August 30, 2004
The first five minutes or so are of Tabitha and Endora watch a magical TV in order to recap viewers on what happened last time Passions aired. 

At the hospital, Gwen worries that whatever is going on in Theresa's room will change their lives forever. In Theresas room, Temporary-Theresa talks to Pilar about what this means. She wonders if she is still carrying Gwen and Ethans baby, or maybe she is carrying two of her own children. Pilar doesnt know and suggests she ask the doctor. Theresa says she cant do that because than he will learn what she did. Pilar says she warned her that nothing good would come from her scheming. Theresa asks her mom how she can say that because she has two wonderful babies inside of her. Pilar says she may have to give both of these babies to Gwen, but Theresa refuses to give either one of them to Gwen. Pilar says she cannot keep Gwens baby from her, there is no justification for it. Theresa asks what justification does Gwen have for keeping her son from her? Pilar says that is Rebecca's idea. Still, Theresa says she is going to get little Ethan back and she is going to keep both babies. Suddenly, Ethan and Gwen walk in and and say they heard, they know everything! Ethan says he doesnt understand how she keep this from them after all they have done for her. Gwen says she does, and she says they know everything now. Theresa asks what she is going to do? Gwen asks Theresa if she doesnt know? Gwen says thank you! Gwen says she is thrilled about the news that they are having twins! The doctor returns and says hes sorry, but it looks like the cat got out of the bag. Gwen and Ethan are thrilled, and neither one heard Theresa mention that she was going to keep the babies. As Gwen and Ethan celebrate, Theresa fumes. She tells her mom how dare Gwen dance around at the prospect of taking her babies, shes already taken Little Ethan! Ethan says the doctor has said she is okay to leave, and Gwen thanks Theresa from the bottom of her heart. Gwen says she is so grateful Ethan talked them out of this feud, and once the babies are born she will have Little Ethan back. Gwen and Ethan leave, and Pilar asks Theresa how she can go through with this plan of hers? Theresa says because Gwen has it coming for what she and her mother have done to them. She says Gwen will get neither one of these babies, and she (Theresa) will get Little Ethan back. 

At the Russells shed, Eve wonders what is going on, what has Liz done now. TC says it isnt what Liz has done, it is what she has done! Eve says she has already apologized for everything she has done, she has told him everything and there is nothing more to tell. TC says he thought he had heard the worst, but he cant imagine her betraying him any worse than this! Eve asks what she did now? TC says she was driving the car the night of the accident. Eve is confused and says she doesnt understand, Julian said . . . TC says to hell with what Julian said, she is the one who ruined his life all those years ago! Eve swears she wasnt driving, and she says she knows because Julian told her that he was the one driving the car. TC says he knew it, and he is going to kill Julian. Liz tells TC that Eve was driving and she is just lying to save her own neck. TC is confused and doesnt know what to think. Eve says Liz is lying, she has been out to destroy her since coming to town and this proves it. Liz says she saw the proof with her own eyes, so Eve tells her to show it to them. Liz says she doesnt have it, it was on one of the CDs that Luis gave back to Alistair. Eve says Liz is bluffing because she knows she wasnt driving the car. Liz realizes Eve may not know the truth about that night because she was probably high or drunk. However, Liz says Eve was driving the car that night. Eve says she wasnt driving, but she was in the car. Eve says she didnt remember being in the car until recently. She says she was terrified that she was driving, so she went to Julian and he told her that she wasnt driving the car. Eve remembers what she recalled, and she sees herself driving the car. She says it just cant be true! Liz says her sugar daddy is just trying to protect her, and to think hard! Eve continues to think, and she doesnt know, but says it just can't be! Liz says she thinks they have their answer!

