is just a job and he wasnt looking to bond. Eve says it is a start, and Julian hopes in time Chads anger will thaw. Eve says if Whitney could come back to her, than Chad wont be far behind. Eve says she has a good feeling, she thinks they will get their children back. Eve says she finally has a sense of hope that everything will be fine. Julian says he is too, and he says only one other thing will make his life complete, something hes wanted for 25 years. Eve says they shouldnt talk about this right now. She asks how Fox is doing, and Julian is upset because Fox is dating Whitney now and he doesnt like it because it is hurting Chad. Eve says that its not fair to Fox, but Julian says he doesnt want Chad being hurt anymore and he told Fox not to date Whitney. Eve says it sounds like he gave him his marching orders! Eve remains happy nonetheless, and Julian says he says he loves seeing her smile. He says he doesnt know what he deserved to have this second chance with her. He says he loves her, and she says she loves him too. Eve and Julian then get down to business and make love. 

At the bar, Paloma tells the boys not to fight, there is enough of her to go around. Soon however, the two guys end up fighting with one another over Paloma and an all out brawl breaks out. Meanwhile, Kay and Simone sulk that all the men are drooling over Paloma. Simone says Pilar would have a heart attack if she saw Paloma, and Kay says so would their dads if they acted like that. Simone says that Paloma better not think about going after Chad, and Tabitha says he is her half brother so she doesnt have a say in the matter. Simone says first she loses Chad to Whitney, now she cant have him at all because of her mom and Julian. Simone also cant believe she has lived here the whole life and never had a boyfriend, whereas Paloma has been here for five minutes and has men fighting over her. Tabitha, who is bombed, begins to remember how everyone thought Robin Hood and Prince John were fighting over money, but in reality they were fighting over her. Simone wonders what Tabitha is drinking. Kay says Tabitha just hasnt been out since the baby was born. Tabitha continues mumbling about Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Chad sits at the bar and thinks about how all is fair in love in war. Chad says if he cant have Whitney than neither can Fox. He also vows to take what Fox wants most from him. Paloma sits with Chad, and she talks to him. She asks if he thought about her advice? He says he has and hes going to do it, he took the job. Paloma tells him to just make sure his enemies don't know he is hurting and is in pain, because if they know than they will use it against him. Chad switches the subject and says he always heard she was the shy and quiet Lopez-Fitzgerald, but he guesses everyone was wrong. He says it will be something to watch her get her revenge. She says he is very perceptive, and she likes him! Later the cops show up, so Chad suggests they split. Paloma says she didnt do anything wrong, but Chad says the cops might not see it that way. Tabitha, Kay and Simone also try and split, but the cops arrive before they can! They are arrested, and say they have done nothing wrong. The officer says they shouldnt be hanging out in pool halls this late at night, and she says this place is notorious drug hangout (I think that is what she said, or it might just be notorious). Kay tries to use her last name to get out of this, but the officer shows her no mercy and says shell just get in even more trouble than she already is. The officer then has them taken away! 

At the Crane pool house, Whitney finds Fox boxing and she brings in some drinks, which she has drugged. Whitney gets into the pool, and Fox joins her. She also says she brought him some lemonade, and he says that will hit the spot. Whitney feels guilty about what shes doing, but tells herself that it is for her babys future. Fox tells Whitney that shes an angel to do this, but something happens and the drink ends spilling everywhere! Whitney offers to get him another one, but he says no and hell fix himself something stronger later. Whitney talks to Fox about work, and he tells her what is going on with Chad and how his dad is ordering him not to see her. Fox says he wont listen, and that Chad is convinced hes been waiting his time to take advantage of her. Whitney says she tried to talk to him about that, but he wouldnt listen. Fox says all he cares about is getting revenge on him now. Whitney suggests they not talk about Chad anymore, and she suggests they pick up where they were before they learn about his grandfathers accident. Whitney says she wants to be with him, and they kiss! Fox asks if she is sure, and Whitney says she is. She asks fox to make love to her. They get out of the pool and begin to go at it! Meanwhile, Chad has brought Paloma back to the mansion, and she thanks him for sneaking her out before the police came. Chad warns her not to let the others, her family know she is a wild child because she will get further if they dont know the truth. She thanks him, and they agree to look out for one another. As Chad heads out, he ends up seeing Fox and Whitney in the pool house making love! 


