October 18, 2004
At the cottage, Luis is stunned that Sam is going to arrest Mrs. Wheeler/Katherine. Martin says Alistair is behind this isnt he? Sam says he is. Sam explains Alistair is alive, mean as ever, and is demanding she be taken back into custody. Sheridan and Katherine come out of the bedroom, and hear what Sam has said. Sheridan asks if there isnt something they can do to stop this? Sam says hes afraid not, Alistair called judge Reilly for this favor. Katherine asks who that is, and Luis says a greedy fat cat. Sam says Reilly is so powerful that NBC, the National Bar Commission, has no control over his shenanigans. Sam says Reilly gets what he wants, and he has signed a court order for Katherine to be incarcerated for attempted murder. Sheridan suggests they offer him a bigger bribe to reverse the order. As she makes a call, Martin tells Katherine to run and hide! She asks where shell go? He says somewhere nobody will think to look for her. Katherine sneaks out as Sam is distracted with Sheridans attempt to bribe Reilly. Sheridan forgot that her assets have been frozen, and Luis says he wouldnt betray Alistair anyways. Sheridan wonders why her father is after Mrs. Wheeler. Sam says because she shot him, and his soul focus is getting her back in jail. Sheridan says this doesnt make any sense because normally her father would be focused on Crane stock plummeting because he was shot. Sheridan says it is like he has something personally against her, why is her father so fixated on her? Sam says maybe it will come out in the trial. Sam says he has to take her to jail now, but then sees Katherine is gone. He asks Mr. Wheeler where his wife is? Martin says he cant say, but she was just here a moment ago. Sam calls out to her and says she is making things more difficult by hiding. Luis says he doesnt think shes hiding, he thinks she is long gone. Sam asks Martin if his wife slipped out while they were talking? Martin asks if he can blame her if she did? Sam asks where she went, and Martin says he honestly doesnt know because she didnt tell him. Sheridan says good for her! Sam says he can hold him for obstruction of justice. Sheridan says Sam cant do that, and Luis says perhaps they focus on finding Mrs. Wheeler before Alistairs goons do. Sheridan says she didnt think of that, and Mr. Wheeler says neither did he. Luis and Sam search for her, and Sam tells Sheridan too keep an eye on MR. Wheeler. Sheridan questions Martin if he and his wife knew her father before they came to Harmony. Martin says everyone knows how evil and angry Alistair is. Sheridan says her father holds a grudge forever, and he is holding one against her wife. Martin says he doesnt know and shell have to ask her father about that. Sheridan says maybe she will! Sheridan says she wonders if Mrs. Wheeler had the same affect on her father as she did on her and Julian. She wonders if they are all somehow connected. Meanwhile, Sam and Luis search for Mrs. Wheeler, but she is no where on the estate. They return to the cottage and say they cant find Mrs. Wheeler. Sam says hell have to put out an APB on her. Martin says she isnt a criminal and she had a good reason for shooting Alistair, whatever it may be. Sheridan wonders what her reason could be. Sam calls in the APB, and he and Luis decide to continue searching. Sam wants Sheridan to watch Martin, but Sheridan is gone! 

At the hospital, Father Lonigan leaves Alistairs room, and Alistair says Gods love and forgiveness cant hold a stick to the wrath of Alistair Crane! Alistair says Katherine thought killing him would protect her loved ones, and now she and all his enemies will regret taking him on! Later, Katherine shows up, and Alistair thinks she is a nurse. He tells her to massage his feet, so she grabs them and digs her nails into them! Alistair screams out, and he begs her to let go of them. Katherine says he is lucky it is just his toes she has a hold of. She begins hitting Alistair in the chest for not dying when she shot him. He calls her a bitch and asks why shes not in jail. Katherine says she came here to tell him to leave Luis and Sheridan alone or she will reveal all his dirty secrets. HE says she knows nothing! She says he knows nothing; she was more than a trophy wife. She says she kept her eyes and ears open when they were married so knows where every body is buried, literally! Katherine says she will tell Sam where to start digging. Alistair says her true identity would be revealed if she did that, and she says if that is what it takes than so be it! Alistair asks how her children will feel knowing she abandoned them to live in sin with Martin. She says she didnt abandon them; she had to run from him. She says nothing happened between her and Martin until much later. He tells her good luck trying to convince them, no man runs off with another mans wife unless hes trying to bang her. She says Martin is a good man, unlike him. Alistair says sure, he loved his wife and children so much that he ran out on them and lived the good life with her in Mexico. He tells her that she is no threat to him at all. Alistair tries to call for a nurse, but she grabs the call button and then wraps the cord around her hands as if shes going to strangle him. She puts it down and says if he leaves them all alone than shell come back and be his prisoner of love. He says no way! Alistair says he wanted a wife who knew her place, not a sharpshooter. Katherine says he left her no choice to shoot him! Alistair says if she wants to avoid jail than shell need a better defense. Katherine says she is giving him what he wants, but he asks why he would want a human souffl of plastic surgery that will soon deflate like a cheap blow-up doll! He says he could have any number of beautiful women! He says the only place he wants her is in prison or dead. She says fine, than shell just kill him. She grabs a syringe, and he says it is empty! She says no, just one bubble of air in his IV will kill him! Alistair says no! As she is about to kill him, Sheridan shows up, and Alistair says no! Katherine turns around and finds Sheridan looking right at her in horror!

