September 6, 2004
The soap was interrupted with news of former President Clinton making it through surgery for bypass surgery.

Rebecca shows up at the Crane Mansion, and she finds out from Gwen about Theresas condition. Gwen tells her mom that Theresa has two babies and only one baby is hers and Ethans! She says the other is Theresas with someone else. Gwen says Theresa slept with some other man while pregnant with her child, she just couldn't control her animal lust. Rebecca tells her not to knock animal lust. Rebecca also cant believe some hitchhiking baby is riding around with her grandchild, and she wonders who Theresa slept with this time. She sees Ethan with Theresa, and Rebecca says the man she seduced was Ethan! Gwen says Ethan wouldnt do that, it is impossible. Rebecca says Theresa still has her hooks in Ethan. She says Ethan may not be a Crane anymore, but he still has a fabulous body. Rebecca says he is a man and they are all alike when their little friends wake up. Gwen still says it is impossible, but Rebecca tells her to start thinking with her brain and not those loving maternal feelings. She says if Fox is denying he is the father, than who else would Theresa want to be the father? Gwen says she hates to admit it, but her mom might be right. Rebecca tells Gwen to handle this now, meanwhile she has to handle something.

Ethan accuses Theresa of disguising herself as Gwen and seducing him. She says it is crazy, but Ethan remembers that night. He realizes it is true, he is the father of both of her babies. Ethan says he remembers what happened, he was drunk and she took advantage of him. He says she disguised herself like Gwen, she even smelled like Gwen. He asks her why she did it? Theresa tells Ethan that she will tell him what happened that night he is remembering. She says nothing happened, she wasnt there. Ethan says he knows it was her, she was there! He says he knows she was, but she insists she wasnt. She says she didnt sleep with him, so there must be some reason he is coming up with these memories. She says this is very Freudian, her dressed as Gwen, is sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Ethan says he knows what she is doing, she is trying to turn this around and make it about him. Ethan says  they had sex and he knows it! Gwen approaches them and asks what they are whispering about? Gwen says let her guess, the bastard child sharing Theresas uterus with their child. She asks Ethan if Theresa has told her who the father is? Did she tell him who the slut slept with? Ethan says this isnt helping. Gwen tells Ethan that he is a terrible liar and guilty as sin. Gwen asks Theresa if there is something she would like to tell her about daddy number two?

Chad tells Eve and Julian that he will do whatever it takes to make Whitney happy. Julian says he and Whitney are so young, so they will wait to marry. Chad says he has enough money from a new record contract to marry her right away. Julian says no, he cant marry Whitney. He says this is an important day and they shouldnt rush it. Chad says Fox said the same thing. Eve jokes that all boys think they just have to buy a ring and the girl will show up at the church. Julian suggests a long engagement would be for the best, there is no reason to rush into this marriage. Chad says he and Whitney arent rushing into anything, this is something he and Whitney have wanted for a while. Suddenly, Rebecca shows up, butts her way in between Eve and Julian, and points out that this is her husband and always will be! Rebecca says Eve will never be Mrs. Crane, and while shes welcomed to Julians heart, she has what matters, his wallet. Rebecca walks off, and Eve feels guilty that he married Rebecca only to help her. Julian says he is responsible for his own actions. Julian continues to urge Chad to wait, which prompts Chad to ask Julian if he knows something he doesnt? Eve asks Julian if he knows something? Julian says there is a reason why Chad and Whitney shouldnt marry.

Fox tells Whitney that Chad is her half-brother, he is her mother and his fathers long lost child. Fox tells her that she cant marry Chad because it is incest! Whitney tells Fox that he is lying to her, but he says he isnt lying. He says this has nothing to do with his feelings for her, hes just trying to stop something horrible from happening. He says if they got married and she got pregnant it would be a tragedy. Whitney remembers that she is pregnant, and she says Oh God no! Whitney asks Fox how he knows, and Fox says Alistair told Julian, and he was listening in on them. Fox says he is so sorry, but Alistair told him later it was true. Whitney ends up slapping Fox and accuses him of lying in order to be with her. Fox says he didnt want to tell her, but she gave him no choice. He says he didnt want to hurt her, but Whitney thinks Alistair, Julian and him cooked this up to get what they want. Fox says his father doesnt have to plot to get her mother because her parents are finished. He says he loves her and it kills her to see her like this, but the truth is that Chad is their half-brother! Whitney says they did a DNA test a few years ago, and Fox says Alistair said he fixed the test. Fox tells Whitney to think about it, Chad was born the same year and month and Eve and Julians child, and as a foster child the only thing left from his real parents was a Harmony newspaper clipping. Fox tells her to look at Chad with Eve and Julian, look and see the resemblance. Whitney says this cant be true, but Fox says Alistair has no reason to lie about this. Fox says everything adds up, Chad is their half-brother.