October13, 2004
At the mansion, Theresa and Pilar are still in Theresas room and continue to argue over what Theresa is planning to do. Theresa says she will not lose these babies and there is nothing Gwen or Rebecca can do to take them from her. Later as they look at photos, Paloma shows up and spies on them. She remembers Alistair telling her no one wanted her, and she thinks he was right. She says since shes going to be sent away soon she might as well have a good time. Pilar sees Paloma outside the door and asks what she is doing? She says she was just going to the kitchen to get something to eat. Theresa says they were looking at photos of Little Ethan and theyd like her to spend time with them. She says shell be right back after she gets her robe (she was hiding behind the door so they didnt see her slinky dress). Pilar continues to lecture Theresa while they wait for Paloma to return. She asks Theresa if she looked at the papers she signed carefully? Theresa says she didnt understand them, but she trusts Ethan. Paloma returns and she sees all the photos of Little Ethan. Theresa says she treasures these photos because they were all she had when Little Ethan was taken from her. Pilar says no mother should be away from her child and she knows how heartbroken Theresa was. Paloma asks Pilar why it wasnt hard for her (Pilar) to be away from her (Paloma). Paloma asks why it was so easy to ship her off to Mexico? Pilar says she does love her, but Paloma says she doesnt. Theresa tells Paloma not to talk to their mother like that. Paloma says mama doesnt care about her, so why should she care about mama? Theresa says she does care about her and she is going to set her straight, so listen up. Theresa says mama used to cry over her baby pictures waiting for Tia Maria to call because they couldnt afford to. Paloma says yeah it looks like they had a hard life. Theresa says they didnt always live here, the only live here now because she is pregnant with Gwens kids. Theresa says they no longer have a home because of the Cranes, and they wanted her home sooner but mama didnt want to pull her out of school. Paloma says that sounds like excuses, and she thinks they will ship her back when mama is better. Pilar says that is not true. She says they all lied to her, and a man told her the truth about them all. They ask what man, and she says she doesnt know. She then sees Alistairs photo on the paper and says this is the man. Theresa says that is Alistair Crane, and Pilar damns him. Paloma is shocked that this is Alistair. Pilar insists that they all love her. Theresa suddenly is hit with a pain and says shes going to go check on Little Ethan. Theresa leaves, and in the hall doubles over. She asks God not to let anything happen to the babies. Theresa keeps being hit with pains.

In their room, Ethan says Gwen has been smiling ever since Theresa signed the papers. He asks what is going on? Gwen says nothing, she is just trusting Theresa will hand over the babies like he has been telling her too. He is glad that she has ended her animosity towards Theresa. Later, Ethan surprised Gwen with a romantic dinner in their room. The two of them dance, and Ethan tells her that he loves her and only her. He says he looks forward to raising a family with her and spending the rest of his life with her. She says she loves him so much. Gwen thinks thanks to the paper they will be able to raise their family without Theresa anywhere nearby. After dancing they share champagne, dinner and then dance some more. Eventually they head to the bed to make love. Gwen thinks that she is going to have everything and nothing will stop her. 

Eve and Julian cuddle in bed and tell one another that they love the other. Julian says hell always be here for her, and she says he means so much to her. Eve says she hopes they can become close to Chad, and Julian thinks there is a good chance. He says in time Chad will realize this wasnt their fault. Eve isnt so sure, and she says right now she is more concerned with this problem between Chad, Whitney and Fox. She says it is a potentially explosive situation, and they all may end up terribly hurt. Julian suggests they go for a swim, and she says okay. Eve says she knows hes trying to distract her from thinking about Fox and Chad, but its not working. Julian says they shouldnt worry about it, their children have suffered enough for one evening.. 

