September 20, 2004
From NBC, I missed today's show due to a VCR problem

Fox reluctantly visits Chad on Julian's behalf. He mentions their father's job offer but puts the worst spin on it, hoping Chad will not be interested. Much to Fox's dismay, his half-brother seriously considers taking the job at Crane Industries. 

Ethan presses Theresa for the truth about the evening they spent together. Ethan is affected when Theresa accuses him of still having feelings for her. 

Everyone is relieved when a seemingly-dead Sheridan wakes up, but they each wonder what Alistair has planned for their return to Harmony. 


September 21, 2004
At the mansion, Gwen tells Ethan that she can feel the tension between him and Theresa, so she wants to know what is going on. Ethan says it is about Theresa, and what she has done this time is bound to upset her. Gwen asks what she did? Ethan goes to explain that it started when she came into the bedroom. Theresa says it is her fault, so she should explain. Theresa says she came in here to say goodbye to Little Ethan before his play date and she borrowed some of Gwen's perfume. She said Ethan yelled at her and said it was expensive as Gwen has it created just for her. Theresa says she rushed to put it back and she dropped the bottle, which broke. Theresa says  Ethan then told her that the bottle belonged to her grandmother. Gwen says it is okay. Theresa says she is just curious about her unique perfume, if someone else was to put it on, her for example, a man might mistake her for Gwen under the right circumstances. Gwen says perhaps, but the second he saw her he would know she wasnt her. Gwen then remembers back in college some of her sorority sisters played a trick on Ethan. She says they blindfolded him and all put on her sent to see if Ethan could figure out which one was her. Theresa asks what happened? Gwen says the second he took one of the girls hands, he knew it wasnt her. However, he instantly knew which one she was, and she says it just goes to show the special connection they have. Theresa says what if it was dark and her friends were wearing blond wigs. Gwen says no, Ethan would have known her it wasnt her. Theresa says she is lucky because if Ethan ever was with another woman he couldnt say he thought it was her. Gwen says no he couldnt because she would know he was cheating. 

At the recording studios (I think), Fox tells Chad that he should stay far away from the Cranes and their business. Chad thanks Fox for being honest with him. Chad says he thought about the offer, but after talking to Fox about what it was like for him to grow up a Crane, he will avoid it all together. Suddenly, a tabloid reporter shows up asking Chad all sorts of questions for a story. Chad says hes not talking to him, so the reporter shows him what the other papers are reporting. Chad is stunned to learn that his and Whitneys story has been leaked to the national press. He wonders who could have done this to him! Fox says this is what happens when youre a crane. Chad decides to do something and have these rags pulled off the stand. Fox asks how he will do that? Chad says he is a Crane now, so hell use his power! Chad calls up Crane Industries and orders them to pull the tabloids off the shelves, but they refuse because the PR department is the one who gave the okay to run the story on every front page. Chad is fuming when he learns Alistair gave the order. Chad grabs a baseball bat and heads out, and Fox follows him. 

Julian is standing outside of the mansion and is hopeful that Fox can convince Chad to become a member of this family. Julian then gets a call from the hospital about Eve, who has missed two appointments. Julian suggests they clear her calendar until they hear from her. Julian wonders where Eve is and what is going on. Upstairs in the mansion, Eve is in bed and an empty pill bottle is next to her bed. Julian finds her, he fears the worst. However, she is fine, she is just sleeping. Eve says she was looking in her medical bag to find something to help her sleep, but the bottle was empty. She says she must have knocked it over last night. Julian says he was afraid she had done something. Eve says it wouldnt have mattered if she did, nobody would care if she died. She says she has lost everything that matters to her. Julian says he is still here. Eve says she is a terrible person, she has hurt everyone that shes ever loved, including him. She says he married Rebecca to protect him, and God knows what Alistair will do to him for standing up to him. Julian says he doesnt care about them, he only loves her. Eve says she doesnt deserve his love or anyones. She says has destroyed her sons life and her daughters. She says she wishes she could just crawl up and die. She gets back into bed and tells Julian to leave her and with any hope she will die. He refuses to let her die, he says things will get better before her. He says he felt this way after his father forced him to break up with her, so he knows it gets better. Suddenly, Julians assistant shows up to show Julian the tabloids. Julian cant believe what has happened, and tells himself So much for things getting better! Eve asks Julian why he is so upset? Julian says nothing, it is just problems at the office. Julian thanks Madeline and says he wont be back in today. Madeline says she understands, and she leaves. Eve can see something is upsetting Julian, and she grabs the tabloids from him. She is stunned and wonders how this happened. Julian says he doesnt know and he will find out. He says this was leaked as the Cranes have a PR department to keep their names out of the papers. Julian calls the PR department and learns Alistair leaked the stories.