In the jungle, Nicholas tells Paloma that she is his reward for a job well done. He forces himself on her and tries to rape her. She screams, and he tells her to stop it. He tells her to lie back and just take it. Paloma says it doesnt have to be like this. She says this is her first time, but she knows what she wants. She says a strong man like him turns her on. Nicholas asks if she thinks he is stupid? He says she is his and he will have her his way! She continues to scream, and Paloma ends up reaching for a rock and bashes him in the head! She knocks him out, and then tells him not to mess with her, she is a Lopez-Fitzgerald and nobody messes with a Lopez-Fitzgerald. She then thinks about her brother Luis, and she wonders what if he is alive and alone under the rocks. She says she has to see, and she rushes to him. She ends up at the ruins of the temple, and she feels guilty for pushing Luis away when he tried to reach out to her. She says if she had listened then theyd be in Harmony and theyd be sage. She cries that she is sorry and this is all her fault. Paloma then sees a shoe among the ruins, and she realizes he must be close to the entrance. She begins yelling out to Luis, and cries that now another brother is dead before she got to know him. Some of the rocks crumble away, and she sees an opening that leads down into the temple. She thinks she can go inside and find him. Suddenly, Nicholas shows back up and says hes back, and it is time for her to join his brother in his grave!

Elsewhere, Martin sees that Katherine has jumped down into the pit. She says the snakes were coming after Sheridan and she had to help her. Suddenly, one of the snakes strikes! Katherine is bit, and she begins to become weak. Martin jumps down into the pit, and Martin tells Sheridan to keep the snakes away while he sucks out the poison from Katherine's wound. Sheridan says Katherine, who is now convulsing, is dying! Martin tries to suck the poisons out, and hes forced to use a stick to break the wound open because the guide took his knife. Martin works to save Katherine. Katherine notices some scars underneath her hair, and she asks if she was in an accident? We see flashbacks of Katherine and Martin going to a doctor for plastic surgery. The doctor was a good friend of Katherines. Tim asked them both if they were ready to leave their lives, and they said they were. Tim told them he would do what he could, but he felt it was a crime to alter such beauty. He says they would be difficult procedures, but when he was done, nobody would know who they were. Back in the real world, Martin says there is nothing more that can be done for Mrs. Wheeler. He begs her not to leave him, not after everything they have been through. We see more flashbacks of Martin and Katherine with the doctor discussing the procedures. We see the doctor drawing on their faces where the cuts will go, we see them in the OR having the work done, and we see them afterwards having their bandages removed. The doctor told them that their own children wouldnt recognize them. Back in real time, Sheridan says she cant get a pulse, she thinks it has stopped! Martin tells himself that he wont let Katherine die without getting to tell Sheridan the truth. Martin ends up performing CPR on Katherine while more snakes loom closer to them. Sheridan says her pulse has stopped, and she thinks she is dead. Martin cries that she cant be dead! Not his love! He says after all these years it just cant end like this. Suddenly, another snake is about to strike, and Martin tells Sheridan not to move.


September 7, 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Gwen tells Ethan that she can see by the look on his face that he knows something about the twins Theresa is carrying. Gwen says Theresa must have slept with someone after being implanted, and she wants to know who. Theresa tells them to stop talking about her like she wasnt here. Gwen tells Theresa she is not going to listen to a liar like her. Ethan says they dont know anything, but Gwen thinks Ethan knows whose fetus Theresa is carrying. Ethan remembers Theresa taking advantage of him. Gwen asks Ethan if he knows who Theresa slept with or not? Ethan swears he doesnt know. Gwen turns to Theresa and asks her to tell the truth for once in her life, who did she sleep with and did she think she was going to jeopardize their fetus? Ethan says he doesnt think she would jeopardize their baby. Gwen tells Ethan not to defend her. Theresa says her doctor says the babies are healthy, but Gwen says shed like a second opinion. Gwen asks Theresa who the father is, but Theresa asks why she should tell her? Theresa says she wont believe her anyways. Gwen tells Theresa that she has some nerve, and Gwen says if it wasnt Fox she slept with than the only other person it could be is Ethan. Gwen asks Ethan to please tell her that he is not the father of this other baby. Ethan says nothing, and Theresa says if Gwen really wants to know than shell tell her. Theresa says the father of the other baby is Ethan. Gwen looks at Ethan, who is speechless. Theresa says it is true, and Gwen will have to accept it. Gwen cant believe this is happening. Ethan says this is not what she thinks. Gwen says yes it is, and she tells him to shut up. She says he cannot keep his hands off of her, no matter what promises he makes, he always ends up in Theresa's bed. Theresa says Gwen doesnt know what she is talking about, she is jumping to conclusions. Theresa says she hasnt been with anyone else since being implanted with their embryo, and the doctors must have been wrong and missed the multiple pregnancy. Theresa insists both babies are Gwens. Ethan continues to remember being seduced by Theresa, but he says nothing. Gwen asks how she knows she isnt lying? Theresa says Gwen is the one who was lying, pretending to care for her and wanting to be her friend. Gwen says she wasnt lying, she is grateful to her for caring for her child. Theresa says she must be a fair-weather friend than because she turned on her at the first sign of trouble. Gwen says she has every right to after what she has done to her in the past. Theresa says perhaps she should just move out of the mansion then, unless she believes her that both of these babies are Ethans. Ethan asks Gwen if he believes Theresa didnt have sex with anyone else, that both of these babies are hers? Gwen says she guesses Theresa is right, if Theresa didnt sleep with anyone else than the babies must both be theirs. Gwen says she would like to apologize to Theresa, but learning to trust her is new to her. Gwen says she just wants these babies so bad, and if something happens to make her think she wont get them, she freaks out. Theresa says she understands, so Gwen says it is all settled. Gwen tells Ethan she feels that these babies are hers. Meanwhile, Theresa tells herself that these are her babies and she will not give them up.