At the pool house, Fox and Whitney begin making love, and Chad sees them. He says this cant be happening, he wont let it happen. Chad bursts in and pushes Fox off of Whitney. He tells Fox to get off her and never touch her again! Fox asks what he is doing here, is he moving in now? Chad says he is the one moving in on Whitney. Fox says he loves her. Chad decks Fox, and Whitney yells at Chad to stop. Fox decks Chad back, and they get into a huge fight. Chad gets the upper hand and begins beating Fox to a pulp. Fox ends up out cold on the floor, but Chad wont stop beating him. Whitney says hes going to kill him! She tells Chad to stop, checks on Fox, and says he is dead! She cries he killed his brother! It turns out the whole thing was a dream in Chads head. Chad is watching from outside, and Eve and Julian show up. They ask him what is wrong, to please talk to them. They then see what is going on in the pool house, Whitney and Fox are going at it. They apologize to him, and he says hey what can he do, what can anyone do. Julian says he can put a stop to it and he will, their children hurting one another must stop. Julian barges in and tells them to stop it! Eve follows, and she asks how Whitney could jump into bed so soon after Chad? Whitney says you mean like you did with Julian after daddy? Julian says he forbids this to happen, he forbids Fox to see Whitney. 

Luis and Sheridan return to the cottage, and Sheridan thanks him for taking her away. She says it was romantic until the jet wreckage showed up, but she says they needed to get away. She wonders if she should call the hospital about her father, but Luis says if anything changed then they would have called. Sheridan cant believe Mrs. Wheeler shot him, and she says she doesnt want her to go to prison. Luis says she is obviously still stressed, so she should go take a hot bath. Sheridan asks him to join her, but he says there is something he has to go out and do. He wont tell her what, and she asks what could be more important than her? He says nothing is more important to him than her. She says then where is he going? He says he was going to see Little Martin, and he didnt want to remind her about the loss of their child. She thanks him for being so understanding. Luis says he doesnt have to go tonight, but she tells him to go. Sheridan says shed like to go with him, and he asks if she is up for that? She says yes, shed like to have a relationship with him too. Sheridan assures him that she wont think about the child she lost or mistake Little Martin for their child. Luis says okay and that hell call Beth to let her know they are coming. Sheridan tells herself while it will be difficult to see Luis baby, she will have to get over it.

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace and Precious watch Luis and Sheridans commitment ceremony. Beth holds Little Martin and says she hates that video. She asks her mom what shes drinking? Mrs. Wallace says MarTimmies of course. Beth tells her to keep it away from the baby. Mrs. Wallace says she would never hurt that baby, and she tells Martin to come over and look at his real mommy. Beth says she is his mommy, Martin is her son! Mrs. Wallace says yeah and she is Britney Spears, Oh Baby Baby! She reminds Beth where Martin came from, but Beth says that is all in the past. She says Martin is now her son with Luis, and one day Luis will come back to her. She says Luis will realize he needs to be with the mother of his child and his family. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she is cuckoo! Beth says she and Luis are meant to be a family, and Mrs. Wallace tells her to wake up! Beth says last time Sheridan saw Martin she felt no connection to him. Mrs. Wallace says that is because it was a substitute baby! Mrs. Wallace says Alistair isnt around anymore to help her, and next time Sheridan sees him she will feel that connection again. Later, Beth gets a call from Luis who says he would like to come see Little Martin. She is thrilled until Luis says hes bringing Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace asks Beth what is wrong, and quickly realizes he is bringing Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace says her goose is cooked! Beth says not if she doesnt let Sheridan see the baby. She says she will put him to bed, there is no way Sheridan will see her baby tonight.