Elsewhere in the hospital, Whitney feels guilty that his father fired Fox and kicked him out. He says it isnt her fault; he loves her and wont give her up for anything. Whitney says she still feels horrible and now he has nowhere to live. She says she could stay with her dad, but he wont let her stay there because he doesnt like his mother or his father. Fox says he knows just who he can turn to. Fox suggests hey go, but she says what about Theresa? He says Theresa has a lot of people here for her, and besides their being here is getting on Chads nerves. They leave, and Julian assures Chad that Fox will pay for this. Chad says nothing he can do to Fox will make up for losing Whitney.

Eve reveals to Theresas family and to Ethan and Gwen that Theresa and the babies are in grave danger. Eve says the situation isnt uncommon in multiple pregnancies, especially when the woman is small framed like Theresa. Eve says the womb isnt big enough for both babies, and they are competing for food, oxygen and room to develope. Ethan asks what she is saying? Eve says there is no way Theresa can carry both babies, they will both die. Theresa hears this and says she cant take these babies! Theresa says shell do whatever it takes to save them; shell even stay in bed for the rest of the pregnancy! Gwen asks Eve how she didnt see this coming. Eve said she knew there was a risk, but she just didnt want to stress them out by mentioning it. Ethan says there must be something she can do. Eve says she hates giving bad news, especially to good people who want and deserve children of their own. Eve says the situation is hopeless; Theresa cant carry both babies to term. Pilar cant be a monster like Alistair can be saved, but two innocents cant. Eve says she can run the test again and make sure the results are accurate. Gwen and Theresa like that idea. Theresa and Gwen remain convinced there has been a mistake. Later Eve returns and says the test results are the same as before, her babies simply wont make it. Theresa says no, and Gwen faints! Eve tells Theresa to stay calm. Pilar and Paloma say theyll pray for a miracle. Ethan helps Gwen to a chair, and she cries as to why this is happening to them? She says all she ever wanted to do was to marry him and raise a family with him, and now they will be burying two children along with Sara!

Julian and Chad continue to talk in the hall, and Chad says his situation with Whitney is as hopeless as Theresa having these babies. Later, Eve and Julian watch as Gwen cries and Ethan comforts her. Gwen says this is the one thing she cant cope with, and she doesnt think she can handle this. She says this is the one last chance for them to have children of their own. She says her life was going to be perfect, and if these babies die than she may as well die too. Gwen says she never thought life could be this cruel. She says they already lost one child, and now to have to bury two more.

Eve talks with Julian about Fox, and she tells him to reconsider cutting him off. She says it was very Alistair like. Julian says Fox betrayed his trust and Chads trust. Eve says Chad and Eve cant be a couple, but Julian says that isnt the point. Julian says Fox has been given everything, yet he went ahead and took advantage of Chad professionally and personally. Julian says he wont stand for it, Fox must learn he cant go through life taking whatever he wants. 

Later, Eve talks with Gwen and says she doesnt think the babies will last much longer. Gwen says this is just like what happened Sara! Meanwhile, in Theresas room, Paloma leaves to get Theresa a drink. Pilar and Theresa say a prayer for the babies. Theresa wonders if she was wrong to use the babies, perhaps God wants to punish her. She says God can punish her if he wants, but not like this. She says she cant lose these babies too. She says Little Ethan is her life, and without him she has nothing. Later, Eve, Gwen and Ethan return. Theresa and Gwen tell Eve they will do whatever it takes to save the babies. Eve says there is one thing that can be done, but it isnt a guarantee. Eve tells them it would be a wretched decision to make, and it might be a price that they dont want to pay!

