October 25, 2004
At Tabithas, Tabitha and Endora continues to watch the going-ons in Harmony through Tabithas bowl. Tabitha provides recaps and information on the storylines going on.
At the hospital, Theresa continues to beg Ethan to come back to her and be a family. She says she has lost so much as is, her father and her son. Ethan says her son was taken by the courts. Theresa says she knows Rebecca and Gwen used the Crane influence to take him. She says if she lost him (Ethan) than she doesnt know what shed do. She says they could have a wonderful life together, and for him to come back to her. She asks him to come back to her and their children. Ethan says those children will die if she doesnt do what Dr. Russell is asking. Theresa says they wont, God will take care of things because he wants them to be together. Ethan tells her to stop seeing things that arent there. Theresa tells Ethan that she knows he feels he has an obligation to Gwen, but that obligation isnt fair to him or to Gwen. Ethan says he loves Gwen; hes loved Gwen before he even met her. Ethan says she is turning her back on reality; the reality is he is married to Gwen. Theresa says the reality is theyd be married if Gwen hadnt gotten pregnant. She says she knows he loves Gwen and has loved her for a long time, but he met her and fell madly and passionately in love with her. She tells him to remember the last time they made love. Ethan says the last time she tricked him into sleeping with her. Ethan says he thought she was Gwen. Theresa says he knew it was her, and to stop lying to himself about being happy when hes not. She says the only way he will be happy is if he leaves Gwen and comes back to her. Ethan says she is wrong, but Theresa says she isnt. Ethan tells Theresa that she has to let go of this idea that they will be together. Theresa tells him to stop being noble and think about what he is feeling. He says there are other things to consider, such as honor and integrity. She asks him to think what it would be like if they were together. She says she needs him and so do her babies. Ethan says the babies will die if she doesnt go through with this. He begs her to do this and give him and Gwen a baby. She says no, and to leave her alone. He says he cant. She asks how he can ask her to do this? Ethan says think of it as having the opportunity to give birth to one beautiful baby. He asks her to think about it, she could let two babies die or give birth to one healthy baby. He says she can watch that baby mature and have a meaningful life. He says it is up to her. Theresa says she doesnt know what to do. Ethan says he wants her to think about what he said and do what she thinks is best.

Gwens nightmares continue. In her nightmare both of her babies are dead, and she blames Theresa. She attacks Theresa, calling her a selfish bitch and threatening to kill her. Ethan rushes in to save Theresa and says this wont bring their babies back. Gwen says she knows that, and she tells Theresa that shell have her charged with first degree murder; she will see her fry for this! Gwen wakes up and says Theresa is going to kill both of her babies. Gwen says she has to stop her, and she runs off.
Gwen heads to Theresas room where she finds Ethan telling Theresa to do what she thinks is best. Gwen is furious and lashes into Ethan, calling him a SOB. Ethan drags Gwen outside and says she misunderstood, and he was just trying to get her to go ahead with the termination. Gwen asks did he? Ethan says not yet. Gwen says of course not. Gwen says Theresa hates her; she will kill her babies to get back at her. Gwen says because Theresa cant have him, she is going to kill her babies. Ethan says he has been trying to convince her to do this so they could have one of the babies. They argue about Theresa, and Gwen tells Ethan about her dream, which she feels is more of a premonition. Ethan says it was only a dream, but Gwen says it is coming true! She says he is putting Theresa first once again. She asks what about her, what about what she thinks is best? Gwen says all she wants is to hold her babies, and now he is telling her to do whatever she wants with her babies. Gwen tells Ethan that she hates him! Meanwhile, Theresa calls Eve and says shes made a decision! Theresa says she knows exactly what she has to do.

At the Bennetts, Ivy tells Whitney that she doesnt mean to put her on the spot. She says she is a lovely, intelligent woman, but she has been through a great deal lately. Ivy says she just doesnt understand how she came to be in love with Fox so soon. Ivy says she doesnt mean to attack her; she is just concerned for Fox and wants to make sure she isnt on the rebound. Fox says Whitney would never take advantage of him; she doesnt have a corrupt bone in her body. Whitney says she does love Fox and shes in a hurry to move on with him because she doesnt want to lose him. She tells Fox that she wants to be with him every moment of the day and doesnt want another girl to snatch him up. They kiss, and Ivy smiles. She says they certainly seem happy, and they say they are. Ivy asks Fox about why he didnt move in on Whitney earlier, she says he doesnt sound like the Fox she knows. Fox says she really doesnt know him all that well, and hes not his father. Ivy says thank God. She asks Fox if he just hid his feelings? Fox says he did, that hes loved Whitney since the moment he laid eyes on her. Whitney says she never would have known if Theresa hadnt learned about his feelings and told her than she would never have known. Ivy asks Whitney if she was fighting her feelings for Fox the whole time. Whitney says she was. She said she felt awful because she was about to marry Chad when she was having all these feelings for Fox. Ivy says and when things exploded she was able to return Foxs love. Whitney says that is right. Whitney remembers researching pregnancy on the net and how she had to hurry if she wanted to pass her baby off as Foxs. Fox says he feels very lucky to be with Whitney, for awhile he thought dating Theresa would make the pain go away, but it didnt work. Ivy says thank God, Fox with Theresa would have been a fate worse than death! Ivy says it must have been devastating to find out Chad was her brother. Whitney says it was, and still is. However, she says she is not with Fox on the rebound; she was fighting her feelings for him even before she found out about Chad. Fox says hes just sorry his father and her mother have hurt her so badly. Ivy says Julian never ceases to amaze her, in all the years they were married he never once told her that he was in love with Eve. Fox says he wishes he had gone to Whitney earlier and just taken a chance by telling her his feelings, maybe this would have been easier. Whitney says she is sorry she was mean to him all those times. Ivy says you were mean? Whitney says she was, she was mad at Fox for being in love with her. She says she was just upset, and she was afraid Fox would turn out like Julian. Whitney says she was wrong and Fox is a good man. She tells Ivy that she raised a wonderful son. Ivy says she is a good man, but she cant take credit. She says Fox and his sisters were raised in boarding schools. She says now that he is living with her, she hopes she can make up for lost time and be the mother she never was. Fox says he thinks hed like that. Ivy says it will just be wonderful getting to know him, and she tells Whitney that she is a fine young woman. She is glad to see Fox starting his life out the way he should be, with no secrets between them. Ivy says this is so much fun, and she decides to go get something for them to celebrate with. Whitney is relieved his mother is warming up to her. He says why wouldnt she, she is smart, funny, warm, and perfect. Whitney says shes not perfect, and she has something important to tell him. He says this sounds serious, and asks what it is.