Luis and Sheridan arrive later, and Beth asks Precious to make them some tea. Luis asks where Martin is, and Beth says she had to put him to bed because he hasnt been feeling well. Luis asks if she took him to see a doctor? She says yes, and it was so expensive. Luis says hell take care of that. Mrs. Wallace plays their commitment ceremony, and she talks about how they are the perfect couple. Beth fumes as they all watch the video, and Precious has a fantasy of her own Mexican wedding to Luis. Luis and Sheridan say they never tire of watching it, and Luis wishes he could show it to Martin. Beth says he will when he gets better. Luis says if he doesnt get better than take him back to the doctor, hell pay for everything. Luis and Sheridan decide to leave, but Beth asks them not to. Luis says it is late. Beth says not that late, but shed understand if Sheridan wanted to go given what happen to her father. Sheridan says it was a shock, that and Antonios death. Beth says she really misses Antonio and cant believe he is gone. As they talk, Mrs. Wallace plots with Precious to bring the baby downstairs. Mrs. Wallace says she is tired and going to bed. Beth tells her not to try anything. Beth suggests Luis come back tomorrow to see their son, and he says both he and Sheridan will come back. Mrs. Wallace returns with the baby and says there is no need to wait, he is awake and right here! Luis and Sheridan spend time with Martin, and Mrs. Wallace says Sheridan knows the truth deep down inside. Martin walks to Sheridan, and Beth says even Martin knows the truth. Sheridan looks at Martin and is speechless. Beth wants to put Martin to bed, but Mrs. Wallace says they will now she is up to something if she takes the baby away now. Sheridan holds Martin, and she smiles.


October 14, 2004
At the Crane pool house, Fox asks the gang what they are doing barging in on them? Julian says this is his house, and Eve tells Whitney to cover herself up. Eve says she cant believe her daughter is having sex practically in public. Whitney says she is in no place to judge, she had sex on stage at the Blue Note practically every night! Chad says he is in a place to judge, and he asks what kind of woman she is to have sex with Fox just after they broke up? How could she just jump into bed with him? She says she didnt, and she asks who is he to criticize her because he lied to her about his wife in LA. Chad says that isnt the point, the point is she has hoped into bed with Fox so suddenly. Fox says it isnt all that sudden; he has been in love with her for a long time. Fox says Chad cant be with Whitney, and she has a right to move on. Julian says not with him she doesnt, he wont let Fox take advantage of Whitney this way. Fox says he has no right to tell him who to be with. Julian says he is trying to hurt his brother! Fox says so it is okay that Chad is out to hurt him, to take what is his. Julian says Crane Industries is as much Chads as it is his, and Whitney is not a piece of property. Eve sides with Chad, and Whitney asks her mom to be on her side for once! Fox says he has been in love with Whitney for a long time but never told her or made a move on her until after she and Chad broke up. Julian says Fox has been taking advantage of her and is manipulating her, but Whitney says that is not true. Fox says manipulating and taking advantage is his dads M.O., not his. He says he didnt get Whitney hooked on drugs, flash cash in front of her, and leave her once he got her pregnant! Fox says that his him, and he is projecting his guilt onto him. Fox says he is the user and abuser in this family. Julian then decks Fox! Fox says Julian is lucky he doesnt kill him for that! Julian says he needs to show respect for him, Eve and Chad. Fox tells him to go to hell. He says he will continue to see Whitney and they cant stop him. Eve ask Whitney why she is doing this? Whitney says she made love to her brother and she wants to wipe away those memories. Eve says using Fox wont help erase memories of Chad. Whitney says she is not using him, she wants to be with him. Eve says then she should wait, otherwise she is turning brother against father and father against son. Fox says Whitney is old enough to make her own decisions, but Chad says he is using her. Fox says for the last time he is not using her, and she is not using him. He says he and Whitney will be together. Julian says no! Fox asks what hes going to do, hit him again? Julian tells Fox to get out of his house! Eve says Julian he cant do that. Julian says he wants Fox out of his house and he is fired. Fox says he is choosing Chad over him? Julian says he didnt chose, Fox made the choice. Chad says this is gone too far, he didnt want Julian to choose him over Fox. Julian says he isnt, Fox is a greedy young man who had everything, but it wasnt enough, he had to steal from his own brother. Fox says contrary to Crane believe Whitney is a human being and not property. He says Whitney has free will, and she cant be with Chad because he is her half-brother. He says remember Boston, the sex, drugs and big fun? Julian tells him to shut up! Fox tells Julian to go ahead and choose Chad over him, let Chad see what a lousy father he really is. Julian tells him he is an ungrateful little . . . he had everything handed to him and vacations all over the world. Fox says yeah, with other kids parents. Fox says he would have given it all up for one hug from him. He tells Chad he thinks he had it tough growing up an orphan, well so did he. Fox says the difference is that he got to see his parents in the papers every day knowing he came second next to social functions. Fox says his father doesnt care about any of his children, and he tells Chad have fun being a Crane while hes in favor. Fox says Julian doesnt care about him, hes just using him to get to Eve. Julian tells him to shut up. Fox says he if wants to punch him again hes ready to go. Julian tells him to get out and stay out, he is no son of his! Fox says given this familys history he wouldnt be surprised if Julian was right. Fox walks out, and Whitney lashes out at her mom and blames her for this. Chad tells her to stop blaming her mother for everything. Whitney says shes not her mother, shes their mother, and that is the problem.