Chad shows up at the mansion and heads to the study. He is furious with Alistair for doing this to him and Whitney. Alistair jokes that maybe Whitney can write a hit song about it. Fox is with Chad, and Chad calls Alistair a sick and twisted son of a bitch. Chad says he went out of his way to keep him and Whitney together. He asks what kind of sick monster her is? Alistair says hes not the one whose had push push with his sister!  Chad goes berserk and starts smashing the wine glasses on alistair's desk.

At the Wallace house, Beth tells her mom that something terrible has happened! She is on the PC, and she has received an email about Luis and Sheridans commitment ceremony. Mrs. Wallace thanks her angels for allowing Luis and Sheridan to be together. Mrs Wallace tells Beth that every evil thing she had done has been no match for true love, she is a big fat loser! Beth says Sheridan and Luis arent legally married, so she still has a chance to make Luis hers. Mrs. Wallace says they will get married the minute they return to Harmony and she cant stop it. Beth says wanna bet! Mrs. Wallace asks her if she hasnt learned yet that nothing she can do will keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Beth says no! Mrs. Wallace says Luis never came to her when he thought Sheridan was dead, missing, and married to Antonio. Mrs. Wallace says he even thinks she had his baby and he still didnt want to be with her. Beth tells her mom that she is forgetting about Alistair Crane, he will not let Luis and Sheridan be together. Later, Luis calls Beth from the airplane to check on Martin, and to see if Beth got his email. Beth says she got it, and that Martin is fine and he has grown up so much. Luis asks her to give Martin a hug and a kiss and tell him that daddy will be home soon. Later, Beth tells her mom that Martin connects her to Luis, their baby will bring Luis back to them. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she doesnt have a baby with Luis, Martin is Sheridans baby with Luis! Beth says only she, Precious and Alistair know the truth! Beth says she will get Luis back, a mans child is a powerful lure. Mrs. Wallace says Beths father, whoever he may be, never thought so! Still, Beth says she has the baby and Sheridan doesnt!

Luis, Sheridan, Paloma, Martin and Katherine all board a plane back to Harmony. Sheridan tells Luis that even though she feels married, she cant wait until they are officially married. Still, Sheridan is worried about her father and what he has done and might still do to them. Luis assures her that Alistair will never hurt her or anyone else in his family again. Sheridan falls asleep, and she dreams about breaking the wine glass. She wakes up and is troubled by her nightmare. She tells Luis that something is wrong, something will keep them from being together. Luis tells her that their love is too strong to be torn apart. He says they will be together and grow old together just like the wheelers. Later, Luis calls Beth to check on Martin. Sheridan ends up feeling a little envious because he has a bond with Beth that they dont. She says their baby died. Luis ends up comforting her.

Meanwhile, Paloma tells Martin that she is nervous about seeing her family because she has been apart from them for so long. Martin says he understands. Martin sits next to Katherine, and they discuss their nerves about returning to Harmony. They wonder how their families will react to the truth. Martin says getting rid of Alistair must be their first priority. Katherine worries about what Alistair might have in store for them. Katherine eventually falls asleep, and she has a nightmare about Alistair forcing her to watch Martin be killed. Katherine begged Alistair not to kill Alistair, so he said hed let them live long enough to suffer a little longer. Alistair has Sheridan, Luis and Paloma in. Alistair introduces Martin and Katherine to their children. When Sheridan learns Katherine is her mom, she is furious that her mom left her and Julian at Alistairs mercy. Luis and Paloma are just as upset to learn Martin is alive and ran out on them. They all wish their parents really were dead. Alistair then forced Katherine to watch as he killed all of them. Katherine wakes up from her nightmare, and everyone else looks at her. Martin comforts her and says it was just a dream. Martin asks what she was dreaming about, and she says Alistair. He says he wont let Alistair hurt her. Katherine says she doesnt think Alistair will hurt her right away, first hell make her watch everyone else suffer. Martin says they must go put an end to Alistair torment, but Katherine is just afraid Alistair will put an end to them first.


