September 13, 2004
Simone brings Kay home to Tabitha's from the hospital. Kay is unfortunately unable to pick up Maria due to her injuries, and she rants about how much her life sucks right now. Simone says both of their lives will suck if they messed with those hospital records for nothing. Tabitha asks what they are talking about? Kay explains her plan to Tabitha, but Tabitha says that would make Chad Simones half-brother as well. Kay says theyd just change the records back, and Simone would get Chad and revenge on Whitney. Tabitha thinks that plan is brilliant, but Simone says they dont know if they were able to change the records. Tabitha says then they have to go back to the hospital and fix things! Kay asks what about the babies? Tabitha says not to worry, she has a baby sitter on call. When Kay and Simone have left, Tabitha says a spell to summon up mother goose to baby-sit! Later, Mother Goose baby-sits the kids, and she has to deal with Fluffy! She puts Fluffy in her place and gets her to be polite in order to be fed. Mother Goose summons up some Purina Cat Chow for the cats. 

At the Crane Grounds, Whitney continues to lash out at her mother. She says Eve is making her sick and runs off. Julian tells Eve to give Whitney some space and time, but Eve says she's afraid there isnt enough space and time in the world. Eve goes to Chad, and Chad tells Eve that what should have been the most wonderful day of his life has cost him the woman he loves and every ounce of happiness he has. He says he would give anything for this not to be true, he would give anything to have anyone else but her be his mother! Meanwhile, Julian and Fox discuss how poorly things have gone, just as they knew they would. Fox says he hates seeing Whitney in so much pain. He says he wants her to be happy, even if that meant she somehow got to spend her life with Chad. Julian goes to talk to Chad, and he refers to him as son. . Chad tells Julian that he likes him and always has, but not to push this right now. Julian says he understands, but Chad says he doesnt. Chad says hes always looked forward to meeting his parents, but now it has blown up in his face like one big cosmic joke! Fox talks to Eve to see how she is doing. She wonders why Whitney had to fall in love with Chad. Fox says Simone had a crush on him too, so maybe they were instinctively drawn to him. Eve says yes because he is their brother! Eve once again tries to talk to Chad. Julian is with Eve, and Eve says she would gladly give up finding her son if she could make everything right. Julian says there is a possibility that Alistair could have lied, so they should go to the hospital and make sure this is the truth. Eve thinks Julian is right. Eve says no offense to Chad, she would be honored to have him as her son. She also says shed give up finding her son forever if it meant he could marry Whitney.

At the hospital, Theresa vows that Gwen will get neither of her babies! She says both Gwen and Rebecca will pay! Later, Whitney shows up to see Theresa. She asks Theresa why she is in the hospital, is she okay? Theresa says she is fine, but she can see Whitney is not. Whitney says her life is over and she wants to die. Theresa thinks Whitney is upset over her mom, but Whitney says Chad is what is wrong. Whitney says Chad is Julian and her mothers long lost son, she is in love with her own brother! Theresa says this cant be because of the DNA tests her mom did on Chad. Whitney says Alistair switched the test results. She says Alistair took the baby and knew the truth all along. Theresa wonders how anyone could be so cruel. Theresa comforts her devastated friend. Whitney wonders what she has done to deserve this. Theresa says this isnt her fault, and Whitney says she is right and that this is her mothers fault! Still, Whitney wonders why out of all the people she could have fallen in love with did it have to be her brother! Whitney continues to says she wishes she was dead, so Theresa tells her not to say that because it could happen. Theresa tells Whitney that somehow she'll get through this.

 Meanwhile, Ethan tells himself he knows Theresa seduced him somehow, and he knows the second baby she is carrying is from that night is his. He says if Gwen ever finds out than it will kill her. Ethan goes to the hospital chapel to pray that both children are his with Gwen. As He prays, Ivy walks in and is stunned by what she overhears. She asks Ethan what he is talking about? Ethan confides in Ivy about the night he thinks he slept with Theresa. He tells Ivy the whole story, that he got drunk the night of the Founders Day Dance, he thought he made love to Gwen, but she denied it. He says he thinks the person he had sex with was Theresa disguised as Gwen. Ethan says the morning after he was groggy and didnt remember a thing. Ivy says Theresa drugged him, the girl is evil and capable of everything. Ethan says this will destroy Gwen, but Ivy says Gwen can never know. Ethan says she might find out as Theresa is carrying two babies, and they might not be twins. Ethan says there is a possibility that the second child might be his with Theresa. Ivy thinks Theresa is trying to break up him and Gwen again. Ethan says no, and Theresa says this is just a drunken made up memory of his. Still, Ethan says he feels like he is lying to Gwen. Ivy says he cannot tell Gwen, and they have to pray Eve made a mistake. She also says after the babies are born she will find a way to get to the bottom of all of this.

Pilar gets a phone call from Paloma, and it makes her feel much better. Paloma says she cant wait to see her and she has been saving so many hugs for her. Pilar is overjoyed to learn Paloma is coming home. 

