September 27, 2004
At the mansion, Theresa is talking with Fox (Justin Hartley is back!) about Whitney. Theresa tells Fox that Whitney still blames the Cranes for what has happened to her, so if he comes on too strong or  too soon, than she will push him away. Fox eventually ends up telling Theresa to get some rest and heads off. Theresa thinks Fox is headed for trouble if hes going to see Whitney.

At Sheridans cottage, Pilar cries as she is reunited Paloma. She says she has never needed Paloma more than she needs her now. Paloma remembers Alistair telling her that the only reason she was here was to cheer Pilar up. Paloma looks at her mother as if she hates her. Paloma says she is really tired and says she needs to go rest, and runs into the other room. Pilar is disappointed, and Sheridan suggests she is just reeling from the ordeal down in Mexico. Luis tries to hush Sheridan, but Pilar says Sheridan already told her what happened in Mexico. Pilar thinks it is selfish of her to make her daughters home coming about her, it should be about Paloma. Pilar wants to make Paloma her favorite meal. Luis doesnt know if she is up to it, but she says she hasnt felt this good in a long time. Pilar leaves to begin cooking, and Sheridan says she hasnt seen her mother this happy in a long time. Luis says the only thing that would make her happier is if his father came home. 

In her room, Paloma stirs over Alistairs words that her family is only using her. Paloma says she was stupid into letting Luis talk her into coming back here. She says they dont want her and she hates this place! Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan discuss starting their family, which will be hard to do with Paloma staying with them. Sheridan says she thinks Paloma wants her privacy too, so she is having a room set up in the mansion for her. Luis thinks that is a good idea, and he also suggests they take advantage of Alistair being gone to go off for a romantic evening. Luis tells Pilar what is up, and she says it is okay with her because it will give her time with Paloma. Luis decides to go tell Paloma. In her room, Paloma vents that nobody wants her. Luis comes in to see her and tell her that he and Sheridan are going to be gone for the night and celebrate their home coming in private. He says this way she can have mama all to herself, and the Wheelers are here. Paloma says hes thought of everything. He says she should come say goodbye to Sheridan, and she says okay. Luis leaves, and Paloma thinks the man she met at the mansion was right. She thinks she is here to be her mothers caretaker so her brother can come and go as he pleases with her dead brothers wife. She says they don't even have a death certificate for Antonio and they are already planning their own wedding. Later, Paloma comes out of the room to say goodbye to Luis and Sheridan. They tell her to have fun, and Pilar tells them not to worry about her. Luis and Sheridan head off, and Paloma feels she has been left to do the dirty work. Pilar talks to Paloma and tells her that she has made dinner, but Paloma says shes not hungry. Paloma says they can talk then. Someone knocks at the door, and Paloma asks if she can get it because she is just so tired. Paloma feels now she a her mothers nurse and her maid. Martin is at the door, and Paloma is so stunned when she sees Martin that she faints into his arms.

Back at the mansion, Alistair is in the library and says Paloma has no clue that he has used her for his own purposes. He thinks if Palomas stupidity is any indication of the Lopez-Fitgzeralds stupidity, perhaps Martin and Katherine dont pose that big of a threat to him. He says he may be able to take them out before they do any damage. Alistair then looks at a photo of Katherine. He says he had wished Katherine would have come to love him the way her sister Rachel did. He says if only Katherine had died in that boating accident and not Rachel. He says he loved Rachel, and Rachel loved him and would have been true to him. Alistair says soon Katherine will join her sainted sister in the afterlife. He says hell get rid of her and all the others who have made his life miserable. Meanwhile,  Martin is searching the mansion for Alistair. Martin smells cigar smoke and rushes into the library thinking Alistair is there. Gun drawn, he bursts in and yells freeze! The chair is turned around, and when Alistair goes to turn it around, he finds it is empty. He thinks he must have just missed Alistair. He then sees a picture of Katherine which Alistair has put his cigar out on.

In the foyer, Julian and Eve come across Katherine. Katherine has her back to Julian, and Julian thinks she is his mother. He asks how can she be here, she is supposed to be dead! He grabs her and turns her around, and then says he is so sorry. He says he thought she was his dead mother, and her face, as lovely as it is, looks nothing like his mother. He says he hopes she forgives him for upsetting her. Katherine looks at Julian and is a bit speechless. She says she is fine and there is nothing to forgive. Julian is stunned by the sound of her voice and he says she sounds like her. Julian thinks this woman must think him mad, but she just reminds him so much of his mother. Julian says the way she tilts her head and her mannerisms are uncanny. He says she even has his mothers eyes. He asks her to forgive him for staring. He introduces himself and Eve, and she says she is Mrs. Wheeler and Paloma Lopez-Fotzgeralds friend. She explains that she and her husband accompanied Sheridan, Luis and Paloma back to the states. She says Sheridan told her it was okay if she looked around. Julian says that is fine and he offers to show her around. Later they all sit in the living room, and Julian introduces Eve to Mrs. Wheeler. Julian asks her if she has any children? She says she has a son and a daughter, but shes been estranged from them for many years. Eve thinks that is very sad. She says looking back at the events that led to the current situation has been unbearable. Eve and Julian know what she means. Julian begins to explain his and Eves story to Katherine. Katherine is stunned by their story. Afterwards, Julian serves them all some Sherrie. Katherine says shell pour it for them, and goes to where she used to keep it. Julian says the bar is over here, yet when his mother was alive it was over there. He says she not only reminds him of his mother, she thinks like her to. Julian wonders why that is. She says she just thought it looked better over here and this must be where it was. Julian says it is just uncanny the way she reminds him of his mother. Katherine says he reminds her of her son as well. She says she suspects they are two souls who miss their loved ones and are projecting traits onto strangers to find some comfort. Julian says it is nice though. Martin soon shows up and Katherine introduces Mr. Wheeler to Julian. Eve returns with some Sherrie, and Katherine introduces Eve as Pilars doctor. Martin asks how Pilar is doing? Eve says she thinks seeing Paloma will help her recover. Martin asks Julian if anything is wrong? Julian says his wife just reminds him of his late mother. Martin says they do say everyone has a twin somewhere. Martin suggests he and his wife go check on Paloma, but Katherine says she wants to stay and visit with Julian. Katherine sees Martin out, and as they hug, she takes the gun from his pocket. Martin tells her to be careful and not to give herself away. She says she wont. Martin leaves, and Katherine excuses herself to freshen up. In reality she plans to go face Alistair! She says she will take care of Alistair herself, and who knows, she may even enjoy it. 