In their room, Gwen tells Ethan how happy she is because nothing can take away their future. In the hall, Theresa asks God to please take care of these babies. Suddenly she is hit with another searing pain. She takes deep breaths and wonders what this pain is. She thinks it is just false labor because it is too soon for her to have the babies. The pains stop and she thinks everything is fine, and she says she shouldnt let Ethan and Gwen know what is going on. She goes to return to her mom and Paloma and is hit with more pains. This time she ends up falling to the floor, and she screams out. 

Pilar cries and tells Paloma that Alistair would do anything to destroy them so she cant trust Alistair. Paloma says maybe not, but she cant trust her either. Paloma says she sent her away. Pilar says she sent her off to have a better life. Paloma says if she really loved her than she would have found a way to have kept her here. Pilar says she does love her and Alistair is out to destroy their family so please dont believe his lies. Paloma asks how she expects her to believe Alistair is so evil. Pilar asks how she can say that, she knows what Alistair did to them in Mexico. Paloma says she never saw him down there, maybe they just want her to believe Alistair is evil the same way they want her to believe she was missed. Paloma says the man she met was nothing but kind to her. She says he aid that he wanted to help her because he hated seeing a family that never loved her take advantage of her. Pilar cries that they are all lies. Paloma says she doesnt think Alistair is the liar, she is! Pilar cries and says that is not true and she asks for a chance to prove it. Paloma says she has already proved it by sending her away. Paloma says Alistair didnt send her away to Mexico, she did. Pilar says they have been through this; she didnt have enough money after her father left. She says she never wanted to send her away and she could not afford to keep all her children. Paloma says so she got rid of the baby, the one who would have been the cheapest to keep? Paloma asks why her, why was she chosen? Pilar says she thought given she was a baby it would be easier for her to adjust, she would have no memories of them. She says she thought Paloma would be able to go to a good school, she thought she would be better off. Paloma asks why she was not brought to Harmony for a visit, or why she didnt send one of the others to Mexico for awhile? Pilar says once she got comfortable down there she didnt want to tear her away from it all. Pilar says she did miss her so very much, she has to believe that. Paloma asks why she didnt come to Puerto Arena? Paloma says she couldnt afford it. Paloma says she couldnt save up for a plane ticket? Pilar says it was more than a pay check, she would have had to hire someone to take care of the others. Pilar says they barely got by as is. Paloma tells her to look where she is living, she and Theresa have maid, cooks and nannies. Paloma asks how stupid does she think she is? 

Everyone hears Theresa crying out, and they all rush to her. Theresa insists she is fine and it is just false labor pains. She says she had them with Little Ethan, and she is fine. She asks Gwen to just get her a glass of milk. Gwen insists Theresa go to the hospital to be checked out, but she says she doesnt feel like going to the hospital. Gwen says she would feel better if they got her checked out. Theresa begins to tell Gwen she is fine, all she needs is her mill, when she doubles over in pain again. This time she falls to the floor!