Later, Tabitha, Simone and Kay show up and search for the hospital records room. Before they can go in and tamper with the records, Eve, Chad and Julian show up. Simone asks why they are here? Eve doesnt want them to say anything, but Julian and Chad say they might as well. Eve finally tells Simone that she has something to tell her, so Simone tells her to spit it out. Eve says they think there is a possibility that Chad is her and Julians long lost son. Simone asks how she knows, and they say Alistair told them. Chad says they arent sure if Alistair is telling the truth, so they are checking his records. They leave, and Simone says if this is true than Chad is her brother. Kay says it also means Whitney was committing incest, and it is a good thing they found out about this before she went too far with Chad!

In Mexico, Sheridan and Luis are together, and Martin and Katherine are glad that their children are safe. Katherine continues to worry about Alistair and what he will do. Martin says Alistair has declared all out war, he has left him no choice but to kill him! Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Luis how much she loves him. She says they are both alive and they are together. Luis says nothing will ever separate them again. Sheridan asks Luis to marry her. She says she loves him so much and she wants to marry him as soon as possible! Luis says he wants to marry her, but they cant get married until Antonio is legally declared dead and they have gone through a proper mourning period. Sheridan is just afraid her father will do something to separate them again, but he says that Alistair wont. Luis excuses himself to talk to the Wheelers for a second. He leaves, and Sheridan asks her mothers spirit to watch over her and Luis. Luis returns and says he needs to run down to the travel office and get their tickets. Sheridan wants to go with him, but Katherine asks Sheridan to stay because there is something she has to show her. All the while Martin is smiling, and he says to himself that Sheridan is in for a big surprise! Katherine, Sheridan and Paloma head upstairs, and Katherine shows Sheridan a dress she has in her closet.  Katherine says an old friend gave it to her and she thought it would make a wonderful wedding gown. Sheridan agrees and says it is lovely. Katherine asks Sheridan to try it on, and with some pushing, Sheridan agrees to try it on. Later, Sheridan is in her gown, and the others have gotten dressed up as well. Martin says that it is time to go as they have a surprise for her! Outside the inn is a horse drawn coach, and they take a ride around town. Sheridan thinks they should wait for Luis, but Martin says he wont mind. As they ride through town, everyone cheers. Sheridan says this is embarrassing because everyone thinks she is a bride. They stop for a bouquet of flowers, and eventually come to the end of the ride. Sheridan asks why they have come here, so they tell her to go inside and find out. They go inside the church, and Sheridan sees the priest. She asks what he is doing here. Luis shows up and says he should ask the questions, and the question is, will she marry him?

Out in the jungle we see Alistair standing over the pit Martin, Sheridan and Katherine were trapped in. He says they should enjoy their freedom while they can, because he will catch and kill them!  Alistair tries to call Nicholas, but he doesnt answer. Alistair says Nicholas better not have let Paloma escape, and Luis better still be trapped under the rubble in the temple. However, when he searches the temple, he learns Luis has escaped as has Paloma, and Nick is dead. He dams them and says he will kill them all! He then fires his gun into the air.


September 14, 2004
This has not been proofed! I have to head out after the soaps end, so I haven't had time to proof the summaries!
At the hospital, Gwen asks Ethan where he has been? He says he was in the chapel, and she thinks he was saying a prayer for Sarah. He says shes got it. She tells Ethan she would have liked to have joined him, but she feels all her prayers are already being answered. Ivy is with them, and she feels bad for Gwen. Ivy heads off to deal with Theresa, and later Gwen asks Ethan where his mother has gone off too? Ethan doesnt know. Gwen and Ethan soon begin discussing names for their twins.

In Theresas room, Theresa continues to try and comfort Whitney. Theresa says now that she knows the truth she can put it behind her, at least she didnt get pregnant. Whitney looks grim, and Theresa asks what she said now? Whitney runs out of the room, and Theresa says it isnt as bad as she thinks. Later, Ivy shows up to confront Theresa about the babies and what she did to Ethan. Theresa tells Ivy to get out or shell tell Ethan and Gwen how horribly she is treating the mother of their children. Ivy says save it because she knows exactly what she is up to and she wont get away with it! Ivy says Ethan told her about his suspicions. She says Ethan doesnt think she is so devious, but she knows Theresa better. She asks Theresa if she drugged Ethan? Theresa tells Ivy that she is delusional! They argue, and Theresa asks if Ethan has told Gwen about these suspicions of his? Ivy says Ethan hasnt told Gwen because it would break her heart. Theresa says thank God. Ivy says so it is true. Theresa says no, she just meant the babies are Gwens and it would hurt her if she knew what Ethan thought they had done. Ivy calls her a liar. Ivy says she knows what Theresa has done, she doesnt know why Theresa has done this. Theresa says she hasnt, and she and Gwen have an agreement when the babies are born. Ivy says the only thing she knows is when these babies are born, Ethan and Gwen will raise them and she will never see them again! Theresa says she has every intention of handing these babies over in exchange for her son. Ivy says excellent, than she wont mind not bonding with the babies after they are born. Theresa says Gwen and Ethan wont keep her from seeing them, but Ivy says dont bet on it! She says the minute the umbilical cord is cut they will be whisked away from her forever. Ivy says the day the babies are born will be the last day she will see them. Ivy leaves, and Theresa vows not to lose these babies.