Luis questions Mr. Wheeler/Martin about his father. Martin tells Luis to calm down. He says he will tell Luis everything about his father. Martin says Luis father was a very troubled man. He says he was a man with a conscious who got caught up in a web of evil, the Crane web. Luis says he always suspected Alistair had something to do with his fathers disappearance. Martin says Alistair had everything to do with it. Luis says he always suspected but never had any proof. Luis says he never wanted to believe his father abandoned them, but it became harder and harder not to accept. Martin says his father loved him and his family, but he had to leave. Luis asks where he went, why did he leave. Martin says it is a long story. Luis says hes not going anywhere. Luis asks if Alistair killed him, and Martin says no. Martin says his father didnt want to leave, but he had no choice. Luis says so he left them all. Martin says yes, he did leave and he is still alive. Luis asks why he didnt contact them or make an effort to come home? Martin says because he couldnt. Luis asks why not? He says he could have at least called or got in touch with them. He says his mother broke her back trying to support them, and she never gave up hope that he would come home. Martin says his father never stopped thinking about her either. Luis says he just doesnt understand, what kind of man doesnt offer to help his family after all those years. Martin says it will all become clear in time. Luis says it damn well better. Luis says if his father is still alive than he stayed away on purpose. He asks why would he do that? Martin says hell understand soon. Luis asks why he doesnt make him understand now? Luis demands to know everything right now. Martin says he cant explain it right now. Martin tells Luis to come with him because he can learn the truth with his own eyes at the Crane estate. Luis asks what is there? Martin says he will see.

In jail, Sheridan asks Mrs. Wheeler/Katherine to tell her everything about her father and what he did to her mother. Katherine says Alistair was cruel to her. Sheridan asks for details, so Katherine says shell tell her everything she wants to know. Sheridan says lately shes been having dreams, memories of her father treating her mother cruelly. She says she remembers her father yelling at her mother and being physically cruel. Sheridan asks why her mother stuck around, why she didnt do something to help herself. Katherine says nobody knows better than her how far Alistairs power reaches. She says if her mother even suggested leaving, he would use that power to threaten her. Katherine says there was no end to the cruelty he subjected her and the children too. We see a flashback of Sheridan discovering her mother packing a bag. Sheridan asked her mom what she was doing? Katherine said she was going on a business trip with his father for a few days. Sheridan begged her not to go and ran to her. Alistair showed up and scolded Katherine for dodeling. Katherine says perhaps she should stay home, but Alistair said no. He said all the other wives will be there, so she must set an example. He asked what was wrong with Sheridan? Katherine said she was young and upset she was leaving. Alistair called her a crybaby and told her to stop whining. He said she was a Crane and to act like one. He ordered Sheridan back to her room, and when she refused, Alistair dragged her off. Katherine begged to be allowed to stay here with Sheridan, but Alistair refused to let her stay and cat around town with other men. As they talk, Sheridan says she can see how much this is hurting Katherine. Katherine says yes, she and her mother were very close. Sheridan wonders how her father could be so cruel to her mother, so cruel to his own children. Katherine says Alistair is hateful to the core and he made her mothers life miserable. Katherine says her mother was just property to Alistair; he never had a kind word to say to her. Sheridan says she was obviously terrified of him, it is no wonder she stayed. Katherine says she was beaten down; she had no belief in her own self worth. Sheridan says this just breaks her heart. Katherine apologizes for going on like this, but Sheridan says she needs to hear it. Sheridan says she was told her mom got sick after she was born, which means his father continued to abuse her when she was sick. Katherine says her mother was sick at heart, and in the end she lost everything. Sheridan wishes she could have done something. Katherine says she was just a child, and there was nothing more important to her mother than her children. Katherine says she tried to protect them from Alistair, but she failed. Katherine says no matter what she did, Alistair always won. Sheridan gives Katherine a hug. Sheridan asks her to tell her more. Sheridan says she has so many questions, and so many vague memories. Katherine says her mother tried to spend every moment she could get away from Alistair with her. Katherine says her mother loved to read her and Julian stories, and they used to make up stories together. We see a flashback of the three of them playing this game, and they make up a story with Sheridan as the princess. Sheridan thanks Katherine for helping her remind her of that day and helping her remembering how wonderful her mother was. Katherine says there is still much more for her to know.