At Crane Industries, Temporary-Fox overhears Alistair tell Julian the truth about Chad. Julian is stunned, and Alistair tells him to have fun dropping that bombshell on Eve! Alistair jokes that Whitney and Chad might have trouble getting a marriage license, unless theyve changed the incest laws. Alistair tells Julian that he got what he came for, so get out. Julian leaves and finds Fox outside the office. Fox says he has heard everything. Julian wonders how he will tell Eve. Fox says to hell with Eve, Whitney is about to marry her half-brother! Fox says he has to tell Whitney, but Julian says his father could be lying just to cause him more pain. Fox says maybe he is just grasping at straws because he doesnt want it to be true. Julian says they did a DNA test and Chads DNA did not match his or Eves. Alistair shows back up and tells Julian that he is an idiot. Alistair says he had that test changed! Julian asks him why he should believe him? Alistair says he foresaw all the headlines back then and he didnt want the bad press. Fox asks what is different now? Alistair says he is used to the bad press now, and he doesnt care about it because he doesnt care about Julian. Alistair tells Julian that he is dead to him now and he will never run the Crane Empire! Julian says he doesnt car. Alistair says a spine will come in handy when he has to walk Eve down the isle at her own childrens wedding. Later, Fox and Julian discuss what this means and how to tell Eve and Whitney the truth. Fox wonders how they can love these women so much yet cause them so much pain. Julian says perhaps it is the price they pay for being Cranes. Fox says he doesnt care about what he is going to lose, he cares about Whitney. He says he doesnt think he can live with himself if their family destroys her. 

At the recording studio, Whitney is in the bathroom and looks at the pregnancy test and realizes she is pregnant. She wonders what she is going to do. Whitney leaves the bathroom, and she begins to talk to him about they baby. However, Chad misunderstands. He says he would prefer to wait to have kids, Whitney asks if he wants kids? He says yes, someday, just not now. He also says hed love to have a son to raise. He says hed like to raise a son with everything he didnt have. Whitney asks what happens if things happen out of order, what if things dont go as planned. He says then theyll make adjustments, but everything will be good if they are together. Later, Chad brings over champagne to toast with her with, but she wont drink it. She says she cant drink it, and Chad asks why not? Whitney says there is something she has to tell him, and it is very important. 

In the Mexican jungle, we see a recap of Luis heading into the Aztec temple and tripping a laser wire which triggers an explosion that brings the entire temple down! Debris rains down on Martin, Katherine and Sheridan as they watch the temple explode. Sheridan is in tears, runs to the temple, but Katherine stops her. Martin tells himself No, not my son! Martin tells her that she is gone, but Sheridan says he could still be alive. She races to the temple, which continues to collapse! Rocks begin falling onto Sheridan! Fortunately Martin pulls her out from under the falling debris in time. Sheridan says she has to save Luis, but Martin says it is too late. Katherine tells Martin that she is so sorry, and then she goes to comfort Sheridan. Sheridan says Luis cant be dead because its not fair, its just not fair. Sheridan wants to look for Luis, but MAritn says they need to look for Paloma now. Sheridan tells them to go and shell catch up because she needs to stay here. Martin says no, they need to all go find Paloma because it is what Luis would want. Katherine offers to stay with Sheridan, but Martin says no they are all going. Martin blurts out that he wont let Alistair kill one of his children! Sheridan asks what he means? Elsewhere, the henchman ties Paloma back up. Paloma tells the henchman she is going to kill him herself! He laughs and says that he likes a girl with spirit! He then gags Paloma and calls Alistair with the news that Luis is dead. Alistair tells him to kill the others next, and to save Paloma for last. 


August 31, 2004
From NBC, Dustin's Summary Got Lost!

TC can't decide who is telling the truth concerning the night of the accident. Confused about what really happened, Eve insists she wasn't the driver.

Fox and Julian wonder how they will tell the women they love about Chad's true identity. Whitney attempts to inform Chad about her pregnancy, but Chad reveals he wants to wait to start a family.

As an excited Ethan and Gwen make preparations for "their" twins, Theresa discovers she could be the mother of one twin, and Gwen could be the mother of the other. Theresa also realizes she could be the mother of both.