Eve, Julian and Chad head to the records room. Julian says what if Alistair has changed them? Eve says then they will run all the DNA samples again and get to the truth. They head into the records room, and Eve says this is a new system since the last time they were here. Chad is hoping Eve and Julian arent his parents, and Eve says she does too. She says she likes Chad, but if hes not her son he will still be her son-in-law. 

Meanwhile, Simone tells Kay that she better not have screwed up the records because she wants to get to the truth. She thinks Alistair may have come up with the same plan they did, but then worries that perhaps Chad really is her half-brother. Later, Whitney shows up and asks what is going on, why are they hanging out outside of the records room? Simone says Mom, Julian and Chad are in there. Whitney thinks they have all heard. Simone says they are hoping Julians father lied, and they are trying to find out now. Whitney hopes it is a lie. Kay says if he wasnt than she could still marry him. Whitney says shed marry him tomorrow if she knew he wasnt her brother. 

Whitney heads inside to the room and asks Eve if she knows if Chad is her brother or not. Simone shows up, and Julian says they are involved with something here. Simone says she has a right to be here, and Kay and Tabitha show up for support. Later, Eve says Oh my God! Eve tells them shes afraid it is a match, Chad is their son. Chad says Alistair could have tampered with the computer, or someone else could have. Eve says no. She says there was evidence of previous tampering, but she ran them through from scratch and it is conclusive. Eve tells Whitney that she is sorry, but Whitney tells her to save it. Whitney says she has completely destroyed her life. Whitney says she wants to die, and she runs off. Eve and Chad want to go after her, but Kay suggests they both give her space because she doesn't want to see either of them right now. Eve asks Julian what she has done, what have they done to their children? Simone grabs a piece of paper off the floor and leaves, with Kay and Tabitha following her. Chad is furious and wonders how Alistair could do this, what kind of human being do this to another. Julian says his father, Chads grandfather is not a human, he is a monster. Chad asks what Alistair could have had against him, he was a baby. Eve says the same thing he had against her, her color. Julian says his father is a bigot and wouldnt stand for any Crane that wasnt pure white. Julian says that is Alistairs problem, but he will always be his son.

In the hall, Simone looks at the paper, and she thinks Kay really did change the results. Kay says she didnt get this far, what she did didnt influence these results. Kay looks at the paper and says these numbers mean nothing to her, she wouldnt know how to figure this stuff out to save her life. Simone realizes what this means. Tabitha tells herself so much for that romance! Elsewhere, Whitney wonders what she will do with the baby? Simone later finds Whitney in tears, and Simone tells herself that Whitney isnt the only one who lost out because she was in love with Chad too. Meanwhile, Tabitha gets pleasure out of this all, and Kay wonders what is wrong with her. Tabitha says she is a witch, and Kay seems to forget that unless she is helping her. Kay tells her to use her power than and make her dreams come true! They hear church bells in the distance, and Kay wonders if it is a wedding. Tabitha hopes it is a funeral.

In Mexico, at the church Luis asks Sheridan to make him the happiest man on earth by marrying him. He says he wants to care for her, he wants to grow old with her, all she has to do is say yes. Sheridan says yes, it has always been yes! Tia Maria says she has prepared a special feast back at the inn, and she has invited some special guests to the ceremony. Sheridan asks how they can get married when he just said they couldnt without Antonios death certificate. Luis says they cant, but he didnt want to wait any longer to make a commitment to her in front of everyone. Tia Maria brings in Tia Lola and Ricardo. They knew Pilar and Martin, and Tia Lola says she hasnt seen Luis since he was a baby. When Ricardo says he looks like Martin, Tia Lola tells him not to mention the man who left her childhood friend Pilar! Tia Maria introduces them to Luis as old friends of Pilars and the family. They ask how Pilar has been, so Luis tells them Pilar has been ill, but she is doing better. Martin says they should all get started. Luis says even though it isnt legal, tonight will be their first night together as man and wife. Sheridan asks both Katherine and Katherine to be her matron and maid of honor, and Luis asks Martin to stand up for him. The wedding begins, and Katherine and Martin are both very happy for their children. Martin walks Sheridan down the isle, and Luis makes a speech to everyone that because they dont have the blessing of a priest this is a commitment ceremony. Luis asks Sheridan in front of their family and friends to be his wife, to have children with him, to grow old with him. She says yes and she says nothing will ever come between them again. Luis talks about how he didnt have much prepared to say, but given what they have been through it is a miracle they are here. He says that miracle can only be attributed to the grace of God. Luis says hes been trying to come up with ways to say he loves her, but then he realizes someone else expressed it much better than he could. Luis begins to recite How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. As Luis and Sheridan exchange vows, Martin remembers marrying Pilar. Sheridan begins speaking, and she recounts how she and Luis met. We see flashbacks from the first few episodes of Passions when they met and couldnt stand one another. Sheridan tells Luis that she loves him and she wants his face to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up, and the last thing she sees before going to sleep. Sheridan begins reciting the Song of Solomon to Luis, and she says she wants to be Luis forever. She says she wants to bare his children, she wants to grow old with him. Sheridan says the best is yet to be. They kiss, rose peddles fall from the ceiling, and everyone applauds. Afterwards they board the horse drawn carriage and ride off together as they kiss.