October 26, 2004
In jail, Katherine tells Sheridan that she has more to tell her about her mother. Katherine remembers having a discussion with Martin about telling Sheridan the truth, and how Martin thought it wasnt a good idea. Sheridan asks Katherine to tell her everything about her mother. Suddenly, Sam shows up and tells Katherine that Alistair has dropped all charges against her and she is free to go. Katherine says there must be some mistake, but Sam says no mistake. Sheridan says Alistair does not forgive and forget, and he must be up to something. Sam says shes probably right. He suggests right now they not worry why Alistair has done this, just be grateful she is free. He tells her to just keep her guard up. Sheridan agrees and says theyll worry about Alistairs plans later. Sheridan leaves to get Katherines things, and Sam warns Katherine to watch her back. He says he didnt want to upset Sheridan, but Alistair Crane does nothing without strings attached. He also says what Sheridan said is true, Alistair doesnt forgive or forget. Sami says she tried to kill him twice. Sam thinks Alistair dropped the charges against her because he decided he could punish her in worse ways than the courts could. He says Alistair will try to exact his revenge. Katherine says maybe he already has.

Luis and Martin are on the way to the Crane estate. Luis says to find out his father didnt leave by choice changes everything, and to find out he is still alive, he doesn't know what to say. Luis asks Martin to tell him everything. Martin says things will soon become clear, and that is why he brought him to the Crane estate. Luis doesnt understand how what is on the Crane estate will help explain what happened to his father. Martin remembers discussing the secret that was buried under the gazebo with Alistair long ago. Martin said the gazebo would be a reminder of what they have done. Alistair said exactly, he wanted Martin to always be reminded of his part in what they did. Alistair said if he ever confesses it will not only destroy his life, but the lives of the ones he loves. Martin tells himself his life and his families lives have been destroyed anyways, so it is time the truth came out. Later we see a flashback of Martin crying about how he must abandon his family to protect them, otherwise Alistair would destroy his family. He said he just hopes his secret will remained buried with the gazebo for all eternity. We then see Martin, with a suitcase, walk off. Martin tells Luis the gazebo has to do with his fathers disappearance, but Luis doesnt understand how. He says hes seen the gazebo a million times, what's so important about it. Martin tells him that he didnt know what to look for. They arrive where the gazebo should be, but it is gone! Alistair shows up and says he thought they were trespassers, and they are lucky he didnt have his gun! Luis asks where the gazebo is? Alistair says he was inspired to change the landscape. Luis says his father built that gazebo and he had no right to take it down. Alistair says he has the right to do anything he wants with his property, and that gazebo was shabbily built and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Luis suspects this has something to do with his father and he wants to know what is going on here. Alistair says nothing is going on, but Luis vows not to rest until he finds out what is going on. Luis walks off to examine things, and Alistair tells Martin he knew hed bring Luis here! Alistair tells Martin that he is so predictable, he really isn't much fun. Martin says Alistair can take the gazebo away and dig up the ground, but he can still tell the secret. Alistair says go ahead, he has no proof to back up his claim. Alistair says Martin can tell Luis the real reason he left Harmony, hell enjoy watching the information destroy both of their lives. As Luis digs in the dirt, Alistair tells Martin to go ahead and tells Luis and the whole damn world what is buried beneath the gazebo! HE says Martin has no proof of what happened, and it is just his word, the word of a man who ran out on his family. Luis says everything is gone, there's not even a splinter of wood or a chip of paint left. Luis wonders what it was about the gazebo that had Alistair so worried he left the hospital in the middle of the night. Luis vows to find out what Alistair is up to. Alistair says if Luis was still on the force he could investigate all the missing lawn furniture in Harmony, but alas he lost his job. Luis says he doesnt need to be a cop to find out what happened. Luis turns to MArtin and demands MArtin tell him what happened to his father and what the gazebo has to do with it.

At the hospital, Gwen argues with Ethan about how she believes Theresa is going to kill her babies to get back at her and because she cant have Ethan. Ethan defends Theresa to Gwen and says he thinks she is trying to do the right thing. Gwen says once again he is putting Theresa first, he is telling Theresa to do what she thinks is best. Ethan says they have to be sensitive to her religious beliefs. Gwen says when push comes to shove he always puts Theresa first. She says he gave her permission to condemn both babies to death and it was okay for her to do what she felt best. Gwen asks how he could put Theresa above her and the lives of their babies? Gwen says shell never forgive him for this! Gwen says she has put up with his concern for Theresa up until now, what he has done is unforgivable and unconscionable. She says he knows how much these babies mean to her. Ethan tells her that she has to calm down, the doctor told her not to get worked up. Gwen wont calm down, and continues to lash out at Ethan. She says she hates him, she hates him so much for putting Theresa first again. Ethan and Gwen continue to argue about Theresas religious beliefs, and Ethan says they cant force her to go against her beliefs. Gwen asks where were her beliefs when she killed Sarah, where were they when she seduced her husband, where were they when she knocked out their surrogate? She says Theresa and her beliefs can go to hell! Ethan says she doesn't mean that, but Gwen says she does. Gwen says shell do whatever it takes to save at least one of these babies. Ethan says he understands and he wants to save one too. Gwen says that is why they have to force her to, or take a lesson from Theresa and knock her out and have Eve do the procedure. Ethan says he understands how horrible it is, but they need to respect Theresa and her decision. Gwen says she is finished with him, she is done with him always putting Theresa first. She says he should just go to Theresa, he can have her. She says she lost Sarah, the ability to get pregnant, and now the only chance to have her own child. She says instead of supporting her, he is supporting Theresa. Gwen says he obviously still loves Theresa. Ethan says he loves her, she is his wife. Gwen says his wife is sick of coming in second. Ethan says he married her. Gwen thinks he has always regretted it, now he can undo it. Gwen says she is done, she is through with him, the marriage is over. Gwen ends up walking away from Ethan, and he follows after her.