Katherine goes to the study where she finds Alistair on the phone with someone. She walks into the room and confronts her husband. Alistair turns his chair around and says it is about time he came back to her. He says it is so good to see you, after so many years it is nice to look upon her face. The camera pans upwards and we finally see Alistairs face.

In the church yard, Whitney tells Chad to please stay away from her. She says when they are together bad things can happen. She says they both know how just being close makes them want to . . . Whitney says she cant say it, she cant even think it. She begs him to just stay away from her. He says they should talk this out, but she tells him to just go. Chad leaves, and Whitney prays to a statue of the virgin Mary. She asks the holy mother to tell her what to do. She says she cant have an abortion, but she cant protect her son or daughter from being treated like a freak. She says she chooses life for her baby, but what will she do now to keep her baby from suffering? As Whitney cries, the statue of Mary begins to weep!

Chad returns to the Crane studios and vents his anger. Fox shows up to see Chad, and he asks about the situation with Whitney. Chad says he tried to talk to her at the church, but she wants nothing to do with him. Fox says he is sorry and he doesnt know what else to say but welcome to the family! Fox says now he can ruin other peoples lives by being a Crane. Fox says it also could have been worse, he could have married her and had kids. Chad asks Fox to take care of Whitney for him. Fox says he doubts she wants to see him, after all he is a Crane and she blames his family for this. Chad says he is still her friend, and hed like him to do this for him. Fox says that hell try. Chad thanks Fox, an Fox says to himself "No, thank you Chad."

Whitney goes to the mansion and talks with Theresa about what has happened. Whitney says she has to escape, she has to become a nun. Theresa says that wont escape her problems. Whitney says then shell get plastic surgery. Theresa says that isnt a solution either. Theresa says people have short memories, and in a month no one will remember. Theresa says its not like she got pregnant and has a baby to be a constant reminder of the sin she committed with her brother. Whitney says she has thought about it, and Theresa says that would be a horrible mess. Theresa says she knows it is hard for her to think she can never be with Chad, but there are other men in the world. Theresa says there is Fox, and he loves her. Whitney says she doesnt care, Fox is a Crane and she doesnt trust them. Theresa says Fox is not a typical Crane, and he adores her. She says Fox would marry her in a heartbeat if she would have him. Whitney doesnt want to think about this right now. Theresa says Fox would make a good husband and probably a father. Whitney says yes, he would. 


September 28, 2004
At the mansion, Theresa tells Whitney that Fox would make a good husband and a good father. Whitney says he would, he would make an incredible father. Theresa tells Whitney that there is someone else out there for her, and it doesnt have to be Fox. She says Fox is in love with her though, and he would be good to her. Whitney thanks Theresa for caring. Theresa says she has been her best friend forever, of course she cares. The baby nanny tells Theresa that Little Ethan wants her to read him a story, so Theresa says shell be right in. Theresa tells Whitney that this wont take long, but she says shes going to go. Theresa says shell soon put this all behind her, and then she leaves to go tend to Little Ethan. Whitney tells herself that if she got together with Fox right away, than nobody will know Chad was really the father of her baby. She wonders if she could do that to Fox, if she could be that dishonest with him? She says that would be something Theresa would do, not her. Whitney doesnt know what to do, and then says shell do what she has to do for her baby. She says shes going to go find Fox right now. 

At the recording studio, Chad thanks Fox for looking after Whitney. He says she is vulnerable right now and he doesnt want some smooth talker taking advantage of her. Chad says hes always trusted him as a friend, and now he is his half-brother. Chad says he knows Fox will keep the wolves away from Whitney. Fox leaves and says all is fair in love in war. He says Chad cant be with Whitney, but he can, so hell do whatever it takes to make her his. Later, Theresa comes by after getting a message from Chad. He says she didnt have to come by, he just wanted to check on Whitney. Theresa says he sounded pretty bad on the phone. He asks how Whitney is handling things. Theresa says she is dealing. Theresa then tries to be of comfort to Chad. Chad just hopes Whitney can make it through this without being taken advantage of. HE says that is why he sent Fox to look after Whitney. Theresa is stunned, and he asks if there is a reason he shouldnt trust Fox with Whitney? Theresa says no, of course not. Chad says he knows he can trust Fox because he is his friend and his half brother. He also says he knows he can never be with Whitney again. Theresa tells Chad that he should start preparing himself for the future, both he and Whitney have to move on. Chad says he doesnt know if he can, he doesnt think he can imagine Whitney being with any other man. Theresa says she knows it is hard, she had to face the reality that she would never be with Ethan, but it is something she had to do and something hell have to do it as well. He says he just cant do it, he cant see Whitney with anyone else. Theresa says it wont happen today or tomorrow, but somewhere down the road it will happen. Chad says this is killing him, he knows it will happen eventually, but what will he doe when she finds someone else?