September 15, 2004
I missed a few scenes during the show, so this summary is shorter than normal.
At the hospital, Eve and Julian explain what happened in their past to Chad and Whitney. Julian explains all about Alistair and how Alistair forced Julian to abandon Eve, how he stole Chad and then led them to believe he was dead. Chad tells Julian that he cant believe Julian blames Alistair when he himself let Alistair force him to end things with Eve. Chad says perhaps it is Julian who cant deal with having a black son! Julian says that is not true. Chad remembers Crystal, the singer who was going to help her find her parents, said his father was a racist. He also remembers how Julian reacted to some black kids on the pier. Chad says he thought they were gang bangers, and he doubts white kids would have got the same response out of Julian.  Eve says everyone is racist in some way or another, it is a sad fact of life. She also says back then it was a different time, and even her Aunt Irma didnt like that she was involved with a white man. Eve says perhaps Crystal was prejudice against rich white men, but whatever her reasons, she had the wrong take on things. Eve says this is all Alistairs doing. Eve says it isn't even totally about the color of his skin, it is where he comes from. Eve reminds him how Alistair turned on Ethan when the truth about him came out. Eve says Alistair won't accept any Crane that is not of the right stock. Chad says still, why didnt they look for him sooner? Eve says they thought he was dead, and when they found out he was alive, they searched for him. Eve says Alistair wouldnt tell them where he was, and Julian even took a bullet trying to find him. Chad asks why did Alistair tell them now? Julian suspects it was to hurt them even more. Chad says he needs to go find Whitney and be with her. Eve says she is his sister. Chad says he doesnt care, he needs to be with her. Chad then leaves. 

In Pilars room, Theresa confides in her mom that Ethan told Ivy what he suspects. Pilar says she is not surprised Ethan told Ivy. She also says Rebecca suspects something as well. Pilar says if she continues this there will be dire consequences. Theresa says she will think of something, but Pilar says secrets and lies only bring about destruction. Whitney walks in and says Pilar is right, her own mothers lies have destroyed her life! Whitney informs Pilar what is going on with her brother Chad, and she asks how she will get through this? Chad shows up and says theyll get through it together. Whitney asks him to go because she cant deal with this. Chad says she has to deal with it, she is his sister and his lover! Whitney says they cannot get through this, they slept together! Whitney ends up running out of the room, and Chad chases after her. Eve and Julian show up looking for Whitney, and Pilar says she was just here with Chad, but they left. Pilar says she is so sorry to both of them about the situation. Julian thanks her and says that is kind of her giving the way he has treated her over the years. Pilar says loving Eve has changed him. A nurse shows up and tells Pilar that her daughter is calling from Mexico. Pilar thanks the nurse, and Theresa leaves to talk to Paloma. Julian leaves Eve and Pilar to talk. Eve tells Pilar that she has ruined her childrens lives, and she has ruined the lives of everyone she loves! Pilar tells Eve that she will pray for her and her family. Julian returns and says Whitney is not here, so she has probably gone home. He says he has his car ready, so they take off after Whitney before another disaster happens with TC. Later, Theresa and Pilar call Paloma back in Mexico as when she went to take Paloma's call, nobody was there.

At the Russells, TC talks with Liz. TC wonders how Whitney and Chads marriage plans are going. Liz says they could have them over for dinner, but TC says that would hurt Simones feelings. TC says he just hopes planning a future with Chad is helping her get past all the other hurt. Later, Whitney shows up in tears. TC asks what is wrong? Whitney says it is Chad, she just found out . . . Before she tells TC, Chad walks in, and TC asks what he did to his daughter? Whitney says Chad didnt do anything. Julian and Eve arrive, and Liz thinks this is once again Eves fault. TC asks Eve what did she do to his family this time? Liz asks "yes Eve, what have you done now?" Julian says it is complicated, it is Whitneys situation with Chad. Eve says they didnt know until now. TC asks what they didnt know? Chad tells his mom and dad to tell them! Liz is shocked and cant believe this. Whitney tells Eve to tell daddy that Chad is her long lost son with Julian, and because of her secrets and lies that she and Chad have been committing incest! TC is stunned, and Chad says neither he nor Whitney knew they were brother and sister when they fell in love. Whitney tells Chad to stop saying he loves her. He says he does love her, and he thinks she still loves him too. Whitney runs out of the room, and Liz is right there telling Chad and TC how sorry she is for them. Eve tells TC they didnt know, and Julian says Alistair only chose to tell them the truth when it would hurt them the most. TC says this is Eves fault for keeping her son a secret. Eve says once again she ran a DNA test on Chad and Alistair changed the results. Whitney tells her to shut up. She tells her mom to stop trying to explain her past away because her lies have destroyed her life. Chad says Whitney is right, if they had been honest from the get go than he wouldnt be engaged to his sister. Chad says Eve ruined his life and Whitneys too! TC tells Whitney how sorry he is that Eve turned out to be a piece of trash who ruined all their lives. TC asks Eve to look how she has ruined all of their lives! Chad says he hates her, he hates both of his parents! 