Chad asks Julian what the reason he and Whitney shouldnt get married is? Julian says there is a reason. Eve and Chad ask what the reason is. Julian says he will tell him. Julian says it is just what he said before, they are young and need to focus on their careers first. Chad doesnt believe him and thinks there is something else, some other bigger reason why he thinks they shouldn't get married. Julian says he doesnt mean to hurt his feelings, but Eve had doubts about him being the right man for Whitney. Eve says she was concerned at one time, but she isnt anymore. She says she thinks Chad is the right man for Whitney, he can help Whitney get through what has happened with their family. Eve says she can see how much Chad loves Whitney, and it reminds her of the way TC used to look at her. Julian tells Eve it is his fault, but she says she wont let him take all the blame for this. Eve and Julian look at one another, and Chad says the way the two of them look at one another is the way he always imagined his parents looking at one another. He says he still wants to finds his parents, but if he doesnt he will still be happy because he has found the love of his life in Whitney. Chad begins talking to Julian about how much he is in love with Whitney, and he reminds Julian of the time he talked to him about losing the love of his life and regretting it. Chad says he knows Julian was talking about Eve, and he doesnt want to have the same regrets Julian had, he wants to marry Whitney as soon as possible. Chad thanks Julian for his concern, and he thanks Eve for her approval. He decides to go find Whitney and tell her. He leaves, and Eve tells Julian that she wants Chad to marry Whitney, she needs the anchor he can provide. Julian says there is something he has to tell her, he has found their son. Eve asks if he really found him? Julian says he did, he knows their sons name.

Meanwhile, Whitney tells Fox that it cant be true, but everything he is telling him seems possible. Fox says he is so sorry, but he cant let her an Chad marry knowing what he knows. Whitney realizes that is why he convinced Chad to stop having sex and for them to try and postpone the wedding. Fox says he had to put his feelings aside and just keep something horrible from happening. Whitney touches her stomach and recalls finding out she was pregnant. Whitney says it is too late, something horrible has already happened! Fox asks what has happened? Whitney says this cant be, Chad cant be her brother. Fox says he knows it is crazy, but it is true. Whitney says Alistair could have done this just to cause them pain. Whitney says that has to be what is going on here, Alistair is lying. Fox says he isnt lying, he even told Julian that it was best he didnt know the truth, but Julian demanded to know. Fox says Julian will tell Eve, and eventually Chad will learn. He says eventually it will be over and like nothing ever happened. Whitney thinks to herself that it will never be open because she will have a child to always remind her. Whitney begins fantasizing about giving birth to her baby, which is deformed. Eve says it is horrible and she cant touch it. Chad says it is their baby. Chad goes to deliver the baby when Eve wont, and the baby comes out. Chad holds the baby up, and it is a little roaring monster! Whitney snaps too and says this cant be true, and she runs off. Fox chases after her. Whitney collapses, then cries that she wants to die! 

Down in the jungle, Nicholas grabs Paloma and tells her that she messed up, he will have her and then he will kill her. He goes to rape her once again, and she spits in his face. She ends up scratching his face and running away again. She manages to force him into running into an unstable temple wall, and it falls down on top of him. She says a prayer, and then decides to go search for her brother inside the collapsed pyramid. Nicholas moans under the rocks, and Paloma kicks him and hopes it takes him years to die! When she hears the moaning again, she realizes it is Luis and he is inside the temple under a pile of rocks. Paloma heads into the temple, finds Luis, and asks if he can hear her. He says her name, and she says yes it is her. Paloma begins screaming for help. She tells Luis  that he cant die, and if he lives she will go back to Harmony with him. He asks where Sheridan is? She says she doesnt know. He asks her to tell her that he loves her. She says she will, and she tells Luis to hold on. She cries that he cant die! She strokes his hair, thinking he is dead, and says how sorry she is that she just didn't go pack to Harmony with him when she had the chance.

In the snake pit, Martin and Sheridan try and stay away from the snakes. Martin says hes already lost his wife, he wont let the snakes get her too. There are snakes all over, and they continue to attempt to strike. Sheridan says first Luis and now Mrs. Wheeler, why is this happening. Martin says Alistair did this, this is why this is happening. Martin says they must get out of here and find Paloma, they cant let Alistair get them too. Sheridan begins climbing up a vine to get out of the pit when suddenly a snake slithers down the vine. She falls off the vine, and the snake is on her. She screams Oh lord, get it off of me! Sheridan ends up being bit in the neck, chokes, and collapses! Martin says Sheridan no, wake up! Martin ends up saying that he is so sorry he couldnt protect her or her mother. Martin yells out that he knows Alistair is out there, and he will make him pay if it is the last thing he does! Martin climbs out of the pit, leaving Katherine and Sheridans bodies behind. 