Fox returns to the Crane estate and runs into Whitney. She says she was looking for him because she wanted to talk to him. Fox is surprised given the way she yelled at him the last time he saw her. She says she is sorry about that. He says thanks, and asks what she wants to talk about? She says the future. Fox doesnt understand what she is trying to say to him. Whitney tells him to sit down because she has some things to tell him, and she just wants him to listen. He says okay, and that he always listens to her when she talks. Whitney says she reacted badly when she found out he was secretly in love with her. She tells Fox that she didn't mean what she said about him using her and being like all the other Cranes. Whitney says she said that only because she was angry about what her mother had done. Fox says he feels like he handled the situation poorly as well, and he is sorry. She says she is the one who is sorry, she was a good friend and she should have been more understanding. She says they had a good friendship and she almost messed it up. Whitney puts her hand on his knee and says she is truly sorry. Fox is glad that they are friends again. Fox has to take a phone call, and Whitney says she feels like a sleaze for using Fox, but she has no choice. Fox returns to Whitney, and he tells her that hes very impressed by her positive attitude. She says there is no use living in the past and being depressed. She says besides, now she knows what she has to do. Whitney leans in and kisses Fox!

At Sheridans cottage. Martin puts Pilar, who has just fainted, on the couch. Paloma asks what happened? Why did she faint? Martin says he doesnt know, but her pulse is strong. He also says her breathing is fine, and perhaps she is just tired. He suggests all the excitement was just too much for her. He asks Paloma to go get him a cold towel, so she does. Martin then begins to have flashbacks about when he was married to Pilar. When Paloma returns, Pilar calls out for Martin. She thinks her mother is dreaming of her father, and she wonders why. Martin suggests they let her rest. Pilar continues to dream about being in the cottage with Martin, and talking to him about moving and taking new jobs. Martin didnt understand why she wanted to leave. She said she was just worried because their lives are too wrapped up with the Cranes. Martin told her that she worried too much. Pilar said if something happened than they would be in a lot of trouble. Pilar said shes been feeling something horrible was going to happen, and Alistair is an evil man. She said that she felt they were on a collision course with a great tragedy and there was nothing they could do to stop it. Paloma worries about her mother, but then begins to remember what Alistair told her about being tricked into coming here and is only being used by her family. She wonders if what the man told her was right? Meanwhile, Pilar continues to dream about begging Martin to leave. She felt like something bad was going to happen if they didnt leave. Martin remembers what Pilar is dreaming about, and he wishes he had listened to her. Paloma brings some tea out, and she is worried that Pilar hasnt woken up. Martin says he is too, but her mother has always been a strong woman. Paloma asks how he knows? Martin says Tia Maria talked about Pilar for years, so he feels like hes known her forever. The flashbacks continue with Martin and Pilar planning for the birth of their first child. Pilar eventually wakes up, and when she does, her vision is fuzzy. She sees Martin as he was, and says It is you! Paloma wonders what her mother means, it sounds like she knows him. Martin says she is sick, but Pilar grabs Martin and pulls him into a hug. 

In the study, Alistair tells Katherine that it is so good to finally see her after all these years. He thinks she has decided to come back to him. Katherine says she wont let him hurt their children, Pilars children, or us again. He asks if she is talking about Martin, the man who made her a whore? Two men walk in and ask if he is okay, if he wants them to remove this woman? Alistair says no, this woman is no threat to him at all. As he says this, Katherine palms the gun in her pocket. The two men leave, and Alistair tells her that she is pathetic, she hasnt even developed a spine since she's been gone. Katherine tells Alistair that she wont let him go on hurting others. Alistair says she is weak and cant do anything to stop him. He says she doesnt have the guts to do anything. She says she had the guts to leave him! He says that wasnt guts, that was stupidity. He says she had it all and she blew it. He says she was living in a fairytale. Katherine says she thought it was a nightmare, and she says that nightmare will end now. Behind her back, Katherine holds the gun she took from Martin. Alistair says it sounds like she means to do something to stop him? She says that is exactly what she means. He asks what shes going to do? She says just know that his rein of terror ends tonight. Alistair laughs and applauds her. He says they both know what a coward she is, only a coward would run off and abandon her own children. Alistair says she cant protect them and never could. He wonders if she had so much surgery done so she no longer had to look at her own face in the mirror given what she's done? He says they both know who the true evil one in this marriage is. Alistair says she is the one who rejected and abandoned her own children. Katherine says she didnt chose to leave her children, she had to leave because he was going to kill her and Martin. Alistair says she could have taken the brats, but she says he would have followed her to the ends of the earth to get them back. She says she never thought hed be so sick towards the children. Alistair says Julian had no spine just like her, and Sheridan means nothing because daughters are a waste in the scheme of things. Katherine tells him he is a sick man, and he says he is the most powerful man on earth! He says the president calls him to ask for favors! Alistair says he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants. He says right now he wants to punish her, Martin, her precious Sheridan, and the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. Katherine tells Alistair that hell do whatever he wants if he spares them. He smiles and says she can turn back time, she can return all the years she stole from him. She doesnt understand, so he says come back to him and be his wife. She doesnt think she can, so he says than none of her children or friends will be safe. She says this is madness! He tells her that she has the power to stop the madness. Katherine eventually agrees and says shell do it, shell be his wife again. 