At the Bennett house, Ivy is happy to see Whitney and Fox show up. She says she has left messages for him, but she hadnt heard from him. Fox says he has been very busy. Ivy tells Whitney that she heard what happened and this must be devastating for her. Whitney says Fox has been a big help. Fox tells his mom that he and Whitney are a couple now, and Ivy is shocked. She thinks this is a bit sudden. Fox says it isnt, hes been in love with Whitney for a long time. He says now that she and Chad cant be together, so he told her the truth, and she realized she felt more than friendship for him. Whitney says she wants to be with Fox, she cant imagine her future without him. She tells them congratulations! Fox asks if she is just being polite? She asks if she was polite when he was with Theresa? He says true! Ivy tells Whitney that she is a lovely young woman and she knows she is angry with her mom, but Eve and TC did a wonderful job raising her. Ivy tells Fox hes also turned into a decent young man despite having her and Julian as his parents. She wishes she could make that up to him, and he says she can. Fox says he wants what hes entitled to as a Crane, and he wants her to help him get it. Fox explains being disowned and thrown out of the mansion, shocking Ivy. Ivy says Julian was just telling her that he wanted a better relationship with his children. Fox says Julian cant do enough for Chad right now. Ivy says Julian is just feeling guilty; he is just trying to make up for lost time. Whitney says both Julian and her mother are on a campaign to win Chad over. Ivy asks how screwing him will win points with Chad? Whitney says that is her fault, but Fox says it isnt. Fox explains Chad is upset that he is dating Whitney. Ivy says that is short sided of Chad, if he cares about Whitney he would want her to be happy. Fox says Julian tried to forbid him from seeing Whitney to get on Chads good side, and when he said no way, Julian gave him the boot. Ivy says just when she thought there was hope for Julian; he goes and pulls a Crane. Ivy says he swore to her that he regretted the way he treated Ethan after the truth came out, but he cant see the parallel between that situation and Chad. Ivy says she will convince Julian to reinstate Fox; otherwise Little Julian may get cut off from his daddy too! Fox and Whitney hold back their laughter. Ivy says she wont let Julian get away with this. She asks Fox why hes staring at her, and he says hes surprised she gives a damn. She says of course he cares, she is his mother. He says better late than never. She says she deserves that for favoring Ethan over him and his sisters. Fox says so she admits it? Whitney decides to excuse herself to make some tea. Ivy tells Fox that it isnt that she didnt love him and his sisters. Fox says she loved Ethan more though, that is why he stayed in Harmony and the rest of them were shipped to boarding school. He asks why she didnt visit him or take him on vacations. Fox says Theresa even said she signed her name on his birthday cards when she was her assistant. Ivy says Theresa is telling the truth this time. She says it isnt that she loved Ethan more; it is that she hated his father and punished his children to punish Julian. Fox says Julian was hands off because they reminded him of her. Ivy says she and Julian failed him and his sisters because they were so wrapped up in Alistairs manipulations and hurting one another. Ivy says she knows it is too late to say this, but she is sorry and she does love him. Fox says sometimes sorry isnt enough, and this is one of those times. He says this is one boo-boo she cant kiss and make better. Ivy says he is right, and she will try and make it up to him by setting things straight with Julian. Fox changes his mind and says it was wrong to ask her to do this; he is a grown man and can take care of himself. Ivy says coming here today couldnt have been easy, and she wants to help him. Fox asks for starters he could use a place to live. Ivy says he could live here. Fox says shouldnt she ask Sam as it is his house. Ivy says this is their home, and she thinks Sam would be happy to have him here. She says only Jessica is left, and Sam likes a full house. Whitney returns, and Ivy thinks it will be nice having them around more. She says excuse me? Ivy says Fox is going to be living here, and as his girlfriend shell be here more often too. Whitney thanks Ivy for what shes done, and Ivy thanks Whitney for making Fox happy. She says from now on she will work to make him happy too. Ivy decides to go talk to Julian, and she says if talking wont help than shell fight dirty! She tells them to stay here because shell take care of everything.


October 19, 2004
At the Bennetts, Whitney and Fox talk about what his mother is doing for him. Whitney continues to blame herself for all of this. Fox says none of this is her fault. Fox tells her that he is a grown man and Julian has no business prying into his personal life. She says this has cost him everything. Fox says he still has her, and he wont let his new bastard half-brother take what is his. Whitney remembers spending a lot of time in this house growing up. Fox hopes shell be spending more time here again. He says its not the Crane mansion, but she says it is more a home to her. She says there are photos of her family all over the place. She remembers how their families both spent so much time together, and it is sad to think how her parents arent together and neither are Sam and Grace. Fox says they are together and that is what is important. She says yes, that is the most important thing. Still, Whitney says almost everyone who was here a year ago is gone. Fox thinks about all the people living in his former happy home, most of who arent related to the Cranes. Fox says hes sure Chad will move into the mansion soon, and probably into his old room. Whitney says the mansion isnt Chads style, but Fox says it wasnt his style to take his job. Fox says money changes everything. Whitney says no amount of money can change the past. Whitney says shes still not used to Chad being her half-brother, and if their parents marry than theyll be step-siblings. Fox says theyll still have no blood between them. Fox says he loves her and will give her the life she deservers, and if anyone can changes his fathers mind than it is his mother. Later they sit in the backyard and discuss the future. Fox talks about having kids, and he says he likes kids and thinks hed adore any children they have together. Whitney gives him a kiss. He asks what that was for? She says she thinks things will work out for all for all of them. 