Elsewhere, Alistair watches the events in the snake pit on a mini TV, sips drinks, and is fanned by beautiful women. Alistair says there is only one final thing for him to do now that Sheridan and Katherine are dead, take care of Martin! Alistair heads into the jungle, and comes face to face with Martin. Alistair tells Martin here I am! Alistair tells Martin that hes changed, did he think plastic surgery would keep him from finding him and his whore of a wife? Martin tells her to shut his mouth! Martin tells Alistair that he is insane! He tries to attack Alistair, but Alistair has a gun and says hes going to have his final revenge by killing him.


September 8, 2004
Paloma cries over her brothers body and says if only she had listened when he told her to go back to Harmony with her. She says she is so sorry, she fought him out of foolish pride and now she has killed him. She says this is all her fault. She says she loves him, she loves all of her family. She decides she needs to get Luis body out of the temple, and she tries to pick him up. She cant, so she says she will go outside and block the entrance so nothing can steal his body. She says then she will find the others and come back for him. Paloma leaves the temple, and back inside Luis opens his eyes! Luis calls out for help, and Paloma runs back inside to him. Luis is alive, and he asks where Sheridan is. Paloma says she doesnt know, and she is afraid Sheridan may be dead! He says she cant be, she is at the inn. Paloma says Sheridan came after the wheelers, they all saw the explosion. Paloma explains how the man who took her and tried to rape her is outside and wont be coming to for a long time. Luis says she really is a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Paloma says that she doesnt know what happened to Sheridan and the Wheelers, but some man wanted them all dead. She says she heard the man talking to the kidnapper on the phone. She thinks this is her fault for not returning to Harmony with him. Luis says this is not her fault, it is Alistair Cranes fault. Luis says they need to go find Sheridan and the Wheelers. Suddenly, a gun shot is heard, and Luis says that could have been Sheridan. Later, Luis and Paloma are trekking through the jungle searching for Sheridan. Luis is weak, and ends up tripping and hitting his head on a rock.

In the jungle, Alistair holds a gun on Martin. Martin says this has always been his way of solving his problems, if something is in his way than get rid of it. Martin tells Alistair to go ahead and kill him, get it over with. Alistair says he wants to make him suffer the way he has suffered when Martin stole his wife from him! Martin tells Alistair that he lost his wife all on his own, it was his cruelty that caused him to lose her. Alistair says Martin was right, there is no reason to delay his death. He tells him that hes already outlived two of his sons, Paloma will be dead soon, and neither Katherine nor Sheridan is that great of a loss. Martin tells Alistair to shoot him, show him the monster he is. Alistair says Martin is no one to call him names, he abandoned his wife and family to be with Katherine. Martin says he didnt choose to abandon Pilar and he knows it, it was the only way out. Martin says he and Katherine didnt fall in love with one another until a long time after they ran away together. Alistair says no, they were lovers that ran off together. Martin says no, he was happily married when he left, he just couldnt let Alistair stand by and hurt Katherine. Alistair tells him to rationalize deserting his wife and family any way he wants, he still deserted them to live in sin with his wife in Mexico! Alistair says Pilar wouldnt be any more understanding than he is if she heard his story. Martin tells him to shut his mouth, he has no idea how he feels or still feels. Martin says he never would have left his wife and children if it wasnt for Alistair, he thinks about they every day and has for all these years. As Alistair and Martin taunt one another, Martin lunges for the gun, and they struggle over it. Martin eventually gets the upper hand and the gun. He holds Alistair at gunpoint and taunts him. Alistair begs for mercy, but Martin says he didnt listen to the others' cries mercy, so he wont show him any! Alistair tells Martin to wait, and he offers Martin the serum to the snake bites. Alistair says they are unconscious, but not dead. Martin says he is lying, they arent breathing. Alistair says they are in a catatonic state, their pulse and breathing have slowed down so much they are imperceptible. Martin thinks this is a trick, why would he have this antidote on him? Alistair says because he is prepared for emergencies. Alistair offers to trade the antidote for the gun. Martin says forget it, he is out of bargaining chips! Martin prepares to shoot Alistair, so Alistair throws the vials into the air. Martin reaches to catch them, and Alistair runs off yelling better luck next time! Martin fires the gun, but misses. Alistair vows that Martin, Katherine and Sheridan will still die at his hand. Meanwhile, Martin goes back into the pit to give Sheridan and Katherine the antidotes. When they dont come too, Martin thinks it was all a lie, another trick. Martin says hes lost them both! Martin damns Alistair to hell for lying to him. As Martin goes to leave, Katherine moans. Katherine is alive, and she asks Martin where her daughter is, where is Sheridan is. Martin says hes sorry but the antidote didnt work on Sheridan. Katherine cries, and suddenly Sheridan stirs. Katherine calls her my darling daughter! Martin tells Katherine there are still snakes everywhere, so they have to get out of here. They do, and Katherine asks Martin how he found the antidote, and Martin says he got it from Alistair. Katherine says it doesnt matter, they are alive and together. Sheridan comes too, and she asks what happened. Martin says they were both bit by snakes. Sheridan asks where Luis is. Martin says hes afraid Luis is dead. Sheridan says he shouldnt have saved her, she doesnt want to be alive if Luis is dead. Katherine tells her not to talk like that, people love her.  Meanwhile, Sheridan says not like Luis, without him she has nothing to live for! Suddenly, Luis shows up and says hes not dead, hes right here. She runs into his arms, and he says he wont leave her ever again.