September 29, 2004
Luis takes Sheridan away to a cabin where he has set up a romantic evening for them. She cant believe he has done this considering they just got back home. Luis says he has his ways. They share a toast and a kiss. After dinner, the two retire to bed and Luis gives her a back massage. Afterwards he starts kissing her, and they make love.

At the recording studio, Theresa tells Chad that he cant be with Whitney now or ever. Chad says he knows that, but he cant turn these feelings off. She says she understands, she's been there, and she knows how hard it is. He says Whitney is all he ever wanted, and the thought of her being with another man . . . He says if he actually saw them together he couldnt control himself, hed kill the man! Theresa says that is crazy talk and he has to stop talking that way. Chad says he knows, but he doesnt know how to turn off his feelings. Theresa says that is a hard one, and he just needs to get out, meet some new people, and get on with his life. She suggests they go to the new caf and get some coffee. Chad doesnt know, and he continues to worry about Whitney moving on. Theresa says Whitney is as hurt as he is, so it wont happen for a long time.

Chad and Theresa head to a new outdoor coffee place, and Theresa wonders if this was a bad idea. She says he was supposed to calm down, but drinking canine will probably have the opposite effect. Chad says this is not a normal breakup when one person falls out of love, or when one person dies. He says they are still here and still in love, but she is his half sister. Theresa says he can still love her like a sister, but they have to move on. Still, Chad isnt sure hell be able to do that. He says he and Whitney were planning their life together, they were planning to get married. He says he doesnt know how he can deal with Whitney starting a life with a new man, having a baby with another man. Theresa says he has no choice, Whitney will find someone else to love and hell have to find a way to live with it. Chad says no way, that man will always be his enemy! 

On the Crane grounds, Fox is surprised when Whitney kisses him. He says she must really be feeling better. She says she is ready to move on with her life. Fox says that is good, but hes a bit confused by her actions. He says one minute she hates him, the next she is kissing him. He asks what is going on? She says nothing is going on, just this . . . and she kisses him again. She quickly apologizes for the kiss getting out of hand. He tells her not to worry. He says they have always been good friends, and right now she just needs him as a friend. Fox gets a call from his assistant Sienna, and Fox has to take the call because it is about the project hes been working on for Alistair. As Fox talks to his assistant, Whitney feels guilty over what shes doing. However, she says it is the only way she can hide the truth about her baby. Fox returns to talking to Whitney, and he says hes glad they are friends again, and he has never stopped caring about her or . .. He says he has gone too far this time and hes sorry. She tells him not to be, she was the one in the wrong. She says she should have been flattered when she found out that she was his mystery woman, but she acted like a jerk. He says he didnt want the truth to come out how it did, and he always respected her and Chads relationship. Whitney says she knows, and she never thought about his side of things. She says it must have been hard for him to see her with Chad and remain Chads friend. Fox changes the subject to the future, and he asks Whitney if she thinks they have a shot? She says right now shes not sure what the future holds, but she doesnt mean to blow him off. She suggests they go to dinner and discuss things. Fox says okay, and he suggests they got to the Seascape. She says they are always booked days in advance, but he says hell make a call and get the best table for her. He leaves to make the call, and Whitney says Fox is a great guy and she hates having to use him like this. She says Fox has no idea what is in store for him, tonight she's taking a page out of Theresas book. She says shell make love to Fox tonight and then everyone will think her baby is his. 

At the mansion, Eve and Julian continue to discuss what Alistair told them about a group of people landing in Harmony that could be a threat to them. Eve says it cant be Paloma, and Julian says it couldnt be the Wheelers. Eve says the Wheelers are nice and she likes them. Julian says yes, and he feels a connection to Mrs. Wheeler as if he has known her his whole life.

In the study, Katherine tells Alistair that she will give him what he wants in return for no harm coming to the others. Alistair feels victorious that Katherine has come crawling back to him and left Martin. Katherine says she loves Martin and is only doing this to save him. Alistair says that is just talk. He says the real reason she returned is because she realized she made a mistake and couldnt stand to live in that third world cesspool. She says she loved it there. Alistair begins to get abusive and demands Katherine admit she made a mistake, admit she wants to be with him, admit she doesnt want Martin Fitzgerald. Alistair reaches for Katherines throat as she says this. He demands that she says shed rather be with him than with Martin. She asks what difference does it make? He chokes her and says he wants to hear it! She begs him to stop doing this, and he asks why should he? He tells her the reason he told everyone she died instead of ran out on him is because he wanted her dead. He says he wanted her, Martin, and everyone they cared for dead. Katherine says shell do whatever he wants if he doesnt hurt anyone else. Alistair says she seems to have forgotten who he is. He says he is Alistair Crane, he does what he wants and no one can stop him. Katherine says she can stop him! Alistair asks how she can stop an important man like him? She says all that matters is that she came back. He says no, he wants her to admit she was wrong, that in bed at night she dreamed about him, that she fantasized about him when she was with Martin. He tells her to admit that Martin could never be the man he was. Katherine cries and says it is true, all of it. She says she made a mistake, hes a better man and provider. He asks what else? She says hes a better lover. He tells her that she is his now and shell never get away! Alistair then forces her into a kiss. Alistair says she will do everything he tells her to, starting with changing her face back to his wife Katherine Barrett Crane. He tells her to go back to her surgeon and restore her face. Katherine asks what if he cant change it back? Alistair grabs a letter opener and says hell do it himself without the benefit of anesthesia! He says on second thought, he knows a plastic surgeon who owes him a favor. He says shell have her old face back and it will be like she never left. Alistair then grabs her breasts and says at least she didnt change these! (We dont see him grab her breasts, it is implied that is what he is doing though). Alistair forces himself on Katherine. She tells herself that she has to be strong and she has to do this. Alistair throws her down on the desk and makes her say that she wants him. 