Martin and Katherine comfort Sheridan, who refuses to believe Luis is dead


September 1, 2004
At the studio, Chad asks Fox why he should stop having sex with Whitney, and what business of Foxs is his sex life? Fox says there is something he has to tell him . . . Chad asks what he has to tell him, don't keep him waiting forever? Where is this hands off policy of his is coming from? Fox says it just hit him what a traditional type of woman Whitney is, which is why she might go for the idea. Chad says if that is what Whitney wants than he will respect it, but it could be a long wait till the ceremony. Chad says he thinks Whitney will want the hole big wedding, which may mean it could be awhile before they marry. Chad says he could wait as long as she was into it. Fox asks how long he thinks it will be before they get married? Chad says hes hoping it will only be a few weeks. He says he doesnt think Whitney will want her parents paying for the wedding, and fortunately he has a possible contract in the works which could help pay for everything. Chad ends up getting a call from a record producer who has decided to give Chad a contract with a huge retainer. Chad tells the news to Fox, and he says he and Whitney can get married at any time. Fox says he doesnt think the kind of wedding Whitney wants will happen overnight. Chad says whatever, and that he wants Whitney to have the wedding she wants. He says he also wants Fox standing at the alter because he is like a brother to him. Chad decides to go find Whitney and tell her the good news.

At the Crane Mansion, Theresa tells Whitney about having twins. Whitney asks what she is going to do with them, she was supposed to give the baby to Gwen in exchange for Little Ethan. Theresa says these are babies are hers and she is keeping them. Whitney doesn't understand how that will help her get Little Ethan back. Theresa says Whitney would understand if she was ever pregnant. Whitney tells Theresa that there is something she has to tell her. Whitney is about to tell her the news when Gwen and Ethan walk in. Gwen asks Whitney if she heard the news, and Whitney says she did. They ask if she is okay because she looks a little tired. Whitney says she is okay, and she tells Ethan and Gwen her good news, that she and Chad are engaged. Gwen says that is great news, and Whitney and Chads kids wont be much younger than theirs when they have them. Gwen says they can play together. Theresa says Chad and Whitney are the two most careful people she knows, they probably wont have kids for years. Gwen begins showing Ethan, Theresa and Whitney with all the stuff she has ordered for the babies. Theresa thinks she is jumping the gun just a little. Gwen asks why, is she feeling ill again? Theresa says no, and she says it is bad luck to get so far ahead of yourself in a pregnancy. Gwen refuses to believe such superstition. Later, Whitney tells Theresa that she hopes she is starting to feel guilty about what she is doing to Gwen. Theresa says she isnt, what goes around comes around, she is just evening the score! Fox and Chad soon show up, and when Theresa sees the looks Whitney is giving Fox, she thinks Whitney is still in love with Fox. Theresa thinks that is the news she had to tell her. Whitney says no, and she insists she hates Fox. Chad and Fox soon learn the news about the twins, and Fox asks Theresa what is going on with her, is she really going to give the babies to Gwen? Theresa says of course. Fox says he knows her, and they will talk later. Fox then asks Whitney if they can talk, but she says no. Fox says it is important, but she tells him to save it. Theresa tells him that she is only act this way because she loves him, and she asks what is so important? Fox says that is between him and Whitney. Chad then makes the announcement to all about his new contract. He says they can begin planning the big wedding she wants, but he suggests they do a small private ceremony as soon as possible. She is stunned, and he asks what is wrong, has she changed her mind? Chad says they can get married right away. Fox says there is no rush, but Whitney says she loves him and there is nothing she wants more than to marry him right away. Meanwhile, Ethan tells Fox that he knows he has feelings for Whitney, but she loves Chad and he cant come between that. Ethan thinks they all have things to celebrate, so Gwen decides to throw a pool party. They talk about all the surprises life has given them recently, and Fox continues to try and talk to Whitney. Whitney says nothing he has to say will stop her from marrying Chad. Fox says she wont marry him once she hears what he has to say. 