At the cottage, Sheridan has vanished and Luis says Alistair better not be behind this. Sam says Alistair is in bad shape, he doesnt think he has anything to do with this. Luis and Sam decide to go looking for her and Mrs. Wheeler, and Martin wants to help look to. Luis says he trusts Martin, so Sam agrees to let him help search. As Martin searches the grounds, he sees his initials on the gazebo. Martin remembers building it and we see a flashback. He said he was so sorry about what he had done. A younger looking Alistair shows up (same actor just in a wig) and says this gazebo will withstand any noreaster. Martin says he hope so considers what is buried under it. Martin felt bad about what they had done. Alistair told him to grow up and get over it, there is no use feeling guilty. Sam and Luis soon show up, and Martin says he hasnt found Sheridan or his wife. Luis asks why he thought theyd be here? Martin says he just found this place and was looking around. Luis says his father built this gazebo. Martin says he did a fine job. Luis says his father was always proud of it and he treated it like sacred ground to him. Sam then gets a call from Alistair about Mrs. Wheeler.

At the hospital, Eve tells Gwen and Theresa that there is something they can do, but it is very radical and theyd have to think carefully. Gwen and Theresa ask what it is? Ethan and Pilar walk in, and they ask what is happening. Theresa says Eve says there is a way to save the babies. Eve says she didnt say that, she didnt make herself clear. Eve tells them they can save one baby by removing the other fetus. Theresa says no way, she wont let her! Eve tells her to remain calm, but Theresa says she will not do this. Gwen talks to Ethan and says they can save at least one. Ethan says it isnt an easy decision to make. Gwen says it is a horrible decision. Gwen tells Theresa that they have to do this, but Theresa says no. Gwen says they are her babies so it is her decision. She tells Theresa if both cant live than she wants one to live. She tells Theresa that she has to do this. Gwen says they can save one; doesnt she want to do that? Theresa says not if it means losing the other. Ethan tells Theresa that this could be the only way they can have a baby, so please do this for them. Theresa says she wont. Gwen says they arent even her babies, they are their biological children. Ethan flashes back to making love to Theresa. Gwen says she and Ethan are sacrificing one of their babies, so why wont she do this? Theresa says to herself that because one could be her baby with Ethan. Theresa says she is a Catholic, so if God wants to have these children then it is Gods decision. Gwen asks Ethan to do something and make Theresa make a decision. She asks if they can force the courts to do something, but Ethan says the courts wont step in this far into the pregnancy. Gwen talks to Eve about this, and Eve says she is positive both wont survive, and there is only a possibility one will survive if drastic measures are taken. Meanwhile, Pilar tells Theresa that she is right, this is Gods choice. Theresa tells her mother that these are her babies and Gwen doesnt have a say, she will carry these babies and keep them. She says if these babies live she will never give them away, but if they dont, shed rather let God have both of them than Gwen have one. Ethan goes back to Theresa and begs her to reconsider. He says they are Catholic too, and he thinks God wouldnt give them all this technology if he didnt want them to use it to help the babies. He says if she does nothing than shell condemn both babies to death, but if she does what Eve asks she will save one. Theresa says she cannot do this and to stop asking her. Gwen ends up begging Theresa to do this. She says this is her only chance to have a biological child of her own. Gwen says Theresa can have other children but she cant. Gwen tells Theresa that she can have anything she wants, and she is in tears as she begs Theresa to have this procedure.

Ivy arrives at the hospital and demands to talk to Julian about Fox. She asks how he could throw Fox out in the street? He had no right to disown him. Julian says he has every right and he has himself to blame. Ivy says she thought he had changed, but a leopard doesnt lose its spots and Crane doesnt lose its ability to inflict pain on ones children. She calls him a hypocrite. Julian reminds her that she gave all her love and attention to Ethan, so she is one to talk. Ivy says shes making up for lost time and she wants their son reinstated in the family business. Julian says he wont let Fox back after he stole Whitney from Chad. Ivy asks if the gin has finally pickled his brain? She says Chad is Whitneys brother! Julian says he knows. Ivy says Fox told her that hes been in love with Whitney for a long time, and he never acted on his feelings until after Chad and Whitney broke up. Julian says Chad was still destroyed by it, and that Fox put his own interests ahead of Chads. Ivy says this is about his guilt over abandoning Eve and not being there for Chad. She says this is his way of ingratiating himself to Chad and hope he will start to like him. Julian says Chad grew up with nothing and he deserves everything he can give him. Ivy says Fox isnt the selfish one here, Julian is! She says Julian is doing what he is doing to fulfill his own selfish needs, damn the consequences and damn Fox. Julian says he is trying to do right by his children, and Fox needs to be taught a lesson. Ivy suggests she teach him a lesson he wont forget! Ivy reminds him that she never took him to the cleaners after the divorce because she felt guilty over the Ethan lie she told. She says she did give him a son and daughters, and she put up with his adultery for years, yet still he threw her out in the snow. Julian says it was Theresa, but Ivy says he didnt stop it. Ivy says she was in a wheel chair at the time and had no place to go, so she could still take him to court. Julian says she is living in sin right now with Sam Bennet and he has remarried, so he doubts the courts will care. Ivy says shes not talking about the legal courts; shes talking about the court of public opinion. She threatens to go to the tabloids with what she knows. He says the world knows about Eve, but she says she is talking about his and Alistairs underhanded business dealings. She says she also knows about his sex games, and the fact that he dumped Eve when he learned she was pregnant and let him be raised him poverty. Julian says she cant do this, he has changed. Ivy says she has changed too, but underneath it all, they are still the same street fighters they always will. Ivy says she will fight to the death to get what she wants, and what she wants is Fox reinstated now. Julian refuses, and she tells him that he is a fool and to think what he is going to lose.