September 22, 2004
At the mansion, Gwen tells Theresa no matter what any woman did to try and trick Ethan into thinking she was her, Ethan would know the minute he touched the woman that she wasnt her. Gwen also says she would know Ethan was lying to her if he tries to use that excuse. Gwen asks Ethan and Theresa if something else is going on here other than the perfume bottle breaking? Ethan says no, and Theresa thanks Gwen for being so understanding. Suddenly, Little Ethan runs in shouting Mommy mommy! He says he picked some flowers for her, and he runs to Gwen! He then sees Theresa and says Oh hi, I picked these for you too. Theresa thanks him and says mommy loves him. Gwen thanks him for the flowers, and Gwen says he should go get ready for his swim lesson. He says okay and says bye to mommy (Gwen) and mommy 2 (Theresa - yes he calls her mommy 2). Little Ethan leaves, and Theresa is furious. She wants them to have a talk with Little Ethan so he isnt confused over who his mommy is. She also wants Little Ethan to stay with her from now on. Gwen says no, not until she has her babies. She says shed like to trust Theresa, but she doesnt want to be double crossed. She says shell hold onto Little Ethan just a little while longer. Gwen leaves to put her flowers in water and get Theresa some tea. Theresa tells Ethan that he thinks she is evil? Theresa says look at what his wife just did. Ethan says Gwen doesnt hold a candle to her! Theresa says Gwen just told them that he can tell who the real Gwen is, so it proves he knew who he was making love to her. Ethan says she used him. Theresa says oh please, you are acting like I raped you. Ethan says "Well didn't you, you had to have drugged me." Theresa says no, he knew he was making love to her. Theresa says he did it willingly and passionately because he still wants her! Ethan says she is wrong and he feels no attraction for her at all, he loves his wife. Theresa says that is not true, he only married Gwen because she was pregnant. Gwen returns with some tea for Theresa, and she once again interrupts Ethan and Theresas conversation.

On the plane back to Harmony, Paloma thinks about going home to her family. She daydreams about meeting her family. In her daydreams she looks at a family album as her family reminisces. Paloma ends up angry at the times she missed with her family. Palmoa says she should have been in those pictures too. Paloma says she was sent away because they didnt want her, so she doesnt want them! Her family tries to convince her that they love her and missed her, but Paloma still feels rejected by them because they never came for her. Luis says they knew she would have a great life in Mexico. Paloma says she had a great life, but she didnt have a family or a mother. Paloma says if they didnt want her before than she wants nothing to do with them now. 

Meanwhile, Sheridan feels like a jealous fool because Luis has a son with Beth, and that is a bond that they dont have. Luis says he has never bonded with any woman like he has her. Sheridan asks Luis if they can have a child right away? Sheridan then worries perhaps she wont be able to have another after her last delivery. Luis says Eve never said anything about that, and they will just have to practice a lot. 

Elsewhere, Martin and Katherine continue to discuss returning back to Harmony to face Alistair. They also feel guilty about leaving their family members behind. Martin says perhaps they should stop torturing themselves over this because if that had to do it all over theyd probably do the same thing. He says if they didnt it would have destroyed them, and now they are going back to destroy him. Later, Katherine goes to talk to Sheridan, who is now sitting alone. She tells Sheridan that she looks so sad. Sheridan doesnt want to burden her, but Katherine says she isnt a burden. Sheridan wonders why Mrs. Wheeler is so nice to her. Katherine asks Sheridan to talk to her, so Sheridan tells her about losing her baby. She says her baby was kidnapped, and the kidnapper drove the car over the bridge with her baby inside, and they both died. She says she only spent a little bit of time with her child, but she bonded with her child. She says she had the same bond with her own mother, and she knows her mother would be here if she wasnt dead. Sheridan says losing a child makes you realize no parent would ever willingly leave their own child. 

Meanwhile, Martin finds Paloma crying. He asks what is wrong? She says she was thinking of home. He asks if she means Harmony? She says no, she was thinking of her real home in Puerto Arena with him, MRs. Wheeler and Tia Maria. 