At the Russell shed, Sam shows up and finds TC attacking Julian. Eve and Liz both explain what is going on to Sam. TC wants Julian to admit to Sam that he was the hit and run driver. Sam holds TC back, and TC says Julian deserves to die. TC tackles Julian and pins him to the ground. Liz tells him that he is taking his anger out on the wrong person, the person who deserves to die is Eve! Suddenly, TC grabs a wrench and goes to kill Julian! Sam tells Julian not to do this, and Eve tells TC to take her anger out on her instead. Liz tells Julian if he doesnt tell the truth than TC will kill him. Julian says he was driving the car, and TC says it's just as he thought! TC goes to kill Julian, and Eve screams. Everyone is stunned, and TC says Julian deserved to die. We then see a shot of Julian laying unconscious on the floor. Julian, however, is alive. Julian gets up, and TC says he should have killed him, but he still doesnt know who was driving the car that night. Liz says it was Eve, but Eve says it wasnt her. Julian says he was driving the car, and hed rather TC kill him than torture Eve a minute longer. TC just doesnt know what to believe. Eve insists she didnt do this, and TC thanks Julian for what he did. TC says Julian is too much of a coward to risk his life for a lie. TC tells Eve that he believes her, and he says there is still hope for them. Liz cries no! Liz says Julian is lying just like Eve is! TC says she has no proof and he has made up his mind. Eve thanks TC for believing her, and she says she does love him. Sam makes sure everything is okay before he leaves. TC says he is cool, for the first time in years the hit-n-run is not eating him up. TC takes some time to himself to think. He leaves, and Sam says he should get going to. He tells Eve to give TC time because it may work out yet. Liz tells her sister that this isnt over yet, and she leaves. Eve thanks Julian for what he has done, and Julian says he would have said anything for her. Eve asks Julian if he lied to TC to protect her, was she driving the car? Julian says he wasnt lying, and for her to drop the subject. Eve cant and tells him to be honest with her, she has to know the truth. Eve asks if she was driving the car? Did she ruin TCs life? Julian says they have other things to talk about, but Eve says nothing is more important than this. Julian swears he was driving the car, but Eve doesnt believe him. Eve begins to have more memories of that night, and she remembers Julian sliding her over and him driving the car away. Eve says she was driving, she is the monster who ruined TCs life! Meanwhile, Liz goes to TC and tries to convince him that Eve was driving the car. TC says he knows she thinks she saw information on those CDs, but they could have been faked. TC says if he knew Eve was driving that car than he couldnt forgive her, not in a million years. Liz says those were Alistairs private CDs, he had no reason to fake the information on them. Liz looks out the kitchen window and sees Eve and Julian are talking, and she bets they are working on their stories. Liz and TC walk our right as Eve remembers and admits that she was driving the car.

In the Mexican jungle, Martin and Katherine are basically dragging a sobbing Sheridan along with them to find Paloma. The guide leads them into the jungle, and he asks Martin to wait with the women while he scouts ahead. The guide moves up ahead and runs into Alistair Crane. Alistair asks where they are? The guide says where he told him to lead them. Alistair tells him well done and gives him an envelope. Alistair says it is almost time for them to join Antonio and Luis is death. Meanwhile, Sheridan continues to say she wants to go back to the temple because Luis could still be alive, he has survived near death experiences before. Martin tells Katherine that it is doubtful Luis is alive. He knows Alistair is behind this, and he says he wonders if Alistair is behind them being in this jungle right now. Elsewhere, Alistair orders the guide to lead them deep into the jungle and let them get lost without food and water. The guide doesnt know about this, so Alistair blackmails him and says if he doesnt than hell make sure their deaths are blamed on him. Back in the other part of the jungle, Martin tells Katherine that as soon as they find Paloma they are heading back to Harmony to stop Alistair. The guide returns, and he continues to lead them into the jungle As he does, Alistair spies on them. He says Sheridan will join his disloyal wife and her irish lover in death! Later, the guide suddenly disappears, leaving the three stranded. Martin finds a note taped to a tree, and it says he is sorry but he was paid to lead them here and then leave them. Katherine asks why anyone would want to do this to them? The guide meets back up with Alistair and says it is done, they are in so deep that they will never come out again. Meanwhile, Martin tells the women to remain calm. He says all they have to do is follow the sun. Martin goes to break out some food, only to find their food and water are gone! Sheridan begins to panic. Sheridan says they have been led here to die! 