At Beths house, Sheridan holds Little Martin, who calls Sheridan his mama. Sheridan is stunned as is Luis. Sheridan holds him and says mama is here. Luis talks with Beth and MRs. Wallace, and he says he thought Sheridan accepted that their baby died. Beth says obviously she hasnt. Beth says perhaps she should take Martin to bed, but Mrs. Wallace says he isnt sleeping and he is having fun with Sheridan. Beth talks to Luis in private and says she thought Sheridan was over this? Luis says he thought she was doing better because she hasnt mentioned the baby in a long time. Beth says she hasnt seen the baby in a long time. Luis says she has been happy; they had a commitment ceremony and are planning a real wedding. Annoyed by this, Beth says whatever is causing this, she doesnt think Sheridan should see the baby until shes over this sick and unhealthy obsession. She tells Luis not to bring Sheridan over anymore, and he says okay. Luis goes to Sheridan and says it is time they go, but Sheridan says shes not going to go; shes never going to leave him alone again. Luis says she has to give him back, but she says she doesnt. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis not to upset Sheridan or Martin, they look content. She says Martin loves her just like she was her real mommy. Beth says all the books say babys gravitate towards people who give love, just like older people stay away from those who would hurt them. Luis says he sorry to Beth for this, but she shouldnt get upset. Beth says shes just worried about Sheridan because she looks like shes about to go over the edge again. Beth says it must be hard for Sheridan to see babies after what happened. Luis says no it is just Little Martin she has this connection with. Beth wonders if it is her fault for letting Sheridan breast feed Martin when she was unable to. Beth says maybe that is why he bonded to her, and why she developed this obsession. Luis says maybe she is right. Beth says she feels like a failure, but Luis says she isnt. She says it hurt her to see Sheridan breast feed her baby, but she had to do what was best for him. He says she is a completely selfless woman and that is one of the things that make her a wonderful mother. He also thanks her for being very compassionate for what Sheridan is going through. Beth says what is important right now is Sheridan; she doesnt want to upset her anymore. Mrs. Wallace tells Sheridan how perfect she looks with that baby. Sheridan thanks her and says he is such a great baby. Sheridan flashes back to Charlie delivering her and taking her baby from her. She also remembers seeing Charlie go over the cliff with her baby in the car. Sheridan then realizes Martin isnt her baby. Sheridan says her baby died, but Martin is just as handsome as her baby. She apologizes for getting carried away, and she says Martin just looks just like her baby. Beth says she thought she didnt know if her baby was a boy or a girl. Sheridan says she knows, but Martin has the same eyes, hands and smell. She says he cant be hers though, her baby is dead. Luis says they will have more children, but Sheridan says shell never forget the one she lost. Beth says it is time for Martin to go to bed, so Sheridan hands him over. Sheridan says she is sorry for going crazy again. Luis tells her not to say that. Sheridan says she just wishes what she knew what it was about Little Martin that reminds him of her child. Beth suggests it is because of the bond they created when she nursed him. She says that makes sense. Beth says she understands she was in a fragile state, and shell never forget the gift she gave Martin. Sheridan suggests they go, so they do. Luis quickly thanks Beth for being understanding. Beth says she feels for Sheridan, who knows if shell ever really be well again. They leave, and Mrs. Wallace says Sheridan knows the truth deep down, and when it comes bubbling to the surface not only will she take her baby back, but Luis will hate her! Mrs. Wallace tells Beth shell end up with nothing. 


October 15, 2004
At the Crane pool house, Whitney lashes out at Julian and Eve for ruining her life. She says they dont know what it is like for her. Chad says he knows what it is like to have his life ruined, and seeing her and Fox making love is making it worse. Chad says that is if making love is what one can call what they were doing. Whitney says at least they werent committing incest. Whitney tells Julian and Eve that she doesnt have to listen to or respect either of them, and she just prays she makes a better mom than Eve. Chad asks if shes having kids with Fox, and she says maybe some day. Suddenly they hear Theresa screaming.