Later, the hostess tells them all to prepare for landing. All the harmony gang is worried about what awaits them in Harmony. Paloma wonders if she has made a mistake, Luis assures Sheridan that nothing will come between them again, and Martin and Katherine prepare to face Alistair. Martin tells Katherine that this is going to be a fight to the death. He says he will make sure Alistair never hurts anyone again. Katherine wonders if killing him will be the only way they will have peace? Martin says yes, but once Alistair is gone they still have to face their families. Katherine says she doesnt know if their families will ever understand, she is afraid they have lost their children. Martin says she may be right, and once they step off this plane, none of their lives will be the same.

At the Crane Mansion, Julian is furious to learn Alistair had the Crane PR department release the information about Chad and Whitney to the presses. Eve asks Julian why Alistair would do this? Julian says because he is pure evil. Eve says she wont let him get away with this. In the study, Chad lashes out at Alistair for leaking the truth to the tabloids. He says this will kill Whitney, and hell kill him! Fox jumps in front of Chad and tells him no! Alistair pulls out a gun and tells Chad to drop his bat or hell blow a hole through him. Chad tells Alistair that hell have to kill him first! Alistair says fine. Alistair says hell just tell the police he shot a crazy intruder. Chad says Fox is here and wont lie for him. Alistair says he will if he wants his inheritance. Chad says he doesnt care if Alistair shoots him because he has nothing to live for. Chad goes to attack Alistair, and Fox struggles to keep Chad away from him. Eve and Julian arrive outside the study and hear a gunshot! They walk in and find Fox on the ground. Julian asks what happened? Alistair says Chad did it, Chad killed his grandson! Alistair demands they call the police and have Chad arrested. Eve checks on Fox, and she says he is fine. Julian sees the bullet is lodged in the desk, Fox wasn't even hit. Fox gets up, and Fox explains that Chad and Alistair were going to kill one another, so he stepped in. He says he thinks he tripped on Chads bat, and Eve says he must have hit his head on the desk. Chad still wants to kill Alistair, but Julian says it isnt worth it. Eve ends up slapping Alistair for what hes done to her children. Alistair says she will regret this, but Eve asks what else he will do to her? She says her family and her life has been destroyed. Alistair says Eve is to blame for all of this, not him. Fox asks Eve if Whitney has seen the tabloids? She says she doesnt think so, and she asks Fox to go find Whitney and help her through this. Fox says he will, and he leaves. Eve wonders what kind of sick man he is to do this. Julian asks what about Crane Industries, this will ruin their business. Alistair says he has his reasons for doing what he did. Julian says this is the worst thing to happen to the Cranes. Alistair says no, the worst thing is getting ready to land on a plane in Harmony. Alistair says they are all going down in flames! 

Whitney heads to church and talks with Father Longian in the confessional. She says she has to confess a sin she is about to commit, she is going to have an abortion. Father Lonigan says the church does not condone this. Whitney says she knows it is a mortal sin, but she doesnt have a choice. Father Lonigan says she can choose life, she can choose not to murder her baby. Whitney says she has no choice because this is her brothers baby! Father Lonigan and Whitney leave the confessional they are in, and Whitney explains the whole story to Father Lonigan. Father Lonigan asks if it is Chads baby, and Whitney says yes because shes never been with another man. He also asks if Chad knows? Whitney says no, no one else knows. She says she cant have this baby, she cant have her brothers child. She says she cant give bring a baby into the world and with the shame of knowing who its parents are, and her baby could be born with severe health problems. Father Lonigan says he feels her pain, but if she has an abortion than he cannot absolve her of this sin. Father Lonigan says she could give the child up, but Whitney says the child could have terrible deformities. Father Lonigan says God takes care of all his children, but Whitney says he didnt take care of her. Father Lonigan still says he cannot condone this or absolve her sins. Whitney says she knows, and she was just hoping for a miracle. Whitney says God has turned his back on her and let this happen, so she has to turn her back on him and do this. Father Lonigan says God sometimes works in mysterious ways and they must have faith. Whitney thanks him but says she knows what she must do. She asks Father Lonigan to pray for her, and she leaves. Later, Fox stops by and asks Father Lonigan if Whitney is here? He says she just stopped by. Fox explains to Father Lonigan what is going on, and Father Lonigan says he knows what has happened. Fox asks where Whitney is now? Father Lonigan says he cannot say where she is going. Fox says he is worried, and Father Lonigan says so is he. 