Eve shows up to see Theresa about her decision. Theresa talks to Eve about the options, and Eve says the decision is hers to make. Theresa says she knows, and she has. Eve asks what she has decided? Theresa says shell have the procedure, shell sacrifice one previous soul to save the other. Eve asks her if she is sure? Because once it is done, you cant go back. Theresa says she is sure.

Eve goes to the nurses desk and asks for a procedure room for Theresa. Gwen overhears this and learns Theresa is going to have the procedure. Ethan shows up, and Gwen tells Ethan the happy news. Eve says she is going to have it, and it wasnt an easy decision. She goes to prep Theresa, and Gwen apologizes to Ethan for not trusting him and for accusing him of all those horrible things. She says he was right and new what he was doing the whole time. She says he was brilliant and played Theresa like a jury, and she is sorry for jumping to conclusions. She says she should have just trusted him, and asks if he can forgive her? Ethan says there is nothing to forgive, and Gwen decides to go call Rebecca.

Ethan goes in to see Theresa, who is waiting to go through with the procedure. Ethan says he wants to ask Theresa why shes doing this, why did she change her mind? She says he made her change her mind, and she had to do whatever she could to save one of her babies. Ethan says he knows this isnt easy for her. She says it isnt, and there is nothing she can do. HE asks if shes okay with going against the church? She says she has to be, and maybe if she repents she wont go to hell. Theresa says dealing with her mother will be another story. Ethan thanks Theresa for doing this because it means a lot to him, and a lot to Gwen. Ethan leaves, and she wonders tomorrow if shell still feel this was the right thing to do,.


October 27, 2004
Chad is at the recording studio looking at pictures of him and Whitney and wonders why things had to turn out the way they did. He says they did nothing wrong, and then throws a picture of Fox across the room. He almost hits Paloma, who has come to see him. He apologizes to her, and then starts venting about his anger and how he doesnt feel like he belongs here. Paloma talks to Chad about her pain, and how she feels like there is no place in her family for her either. She says if she was in Mexico than she could still pretend her family loves and misses her. Chad asks why she doesnt believe they dont. She says she has been gone for so long, you would think theyd want to spend time with her and get to know her, but they arent. He says he knows her family and they are going through a lot right now, her mother has been sick and Theresa is in the hospital. Paloma says there will always be something that comes before her. She says she came here to say goodbye to him, she is leaving Harmony as soon a she can, and for good. He cant believe why she is leaving, and she cant believe why he is staying He says he doesnt know why he is staying. Chad says there is more here for her than there is for him. She asks why he is still here then, why doesnt she come with her? Chad says he cant, he has things to do here still. He promised Julian hed give the family business a try. He also tells Paloma that he doesnt think she is ready to leave Harmony yet either. Chad says he doesnt want to run, he wants to do things differently, and he thinks she needs to stay too. He says if she leaves she will take all her baggage with him. He suggests she stay here and try and work things out before leaving. She says maybe she will stay, but only because this town could use a little excitement.

Whitney is out at the new Caf sitting by herself. Jessica sees her and talks to her. She says she loves this place, she meets her Mark customers here and they drink coffee and gossip. Jessica thinks Whitney looks stressed out, so she gives her some free Mark cosmetics, some facial cream. Jessica also offers to be there for Whitney if she ever wants to talk. Jessica walks off, and Whitney decides to tell Fox the truth. Fox returns with some tea for Whitney. He says she had something important to tell him earlier, so what was it? She says there are things about her that he doesnt know. He says that is okay, the fun thing about starting a new relationship is getting to know the other person. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life getting to know her. He says what he knows about her now is that she is gorgeous, honest, and doesnt have a deceptive bone in her body. He says she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He then asks what she keeps bringing up that she wants to tell him? Whitney says it has to do with his mother. Fox says dont give his mothers suspicions any thought, besides she is not the poster child for good relationships. Fox says she is just trying to make up ignoring him for so long by being overprotective. She says what Ivy said made sense, she understands why she was concerned about her racing into a relationship with him after Chad. Whitney says what she feels for him is real, and she doesnt want to lose him. Fox says there is no need to talk about this, she will never loose him. She says nothing will ever make her lose him, nothing can change the way he feels about her. Whitney tells Fox that she loves his ability to take risks, to open himself up, to do things hes never done before. She says for example the way he opens himself up to her. Fox thinks shes not on the rebound from Chad at all, she does love him. Whitney says no matter what happens her feelings for him are real and she doesnt want to hurt him. Fox says she makes it sound like something will crash down on them. He asks her what she is so afraid of? Whitney says after everything that has happened, she doesnt know if she believes in unconditional love anymore. Fox tells her that she has every right to be scared after what has happened to her. He says he doesnt know what else to do, he loves her and things will be different with him. He says hell stick with her through thick and thin, good times and bad. Fox says he couldnt love her anymore if he tried. She says she loves him too. So he asks what she is so worried about? Fox tells her that she is never getting rid of him, never .Fox then kisses her. Fox and Whit return to the Bennett house, and Fox thinks staying here is weird, but having her near will make it better. He kisses her, and then he remembers when they shared a kiss in LA. He said they were on the beach and she claimed she was caught up in the moment and thought he was Chad. She says that was a lie, she knew what she was doing, and she was falling in love with him back then. Fox wishes he had told her the truth back then, maybe he could have spared her some grief with Chad if things hadnt gone so far. Whitney swishes that too, and then he carries her to bed to make love.