In the cottage, Pilar looks at Martin and sees her husband's face from years ago. She calls him Martin, and Paloma asks him why her mother is calling him by her fathers name? Martin suggests perhaps she is just sick. Paloma cries and she says her mama is frightening her. She says seeing her like this makes everything else seem so important. Martin asks Paloma what she means? Paloma remembers what the henchman told her about her family using her, and she says it doesnt matter. When Pilar hears Paloma call Martin Sr. Wheeler, Martins face morphs into what it looks like now. Pilar asks what is this, and she passes out. Paloma asks if she is all right, and Martin says he cant find a pulse! Martin calls Julian and asks him if Eve is still there? Julian says yes, so Martin tells him about Pilar. Julian says theyll be right there. Paloma finds it odd that Martin knew who to call and to how dial Julian Cranes phone code. She wonders what is going on, and she asks Martin who he is? Martin says he doesnt know what she is talking about. He says her mother is sick and that is why she is calling him by her fathers name. He also says he met Eve while at the house, and there is a phone directory on the table that lists everyones codes. Paloma says she is sorry, and she says she is just so worried about her mom. Julian and Eve show up, and Eve works on Pilar. Paloma asks if she is all right? Eve looks at Paloma, and Paloma cries and asks if she is dead? Eve says Pilar will be just fine, she just needs to rest. Paloma sits next to Pilar, who is awake. Paloma tells her to rest and she will be all right. Pilar asks where Martin is? Paloma tells her to just go to sleep. Eve tells Mr Wheeler who Martin is, and he says he knows because of Tia Maria. Eve says in spite of everything, Pilar lights a candle for Martin every night. Eve said she did the same thing for Antonio while he was away, she lit a candle and prayed for his return. Paloma overhears this and cries why wasnt there a candle for her, didnt her mother pray for her return? She wonders if maybe her mother didnt want her to come home, maybe that man was right. Meanwhile, Julian says at least no one needs to light a candle for Paloma. Eve says Paloma will be just find. Martin says when he couldnt find a pulse he thought he lost her. Eve and Julian find this statement odd, and they ask him if he has history with Pilar? Martin says he feels like he knows Pilar, he has known Paloma since she was a child, so that is why he is so concerned about her. Martin then thinks about Katherine and asks where his wife is? Julian says they dont know, she excused herself and didnt come back. Martin realizes he has to go find her. 


September 30, 2004
As the show progressed, I got a terrible migraine and couldn't keep up with some of the dialogue. Sorry if I missed anything! I tried to fill in what I could recall.
At the new coffee place, Jessica is once again selling Mark cosmetics to her friends and talking about how easy it is and how much money she's made. Elsewhere, Theresa talks with Chad about how he has to accept Whitney may eventually move on. Chad says he can't, and the man she moves on with will be his worst enemy. She what if the man she moves on with is a friend of his. Chad says no way because he can count his friends on one hand. He says Miguel left town, Ethan is married, and Fox is his best friend and would never make a move on Whitney. 

At the Seascape, Fox and Whitney are having dinner, and Whitney tells Fox that he wasnt wrong when he thought she might have feelings for him. She says she did, and she still does. Fox cant believe what he is hearing, and Whitney gets the feeling that he isnt happy about this. Fox says he is happy, he is ecstatic, but he doesnt want to take advantage of her. He thinks it will take awhile to get over Chad. Whitney says she is doing fine. Fox asks what she is saying, she doesnt want to take things slow? Whitney tells herself that she can't take it slow, she needs him to make love to her tonight. Whitney says she sees no reason why they should take this slow. She says he loves her, and she cares about him, so there is no reason they should take things slowly. Suddenly, Whitney freaks when she sees Chad is at the bar. She says he looks angry. Fox says not to worry, Chad asked him to look after her. Whitney thinks Chad doesnt see it that way. Fox says hell go over and explain things. Fox tells Chad that he can explain, but Chad thinks he is just keeping Whitney company.  Chad says as long as she is with him, no other guys can take advantage of her. Chad finishes his drink and then takes off. Fox returns to Whitney, and he explains that Chad was cool. Whitney makes mention about how she's glad he wasn't honest with Chad or something, and that sometimes operating like Theresa has its advantages (missed this part). Fox says no offense but she is no Theresa, she cant come up with half of the schemes Theresa can. He says she cant tell a lie if she had to, which makes Whitney feel guilty. The waiter comes over and asks if they'd like a drink? Whitney says she just wants water. She says she needs to keep her wits up about her with all that is going on. He says that's okay, and that he'll have a beer. Whitney says she loves that he accepts her the way she is. She asks him to dance, and he says okay. They head out to the terrace to dance, and Fox says he cant believe this is happening. Whitney tells Fox that he is very important to her. Meanwhile, the manager of the seascape asks Chad, who hasnt yet left, to take a look at the sound system because its been acting up. Chad fixes the system, and then as hes about to leave he sees Whitney and Fox outside kissing!