In Alistairs room, as Katherine is about to kill Alistair, Sheridan shows up and catches Katherine about to kill him. Alistair asks Sheridan to go get help because she is going to kill him by giving him a heart attack. Katherine says get real, he doesnt have a heart. Alistair begs Sheridan to do something because he is her father. Katherine tells Sheridan that Alistair deserves to die for everything he has done to her, to Sheridan and to Luis. She tells Alistair to prepare to go back to the darkness he came from. Sheridan tells Katherine not to do this because she will be throwing her life away. Katherine says it will be worth it, but Sheridan says her fathers life is not worth her sacrificing her own life. Sheridan says let the law deal with him, but Katherine says the law cant touch him. Sheridan begins speaking about how she knows her father was very evil, and she always thought her mother was a saint. Sheridan says she doesnt think her mother could marry a man like Alistair if she was a saint. Alistair says maybe Sheridan has been wrong about her mother. Katherine says or maybe Alistair lied to her mother. Maybe Alistair claimed he loved her and told her it all the time, but when they were married he changed. She says perhaps the only woman Alistair ever loved was her sister Rachel, and after she died her mother was Alistairs second choice. Perhaps Alistair spent their whole married letting her mother know that. Sheridan asks Katherine how she knows this, did she know her mother? Katherine tries to explain, and Alistair says in the end the truth will come out! Katherine tells Sheridan that she is right, that her life isnt worth forfeiting for Alistair. Sheridan asks Katherine if there is something she isnt telling her because it sounded like she knew her mother. Katherine says she just read about her and she has sympathy for anyone who had to live with a monster like him. Alistair says she tried to murder him, she is the monster. Alistair asks Sheridan to call the police. Sheridan says that isnt necessary, Mrs. Wheeler didnt harm her. Alistair says hell call them himself, and calls Sam. He informs Sam where Mrs. Wheeler is and that she tried to kill him again. Sam says he is on his way. Sam, Martin and Luis show up, and Alistair tells Sam what Katherine tried to do to him. Sheridan is asked if it is true, and Katherine says it is true. Sam tells her that her bail has been revoked, and these charges will have to be added. Sheridan asks Luis to do something because she didnt try to kill Alistair. Everyone leaves Alistairs room, everyone but Martin. Martin tells Alistair it is time they had a chat. He tells Alistair to drop the charges against Katherine or hell tell the police what is buried under the gazebo. Alistair says that is insane, hed go down to. Martin says yes, but Alistair would fall harder being the mastermind behind it all, and nothing would give him more pleasure than to watch Alistair rot in jail for life. 


October 20, 2004
At the hospital, Martin threatens to tell the world what is buried under the gazebo if Alistair doesnt drop the charges against Katherine. Alistair says he wont tell anyone what is buried because his life will be ruined to. Martin says it will be worth it. Alistair asks him to think about how it will hurt his family, the secret will destroy them! Alistair says think about the shame Pilar, his children, and his grandchildren will have to put up with. Alistair says hes already caused them enough pain by running off with his wife. Martin says he left him no choice but to run off, but Alistair says they always have choices and he has a choice now. Alistair says Sheridan loves Luis and wants to marry him, but if he reveals the secret than Sheridan will never marry Luis. He says Martin will accomplish the one thing he hasnt been able to, he will destroy Luis and Sheridans relationship. Martin asks why he suddenly cares about Sheridans relationship with Luis? Alistair says he doesnt, Martin would be doing him a favor, but Martin does care about how it would affect the others. Martin says he is doing this to save Katherine, and hopefully in time his family will forgive him. He tells Alistair to call Sam and drop the charges, or he calls Sam and tells him where to start digging. Martin goes to call the cops, and Alistair laughs at him. Alistair offers to give Martin his family back, the one thing he wants more than anything. Alistair says he wont get his family back by blackmailing him though. Alistair says if he does exactly what he says than hell be back with his family again. Alistair says he can make it so that he was kidnapped and held against his will, and he finally escaped and got home to them. Alistair says there will be no evidence of course, so there will be no charges against him. . (Side Note: Is Alistair forgetting Martin basically raised Paloma, the plan wont work!) Martin thinks about the offer, and asks what Alistair wants in return. Alistair says he will sacrifice Katherine! Martin says he wont abandon Katherine. Alistair says why not, abandoning people is what he does best. He apologizes for the cheap shot. He tells Martin not to worry because he will take care of Katherine. He says he wont let his wife go to jail, and Martin can once again have his family back. He tells Martin to let him take care of his own wife. Martin thinks about how nice it would be to have Thanksgiving with his family this year.