At the hospital, Pilar shows up and Theresa apologizes for how upset she got about papa. Pilar says lets not discuss that. She says the important thing is the babies she is carrying. Theresa informs her mother of her decision to save at least one baby. Pilar is stunned to learn that Theresa has decided to have the procedure. Pilar says she cant believe this. Theresa says she can not sit by and do nothing, she has to save the life of one child. Pilar says but the church. Theresa says she knows what the church teaches, but she has to do what she can to save one baby. Pilar says she cannot condone this. Theresa says then she will do this alone. Pilar says she cant support her. Theresa says at least try to understand why shes doing it. She says she could not only lose 2 babies, but Little Ethan too. She says Miguel is gone, Antonio is dead, and Papa wont be coming back. She says she cant take anymore loss. Pilar says doing this wont bring back who theyve lost. Theresa says it will bring back Ethan, she means Little Ethan. Pilar says she is doing this to get Ethan back! Pilar says Ethan will never be with her, when will she learn that? Theresa says Ethan just told her that he only married Gwen because she was pregnant. Pilar says that is old news, she doesnt see how this changes anything. Pilar tells her not to go down this road again. Theresa say Ethan only married Gwen because she was pregnant, but now she is pregnant with his child. Pilar says she doesnt know that, and if she gives birth to Gwen and Ethans baby than Ethan will never leave his wife! Pilar says at least one of these babies are Ethan and Gwens, and they will fight her for custody of it. She says this baby will bond them even closer than they already are. Pilar looks at Theresa and asks what she is planning to do now? Theresa says they wont grow any closer because they wont have a baby of their own. Theresa says the baby that wont make it will be the one Gwen and Ethan made!

In Jail, Katherine is released, and Katherine tells Sheridan that she thinks Alistair isnt finished with her yet. Sheridan asks if her father might hurt her husband to retaliate. Katherine asks why she would say such a thing? Sheridan says she tried to call the cottage but there was no answer. Katherine thinks they should get over there right away. 

On the Crane estate, Luis demands to know what is going on between Alistair and Martin. Martin suggests they leave, but Luis says no way. Luis says he wants to know what Martin was going to show him. He also wants to know why Alistair took the gazebo down, what was so incriminating about it. Alistair says he was just doing landscape work. Luis says yeah right, and asks Mr. Wheeler what Alistair is hiding. Luis says since he cant show him, he can at least tell him. Alistair pushes Martin to tell Luis what he wants to know, he wants to hear it himself. Luis asks Mr. Wheeler to tell him what he knows. Before he can, Sheridan and Katherine arrive and find the gazebo is gone. Martin asks why she is here, and she says someone had the charges dropped. Martin asks Alistair why, and he says he decided to drop the charges since he was fine and no harm was done. Sheridan says bull; he never lets any slight against him go unpunished. Alistair says he does have a heart, and he wants to let by gones be by gones. He thinks they should let the unpleasantness of the past remain behind them. Martin and Katherine discuss revealing the truth, and they decide to do it. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan share stories of what they have found out about their parents from the Wheelers. They also discuss why her father dropped the charges. Martin and Katherine ask Sheridan and Luis if they can talk somewhere private. Luis and Sheridan both want to know more about their parents. Alistair tells them do tell, he wants to hear about Katherine and Martin himself. He tells them not to keep Luis and Sheridan in suspense. Alistair whispers to Martin that maybe he should go first and tell Luis everything. Katherine ends up saying she has nothing more to say, and Martin says he also has nothing more to tell them. Alistair smiles as he has once again been victorious. Luis asks what is going on here, Martin dragged him out here to drop a bomb on him and now he says he has nothing to say. Sheridan says Katherine told her that she had so much more to say. Sheridan and Luis tell them to stop lying and tell them the truth no matter what it is. Martin says he cant help him, too many people would be hurt. Martin asks Luis to just trust him. Luis says not after tonight. Katherine says her husband is right, they have said enough and the past needs to stay in the pats. Sheridan says this is not the past for her, her mother is all she things about. Luis says they wont say anything, they are cowards and they should just go. Luis and Sheridan leave, and Martin tells Alistair he is despicable. Alistair says if they found out the truth they would hate them! Katherine thinks Alistair may be right. Alistair says of course he is, and they should have stayed dead forever! 