In Mexico, Luis and Sheridan arrive back at the inn where a party is waiting for them. They feed one another slices of cake, kiss, and then thank everyone for coming. They especially thank Martin and Katherine, who they say they have come to think of as family. Later, Katherine says she thinks they make a wonderful couple, and she also tells Martin she knows he and Pilar were happy too. Martin asks where that came from? Katherine says she saw his face when Luis and Sheridan exchanged vows, she knows he was thinking about his wedding to Pilar. Katherine tells Martin it is okay if he was thinking about Pilar. Martin says he was, and he and Pilar were deeply in love. Katherine says hed still be with Pilar if it wasnt for her. Martin says no, that was Alistairs fault and not hers. Katherine says she is glad Sheridan and Luis are happy, and she just hopes Julian is as happy as Sheridan is. They continue to talk about their pasts, and Martin says he does love Pilar very much, but who knows what would have happened if he met her (Katherine) before Pilar. Katherine asks Martin not to downplay his marriage to Pilar to make her feel better. She says she is glad his wedding was a happy day that he remembers fondly, whereas hers was the worst day of her life. They discuss returning to Harmony and keeping their secret. Katherine thinks if Pilar knew he was alive it would help her get better. Martin says maybe, but Pilar wouldnt be able to keep their secret. Suddenly, Paloma, armed with a video camera, asks Martin and Katherine if they have anything to say to Theresa and mama? They ask for a moments to gather their thoughts for her tape. She says oh it isnt a tape, she is sending this live via an internet connection! She says in moments Theresa and mama will see them all! Martin and Katherine are stunned. Theresa calls Paloma up, and Thersa says she and mama are here and they ask what is going on? Theresa and Pilar are watching Paloma's feed on a computer in Eve's office, and they listen via Paloma's cell phone. Martin fears Pilar will recognize them. Katherine says Luis and Sheridan didn't, but he says they were young when they left. Martin says their faces may have changed but their voices and mannerisms havent! Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan talk to Pilar and Theresa, and Pilar asks if they got married? Luis says they had a commitment ceremony, but the real wedding will wait till they get home.Paloma has her friend Roberto work the camera so that she can introduce everyone. Pilar is happy to see her old friends Lola and Richardo. Meanwhile, Katherine pushes Martin to reveal the truth Pilar because it could be the greatest gift she could get. Luis announces he and Sheridan are an old married couple, so it is time for them to hit the sack and get some rest. Luis thanks them for all being part of their special day, and Sheridan thanks them in Spanish. Luis then picks Sheridan up and carries her up to their room. Theresa and Pilar watch, and Pilar wishes Martin was here to see this. Theresa tells her to stop saying that, he abandoned them. She says if he is alive then she never wants to see him again! Meanwhile, Paloma puts Martin and Katherine in the spot light and tells them to say hello to Harmony. Theresa and Pilar see the "Wheelers," and Pilar says they seem very familiar. Katherine continues to push Martin to say hello to Pilar, and he does. Pilar is stunned when she hears his voice


September 16, 2004
Down in Mexico, Luis and Sheridan return to their room, which Luis has prepared for their wedding night. Sheridan is stunned and says this whole day has been the most romantic day of her life. She thanks Luis for today. He says he plans on making every day more wonderful than the last. Sheridan says even though it isnt official, she really feels married to him. She says she loves him, and he say he loves her too. He tells her that they will be together forever. Luis pours them some champagne and proposes a toast to them. They drink, and Sheridan says these glasses are beautiful. He says they are a gift from Tia Maria. He says they have been in the family for a long time. He says there is a legend that goes along with them. He says they were blessed by a priest, and as long as the glasses stay in tact so will the couples love, but if they are broken the couples love will be shattered. She thinks they should put them in a vault, but Luis says it is just a story. She doesnt want to take chances, and she puts the glasses on the dresser. Luis says it will take a lot more than broken glasses to break them apart. Luis and Sheridan have a romantic dinner, then a sensual bubble bath, and finally head to bed to make love. Later, as they are making love, they knock over the glasses. The glasses hit the floor and shatter! Sheridan is horrified when she sees what has happened.