Sam has Katherine in cuffs, and Luis and Sheridan promise to do everything they can to get her out. Sam says after a second attempt on Alistair, he doesnt thinks shell be getting bail for them to post. Sheridan says they will still get her out, but Katherine says she knows far too well what Alistair is capable of. Sam says they have to go, but Sheridan says she still has questions to ask her. Sam says he has some of his own. Sam takes Katherine away, and Sheridan talks to Luis about this connection she feels to Mrs. Wheeler. They discuss why Katherine seems so intent on protecting them from Alistair. Sheridan decides to go visit Katherine and talk to her. Sheridan says perhaps she can get Mrs. Wheeler to open up about why she tried to kill her father, and why they have a connection.

Gwen begs Theresa to please do what Eve is saying because there is still a chance that they can save one of the babies. She tells Theresa that she is already a mother, so dont take away her chance at being a mother. She asks Theresa to think how life would be if she couldnt be a mother. Pilar says it isnt that simple. Luis and Sheridan show up and learn what is going on with the babies, and the choice that must be made. Gwen once again begs Theresa not to let her babies die, and she says shell give her anything she wants. Ethan asks Theresa if she knows what shes going to do? Theresa says yes, she knows what she has to do. Theresa says she needs to talk to her family and try to figure this out. Gwen says but these are their babies. Theresa says she knows. Gwen says time is of the essence here, her babies are on the line. Pilar says and it is Theresas soul being put in jeopardy. Luis asks them to give them time alone, and Ethan says he thinks they should go. Gwen says Theresa hasnt heard their side, but Ethan says she has. Ethan and Gwen leave, and Theresa asks her family what she should do? Luis says first she should take some breaths and calm down. Theresa says perhaps she should do what they want, but Pilar says she cant do this because the church teaches them to value all life. Theresa says if she doesnt than she will kill both babies, so how is that valuing life? Luis says she has a difficult decision to make, and he knows she must feel a bond with them even though they arent hers. Theresa remembers telling her mom she didnt care who the babies parents are, they are inside her and she was keeping them. Pilar continues to say the only choice is to let God decide if he wants to take these babies. Theresa says but what if she lets Eve do this, than which baby do they chose to take? She says what if the one they take could have gone on to find the cure for cancer or something huge? Pilar says that is why she needs to leave this up to God. Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Luis shell head down to see Mrs. Wheeler and he should stay here with Theresa. Luis asks her to be careful, and she says she will. Theresa asks Luis what he thinks she should do. He says he cant tell her, but no matter what she decides he will stand by her. She says he always has stood by her. Theresa says he should go be with Sheridan because that is his place, it is papas place to be here with her but hes not here. She says he took off on them because he doesnt love them. Pilar asks him not to do this. Luis agrees with Theresa and says there is a place in hell for men who abandon their families, and their dad has a special place just for him. Pilar says their father loves them and wouldnt have left if he wasnt forced to. Theresa asks her mom when will she stop repeating that tired line? She says their father left them. She says look how hard she is fighting to keep Little Ethan and these babies, their father didnt fight at all for them. She says she hates him and never wants to see him again! Luis agrees and says he never wants to see their father again.

In the hall, Gwen rants to Ethan about how if she loses these babies than she wont make it. Ethan tells her not to say that. He says Theresa will make the right decision; they just have to give her time to think that she made the decision on her own. Gwen says it isnt her decision to make; she has no connection to these babies. They continue to argue about Theresa, and Ethan tells her that she needs to calm down. Gwen asks how she can calm down, her entire life and dreams could be over because they are in Theresas hands. Gwen begins sobbing, and suddenly doubles over. Ethan cries out for a nurse.

Sam puts Katherine in a holding cell with some other women. One woman says that Katherine will do nicely, and another woman says she cant wait to mess up her pretty rich face. One of the inmates tells Katherine not to mind them, they are all talk. She says they are moving onto county jail in a few moments, and she suggest Katherine do what she can to get her own cell. They talk, and the woman says she is here to testify against her old cell mate. She notices Katherine is a classy broad, but says not to worry she likes guys unlike those other girls. She asks Katherine why she is here? Katherine says she tried to kill Alistair Crane. The woman is shocked and asks what Alistair did to her? Katherine says Alistair tried to mess with her children, and she had to protect her daughter. The woman understands as she killed her husband for fooling around with her daughter. The woman says she has no regrets because her daughter is safe. Katherine says her only regret is she failed because Alistair is still out there. The woman tells her that the one thing bad that came from crime is that her daughter now hates her for killing her daddy. The woman says even though her husband hurt her daughter, her daughter still loved him as he was her father. She says her daughter has not visited her once since she has been put in jail. She tells Katherine not to let that happen to her, otherwise she will rot in jail alone forever. She tells Katherine if she lets anyone keep her from the ones she loves than shell regret it for the rest of her life. Sam comes to take the woman away to her new home, and Katherine thinks about the womans advice. She wonders how she can hold onto Sheridan when she doesnt know she is her mother. Sheridan then shows up to see Katherine. Sam lets her in to see Katherine, and he tells Katherine that Alistair is working to put her away for life. He asks Katherine to let him help her, tell him why she tried to kill Alistair. He asks if she has a connection to Alistair? He says if she gives him something than he can take her case to the DA for leniency. Katherine says there is nothing to tell, Alistair has never done anything to her. Sam doesnt believe her and says if she changes his mind than she knows where hell be. Sheridan has brought some things for Katherine, and she thanks her. Katherine also knows why Sheridan is really here. Sheridan says they have a connection, but she doesnt know what it is. However, Sheridan thinks Mrs. Wheeler/Katherine knows why they have a connection and she wants her to tell her. Katherine thinks about the womans advice and she tells Sheridan that shell tell her what she wants to know.