September 2, 2004
At the hospital, Kay has been released, and Simone is with her. They are just waiting for Kay's paperwork. Kay says she is free to go, but not really. She says between her hospital bills and Marias, shell be paying for the rest of her life. Simone is depressed over her family falling apart and Chad marrying Whitney, and Kay is depressed because Miguel left town and she is a single mother. Simone rants that her slut of a sister seduced Chad with sex, that is how she stole Chad from her, and they were doing it within hours of finding out the truth about their mom. Kay says she cant help with her mother, but she can help her get Chad back. Jessica walks in and asks Kay if she hasnt learned anything from her schemes, you cant make someone want to be with you. Kay tells Jessica that if she stopped by to annoy her than her work is done, so she can leave. She says she came here to tell her nobody has heard from Miguel or Charity, and nobody knows whether they are together or not. Kay thanks her for the news bulletin. Jessica says now she has to go because some nurses are waiting for their Mark cosmetics. Kay says that is all she every talks about. Jessica says she loves selling them and making money. She throws a tube and Kay and says she needs this. Kay looks at it and it is butt fixing crme! Kay thinks maybe she should sell these things to her friends, but Simone reminds Kay that she is her only friend. Kay decides to read her horoscope, and an article in the paper gives her an idea. There is an article saying Julian and Eve are looking for their long lost son. Simone asks how that will help her? Kay says shell see, she has a plan. Simone calls her some kind of evil Lucy Ricardo, and she thinks this plan has to be lame. Kay says she hasnt even heard her plan. She says the year Eve and Julians kid was born was the same year as Chad was. Simone says she sees where this is going and it wont work because that would mean Whitney is engaged to her half-brother. Kay says exactly, shed dump him faster than you can say incest! Simone reminds her that her mother already ran a DNA test on Chad, and he didnt match anyone, including her mom or Julian. Kay says mistakes happen, look at all the mistakes that happen with paternity on Days of Our Lives! Kay says they can switch the test results to make everything think he is Whitneys half-brother. Simone says the problem is the incest factor will still be between her and Chad. Kay says so later on after Chad and Whitney break up, theyll change things back and make everyone think it was a mistake! Kay says they are going to do this, and drags Simone with her. They head into the computer room where they go to work. Unfortunately a nurse shows up to pull a patients file and they are in jeopardy of being caught! They quickly sneak out, and Kay doesnt know what she actually changed in the computer system. She tells Simone whatever she did, theyll find out soon enough!