October 28, 2004

At the hospital it is a new day, and Theresa procedure was postponed by Eve. Gwen once again thanks Ethan for convincing Theresa to have the procedure, and she asks Ethan what he said to change her mind? Ethan remembers Theresa pushing him to tell her that he didnt love her, that he didnt want to be with her, that he didnt have the same Passion for Gwen that he does for her. Ethan remembered that he said he couldnt and hed be with her if he hadnt gotten Gwen pregnant. Ethan tells Gwen that he doesnt remember his exact words, but she agreed to have the procedure and will have a child of their own. Eve says shell go start the prepping for the procedure, and leaves. Rebecca shows up and tells them not to count on anything but grief from Theresa. Gwen tells her mom not to start this again, Theresa is going to have the procedure. Rebecca asks Gwen what made Theresa decide to have the procedure anyways? Gwen says not what, who. Rebecca tells Gwen not to confuse her with grammar! Gwen says Ethan convinced her to have the procedure. Rebecca wonders what he promised her, a bone perhaps? Gwen says for once Theresa is doing the right thing, but Rebecca says there has to be a catch here. She says they need to prepare for the worst otherwise they are asking for trouble. Ethan asks her to ease up because she has blamed Theresa for everything short of global warming. Rebecca says Theresa does nothing out of the goodness of her own heart, and Ethan says she should know, it takes one to know one! Gwen asks them to stop sniping at one another. Rebecca says Theresa is only having this procedure to get Little Ethan back, she is doing it to serve her selfish needs. Gwen says Theresa isnt the one being selfish, she is! Gwen asks what she is forcing Theresa to do? Gwen ends up telling her mother to stop making her focus on whatever Theresa is up to and let her focus on her child and be happy. Gwen thinks she should go thank Theresa now, and tells her mother that Theresa is giving them a child so they can be happy. Gwen and Ethan leave, and Rebecca knows her daughter will just end up being hurt by Theresas scheme in the end.

Pilar visits Theresa and hopes she has decided to change her mind about having this procedure, but Theresa says she hasnt. Pilar says the idea that she would chose her baby over Ethan and Gwens is horrible. Theresa says if she doesnt sacrifice one baby then they both die. Pilar says that is Gods choice, but Theresa says God gave man medical sciences to help. Pilar says even if the holy mother appeared and allowed Theresa to sacrifice one baby for the other, she would not condone her scheme. Theresa says Rebecca and Gwen have taken everything from them, and she is not about to lose another child to Gwen. She says shell have the DNA test and will keep her child with Ethan. Pilar says she is no better than Alistair Crane, she is choosing to play with others lives. Theresa says she is nothing like Alistair, and she will never let Gwen take another child from her. Pilar wonders how many commandments Theresa is breaking. Theresa says she loves Ethan and he loves her, and he said he would be with her now if Gwen hadnt gotten pregnant. Pilar wonders how Ethan could love the monster she has become. Theresa says she is working to save her child, and Gwen would do the same thing if she was in her position. Pilar thinks they should ask her! Theresa tells her mother that she cannot do that Before Pilar can do tell Gwen, Eve comes in to talk to Theresa and have her sign some paper work. Theresa says she needs Eve to run a DNA test before they go further to find out which baby is hers. Eve asks what she means? Eve says these are Gwen and Ethans babies. Pilar says if only it were that simple. Eve says Oh God! What have you done now? Pilar suggests Eve sit down for this one. Theresa explains thinking she lost the baby, and then scheming to get pregnant right away to trade for Little Ethan. She says needed a baby with Ethans DNA, so she slept with Ethan. Theresa says she doesnt know whose babies she is carrying. Eve says Gwen will go crazy when she tells her this! Theresa tells Eve that she cant because Gwen doesnt know about Ethan sleeping with her! Eve says Ethan cheated on Gwen, how could he do such a thing! Pilar explains what Theresa did to get Ethan to sleep with her. Eve asks how Theresa could do such a thing? Theresa says because Rebecca and Gwen took her son, and now she needs to know which baby is hers. Eve asks why? Theresa says because if one baby is hers than she wants that baby to be the one they save! Eve says she cant believe what she is hearing, and she asks Theresa how cold hearted can she bed? Theresa says she doesnt want to lose either baby, but if she has to chose than she has to chose to save her child. Eve says this may be Gwens last chance to have a child of her own. Theresa says she will give her one if they are both babies are Gwens, but if not than her child comes first. She asks Eve to run the DNA test. She says if one baby is hers, than she wants Gwens baby sacrificed! Eve says sacrificing one baby for another is one thing, but sacrificing Gwens for hers is another! Theresa tells her not to judge her. Pilar says God will do that! Eve says what she is planning to do is unheard of, and Gwen will go crazy! Gwen, Ethan and Rebecca walk in, and Gwen asks Theresa what she is planning now?

At the Crane Mansion, Katherine and Martin talk about how their families would hate them if they new the truth, and what the people in Harmony would think about them. Martin tells Katherine the only thing for them to do is leave Harmony and leave their loved ones for their own good. He says if they dont, Alistair will destroy them all. Katherine says they already tried that once and it didnt work. Katherine says she has to believe that Sheridan would understand and forgive her. She says even if she didnt forgive her, it might help her heal over the feeling of guilt she carried because Alistair told her it was her fault her mother died. Martin says telling her the truth might also make Sheridan hate her for leaving and Alistair could end up looking like a victim. Martin says Alistair would say they abandoned their families to live the good life in Mexico together. He says nobody will believe a poor man like him sacrificed everything to save the richest woman in the world. Martin damns Alistair for putting them in the position to leave their families and Harmony for a second time. Katherine once again says leaving didnt work last time. Martin says this time is different; they are a threat to Alistair. He says Alistair would be humiliated to know that he lost his wife to Martin, and leaving Harmony allows him to save face, which is more important to him than anything. She asks where they will go where he wont find them. Martin says theyd have to be on the move. They continue to talk about leaving Harmony, and how perhaps it would be better fort their loved ones if they stayed dead. They also discuss how they wish their children would learn who they are on their own so they dont have to keep the secret any longer. Still, Martin says it wont solve anything. Martin says they have to leave before Luis and Sheridan uncover the truth. 