At the Crane mansion, Gwen and Ethan come to see Pilar, who is back in her room. Paloma meets up with Gwen and Ethan as she is leaving her mother's room. They realize she is Paloma, and Ethan says he has heard so much about her for so long. Paloma asks if her mom talked about her? Gwen says actually Theresa talked about her all the time when she was with Ethan. Paloma is confused, and Gwen says it is a long story.  Gwen and Ethan breifly explain the situation between them and Theresa. Gwen also says Theresa, Little Ethan and Pilar are all staying at the mansion while Pilar recovers and Theresa is pregnant. Paloma says so Theresa and her mom arent having a problem making ends meet? Gwen says heavens no, they are living in the lap of luxury. Theresa shows up and is stunned to see Paloma. She tells Paloma that she is all grown up and she is so pretty. Paloma says Theresa is more beautiful than in her pictures. Theresa says they do say a woman is the most beautiful when she is pregnant. Paloma doesnt know how Theresa could carry babies for nine months and then give it up. Gwen says that is how it is done, and Theresa knows she isnt the babies mother. Theresa takes Paloma in to meet Little Ethan, and Paloma is stunned by how great his room is. Theresa says that is the way they do things around here. Paloma tells Theresa that her son is adorable. Theresa says the only problem is that hes Gwens son too. Theresa says shell explain later. Little Ethan shows her his computer, and Pilar is stunned that he has a top of the line computer. Theresa thinks Paloma is probably hungry so shell have the cook send them up something to eat. When Theresa returns, she tells Ethan that Nanny has his bath ready. Paloma is shocked to learn Ethan has his own personal nanny. Theresa refers to the nanny as Little Ethan's own slave! Theresa then gives Paloma some of her old clothes that she cant fit into. Paloma asks if her clothes arent good enough? Theresa says no, they are just expensive and she doesnt want to see them go to waste. Paloma is stunned that they are designer originals, and once again feels neglected by her family. Later, Theresa tells Paloma that she was so envious of her growing up in Mexico because she has no idea how hard it was for them living here. Theresa says mama worked her fingers to the bone and they really had to do without a lot. Paloma looks at the clothes and tells herself that she can only imagine how hard it was for them

Martin learns Katherine is missing, so he rushes to find her. In the study, we see a replay of Alistair forcing himself on Katherine and forcing Katherine to admit that he wants her. Alistair says he will have her and he will keep her, she will never be close to another man again. Katherine cries that he is hurting him, and she breaks free of his grip. He tells her to shut up. He looks her over and says at least she hasnt gotten fat. She claims she needs to go to the cottage and get her things, but he says he'll send for them. He says better yet, he'll get her all new things. Alistair tells her to take off what she is wearing, he wants to see her without her clothes. Alistair says he wants to look at her before he has his way with her. Katherine is too slow in fulfilling his request, so he starts ripping them off! She says this is obscene and she wont do it. He says either she obeys him or he kills the others. Martin rushes in, sees what is going on, and damns Alistair. Martin tells Alistair to get his hands off of her. He tells Katherine they should go, but he will be back for Alistair. Alistair says shes not going anywhere, Katherine has come back to him. Alistair says he just barged in on a meaningful reunion! Martin tells him that he is delusional. Martin thinks Alistair was going to rape her, but Alistair says they were going to make love. Alistair says she has missed being with a real man. Alistair orders Katherine to tell Martin about her decision. Martin gets fired up, and Katherine tells Martin that it is all right. Katherine says Alistair is telling the truth, she told Alistair she would come back to him. Martin thinks Alistair did something to her, but she says this is what she wants to do. She says she wanted to tell him in private. Martin says he is a monster, he treated her like garbage, he is a cold blooded killer. Katherine says Alistair has given her his word that he wouldnt hurt anyone again. Martin realizes why Katherine is doing this, and he says he wont let her. Martin and Alistair get into a huge fight, and Katherine tells Martin to be careful! As they fight, Pilar hears them through the vents. Pilar is asleep and she dreams of a time awhile ago when Pilar found Katherine crying over the way Alistair had treated her. Back in the study, two of Alistairs men run in and begin beating up Martin. Katherine reminds Alistair of his promise, so he has his men back off Martin. Martin tells her that she doesnt have to do this, but Katherine says this is her choice and what she did was wrong. She says this is her home, this is where she wants to be. She tells him to go back to his wife and get on with his life. She tells him to go! Pilar wakes up in the other room and says Mrs Crane! Back in the study, Alistair asks Katherine what she wants to do? Katherine tells Alistair she is staying with Alistair and he needs to accept it. Martin asks her if she is sure? She says she is, and shed like him to leave her with her husband. He says if that is what she wants. She says it is, and Alistair asks his men to Show Mr. Fitzgerald out! They drag him out of the room, and Katherine tells Alistair that she hates him! He tells her not to speak that way to him if she wants Martin and the children to have long and healthy lives! 