At the Crane Mansion, Gwen, Ethan, Fox, Whitney, and Chad are all having their pool party. Fox continues to try and talk to Whitney. Whitney says she doesnt want to talk to him, whatever he has to say won't change her life? He says it will, and he says they need to talk about her and Chad. Before he can tell her anything, Chad returns with a drink for Whitney. He wants them to talk about wedding plans, but she says right now  because she wants to go talk to Theresa. Whitney leaves, and Chad wonders why Whitney doesnt want to start planning the wedding right now. He says he wonders what the problem is. Fox thinks to himself if Chad only knew the truth. Meanwhile, Theresa is lounging about, and Gwen is waiting on her. Theresa asks where Little Ethan is, and Gwen says he is taking a nap. Gwen leaves to get them some champagne and sparkling cider. Ethan thanks Theresa for what she is doing for them, for agreeing to give the babies back to them. Ethan says he always knew she would do the right thing, and he thanks her for helping his family. Theresa remembers vowing to keep her babies no matter what. Ethan sees something is bothering Theresa, and he asks what is wrong? Theresa says she is just tired. Gwen returns with the drinks, and Whitney joins them. Whitney refuses the champagne and says shes already drinking lemonade. Gwen decides that Chad and Whitneys engagement deserves a party of its own, and she and Ethan insist on throwing them one. Chad and Fox hear this, and Fox realizes he has to tell Whitney the truth before things go any further. Later, Gwen proposes a toast to Whitney and Chad, and Chad announces how he thinks he and Whitney shouldnt make love until their wedding night to make it all the more special. Whitney asks where this came from. He says it was actually Foxs idea, which stuns Whitney. Whitney confronts Fox alone and tells him that he is sick, she cant believe what he is doing. Whitney thinks he has done this so that she will come to him for sex because Chad is withholding it. Fox says that isnt what this is about, he said did what he did for a reason. Whitney thinks he is trying to steal her from Chad, and Chad doesnt even know. She tells him that he is a snake! Later, Ethan tells Fox that for Chad and Whitneys wedding hes going to find out who Chads parents are, it will be his present. Fox says that isnt a good idea. Ethan tells Fox that he knows he loves Whitney, but if he thinks getting Chad not to have sex with her will make her run to him than he is dead wrong. Fox says if Ethan knew the truth hed know exactly why he was doing this. Elsewhere, Gwen continues to wait on Theresa on Theresa because she thinks Theresa is going to give them to her. Theresa tells herself that shes keeping these babies, Little Ethan, and who knows, she may end up keeping Ethan! Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad are in the pool and Fox watches them. Ethan apologizes for going off on him earlier, and he knows it is hard watching the two of them together. Ethan knows it must be hard watching the woman you love marry someone who is like a brother. Fox says he does think of Chad like a brother, and he thinks to himself that when the truth comes out Whitney will hate her mother even more than she does right now.

At the Russells, TC and Liz walk in on Eve and Julian just as Eve remembers and admits she was driving the car that night. TC goes berserk, and he asks if this is true? Eve says it is true, she is sorry, but she was driving the car. Liz says she told him! She says Eve is a horrible person for lying to him. Eve says she didnt know the truth, and Julian assures TC that he lied to Eve to try and protect her. Eve says it just now all came back to her, she saw herself behind the wheel and she realized the truth. Eve says it is all her fault. Liz says it is her fault, and she knew all along she was driving the car. Eve says she didnt know. TC asks how this is possible because he doesnt understand any of this. TC asks how she could hit someone, leave the scene, and forget it happened. TC asks her how she could leave him to die? How could she not remember? Eve says she didnt remember. Liz says she was probably drunk or high and blacked out. Eve says she didnt black out, she wasnt paying attention because she was asking Julian for more champagne. TC tells Eve that her drunk driving binge cost him his dreams and caused his father to die of a broken heart. TC says he blames her for all of this. He says every time he looks at her he will see his fathers ghost. TC says he spent years hating Julian, thinking he was the enemy, but he was sleeping with the enemy! He says he was sleeping with someone who pretended to be his wife, but she was just the enemy all along. Eve says she didnt know, she didnt remember any of it. Liz says that is a lie, and if Eve didnt know she caused the accident than why did the Cranes finance her education? Liz says Alistair knew nobody could know Julians car hit TC because it would cause a huge lawsuit, and Alistair wasn't about to lose his fortune to a black man. Liz says Alistair had Julian's car fixed and then paid her to keep quiet! Liz says Eve got a whole new career out of destroying TC's! Eve says this isnt true! Eve says she thought the money was from Julian because he felt guilty about leaving her when she was pregnant. Eve tells TC she didnt remember the accident and she wouldnt take hush money! TC tells her that he is through with her lies and he is through with her. He tells her to leave and take Julian with her! Eve and Julian leave, and TC goes into his house and looks at one of his old tennis trophies. He remembers how happy his father was when he won the trophy. Meanwhile, Eve cries to Julian that her marriage to TC is over. 