Back in Harmony, Eve asks Julian who their son is? Julian says this is not easy. Eve says this is the best thing that has happened to her, tell her his name? He says she may want to sit down. She says she doesnt need to sit down to hear good news. She asks who her son is? Eve says she has waited for this moment since she realized their child was stolen from the hospital. Julian says this information comes at a cost. Eve says she has lost TC because of all of this, but if she finds her son she can salvage a relationship with Whitney and Simone. Julian says he wouldnt count on it. Eve says she knows she is setting her hopes a bit high, but it is possible. She asks Julian to tell her the name of her son. He says it isnt that simple. She says yes it is, he is about to make her dreams come true. He says sometimes dreams can become nightmares. She asks how he can say that? Has he turned out to be a bad person? Julian says no, he is a fine young man. Eve says their son is the same age as Chad, so he could come to the wedding. Julian tells her to stop this. Eve asks what is wrong with him, and she demands to know her sons name. Julian says it is Chad. Eve says that is a coincidence. Julian says no, their son is Chad Harris. Eve says he is a wonderful young man, and there was always something in him that reminded her of Julian. Julian says he was always fond of Chad too. Eve then realize what this means for Whitney and Chad. Eve says not Chad, he cant be their son. Julian says he is sorry but that is who he is. She says that means Chad and Whitney are brother and sister, God no!

Elsewhere, Fox helps Whitney up after she collapses. Chad finds them, and he asks Whitney what is wrong? Fox says she just felt a little sick. He asks if it is her stomach again? We see flashbacks of Fox telling Whitney the truth about Chad, and of Whitney finding out she is pregnant. Chad asks her if she is okay, and Whitney says no. Chad asks what happened? Fox says they were talking and she just felt a little sick. Chad says he doesnt like this. He wants to get her mom, but she says no. He says fine hell ask the maid to get her some medicine. When he tries to kiss her, she pulls away. Chad thinks she really must be feeling bad if she wont let him kiss her. She stares at him, and he asks why? She says nothing, and Chad leaves. Whitney tells Fox that she doesnt think Chad is her brother, she just studied his face and he doesnt have one feature in common with her, Simone, her mother or Julian. She thinks Fox is lying to her, but he says he isnt. She asks him to tell her that there is a chance, a small chance that it isnt true. Fox says hes sorry but it is real, it is true. Chad returns, and he knows something is going on and demands to know what. Whitney tells Chad not to listen to Fox, whatever he says is a lie. Chad looks puzzled. Fox says the thing is he knows who Chads parents are. Chad is stunned and asks for their names? Fox hesitates, and Whitney is in a state of panic. He asks what is with the down faces on the two of them, are they bad people? Fox says no. Chad asks how he found out? Fox says he heard Alistair and Julian talking about them. Chad wonders why theyd be interested in his parents. Whitney asks Fox not to do it. Chad realizes Whitney knows, so he demands to know who his parents are. Fox finally reveals the truth to Chad, Eve and Julian are his parents! Chad says he cant believe this, this is incredible, he and Fox are half-brother. He soon realizes what this means, and he says this cant be true. He says he can believe Julian is his father, but not Eve. He says this cant be true! Chad says if it is true than Whitney is his sister!


September 9, 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Gwen gives Theresa drink and says once again how sorry she is for accusing her and jumping to the wrong conclusion. She also tells Ethan that she owes him an apology too because she knows he would never betray her like that again. Gwen says from now on she wants to concentrate on the babies. Ethan hugs Gwen, but he cant get the night Theresa took advantage of him out of his mind. Gwen tells Theresa that she knows she over reacted, but she is nervous, and she doesnt know how shed act if something happened and they didnt get these babies. When Gwen leaves, Ethan tells Theresa that she lied to Gwen and she knows one of those babies is not his and Gwens, one is his with her! Ethan tries to get Theresa to admit what she did, but she wont. Ethan says he knows she tricked him, but he doesnt know why considering she was pregnant with his and Gwens embryo. Ethan says she didnt sleep with him to get pregnant, so why did she do it? Did she want to get even with Gwen for taking Little Ethan? Theresa says no, she knows that was Rebeccas doing. Ethan says then why, it doesnt make sense. Theresa tells herself that it made sense at the time because she thought she had miscarried. Ethan asks Theresa why she did it, he has to know. She says she didnt, and perhaps he just dreamt it. He says he didnt dream it, he knows it happened. Theresa says it didnt, and if he says anything to Gwen, she will go crazy. Ethan says he knows, but he just hates lying to her. Theresa says if he does say something to Gwen, she wont believe him, but she will believe that he wants to sleep with her! Theresa says Gwen wont believe she could disguise herself as Gwen and fool him into making love to her, she would however think he slept with her willingly. Ethan says Theresa is right and Gwen wouldnt believe it. Theresa says than keep his mouth shut and say nothing. 