October 21, 2004
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Fox is disappointed by the outcome of Ivy's conversation with Julian, but she vows to try again. Ivy has a heart-to-heart with her son's new girlfriend. Whitney grows anxious as Ivy questions her love for Fox.

Theresa's family rallies around her for support. Gwen's health takes a sudden turn for the worse.

Martin refuses Alistair's bribe to give up Katherine in return for Alistair taking the blame for Martin's disappearance and thereby facilitating a reconciliation with Pilar and his children. Katherine considers telling Sheridan the truth as her daughter quizzes her, trying to understand their connection


October 22, 2004
At the Bennets, Fox finds his mom grilling Whitney. Ivy says Whitney says she has to be with Fox, why is it so urgent she is with Fox so soon after she was with Chad? Whitney fears Ivy has found her out. Ivy asks Whitney if she is hiding something from her son? Fox says Whitney isnt taking advantage of him, why would she. Ivy says she knows just what Whitney is up to, she has to be with Fox because she is pregnant! Fox asks if this is true? Whitney says it is true, she is pregnant. Fox cant believe this. Ivy says she cant either, hasnt she learned anything from Kay and Theresa having illegitamet children. Fox says he is thrilled about this, but Ivy says the joke is on him. Fox asks Grandma how so? She says that is it, she isnt going to be Grandma to Whitneys baby. Fox says of course she is. Whitney tries to convince Fox that they should go check out his new room, but Ivy wont let them go just yet. Ivy asks Fox if he slept with Whitney while she was with Chad. He says no, so Ivy asks whose baby does he think shes carrying! Fox realizes the baby is not his. Ivy says she is trying to pass her baby off as his. Fox asks if this is true, has she been using him? Whitney says she didnt know what else to do, she didnt want the world to know her baby was the product of incest. She says she is sorry, but Ivy says no shes not. Ivy says she is a slut and a sneak! Fox tells Whitney that she is no better than her mother! Whitney says she didnt mean to use him and she does care about him. Fox says he loved her and she took advantage of that to get into his pants. Ivy calls her a shameless hussy! Whitney says she is sorry. Fox says she is sorry, and she is disgusting and he hates her! He tells her to get out and take her freakazoid baby with her! Whitney cries No, please! Whitney snaps too, and it was all a dream. Whitney assures Ivy that it is not to Fox to rush into this relationship with Fox, she wants to be with him and she has nothing to hide. 

Tabitha is at her place spying on Ivy, Whitney and Fox via a telescope. She wonders what Ivy has put Whitney on the spot about. She decides to forego using the telescope and rely on Darkside technology. She heads to her bowl and says General Hellectric is so dependable! Tabitha watches as Ivy continues to question Whitney. She then changes the scene to the hospital where she has picked up Jessica Bennetts shopping channel. Jessica is once again pushing Mark stuff on the nurses. Tabitha says Jessica will end up giving Alistair Crane a run for his money one of these days. She then changes over to Theresa and Ethan. She says Theresa is just like Evita. She says Evita wouldnt give up until she got her general, and Theresa wont give up until she gets Ethan.