September 3, 2004
At the Russell house, Liz tries to comfort TC and tell him that none of this is his fault. TC says in time he could have dealt with Eve's drug addiction and drinking, and even the baby with Julian, but to find out Eve was driving the car was too much. He says he has lost his wife, his family, he has lost everything. Liz says that isnt true. She says he still has his daughters and he still has her. Liz says she never should have brought Aunt Irma here, but TC says this is not her fault, it is all Eves fault. Liz tells him they should just drive up the coast and have some fun, but TC says he cant do that. He says he is still married and cant pretend he isnt. Liz says Eve has left with Julian. TC says he wont lower himself to Eves standards. Liz says it will just be a drive and a picnic, but he says no. He says he doesnt think this situation should continue. She asks what situation. TC says he cant be tempted by her again, what kind of example will that send to his girls. Liz says his marriage to Eve is over, but TC says not in the eyes of the church. TC tells Liz that she has to leave his house and she has to leave now! Liz says he cant let Eve stop him from moving on. TC says shes not, he is. He says he cant jump into another relationship so soon. She says they can take it slow, and she can stay around and just help out. TC says that wont happen, they both know it, so she needs to pack her bags and go! Later, TC puts his drink down and looks at a photo of him and Eve. He says they had the perfect life until she took it all away. He says she is a demon, she has destroyed him spiritually and mentally, she is nothing but a godless whore! Meanwhile, Liz is packing her bags and is furious. She once again blames Eve for ruining her life. She says Eve isnt here yet she has still managed to get in the way. Liz says this isnt over, not by a long shot. Liz says one day she will get her revenge. Suddenly, TC shows up and tells Liz not to go, he made a mistake. He says he doesnt want to put his life on hold anymore for Eve, he wants her to stay in his house and in his bed! TC says he wants her, and she says she wants him too! TC says Eve is out of his life and she is the only woman he wants. He throws her to the bed and begins to make love to her.

Eve and Julian arrive at the Crane mansion and seeing the pool party going on. Eve sees Whitney with Chad, and she is glad Whitney has found happiness with a man she loves. Julian knows Whitney wont have Chad for long. Eve thinks she needs to tell Whitney the truth about the accident, but Julian suggests it should wait. Eve says no, she needs to be the one to tell her. Julian says hell go be with Fox if she needs him.  Julian talks with Fox, who says he hasnt told Whitney the truth. Fox says Whitneys love for Chad is the only thing keeping her going. Fox says the news will destroy the only good thing left in her life. Julian says he hasnt told Eve yet either. Fox says they have to tell them and soon because they are planning a wedding. Fox says hes convinced them to stop sleeping together till the wedding, but they could change their mind and they could end up pregnant. Julian says things are about to get worse for Whitney, Eve remembered that she was the one who was driving the car that hit TC. Fox cant believe this, and wonders how much more can that family take. Julian says it will all pale in comparison to Whitney learning shes been sleeping with her own brother.