Meanwhile, Gwen finds Rebecca, who has come back from a shopping spree. She says she has prepared herself in case Julian wants a divorce. However, she says she wont let Julian shake her off that easily now that his hoochie momma is back on the market. Rebecca asks Gwen if she has found out who Theresa slept with and got knocked up by a second time? Gwen says that is why she came to find her, Theresa didnt sleep with anyone else. Rebecca cant believe Gwen believes Theresa. Rebecca says Theresa lies about everything, she is probably lying about this too! They get into a huge argument, and Gwen ends up telling her mother that the babies are both hers, end of discussion. Gwen goes back and finds Theresa and Ethan in a bit of an argument, and she wonders what is going on. Ethan says it is nothing. Gwen says she thinks they should all go to the hospital and have Theresa checked out. Theresa says it isnt necessary, but Gwen says it is. 

At the hospital, Theresa  has a sonogram, and the nurse says the babies are doing well. The nurse says since Gwen is so concerned theyll keep Theresa here a bit longer. Rebecca is with them, and she asks if they can go get a cup of coffee while they wait. Gwen wants to stay with Theresa, but Rebecca says shes not doing anything devious right now. Theresa says it is okay, they can go because she wants to take a nap anyways. As the three are leaving, Pilar shows up to see Theresa. Pilar thinks they have done something to Theresa, but Rebecca says Theresa got in this predicament all by herself, and she calls her an embryo stealer. Gwen tells her mom enough, she doesnt want Theresa upset. Pilar asks Theresa if she is okay? Theresa says she is. Gwen tells Pilar how happy she is to be the mother of twins and how amazing it is. Pilar says yes it is wonderful. Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen eventually leave, but not before Gwen apologizes to Theresa for her mothers actions. Pilar demands to know what is going on, so Theresa tells her mom that Ethan and Gwen are suspicious of the second baby. Theresa says she convinced Gwen she didnt sleep with anyone else, but Ethan remembers her seducing him. However, she denied it and told him that he was dreaming. Theresa says she convinced Ethan that it never happened. Pilar doesnt like this and says every time she weaves a web of lies it gets worse. Pilar asks if she heard the hope in Gwens voice? Theresa says she knows these babies mean everything to Gwen. Pilar begs Theresa to tell her that she has changed her mind about keeping these babies. Pilar begs Theresa to tell her that she couldn't do something so horrible to another woman.

Out in the garden, Eve tells Julian that Chad cant be their son, there must be a mistake. He says there is no mistake. Eve says Chad and Whitney are lovers, they wont be able to deal with this. She says this cant be true. Eve says Alistair could be lying, but Julian says he isnt. Julian says Alistair was trying to protect him from bad publicity, but now that he doesnt care about him any more he told him. Eve cant believe this and asks what Whitney and Chad will do now. Julian says they will have to deal with it. Eve says Chad is going to be in so much pain, he has been looking for his parents for years and only to find out hes been committing incest. Eve asks if they know? Suddenly, they hear Chad creaming No!

Elsewhere, Chad says if this is true than Whitney is his sister. Chad says this cant be true, this has to be a sick joke. Fox says he is sorry but it is the truth. Chad says it just cant be. He asks Whitney if she believes it? Whitney says she doesnt know. Chad says it cant be true, and Whitney says Alistair could be lying. Chad also says he had a DNA test and didnt match Julian or Eve. Fox says his grandfather changed the test, and he believes his grandfather is not lying. Chad says he has dreamt about finding his whole parent his whole life, and now that it has happened, it is making him sick. Both Chad and Whitney wonder why they didnt feel anything was wrong between them. Chad says all he has ever felt for her was love. She says she felt the same thing. Chad says this cant be happening. Julian and Eve soon show up, and Chad asks if it is true. Chad asks them if they are his parents? Julian says it is true, he is their son. Chad says he has dreamt of this day for so long, and it wasnt supposed to happen this way. Eve says she feels the same way. Eve tells Whitney that she knows saying shes sorry is meaningless right now, but she is sorry. Eve says she would die if it would lesson her pain. Whitney asks her mom how could she ruin her life anymore than she has? Eve says she is so sorry. Chad says he spent so much of his life wondering how they could have given him away, and what kind of people they were. Julian and Eve say that he was not given away or thrown away. Eve says he was loved, and she dreamed about him, about finding her son. She tries to reach out and hug Chad, but he pushes her away. HE says he dreamed about finding his parents every day, he though finding them would make him complete. He says it isnt complete, it has been destroyed. Julian says they will help him, but he says he cant help them. Chad says he doesnt want parents if they have to be his parents. He says the only thing he wants is Whitney. Chad tells Whitney they will figure something out. Chad goes to touch Whitney, but she says no! She says he is her brother, they have committed incest. When Fox goes to comfort her, she tells him not to touch her either! 