Paloma tapes Martin and Katherine and send the image to Pilar and Theresa over the net, and then she quickly races off to tape her cousin. Katherine asks Martin if he thinks Pilar recognized him? Martin says he is positive, and there is no going back now. At the hospital, Pilar stares at the computer with puzzlement. The sound went out just as the Wheelers spoke. Pilar says they look so familiar to her. Theresa tells Paloma that they weren't able to hear the Wheelers, so Paloma tries to fix it. Paloma tells Martin what happened, so she suggests Martin talk on the phone to her mama. He says hello, but this time the phone gets disconnected! Later, Paloma asks Martin to come to Harmony with her and stay with her until she gets used to the new town. Martin says of course hell come with her and stay with her as long as it takes. Paloma asks Katherine to come with them as well, but she says she cant. Paloma asks why not, she doesnt have to stay forever. Katherine says she wishes she could go, but Aunt Maria needs her help here at the inn. Katherine says she is sorry. Paloma begs Katherine to come, so she finally agrees to go to Harmony.

At the hospital, Gwen has shown up and sees Pilar and Theresa saying goodbye to Paloma. Pilar is happy for Sheridan and Luis, but thinks about her poor Antonio. She says at least now he is in a better place. Theresa is worried about her mom, who is being released but isnt strong enough to be on her own. Gwen thinks Pilar should come live with them at the mansion. Theresa thanks Gwen for allowing this and gives her a hug. Gwen goes to call Ethan to tell him, and Pilar asks what that was about. Theresa says she is coming home to the mansion with her, Gwen says it is okay. Pilar cant believe Gwen did this, but Theresa says Gwen wants her to be happy. Pilar says that is because Gwen thinks Theresa is giving her the babies. Pilar begs Theresa to please give them to Gwen and move on with her life. Theresa says no way in hell! Theresa says she will keep these babies and find a way to deal with Ethans mother. 

Ethan is working at the Crane Mansion when Alistair shows up in his jungle gear for a drink. Ethan asks what he is doing here? Alistair says he owns it, but one wouldnt know with all the squatters here. Ethan says he just means he is never here. Alistair says he is here to protect the Crane Empire from its greatest challenge, and he will not lose! He then throws his drink against the mantel, and it takes out a photo of Julian. Ethan asks what is happening, but Alistair says he doesnt have time to explain. He tells Ethan one day hell thank his lucky stars that he doesnt have Crane Blood in him, because the carnage will be unthinkable. Later, Gwen shows up with Theresa and Pilar. Ethan has a candle waiting for Pilar because he knows she always lights one for Martin. Alistair asks what this is a voodoo ceremony? Gwen says Pilar is staying with them and she lights a candle every night for the safe return of Martin. Alistair says more squatters, and he puts the candle out. He says she wont need this ever again. He throws the candle away, and Ethan wonders what that was about. Pilar says she doesnt know, but with Alistair involved she is suddenly very afraid. 

At the Russells, Eve tells Whitney that things could be worse, she isnt married and she isnt pregnant. Whitney t ells her mom that she has ruined her life, and she slaps Eve! Julian tells her not to hit her mother, show some respect! TC says Eve doesnt deserve it! Liz reaches out for comfort to Whitney, and Eve tells her to stop trying to drive them further apart. Whitney tells her mom not to blame Liz, this is all her doing! Eve says they couldnt have known this would happen, she thought her son was dead for so long. Julian says Alistair is to blame, he took their son. TC says both Julian and Eve created this nightmare so they should share in the blame. Julian tells Whitney how sorry both he and Eve are, and he tells Chad that the moment they knew he was alive they searched for him. Eve says she would never intentionally cause them pain. Julian asks both of them if they can forgive them and move on, to try and have some sort of a  relationship? Liz tells herself no way will Eve get away with this, they cannot forgive her! Liz says perhaps Eve and Julian are right, perhaps Alistair is to blame for all of this, for Chad's kidnapping and for faking his death. She also suggests Eve didnt question her child was dead because it would put a cramp in her going to medical school, and it would be hard for Julian to explain a black baby to his friends at the country club. Julian says he isnt a racist. TC asks since when? Eve says color was never an issue between them. TC says yeah, so why did Julian dumped Eve when Alistair told him their relationship was unacceptable. He says they both swept their relationship under the carpet and hid it from anyone. Eve says she didn't tell TC because she didn't want to hurt him, but she never forgot her son.. Chad says they both accepted him being dead far too easily. He says they threw their love child away like he was yesterdays garbage, so he is returning the favor. HE tells them both to stay the hell out of his life! Eve says no, but he says he doesnt need or want either of them in his life. Whitney tells her mom this is her own fault for not telling the truth long ago. Eve cant believe she is losing her only son and her daughter. TC tells Julian to get out and take his whore with him! Eve wants to stay and help them, but TC says she isnt helping anything. He tells Eve to get the hell out! Julian tells TC that Eve is not a whore, she is the mother of his children and not to forget this. TC says he never would have married Eve or had children with her if had known who she really was. Julian says he was lucky to have her as long as he did. TC tells them to both shut up and get out. Eve tells Whitney and Chad that she loves them. She goes to leave, but TC tells her before she does to look at all the lives she has destroyed with her lies! TC tells her that he wants her to suffer the same pain that she has caused them. Eve says she is suffering more than he could ever imagine! Julian and Eve then leave. Liz continues to comfort Chad and Whitney and tell them she is here for them. TC also tells Whitney that hed give his life to take away her pain. TC says at least she and Chad didnt have children. Meanwhile, Liz tells Chad that she understands why Eve kept her secrets for so long. Chad blames Julian and Alistair, and Liz tells him not to forget Eve. HE says he wont, and what hurts most is that his own mother wouldnt fight to find him! He damns all of them to hell. Outside, Julian tells Eve they will talk to Chad and eventually he will understand. Eve is afraid that Chad will just hate them forever. Back inside, Chad looks at the woman he loves, his sister . . . He says they have destroyed her, and it kills him to see her in such pain. Chad says he will make his parents pay for what theyve done!