Eve approaches Whitney, who is with Theresa. She overhears that Theresa is having twins, and Eve says that is impossible. Gwen and Ethan ask why? Eve says she examined her under a sonogram and only one embryo took. Gwen asks if something is wrong, but Ethan say Doctor Amaro said the babies were fine. Eve says if that is what he said than they probably are. Gwen asks how she can be pregnant with twins if she wasnt before? Eve says she has no idea, but she knows there was only one embryo when she examined her. Ethan asks if it is possible she made a mistake, but Eve says she has never missed a multiple pregnancy, and with implants she specifically looks for multiple pregnancies. Ethan asks then how this happened? Eve says the only explanation is if Theresa was intimate with someone since the procedure. Theresa asks what that matters? Eve says it is possible for a woman to become pregnant with two babies from two different fathers. She says it is very rare, but well documented. Theresa says she didnt have sex to get pregnant, she was implanted. Eve says she know, but if she ovulated around the same time, she could have gotten pregnant with her own baby as well as theirs. Eve says this means her pregnancy could have been too new to hear, or she had sex with someone after the procedure. This infuriates Gwen, and she demands Theresa tell her who she slept with. She asks if it was Fox, and he says no. Gwen asks who it was, and she begins to chock Theresa. The others pull Gwen off of Theresa, and Ethan tries to calm her down. He says they will get to the bottom of this, and Gwen says they will because that crazy bitch has tried to screw her life up again! Gwen says she tried to give her the doubt this time, she really did. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Theresa she is done for now so she might as well confess. Theresa says no, and she tells Whitney that she cant tell anyone either. Theresa walks away to think, and Eve decides to confess to Whitney about the car wreck. Whitney asks what she did now, did she have an affair with Father Lonigan too? Eve says no, and she confesses about the car accident. Whitney says no! Eve says she didnt remember, and it all just came back to her. Whitney says how convenient. Julian explains he is to blame, and Whitney says of course he is. She says they are both disgusting. Whitney asks if there are any more secrets she needs to get out? Eve says no. Whitney says she wish any other woman on earth was her mother, and she storms off. Fox follows her into the garden, and Julian and Eve talk with Chad. Julian offers to help Chad in any way he can, and he also hopes they will become friends.

Meanwhile, Ethan confronts Theresa about how she became pregnant with two babies. She says she doesnt know, and suddenly, Ethan has flashbacks of making love to Theresa while she was disguised as Gwen. He tells Theresa he remembers that night, it was her in a blonde wig, he made love to her!  Elsewhere, Fox tells Whitney that he has to talk to her. She says she is marrying Chad and wants nothing more to do wit him. Chad says she cannot marry Chad because he is her brother! 

In the jungle, Martin, Katherine and Sheridan are walking in circles. They now know Alistair has lured them to their death. Sheridan doesnt care, she says she has lost Luis so she might as well be dead too. Katherine tells her not to talk like that, they cant let Alistair win! Martin has them following the sun, but Sheridan refuses to walk anymore. Sheridan says she just wants to die here in the jungle with Luis. Martin tells her that he understands her pain, but Luis would want her to go on living, and by living she will keep Luis alive in her heart. Martin says they will help one another through this. Martin says they can return with a search party, find Luis, and give him a proper burial. He says they cant do that unless they save themselves first though. Sheridan says she wants to take him back to Harmony, to his mother. Sheridan continues on with them, and she continues to mumble about Luis. She says she wants to go back in time, go back to Egypt where the curse on them started. Martin thinks Sheridan needs to rest, so they sit. Katherine says Sheridan is dehydrated. Martin says they all are. He decides to go back and look for the stream to get them some water. Katherine stays with Sheridan, and Sheridan tells Katherine all about her past lives with Luis. Sheridan soon begins to rant about her father and what he has done. She says she is going to kill her father, and as she talks about the painful death she will bring about for him, she paces. As she paces, she falls into a pit! Katherine paces and yells out Martin. Martin runs back and asks why she is using his real name? She says Sheridan fell into the pit and she isnt responding. He says it must have been meant for an animal. Martin uses a flashlight and they spot her lying in the pit. She isnt moving, but the snakes in the pit are! Sheridan finally comes too, and when she sees the snakes she begins to scream. Martin disappears to try and find something to help, and Katherine ends up jumping down into the pit to help Sheridan. She stands in front of Sheridan and tells Sheridan to stay back. 

The kidnapper calls Alistair who asks what he should do with the girl. Alistair tells him to keep her handy in case the others find their way out. The henchman asks if he can have her once this is over. Alistair says sure, Paloma is his. He tells her not to mar her pretty little face until then. Nicholas says its not her face hes interested in. Alistair laughs and says a man after his own heart. Nicholas tells Alistair that the other three wont make it out of the jungle, he has a big and extremely painful surprise waiting for them. Alistair tells Nicholas to call him later with info on the others demises, and he wouldnt mind hearing the details about Paloma either! Suddenly, Paloma attempts to escape, but Nicholas catches her. 

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