At the mansion, Theresa is screaming in pain, and Ethan tells Gwen to call an ambulance. Gwen says the ambulance is on its way. Pilar and Palma stay by her side, and Pilar says the babies will be just fine. Paloma is reminded when she was sick and wanted her mother, but she wasnt there for her. Eve shows up to check on Theresa, and Fox has shown up as well to check on Theresa. Gwen says an ambulance is on its way. Gwen asks Eve how bad this is. Eve says she doesnt know for sure, but there is a chance she is in labor. Gwen says if the babies are born now they wont make it! 

At the hospital, Nurse Victoria takes care of Alistair. Sam comes to see Alistair because he called for him. Alistair says he has heard the woman who shot him has been released from jail. Sam says she made bail. Alistair says he wants her back behind bars tonight! He says there is no reason for her to go back to jail, and she hasnt even had her day in court. Alistair says what is the world coming to when he lets killers walk the street! Sam says she is innocent till proven guilty, so she is free, it is the law of the land. Alistair says not his land, and he wants her put back in jail now! Sam says he has no authority to put her back in jail. Alistair says hes giving the authority! Sam says he works for the town, not him. Alistair says he works for taxpayers, and he pays the most taxes! He tells Sam to save them the trouble and put her in jail, or he will make this unpleasant for him and his! Sam says hes already told him he has no legal way to put her back in jail, so Alistair says hell have her bail revoked. Sam says he cant do that, but Alistair says he will get Judge Reilly to do it! Sam cant believe it and says Reilly is so crooked hed sell his mother down river. He calls Reilly up and tells Sam that hell have the judge fax him the warrant for her re-arrest. Later, Sexy Nurse Victoria helps comfort Alistair when Father Lonigan shows up. He says if Father Lonigan came to give him last rites hes afraid hes going to survive, so he can take his tired bible and cloudy eyes and send someone else off to the great white way. Father Lonigan says he only came to see how he is. Alistair says he cant believe this. He says he wants to know the real reason he is here, not to wish him well given what hes done to him. Father Lonigan says that has been forgiven, but Alistair thinks no one can be that forgiven. Father Lonigan says he is sorry that he still thrives on causing pain, he thought as he aged he would be more concerned with his soul. Alistair says nothing matters but the here and now, certainly not the here after. Father Lonigan says he will pray for him, even though Alistair took his site, he will continue to pray for him and anyone who needs his prayers. Alistair tells Father Lonigan not to worry, if his latest plan succeeds than his tiny withered sole wont be worth saving.

Theresa is now in a room and being attended to by Eve and a nurse. Eve and the nurse work on Theresa, and Eve realizes this isnt contractions she is going through. Shes not sure what is going on, but Theresas first pregnancy was a delicate one and both Theresa and her son almost died. The nurse says her blood pressure is skyrocketing, and Eve says she was afraid of this. Theresa asks what is wrong with her babies? Eve tells her not to worry and just relax. Later a nurse shows up with a file for Eve.

Gwen tells Ethan that she doesnt think she can take losing another child. Gwen continues to talk to Ethan, and she says if Theresa causes her to lose these babies like she cost her to lose Sarah than God help her. Ethan says this is not Theresas fault, and Gwen says this is the one time he is right about her.

Whitney runs into Father Lonigan in the hospital hall. He asks how she is doing, and asks about the baby. Whitney asks him to keep it down because she doesnt want anyone to know she is pregnant. He says she must have told Chad, but Whitney says no and shes not planning on telling him. She says no one can know about this. Father Lonigan says shell soon be showing, people will know Chads the father. Whitney says she found someone else to be her babys father, Fox Crane. Father Lonigan cant believe what she is doing, but she says has not other choice. She says her baby is the most important thing here, and she has to protect her baby. Father Lonigan says she is using Fox. Whitney says it is too late to change her mind because her plan is already set in motion. Whitney says shed like to have his blessing, but he says he cannot give her that. He says she is letting one innocent mistake snowball into many intentional ones. She says she has no choice, if people know who her babys father is than theyll never let him forget it. He says that is no excuse, but Whitney says shed do anything to protect her baby. 