September 17, 2004
Fox is hard at work at Crane Industries. His assistant, Sienna, says his report on alternative energy was phenomenal. She says Julian and Alistair will be impressed, and he will get that corner office he has his eye on. Fox thanks her and says hell take her up the corporate latter with him. Later, Julian shows up to talk to Fox. Fox wants to talk to Julian about his presentation, but Julian wants to talk about Chad. Julian says he wants Chad to accept his birthright, to accept his place in the family and the business. Julian asks Fox what motivates Chad, he knows it isnt money or power. Fox says Chad wants nothing to do with him or grandfather, and if he didnt have a lease on the recording studio than hed probably walk out on that too! Fox tells Julian that Chad hates him and he blames him and grandfather for destroying his relationship with Whitney. He says Julian should forget about Chad ever being a part of his life. Julian says he cant believe that, Chad will be a part of Eve and his life one day. Julian says in the mean time he will have to make Chad aware of the opportunities for him at Crane Industries. Fox cant believe Julian is just going to give him a job, but Julian says hed give him the whole company if he could! Fox says your going to give him the whole company? Julian says it was a figure of speech. He thinks Chad should have a spot here, and he wants to give Chad the office Fox has his eye on. He says it is big enough that Chad can bring in his music equipment to work on his music during his spare time. Fox mumbles that he has no spare time, he works his butt off and that bastard gets his corner office! Julian tells Fox that he thinks Fox is the key to bringing Chad into Crane Industries. Fox says no one can persuade Chad to embrace the family that destroyed his life. Julian says Fox can, he can be very persuasive. Julian asks Fox to talk to Chad and convince him to come be a Crane for him. Fox says sure, hell talk to Chad and try and get him to accept that he is a Crane and to accept his place in the company. Julian has to leave to take a business call, and Fox says sure hell convince Chad to come take half of his inheritance, I dont think so! Fox says he doesnt care if Chad is the second coming, he will not take his place in the Crane hierarchy and he is not taking his corner office! 

Chad is at the recording studio and looks at a photo of Whitney. He says he wants to help her through this pain, and somehow he still wants her in his life. He says he knows they cant have a romantic relationship, but they can still be friends. He decides to call Whitney and talk to her, but Liz answers and says its not a good time. Later he checks the news paper for something worse going on than what is going on in his life. Chad and Julian are on the cover of the paper, and the headline reads Crane Bastard Son! He tears up the paper and says hes not a Crane. He decides to call Whitney and warn her before she sees this. However, Whitney hangs up on him, and he wonders what hes supposed to do. He says he still loves her and wants her in his life somehow.

At the Russells, Whitney wakes up from a nightmare and Liz rushes to comfort her. Liz says it is all right, it was just a nightmare. Whitney thinks this the whole thing was a dream, and Liz has to tell her that it was not a dream. Whitney says it is all true, even . . . Liz asks even what? Whitney says she cant tell her, it is too awful. Whitney then remembers her nightmare of having a demon baby. Liz asks Whitney what she was dreaming about? Whitney says about the most horrible thing that could happen. The phone rings, and Liz answers. It is Chad asking to talk to Whitney, but Liz says now isnt a good time. Chad asks her to tell Whitney that he called. Liz says she will, and she does. Whitney says she doesnt want to see or talk to Chad ever again. Liz says she cant blame Chad for this, he is innocent. Liz says the one to blame is her mother for lying to her. Liz says she knows this is hard, but at least she knows now before she and Chad got married or pregnant. Whitney cries, and Liz comforts her. Liz asks what is wrong, please tell her. The phone rings, and Whitney answers. When she learns it is Chad, she tells him to stop calling her and she hangs up on him. Liz continues to try and get Whitney to open up to her. She says whatever is wrong she can talk to her, and maybe together they can find a solution. Whitney says she doesnt know. Liz says if someone offered to help her when she was young than things may have turned out differently. Whitney says shell tell Liz what is going on, shell tell her everything!

Down in Mexico, Paloma has all her stuff together, and Martin looks at her baggage and wonder what all she has. She says she has clothes for every occasion, and presents for everyone. She forgot her stuffed bear, so she runs up to get him. Martin says she is so excited about seeing her family. Katherine asks what about him, how does he feel about seeing Pilar, his real wife again? Martin says that was uncalled for! Katherine apologizes for being caddy, but she wonders if part of him is excited to see Pilar. He says no, he feels fear and ashamed. Martin says she ran from a horrible marriage, but he ran from a woman who loved him and whom he loved. Katherine says she feels the same way about leaving Sheridan and Julian, she is afraid how they will react. Martin says they thought leaving would make their children safe, but Katherine says it didnt make them any safer.