Sheridan and Luis head to the beach, and they end up skinny dipping in the ocean. He tells her how sexy she is, and she hopes he still thinks so after she has three kids. He asks if that is the magic number, and she says yes. Sheridan wishes their other baby hadnt died, and he says he thought they were starting over. Sheridan says hes right, and she asks what he wants first? He says a girl who is just like her. Sheridan says she used to want to be just like her mother. Sheridan wishes her mom hadnt died. Luis says she is probably watching her from heaven. Sheridan likes to think that she is up there taking care of their baby, though part pf her hopes for a crazy miracle that she didnt really died. Luis says that would be like him thinking hid father was still alive, and he doesnt think Sheridan wants that. Sheridan says that would mean her mother abandoned her, so it is better that she is dead. They return to the beach, and Sheridan asks Luis to make love to her. Later, they see a piece of the Crane jet wash ashore. They are stunned to see it, and begin to think about Antonio. Sheridan wants to pull it up on shore, but Luis says they should let the police handle it. Sheridan feels guilty about what she did to Antonio. Luis says this is his fathers fault, and he will make Alistair pay for his brothers death. Sheridan says she wants to go home, she cant enjoy herself anymore, not after this. 


October 1, 2004
At the Crane Mansion, Luis tries to assure Sheridan that everything will be okay and that they will be married and happy. Sheridan says the plane wreckage reminded her how they came to be together again, it was because of Antonios death. She says if they do marry than they will be doomed from the start. MEanwhile, in Pilars room, Pilar swears she heard Mrs. Cranes voice, but that cant be because she is dead. Pilar goes downstairs and sees Sheridan and Luis. She says she had the strangest dream, she thought she heard Martin, Katherine and Alistair arguing. She thinks it was just a silly dream. Later, Pilar talks with Sheridan about her mothers funeral, and how odd she found it that Alistair seemed angry at her, more angry than sad. Sheridan says shes been thinking about her mom a lot lately, and she even confused Mrs. Wheeler for her mom. Outside the mansion, Martin wonders how Katherine could do this, how could she go back to Alistair. He looks in the window and sees Pilar with Sheridan and Luis. He says her dream wasnt silly, he is really here. He bangs on the glass door, and Luis hears him. Luis lets him in, and Martin says hello to Pilar. She apologizes for fainting when she met him earlier, but he says there is nothing to apologize for. Pilar says she gets the feeling that they have met before, she says there is something familiar about him. Martin says he has been told he has one of those faces. Pilar says it isnt his face, and she knows who he reminds her of. Pilar says he reminds her of her husband, Martin. She says something about him reminds her of him. She says she can almost sense Martin in him, she can feel his presence about him. 

In the study, Alistair makes an appointment to have Katherines face put back first thing in the morning. He tells Katherine he wants the face of the woman he married, not the face Martin looked into. He says she is his now and to never forget it. Katherine asks if she changes her back to what she looked like, what will he tell Julian, Sheridan and the others? Alistair says he will tell them nothing because no one will ever see her. He says no one will ever know she has come back! Alistair says after her surgery, hell take her to the hunting lodge where she will stay forever! She is stunned. He says she didnt think he would let her pick up where they left off! He says he cant possibly explain her disappearance without admitting she left him for Martin. Katherine says she didnt leave him for Martin, they didnt become lovers for years. Alistair says nobody will believe that. Alistair says as far as the world and their children will know, she will still be dead! He says she will stay secluded at the lodge. Katherine says she doesnt want to go there. Alistair says he doesnt care. He says shell have everything she wants, clothes, hair dresses, she can even redecorate the lodge as she wants. She says she doesnt want that, but he says it doesnt matter what she wants. He says hell visit her every night because they have a lot of lost time to make up for. Katherine says she wants to be with her family, but Alistair says that cannot happen. Alistair says if she had to cheat on him she could have done it with someone with more class. Katherine says Martin has more . . . Alistair tells her not to finish that sentence. She says there is still a problem, Martin knows she is alive. Alistair says yes, and knowing that she is now his possession will cause him so much pain! Katherine says she wont do it, and he makes her sick! She says she wont let him shut her away and she wont return to his bed! He tells her that he makes the orders here! He tells her how high to jump and when! Alistair tells her if she will return to him as his wife or forfeit the lives of the ones she loves for a steak of foolish pride? Katherine tells Alistair that he wins. Katherine looks at a photo of Sheridan and says if she cant be with her, at least she has Luis. Alistair says that will never happen, he will have Luis killed as soon as possible. Katherine says he promised not to hurt anyone. Alistair says he never mentioned Luis, and Luis has to go. Katherine says she wont let this happen, the deal is off and she is going back to Martin! Alistair says no way, but Katherine says yes way. Alistair says she isnt going anywhere, she will give into him like she always did. He tells her not to defy him or shell regret it! Katherine pulls out her gun and says if he comes one step closer than shell kill him! Alistair tells her to give him the gun. She tells him not to come one step closer. He says she doesnt have what it takes to take a human life. Katherine says hes not human, hes a cold blooded monster! She says it is over, someone has to stop him, and who better than the woman he tortured and abused all these years. Alistair tells her that she is far to weak to use it, she is such a coward she ran out on their marriage and her children. Alistair goes to grab the gun from Katherine, they struggle, and the gun goes off!