At the cottage. Sheridan wakes up and finds Luis is gone. She soon sees that he is over at the desk writing something. Sheridan asks what he is doing? He says hes making a chart about everything they know about the Wheelers to try and figure out who they are. He says he will find out how they are connected to Alistair and their parents if it is the last thing he does. They go over the clues they have been given so far. Luis points out they all think they have known the Wheelers their whole life, and what is the coincidence they ended up staying at the same inn in Mexico where Paloma was? Luis says it is time to take this investigation to the next level. Luis has stolen some glasses from the Wheelers room and he plans on having a friend at the station run the prints through the FBI records. Sheridan asks if they dont have to be criminals to have their fingerprints on file, but Luus says no. Luis says people get fingerprinted for their job and for identity protection. Sheridan wonders what if something bad comes from learning the truth. HE says nothing bad comes from the truth, only from secrets. Sheridan gets a shower and gets dressed, and Luis calls his friend Kirkman at the station for a favor. 

Luis and Sheridan arrive at the police station, and Sheridan continues to worry that the Wheelers could be hiding a secret that could hurt them or the Wheelers. Luis says he doesnt think they could be hiding something too horrible because they are nice people. Luis says the worse case scenario is they are good people caught up in a bad situation. Kirk lifts the prints from the glasses and puts them into the database. They begin searching for a match for the finger prints, and Sheridan works to find a photo of Mrs. Wheeler to run through a face database. Suddenly, Kirkman says he doesnt believe this, and tells them to come see what the results turned up. Luis and Sheridan are stunned as it turns out the Wheelers have never been fingerprinted. Kirkman says either they were never fingerprinted, or they altered their prints. Sheridan ends up locating a photo of Mrs. Wheeler, but she cant find any of Mr. Wheeler yet. Kirkman begins looking for a match for Mrs. Wheeler, and Sheridan continues looking for a photo of Mr. Wheeler. She goes back to the seventies and comes across a photo of her mother in the paper. She begins thinking about her mother and how Mrs. Wheeler didnt tell her everything she knows about her. Meanwhile, Kirkman says it seems the Wheelers are trying to hide their true identities, but he thinks the photograph program will come through for them. The photo program beeps and says match found. They think they are finally going to find out who Mrs. Wheeler is.


October 29, 2004
At the hospital, Gwen and the others walk into Theresas room and asks what is going on here, what did Eve mean when she said she would go crazy when she found out. Rebecca says the little bitch is up to something as usual, and since Pilar isnt defending Theresa it must be serious. Rebecca asks Theresa what she is planning to do this time? Theresa says she was just talking to Eve about the procedure and how there are no guarantees. Theresa says she knew it would drive Gwen nuts if she ended up losing both of the babies in the end. Gwen is touched that Theresa is thinking about her, but Rebecca says she is lying! Theresa says she is telling the truth, but Rebecca says she hasnt told a truth a day in her life. Rebecca then questions Eve about what is going on here. She says as a doctor she has ethics to uphold, so she needs to spill it. Eve says she has nothing more to add, and Rebecca wonders if this is one slut defending another? Gwen says Eve has been very professional and has done everything she can to save her baby. Rebecca says she is sleeping with her husband! Ethan suggests they leave personal feelings out of this. Ethan asks Theresa if she is still going to have the procedure, and she says yes. Ethan says good. Pilar warns Theresa that they will find out what is going to happen, and when the do, they will kill them! Rebecca says whispering is not only rude, but very suspicious. She wonders what secrets Theresa and Pilar have. Gwen tells her mother to stop it, but Rebecca says shes just trying to help. Gwen says if she wants to help than just pray that one of her babies survives! Ethan assures Gwen that it will all work out. Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca leave the room, and Eve suggests to Pilar that she go get rest because this tension is just making things worse for her. Theresa asks her mom to go home because she will be fine. Pilar says shes not so sure about that. She says it isnt too late for her to change her mind, tell the truth and do the right thing. Theresa says this is the right thing. Pilar says she just prays Gwen and Rebecca dont find out. Theresa says they wont find out. Pilar agrees to go home and get some rest, so Eve walks her out. Rebecca sees her leaving and asks if she is leaving a sinking ship? Pilar says shes going home to rest. Rebecca says she means MY home! Rebecca says she really start charging them a group rate to live there since there are so many of them. Gwen apologizes to Pilar and says she is always welcomed in their home. Gwen and Ethan think they should all go home. A nurse shows up with a test packet Eve requested, and Rebecca grabs it and looks at it. She is shocked and says this is an STD test! She asks if that little slut Theresa has a STD? The nurse says she must have grabbed the wrong packet, and she leaves. Gwen follows Eve back into the room and asks if anything is wrong with the babies? Theresa says she just wants Eve to run as many tests as possible to make sure the procedure is successful. Gwen says it will be, and she will be forever grateful to Theresa for what she is doing. Rebecca tells Gwen not to buy this selfless act! Gwen tells her mom she doesnt want to hear it, and she suggests they all leave to let Theresa gets some rest. Finally alone, Theresa begs Eve to run the test when the nurse gets back. Eve asks Theresa not to do this, but Theresa says she has no choice. She says if Ethan and Gwen want to sacrifice one of these babies than she wants her baby to live. She says she is doing what she can to protect her child. Eve tells Theresa what she doing is wrong, and Ethan returns and is horrified to hear what Theresa is planning. He asks how could you?