September 23, 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Alistair says there is a group of extremely dangerous people heading to Harmony and they will destroy the Crane Empire. Eve says the sooner the better. Alistair reminds Eve that her loverboy and son are Cranes, but Chad says hell never be a Crane. Alistair tells him to go find his sister, the one he is engaged to! Chad gets worked up, and Julian calms him down. Julian asks his father what he is talking about? Alistair says when these people get here it will be an all out war. Alistair then gets a phone call and says the enemy has landed. Alistair tells Julian to batten down the hatches and watch his back. Alistair leaves, and Chad still wants to kill Alistair. Julian stops Chad and says Alistair isnt worth spending the rest of his life in prison. Chad says why not, his life is over anyways. Eve tells him not to say that. Julian says he thinks Alistair is finally going to get what he is coming to him. Julian says this is one of the few times that hes seen his father scared. He thinks whoever is on that plane is going to make him pay for his evil deeds. (My cable went out here, so I missed a bit) Chad ends up lashing out at his parents and tells them that they were reckless, careless and selfish. He says they didnt care what they were doing as long as they were having a good time. He says their good time ruined his and Whitneys lives, so he will never forgive or forget. Eve tells Chad that this is mostly her fault. She says when she was told he died at birth, she wanted to die too. She says years later when she found out that he was alive she prayed to God that she would find him. Chad says he wish she hadnt found him. Eve says no matter how he feels about her, she will always love her. Eve says if he and Whitney could find it in their hearts to forgive her, or at least tolerate her, she will do everything she can to help them get through this. Chad says he cant stay here, he has to go talk to Whitney. Eve wonders if her children will ever forgive her, and she wonders what they have done to Chad and Whitney.

Somewhere, Whitney asks herself what she has done, and she begins crying. She heads to the church yard and finds Father Lonigan. Father Lonigan says hes been praying that she has changed her mind and kept the baby, but her tears tell him that she didn't. Father Lonigan says he will pray for her soul, and her baby's soul. He asks her to pray with him for forgiveness. She says he doesnt understand, she didnt go through with the abortion. He asks then why is she crying? She says because shes pregnant with her own brothers child. She says she was there at the clinic and almost went through with it, but she didnt and she doesnt know why. She says she was in the doorway looking into the exam room, and she couldnt walk in. Father Lonigan says perhaps God or the holy virgin whispered in her ear. He says whatever happened, he is glad she left. Whitney says there is nothing to be glad about, her baby could be a genetic nightmare or she could miscarry. He says than that would be Gods will. Father Lonigan says she has him, and she has many friends who care for her. He says Fox Crane stopped by looking for her earlier. He says he didnt tell him where she was. Father Lonigan says she will go on and if it is Gods will, so will her baby. He says she has always had strong faith, so she needs to draw on it now and ask for help. Father Lonigan says a prayer for Whitney and her baby, and she thanks him. Father Lonigan says he will always be here for her, as will god. Father Lonigan leaves Whitney to pray, and Chad shows up. Chad runs into Father Longian, who lets him know Whitney is here and in need of comfort. Chad goes over to Whitney to talk to her. Whitney says she was praying for a sign about what to do. He asks do about what? She says there is something she must tell him, something very important. Whitney tries to tell Chad, but she cant get the words out. He comforts her, and she lets him.

On the plane, Luis promises Sheridan that he wont let her father ruin what they have. He says he will make her his official wife as soon as possible. Everyone begins to disembark, and Paloma finds herself frozen with fear. She tells Luis and Sheridan that she has been dreaming of this for so long, and now she is terrified. Sheridan says it is understandable, but sometimes ones dream can turn out to be better than they ever imagined. Paloma finally gets out of her seat and leaves. Meanwhile, Katherine and Martin are worried about what their families will think when they learn the truth. Martin says first they have to deal with Alistair before he destroys them and their families. 