Later, Whitney runs into Fox, and she tells him how sorry she is for him being fired and kicked out of his house. He tells her not to worry about it. He says he loves her and would suffer anything just to be with her. He hugs Whitney, who has a look of guilt all over her face. She says maybe they were wrong to rush into this, if they slowed down than maybe . . . . Fox tells her no, and that tonight was perfect. As they talk, Chad watches them. Fox admits he is broke because he spent his trust fund on bailing Theresa out, but he doesnt care as long as she is by his side. He kisses her and says he loves her. Chad continues to watch them, and Julian shows up to comfort Chad. He tells Chad to go home, but Chad says Julians home isnt his home. Julian says it should be. Julian says he wants him to move in, he is his only son now. Julian says Fox is out, he means nothing to him. Chad says Julian doesnt get it because Fox still has everything.

Meanwhile, Pilar and Paloma sit together, and Paloma sees how frightened Eve is. Pilar says there nothing worse than knowing your child is in pain ands you can do nothing to help. Paloma says Eve is a good doctor though, but Pilar says she is speaking about Paloma. Paloma and Pilar continue to talk about Pilar sending her away. Pilar says she thought she was doing right by her, she thought she was giving her a better life. Paloma asks why she didnt send any of the others away, why was she picked to be the outcast, why was she the only one her mom felt she could live without. 

Later, Eve comes out to tell everyone what is going on. Eve says they have the results, and its not good news. She says Theresa and the babies lives are in great danger. 

Luis and Sheridan stand outside the cottage, and Luis thinks taking her to Beths was a bad idea. She says she is sorry about what happened. She says she knows the baby isnt hers and their baby died, but when she holds Martin she feels like he is her child. Luis says she does understand hes not their baby, and she says yes. She says something about him just reminds her about the baby she gave birth to in that pit. Luis says all babies look the same at that age. Sheridan says she thought it would get easier in time. Luis asks if she still wants to have another baby as she said she did down at the beach? She says she wants nothing more, but shell never forget the baby she lost. Luis says it may make things easier. Sheridan says it has seemed to have helped for Gwen. Luis says he is happy for Ethan and Gwen, but he doesnt understand how you can carry a baby for nine months and give it to someone else. Sheridan says that is the agreement, and Theresa knows shell get her son back in the end. 

Inside the cottage, Katherine is out on bail, and Martin is thrilled because he couldnt stand to be without her. They begin to argue about how to get her out of these charges because it was self defense. She says she cant tell part of the truth without revealing the whole truth. Katherine asks if he thinks Luis and his family will forgive him, and he says no. She says this is the right thing to do, she is willing face whatever punishment. Martin says hes not, he wont let Alistair make them suffer anymore.

Later, Sheridan and Luis go into the cottage and see Martin and Katherine. Katherine asks Sheridan why she is crying? Luis and Sheridan explain the whole story to them. Katherine comforts Sheridan and says she knows there is nothing worse than losing a child because there is a very deep bond between mother and child. Sheridan says it is like when they first met she thought she was her mother, but she knows that is not possible either. Meanwhile, Martin talks to Luis and thinks that if he named his son after his father than perhaps Luis doesnt hate his father as much as he claims. Sheridan decides to go to bed, and Luis talks to Katherine and Martin about how Sheridan has never gotten over the loss of her mom. He says nobody can make that up to her, and if he had a wish it would be for her to have her mother back because only she can help her through this. Katherine says shell help her through this. Luis asks what she means, he just said only her mother could help her? Katherine says Sheridan said she felt a connection to her, almost as if she was her mother, so she might be able to help her. Luis says that is very nice of her. She goes to talk to Sheridan, and Luis tells Martin that his wife is a wonderful woman. Luis asks if it is because what happened with her daughter. He says perhaps a relationship with Sheridan can help them both.

Katherine goes in to see Sheridan, and Sheridan is glad to see her. She says she thinks Katherine may be the only one to understand what she is going through. Meanwhile, Sam shows up, and he says he hates doing this, but Mrs. Wheelers bail has been revoked and he has to take her back to jail. Martin damns Alistair and knows he is behind this.

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