At the station, a photo match has been found on Mrs. Wheeler. Sam shows up and asks what they are doing. Luis explains to Sam what they are up to, that they are trying to find out who the Wheelers really are. Unfortunately the photo recognition software just finds another photo of Mrs. Wheeler. Sam asks what is going on, why are they doing this? Luis and Sheridan explain that the Wheelers knew their parents and told them all about them. Luis says Mr. Wheeler said he could explain why his father left town and that it had to do with the Crane gazebo, but when they got to the gazebo it was gone. Luis says after Mr. Wheeler saw that it was missing he clammed up and wouldnt say anymore. Sheridan says Mrs. Wheeler did the same, she knew her mother but refused to tell her anything more about her. Later, Sheridan heads back to the mansion to talk to Mrs. Wheeler and try and get more out of her. Luis stays behind and tells Sam he doesnt know what else to do. Sam says he knows how to find the Wheelers true identities. Sam suggests they search the Crane database, and Luis says Mr. Wheeler has to be in the database because Alistair keeps fingerprints on everyone who works for them. Luis says they should get started, but Sam says not through the departments computer he doesnt. Sam says hacking is illegal! Sam and Luis decide to go over to Hanks place and use his computer. Sam and Luis arrive at Hanks place and use his computer to hack into the Crane database. Luis searches for a fingerprint match and says they got a hit! 

At the mansion, Katherine says she doesnt want to leave again. Martin says they must leave before anyone finds out who they are. Alistair says it may be too late as Luis and Sheridan are close to finding out their identities. He says if the do than there will be hell to pay. Katherine thinks if they find out then they can be reunited with their children. Alistair says he said they were close, but they wont find out. He says they have been using FBI databases to find them, but have failed because they do not exist. Katherine says she hopes they do find out. Alistair says if that happens than he will be forced to hurt them. He says they are safe for now. He says if the two of them dont leave now and never return than hell destroy all of their loved ones. Martin tells Alistair not to hurt their loved ones. Alistair says he has his word, but Martin says his word means nothing. Alistair says this is not a negotiation, he has the power here. He tells them to leave or he will bring down a firestorm that will anger the devil himself! Alistair walks off, and Katherine tells Martin they need to go and hope Alistair stays true to his word. Martin says if the truth comes out than his bank account will suffer, so their leaving will save him face. Martin says they must leave, and they will always be on the run. Martin says at least last time they were able to settle down in Mexico, and he got to watch Paloma grow up even if she didnt know he was her father. They discuss leaving Harmony forever as it is for the best. Paloma hears them and cries no, that cant be true! She begs them not to leave Harmony yet, she needs them. They say she will be fine, but Paloma says not without them she wont. Paloma cries that they were like a mother and father to her. She says she cant make it on her own here. They say she has her family, but she says they are her family. She asks if they can all go back to Puerto Arena? She says she can come to Harmony from time to time to visit. They say there not going back to Mexico. She asks where are they going? They say they are going to travel around the world. She says eventually they will go back to Puerto Arena though, but Martin says hes afraid not. She asks how she will see them again? Martin says she wont, this is goodbye forever. Pilar returns home and asks what is going on? Why is Paloma upset? Paloma says the Wheelers are leaving and she will never see them again. Sheridan arrives as well and realizes this is because of her father. Pilar says she cant blame them for leaving because Alistair is a monster, and she still thinks Alistair is to blame for her husbands disappearance. Martin says he will pray things get better for her. Pilar says she will miss him as well because hes the first man she has been able to open up to. Meanwhile, Sheridan begs Katherine not to leave town. Katherine says it is for the best and she has said all she can say. Sheridan asks both Katherine and Martin how they can leave like this? Martin says because they have to. He says he cant explain why they are leaving, and Katherine begs them to forgive them. Sheridan hopes Luis finds out who the wheelers are before they are gone. Paloma and Sheridan continue to beg them to stay. Katherine says if they stay than Alistair will hurt them. Sheridan asks how they could put them in danger? Martin says they can say no more. Sheridan asks them to stay because they will protect them. Martin says the only way to ensure that they are safe is if they leave. He asks them to trust that they are doing what is best for them all. Sheridan doesnt understand how, and she asks why they are so afraid of her father? Katherine says it is what it is and no one can change it. Sheridan says if they stay then they can stand up against her father. Katherine says if they stay than Alistair will hurt them all! She says she couldnt live with herself knowing they made them all targets. Pilar also wants to know what the connection between the Wheelers and their families is. Pilar says unless . . . Oh My God. . . . Its cant be! 

Alistair goes to his office and finds his latest secretary there. Alistair says the Wheelers are leaving, which means his secrets will be protected. Alistair suddenly remembers Martins files are in the Crane Database, so his secretary goes to work destroying them. The woman says she cant get into the system, so Alistair goes to work. Alistair says someone has hacked in and is downloading the files as they speak! 

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