Luis, Sheridan, Paloma, Martin and Katherine go to Sheridans cottage. Martin says this was Palomas first home, and Luis asks how he knew? Martin says Tia Maria told him. Luis remembers the good times they had here, as does Martin. Martin thinks about coming home and seeing Antonio, Luis, Theresa Miguel, as well as Pilar and baby Paloma. Luis asks Mr. Wheeler if he is okay because he looks like he just saw a ghost. Martin says he is fine. Luis continues showing Paloma around, and Katherine says this must be difficult for him. Paloma says this is a lovely house, so Sheridan invites her to stay here. Luis says that is a good idea because they no longer have a house. Martin and Katherine decide to leave to find a hotel, but Sheridan says if her brother and if Alistair is away than they are welcomed to stay at the mansion. Katherine refuses to stay at the mansion. She refuses to be anywhere near Alistair, who she says is evil incarnate. Sheridan then gets a call form Pilar, and she says she is at the mansion so she can be next to Theresa. Sheridan says that is wonderful because they cant wait to see her. Luis takes the phone and talks to his mom. He says they will be up in a few minutes, but Paloma says no. She says she wants to unpack and put something nice on first. Paloma runs out of the room, and Luis tells his mom what is going on. Pilar decides she cannot wait and she says she will come to the cottage to see them. Luis then turns around and sees that the Wheelers are gone. Pilar soon shows up, and she hugs Luis and Sheridan. She then asks where her Paloma is? Luis says she is in the other room, and she is a bit nervous. Luis also wants her to meet the Wheelers, they came back with them, but they have disappeared. Sheridan goes to get Paloma, only to find she has gone too!

Martin and Katherine walk around the grounds. Martin says running out may have been an act of cowardice, but he isnt ready to face Pilar yet. Katherine says she understands. Katherine says she spent so much time in this garden, it was like her refuge. We see a flashback of Katherine crying in the garden and Martin offering her a handkerchief. Martin knew she was crying because of her husband. Katherine tried to lie and say he does love her, hes just under stress. However, she couldnt lie and said her husband is a monster. Martin asked if Alistair hit her again? She said no, and she wished he had. She said it was verbal abuse, which was so much worse than the hitting. Martin told her to leave her husband, but she said Alistair wouldnt let her leave with the children, and hed probably have her arrested for kidnapping. Martin wished he could help her, but she said nobody could help her. She told Martin that he was a special man and that Pilar was a lucky woman. Back in the real world, Martin says they cant get caught up in the memories because he has to kill Alistair. Martin says this is where he will make his stand and kill Alistair. A grounds man shows up, and Martin asks him if Alistair is in town. The man says he is in the mansion. Martin thanks him, and tells Katherine that the battle begins!

Elsewhere, Paloma is walking around, she obviously snuck out of the cottage. She ends up running into Alistair Crane. She doesnt know who he is, and he doesnt say. He knows her though, and she asks how he knows her? He says Harmony is a small town. He tells her to go into the mansion, which she was admiring. He says her mother, Theresa and Little Ethan live there, so she should come inside. He claims he is the cook and says hed never hear the end of it from Pilar and Theresa if she didnt get the cooks tour. Paloma is shocked by where her mother and Theresa live. She says she was told her family had fallen on hard times. Alistair says some might think it is hard to live in a mansion full of servants, but hed like to suffer this way. He says perhaps Luis and Antonio were the ones who were suffering because they only got to live in Sheridans cottage. Paloma says she was sent away because her family was too poor to take care of her. Alistair says he cant believe that, how much could one baby cost. She says that is what she said. Alistair tells her that her family doesnt care about her, they never wanted her. Paloma remembers that is what the henchman in Mexico told her. Luis says the family loves her, and her mom said she wanted her to come home. Alistair says that is because her mom needed cheering up. Paloma says that is not true, they do love her, Luis said so. Alistair says her catholic school education has left her very naive and easily manipulated. HE says the only reason she is here is to help Pilar recover, she is Pilar's last chance as nothing else has worked. Alistair says her family isjust using her. He says she is just a pawn, and he laughs and asks how stupid could she be? 