In the jungle, Luis finds Martin, Katherine and Sheridan; and Sheridan and Luis are reunited. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her and he wont leave her ever again. Katherine says this is a miracle, and Martin is glad his son is alive. Sheridan asks how he lived, and Luis says Paloma saved his life. Paloma comes out of the woods, and she hugs Martin and Katherine. Sheridan thanks God that they are all alive. Paloma explains everything to them, and Luis is proud of his little sister. Paloma and Luis say the kidnapper is dead. Paloma asks who the kidnapper was, and why was he trying to kill them all? Luis says he was probably hired by Alistair Crane. Paloma asks why he hates them? Sheridan says they dont know. Paloma says they must know why he is so filled with hate, why would he want to hurt her? Martin says she probably just got caught in the whole mess. Paloma asks what mess, she needs to know what is going on. They explain that Alistair is an evil man, and for some reason he has targeted them all. Martin tells Paloma they didnt want to upset her, but he is also responsible for Alistairs death. Luis promises Paloma that they wont let Alistair get away with this, any of it. Martin tells himself that he will help his son, and their only hope is to kill Alistair before he can kill them. Luis vows to Paloma and Sheridan that Alistair will never come between any of them again. As they walk to get out of the jungle, Katherine becomes woozy. Martin says it is probably from the snake venom. Martin explains what happened to Sheridan and Katherine, an d Luis thanks Martin for saving Sheridans life. Luis asks Sheridan if she is all right? Sheridan says she is, but she does remember an odd dream she had about her mother. Sheridan says she doesnt remember the dream per say, she just felt her mother was alive and with her. Martin says perhaps she was just hallucinating. She says if that is the case than her dream isnt so strange. Sheridan says she just felt like her mother was with her. Sheridan then remembers she didnt dream about her mother, she dreamed about Mrs. Wheeler! Martin says perhaps that was because Mrs. Wheeler was the last person she saw before she passed out. Sheridan says no, she heard Mrs. Wheeler say that she was her mother! 


September 10, 2004
At the hospital, Rebecca tells Gwen and Ethan that she still thinks Theresa is lying. Rebecca says Eve may have been a drugged up whore in the past, but she is a good doctor. Rebecca doesnt think Eve missed two babies, she thinks Theresa had sex with someone else and got pregnant a second time. Gwen tells her mother to stop this. She says she has already been through this, she even accused Theresa of seducing Ethan to get back at her. Rebecca says she still doesnt trust Theresa. Gwen says she trusts her husband, and she thinks the babies are fine and both theirs. Later, after they get coffee, Rebecca says she cant believe there is such a thing as self serve coffee. She wonders what the world is coming to. Gwen has a plate of fruit for Theresa, and Rebecca things a plate of plantains is more Theresas style. Rebecca continues to tell Gwen that she is mad to be taking Theresas word as truth. Gwen says Theresa has no reason to lie because she knows now that they are going to give her Little Ethan back. Still, Rebecca says she is not convinced the second baby is hers and Ethans. Gwen asks her mother to please stop this! Ethan also wishes Rebecca would stop, and Rebecca says she bets he does! Gwen says fine, if the babies arent her and Ethans, so whose are they? Rebecca says she doesnt know, but since shes had sex with Julian than any freak could be the babie's father. Gwen says shes not talking about this anymore, the babies are hers. Gwen and Ethan walk off, and Rebecca says she knows Theresa is up to something. As they walk back to Theresas room, Rebecca ends up eating all the fruit Gwen got for Theresa. Gwen ends up asking her mom to just leave because she is driving her crazy. Rebecca says fine, but tells Gwen to keep her wits up around Theresa! Gwen then tells Ethan that very soon they will be back here for the birth of their two babies. She says she is so happy, she is married to the most wonderful man and they will have a wonder family. Theresa spies and once again vows Gwen will not get any of her babies. Theresa says it will break Gwens heart, but that is what she gets for taking her son. Theresa says payback is a bitch, and Gwen is about to get hers plus interest. 

In Theresas room, Pilar pleads with Theresa to give the babies to Gwen once they are born. Pilar says she cannot be this cruel and heartless. Theresa says she hasnt changed her mind, shes keeping these babies and will get Little Ethan back too. She says Gwen will never be mother to her children. She says one of these babies are hers with Ethan, and perhaps both of them are. She says she will keep them both and if Gwen wants to raise something than she can get chickens. Pilar wonders how she can be so cold, and she wonders where she went so wrong with her. Pilar says she brought her up in the church and to know God. She says if only her father was here, maybe he could have taught her right from wrong. Theresa tells her mom to stop this, she has been the best mother anyone can ask for. Theresa says papa is the one who let them down, he abandoned his wife and his children. Theresa says Paloma has been away from them for all these years because of papa. Pilar tells Theresa not to speak of her father this way, but Thersa says he failed them. Theresa says she never wants to see papas face again. Theresa says she doesnt want to talk about papa anymore because she (her mother) wasted so many years waiting for him to come back. Pilar says it was her choice to wait. Theresa says she has made her choice as well, and Gwen will suffer the same way she made her suffer. Theresa also blames them for her mothers illness. Theresa says if she wasnt fired than she would have had health insurance, and she could have gotten help much earlier for her blood disorder. Theresa continues to rant and rave about what Gwen and Rebecca have done to her, to them all. Pilar understands Theresas pain as she remembers having to give Paloma up to her sister to raise. Theresa says she will soon see Paloma, but Pilar says she can never make up for lost time. Theresa tells her not to look back. Pilar just hopes Paloma realizes the good life she has had down in Puerto Arena. Pilar continues talking to Theresa and tries to convince her to give Gwen and Ethan their baby when they are giving her Little Ethan back. Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca must be taught a lesson. Theresa thinks they should talks about something else, and she asks when Luis and Sheridan will bring Paloma home. Pilar says she doesnt know. Theresa thinks it will be soon. Pilar says she is just so anxious to see Paloma. Pilar remembers talking to Sheridan about a nightmare that Paloma was in danger. Theresa says she thinks Paloma is fine, Sheridan wouldnt lie to her if Paloma was in trouble, and Luis would never let anything bad happen to her. Theresa thinks her mom needs rest, so she tells her to go back to her room. 