Sheridan and Luis wake up in one anothers arms. Sheridan thanks Luis for the great surprise. Luis says they will be together for the rest of their lives, and soon they will be legally married. Suddenly, Alistair and his goons burst in, and Alistair says he has come for his daughter. Alistairs men drag Sheridan off, and Luis fights with Alistair over the gun. Martin shows up to help Luis, and they get their guns away from Alistair and his men. Luis and Martin hold the guns on Alistair and his men, and Luis tells Alistair that he will rot away in a Mexican jail for the rest of his life. Luis tells Sheridan that Alistair will never hurt her again. She kisses him, and it turns out to all be a dream. Luis wakes up and looks over to where Sheridan should be, but shes not there. Sheridan is gone! Luis looks around for her and even calls out to her, but she doesnt answer. 

Outside, a man spies on Martin and Katherine as he talks to Alistair on the phone. Alistair asks if Sheridan has been taken care of? The man says mission accomplished! Meanwhile, Luis heads downstairs and asks the others if they have seen Sheridan? They havent, and they all wonder where she is. Paloma begins to worry that she could have been kidnapped by Alistair. Luis says no, maybe she just went for a walk. Luis suggests they all go out and look for her because she couldnt have gotten very far. They all leave, and Alistairs man shows up. He says he cant wait for Luis to go find his precious Sheridan! 

The gang all searches town for Sheridan, but nobody can find her and no one has seen her. Katherine is in a panic, and Martin tells her this is no time to panic. Katherine says she never got a chance to tell Sheridan the truth! Martin comforts her, and Alistair watches on his TV back in Harmony. Alistair says Katherine brought this on herself, and she should save tears for later because she will need them. Alistair says they are all going to die! Luis heads for the church, and Alistair continues to watch. HE says it is time for Luis to find his precious Sheridan. In the church, Luis is stunned to see Sheridan lain out on the altar as if she is dead!

At the Crane Mansion, Theresa and Pilar are watching a playback of the reception on the computer, and they are showing it to Little Ethan. Little Ethan asks where Uncle Antonio is, and Theresa says he is in heaven with the angels. Ethan and Gwen show up and they can see how happy Pilar is at seeing her children. Gwen says one day thanks to Theresa, she and Ethan will get to watch their children get married. Little Ethan runs off to play, and Theresa decides to get herself some breakfast. Gwen says she will get it and asks Theresa what she wants, so Theresa places an order! Ethan and Gwen head off, and Pilar continues to try and talk some sense into Theresa. She says Ethan and Gwen wont stand by and do nothing while Theresa keeps these babies, and Ivy and Rebecca wont let this happen either. She also says Ethan knows what she did, she could see it in his eyes. Pilar asks Theresa what will happen when Ethan has the babies tested? Theresa says shell worry about that when it happens. Pilar says if she keeps this up she will end up losing everything! Theresa says she knows what she is doing, and she wont lose anything. Pilar says Ethan still knows, but Theresa says he isnt positive. Pilar says he knows and he will tell Gwen. Theresa says he wont because he knows how much it will hurt her. Pilar says Ethan believes in the sanctity of marriage and he knows the value of the truth, so he wont keep it from her forever.

Elsewhere, Gwen tells Ethan that he is very quiet. He asks her if there is something she needs to talk about to him? Ethan says no, hes just a bit tired this morning. Gwen says she knows he probably wanted a quiet morning, but then they came downstairs and everyone was watching the wedding video. She says Pilar staying here is best for Theresa, and she says once the babies are born they will all be gone and they will have their life back to normal. Gwen takes Theresa her breakfast, and Ethan wonders how he will tell Gwen the truth. Gwen and Ethan join Pilar and Theresa watching the video. Gwen hopes Sheridan will be able to have another baby with Luis. She says if Sheridan gets pregnant again soon so than their kids can grow up together like they always planned. Theresa leaves to help Little Ethan get ready for his play date, and Gwen asks Pilar who this mystery couple on screen is? She says they are the Wheelers, and she explains who they are. Pilar says she has never seen them till yesterday, but she says they look very familiar. 

Ethan finds Theresa in another part of the house saying by to Little Ethan as he heads off for his play date. She tells herself she took a chance and it paid off. Ethan asks her what chance she is speaking of? She says getting implanted with his and Gwens embryo of course. He asks really, are you sure you werent speaking of the chance she took seducing him? Theresa tells him that they never had sex, and she thinks that this is all his consciences way of punishing him. She says even though he married Gwen, his mind and his heart wants to be with her! Ethan ends up dragging Theresa into a bedroom, and she asks what he is doing? She asks he is making his fantasy a reality? She says shell help him, and says Oh Ethan, we cant, Gwen might walk in and find us! He tells her that he didnt bring her here to get it on, he brought her here to make her confess. He refuses to let her leave until she admits the truth. 

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