September 24, 2004
Fox heads to the mansion to see Theresa, hoping Whitney is with her. She isn't and Fox asks Theresa if she has seen Whitney. Theresa says she hasnt seen Whitney lately, and she wishes she would talk to someone. Fox says Whitney hates him right now, so she won't talk to him. Theresa says she is withdrawing from everyone because of the shock, and who can blame her. Fox is worried about Whitney, and he shows the papers to Theresa. Theresa is shocked and says this will kill her. He says he knows, and that is why he has to find Whitney before she finds out. Theresa asks who did this, and Fox says Alistair of course. Theresa calls him a sick SOB. Fox says Whitney doesnt deserve this and he wants to help try and make up for what his family has done to her. Theresa realizes that Fox still loves Whitney. He says he has loved her since he first saw her and never stopped. He tells Theresa that he did care for her when they were together, but Theresa says there is no need to explain. She says she felt the same way about him and Ethan. She says they both just loved each other differently than they loved others. Fox says maybe if they stayed together it things would be better for them. Theresa doubts that. Theresa says would give anything for all of this to be an awful mistake. Fox says him too, but Eve did a new DNA test and it seems to all be true. Fox says he was even willing to walk away from Whitney and give her up forever if Chad wasn't her brother. Theresa doubts that, but he says it is true. Fox just wishes Whitney could be happy again. Theresa says being with Chad is the one thing that wont make Whitney happy right now. Theresa says Whitney is free now, so he still has a chance to win her heart. However, she says Whitney needs time before she can move on. Theresa tells Fox not to push Whitney too hard, it will take her time to deal with all of this. Fox says he has all the time in the world. 

In the study, Julian comforts Eve, and he suggests maybe in time Chad and Whitney will get over the shock and theyll move on. He says perhaps one day they will forget this happened. Eve says time didnt change anything for them, they never got over their feelings for one another. Julian says he hopes and prays it is different for Chad and Whitney. He says he hopes they can find the strength to move on and fall in love with other people. Julian damns his father for doing this. Eve wonders what Alistair meant about the plane landing with people who could bring the Cranes down. Julian says he doesnt know, but he is curious. Julian says he just cant imagine things getting worse than they are. Eve says as long as Whitney and Chad arent hurt anymore she doesnt care about this threat to Alistair. Julian thinks they should find out if Alistair has anything else planned for the kids, and if so, stop him! They discuss Alistairs pleasure by causing others pain, and Eve wonders if this has to do with the death of his mother. Julian says he doesnt know, but vows to find out. He says he and Sheridan loved their mother, but he doesnt know if his father ever loved or cared for his mother. He says he thinks his father was never nice to his mother, and he remembers back to a memory from his childhood. Julian was reading Charlottes Web to Sheridan, and Katherine came in and said it was time for Sheridan to sleep. Sheridan asked for more of the story, so Katherine says just a little more. Suddenly, Alistair walked in furious with Katherine for leaving their room, and he demanded she return to their room. He dragged her off, and Julian and Sheridan heard them arguing in the hall. Alistair was furious with her for shirking her wifely duties, and Katherine cried out that he was hurting her. Julian tells Eve that he had blocked out the truth about his parents for so long. Eve says it must have been so hard for him. She wonders why Katherine married Alistair in the first place. Julian says he doesnt think she knew who he really was. Julian says the worst thing about his mothers death is how it affected Sheridan. Julian tells Eve that he tried to help Sheridan, but father sent her off to school. Julian says he will never forgive himself for following in his fathers footsteps and being just a lousy of a parent as his father was. He says he wanted to find their son to make it up to him, but he has only damaged Chad as much as his father damaged him and Sheridan.  Meanwhile, Alistair spies on Julian and Eve as they talk, and he refuses to let Julian find out the truth or learn Katherine is alive. HE says he will kill Katherine and her two bit lover Martin.

At Sheridans cottage, Sheridan says Paloma must have slipped out the back way. Luis suggests Paloma is just nervous about meeting Pilar. Pilar says she is equally as nervous about their reunion. Luis goes outside looking for Paloma and the Wheelers, but he cant find them. Pilar worries that Paloma may have changed her mind about meeting her, but Sheridan and Luis dont think so. Sheridan talks to Luis and asks if her father could be behind this? Pilar hears Sheridan mention Alistair, and she asks what is going on. Luis says nothing. Luis goes back out to look for her, but not before he tells Sheridan not to let anyone in here. Pilar is worried and thinks Luis and Sheridan are keeping something from her. Sheridan tells her not to get worked up. She says if something happens to one of her children shell get more than worked up, shell die! She knows something happened in Mexico and she demands to know what. Sheridan doesnt know what to do, so she eventually fills Pilar in on the whole story when she sees how upset Pilar is getting not knowing the truth. Pilar wonders why Alistair is going after the Wheelers, he doesnt even know them. Sheridan says she doesnt know. .