On the Crane grounds, Whitney tells both Chad and Fox not to touch her. Eve tries to comfort Whitney. She says she loves her and she loves her brother. Whitney tells her mom to get the hell away from her. Whitney says her mother is poison! Eve begs Whitney to let her help her, but Whitney says what she will do, help her plan her wedding to her brother? Whitney says her mother knew she had a son and she didnt tell anyone. Eve says she didnt know Chad was her son because the DNA test they didnt match. Eve says she and Julian are just as much a victim as she and Chad are. Whitney says no, this is all her fault. Whitney tells her mom that she is a monster, and now her mother has made her a monster as well. Whitney tells Eve that she hates her for what she has done to her. Whitney says if she had at least known she had a brother than she could have been more careful. She says if her mother hadnt kept her past a secret than she could have been more careful. Eve says she knows what she is going through, but Whitney says she couldnt know. Whitney says she and Chad made love, passionate love. Whitney says her brother took her virginity! Whitney says this is all Eves fault! Whitney says she is a sick freak because of her! Whitney thinks about the baby and asks what she has done? Eve says she didnt know Chad was her son until now. Whitney says she still knew she had a son and she lied about it, she told them that she had a son with daddy but he died. Julian says Eve is telling the truth, none of them knew about Chad. Whitney says she is sick of Julian defending her mother. She says if her mom had been honest than she could have been more careful. Chad asks Whitney not to beat herself up over what happened. Whitney turns away from Chad says she cant even look at Chad without thinking about what they have done! Eve tells Whitney that she is not alone, they are all in shock. Whitney says none of them made love to Chad though. She tells everyone, all of them to just leave her alone. Whitney storms off, and Eve asks Julian why this is happening. She says she has prayed for this moment for so long, but she never would have imagined the most wonderful moment of her life would turn out to be the most terrible. Meanwhile, Fox tries to console Chad. Chad says he spent years looking for his parents. He says he never felt whole not knowing who they were or who he was. He says now he knows, and because of it he has lost the woman he loves, his sister! Chad says this is hell, this is pure hell!

In the jungle down in Mexico, Sheridan remembers that she wasnt dreaming about her mother, Mrs. Wheeler was the one who said she was her mother. Mrs. Wheeler says the truth is . . . Luis interrupts and tells Sheridan that she must have imagined it all in her mind. Luis says she was probably dreaming about her mother, then heard the Wheelers voices, and she confused to two memories. Sheridan says Luis is right, her mother is dead. Sheridan apologizes to Mrs. Wheeler, and she says this isnt the first time she has confused her with her mother. Mrs. Wheeler says not to apologize, it is a compliment that she thinks she could be her mother. Sheridan says she just needs her mother more now than she ever has because maybe her mother could make sense of why Alistair hates them. Martin says they should get back, but Sheridan says they have no guide. Paloma says it is no problem, she and her friends came here to study ecology, she knows the way out. 

The jungle gang returns to the inn, and Luis says Paloma did real good. Martin wants the doctor to check them all out, but they all swear they are fine. Paloma says she just needs something cold to drink. Martin says he needs something stronger than water, and grabs the booze. Sheridan tells Luis that he knows he thought theyd be safe once they left Harmony, but they arent. She thinks this is all her fault, but Luis says he thinks Alistair hates him and his family because of his fathers disappearance. Martin tells Katherine that Luis is right, and he will kill Alistair for what he has done to them and their children. Later, Luis talks with Martin about what has happened, and he thinks they shouldnt tell his mother about what went on down here because the stress could kill her. Luis talks about what a good mother Pilar is, and what a louse his father is. Luis says he wishes his mother would forget his father, move on, and find someone worthy of her. Sheridan and Katherine bring in a ton of food for them. Luis says hell eat as soon as he makes plane reservations for them back to Harmony. As he is about to call his mom to tell her that they are coming home, Paloma tells him that when he calls mama she would like to speak to her. Paloma says she wants to tell mama that she is coming home. Luis asks what changed her mind? She says because she knows he loves her, in spite of her being a brat, and she has realized she is a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Paloma says she wants to go home to Harmony, if hell take her. He hugs her and is very happy. He says this will be the best medicine for mama! Luis calls up Pilars room, and he talks to her. Luis tells Pilar that Paloma wants to talk to her, and Pilar is thrilled by this news. Luis hands Paloma the phone, and she is nervous about talking to her mother. They talk in Spanish. Martin and Katherine watch, and Martin says it has been so long since Paloma talked to Pilar. Katherine is in tears and says she wants to tell Sheridan the truth. Martin says he knows, and some day they will share a moment like this with their loved ones. Katherine says Alistair wont allow it. Martin says Alistair wont have a say, he will die at his hands. Martin says they have no more options, he has to kill Alistair before he kills them and their loved ones. 

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