At the hospital, Theresa asks Ethan how he can ask her to let their baby die? Ethan says he knows it is a horrible decision, but by keeping one baby than they will lose the other. Ethan says they cant do this to Gwen, they both owe her, she owes her a child. Theresa asks which one lives, his and Gwens or his and hers? Ethan says he cant chose, they could both be his and Gwens. Theresa says they could both be theirs too, which is why she cant chose either and is leaving this to God. He says let Eve choose, but Theresa says than Eve would be playing God. He asks if she isnt playing God by letting them die? She says she is letting Gods will be done. Ethan says he just wants to be a father, and she says he still can be. Theresa says she can still give him the family hes always wanted. She tells Ethan to admit he wants a life with her because he still loves her. Ethan tells her not to do this. Ethan says he is married to Gwen and loves her. Theresa says she knows he is married to Gwen, but he loves her. She says the only reason he married Gwen because she was pregnant. Ethan says that is true, but he fell in love with Gwen all over again, and when they lost the baby it broke his heart. Theresa says he blames himself for Sarahs death because he still loved her (Theresa). Ethan tells her that she is delusional, he stayed with Gwen. Theresa says only out of guilt, he feels sorry for her. Theresa says he loves her, and that her being pregnant proves it. Ethan says she seduced him, she drugged him. She reminds him what Gwen said about him always knowing when he was with her. She tells him stop fighting it and admit he loves her and their baby. She begs Ethan to follow his heart back to her! She tells Ethan to admit he loves her and wants to be with her. Ethan says no, this is not LA, he will not let her lead him astray again. He says he loves Gwen. Theresa says no, he fells sorry for Gwen and guilty over Sarahs death, but he doesnt have the passion for Gwen that he has for her. Ethan says she is having a hormonal delusion brought on by being pregnant. Theresa says she knows how passionately they made love. She says they created a life, maybe two, so he cant deny that. She says Gwens pregnancy kept them apart before, so let their baby bring them back together. Ethan says no, he is with Gwen now. Theresa puts Ethans hand on her stomach and tells him to feel their baby, this is his family. Ethan asks Theresa to please let go. She tells Ethan to be honest, tell her that he loves her and their baby. She asks him to tell her that he would sacrifice their baby for his and Gwens, tell her that he doesnt love her or their baby, tell her that he doesnt want to be with her, tell her that he doesnt have the same passion for Gwen that he does for her. Ethan says he cant! Ethan says he would be with her now if he hadnt gotten Gwen pregnant. Theresa asks him to leave Gwen and be with her and their baby. She says he can make them a family, make their dreams come true. 

Eve checks on Gwen, and Gwen asks Eve if she is sure about the choice that must be made. Eve says she is sure, one baby must be sacrificed for the other. Eve says this choice must be made soon otherwise both will die, they will not be able to save both. Gwen says if Theresa doesnt act soon than she will take two lives instead of acting to save one. Eve says hopefully Theresa will see that. Eve gives Gwen another sedative so that she can rest. Gwen hopes Ethan can convince Theresa to sacrifice one baby so the other can live. Gwen falls asleep and begins having nightmares about Theresa going into labor, and Eve saying because Theresa didnt listen both babies are in jeopardy! The first baby is born, and Gwen asks why it isnt crying? Eve says she is sorry but the baby is dead. The second baby is born, and Eve says something is not right. The baby comes out, and Eve says this one is dead too. 

Outside of the hospital, Luis and Martin talk, and Luis vents about his deadbeat of a father. Luis says he sacrificed everything to fill that mans shoes, but his family needed more help than even he could give him. Martin tells him not to blame himself. Luis says he doesnt, he blames his father. He says his father should be here now to help Theresa with her decision. Martin says he has something to tell him, something he should have when he first came to Mexico. Martin hopes Luis can forgive him, and he says hes been lying to him since the moment they met. Luis realizes this is about the connection he and Luis have to him and Mrs. Wheeler, and the reason Mrs. Wheeler tried to kill Alistair. Martin says he cant speak for his wife, only himself. Martin says he has a connection to both him and Harmony. Martin says Harmony used to be his home, he lived here years ago and that is when he first met Alistair. Luis asks how he knew Alistair? Martin says he worked for him at Crane Industries. Luis says so did his father. Martin talks about how working for Alistair was hell, and how Alistair reveled in creating pain for others. Martin says he thought Alistair would have mellowed out after all these years, but he didnt. Martin says Alistair is meaner than ever, and he decided after Mexico that he had to return to Harmony and make things right. Luis asks him why he didnt just quit and leave town? Martin says he had obligations to people, and Alistair used that. Luis says he understands, Alistair did the same thing to his mother. He says Alistair is a monster and even made his wifes life a living hell. Martin says Alistair hated his wife, and he deserves to die for the reason he treated Katherine and their children. Martin also tells Luis that Crane took advantage of his father and made him do things he never would have done. Luis asks if he knew his father, and Martin says he did know him well. Luis asks Martin to tell him everything about his father.

In jail, Katherine tells Sheridan that she isnt who she said she was. She says she should have told her sooner, but she didnt have the courage. She tells Sheridan that she didnt just meet Alistair, she has known him for years and hates him with a passion. Sheridan asks how they knew one another? Katherine says their families moved in the same circles, and her father and Alistair had many business deals together. Sheridan says that is how Julian was forced to marry his first wife Ivy, Ivy was a signing bonus in a deal Alistair made with Ivys father. Katherine says at first Alistair was very charming, but as time went on she realized it was all an act. She says Alistair gradually revealed himself as the monster they know now. She says Alistair should die for the pain he has caused on so many people, her for example. She says when she thinks about it she could just choke the life out of Alistair with her bare hands! Sheridan asks what Alistair did to her? Katherine remembers Alistair being furious with her after a Founders Day Dance when she danced with many people. He said she was acting like a whore and wouldnt have it. He said if she was going to be a whore than hed be her whore, and then he raped her. Sheridan once again asks Katherine what her father did to her to make her hate him so? How did she know his father? Katherine says she knew him through her mother. She admits that she and Katherine were very close, so close as if they were the same person. Sheridan asks Katherine to tell her everything about her mother.

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