Ivy and Sam go to the Seascape for dinner, and Sam is sporting a very short buzz cut. Ivy says she never thought she could be this happy, and Sam says she brought joy back into his life. Meanwhile, Julian and Eve show up for a bite to eat as well. Later, Ivy and Eve run into one another in the ladies room. Ivy is snippy with Eve at first, saying she cant believe she is showing her face in public. Ivy apologizes and tells Eve that she feels really awful about the whole Chad and Whitney thing. Eve doubts that and says Ivy must be thrilled with what has happened to her because she has been threatening to reveal her secrets for years. Ivy says actually shes not. Eve realizes Ivy has nothing to hang over her head anymore, and there is nothing stopping her from revealing Ivys dirty secrets. Ivy says that doesn't scare her, but Eve doesn't believe her. Ivy admits she is scared to death, and she asks Eve what shes going to do? Eve asks you mean about Sam? Ivy begs Eve not to say anything to Sam. Eve says she wonders what Sam would say if he knew she manipulated the end of his marriage just so she could have him back. Ivy says destroying her life wont get Eve her life back. Ivy says Sam loves her again and they are happy. Eve says Sam was happy with Grace. Ivy says Grace left on her own, but Eve says she never would if it wasnt for her schemes. Ivy says they are all happy right now and to reveal the truth would just disrupt her friends lives. Eve cant believe Ivy. Ivy says she loves Sam and Sam loves her. Eve says past tense, he did love her, and he wont after she reveals all. Ivy warns Eve if she tells Sam, than she will have to admit her part in it all. Ivy says she will lose Grace and Sams respect, but her license to practice medicine. Eve says it will be worth it to undo the damage Ivy has done. Eve says she cant live with herself knowing she was part of her vile scheme. Ivy begs Eve not to do this because she cant lose Sam again. Eve says she is sorry but she will. Ivy tells Eve to think about how it felt to lose her first love. Ivy says they arent much different, they both lost their first loves and both had sons with their first loves. Eve tells her not to ever compare them, she is nothing like her. Eve says Ivy set out and stole someones husband!

Meanwhile, Chad sees Fox with Whitney and goes nuts. He attacks Fox as Whitney yells Chad no! Chad says he trusted Fox with Whitney, but he stabbed him in the back. He asks what kind of brother is he? Julian and Sam run out and break up the fight. Julian yells "Son no!" Chad tells him not to call him son, and Fox says his son is over here being attacked by Chad! Chad and Fox explain what is going on, and Chad says he trusted Fox after everything that happened, but he is just another Crane. Chad says of all the families he could have been born into, why this one. Fox tells Chad to let him explain. Chad says what is there to explain, he was taking advantage of her. Fox says no, he loves Whitney and has loved her for a long time. Chad cant believe Fox had been betraying him the whole time. Fox says it wasnt like that, and he kept his feelings from them for a long time. Chad says not that long obviously as it took him all of five minutes to move in on her. He tells Whitney not to let Fox take advantage of her. He says he knows it is wrong but he still loves her. She says he has to stop saying that! He says he cant imagine being with another woman, and he knows she must feel the same about him. He asks why she is letting Fox con her like this. Whitney runs off, and Chad lashes out at Julian for doing this to him and Whitney. Chad runs off, and Sam goes after him. Julian lectures Fox about how he warned him that his love for Whitney would bring nothing but pain. Julian asks Fox how he could do this? How could he be so selfish as to move in on her? Fox says this is incredible. He says Whitney made the first move on him, but Julian thinks he is lying. Fox says Whitney said she had feelings for him for a long time, and he said they should take things slowly, but she refused. He says Whitney kissed him first, and when he kissed her that is what Chad saw. Fox says he has tried to protect Chad from the truth about his feelings for Whitney for a long time, but the playing field has changed. Fox says he has a chance to be with Whitney and he will take it. Julian says no way, he forbids it! Fox tells Julian no way! Julian says he doesnt want to see Chad hurt anymore. Fox says of course, Chad the number one son. Julian tells him not to get all competitive. Fox says why not, if Chad wanted his job he thinks Julian would give it to him. Fox refuses to be used by Julian to atone to Chad, and he refuses to give up the woman he loves for his mistakes. Julian says this is an order! Fox says why is he surprised that Chad counts more to him than he does. He asks if he learned nothing from Alistair? Julian asks what that means? Fox reminds Julian that Alistair forced him to give up Eve because their relationship didnt suit him. Fox says the difference is he wont give up Whitney for him or anyone. 

Whitney goes to the ladies room and finds Eve and Ivy in there. Whitney cant believe this. Eve asks Whitney to let her help her. Whitney says she ruined her life! Eve asks if this is about her and Chad being brother and sister? Whitney says that is just the half of it. Eve asks what she means? Whitney tells her not to pretend to care, she hates her and to leave her alone. Whitney leaves, and Ivy says Whitney will hate her more when she learns about Eves part in her plan to break up Sam and Grace. Eve says she blackmailed her, but Ivy says Whitney wont buy that as an excuse. Ivy says if Eve takes her down, shell go down with her and so will any chance of Whitney forgiving her! Meanwhile, Sam finds Chad at the bar. Sam says drinking wont help things. Sam knows Chad is still in love with Whitney. Chad says God help him, but he is. He says it is hard to think about Whitney being with anyone else, but his own brother and best friend is harsh.

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