On the Crane grounds, Katherine and Martin head to the house. Katherine is afraid, but Martin says he came prepared. Martin pulls out a gun and says Alistair will never hurt anyone they care about again! Martin doesnt want Katherine to come with him, but she insists. She says she owes him so much, so she will face Alistair with him.

Back at the mansion , Alistair continues to manipulate Paloma. He says she has been manipulated by her family into coming here, and that she is being used. Alistair  tells her to consider her family's actions and not their words. He says they never came to get her before this because they were so busy with their own lives. Paloma asks why she should believe him when she doesnt know who he is. He says he is a friend. HE says he just doesnt want to see her hurt. He says she was brought here to cheer up Pilar, none of them really want her. He says once she has served her purpose then she will be gone again. He says shell probably be sent back to Mexico shortly. Paloma refuses to believe that, the Wheelers would have warned her. Alistair says the Wheelers have lied to her too, they are just as bad as her real family. He says they only wanted her to come here to be rid of her. Paloma says they wouldnt do that, and Paloma asks who he is? Martin shows up, followed by Katherine, and they find Paloma talking with someone. However, Alistair is gone when they walk into the room, and Paloma claims she was talking to herself. They ask why she is here? She explains she went for a walk because she was nervous about meeting her mom. She says while she was walking she found this house. She says the door was unlocked, so she cam in. Martin thinks an unlocked door is not like the Cranes at all. Eventually Luis shows up and finds all three of them. He tells Paloma not to wander off again, not after what happened in Mexico. He then tells Paloma that mama is dying to see her . HE wants the Wheelers to come too, but Martin says hell be over later. Martin tells Katherine to go, so she does. After they leave, Martin tells himself that if he does this alone less people will get hurt. As they walk to the cottage, Katherine says she left her scarf at the house and needs to go back. Luis says theyll see her at the cottage then. Katherine runs back to try and help Martin. Back at the house, Martin talks to a tape recorder and says he doesnt think hell make it off the grounds alive if he kills Alistair, but his life is worth sacrificing to get rid of Alistair. He says once Alistair is dead his and Katherines family can be free of Alistairs cruelty. Martin says if Katherine is listening to this that he loves her. Katherine shows up and listens in as Martin makes his tape. Martin asks Katherine to tell Pilar and the others how much he loves them and didnt want to leave them. HE tells Katherine that over time he did fall in love with her, but he also wants Pilar to know not a day went by that he didnt think about her. Martin says he hopes she and the children will understand and perhaps some day forgive him. He says Katherine will finally be able to tell Sheridan and Julian the truth, which will make her happy. He says he loves her, and then stops the tape. Julian and Eve show up and find Katherine listening in on Martin. Julian asks what she is doing here, and then says mother!

Back at the cottage, Pilar wants to go find Paloma, but Sheridan asks her not to get upset. She says Luis will find her and bring her here. Luis then walks in with Paloma, who looks very cold and unhappy. Pilar cries and hugs Paloma. She tells her to welcome home. Paloma still looks less than pleased as Pilar hugs her.

At the churchyard, Chad asks Whitney what she wants to tell him? He says there is nothing she cant tell him because theyre in this together. Whitney says it isnt as bad for him, but he says it is. He says they can still be close and be there for one another. Chad kisses Whitney on the head, and she tells him that he cant do that. She says he can never touch her again! He says he still loves her, and she tells him to stop it. He says he cant just turn off his feelings for her, but she says he has to. She says they have committed the worst sin there is. Chad says no, sinning requires knowledge, and they didnt know. Chad says now they have to try and pick up their lives and move on somehow. As Whitney thinks about the baby, Chad tells her that the worst is behind them. Whitney says no its not, its just beginning. He asks why she is saying this, what could be worse than finding out they are brother and sister. Whitney says nothing, and Chad tells him not to shut him out if there is something he deserves to know. Whitney says he doesnt want to know. Chad thinks she saw the tabloids, and she asks what tabloids? Chad shows her the papers, and Whitney is horrified. She says now everyone in the world knows they are brother and sister, so they will also know . . . Chad asks what else will they know? Whitney says he deserves to know the truth, and she once again tries to tell him that shes pregnant. However, she cant. She tells Chad that she needs space and needs him to leave her alone.

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